Friday, June 30, 2017

The chaos continues

I didn't sleep well last night.  Was awake about 2:00, and spent the next 4 hours trying to get back to sleep.  I tried everything, including 3 half sections of an otc sleep aid at intervals,( the recommended dose is two whole pills, so I didn't over-use them), herbal tea, add a quilt, remove a quilt, Voltaren on my sore knees.  The whole gamut of efforts.  I think I finally drifted off between 6:30 and 7:00. AT 9:05 the phone rings-a wrong number.  Into the bathroom, my heart still racing, and the sore knee screaming at me, as I guess I moved the wrong way answering the phone.  Just sit down and the doorbell rings.  Grab my housecoat and run.  Not the back door, must be the front.  Yes--it's Poulin's.  Can he come in and do a bit of paperwork before he starts?  Can you give me 5 minutes to get dressed first?  Run for clean clothing, even though I was going to have a bath first thing.  Okay.  In he comes and I sign the paperwork. He asks to use the bathroom.  Quick thinking. Did I flush? Yes.  David shows up.  The phone rings.  It's the pharmacy.  The doctor has faxed a new prescription, and it's ready for pick-up.  Funny noise from the bathroom.  He comes out and tells me that he took it upon himself to close the window.  Then he and David have to play musical vehicles as he needs to get his truck in the yard and David needs to get our car on the street for a fast getaway.

David heads out to buy gas, and pick up his pills, while I get the laundry started and have my shower. ( David has had his by this time.)  I was to have picked up my piece in Selkirk today, and we needed to get away from the bug spray, so off we go-construction most of the way to hwy 44.  Pick up the piece, and have a long chat with a visitor to the gallery, who is interested in fibre.  My friend Val shows up to pick up her work, and I gladly hand the visitor onto her for further conversation.

An idea!  If the microwaves are sold out at the Walmart in Winnipeg, might there still be some at the Walmart in Selkirk?  Yes!  Oh what a glorious day!  Exactly the same make and model as the last one, so no need for anyone to learn a whole new control panel.  

I have also been looking for light weight, compressible curtain rods.  I think they're sometimes called "cafe" rods.  This is what is being asked for for exhibiting fibre panels, and they are much less work and cost than the dowels and finials that I've used in the past.  They are becoming very hard to find, especially the smaller ones that compress down to 12".  I am also looking for some that are in the 16" to 24" range.  They are no longer sold at Walmart, nor Canadian Tire, and it's been suggested that I look in smaller old-fashioned hardware stores in more rural areas.  Do such things even exist anymore?  If either of you stumble across any, I would gladly pay to have them sent this way.  On our way home we dropped into Sears.  I wanted to stock up on glass cook top cleaner, and David suggested I look for the curtain rods there. I did find several in longer lengths 36" and up, and grabbed them, but none of the shorter ones.  And, of course, these were on clearance, and there won't be any more coming in.

And then it was home, where the laundry and power cooking await.  Wait, we need to thaw some veggies in the microwave to use in the power cooking.  Whoops!  The control panel may look the same, but it doesn't work the same.  So I'm still having to read the manual.  Crap!

Good morning folks...

It's Friday and another damp day.  I didn't log on yesterday because I was off throwing my money away into a machine, but glad to read all that you both have written. 
It was a nice day away ( out of the rain) at the casino. My friend Ruth, broke even with an exciting flurry of winning on her machine at the end. Enough for her to cash out, cash in, and buy us both a drink at the bar! Nice.  I did not fair as well but neither did I spend much. I lost as much as a case of beer costs for Harry! So that is how I justify - right or wrong? 
Your speak of manicures and pedicures Pati and I remember the one and only time I have indulged - one of my trips to Wpg long ago and it was at your old haunt Giselles. Ruth wants me to go with her - to a place here in town - to have same, but I am too reticent to go. My feet are such a mess and working in the yard does nothing to enhance my hands and nails so I do not want anyone to be playing with them. My loss I know, but I am what I am.
Thinking of you both on this holiday weekend. And of you, Cathy as you stay home for two whole weeks, and "adjust" your "filters" haha!   Take care

Thursday, June 29, 2017


Yesterday I turned on my Kobo and it died.  I couldn't turn it off. I couldn't read anything.  It was locked.  During the day today I wondered what would happen if I hooked it to my computer.  Lo and Behold..  The computer could read the Kobo.  I quickly copied all the books to my computer and breathed a sigh of relief.  I could continue reading the series of books I was on.  Then, I hooked up my old Kobo and I was able to copy all my ebooks to my old Kobo.  Yippee!!  Then, as I was unhooking everything I looked at my new Kobo.  It was working!!!  I have no idea what I did, but I now have all my eBooks on my old Kobo, my new Kobo and my computer.  I have no excuse not to read.  On that sleep and one day and I have 2 weeks off. Today at work, with Elisabeth, Patty and I (talk about a family affair) at the counter I made a comment that I really needed the time off because my "filters" had failed.  Without missing beat Patty said "yes, I have noticed"  Time for a holiday......... soon...... Yippee!!!!

Not a Boring day around here

We saw the neurologist this morning and he explained finding a bit of focal activity on the EEG, for which he prescribed a new medication.  When we went to get the prescription filled , the pharmacist wasn't able to fill it, because of significant negative interactions between the new drug and one of the other drugs David takes.  She sent a fax to the neurologist and told David to phone him, as she wasn't sure how quickly he might get the fax.  I left a message on his voice mail, and we later got a call from a woman acknowledging the message and receipt of the fax, saying that she would bring it to the doctor's attention and someone would call us back about it.

We also tried to buy a new microwave, but the one we wanted was out of stock in Walmart, and not available anywhere else.  David couldn't find anything else he liked, so we decided to wait until next week, when Walmart may get a new shipment in.

I did manage to get a couple of yards of clear vinyl at Fabricland, on sale at 50% off. I used the last of my vinyl on the big hanging I'm currently working on.

My hands and nails were in pretty bad shape after my painting and dyeing earlier in the week, and I had been thinking it would be nice if I could have them done. Going through my sketch book I found a list of my five year goals inside the back cover.  These were a couple of years old, and I was surprised at how well I had been following the plans.  Most of them were health related, and one referred to trying to keep my nails in good shape, by increasing the attention I have been paying to them, and I have been doing that--as far as my own abilities allow.  So I decided to indulge in a manicure, and went to the inexpensive place in the little mall across the street.  I was stunned at how busy they were, with 7 workers, working full out.  While I was getting my manicure, 7-8 more people walked in, and were accommodated.  I noticed one woman waiting while her polish dried after a pedicure and her nails were cut the way I had wanted mine cut.  There is a huge language barrier here, but I tried to ask f they could do it, and was told yes.  I haven't been back there since my pedicure last fall, because they hadn't done it the way I wanted, despite my asking, probably because of that language barrier. I went home and told David that I wanted to do it, and then headed back.  'Tis done, and I'm thrilled.  I can't afford it too often, but, at least, I know I can get it done there when I do have a bit extra.

They are still working on the roof next door.  Just before supper, we had a serious thunder storm.  Very loud thunder and driving rain.  Too bad about the roof,  More is predicted over night.  As of this afternoon, our street is closed, with no exit at the South end.  We don't know what is going on, but judging from the huge trucks going by (and then backing down the length of the street to get out), we figure it must be some sort of sewer repair.  Since the sewer was fully replaced at that end of the street last summer, it raises some questions, but who are we to question anything the government does--we didn't vote for them.

