Saturday, February 28, 2015


A special message to acknowledge a family Birthday today.  Happy Birthday to the man himself! Even if he doesn't see this, it is the thought that counts. And also special mention to his wonderful Mother!
I always think we should make note of all Birthdays within our family.  Here, here!!  And since March is approaching, don't we have a lot of celebrating to do !
Take care

Friday, February 27, 2015

Pork chops and Tarot cards

I,  just as often as frying, use Shake'n'Bake for pork, and cook them in the oven.  When I use the Shake'n'Bake, the first time, I freeze the leftovers for the next time, so each box does us for 4 meals.  Boneless pork or chicken, takes the about same time in the oven as frozen French Fries, so it makes a quick and easy meal.  I plan to try using the little pork chops for stir-fries by cutting them into thin strips, That cut can also make a dish we like, by dredging the strips in flour and browning them off, and then putting them in a casserole with honey garlic B-B-Q sauce, and cooking in the oven for 30-40 minutes.  The skewers worked fairly well, and I imagine I could have used several other salad dressings for marinade.  Anything with citrus would probably work well.  We often find the little pork chops for $1.00 each, so that sure helps the budget, but will probably change given the current exchange rate.

I never thought of making a silk bag for my Tarot cards.  What a neat idea!  After all, I have a fancy little embroidered bag for my Rune stones.  The cards just sit in the original box on my bookshelf, but I have a lot ( a whole plastic tub) of silk and silk remnants.  I once bought several bags of re-cycled Kimono silk pieces, some pretty small.  I have used them making eye glass cases, but this would be a good use too.  Something I read( I have no idea where) said that Rune stones must be cast on silk.  I've thought of making a piece for that--just because.

Now,  anyone reading this will assume we are very creepy, superstitious people, but I really like the idea in the Kidd Novels, where the Tarot is just a spring board to creative thinking, which, of course, is how we use the Rune stones as well.

Even with grocery prices being as high as they are, we had enough left over this month to buy a wine kit.  We have had a lot of problems with the the last few kits we bought, even though we have used the same brand for years, so we bought a slightly more expensive brand and hope for a good product.  The fellow in the wine store said that there had been a lot of recent problems with the other brand, and a lot of his customers were changing.


Shopping is becoming a "not so wonderful" experience anymore. I tend to dread it rather than enjoy the outing so appreciate your comments. We do not eat the little pork chops a lot and have probably only fried them when I did serve them, but I am sure there can be any number of different ways - I'll bet the internet would have ample ideas! Although your kabobs sounded nice!  I just made the most delicious Shepherd's Pie with the roast I made yesterday. That was my plan to make the pie so not disappointed in results.
Another silly adventure this morning. I have been reading The Kidd Novels and the main character uses his Tarot cards throughout the story. He has them wrapped in a piece of silk and unwraps them when he uses the cards. So.... this morning I found the small remnants of silk fabric Pati gave me long ago, and fashioned a cloth in which to wrap my cards. I sewed one small piece into a quasi pocketed piece and sewed a silk ribbon to tie it up. As a bonus, also in the assortment of silk fabric were two silk yoyo's so these were sewed to the front by the ribbon. voila... a tarot card wrapper upper.  Now if I only knew more about the meaning of the tarot cards I would be able to enjoy them even more!  But I intend to learn. I have a little instruction book that I am reading along with the Novel and each time he mentions a specific tarot card, I read about it,
It's only early afternoon and I've already had some fun haha. I guess I'll start sewing some hexis now. Still extreme cold weather alert in our area - I will be so glad when Feb is over - maybe March will bring better temperatures. I finished the roof yesterday and man it was cold!
Weekend time folks... have fun Take care

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grocery shopping again.

