Thursday, November 30, 2017

Slaving away

Slaving away in the studio, and glad to by busy, although I still haven't received the threads I need to start on the reliquary.  The bookmarks are finished for the sale next weekend, and I've made one small quilt. Hoping to finish another today.  The grey hexie bag is done, and I should be able to get another done before sale day.

This frenzy has, again, demonstrated how limited the space is in the studio, especially so, when I have all of the supplies ready for the reliquary, just sitting there.  I've been giving this some thought.  There is room in the closet, but the floor is covered with bags of hexies, and the other sewing machine with all of its accouterments.  With all of the culling being done downstairs there are many empty drawers in my rolling cabinets.  Today, I'm going to try seeing if I can actually empty one rolling cabinet by combining the stuff, from one, into  some of those empty drawers.  That empty cabinet could then come up and into the closet.  This would clear most of the flat surfaces in the studio, and give the illusion of more working space, if not the reality.

I managed to pick up the latest Louise Penny book at the library, even though I'm on the waiting list for it.  Knowing how much I've gained by re-reading the books after a bit of time, I left my name on the list, hoping to get it again after a couple of months.  Wouldn't you know it, my name was next on the list, and it's been waiting for me since Tuesday, after being taken back on Monday.  I'll have to go in today and let them know, and maybe have my name put back on the end of the list.

Grocery shopping and paying bills Tuesday, and yesterday Amber took us to Costco for more of the hummus I'm loving.  We also picked up hamburger, so today is Power Cooking day for spaghetti sauce and chili.  Thank Goodness for slow cookers!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A new experience for me unexpected

The usual trip to Huntsville yesterday netted me some excitement.  First I found an acceptable hat and scarf for Erin with aqua highlights at WalMart of all places.  It will appease my anxiety about getting her this gift as it has been playing on my mind.  I say acceptable because it isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it is close enough to be gifted.  Then I bought myself my own Tim Hortons 2017 mug. Their selection this year is lovely - four chooses of colour and design but I choose the standard Tim's reddish colour (which I love) with deers on the motif.  I am sipping my coffee in it as we speak. It holds my hands nicely which is important in a favourite mug haha!
On our way home through Burks Fall ( Harry goes to the Donation Store there)  I happened on another store that I had no idea was there. It happened that Harry thought he forget to get an item he purchased at the Donation store so he stopped just over the bridge at a little strip mall to check ( not a mall in terms of what you folks know as a strip mall) It contains the bowling alley and the restaurant and the Attorney generals office and a ski doo store but also another little store tucked in the middle. The sign said it was a wool store. So I hopped out while Harry drove back to get his forgotten item.  What an exciting find for me.  I felt I was in heaven.  As soon as I stepped into the store the lady said "Oh let me see your hat"  I wore my new red hat that I had just finished the night before. We struck up a wonderful conversation. The store was full of all that is good in life. That is, wool, and accessories and made items, and generally much to look at and covet haha!  Oh how I wished I could have looked at everything but maybe there is another trip needed here? I did buy a pair of crocheted "yoga socks" as a gift for Erin though - never seen anything like this but I am sure she will enjoy and use at her classes. No knitted mitts in aqua that I was looking for, but at this point I didn't care.  
So a good feeling day for me.  And really that's all we need, isn't is? Take care 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Sitting back

Cathy, one of the advantages of reaching our advanced age, is that we can step back and let others take over without feeling any guilt at all.  I've also found that I don't feel any guilt when they call for volunteers, and I'm able to say to myself--I did my bit last year, or 10 years ago--and now I don't feel any obligation to step forward for this.  I can pick and choose those activities that I feel comfortable with.  e.g. I no longer feel any obligation to help take down tables and stack chairs.  Sometimes I stick in the middle of things and look busy, and sometimes I just get out of the way.

This isn't to say that I don't still over-extend myself and end up taking on too much.  Six days this month, out at the gallery in 

The weekend was spent putting together two small quilts to take to the craft show  Dec 8&9.  I cut the fabric and pieced them yesterday, and then pin basted them today.  Got blood on the top of one, bad words ensued, and then I spit on it ( your own saliva can help get out blood--as most needle workers know)  Then I sprayed it with Resolve, and watched it disappear.  Thank Goodness!  Tonight I hope to finish the book marks I'm making, and maybe even get in a poker tournament--it's been awhile.

Grey Cup ....not able to access

Tried to get online onto CBC to watch some of the game but not able at all. I listened to the CBC news on the hour to get updates but it just isn't the same as watching the actual game. Now, it would have been even nicer if Winnipeg Blue Bombers were part of it.  The fun of my Free Press readings every day was to keep up with the Bomber news - they were on a roll for awhile.... This is how I miss having the CBC on television - I loved to watch the CFL games.  Now we don't have any TV at all.  And presently, for some reason my VHS machine is not working - how will I ever watch my Christmas movies???
We just about have the old shed emptied - maybe two more trips. The deadline to be out is Dec 8 so I am feeling confident that we shall meet that date.
I finally finished knitting my red hat today.  I plan to wear it with the bright red scarf tomorrow when we go to Huntsville (it's Tuesday tomorrow isn't it?)
I have a new book to read. Erin gave me another one that I haven't read called  I Let You Go by Clare MacIntosh. Just started it last night so hardly into it yet. 
So it's off to bed ....Take care

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Strange weekend

for the first time in years I did not spend all day working at the craft sale. No set up, no take down and no spending all day working. I did one shift (ok, almost two shifts cause I helped Rrain out) but I left after my shift. I really dudn’t Know what to do with my free time. And there was no Dickens’ reading today cause MTC is bringing “A Christmas Carol” in December. We went home after my shift but came back for the parade at 6pm. Today I cleaned the fridge. Found 13 frozen bananas. I told Jim he gets no more bananas unless he eats them. I mashed them all and froze them in two cup bags. I found a whole bunch of freezer burnt veggies in the freezer so I put them in the stock  pot and made vegetable stock. It actually tastes pretty good. I will freeze it in soup sized bags for later. And now I have cooked a tray of frozen h’ors  d’oerves (store bought) and we will eat them while the grey cup is on.  Pretty lazy weekend. I think I needed it cause I seem to be getting bitchier and bitchier at work. I needed a bit of down time. Oh no!  Jim told me he just broke one of our tv tables!  They can’t be more than 25 years old!  Things just don’t last very long 😜.   Grey cup is starting.   What a snow storm.