Okay!  Enough time for a poker tournament before bed.  I have made money both of the last two evenings, despite losing all but one tournament each night.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Late night musings on life and old age

David has gone to bed, and I'm indulging myself with a glass of wine.  We've talked about not making anymore, as we're drinking so little now.  David always has his Crown Royal, if he feels the need, but I haven't had anything stronger than wine in the house for almost two years.

We got a phone call today, asking us to return to the neurology clinic at St. Boniface as "the doctor wants to discuss test results".  We had been told that there would be no need to go back unless something turned up on the EEG, so I'm obviously a little concerned.  Thus the need for a bit of wine to help me sleep.  At least that's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

We have appeared to have reached that stage in life when all of the appliances need replacing. We replaced the dish washer when we did the kitchen a year ago ( almost to the day!) I mentioned replacing our washing machine, a couple of months ago.  Last week it was the toaster, and today the microwave gave up the ghost.  The final straw, however, was the garbage can from under the kitchen sink.  We bought that when we moved in 19 years ago ( almost to the day--June 29, 1999.  It had lost its lid years ago, and the separate rim that holds the plastic bag in place has been broken for some time.  Today, in Walmart, I saw one that I thought would fit--and it does.  We also replaced the compost pail, this week, although that was more by choice.  The previous one cracked and we replaced it, two years ago, and then were told, while paying for the new one, that we could have brought the old one back and had it replaced for nothing. Well, as soon as we got home, didn't David turn around and take it back, for replacement.  It's been sitting in the garage waiting for its turn ever since.  Monday we did the switch, to give me a good pail for use while painting in the yard, and a new one for use in the kitchen.

Re: "Wonder Woman":  I've been thinking about the movie.  A lot of violence, and a so-so plot.  I enjoyed myself, but found my mind wandering during many of the fight scenes.  I kept thinking about the special effects, and the period costuming, feeling amazement at the cost of producing both.  That wouldn't have happened if the plot had been more interesting.  But I would certainly go to see another one, should it be made.  I also saw a poster for " The Kingsman: The Golden Circle",  Coming Soon.  Now that one I'll be sure to see!

Pancake Mix

Pati, you are absolutely right about the Coyote Pancake Mix. On two trips I made to Wpg I brought back some mix but it has long since been used up. And I inquired at all the stores here and it cannot be had anywhere. So you can continue to use that, and be assured of great pancakes, and I'll strive for a decent scratch batch. 
More rain here too, and for the next while.  We did have a fair day outside today, though.  Well, to the bath for me, and then put the birds to bed and then hopefully I shall get some sleep ready for my trip tomorrow. We now have 5 eggs laid in the nesting cage.  Oh my!!

Pay Day

has come and gone.  That quickly.  I must have missed it, as my bank account is no better off than it was a couple of days ago.  But we have food in the house again.  I had let some things go as I plan to re-start my new eating regimen on Saturday, although my weight has been stable for the past 6 weeks, and I have indulged myself a little more than necessary.  As always, what we put out for food and medication blows me away. Today, we had to go into Walmart for some small thing, and David suggested we check the price of soft drinks while we were there. We found several things, that were on our shopping list, and ended up spending over $100.00, but you sure have to know your prices, as I found several things more expensive there than either Superstore or Sobey's

Pancake mix.  I, too, used to swear by made-from-scratch, until I found Coyote Pancake mix.  Now I never use anything else. It comes in a couple of flavours, but I only use the "original".  However, the "buttermilk", I think it is, is not bad at all.  Not that we're using a lot of it these days, but every once in awhile David makes himself a pancake for lunch.

Poulin's didn't show up again today, but that was probably because of the rain--yet again.  Tomorrow we power cook, spaghetti sauce.  With the slow cookers it shouldn't take long.  Good!  More studio time for me.  I'm still doing the preparation work for my next large hanging--a picture of the old summer kitchen (shed), at the lake.

Ah, 'tis Wednesday

And since today is also pay day, I feel a sense of anticipation for the days events.  Add to that, that it may actually be a day without rain? How awful to go through each day with rain, and more rain. One must "brighten" their way each day and I have been doing that in my own way. But to that sun shining in the back room early this morning lifts me to higher heights haha!
How nice to go to the movies Pati - I hope the Wonder Woman show was enjoyable. It at least would be an outing and I think that is always good.  We went to Huntsville yesterday for usual Tuesday shopping. When I went to the book section at the ReStore, I was surprised to see most of all the shelves empty.  Either they are doing away with books, or someone may have made a bulk purchase? Who knows but lately they have been changing the store and I find it less desirable to browse. I usually find a nice chair and sit while Harry looks around.
I have enough rhubarb to bake another Kuchen this morning and then that's it. I really took advantage of the crop this year and sorry it has ended.  But I see that the red currant bushes are loaded with berries and I love them just as much for jam and baking.  The only problem is that it is tedious to pick and clean, but well worth the effort.
Tomorrow is the monthly bus trip to the Casino Rama. I have already spoken with the neighbour Ruth and she is as anxious to go as I am. Hoping it will be another fun day. Regardless of the outcome, I am looking forward to the trip, the Buffet and the outing! 
Well, on with the day. I have my coffee at my side and shall have some breakfast and then plan for the day. I expect outside work will be in order as things have been neglected with all these rainy days.
Take care folks......Cathy, are you counting down the sleeps until your vacation starts next week?  

Monday, June 26, 2017

Tired, but satisfied

Today was the first day in over a week when some sort of rain hasn't been predicted.  I planned to try some fabric painting in the yard, and started setting up right after breakfast.  There is a lot of set-up to these activities, as much has to be brought out from the basement, a table has to be set-up, and a water supply organized.  Add to this the fact that, while I wanted to wear studio clothes, it was quite cool when the work started. With all of my wardrobe changes lately, finding a warm set of grubby clothes is a bit of a challenge. Having now spilt paint on a good pair of jeans, it won't be so much of a challenge next time. I managed to get about three hours of work done, ( between trips inside, as I took a diuretic this morning), before accepting defeat and spending another hour cleaning up.  There turned out to be more standing than I expected, and ultimately I was just too sore to carry on.  But I have three finished pieces, maybe four.  Now I just have to get off my ass, and start  seriously working on them.

But I do have to say that, despite a fair bit of wind, it's been a really beautiful day.  We ate lunch outside, and then I sat out there with my coffee for almost an hour.

David spent a fair bit of time puttering in the yard as well, this morning, and we were amused by the antics of a crew replacing the roof on the house next door--the "grow-op".  This was crew of Asian immigrants, as shown by their conversation, which was all in another language.  We know the owner of the house is also an Asian Immigrant, so this wasn't a surprise.  However, there have been several roofs replaced in the neighbourhood recently, including ours, and we have an idea of how it's done.  Maybe more of an idea of how it's done than the crew doing the work today??  Certainly they had no concept of safety precautions.   Not one of them was wearing any sort of safety gear, or anchoring ropes, except one guy who was wearing a reflective safety vest.  Now,--what possible use would a reflective safety vest be on a roof top, or if you were to fall off the roof.  Maybe to warn people not to get in the way of your landing on the ground?  Every once in awhile they would crouch down, onto their haunches, and have smoke.  It was windy and no thought about sparks etc landing on the old dry wooden sub-roof. About 1:00 the women showed up and they had a bit of a party over lunch, complete with refreshments of all sorts.  They now have all of the old shingles off, but I doubt they will get much of the roof re-shingled before nightfall.  Sure hope it doesn't rain.

