Saturday, October 31, 2015


Oh dear!  Not a good day for you, Beth. We just can't afford to fall, at our age, as the consequences are more severe than with younger folk.

We bought a big box of goodies--not to give away--but to eat.  (The price was right) We tried a couple but found them old and stale and not worth eating ( again,  consequences), so for the first time in many,many years had goodies to give away at the door.  I can't remember the last time we did that.  I'm pretty sure we haven't at this house, but David seems to think we have.  When I used to be all alone at Hallowe'en,while David drove his father to Florida, I never gave away anything at the door.

We had just enough to take care of the younger ones that came early, and ran out before the older ones came around.  Some of the little ones were so cute!  We had a little dragon with glow in the dark wings--3-4 years old, and another little angel, about the same age, who was accompanied with about 5 older children.

We haven't played bingo in years, and never won anything at it, so don't miss it at all.

Tomorrow, I have to make up my Apple Crisp for the freezer, and plan to cook a corned beef brisket for supper.  We found some of them for sale at Safeway, but could only afford one. We used to try to order one once in awhile, but the order never seemed to get filled, so we gave up.  It's a meal I relish, and it cooks up nicely in the slow cooker.  Since it is pickled, not smoked, as so much of the corned beef is these days, David can actually eat it with me.


Bingo will not be a new interest for me!!  You have to know what you are doing in order to play, and neither of us did. It was most fortunate that two ladies sat across from us who were experts, and were most gracious in assisting us and guiding us through every game and all the nuances of the games. We did not get back home until 7 pm and then it was a mad rush to turn on the lights, and ready the outside for guests. I fear we missed most of the action as only had maybe twenty at the door before it started to rain, and I closed things down. In cleaning up I fell (soundly) against the rock garden and smashed both my knee and my face against rocks. Again, very fortunate that I did not get hurt worse than I did (ie perhaps unconscious from the head and rock colliding) So I limped in and I expect will be sore come morning. I wonder if I will be sporting a black eye???
Anyway, I just finished logging in the Food Dairy (last of 7 days- yippee) And shall now crawl to bed.  Hope your Hallowe'en went better than mine. And tomorrow we must remember to turn back our clocks. I'll change my bedside clock when I go to bed, and I just stopped Daddy's Grandfather clock and will start it again in the morning. Take care

Friday, October 30, 2015


Looks a bit spooky outside in our yard now after I spent some time today decorating and raking leaves up. I even had to level the gravel in the driveway to cover up a plastic drain pipe that has made its way to the surface- don't want any goblins tripping over it. It was sunny out but cold. nevertheless I attempted to do a bit for tomorrow night. It is supposed to rain all day and evening tomorrow so may be fewer kids, and most of my decorations would get wet so won't put them up until close to kids coming.  The other thing that is interfering with my plans, is that Harry entered my name into the radio station and I won the Bingo Bonanza prize. We have to go to North Bay to the Bingo Country Hall for 2:30 pm tomorrow to play Bingo (its all free, but still.....makes you wonder eh?) I do not think it will be over until maybe three hours later, and then a mad dash home to greet little goblins. Usually they start to come around 5:30 pm here, so I fear we may be rushed a bit ?? Oh boy! At least we did not win the weeks vacation in Jamaica to take place the second week of January in spite of having lots of ballots in the draw. I crossed my fingers that our name will not be called out, and this morning my wish came true haha!
Well, I have to do the Food Diary log in yet before I can head to bed, so I shall wish you all a Happy Hallowe'en, and a good weekend. I have my lucky ticket for the lottery. I went to buy tickets his afternoon and everyone in the store was excited because a fellow in Sundridge won $2,000,000 last week and the ticket had been purchased at this store.  I don't know what draw it was but his name was Harry something, and the owner was quick to say to me "...but not your Harry". Too bad, so sad!  Maybe tonight though!
Take care

Thursday, October 29, 2015


One of the item on my shopping list has been pillows, as we like to replace them once in awhile.  We did our grocery shopping today, and on checking out in Superstore, discovered that we had spent enough to be eligible for the weekly bonus, which was pillows!  While I hate to spend that much on groceries, it's still nice to get a bonus like that.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Processed meat and cancer

The article I read suggest that 50 grams a day or more as the tipping point.  I'm not going to worry about my two Smokies a year, and since I so rarely get bacon......
But I will think twice about trips to the Deli.
Beef is an infrequent treat around here, and quickly becoming less so, with the current price.  But the article appeared to classify things like pork and lamb as being as dangerous as beef, and that concerns me a bit ( the pork, not the lamb)

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

So now...

