Thursday, April 30, 2015

things are heating up

both literally and figuratively.  Finally a day when we can be outside without jackets!  And we are just about ready for the art show this weekend. Today I did a bit of labeling for the pieces I plan to hang, but otherwise we are ready.
Yesterday was the day they pick up the garbage and, every two weeks, yard waste.  We usually put out our bins the night before, and that was the way it was, except for the big bag from the clean up of the yard.  It didn't go out until  about 8:30am, which I didn't know.  Well, it wasn't picked up, and David fussed about it until this afternoon, when he engaged in his new hobby of phoning the city, where he was bluntly told that if it wasn't out before 7:00am, there was no guarantee.  So it goes back in the garage for another two weeks, as it missed last time too.

As well, the big brooms were on our street yesterday to sweep the pavement of the salt and sand that had been laid down over the winter.  One of them must have been in pretty poor shape as it left a trail of some sort of oily fluid in patches all along the block, including a big pool of it, right at the base of our driveway.  This resulted in another call to the city, who said they couldn't be out to clean it up for a couple of days.  Since many, many cars swing into the street, and use our driveway to turn around, David was worried about them tracking the fluid up on to our driveway.  So-o-o, he put the big plastic bench, usually found in the backyard, at the foot of the driveway, but still on our property.  This worked well, and the cars started using the driveway next door to turn around.  We went to bed secure in the knowledge that our driveway was safe.  Got up and no bench.  We laughed and figured someone must have thought it was there for a "give away" weekend ( on Wednesday??), because it was in pretty rough shape and certainly not worth stealing.  We were off doing our shopping, and came home in the middle of the afternoon, and while putting the car away, David spotted the bench carefully positioned in the neighbour's back yard, amongst the flowers and trees. This is the squirrel hating, wine loving neighbour.  After a bit of a giggle, we decided to leave well enough alone.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Meeting with friends

We met with the friends from Petawawa yesterday on their travels west to Winnipeg. They sold their house and furnishings and have moved lock, stock and barrel to a yet unknown location in Winnipeg. We met at the Food Court at the Mall, had a nice relaxing time talking and eating I had a terrible greek salad that was awful but I managed to pick at it while listening to all the conversations. We got some pictures, traded promises to keep in touch, promised to call her when I come to Winnipeg at end of year and then away we all went in our separate direction. Cheryl and I met in Victoria and developed a nice relationship while living close, and always seemed to keep it going across the miles but without ever seeing each other because of the distances. Living in Petawawa would have been manageable for a days visit but I never did. How many times we drove Mike back and forth and yet I never made contact with her at those times. Now she will be living in Winnipeg...sigh!
Hotter temps now so the outside work will be possible - expect that with all Harry's plans for today, I shall be busy haha  I should have another coffee now while I can and take stock!  We were also able to visit with Mike and Erin yesterday - had a coffee and visit. Mike was off, and Erin was just going into do an evening shift at McDonalds. She is getting some teaching work but not much. With Mike working 12 hour shifts and she working odd hours, their life is rather hectic but they seem to go with the flow nicely.
So the morning begins....Take care

Sunday, April 26, 2015

tough times

There is probably an empty draft from me right now.  I started to post and couldn't continue.  Time has passed.  Danielle came out at 2:30.  It was quick and painless.  It was hard to bury her.  I had the horrible thought in the back of my mind that she wasn't dead yet, but I knew she was gone.  I wish I wasn't such a softie.  the other two dogs have been looking for her.  I know when Chi died Nika looked for a little while,but not long.  I guess it will be the same for JJ and Chace.  Jim has had people here since we started to bury her.  He has been distracted.  I have been thinking about nika.  Tomorrow will be better.  I feel silly feeling so bad.  One of the cast members in Steel Magnolias lost her mom last week.  Life goes on.

