Thursday, January 17, 2019

Tick Tock ....Birthday time....

Best wishes to Amber with her Birthday to celebrate today.
May we all wish her a beautiful day!

Here it is -33 C and too cold to even think about it. 
So I'll just drink my coffee and bundle up.
Hope you folks there are keeping nice and warm.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

re: Grandmother clocks

As far as I know they have all been distributed, pending one of us leaving a legacy.  Kris got the one from Julie, and Eileen got hers, although I have no idea where that one might be now.  She hasn't responded to any contact from me in a few years, and I would suspect that she may have died. She would be in her late 80's if not.  Mine has not worked in some time--since about the time we moved into this house-20 years ago this July.  It will go to Loren, at some point.  We have looked into having it repaired but the cost was beyond what we could afford.  Loren already has the hand made chess set, from Dad, and Jeremy has Great-great Grandpa ( to us) McGrath's  big wooden chest.

The Grandfather Clocks

Funny how your mind wanders and you come up with so many weird questions. I was sitting with my coffee this morning in the quiet as I always do, and heard my clock quietly doing its thing and it got me wondering about all the others. I saw both Cathy's and Pati's sitting stately in your front rooms when I visited in Sept.
So today I ask: How have all the clocks being distributed to Family, and how many are actually working - actively functioning each day, or sitting idle but still in working condition, or not working? 
As I just mentioned, I have one, and it is running regularly with me pulling up the weights as needed and occasionally adjusting the hands because it tends to slow down - I know I can adjust the pendulum to fix the running but I have not done that. It plays every 15 minutes and also gongs the hour on the hour. 
That's it for today....take care.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A lot of nothing...

The simple act of blogging is the purpose for this morning - nothing new or exciting to report. It is milder which is welcome, being around 4 degrees C this morning rather than the wind chilling minus 29 temperatures of the last few days. It has been a chore trying to take the dog out.
I watched the latest show on The Quilt Show and I was not too impressed with the contents - I wondered if I just wasn't in the right mood?  They did display an antique India war lap quilt with motifs all done with beading - massive beading. It was interesting but still I was not in the mood I guess. 
Wednesday we have planned to visit with Daisy. I called yesterday to set it up and was told the tale of them going to Church Sunday morning and then into a local restaurant for breakfast after, and Daisy passing out at the table - ambulance called and took her to Huntsville hospital - but all is well and they figure her BP had just bottomed out.  I will make a tray of cookies to take and hopefully get to speak with Daisy a bit. As I mentioned the conversations seem to always be monopolized by granddaughter Michelle or with son Mike if he is there.
I made a delicious French Meat Roll yesterday - just had a craving. Half is in the freezer and the rest of the other half is mine to enjoy! Also had some beets that had been in the fridge since last fall - I boiled them up and then covered with that nice sauce recipe from Auntie Lorraine and surprisingly they tasted OK.
Well time for my second morning coffee and then prepare for what the day will bring.  Take care

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Nice bird feeder...

