Saturday, September 29, 2012

Endings and beginnings

I  think it is our age. There has been so much progress and change within our lifetimes, that we can't help to see change.  Not that I'm saying all change is good, because it isn't.  I deplore the loss of communication and manners, that I blame on the speed of "communication" that has occurred over the past 20 years. Social media and text messaging have both contributed to people no longer talking, and we used to be told that the difference between humans and animals was our ability to talk.  There are many things that disturb me, about society, as I see it--not that I have the energy to try to do anything about it.

Well, I think I heard the other shoe drop.  I was waiting.  I cannot access e-mail on the laptop.  For some reason, he set it up as a hot mail account, and I no longer receive the Shaw e-mail. I will have to get onto Shaw and see if that can be changed. I also found out that when I click on an address within my newsgroups, it automatically goes through Internet Explorer, so now I'm writing down the address, and typing it into the Google Chrome.  Little things.

Rode our bikes today, and then had to fight the wind coming home.  However, Lotto Max bought breakfast for us with about $10 left over, so that was a good thing. The Juncos were through.  Twice a year for 3-4 days. They are such happy cheerful little birds!  And the crows are still using our birdbath to wash their food, but it disturbs me to hear about birds dyeing because of lack of ready water, so we keep cleaning and filling it. Two nights with frost and our whole tree turned yellow, but the geraniums look better than they have all summer, although it looks a little odd when their leaves are pink and orange as well.

Today, I'm grateful for a beautiful day.  There may not be many more this year.

Passenger Train Service

It was a sad day yesterday to witness the last trip of the Northlander passenger train. This train travelled from Toronto up to Cochrane and return, carrying people back and forth on a regular basis. I took it myself on occassion when going to Toronto on business trips. The Provincial Liberal government, in it's infinite wisdom, has cancelled all passenger train service to the North effective Sept 28. They say that people must now take a bus. As a matter of fact all the ONTC (Ontario Northland Transportation Commission) departments are to be sold off - this includes our current Internet server Ontera, and the Ontario Northland buses, with the lose of many, many jobs. The headquarters for ONTC is in North Bay. So yesterday Harry and I drove to the next town of South River where there is a train stop ( the trains just pass through Sundridge without stopping) As the train came to a stop many people on board travelling only because of the last trip, came off for a very brief talk including the two Northern NDP Members of Parliament who have been fighting very hard to preserve the service. The stop was only about 5 minutes but time enough for us to get pictures and wave at the engineers and conductors ( would be their last trip, and now likely without anymore work) It brought tears to my eyes seeing an institution such as this ending. The governement says that with a deficit, all expenses have to be considered and said ridership was not supporting the subsidies being given the rail line to keep running. Once again, the North gets ignored. There was a huge rally in North Bay at the Station, where the last train from the North going South, and this train we met going North from the South met. Hundreds of people turned out apparently. What a shame! Take care

Friday, September 28, 2012

sort of good news

This is coming to you via the laptop. Things appear to be functioning well (fingers crossed).  There is still a lot of "customizing" to do. They did away with Internet Explorer, and we now function on either Google Chrome or Foxfire.  I have to re-set all of my bookmarks.  They also updated my Adobe Flashplayer, and I was able to view the video lesson off the internet without too much problem ( at least, not nearly as much problem as before)  I also have to re-install all of my downloads, which will take time, but shouldn't be a problem.  Then I remember that I got in trouble downloading a magazine, so who knows what the future holds. We had been told that the fellow would be out to the house when he could make it, and he would call when he was on his way, but other than that they couldn't even tell us which day.  So, of course, he showed up yesterday while I was out in Selkirk at the gallery.  But we were able to get everything done, communicating via cell phone.

Yes, my surgery is October 22nd, but part of the delay was the surgeon taking an extended vacation over the summer.  When I was having gallbladder problems,I remember my doctor telling me to go into emergency whenever I had problems, as it was the ones who appeared to be having the most trouble that bumped to the top of the list. Mind you, that was in the 90's when waiting lists were really bad.  Still, I ended up waiting almost 10 years after my first attack, which meant that I had the full surgery, and a foot long scar, instead of the four little pin pricks that do the job now.

Loren and his children will be coming here on October 7th for Thanksgiving dinner,but the date just didn't work for Amber. We found out today that we may have a problem finding the suet we need for the dressing.  You used to be able to find it just about any time in the store freezer, but now they're dating it, and it isn't always there, especially when the women are starting their Christmas baking.

For today, I'm grateful that I'm able to use my computer again,and I'm grateful to have the glimmering of my next studio project, emerging from the back of my brain.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Welcome back - surprise for you eh?

Sometimes things just work out, right! Please try to sneak up on your laptop again and see if it will respond so quickly again. Sorry to hear about your stones and do take care - is 3 to 4 months the usual wait times there? Patty you have waited for quite a while haven't you - and is it still October 22 for your surgery? Cathy if the tender goes out for cleaning, I hope you and Jim aren\t tempted again, or that someone encourages you to do it because you were so good. Time for you to let it go and enjoy some other activites - like glee club. Have you joined the singing group?
I have a big box of geranium slip clippings each individually wrapped in newspaper now sitting in the house for me to overwinter. I wonder what will be next? I paid a few bills today and now wonder where the money went? It is only Sept 27 you say, and we still have to get through October - what is happening haha  Thanks goodness the freezers (yes, with an "s") are all full.
What is everyone doing for Thanksgiving next weekend? It seems like  forever, but it was actually only last year at this time that we had the usual gathering at Harry's Mothers and Harry and I feed everyone, and then two weeks later she died. So much has occurred in this past year it really is hard to get my head around it all.
Take care for now - glad you got to sign in Cathy. Now I will have to try a new recipe from the KISS book just to tell you all about it and then Patty will also know what I am talking about. Have you tried any Cathy?


I was just going to look at the blog and I logged in without even logging in!!!It took me right to the screen where I could say write something!  I am so excited I can hardly type.  I am using my new laptop and my fingers automatically go to where the keys should be, but they are not quite in the same place anymore.  Now to figure out what to say.  Work is work.  The caretaking, or lack thereof, has come to a head.  There is to be a meeting tomorrow with all the big shots involved.  The owners of teh company came out on Tuesday and demanded to see what we were complaining about.  First of all we are tenants, not owners, and second of all.... let us know you are coming.  Elizabeth spent over 1/2 an hour with them.  \some of their comments included.   "Show me the dirt!  Where is the dirt?"  "All the dust is coming from the basement... the walls are crumbling"   (sorry boys, we don';t have forced air heat)  One of my personal favourites was that "the marks on the bathroom floor are due to a chemical reaction between your shoes and the floor paint. It can't be fixed. Government services will have to repaint the floor."  (I went downstairs and grabbed one of their filthy rags, and wiped a stripe across the "chemical reaction"  It's a miracle!  It turned white and clean where I wiped.  I also wiped a strip in teh bathroom sink to clean up the scum.  Patty took pictures of all the dirt on the desks, etc. and the spots we wiped and sent them to government services.  I would love to be a fly on the wall at the meeting.  On a different note, I saw the doctor today.  I have numerous stones in my gall bladder, of various sizes, and I have polyps.  I have to have surgery.  Dr. Tariq will send a letter to Dr. Sandiwalla(?) and I should hear something from him in 3 or 4 months  SAY WHAT!!!!  Meanwhile, just keep taking lots of ibuprofin for the pain and try to adjust your diet.  If, however, I have a high fever and yellow skin or eyes, make an appointment.  I finally mailed your cookbook today Pati.  (what cookbook she says.... I just got rid of a bunch of cookbooks!)  This is the one Beth got when she was here.  |This way when she tells us about something she has made we will all be able to check it out.  Kik just got home.  I didn't realize it was so late. I made so many mistakes typing that it took me a long time to type this. I hope my computer screws up like this again!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Snow watch??