Tomorrow, David wants to go to see "Wonder Woman".  We usually try to make the late afternoon show, on Tuesdays, as there are fewer people there, and we get our choice of seats in a sparsely occupied theatre.  So I've let Gail know that I won't be able to make the tour at the art gallery.  Wednesday Poulin's plan to be here for the re-scheduled anti-ant spraying.  It was just too wet and windy last Friday.  They have us scheduled for 11:00.  We don't have to be here, so we will delay heading out for groceries, until he arrives, just to make sure we don't have to pay for it, and then head out, hoping that the air will have cleared before we get home.

But for this evening, I want to do as little as possible, so as to give my legs a rest.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Sunday evening-sitting down

with a hot cup of my special "Fireside Chat" tea.  I keep it in a very pretty blue tin, hidden at the back of my cupboard, and only drink it about once a week.

The sun was out today, and is predicted to be out most of the morning tomorrow, so I plan to do some painting, in the garden.  Fingers crossed! I attended the lecture this afternoon at the gallery in St. Boniface.  Parking was a challenge, as half the streets there were closed, so that murals could be painted on the pavement.  It seems that there is some sort of celebration next weekend.  Seriously, that is the only real evidence I've seen, with the exception of the e-mails we've been getting from the casino suggesting that we spend the holiday with them.

The lecture was on an Austrian artist/architect called Friedensreich Hundertwasser.  I use the term "called" as his real name was Friedrich Stowasser.  Evidently he was quite a"mover and shaker", and very influential in many ways to both the artistic and architectural communities.  He was a born marketeer, and marketed himself very well, retaining the rights to any work he did, and becoming very, very rich in the process.  He lived the last 1/3 of his life in New Zealand, and is considered a favourite son of that country, making even more money designing postage stamps, and even flags.  Now, if I could just figure out how he did it, I could be rich too.  Since David has decided to never buy lottery tickets again, we can no longer count on that route.  So there isn't even a glimmer of hope--which is what I always thought we were buying.

I did enjoy the afternoon out, despite my friend, Gail, not making it.  I felt welcome, and knew about 1/2 the people there.  There was some discussion as part of the presentation, and I was comfortable with that as well.

Prior to that, we both had our hair cut this morning.  The salon is in the lobby of Walmart, and we both had thought that it opened at 11:00.  Boy, are we ever out of touch!  Walmart now opens at 9:00 on Sundays, and the hair salon at 10:00.  David had his done first, as planned, and then she took me for both a colour ( just highlights), and cut. Both were more than overdue.  So I was there until going up 12:00.  During that time, only three more men came in for cuts, (there was another hairdresser looking after them) but just as she was finishing with me, all sorts of people came in and lined up.  She told me that it would be frantically busy for the rest of the day, and neither of them would get any sort of break.  So I'm much happier now that my darker hair is back.  The previous highlights were done  in January and had faded badly.

Now for a game of poker, before watching my special tv show for the day--The Good Witch.

Sunday Morning "coming down"...

...The rain that is... just sitting here watching the rain pour down. OK, it might be good for the garden although how much watering does it really need? We were able to do a bit outside yesterday but it was overcast and cool. I got my jam made yesterday and this time I used a package of strawberry and a package of raspberry jello and it made a difference in the taste. I tried a bit on toast this morning. What do you folks use?
The LCBO is apparently going on strike at midnight tonight.Now, this doesn't really affect me except on occasion I like a drink of whiskey over ice. So I am wondering if I shouldn't maybe slip into the local store and buy a bottle to have on hand.  Harry is OK because although we most often buy his beer at the LCBO here in Sundridge, we can drive to South River to the Beer Store for it. They won't be on strike even if the LCBO does.  I just laughed to myself to think that if this were my only worry in life, wouldn't life be grand haha !
Harry requested pancakes for lunch today and I decided to go for scratch from my recipe box. I think it actually is one from you Pati although I haven't written "Pati" at the top as I usually do to identify the source. I have used Pancake mix in the past, and last time used "bisquit mix" which was just terrible - don't ever use this.
My poor kitten wants to go out so badly - he loves to be in his cage during the day (when the days are nice that is). He sits at the door and whines.....
Well, I shall go and continue with some inside work now as it seems obvious there shall be nothing done outside today.  Thinking of you folks - Pati off to a lecture, and what is Cathy doing?  Take care.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A quiet day at home

Mainly because it rained off and on most of the day.  With all the rain recently, it has been cooler lately, not just at night but during the day as well.  We've been turning the furnace on in the morning to warm the house up for the day, but we still end up wearing sweaters or jackets in the house for most of the day.

We both need haircuts, so I phoned to see if I could get a "first thing in the morning" appointment, so that there wouldn't be too much fragrance in the air for David.  I had been hoping for later next week, but it turned out that the best they could do was 10:00 am tomorrow.  Say what!  Okay, we'll be there.

Later in the day, I still plan to try to get to the lecture at the small local gallery, that I mentioned in my last post.  I had been sure that I had heard of the architect it will be about, on one of the blogs that I read regularly.  Spent some time searching a couple of them , going back a couple of years, but couldn't find it.  I wish I could tell you who the lecture is about, but I just remember a famous Austrian architect, whose work has influenced many other artists.  Guess I'll figure it out tomorrow afternoon.

I finished the small piece that the ladies told me was worth finishing, and I'm pleased with it, but will have to wait to post a picture tomorrow.  Having just finished watching two episodes of "The Dead Files", I now get to go to bed and hope for pleasant dreams.  Snort!

Friday, June 23, 2017

Art shows and garage sales

The garage sale last evening was so-so.  I sold some thread, so it wasn't a waste of time, but the meeting went on and on.  Usually these meetings end between 8:45 and 9:15.  Well, it was only half over at 9:00, so I packed up my stuff and left.  

With wind, cold and rain, Poulin's didn't show up today.  No phone call or anything.  We'll wait and see what happens, but if we don't hear, I'll call them on Tuesday. I didn't sleep well last night, and was sort of out of it today, so forgot about going to the art show with Gail.  But she phoned and we managed to get together. While we were in the gallery, the owner invited us to a free lecture on Sunday afternoon, so we're both going to try to make it.

The Fibre Art ladies had a good discussion at their meeting Wednesday evening.  They were quite supportive of small pieces I've been playing with.  This has convinced me to put a little more effort into them, and enter them in the show in November.  I've also started planning a larger piece, so expect to be busy in the studio for the next while.

We picked rhubarb yesterday, and now have enough for three batches of jam.  I'll pick up the ingredients when we shop on Wednesday.  This means a day devoted to making jam, but it'll be time well spent.

Now time for a shower, and early to bed.

