Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Taking charge...

Things tend to get done, and one starts to feel good when one "takes charge" at least I have found this to be the case. Pati glad you have your machine back to work with - perhaps the problem will not be a problem for your sewing as long as you use the foot peddle. I guess though, that you have become quite accustomed to the push button right?
I took charge of myself in the yard yesterday - it was a sunny but chilly day but good for working. I accomplished so much that I felt really good after being out the entire day. I also felt very sore and even sorer this morning - it is a good sore, if you know what I mean haha! Shows my age and level of endurance though - I really should try to slow down!
I have prepared my "owl" bag to take to the Quilt group on Thursday and although I packed the little hexi box again, I also have chosen to take supplies to do Broderie Perse. I have some printed materials from the net to share if anyone asks, as well as a picture from the blog of your art piece ( from way back Pati) I have some fabric I love with the stabilizer ironed to the back already and will start to cut out some of the flowers while there. I think it will be nice and if some of the ladies are familiar with this technique I will be glad to have their input. If not, I can sit and socialize while doing my own thing.
Today we plan to go shopping to Huntsville ( must be Tuesday) Not too much on my grocery list, but we always manage to bring home bags full. We have started to go into WalMart first as they have cat food the cheapest there but we have gradually started to buy select groceries as well - never thought I would go there to shop - has never been my favourite store.
The municipal elections were yesterday and this morning I was able to go on line to see the results and as hoped the incumbent Mayor for Sundridge won handily over the neighbour down the street, whom we were not pleased with. Good.
Time for breakfast and on with the day.  Take care both of you!

Monday, October 22, 2018

I took charge

I woke up this morning full of cold, and feeling miserable.  For some reason this made me want to take action.  I phoned the store where my big machine has been for three weeks, and actually got the owner on the line.  I asked him what was happening and if he had any idea when the part might come in.  We have a bit of a history, in this regard, as they once kept my machine for over 4 months waiting for parts, and when they finally arrived, he wanted to put it to the back of the line of machines that had been waiting.  He and David had words, about the ethical way of honouring work orders, and we have been treated well, every since.  He had no idea when they might be in, but said there would be no problem if I took the machine home while we waited.  At issue is the stop/start button on the machine, It's been very sluggish lately, but the whole small circuit board needs to be replaced, and it has to come from Japan.  Now, if the button actually fails, I can always use the foot pedal, and probably will, regardless.  We also priced rolling carts for my machine, something we need more and more as we age.  Price-y, but not really out of reach.

Then it was off to Walmart to sort out some problems with prescriptions.  Again we lucked in as the manager was on duty, and he made sure that faxes had been sent to the doctor for clarification, on a couple of things.

The only problem we ran into was that the traffic lights were out at Regent and Lagimodiere, and we were stuck in a middle lane heading east on Regent.  But, lo and behold, there were the police, and everything sorted itself out quickly.  By the time we headed home from Walmart, everything was working fine.

We had a very nice French Meat roll for supper, to use the last of the turkey. and I have had the ambition to start working on a couple of jobs in the queue in the studio.

All together, a good day.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Anniversary BEth

I believe that October 22 is your anniversary, as well, Beth.  Have a good one.

Here it comes...

Snow on the ground this morning - the dog did not like it much when I took him for his early morning outing. This is our first taste of snow so we have actually been lucky. But that does not mean a thing when the outside is not ready. I wonder how much I should be worried about this - I cannot do much about it really. I hope to get out this morning and gather up the snow removal tools and bring them all around to the front. And i should really find some boots. i went out this morning in my little shoes - not pleasant but then I felt worse for the dog haha!  And I had a telephone talk with our friends Monik and George in Medicine Hat yesterday ( it is their anniversary today) and they were at 22 degrees and outside in the yard - not fair!
We lost a bird Friday - actually it got out of the cage somehow - I discovered it in the window in the basement as I was walking out side and could not believe my eyes and was in shock to see it there. A frantic rescue attempt took place but I captured it in the basement and it was put back into the cage but during the night it died. I guess the experience was too much for it.  Pati you are right about your comments about having animals (your description of Amber and the kids and the animals) I too, feel the same way but somehow find myself in the middle of it regardless.
I feel sorry about your machine woes Pati and here I have a perfectly good machine sitting unused. (not accessible but unused haha) I was pleased though to hear of your sales at this showing - good for you. You should get your big machine soon and then you will be off and running. I was following the comments on your "leaves" piece and it seems the opinions are divided equally. So what will you do?
Well, the municipal elections are tomorrow and although we have already voted, I am anxious to see if the incumbent Mayor gets back in here in Sundridge, or his opponent. This person is our neighbour down the street and we are less than enamoured with him. 
Time for a bit of breakfast and then on with another day.  Take care 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Much driving

The workshop yesterday was an exercise in frustration when I had to use my backup machine, as the other is still in the shop (see other blog).  The piece did get finished (with a little help from my friends), but it's a piece of rubbish and will never see the light of day.  But knowing it would never be good, allowed me to play with it a bit.  However, by the end of the day, problems with my backup machine ended with  the realization that it, too, needs servicing.  Ka-a-a-a-ching!  I was beside myself worrying about how I was ever going to get to the jobs that are lined up.

