Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon

The song has been singing in my head all day since the radio played it to take note that tonight is a full moon - the second for this month which makes it a "blue moon" |I should step outside tonight to see if I can see it. I seem to be losing it. Well, maybe not totally but in some respects it has me wondering. I made out bills with cheques the other day and mailed them off. One company called the house - spoke with Harry - to say I had put the wrong month on the cheque. I apparently wrote 09 for the month instead of 08. So now I am wondering it I did that for all three cheques I mailed - likel;y did but haven't heard back from anyone else yet. I know it is overload, but still I have always been proud of my diligence in ensuring things are done right. I guess I should have another drink?? Harry went to the LCBO today to buy me a bottle of the Bright's House Wine along with a case of beer for himself- he came home with a box of the wine. The man in the store told him it would be cheaper to buy it that way. Now I ask you, is this the way one should drink wine? I like the feel of a bottle and pouring it into my goblet - glub glub glub! I have yet to open the box but the spout is in place and all I need to do is pull off the plastic cover and fiqure out how to pour it haha. I am sure before tomorrow is over, I shall have mastered it! Tomorrow I am going to a bridal shower at the Community Centre here in town. A girl we know as a daughter of the people who babysat our kids is getting married. We have knwon the mother since she was about 10 and now her oldest daughter is marrying. I feel I should go and make an appearance. It would be the first Community Shower I have attended - they are common in small towns - have one shower and invite everyone to come. But again I was struggling with a gift idea. So I went to the Bin Store in town, and bought a few packages of goodies, and a gift certificate. At home I have a small basket and shall line it with tissue, arrange the goodies and the card with the gift certificate in the basket and cover with a big bow I bought. I may be out of line yet again depending on what others bring as gifts but I feel good about this so shall go with some confidence (some, that is !! as I am still not too comfortable going into the Centre with people I don't know!) Anyway, that has been my day so far - hope all is well with you folks. Have a peaceful long weekend - and welcome to the month of September - Fall is upon us. Take care

Thursday, August 30, 2012


That certainly was a detailed explanation and I thank you, however, I think I should not fool around with it too much or I might mess up my so far good luck with logging in. You have the option of calling in the "computer squad " but here I have no support and since I am really the secondary user of the computer, I shall leave well enough alone for now. However, this still does not address the issue of Cathy's ongoing access? So hope we shall hear from her soon!
Just finished doing vegetables in attempt to keep up (losing battle I think) and right now I desire a quick retreat to bed, and read a bit! I had a chance last night to review in great detail the hanging you just completed - I enlarged each picture and stared and stared and recognized some of the beads you and I handled together.I even read the comments left by others. How wonderful for you to see it take shape and now hanging in the show!  As well, this is the piece you had just dyed the day I arrived in Winnipeg so it held a special meaning for me. Short message tonight - so long for now....take care.

new skills

When we had all of the trouble with the computers, the girl showed me a how to copy things.  When this happened once before, they recovered all of the files from the broken computers and put them all under a couple of  icons on the screen.  When I needed something out of the file, I had to go to the icon and open it and then find the file for use.  However, this time she did a part of the recovery while I was watching, and I noticed she was taking the files from the icon on screen and copying them right into the area where I where I would want them.  In fact she had both areas open on the screen at the same time, so I know that can be done, and actually found the key to do it, but lost it again.

The secret is in a right click of the mouse.  I start by highlighting what I want to copy, then right click on it.  A screen comes up with options, and I choose copy( left click).  I minimize the screen I'm on and open up an area where I want the information to be, and right click again and the paste option comes up.  Left click and everything is copied, even into an e-mail.

I'm still playing with this and I'm not sure how far I can go, and will still continue to play with it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How did you do that?

You  really are a wizard - I have no idea how you were able to copy messages back and forth as you did. I intend to have a good look at the options once I write a few words here- there must be an easy way to copy and paste betweeen the blog and the email. And I do not know if you can read the messages Cathy or are shut out completely?
I made another batch of ketchup today, and it's not quite as good as the first batch - that seems to always be the way and since I play with ingredients, I'll never have two of anything turn out the same I guess! They have started another game show on the radio station we listen to from North BAy. Three times during the day you can call in and have a chance to open the vault and win a max of $10,000.00. Each turn offers incremental amounts of money, and you can decide when to quit and take all the money you have won, or try another turn. Of course, if you take one turn too many, you get a blast and lose all the money you have accumulated. I have never played on the air because it is too hard to get through, but regardless, we have to dial in everytime and try - and this will go on for the next 8 weeks. I don't have my own stash of wine like you lucky folks, but I have bought a nice bottle recently of Brights' House Wine that tastes really quite nice. I usually go for the cheap stuff and at 13.95 this isn't exactly cheap but certainly not expensive. So I will keep drinking this for awhile - it seems that as time goes by, my taste changes and I want to switch to something a little different. I like Black Tower too, but it is more expensive of course. Hard to believe the long weekend will soon be upon us. Not that we do anything, but it always marks a turning point in the seasons and brings the dreaded Fall closer. It was much colder last night and with all my house plants still outside, I fear that I will have to move them in sooner than I was prepared to - I need to clear the space in the sun room now so they can all sit nicely on the shelves and window sill. The shelves are currently full of trays of seeds saved from the vegetables and drying out for use next spring to plant. Harry bought two bales of hay the other day in order to plant his garlic this Fall and cover up with the hay for over winter.
Well, I am going to fiddle with the blog and see if I can copy to email, but if unsuccessful, hopefully the message will publish on the blog. Take care