You have titillated me as well!! 
I like her novels - you were the one to put me onto Gimache so I will be interested to get a hold of this, her latest novel. However, I seem to be stalled with reading lately. I make it to bed and can't seem to be able to open the book. 
Anticipating severe weather warning for tomorrow - rain, and wind and apparently lots of both. Today I am in the back room - aka my "studio" haha! and trying desperately to clear some space. One step forward and then two steps back. I guess I'll have to quit and get some supper on the go. My plan is for pickerel and cauliflower. Did you hear that red meats and processed meats have given us cancer?
So much for my hot dog urges which I get from time to time!
Loved reading about your weekend Cathy and you sound so "up" from the experience. What do you plan to do to followup with all your wonderful new found ideas? You mentioned wanting to bring that fellow to the schools locally? 
Take care. And wish for me that I don't have too much of a time with the water!

Doing nothin'

I've accomplished little the past couple of days because I've been reading the latest Louise Penny book- "The Nature of the Beast".  I just couldn't put it down!  Loren and I talked about her books, when we were out to dinner, and he said that he thought they stretched the limits of credibility.  How many murders can occur in a small village in Gaspe?  I guess I feel that any fiction causes you to stretch your limits to a certain extent. This book certainly did, as the basic premise was that a huge gun, capable of firing missiles into orbit, was hidden for years in the woods of Gaspe.  However, when I got to the end there was an authors note stating that this premise was actually, at least partially, based on real persons and events.

Anyway, I titillated the interest of the local librarian today by asking for information or images of the "Whore of Babylon", which was, pretty well, the focal symbol in the book.  He told me that we would probably have to search the system for "Babylon", and work from there. Then he promptly went to his computer and googled Images of the "Whore of Babylon", and up they popped. Very interesting and something I'll be able to follow up on.

I'm also doing research on "The Green Man"  Many years ago, shortly after we moved to Winnipeg, the Embroiderers' Guild brought in a teacher from England, who had done some work with the symbol, but really couldn't tell us much about it.  Some of the reading I've done lately indicates that this is probably true, as no source seems to be able to pin down the origins or symbolism associated with the image.  I had asked the same librarian about it, a few days ago, and he hadn't been able to find any of the books or articles I had on my list, in the system. As I left he says " It's always interesting talking to you".  I guess they don't get a lot of weird requests.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Home again Home again Jiggity Jig

What an amazing, stimulating and exhausting weekend! No down time... lots of workshops and showcases (and snow!!)  Every show was wonderful.  There is no way I should be responsible to choose.  Even the Buddy Holly and Patsy Cline tributes were good (and I am not a fan of either)  We even went to the circus under a tent!  There was a hip hop singer. Now I think Hip Hop and go uhhhh no!  This guy was wonderful. It was a show called "the unauthorized biography Series"  He showed videos of the life of famous people and in hip hop told their life story.  We want to get him into the schools.  The bus ride was about 7 hours and I would have been home a little after 4pm on Sunday, but oh gosh!  Cathy left her suitcase on the bus.  A phone call to a board member in Neepawa, who was able to email another board member still on the bus and she got the message in Gladstone.  I was told that someone in Gladstone would take it and phone me right away. So Jim and I decided to go to Gladstone and when they phoned, we would be on our way.  Best laid phone call. I found the list of participants in my purse and went into the "hotel" to find a phone book and look them up.  Each surname had 2 entries and none of them had the same first name.  Fortunately they were all related.  After 4 phone calls I reached the right person.  My suitcase was locked in the RM office.
zaphirra, the rec director in Gladstone, came back to town (she lived about 10 miles away) and rescued my suitcase.  We got home about 6pm.  I was pretty good in Flin Flon.  I went to open mic on Thursday and came back to the room about 11:15.  Friday, it was around midnight when I got back.  Saturday night  was about 1:45 am.  And I was still on the bus by 8:45 Sunday morning.  Open mic was when anyone, including the presenters, could get up and sing.  Even the piano tuner went up.  Lots of fun.  Now I am still on a high, but very tired.  Had my flu shot today so I will use that as an excuse to be so tired.  I am very glad I went.