This as always hard for us as we resent spending that much money.  We walked out of Superstore yesterday with only three grocery bags, having spent over $200.00, and not bought anything but a few staples, and some veggies, ( and four cases of Dr.Pepper, but that counts as a staple, doesn't it?)  Today we have some spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker, so we can make lasagne tomorrow.  We (the Royal "we") chopped up some peppers for freezing ( Great price for peppers!), and are experimenting with those small boneless pork shops ( good price there too)  There have to be some uses for them other than just fast frying.  Do either of you ever use them?  For tonight we are trying them in kabobs marinated in Kraft Feta Greek (?) salad dressing.

Last evening and most of today, David has been doing our income taxes.  Today we received a cheque in the mail for our rebate on our share in the Red River Co-op.  All we do is buy all of our gas there.  Some people get a very good return each year, but ours is at the bottom end of the scale.  They take off a few things, one of which, to my surprise, was income tax.  ( okay, it makes sense when you think about it). so a T4 was included with the cheque.  When all was said and done, we got less than$100, but paid tax on almost twice that.  Something not right there.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I am so tired....

I managed to clean off most of the roof today. Only have one side at the back of the house to complete. I only clear off about 6 to 8 feet up from the gutter as that is as far as my rake will comfortably allow me to reach. I do NOT get right onto the roof but use a ladder to stand on and push and pull the rake back and forth. Exhausted me to then shovel all the snow away - no place to put any more snow. I came in, and poured a nice hot bath, made myself a hot chai latte and slipped into the soothing waters.  I am hoping that the bath immediately after coming in would help relax me quickly. The wind chill was terrible and gusts of wind kept blowing the snow all around.
I had my Dentist appointment this morning regarding that painful episode that started 4 weeks ago. Xrays showed nothing, and examination showed nothing. Dx was that my constant grinding has affected the tooth(teeth) adversely. I am to try my device again ( I have not worn it because it does not fit and makes me choke) He said then, that we should take another plaster and make a new device but all I could see was $$$$$$$ so I said I would give my current one another try.  I grind day and night so maybe I'll try to wear it also during day when I am not out. I have it in now and although it feels strange, I will persevere.
Yesterday I made a most delicious meal - a German meal and one that we used to eat frequently long ago. It is meatballs done in a special cream sauce, and potato dumplings. The only item I left out was capers which I did not have on and and was not going to buy especially for the dish. I had another helping tonight as there was enough leftover. I would love to try more of the dishes we used to eat and I have the German cookbooks that I can use as a guide. As well I would sure love to make more meals in the slow cooker. You folks have me beat there for sure!
Well time to read from my latest The Kidd Novels by John Sandman. Getting really interesting and I can hardly put book down at night but my poor old eyes deceive me and I have to stop in order to relieve them.  Take care

Sunday, February 22, 2015


I found the post about your anniversary.  I have already booked the week after Christmas off work, so I am available anytime.  Since that is the case for Jim and I, I think we should just work around when Beth is available and make plans that way.  We will definitely be there for the 28th and will stay one or two nights as needed to participate.  I also have a queen sized air mattress without any leaks. ( we gave in a bought a new one)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Never Volunteer!

Ask me how I know.   I have really enjoyed my time working on a small committee organizing a display and demonstration day for our local art group.  But suddenly, I have found myself doing publicity.  I have done a lot of volunteer work over the years, and have put in a lot of effort to make sure I never had to do anything remotely related to either publicity or fund raising.  How did this happen!?!  Ah well, 't will work out, maybe not as well as others think it should,but I'll do my best----and then run for the hills!

Cathy, with your computer down, you maybe didn't get my question about whether you will need one night or two when you come to celebrate our anniversary with us in December.  I will gladly put you  up at a hotel, as there is just no way I can offer you a bed here.  But,considering the time of year, I would like to make reservations as soon as possible.  I know that Jim has to make arrangements for the animals, and this may influence how long you can stay.

