Tuesday, March 31, 2015

S-h-h-h! Scary!

I think she brought someone with her.  After grocery shopping today I heard a man on my basement stairs calling himself rude names.

Grocery shopping was as  distressing this month as it was last month.  I'm guessing that the cost of things other than produce is showing up at the till.  We spent some time trying to figure out if it was that, or if the fact that we bought a few staples was to blame.  A bit of both, I think.  But this means re-jigging my budget.  This isn't as much of a problem as it could have been, as we also discovered that our Canada pensions, combined, have gone up over $100/month.

We're home now, everything is put away, and I need a nap.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Reading about that "crazy old lady" is like reading about myself.  I love laughing with you and at the same time laughing at myself.  You have given me a lot of pleasure today

Warming up again

The Art Fair went better than we could have hoped.  There was a steady stream of people, but not too many at any one time. So the demonstrators were had time to demonstrate and time to answer questions.  I'm told that the guest speaker was very entertaining, very well informed, and well worth having back.  We believe that this is the first time there has been something like this within the Winnipeg Art Community, and already there is talk about the next one.

On the down side, I don't think I have done that much walking in a very long time, and my hips may never forgive me.  I took my tall stool and sat at the door as a greeter, but then served as a "go-fer" for a fair bit.  While everyone was in listening to the speaker, Dave and I sat in the hall, and ate lunch ( he brought me a lovely quinoa and mandarin salad.), acting as security.  It was also nice to see a lady, whose husband is severely and chronically ill at home, come out for the afternoon.  She managed to get some respite help, and came to act as one of our displayers.

In many ways I'm glad it's over, but now I still have to do paperwork.  I sent some pictures to the webmaster, for the group.  I sent a small write-up and pictures to the newsletter editor.  I have to write a final report on the purpose and activities of the small committee that morphed into the Art Fair committee.  I have sent out an evaluation sheet to all of the committee members, rather than having a face-to-face meeting, and we'll see how that works.

But on the home front that crazy old lady just has to go.  Today she tried to cook oatmeal for breakfast.  Carefully measured the dry oatmeal into the pot, carefully measured out the first cup of water-- and then dumped it into the bin of oatmeal.  Memo to self--don't try to cook until you are awake.  Trying to sort out wet and dry oatmeal made me think of clumping cat litter.

Today is my Artists' Trading Card group, over lunch, always a pleasant time.

Friday, March 27, 2015

It never left from here....

and more last night. Another snow storm with winds over night starting off as sleet and then snow. Tough to shovel this morning especially where the snow plow left a big dump of hard, crusty slushy like stuff.across the driveway. At least I didn't have to do a full out shoveling job - only the driveway and front sidewalk. I figure that the rest all around the house can just wait until it melts.
Today we went to an Amish Quilting Bee.  It was advertised in the paper to take place at the Library in Powassan (three towns north towards North Bay)  I was going to go but when I saw the weather this morning, I decided not to try the roads. But Harry said he would drive me so off we went. There is a very large Amish community in this area including  horse and buggies for transportation. Their hand made wood furniture is always on show at all the fairs etc with showrooms right in the town of Powassan. Anyway the newspaper stated ".....see how to put a quilt on a frame,and hand quilt. You can observe, or if you wish, help with quilting."  We got there in plenty of time but it was already in business with approx 15 ladies seated around the frame all doing some stitching on the borders. It was a tumbling block patterned quilt. About six Amish ladies were in attendance, and many others seated with more people coming in, it was a sort of musical chairs. We just looked on with interest but as the room became overflowing, we left. Maybe only there about 30  minutes?  But, it was an outing of interest for me and glad I went even if somewhat disappointing in terms of a real learning opportunity.
After supper tonight I took the dog for a walk down to the lake. This is the first time in a few months that we have walked. Over the last months with the cold temps we have just gone out in the yard. It felt good to get back into the habit - I have missed these walks a great deal.
Hoping your day today Pati, was successful, and now you can relax a bit. And to you both, hope your weekend will be just fine! Take care

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

It's B-a-a-ack!

But hopefully, not for long.  David had put away his winter boots and parka, and is off getting them out again.  He hadn't, yet, put away the snow blower, and got out the lawn mower.

To cheer us up and give us hope, here is a picture of my Daffodils at their finest.  They are gone now, but I kept this to remind me.

We have to head out today.  I need to get a bit of printing done and to pick up a couple of things for Friday.  I would like to get it done today, so that I can relax tomorrow.  Friday is going to be a rough day.  I lost two of my displayers yesterday.  I was able to replace one of them, thank Goodness. The other one is in the middle of a significant family medical emergency, and we just won't be able to replace her.  We had a sketching lesson at the club yesterday afternoon, and it's amazing how much other work you can accomplish just sitting there. The timing worked in my favour.

P.S.I just had a phone call telling me that one of the other ladies has found a replacement for my lady who's dealing with the critically injures daughter-in-law.  Yeah!  We're back up to full count again.