Are you home safely Cathy?

And probably really really tired. right? But I'm anxious to hear about your adventure, that I am.... so hoping to see a few words when you get back to normal (normal?, what is that?)
I am putting in time at the computer right now waiting to log into the Food Diary. It is another week of recording everything we eat, drink, and snack on.  I have to wait at least until after 6 pm to reflect all the times correctly since you have to indicate when you ate, or had a drink, or sneaked a treat haha!. They (Nielsens Homescan) seem to be asking us to participate more frequently than least it feels that way to me - the one who has to do it. 
I went to North Bay on my own today. Harry asked me to call his coin man as the man had written an email saying he had two new coins for Harry. I arranged to go to his house for 11 am. When I got in and after introducing my self as I had never been there, the poor man started to tell me that his wife died Oct 6, and how much he missed her, and how lonely it was. He is an amputee and in a wheelchair and obviously also has a ileostomy as I could see the paraphernalia.  So for the time there I turned back to being a health care provider and spoke with him for a long while as he expressed his thoughts to me. I asked all the right questions to get him to respond in a way to tell me how it appeared that he was coping. He has workers coming in every day, so I know he will be cared for, but it is this loneliness and grieving that will be most difficult for him. I don't even know the man, but felt my time with him was appreciated. 
Well, I'll get ready for bed, and then I should be able to log onto the Food Diary. Only six more nights until it ends haha! Take care

Saturday, October 24, 2015

a note from afar

As I sit on the floor of my hotel in Flin Flon.  I haven't had much of a chance to see the town aswe bussed up here so no vehicle and we appear to be on the edge of town,  All Canadian shield and lots  of hills.  One of the organisers is a girl I went to high school with.  Her husband was from here and they both  got job offers about 15 years ago and moved.  Another of the presenters went to high school with Don.  Rrain had met with her before but Melanie never made the Prior connection. ( and why would she). It is a small world indeed.  Our schedule is packed.  Basically no down time.  I start at 8:45 this morning and other than a couple of 15 minute breaks it will be steady til about 10:30 tonight.  Then, if I so choose, open Mic in the bar downstairs.  I have gone to the last couple of open mics but leave by 11:30.  Rrain and Lynne got in at 2 this morning.  I think there will be a lot of sleeping on the bus ride home tomorrow. I have to brush my teeth and dress for my first meeting of the day.  I hope to have better internet when I get home.  I have been trying to post this all day  one more try before i go to supper.  Otherwise it will be tomorrow night

Friday, October 23, 2015


I won't tell your daughter that she had eaten venison. I have eaten some time ago but not recently. Mike offered us some sausage last year but he didn't have much and we knew they liked them, so we declined. Besides, Harry is not fond of such.
I enjoyed your blog on your wonderful dinner out with Loren. And I was so pleased to see the picture and of you, looking radiant! The whole thing brought a few tears but then I think I was in a teary mood to start with. I will be so glad to visit in December and see you all in person. So to boost my spirits today, I went out and worked in the yard. Got a lot done but most important, I cleared out the situpon (accumulates boxes of junk over the summer). Swept the area, washed the sits and arm rests, set up the little table and voila! The sun was shining....a glass of wine poured, a placemate on the table, and some wheat thins to nibble on. What more could I ask for ....well, of course, a conversation on the phone with Mike..... perfect!  So now to bed, with my Lotto Max ticket secure and handy in the drawer read for a quick win come the morning (after I sip on my first morning coffee) 
Enough silliness.... Take care

Eating a moose

I re-read your post this morning and it got me to thinking about eating moose.  In another life, David used to make a few bucks butchering moose and deer, that the other fellows had taken.  As often as not, he would take payment in meat, and we especially liked moose heart and liver.  Anna Weeks, from Sturgis, taught me to boil the heart before roasting it, and that was our favourite way of cooking it, and David could cook liver that would melt in your mouth.  I also remember that none of us like liver because Mom would cook the life out of it, and it would be inedible.  Now, don't tell my daughter any of this--the one who swears she has never eaten venison and never will.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Celebrating Mothers' Day

How the years pass!  Forty-four years Beth!  That's an accomplishment these days.  I'm glad you got to celebrate, even if it was just to two of you.  This seems to happen as we get older.  We both hope this was a happy anniversary for you.