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

To ensure you are in the loop., I shall respond to the email rather than onto the blog tonight. The blog can be very finicky but then for whatever reason, settles in and allows you great freedom – so please keep trying.
We went cranberry picking today on a slightly rainy but hot and humid weather day. We got about 16 cups of cranberries and two kuchens later, very delightful to eat! This means I tested the oven and it works very well. Also cooked two squashes we bought at a market and enjoyed for supper. The route into the cranberry marsh is about 2.7 km but very pleasant in spite of fear of bears and piles of bear poop in the trail. I also encountered a snake but thankfully it kept out of my way. We shall be going back in a week or two to pick some more (hallejulah!) so I shall try to enjoy the walk in and out – I do not enjoy the picking and never have !!
I made ketchup the other day – it is the most delicious sauce I have ever made – great recipe and I loved to make it and now eat it! Took some time to reduce it to ketchup consistency but well worth the effort. Every day we pick buckets of tomatoes and the table is full again. Running out of different ways to use them up and yet they keep piling up! Thank goodness the cucumbers are waning. Apparently, we may be going to Kirkland Lake again next week to take some more corn up to the “family” ! Yeh, yippee!
I enjoy my treks down to the lake with the dog – sit at the water and dream – what a waste of time you might think – no, it keeps me going! Funny how the most mundane things can and must amuse me – quite a life, eh?
I picked up the latest Steve Berry novel at the library the other day so have put down the Clive Cussler book I was reading, and will concentrate on this book so that it can be returned on time. They had a survey to fill in and in doing so my name is in a draw to win an Ebook so I hope I might be lucky – may be same as the lotteries – ie no luck . Did I tell you that the the North Bay Council is deciding after a public meeting whether to go ahead and accept the chance to build a Casino in North Bay. With my latest experience at Shooting Star in Mahnomen, I might consider a trip to two if it does come into being. It would be closer than the one in Orillia (Casino Rama) and might be a bit of fun! Well, time to bed down and read a bit. Tomorrow it is the weekly trip to North Bay again to shop. Although we did go into the Bay today to get gas – the cranberry marsh is close to North Bay. We got some more bird feed as well, so I can cross that off my To Do list for tomorrow. Take care
Sent: Sunday, August 26, 2012 6:39 PM
Subject: Blog!!!
I am having trouble getting into the blog again, but I have survived my first week back. I went into work this morning because fees change tomorrow and they had to make sure the accounting program was working. They said about 2 hours. I was done in about 40 minutes. Oh well…. 4 hours on a call in. I got 15 jars of salsa made today. With Jalapenos and cayenne pepper. A mite spicier than last year. I made pickled eggs for Jim ‘cause there is no way he will eat this batch of salsa. I got 7 jars of ripe cucumber relish and 9 jars of zucchini relish made, too. Now I would like to sleep!!! We were given some apples, so I think I will freezer some apple crisps. Then they will be there when I crave them. Tonight is comfort food. Goulash and mashed potatoes! I guess I am grateful for a lot of things. Family, friends and fun!
You are never alone with a hippo in your pocket.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Another adventure

Yesterday  we went for a drive. As the sun set, and it started to get dark, we headed south of hwy 44 on hwy#59 toward Bird's Hill Park.  Getting closer to Garven Rd. we saw all sorts of tail lights , and realized that cars weres stopped and lining up at the Garven Rd lights.  Getting closer, we discovered that the highway was closed and police were directing everyone east onto Garven Rd. With the backup and the need to merge three lanes into one, it was quite dark by the time we made the turn.  Now, we knew that, eventually, passing the south side of the park, we would hit hwy #207.  But that was a long way down the road, so when everyone ahead of us turned south  down a paved road, we just followed along.  Someone had to know where we were going--right? The traffic was so solid that a car sitting on a driveway to the right of us had no chance of ever pulling onto the road across traffic.  So picture literally hundreds of cars blindly driving down a country road in the dark.  I kept wondering what people in the houses we passed were seeing and thinking.  Eventually the paved road turned to gravel, and very dusty, but everyone kept trucking along,  as many behind us as in front.  I could see the lights of the city to the right and realized we were a fair way south of where we had wanted to be.  Suddenly, ahead of us a group of young people in safety vests, and with ATV's, were blocking the road and waving everyone to make a left hand turn.  And like a bunch of sheep, everyone turned left, and kept going down even more gravel road.  But, in the far distance, we could see what appeared to be cars  heading south-- perhaps a main road?  Yes!  We are saved!  A paved road heading yet further south.  At this point we had no idea where we were, but took comfort in knowing that there were a heck of a lot of other people in the same predicament.  Eventually I saw a sign stating that we were approaching hwy #15 ( Dugald Road).  Turned out that we were on hwy #207, exactly where we would have been if we'd just stayed on Garven Rd in the first place--and it would have been paved all of the way.

We stayed up to see the local news, in hopes we could find out what had happened, and found out that an RCMP cruiser had been in collison with a motorcycle on the floodway bridge. Then in the paper this morning found out that the collision had ended a high speed chase between the RCMP and a group of motorcyclists.  A high speed chase through all that beach traffic coming home on Sunday evening?!?  I'm sure grateful that we saw the after effects and weren't in the wrong spot at the wrong time.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

There you are....

I now have an event to look forward to.....50th Anniversary Party!!!!!! I shall be there with bells on! Likely have to buy a snowmobile to make the trek, but anything goes haha. Thanks

Still Somber

but perhaps this is just the other side of the excitement I was experiencing when I finished my latest piece.  David put the dowel in it yesterday and we were able to hang it.  Wow!  In a vertical position, and with light on it, the quilting just sings.  I sure hope we can find a well lit place for it in the gallery.  The gallery has two areas--open to each other in one room, but distinct areas,-- and the lighting is not good in one of them.

This morning I decided to indulge myself and had toast with MAPLE cinnamon sugar.  A very nice treat.  Thank you Beth.  And yesterday, I started cutting up the African fabric.  I've done my calculations and this is going to be a long term project.  It will take a lot more fabric than the African stuff I have, so I will probalby use some of my hand dyes as well.  I'll try to post pictures as I go.

Yesterday there was some sort of celebration a the church across the street.  At the end of the afternoon there was a flurry of picture taking on the lawn, and we wondered what was going on.  Our best guess was that it was some sort of significant wedding anniversary, as an elderly couple appeared to be the main feature of the pictures.  Made me think.  This year we are celebrating 47 years married.  If I want to do something special for 50 years, I need to figure out what that would be, so that plans can be made, and $$$ found.  Considering that it will be mid-winter, it will have to be indoors.  For sure, I want a picture in the paper, and that will mean something better than a passport photo.  As you said, Beth, the best part of any event is the planning and anticipation.

Tomorrow the car goes in to have its "ouch" fixed.  Painting is involved, so we will have to leave it over night, and find ourselves a rental.  Since David made a bit of a fuss over getting the cost of the rental covered, he is glad of the trip to Selkirk, just to make sure that there is some mileage recorded.

Came across more information on the internet, pointing out that people who actually express/record up to 3 things for which they are grateful, everyday, are generally much happier. And, that doing so can increase a persons perception of their degree of happiness. So today, I am grateful for the fact that we made & froze some apple pies last fall.  By cooking the last one today, I can make Sunday supper a little more special without too much effort.  I am also grateful, yet again, for David, who has offered to raise my work table to a better height for cutting African fabric.  He has also offered to help cut, and to help take the table down again for my private student, on Wednesday. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Somber moods, or whatever....