Winter Celebration (not)

We got as much snow last night as I think we have had all winter.  About 6 or 7 inches lying in our yard.  The ruts on the highway were hitting the bottom of our truck.  I'm glad we don't have a car!!  And now it is bright and sunny and looks wonderful out.  Just don't try walking 'cause there is ice under the snow.  I know it will melt soon.  (probably just in time for the 5-10 centimetres they are calling for on Friday. ) I wonder why our ancestors thought this was a good place to settle?  I should appreciate it.  Any further south and we would be Americans!! I like being a Canadian.  Since I am at work I probably should do some, or at least pretend.  Have a great day

Yes, indeed...

Today is Jeremy's Birthday, and we wish him a great time celebrating his day! Happy Birthday to you.
Here , the weather is forever the problem. Last night was OK for the greenhouses, but freezing rain from Winnipeg way is threatening.  Last evening Aunt Evelyn called ( as she frequently does) to say her son Marshall was stranded in Winnipeg because of freezing rain.So I knew our latest challenge was a gift from you! He is flying a bush plane for a friend who lives in BC. Flying it from North Bay to BC and only got to Winnipeg before he was grounded. If weather does not allow him to go on he plans to leave it in Wpg and fly back home to North Bay.
W worked in the greenhouses most of day yesterday intensely from 1 to about 4 pm planting seedlings, transplanting and me moving them back and forth between houses. Basically I was the gopher - finding more pots, making markers to identify each pot, moving plants, uncovering and then covering again etc.Lots of fun!
Today I hope to get the income tax papers organized so I can take them into accountant tomorrow on our way to Huntsville. It will be nice to see what we owe now, so I can fuss about it until the deadline due April 30.Always have to pay lots each year so not looking forward to this time of year.Also the property taxes come due April 30 - too much all at once!
Well, time for my second coffee to enjoy before the day begins in earnest!
Take care

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

A couple of days early,but we get together when we can.  Jeremy asked if we could celebrate at the Half Moon in Lockport. (!??)  Evidently it is one of the few places left where you  can find pin ball machines--a favourite of his.  They let Loren take in a cake-another from Cakeology-the shop owned by a friend.  You may remember the beautiful "roses"cake that Gillian had a couple of years ago.  This was similar,but a vanilla/caramel flavour.
My "special" memory of the Half Moon, was trying to wrestle with a pantie girdle in the middle of winter, when the only facility was an out house.  That was a few years ago.

Gillian's birthday is next month.  Her Mother has told her over the years that she can't join the Mother/Daughter excursions on that side of the family, until she was 16.  Well,this is the year, and the group is heading for Las Vegas during Spring Break--which is a couple of weeks from now here in Manitoba.

Loren told me that, when he called to see if they would let him take a cake in, they told that was no problem,but that they couldn't guarantee him a table!? Well, the place was packed, and finding a table was a problem.  We ended up with the 5 of us in a booth for 4,  and three of us are pretty big people!

That was the highlight of our weekend, although I did finish the beading on my piece.  I'm needing to do some dyeing to finish it, so have fabric in the washer, and tomorrow the messy work starts.

chase the Ace

I read in the paper this week that Chase the Ace at the a local Legion was finally won at well over $80,000.  Down to three cards, evidently.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


I always talk to myself.  That way I am guaranteed an intelligent and interested listener! (or so I try to tell myself).  Jim is headed off to Chase the Ace.  I am looking forward to a nice hot soaky bath.  I don't need one, but I so enjoy soaking in the heat.  One day when I win the lottery I am going to buy myself a hot tub.  Or at least a newer bath tub with a sloping back instead of the straight up and down one I have.   I was supposed to have a tele-meeting on Monday, but there is just no time.  It is a shame in a way, since I think the meeting might have explained some of the questions I have, but both Patty and Shirley are away, which leaves me.  I told Elizabeth that I had declined the meeting and she agreed that she will back me if there is any fallout from missing it.  Don't you love work.  I finally submitted my taxes.  I got it down to owing $87.00.  I wish I knew how some people seem to get so much money back every year.  Rehearsals are happening.  I think at this point "really sad" is the best description of how they are going.  We are also committed to doing a patient safety play in May too.  I hope I can learn 2 sets of lines in the same time period.  I have trouble remembering which direction I was walking in if someone stops me.   And you laugh about talking to yourself.  I ask myself questions like "what was I doing a second ago?"  Fortunately, since I ask myself out loud, someone usually hears me and answers.  They just think I am strange for forgetting what I was doing.  Little do they know that I had no idea anyone else was listening other than my self!   I don't envy you your weather Beth.  We are cooler now, and very windy, but we are sooo much better off than last year.  I will try to blow some hot air your way.  Should be easy since that is what usually comes out of my mouth  (:P).   The hot water is calling.  I wonder if I have any bubble bath anywhere?

What about me??

