Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sh-h-h. don't scare it. ( A catch-up day)

I do believe that, after all this time, my little orchid has a bud or two.  This is the one that Loren gave me in Dec 2013.  The flowers it had then lasted several months, and we have been caring for it, according to directions, ever since.

Today we did just about nothing, except cook a turkey---a 24+ pound-er.  Why on earth would two old fogies even buy a 24 lb turkey you ask?  I have absolutely no idea.  I guess the price was right.  Any way it;s done, We had some for supper, and now we will have meat for the rest of February.

I wanted to get a print of one--just one--picture off my camera card.  Took it into the store with the kiosk.  What a production!   We ended up giving up, when the machine refused to accept any date later than 2013 for finding any pictures.  Finally someone came to help us.  He suggested that we send the image to a processor via the internet.  Said we would get better quality printing and better quality paper that way.  I may need to have more prints made next week, so I'll just wait until then and get it all done at once--probably at the expensive camera store.

Went grocery shopping yesterday.  We were blown away at the prices for veggies, amongst other things.  When we got home and I had a chance to think about it, I guess we are seeing the effect of the falling loonie.  And, according to the news, it isn't going to improve any time soon.

Decided to go to the library to see if I could get the Louise Penny book you mentioned, Beth.  Not only do they have it, but they can get it for me, in large print, within the week.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Crossing my fingers....

Received a call yesterday from the Salvation Army Thrift Shop. They had found an earring that matched the description I had given. They said the clasp at back was broken. I hope this is the real deal as I am so excited. We couldn't drive up immediately as we have had a storm come through- Alberta Clipper- with snow and winds. This morning it seems more settled but most likely we will go next week. The Store will keep it at cashier and I will take the second earring to verify match. Keep fingers crossed!  Actually the night of the loss, I received a call back from Value Village as well - they had an earring but his description indicated the earring they had had stones of some sort on front. I will still follow up with them. My appreciation of helpfulness was underestimated as I never expected any feedback. I guess there are people who do care! Too many cases people receiving such a request do nothing to followup.
Harry intends to open up the greenhouse Monday- get it heated and plant seeds. This coming week it is supposed to be cold. Apparently, this much anticipated annual phase of my life is about to start. To make it even better, I have to do that weekly Food Record for Nielsen. Starting Sunday, every day for seven days chart everything both of us ate, or drank, or nibbled on.
So marching orders in hand I approach the weekend with glee.  Hope you have a great weekend. At least you have water Pati! Did you also lose your hydro as I read in the WFP? Take care

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Disappointing end to an otherwise lovely day.....

We went to North Bay today and spent a very nice day shopping and then lunch at Mike's with Mike and Erin. .On the way home in the car I realized that I had lost one of my earrings. These were a gift from Harry for Christmas and were beautiful gold. The loss was upsetting as it could have fallen anywhere. So I called Mike to check, called Will to check, and when I got home called each of the stores we had been in and left a description and my name. I may hear back but the possibility seems remote. I am terribly disappointed in this they were so new (and expensive), and I hadn't worn them much. So I now have one to wear. I could always switch ears each time I put it on!

Harry tells me that he just heard the news about the boil water advisory in Winnipeg. What a state of affairs for you. Are you using bottled water?

Well, bed time and more reading of Louise Penny's new book. Almost done and so I wish to keep at it to find out what the end will be.  Will write more next time! Take care

