Saturday, August 18, 2018

A new day

That knowledge always brings a little hope. 

 David got the sink done.  I think it's more sturdy than the old one ever was, but it's also smaller.  A mixed blessing as that means more room to manoeuver in the laundry area, but we'll have to find out if it's big enough to cope with the size of loads  I sometimes put in the washer.  In any case, I get to wash out the four dye baths I've done over the past couple of days.  I'm trying something new that was suggested by the ladies at my meeting on Wednesday. I'm quite excited about the results I'm getting, but can't be sure until the pieces have been thoroughly washed.  For many years I used a special industrial detergent, but recently heard that Blue Dawn will do the same thing. Love the stuff and never have any any other dish soap around, but I'm not sure that I trust it that far.  Not a problem if I were just thinking of fabric used in art, but anything that I use in a charity quilt, must be colourfast.

No exciting plans for the weekend. David is about to head out to cut the grass, as there is a "garden waste" pick up on Monday.  I prefer to stay upstairs when he's dong that, just to keep a casual eye on him, in case eh has problems--not that he has lately--but better safe etc.  I'm hoping for a little studio time.  I haven't done anything other than purge and the four dye baths I mentioned, in almost a week.  Like any other addict, I'm in withdrawal, but determined not to push it, as being able to return safely to my studio is very, very important to me, right now.

Be safe and be happy, ladies.  After all, we now have something wonderful to look forward to.

Keep HER there please!

Life is difficult enough without help from your Woman in Red Pati so please keep her there with you! But please keep sharing your stories of HER adventures because I am enjoying the laughs too much.
I took Daisy along with her granddaughter to Huntsville Hospital for an 8 pm appointment for an ultrasound last night. I offered to drive them and glad I did - for Daisy and Michelle. Things are a bit tough there right now and I know Daisy enjoys my company to lighten it up a bit inspite of her increasing compromised situation medically. I cannot remember if I mentioned that her son was to come this week but then his wife fell and broke her arm so all the plans fell through for care. Now Michelle is staying for another week. Her mother owns a Hair Salon in Toronto where Michelle also works so times are tough for them complicated by Daisy's recent fall and subsequent issues. Daisy's son Mike now has to drive his wife to the Salon to set it up for her for the day, She is answering the phone and basically running things with one other hairdresser doing all the hair work as she herself cannot do anything physically with her arm in a sling and constant pain. What a circus for them! Driving down to Huntsville we spotted smoke rising from the bush along the highway and shocked to see flames rising above the trees and the air filling with thick black smoke. Fire trucks were rushing up from Huntsville along the highway ( cars by the way were not giving way for the trucks - must be frustrating for the emergency responders when this happens) On the way home, in the dark now as it was past 9 pm, I wondered if the highway may be blocked as a result but only encountered heavy Friday night traffic heading North for the weekend and as we passed the area, no evidence of continued involvement so thankfully they must have got the blaze under control. Michelle said she had seen a structure in full blaze on the way down, so perhaps it was a garage or maybe a home? With the dry ground and trees and the threat of forest fires I had worried the fire could have taken off worse.
Well, the  weekend is here and so I hope you folks enjoy a bit of rest - Cathy how are things there - have you cleaned up your garden yet? We are in the process of doing that now - but with each day Harry comes up with a new idea and things get interesting. Yesterday a dog wondered into the yard obviously lost so Harry secured him by promising treats. He had a phone number on his collar which I called but left a message only. It was about an hour later that Harry actually made contact and the fellow came over in a flash to get the dog. The dog has done this before and it was the same dog we helped the neighbour Ruth look after in the Spring that landed in her yard. The man was very nice and acknowledged that he had come this way before to retrieve the dog and joked that we must have his phone number on speed dial by now!  Take care.