Losing a pet

Everything I read tells me that animals somehow sense when death is near.  That being so, we are showing our love when we help it become a quick clean death.  Very hard for us, but a favour to them.  You had her love for a long time, and she lived a relatively long life.  Celebrate your memories.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to the ballet to see Gillian in the dress rehearsal for the  two numbers she will be part of for the upcoming Manitoba Dance Festival.  Both numbers were musical theatre genre, as were most of the 30+ numbers I saw.  For the most part well done, but the sound system was poor, and most of the time you couldn't hear the speaking or singing.

It was my first time in the RWB building, and a very nice building it is.  Parts are being renovated, and I had a little trouble finding the entrance, and washroom, but the little theatre itself was  a delight, especially the seats.  Some of the most comfortable theatre seats I've ever used.

Otherwise, I'm working full out on a piece I want to show next weekend.  It's a matter of eat, sleep and work.  But I can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I'll try to post pictures when it's done.

Not so early Sunday morning

And I am waiting for the sun to brighten a bit before I can go outside to putter.The  heaters are still on and with a bit more sun shining down on them, I should be able to turn them off for the day. I now have two card tables full of plants inside.for overnight.When the temp increasing a bit today they will be carried outside for about 3 hours and then carried back inside. This is to make more room inside the greenhouses which are full to capacity. Oh joy! There is still frost and a bit of snow laying around. I did a bit of raking yesterday but felt the ground fighting back as it is still full of frost, and did not want to yield any leaves etc.
Pati, I finally found a box of Ziploc perfect portions. yeah!. I looked in most of the stores we frequent without luck but in Metro on Friday in Huntsville I got lucky. So I shall try them out as you speak so highly of them. I think it is a neat idea.
I was also grazing on The Quilt Show site and found a very interesting pattern that I have just been able to print off somehow for future use.  It is Fabric Box Tutorial  by Tina Craig. It interests me because I could actually make it without too much trouble ( I think) and I also think that Faith and Pepe could nest in one quite nicely!  Have a look and what do you think?. Cathy, it is on the cover page so you don't even have to log into the site. Just go to The Quilt Show web site and scroll down until you find the tutorial.
Well, it may be timely to head outside now so will sign off. Even to make a coffee and sit outside would be lifting haha!  Take care

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Animals are so special for us

Our life with animals reminds me very much of the little poem I cut out when first had my children. I think the words apply as well to the pets we now have filling our hearts and homes :

I'll lend you for a little time
A child of mine, he said:
For you to love the while she lives
and mourn when she is dead
It may be six or seven years,
Or twenty-two,or three
But will you, 'till I call her back,
Take care of her for me.

It goes on for a few more stanzas but speaks to the love we have and give, and the rewards gained in our lives for it and for them.
I am sorry you are having to endure this right now but you have very right to mourn now......

But shall the angels call for her 
Much sooner than we planned
We shall brave the bitter grief
That comes and try to understand .

Our lives are complete with our animals about. I share the enjoyment they bring - I have my 'old'
cat (20 years?) that I cherish but whose quality of life I must always assess -not for me, but for him.
Having your VET come to the house is a real bonus for you - thinking of you all. XX

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sometimes life really sucks

Yesterday we decided that we were keeping our dog Nika alive for ourselves.  I contacted our vet and she said that if she had enough narcotics she would come out on Sunday (travelling Vet.. not a clinic.. she comes to our home so doesn't have all the drugs on hand all the time, but we don't have to take Nika away from home)  I just went to check on Nika.  She is outside (in the shop.. wouldn't come in when we called)  She hasn't eaten in days (what she did have came back up)  She got up when I helped her, but she wouldn't move.  She just wanted to stay there. It is sad, but she is not happy.  I know it sounds awful, but I almost hope she will die soon.  She is so unhappy that if Danielle had to order the drugs in she will suffer more.    Just venting.. I know it is best for Nika, but she has been in our family for  14 years.. she was an abused rescue. She will be 16 in May.  Sometimes I really hate having pets.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Through rain and sleet and snow, I shall go....