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Long Week

I had a Meeting in Winnipeg on Wednesday and then Cribbage in Portage yesterday.  We are supposed to move on in doubles, but since we really can't afford to go, if Charlene backs out in singles we will probably back out too.  When you share the expense it's not so bad, but on our own is a bit much.  The club reimburses after the fact.  I would really love to make it to Dominion once, but we can't afford Ontario how would we get to Alberta!  Our old dog, Nika is showning her age.  I found a large cyst on her side that had burst open and infecton was pouring out.  I cleaned it up, but she probably should have antibiotics and stiches.  On the other hand she is much happier now and moving around a lot more. I am taking a week off in February.  Just to clean house.  Every time I take a week off to clean it gets very dirty again before i take my next week off to clean.  there is something not quite right about this?!  Isn't there someone in the house full time?  I must be mistaken.  I have to move my cookbooks today.  The shelf is bending under the weight.  Isn't it weird that you can get any recipe you could ever want on line, but there is something about browsing a cookbook for ideas....And even after all that you go back to your old standbys..... Daddy's Ribs tonight.  I tried a roast pork recipe that sounded really good.   WAAAAAAYY too much garlic, even for Jim and I.  I have pieces in the freezer hoping to flavour will fade a bit.  And speaking of freezers, out fridge freezer went and now the fridge is acting up.  Sometimes the fridge is warm and sometimes it freezes stuff.  Sometimes the freezer part is good and the next day everything is melted.  It's a good thing that we just picked up a new beer fridge.  I said it was in better shape than our kitchen fridge.  I guess I should have kept my  mouth shut.  Now we just need help to move them around. I need the exercise going up and down stairs for stuff. The fridge is running at about 43 F  right now, which is okay for most things.  Jim has roused himself from bed finally.  Maybe I can have some breadfast now.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

No Contest....

You'll have to do better than that David.....I'd enjoy your sourdough bread anytime!! Remember that I just tried this machine for the first time the other day and rather struggled to produce an acceptable product. You on the other have had enough practice to perfect your offering!. So you win this hand, trump and all.
Raining here now at the freezing temp and hoping the temp will drop as promised in a few hours time. I would be very happy if it were so.  I just put a beautiful roast into the oven and plan turnip, and roast potatoes and carrots to go along with it.  I have been having a great time going through the freezers and pulling out meals of all sorts. Some good, some not so good. The pealmeal bacon last night wasn't too tasty so the rest of the package was thrown out.
With a wash on the go, and things sort of organized for supper, I plan to do some more sewing (hexis) and just happen to have a new bottle of wine (Schmitt Sohne Mosel Reisling called Relax) at the ready to help me along . Great fun....Take care

Friday, January 23, 2015

Coffee mugs

My Koop mugs are safe and sound, hanging from the hooks over the fridge.  I'm sending the ugly black mugs I paid well for at Eaton's, off to the thrift store, along with the mugs we brought back form the lake and never use..  This means that the fancy mugs sit in my cupboard waiting to be used.  I have had Regency Blue and Harlington Lane for awhile,but have now added Spring Meadow and English Chintz.  There were a couple of other designs, One of the them the china that David's |Mother kept at the lake--with a red pattern just below the rim,--and a bit of a dark filigree border.  While it is pretty, we both agreed that it brought back some memories, not all good, and we would both prefer not to have it in the house.   I have to admit that I prefer the ones with as little gold as possible, so that it can go in the microwave.  And yes, the gold will slowly disappear in the dishwasher.  But these are to use, not be just pretty.

David says to tell you that he thinks that his home made sourdough bread trumps your home made pasta.  I refuse to get tinvolved.

post script....

I forgot to ask. I pulled up the web site for Royal Albert Commerative China mugs, and overwhelmed with info. Would you be so kind as to give me the pattern names, or description of your recent purchases so i can look up?  Also, what did you do with your Koop mugs to make space for the Royal Albert. i still have two Koop mugs in my cupboard and use each seldom but mostly when i make a special tea.  Bye.....

Thanks for warning.....