I think we all get into this kind of mood about this time of year. For me, it is the thought of fall cleanup and prep for winter which leads to prep for spring and then the cycle starts all over again! Sounds like fun?? My enthusiasm about the yard and garden is waning quickly as I see all the produce that has to be dealt with, and all the cleanup that will need to be done. Harry has gone off to his garage sales and markets and I look at the housework, and wash and vegetables sitting on the table saying to me "I need you to do something with me please" And then I think about going to the library this morning to pick up the two books I ordered through Library exchange - they are both in so how shall I ever read them both in two weeks I ask myself, but then I can always renew for an additional two weeks if need be. I just checked the Lotto Max numbers and guess what, my track record is still intact! ( ie no winning) Yesterday we woke up to a flat tire on the van- after the long drive to KL and back on Thursday, I am thankful the tire held together until we were safely at home. So the garage came to tow it off and we ended up buying four new tires as we knew the others badly needed replacing. I guess things happen for a reason, and the flat tire was saying - "its time to buy new tires before you get stranded on the highway" The van does a lot of mileage and is used so frequently to carry things back and forth, it is essential that we do not take any chances. Hard to believe it is end of August already - I think that all Spring I was looking so forward to my trip that the time slipped by slowly, but far too quickly if that makes any sense, and that my focus was only on July and before I knew it, that was over and here we are at end of August. A friend once told me that she always plans an event for the future such as a trip or vacation or special event so that she has something to look forward to and this always gives her a reason to carry on with great anticipation. I think she was on to something there, but, now I can't think of anything special to look forward to, so maybe I better plan another trip west?? haha  Well, the vegetables are getting a bit loud yelling at me, so I better go. Have a good weekend all, and take care

Friday, August 24, 2012


Yep, haven't really left the house in a few days, except for my morning bike ride.  Been spending time in the studio, and finished my piece--which has to be delivered to the gallery by Monday morning.  Thank Goodness, we will have a rental car on Monday, as the car finally goes in to the body shop first thing Monday.  The trip out to Selkirk will just cost us the gas, which we would have had to pay anyway.  I still haven't got my blogger toolbar back on the laptop, so I guess I'm going to have to do something about it.

But this just means that I don't have much to say.The house hasn't been cooling down at night so I haven't been sleeping.  I'm about half way through the book I started on Tuesday, when I usually finish at least one a day.  I wonder if this is what they call the dog days or lazy days of summer.

I hope everyone is well, and busy in their gardens.  Must be harvest time for both of you.  David is still watering, and we're still worried about the rhubarb root that hasn't been doing well this year.  The ferns in front of the house are all brown now, but I think they often are by the end of August. However, we're seeing a lot of growth on the Christmas Cacti, and it must be a lot, or we wouldn't be noticing it.  Having said all of that, the leaves are turning and falling.  We've noticed it in our tree, and along Kildonan Drive this morning through Fraser Grove Park, during our ride.  Sort of a sad time, or maybe I'm just in a somber mood.  Perhaps I should just be quiet now and get some sleep.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


For some reason blogger has removed my entire tool bar, and I can no longer add pictures. We have been playing with the camera, and for a short while, were able to take pictures.  So I took a whole bunch, and then ran into this problem.  I'll keep playing, and probably wait for a couple of days, as blogger sometimes corrects itself, but I'm not optimistic.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The price of pizza

I think competition plays a big role in the price of pizza.  Around here the prices really can vary, but, at the same time, you often get what you pay for.  I really enjoy the pizzas we get from Pizza Hut--like the ones we had when you were here, Beth.  They are rich and filling, but for a large deluxe, we would have paid just about what you did.  The two medium we ordered--which fed the three of us quite well, were just about $25, with tax, and that was taking advantage of a "2fer"+ pick up, special.  At regular price, and no extra toppings, they would have been over $30. However, we have bought frozen pizza from across the street for under $3, with a hard crisp crust, and minimal topping, of any sort.  The fairly new independent store across the street is very expensive, so much so that I don't shop there.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Been missing--I guess

I've been working to deadline and that seems to be taking all of my time.  I've also had trouble sleeping, worrying about things.  Once they get in my head, they just won't leave!  Saturday morning we had another interview at MPI.  This time face-to-face, and afterwards, she was kind enought to arrange an immediate appraisal, instead of us having to take it in on Thursday.  This was a much calmer conversation, and she readily stated that there was no reason to classify the accident as a "hit'n'run".  ( Unfortunately, she also told me that the "nasty", previous  conversation, had been recorded, and the recording was be reviewed by both her suprervisor, and the supervisor of the woman we had been speaking with.  Very embarassing.  It was not one of my better performances.)  She was able to assure us that David would not be charged with the accident, but also told us that we would have to pay the deductible, and hope to get it back from the Lotteries Corporation.  So this morning, David got onto the lady at the Lotteries Corp, who assured us that the deductible would be billed to them.  She told us that she would call the body shop herself, and tell them how to word the bill back to MPI.  She also told David that she had left information for the lady we spoke to Saturday on how the billing was to be done.  This whole thing took several phone calls between David, the lady from Lotteries, and the body shop manager.  Then David tried to phone the city to find out how to dispose of the waterbed bladder. This took a lot of time as well.  The whole affair kept him busy for most of the morning!  Then this afternoon we had to deliver the appraisal forms to the body shop, which is on Main St ( attached to the dealership wherewe bought the car, Beth, so you know the place).  Then we drove over to Lee Valley to buy more containers for beads.  We ran into a very nice older, man, who is also an artist--a wood carver.  He hand makes free form bowls out of knots and burls, but his "bread'n'butter" is making "smudge bowls" for aboriginal smudging ceremonies.  He gave us information on a sort of outlet, based on the barter system, but all aboveboard and legal, where he, and other artists, sell a lot of their work.  We didn't follow-up right away, but I've kept the information.  This fellow was a clerk at Lee Valley, who, firstly, helped us write up our order through the computer.  Then he told us to take a number.  We did, and he immediately took it out of David's hand and called it out in a loud voice, while taking us to the counter for service.  There were a couple of disgruntled people but they were waited on quickly by others, so no real problem.  It's surprising what situations we find ourselves in, and the people we meet, by being a little more open to it.  As always, we also find "turkeys", but the more pleasurable interactions, counteract turkeys very nicely.

This evening it's back to the beading.  It is, and will be, slow, and I have to deliver it by next Monday, at the latest.  Then it's organize the studio for a student, coming next Wednesday. This is the lady I spoke to at Pinawa--the one I thought might have been an O.T.  David has the camera working again, but I want to take a lot of pictures before taking the memory card out, so it may be a few days before I post pictures.