Since April, Loren and I have been trying to get together for Mothers' Day, and finally made it tonight, when he took me out for dinner.  We went to a small "tapas" restaurant in Osborne village, just off the corner of Stradbrook and Osborne.  We were there a couple of years ago to celebrate Gillian's birthday, and I had mentioned that I would like to go back some time.  They serve small appetizer size dishes, meant to be shared, and you are expected to order several. We enjoyed Chirozo (sp?) sausage cooked with apple, lamb meatballs, and Arctic char with leeks and bacon.  All are served with different  special sauces made from secret chefs' recipes.  It's really the sauces that make the dish. Then we had bread pudding made with bourbon soaked raisins and a special ice cream, (made in house).  Loren told me the ice cream flavour--something really bizarre--but it seems to have been erased from my mind..

While there were the traditional tables and chairs, we sat at a bar looking over the actual cooking area.  Loren was obviously known there and could have interacted much more with those preparing food, but it was still interesting to watch them preparing the food. We also got to keep a menu with us, so that we could read about the items in each dish as we ate.

The waiter took our picture.  Remember the child that appeared in your wedding pictures, Beth?  Well, here he is again.

I'm cold

Don't know why I am feeling the cold the way I am but it is uncomfortably cold. And there doesn't seem to be any relief in the future - I guess this is it. No more shirtsleeve days sitting in the sun haha  Yesterday I managed to get some work done outside. The big greenhouse is all done except the front door. We are still going in and out of the greenhouse with stuff so until done with cleanup, I'll leave it accessible. But to get the roof done was a good job accomplished. I even put on a little fire in the fire pit but that was short lived as the coldness overcame my enthusiasm to sit by the fire.
Today we went to Huntsville - had a nice luncheon at the Kings Buffet to celebrate 44 years, and then on way home I splurged and bought a bottle of wine. Has been a long time since I had any. Planned to sit outside to enjoy what little sun there was. Just as we got all the chairs set up, and I poured my glass, and Harry had his usual beer, and we sat down, it started to rain. So ended the frivolity of the day!
Just heard from Mike - he was out hunting since Sunday. Hee came back into town last night as they only had one tag for a cow and they got that two days ago. So not much else for them to do there. He will soon be going back to work as was actually off only until the 25th. He is happy that even with the sharing of the one moose he will get some meat. Both Erin and Mike enjoy making different meals with moose ( and soon deer in another couple of weeks)
Tomorrow we go to the Log cabin to buy some more apples. The lady phoned from Beamsville this morning to say they would be coming up this weekend and that she had some red macs which Harry has been waiting for.
I received the benefit payment for the last dental work. It was not what I expected and so decided to pursue it further. They only allowed 50% (not 85% ) for the filling with a note to say it was considered a major treatment because it was a crowned tooth. It was NOT a crowned tooth. So I went to the dentist office early (they open at 7:30 am) to request their intervention. They took a copy of the statement, and ran off a copy of the xray of that tooth proving it was not crowned and the dentist will write a note and it will be mailed to the company. It will be a considerable amount of money to come back if it works in my favour, which it should.
So, in meantime, life goes on.  Hope all is well in your lives. Now I think I'll go to bed and try to get warm.  Is anyone else feeling the change in temperatures as much as me right now? 
ps the waitress asked if I would be considered a senior to receive the discount on the meal. Hey, that was a nice boost to my morale! Usually it is just assumed.  Take care

Monday, October 19, 2015

Salmon loaf

That was our supper too!  Yummie!  (and I voted at lunch.  No line up at all)  But then my lunch is at 1pm so most probably go at 12.

Saying NO

One should say No if feeling pressured to do something one does not really want to do... it seems to me that you enjoy the Arts and the company. So do just that...enjoy it!! I have said No to two requests this month and I do not feel badly about it at all. 
We voted already - were at the Polling station for 0930 this morning and there was already a line up. Now we wait until tonight to hear results. The polling ends here in Ontario at 0930pm but CTV coverage starts at 7 pm We only get the one channel (CTV) so are left to watch only it. I wonder what on earth will happen??
Your talk of lemon merique pie (a favourite of mine as well) tempted me to make another home favourite - a salmon loaf is in the oven now (trying to bake in mid peak hydro times haha!)
Lets hope that our country is in good hands come tomorrow! 
ps cannot work outside yet again - far too cold, snowy and miserable - please send some of that nice weather you mentioned.
Take care

I need to learn to say no.......