I am just waiting for a storm to come through as per forecast. The winds are blowing a bit but not much yet with no appreciable snow yet. The temps are also moderate here at -3 degrees but tomorrow is supposed to be at zero with freezing drizzle. At this point I am prepared for anything and can't worry until it comes. But you are right about your weather conditions hitting me here a few days after you.
Some time ago Harry bought a pasta making machine. it did not have instructions so a phone call to the company (Betty Crocker) resulted in getting them in the mail.  Yesterday I found the machine stored downstairs and proceeded to make a batch. We are missing the measuring containers for flour and liquid but I improvised and estimated amounts to make a dough of proper consistency and then used the macaroni disc to squeeze out the shaped pasta. Actually it was fun, and produced nice tasting pasta which I cooked for supper.There are different discs to make lasagna and other shapes. we are missing the spaghetti disc but there is a slightly smaller one that I think may work OK. Will have to experiment a bit.
I went up to the Library yesterday to see if they had any John Sandford novels. They have a whole shelf but not The Kidd Novels series,  So the Librarian has ordered the first of the series for me from Central Library. In meantime I took out Louise Penny's novel The Long Way Home and started it last night. So far, so good!
Today I hope to get back to sorting pictures and placing in albums all labelled with names and dates etc.It is tedious but will be fulfilling once I get it done. On the other hand, I'd also like to get out my hexis so maybe i'll have to toss a coin haha  I have scalloped potatoes, and pealmeal bacon planned for supper and if I hold to my desires, I shall throw an Apple Crisp in the oven as well!
So, it is Friday again, and i send good wishes to all for a pleasant time. I guess with your balmy weather Pati and Dave will be working in their yard with shirt sleeves on and  pina coladas to drink??haha   Take care!

Just a warning

Just to let you know, Beth, we are enjoying balmy above zero temperatures, now and for the next few days.  You better break out the SCUBA gear.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Yes, a day when my brain appears to have left for the coast.  I am putting the finishing touches on a couple of dye baths, while David bakes bread.  At the same time we are trying  to set up a means of my sewing over the next few days while my machine is in the shop.  Everything seems to be in chaos.  And without my spending time in the basement, that area is getting a little chaotic as well.  We organized things so that, when I needed something, I would be able to tell him exactly where it was so that he could find it.  What we didn't plan on was what would happen when something went back to the basement. Today we have been unable to find the power cord for the Pfaff.  After the initial panic,  David, always pragmatic, just used the power cord from the Janome, and it works just fine.  Go figure!

Working on dye baths takes place in the laundry room.  And since I still very much need to minimize trips up and down the stairs,  I spend time there waiting for things to happen.  This leads me to look around, and think about the last time we gave the area a thorough cleaning.  I think it was within a week of us moving in, 15 1/2 years ago, when Darren took a sledge hammer to the concrete laundry sinks we found.  Guess we should think about cleaning it again.  David has tidied regularly, given his wine making, but I mean sort it all out and wash the floor cleaning.

I do have a date for my next surgery--May 22.  This means we also have a time frame for jobs that will need doing before hand.  

In my continued, and many years in progress, search for the world's most beautiful coffee mug, I have been slowly searching out and buying Royal Albert commemorative mugs.  ( Filled the space allocated to the Kathryn Koop mugs) These are in some of Royal Albert's most popular patterns from over the years,  The other day we found some and I bought myself one.  Then David snuck in behind me an bought a second one as a surprise.  This gives me four, all different patterns.  Now these aren't hanging on the wall, I actually use them for my tea, and wash them in the dishwasher.  You both must come for tea one day.

But otherwise life goes on.  David's computer is still away for servicing. so I'm unable to post pictures on the blog.  Oh Well----

Too cold so nothing to do but hunker down....

Funny that my last message complained about the drizzle and rain, and now it's so cold out. This is the kind of winter we are having I guess!  I have loaf of cranberry bread just about ready to pull from the bread maker. It looks like it will be ok but not the best looking of breads  Then I made the mistake of pulling out the photo albums to look for a picture of Mom, and got interested in going through past years. What memories to look back and see all the visits, and weddings and celebrations that we have shared.  And to see again the many pictures of the three sisters raising a glass or two!  We haven't changed a bit in all those years haha!  Well, back to the pictures and the bread. Take care

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Roofs and rain.....