What a mix of conditions I experienced today going to Huntsville and back. No problems encountered but a bit of a pain.  Had a very nice lunch and visit with Sue. She is full of stories and info about families and friends - some of the friends known to me but others not. Fortunately she sends pictures to me often so I have come to recognize family members and can visualize people and places as she recounts her tales. She has, and has had, a most interesting life. I quite enjoy my talks with her. She states that for our Fall luncheon we will try to get together with the other three gals - this means a Saturday out because the one is still working.She gave me some maple syrup from her daughter and son in laws bushes. Also a gorgeous garden ornament - an elaborately decorated owl! She seems to come bearing gifts and I usually do not - it should not bother me but it does a little. We ate at the Swiss Chalet and I had a huge spinach salad and then apple pie and ice cream for dessert. Now I am not hungry to have any supper which is just fine except I have to log in for the daily FoodDiary. I will have to fudge it a bit I guess!
So that was my day - I had looked forward to the outing and now it has happened. What shall I look forward to now?  I started a new book and I started to crochet a new shawl so I can always work on it for a bit as i can't work outside today - too miserable? And I won't need to put the greenhouses to bed as I never awakened them this morning haha ! Take care

Wouldn't you just know it.....

Waiting to get ready to go to meet my friend Sue later for luncheon in Huntsville. I look out the window only to see snow??? Actually not really snow but little white bead like stuffs falling from the sky and staying on the ground! It is just at the freezing point right now, so I will keep the heaters going in the greenhouses for now - have been turning them off first thing in the morning and then setting them again for bed. It has made a difference in our hydro consumption daily though - that's good news. Especially since Hydro rates will increase again 4.6% May 1
Received a call from the friends in Petawawa who have sold their house and furnishings and moving back to Winnipeg. This is the couple who cruised around the world last year.They are leaving Pet next Tuesday April 28 and asked if we could meet in North Bay for a coffee on their way through.  They will head for their older son's place who lives in Headingly - their boxes etc of stuff are being shipped by a moving company to his garage until they get to Wpg and find a rental unit. Nice eh?
Well back to getting ready....I'll write later to tell you about my lunch and visit.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thank You

I managed to get to the posting page on my phone but as soon as I hit post it disappeared and I couldn't find the drafts on my phone.  I figured it was gone forever.  I guess I will have to bite the bullet and take my computer back to CN Suppliers.  I am not impressed with them, but there is no where else in town and it is going to be a long time before I get to Brandon.  Rehearsals are getting a little scary.  Last night there were only 3 of us there and we need a lot more work.  On top of it all Jan left quite early.  Her mom is ill and not expected to make it.  We've all put so much work into this.  I hope it can come together.  Even if we have to postpone it for a couple of weeks.  The other play is actually shaping up faster than I thought.  I think we will have something decent by May 3 for adjudication and workshopping, and we don't present it until May 19.  AND!! Tonight I have no rehearsals or meetings.  I get to go home.   YIPPEE!

Monday, April 20, 2015

sorry, Cathy

I found it as a draft and posted it for you.

Sunday, April 19, 2015


I got in on my phone!  No fire last night. Too much wind (as usual). Besides, we were working the Beer Fest.  Went to bed after midnight and stayed there until almost 10!!!!   The beer fest went well. Good attendance  but my feet and shoulders really hurt today.  I feel guilty cause Rrain had to be in portage for a meeting at 10 am. Working on both out plays now, full tilt. Jim has ribs out for an early supper so he get to chase the ace but since I slept in we didn't eat breakfast til around 11!  Not sure what we'll do since I am really not hungry yet and he  has to leave. Around 4 or 4:30.  I am thinking about soaking in a hot tub just to ease the pain. Maybe we will have supper tomorrow. I' m just glad I was able to finally log on on my phone!

Cathy - your blog post on phone

I just read it on the preview in draft form. If you tried to publish it, it did not appear on blog per say. But I could read it - did you try to publish?  You sound busy. Hope you lounge bath was relaxing/ refreshing! How are you lines coming for the play(s)? Pati, did you see Cathy's blog entry?
Good Night all - I just finished my first day of Food Diary - what a pain  haha!

My little guy is in very good hands by the sounds of it....