An early Christmas

A nice surprise to head out to Mike and Erin's yesterday. As we were trying to make Christmas plans, it was indicated to us that even if our planned date for celebration together was now January 6 (yes - this is what was decided because of all the other commitments they had) they had a gift for us each that was "time sensitive" and could we maybe make a fast trip sometime soon? So we drove there yesterday. Nice weather for driving for the most part but ran into some snow flurries on the way back. We stopped and bought a lunch from KFC on our way and met them at their home around noon.  I had wanted to go to the local Craft Shows before leaving - still looking for a scarf/hat set for Erin , but did not find anything. So that took up some time in the morning so we did not get a good start.
So what was in the box that was time sensitive.  I hoped it was not a live turkey in a cage haha!  Wow, two lighted ornaments that could be used inside or outside. Mine was a lighted owl and gorgeous. Harry's was a lighted squirrel and beautiful. Both in white and brilliant when lit up. Mike knows we like to decorate and that we love these sort of ornaments and said it would have been lost in effect if we didn't open them until Jan 6  and not before Christmas when we would have the most benefit.  Nice thought.  So today I shall get out an electric cord and rig up two tables outside and set them up. They will look great, I just know it.  And even with a slight thaw the last few days the temps have now dropped to around minus 10 and with a light dusting of snow overnight. Perfect.  We left them around 1:30 pm as it was starting to snow so it was a real quick visit. But they were both volunteering at the Markstay Santa Parade set for 5:30 pm ( I would have loved to stay but that was not to be) We talked about them starting to participate in the community and how important it was to be visible and set down roots. Erin started back with weekly Yoga at the church just down the street from their place and that gives her an outing and meeting others, which is hard if you work out of town all week. Mike has already made friends with others in the town.  The only issue right now is their next door neighbour who has a thing about them and their yard. He apparently cuts his grass constantly and thinks Mike should be doing the same.  We suggested building a nice fence along their property haha!
So it's back to usual now. I have a huge wash to do today as well as a million other things.  I did borrow some books from Erin - the one the neighbour Ruth was asking me about so maybe today I'll call her and walk over with them. She will be happy I finally got the one she wanted and I had promised to get for her to borrow.
So happy day to all....Take care

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Gosh, there's opportunity banging on the window!

I got an e-mail today telling me that my application for a show at the new Gaynor Library in Selkirk has been successful, for two months next fall.  I received a call for entry, as a member of the gallery in Selkirk, and responded.  I will be displaying with two other artists as there are three distinct display spaces in the gallery, but that's fine!

Spent today working on my hexie work bag and making bookmarks.  I had sent picture to the organizer of the craft sale and she got back to me to tell me that there were three of us wanting to sell bags, and would that be a problem.  NO!  But it made me reconsider depending too much on the bags.  So I've arranged for some grids, and will take a couple of hangings, as well as the round mandalas.  I had planned to make the bookmarks for the gift shop in Selkirk for next February, so had them half done and all of the supplies available.  I got a good start on over 20 of them today.

We had planned a quiet day at home, and haven't left the house.  I knew that I needed to get my brain organised for the craft show, and sure got a good start on it.  Not sure how this evening will play out.  I think I need time to write up a plan for dealing with all of this.  Oh Good!  An opportunity to write up another list!

Knock knock - opportunity here.....

Sounds wonderful Pati, and I am so glad you opened the door to this opportunity. Isn't it a good feeling to accept rather than decline, just because.  Now I hope you have a fun day in spite of what the outcome may be. It's networking at its best.
The neighbour Ruth appeared at the back door yesterday just as I was organizing the groceries from our trip to Huntsville. I couldn't open the door fully because I had all the empty wine boxes and empty white plastic containers piled there to go to the shed. So through a slit in the door we spoke for a bit with me apologizing for not appearing welcoming. Although what would I have done if the door could have been opened ? She wants us to visit this Christmas and "no buts about it". She had asked us to come last year and I never responded to which she commented on...I felt terrible. However, an open invitation to me is not a real invitation eg please come this evening and name a day specifically, rather than say "drop in for a visit sometime".  Her hip replacement surgery is scheduled for Dec 13 so this leaves us little time to "come over" before she becomes incapacitated for a bit. Boy, life can get complicated sometimes.  And then I had to call Mike and Erin to finalize our plans to visit them. Boy, talk about complicated!  All shall be well, I am sure but at the time, I shutter with awkwardness, and I'm always the one having to make the arrangements (and the one to have to decline in regards to the neighbours requests). 
So on with the day ahead.  I love this time in the early morning but it doesn't last long enough haha!  Take care

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Another opportunity taken

Despite my vow to never enter a craft sale again, the opportunity arrived quite out of the blue, and was too good to pass up. This is a home-based sale with vendors carefully selected by the home owner.  An opening came up, and she called and asked if I would join them.  There is no table fee, but rather, I've been asked to pay a very reasonable percentage of my sales, up to a specific maximum amount.  Others have paid this maximum up front, and it is being used to cover the costs of a more professional advertising campaign, mainly on-line.  Since I don't have an on-line presence, I couldn't really contribute to this in any way.  I've also been asked to bring a plate of dainties, so that guests can be offered a small refreshment.  This appears too good to pass up.  It also fits very nicely into my strategy of accepting opportunity when it knocks, rather than ignoring it, as I have so often in the past.

David was in for his one month review of his CPAP usage, today.  The print out of the usage pattern showed a very definite improvement with the new pillow we bought him last week.  So things are going well, although he did change to a different mask, today.

This was our last appointment for awhile, and I think we're both ready for a few quiet days at home.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's never a mistake to make the first move

Beth, I'm excited for you.  It's always right to make a move like this, but I sometimes think that we three might have suffered from our mother's reluctance or timidness in social situations.  It's been said that you can never go back, but in this instance I think you're right in your belief that it's the situation you don't want to relive, not the person that you knew within that situation. It sounds as though you're both going to move fairly slowly, and gently feel your way into a new relationship.

re: the wine.  It is a pleasure to be able to look at all that fresh new wine, in the clear bottles and well labelled. So much of "women's work" is un-seen and un-recognized, but you have concrete proof of the results of your labour.  You had mentioned having difficulty getting old labels off your previously used bottles, and David wants to make sure you know about a product called Steri-San (aka "the pink stuff") that he uses.  Soak the bottles in warm water and this for a few minutes and the labels slide off quite nicely.  Then just rinse the bottle.  I have found that this will clean just about any glass item, including my Corningware, quite nicely, without much "elbow grease" at all.

I don't have much to show for my labour over the past week, except a pile of Mastercard receipts.  I have been reluctant to start a new project while waiting for the supplies that have been ordered for my next reliquary.  However, it's now been almost 6 weeks for the yarn, and I received a message that the thread I've been expecting in the mail didn't get processed until last Friday--almost two weeks after I ordered it.  So, I decided to get to work on my hexie work bags.  I don't want to start the larger quilt right now as that will mean a major re-organization of the studio furniture.  The hexies, for the  bags, get machine sewn with the papers in, but then removing the papers means that they get pretty well demolished.  This gave me the pleasurable thought that this must mean that I never have to baste another hexie in this lifetime.

David has now had his CPAP machine for almost 4 weeks.  He's still adjusting to it, but usually gets a respectable amount time with it.  However, last Friday we bought him a new, very good quality pillow, which he used for the first time last night.  It appears to have worked as the machine registered 9 1/2 hours of good usage.
One more hurdle dealt with. Both the doctor and I see positive changes. From another perspective, this means that I have to adjust to the "new" David.  He is getting his sense of humour back, and taking more of an interest in every aspect of our daily lives, so much more discussion leading up to mutual decision-making.  It's good to start to feel that communication, but still an adjustment to accommodate it.

Gosh...mild again

And they call for rain this afternoon.  This is NOT fair at all.  I was all set for Winter and what comes with it - not more melting and water!
The wine was done and now sits majestically on the wine racks nicely capped and labelled. Thank you Beth .....haha! I don't know who is going to drink it, but it is there.
Now here is a little bit of something new for me...For the longest time I have been fussing over the old days and my short time with VON and subsequent lay off.  The Executive Director at the time - the one who hired me - was a nice lady and we connected in many ways as friends with likes of a similar nature. At the time of "restructuring" VON replaced this lady with another ED but held her one by giving her another job within the organization. Then of course, this new ED changed things immediately and I was dismissed.  I do not know what role if any this lady had in the restructuring and changes and maybe it doesn't matter. But Pati when you mentioned reconnecting with an old acquaintance some time back, I started to think again about what if I were to do the same this this lady? You always read that women need to create / sustains their relationships with the "sisterhood" and since I don't really have any relationships to speak of, I thought I better start to create some!  Yesterday I found an old cell phone number of this lady from way back - took an deep breathe, and telephoned her.
She answered and was delighted! We shall start to email for now, and who knows maybe the friendship that was once there may  surface again. But I want nothing of the old job or the old issues I had/ have with it. I am hoping for a new start. So what do you think of this situation.?  Am I heading in the right direction?
Well, on to another day here. Tomorrow I go to the Doctors and our usual weekly trip to Huntsville - I guess I better have a bath tonight haha!  Take care

Monday, November 20, 2017

Wine and other stuff...

