Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Life is not really what I thought it might be

when I posted about my "wallowing in self pity'.  I seem to be experiencing more of a mellowing out. I have relaxed, I sleep better, and I appear to have reevaluated my priorities, somewhat unconsciously.  That is not to say that all is going well, but I just don't seem to be sweating the small things anymore.  However, if you need a moment of peace and beauty, may I suggest this small  U-tube video.  I found the link on the blog "Not afraid of Color".

Yesterday was a bit of a wash out--grocery shopping when both of us appeared to be having a Fuzzy-brain day.  But we got'er done!  Then, realizing that I had forgotten to pay any bills, had to head out again.  This wasn't that much of a problem, as while putting the groceries away, I knocked over my big cup of expensive coffee, and spilled, all but a mouthful, down between the counter and the fridge.  Twice before we have pulled out the fridge and torn a gash in the flooring in front of it.  While doing the kitchen last summer, the contractor suggested some little plastic tracks that go under the fridge, forever.  These have other plastic tracks that hook onto the first set and allow the fridge to roll out safely--provided you attach them squarely and not at an angle.  Took awhile to sort that out, and took even longer to wash the floor that hasn't been touched in over a year.  This made us see that the whole floor needed attention. Oh Joy!

Anyway going out to pay the bills gave me the opportunity to buy another cup of coffee which I enjoyed outside. Always a pleasure.

I have reserved the new Louise Penny book at our library.  I am 289 on the list, but they have 74 copies, so maybe not too long a wait.  Our branch of the library, selves books while they are busy, and then searches out books request later when there are fewer customers or ht library is closed.  this can mean, that if your timing is right, you just might find a reserved book on the self for a few minutes, and if so, you are allowed to take it out.

Today I started on those wait-listed studio jobs that I had mentioned.  I painted two ceiling rosettes with "stormy, winter sky" colours, and that is now drying.  I also used the venting pipe we modified to start a Shibori dyeing trial.  It appears to be working beautifully, for the job, but I'll know better, once it comes out. And for something entirely weird, I've been cleaning out and drying used tea bags.  I plan to rubber stamp these and glue them over some prepared heavy water colour paper to make ATC's, for the meeting later this month.  I don't know what the theme of the exchange might turn out to be, but I know what they're getting.  I'll have to rationalize the theme in some way with whatever I produce.

What I haven't done is any journaling or Morning Pages. Maybe because I'm still sorting things out in my head.

Inspector Gamache is back...

Louise Penny's newest novel was released yesterday called Glass Houses. I heard an interview with her on CBC yesterday where she tells about the creation of this book which took a long while because of her care for, and subsequent death of her husband Michael. But the characters are all back in Three Pines and apparently we learn more from each about secrets in their lives and the guilt they have carried.  I went into my library but they haven't even received a copy yet and it would be no use to order because if another Library has it, it would not lend it out until their own folks had a go at it.  So I guess I have to wait.
In meantime, I pulled another Elizabeth George novel from my library bookcase ( actually it is a cardboard box on the floor haha!) and will keep at it - her's are always long and full of detail which is sometimes onerous but the story line is intriguing. 
Part of the sun room is now taken up with white barrels of apples starting the wine process once again. I had to quickly move the stuff over to one side in piles to make room for this Monday and Tuesday,  but think I may be able to take another stab at the cleanup today if I am lucky, as these tubs have to sit for one week before the second stage of the process begins... Oh joy! I have one chair in now from the shed, and the freezer top has been cleared off and i could actually open it up - oh, lots of treasures in there - fruits i can make smoothies with, and pork to make stir fries. I feel good!  I sat in the chair this morning early with my coffee and pretended all was well!
My friend Sue has written to start the communications with all the old girls to arrange another luncheon the end of October.  This will be the table full as opposed to the spring luncheon with just Sue and I.  So I have another event to look forward to...
Well, on with the day - i just ate a Spinach Scramble with pineapple ( which needed eating quickly) so I am full and content and ready for whatever - there always is, after all, a "whatever" in my life haha!  Take care 