What a wonderful little story and how happy I was to read it, envision the action, and enjoy the interaction amongst all the participants. Please let him know that Faith has a spear for him - wooden of course - at the ready, and a little nest in the making. The spear is of a carved owl at the end of a dark brown wooden spear (letter opener style!) Looking forward to seeing him, and getting updates in the meantime.
I worked in the yard today - taking advantage of another fair day to be outside before colder, wetter, weather arrives. Our Cows made their way to the corner as they do every year and are looking mighty fine. We have 7 in total of various sizes and shapes that spend their summer at the corner greeting passersby and cars travelling down the road.  As I was setting them up, a couple with several kids in tow who live at the end of our cul de sac passed by - and she said "Oh we were wondering when the Cows would appear" Managed to get several bags full of leaves bagged up, and a few more ornaments. After supper I'll be going out to close up the greenhouses again for the night - still need the heaters on at night but just waiting for the day when even that won't be necessary.Yesterday I was able to rake the driveway as I do each Spring to bring back up all the stones and gravel that gradually have down downhill towards the road. This is especially evident because we have the sump pump drain flowing from the front sidewalk onto the driveway and the water flowing also takes the gravel down with it.
Another day almost in the books. And to make things more interesting for this coming week, I have to start another of those weekly Daily Food Survey tonight - record everything we eat and drink each day. Oh woe is me! Runs from today, Sunday to next Saturday.
Take care all!!

Friday, April 17, 2015


Beth, while I was playing with my memory sticks today, I mentioned to your little guy that, maybe, you were going to come to visit and, maybe,  you would be taking him to a new home with a nest of his own and a companion.  He looked a little dismayed, and when asked , said that he had never had a nest of his own and didn't know how to look after it and guard it, the way that knight does.

So we all got together , and talked about it, and finally Knight offered to show him the ropes.  So we found him a spear--wooden of course,--while he practices, and he is now downstairs with Knight and Joy. learning how to look after a nest.  When we told him that the picture was of Faith, and that she would be his companion, he was very pleased.

So you have to come.  This little guy needs a home.

p.s. The spear is actually the cutest little letter opener that I found.  The handle is actually a plastic form a a pretty Blue Jay, very accurately painted.

Come one, come all.....

Just decided it will be a "fire night" by the pit tonight to celebrate Spring. It will be my first fire, and I have being waiting with great anticipation for the snow to melt away from my special little area in the yard.
You are all invited to come and sit and palaver with me. BYOB as I have nothing except some delicious coffee or tea! I do have marshmallows though!
I was out all afternoon - shoveling gravel off the road into boxes and storing for now in the canvas shed. These will be used for next winter to pour on the icy sidewalks around the house. The town had swept the roads to the sides of the curbs, and soon the hired trucks will come and clean it all up and rinse the roads.Before that I have managed to capture enough dry sand for my use.It worked wonderfully well last year so why not continue with this way to save $ rather than buying sand/salt bags, and helping to do cleanup at same time.I also raked half the side yard and put leaves etc into bags to take to the dump.
And so the cleanup begins and the outside finally becomes accessible - a great sense of relief - finally I can get out and fuss about!
So I'll see you later this evening in my backyard?.........Take care  (You will be there, believe me..... in spirit)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Ah, what I'd give for a relaxing day

 I know, I know-last week I was complaining about being bored.  

I have yet to receive my income tax refund.  We filed March the 12th, and David had his within about 10 days, but no sign of mine.  I have been concerned about this for awhile, and on April 2nd set up an account with CRA, but only after almost an hour of frustrating search all over their website for some sort of contact information.  Then I was told that they would have to send me an access code, before I could use my account to get any information.  Two weeks and nothing heard.  The only way I could possibly get to talk to a person, based on information in the website, was to have detailed information about my 2013  tax return, and that was lost when David's computer crashed a few weeks ago.  Today we decided to go to our local Service Canada Centre.   Whoops!  No longer there and the building for lease.