Rain, rain and more rain

Yes, we have rain!  Last night was an all nighter for me - with having to take the dog out every few hours, and with shoveling water at the front and finally having had enough, I was out in the rain with a small flashlight in my mouth to set up a water detour from the eavestrough to bypass the barrels and out onto the lawn.  The problem was that the barrels were full and as more rain came, it overflowed to the sidewalk and meandered ( read this as thundered down the sidewalk in torrents) down to the front of the house and of course, accumulated there.
So it was inside work today. I made a rhubarb kuchen and have all the ingredients ready to make another batch of jam tomorrow.  This will just about finish off the rhubarb in the yard. 
So, I was curious to see how Winnipeg made out with Sears closures. Apparently, as read in the WFP just now,  only Garden City was affected but even that is enough. The North Bay store is to remain open - at least for now.  I feel as if I should rush up there and buy something haha!
So Pati, did you attend the Art Show today? I think it is a grand idea for you to start to attend events and as Gail tells you, to expand your social activities. How do you feel about this?
Have a nice weekend folks - what are your plans? ps two budgie eggs now laid! Yippee. take care.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Keyboard

When we were at Mike's he showed us his new keyboard Erin gave him for his Birthday - coloured lighted keys. So Harry had to order one - it arrived today and I am using for first time now and find it difficult.  I will have to read the instructions because he has it alternating colours of red, blue and purple and I find it very distracting.
We have one budgie egg laid, and more to come. So whether I want it or not, I am now breeding birds. Please, give me strength haha!  I have gone onto net to investigate because I shall have to take lead. Harry called the owner of the pet store in North Bay, as we know him from Sundridge, and he will help us with questions.
My wild rose bush is blooming and this always reminds me of home, and having wild rose bushes. I look forward to seeing the flowers and smelling the blooms every year.
Pati, your art piece featuring the juncos is wonderful. Such detail in the thread painting and quilting. You must be very happy with results and with just cause. Congrats. Hope your visitors today were impressed as well.  I had a real good laugh about your little white dots as i always manage to spill mine all over as well. 
Time for bed - I must now read about how to make the colour on keyboard stay on one colour. Again, apparently this is my job to fix! haha!  Take care

Ready for visitors

This means that we don't dare do too much in case we mess things up!  lol  I downloaded an e-book, and printed it off, then decided to put it in a loose leaf.  Well, didn't I move the hole punch from the computer room to the studio, spilling little round circles of white paper all over the rug that had just been vacuumed.

Having cleaned that I up, I decided to sit and quietly play poker.  While doing that, I put on another of the cd's that I wanted to check out.  I have no idea where I got it, but the title is "Classics in the Movies, vol 1"  Well, it was wonderful!  I sure don't want to get rid of this one.  Everything from Mozart, to Puccini, to Wagner.  And all of it fairly familiar music, that I have enjoyed in the past.

Rain all day, and in the past hour a fairly severe thunder storm.  Yesterday was cooler and occasionally rainy, and we're promised more tomorrow.  No sitting outside today, but maybe I won't have to wash off my outdoor table tomorrow.  

My friend, Gail, dropped in yesterday, and we're made tentative plans to go to the Art Gallery to see the Picasso exhibit.  There is a member of my art group who does tours there, and she has arranged for members of the art group to have a private tour next Tuesday afternoon. My membership is good until Sept 30, so I may as well get some benefit from it!  I am a little concerned about the amount of walking and standing that I would have to do, so am thinking of taking my walker.  I don't need it to walk, but it would give me somewhere to sit, if I should need to.  Gail and I talked about it, and she's willing to do it that way.  She's a little concerned about how little outside social stimulation I experience, and has also suggested that, if she can get into town Friday afternoon, we go to a local gallery to see another exhibit of work by the gal who has offered the tour at the art gallery.  We both know her, and admire her work.

I mentioned the problems with the ants and aphids to Gail, in conversation, and she shared an experience she had as a university student.  She got herself a summer job in a research project at the University--hold your breath--breeding aphids.  They were needed in research trying to identify aphid resistant varieties of barley.  We had a good chuckle about that.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


The Gordon Lightfoot cd is "The Best of Gordon Lightfoot", and it's the only one of his that I have.  I hate to see it go, but the breaks etc are just too annoying.

Poulin's will be back Friday.  And nothing was said about paying for it.  Fingers crossed!  I had been concerned about them maybe wanting to come on Wednesday, when the meeting is here, but things have worked out well.

The "Junco" piece is finished and posted on the other blog.  I'm well pleased with it and have now hung it in the upstairs studio.  While I've chosen the next group of mono-prints to work with, I need a piece for the exhibition in November, so have to give that priority.  It will involve working from another picture from the lake, this time one of the old summer kitchen/old shed. Loren gave me permission to use it.  He called on Sunday, and mentioned that they had also sent a cd of the lake pictures to Sheila's sister in the States.  She is an artist, and has painted a picture from one of the photos.  They are having a big family reunion here for the 150th anniversary, during the July 1st weekend, as the entire family originally came from the area.  She plans to bring the picture for Loren, as a birthday present.  Sure hope she didn't pick the same picture.  It's very nice composition, so who knows.

Loren also mentioned that Gillian is graduating from high school this month, and has been accepted into Political Science/pre-law, at the University of Winnipeg, for the fall semester.  I know the program there is excellent, and she should do well.  Jeremy is still enjoying his job at the furniture manufacturing company, and has advanced from general "gofer", to working as a packer in the shipping department.  Given all the problems he has had, since birth, it is wonderful to hear that he is happy, and moving on in his life.  What mixed feelings to see them grow so quickly, but also feeling pride at recognizing them as young adults!

The lady in red is now stealing all of the hang tags we're finding on our mail box these days--and there have been a few of them.  They are made of card stock, and she's making a game of trying to see how many larger hexagons she can cut out of each one.  The record is up to 4.  Interesting to find out that a white fabric pen will write on shiny black card stock.

Name of CD

Pati, I love Gordon Lightfoot as well. What is the name of the CD that you have to discard?  Any others?  I still have several of Sting - remember that you got me onto his CD called Songs from the Labyrinth. Since then I have acquired a few more and still like them. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

More quiet times

But I have been productive as far as the studio goes.  I've just about finished a piece that has been in the works for several months, and the next piece is percolating in my mind.

A colder day today, but fairly nice if you could get out of the wind, and our little patio is somewhat sheltered.  I sat there this afternoon to drink my coffee and read.  I could see the wind blowing the trees around, but it didn't bother me at all. However, I did see a bunch of ants, so we called Poulin's, and are waiting for a return call.  I know they would have come back if we had called within two weeks, but it's getting close to three weeks, so we'll have to see.  However, I think I'm willing to pay again to get rid of the damn things.  I can't sit out there with them crawling all over the table, chair and me.

Beth, what a strange thing about the mushrooms, but I guess everything must be right for the spores to grow.  Maybe the cooler,  damp weather is coming into play.  We have a crop of some lovely mushrooms growing in our front flower garden, where they've never been before, and you're right, I have no plans to eat them!

I think I mentioned searching for a cd of pictures Loren had taken at the lake ( or maybe I hadn't--lol)  As part of that, I had pulled out some cd's that I hadn't listened to for awhile, and decided to check them out.  Well, I think there was a reason I hadn't been listening to them, and now a few of them are going to be disposed of, not because I don't like the music, but because they appear to be damaged, and skip a lot. Unfortunately, one of those to go is my Gordon Lightfoot cd.  I'll miss that one.

This week my fibre art group will be meeting here, Wednesday evening, and then the quilt guild "garage sale" is Thursday evening, So we'll be busy getting ready for both of those.  I don't expect to make any money at the "garage sale", but hope to get rid of more "stuff".  Wish me well!

A new week dawns with some relief...