Going through my storage room, I found four sets of wooden purse handles.  Now I have an excuse to continue making hexies!  I have one knitting bag planned and yesterday, David took me to the LQS  ( Local Quilt Store) to buy fabric for lining etc.  Two of the sets are obviously homemade and may not be useful for anything I might want to sell one day, but the other two should be fine. 

We are staying in where it's warm.  Since I can no longer read the newspaper comfortably, we have been trying to watch the news on tv.  And there is news there--over and over again.  Arg-h-h-h!  So I seem to be developing the habit of watching the National at 10:00, rather than three or four times earlier in the day.  So bed time gets later and later, and breakfast gets later and later.  Well, today I had breakfast for lunch.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Good to see you back....

... I thought maybe the cold and snow had finally left you speechless! If it is any consolation, my upper case never works , nor the space bar. I always have to go back and edit my message. I found my movie of Steel Magnolias and plan to watch it this weekend. It will be fun to see it and know that you are starring in the production again. Break a leg!! and keep us informed of progress so I can feel a part of it.
Another weather record broken last night, (minus 33.6 and wind chill minus 38) and buses cancelled again today. Can't even see into the greenhouse but I am losing hope for anything good in there.
Have to laugh as I started to go through some boxes in basement looking for this now infamous jelly roll, and found two beautiful boxes full of 2 1/2 inch cut multi coloured and patterned fabric pieces and a bag of 2 inch cut pieces ( from Pati). I had forgotten about these boxes and apparently have enough little pieces of fabric now to last my lifetime, haha  I cleaned up the first shelf of the cupboard in my sewing room and found unfinished projects and yes... more fabric!  I found a "charm pack" - many fat quarters wrapped in a ribbon. I am now wondering if this was what I thought was the gift - not a jelly roll? But I shall continue to look anyway as it gives me a chance to tidy up a bit and discover all sorts of forgotten treasures. It is fun in a way, but disheartening in a way to know working on many of these projects will never happen for the most part.
Today I dispose of the leftover turkey and think of wonderful dishes to create to use it up. Wish I were with you Pati, as you seem to have this mastered!  I spoke with Mike yesterday and he finally got his deer head back from the taxidermist- more than 1 1/2 years after the fact. He hung it over the TV and says it looks good but needs a bit more light to show it off. When he brought it into the house , Erin looked at it and sighed a bit saying "You mean I actually ate him?" She doesn't necessarily share Mike's enthusiasm for hunting etc but does like to make nice meals with the wild meat he gets from being part of his hunting group.
Well, time for another day.... hope all is well with you folks. Have a great weekend. Take care

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Computer woes

I just got my computer back from yet more repairs. I hope this doesn't keep up. Yes,I am on holidays this week and yes I did get a lot of cleaning done.  This morning I woke up with one Heck of a cold so not much got done.  I have to go to rehearsal tonight, but it is just a read through, so I don't need my mind.  I also note that my spacebar is not working properly now.  i suppose i will have to pay them to fix it. My capital is also acting up.  Oh Joy!  We are going to do Steel Magnolias again this spring.  As far as I know it will be dinner theatre for Mothers Day Weekend.  I guess I will find out tonight.  Now to catch up on all the things I fell behind on without a computer

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jelly Roll?

A quick note .....Funny you should mention the jelly roll as Monday I started to look around and began in the usual places without much luck. But then got bogged down again with what I did find.... a box full of more small cotton pieces in assorted patterns and colour that I had put aside for smaller projects, and I'll be damned, another box of family pictures.  So looking through that took a good portion of my time, and brought back all sorts of happy memories. How can one accumulate so many pictures, and how can one now put them into some order and organized fashion?  I must still look for my boxes with items such as the jelly roll as I know I have it there! (somewhere haha) Today I am making my turkey dinner and all that goes with it, and organizing a shelf in kitchen to put my new tins etc and try to sort that out so it looks good but useful. I have tea bags and coffee in the tins so they are not just decoration but are being used. Take care.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Small Pleasures

Sounds like exactly the sort of day that would be perfect for someone who relishes small pleasures.  Even exploring thrift stores and antique vendors, can provide pleasure--but you actually got to buy something!  And I know you've had your eye on that tin for quite some time, so finding it even cheaper was a bonus.  A little like me at the Quilt Market.  I got to see everything, talk to other ladies, and actually buy something.  A good day.