Last week in Winnipeg was union (Labour Management Committee)  Sunday in Portage was the ACT AGM.   Thursday I head to Flin Flon for an Arts Conference (Contact Manitoba).  Rrain, Lynne Ranger and I are going to that one.  Everything seems to happen at once.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


Our usually fairly casual supper turned into a bit of a feast today.  We roasted one of the lovely chickens that Jim so kindly delivered to us last Wednesday. Since we are getting low on potatoes, David agreed to have Scottish oatmeal dressing instead of potato.  And I made a lemon meringue pie--a very rare treat. 

Since I started trying to shop once a week, instead of once a month, our food costs have gone up, so David wants to go back to once a month. I find it very hard to predict what we are going to need  4 weeks in advance, which means we run out of things. So I often end up with some odd combinations by trying to use whatever I have in the pantry.  This week I found a package of Sheriff's Lemon Pie filling, that has been there for years ( I don't think it came from  the old house, but you never know.) So I had bought a ready-made pie crust only to get it home and realize that it was shortbread rather than graham crumb.  I didn't even know they made ready to eat shortbread pie crusts!  What a treat! I'm not fussy about pie, ( ever since David's Mother served me grape pie-- 
yuch!) but Lemon Meringue is one I enjoy.

Early in the day, in our quest to find cheap entertainment, we attended the Winnipeg Rock and Mineral Show, at a local hotel. Very interesting stuff, but also very crowded.  One thing we didn't expect was that they would be selling beads, and at prices well below the local stores. So I came home with five strands of beads, including one of very dark turquoise, and another of polished bits of shell. I have no idea where I'm going to use them all, but I may have a use for one or two.


How come so much travel?  Is this work, or union business? Inquiring minds want to know.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

No snow

Minus 11 last night but no snow.  I am heading to Flin Flon next Thursday.  Maybe there will be snow there.  Its supposed to be plus 18 tomorrow.  Too bad I am in an all day meeting in Portage :(  Oh well


We've had frost the last few nights, but no actual snow, although it has come further North--20 cm predicted for North of the lake yesterday.  What about you, Cathy?  

It came

SNOW on the ground this morning. Oh boy!!
I'll make my coffee now, and raisin toast and then ponder the situation from here inside haha!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


No-one told me before my surgery, that I should have any necessary dental work done, as it could be a problem afterward, for ever.  Evidently, dental work can greatly increase the chances of some sort of infection for anyone with joint replacements.  I seriously need to have my teeth cleaned and checked, but I'm almost afraid to have it done now, unless it's with a very skillful dentist--and I'm not sure where to find one of those.

Today's adventure was unplanned.  I finally finished the quilting and beading on my most recent project.  ( Hallelujah!!) Next is to block it.  Never anticipated that my blocking board would be too small.  Then we took a good look at it, and realized that it was also too stained and battered to be used any more.  So discussions about replacing it. Then I discovered that, when I had cleaned up the ink on the quilt itself, there had appeared a fairly noticeable watermark right across the back.  So I washed the whole thing, hoping that there would be no more disasters.  I was quite distressed and thought that, while David was off at the lumber store, I could stay at home and have a short but deeply felt, pity party.  No such luck.  He wanted me along as he didn't feel he wanted to select the type of board I would need, on my behalf. But, I don't think either of us realized how cold it had become over the afternoon.  Off we went, expecting that we would have to buy a 4' by 8' sheet of something that I could push "T" pins into, and then pay to have it cut in half. We thought that I could use one half right away to solve my immediate problem and then take our time covering the second half exactly as it should be, to use it as a blocking board, for the rest of my life.