Today, I'm grateful for the beautiful weather we're having.  This is what summer should be---perfect daytime temperature, gentle sunlight, and cool nights for sleeping

A few glitches during the day

....just enough to prove we always have to earn our grace haha Harry made another batch of tomato sauce which needs to boil off and cook in the oven. I glanced at the control panel only to see all the lights flashing and an audible ding ding ding. At first we could turn the oven off and then turn it on again, but then everything shut down. Fortunately, the tomatoes had been in the oven long enough to be processed but in the meantime, what does one do?? Well, with the stove pulled out from the corner, the walls and floors got cleaned really well, and in behind the fridge got vacuumed out good, but I worried about the outcome. A call to Harry's brother did not help much (he is an appliance repair person) because as he says, everything is now electronic and enclosed inside on a motherboard. He replaced a motherboard and it cost almost 400.00. So we just left the stove sit for awhile to cool down and get over it's pissy fit! Once put back into place and plugged it, it started to work again. At least the burners and clock is working - we haven't tried the oven yet. I am thinking that the stuff in the pan was sending off so much steam that it shut the controls down. At least I 'll go with that for now since I really haven't got a clue! And I'm back to having the gastro problems again and very uncomfortable with it all. I will try to manage it on my own but if this continues much longer I actually may have to consult my Doctor. Although, come the end of October it will be time for my annual visit so probably will mention it in passing during that appointment. Hope you both are managing your issues OK - and glad I was around to pace the halls of the ERs with you both haha. Just heard on the news that Phyllis Diller has died - it seems that so many of the oldies are going. I'm listening mostly to the radio now and I don't even turn on the CTV 6 o'clock news. We ordered a pizza take out for supper tonight - too much going on in the kitchen with ovens, and tomatoes and pickles etc. But, I was shocked when I went to pick it up - how much do you think a large deluxe pizza should cost??? With taxes included, it was $33.08. I think that was a little too much for what we got, but then we haven't ordered pizza much and I must be really out of the picture anymore. Or, maybe I should open a pizza place!! Oh, but I would need an oven that works, wouldn't I!  I searched and searched my stuff today to try to find my crochet hooks and knew I  had a bag of them because in looking at my book Prayer Shawls  I started to want to produce something. So I now have the wool, and the hooks, and the Book. All that is missing is a little time to spare. Maybe when winter comes?  Well, the dishes are awaiting, and then to bed to read. I bicycled over to the grocery store on Sat for a used book sale. Yes, I pedalled and thoroughly enjoyed myself even going up hills which is very hard on the legs. I bought a Clive Cussler book I have not read, and a Wilbur Smith book. I read Wilbur Smith years and years ago and have always wanted to try him again. Both cost me a total of $1.00 and a few sore muscles! Take care

Friday, August 17, 2012

Caught in the rain

The last few days have seen spells of quick rain showers throughout the day- you can see the skies turn a little dark and actually see the wall of rain coming close - twice I have been out with the dog, and once by myself to the bank, and missed been hit, but tonight I took the dog to the lake and sure enough we both got drenched coming home. It was refreshing really, and a good excuse to get into the house and get into my jammies!! Last night we had to do a lot of water pumping as it poured most of the night. We sure don't have to water the garden these days thank goodness. I picked crabapples today, and did down tomato juice, and made a batch of Million dollar pickles, and chili, and took a turkey out for a weekend feast. I tried to cut the grass in between showers today , but ( too bad!) the machine wouldn't start for me. Harry says there is a snake in the garden - he has seen it, so I am a bit on edge because I don't want to be surprised. I'm OK if I know it is there and can see it, but weeding and suddenly being surprised really scares me.
I  heard from my friend Sue by way of a letter this week, and then she just sent me an email suggesting a date of Oct 3 to meet for our lunch together. Spring and Fall we have always met in Huntsville at Swiss Chalet. I don't know what is on my agenda Oct 3 - too far ahead, but I responded affirmatively, and will play it by ear I guess. She types the longest letters about her activites and friends and family and I really enjoy the read, in spite of not knowing some of the people, and not believing what a wonderful life she lives. She just turned 70 on Aug 11 and got a new laptop computer from her family, so I am still wondering how nice it might be for me to get my own laptop. Just a thought right now, but who knows. I wish we had wireless capabilites because then I would be seriously thinking about getting one. In meantime, here I am at the computer when I can....
The lady across the street sold her house and is moving in three weeks to Toronto but had a sign up of things for sale. I went over and bought some stuff, and got free outdoor plants which I have since planted here in the garden. But what I did not know about her was how much she talked - she didn't stop from the time I went there and she rambles on about everything and also a bit of religious talk as well.I really never knew her the whole time she lived there, but now I am sort of glad I didn't as I can't take too much of that - it is exhausting to try to pay attention and listen!
Well, it was showering again, and the sun was shining - crazy weather. Time to go to bed and read my novel. Speaking of novels Cathy, I enjoyed reading yours just now. And I am so gald that you had two wonderful weeks off work and just relaxed - there's lots of time to do housework, ( or not!) so happy you accomplished nothing as you put it?  Take care

The Great Canadian Novel

The two of you have had enough posted the last couple of times to write an entire book!  I think I am a little jealous.  I will have to make up some adventures.  Curtis made us a cupboard for the kitchen.  It sits just at the top of the stairs, where the small (and messy) spice rack was.  It holds all our tea and spices, the cat food and still has 3 shelves.  We don't have the doors yet, but that is okay!  I feel guilty in a way that he does so much for us.  He really seems to enjoy doing things.  He has made us doors, hauls wood from the bush, chops wood......  and he quit smoking because everytime he lit a cigarette I smacked him on the side of the head.  At least that's what he tells people. I really don't think he enjoyed it much.  He just smoked because it was expected of him.  This is the last day of my holidays and I haven't done a thing. It has been great.  I puttered a bit, and made pickles and ate fresh tomatoes (what a chore!)  Cory fixed the quad for us.  I haven't had a ride yet this year.  The kids and the Hutterites have been all around.  The front bearings were gone, but Jim says it is much easier to drive now, because it doesn't pull.  I really hate this time of year.  The weather is still nice but we know what is coming.  Our heat spell finally broke and we had some very cool weather.  Our nights have been single digits (ie 5).  It is supposed to be hot again next week, but the nights will be cool.  Kik is back working full days again.  The summer student is done.  We all thought the 15th was her last day, but she said the 14th.  We think she counted July 1 as a working day but she really started on the 2nd.  It doesn't really matter since she worked her butt off while she was there.  We ended up giving her a "Dorm Room Package" as a parting gift.  She was on her way to North Dakota when she stopped in for her pay cheque so she couldn't really take anything large.  This had snacks and drinks and tylenol etc etc.   She is taking speech pathology.  I am hoping to skip meat draw tonight and spend the evening with Kik.  We might even go out for supper if she is feeling okay. The dust from harvest is really affecting her breathing and she has been feeling pretty rough the last couple of weeks.  I know she can't stay here.  Country life is not for someone with her allergies.   Jim just got up.  He finally had a good nights sleep (he says.... I keep wondering how he snores so much if he is awake all night)  I also wonder how he can sleep with the sheet, the blanket, the quilt and a double thick blanket, folded double on top of him.  I think I would suffocate!  Time to end my novel.  Today I am grateful that I was able to take 2 whole weeks off of work.  It made a difference to me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You ask about dinner....