Driving home, cursing and swearing, I had an idea.  Why not try the phone book.  Well, hot damn, there was a number under "refund enquiries". But again I was prompted that info off my 2013 return would be required.  But there was another number for more general enquiries,  and finally, through that number I got to talk to a person!

This poor fellow stayed on the line with me for almost an hour.  He had David going through our file box,  where he found our 2013 return, complete with incorrect address.  Try to imagine this fellow giving me directions, and requesting information, in a very strong East Indian accent, which I then passed on to David, who was getting more and more frustrated, trying to find information in a full banker box of paper.  Interesting times indeed!  Anyway it all came down to the fact that when my 2013 return was filed with an incorrect address, it was filed in a way that made permanent changes in my ongoing file.  While I had thought we corrected the address a year ago, it didn't happen, but when I received my cheque within a couple of days, I had forgotten the whole episode--until this morning.  

So the poor fellow tried to tell me how to submit, via snail mail, a change of address form that could be found on the website, via my account that I can't access until I have an access code that has been sent to the wrong address via snail mail.  Then he put me on hold, and came back to say he had spoken to his supervisor, and they had corrected my address from their end, and were sending me a form, via snail mail, that I could submit to have a duplicate cheque issued, as the first one had not been cashed.  But, if I actually received the cheque, it was valid and I could cash it and forget the form he was sending.

I have to say that this fellow was pleasant, and patient throughout the whole ordeal.  

After all of this, we didn't get anything out for supper in time to thaw so I ordered a pizza, from the new store in the little mall, from their menu.   David went to get it and discovered that I had ordered it from their other store on Academy Rd.

And how was your day?

Monday, April 13, 2015

My day

Thank you for all your best wishes. I just reread them all and I am still beaming!
 Last evening I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner out. I love this little restaurant -great ambiance, cheerful staff and all clientele interacting together. It was fun, and I had a lovely meal including a dish of bread pudding with caramel sauce for dessert! Today I went to North Bay. Dropped off the boxes of fabric and had a cup of tea with this lady while she started to open some boxes- oohs and aahs as she was deciding what she was going to do with each little piece. I know the fabric is in good hands now.
Now for my exciting things to do for me today: Last year I won (off the radio station) a gift certificate for $100.00 at a Wool Store. At the time, I went in but bought nothing. Today I went back and asked if they would still honour it (dated Feb 2014) and since there was no expiry date on it the lady said sure. I had already chosen a pattern or three from my Shawl books so chose some wool (gorgeous soft green colour) for one of the crochet shawl patterns. I still have a small balance left with the store so will plan to use it up as soon as I can. Then I went to DavidsTea store and took advantage of a free cup of tea offer I got when I joined - I chose a hot Chai Tea. Then I went to Coles and got 500 Plum extra points for my birthday. I had to buy something in order to receive the points ( oh no!) so chose a beautiful book mark of an OWL ( $ 4.98). When I got back home there were cards waiting for me that had come in the mail. And a German chocolate cake that had been bought at the local Foodland! What more could I ask for haha!
Now time to retire - read a bit and then to bed. Tomorrow we go again to Midland - Harry successfully purchased some coins in the Auction that ended last night so we shall drive to pick them up. Wednesday I shall join my friend Sue for Lunch at the Swiss Chalet in Huntsville.
So all and all a wonderful day! Thanks again for your thoughts and greetings. Take care.

computers and birthdays

I tried to get on the blog last night using my phone, but I couldn't get in.  My password would not work even though I have it written down.  Oh well.       The main purpose was to say

 I hope your day is full of dreams and happiness and sunlight and warmth.  
and a belated Happy National Sibling Day to both of you.  It was last week, but I missed it. I am glad I have you as my sisters.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Yes, Sunday----

Someone lit a fire under David's tail today.  We sorted out and re-organized the linen cupboard and then did the same to a couple of my dresser drawers.  We tackled the bankers box where all of the papers associated with our current life are stored.  Then off to the grocery store, and Tim's.  By the time the dust settled, I was exhausted.  A short nap, then time to start supper. So now it's just after 7:00, and I'm only now sitting in my studio.