Some of my best conversations (most?) are with my very own (silly) old lady. I get a sense of great satisfaction talking with this reasonable congenial person.
I am trying to clean up my cloths closet today to get a sense of what cloths I have and what I can get together for a trip to Winnipeg. I now have 4 pairs of nylons, a fanny pack, one housecoat, a pair of slippers, a pair of dress shoes, and a pair of winter boots put aside. Do you think I'll need anything else?
In the mess of the stuff filling my closet, as well as other things, I have found more bags and boxes of pictures. I would love one week of concentrated time to get them all organized. But how?  When I was speaking with friend Janie last week, she stated 'Why bother, nobody cares about them but you" I thought perhaps she might be right? But again, I would like to at least have something organized to pass on, and then whoever sees them can decide what to do. What do you think?
We had a snow storm starting last night and into today with strong winds and blustery, blowing snow. No working in the greenhouse today! I watered well in the big greenhouse yesterday, and the little one is still OK for now.
 Hoping to get at a bit of sewing later if possible, but the house seems to be beckoning me "vacuum,vacuum vacuum". Then again, "why bother" haha
Hope your talk with the vegetables went well Pati, and how about you Cathy? Any strange conversations?
Take care

Crazy old lady is back

I caught her talking to the vegetables in the fridge.  Thank Goodness they didn't talk back.

Friday, March 20, 2015


The group that came over has a rule about food.  We only serve water.  The ladies only stay for about 1 1/2 -2 hours and no-one is in danger of starving to death in that time.  I have belonged to groups that became entirely about the food, rather than the original purpose.  I know of one quilting group that ended up going to other houses for a massive luncheon, and stopped talking about quilting!  Having said that, I love going to my friend Maureen's for Tuesday stitchers, as she often/usually serves tarts made with ground rice. Sounds weird, but--oh my!--they are good!  She tells us that she can only find ground rice in England, and grinding it up in the blender does not work for the tarts, so these really are a special treat.  Knowing what she has to go through to make them for us (her pastry is also to die for), I only allow myself one, but I've told her how much I like them.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

What did you serve your ladies?

I thought about that today, as I took down my recipe box looking for apple crisp recipes. Yes, more apples in need of some attention. As I went through my desserts section I found the recipe for Brown Betty. On it was written in my handwriting "Mom's recipe from Pati 2011"  I got all excited as I had not remembered having this. And so I made it. And so I liked it very much. And so I had some more. And so I had a good time eating and reminiscing.   Thank you Pati!
This afternoon we took a trip to the Sugar Bush. Mathews Maple Syrup Bush is owned by an old friend of Harry and we go every Spring to watch the first tapping, or during March Break when they are providing horse drawn sleigh rides through the bush, and tours of the production line, and taffy fresh made on ice slabs for the kids to try. And of course, BBQ ( Scouts doing this for funding raising) We bought our usual fresh 2015 Maple Syrup 2 litre jug, and one litre jugs for each of the boys. So for tonight's supper I made waffles with fresh delicious maple syrup.
We were outside at 6 am this morning with me standing in the minus 20 degree weather outside (for one whole hour!) and Harry inside the little greenhouse spraying all the plants!! It got to 30 degrees inside the greenhouse and if we didn't spray, the seedlings would not survive the freezing.The big greenhouse was borderline - just slightly above freezing so would be OK. We are set to do again tomorrow morning and so will be checking the thermometer closely during the night. If it gets to around 40 degrees we shall head out again to repeat the procedure. It is supposed to warm up by the weekend but these last few nights have been cold. Time for the news on TV, and then to bed. The bed, and the warmth I can feel in my mind that it will provide is looking very tempting tonight as I am chilled, and very tired.  Take care

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Pleasant day

Not an exceptional day or exciting day, just mildly pleasant.  Saw the surgeon this morning about my right knee, for what should be the last time ( 5 months post-op) although he said to come back in 3 years for a follow-up.  He told me to get rid of the cane, because I didn't need it.  The Tim's in the hospital; still had contest cups/although we didn't win anything.  Going through the lobby there was a woman selling daffodils, and my DH offered to buy me some.  Oh My! So I now have a vase of daffodils on my table just starting to open.  On our way home we visited the bakery and bought bead and buns and raisin cinnamon bread for my breakfast tomorrow--a rare treat.  Then we had to go and buy deli meat for the buns, and bought enough for about 10 sandwiches, although we only bought two buns.  While doing all this shopping, I found out that I  have been relying on that cane a little more than I had realized.  But once I had rested my leg a little, I managed both up and down the basement stairs, without the cane.

Tomorrow my Fibre Art ladies come over in the evening.  They will meeting the basement, so David has covered the bed with the cat quilt,just for show, and the place has been dusted and vacuumed.  I sure stirred up a lot of dust, which has now settled back down on everything.  Oh Well.