Some relief from rain that is?  Nothing but rain and very heavy at times.  It was raining so hard yesterday morning that we decided to go to North Bay to shop rather than to Huntsville on Tuesday as is usual practice. The long range weather shows some promise for this coming week which will be more conducive for outside work.
At least I didn't have to do the watering - that's one good thing, as well as, the plants will thrive now.
Our weekend was fun - going to Mike and Erin on Saturday.  Had a lovely visit and then tasty lunch together. It was raining there as well but did not dampen the time for us- stayed inside.
Do not know what this week will bring forth for me here, but here's to a good week for all of us. Take care folks, and try to enjoy some outside sun if you can?
ps years ago Harry bought a log about two or three feet long that had been injected with spores and was supposed to produce shiitake mushrooms.  it failed and was left outside beside a tree. This must have been at least six years ago.  Last week I happen to notice something and on closer observation, I'll be darned if there are not three mushrooms growing out of some of the bored holes.  I trust they are shiitake as they look like them but I do not want to try to eat them.  But what a strange thing to happen just out of the blue.  I had been tempted to burn the darn thing long ago in the fire (if I cut it up that is) I will continue to monitor the log and who knows, maybe we'll have some mushrooms to eat? Have you folks ever eaten these mushrooms?

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fathers' Day

 I hope all the fathers associated with this blog are having a good day. We couldn't be mothers or grandmothers without them!  Does anyone have special plans?  

I think I may actually cook supper tonight for both of us.  

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Different sort of day

The neighbour Ruth phoned to see if I could come over and show her how to use a new dehydrator to dry parsley. I went over at 11 o'clock. Prior to that I spent two hours cleaning the fridge.  It was time to clean but yesterday I spilled a new bag of milk so there was no procrastination allowed. But I did a really thorough cleaning including taking out all the shelves and glass and cleaning it all and then sorting through food items and turfing what i could to make more room. I hate a full fridge and ours always seems to accumulate.
Back to the visit to Ruths. We got her dehydrator going nicely and then had a coffee and some pound cake as a snack while talking a bit.  Then she offered to show me her house.  I shall never know why some feel it necessary to show the house, but off we went. We went room to room and I saw the bathroom, and the spare bedroom and their bedroom and then into the front room and off to the side was their shrine. They are Buddist and have a very elaborate shrine in place. I knew this of them and had previously done some research of the practice for my own sake so that I would understand it. But she gave me a book to read, and then her husband came home and saw us there and joked to me "So are you going to be a Buddist?"  Then we went downstairs to a very nice rec room and walls of full book shelves. She has a fabulous Library and wouldn't I have loved to have a better look at all her books.
I came back home and was a bit upset at seeing an absolutely gorgeous and immaculate home and then thinking about my own current situation with my place. I had to laugh to myself thinking of me showing off my house. What a hoot!  I guess laughing takes the sting off of it for me? 
We called Mike after supper and sang Happy Birthday to him.  The plan now is for us to visit them on Saturday. So tomorrow I shall be busy making the cake and getting the rest of the meal ready.  I look forward to doing this and to my visit. I also wrapped up a few little things today for him to open on Saturday. 
So off to bed it is now, and a little reading. Take care folks.  Nice to hear that you are back to your computer and access to games Pati.  Do you two consult at all on the Candy Crush game - maybe strategies etc. It's nice that you have that in common as I don't do anything like that on the computer. Bye for now....

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Thoughts on Sears possibly (?) closing

Before Sears became the news, I had thought that maybe this might be the place to look at for clothes, now that I've almost "sized out" of Pennington's.  Then, with the news, I decided to take a look today.  Well, the store was much busier than we've seen it over the past months, but mainly with people my age or better.  The place was full of racks of clothes on "clearance", almost as though they were anticipating a busy day. But the clothes were all for old ladies, and all a bit "tarty", but still for old ladies.  

When I worked, I bought a lot of my clothes at Sears, especially the Alia line from Nygard.  No sign of it.  No sign of any other line I recognized, but a heck of a lot of clothes made in India or Bangladesh. So, no known brands, and, really, no recognizable quality. No wonder they're having problems.  I tried on a couple of things, and looked at a few others, and could see absolutely no consistency with reference to sizes.  I ended up buying two over blouses.  Got them home and prepared to wash them, only to  discover that the XL one didn't even go over my shoulders, but the L one fits nicely.  I hadn't tried on the XL, figuring if it was bigger than the one that fit, there should be no problem.  So, back it goes.  Even Walmart has better consistency than that.

Overall, I don't think we'll be going back, after returning the one blouse, that is.

And, my computer is fine.  I hadn't done any damage with my exploration.  The "Geek", ( Chris, the one who has looked after our stuff for years), told me that the McAfee program, that came with the new hard drive, had been causing problems; he even had a difficult time uninstalling it.  It had only been on a one month trial, and I had not bought an upgrade, since I had Norton, which was working fine.  The problems came with the McAfee not being uninstalled, when the trial period ended.

So I can now go back to spending my evenings playing either Candy Crush or poker.

An evening out

A quiet day yesterday, but in the late afternoon we went to St. Vital Centre to see "Guardians of the Galaxy: vol 2".  I thoroughly enjoyed the first one, even have the DVD, and this one was almost as good.  Even more explosions, and fewer confusing visits by confusing "gods" or generally evil beings,  (that sort of thing made very little sense in the first one, and I was really glad not to see more of it), but there was more gratuitous bullying and nasty-ness, that was a little disturbing. Behind us was an older man and a young child, even though the movie was not recommended for young children,  I had to wonder how that young fellow was experiencing what he was seeing.  I wondered if it was "grandpa", and grandson, and if Grandpa knew what he was getting into.The general theme of this one was "family", but in it's widest sense.  In one of the later scenes Dax, (a somewhat brutish, strangely coloured man) holding Baby Groot,who falls asleep on his shoulder.  Overkill, maybe at making the point that family is those we choose it to be? But overall, a neat way to spend the evening.

Today, The Geek Squad is finally coming to work on my computer.  He just called to say he's on the way, and he's coming from the shop at K.P., so maybe I better close David's computer down and get ready.

Mid week

And the sun is out again this morning to greet me. Boosts the spirits to see a bit of sunshine first thing in the morning. Lots of watering needed last few days in the yard and I have seemed to be the waterer. Nice to see all the plants flourishing though. And eating lots of kale as well. 
I wonder what will become of SEARS. Reading in the WFP how the four shopping centres in Winnipeg are looking at their options to fill the stores if they ( or is that ONCE they ) close.  Sad in a way but can't do much about it.  There is a Sears in the Mall in North Bay and I love to go in there but since we don't shop much any more in North Bay perhaps I am part of the Sears problem?
So another day to ponder...I think I'll do some yard work haha! Time for my coffee and then get on with it. Hope all is well with you both - Take care.
ps love the Google picture this morning - it is the winner of their contest and it is a little girl who created it. Wonderful work.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Weather you say.... today it was another real hot one. There was a little thunderstorm last evening - lasted only about an hour. It was loud though, but with little rain and didn't help to cool the air.  I actually turned on the overhead fan during the night which I rarely do.
I just finished logging in our Nielsen Daily Food Diary. Yes, I am doing another week of this - they phoned last week to see if we would participate again, and of course I said OK.  Another $25.00 Visa card will suit me just fine so I force myself to comply.
I cleaned the bird cages this afternoon - the two birds with the nesting cage are acting real strange and the one keeps going in the cage and messing around with all the shredded paper I have put in there.  I wonder if they really might lay some eggs - oh goody! Another job!
Well, time for bed and reading. This book I am on right now is quite a thriller called The Couple next Door. About 2/3 rds through, and the action is getting really exciting now. These books I borrowed from Erin and I must say these psychological thrillers are a really good read, and well written. 
We are off to Huntsville in the morning again, shopping for "meal makings" for our trip to visit Mike and Erin on Sunday. Once again I look forward to this visit.   Take care
ps Pati, I was happy to see your FMQ work on The Mouse Factory Blog.  So fine and intricate - no wonder you love to sew in your studio as it must feel wonderful to create as you do. I would think it would make "ones soul feel great".