But this isn't about me.  Tomorrow is Beth's birthday! Congratulations kiddo, you made it through another year!  I send you good wishes, and a prayer that you find even a few small moments of joy during what should be your special day.

Ahhh, Sunday morning....

There is something about a Sunday morning that brings a calm. I had the dog down to the lake very early this morning - quiet and serene - with nobody about. The lake is starting to look unsafe with some open water near shoreline with ducks splashing about  Although there are still those who are walking out to fish still. Of course all the huts had to be off by end March.
This evening we are going to have Dinner out. There is a wonderful little restaurant that we have gone to before down the highway towards Parry Sound and we have reservations for 4:30 pm I refuse to eat at any of the local restaurants in Sundridge - I have had bad experiences and simply will not go back. This restaurant is tucked in the woods and as you sit at your table you can see deer come down and feed from food deposited by the kitchen - old vegetables etc by the looks of it. I am looking forward to it.
Tomorrow I have made arrangements to meet a lady in North Bay to get rid of the many boxes of fabric that I organized over winter.( I mentioned this to you before) I will not use most of it and used great discrimination in sorting through it all . Most was obtained at garage sales by Harry. He would come home with bins of fabric that looked enticing at the time but reality tells me to clean it up. I still have many bins left of good cotton fabrics -enough to keep me going for a long time.I still use the boxes of squares from you Pati so haven't even ventured into some of the bins - may never but nice to know I have something if the urge hits me and time allows haha!
Nice to read all about your lives - keep safe and keep time for yourself - your message is right on Pati.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Down time

I've been thinking about your last post, Cathy.  Your life is pretty frantic right now.  Down time becomes even more important during those frantic times.  We're all getting to an age where our energy reserves and emotional reserves take more and more time to replenish.  You now need energy for your role as a grandmother, as well.   Protect yourself.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A bit of a giggle

I'm listening to the radio and hearing a traffic report.  the announcer says "this is as Winnipeg,as it gets"  It seems that at the corner of Bishop Grandin Blvd and Pembina Highway, an Old Dutch Potato |chip truck lost part of its load of potato chips.

An adventure??

Maybe not, but a more interesting day than expected.

First, the mail person  arrived bright and early with a package for me.  It turned out to be two books I had loaned to a university student years ago, and had forgotten about.  It included one book that I had thought I loaned to a former friend, and would never see again.  I'm sure glad I never followed up and challenged my friend about it.

Next, Safeway had toilet paper on sale.  Whoopee!  Off to Safeway.  Now, which to buy.  Regular had written on it "15 double rolls =30 single rolls.  The environmental type just said "15 rolls". Both the same price and the rolls appeared to be the same size.  We bought the regular, but I feel guilty.

Then off to the fabric store to buy 1/4" fusible web.  This is hard to find. I usually buy two packages at the local quilt show,every two years.  But this brand is very hard to find, and I use it, and it was on sale for 55%off!  So we bought 3 packages, then on the way home discussed how I still had some left from the quilt show almost two years ago--a good indication of how my productivity has been off the last couple of years.

Then to the sewing machine dealer where my big machine has been for repair for almost a week.  My old machine is fine as a back-up, but the big machine has features that I really rely on, and miss.  And Bonus--no charge!

Finally arriving home we had to maneuver around a truck and trailer that was trying to turn the corner off of our street.  A few minutes later it was back, and parked in front of the house. David had to investigate and found out he was doing spring yard clean-up for the wine loving neighbour.  Negotiations. Now we are having our yard, including flower beds cleaned up--for only $70 (cash, of course)  Worth every penny.  David finds that particular job very difficult, and I hate to see him struggle with it--even if he may need the exercise!