After supper, I managed to get a bit of beading done on my most recent piece, and the next piece is starting to come together in my mind.  Just a pleasant,mellow sort of day.

Keurig machine

Did I ever tell you folks about the new Keurig 2.0 machine we bought Dec 30?  We have had nothing but issues with the d... thing since then. Finally this morning Harry stated "That's it, it goes back today". I was going up to North Bay anyway, so the machine was boxed up and I went into Canadian Tire and asked for a refund. No problem and I got a refund deposited back onto the master card. The girl at the counter said there had been a few other complaints about this machine and that the simpler ones seemed to be the better buy. I felt so good having done this as I haven't used it myself for over a month because I couldn't get it to work.  We have a back up which I brought up and placed on the counter. So tomorrow, I cross my fingers for a nice cup of coffee!!
Happy St Patrick's Day to you. I took a Daniel O'Donnell Irish Music CD in the car with me to play, and also a little leprechaun I have on a shelf here at home - I placed it on the dash and had a great day! I guess I felt a little impish today?  Take care

Monday, March 16, 2015


We saw next to no snow until we got into the Carberry Hills, and then it was mainly in the bush.  Heading North on #5 we started to see a bit of snow in the fields just before we got to Cathy's.  There was a little snow around Cathy's.  Not much, but more than we had seen elsewhere.  David says this does not bode well for crops this year, even if they are predicting a bit of flooding along the Assiniboine.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

How exciting....

I just had the best time reading and gazing at pictures and thinking of you all. What a wonderful way to spend your Birthday. And I had two days to be wondering what you were up to as I suspected you had a  "drive about" in your plans haha!  Thanks for the suspense, and then the blow by blow description of everything. The traditional picture was an extra treat to see.
Thanks for the fun.....Take care
ps I see no snow in your pictures. This took me by surprise even though you have said that there is no snow in our area. Mine will disappear no doubt, but it is a real pain to see it piled up here for so long!

Our Adventure, or How I spent my birthday

Our plan was to get up, get dressed, and hit the road, planning to be on the highway before 8;30.  But I decided that we should have oatmeal for breakfast, instead of a Tim Horton's breakfast biscuit, so it was closer to 9:30 before we actually hit the highway. After gassing up ( I was able to get a cup of tea at Tim's while the car was being filled.  I didn't win anything with my tea, but David won a free coffee for buying gas), we headed around the North Perimeter,    This was our first trip through there since the construction was finished for Centre Port.  The whole area has changed, especially visually.  We almost missed the turn off onto #1 West.  The road between Winnipeg and Headingly has been re-done--Beautiful!  And the signs said that they plan to do more in terms of twinning the road.  Headingly is a booming little town, but you can still find Headingly Husky and Nick's Drive-In--if you look closely enough.  (Needed the Husky after drinking all that tea).

Next stop was Tim Horton's in Portage La Prairie.

 Bought more tea, hot chocolate for David, and then headed out west yet again. won a free coffee on the tea this time. Finally hitting Hwy #5, we turned South.  And darned if a tour bus didn't turn south right behind us.  There weren't many signs, and the road was awful but eventually we found what we were looking for, with the tour bus hot on our tail.

I had spent a fair bit of time on the computer trying to register us for their Gold Club, as Cathy had told me that , if you register via internet, you get 10X points on your first visit, and a free lunch.  The computer had given me problems, so I had phoned and been told that we had  only registered for their newsletter, and would  have to fill out paper and pencil forms when we got there.  And that tour bus looked fairly full of people, who were likely going to have to do the same thing!  Oh,Oh!  Big line ups??  We grabbed the first handicapped parking spot we could find, and rushed into the building.  The bus was parked and starting to open the doors.  Hooray!  We were first in line.  We filled out forms and got our Gold Club cards, but the free lunch was only if you were there on your birthday. Oh Really?  There was a little confusion when I realized I had  put down my date of birth as March 14, 2015, (crazy old lady??)  but it got sorted out and I got a voucher for lunch.

We spent a pleasant couple of hours, and then headed into the buffet.  They asked David for --hold your breath--$16.95!   Then she realized that we had "over 55" stickers on our Gold Club Cards, so it was only $12.67.  I remarked that I hoped we got more than soup and a sandwich ( which is what we've been offered other places).  When we got in. David went to checkout the steam table and came back excited.  We had found ourselves in a special sea food buffet.  It was, hands down, the best sea food buffet, if not best casino buffet, that we have ever had.  The chef even came around to offer us lobster tails.  There was crab salad, crab cakes, shrimp, crab legs, seasoned salmon, battered mushrooms, and much much more, including more traditional items such as bannock,salad bar, b-b-q chicken wings, stir fries, and Asian noodles.  We ate well, and then the waitress came around offering dessert--cherry cheesecake or chocolate mousse cake.  So I even managed to get a bit of cake for my birthday.  But then we had to say goodbye, and left richer than we had gone in.