Just watching the news and there is a snow watch in some spots of the listening area - fortunately not close to us but there is another frost warning here. Today we picked the last of the tomatoes, and the green peppers. Have done down frozen peppers and done pickled peppers, and made tomato juice and still have many containers of small tomatoes left on the table - the little pea currant tomatoes that you can really only eat or make juice. Also cleaned out more flower beds and put away more ornaments - still lots to do though.
Today I received a parcel in the mail from my friend Sue, in which was enclosed a beautiful journal book adorned with little owls front and back. She said she was in the Chapters store in Barrie, On and the book was calling out to her "for Beth, for Beth" so she bought it and sent it off to me along with another long letter to read. She writes about her family, and friends, and people I don't know but does so in a way that entertains me and I realize how rich her life is. Maybe I need this connection and should not be so quick to say that her life is not mine, and that I feel detached when reading or listening to her. I should instead welcome her friendship and cherish even having a friend albeit not close.
Well, another day in the bag so to speak, so off to bed to rest up for tomorrow - I have a lottery ticket for tonight so all is good!  Take care

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bit of a giggle

thinking of you and Harry traipsing through the bush looking of berries that weren't there.  I guess each of us has to determine our own type of "togetherness".  Ours appears to be getting into heated discussions with computer technicians.  However, after our "discussion" with the technician in the shop this morning, my computer is undergoing a very thorough diagnostic check, a thorough virus removal to treat the 26 viruses it has picked up since they last checked it ( last week), possibly  a trial of a different anti-virus program, and conversion of the Vista to a Windows 7 operating system.  The only thing we are paying for is the actual Windows 7 program and we got that  for a very good price.  David took in our external hard drive back up system (?terminology? but you know what I mean) The young man was just going to use it to re-install all of our data, when David asked him if that data might not be virus compromised, since it save any data that is changed in any way from the computer itself..  Now the back up is going to be virus scanned as well.

What was of concern, was when David went into the bank, the teller saw his name, and then she asked if he was the Findlay who was having such a problem with the computer store across the street.  Of course, I went through all of that intense privacy training, being in healthcare.  Maybe other parts of the economy don't have such rigid rules.  They should have, as I was very annoyed.

The "stash Reduction" sale yesterday was a total failure.  Some of the ladies were quite happy buying from each other, but I was there to sell.  We had only 29 customers, after sending out flyers to everyone we knew, distributing 100 flyers at the quilt guild meeting on Wednesday night, and posting notices on two different on-line community bulletin boards.  I was so discouraged,  that David insisted we still go out for dinner, which was a nice break.  Now, everything we brought home fromthe sale has been put away, and will be forgotten--until next time.

Today I "bit the bullet" and finished the African quilt I've been making for our bed.  Not my best work, but a good, sturdy warm utility quilt, none the less.  Now, I can get back to the free motion quilting clas that I'm enjoying so much.

For today, I'm grateful that payday is only a couple of days away.  I'm grateful that I had space to tuck away the two rubbermade tubs of unsold fabric.  And I'm sure grateful for the ice cream bar I had for dessert at supper.  That was g-o-o-d!

Just saying Hi!

Another miserable weather day today but I managed to get some yard work done in between light showers and windy coldish temps. Trying to get the ornaments rounded up and stored under the picnic table. I transplanted some geraniums and brought them inside - fortunate to get a few inspite of the frost that came. I expect I could get away with a few more cold nights before the plants are destroyed completely. I also just cleaned the turtle filter again - don't do the entire tank thank goodness - that would be a three to four hour job! I started the second book in the Templar Trilogy the other night and so now have something to look forward to going to bed. For about a week I did not pick up a book purposefully - thought it might give my eyes a break but then I started to go into withdrawal haha so I'm back at it. The leaves are turning colour very fast and is quite a sight especially if you look over a a tree covered hill of which we have many. Sunday Harry wanted to go cranberry picking so we left early to head up to the Callander marsh just this side of North Bay. Halfway there, he decided he'd rather go to Sturgeon Falls marsh about 3o minutes the other side of North Bay which is also attached to a museum and walking trails. We had picked there about four to five years ago but hadn't been back since. We found the place OK but the Museum was closed and as we headed along the trails we soon realized that the place had deteriorated to the point where the boardwalks were rotting and in disrepair.There is an attempt to replace the walks as vitnessed by piles of lumber and pieces of cut up old walk all along the trail. We had to traverse one area that was completely gone but since we both had boots on it was not too bad. Once into the marsh proper we soon found out that there were NO berries to be found. So a short morning of cranberry picking turned into an almost full day and home without one berry to show for it. Thank goodness I have a few put away in the freezer, or, Harry could still decide to go up to Callander another day soon. Well, thats my story for now - hope all is well with you both Take care

Friday, September 21, 2012

I shouldn't laugh but...

it was great to see your pictures. I looked at my photo cards, and really have nothing to laugh at yours as mine are just as horrible. My passport is even more horrible. I am sure it has nothing to do with years passing by, Patty - however, my pictures are starting to look a bit grotesque as the birthdays pass me by haha
A bit more yard work today. I went up to North Bay for a quick trip and when I dropped into Mike's at noon, Mike was there over lunch but he had to get back to work. But, he was trying to prepare for leaving tonight for Timmins for the weekend for work and needed his dress uniform. He had placed it into a box nicely folded thinking that it would be in perfect condition - he was shocked when he took it out and found it crinkled and terrible looking. So Mom took over and sent him off to work, and I hit the roads looking for a dry cleaners to see if I could get it fixed quickly! I found one who said Sorry we turn all the steamers off at noon so we cannot press it and all the other cleaners do the same. I must have looked totally defeated because she volunteered to call another cleaners - who fortunately said they were still pressing so off I went clear across town and thankgoodness, the lady there was most gracious and said she would press it immediatley - it took her about 30 minutes while serving other clients in between. So I got it pressed ( not cleaned because it had just been cleaned) and back into Mike's apt hanging nicely in the plastic wrap. He called my cell phone from work to check on progress and I think very relieved to know it had been done. He was most grateful for my help - made me feel useful!
Otherwise, not much new here. I managed to buy a Lotto Max for tonight so have great hope as I head off to bed.  Have a good weekend - good to hear all about your week Patty, and I know how time flies by even when you think you are not doing much!  What recipe did you try - so I will avoid it - I have usually had success with the recipes from Kraft that I have tried.  Take care