After shoveling for a few hours, I spent most of the rest of the day washing wine bottles. Harry decided it was time to bottle so we have three full large white plastic containers sitting on the kitchen floor ready to do today. I had to finish the bottles though before we could move ahead with that next step scheduled for today.
Cathy for me it is always the anticipation that makes any outing exciting and without it, maybe less desirable. Although I have many spontaneous outings which I do not like, I still like the idea to be looking forward to an event. We have heard back from Mike and Erin and they will be going to Toronto for Christmas. So that leaves Harry and I to make plans for ourselves.  Oh, we'll plan a Sat or Sun just before Christmas to go to Mike's but for Christmas Day it looks as if we will register to attend the Dinner at the Legion. We went once before and it was a pleasant day.  I will have to phone today to get our name on the list - it is a popular event here in Sundridge.
Pati, your fridge top vignette looks nice and I can appreciate your fastidious desire to own that lovely piece of pottery and then arrange to your liking.  Imagine, a little pig atop the dish.
Well, many things to do today apparently including shoveling as I did not get it all done yesterday and more snow has fallen since.  I need to decide in my mind just how much I should do this year - no way for me to be as motivated as I have been in previous years to make paths all around the yard, So it will be just shoveled to the important areas such as compost, and bird feeders and of course the driveway but I always have to look to the future and to February when it has to be cleared around the greenhouses - that can be a pain.
So here's to a new week folks - enjoy the winter which is apparently here with a vengeance. Take care

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Chloe’s birthday

Anticipation was a bit more exciting than the visit but it was so good to see them. Chloe sure has an extensive vocabulary, enormous being one of her favourite words. At least in relation to potato chips 😊. We gave her a box of what I call “consumables “. Scissors, craft paper,drawing paper, glue, scented markers, and, of course, play dough. The play dough was the big hit.  She opened each colour but very carefully put it away before opening the next one. I also found some play dough soap. They were going to try it out last night at bath time. Sandi made an Olaf cake out of mini cup cakes. Including the black icing for eyes, buttons and arms. Chloe’s mouth was solid black. Her day care fundraiser was “sunset gourmet” so now I am getting some bbq sauce, sticky monkey bread mix and garlic cheese bread mix. And sandi is “sort of” selling Tupperware so I got a couple of Christmas gifts ordered. And next week is the craft sale here. For the first time in years I am not working 12 hours at it. I have one shift selling tickets from 11 to 12. I’m not sure how I will handle not being totally exhausted all weekend. In fact it is the first time in years that we will have to come back to town for the Santa parade. We have the parade of lights at 6 and I have just made it to the legion I. Time from the sale. This year I will have 6 hours between sale and parade!  I didn’t win the lottery so I am back to work tomorrow (sigh)

One extra, special purchase

With all of my trips to Selkirk lately, I've noticed a little covered casserole in the gift shop that appeals to me.  I guess I mentioned it a couple of times to David, and yesterday morning he told me that, if I really wanted it, to buy it.  ( Maybe to make up for the sweater that I didn't get?)

Soon after getting to the gallery, I mentioned wanting it, and that my husband hadn't really wanted me to buy it. Since we were in the process of re-arranging the gift shop a bit, at the time, the ladies suggested that we put it in a special place on one of the shelves, and that if no-one bought it by closing, then it was meant to be mine.

Here is the little vignette I have arranged on top of my fridge.  The round dish at the back isn't visible from the floor, but everything else is.  The blue on the pot fits in quite nicely with the blues in the rest of the room.  But--the special thing--the handle/figure on the lid is a sitting PIG!!  Another special part of it is that I have known the artist for many years, and it's been a pleasure to see how his skill and artistic sense has grown.

While Friday was warm ( +6), and yesterday and today around -10, the forecast for tomorrow is for rain.  Go figure.

Just love it....

No way I can beat this one.......what a wonderful way to greet my early morning. Thanks for the story, Pati. Now you have an "extra set" of keys for the car - put them somewhere handy and noticable - maybe in your "new"purse!
Woke up to snow and snow and more snow. I know what I'll be doing once it gets light out "here we come a shoveling, lalala"
Cathy, how about your day - shall I pour another coffee in my Duchess cup to read about your adventure?  Take care

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Let me tell you about my Friday

Grab a cuppa--preferably in a "Duchess" mug.  This may take awhile.

It all started on Thursday, with buying the new phone.  There were a few things that we needed, and it's been a tight month, so the decision was made to break out the plastic money, starting with the phone.

Friday started at 5:05 am, when my alarm clock went off, but no-one heard it.  No-one heard David's either, but we both woke up and were out of the house by 5:30 for a 6:15 doctor's appointment.  This is his second appointment of the day, but, regardless we still had to wait until almost 7:30 to see him.  Then off for breakfast, ending up at Perkin's.  They don't serve much that isn't smoked, at least that's what the waitress said when we asked.  We needed to eat before going grocery shopping, so finally got something.  Don't ever order fresh fruit there.  Just sayin'

There was an excellent sale on at Sobey's, and we had prepared a list  based on the flyer received Thursday.  Got a lot of meat ( a lot of meat!!)  Took the groceries home and headed out again.

So, a quick stop in Walmart to drop off prescriptions for both of us.

Now, I had lost my car keys, sometime in the last week and a half.  We had been looking everywhere we could think of  for them.  We had decided to bite the bullet and order a new car key.  Luckily, the local dealership had it in stock, and were able to program it then and there.  Glad we had the plastic money--almost $300--but we knew it would be expensive, going in.

Next it was off to the mall to join CAA.  Our roadside assistance had ended in July , with our warrantee, and for my peace of mind, this seemed like a good thing.  While there, I noticed that they had a display of LUG bags--the same sort of bag I've been looking for for over two years. Yes, I now have a CAA card, and new purse and a new wallet. Yay!! Very shortly after, I got a call from Amber, asking if we could get over to Jeanne's bakery to pick up not one but two birthday cakes.  Quick trip across town and managed to get the cakes, then home to leave them in the house, and quickly tidy the kitchen, because we figured we would never be home in time to do it later. 

 Noticed that we had a voice mail message.  It was Red River Co-op informing me that my car keys had been found at our dentist.  It had taken this long to trace me through my Co-op number. Emotional stress X10, but one must carry on.

Quick stop to buy gas, knowing we would never make it if we didn't.

Next was buying David a new pillow.  He's found that he needs a much firmer pillow, with using the CPAP machine. (Ka-a-aching!) Then to Walmart to pick up prescriptions, and a stop at Ricki's to pick up a sweater I had fallen in love with the day before.  They didn't have the size I needed, so no sweater, but did have both smaller and larger.