The remainder of the roof left undone from last week became a problem as the temperature rose overnight and today it started to drizzle.  So out i went and attempted to clear it. Of course the snow is now heavy duty weight and the roof rake was sticking each time I pulled down on it. What a pain!  That was only the beginning as then I had to shovel the piles away from the house.  This is when I started thinking about "friends' or the lack thereof, in reference to the blog messages over the weekend. Oh, how I could have used a friend. Even just to stand there and talk with me haha!  Oh well, I did only the bare minimum and then came in to make supper. But, and this is a big but, I poured myself a glass of wine!! I thought about it with each shovel of wet snow, so my anticipation was at a high. The first sip was wonderful.
This morning I fashioned myself a small draw string bag, I did not make it with hexis but instead I sewed strips of fabric randomly in shape and colour, and then sort of squared it off, sewed up the sides and bottom and made a drawstring top. I just had to sew something - it was a very strong need for me to sit at my machine and do something.  So I am happy with this bag. I shall put my runes in it. It is a bit big for the five runes but nevertheless, it is hand made and will be special for me.
Have supper on the go now, and then I will rest up and prepare for our weekly trip to North Bay in the morning.
So, into another week we go.....hope all is well with youl. Take care

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Why do we all have so much trouble making friends?  When I think about it, Mom's friends were all from her youth--ladies she went to school with, or associated with through church groups etc.  The neighbourhood friends were more often made through Daddy.  Is this something else we have acquired through Mom?

The friends I have were made through my very conscious decision to attend special interest groups, ( for my own sanity) and through conscious effort when it was pointed out, during retirement counselling that I had no social or support network heading into retirement.  I have no friends through my former work, although I know you have one or two, Beth.  I know we all have acquaintances--but this is not the same.

Today I spent several hours with four other art quilters, painting and dyeing.  This is a group I joined last fall, but I have trouble attending meetings as they are in the evening, and I no longer drive at night.  It was obvious that these four ladies have forged a strong friendship via these meetings, but I was functioning a little to one side.  Make no mistake, they were friendly and polite, but I felt a little out of sync with them.

But maybe this is why family is so important to all of us.  Thank Goodness!


I was going to do nothing today, until Jim decided to apply for the Seniors Education Tax Rebate.  Where is our property tax bill, Cathy?  You know... the one we got last May? Will guess what boxy and girls?!  I found it!  (Don't ask how)  I completed the form on line and we should get $184 back from our education tax payments.  We worked meat draw last night.  Very busy.  the Provincial Legion curling is on in Neepawa and there was also a supper.  We of course won nothing.  Same with Lotto Max.  Jim just headed out to pick up a crate of eggs from Sam at Twilight colony.  We will share them with the Legion and with Rrain.  I remember the Spinsters.  I was always told to behave myself and then disappear.  In a way I envy Mom having that.  It would be nice to have friends.  We have been eating out of our freezer lately, but now all that is left is the stuff I don't really like.  All the chicken and fish and roasts are gone.  A few veggies and lots of tomato sauce and junk.  Time for hamburger soup and spagetti.  I will be shopping today for fresh stuff and a few ingredients I am missing for some more power cooking.  There was a big protest raised, so Dominion Crib is back on.  At least for this year.  Maybe I will make it! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Spinsters are coming....

Indeed .......what a memory of those times!  And there was the purchase of a round loaf of cherry bread from the bakery on Osborne, which was sliced and buttered. And there was the jello/ fruit individual dessert dishes prepared. I just came in from doing the front roof and half of the back roof. I don't mind using the snow rake to clear it off, but don't like the shoveling of the hard packed snow that falls from the roof to the ground. Tomorrow I'll attempt the rest of the back. Calling for snow squalls and as I came in the winds were blowing snow off the trees and whipping it around.
Yesterday I took some me time in the afternoon and had great fun making hexis - in total 28 which will make 4 more little flowers which I am sewing together, and hoping to get a table topper made. The other idea I have come up with is to fashion a little string bag to hold my Runes. I have the idea in my head of how to use the hexis but have yet to put idea to paper. I have also got back to reading, and have charged and updated my Ereader. There are still lots of books on it that I have not read so I will be OK for awhile without having to browse the site and choose free books, or buy cheap ones haha!.Well, I plan more time with my hexis, so better get at it. By the way, did you ever get to shop at the Target Store in Winnipeg yet, or is there one in Brandon Cathy?  Apparently ALL the target stores in Canada are closing. There is one in North Bay but we do not shop there - I went in when it first opened but not again. Take care