Have you looked for, or maybe even, found your "jelly roll'?

Today my Tuesday Stitchers met, at my friend Maureen's house.   The cold is persisting, and today also had wind, So it was good that my friend Susanne offered me a ride.  I don't think I could have persuaded David to go outside for any reason.   Although the garbage and recycling has to go out to the curb tonight--we'll see how that goes.  Coming home from St. Vital, the wind had picked up and it was pretty well white out conditions.  Susanne took an alternate route through residential streets that helped a bit, but after dropping me off, she was heading home, North of Bird's Hill, and  out near Lockport.  She is dog sitting and needed to get home to the animals, but was then heading back into the city.  Not my idea of fun.

So for tonight, we are hunkered down, keeping warm, and probably playing poker on the internet.

Please Play Again

That's what my Tim's roll up the rim said??? We stopped on the way back from Midland today at a highway stop with Tim Horton's, New York Fries and Subway stores all in a row beside a huge popular Burger place called Webers. We bought each a Sub to eat for lunch but I , of course, went into Tim's and bought a coffee and apple fritter ( my fav). So I am not to be a winner like you Pati.
I spent money at the Midland Antique/Auction Store. Harry was taking care of his latest Auction expenses with owner and I browsed.  Every time we have gone I always go to one vendor's booth and handle a Tim Horton's Coffee tin - the First Edition #001 of all coffee tins. Today I noticed another vendor's booth also had this tin plus another tin that I did not have at home (I have only three but pride myself into thinking I have a collection haha) and at a much lower price. So I walked around and around and finally made my way back there and picked them both up! Each only $5.00.  Then in Huntsville on way back we stopped at ReStore and then Sal. Army Thrift Shop. Here I bought another tea spoon of silver. I always look for silver spoons and always amazed if I actually find one. This cost me 50 cents!  And at home cleaned up beautifully. So now I have five at home that I use for eating cereal or the like. I think I'm splurging and treating myself special if I do! (remember one must always look for special little happy times to celebrate!)
So that was my day! Tomorrow morning I am making pancakes for breakfast as I missed today
( Pancake day) so will make it up in the morning.  Mike and Erin had blueberry pancakes apparently today as Mike relayed to me on the phone, so showed me up a bit !   Then I  have a turkey thawed and will have a wonderful meal with all the trimmings. Looking forward to this!
Cathy, are you on vacation this week as you mentioned? What are you up to?
All for now....Take care.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Boy! Was I ever wrong!

You made me curious, so I opened the "jelly roll".  There are eighteen different fabrics.  Sixteen of them have two width of fabric ( WOF) strips and two of them are only one WOF strip.  I'm glad I bought a yard of one of the fabrics for finishing whatever it is I make.

Cutesy Names

Since I've never bought one before, it's hard to estimate the yardage.  A "jelly roll" has 2 1/2" strips cut the width of the fabric (42-44"), all rolled up in a tight bundle.  I restrained myself from opening mine up, as I'm not quite ready to deal with it yet. ( It was a bit of a battle, but restraint won)  It appears to have, at least, 5 different fabrics, maybe 7 and multiple strips of each-from 3 to 7.  I estimated about 2 1/2 yards (not metres) of fabric.  The vendor had yardages of the same fabrics, and they were selling for $14.00/yd, and my "jelly roll" cost $42.95.  But no need to cut all those strips with my poor arthritic hands and wrists. All of the fabric came from the same line and colour-way, from a specific manufacturer.   In my case "Roses and Chocolate"   by Moda.  A "nickel bag" is around 25 (I think) 5 inch squares, again cut from one line and colour-way.  A "layer cake" is a pile of squares, again in one fabric line.  I'm not sure how big, but I think they are about 10" square.  There are lots of other sizes and cutesy names to tempt one.  from 2 1/2" squares to 6 inch strips to what ever you can imagine.