So we headed North, toward Cat Spit Holler.  I have no picture of that, as the sign had broken and was in the garage.  We were greeted by three enthusiastic dogs, and my sister, and DH.  We spent about an hour with them, including taking the traditional picture.  We also got to see several pictures of little Chloe.  Yes, Cathy is turning into one of those proud Grandmas who have lots of pictures to share.  She looks like a cheerful little thing, full of smiles and bright eyes.

Then it was time to hit the road again.  Back to Portage la Prairie, where I used the free coffee rim I won earlier, to buy a Cafe Mocha.  I also bought a lemon poppy seed muffin.  I don't recommend them.  My tummy was upset the rest of the way back to the city

  We then went to Club Regent, as I had a card that would give me $10.00 of slot play and a gift.  The gift is always a bit of a joke, a too-small-to-be-of-any-use tote bag and a used deck of cards with a hole drilled through it.  But they did give me a little button to wear on my collar that had flashing lights announcing my birthday. It was a concert night, and an absolute zoo, so we stayed awhile and then headed home, with money in our pockets.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

It happened over night

I turned into a crazy old woman.  I made a phone call this morning on the tv remote and only realized there was a problem when I couldn't find the "talk " button.

Today is a special day for Pati

Happy Birthday Sister!
Today is your day and a day to get out there and enjoy!
Have a Tim's for me, haha
Best Wishes for a happy and wonderful "special" day. XXX

Friday, March 13, 2015

What a difference a day makes.....

Back to colder temps today - some snow overnight, and today and tomorrow more snow with ice pellets, and freezing rain. Wonderful!  I go out early when I get up to walk the dog around the yard, check greenhouses and generally get a feel for the day. At the back of the house, with the layer of light overnight snow, I slipped on glare ice under the snow and fell. Fortunately, I was able to catch myself somewhat - the flashlight went flying, and then I collected myself, gradually got myself up, and into the house for my first morning coffee!  Close call...
Thinking about you Pati and Dave and your unfortunate situation, but good that it has been checked and will be rectified before a worse incident of malfunction. It seems that these kinds of unforeseen expenditures do come at the worst times. Life has a way of slapping us down, but I try to rise above it... I play my nice music and think of other things. Helps a bit, but still sucks, eh?
Well Friday is here and apparently, according to the radio, everyone in Ontario is at the Pearson Airport this morning ready to take off on March Break. I'm not....today we will be working in the greenhouses so I am told haha!  But I shall be sure to but a lottery ticket and maybe we can all cash in on our own version of "catch the ace" By the way, good luck Cathy on your Legion draw!
Have a nice weekend. Take care


Thanks for the info, Cathy.  We had all heard of it, but no-one knew what it was.

We heard and saw geese yesterday.  The snow is pretty well gone off the grass.  The furnace didn't come on during the night for the past few nights.  With the forecast temperatures for the next couple of days, I expect the snow will be completely gone by Monday.  The next thing to look for is goslings.  And now David is talking about changing to summer tires.  More $$$.  And by tomorrow I will officially be an old lady.  Dwelling on this a little lately. "Decade" birthdays are always a time for reflection, especially when you see the signs of new life and changing seasons all around you.  But tomorrow we shall have breakfast at Timmie's.  A rare treat these days.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chase the Ace

It is a very popular fundraiser among Legions.  You start with a deck of 54 cards (2 jokers)  The object is to pick the Ace of spades.  Tickets are sold ( we sell 3 for $2)   when the draw happens, one ticket is pulled from the tickets purchased.  You have to be present to win.  if you get drawn you get a chance to pick a card from a spread out, face down deck of cards.  If you pull the Ace of Spades you win the "pot"  Once a card is pulled, it is eliminated, so each week there is a better chance of getting the ace as the number of available cards goes down.  Each week the income is split 50/50 between the Legion and the pot.  It accumulates until the ace is picked.  A couple of months ago the pot was over $43000.00 at a Brandon branch.  Ours is pretty small, as this is our first time having the event.  It is over $4000 plus 1/2 of whatever is sold on Saturday.  If you pull the joker you get $50 (at our legion)  We also give a free pizza if you get chosen but do not win.  What can I say... people like the chance to win money.


Well, it would appear that we need a new furnace.--a very expensive new furnace.  According to the man from Hydro, it's a miracle the old one lasted as long as it did, although we've been having problems with it for 2-3 years.  Anyway, they will be here tomorrow to install it, which means no heat in the house or hot water all day.  When they came to look at it, they pointed out that somethings weren't done when the hot water tank was installed a couple of years ago--things that should have been caught when the inspector came.  What inspector?  Which raises the question of whether there was even a work permit for the hot water tank.  So, we have to pay.

Amber was over today to help with the income tax,and we will get something back--but not enough to pay for the furnace.  It was good to see her, as we haven't since her surgery.  She says that it has taken away her appetite and she is loosing weight,  A nice feeling.