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Tuesday the first day of the rest of my life

So what great master plan have I come up with--almost nothing!  However, I did get caught up in a "Good Witch" marathon yesterday.  It was a "good thing".  I took over the tv, and poor David wasn't able to watch his "American Pickers" all day, as I was watching from about 2:30 until after 10:00, when I gave up as the marathon went on until 2:00 am.  I only stumbled  onto this show this spring, and this gave me a good chance to catch up on the back story, which I found out was fairly convoluted.  You sort of have to accept that parts of it are not reality, and I don't mean the "witchy" stuff, as you never find out if that's really true or not.  I find it difficult to accept that a single mother, small town shop owner, who sells non-essential goods, and has to scrimp to pay bills, can afford to dress anywhere nearly as well as she does.  And why does everyone live in big houses that would sell for millions, in the same small town?  And there are no poor people in this town.  I guess that's why it's labelled as "fantasy" in the tv descriptors.

And one good thing to come out of yesterday.  I slept for a solid 6 hours last night, got up to take a Tylenol, and slept for another three hours. One of the best sleeps I've had in a long time--perhaps because my brain wasn't so tied up in organizing the world and making to do lists?

We did take two pieces out to the gallery in Selkirk for their September show, yesterday, and I dropped off an application to hold a full gallery show of my own in 2019.  The invitation to do so arrived in my e-mail yesterday morning, shortly before we left, and I jumped on the opportunity.  It was something I had been thinking about, and I had actually inquired about the process a couple of weeks ago.

If there is one strategy/decision I've made, it's to not worry about making any more sale items, but rather, to concentrate more on the arty stuff.  Maybe not realistic, as the sale items usually originate out of the leftovers of the arty stuff.  Maybe the best strategy I could look at is finding some other means of dealing with the left overs.  And, there is actually a "to do" list of arty projects that has been written, but not looked at in awhile. 

However, today is laundry and grocery shopping day, with an after thought of cleaning up the kitchen.  David is up, so best get to it.


I do this every time. Have a list of things to get done and then get distracted by a book😇I have got a lot done. I dug all the potatoes. Pulled up the peas and beans. We got no cucumber or peppers this year but I left the plants just in case. A few tomatoes but they are very small. I cleaned out my three kitchen drawers. We have one drawer with nothing but knives in it.  A bit of "overkill". I cleaned my "pantry". I moved things around so that most of the cans are at eye level now instead of hidden. Who knew I had 23 cans of tomato soup😜  I dug out all my irises. They were so congested it was like trying to lift lawn turf. Meanwhile I have been ready for bed by 8:30 every night. Tomorrow we are planning to go to Brandon just for something to do. Then I have a act teleconference tomorrow night. I have to go in to work on Thursday afternoon for a bit of training. I could skip it but I think it is something I am going to want to understand as we move foreword. Only Tuesday but it feels like my week is over. I have been using muscles I don't have so I am kinda stiff and sore. Next Saturday (9th) I have a training in Winnipeg. Since I have to travel I get a hotel on Friday night. Keri is going to come with me just because. She has friends there and likes to wander around. The animals (other than Jim & I) are fed and the kitchen straighted. Time to mess it up with breakfast.

Monday, August 28, 2017


Just to let you know that the sale yesterday didn't go well--we didn't sell a single thing.  There were other considerations, though.  We spent most of the day  sitting under an awning, relaxing in absolutely beautiful weather, with pleasant company, steady, but not intrusive music, and even the opportunity to watch some very interesting ethnic dancing.  We even learned a lot about traffic control during a forced stop and lengthy wait for a pilot vehicle to conduct us through quite a mess.  After the event, (we were given a ticket for a free soft drink, and permission to take down early, after we had a productive chat with the organizer) we took what had been our float, a different route home, and then, went out to the local buffet for dinner and the evening. My emotions are a little off kilter today, and other than a couple of small errands, I may just spend it wallowing in self pity, before settling down and planning the rest of my life.

However, the new season of "Dr. Phil" starts today, and there is that to look forward to.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Home again, home again.......