Giving it some thought, the bright colours and cute prints, that I saw, I'm sure reflect the "Modern Quilting Movement".  I had no idea that it had become so pervasive.  I have no problem with it, except they appear to thin they have invented so many techniques, most of which I have books about--written in the 60's and 70's.

Today our house was a bit like an old Keystone Kops movie.  I had promised to bake cookies, and had everything out ready to start before we went to bed.  Well today turned out to be one of my "bad" days.  We both drove each other crazy getting the job done, and the kitchen cleaned up, but finally everything is back to normal.  I hope we don't have to do that again soon.  But the chocolate chip cookies tasted just as good as ever, and there are two batches of Butterscotch Refriderator cookies in the fridge.

Now the serious stuff.  If you have a tentative schedule for next December, Beth,  we have to start making some plans, because it sounds like you will have less than a week with us.  Cathy, if we are having dinner and an evening out on the 28th, how many nights accommodation would you like me to arrange for you?  (My treat)  We also talked about going out for sushi, and I wondered about lunch on the 28th, whether the men join us or not.  (There are a couple of sushi restaurants quite close to the house.)  Is there anything else we might want to do while you're here?  Maybe a "Games night" at some point?

Terminology 101

Could you please described the composition of 1) jelly roll, 2) nickel bag, and 3) layer cake.
Briefly is OK but just so I have an idea. I think I have seen a "jelly roll" but how much fabric are we talking about and in what size eg fat 1/8ths or fat1/4s and how many pieces of each makes up the jelly roll?  I believe I was given a jelly roll as a gift when I left Home Care and it is somewhere in my treasures, and obviously never used. But your idea of using for hexis has captured my interest, and I would endeavour to look for it. I'm sure Cathy would enjoy this info as well. Thanks
ps I haven't bought a Tim's yet with the rim contest cups, but I remember the rim opener upper! haha

Saturday, February 14, 2015

You were right on Pati.....

.....and it is here now! Nothing but snow squalls, so windy, and so cold. The squalls blew the snows onto the front porch and door. We opened the door to sweep it away when the dog wanted out, and then we couldn't get the door closed. Harry had to really slam it, and to get it open he has a flat file tool to pry it at the bottom. Now I am afraid to try it.  You could say now, that I am really stuck in the house haha !
We managed to open the big greenhouse today in order to water the plants. It was a fast chore so as not to let much of the heat out. Before that I was able to clean the snow off the little greenhouse roof, but we are not going to try to get it functioning for awhile.
Seems I only tell you about our awful weather and the greenhouses. Maybe I should get a life??  Or better still, why don't you both tell me what exciting things you are doing!  Off to bed to read some more....Take care
ps. I made another banana cake with maple icing today. Seems the one I made at the beginning of the week disappeared somehow?  I, too, put too much maple in the icing this time, but it tastes wonderful. I even decorated it with a big icing heart for Valentine's Day

Friday, February 13, 2015


Today we have extreme cold weather warnings, as well.  It's supposed to go down to minus 44 tonight, ( that may be the wind chill, I'm not sure).  Beth, I guess you have that to look forward to, in a day or so.  I'm not really sure we want to go out tonight, but Gail has supported me for the past few years, so now it's my turn to show support for her.

On the way home from my pedicure we stopped at a Tim Horton's.  The service wasn't great, and the coffee tasted like it had been watered down.  This isn't the first time we've had regrets about this particular store, but I'm guessing it will be the last.  But I did win a cup of coffee on my roll up rim.  Of course, since I finished it at home, I was able to use my rim roller.  Do either of you remember those?  I think we bought them at Lee Valley Tools.  So far, that's been the high point of the past few days.