By now it's going up 4:00, and we were both frazzled, so we opted for a few minutes of R&R, before heading back to the other side of town to meet the family.  A few minutes in the casino.  Won some, lost some.

Finally off to the miniature golf place the girls had chosen for the family get together.  We were a little early and bought supper there.  The food was a pleasant surprise, considering the place and the clientele. Finally the family arrives and we proceed to play miniature golf.  OMG!  Total chaos.  It was under black light, with a very vibrant carpet, so much so that David didn't play.  We lost Loren for the same reason after a couple of holes. There was loud music, and 5000 uncontrolled kids, all appearing to do whatever the heck they wanted to do with the golf balls and clubs.  No waiting your turn.  No proceeding through the holes in a set order. Not a pleasure.

To our house for cake, but once we got into the house everyone except David and I sat in the living room with their phones.  I made a comment, and Jeremy responding that they were having a special family texting together experience.  Snarky brat!  By the time we had our cake and drinks, everyone was exhausted and they all went home.  Not one of our better family get togethers.

And today I was out to Selkirk, where the gallery was being decorated for Christmas--by committee.  'nuff said.

Don't let your tea get cold. Me, I think will consider some other type of beverage.

Friday, November 17, 2017

This and that amounts to ???

I don't know either! But this week has been a whole bunch of this and that and I wonder whether anything has actually been accomplished - I know that I am bushed though, haha!  A bit of Christmas cheer though, in the way of putting up the fibre optic table tree, and three moving ornaments that light up and play music - a Santa and two Mrs Santas.  I also brought up my box of Christmas music and movies, and so for the next little while I have the option of putting on a movie or playing the music when I can. I also placed a little creche on a small table - I always like to have one in place. Although I have many big and small packed away and I know they are there, space does not allow me to fully enjoy all the decorations that I would like. So I love what I can do.....
So the weekend is upon us again. Tomorrow is the first of several Craft Shows that I mentioned in a previous blog message.  I am looking for a d... set for Erin as well as red mitts and orangy mitts for me to match the hats I just knit. Probably won't find what I want but maybe it will be fun looking?
So Pati have fun at your Family Birthday celebrations for Jessica and Samantha, and Cathy you have fun with Chloe's Birthday celebration.  Take care all.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Night driving

Night driving is a bit of an issue around here as well.  Not as bad as it was before we both had out cataracts removed, but I'm certainly an little apprehensive when I have to do it, and David certainly prefers to avoid it whenever he can.  I drove home from Selkirk just about sunset on Tuesday, and was uneasy all the way.  I think I annoyed others who wanted to drive faster than I, but I remembered being told that the speed limit is the top limit, not the bottom and I should drive wherever I'm comfortable.  I was out last evening, down hwy 59 between Regent and Fermor.  Slippery road, and lots of cars--nasty.

Re: dogs.  Being a pack animal, I can see why your new dog might get quite desperate for company, if the other dogs (pack?) refuse to let it join them.

Greetings from Neepawa

Yes, contrary to rumours I am still alive and kicking.  It sounds like you two have been keeping yourselves busy.  What can I say.  work and home.   The legion banquet was on Friday night.  Jim got his 50 year pin.  That's kinda impressive.    we have no Costco near here.  There was a rumour going round that one was coming to Brandon, but the nearest in Winnipeg.  We have a Giant Tiger, a Red Apple and lots of grocery stores.   On Saturday Jim and I are heading to Killarney.  We can't make it on Chloe's birthday, but we are invited for lunch tomorrow.  Neither of us is very good at night driving anymore.  I was always a bit night blind, but Jim is getting less confident now so it is much easier for us to visit during the day.  Also, we are in a 2 day training on the 22nd and 23rd and I would not be able to get away from work in good time.  We have been working a bit in our basement.  Jim cleaned up a corner and he put up some cupboards that we were given.  we have food and paper goods and stuff in them and it looks much neater than it did before.  We are still sitting a dog and I have a feeling that she will be with us forever now.  She is really sweet, but is not yet a year old and wants to play with our dogs and they just growl at her.  So she tries to play with the cats instead.  They are actually willing to play a bit with her.   She also eats garbage :(    Now people are sending me emails about work.  How rude to expect me to work during work hours.  what are they thinking?   Love Ya

Well done Pati

I'm adding more compliments and encouragement to you Pati on your successful regime.  Just as you wrote, it may be hard to reframe your success and accept your new found shape and size. Maybe your days in Penningtons are over. Maybe you start to browse and buy in these other stores that you are exploring such as Ricki's. Keep it up.
Not too much new here except that it is raining early this morning - taking the dog out it felt just plain miserable!  He scrambled back under his covers where I would love to go and stay all day haha! But life goes on and I must get myself and the car ready to be at the garage for 8 am.  Take care

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

shopping at Dollarama

This is always an adventure in self control.  We went in to buy some gravy mix, and then we thought of wrapping paper and cards for the birthday party, Friday.  The I wanted to feed my soul with a cruise down the stationary aisle.  In the end we spent over $24.00.  David commented that it had been a mistake to take me in there, but he was right beside me all the way.

Then, he remembered that we had been having trouble with the cellphone, so we trotted off to the other end of the mall.  It turned out that, with the change over from MTS to Bell, and the subsequent technological changes, there are significant changes occurring in the operating systems for phone like ours.  Evidently, all impacted customers have been contacted via texting, and encouraged to come in for up dated equipment.  We didn't have a text function on our phone. In the end we bought and paid for a new cell phone, and all of the features of our previous contract have been extended for another two years.  Had we taken the phone that came with a new contract, we would have lost some of the features that we really like, and would have had to pay an activation fee.  (At least that was their story, and they stuck to it)

While David was dealing with the paperwork of the new phone, I wandered into the store women's clothing next door--Ricki's.  They had my size, and overall their prices were lower than Pennington's, where I've shopped for almost 40 years.  I didn't buy anything, but the concept of me as a smaller person is just recently started creeping into my brain.  This seems to be very hard for me to adjust to, which, evidently, is often a problem for people who loose large amounts of weight.  I still think of myself as a size 24, not the size 14-16 that I presently am.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


One might actually think that the snow will all melt away and Spring will be here. Oh, there is still snow around but much of it has melted. Our days are pretty full with packing up boxes and making trips to the sheds. This afternoon I slipped into the LCBO to beg for more boxes. They said take all you want from the shed at the back - so I did. Also picked up the latest Food and Drink magazine so that is what I will browse through in bed tonight.
I have been looking for a set of scarf, hat and mitts for Erin in the colour aqua or teal and having no luck at all.  I think I may have to give up but I promised Mike I would look after this request. I have even gone on line to LLBean, The Bay, Amazon etc  Would there be another site I could check out?
Thursday I take the car into the garage for the winter tires - it is time - Harry spun the car out in our driveway of all places when the snow was more abundant, and then we had trouble backing up the driveway as well.   The following week I go for my Annual Doctors appointment. I received a letter in the mail from Cancer Care Ontario reminding me that I am due for another mammogram. The cut off year is 74 so I can't beg off this thrill just yet - lets see, at every two years that makes it two or maybe three more times ....Wippee!
Last night I stayed up later in order to wash another dozen wine bottles. It is time for Harry to bottle his brew and unfortunately I haven't got all the bottle washed yet. These were the bottles we got free last year but they are dirty and the labels are still on all of them - what a pain to clean them up. I won't use GooGone either because it makes for a sticky result and I don't want that on the bottles.
So off to bed.   (I wish I had some great tales to tell just like your last few posts Pati - I so enjoy reading the blog and all the messages from you guys) Take care