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

My Tuesday Stitchers

This group of ladies have been meeting for years.  We have always met in the living room and the hostess serves coffee or tea in fancy cups and there is always a tray of dainties.  This is the only time I use my fancy cups. there were 8 or 9 of us when we started meeting over 20 years ago, but now, by attrition, the group is small,.  There are only  4 of the original ladies left, and one newbie.  My friend Susanne, whom I met shortly after we moved back to Winnipeg in "75, is the youngest, then me, and the rest are in their mid-80's.  I am the only one still married, so I really have to watch what I say about married life.

Getting ready for them brought back memories of Mom and the Spinsters.  Remember when we heard "The Spinsters are coming",  it meant that the whole house would be turned upside down and thoroughly cleaned?  From somewhere, she would find a tablecloth for the kitchen table--the only time there was ever one on it!  The other thing I remembered was the 12 special teacups with the large dish/saucer with the special place for the cup and the rest a plate for food.  We've talked about this before, and didn't you say you had lost your set in the fire,Cathy?

Today, my second class with the new physio, she very abruptly discharged me.  I'm not happy with the decision, but have no say in it.  She feels that with my bad hips and pending surgery on the other knee, any hope of further strengthening is quite limited.    I saw the surgeon yesterday, and he is pleased with my progress.  Now the initiative to continue with my exercise program is entirely on me--and that's not a good thing.  David's Blue Cross kicks in February 1st, so if worse comes to worst, I can go back to the private physio a couple of times.  Maybe a quick re-assessment every 6 weeks, or so, would help keep me on the straight and narrow.

Today, after several weeks of "discussion" David took his computer in for servicing.  I'm sort of glad we didn't put it off any longer, as it is still under warrantee, and the cost will be minimal.  It's less than a year old. and several problems have arisen.  Funny, mine is many years old and just keep trucking along.  Now if only my sewing machine performed as well.

time to go.  My friend Rose Anne is coming over for awhile this evening.  I enjoy her visits.

Sleeping seems to have left me...

Must be the weather and time of year. Toss and turn until I finally get up - early!  I have a soup already on the stove cooking, and thinking of the dumplings I plan to add just before serving tonight Yummy!  Long story but Harry bought a small Rotisserie oven at the thrift store yesterday in North Bay and on way home I bought a chicken to do for supper. As it turned out the chicken was too big to turn in the rotisserie so it was cut up and boiled. This morning I am using the stock to make a hearty veg soup with cut up chicken. I am hoping my idea of dumplings will be more successful than your attempt Pati in slow cooker haha! Smells good cooking though as I sit with my second coffee on this cold morning.We were to North Bay yesterday to shop and other chores.  I bought some Lottery tickets for tonight's draw at the kiosk in the mall hoping a change in location may result in better luck. Think so? I finished putting the backing on the hooked rug on Sunday so took it to Mike and it looks great on his floor. Mike was out but Erin was home so had a nice coffee and visit with her. I had seen Willie the day before as he had a very early (7 am) Day Surgery appointment at the Hospital and I went up to take him. He does not manage these things very well, and being put to sleep bothers him so I hope my presence helped him through better? I guess we are always "Mothers"? Today may be a "take it easy day" but not sure at this point. I haven't been able to do any hexis for a long time and would like to get that out. But then the roof keeps beckoning me - so much snow and I haven't cleaned it off since before Christmas. How was your ladies day yesterday Pati? I thought about you and hoped you had a nice day. Do they work in the studio downstairs or upstairs now that you have moved things? Well, time to get on with the day. Take care

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Is this an opportunity?