At this point, about all I can wish for you, is that you both stay warm.

not only quiet times but colder than usual times.....

Records broken last night for coldest temperatures- all buses cancelled - and I cannot see into the greenhouse because all windows are frozen over. Don't know how things are in there but it would be a hard job for the heater to keep up with these temps outside. And the wind was fierce yesterday.blowing my blankets off the door and I had to make some revisions quickly that maybe weren't too effective! Oh joy! Thank goodness we have held off heating up the little greenhouse so far.( I have had to do some advocacy work on this front haha!) I am so tired of this winter already - lets see some signs of Spring. Speaking of which, is anyone else thinking the same - maybe a trip south to warmer climates??  I went into the Bus depot last week and discussed travel plans with the attendants for Winnipeg for late December. They thought it was prudent on my part to start to enquire now. I can get an advanced discount to book 21 days ahead and get almost $200 off rate. But the dates are particular around that time of year and can't really get the dates I would like. Looks like, if I am able to come, that I would arrive Dec 27 at 0730 am and leave Jan 1 at 1030pm. I needed to look into it now so that I could start to "anticipate" haha!  Time and situation will dictate ultimate action plans.
I made some fresh pasta in the machine yesterday - fettuccine. Then dehydrated it in the dehydrator. And then cooked it for supper. Seemed like a silly thing to do but needed to see how it would turn out. The last batch I made was air dried and put into a container, but obviously not dried enough because it spoiled and had to be thrown out. I think dehydrating may be the answer if I wish to make enough to store some for another meal.
Well, weekend here again, not that it really matters? Today we plan to go the open house at the new Pet Store here in Sundridge and then to North Bay because the Thrift Store is closing to move to another location and may be discounts, and then I think Harry wants to go to Target but as I hear there aren't really any bargains to be had.
I still work on my hexis when time allows, and reading another John Sandford book from the library while I wait for the ordered next copy of The Kidd Novels to arrive.  Take care

Monday, February 9, 2015

Quiet times

Nothing too exciting happening here.  We did some grocery shopping on Friday,but otherwise haven't really been out of the house for days.  I sometimes wish there was something happening too get us out of the house. Today the fellow came over to sort out David's computer.  Part of the job was to install Microsoft Off ice 2013.  So far,  I've been happy with 2003, But now \I have a bit of a learning curve ahead of me.  I've received all of the paperwork for my surgery in May, and have a doctor's appointment, Wednesday, to take in the forms he needs to fill out.  Since the surgeon's office is in the same building, I'll deliver my part of the forms, as well.   Friday, I have a pedicure scheduled at noon, and the gallery opening reception for a friend's work.  Amber had been going to the pedicure with me, but she now has to work, so I'll be going on my own.  She was quite put out to find out that she couldn't wear nail polish in the operating room

I just finished "The Long Way Home" by Louise Penny.  I managed to get it from the library in large print.  What in interesting book, especially for anyone who fancies themselves an artist.  I've now recommended it to my friend, Gail. (It's her reception I'm going to Friday.)  I'm so glad you recommended the book ,Beth.     Did you enjoy the Kidd book?  You must have, if you've ordered the next one from the library.

Cathy, there always seem to be something going on in your life.  I envy you that, even if some of the things appear very negative while they are going on, you still aren't bored.  And  maybe in a year or two, it will be a fonder memory.

Beth, I value your opinion.  Please don't stop offering it.  Nobody else appears to be reading my blog,  The two ladies who were offering comments last week have disappeared into the sunset.  I guess I wasn't  "quirky" enough for them.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

A few words....