Cathy, we had a family meeting, about the subject, while Amber was here, and we want to know:  What the heck is "Chase the Ace"?

Last night turned out to be a very short one, as David had a very early doctor's appointment, and tomorrow we;ll be up early again for the furnace fellows.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Yes, we are melting.  I  know I told you I feel bad about this, but we had so little snow that we can see the fields already.  Our road seems so wide now that the snow is gone.  For the whole winter all we had was one lane with ruts.  Now it is so wide 2 cars can pass without even thinking about it.  One thing about this time of year...... I know where the holes are in my shoes!!!  We have rehearsal 2 times a week.  I study and study and think I know it but one we get there all I seem to say is "line".. The play isn't until May so it should be okay.  Meanwhile we have to do a 1/2 hour play at the end of April.  We got a grant to write and perform a play on patient safety.. We are focusing on drugs.  Rrain is writing it.  She has centered it on an elderly patient who has her granddaughter visiting.  The granddaughter says she can take care of her grandmother and sends the homecare worker home.  There are a lot of questions from the granddaughter, who phones the home care worker over and over.  the answers from the homecare worker are the focus of the play on educating people on patient safety and administering drugs.   I have a feeling I will have a second play to memorize.   Rrain is becoming a real go to person in the community.  The last thing she wanted, but she is soooo good at what she does.   I won the pig at the Legion yesterday.  I was laughing at Lisa (legion staff)  She pulled my number and figured I hadn't signed in yesterday and so I did'.t win.  She wrote my number down right beside where I had signed in and never even saw my name!  We laughed about it.  Shawn brought me my winnings today because he was there when I signed in and knew for sure that I had entered.  Now all I have to do is win the "chase the ace" It is over $4000.   Meanwhile I have a lottery ticket for tonight.

Are you folks melting??

Lots of water the last few days but you can really see the snow melting with these milder temperature.  Oh, I wish it will last - slow and steady - so it melts nicely without too many water problems.
Yesterday I removed the tarp and wood panels on top of the big greenhouse - this done in order to let the sunshine in. I guess if it snows more and gets colder, I will just have to sweep/clean/scrap it off the plastic covering the roof glass panels. I went to North Bay today but Harry stayed home and did some shoveling of snow close to the house and cleared it away nicely - onto the driveway but it will melt and flow down to the road this way.  All the while I am scouting out the driveway with the faint hope that I may spot my missing gold earring. There is always the chance that it feel off in the driveway!
 I saw both the boys as I usually do when I go to North Bay, but visited only briefly with Mike and Erin- they are finally having their bathroom renovated. The owner has been in the last week putting new tub, sink, toilet, and dry walling the room. The bathroom was in very bad shape and Mike has been at him for over two years to get it done. Once finished it will be very nice but in meantime they are in chaos. Erin got a call to substitute this afternoon in all places- Sundridge School. So as I entered, she was leaving to drive to Sundridge. As soon as she finished here, she had to drive back to North Bay to do her shift at McDonalds. Thank goodness though that she is getting some teaching jobs. And Mike was on his way to his friends house to have a shower. They are making do with the mess, but I could tell it was getting a bit tense for them. But they are young so should bounce back nicely!!
Well, I just logged in the Food Diary for today, so time for bed and maybe read a bit. I have ordered the fourth The Kidd Novels from the library, and until it arrives I have picked up the fifth volume of Stephen King's The Dark Tower.  The novel is seven volumes and intense reading but I am(surprisingly) enjoying it. Mike got me reading it as I would not normally read Stephen King.
Take care

Monday, March 9, 2015

Creativity saves the day.....

Yesterday I happened to glance in my "studio" on my way by, and noticed that the big black hard plastic five shelf unit was listing terribly. I had not noticed this before so knew it was a new happening. It was heavily loaded with all my hardcover books, magazines etc for sewing, quilting and needlework. As well as containers full of saved articles, magazine patterns and all sorts of assorted items for my interest and enjoyment. I also had some large containers, and a hand decorated large plant pot that was a gift when I left Home care. I was using it for storage of small fabrics, wool etc. I quickly removed everything from the shelves- carried them all to a table in the front room. i did  not want the shelf to completely fall over. We took the shelf apart and I tied it up and took it to the basement.Today I was trying to come up with a plan as to what to do with all the stuff without a shelf to store it on.  Well, the solution came quite by accident  between Harry and I , and we rectified my dilemma without too much trouble.  Here's the rub......there is an old (not working ) fridge also in the studio. I don't know if I have mentioned this before but long ago when we had to buy a new fridge, harry and Mike could not move the old one to the basement as we planned so, on a whim, moved it into the back room. This was before the hallway became lined with multi shelves covered with all sorts of treasures. So the fridge could never be moved out totally and became a fixture in the room. Solution; Harry took the doors off the fridge, I lined the inside with mactac, and voila.....room to put all my books etc Brilliant, n'est pas? Is that chuckles I can hear from afar?????
Today also was the roof cleaning day. Harry managed to get most of the snow off, and I managed to shovel most of it away. There is still a huge ridge of the damn stuff mostly right on top. The lower edges are cleared and actually with the mild temps today starting to melt. I had to shovel water from the front of the house this afternoon that was accumulating. Does it never end?
Tomorrow we are going to Huntsville - we will go to brother in laws as we have a DVD for him that he won from the radio station and I picked up for him. When we get back,we hope to finish the roof.
Well, that was an exciting bit of my day events to share with you folks - maybe give you a laugh or two? Take care