We ordered the special which included salad, roast beef tenderloin in a peppercorn sauce, with garlic mashed potatoes and green and yellow beans. All very nice, but then came dessert.  OMG! The menu had said apple pie ala mode.  The pie had whipped topping and caramel sauce, plus the vanilla ice cream.  It had been a very satisfying meal, and both of us were unable to finish the main course, but this dessert was way over the top.  However I realized that it had been a fairly plain frozen apple pie.  Maybe the fancy stuff was to disguise that fact?

We went to finish applying for our passports today.  This is an example of how attitude can make or break an experience.  We had the forms all filled out from the website, which also said something about taking them into any Service Canada Centre.  Nope! You can get the forms there but that's all.  So at 2:00 we were suddenly off downtown.   Last time we went in the afternoon there was a huge lineup that wound all around the room in snake=like curves and then out the door. This time there was a line up that went half way around the room, and we were told there would be a fair wait.  So we got established in line, and then I needed the bathroom.  I went to the very harried security guard, and gently asked him if he could direct me to a public washroom.  Blank stare, and then he almost giggled a bit and in a hushed whisper told me that here was only one publc washroom in the whole buidling and where it was.  I guess that the question was so different from the usual, and not a complaint about the wait that it had thrown him for a moment.  He also knew where I had been in line and carefully assured me that I would have lots of time.  Just a quiet conversation that gave both of us a moment of relief and certainly relaxed me.  We had been so rushed and a bit panicky about having trouble finding parking ( we ended up six blocks away on the opposite side of Main st)  When I got back, David was at the front of the line, and we were started through the process right away.  We had to sit down and wait for a few minutes to pay for our stuff, and a lady a couple of seats down asked if we would change  our position inline with her ( we had paper numbers) as her husband was still in the first line, and her number was almost  up.  All in all , we were in and out of there is less than 30minutes.  We walked back to the car through a bit of the exchange and Market Square-something I haven't done in a couple of years.  We were able tolook at all of the new buildings.  Really a pleasant afternoon, when, with a different attitude, it could have been quite stressful.  Instead, we had an adventure.

Hope eternal... I have bought a lottery ticket for tonight. I always plan what I  shall do with my earnings - I guess that is what we waste the money on, eh?? Hope and dreams? Man oh man Patty you sure have your problems and reading your latest message about the ding reinforces my thoughts about things could be worse in my life and I shouldn't don't sweat the small stuff! But on the other hand, did you enjoy your dinner?
Tomorrow I make Greeen Tomato Mincemeat ( Cathy, page 174 of the KISS cookbook) I bought some currants and mixed fruit today at the bin store here in town and some apples at the grocery store so I should be able to mix it up real quick in the morning. Harry made Tomato paste today and I must admit it is really delicious but such a lot of work to produce. Remember I told you about my hornet stings... I am still bothered by them and the wrist area is still swollen and hard and red. and every once in awhile it gets really itchy and I go at it with great force which probably isn't helping it to heal.
Now that the Olympic coverage is over, I am realizing what a crappy station CTV is for programs - makes me wonder about satellite or cable again but then that thought quickly evaporates - I really don't watch much TV but I think Harry might cave in!  Harry got a fourth bread maker the other day (yes, 4th!) which I tried out with another lovely loaf of bread. This one will be going to his brother in Kirkland Lake and we shall be making a quick trip there one day soon - I am to take all the ingredients and quickly show him once we are at their house how to make a loaf of bread. His wife does nothing around the house so it really is him that I shall show.
Anyway, bed time, so nighty night and Take care

Don't have to worry

about which one of us will put the first scratch on the car. Someone else did it to save us from that guilt trip.  It happened in the valet parking at the casino, when we were there for supper Monday evening.  The casino people were very nice, accepting full responsibility, and giving us a letter to take to MPI.  Unfortunately, the lady at the MPI call centre didn't have a hot clue about how to deal with it and the conversation turned into  the most contentious ones I've ever had with anyone there.  She suggested that I had been scammed, as no-one ever freely accepts full responsibility.  Then she tried to tell us that David was responsible, as he had voluntarily given the car to someone else to drive, and it would be put against his driver's license.  And since we didn't have the driver information of the person driving the car  ( it was parked at the time) it would be classified as a "hit and run" and I would have to make a report to the police and obtain an incident number.  (Even I know that you don't need a police incident number if the accident occurs on private property)  this sort of accusation and confusion continued for almost 40 minutes and ended with me intears and David shouting at her.   David then called the person named on the letter, and got the ball rolling from the Lotteries Corporation end, and I think we're going to be fine.  However, we are still stuck with an appointment with an appraiser for Thursday , the 24th.  She refused to budge from that, just out of meanness, I think.

Yesterday was a little cooler, and today it rains.  David had been hoping to get the grass cut so that he could put the clippings out with the garbage tomorrow.  We got our new garbage and re-cycling bins Monday.  The new rules and reguations, about what can be put out when, are confusing and overwhelming.  David and I sat down and read them, and discussed them for almost an hour Tuesday morning, and I'm still not sure what's going to happen.  I have to wonder how people, who might be a little less educated, or have less time to read and digest rules, are going to manage.  I see total chaos for the first few weeks, and maybe longer, as this will be a totally new pick up system.

I was able to have coffee with my friend Carolyn on Monday morning.  We chatted, and drank coffee and chattted, each visiting the bathroom 3X, over 2 1/2 hours.  Her life is full,  mainly as a result of her own efforts.  She was in town testing some classes that she is preparing for a Princess Cruise in 2014.  We discussed lifestyle, and she says that she has been able to take advantage of every opportunity that has come her way.  I know that there have been times when I've had to walk away from opportunities, usually because of other commitments, either family or professional.  While I accept responsiblity for making those decisions, I still feel a twinge of regret when I hear about someone else's success.  But only a twinge, and no envy.  I have said that I have no regrets in the life I have lead, ( other than not spending more time with my children when they were young), and that's basically true. 