My life is getting pretty stressed with all the plays.  We do Steel Magnolias on May 8 & 9 and we do Reunion on May 3 and around May 15 and we have been asked to do another at the end of May.  Down time would be nice right now.  Most of our snow is gone (again) and the forecast is for the high teens on Saturday.  Of course I have a Sunday meeting in a basement but maybe the nice weather will make the meeting short.  I  will probably have to rehearse one play or another after the meeting, but maybe we can rehearse outside. I think Jim wants me to go to meat draw with him tonight.  I haven't been in weeks and I'm really starting to enjoy the evening at home alone.  the only reason I was at chase the Ace last week is because we were working it.  I am really becoming a bit of a recluse!  I am writing from work because once again my computer is broken.  I think maybe it is a bit of a lemon.  A co-workers husband is looking at it right now, and he thinks it is just a broken connection, but that will require soldering which does not have the equipment for.  I really don't like the one place in town (been there 2x and have not been happy either time) but he recommended a place in Brandon that he goes to.   Kris, Sandi & Chloe were over for supper on Thursday.  If I ever get my computer working I can post a newer picture.  Time to pretend to work.  Have a great weekend

Thursday, April 9, 2015


I think that describes the way things are right now.  We are sort of drifting along waiting for something to happen.  Part of that is finding new books at the library.  I found a new book by J.A. Jance, in her Ali Reynolds series.  I couldn't put it down--literally--and now David has read it.  So it looks like it's back to the library today to find more.  I've read just about all of her books, and especially like her series about the female Arizona sheriff, Joanna Brady.   Her J. P. Beaumont books are good too, although a little more gritty than the others.  The series are each better read in order, even if each book can stand alone.

My friend, Dianne, was to have come over on Monday, to spend the afternoon in the studio with me, but her husband was ill that day and she had to work in their business. By that time we had dusted, tidied, and vacuumed the main floor, so that job was done for the week.  And since we are now putting everything in the dishwasher, even the kitchen doesn't need as much attention. 

So we sit and read, and then suddenly realize how much time has passed.  Yesterday, I suddenly saw that it was 11:35, and I was still in my nightie, even though I was supposed to be at a meeting at the Art Club for 12:00.  Between the two of us, I made it in time.

We ignored the snow we've had the past few days, and most of it has melted.  It is a little warmer, and now you can see people, mainly older appearing men, probably retired,  raking lawns.  Evidently they have reduced the street sweeping budget this year, so our street is unlikely to be swept.  For some reason the area in front of our house and toward the corner gets sanded quite frequently, so it has built up a bit.  

Today, I hope to get some time in the studio ( not if I get a new library book  lol).  If so, there will be pictures.  And for supper, a chicken and rice casserole.  On Sunday we roasted one of the chickens that Cathy got for us, last fall, and this will be the end of it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Here comes the snow....

Threatening all day and I see it is starting now. Good! I was looking forward to a nice snow fall (Not!) Harry has a batch of fruit leathers in the dehydrator so I am sitting up a bit longer before heading for bed when I shall turn the machine off for the night.
Today I sewed a new zipper into my old winter jacket. I like this one as it is a bit fancy and with a huge furry hood but before Christmas the zipper broke and I could not wear it. I bought another rough looking one that has done me since then. I assumed I would have to get rid of the other but after a really good look I decided to try to sew in a new one. I bought a zipper at Fabricland when I was last in North Bay. I pulled out my machine manuals and read through what foot to use etc. It work out just fine and i'm pleased with results.   The best thing is that while reading my manuals, I was surprised to see how many accessories are available for my machine. I have been watching the Bernina Videos on the The Quilt Show site and enjoying all the fancy things one can do on the machine with the attachments. I assumed it was just Bernina and was watching out of interest more than anything. Now I realize that I could do all this stuff on my Husqvarna if I had the right attachments. I may never get any but it was a happy revelation for me haha!
How are things there? Take care.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Simply, a lovely day enjoyed....