Well, we never thought about how we were going to get two large heavy pieces of board home. There was no way they would fit into the car--no matter how much we cursed them.  Never mind that the wind was brutal, neither of us was dressed for the cold, and then it started to rain--freezing rain.  David went back into Rona and bought a ball of twine and managed to get both pieces onto the roof of the car, despite the efforts of the wind to blow the boards across the parking lot.  But this meant that we had to drive home with the windows open, and David holding onto the boards with his left hand--in rush hour traffic.  Made it though.  Not sure either of us will ever be warm again.

I will be so-o-o glad to see the end of this project!  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

To the dentist this morning.....

.... and now to the poor house haha! and all within one hour this morning. I had that broken tooth filled (broke it a month ago from eating popcorn) and of course, the yearly cleaning etc. and that cost quite a bit. You pay cash up front and the Dentist sends the invoice to the Insurance company. I should get back 85% of total ( I hope) And then if that were not enough, more good news. If you remember I told you about a trip I made to the dentist in February because of pain in one tooth. At that time an exam and an xray showed nothing. But today it was determined after another xray and examination that I will need a root canal to save the tooth ( nerve is dead and infection has set in), or the alternative is an extraction.  Not what I wanted at this time.... I called the Great West Life  (Harry's OPSEU insurance) to enquire about eligible coverage and after the dentist sends them the estimated cost, Great West will inform me. So another decision to make - the tooth is close to the front so extraction would not be my first choice. Oh my......
I think I'll go to bed ....... and hide under my covers haha! Tomorrow we go to Huntsville to visit the lady friend Phyllis again. So that will mean another day away from home as Harry likes to go to ReStore, and Thrift Store and eat at the Food Court before we can visit in the hospital at 2 pm. I tried to do some work outside today - cold but sunny. The weekend calls for snow and below zero temps. I wonder if this will be an indication of what is to come this winter.  Take care.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thanksgivng Dinner

Since I've been busy in the studio, we had planned to pick up a roasted chicken from the grocery store, but, of course, when he got there, they were all sold out.  So we ended up with a stir fry from the local Mongolian Hot Pot take out.  But we did have pumpkin pie!

And the piece I've been working on full out for the past couple of weeks, is all stitched.  I was removing the guidelines, and discovered that somehow, --the marks had been put on with a normal black ink pen--not the heat erasable Frixion pen I'm supposed to use.  (Trolls in the studio at night??)  Since the colours are quite pastel--instant horror and dismay.  But I remembered that we had got some nasty stains out of a tee shirt with Resolve spray.  Well, it worked.  Needless to say, I'm very, very relieved.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Just finished Thanksgiving meal

And all that is left is the sink full of dirty dishes waiting for me to jump right in. I tried to make a really nice meal as so frequently anymore it is quick make shift meals. I miss making a good rewarding self satisfying meal. I even had some fall coloured leaves paper serviettes! haha So I am satisfied and enjoyed the meal thoroughly. (pork loin, squash, green beans, new potatoes boiled with mint, and then a fresh baked apple pie for dessert..... yummy.)
We did Crab Apple juice yesterday, and bottled 24 jars - added to what we have already done, it looks as if the winter will be spent drinking juice. Today we bottled the saurerkraut that has been fermenting in the crock in the back room. It was ready so had to do it. I really wasn't prepared to do that today but quickly changed my plans and found jars and washed them and got them ready. I was fortunate that I found another box of smaller jars as I had been thinking I would have to maybe buy some more just for the suarerkraut. Anyway - 33 jars are ready to be labelled and carried downstairs. I have run out of shelf space so will have to do some juggling.  I hope this will be the end of the preserving but then we have two full coolers of apples outside right now- hoping we will be able to keep them cool and just eat, but that may not happen.
The forecast calls for maybe snow on Thursday - this is far too early..... lets hope this is wrong!
Are you making your own French Toast, or is this a plan to go out for Brunch???  Anyway, the dishes await, and then to my new book which is proving to be just as good as all the rest. Take care

What are we eating?

Well, the first answer that springs to mind is "Anything that isn't nailed down", but I don't think that is really what you meant.

We aren't cooking turkey.  I still have frozen meals from last time we cooked turkey.  We talked about it and decided that we would celebrate by having French Toast for Monday brunch, although we may buy a pumpkin pie--just to use up the whipping cream we bought for the last pie, you understand. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Hey, Birthday Girl!