So you have five years to sort things out a bit.  This might be a good time to make some changes. Do you have any idea of how to approach it?  Do you still have access to an EA Program?  I know how helpful they were when I was first thinking of retiring. David also got help through the Union. A close friend, a few years back, on her own, she started working with a financial adviser, and they worked out a long range plan for her to adjust her lifestyle, ( she really didn't want to give up anything, and I think sometimes they disagreed).  They, sort of, worked out a plan for her retirement ( which is this spring).  Your bank might have a suggestion of someone who works cheap, or an agency that would help, perhaps on a sliding scale.

I guess my point is that you don't have to face this alone--nor should you. And, probably, the best time to start the process is now.  The sooner you get started, the less painful it will be.

The other side of the coin, is that you now have a time line for freedom.  Have you thought of anything you might want to do?  Do you have a tea cup list?  (Remember, none of us has a bucket list, as none of us plan to kick the bucket)  My first year, I slept a lot, and I've heard of others doing the same thing.  I guess we are so sleep-deprived when working that we have to catch up somehow.  
The other thing is that every volunteer run agency is looking for people newly retired to grab them before someone else does. They're like vultures.  Beware! 

I see my surgeon on Tuesday.  My range of movement is quite good--better than before the surgery.  But I don't seem to be gaining a lot of strength-despite the almost daily exercise.  The physio says to keep at it, and try to do my exercises three times a day.  I have trouble getting them done once!!  Besides, it was her last day of work before jetting off to New Zealand for 6 weeks, maybe she wasn't thinking clearly.  Me?? Exercise three times a day??
Well, breakfast is over.  Best go look for my weights.  Not likely!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

School days

Home from 2 days of union training in Brandon.  Lots of information, but it seems the more you learn the more questions you have.  I also don't know how we went to school full time.  Two days and my brain is full and I am exhausted! I have a load of laundry on and have already switched to my pajama pants and t-shirt.  Comfort is good.  I have booked 4 more days of holidays this year and I guess I will carry the rest over.  I hate to give my 5 year notice, since we are so broke, but I really don't want to keep working.  In 5 years maybe we will re-organize everything and our payments will be lower.  Or maybe I will be able to retire sooner!  :)     Jim is watching curling everyday.  This is prime season for his enjoyment.  I guess this is the end  of Legion Cribbage.  They cancelled Dominions this year, and we are not sure if they will even have the Command finals.  They are scheduled for Emo Ontario in mid march, but that might change. I will miss it, cause I really enjoy it.  Oh well.  I will have to find something else I guess.  Whitemud Comedy is planning on doing Suitehearts this year.  I am too old for a part in it, but I will see if they need help somewhere else. Time to switch the laundry.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Aaaah......'tis Friday

I don't know why it really makes much difference what day it is as each day seems to meld into the next. When I awake in the morning I have to remind myself what day it is ... as if I am forgetful haha!? But the weekend always seems like an achievement. Reminds me of when I worked - and looked so forward to the weekend. And it is after all, the time when one dreams/hopes for the right numbers on one's lottery ticket for the weekend draw!  Oh, what has life become.....? Well in my case right now it seems to be only shoveling snow, and snow, and more snow! But for a special treat I have pickerel frying on the grill, a coleslaw ready in the fridge, and (oh my) I just poured a glass of wine. So, all is good!
I am certainly getting brave with on line shopping. This afternoon I logged onto the Keurig site after getting an email with an offer to buy two boxes of Kcups, and get two boxes free as a promotion for buying a new machine.  And I used my new RBC Virtual Visa Debit card that I just received. This is what I requested to reduce my anxiety with using a VISA card with a fairly high credit limit.  The bank suggested it, so I am using it.
Harry is just about finished another large hooked rug and my job will be to sew a backing onto it just as I did for the other three. Mike loves these rugs on his hardwood floors and is looking forward to another. Hopefully I will get it done for this coming week and we can take it to him on our regular trip to North Bay.  In meantime I am making more hexis, and love this past time- no pressures and just sit and enjoy!
Well, the fish is nicely cooking so better go for now. Here's wishing you a fun weekend. Take care.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hunkered down

 This is not the weather to be doing anything outside!  We seem to be sleeping a lot, which is probably normal for this time of year, and this cold,  But it sure skews your day.  Unfortunately today I have a doctor's appointment, so we can't avoid going outside, But it does give me an excuse not to  go to exercise class!  This first week in January is always a bit of a downer, with all of the holidays, birthdays and anniversaries over with.  A bit anticlimactic, and a little sad.