Friday, August 17, 2018

that darn woman in red

Now she's been playing around in the laundry room.  I noticed a bit of a puddle on the floor while doing the laundry.  I had noticed this last time, as well, and mentioned it to David.    So, nothing but off to Rona for a new sink ( the store is closing and there is a sale on.  Don't want to miss that).  We installed the old one when we moved in almost 20 years ago, so maybe it doesn't owe us anything.  Besides, I can no longer get it clean from all the dye and paint that I use in it.  We brought it home, and I suggested that we not worry about replacing the old one today, thinking of the fact that I was only half way through the laundry, and I still had two dye baths "batching" in the old sink.  However, it is in the process of being replaced, and I managed to get what will be the load out of the washer and into the dryer.  Then, we ( the "royal" we) find we need to replace some of the connections to the floor drain. So off to Rona again.  I took a book and waited in the car.  He comes out without the new connections.  Seems that the old one was fine, and all that had to be replaced was the actual piece that is connected to the sink, not the part that connects onto it.  Problem solved.  But the donkey work of setting everything up continues.

The other thing that Woman in Red has done is eat all of my pasta.  I was sure I had several meals carefully put away in the freezer, but not so.  Since I only eat multi-grain pasta, we had to pick up a box of that while we were out. Not easy to find in smaller grocery store, and when you do, take extra money.  Tonight I'm cooking a big pot of multi-grain to freeze where she can't find it, and then more regular stuff for David's supper.  Never a dull moment.  

All I've manged to get done in the studio, other than 4 dye baths, has been more purging.  We took a big bag to the thrift store on our first outing today. This may be necessary, but is always emotional for me.  Very sad to be letting go, but a big relief to have let it go.  Very confusing to my soul, which may be why I a little weepy and short tempered.  Being aware of this, makes it a little easier to control.


Started to rain in the night - a very welcome relief for the dry conditions. Even if I did water last night I did not mind this as we have been promised rain but none has come until now. I had to go out with an umbrella this morning - the dog refused to move further than the front steps - to move some trays of planted seeds that I had to move into the greenhouse to prevent it from getting drowned. I do not think I made it in time and see that it is drenched - oh well, I'll look at it better in the daylight. 
We have started to pull plants out now and clear ground eg the beans and the peas will be next. Harry is all ready to prepare the beds to plant his garlic which will occur in a week or two.  I've weeded the plots and now he puts more soil and manure before the fresh newly bought bulbs get planted. Then covered with straw for over the winter. The process never seems to end haha!
Pati I am happy to hear that your trip to Pinawa was successful and now you can prepare for your showing with confidence. I watched The Quilt Show most current session last night and saw the tool in action for Die Cutting. I think this is quite an amazing tool but wonder about cutting the different shapes and lengths - would need the specific die to do this so one would have to accumulate several of them? I tried to look up machine on net but did not get too far yet with this search. 
The fires around our area are coming under control and nothing as bad as in BC right now. Still have NO FIRE BANS so no chance of making a fire this year. I actually gathered all my little piles of kindling and sticks with idea of getting rid of them. And to have the skies tainted by smoke as far as Manitoba demonstrates the severity of this years fires and is a bit scary to hear that this is probably the normal now. Perhaps it is a weird sight to see coloured skies such as you described, but it does not bode well for the cause and effects, does it?
Onto my bowl of oats and raisins that I prepared last night and put into the fridge for breakfast. I have not had this dish for awhile so looking forward to this treat. I can still hear some rumbling in the skies so I guess the rain storm is not over yet. That's OK as I would like an "inside day" to putter about. Take care.

Thursday, August 16, 2018


The meeting went well last evening, most things were sorted out, and the rest taken care of today( I delegated).  Today we drove out to Pinawa, so that I could see the Gallery where I will hang my stuff on Sept 1st.  There were construction delays-- 45 minutes to drive about 1km at 2-3 km/hour, in heavy traffic, most of which appeared to be heavy gravel trucks.  This made the trip, usually about an hour, just under two hours.

Dick and Vivian were busy with appointments, but tried to get to the gallery between appointments, to chat and have coffee with us.  The gallery was pleasant surprise, and I may be able to take more with me than I had thought.  This trip has always been without stops, so I didn't take my diuretic this morning.  However, there is a very new Tim Horton's, on the East side of Beausejour.  This will be a welcome stop whenever I make the trip again. I had stopped at The 59er, near Birds Hill Park, on the way out, after clearing the construction, but we stopped at Tim's on the way home. 