Lunch time at the office -

Just when you think you have time some one phones you.  Here I am typing while talking on the phone.  Oh well.  It's just Jean.  Nobody important  (ooops! Was that out loud)  Already it is Friday and this is first chance I have had to be on the Blog.  Did you like my photo?  Isn't it attractive?  I am slowly getting things done in the house.  I am just so tired at the end of the day that all I want to do is sleep.  I'm trying to convince Jim to spend his potato money on a hot tub instead of his truck cover and weed wacker etc.  To my surprise he seemed receptive to the idea!  They have smaller ones for less than $2500.  I doubt if it will happen, but it is fun to fantisize.  Things are not working out now.  Even though it is lunch I have to go to the counter.  Have a great weekend.  I am going to try to get Kik to help me fix my computer at home

Computers--Bah! Humbug!

Yeah, more computer problems.  Not really solved yet, but the situation is slightly better.  This all started when I bought another on-line quilting class. I've bought from them before, and experienced few problems, but they have, obviously, up-graded their requirements.  So I've struggled through the series of classes ( still haven't been able to view the last of 12) At the same time, I've been struggling with a queen size quilt I've been making for our bed.  Talk about being masochistic.  With all of this going on, we have barely stepped outside the door.  I look back over the week, and wonder where the time went.  Then I stop and think--it's Friday again.  Laundry day.  Then I realize how much has actually happened in a week.

My new dryer is working well.  It's noisier than the old one, but doesn't have a end program buzzer, so I have to train my ears to listen for a lack of sound as a cue to change the wash.  And David found a magic telephone number.  He called it, and within an hour the old dryer had disappeared from our yard.  The city wanted obscene amounts of money to take it away, but calling this number made it disappear. Truly magic! My computer has been upgraded a bit, and I have new features to play with, and learn to use.  I have taken a course on an advanced form of machine quilting, and will now have to ( have an excuse to?) spend some time making samples, and practicing what I learned. The course also gave me an excuse to visit not one, but two fabric stores, in a search for the supplies recommended.And the new techniques have spurred the glimmer of an idea for a new project.

 I tried a recipe off the Kraft website.  Ye-c-c-c-h!  Throw that one out.  Finished my little bottle of Maple cinnamon sugar, but had the thought that, if I could find the maple sugar, I could make my own! A reason to visit the Forks!

Found a new Louise Penny book a the library.  I read "A Trick of the Light" awhile back, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but could find nothing else by this author, at the time.  The new one is " A Beautiful Mystery".  They are both murder mysteries, but very gentle in approach.  There is a strong thread of the religious search for meaning in life throughout these books, but not offensive in any way. ( The most recent book takes place in a monastery) The protagonist is an senior member of the Quebec Surete, and the characterizations of all of the people is excellent.  I may recommend this one to my friend, Susanne's, book club, as I did the P.D. James book, "Believing the Lie".

So how's that for a week that, at first glance, nothing happened.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Feeling human again...

Amazing what a haircut can do for your self esteem...I asked for a really short cut and I got what I asked for..haha!  I think I have a "Cathy Cut" but I don't look as glamourous as Cathy does! Mine sort of sticks up in weird places, but it is short and I can manage it now. I don't look like a witch anymore ( my opinion!) I am starting to take down some of the vegetable plants - a big job but it has to be done. I keep thinking about winter and shoveling snow and if I don't move the pots and stakes now, I will never be able to shovel - so, as I said, it has to be done! And my feeling that I was getting a cold came to fruition today - running nose and sniffles and general malaise! So I walked downtown and bought a bag of licorice allsorts and ate them all... So there! My nose is still running but I feel vindicated. Better go to bed and suffer in silence. Take care

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making wine

David and I used to make quite a bit of wine from scratch, but I stopped when my allergy to red wine became a problem.  I used to quite enjoy elderberry wine, but would usually only make one gallon at a time.  It takes nine months to a year to get wine ready to drink. David still makes at least one batch a year, usually from rhubarb.  We have one that was started this spring, which is just about ready to bottle.  But we usually keep it in the carboy until we have enough bottles.  It takes up a lot less room, that way, and is much easier to manage.  It should be ready to drink next spring.

You sound so busy.  It is almost scarey around here.  We both worked much harder than usual yesterday, David especially.  We slept well, and weren't able to do much more than putter around here today. Supper went in the crock pot right after breakfast, when I had a bit of energy. David's knee was very sore, so there was no bike ride today, but the wind was a little bit higher than I like, so maybe that was a good thing.  With having to clear out a path to the laundry room for the men yesterday, I was forced to give some thought to the efficiency and convenience of the layout of the basement.  So we moved a bit of the furniture around and actually got rid of a bit more "crap. ( There's still an old, colourful dryer in the backyard.)  In an effort to relax today, David moved a whole container of compost.  This is a shovel and wheelbarrow endevour.  Relax?  Yeah, sure.  I spent most of the day working on the African fabric quilt for our bed.  This has become a labour, as opposed to a labour of love.  I'll be glad to see the end of it. I can see the end of the tunnel, so I'll keep on keeping on,  but I'm ready for a new challenge.

Today we've been trying to get used to the changes I made in the computer system, with the help of the Geek Squad, yesterday.  At this point we're not impressed, but I have my toolbar back on the laptop.  Next step will be trying to post pictures.  Oh, just a minute--guess I need a camera for that.  Oh well, more plastic money--maybe.  Rrain, if you're reading this, I seriously looked at Microsoft Publisher.  More and more I'm wanting to play with this.  The problem is that I want it, I don't need it.  None the less, if my fabric sale goes well, I may be calling you on your offer to help me with it.  More likely, it will wait until we get an income tax refund next spring.

I know that the theory about being grateful says that you must look for the more concrete, little things, as that causes you to find pleasure in the smaller things in life.  Today, being outside in the sun, discussing the garden, and the neighbours, and the congregation across the street,  I was just grateful for the day, and the privilege of being a part of it.

Dry clothes, TV special, and a wee nip?

