Sunday, June 17, 2018

Quiet Day

We managed to get out to the grocery store today, and bought some prepared salads and cold cuts.  A quick lunch and enough left for supper.  Yesterday, I thawed some of the ribs I cooked awhile ago.  These were just baked, and frozen, and then put under the broiler for awhile, with Golden Dragon Honey Garlic sauce, brushed on.  I wasn't sure how they would turn out, but it made a tasty, quick meal.

I've been on a Tylenol 3, only, regime since Friday, and every day seems a little better.  On Thursday I spent close to 15 hours in bed, and today, I rested in bed for an hour, but may only have dozed a bit.  I've prepared a list of questions for my doctor tomorrow morning, and hope he'll have time to answer them.  I have suggested, to David, that he sit in, so that he'll hear the same information as I do.  I'm also hoping that the doctor will approve of my drug strategy, and give me the prescription that I'll need.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Detailed Instructions.....

Thank you for the details. Now I have a chance to see what I can do. The skirt with the elastic waistband may be the best solution although I like the wraparound style too. I have copied the instructions you sent Pati and shall digest them in a quiet moment. I have enough fabric in my bins from which to choose, so that will not be a problem - only to get down and do it!  I thank you both for your feedback.
Yesterday we had a very nice visit with Mike to celebrate his Birthday. Beautiful day and good for travelling. We left early so that Harry could get his meat loaf into the oven to bake for an early lunch. We let Mike sleep in and after I made a coffee we went outside and I did some weeding around his flower beds. He cut his grass but has not trimmed or weeded out in the beds. He has some nice perennials - hosta, bleeding heart and other ground covers that could flourish if weeded. He is not a gardener and admits to it. If I were able I would love to spend a day or two there to help him get it under control. There was one big rhubarb patch untended so we picked some of it and brought it home. I will have to do something with it now.  The rhubarb crumble cake I took for his Birthday was a good hit - he likes it and made with splenda allows him to enjoy it. We had steamed rice that Mike made in his new steamer ( he is so happy with this purchase and ease he has to make it for himself) and also breaded deep fried cauliflower and carrots with the meal and fresh vegetables to nibble on. Lots of leftovers for him.  After we left he was going into Sudbury with his old army friend who also lives in Markstay with his family, and they were meeting up with another old friend from North Bay who now lives in Sudbury with his partner, and they were going to go to a Karaoke night - spend the night at the friends house and then head back to Markstay today. A little celebration I guess. As well, as we were there he received a message  (all the communication these days is done on the smart phones -I am so old fashioned haha!) from old friends he had in the military and lived near him in North Bay before going to Petawawa. He had lost track of them until this message came through. Another old friend had been the conduit to this reconciliation. The man of this couple is still in the military, currently deployed in Kuwait. Mike was happy to be connected with them again.
The best news for the day was that Mike has been accepted into Laurentian University to start in the Fall - the  four year History course that he especially wanted.  I am very happy for him, and especially proud of his initiative and fortitude in pursuing his dream - he is heading down a new road and he is thrilled.  All I can do is wish him well, and support him as much as I can. The rest is up to him. 
Time for another coffee and some breakfast. Then on with the day. So much housework to catch up on, and even more work to do outside. Maybe, instead, I should just make myself a new skirt haha! Take care.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Making a skirt

I've been thinking about this, and how to answer.  What I did was figure out what skills would be required in the making, and what the teaching objectives would have been at each level.  I'm pretty sure the apron was first, but it's much more complicated than the gathered skirt.  I wonder if we did them both in the same year.  But the last thing we did was a wool pencil skirt, so they must have been two separate projects.  Am I over-thinking this? 

The gathered skirt would have required more than one yard of fabric.  Cotton was only 36 wide at the time, and there was no  way that this sort of skirt could be made with just one yard, especially as skirts were so much longer then.  There would probably have been one waist band, that buttoned ( had to learn to make button holes).  I don't remember elastic, but it would sure be easier that way.  There would be no zipper, as that was one of the big tasks in the woolen skirt.

So, everything will depend on your hip measurement.  Start with two yards of fabric.  Be sure it's washed first.  Press in half and work from the fold, cutting a long strip across the width of the fabric, and cut this 3 1/2" wide.  You want this to be  your hip measurement plus 3 inches.  Some people might have to piece it to get the length.  Join the short ends with a 1 cm- to 1/2" seam.  Press it in half along the whole length, and press one long edge folded to the wrong side by the same measurement.  

Sew the shorter ends of the long piece that's left, with the same seam allowance.  This will be the body of the skirt.  Now, divide one raw edge into 4 sections and mark (pins?) Working on the right side of the fabric, run gathering stitches, within your seam allowance, along this edge, breaking thread and leaving long thread tails at each marking pin.  That is: two parallel rows of machine stitching with a very long stitch length (4 or 5 on most machines).   

Divide the raw edge of the waistband also into four sections.  With the right side of the waistband and the wrong side of the skirt, pin this edge of the waistband to the raw edge of the skirt, that has the machine stitching, matching the sections indicated by the pins--right sides together.  Slowly gather the skirt to fit by securing the thread tails around a pin and then pulling gently from the other end to make gathers.  Gather both machine sewn threads at the same time. You may want to add a second pin to wrap the thread tails around at each end.  Work slowly and carefully.  Don't rush this. 

Pin this at close intervals, carefully spreading out the gathers so that they are equal all around the skirt.  When you're happy with it stitch this seam.

Now, working on the right side of the skirt, carefully align the long folded edge of the waistband to the right side of the skirt, just overlapping the seam line previously sewn.  Leave an opening--best at the spot where the skirt section was originally sewn together, to insert elastic.