A very strange day atmospherically, not because of weather.  
The smoke from B.C./ Alberta totally obscured the sun, creating the strangest colour sky.  It was almost like low hanging clouds, everywhere, but the most unusual colour I've ever seen.  The man on the radio described it as almost as though everything was seen through a yellow filter.  He also described it as very "creepy", and I have to agree.  I had noticed it when I first got up, and wondered if we were about to have a tornado.  I had heard of a pending tornado causing the sky to turn a yellow/green, but this was really more of yellow/brown,.  As he said--creepy. 

Now to think about bed.  It's early, but just about time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I hope that I figured out the problem

I think that the "Woman in Red" has secretly been living in my computer.  It must be that or else my brain is rotting faster than my body, and if that was so, I don't think I would notice it.  I have been juggling contracts and arranging volunteers for three up-coming fibre exhibitions, all at the same time.  As well I have three exhibitions hanging on the first September weekend.  I am involved to a greater or lesser degree in all  three of them, and have been quite worried about how my physical endurance is going to keep up.  Now a good friend is trying to organize a fabric marbling day on August 30.   I so-o-o want to go, but know for sure I can't manage 4 days in a row of intense activity. 

And about those three exhibitions?  Well I got the contracts mixed up and have spent the last three days organizing volunteers for the hanging on August 31st, followed by a reception complete with Artists' Talks on Sep 7th.  After contacting everyone and sorting things out I realized that the volunteers aren't needed until September of 2019.

I was in tears right after supper, but then had to go out to a meeting, where I had to apologize to all of my volunteers and explain why they suddenly weren't needed for over a year.

Now, I would never have made such a mess of everything.  It must have been someone else, and I can only think of one person to blame--the Lady  in Red.

Who ever is to blame, I came home from the meeting and poured a big glass of wine, only because there was no B&B in the house.  That would have been so much more satisfying.

Physical woes....

Not easy for me to read your last blog either Pati knowing how much you cherish your abilities to work with fabric and fibers in creating your art, and verbalizing your fears for the future if those abilities fail you. In my day to day work around the yard and house, I, too, have experienced a similar sense of change in me and my body's ability to function and wonder what I can do about it. In my case the intricacies of fine hand work and cutting precisely are not as imperative as yours, but I still find I have to adjust strategies to alleviate my pain or my restrictions of movement just to get the job done. There must be help out there eg with tools, or accessories, to give you a "leg up"? You mentioned investigating such options. So lets do it..... lets see what can be had to help. I am anxious now to follow your journey to resolve and anxious that I shall soon be there with you two, Cathy and Pati to see you first hand and perhaps we can commiserate, or rather strategize, together?
Blooming hot here....when will it end? Just when I think it is getting better ...wham...another heat spell hits us. I cut the grass the other day and I literally had water running down my face and in my eyes. Then sitting down to rest after, it took me awhile (longer than usual) to recover. And watering takes a good two hours each day although I find some solace in this one task. And I find lots to eat as well .... yesterday as I roamed about the entire yard watering with the hose, I gorged on cucumbers, and tomatoes, and strawberries and even a few raspberries. 
I go to the dentist Thursday at 8:30 am to have that filling fixed - never look forward to this although there is a new dentist now in this practise - a younger foreign man who was really quite pleasant in my last examination - I guess I'll find out how he is at filling a tooth.
And my lady friend Daisy is not doing well - last week had a bad fall and the family took her to ER. No broken bones but for the last week has been a bit off. The local Dr did urine tests but the results were negative inspite of her up every hour or tow to urinate. Her granddaughter took her to ER again yesterday and they were doing Ultrasounds, and CT scans and bloodwork. She keeps me updated on the phone ( from the ER last night at 7 pm!) I shall call today and if they are home and up to a visit,(although I do no think they would admit her to hospital,) I shall go over this afternoon. 
And yesterday while we were shopping in the Metro in Huntsville my friend Ruth from across the street called asking me to come over for a coffee - a "girls only" visit probably with her sister ( the one from Holland) and maybe another neighbour but I was not sure who she had in mind! I wish I could have gone but it was not to be!
Time for breakfast and then the day begins...oh, joy and rapture,,,haha! Take care.