You have it made, Patty and glad to hear things have more or less sorted themselves out - I expect today would be a day for relaxation? I have done a few things today and now a bit tired, but still forging ahead. I have to call hairdresser right at 0900 tomorrow to see if I can get a haircut. On Friday there was no answer and so I left a message but Friday is also her short day so I never did connect with her.I watched a DVD of Celtic Thunder about a year ago and had not really heard of them before but I can now remember parts of it and think I know why you would say 90% female. Regardless, it was the sitting and enjoying a few hours that was the pleasure for you, I am sure (?) We picked and picked until late last night to avoid the frost that was warned would come overnight. The tables in the front room were (are) covered with green tomatoes small to bigger in size. So today I scrambled for different recipes - ended up with a pickle and another mincemeat - both are not really that tasty but there they are in bottles ready for consumption over the next year. Harry made a relish using hot peppers and garlic and a combination of tomatoes and peppers and celery etc. He had suggested I make a green tomato wine and so on the internet I read a few recipes but what a complicated procedure and not ready apparently for a whole year! And we have no equipment such as primary and secondary vessels and air traps and bottles etc. You folks all use kits for your wine, don't you, and not make wine from scratch?
This morning I took the dog down to the lake just as the sun was peaking up over the horizon. The sky was foggy over the lake, and "dreamy" in appearance and just as the sun made its appearance, the sky lit up in the most wonderful beautiful way - I quickly took a picture with my cell phone and so wanted to send it to you folks, but have no idea how, so for now, it will remain in the phone and I can relive that moment whenever I like by viewing it there!
So it is back to reality and another week on the way, so I wish you all a good week - no more issues for Patty, OK? Take care

Saturday, September 15, 2012

End of the day

I now have a dryer that works, although it may still  need some work on the venting system.  The young fellow from across the back agreed to take David over to the Brick on St. James, where they had one in stock.  When it came time to set it up, David discovered that it needed a whole new venting system, and that part of the old system had been cemented in.  The job took all day and a couple of trips to Rona, but the last load has just gone into the dryer (at 8:45pm).

Now the backyard looks like a dump with broken cement and an old dryer, and for some reason, some monster cobwebs.  Don't know where they came from. Maybe tomorrow.......

But tonight we are both relaxing.  David has his poker tournament, and I was planning to look at the two e-magazines I downloaded today.  When I found out that I couldn't concentrate enough to read them, I checked the tv listings, and discovered Celtic Thunder-Voyage on PBS, so I have been sitting and enjoying that for the past two hours.  I think there is a reason the audience is 90% female.  But what a nice surprise it was, to find a show that I enjoy.  A nice ending to a couple of very bizarre days.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Retaining an "Geek"

The one joy of retaining the "Geeks" is that it is all done over the internet, no-one comes to the house.  It has cost us $99+tax for, pretty well, unlimited contact/service for one year.  I get in touch with them, explain my problem, or whatever I want from them, and then turn over control of the computer to them, and the job gets done.

So, it turns out that we are all "stupid"

I guess it runs in the family.... of course I am just including me and no offense to you Cathy, who probably is at this very moment shaking her head??? I have very many stupid moments, but I don't tell anyone - and although I commiserate with you totally Patty, about your horrible day, I am reassured in some way, to know that I am not alone in experiencing this same feeling, on occasion of course! As I trudge through my daily activities, I often wonder why it has to be so hard to have one thing actually go right for a change? I think you are very wise to retain the geek squad and I wish ( oh how I wish!) that we had something of a similar nature that I could engage as well. There is likely such a service but I certainly could not have anyone come into the house to sort out the computer woes when they occur.  I continue to read my daily inspirational calendar pages, and as I mentioned once before, I think it somehow sees my life and then writes about it - the parallels are too coincidental! It gives me a good laugh every morning as I turn another page! I shall miss this calendar when the year ends.
On another note, do you remember about me telling you of finding two duvets in the garbage dump? We went up to Sears today and purchased two duvet covers. They had a 50% sale of select linens and so we had a chance to purchase the covers we had wanted in order to use these lovely blankets. Even at 50% off though, the cost was breath taking and as I handed over my plastic card to pay, I had to think about how easily we will spend with credit. I try so hard to use cash whenever I can as I have a sense of "here it is", and I won't have to pay it off later, or wonder where I will get the money to pay it off later!! So tonight we sleep under goose down duvets. Hope it makes a difference haha.
Tonight I shall be winning the Lotto Max (or so I have decided) so shall go to bed and plan my spending spree. I finished the borrowed novel last night and returned it to the Library today and thus have no book on the go right now - and plan not to start a new one for tonight. I should really make an appt to see the eye specialist again as my eyes are very bothersome. I think about you having your surgery Patty and think that maybe I should pursue the same for me. I did however, make an appt to see the Doctor( annual visit) and also the dentist - I had cancelled my annual dentist appt in April and never  rescheduled until now. I want to get it done before April next year - this is when I lose my benefits that I have enjoyed since retiring from the Hospital - I got a Management package that patially covered me until 65. Harry has benefits with Great West through OPSEU so I guess I shall have to attached myself to that. Have a peaceful weekend, and take care.

No joyful news today

**CAUTION**   if you are looking for sweetness and light--don't read this!  If you are okay with a bit of black humour, carry on

The computers went skunky again last night, with things disappearing and problems with both saving photos and the blog. Heated discussion and almost tears.  This morning I was having a stupid day, and I am wondering if it is a yet undiscovered food allergy.  I was fine until I ate breakfast, and the new kind of bread we bought yesterday seemed to bother me before I could even finish eating it.  Anyway, we decided to find out if it would work better to put the Geek Squad on a retainer, or just have someone come out, yet again, to sort us out.  We talked to the woman who sorted us out last time and she suggested that the retainer was the way to go.  All of our problems appear to be just adjustments and customization, after the big clean out last month, and the retainer is good for a year's service and support.

All of the computers in the computer store were down, so we couldn't pay there.  ( Say what!!?) This left my little credit card, the one with the very low credit limit.  We had been told that we could call the help line and they would take a payment, and sign us up over the internet.  But the little credit card didn't have quite enough room on it for the purchase. So off to the Credit union where I transferred money from tax free savings to the little credit card.  ( And what a rigamarole that it was!)  As I was leaving, asked how soon it would be applied to the card.  " Oh, a few days, and since it's a Friday, maybe by the middle of next week". 

By this time I'm in rough shape.  It was almost as though every bit of confusion or noise, just made me more and more stupid. So we went grocery shopping, because there was a one day sale and who would want to miss that?  We paid, and then discovered that I had bought the wrong hamburger for the extra bonus points--another reason we had to shop today.  There was a woman and noisy crying child, and all sorts of the busy confusion you find at the check out on sale day, and when David asked me what I wanted to do,  I could just stare at him and wasn't able to respond.  So he took over and sorted us out, and got us home.

He called the computer store and confirmed that their computers were working, so he headed back to go back to buy our service contract, and I headed downstairs to change the wash.  Dryer wouldn't work.  Dead as a doornail.  I have been aware of it's potential demise for awhile, and managed to call David back.  He couldn't get it to work either, so added "buy dryer" to his list of stops to make.