Quickie note - home from visit with Mike and Erin. A good day for sure. Bailey travels well so no problems there and he was welcomed by Mike's crew - three cats - who were a bit standoffish but not hostile at all. Nice sunny warm day, and we sat out for a bit, and then after lunch we packed up and off down the highway. Mike has taken to baking and today we had a taste of his tea biscuits with cheese with our coffee, and his vanilla cookies with fruit for our lunch dessert. All very tasty. He had requested a few baking utensils that he knew I would likely have here at home ( he's right haha) So he now has a hand mixer, spatulas, and measuring spoons amongst other useful kitchen gadgets.
Hope you day was just fine. Now it is time to tidy up and get ready for bed.  I feel fine after the nice day, and sure I will have a good sleep tonight (I hope) Tomorrow is another day!  Take care

Saturday, August 26, 2017

All packed...

Ready for our visit with Mike and Erin tomorrow. Just have to get up and make sandwiches, and off we go. Once again the car is full of things to take, and then we are bringing back the tomato pots from his place that we took in the spring. Bailey will be coming with us and since he is fine riding in the car, I am not concerned about the trip. Hope the day goes well, and we have fun.
Pati, I loved to see your new ort - I have one the same as your cardboard one and you are right, when I used to go to lessons (long ago), I used it, as did others use similar ones. But that new one from Rose Anne is a real beauty!
The days are nice lately with sun, but the nights have been really cold. Gives me the shivers thinking about the pending Fall and Winter. I will soon be able to bring in the plants as I am making nice progress in the sun room, I know that if I could concentrate just in there, that I would get it done in record time. But little by little she goes.....
I finished Aurthor Pepper last night and now have no book to read in bed. I liked both of these books but will look for something different next week - I may just browse in the Library (if I can) and choose something that looks interesting.  Ruth from across the street tells me she is reading a book called The Secret Wife and is loving it.  Well, nighty, night ! 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Special pleasures

Lately, when we've been out toward Lagimodiere Blvd, we have seen swans on a small retention pond.  This has been going on for about a week.  David saw them flying around today, and confirmed that they're swans, not Pelicans.  What a treat, but darned if I know what they might be finding on this small pond, to eat!

My friend Rose Anne visited today, and we spent about 3 hours sitting in the studio, talking, and stitching. I have been able to pass along quite a few things, both quilting and embroidery related, to her, but today it was a small gift for me.  She gave me one of the "ort" boxes she was making for a sale next spring.  What is an "ort" box you say?  "Orts" are the ends of threads that are left, all over your clothes or your floor when you are sewing or stitching, mainly when you are hand stitching. Groups that meet in others' houses consider it rude to leave orts behind after a meeting, so you take some sort of container to put them in, as you work, for later disposal. This is not a new idea, and "ort" in an archaic word, but one often used by those who stitch.  I even read a trashy novel once, where orts were the clue that lead to the killer.  My old ort box was a "favour" I received at an embroidery convention in 1992, and have used ever since.  It is made of folded wallpaper and folds down nicely to fit in my small sewing purse.  The one I got today, is a little larger, and made of cloth, but will still fold down enough to go in my bag.

Here they are folded down, and then open, with a drink can to show size.  Rose Anne had a whole shoe box full of them, and I was able to choose the most colourful one there.  The old one has been deteriorating, and is now held together with Scotch Tape, so I had been wanting a new one.  


Counting the hours with you today, Cathy - then vacation time!
Hope the weather adds to your week off - enjoy best you can. And please don't spend it doing mundane things like wiping away spider webs haha!
The temp last night was 3 degrees - pretty close to freezing these nights and I am not nearly close to clearing away the space to bring the inside plants in.  So here i go again today with renewed vigour to keep at the sun room. It seems a useless exercise in moving stuff from one place to another and never seeing the light of day. Oh well.... keeps me from drinking and roaming the streets I guess.
Have a good weekend folks, and take care.  I better get back at it. 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

"Well, that was an experience!"