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ready for spring

This part of the country is ready for spring, even  if spring is not yet in sight.  The news last night was full of this probably being the last chance for people on the River Trail.  The warming huts are being removed this weekend.  The temperature was above freezing today, and we had to drive out to Selkirk for a show opening.  The ditches were full of snowmobiles, and we could see ice fishing huts being brought in off the ice.  It seemed like everybody was trying to get in that Last Hurrah.

No excitement here, unless you count the multiple police drive-bys.  They seem to be starting to monitor the house next door.  About time after two years of mischief there. Yesterday I was feeling out of sorts, so decided not to try any serious sewing, but rather puttered around, finishing the odd thing and generally tidying up.  For about a week, I've been craving some good strawberry ice cream, and --surprise--some Marble Slab Creamery coupons arrived in the mail.  These coupons are the only way we could ever afford to buy anything there, although the ice cream is usually worth every penny.

Tonight there are three tv shows I want to see, so maybe I'll get some hexies sewn together.  

Clocks moved ahead last night...

Isn't that a sign of Spring?? Apparently not as it snowed here again over the nighttime. Not that it matters anymore really. I'll just go out and clear it away - like a rote manoeuvre - repeat over and over haha!  Last week Harry decided to clean off the roof. I got out the ladder and shovels and prepared to do the ground shoveling but after one attempt up there in the cold wind, it has been postponed a few times since.  My concern is the forecast for rain this coming week. And the snow farther up n the roof is hard and very thick. Where I shovel is covered with a slick ice. Oh joy!
On a happier note, the temperatures are getting a bit milder. We watered inside the greenhouses yesterday and tomatoes are growing, and the catgrass planted for the cats is up - we have one pot in the house already for our cats and will take a pot to Mike on next visit.
A post script to the wireless thermometer story though.  We bought the second one and put it in the big greenhouse but because of the close proximity to the little greenhouse, the sensors "cross connected" as were on the same channel and therefore did not read valid temps and basically synchronized with each other at around 63 degrees. I returned one for refund at Hardware as the Company Rep on phone stated she had no further suggestions. By coincidence though she was headed to Convention in Chicago and would enquire and call me when back in a week.  Maybe by then we won't need it as the temps will be much improved?
Today I start to do the week Food Diary Survey for Nielsen again. Record everything we eat and drink and nibble on for both of us for 7 days.I don't like this but prevail to receive a $25.00 Visa card from Nielsen for the trouble.
Hope all is well with everyone. And hope you will get good weather soon. I read the Wpg Free Press and today's picture was the blizzard/snow falling downtown at Portage ave so I know Winnipeg is not out of the woods yet!  Take care

Thursday, March 5, 2015

eye candy

I have sent you both a link to a U-tube video.  I have been working full out on my Icarus' Dream piece and am exhausted.  I sat down with a cup of fancy Tim's coffee and discovered it in my e-mail.  It is short, moving, restful, and exactly what I needed at the very minute it was needed.  I hope you both get some pleasure out of it.

Here is the same link as in the e-mail  

Cards and greetings

There were messages on the blog just waiting for me this morning and I got Birthday cards from my sisters.  What more could I ask for?   My celebration will have to wait since I work all day today and I have rehearsal tonight.  Maybe this weekend.  Or maybe since I want to lose weight I will postpone it until July.  Either way, I will enjoy.

'Tis indeed a special day for Cathy

Many, many, many special wishes as you celebrate your Birthday, Cathy.
Enjoy your day, and hope you have something in mind to remember you, on your Birthday.
We love you.....Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Cathy!

I hope the day goes exactly according to your plans.  Anything special?  Or just a lazy day with those you love?
Whatever it holds it will be your special day.
Love Pati


Yes, please Beth.  A box about the size of a china barrel would be good.  Firmly packed, so I could dump it in the middle of the driveway to the house next door, and maybe they would stop coming in the middle of the night to check their plants, and waking me up.  I've been getting to sleep okay, but once I wake up, I'm up for an hour or more.

I haven't taken a good look through the thrift store in awhile.  We stopped going to one, because their prices appeared so out of line for the goods they were selling.  Another one has supplied more than enough crochet cotton to last me for a couple of years, so I haven't been there in awhile.  I used to checkout their jewelry, as well, but the last few times it appeared very well picked over.