Yesterday I received a membership form from the quilters' guild in the mail.  Even though I have a Life membership I still have to fill out a form every year to update contact information etc.  Now this was another one of those small decisions that could have long range impact on my life.  So, even though I'm thoroughly mad at them and want nothing to do with them, I filled it out and mailed it back.  At the same time, I informed the people who used to ride with me, that I have no plans to attend meetings in the foreseeable future.  Unfortunately, one of them made the decision not to renew her membership, as a result.

I think I've written enough for now.  Beth, think of the opportunity to make a whole new set of friends, as new neighbours move in.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can I give you some tomatoes??

Or cucumbers perhaps??? Wish we were closer so I could dump (I mean share) some of the produce with you folks. It has been a good year for us growing especially since we watered every day to keep things going. Others are saying how awful it has been with everything dying because it was so dry, but they likely did not water either! You can start to see the end of some things now with vines yellowing a bit, so hopefully there will be an end haha. However, the beans are just peaking now so a few good meals there and I guess some in the freezer? The zucchini did not produce much for which I am eternally grateful- just enough for a few feeds of fried zucchini which I like.
Do you ever wonder sometimes? What I mean is this...the house beside us and three houses directly across from us are all for sale - all you can see are For Sale signs up - actually one has just sold this week, but doesn't it look rather suspicious or maybe I am just too paranoid
They had the annual triathlon in town this past weekend and I went down a few times to look around. The last races were for the little ones and I was shocked to see maybe 5 or 6 year olds peddling along the street and then running- I missed seeing the swimming part for these little guys but it struck me that maybe I should enter next year. I even got out my bike and rode it around the block! The first time since coming home from my trip - every time I decide to ride the bike, I have to pump up both tires so usually I am worn out before I even mount the darn thing. How are your bike excursions Patty?
Wonderful to get the mail today - I received my first flyer from the Shooting Star Casino. It was a mixed bag of emotions too, part excitement, part disappointment it was over, but it brought back some happy memories regardless.
Take care.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

computer works

We got the desktop back yesterday, and today the technican came to the house to set up an external hardrive backup system for us.  Everything now appears to be working for both computers.  I was trying to set up the laptop  Friday evening and yesterday morning and ended up having a bit of a meltdown, so we had taken it back to the shop yesterday.  They downloaded all of my files and got my e-mail sorted out.  So it has taken over a week, and an awful lot of money to get us up and running again.

Tonight will be the first evening we have had in awhile, where we can indulge our addictions to poker and trashy tv.  Intermittent rain today.  A bit of  a blessing.  With the birdbath full, we are seeing more birds in the yard, and even the grey squirrels have returned.  We got out on our bicycles yesterday for the first time in almost three weeks.  Tomorrow, I am going to see my friend Carolyn for coffee.  She has been in the city for a few days teaching test groups for five new classes she is preparing for the Embroidery cruise she and her husband are going on later this year.  (Sigh)

Hven't seen either of the children or any of the grandchildren sor awhile, but have been in touch with Amber.  This weekend, she and Darren were hosting a big social event for one of the groups he belongs to.  They supply the house and yard and everyone else does the work and looks after the food.  I guess they are popular people with a yard complete with trampoline, hot tub, and pool.  Too bad it also comes with "doggy-dew".

I guess that I'm glad to get the computers back, but it's too bad we had to spend so much money on it.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New truck and dinner, and bee stings

Late yesterday we drove up to North Bay to surprise Mike and see his new truck that he picked up in the afternoon. The surprise might have been on us though if I had not called him on his cell phone nearer to North Bay. He was about to head south to Sundridge to give it a drive and show it off to us. Happy ending as we met him at his house, had a real good look and a few pictures and then off to the corner pub for a meal. I had bangers and mash as did Mike, and Harry had fish and chips. He is so very proud of his new vehicle - a dark irreidescnet blue colour. He bought the truck storage box for the back but he was given the wrong size as we could not put it on - so he'll have to retrun that and get the right one. This morning after a night of rain and pumping water ( not complaining at all!!) there were a few large tomato plants listing badly so in attempt to right them and tie them up I disturbed a hornets nest apparently and was swarmed and biten on the wrist several times before screaming and yelling into  the house - one had gotten up my sleeve and when I shoke it away it flew somewhere inside?? Anyway apparently I should not have made such a fuss as that is not how you handle bees or hornets, so I was told, and had to proceed with helping to tie up the tomaotes. I thought of you Cathy and how serious such an encounter would have been and thus  thankful for only a few painful bites.Today is the open festival downtown Sunflower Festival with music and booths - it is not raining right noiw so hope for the sake of the people organizing the festival, that it will be OK. We shall make the walk down for a look  once Harry returns from his garage sale rounds. Enjoy your weekend all, and take care - stay away from hornets nests!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy times

The stress continues.  Last Friday evening, I tried to download a new e-magazine, and ran into trouble.  In trying to find a solution to the problem, I went to a site that was Microsoft recommended and Norton certified as safe. As a result I was 'hacked".  Before leaving for the lake on Saturday morning, we took my laptop into the "Geek Squad" to be checked out, and they suggested, that as the two were connected in a network, we might want to check out the desk top as well.  They also suggested that I cancel my credit cards, and any other banking information that might be on the computers. So that was done.  We have been without either computer since then, but got the laptop back today (Ka-ching, ka-ching).  It has been completely cleaned out out and now we have to set up everything--everything-- we had on there. The desktop only needed to have 19 viruses removed( Ka-ching, ka-ching), and we may get it back tomorrow.  ( It is 18 months old and quite obsolete--or so we were told. Amazement was also expressed that the 4 year old laptop was still viable)The Geek Squad is coming on Sunday to install an external hard drive ( ka-ching)that will serve as a back up to all of our files, as this is the second time in less than  two years that we've had to pay for a full recovery.  ( Ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching)  It looks as though he may have to set up some of the programs on my computer as well, including my e-mail.  We haven't paid for anything more than the external hard drive, so I hope there is no problem.

The good news is that, even if I have no e-mail, and I'm being watched carefully to make sure I don't do anything stupid again, I was able to get into the blog.  I was worried about the need to live on Kraft Dinner for the rest of the month, but David pointed out that we were out of Kraft Dinner, so that wasn't an option.  It also looks as though we won't be buying a new camera any time soon, so there will be no pictures.  You'll just have to use your imagination, Beth, in terms of how to turn a hat into a goldfish bowl.  I did get a lot of dyeing done, not all of it useful, even if I've tried to overdye the worst of it--unsuccessfully.