What both David and I said as we sat in the car having just left Costco, after our first shopping trip there, in years. We got a coupon  in the mail (I think-it might have been a door hang tag), saying that Mastercard holders could have one day of shopping privileges at Costco, this weekend.  We fought the crowds, me on a scooter and David following behind with a cart.  We cruised most of the store, and bought most of the meat we'll need for the next 6 months, most of the cleaning supplies we'll need for the next year, a couple of just because food items, and about two months of OTC pharmaceuticals and toilet paper.  We had to use plastic money, but it was maybe worth it.  However, we decided that the prices, and experience, did not make it worthwhile joining.  Then we spent more than 2 hours getting stuff ready for the freezer--the one we said we would defrost before putting anything more in there-whoops!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What a great day...

Well Pati, I guess you take the prize for today - although we haven't heard from Cathy yet, so she may have vested us both??
I so enjoyed reading about your day and I can feel your happiness and yes, excitement. We all need a day like this - better yet, we three all need a day like this together!
I am happy with making some headway in the sun room - slow but sure. My incentive is to imagine a small table and three chairs sitting by the window where the sun sparkles through both from the East in the morning and from the West in the evening. So I shall plod forward.
Mike called today and he and Erin would like us to visit this weekend if it isn't too short notice. (Not too short for me - I'd go anytime haha!) So we will go on Sunday. (Saturday is Harry's day to run the roads)  I have something to look forward to again. Yeah.....  Time to get ready for bed and read for a bit. Always a nice time of day for me. Take care
ps My cat Tigger and the new dog Bailey are getting along much better now for which I am grateful. Tigger will still come to lay with me when he feels like it so I know he doesn't have a lip on with me at least.  

Several special moments

Fining it very difficult to settle into anything today, I gave up the effort and decided to spend the afternoon in total self indulgence. 

My hair is just been getting too long to manage.  The last couple of weeks, I've checked the salon by Walmart every time we went in, to see if my lady was there, and I could make an appointment.  No luck.  Monday, I finally phoned and was told she had moved to Calgary.  Knowing that her life here has been very unsettled, as well, and that she had family in Calgary, I had no reason to doubt it. This afternoon I "bit the bullet", and went over to the salon in the mall across the street.  The manager has been there for ever, and was the reason I left, after she gave me two bad haircuts in a row.  But I was lucky, and a different person came to do my hair.  She looked a little familiar, and after overhearing a conversation she had with the hated manager, I asked what her name was.  Sure enough, It was Sophia, the person who had given me the best haircut I've had in the last 15 years, and of whom I had totally lost track.  This is also the lady that my former stylist told me was the only person ever allowed to touch her hair.  Not only that, Sophia was only in the shop today, to cover a shift.  She normally works in and manages a salon across town. Talk about good timing!  Needless to say, I now have an invitation to see her at her regular salon, anytime I please, in future.

After that, I went across the mall, and arranged to have a pedicure.  I had been planning to give myself one for the last week, but just never got to it.  Now my toes are pretty in pink, and as short as I like them.  And the hot stone massage that was part of it wasn't too bad either.

My third stop was the coffee store.  Since my allergic reaction to the coffee, I've been sticking to de-caf.  Last week one of the baristas told me that Tuesday was a double star day, and since  I knew  that it was time to stock up in coffee for the house, for the winter, I figured I should buy it then.  We went in yesterday, only to find out it wasn't double star day.  The barista on duty even checked on her own phone to make sure. I got an e-mail message this morning, announcing that today was the day.  The same one was on duty today, and as I walked in she loudly announced " today is double star day".  To which I replied, just as loudly, " I know and I'm so excited!"  You  should have seen the looks we got from other patrons.  But I got my coffee.  Now I get to meld the 3-4 small partial bags of regular coffee, and put, away for when my stitchery group visits.

So a relaxing and pleasurable afternoon, which was probably what I needed more than any studio activity or housework.