Last evening we went to the cheap Tuesday movies with the gift card We got at Christmas, and saw " The Kingsman".  I had thought it might be a stuffy movie about British spies, and wouldn't have thought of going, except for a review in the paper.  The review mentioned humor and, specifically, humorous references to James Bond.  It really was a bit of a "take off" on all of the 60's spy movies with fancy gadgets, implausible situations, and evil super-villains, all done very "tongue-in-cheek. A lot of violence, but even that was "tongue-in-cheek".  I even saw a couple of scenes that were very reminiscent of "Star Wars".  The background music  had obviously been carefully picked to match the scenes.  A lot of it was 60's rock, but there was classical too.  In one scene, the villain used mind control on a church full of red-neck bible belt fundamentalists, causing a fight to break out, and it was all to a up-tempo version of "Free Bird". which most certainly was NOT in support of mind control.  In another we watched a room full people have their heads explode, one by one, to, what I believe, was the 1812 Overture.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, although there was a lot of violence--and we had been warned about that.  And were else would you find a hero named "Egzy"?

Today was haircuts for both of us, and left over Chinese food for supper.  Not very exciting, but relaxation instead.

It's on the bus Cathy....

That is, boxes of snow just as you requested.  I am so tired of all of this. Another storm yesterday dumped another 15 cm so I was out again this morning shoveling it all away. Except for the boxes I filled to send to you Cathy. Did you want any Pati?
The little greenhouse was heated up on Monday and that night it went down to minus 35 degrees C. There were pots of planted seeds but the inside temperature hovered around freezing point with the heater at full. The little greenhouse has never held the heat as well as the big one.We have purchased two wireless thermometers - one for each greenhouse. A sensor stays in the greenhouse, and we can read the inside temp from the house. Actually we have yet to put the second one in this afternoon as we had to order it from hardware in Burk's falls and it should be in today. But the first one in the little greenhouse works well. How many early mornings was I peering into the frosted windows with a flashlight trying to determine the inside temp?? Having a quick look at temps from the house will make that aspect of this whole affair a bit easier.
For last little while I have been prompted by some unknown source in my head to get out my violin and give it a try. It has been almost four years since I last played and although I love it, I had to give up the lessons - were not productive and became more of a stress than a satisfaction. So yesterday was the day... not great music and I have to start to refresh myself of knowledge of notes and strings in order to read the music again but it felt just fine for a first attempt.  I can bring it out whenever I feel like and play for as long as I can without the pressure of practice etc.
And the hexi quilt is coming along just fine as well. Sewing the little flowers together brings satisfaction (a few at a time) especially when you start to see it coming together.  Cathy, you will be pleased to know that I use one of the little mushroom shaped pin holders and thread holders you gave me that the folks at the Colony made. It works perfect for my needs, and every time I use it, I am thinking of you!
I am still planning for the Anniversary. yesterday at Value Village I was so shocked to see a pair of new winter boots exactly like what I wanted to wear to Winnipeg. I bought a coat at The Thrift Store in North bay when it closed for $1.00 - new also! And I bought a gorgeous scarf to match it at the other Thrift Store in Huntsville for $3.00. Seeing those boots was like another prophecy revealed - don't know how these things are materializing from thought to reality, but I'm not going to complain haha!  Keep looking for those bargains..... Today we are going to Huntsville and then back through Burk's Falls to pick up the thermometer. We were told not to come until after 3 pm when the truck should have come with the order.
So long for now....take care all!

Monday, March 2, 2015


We got out of rehearsal early so I have time before bed!  I am starting to get into the play again, but I seem to be having trouble with the same lines I had trouble with last time.  I feel guilty about all the snow you have, Beth.  We hardly have any here.  I hope that doesn't mean a dry spring.  The temperature is starting the ups and downs of spring.  Warm one day and then cold the next.  Work is an experience right now.  They started the new accounting program today and nothing worked.  When it finally came time to cash out we couldn't print anything.  Seems the powers that be had somehow decided we were Dauphin and our reports printed in their office.  I have no idea how they did that.  I smashed the mirror on our truck last week.  I was backing out of the garage and we have a big ice ridge at the edge.  I pushed the gas too hard and bolted over the ridge and out the door, only I wasn't lined up right.  Usually I ease out and watch the edge of the truck.  We have a friend that was able to order us a new one wholesale, but it was still over $150.00 just for the mirror.  It would have been a heck of a lot more at the dealership.  Now I have to come up with the cash.  March is going to be a very tight month.  I was losing weight on our office Biggest Loser Contest, but this weekend was a bit too much fun.  I don't think I will lose anything this week.  Oh well.  Just one setback.  I will catch up.  I am 1/2 way through the second week of my cold.  Everyone says it lasts 3 weeks, so I guess I am on the road to recovery now.  The first week was bad, but now it is just coughing and runny nose and being really really tired.  No wonder I am in bed before 10 every night.  And speaking of which..... it is time to start to wind down.  Have a great week.