We can get one fairly inexpensively, but have to arrange our own pick up.  Delivery wouldn't be for 6-8 days, or we could pay $100 extra to have it delivered sooner.  So David is trying to find someone with a truck who would help us with pick up ( for a price of less than $100), but in the meantime, has jerry rigged a closeline in the yard to dry the bedding that we need for tonight.  ( And isn't THAT a fine sight for the neighbours?!  But I'm sure we'll all have a bit of a giggle about it tomorrow)

Having some quiet time alone at home, with reduced visual stimulation, helped get rid of my "stupid", making me think even more that it was some sort of allergic reaction.  So it is now 3:30  in the afternoon.  My bedding is drying outside, under David's watchful eye.  I used my quiet time to clean the kitchen and prepare supper, using food we bought today. I'm just grateful that it's over, and that I have a bottle of brandy in the cupboard.  And how was your day?

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just the greeting I needed....lots of news from you both

Great to log on and read lots of news from you both. My fingers are stinging and have been since two days ago when I did down all the peppers from the garden - Harry had picked them and I had a huge bowl full. But soon I realized as I touched my lips and felt a sudden horrible feeling that some were hot and then my hands have been tingling ever since. It is the strangest sensation and nothing will ease it - just let it wear off I guess. The swimming docks have been removed from the waterfront and suddenly it feels like fall is coming - a real slap in the face not to see it there every time I go for a walk with the dog. But I did go into the water again tonight although the dog refused and just stood there starring at me inspite of my begging it in! We had lunch with Mike and his lady today in North Bay- well, submarines purchased at Mr. Sub and coffee freshly brewed in the house but it was a nice visit. He had to go to work this afternoon and she is in university and had evening classes to attend so the visit was not too long. He was also suffering from a cold and so was not feeling great - but still all in all, very nice to see him. She is very pleasant and I always hope that he will find the right one but realize there is nothing I can do to help in the quest, so leave well enough alone! I just finished watering all the plants outside and then the news states that it may rain - but you can never be sure for sure. Lots of work to do with plants starting to wane. I pulled out lots of marigolds tonight on my rounds around the yard, and before I know it, it will be time to pull all the pots of tomatoes. I cleaned up some of the ornaments the other day - I always gather them up and store them over winter on the picnic tables covered with tarps. Harry wants to go cranberry picking again so instead of tomorrow, we plan to go on Sunday. I am hoping to get an appt to get my hair cut (on short notice) tomorrow if I can - otherwise maybe on Monday. It is just long enough now to bug me and won't curl or do anything but hang on my face and the back of my neck. You know the feeling - nothing will help except a short hair cut! I think you should go out and sing Cathy - what a wonderful idea. Singing can be so uplifting and positive! Sometimes I find myself singing along to a tune on the radio and it always gives me a "leg up" even if just for the moment. Well, time for bed and reading a bit - I\m sure tomorrow will bring forth lots and lots of things to do...haha  I am being bad tonight and leaving the dishes until the morning - I know, when I get up and waddle into the kitchen I will be sorry for this decision! Take care

sleep apnea

Loren has fairly troublesome sleep apnea, and was tested,and is now being treated.  He looks better, and says he fels much better.  He had to pay for it privately ( he had Blue Cross coverage, as I'm sure you do, Cathy) but swears it was some of the best money he ever spent.  Why don't you talk to him about it?  But I have to admit, your symptoms could be caused by many other things--maybe you just need to rule this out.

I saw the surgeon this morning, to discuss my upcoming surgery.  I had asked my physician several questions last Friday, but wasn't satisfied by his answers.  I feel much more comfortable about things now, except for having it confirmed that I'll have to spent at least one, and probably two nights in hospital.  Since my surgery is scheduled for the afternoon, it may even stretch to three nights.  David went with me, one of the few times we've seen a doctor together, but I wanted him to hear things first hand.  The doctor also spoke of a definite four week recovery period, so I'm glad to know about that in advance.  After getting home and eating lunch, I'm exhausted, and ready for anap, so I was probably more worried than I thought.

But now I face almost two weeks of unschedued time. No meetings or appointments.  I have the fabric sale on the 23rd, but I'm 99% ready for that.  I need to buy a box for the hat, and give it one more coat, but that is pretty well done as well.  The exciting thing is that I have been working on a quilt out of the book Beth gave me, because I had no new or fresh ideas.  Since I started working on the quilt, which will be for my bedroom, the new ideas are flying by. So for today, so far, I'm grateful for finally getting the information I needed, I'm grateful for new and fresh ideas, and grateful, yet again, for David who has been doing the heavy cutting for the new quilt, and topcoat  spraying the heck out of my hat.

The things you find out!

I just discovered that my computer at work keeps me signed into the blog!  I just clicked onto new post and there I was. No fighting or cursing at it.  Jim is hauling potatoes now.  He'll be busy for the next couple of weeks.  The weather is so crazy he never knows what will happen.  Cold one day and then 29 the next. I, on the other hand, just plug along.  There is a Rummage "give away" at VCC on Saturday.  People have been dropping off things all week.  I have taken a couple of things ahead of time.  I got a tall pepper grinder.  For some reason I have always wanted a tall wooden pepper grinder. Go figure!  I also got a pair of "girlie" winter boots.  I would never wear them as my all the time boots, but they are the first pair of womens' boots I think I have ever owned.  They are phoney suade, with a wedge heel and they go almost to my knees.  Now all I need is a dressy affair to wear them to.  Meetings are starting up again.  Wine Tasting last night, Whitemud tonight, ACT on Sunday.  Time moves on.  Rrain is trying to get me to join Choraliers.  She says you don't have to be a good singer, just enjoy and participate.  I think I would have fun, but I also think that I would have to choose between that and Whitemud.  Both would keep me out 3 nights a week and I don't think I could take that.  I am still not sleeping well.  I fall asleep and then wake up an hour or so later and am awake for the next couple of hours before dozing off for 1/2 and hour etc etc etc.  My doctor wants to test me for sleep apnea but I don't think the symptoms are quite right for that.    I guess I should do some work. Patty just brought some to my desk.  I am going to try my computer at home this weekend. Maybe I can get on the blog with it

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


I am guilty of ruminating as well! But then maybe it is part of my having to prepare and to organize and be ready for things all the time, every day and every minute of the day. Gets tiresome- so lets focus on the party aspects of our lives, such as Anniversary celebrations, and summer visits! Much more fun.
Speaking of fun, I am so anxious to see the "fishbowl" Did you incorporate the blue fabric you had intended to use?  It sounds very interesting and hope raises a few eyebrows when on display!
I got half the lawn cut this afternoon (along the front of the house) and then looked at the side along the road and decided it really did not need a trim and would be just fine until next year!
It must be my week for speaking with people - I had to go to the bank and stood in line behind a neighbour man who Harry frequently speaks with, but with whom I have had little interaction.When I came out, he was in his car and beckoning me over to speak - he had his wife beside him and said "you haven't met my wife yet have you" to which I replied, "no I haven't" (thinking all the time that I really didn't know him either). So I bent down into the car window and I met his wife and the three of us had a fairly long and nice conversation.
So long for now - take care.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Painted fish

Spent most of the day working on my hat.  I had to give up the idea of applying the fabric fish I had, and took them as patterns and reduced the size and then hand painted them.  Yesterday, I bought another series of lessons from Craftsy, but this time, I had a grat deal of difficulty watching them, as they broke up so badly, that I couldn't understand anything she said.  Turns out that Craftsy has upgraded their sytem and our home equipment is now obsolete.  Their help desk suggested that I download a free windows upgrade, but after my experience last time, there is no way I would be able to do that.  I did find that I could get better reception using the laptop, and they have a way of making it work with the sytem I have there.  So I would put a layer of paint on the hat, then watch a lesson, while the paint dried,  then another layer of paint and another lesson.  We went out and bought a spray bomb of a crystal clear  finish, that is very deep and supposed to look like glass.  I plan to spray it onbthe finished goldfish bowl, that is made from the hat.  I hope it works, as the surface of the hat is quite rough, even after four layers of acrylic paint.  But it looks good.