Exhaustion sets in. Yesterday was spent out in Selkirk, at the gallery.  There were a few visitors.  They came in several bunches, which makes it difficult for one volunteer to be able to supervise those who are viewing the exhibit, and have questions, and also those who are in the Gift Shop.  The one paid employee of the gallery was there, but she had a lot of work to do, so it was somewhat helpful when another member showed up to visit, and spent the day. As a result, I spent most of the day socializing, and came to realize  how very out of practice I am.  Now, I love being with people, but it takes a lot of energy.  Worth it, mind you, but boy, was I ever tired when I got home.  I need to do this more often and get back into the routine of relaxing, and enjoying the privilege of company.

Yesterday we got a recall notice for our car.  David phoned right away, and we got in first thing this morning. We were both awake shortly after 6:00, so we turned off the alarm, and I sat with David while he had breakfast and read the paper.  After he left, it was back to bed and sleep well for a couple of hours.  Probably the best sleep of the night, and I needed it.

Not sure how the rest of the day will be spent.  While we were out yesterday, I picked up more of the spiral bound notebooks I like for journaling and Morning Pages--for 47 cents each.  I think I might have bought them at that price, whether I needed them or not.  I have felt the need to start another sketchbook for awhile, and that takes some basic grunt work before I can actually start.  So that might be the chore of the day.  But only once I tidy the kitchen, after spending a day away from it. "nuff said, about that.

Yes, I had noticed our follower.  What a nice surprise!

A follower?

I just noticed that we have "follower" to our blog...Welcome to Margaret.

Threads, and things.....

Congratulations once again Pati on your very successful regime. A change in habits and a new way of looking at nutrition is making a wonderful difference in your life.  This i say as i am about to make another Spinach scramble - I had some spinach left over from the bundle I purchased so will use it up this morning. So far i have been having great fun devising new and creative breakfasts with your ideas and from the 20/20 book. And it doesn't take any time really to do something different - just some organizing in my mind as to what i will do and then following through.
As for the thread, with all the pictures you have sent and with my limited ability to see it all to best advantage, I am not surprised. The finished masterpiece will be worth all that you have put into it. Can hardly wait to see....
Lots of apple sauce done yesterday with the apples Harry picked at the orchard in Huntsville. I plan to use most of it in Smoothies but may try an apple crisp as some of the jars still have larger slices of apple mixed in with the smoother sauce. 
I spoke with dear old Daisy yesterday again...she and her granddaughter are staying up at her home here in Sundridge for a bit - trying to get the roof done but with all this rain the contractor is set back a bit. But Daisy would rather be in her own home here than at the old home in Toronto. Her son and family actually live in Daisy's old place when she lived and worked in Toronto so it should feel a bit familiar to her but, it's not her's!  They would like me to go over for tea and visit but right now, I have to do much here - I should try to make the effort for Daisy though...
So, off to make my breakfast.  Have a happy day Cathy and Pati.
ps I started the book Arthor Pepper last night and anxious to keep reading.  I am picking up Phaedra's way of writing as can discern the same pattern in this book that i noticed in Benedict Stone.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Short note for today

Glad you liked the light show.  I got the link off that blog, Art in Stitches, that I've spoken of before.  She and her husband are just back from a busy two week trip to Europe.

Today was my day at the gallery out in Selkirk.  A very social day, with two other interesting ladies, and several visitors.  Too tired to think of much other than supper and bed, but with, maybe, a little time to veg out in between.

David had a good laugh at how many different spools of thread I've used in my current piece, Future Perspective, so I decided to send a picture, just to see if you two think it's too many.

P.S.As of weigh-in this morning, I have reached another decade-type goal.  It has taken me more than 6 months, but I did it!  Less than 20 pounds to my final goal, and last week my doctor agreed with the goal, as being reasonable for my age.  Not enough to celebrate with new clothes though. :(

I just took a second....

Thunderstorm and rain and i couldn't sleep so up early. Your suggestions came at the right moment for me as i sat in the darkness with a coffee and silently viewed the gorgeous scene. i don't know how they produce this spectacular light show but that didn't matter - it was the seeing of it that mattered. Thank you

Monday, August 21, 2017

Take a second

to watch a short video.  This is a night time light show in the courtyard of the Cathedral de Bayeux in france.  The tree is a two hundred year old tree that grows in the center of the courtyard. 
this was my moment of pleasure today.