Sunday, June 11, 2017

It must have been the weather

This morning I signed in first try.  I am supposed to be on my way to a meeting in Gimli right now, but I cancelled out yesterday.  Jim's sister Glenda is in Neepawa for a surprise visit.  (Surprise to Jim... Jean knew)  Even though we couldn't get a straight answer from either of them we invited them over for supper tonight.  Whether they come or not we are having kabobs.  I am actually glad I had a reason to cancel.  We had a three day Kaizen Blitz at work last week.  Kaizen is a Japanese term meaning (loosely) "continuous improvement"  It is a very mentally intense session of analyzing your work processes and then figuring out how to improve them.   We cut my day down from 315 minutes (that is stuff I have to get done. It doesn't include interruptions.)  to 314 😊 but I wasn't the main focus of the event.  We have only 3 people when other offices have 4, but we are expected to do the same work.  This event organized our day so that we can accomplish this.  We are busier than the other offices but, on paper, we can do this.  One job we cut down from about 247 minutes to 96.  Instead of one person registering and one  person examining and the two of them sharing  all the clerical/administrative work, We have one registering in the morning, one doing all the clerical in the morning and both examining in the afternoon.  they only have to share the phone and counter duties in the afternoon. We start next week.  It will be interesting. Everyday I was coming home so exhausted I didn't even want supper.  I had a bit of meatloaf on Wednesday and didn't even eat on Thursday & Friday.  Of course we did get lunch brought in each day, so I ate well.  We just didn't really get to leave the office except for a couple of minutes each day to go outside and walk around a bit.  Needless to say I really need this weekend to recover. So what am I doing getting supper for company?  We finally got some rain yesterday.  Only 1/2 inch, but the forecast is for more this week.  We really need it. I sure wish we could come and have coffee with you Beth.  I can just see the three of us sitting and talking......... One day soon I hope.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Had to try to be sure... be sure it's not just the blog but instead is other issues with your actual computers.  I would be lost if I did not have this blog.  I always look forward to anything that either of you post. Hoping that you each will get things back to normal soon. In meantime, here I am. And there is always the email as our default.
Another long day in the yard. Nice weather to work but boy it wears me out. My old body just isn't what it used to be I guess?
I made the most delicious spaghetti sauce this morning and we had that for a meal today with spaghetti pasta of course. I had the urge this morning for it and pulled a lb of beef from the freezer and whipped it up.  Ruth, the neighbour came over again with another book for me and some of their very own Maple syrup to try. So I have taken out some bread from the freezer and plan to have some French Toast for my breakfast. Looking forward to it.
And I cleaned up my situpon today and have hanging baskets of flowers about, and made the area very appealing once again. Guess where  I shall be having my coffee in the early morning?  And I have two extra chairs there so if you both would like to join me.....?
Take care

Back into a mess

 Yesterday morning we had a discussion about my desire for a new tea infuser, as the two I have are both broken, and both have developed a dark "patina" that bothers David. I also remembered that I could use my Starbucks card at Teavana, the only local store that I knew carried them. So off we went to Starbucks, where the same woman was on duty as yesterday, when I left the store in a mess.  I apologized, left  bill in the TIP jar, confirmed that the card was okay for Teavana, loaded the card, and when they asked for my new cuff, showed it to them, but then said I didn't want any coffee, because I was off to the tea store, but might be back later.  Maybe I should have been wearing my red outfit.

At Teavana, she very much wanted to sell me a special offer they had, an infuser, a measuring spoon, a tin to hold my tea, and a bag of "Belgian rock Sugar", all for $30.00, according to the sign.  I gently told her I just wanted the tea infuser for $24.95.  Then I thought I saw a bulb light up over her head.  "oh, no!"  She had a coupon that would give me the whole shebang for $20.00.  So I came home with the whole lot, for less than what it would have cost me for the infuser alone. I have no clue what to do with a bag of "Belgian Rock Sugar".  Maybe I should pop it on the bus, Beth?

We stopped for coffee on our way home, which I was able to drink outside before the rain came.  It's still wet, and should remain so over the weekend, but I'm told it's badly needed. At least things have cooled off a bit.

Spent yesterday afternoon going through my beads, and packaging some I don't need, for the sale at the local quilt guild, later in the month.  Right after supper, my friend Gail dropped in the deliver the pendant she made for me from Mom's silver, as part of the deal, when I sold it to her.  We went for coffee, and she came in on the way home to look over the beads.  Took 19 of the bags home with her, after insisting on paying me for them.  I hadn't priced them, so asked for 1/2  the amount I planned, and now have enough to pay for my next cup of coffee.

Today, I'll finish bagging the rest of the beads, and then play with the thread that finally arrived in the mail yesterday.  I've been waiting almost a month for it, as one of the colours had been out of stock when I first placed my order. Unfortunately, David saw and questioned what I paid for it,  but the colours are perfect.  Now I need to do well at that sale.

Gorgeous sunny morning...

...optimistic that the sunny start will mean a good day!  I have my to do list for today and hoping at least some of it will materialize? Harry is off to garage sales, and I have plans for yard work to include but not limited to: clearing away all the stuff from the situpon so that in the early morning when the sun shines over it I can sit with my coffee. This would thrill me to no end.  Some little things can make a person happy, right?
Yesterday the neighbour Ruth, came over with the empty wagon ( on which I had taken over more tomato plants to her place) and on it was a gift bag as a thank you for "our thoughtfulness". It contained two novels ( they are used but still fine as she knows I like to read) and two packages of Dutch cookies that she has to buy in a specialty store somewhere, and a gift box of St Ives products. Not really much for Harry in the bag although it was for both of us, but I was glad to receive them.
So the weekend starts and I am looking forward to a pleasant day. What more can I ask for?
Hope it is the same with you folks - thinking of you both. Take care

Thursday, June 8, 2017

No recipe

Pasta salad has never been part of our diet.  Don't know why not--just hasn't been.

Not generally a a good day for me, today. First of all, my curing iron bit the dust.  Gosh, you'd think that something I paid almost $20 for would last more than 20 years, but I guess not. Had my mammogram this afternoon.  We got there a little early, and I was glad, as they took me straight in, but by the time I was leaving there were fairly long line-ups.  I had a bit of a giggle, as their robes, as are specially made for them, as a donation from some clothing company, and they're coloured coded for size.  This year I graduated down a colour.  But having the procedure is never really a pleasure.  I only have to have one more, in 2 years, before I age out of the program.

Otherwise today was a big series of "dropsies".  All morning in the studio, then at the coffee shop this afternoon.  My extra large coffee got sprayed all over their serving area.  The problem is that the paper cup collapses if you don't just grab it right.  But what a mess!

Then David announced that I was retiring my coffee cuff.  He's right.  It is getting too old and soft to support the paper cup correctly.  So tomorrow I'll go in with a new cuff, and a very good tip.  Then, after I got home, and back into the studio, more disasters.