...and especially since there were birds coming to feed. I haven't seen any birds around here for so long.  But then I have not been putting out bird seed either - maybe some pieces of bread now and then, but then the squirrels get at them. I do dump the discarded budgie seeds into the outside feeder but I do not see who gets that. It is actually a waste of budgie seed when I see what goes out but when I change the feeders I cannot sort through what is eaten and what is not so the whole dish gets dumped and new seed goes in.
Speaking of budgies, I managed to do the big switch of birds from three smaller cages into the new big floor model. As a start I reviewed my notes and tried to put the right mix of birds - probably would not matter but in a way I have felt i have lost track of their order and  parentage already.  At some point they all look alike even if I have documented each with birth date, parents and their description. 
I have started to put together a hooked rug wall hanging (26 x 40) that Harry received from Mike at Christmas. A gorgeous lion face brilliant with golds and browns. The canvases provided are no longer printed with the colours of wool to use but blank - a picture with grid and symbols for each colour  takes its place. And each of the 25 packs of cut pieces came in a mixture of all the colours, so one had to sort through each and set aside according to same colour. That part is now done, and the canvas is taped all around - now I just have to do it. Harry was overcome with its intensity so I was passed it to do, along with it's mate a beautiful picture of wolves all in blues and greys. I figure this will take me a few years so no worry about keeping myself busy haha!
Received a call from dear Daisy's family yesterday - they are on their way up for a week. Her son Mike, and grandaughter Michelle, and the cat Blackie. So I shall call them Monday and arrange a visit. I think Harry will come this time since Mike always asks about him - he was in the Military as well so they have something in common. And he loves to talk so it would be nice to have Harry along to speak with him and then I can have some quality time with Daisy. My last visit with them was monopolized with Mike conversing and poor Daisy did not get much attention.
Pati, it sounds as if you and Geesji had a lovely visit - and nice she took some of your beads.  Do your cupboards look bare?  I have so many beads as well, but not the really nice seed type beads that you have - lots of novelty beads that I will never use - Harry frequently brings bags of them home from garage sales so I just put them away and then never use them.  I also have a very large assortment of rubber stamps - some really good wooden ones (which I have seen in Michaels selling for an arm and a leg) , and also some novelty ones. No idea what one can do with them all.
Well time for another coffee and some breakfast and then one with another "cold" day. It should get a bit milder this week according to the forecast - not soon enough for me. I want Summer !   Take care.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

What we've been up to

Thursday, after getting a cheque in the mail, we visited the Wild Birds Unlimited store in a local mall.  They had sent an e-mail advising that we could get a free feeder if we bought two "Seed Balls".  I like to do a little something with the money I get from my crafts, even if most of it goes to pay bills.  Well, we got everything for under $20, a lot less than I had expected.  Now, have you ever tried to take a selfie of your own hand holding something that must be held in a certain way or it falls apart?  Doesn't work well, but the second picture is a little better.  David had to open the hook a bit so we could get it on the pole, but it's up now.  We had figured it would take a couple of days for the birds to accept it, but both Sparrows and Chickadees were spotted on it within hours.

 Then, yesterday afternoon, my friend Geesje came over.  ( considering that she lives an hour and half away, in the country, "came over" is a poor description of the trip)  She had wanted to buy some excess beads from me.  She took home a big tote bag full, and I came away with a fair bit of cash.  We both felt we got a good deal, and my bead cupboard is in much better shape now.

We're pretty busy next week, out almost every day.  Monday, the boxes that have been on display at the Gaynor Family Library, in Selkirk will be coming home.  A couple of people had said something about seeing them, but hadn't put my face to the name.  Not sure if that was a good thing or not.  Tonight, my Midsomer Murders is on again, on PBS out of Detroit.  I do enjoy that show, and find it a pleasant way to end the week.

Gosh, Windows 10

I didn't mean to make Windows 10 sound easy to get into, but once you get into it a bit, I think you'll like it.  I confess that I had help, in that we paid a Geek Squad guy to come out and set it up, but I think Keri helped you a bit with that. Our biggest issue was e-mail, and I ended up on line with Shaw server support more than once.  I don't know who your server is, but do they have any sort of server support?  Next was Word.  That I figured out myself, but it took a bit of experimenting.  I know one thing that our Guy told us was that you no longer have to close everything down to close up.  You just close the computer, and open it again later and sign in.  The problem comes when you keep signing into specific things over and over.  You have to close the actual programs down once in awhile, or you end up with a whole lot of variations of them.  This blog is one example.  If it isn't closed down and I go back to it, I get the version of it that was there before, with no updates, such as new entries.  David tends to get endless versions of Google, and I have to go in and close them all out, every once in awhile.  Please phone me if you think I can help, but your best resource will still be Keri, as she can be there to see your actual screen.

I think that Beth got a one year subscription to the Geek Squad  telephone support, and I've used that too, in the past.  A great resource and well worth the money.