Monday, November 13, 2017

Another adventure with Gail

I forgot to mention that the whole purpose of Gail and I getting together over the weekend was so that she could give me back three fused glass cabochons that I had given her in a box of them.  This had been forgotten in the fun we had.  However, I remembered yesterday and sent an e-mail.  She responded today, and we agreed that she would drop in after going  for lunch with a friend.  So she shows up at the house, bringing all three big containers of cabochons that I had giver her.  We sorted through them all ( some of them are so pretty that they just scream out to be fondled), and I picked out 5 for my other friend to consider in a a special project she is working on. Then Gail suggests that we go for coffee.  Now, I know this woman practically lives in her van, and that it's often a mess.  I sometimes use the back seat of my car as a garbage can, but, boy, could I ever take lessons from her!  She went out to clean off the passenger seat while I got my coat and shoes on.  Then it took about 5 minutes for the two of us, together, to shovel the rest of the crap off the seat.  Then I looked at the floor.  The floor on the passenger side of the van was several inches deep in loose cutlery.  That's right, I said loose cutlery--all sorts of spoons and forks, although I have to confess that I didn't notice any knives.  And when I say several inches deep I mean 3-5 inches deep.  Well, we both looked at this, and decided that I would be fine between the house and the coffee shop is my feet were on top of the pile.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Great message for my early Sunday morning

Maybe I am glad that I don't have any worries about ever being in a Costco with a million other people. But I sure enjoyed your story Pati. And you apparently were successful in purchasing what you went for. I would however, have enjoyed the people watching as you described your sit and wait time. Cathy is there a Costco store in your area - maybe Brandon? have you been?
The Legion Service yesterday moved me very much. It was different without the school children in attendance and I must say, all the more meaningful for me as a result. The Guest Speaker was a current OPP officer in the area but who had been in the Military and spoke of his time in Afghanistan. Very poignant for me - very enlightening for me to better understand some of what is see my Mike is going through and thus for me to watch and listen and support. Mike does not talk about his experiences and so I try to just observe quietly. I was touched by the Service and came away with a sense of peace, if that makes any sense?
Well, more of the same here for today I guess. Trying to tidy up and work and feel sorry for myself that the weather has turned to Winter haha!  But I plan to make a meal of liver for today.... yeah! I love liver and best of all I can have it all to myself. 
Pati hope you have a fun time at the Birthday celebrations for Jessica and Samantha - what is planned? Cathy are you going to visit Chloe for her Birthday?
Enjoy the day folks. How many days until Christmas?  Take care

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Costco on a Saturday afternoon

Gail and her nephew, Blaine, picked me up abut 3:00, and we headed for Costco, which was open from 1:00 to 5:00 today.  What an absolute zoo! Blaine dropped us off, and went to park the car--somewhere. Everybody and their dog, not to mention about 4 children per parent, were there.  I managed to nab a scooter, a I knew it was gong to be along trip, it's a big store, and the line-ups at the cashier, were down the aisles.  They had no list, and had to discuss/negotiate every purchase.  I managed to stay with them most of the time.  Lost them once, but found them again fairly easily. The second time I lost them, I just went back to where I had last left them, and waited.  Eventually, they found me.  The problem was that the crowds were so heavy, and no-one sees you when you're low to the ground, so driving was a challenge, and the scooter was slow.  Paying was less of a challenge.  WE got in one line with Gail and her heavily laden cart, and me on the scooter, with the basket full.  There was a fellow trying to direct everyone to the shorter lines, but when he saw us, directed us to a Handicap line.  so we got out fairly quickly.  The goods from the scooter were transferred to another cart, while I took the scooter to the area outside where they were stored.  I waited, and eventually Gail came by with the two carts, left one with me, and took off to find the car.  Blaine went back for a hotdog.  I sat and waited--and waited--and waited.  Meanwhile the store was trying to close.  I couldn't believe the number of people who came in within 5 minutes of closing, and grabbed a cart, and headed in.  There was a poor man trying to tell everyone that the store was closing, but nobody listened.  Finally he had a big overhead door closed over the entrance, and they still kept coming, trying to get in the exit.  Finally Gail showed up and took the other cart to the car, saying she would be right back to pick me.  No sign of Blaine.  I think it was close to 30 minutes that I waited by the entrance.  Finally Gail and the car showed up outside, but when she saw only me waiting, pulled back into the parking lot and parked.  Finally Blaine sauntered out eating his hot dog. and we were off.  

Overall, this was an adventure.  Very much an episode in people watching.  But I did get the four cases of organic lentil soup with vegetables that I had wanted, and two rotisserie chickens.  We stopped for coffee on the way home, and David finally got his chicken for supper about 6:30.


Yesterday was winter at its worst.  Falling snow, blowing snow, and wind.  My friend Gail, and her nephew who lives with her, were planning to come in to Costco to do a big shopping.  They were also going to meet David and I for coffee.  All sorts of phone calls, decisions on what vehicles to use. At first David hadn't planned to join us.  Between them there were four vehicles available, and after discussion, they decided to bring his truck, but then needed to find some sort of step stool, so that I could climb into it.  Then David and I decided to take our own car, so that was fine.  All day on the radio there were weather updates. About 5:00 the man says that the weather was deteriorating by the minute, and everyone was advised to get off and stay off the highway.  So I called her and asked if we really wanted to do this.  She was somewhat wanting to proceed, but then thought about it and realized that, by the time they had shopped, and we had had our coffee it would be late, dark, and they would still have to make their way home to into the country.

Next Friday we have a birthday party for Amber's girls.  This meant gifts, and yesterday, we stopped into Sears to see if we could find the blanket that Samantha has asked for.  Fairly busy, and lots on display, but I couldn't see where the prices were cut by much.  The shelves where blankets and bed covers are usually found were bare, but we finally found something on a table that would suit.  I anticipated a lengthy wait at one of the two pay stations in the store, but we got through right away.  I have to wonder how much is actually being sold there.

Otherwise, I don't appear to be doing anything but sitting around and procrastinating over my job list.  Right now there is a detailed, time framed, studio job list, but none for the household.  That may be my task for the day--a household job list.  David has one.  He's blowing snow right now, but has planned to make a batch of shortbread later in the day.  If Gail makes it into town today, we may even go out for coffee.  Starbucks is having a sale on their fancy coffees and we don't want to miss it.

There are times when I regret not making more out of the time I have left, but at other times, I feel blessed at being able to make decisions about my time, and to actually spend a day, without guilt, puttering over nothing, or reading a book.

Well now, isn't it cold!

November 11 and Remembrance Day. We shall head over to the Legion for the service - held indoors these many years and with full to capacity attendees as well. The school children choir usually sings so being a Saturday not sure what the service will include. My Hairdresser is active at the Legion ( she served in Afghanistan as a civilian cutting hair) and was telling me a few changes they have made for this year.
We traveled to Huntsville yesterday to shop - Mike had called and suggested a few items for our consideration and since Canadian Tire was having a sale off, we went. Also Harry wanted a new cage for his degu - I don't think I mentioned that a week ago he picked up another degu that was being given away free. We got that at Pet Valu.  I also was looking for a hat,scarf and mitt set for Erin in the colour teal. Hard to find. I may have to go to North Bay.  Mike and Erin are once again having some issues with planning the Christmas visits with her family. Harry and I are flexible and will  fit in as soon as they make solid plans. Mike mentioned how much they appreciate this and say they never have any worries about us visiting. 
So here's to a cold snowy weekend - I have no idea if I will ever be able to finish the outside work but can't do much about that haha!
Take care

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Forced Inside....