But all the charity quilts are now finished, and my studio is back into the best arrangement of furniture.  I had re-arranged things to provide a better system for machine quilting, but don't need it any more.

Now I've just been kicked out of three poker tournaments, so maybe it's time to sit and vegetate while listening to Celtic Thunder on PBS. 

Sleep well, ladies, or a well as you can in this heat.

Loving it....

So "The Lady in Red" it shall be!   And doesn't she look marvelous!
I just logged on quick to see if anything was there before going outside, and how happy it made me to see your post Pati, and your picture.
I have to go outside again now to finish up some chores - been in the yard all day and I'm bushed. Can hardly wait to go to bed and read. I am just about finished reading the book The Girl in Cabin 10 and should finish it tonight.
Just received a phone call from my friend Cheryl who lives in Winnipeg now. It is her Birthday tomorrow so she surprised me with a call. But she said she felt guilty because she forgot my Birthday (which she did)
So folks, tomorrow is Friday and then into the weekend. Next weekend we shall be going to Mike's to celebrate his Birthday so I have a week to arrange for the meal etc. He loves macaroni salad and I had to look up a decent recipe in a cookbook and found few to be had. I did get one, but perhaps you two may have a great recipe for me to make??? Please!
Take care

Dr. Phil says---

That using the term "crazy" is offensive and demeaning, so I am declaring that, henceforth, the "Crazy old woman" shall be called "The Lady in Red".

Wednesday, June 7, 2017


Spent most of the day working on my charity quilts, and now have them all quilted, and all but one bound.  The first four are not my best work, but acceptable for the purpose.  The fifth one has turned out very nicely, and I'm thinking of keeping it for the craft sale in September.  If I could get $50.00 for it, the "jelly roll" I bought and used for the tote bags and center section of this quilt, would be paid for. 

My friend Rose Anne dropped in for a couple of minutes to pick up a shopping bag full of scrap fabric strips that I had promised her.  She had planned to take it to a friend of hers in Kenora, who makes lots and lots of quilts with such strips, and pieces them all by hand.  (Go figure?!)  However, I got an e-mail this evening saying that she's going to make a tote bag for herself out of them, before passing the rest on.  Why not?   Of course, I could have done that, if I'd thought of it, and taken it to the craft sale, myself.

We did get out to do a little grocery shopping ( Little?  The bill was almost $80.00!)  I brought home a coffee, and again, sat in the yard to drink it.  I've really been enjoying these small pieces of quiet-ness.  I take a book, but seem to spend more time just sitting and enjoying the peace.  I've been so busy in the studio lately, that this is quite often the only few minutes of peace I get in the day.  For that quiet time, I an thankful.  I am also thankful today, for David spending some time on the floors, washing the kitchen and bathroom, and vacuuming the rest.

Other than my routine, every-two-years mammogram, we have no plans for tomorrow, so I guess it will be more of the above.  Except, rather than working on charity quilts, I'll be starting to gather items for a sort of "garage sale" being held at the local quilt guild meeting on the 22nd.  They have been ding this at the June meeting for years, and it's  really good opportunity to pass along still usable items, and make a couple of bucks at the same time.  I have often sold some of my hand dyed fabric, and this year, plan to take some of the beads that I know I won't use in future.  I also have some bags of thread from the stash.  My collection is really getting out of hand, and maybe this will help.  We'll see.

But now almost bed time.  It's cooler today, but not unpleasant, so maybe it will be easier to sleep.  Here's hoping!

Brilliant sunshine this monring

I love it when the sun shines through the windows in the early morning and brightens my day so much. Should be a nice day after many drizzly ones.
I had my tea over at Daisy's and with her granddaughter Michelle yesterday afternoon. She looks happier but then when we were alone at the table, she started in with talking about some less than positive feelings - I listened for a bit but then we stopped when her granddaughter came back in. It was mostly about her not driving and she felt she could around Sundridge without issue - I don't think she realizes the risk to her and others if allowed. But I shouldn't worry about it as the family is not letting her be alone anymore and she travels back and forth to Toronto in their presence at all times.
Harry apparently has arranged to pick up 6 cases of wine bottles and a big boy container(?) in North Bay tonight at 630 pm - free off of Kijiji. I wonder where he plans to put this collection? But then that is my job - to place his items once home. The wine he made last fall is still sitting on wine racks in the sun room - I can see them glistening in the brilliant sunlight through the windows. I won't drink it and he doesn't. Oh well...not to worry!
Time for my coffee and breakfast.  I bought ingredients to make my annual Rhubarb and Pineapple Jam, and today might be a nice day to accomplish that as it makes me feel good doing it up. 
Take care

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Piper doesn't get action here...

Laugh when you talk of the the Piper and housework.  In my dreams ......haha!
Yesterday we went to Huntsville - I know, it was Monday but it was also raining all day so we decided to shop Monday and hope for better garden weather for today.  Doesn't look much better from what greeted me this morning but you can never tell.
I will have to go over to Daisy's for tea today. Daisy is up with her granddaughter since Thursday - Daisy called me Sunday and said they were staying until next Sunday so I thought I had a few days to ponder a visit. But granddaughter called me last evening to say they were in fact, going back to Toronto on Wednesday and could I come for tea today?  I want to bake a fresh rhubarb Kuchen to take so I guess that will be my first task this morning.
My horoscope from WFP this morning says I have a good "rest of the month" related to finances.  Think I can trust this prediction and maybe buy a lottery ticket, after all? Or maybe it means I'll luck in at Casino Rama at the end of the month?  Always can hope....
Hope your Dr visit/tests for Dave go well Pati, and good news will prevail. Always worry about little things related to health.  See in WFP that Eye Drs at Misery are stating their concern related to cutbacks - this is where you go/went about your Eye issues isn't Pati. and they are right to say that the expertise is there. What ever will happen to folks like us when all current available help dries up?  My vision is deteriorating and really my own fault for not getting an appt for new glasses.  Have to go to North Bay for appt though, and that is always a deterrent.
Well, coffee time and a bowl of cereal. Then on with the day. Take care

Monday, June 5, 2017

Time to pay the Piper

After almost of week of studio days, and painting in the garden, it was time to catch up with the housework.  Yu-u-u-ck!  So after having our yearly hearing aid check up this morning, I've tidied the kitchen twice, and scrubbed the bathroom.  Ran a few errands this afternoon, while out for coffee, and even did a little more sewing on charity quilts.  I'll be glad to see the end of those!

When David saw the neurologist last week, we were told that he was going to order an EEG, and we would get a letter telling us when, but it could be awhile.  Well, we got home this morning just in time for a phone call, asking us to go in early tomorrow morning.  So I guess that's what's happening tomorrow.  

All of the strange stuff that I've been working on in the studio, is filling time until some thread that I need for my latest art project,  came in.  Got the notice from the Post Office that it was mailed today, and could take 1 to 11 days to arrive.  They're sure hedging their bets there!  Still, I'm sure ready to get to work on this.

So now to relax and try to play some poker.