One of our own is having a Birthday today. Happy Birthday Rrain!
And it is a special decade birthday at that!  Wonder how your Mother feels about that?
Have a wonderful celebration Rrain - enjoy your time with all the Family.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Thanksgiving food

They are all going to Nancy's for Thanksgiving supper so I am serving a lighter lunch.  Quiche, Steamed broccoli & cauliflower, Hutterite buns, and of course, Birthday Pie.  The hard part will be getting my house clean enough for company!  I went to the Open Mic at VCC last night.  Rrain sang 3 songs and did quite well.  There sure is a lot of talent in this area!  I left about 9:15 (it was past my bedtime ) and they were still going.  I think I might go again next time.

Leaves of brown come tumbling down....

And cover the ground. It rained a bit last night and that helped to bring more down and make a nice colourful blanket. Cathy, I also received a postcard with Fall leaves. I even took it to my ladies luncheon for them to see. The one friend has been to Wilno and seen some of Pati's work on display, and bought a few pieces!
We purchased our Hallowe'en candy yesterday in Huntsville so will make up little goodie bags to distribute. It is Sat night this year so that may mean more little ( and big) kiddies coming around. It depends on the weather as well.
Friday of the Thanksgiving long weekend, and we have no special plans this year. Probably make a special meal for ourselves. And of course there is much work to do outside. yesterday I attempted to do more on the big greenhouse and my hope will be to get the roof covered and secured over weekend. This bit of rain last night doesn't help though as I have to get the flat roof clear of water and leaves before I put down the wood and then tie down the tarp 
I managed to get to the Library and took out another book - the second of the series I'm reading . This one about Robert Bruce King of Scots.
So have a lovely weekend all. Enjoy your company Cathy - that will be a nice treat. And what will you serve - besides Pumpkin Birthday Pie?  And what will you and Dave be eating Pati?
Take care 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Post Cards

I thought I said something but when I looked back I hadn't! I got a beautiful "fall" postcard from my sister.  Kris & Sandi & Chloe are stopping in for lunch on Sunday.  I think Rrain will stop by too.  Pumpkin Birthday Pie for sure

Just curious

Cathy, have you received anything unusual in the mail lately?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I think the problems with the clocks was a definite manufacturing/design error.  Now we know that if we ever use the alarm, a re-boot will be needed the next day.

David is a"jam tart".  Last time we were in Lee Valley, he complained about our compost pail slitting down one side, and was told to bring it in and it would be replaced.  Since we had to go over  to that part of town today, we took the old one along.  He says he remembers bringing it over from the old house--16 years ago-- but I'm not that sure.  I am sure we replaced it four years ago, as the lady in the store pulled up the record of us buying the one we're using now.  She pointed out that there is only  90 day warrantee on them, but since a store employee told him to bring it in, she would replace it. So we now have a nice, new compost pail, even though the old one is doing quite fine--thank you very much.

Magic Eraser you say?

At first I poo poohed your mention of a Magic Eraser, but as I have been more aware of my surroundings at your mentioning same in your last messages, and realize that I too, have need to clean, I think I shall rethink that little device. I saw them on sale at No Frills last week but did not turn my head. Now, I shall invest. You seem to swear by them, so Magic Eraser it is.  Now all I need is the time and the space to do my Magic!  haha  Sunny but cool today but it is outside your.  I am excitd because this morning I put on the slow cooker with veg and meat and looking forward to a nice stew like meal. last night I had an urge for KD. Haven't had it in years but had none in the cupboard. But, I had just bought a case on sale for Mike as he likes it for a fast meal when alone. So, I opened the case a cooked up one box. Yummmm Think he'll notice one box missing from the case when I take it to him next time I'm up?
Pati, I wouldn't have had the patience to set up described clocks. However did you do it? I might have had to call my GeekSquad haha
Now back outside.