Tomorrow I have a meeting of my Tuesday Stitchers.  These ladies have been getting together for many years--probably 20 or more.  We meet for two hours per month, supposedly to stitch, but we've helped each other through many a family crisis, and the deaths of three spouses, not to mention the deaths of a couple of members.  I think if I was asked to name a long time friend, these ladies would come to mind.  But they are getting older, and Susanne (I've known her since the mid-70's) and I giggle a bit at being thought of as the "young ones".

This thinking and trying to name friends comes from some of my thoughts about the 50th anniversary.  There is a parallel here with my ruminations about how I would like my funeral service to go.  Basically, I'm worried that no-one would come.  But be it an anniversary or a funeral, I'm sure you both would be there. So, for today, I am very, very grateful that I don't have to worry about any funerals.  And I would be equally grateful not to find my self worrying about it for a long time.

Hornet bites

Our yard is full of bees and yellow jackets - no haven for you Cathy! Harry has been biten and is suffering with swelling and pain, and itchiness. I just washed his wounds with cidar vinegar as I read on internet what some relief measures could be given. I went to the Pharmacist this morning and got some antihistamine cream but that did not seem to do the trick. I know how painful it can be as I was bite several weeks ago and suffered through that in silence.
All the inside plants are now inside, and the peppers are picked and the green tomatoes that were fairly big, but there are many more left outside on the vines ready to withstand the frost warning tonight. And then we get into another heat wave for the next few days - crazy weather.
I just returned from the lake walking the dog, where I ran into a vistor from the Kingston area staying at the local hotel/resort. I had the most delightful we both walked to the dock and enjoyed the beautiful calm waters. It is refreshing for me to speak with someone - it helps to keep my skills up and I love to speak with another person casually. So, in a good frame of mind, I shall go and do the dishes, and then to bed to read for a bit. How are things with you two? Take care

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Frost warning

I knew it would come and I would not be ready - so I will have to get the indoor plants in from the outside where they spent the summer and really thrived! But how shall I do this when the shelves are covered with seeds drying out ? Tomorrow shall be a challenge and I can hardly wait ( NOT!) In the meantime, I am sitting here at the computer and sipping on the last drops of wine from the "box", and eating not one but two jelly rolls (the little ones that come in a package of six) I always end up regretting my lack of discipline when it comes to eating goodies - always a reaction to stress - some starve, but others, like myself "feed" the frenzie! We have another pidgeon in a cage in our living room. Last year we cared for an ailing pidgeon for about three - four weeks before it was healthy enough to fly off. I hope this one will heal very fast! More tomatoe juice made today, and now I must finish off the dishes before I can hit the bed and read. What are you folks reading right now? I often wonder if I read myself into a comfortable trap by choosing the same author over and over - I really would like to try to explore and try others. I have enjoyed the authors you both provided several years ago - maybe a few "new" names would help me expand a bit?
Anyway, another week on the horizon. Keep writing! Take care

Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have found that the word "bistro" often indicates some "interesting" prices.  But, at the same time, it usually indicates a smaller place where the food is prepared on site, from scratch, and is usually very good. It is so good to hear that you are going out for meals, and trying local establishments.  No matter where I get to go, it is a treat to eat out, not always because the food is better, but because the clean-up is so much easier. 

The Google Star Trek cartoon is still on.  If you follow it through to the end, it takes you to the Google references to Star Trek.  Yesterday they were exactly what you might expect, on google,  but today, they are all very recent references from all over the world--to the Google cartoon.  It appears to have created quite a stir.

It must be fall.  ( I should have guessed from the weather forecast for the possibility of snow tonight)  I am filling my freezer, as you both are, but mine isn't garden veggies.  Yesterday I bought meat and froze that, today it was ribs, and I now have a couple of meals of Daddy's ribs tucked away.  I also bought the makings for Apple Crisps, as you suggested, Cathy.  I firmly believe that we will make much better use of small apple crisps than the large 10 inch apple pies we've been putting away for years.

Today the wind was howling, gusting up to 70 km.  The young couple across the street are re-shingling their roof.  A big dumpster was dropped  off on the street yesterday, and it appears that it is a family endeavour.  People have come and gone all day and progress is slow.  I would be terrified to be up on a roof in that wind!

Friday, September 7, 2012

You are right - delightful!

I just viewed the Star Trek images - and I had fun going through them one by one. I find it hard to believe that it has been 46 years but then when I start to count, it all comes back to me - "where did all the years go, gone to ....?" (sing along if you like!)
We went to a restaurant in North Bay tonight for supper - never been in it but have heard ads for it. It is called The White Owl Bistro. The outside is still old fashioned having begun as the The White Owl Eatery in 1946, but a new name and fresh paint is all that has changed outside. Having never been inside until tonight, I was surprised to see a very fancy setup and decor. Then we looked at the menu and saw some very, very fancy prices. So the outside is an illusion to what one beholds in coming through the doors. Nevertheless, a delicious pickeral dinner, and then apple crumble with home made rum and raisin ice cream for dessert was my treat for the day!We shall likely never go again, but for tonight I have the memory of a really nice outing! I bought my lottery ticket in North Bay as well, so maybe a change in purchase venue will bring me luck tonight.
Wonder what pieces of handwork Eileen might have, and what pictures she is sending. It would be good to see what arrives before making any decisions as to dispersal. With just getting the family tree from Beryl on the Hughes side, maybe we could do some geneology on the McGrath side? I know Keri expressed interest when I was there this summer in family history, so maybe she could be included somehow? When you get the parcel Patty, lets talk some more about what you receive. I have a doilie of lace given to me for my wedding by Aunty Margaret - the lace having been made by Margaret Wastle according to the note attached to the gift- a very old piece that I put into a frame but always intended to have it professionally framed (never got around to it) With two boys who never really knew the McGrath side of me, and who are not interested in family history, I can't see me being able to pass anything along. So I suggest it remain within your two families.
Yesterday Harry went to the dump to take our garbage and came home with two almost new duvets wrapped in their original bags that someone had placed separately on the pile of garbage bags.. They are white goose down duvets and in excellent condition - I put them both through an air dry cycle of the dryer and it freshened them up nicely. They should be dry cleaned but I think that would be costly right now. I went up to the Sears store and picked up the new Wish Book, and looked for duvet covers to price them - not too bad actually. so may think about getting two. These are queen size duvets and the catalogue priced them at $229.99 on sale. You never know why people throw things out like that, but in this case we are the recipients of something really good and at no cost for us (except to purchase the covers)
Have a nice weekend everyone, and take care.