The weekend has passed and before we jump right into another week, I'll write a few words.  I have viewed the Mouse Factory Blog several times over the weekend Pati, and although I may not be your most experienced advisor (haha) I agree with your choice to turn it upside down, and now happy that you are content with the results. It is truly a lovely piece and will show well at the display you mentioned. I've also viewed the hexi bag to see how you quilted it. I try to get ideas for when I might be in a position to quilt something - not yet mind you, but maybe someday! I meantime, I keep producing more of the little buggers, and still having a great time. I sorted through about three or four bins of fabric in the basement, and have six boxes ready to give away but have several big bins of assorted fabric to keep.  I can see myself sewing little projects and having a selection of suitable fabric on hand will serve me well.  I have quickly finished the two books I had on the read at the same time - John Stanford's The Kidd Novels #1, and Clive Cussler's Havana Storm.  Now I have to return to the Library to order the #2 of The Kidd Novels.  I was actually hoping to travel down to Toronto to pick up my Lottery winnings , but apparently that did not happen (again?).
Going to North bay tomorrow  - the Bell Store has my new cell phone in now, so I'll go and get it, and have it set up, and hopefully as well have them "pair" it to the car's Bluetooth. I sure don't know how to do that!
Take care

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Steel Magnolias

This sounds wonderful! Do you have the same role as you did before? I remember my visit when it last was in production. (How long ago was that?) We watched the movie so I could get an idea of the plot, and you read some of your lines to rehearse. How long until the opening night?
Besides watching the temperatures outside, and inside the greenhouse today, I actually did a fair amount of cleaning up and even made a trip to the garbage dump. I was wanting to clean some shelves in the kitchen area and was somewhat successful there, as well as vacuuming.
I have just finished logging in that Food Survey for Nielsen, (only two more days to go ) and now to bed to read.  Burrrrrr cold still but looks like it will be warming up to high minus teens for next few days.
My tooth is still marginally behaving itself so far so good! I put sensodyne toothpaste on it to keep it under control and don't chew on that side. Can I keep it up for another two weeks......lets hope!
Take care

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Thank you Rodney!

We have a working fridge in the kitchen,but our old fridge is not working. Hydro will only pick up fridges that are 15 years or older and working so I guess this one will head to the recycling.  We need the second fridge, so I guess we will have to check around.  Meanwhile, Whitemud is doing Steel Magnolias again, so I will be rehearsing starting in a couple of weeks.  I have time off the week of Feb 16th and am looking forward.  I will have to go to work for a couple of hours that week, but that is it.  Maybe my house will finally get clean (not!)

Back to production again....

The greenhouse (big one) is all fired up and now has planted seeds in there and the geraniums we wrapped and stored over winter which are now planted in pots. The tables in the front room are covered with little pots all planted with seeds and ready to go out to the greenhouse probably tomorrow. It is supposed to go down to minus 30 tonight so I am crossing my fingers again. The power went off and on suddenly this afternoon which prompted me to have to go out and restart the heater. This particular heater has a remote control thank goodness so I can stand out side the door and point the remote to the heater inside. Saves from having to remove all my blanket coverings on the outside used to cover the door.etc.
Last week I started to have a tooth ache which was minor until the weekend when I found I could not bite down without experiencing a sharp pain. So I called my Dentist only to learn he had gone on vacation and would not be back until Feb 23. I was told to try the Dentist in the next town of South River. I sat on that for a day until I decided to call my dentist again to make an appt for when he returns. I though if I waited I wouldn't get in as soon as I would want.  So I have an appt for Tuesday Feb 24. In meantime I shall take care of myself best I can but if I find it getting unbearable I shall have to pursue other options?  Here's hoping!
Curious about your fridge situation Cathy and thinking about how you are getting alone? Any news?Take care

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Banana Cake

Yes, the cake was made.  Put a little too much maple flavouring in the icing,but that isn't a problem is it?  I ate that first wonderful piece, and was satisfied, which is a good feeling when you're being self indulgent.  But even with the three batches of banana bread, and the cake, we still had four bananas left over.  We may just have to eat them!

