Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Getting out....

That's good to hear Pati.  Getting out that is. And ice cream to boot. Often our fond memories of a place or a store are diminished by time and sort of sad as it is, I guess it is inevitable with time. And as you say, you are not ever to return?
I was able to browse through the Fabricland in North Bay on Monday while Harry went into the Value Village ( the two stores are close and i even had to cross through the Tim Hortons parking lot to get there - so close but no time for me to slip in there as well haha!) I received an email telling me 50 % off for June. I browsed only, but slowly made my way through the notions and enjoyed whats there. It was a nice distraction, and only bolstered my increasing desires to get back to sewing. 
Speaking of which Pati you teased me a bit with your Mouse Factory blog about YoYos. Oh Cathy we must get together with you one day ( it could really happen you know) and the three of us should sit and make YoYos. We have all the supplies needed you know - different shapes of plastic gadgets, or free style like Pati taught me. I love it. I found all my YoYos when I tried to sort through that room I call "my studio" and it reminded me of the fun I have making them - also reminded me of just how many i already have and haven't a clue what i shall do with them!
Well early morning again and the weather is just fine for another day of work in the yard. First on the agenda is to make something with the rhubarb. I also have enough left in the yard to make another batch of jam - I must do that this week though.
Take care. Are you counting sleeps yet Cathy?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Around the Neighbouthood

We had a very small bunny at the feeder this evening.  The babies we have been following are much larger now, than this one.  I wonder if this represents a second litter, this year.

The neighbour next door is fixing up his house.  He's quite excited about it and, every time we speak with him, tells all about how wonderful it is to have a line of credit. He has had the whole exterior of the house painted, and I rather like the colours he has chosen.  ( I think there is a lady in the background helping him)  Today he had both of the windows in the front of the house replaced.  While he had a big picture window, now he has one that has the appearance of many smaller panes.  On the other side, where there were two wide but short windows, he has put in one larger wide but short one, again with the smaller panes.  Sure makes our property look old and run down.  I'll try to see if I can get a picture--maybe tomorrow.

This evening, after supper, we went out for ice cream, to a shop at a nearby mall.  This shop advertises itself as a high end specialty shop, where the ice cream is made, in house, daily.  I knew exactly what I wanted--strawberry ice cream with lots of chocolate bits, and maybe some chocolate sauce.  Well, they had no  strawberry ice cream.  I go to this store for their strawberry ice cream, and was told that they haven't had any for a week.  There wasn't as much variety as usual, but finally I settled on Praline, got my chocolate bits, but figured that hot fudge sauce wouldn't go with the Praline ice cream, so had to settle for caramel sauce.  All they could give me for sundae topping was white chocolate bits.  David was unable to find much he liked, as well.  The two small sundaes came to almost $17.00.  I don't think I'll be going back.


I had several questions for the doctor, and he answered many of them even before I could ask.  He said that he expected the problems to slowly resolve, but that he would like to see me wean off the narcotics.  However, he did give me a prescription for them as well as for another drug--he called it Lyrica, but the actual prescription was in what I presume is the generic name.  I took the last T3 in the wee, small hours of the night, and have had nothing but the Lyrica since.  Surprisingly, I appear to be doing okay, so far, but I'm keeping a diary of how things go.

Yesterday, I bought a paperback, to read while we were waiting-- endlessly it seemed.  It was somewhat of a romance.  Two novels in one.  When I started to read the second one, I realized that it was an inspirational romance. For some reason, lately, a few of the books I select have turned out to be inspirational.  The coincidence (?) of this has been at the back of my mind for awhile.  Just sayin'.

Today we tried to do the wash.  The first load came out full of some sort of brown stain.  All my expensive brassieres, and my new bathrobe.  I put it all to soak in OxyClean, probably for longer than I should have, but when I then put it all into the washer, the stains were still noticeable.  I really liked that bathrobe.  No-one but David will ever see me in it, but having it stained takes the pleasure out of wearing it.

Quickie morning post...

Just a few words to get the day going...sunny and cooler this morning which is a blessing after muggy humid conditions last few days. it rained yesterday off and on which either helped or made it worse? We were in North Bay yesterday - first to do a shopping and see the stores, and second to attend the Scott Woods Band Show in the evening. This is the "Fiddling Up A Storm" show I told you about.. We have not gone to North Bay for quite awhile - it was our usual destination each week to shop but somehow Huntsville took over top spot.  Anyway the weather there was rainy but with it came a drastic drop in temperature and humidity which was most welcome.
The Show was, again, exceptional. Maybe the best we have seen of this Band. I truly enjoy the music and entertainment provided. They highlighted local talent as well and welcomed a short performance of children playing fiddles and then tap dancing - all from the School owned and operated by my violin teacher from many years ago. It brought back happy memories as I have always loved that time of learning to play ( and wish I could still pick up my violin and go at it haha!)
It was a long day though, and I am totally bushed. I am so laggy but as they say "the show must go on" and there is much work to be done both inside and outside. Just to leave the outside work undone for a day makes a huge difference. The plants don't take days off !  Take care

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quiet Day

We managed to get out to the grocery store today, and bought some prepared salads and cold cuts.  A quick lunch and enough left for supper.  Yesterday, I thawed some of the ribs I cooked awhile ago.  These were just baked, and frozen, and then put under the broiler for awhile, with Golden Dragon Honey Garlic sauce, brushed on.  I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but it made a tasty, quick meal.