Eclipse? what eclipse?

I was at work, but I never even notice it get darker out.  I figured that with 70% coverage I would notice something.  Maybe that was for Winnipeg and we were just a little too far north for that. Oh well.  We have a union meeting at 4:45 so I am sitting at work playing on a real computer.  Jim is sick today. He gets sick so seldom that I worry when it happens.   We were at the neighbours for supper yesterday.  They are really into smoking their food.  They have 2 smokers and are talking about building a much larger one.  We had pulled pork and sweet potatoes cooked in the smokers and then some cole slaw.  It was quite good.  They have created their own recipes for rubs and bbq sauce.   We had some kind of Mexican beans too.  Sort of a watery pork and beans made with pinto beans and peppers and onions and bacon and I am not sure what else.  Much spicier than pork and beans but tasty.  Only 4 more days of work and I have a week off.  I really do have to settle down and do some yard and house work though.  I have been putting it off for way too long.  Beth, remember last year when we talked about the spider web over my living room window?  It's still there :)   We had a little bit of rain last night.  Almost enough to settle the dust, but not quite.  Just a very dry year for us.  Why do my posts always involve food?  Could explain why I weigh so much :)  I will try to think of something more interesting. 

So.. I guess that's all folks...

Not much action here in Sundridge as far as eclipses go... I figured that we were not in the right path. It might have got a bit dark such as when a storm starts to roll in but there was really no discernible difference. Perhaps 2024 will be different? That will be the next similar event to look forward to. I better start to make my cardboard shoe box viewer now just to be ready haha!  
I have been concentrating on cutting white paper 17" X 11" into two sheets for 11" X 8 1/2 " photocopy paper. We acquired a huge box of this long ago and so as not to waste it, I decided to use it for the machine. I think I mentioned this before - and here I am still at cutting it. But the only way to get rid of the huge box that is in the way, is to get rid of the paper. 
It is now very humid - I guess this is what you folks had a few days ago?  So I shall have to run on the overhead fan for sleeping.
The Library phoned this afternoon - the other book of Phaedra Patrick is now available so I shall pick it up tomorrow and at same time return the Benedict Stone book - it came from Quinte (Eastern Ontario) We are going to Huntsville tomorrow ( Tuesday, right?) and so on way home I'll slip in. That means I'll have some reading for the next few nights.  I just went to bed last night without reading anything. 
So I'll close for now... nothing exciting to report. Take care

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Fun read for me...

It was a good feeling for me to read the blog this morning and follow along with your musings...both Cathy and Pati.  I also enjoyed seeing your latest art piece updates with the threading done in parts Pati -  the parts you were able to show in the picture that is.  I know you plan to show the piece so keeping it under wraps is your aim.  That's fine as I viewed what you did send with some amazement.
How about a Budgie update ------ 8 eggs laid in total, and so far two chicks have hatched.  The father eats food, passes it from his mouth to the mother and she feeds the chicks. They apparently take full responsibility for feeding until the chicks are about 2 weeks. I guess that is when I take over?  I'm just running with this as I have no idea, but I can be sure that Harry will be telling me what to do. haha!
Doing lots of veg and fruit today as Harry stopped by some Farmers markets yesterday. The fruit lady from the south called this morning from Beamsville (where they live in Niagara area) to wonder if we wanted peaches as her husband was coming through tomorrow - I begged off this time as we have so much to get through right now.
Well this was just a little break in my day and Harry was laying down so I grabbed the computer. So I better get back at my work now. Enjoy your heat - we don't have such high temps but the sun is actually shining right now. This helps to "brighten" the day. Take care

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Finding peace

Peace is fleeting.  I agree with Beth, that we need to recognize those special, small moments, and cherish them.  Sounds like you're doing that, Cathy. Treasure those small moments when you're in a place that is special to you, and/or with people, animals, or things that you love.

I've made strides in changing my new piece that may make if better.  We'll see.  Check other blog.