New underwear is always a treat.  Does yours have polka dots? 

For today, I'm grateful for a line-of-credit.  'Nuff said?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Work (or not)

I've been in once and had one phone call, but I wasn't home.  Believe it or not... we went to Brandon.  Okay, I'll admit that Jim had to pick up wheel bearings for the quad, but we went to Walmart too!  And spent $300.00 !!!!!  I have new underwear!! Yippee!!!   Okay... It's a big deal to me.  I wanted the 18 hour bras, but they didn't have my size.  Instead I have t-shirt bras.  Wow!  We also bought combs for the dogs.  One is a special comb for matted fur. It really works well, but you would want to be outside when you used it..  The fur goes everywhere.  Nika hates it, and she is the one that really needs it.   I really havn't done anything since I started holidays.  Just not going into work is enough.  I know I wll get some housework done sooner or later.  Jim has to take Stef to Winnipeg tomorrow.  He will be picked up at 6:30 or earlier.  Since I have to get up anyway, I guess I will get some work done. (or not).  Friday we get to go to Minnedosa to pick up an art show for Rrain.  Or at least I will go  Maybe I can work it into a visit with Stef and Jim will come too.  Now that Beth is gone we have cleaned the pool.  :)  We filled it up an Jim put new chlorine in and the water turned orange!!!  Makes you wonder doesn't it?  My ultrasound is slated for September 20th.  Good thing it wasn't an emergency,  Loren and Gillian stopped in on their way to Clear Lake.  She sure is turning into a young lady.  I mentioned that to Loren and he responded that Jeremy starts driver ed in September.  If it makes him feel old it REALLY makes me feel old.  Glad you made it home safe Beth.  We got our pictures today.  The ones at Clear Lake are really neat.  (mostly because I wasn't there, so they are new to me)  Both of you hang in there and we willl be together one day.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to civilization Patty

I wanted to be sure there was a message to welcome you back from the lake Patty and hope I am not too late as I couldn't get on the blog last night. I am hoping that you come home with metres and metres of dyed muslin????? But now to the upside down hat - I can't wait to see what you shall create. I was looking in the store this morning and for some reason touching all sorts of little fishy things that would fit into the theme of Whales and Minnows but then realized it is not me who is createing this, but you. But you have unintentionally stirred up my imaginations again so that is a good thing, right? And Cathy, I can picture you out in the garden picking and weeding and doing down all sorts of veggies, right? Or maybe my long distance vision is not working haha.
Anyway, cheers to you both and take care.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

We had rain last night

Actually a violent thunder and lightening storm but it did come with rain. I was up using the sump pump and glad to see the wet stuff coming down. In North Bay they were having the annual long weekend Summer in the Park festival with top named performers ie Mariana's Trench and Meatloaf. The storm came out of nowhere across Lake Nipissing and blew at the outdoor stage and with fears of it tumbling down, they had to cancel the last act, that being Meatloaf. So the audience saw all but that one group play. We went one year and bought the weekend wrist bands, and attended all the performances and I said "not again" and we haven't been back since. I actually got sick because of the heat and the loud, very loud, music. That year the highlight for me was seeing Randy Bachman and Glen Campbell but could easily have missed the other rock bands and not been sorry. Tomorrow we ahve to go down to the Lake to visit with Harry's cousin who has a lot and trailer set up. They come up from Hamilton very infrequently - wonder even why they continue on with the property but I guess if they can come even one week a year it may be worth it for them. This is the lot that we drive to during the year to check on. Well, time for bed - I have the Olympics on the TV but it appears to be repeats from earlier today. Some exciting events but once you've seen them the first time, the thrill is gone! Take care PS. Cathy, did you get the pool cleaned out?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

H... E... what's the difference

I know exactly what happened to Hyram... I was thinking of "E" names to go with the elephant and I typed what I was thinking!!!! Talk about subliminal!!!  Hyram is still Hyram.  Did you know that if you put a Hippopotamus on your hand and then lean on your hand it is most comfortable.. Just don't tell Hyram that.  He thinks I am cuddling him!

Well half of the lost messge came through......

so I'll quit for now as obviously I am not able to handle this high tech stuff haha Where would the rest of the messge be???

Elmer??? where did Hyram go??

Fickle people eh?? Anyway it is so hot and humid today and NO RAIN! Have a new keyboard today so still trying to get used to it. I vacuumed the "K" off the old one today and before I could dig around in the vacuum bag, Harry said he wanted to change the keyboard anyway, so I dug out one of our old ones Seems to work OK but since I do not have my glasses on, it seems to be a challenge for me tonight haha I just finished the watering - this is my job again apparently! Have seen a bit of the Olympics on TV and Canada is doing OK but Britain is really capturing medals today much to the delight of the spectaors.
Here is the message I wrote that was not published Hope it goes through this time.

Blog toubles

Wrote a nice message but it got caught in cyber space somehere - I ' ll try to retrive if I can..


I never thought my holidays would start. (I also never thought I would get back into the blog!)  It is also raining here today.  We have had over 2 inches since yesterday.  Our first rain in ages.  Today is Jim's 65th birthday.  I guess the rain was a present for him.  I gave him a card. (generous, aren't I?)  I don't think much will get done around the house today.  I want to do nothing and it is Jim's day to do nothing.  I might last until noon before I go nuts.  I went to bed really early last night.  I skipped meat draw and the last thing I remember is April and her family arriving for a visit. Cory says that Jim needs new wheel bearings for the quad.  It is 12 years old and we doubt the wheel bearings have ever been changed.  Elmer has been moping around the house missing Heather, but a new lady elephant has moved in and he has his eye on her. I guess it wasn't really true love with Heather.  I am not sure of the new neighbours name, but it might be Elsabet. We should find out later.  Kik is making breakfast today, in honour of Jim's birthday.  He has put in his order.  It is so cool out that we really should cook a roast or something in the oven, but we are having Chinese tonight.  I have no plans for my holidays, except  I expect the garden to be going nuts on me. We will be having an office shower for Patty next week.  I am not sure of the day because Mallorie was off on Thursday and Friday and Shirley was sick on Friday so no decision was made.  Yes, your count is right.  That left Elizabeth and I on Friday.  I am glad the week is over.  My month end didn't work out either.  Poor Patty will be stuck with it when she gets back.  I am $2.18 out and I know where it is from, but I don't know how to fix it.  They were supposed to call me from Winnipeg last week, but I never heard.   I left a note of apology for Patty and told her to call Evelyn in Winnipeg.  She didn't know how to fix it, but she was going to ask Derrick.  I love challenging people.  I will keep you posted as my "holiday' progresses.  Hopefully I will have to do nothing at all.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Vacations for all...