I've been on a Tylenol 3, only, regime since Friday, and every day seems a little better.  On Thursday I spent close to 15 hours in bed, and today, I rested in bed for an hour, but may only have dozed a bit.  I've prepared a list of questions for my doctor tomorrow morning, and hope he'll have time to answer them.  I have suggested, to David, that he sit in, so that he'll hear the same information as I do.  I'm also hoping that the doctor will approve of my drug strategy, and give me the prescription that I'll need.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Detailed Instructions.....

Thank you for the details. Now I have a chance to see what I can do. The skirt with the elastic waistband may be the best solution although I like the wraparound style too. I have copied the instructions you sent Pati and shall digest them in a quiet moment. I have enough fabric in my bins from which to choose, so that will not be a problem - only to get down and do it!  I thank you both for your feedback.
Yesterday we had a very nice visit with Mike to celebrate his Birthday. Beautiful day and good for travelling. We left early so that Harry could get his meat loaf into the oven to bake for an early lunch. We let Mike sleep in and after I made a coffee we went outside and I did some weeding around his flower beds. He cut his grass but has not trimmed or weeded out in the beds. He has some nice perennials - hosta, bleeding heart and other ground covers that could flourish if weeded. He is not a gardener and admits to it. If I were able I would love to spend a day or two there to help him get it under control. There was one big rhubarb patch untended so we picked some of it and brought it home. I will have to do something with it now.  The rhubarb crumble cake I took for his Birthday was a good hit - he likes it and made with splenda allows him to enjoy it. We had steamed rice that Mike made in his new steamer ( he is so happy with this purchase and ease he has to make it for himself) and also breaded deep fried cauliflower and carrots with the meal and fresh vegetables to nibble on. Lots of leftovers for him.  After we left he was going into Sudbury with his old army friend who also lives in Markstay with his family, and they were meeting up with another old friend from North Bay who now lives in Sudbury with his partner, and they were going to go to a Karaoke night - spend the night at the friends house and then head back to Markstay today. A little celebration I guess. As well, as we were there he received a message  (all the communication these days is done on the smart phones -I am so old fashioned haha!) from old friends he had in the military and lived near him in North Bay before going to Petawawa. He had lost track of them until this message came through. Another old friend had been the conduit to this reconciliation. The man of this couple is still in the military, currently deployed in Kuwait. Mike was happy to be connected with them again.
The best news for the day was that Mike has been accepted into Laurentian University to start in the Fall - the  four year History course that he especially wanted.  I am very happy for him, and especially proud of his initiative and fortitude in pursuing his dream - he is heading down a new road and he is thrilled.  All I can do is wish him well, and support him as much as I can. The rest is up to him. 
Time for another coffee and some breakfast. Then on with the day. So much housework to catch up on, and even more work to do outside. Maybe, instead, I should just make myself a new skirt haha! Take care.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Making a skirt

I've been thinking about this, and how to answer.  What I did was figure out what skills would be required in the making, and what the teaching objectives would have been at each level.  I'm pretty sure the apron was first, but it's much more complicated than the gathered skirt.  I wonder if we did them both in the same year.  But the last thing we did was a wool pencil skirt, so they must have been two separate projects.  Am I over-thinking this? 

The gathered skirt would have required more than one yard of fabric.  Cotton was only 36 wide at the time, and there was no  way that this sort of skirt could be made with just one yard, especially as skirts were so much longer then.  There would probably have been one waist band, that buttoned ( had to learn to make button holes).  I don't remember elastic, but it would sure be easier that way.  There would be no zipper, as that was one of the big tasks in the woolen skirt.

So, everything will depend on your hip measurement.  Start with two yards of fabric.  Be sure it's washed first.  Press in half and work from the fold, cutting a long strip across the width of the fabric, and cut this 3 1/2" wide.  You want this to be  your hip measurement plus 3 inches.  Some people might have to piece it to get the length.  Join the short ends with a 1 cm- to 1/2" seam.  Press it in half along the whole length, and press one long edge folded to the wrong side by the same measurement.  

Sew the shorter ends of the long piece that's left, with the same seam allowance.  This will be the body of the skirt.  Now, divide one raw edge into 4 sections and mark (pins?) Working on the right side of the fabric, run gathering stitches, within your seam allowance, along this edge, breaking thread and leaving long thread tails at each marking pin.  That is: two parallel rows of machine stitching with a very long stitch length (4 or 5 on most machines).   

Divide the raw edge of the waistband also into four sections.  With the right side of the waistband and the wrong side of the skirt, pin this edge of the waistband to the raw edge of the skirt, that has the machine stitching, matching the sections indicated by the pins--right sides together.  Slowly gather the skirt to fit by securing the thread tails around a pin and then pulling gently from the other end to make gathers.  Gather both machine sewn threads at the same time. You may want to add a second pin to wrap the thread tails around at each end.  Work slowly and carefully.  Don't rush this. 

Pin this at close intervals, carefully spreading out the gathers so that they are equal all around the skirt.  When you're happy with it stitch this seam.

Now, working on the right side of the skirt, carefully align the long folded edge of the waistband to the right side of the skirt, just overlapping the seam line previously sewn.  Leave an opening--best at the spot where the skirt section was originally sewn together, to insert elastic.

For the elastic, use your waist measurement plus 2 inches.  Insert the elastic, and overlap the ends by 1", and machine sew very well.  Then close the opening by machine.

Doing a little better today, but still not a "happy camper".  See the doctor on Monday.