I always enjoyed the Brad Thor novels, but can no longer read small print.  In fact, I'm not doing much reading at all, which, if you know me, is a shocker.   I have been working in the studio and the kitchen.  David replaced the silicone around my bathtub, and now that room needs attention.  There are four globe light bulbs at the top of the mirror, which need dusting periodically. I don't usually worry about it this time of year, as the room is dark without lights, and I can't dust the light bulbs with the lights on.  Sounds like a good reason not to bother. LOL  But my Tuesday stitchery group will be here next week, so every public room will need a good going over.  Ah well, maybe not today.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Turning on base heaters

I actually turned on some heaters not already on, and turned up some others including plugging in a space heater in the basement. - all because it should be in the high minus thirties tonight. I do not like to turn up the heat, but would rather do this than try to thaw frozen pipes! Still have snow and snow squalls in the area. We drove to Huntsville today to deliver some things to Harry's brotherinlaw and the weather and driving were not good. When we got back home we heard of a 7 car pile up right where we had driven on the highway and another one farther up closing the highway.Sometimes you feel lucky!
At the ReStore I bought a movie (VHS) and then another at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I like to buy old classics as I love watching these- Brigadoon, and State Fair. Most often they are musicals with lots of dancing and the old famous stars such as Gene Kelly and Cid Charisse in Brigadoon, and Pat Boone, Ann-Margret in State Fair. And best of all they are usually $1.00, or 50 cents each.
This morning our new Keurig coffee machine acted up strangely - I turned it on to heat up, and water started to spout out continuously and would not stop until I pulled the plug. Then Harry looked at it, and the machine then stopped completely and would not turn on.This afternoon I phoned the 1-800 number given and after finally connecting with the right dept, we began a troubleshooting demonstration with us at the machine and the women on the phone prompting us - incidentally from Georgia, USA with her strong Georgian accent. We went step by step and long story short (although I found it to be a very entertaining 45 minutes) got the machine working again. She told me about things I should do that I had NOT read in the instructions, and which because of, possibly caused the problem?  Time will tell, and here's hoping that I will get my morning coffee without undo stress tomorrow morning haha!
I am halfway through another Brad Thor novel with his hero Scot Harvath. so shall end now and head to bed to read more. It has been awhile since I found myself wanting to read before bed, and I am enjoying it!  I might look at updating my eReader which I have not used for months, and maybe download some new books.  Take care

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A little rest from shoveling to write a note.....

I have been out all morning shoveling - lots of snow over last few days . But a reprieve of sorts from a forecast of rain/ freezing rain last night and this morning that did not materialize. Still a weather warning in place but from what I see we should be alright!
I made cookies yesterday to use up some ripe bananas and to use up the mincemeat I had left over from making tarts before Christmas.  The mincemeat was used in the old raisin cookie recipe from home - replaced the raisins with the mincemeat and the taste is very nice. Moist and delicious! So I just had a few while I rest haha
I started to sew together my hexis and although the traditional "flower" shape, I am loving what is happening. If I can I will send a picture when I get more of it done.The papers are falling out as I sew and although a nuisance, at least it proves to me that they will in fact come out when I actually want them to.
Well, time to get out there again and clean up some more of this lovely white stuff!  What are you folks up to?  Take care

Friday, January 2, 2015

If wishes were horses.....