Next week is quiet.  I'm volunteering out at the gallery in Selkirk, again on Tuesday, but that's all that's scheduled.  Things could change, however.  I hope not. If it's a slow day, I'll be able to baste all of those hexie forms I cut yesterday.  It's a good, mindless activity for when I'm playing poker.  I broke down and actually showed David all of the fabric hexies I have to baste.  At least I'll be able to put them together by machine, whatever I choose to do with them.   It's so hot, that there's little pleasure in going out, especially in the city.  It's even too hot to sit out in the garden and read.  We were at Walmart today. Saturday afternoon, a week before school starts.  Chaos.  Hot, humid, chaos.  Glad to be home. 

 A week tomorrow is the first of the craft sales I have scheduled, (we're ready) and then the day after my, pieces have to go out to Selkirk for the September show.  This evening, I hope to set up a couple of dye baths, for future projects.  It's great to have a bit of energy and creativity going for me, even if yesterday was a vast wasteland.


It is supposed to be another hot, dry day but right now it is still cool and calm. I have my tea and a book and am just sitting. Far away I can hear farm machinery but they are finished near here so all I hear clearly is the birds. And the hummingbirds chasing each other away from the feeders. Jim is still in bed but I have both dogs and both cats to keep me company  a nice start to the weekend. I usually miss theses mornings cause I am at work by now. A short interlude as another thing I have discovered about this time of day...the dogs want breakfast Now!  I'm hoping to get some work done in the garden before it gets too hot. And if course there is the usual weekend laundry, vacuuming, floor cleaning.....all of which I have been very lax about lately.  The filter the neighbour installed on our water line seems to have really helped our problem.  I am glad he thought of it since it was way cheaper than a new well.  I hear Jim coming downstairs.... and the tv is turned on to CNN. I guess my solitude is over and my day begins. Love you!

Friday, August 18, 2017


It's always a challenge to introduce a new animal into an established hierarchy.  Sounds as a little as though the poor thing was feeling lost with losing his old family, and is needing  lot of reassurance.  Quite likely the cats will end up in charge.  It often works out that way.

Yesterday we were up by 5:00 for a 6:00 a.m. doctor's appointment, although I think we were both awake prior to that.  I kept busy in the studio, until about ll:30, when David's sister, Gail, picked him up to drive out to Stonewall for a family funeral. This was some sort of cousin, but someone who had been included in most larger family gatherings. This gave David time with his sister.  I think that it can be overwhelming at times to spend so much time with my side of the family, so encourage these visits between the two of them. 

This left me on my own most of the afternoon, so I included a visit to the fabric store into my coffee outing. When doing more sorting and disposing of "stuff", I found 5 yards of expensive Tussa (sp?) Silk, that I bought in 1985 in Edmonton, along with matching lining material. Thinking about it, I decided that I could use a light weight over blouse/jacket, to wear to things like gallery openings and art sales. So I needed a pattern.  OMG!  Sticker shock!  I also discovered that jackets these days are very fitted, and have high collars--the sort that catch under your ears, if you're not careful.  But I did find one pattern that I like.  This is intended for a sophisticated type of patchwork, but I should be able to use it.  It just might work as patchwork for a different type of jacket. This will be the next project, after the "Future Perspective" piece is done.

By supper time we were both pretty well beat, so went out for supper.  We were later than expected getting home, and I had trouble getting to sleep.  I remember seeing 2:00 am.  This meant that today has been pretty well a "write off".  Knowing I would be useless most of the day, I needed a concrete task, rather than anything creative.  I decided to sort out the file box containing all of the household papers.  I went through and culled the files.  This, also, kept David busy shredding.  But the much smaller files are now in alphabetical order, and back where they belong.  I found that often, when getting quotes etc, the info is placed in a folder.  I ended up with a pile of these folders, empty.  Not wanting to waste anything, I determined that they were a good weight to make the "papers" for hexies.  Then spent the rest of the day tracing and cutting hexie "papers".  I figure I should never have to do this ever again.  There's a huge pile.