This evening we saw the movie "Into the Woods".  It was wonderful, and the visual imagery just about blew every creative gasket I have.  I thought Meryl Streep, as the Witch, was at her best.  My respect for her has taken a huge leap as a result of this movie.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing about Johnny Depp.  There was an article in today's paper suggesting that he has become a caricature of himself in many of his recent roles, and I could see it in this movie.  He seemed to have the same make-up he wore in "Pirates of the Caribbean" in his role of the  wolf.  If he meant the Wolf to be distasteful, he was successful.

Tomorrow we make turkey soup, and then we are done with the turkey.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Thank goodness for the snow....

Doesn't replace the comfort of a working refrigerator, but some consolation that it may keep some things cool while you wait for help. Sorry to hear of this Cathy and hoping that both you and Jim are not suffering physically from this event.  I was trying to picture the process of bringing a fridge up those stairs on your own - can't imagine it! What's the latest?
I went to North Bay today on my own, to enquire about my earring, and to go to Bell to get a new cell phone. I negotiated a new plan over the phone on Friday, and was told I could just go into the store to get my new phone.  On the first point, I was again disappointed as the found earring was NOT mine. On the second point, I was disappointed because the store did NOT have my negotiated (free) phone in stock!  So I shopped for groceries, visited Mike, and visit Willie, and then came home!
Harry started to plant seeds today and now the tables in the front room and set up, and covered. I expect that tomorrow I shall be trying to set up the heaters etc..
Yesterday I spent the entire day sewing a backing on the finished hooked rug we made for Mike. Harry did the hooking after I sewed Mike's Algonquin Regimental Emblem I bought onto the centre. I took it to Mike today and he is thrilled.
Still freezing in these parts and from what I hear on the news and on WFP website, you folks are no different.  I had to get up last night a get a blanket to keep me warm. I had taken my duvet off a few weeks ago as I was finding it too warm but I'm sure I would have enjoyed still having it last night.
Enjoy your banana cake Pati - I can almost taste it myself just thinking about it -yum!  Take care

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What scary situation.

It made me think that it often takes something like this to make us all realize our own mortality.  We are no longer young. I hope you have it sorted out by now?  At this distance I can't even offer you the bar fridge we aren't using right now.  And in my experience, crises like this always come at the worst possible time.  Let us know how it works out.

Today we processed the cooked turkey.  I now have turkey for 14 meals ready to use in the freezer,  We also baked three more loaves of banana bread,and there are enough bananas left to make a banana cake with maple icing--as though we need it!  Tomorrow David plans to bake whole wheat sourdough bread--one of my favourites.  I wonder what makes me see bananas on sale and go berserk.  I still have banana bread in the freezer from last time.

My first hexie project is finished and there are pictures on the other blog.

Ther are days...

and then there are days.  Our kitchen fridge has been dying for a while now.  We tried to get it going, but 50is as low as it can get.  So today Jim decided we would switch the beer fridge with the kitchen fridge.  We now have 2 empty fridges.  One in the middle of the kitchen and one on the landing 1/2 way up the stairs from the basement.  The chicken wings I have out for supper are sitting on the counter in a bucket of snow.  Everything else is just going to have to survive.  I can't cook the wings 'cause the fridge is parked in front of the oven. And the counter tops and table are covered with the food and shelves from the fridge. HELP!!   Jim texted Rodney.  He is in Brandon, but will come over as soon as he gets home.  The Hutterites are in church until this afternoon so we can`t call them. I am sending Jim to town to buy a case of beer.  When Rodney gets here I want to have something to offer him.  Now to see if I can fit around all the fridges and find my way downstairs without getting stuck.  A good reason to lose weight, but I sure hope the fridges are moved before I lose enough to squeeze by!  On a scary note, I honestly thought Jim was going to die right there on the stairs.  55 years of smoking have taken their tole on his lungs.  He is upset now because he knows he used to be able to do things like move appliances without even thinking about it.  At least now he knows for sure that he can`t and he won`t try again.