For the elastic, use your waist measurement plus 2 inches.  Insert the elastic, and overlap the ends by 1", and machine sew very well.  Then close the opening by machine.

Doing a little better today, but still not a "happy camper".  See the doctor on Monday.

Oh woe, in thinking of you Pati...

Not the kind of week you wanted Pati, but maybe the "week of rest' is what you need? Are you able to at least read a book or two while you lay down?
Thanks for that prompt Cathy about the wrap around skirt - I remember that one as well as the yard skirt I had described. I may be just blowing out my ears when I suggest making a skirt, but it is fun to imagine anyway. I do have lots of fabric and it would be a shame not to be able to use it for something simple. When are you actually leaving on your trip and what are the plans. I'd love to hear about it. 
Today we head out to Mike's for his Birthday celebration. All is ready to go and only have to pack the car with the food, and then the dog, and off we are. Looking forward to it. I was able to squeeze in a hair cut yesterday and thank goodness. I was getting really frustrated with the situation and knew that my spirits would be raised substantially with a new hair cut. And so they are....
So folks, here is to all of us, to enjoy the weekend in spite of current setbacks and issues. All shall be well. Take care.  

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Two steps forward, one step--or is it three--Back

Not a good day at all.  I spent most of it lying down, flat on my back, as that seemed to be the only position where I could find any relief.  I'm trying to develop a medication regime, and today's effort isn't it.  Maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Time goes by

Sorry you have been feeling so unwell Pati.  I hope you get all better real soon.   As for the home ec skirt, we made a wrap around skirt.  Same idea..... one big piece of cloth and the extra long ties at the waist.  We put a slit in the tie and wrapped it around, with one tie going through the slit from underneath.    Not that I have sewn anything since then.  We are trying to get a little bit done each day at home, but the weather has not been helping.  We have not gotten the horrible rain storms that were predicted, but the wind has been blowing a lot and it has been very hot most days.  We did manage to have our first fire of the year the other day.  With the burn ban on we hadn't even tried it but they lifted it after we got and inch of rain so we took advantage.  it was nice to just sit and talk.  Okay, it is now a day later...... got interrupted at work during my break and never got back.  We have another meeting today at 1:30 (Why are they always during my lunch break?)  This one celebrating some peoples years of service (from 1 to ????)  Patty gets a gift today. No surprise since she got to pick it, but it is all wrapped with a card.  My anniversary is in the fall so I will have to wait if I want anything.  I have missed out on everything event so far.  When they decided to award 10 years, I was at 11. At was at 6 when they acknowledged 5 years.  August will be my 20, so I have to stay to get a gift.  And here I was planning on winning the lottery and leaving.  I heard from Larry again a couple of weeks ago.  His oldest son has cancer and is only given about 3 months, if that.  This will be the second son he has lost.  It must be very hard.  We are starting to get a bit excited about our trip in July.  I might even buy new sandals!  Or pants.  I still have a week in Winnipeg before then so maybe I should wait.  I have no idea where I will be in Winnipeg because we haven't been told where negotiations are.  I hope I find out before I go. It is windy again today, with no rain.  they keep predicting rain but not much yet for us.  Probably on the weekend  Almost time for our exciting meeting.  Then they ask why our numbers are down........

Adventure in Fabricland

Yesterday I went into the Fabricland Store in Huntsville to spend my 50.00 gift certificate. I had decided to purchase a new rotary cutter and an extra blade if possible. I had no idea that the rotary cutters were so expensive. I guess it has been a very long time since I bought any such notions. But here is the good and the bad of it all.... This store is closing its doors as of July 31. I had heard rumours of this but there it was - the signs on the door and all over the store. 50% off most selections. (some exceptions of course) If only I had had some time to browse, but Harry was waiting in the car.
So I headed to the quilting notions section - this is where I realized the price of a new cutter would be out of the question. I looked at rulers and other interesting items but took a new blade and a Omnigrid triangular ruler to the counter estimating the price to be near 50.00 The clerk said no, they were half price so i could spend more ( there had been no sign to indicate to me that these notions were 50% off) So with great excitement I grabbed another new blade and only had to pay 4.22 more than the 50.00 I had. I would have liked this neat little cutter for half square triangles that I saw, or also a hexagon cutter/ruler that looked interesting, but I did not have time to look further and estimate I got what I got. Two new blades and my triangle ruler. It was fun in a way, and now I can think about sewing and using my new tools. I may never actually get at it right now, but fun to think about it anyway haha!
I have tried to make a hair cut appointment but could only leave a voice mail - hoping to hear from her today and get a cut today or tomorrow in time to go to Mikes Friday and then Monday night to the Scott Woods Show in North Bay for which I bought tickets over the phone some time ago.  Cathy, this is the show I had mentioned to you before that is also performing in Neepawa at the Fox on their Western Tour. Today and tomorrow I shall be getting ready to go to Mikes - need to bake and then gather what we shall be taking. Harry will be preparing part of the meal here and then we have to carry it there to finished. Mike requested meat loaf, and he will make rice for us in his new rice steamer that he bought recently.
Well, time for some breaky, and then on with the day.
Pati, thinking of you and sending my best happy vibes so that you will be feeling better real soon. At least to get over this little relapse you are experiencing. I bought a bottle of Arthritis Pain pills yesterday for myself, after your comments about it helping - I used to take them and then stopped, but realize that I should really be taking them regularly again. My hands and other body parts are aching so much lately - lots of outdoor work does not help it and I know that I have exacerbated my problems with this.
Take care