When I clicked on Google today, the image was celebrating the 46th anniversary of the first episode of Star Trek.  I hope you both had a chance to see it.  When the first image comes up, make sure you have your sound on, and look for parts of the image that have a blue line around them.  When you click on one of these, there is action.  Be sure sure to click on the doors to the "elevator" as this takes you to two or three more images.  What fun!

The reason I wanted to get on to post was that I spoke to Eileen in Vancouver today.  She has a number of things from Auntie Margaret, and Grannie, that Eileen feels would be better with the McGrath side of the family.  She is talking about family photos, and samples of lace.  She is looking for a museum for much of  the lace, but is looking for a home for the pictures.  She is quite aware that Kenny cut himself off from the family, and doesn't expect that we would consider discussing any of this with him.  She didn't mention any of Uncle Bert's family, and I have no way of contacting either of his daughters, in any case.  Are either of you two interested in this?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Crazy storm during night

Brilliant lightening lit up the sky for a few hours with very close and very loud thunder bangs and lots of rain - kept me up during night to watch the water and run the pump and generally sit in amazement watching the storm move all around us. This was apparently the "remnants" of Hurricane Issac but it sure hit here quite hard during the night. I would hate to be in the direct path of those hurricanes that are hitting the USA south - it must be terrifying to witness and endure.
Spent the day doing garden produce again - more tomato juice (which I love), and pickles and even made a salad for supper with nasturium leaves from the garden. You can apparently also eat the flowers but haven't tried that yet. Had more ribs smoked on the smoker - went to the local grocery store early as they were having a one day only Thurday sale and we bought some Hallowe'en candy ( chocolate bars) and Kraft Dinner in the case for about half usual price - Mike will enjoy this. Also ribs on sale so made more smoked ribs for supper. Actually quite delicious. I walked up to the post office this afternoon to check the mail - I want to continue being active with exercise so take every opportunity to walk - I wish I could ride my bike more, but that never happens much. I forgot to buy a lottery ticket for last night so I had absolutely no fun in winning the big one- no hope at all. I must remember to buy a Lotto Max for Friday so I can have a reason to anticipate the winnings. Finished the Clive Cussler novel I was reading ( Night Probe) so now can get into the Library book I picked up the other day. I so look forward to the evening hours so that I can settle down, and read and prepare for bed without too many expectations to do "this and that" which is the usual day time event. I always look forward to reading all about your activities and adventures so be sure to keep writing, OK? Take care

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Balanced diet

Amber and the girls came for supper on Sunday.  David was looking after the turkey, and as soon as the girls arrived, I was told that they wanted to make wallets. Thinking we had lots of time ( everything was prepared ahead of time and just needed monitoring upstairs) I agreed.  Jessica knew exactly what she wanted to make, but couldn't explain it to me, so Amber gave me an idea, and away we went.  Amber wasn't feeling well and left us to it.  We were just getting started when David told me that things were coming together a little faster than expected, so I tried to rush the process a bit.  Next thing is a frantic call from David saying he needed help.  Everything was cooked, but salad etc wasn't ready, so we had a frantic rush to set the table and get the food over there.  A nice meal, but sometimes I forget that children are not neat eaters.  We had brownie for dessert, and they left early, as Amber really was really suffering with a sore back.  Both David and I were "pooped out" when they left, so I don't know how you do it Cathy.  Seventeen people!!

Next day, I had thought we would survive on left overs.  I was up a little early, and had my breakfast of tea and cinnamon maple sugar on toast, when David got up and suggested we head for Tim's for breakfast.  Having eaten, I just had a donut, then home and a bit of basement work.  I wasn't hungry at lunch time so just had a large piece of leftover brownie ( with chocolate icing).  Later in the afternoon, I was feeling a little "peckish" so had another large piece of leftover brownie.  Nibbled on a bit of turkey for supper, but remembered that the lady I was to visit that night always served chocolate cake  to guests, so had a piece of cantaloup instead of more of the leftover brownie.

Lo and behold, she served us a very rich brownie, no chocolate icing, but a big scoop of ice cream.  Needless to say, the scale was a little up on Tuesday morning.

Yesterday, I volunteered at the gallery in Selkirk.  The show is lovely, but a little smaller than other years.  Still, the reporter from the local paper was in, and quite interested in the art that involved less common techniques, such as fibre and collages.  The fellow I was working with, someone I had worked with before, warned me that next week, when I'm going back again, I will be working with the Board Chairman, who is planning on talking to me about sitting on the Board.  It's a slippery slope, isn't it Cathy.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I've become discouraged with the more local artists' group, and probably won't be getting more involved with them, so this might be an option.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

great message

...I haven't been on for two days and just logged on now to see the wonderful message with all your comings and goings Cathy! When do you get a chance to breathe?  And I wonder also why you were called to check the office for an intruder - I would think maybe the police might have come and I worry that you were there alone at night - did you just check to see if doors or windows were opened, or did you go into the office and check if anything was ransacked? Did you have someone acting as backup? I guess it is just me being a worry wart?
I think I told you I ordered a book through the local library - they did not have any novels written by Matthew Reilly at all which surprised me a bit. I had just read two books that were of a series - one of those two having been bought in Wpg. So since I was anxious to read the third, I had to order it to come to the library. It took a long time to arrive but I picked it up today - I was very surprised to see that it had come from the Fort Frances Public Library - just amazing how things work, eh? But I can have one month to read it before return date - that should let me take my time and not feel rushed as I usually do with borrowed books with only a two week date.
I take the dog down to the lake for walks as I have told you frequently but I have started also to do something different over the last week. I take off my socks and shoes, and wade into the shallow water and rub my feet into the sandy bottom and more or less get a nice massage and foot therapy session all in one haha I don't know why I hadn't thought of this before - it feels so refreshing! I pulled the dog into the water the first few times, but she has told me that she is not interested so now I leave her just at the shore and she watches me and sips a bit of water. Funny how she does not like to wade in the water. She acts this same way when we have taken her to Harry's cousins lot on the lake - I have tried to encorage her to run in the water but no doing!
We go to North Bay on Tuesdays so today was to North Bay - but we have found a new little restaurant to have lunch. Usually we go to the A&W in the Mall, but spotted this place called Bay Bistro opened next to the Value Village. Today was our second time in and thoroughly enjoyed the lunch. Harry ordered panini both times so tomorrow for breakfast we are going to try to make our own - bought some bread and meat and have a little waffle iron type grill that should work just fine. I'll let you know. I guess panini is the in thing as when we drove past Tim Hortons, there was a big poster in the window announcing new panini now available. I had perogies today and they were great. Both times I also had a home made soup and both were very very tasty. Maybe the thrill will fade but for now, it is exciting to do something different.
Better go to bed and start my new novel before its time for sleeping - take care.