I too, pulled out the book Stellar Journeys and had a quick browse. Mine is also signed to me. The patterns we drafted are there as well. I did nothing with it although I have a feeling that if I were to read it now with a few years experience behind me, I just may glean something exciting that I would not have years ago.  I think the Show will be about Flying Geese if I read the trailer right, as it showed her drafting in that fashion.
I was forced inside today because of the blowing blizzard that came upon us (it was forecast but I chose to believe it would not happen) Up to that point though I was going like gangbusters. Too bad it is all covered with snow now.  Poor Bailey did not like his outing tonight - I put on a little jacket we bought him but that quickly got shaken off, and then the snow was getting too deep for him to manoeuvre. Fortunately he got down to business real quick in our yard so the walk was brought to an abrupt end.  I will have to dig out my old boots and some warmer winter wear. 
I am off for my bath now ( not that that is of interest to you haha!) and poured the last of the Honey Wine that the neighbour Ruth gave me for looking after her rabbit - I have really been rationing it.
Take care folks.  Here comes the shoveling, here comes the shoveling, much to my dismay la la la la! 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

I remember that workshop

and still have the book.  I went and got it out to check, and the title is "Stellar Journeys", and it is signed to me.  I've heard that they do that so that you can't sell it, as new.  I also remember trying to actually make a piece using the techniques, and getting nowhere.  But I had forgotten that there is a lot of information on designing for the use of "flying Geese" blocks in the book as well.  So my other memory is designing the"flying Geese" blocks for Cathy's wedding quilt, although I don't think I used the book for that.  Flipping through the pages I see info on foundation piecing, too.

David had some dental work done this morning.  He had been booked for 1 1/2 hours, so I took a quick trip to Poco Inspiring--the local bead store.  Picked up some beads that may end up in my orange/pink/purple reliquary, and then spent the rest of the time in Starbucks, during the noon hour trying to quietly read a book. (not likely!) after we did a bit of grocery shopping, and then home, just before 3:00.  Shortly after 4:00 he complained of a bad headache, so I gave him a couple of Tylenol and he went to lie down.  I had to wake him up over 2 1/2 hours later, when I woke up myself after a good nap.  

Guess we both needed it.  so now a quiet evening and then to bed again.

Just a quickie

After a less than stellar day I treated myself  to watching the current show on The Quilt Show. I enjoyed the show probably because it was out of the ordinary again, being in LeVeta and having a travelog presentation of the surrounding area. Of surprise was the introduction of the next guest who will be Gail Garber.  Pati it has been years - since 2004 exactly - since you and I sat in her class. Cathy when I came to Wpg for the Quilt Canada Convention in 2004, and worked as a volunteer along side of Pati (she roped me in) this lady gave a days workshop at then end of the convention to which Pati and I registered ( and paid our money) She was selling her book whose title I forget right now but had the word Stellar in the title so note how I used the word "stellar" in the first sentence of this blog haha!  Her appearance has changed from my recollection but then who hasn't changed over the years? I think I still have all those patterns we made and what she is apparently going to do again on the next Show starting Sunday.  I must really try to watch this one - bring back memories.
So now off to bed. Tomorrow is another day but with any luck I'll be $2 million dollars richer with the Lottery draw tonight. So wish me luck! Take care

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


I have often wondered what was happening with your pieces of art at the Wilno Gallery.  We talked long ago about driving there again but quickly dismissed that notion (unless you  wanted me to go specifically to pick up items which you and I had talked about once) Perhaps you are right and all your items are now someone else's - they don't itemized what sold on your receipt do they?  Enjoy your surprise earnings then....
Snowed a bit but just enough to be annoying. I'm making headway with the yard and also Harry is doing same with boxes from the front room to the shed. Hope this will continue. It is refreshing and brings a sense of great anticipation for me. Even if it is just all going down to the rental shed haha!
I have nothing that I am reading right now, but I have books here at home that i could pick up. Just don't seem to have the energy to be reading at night. I try to do at least two rows of knitting on my hat and then I crash. Take care

Would you believe that---

I received a cheque today from the Wilno Craft Gallery?  OMG!  I think they are buying out everything I had left there, as it was a good cheque.  I also noticed that it was a different name on the cheque, so wonder if the Gallery has been sold/taken over by other people.  Not that I care, as long as the cheque is good.

Spent the day out at the gallery in Selkirk again.  A pleasant day, and I sold someone else's piece from the show.

I'm pleased to say that the driving was much better, even if the wind chill was -29C

OK so far....

Counting my blessings so far but I know my time will come when the snow shall come and stay.  A bit more cleanup accomplished yesterday in the yard and in taking stuff to the new shed. Gave the letter of termination for the old shed yesterday so the clock is now ticking. The front room is looking better and I can almost envision being able to sit and maybe get the real tree up for Christmas this year. Funny to see the dog yesterday jump up onto one of the cleared spaces on a chesterfield and sniff around - I could see his little mind working and wondering "What is this wonderful place to jump up and lay down on ?"  And later I saw the big cat do the same. They may be in their glory as well haha! However then we discovered the little cat curled up in a small empty box  - go figure!
No Huntsville trips today - even it is is Tuesday. We went up to North Bay on Sunday instead so that will suffice for this week ( I hope) We shall try to do as much work as we can as the long range forecast predicts days of snow ahead. Yuck.  In my spare moments (don't laugh) I am trying to finish my knitted variegated red hat for winter. I made an orangy variegated one and now want this red one completed to compliment a red scarf I have. I hope to go to at least one of the local Christmas craft shows to see if I can buy a pair of red mitts. I have never tried to knit mitts myself and although I have a pattern, I wonder at any attempt on my own - probably never get finished. The old knitted hats that Harry's Mother made for me are all pretty old and ratty - I wear them outside now to do the cleanup work.
When we were in North Bay we went into the local Sears store - such a change in the store with signs all over - liquidation 25 to 50% off and stuff all over the aisles and piled on tables. I shutter to see this store looking this way as I truly liked to wonder around the old store. It reminded me of the good old stores in Winnipeg. When it first opened the locals did not like it as they had never seen a store that wasn't the now accepted box stores with cashiers in rows at the front. Sears had a cashier desk at each department and the flow of the store was pleasant.  I actually went to see if there might be any winter boots for me - I desperately need a new pair.  They had boots but still at 25% off I was looking at close to $100.00 and since my usual shopping experiences are going to Value Village or the Rebuilt Resources or the Thrift Store, I was hesitant to indulge. 
When I win the Lottery, I shall buy myself a new pair of boots!!
Time for my spinach scramble. Harry came to me last night to ask "Why do I always see a little dish with two eggs in the fridge?" He didn't register at all that I prepare my breakfast fare the night before whether its the oatmeal dish I love, or this scramble that I love - it is easier for me in the early morning to grab the laid out ingredients quickly thus no fuss to make the dish. I had a bit of a chuckle.
So onwards we go folks, and take care.

Monday, November 6, 2017

more snow

Funny you should mention Jim walking behind the snow blower.  Right this minute I'm watching David do the same thing.  I worry about him out there, as it's still hard work even if it's not as difficult as shoveling.  Driving was terrible Saturday and Sunday, so much so that David drove me both ways, both days.