Cathy is now on vacation, right? And now Patty is going to the lake for a vacation, right? And poor Beth is finished with her vacation but has some great memories to recall anytime she wants /needs to, right?  So all is good. You folks have yourself a merry good time just like I did.
Mike bought himself a new (used) truck and traded in his car. He has been wanting to do this for awhile now - perhaps a positive and well received interview for a three year contract position helped in his decision. I wish him well in that regard. My little car treats me well and was good to drive on such a long trip. Lots of construction with many stops and starts but if it means better highways it is worth it -especially around Thunder Bay and it appears they are making a new four lane road "around" the city which will likely bypass it for traffic heading straight through either east or west. We have lots and lots of produce here and I have been busy these last few days trying to do something with it all. Cathy I am trying the new cook book and making million dollar pickles (page  168) and I'll let you know how they turn out. This is an attempt to use some larger cukes from the garden.I got my pictures developed and have sent you both some in the mail so you can have a few laughs too! Take care on this August long weekend and I'll call when I win the $30 million tonight!!


Dinner was a bowl of homemade mushroom soup and half a turkey sandwich, but washed down with beer.  We had talked about buying beer at the vendor, but I prefer to make it an occasional treat.  However, David is talking about buying some at the LCBO in Clearwater Bay on our way to the lake tomorrow. Yeah, we've been "generously" allocated 3 days down there for this year.  But I'll be out of touch until sometime Tuesday--just so you know.  I plan to take all of my dyeing supplies with me, to keep busy, but also a deck of cards.  And we have a pile of library books all begging to be read.

We are enjoying our new bed.  I can't seem to get enough sleep.  I'm not sure why. It's not like the sort of dopiness that comes with depression, but rather I sleep well at night, and then nap, and then sleep well again.  My back pain is pretty well gone, but the eye problems continue.  However, I did make an appointment with that specialist, and see him next Friday.

My creativity seems to be flowing.  I've been off buying beads.  Beth, it's too bad you weren't with me when I went to the "crazy lady" bead store.  I took my fabric and she got right into it.  We ended up with half her stock spread out all over the store.  I think she likes the company, especially someone who can talk "bead".  Then we went to get a new wine kit, and I dropped in on the other bead store, as I noticed their sandwich board out on the sidewalk.  I had honestly thought they had closed! So I got a few more there.  The 16 containers I bought the other day were used up quickly and now I have to get more.  And I have been thinking through and planning how to deal with the technical problems involved in turning a hat into a fish bowl, but I'll put all of that on the other blog, once I actually start work.

For today, with all of the stuff that we are taking to the lake for three days, I'm grateful for a car with a larger trunk that the previous one.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


What am I doing up at midnight playing with the blog? When I finally found the blog address to sign in, there was a message that our security ( Kaspersky) needed to be renewed - so I proceeded to renew not realizing that it would take almost three hours to go through the downloads etc. Then when I finally go onto the blog, I find your message Patty that made me feel so anxious myself at all the "fuss' that Tuesday caused you. I do  hope that you will have a good sleep tonight and wish you well for tomorrow and all the days to follow. Hope the dinner at the casino was nice? When I got home Wed at 4 pm, I was greeted with "I haven't had anything to eat for two weeks" so I suggested that I would treat him to a dinner out. We went to a restaurant in Sundridge that had changed hands two years ago and were so surprised to see wonderful changes inside and out - beautiful decor and a lovely meal. I even had a glass of wine inspite of being the designated driver!! At last, tonight (Thur) I have finished unpacking - only after watering the entire yard. We now have one channel and it is CTV so I am now watching the Olympics as I write. But I shall keep this short as bed beckons me! Had a wonderful talk with Mike tonight - the greatest thing to happen on Wed was that I passed his military van as he headed for Sault Ste Marie and I was heading towards home. He travels to SSM every Wed returning on Thurs. I was so excited that I actually spotted him as traffic was heavy. I called him on his cell phone immediately to tell him I just passed him and as I looked up a police car passed me so wondered if he would spot me on the cell phone - I played with my hair to pretend I was not speaking on the phone and I guess it worked as I was not stopped!! Anyway I am "back in the saddle again" on the blog so looking forward to much communication amongst us all!  Take care XXX

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Rough day

Yesterday we went to pick up the car.  Sitting in the office, we started going through the paperwork.  When he asked for the money, I reached into the envelope and --nothing.  Where was the bank draft?  Frantic trip home, going through all of the garbage, all of the papers in the recycling bin, all of the files we keep in the bankers box--nothing.  Had we lost a $20,000 bank draft? Tears, and wailing, worries we were going to have to sellthe house to pay it back.  But finally we found the right envelope on the side of the fridge, where we normally only keep papers needed for medical appointments.  So back to the dealership and pick up the car.  David wanted to find out when we needed to schedule our first oil change, so as to maintain our warrantee, and while he was doing that, I waited in the car, in front of the dealership. Suddenly here was the salesman , and the financial officer frantically checking the front of the car for the VIN number.  It seems they had the wrong VIN number on all of the paperwork.  So back inside and re-do all of the paperwork. Did I mention how hot and humid it was?  I don't do hot and humid well, and was just about a basket case when we got away from there.  But I did drive it back to our side of the city!!

We wanted to get our insurance sorted out right away, so headed straight to the mall and our agency.  In to the washroom where I washed my face with a damp towel and felt marginally better, picked up my new purse, only to have the handle fall off.  When David checked it, all of the hardware was loose.  He took some off one area to re-attach the handle, but I was hot, humid and upset, so off we went to return the purse--if we could.  It took quite awhile, and David was having a problem with parking the car.  He didn't have enough points on his card for parking, and I didn't have a card.  More ,humid and frantic fuss. I went to arrange to get a new card, while David searched out the gift shop manager.  They were very accommodating about returning the purse, even if I didn't have the shoulder strap.  They even gave me a plastic bag to carry all of my stuff from out of the purse.  It took awhile but I got my $$ back, but by that time, we were both ready for happy hour, so ended up in the bar, where we used my newly returned points to buy supper.  We still had a list of chores, but decided to call it a day.

Overall, the past couple of weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.  So much pleasure in seeing Beth, but so much emotion around health issues, and borrowing money, and making the decision to ,not  one, but two large purchases.  By noon today, after finishing the chores, I was still a basket case and ended up sleeping for two hours.  Today, I'm very grateful that I have new bed.