Tuesday, December 31, 2013


This has been quite a year.  I am certainly gaining a better understanding of my own mortality.  I guess I always thought things could get better, but now I don't see that as a certainty.  Physically, I am seeing the end approaching, and will fight any way I can.  I have been to two aquacize classes in the heated pool at Seven Oaks and think they are wonderful.  The heated pool makes all of the difference.  But after each class, I have come home, slept for an hour and then spent the rest of the day with increased pain.  I am determined to keep going with this, but had a rough night, am facing another class this morning.  I see that the wind chill is -51 degrees, and can barely manage to type this, my hands are so sore.  Maybe my next trip over there will be Thursday--along with the 500 other people who have joined  in an effort to keep resolutions.  My new bathing suit is a hoot.  It consists of a pair of shorts and a separate top with a full "skirt" and quite supportive built-in bra.  When I move the skirt tends to balloon up around my shoulders, and thoroughly get in the way.  I'm sure no-one can see anything under the water, but, non-the-less, I'm glad the built-in bra is black. and not see-through!  When I think about the whole process, I come to realize that maybe the effort of getting dressed and out of the house may be the most important part of the whole concept.

David is blowing a lot of snow.  He says we have as much now as we did all of last winter.  There hasn't been a really good plowing done, and the streets, even the main ones, are rutted and very, very slippery.  Many accidents.  When we ventured out yesterday, there was a half-ton truck sitting on top of a snow bank facing the wrong way on Munroe a couple of houses down, and closer to home, the street was littered with vehicle parts.  It must have been quite a night.  There is a "down to pavement" clean-up scheduled for later this week--a new budget year, you understand.

Beth, I'm glad to hear that you have some closure regarding the dog.  I could feel the depth of your distress, reading your blog about it.

Well, I think I have procrastinated enough that getting out to a aquacize class is no longer realistic.  We haven't been out for New Year's Eve in over 20 years, but David is determined to head out tonight.  Mind you he wants to eat supper at home first.  I think I would be just as happy staying home and playing poker, as we've done the past few years, but my bankroll is now down almost $70,000, in play money.  It took me almost 2 years to accumulate that amount, and I want it back!

Have a great evening, sleep well, and relax tomorrow.  May life only get better over the next 12 months.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

I hear of your deep freeze !

So I guess your staying in and reading or sewing or playing computer or watching Star Trek seems like a great idea. Only thing is that the deep freeze there in Manitoba will likely make its way to me soon. Today it was borderline freezing and icicles were dripping off the roof and making a little puddle on the sidewalk. So out I went and cleaned off the roof all around and the little sheds. And then cleared away all this snow that fell from the roof. I am still trying to keep ahead of the spring thaw and possible leaking into the house.
There is one lonely fishing hut out on the lake so far - a bit early perhaps but then I'm not the one they would listen to haha Yesterday there were many others on foot also fishing around the hut and many snowmobile tracks leading onto the lake. Someone had also cleared a little skating rink on the ice - now I would love to try that out but not likely until it gets a bit colder.
There was a bit of a "closure" experience for me last evening as I was walking the dog. A van passed me by and then stopped and backed up to speak with me. It was a young lady and she started with "it is you! I have been trying to find you" It was the owner of the dog that was killed some time back. She asked how I was doing and then we had a really good conversation. She said she knew I was a Brownie Leader but couldn't remember my name. Turned out she was one of my brownies ( then she would have been 5 or 6 years old?) She had even gone to the Pharmacy to ask one of the people working there who does all sorts of doggy sitting but this person could not think of me even with the brief description this lady gave her. So I came back home with a totally different perspective about the incident and I think very positive feelings rather than the feelings of blame or regret. I guess this, too, was meant to be.
I am tired now after all that shovelling so plan to relax a bit and then get at organizing some of the Christmas decorations. It is now time for me to "let go" and I think I will be just fine with clearing then up. Take care

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Everything happens in one week

I always think of Pati & Dave at this time of year.  Especially Dave since everything happens all at once for him.  Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday.  I certainly hope that the entire week has been and will be wonderful for both of you.  Our casual person started on Friday.  She is older (born in 1960) and really wants to stay in Neepawa, not go to Winnipeg.  If she works out we might be able to keep her.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile we have a warm body in the office.     I myself did nothing today.   I read a book this morning and early this afternoon, once the snow stopped falling we went to town to get dog food.  Then we came home and have been watching old Star Trek movies since then.  The fourth one is just ending.  What an exciting day!  Everyone needs a day like that once in a while.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

What this all means

I think the last few post have been some of the most moving ones we've ever had.  We are demonstrating that we are a family, even though we are miles apart and some of us have never actually met. ( cousin Mike, meet cousin Darren.) We may not all share blood, but we share relationships, some of us share interests, and we each share a loving relationship with most of the others.  

In the past, there have been occasions when the wine has been an important part of the toast, but from now on, it will be the fact that we are family that will cause us to raise a glass at the appointed time--where ever we may be on the journey of life, or just on a journey.

Another happy recruit

I am pleased to say that another next generation family member has joined in our little adventure. Mike says he is " in "- only I just have to remind him. I will ensure he has (I'm sure Erin will also be part of this as well) the appropriate toasting glass. Sounds as if this is snowballing to our great delight! And Patty you threw out the first little snowball. Take care

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


I spoke to the next generation and the people in the picture above have all committed to joining us in a toast at 6:00 Winnipeg time on December 24, 2014.  Back row from the left Darren, Loren, Gillian and Sheila  Middle row Jessica and Amber in front

Trying all by myself

Merry Christmas.....   No clock, but it was a selfie!