Today was our visit with Mike and Erin for Easter Lunch.  The did themselves proud. A beautiful table set with an Easter tablecloth, serviettes, a little decorated Easter tree, and a small chocolate bunny in a box at each place setting. We started with a relaxing sit and talk in the front room, and Erin made me a special tea with fresh tea leaves bought at her favourite store DAVIDsTEA  The men had a coffee each. Then we sat for lunch, and after that enjoyed a coffee and decorated cupcakes for dessert.  They surprised me with an early Birthday gift since they probably won't see us again until after my actual day. A gift bag with a tin of DAVIDsTEA leaves called birthday cake, and a DAVIDsTEA china tea cup with lid and stainless steel infuser insert. I was thrilled. I had been looking forward to today with great anticipation, and I was not disappointed.  Do you folks have this same specialized store in your area?
Then it was back home to another cover of fresh snow - and opening the greenhouses to water the plants and then closing them back up. It has been cold at nights and I have had to turn on the second heater in the little greenhouse lately, for overnight. I will be so glad when it starts to get warmer, and the snow melts, and we may actually get Spring haha! It will certainly save on the electricity!
Time for bed and to relive in my memory the wonderful day.  Take care

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Ours bloomed from November until early March, as they usually do.  Sometimes we get a blooming for Christmas and than again for Easter, but it's been pretty regular since we put them in the West facing window in this house.  I'm thrilled this year because my little orchid started to grow buds in |February and now has three full blooms.  No more buds,but we are hopeful.  Ours, too, appear to thrive on neglect,  David usually lets them dry out in the fall to encourage a blooming.  I never touch them.  Last spring we ere going to buy some orchid soil but never got around to it, so the poor thing is in the same pot I got it in.

Maplewood cactus....

What a surprise today watering the house plants in the back room. My Maplewood cactus is absolutely covered with gorgeous flowers. It is hard to see the plants from the kitchen and I really only go close to water every Saturday. The plants pretty much fend for themselves during winter as they are all crammed together on shelves best I can. It is in Summer when they are outside that I can take better care of them that they seem to flourish..But the discovery was a thrill and helped to boost my spirits greatly. I love that cactus so much - just because of it's history and the fact that for years it did nothing. So, for that Dave, I say thanks.. How are your's doing? Take care

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hot relaxing bath...

I took a page from you Cathy, and treated myself to a nice hot bath tonight. I was feeling down in the dumps these last few days so decided to shape up and get over it!  haha! And how better than to pour a bath, have a chai latte (my favourite bath time drink) and enjoy!  So now, as I sit up and pump water out the front of the house - it is still raining here -  I will write a few words while sipping on a Galliano chaser. The snow will start to disappear quickly if this weather keeps up but as with all rain events, the water accumulates and the pump comes into action. There are three cords now going out the front window - two to the greenhouses for heaters, and now one for the pump. There is another cord going out the back of the house to a heater in the little greenhouse.  I still have to be careful where I plug things in so as not to overload the circuits and blow the fuses. It can happen as it has happened. I had to do some sewing today as Mike gave me his housecoat to fix - torn pockets and the tie holders were falling apart. I had to reinforce with some terry towel cut up and sewn at the back so the pocket could be attached in place with less fear of fraying again. He has had this housecoat for years ( we bought it for him probably 10 or twelve years ago ) and just like me, loves the feel of it - as big and as old and as tattered as it is! I also fixed up a cap he loves to wear - the rim was falling apart. Mike tries to sew things best he can, as Erin is not a repair kind of person. So maybe I will be useful for him for many years to come?? haha!  I really love to get to the sewing machine and sure wish I could do more sewing just for fun and when ever I wanted!  I have several books with patterns where I could use up all those 2 and 21/2 inch squares. I don't need to follow the patterns directly, but looking at books keeps my mind working and wondering, and planning so many projects!  The only difference between Pati and her musings, and my imaginary plans, is that she actually does something about them. Good for you, and keep coming with your stories and pictures. as it is what keeps me going Pati! Haven't worked on my hexis for awhile but still have the big Styrofoam board in the back room with the hexis pinned to it and often take a moment to gaze at it thinking how nice it will be finished. I shall have to send a picture soon and send it to let you know I am actually making it!
Well, time to pump some more - I may be up for awhile as it is still raining nicely. In meantime, my best wishes to all for a Happy Easter. Take care XX