buying an alarm clock

We sometimes have to struggle to find amusements, or we might all be bored to tears.
My recent amusement--wrestling with a recalcitrant alarm clock.  We had to replace the alarm clocks in our bedroom.  ( This is a big deal.  We get to go to Walmart!)  We found two with large displays--a necessity these days.  We got one set up (  person needs an computer engineering degree to set up alarm clocks these days), but the other was totally non-responsive and had to be returned a replaced.  So we had to set up the second one, which was a challenge, But by carefully following the instructions (6 pages in three languages) got 'er done.  Off to bed, and off to sleep.  Boom!  Midnight-- the alarm rings.  Turned it off, but by that time I was wide awake and didn't calm down for about an hour. But we thought it had been turned off.  Next night-same thing. In the morning noticed that a suspicious red light was still on.  Back to the instructions--no information, whatsoever, on how to do anything except turn off the noise when it rings.  So we played with it pushing every possible button.  Two different alarm systems, 5 radio stations, but no way to disable the alarm.  So back to computer theory, what do you do when all else fails?  Re-boot.  Unplugged the clock,  pulled out the batteries, and left it for about half an hour before plugging it in again.  Success!  No more suspicious red light, and no rude awakening, any night since.

Today will be dedicated to thoroughly washing down my kitchen chairs.  The wooden supports underneath are so dusty they appear to have fur!  And when I looked more closely,the seats and armrests aren't much better.  But, the Magic Eraser ( $1.38 at Walmart) did a great job on the door of my toaster oven!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

I'm still here..

I realise that I have been avidly reading the blog but not contributing.  I guess I feel my life is pretty boring.  I go to work and I go home.  I must lose track of time because I was convinced today was October 6.  I phoned Kris to see if they had a good time for their anniversary.  I just left a message and as I put my phone down I saw that today is only the 4th!  I guess they won't know until tomorrow how their anniversary is!  We are still under renovation at work and the roofers come in next week.  We will have both sets going at once.  Jim treated me to chinese tonight.  We were going to have take out but the smorg had just gone out when we got to the restaurant.  We decided to try it and it was wonderful!  Lots of variety  and it tasted fantastic.  I overate of course, even though I tried not to.  We cleaned out the garden shed yesterday.  We have been fighting with a squirrel the last couple of years.  This year, after Jim carted out the 5 gallon pail of pine cones the squirrel had stored in the shed, we put tinfoil all around the top of the wall and then boarded it up.,  The squirrel will prbably get in again but maybe we slowed it down.  The shed is cleaner than it has ever been.  We are just about out of fresh tomatoes.  I guess it is back to the plastic ones from the store.  I have lots in the freeser but they don't make very good sandwiches.  Back to work tomorrow.  Time to buy another lottery ticket and dream.

It is nice to get out ....

... but as you say, one also needs to "catch your breathe". You have had some very interesting trips out Pati. And reading your other blog lends me to think you have also been inspired by your adventures.  Looking forward to seeing what you have in your mind now...
As for me, it has also been busy week. Lots of produce work here at home, but also outings. We went to Midland on Tuesday to pick up Harry's coins he bought through the auction.  Then on Thursday down to Huntsville again to plow through the ReStore, and Thrift Shop and Farmers Market before heading over to the hospital to visit the senior lady friend, Phyllis. This time about an hour into our visit her great grandson and his wife and child also came - her great great granddaughter. She had just had her one year birthday so they came with a piece of Birthday cake for Phyllis. We were out side at the time. so after a few nice words, we left them to stay with her and take her back upstairs to her room ( or her "apartment" as she calls it )
The raccoons have paid us a visit these last two nights - I could hear them out the bedroom window. So out I went to bring in two coolers full of apples that we had just bought at the Log Cabin around the lake ( the people from Hamilton who own an orchard) The little beggars would make short order of the apples and have no trouble getting into the coolers. Then they went after the bird feeder so out I went and brought it in. At the cost of bird feed, don't want that going too quickly, and certainly NOT to raccoons!
Yesterday I had my outing to meet friends at the Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. Harry stayed home and made more apple sauce from the crabapples on our trees.  It was so pleasant for me to sit and converse with these folks - relaxing and enjoyable and before we knew it 3 hours had flown by. We shall no doubt meet again in the Spring and at least another event for me to look forward to. I was telling them all about my planned trip toWinnipeg and just talking about it made me all the more excited. They wonder how I will make out on the 27 hour bus trip, but that won't be a problem from my perspective. Anticipation saves the day haha!
So today is more produce - apples, etc to dehydrate. All the tomatoes and garden veg is now done   There is much work yet to clean up the yard and garden but as long as the temps are close to zero, and it is windy, as it has been these last few days, the housework will take precedence. 
So take care all, and keep writing!!  (ps I got my hair cut - really short, and I love it!)