I guess I shouldn't have said anything about our lack of snow.  I should have known that would curse things.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

A lovely Levy

We had to get to the levy early to take our food, and leave late to clean up.  Part of our donation to the legion.  Waaaayyy too much food. Lotsa left overs.   There were lots of people there, and they were younger than usual.. ( I think they were what is considered older now...... all the vets are gone, and the ones left weren't there)  We stayed to clean up, so had a drink after everyone else left.  Rrain came down for some food and a drink.  It was good to see her there... especially since she joined the legion when she got to town so she was a member attending the levy.  All in all it was a good day.  The only downside was that instead of staying home all day Saturday, we are selling tickets for Chase the Ace on Saturday.  We don't have to be there until4:30 or 5, so it isn't a long committment.  A good day

And also a new tree

Tuesday, in the grocery store there was a display of trees.  The price was right, so we bought one.  he is about 4' tall, just like theold one, but not nearly the quality of tree.  We probably paid close to $40 for the old one 15 years ago, and this one was half the price, but he came with his own fairy lights.  Well he came out of the box and --lo and behold-- we have a Charlie Brown tree.

 There are two sections to the tree, and from what I can see, all of the branches on the top section are cut exactly the same length.  We have tried to spread them, but not really too hard, as he will be put away tomorrow.  But with all of his lights on, he's not too bad, so we'll keep him.

Not only a new day but a new year

We sound like such party people!!  We only have the capacity to watch the movies the cable tv offers us, so we both played poker until about 11:00, and then watched the news.  Neither turned out to be very exciting.  Just before Christmas, we bought some bulk food snacks as part of a fund raiser Amber was involved in, so our "fancy vittles" were snack size Pringles potato chips, or Hawkins Cheezies--not really anyone's idea of hors d'oerves.  But we did have some store-bought ebb nog and opened some of the Cuban rum we have.  Today we are out for supper, and Amber may be joining us, for our usual evening's entertainment.  This is the last little bit of our extra cash combined with most of what I made in Pinawa last month,  Then it's back to the hope one finds in lottery tickets.

I hope you both have a wonderful year. There is joy any time a baby is involved, Cathy. Beth, your life is full of things to do, even if you wish it weren't, but you're not bored.  I'm not being "snarky", I think boredom kills the soul faster than anything else. I believe in the circle of life, and you both deserve something special over the next while.  I read the year long horoscopes in the paper last week and Pisces sounds good--talking about an improvement in health.  Aries sounded encouraging as well, but as always, the predictions leave quite a bit to free will.  Dammit!  I'm tired of being responsible for my life, can't someone else take over?  LOL

A fresh start

for a new year.  We sat at home and ate "horses duvvers" too.  Jim put on Dave Clarks Rocking NewYears Eve, from New York, and promptly fell asleep. I think he might have stayed awake for sleepless in Seattle and You've Got Mail.   He loves both those movies and can watch them over and over.  Today we are slicing up our Toupe Ham and hauling it to the Levy at the Legion.  The drinks aren't free this year. Thanks to the Liquor Control Board we have to charge $2.50.  Still a big drop in price from regular and it is still a thank you from the Legion to its members.  No new snow here.... in fact very little snow at all.  Last year it was over our living room window and today I can still see the grass poking up under the shelterbelt.  I can't decide if I want more snow or not.  Our yard could be very dry by spring, but most of the area around us still has high water tables from last year.  We are competing in Crib again, but as Jim pointed out, even if we win, we can't even afford to go to the Provincials this year.  You get reimbursed, but not until after you spend the money and we are very tight this year.  Oh well, I enjoy playing the game.  Everyone asks how crib got to be a sport, but I don't care... it is the only sport I am involved in.  Lotsa hugs and kisses to all your families.

Hopes and Dreams

With a new year here, I send greetings to all for a year of dreams coming true.
Happy New Year!
The ground is covered with a fluffy layer of fresh new snow this morning - perhaps a sign of good things to come? At least I know that today I will be outside shoveling, haha
On another note, we had all sorts of food to nibble on yesterday and leftovers to get us through today. I actually looked up the spelling of  hors d'oerves. I never did get it right and spell check had no suggestions for the word. I watched two movies last evening that brought me to midnight. So I saw the New Year in! I watched Sleepless in Seatle, and then You've Got Mail. Both with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan and both really good movies to just sit and do nothing but enjoy!
So, on with the day, and the year..........Take care