Our reception went well yesterday, with quite a few visitors.  There were several sales out of the gift shop, even if none of the larger pieces sold out of the exhibit.  One of my smaller pieces sold last week, the only sale out of the exhibit so far, and three of my small purses have sold out of the gift shop, so I'll have to replace them.  Not much money involved, but maybe cover the tank of gas I'll use driving back and forth to meet my volunteer commitment.

I'm out there again tomorrow, so, given all of the busy-ness of the weekend, today is going to be a quiet day at home.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Snow you say?

Jim is walking behind the snowblower but of course there is that northwest wind when you least expect it. He is taking a break right now. I got the patio and the two decks shovelled off and we got the trailer with most of the patio furniture to the Quonset. Then I spotted the garden tiller still out. As I went over to drag it from the garden I spotted suspicious shapes under the snow. 3 Rakes, a hoe, a garden fork, 2 shovels and a pile of garden stakes. I guess we missed a couple of things. I made quiche with orange slices and bacon for breakfast today. Jim said it was nice to have a good breakfast for a change.  I know what he meant but it sure came out of his mouth wrong😁. Our new clerk finally starts tomorrow.  It will be strange to have help. When there were three of us we complained that we had one less than any other group. Then we were two and couldn’t keep up.  I think they did that so we would appreciate having three  would stop complaining. She had a week in Winnipeg so we will probably have to break her of a few bad habits. I had a slight reaction to my flu shot. Didn’t last long but was weird. My face started to twitch and pulse and my nose swoll up and got really hard. My head and my body ached. 30 minutes later I was fine. Very strange. I’m glad I was at home. My nose must have looked really funny. Supper is planned so all I have to do is put it in the oven. I like meals that I don’t have to think about

It just keeps snowing

The roads weren't great yesterday, so David drove me out to Selkirk and then came to pick me up.  A rough trip either way.  It was very quiet in the gallery.  Five visitors all day, so when the weather kept looking worse and worse, they let us go a little early.  I was waiting for David, and it had certainly been long enough for him to get there, even with the bad conditions.  I looked out and there was the car just sitting there, so I headed out, and when I got to the car the window opened, and --whoops--wrong husband.  It was the father of the younger woman who had been working with us.  

So it sure looks like the snow is here to stay.  snow plows were out on the highway yesterday, and all of the neighbours seem to be shoveling this morning.  More is forecast for this afternoon, which really doesn't look good for the opening reception for the show this afternoon.  None the less, my cookies are all packed and ready to go.  

I spoke to the woman in the gallery yesterday.  She had brought a small bag of beads in for me, and was telling me how the woman who runs the "vintage" ( read high class second hand) store in the building was able to use the beads in her displays.  The lady in the gallery also uses beads in her own work, so I mentioned the bag of Victorian jet jewelry I had been given many years ago.  I have used most of what I want out of it, and am ready to pass it along.  Looks like I have found it a home.

Beth, I think I owe you an apology.  Some time ago we were talking about the author Wilbur Smith, and I had said that I found his work far too "gritty"  and violent for me.  Well, I now realize that he writes many different types of books.  I'm ready one of his historical books--still about Africa--but more about the time between the two world wars.  I love it and can't put it down.

Maybe I'll get to finish it after we get home after the reception.  I wonder if anyone will show up other than the ladies who are in the display.


The pictures in the Free Press this morning tell the story of Winnipeg streets - how about Neepawa?  Any snow?
We had lots yesterday as well - I was working in the yard and making some progress when the soft fluffy flakes started to fall gently to the ground. Very soon the nice soft flakes became a wall of white and before long the ground was covered and the visibility nil. Lovely to see at any other time, but not when I was trying to work. 
We drove over in the middle of this snow fall to the parking lot of the Roadhouse looking to buy a hamburger for the benefit- no BBQs in site but the lot was full of cars so I am presuming they moved the benefit to the inside. We decided not to go in - an outside BBQ would have been fine but not to go inside the restaurant dressed the way we were. So to the shed and then the dump and then home.
The dog Bailey loved the snow - I took him for a short walk and he was jumping along having a great time. He is so small that you can hardly see him clearing the ground, but he is a real darling!
This morning I took him out early and the snow is just about melted although it is very soggy and wet underfoot. Don't know what I can get accomplished today in the yard?  Time for my coffee to ponder the situation....Take care

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Enjoy the weekend

Hope the weekend will be a fun and enjoyable time spent for you Pati - with the Reception and all. Good networking opportunities?
Look forward to hearing about it when you can hurry.
The clocks go back tonight and don't know if it will impact me greatly except may be brighter in the early hours when I get up.
Up early today for sure as I heard a commotion in the front room. Two cats were trying to get under the piano bench and finally my kitten Tigger prevailed and then was running around with a mouse in his mouth. I tried to get him but he was protecting his catch. So I have let him be, hoping he will soon tire and maybe drop the mouse who I am sure by now must be dead? I had my catch dish device all ready to try to live catch it and then release outside but I failed at that task. Just knowing there is a critter about frightens me. I am not afraid of a mouse but just anxious that this situation has presented itself (again), that's all.
Yesterday I managed to cover the big greenhouse - a very hard and time consuming job but I did it - in between "trips" with Harry to the sheds that is.  To cover the greenhouse one must clean off the top, cover with boards and then cover with a tarp and tie it down and tape it.  I also taped around certain areas of the little greenhouse as well  thinking of the spring and the heating. I hate to be heating the great outdoors because of breaches in the integrity of the greenhouse but then it isn't ever perfect either.
There is a benefit BBQ at the local Roadhouse this afternoon and I would like to go to show support but time will tell. Last week the local coffee restaurant / gift store had a fire and much damage with smoke. It will be at least a month before it can get back to functioning. I like the owners - on occasion when I took Scooby down to the lake I would drop in for a coffee to go when they were located on the Main Street. They then moved from downtown to closer to the arena and had a really nice bigger place - I went a few times for a specialty coffee. it is in the same building as Service Ontario and that office also sustained damage.
Well, time for a coffee (speaking of same) and maybe search out a cat with a mouse haha! Take care

Friday, November 3, 2017

A book

I've been reading a book.  It needs another word to adequately describe it, but I can't think of one.  The title is "The Elegance of the Hedgehog", by Muriel Barberry.  The format is a series of essays about life, written by an older widow and an 12 year old girl, who live in the same block of condominiums in Paris.  Sounds pretty grim doesn't it?  But I can't put it down.  A lot of philosophy, some of which is beyond me, but two very different ways of looking at the world.  There was no reference to the title until page 143, but if I hadn't read those pages the reference would have made no sense at all.

A quiet day.  Laundry day, so that meant changing the bed linen--always a tiresome job.  But I did get some time in the studio.  I'm grateful for that.  Tomorrow I volunteer at the gallery in Selkirk, and then Sunday is the opening reception.  I've baked the cookies, and tomorrow evening will ice them.  David has already pulled out my flat cake plate to serve them on.  I have two.  One is a art deco, and bright yellow, but he made sure it is the newer, and more elegant one.  I got an e-mail today from one of the other ladies, saying that she had noticed a dangling thread on one of my pieces.  She wanted to warn me so I could fix it.  But she didn't tell me which one!  Guess I find out tomorrow.  I'll try to blog, but may not be able to find the time.  we'll see.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Repeating one's self

What does it matter if you repeat yourself?  Eventually you will need to do that to remind yourself about what you were thinking, or where you were going.  I often repeat myself, especially when I sometimes believe no-one has heard me the first time.