If at first you don't succeed.....

I still can't get in at home, but there is no problem at all at work.  (I am on a break... no one can bug me)  It was a really busy long weekend.  Saturday morning I picked a bunch of tomatoes, onions and peppers and got them ready for salsa.  I boiled 2 dozen eggs for deviled eggs.  Just as I put the salsa on the stove Jim came upstairs and said we were going to Springhill Colony in 1/2 an hour.  The salsa came off the stove and I was showered and dressed in lots of time.  Jim and the others, however, weren't ready.  (the others being Kellie and her little brother Grant).  April, Cory, their 3 kids and 1 nephew and Cory's Mom were going to follow us.  We ended up with April and Kellie and the 2 girls in our car, with Jim driving and the 3 boys and and Cory and his mom in the other.  We got there and the kids went wild.  It was a colony wide yard sale, so their were about 39 houses set up as well as draws for charity and a bake sale.  Jim and I left with 2 dozen buns and 2 dozen ears of corn.  April and Cory bought a drill press and some junk and Cory's mom bought a love seat and some junk.  Good thing we had the truck 'cause that's where the drill press and love seat went.  We got the boys on the way back.  Did you know that the conversation of 3 ten year old boys involves mostly poop and snot?  Jim dropped me off to do the grocery shopping and took everything out to Aprils.  He picked me up about 1/2 hour later and off we went home.  I put the salsa back on the stove and started to think about supper.  We ended up having steak and french fries and salad and garlic bread.  Everyone thanked Jim for the great supper (go figure!)  I then peeled a bunch of potatoes for potato salad.  They were just about done when I got called into the office.  SOmeone had been spotted searching around the doors and stairs.  At least I get a 4 hour call in on that.  By the time I got home it was almost 9 pm and I made myself a drink, sat down, looked at it, put it in the fridge and went to bed.  Then came Sunday!  Make the potato salad, make the deviled eggs.  Get the turkey ready, get the buns ready.....April phoned.  Can Lisa come for supper?  Sure.   April phones back.  Lisa's husband is coming too.  Oh boy.  Rodney & Kristy and Jen arrived.  Tyler will be over later with his girlfriend.  Tyler?? Girlfriend?  Good thing it is a big turkey.  By the time we all ate,  17 people had been fed.  Stu had been driving by and stopped in 'cause he knew we were home (obviously)  He didn't want supper, but he nibbled at the turkey.  He had never had a deep fried turkey.  Oh... there are deviled eggs.  He'd have one of them too.  All the eggs were gone in no time.  As well as all the salads (2) most of the potato salad, all the cucumbers and tomatoes (there were a few cherry tomatoes left) and a bag of chips.  We also had angel food cake and strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.  The best part???  APril, Kristy and Kik cleaned up. I went and sat by the fire.  We sat around until about 11 pm.  April was going to take Lisa and Tom home and come back for a drink, but Lisa was having such a good time that I asked Kik if she would mind taking them home.  She wasn't drinking so it was no problem.  We ended early as we had started about 1 pm.  I was in bed by about 11:45.  A busy day.  Monday I did up some more tomatoes, but just as stewed tomatoes and garlic for spagetti sauce. That wasn't too hard.  Finished cleaning up and did all the laundry (stripping the beds and everything!!) At about 2:30 I asked Jim if we could go to the Vivian for a beer and just relax.  We headed into to town and guess which hotel had a broken air conditioner?  We drank our beer quickly and headed home.  Not quite as cool and relaxing as I had wanted.  Left overs for supper and into bed by 9:30pm.  And how was your weekend?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

social events

One way to gauge how many were expected would have the number of tables/seats that had been prepared.  I tend to think that social events, such as this, and things like ladies luncheons are less common these days, which is a shame.  But I think many of them came aobut as the only opportunity that many women had to get out and socialize.  I also remember the number of house parties that Mom and Dad used to attend.  I even remember square dances in our basement., but you never seem to hear of such things these days. Or maybe I'm just feeling a bit of cabin fever.  Both of my social/stitchery groups didn't meet over the summer, but my Ravenesque group is meeting Monday evening.   I don't know how many of us will actually make it.  At this point it's looking like the hostess and myself.

Other than gettign out on our bicycles the last three days, we have been very busy sorting my fabric stash and getting part of it ready for a sale. I had three big Rubbermade tubs full of fat quarters, many of which had pieces cut out of them, and many others had shrunk in the wash so they were no longer the right measurement.  We checked every piece and ironed the ones that could go for sale, wrapped them and labelled them.  Then I sorted through everything that was left, and put aside anything that I thought could be used in the two scrap quilts I have planned.  Anything that was left was put in large Zip Loc bags and labeled as a "scrap bag", for the sale. Two of the Rubbermade containers are empty. This took three long hard days for both of us.  We sure slept well last night, and the fact that  it was cooler made it even nicer.

Tomorrow, Amber and the girls will be here for supper.  Other than the big family Easter dinner, they haven't been here since before Christmas.  Samantha starts school next Wednesday, the last of my Grandbabies to do so.  I'm very grateful that I'll be seeing my Grandbabies again.  I hope it goes well.

Bridal Shower

Well, I have experienced my first community shower this afternoon and I am more the wiser for it. I am glad I went as there were few people there - I counted approx 20 which I thought was not too many but then maybe this was actually a good turnout - I have nothing to base my comparison on. The family put a lot of time and effort to make it nice - good food and lots of it - like sandwiches, cheese and crackers, pickles, punch, tea and coffee, desserts and decorated cake. Fancy tea pots and china cups and saucers! Each tea table was decorated with a centerpiece, and there was a sign in book, as well as blank envelopes that you were to put your address on - supposedly for the thank you cards to be sent out. A good idea actually so that the bride will have the correct address and not have to go searching for it. My gift seemed to be received favourably so I was pleased. I made pleasant talk with the people at the table I sat at, so all in all it was an OK two hours. I came home and poured myself a drink. The "box" of wine seems to work just fine haha!
More recipes from the KISS cookbook - I made the Zucchini Orange Loaf on page 104 - trying to use up zucchini. It is very tasty. I really think this cook book is guite good! Have you tried any of the recipes?
We had smoked spare ribs for supper - Harry bought the ribs at the meat market this morning, and we put them on about noon, and ate at about 5:30 so not long to cook them. Harry has an electric smoker and we have had salmon, pork chops and now ribs in the last week. The smell is delicious while cooking and fills the yard with a great aroma.
Time to go to bed and read - great novel on the go right now so anxious to get at it. Take care