Thanks for heads up, Pati

The Quilt Show is the one time I look forward to sitting quietly and watching - usually before going to bed as I have access to computer then. The issue for me is still long pauses of buffing but I usually persevere to watch the show. But if it is not good then I shall not bother. I watched the trailer and actually didn't know what it was about so your review will suffice for me.
Rainy day times here over yesterday and into this week there is  more rain in offing. It will help the garden but we also need some good old sunny warm days as well.
But I did manage to pull out my hexi quilt and did some work on it yesterday. I am sewing on hexis individually to work around the border. I think two full rows of these should do but I cannot tell until it gets filled in more.  Also cannot tell how many little hexis I will have to make in order to complete the border. 
I had my liver last night for supper. This is a treat for me - Harry doesn't eat it so I can cook it the way I like - lots of onions and fried to perfection. Yummy.
So it is the start of another week for us all.  Take care folks.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Quilt Show

Beth, I watched The Quilt Show this evening.  Don't bother--just a bunch of confusing gibberish.  Not worth the time it takes to tell about it.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Up and out

Got up a little earlier than usual, with the heat. Just in time for church across the street to open their yard sale.  A couple of years ago I found a small juice glass there, that is just a perfect size for my pill taking, and I hoped to find another today.  What we found was a round, collapsible, social-type table.  Arborite covered and in pretty good shape--for $10.00!  While David rolled it home, I found a plaster medallion for a ceiling light.  I have used this type of thing in the past to create bas-relief fabric paintings, and plan to try the technique again  tomorrow--on my new work table.  Once the table was home, David wanted to go back as they had signs saying that there was more in the basement.  Well, I found two small juice glasses, and grabbed them, and then a pretty blue spoon rest, as well as a large heavy duty embroidery hoop.  I had given mine away a few years back and regretted it.  We also found fresh-out-of-the-oven cinnamon buns for individual sale.  Guess what we had for breakfast. Later we went back for the first of my two yearly hot dogs.  Planned that awhile ago.

Otherwise a busy day in the studio.  We got the AC going, finally.  I've been finishing up the charity quilts I put together last month, and have 3 out of 5 finished, in the past two days.  Tired, and my back and shoulders are sore, but there's a feeling of satisfaction in getting that far.  Looking for ideas, I got a bunch of my books out and spent my coffee breaks reading them, yesterday and today.  Some good ideas--another reason for the painting planned for tomorrow.

Monday, we have out yearly hearing re-assessment.  I know she's going to tell me that I need another hearing aid, and I know she's right.  Might be okay, except David decided today not to buy any more lottery tickets.  We have won nothing since the beginning of the year, so he must have a point.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Still cold and miserable

Love your temps in Manitoba - Free Press gives weather and I follow it quite closely. Hoping, I guess, to see some relief come this way.  One more night of cold and then things should improve considerably.  But we did work in yard today and I accomplished what I wanted.  I got the back patio area cleaned up and have chairs and table and umbrella all set up nicely.  I even have a red and white checkered cloth on the table.  We sat for a moment before coming in for supper. I love this area and like it especially when I get up in morning and can go out with a coffee early. I'll try it tomorrow morning. Harry is planning to be off by 7 am to do the garage sale route. I choose to stay at home.
I have not been buying Lottery tickets during the week anymore as I want to save to use the money at Casino Rama on the last Thursday of the month.  I have signed up again for the bus trip and hope to keep this as my "outing". I buy four Ontario 49 tickets for Harry and myself for Wed night and Saturday nights. Only $1.00 each with Encore so that is total of $5.00 each twice a week.  We don't often win anything but it still gives me the thrill of anticipation, I don't know how long I shall continue with the Bus trips to Rama, but for now I am content to say this is "my thing". Perhaps if I win something I will be more content to continue haha!
Weekend again so I hope you both have a rest and relaxation time planned. What is on the agenda for you ?  Take care

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1st here too

And a truly beautiful one it is.  This is the first really nice day we've had--29 degrees, and very little wind, just enough that I thought about basting hexies outside but decided not to.  In way of celebration, we took a load of too large clothes to the thrift store, on my way for my coffee.  Yesterday, I planned to go to Tim's for Camp Day instead of my usual Starbuck's, while we were at St. Boniface Hospital ( a nothing visit.  We were told that there is probably nothing to worry about, based on the CAT scan David had a few weeks ago.)  We were about 45 minutes early for our appointment, and I figured I had lots of time to drink coffee. So off I trotted toward the Tim's in the main atrium, only to discover that it's now a Robin's Donut Store. Bought a coffee anyway.  And  David was called in while I was gone!  Interesting adventure trying to find him in the "rabbit warren" of examining rooms.

On our way home, we stopped at Walmart to buy an alarm clock.  Now you know the saga of our stupid alarm clocks.  Yes, plural clocks--there we two of them.  The one finally died and we were both quite happy to replace it with a different one.  So we get this sucker home, and I go to set the time on it.  We-l-l-l!  First I had to set a button for the time zone we are in, then I had to set, one at a time, the year, month, and day.  Only then could I start to figure out how to set the time.  Thinking about it this morning, I realized that I had probably set it for am rather than pm. and would probably have to go through the whole routine again, but a pleasant surprise--it was right.  I'm guessing that the clock figured it out all by itself.  Smart clock.  So tomorrow morning we find out if the alarm works and it it can be shut off.

Tomorrow morning the fellow is coming to install the final drawer in our kitchen cupboards.  It's been a long haul, but hopefully it's over.

Cathy, I was thinking about your plans to buy underwear.  May I suggest you choose black.  At our age they can cover a lot of sins.  "Nuff said.  Although I have to say that just mentioning it made me remember Mom talking about the day her panties fell off while she was walking down Portage Ave.  She always told the tale with a finish about how she just stepped out of them, picked them up and put them in her purse, while hardly breaking her stride.  May we never know how that would make us feel.

May tomorrow be as nice as today--for all of us.

June the First

There is something about the first day of June that impresses me. Maybe the idea that Summer is actually coming? I don't know what it is, but I love the first of June.  So happy June 1st to you both!
Now having said that, I must also acknowledge that the temperature is going down to 4 degrees tonight - normally don't have to worry about that but lately one never knows. We are inside today - don't plan to work outside because it is very windy and cold. And periodically it will splatter with rain, and then the sun will shine - just to tease you.
I am cutting large pieces of paper into 8 1/2 by 11 sheets to use as printer papers. Somewhere along the line Harry brought home a huge box of this 11 by 16 inch paper and since we were starting to run out of printer paper I thought I'd use it. We have a large heavy duty paper cutter somewhere - it may even be in the storage shed as I cannot lay my hands on it, so I am using my quilting cutting Olfa board and cutter - long slow process but I'll get it done gradually.
Today I bought myself a Tim Hortons coffee. We went to Burk's Falls to buy plants and since Tims is right across the street from the store, I decided to treat myself. So often we will go there and I don't mention it as an option and Harry will never offer either, but today I choose to go! A treat for me......there will never be a Starbucks anywhere close to us Pati, so I don't really know what that experience would be like, but I will gladly take a dark Roast large Tim Hortons coffee!
I cut rhubarb this morning for the first time - it is really growing nicely. Made some stewed for myself, and Harry wanted rhubarb pancakes which I made for lunch.  Mike loves a recipe I make for Rhubarb Crumble - I make it and Rhubarb Lattice pie usually for him for his Birthday. This year, since he is on a new regime I will only make the crumble but I bought a bag of Splenda to use as the sugar. Erin uses this now for him in baking and for his coffee. Well, a bag of this is very expensive and especially when I shall only use a portion of it. Do I keep it for another treat, or do I give it to them to use up?   I'll have to decide after I make the recipe substituting the Splenda for the sugar. Hope it turns out.
Well, back to my paper cutting as it is still miserable looking outside.  Take care