Today we took David's T-shirts back to Mark's, as he had bought the wrong size.  It was a straight exchange, but when the dust settled the clerk insisted that we were due a $10.68 refund. Okay by me.

David brought a small beef roast upstairs,  (Oh Joy!), and said " You have a bunch of little round ones, and I have two big red ones."  I just looked at him and shook my head.  He thought about it for a moment, and then grinned, and said "I'm talking about potatoes."  I guess he was continuing a conversation from several hours previously, when we had first talked about cooking the beef.  Had me wondering for a minute, though.

Later this afternoon, I was putting together a work bag to take to Selkirk with me on Saturday, as I am scheduled to volunteer that day.  I couldn't find my favourite needle book, one that I've used and treasured for many years.  Since it often travels with me, and could have been left almost anywhere, sadly, I accepted the loss, and went into the basement studio to find a replacement.  This lead to a frenzy of searching, and then throwing out junk.  Maybe in frustration?  I found a nice replacement one, and also found one that Mom made as part of her education so many years ago at St. Mary's Academy.  Anyway, David came to help, and we ended up cleaning out the drawers in four, 6 drawer rolling cabinets, and 5 drawers in the wardrobe.  This resulted in two large green garbage bags to take to the thrift store, and one large bag for the garbage.  But no treasured needle book.  Finally coming up for supper, we both spotted my lost needle book in plain sight, on the small work table beside my chair. 

 And you worry about repeating yourself?

Repeating myself???

Twice I mentioned buying whey powder - what does it mean when you start to repeat yourself?
But then when buying whey powder is the highlight of your day - why not broadcast it loud and clear and many times to the world haha!  I'll be Ok ( I think).XX

What fun you had....

Your message Pati was a fun read for me this morning and always a mood lifter early in the morning - sort of sets the day to come in my mind haha!  My day was different. Although I think I am finally getting this storage unit situation resolved even if it means we shall have to move all the items from the old unit into another new unit (second one) I just accepted. Many car trips back and forth it will take, but we shall have 30 days to do it. So in the end we should have two new units in the same complex and terminate the old unit in another complex where we have had some issues. Wish me luck!
Today with the addition of a few "trips" as described above, I shall also want to do some yard work..... wet and miserable as it is outside. Slow but sure I shall prevail until I can no longer ie it snows and stays and everything gets covered up haha!
So now I am about to enjoy my breakfast and prepare for the day. The book I bought from Dr Phil is actually recipes to go along with his previous Food books (prior to the 20/20 publication) but there are many that sound good and I'll add them to my repertoire. I finally bought some whey powder at the Bulk Barn when in Huntsville the other day so I can now expand that repertoire. It just adds some variety to my otherwise dull life (not). Take care 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

We spent money today

Not a lot.  We spent the afternoon picking up those piddly-arse little things that almost take more time than they're worth.  But having said that, we did get David four very nice long-sleeved T-shirts.  He doesn't buy clothing very often, and the stars have to align perfectly before he'll commit to anything, but today was the day. 

 My ATC group has decided that we will make little holders for our cards for the next meeting.  Well, I went in search of double sided scrap booking paper to make mine.  It appears that they don't sell it anymore at places like Micheal's, although I might have been able to find it at a specialty scrap booking store--for a price.  So I got coloured card stock instead.  I figure I can use my rubber stamps to pretty it up.  And I got 8 different colours.  Now my worst fear is that they change their minds, because nobody else can figure out how to make them.

  Then I needed icing sugar.  I've made Melting Moments for the opening reception for the show in Selkirk on Sunday afternoon.  David decided we would check at Bulk Barn, since it is 10% Senior Discount Wednesday.  We picked up a couple of licorice bars, and some walnuts as well, and at checkout, were offered a discount of $0.32 on a bill of over $20.00.  David wasn't happy with this and went back in to ask.  Turns out that the walnuts were on sale and the discount doesn't apply to sale items.

By this time it's 4:30 and we're in the middle of rush hour.  I had forgotten how clogged the streets get around here during rush hour. Quite an eye opener. But, on to Starbucks where it was Double Star day.  This can mean quite a difference on my collector stars, so when it comes up, and that isn't often, (and you only know about it via an e-mail the morning of the sale,) I like to buy my ground coffee supply for home.  Well, they didn't have the coffee I wanted, but after being told this by one of the newer staff, one of the more long term baristas suggested that they take one pound from their brewing stock and sell it to me in a plain paper bag.  Then the same lady came over an apologized to me for taking so long to brew my coffee yesterday, and insisting on giving me one free today.  This meant that I would get my double stars on the coffee beans only, but who would turn down a free cup of Starbucks coffee?

As we're leaving Starbucks, the man on the radio is saying that if you see gas for less than $1.18/litre to stock up , as gas is going up by 0.15/ litre today. Quick change of plans.  David says we're buying gas --now.  This takes us back to the busy, crowded streets, but we find our regular station still has it at the lower price.  Got the gas, and the streets are looking like a parking lot.  So we dipsy-doodle through a hotel parking lot, and get onto a different street that will allow us to use the lane that will take us straight home.  However, the gods had smiled, and the street had magically emptied.  We could have gotten out of the gas station with absolutely no problems. Ar-g-g-gh!

Since the morning had been spent making Christmas shortbread, we were now just about at the end of a very convoluted but busy day.  We're both beat, and sitting losing at poker seems just about the right speed for tonight.

Nov the First

This date always marks the time when I think Winter and a need to change in life's ways, of sorts! Hallowe'en is over and it is the time that the heat goes on inside, and the water outside is turned off and on and on and on...Harry has wanted the heat turned on and up for weeks but there is a little part of me that objects ( more likely it is the thought of the heating bill climbing up and up)
Very slow night for Spooks - all the preparation in candy bags, and decorations, and me dressing up, and then only 22 people came to the door between the period of 6 pm and until 8 pm when I shut down. Today I must take it all down and store away again until next year. It is raining so many of the cloth decorations will need to dry out. And then after the November 11 Services at the Legion, it will be time to think about Christmas and decorations and all that goes with it eg baking cookies. Harry is already making little chocolates by melting pure chocolate and hardening in special molds. These will be used to decorate shortbread cookies etc. We went into the Bulk barn and he bought a few more molds to use.  Also I bought some Whey Powder Pati to use with the 20/20 recipes. Speaking of which I also bought the Dr Phil first cookbook for diets at the Thrift Store ($2.00) I think it came out years ago - long before the 20/20 book but I thought I could use some of the recipes for making some nice meals. Do either of you have that book?  I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.
Pati, I really liked your Mouse Factory Blog - your tutorial for finishing your beautiful hexi quilt. I was able to print it off - I am not good at maneuvering around the computer but a few tries produced a printed copy for me to reference when I am doing my hexi quilt although that will me a long time in the making! I love your detail and I'm sure others will as well. I will start a little file and so it will be quick and handy for me - thanks. I look forward to more installments.
More mosaic tiles were obtained yesterday at the art lady's Studio in Huntsville. The drive down the highway was horrendous with blowing snow storm and freezing rain/ice pellets but it cleared once we got to Huntsville and made for a nice sunny, but cold day. 
We are still having issues with the storage units - much stress in trying to negotiate and work it out with the old landlord and my discussions with Harry and what he thinks we should do. But all shall be well eventually, I am sure haha! 
Time for some breakfast and a heat up of my coffee- I made it earlier but it got cold from sitting while I was on the computer.
Take care both of you. Welcome to November!