We were out to Pinawa, today, to pick up the show there, and I remembered that Amber had a machine, so phoned her, and arranged to borrow it.  ( two pieces sold!!) This meant leaving Pinawa and heading for Lorette rather than Winnipeg--a lot more driving.  Amber is not well, having been suffering from a deep chest-y cold for going on 3 weeks (off work).  She is being followed by her doctor, though.  A Good Thing.  They had to put one of their dogs down last Monday.  The writing has been on the wall for awhile, and this had been a consideration when they bought the new puppy a few weeks ago.  We didn't stay long, as they were trying to change the hamster's cage, under the supervision of all three cats, the new puppy, and with the hamster in his ball rolling all over the living room.  sometimes I'm glad that I don't have to worry about kids and pets anymore.

On the way home, I took a chance, and dropped into the shop where I have been waging a battle via voice mail and e-mail about  items I ordered and paid for last month, and have yet to receive.  She actually had everything that was paid for, and was waiting for two other items, not paid for, that were on back order. I don't care of they never come.

So my evening was spent watching "Dead Files"  out of the corner of my eye, while trying to figure out how Amber's machine could be made to do FMQ'g.  Answer: with great difficulty, but it can be done.  Enjoyed the dead files, though.

Friday, October 19, 2018

A busy week

I'm so glad you went, Beth.  It can be scary walking into a strange group.  But the pay-offs may prove much more than anyone usually expects.

Wednesday was the meeting of the local quilters' guild.  I went, mainly, because I had told a friend that I would, but then she wasn't there!  I hope she is okay, as she is quite elderly and lives alone, although she has family in the city.  But several new ladies sat at my table, and we has a nice sociable time.

Thursday, David had a doctor's appointment.  Quickly in and quickly out, with no actions suggested. A total waste of time and parking money, in my opinion.  But I had an early meeting, on the other side of the city, so we had supper very early, at A&W. More coupons.  We both tried the Chubby Chicken Burger.  Not too bad,  I would certainly eat it again.  I'm not sure David was as impressed with his.

The meeting was the first Annual General Meeting of a new organization, and not very many people showed up.  Unfortunate.  But a good meeting, none-the-less.

Today there was a workshop with the same group.  This was on using a product called "Fosshape".  This looks and feels like normal polyester batting, but after quilting it can be shaped into vessels, or sculptures, and heated.  Magically, it turns firm, and holds the shape.  My big machine is still in the shop, so I had to take the old Pfaff.  Unfortunately, it decided to act up.  Very, very frustrating.  But I did manage to finish the piece, and practice shaping it with an iron.  (You can also use a heat gun)  I'm now at the stage of hand stitching some embellishments on, and will post a picture once that's finished.

Tomorrow, we're off to Pinawa to pick up the pieces I have in the gallery there.  My two friends, who had shared the space with me, picked up theirs yesterday, so I didn't really have any choice.

Then, I think I'll be spending Sunday catching up with myself.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Finally got outside...

Even though it is hovering around freezing the sun was shining and I finally got outside this afternoon to do some work. Not near enough, but at this point anything done is a gain haha!
Well this morning I went to the Seniors Quilting Group - walked into the room and said "May I come in and join you" and much to my surprise was welcomed warmly. First hurdle over. A few introductions were made which eluded me - there were seven other ladies plus me there - but I am sure to catch on over the next while. I had my owl bag with my supplies and one lady came over and said "so what is in the bag" - they are anxious to see what each is doing or bringing - a sort of show and tell I guess. Everyone just busied themselves with what ever, after the general show, with four of the ladies sitting at the large frame quilting the quilt on it. So I sat and started my hexis basting and one or other gradually came over to see the unfinished quilt which i had also brought. We had coffee and chat and then more work, and then they put the tea kettle on for another break about 1 pm but by then i was ready to leave so I bid them farewell and that I would be back next Thursday.  They meet Tuesday and Thursday but since Tuesday has been a regular day for us to go shopping I just told them I had a prior commitment for Tuesdays. They have a sewing machine that belongs to the group - bought with grant funding - that stays there. One lady today was using it to sew binding to a beautiful dresden plate cover. And they have made 30 applique squares that they will be putting together into two quilts at some time - they were similar to a Sunbonnet Sue like figure but were International specific squares and each was appliqued with the country's most notable apparel or other attached items eg Scotland was dressed in a kilt; and Ireland had a large shamrock Very nice. I will go again but I do not know how long I will get away with only basting hexis haha!  I will have to think of other things I could take to work on ...oh no!  But I did it and I am proud I did not back out - it would have been easy just to not go.
Time for a nice warm nighty night tea to take the chill off, and then think about bed and reading. Hope your days are going OK , both of you.