My piece, "Future Perspective" is not working out as well as I would like.  It may be that it doesn't quite match my vision, or that the workmanship is not perfect, or that the whole thing was a bad idea.  I think I'm going to need help with sorting it out, and may post a picture for linking with a couple of my groups.  But today is not the day for decision making, nor, as I discovered, for playing poker.  So, I have good book, and David has opened a bottle of wine.  I should sleep better tonight.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

For a change.. we have rain!

Gets monotonous - rain, mixed with rain, and throw in a bit more rain!  I just came in from setting up my elaborate drainage system to try to divert water from the barrels to the side of the house rather than down the side onto the front of the house - where it accumulates and I have to shovel. Last two days were OK with sun most of day but it has started to rain now (5pm) and according to forecast will be with us Friday and over the weekend.  I have been able to do a fair amount of yard work - starting to remove some of the obviously dead tomato plants and those that will not produce for sure. And picking what I can and doing something with it ie making tomato juice, and eating lots of salads with cucumbers etc.

Well, we have a new dog in our family. Last Sunday we drove to Sturgeon Falls ( west of North Bay) where we arranged to meet a man who drove from Sudbury with a small little dog not quite two years old. They were not able to keep him as they just had a newborn. It is a lap dog for sure - a mix of Jack Russell and Chihuahua. His name is Bailey and we'll keep that name as he is obviously used to it. He wants loves and kisses and attention all the time. He has chased after the cats and as yet there are still some issues but I am hopeful that all four animals will start to tolerate each other soon. 

Pati, I enjoyed a "breakfast salad" this morning - not quite as per recipe but good enough. And I just mixed up another dish of quick oats to sit overnight for my breakfast tomorrow - this time throwing in a handful of frozen blueberries.  I am hoping that my energy level will improve as too, my desire to do stuff. Today I bit the bullet and started to clean up the back room (sun room) which is full to the rafters with stuff - including three new shelves that I hope to erect to store the stuff in a more organized manner. My panic is that the house plants also have to come back in and the nights are getting colder and before long I will have to move them - right now, there is no room.

Solar eclipse to take place Monday at around 1:30 pm - for our area it will not be total but partial but I hope to observe anyway with eyes protected.

Now I must move this little pile of dog who is snuggled on my lap. It is hard to type this way haha!  And get ready for bed, and read more of my book. I am almost finished it. Oh no....  Take care

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


I'm in a rut for breakfast, too. I very much like Blueberries, and usually buy them in a two pound container. They are usually starting to go before I finish it, but the smaller containers are just too expensive, although that's what I'm forced to buy in winter ( not often, too $$$).  So, every morning it's 3/4 cup blueberries, container of yogurt, 2 tbsp of rye flakes, and two tbsp of sliced almonds.  I also sometimes enjoy them with oatmeal.  One quarter cup  oatmeal cooked in 1/2 c water, 1/4 c whey protein, &3/4 c blueberries. Actually, when I make it, I make enough oatmeal for both of us: 3/4 c oatmeal cooked in 1 1/2 c. water, and then take out 1/3 for myself. Otherwise I enjoy smoothies for breakfast.  I can't stand the texture of them if I put rye flakes in, so make them without, and have a couple of Rye Krisps with the smoothie.  I only rarely eat brad,and then, only a Multigrain Rye  I've found one where the slices are exactly 1 ounce, many of them the slices are 1 1/2 to 2 ounces.And, believe it or not, I sometimes enjoy the "breakfast salad" from phase one, with a hard boiled egg.

Since I had the allergic reaction to caffeine a couple of weeks ago, I've been having my de-caf Earl Grey tea with meals, instead of the green tea.  At Starbucks, for my daily coffee, I've been having a de-caf espresso "pour over", in my usual larger size, with a small bit of milk.  Wonderful! 

Yesterday, I made the effort, and managed to get my zipper purses accepted into the gift shop of the gallery in Selkirk.  This means that I will also be able to put other things in there, subject to an informal "jury" process, in future.  This is a big step for me. 

Yesterday, for the first time ever, the computer news offered a piece on "Your horoscope for next week".  Mine suggested, strongly, that I've been pushing it too hard, and need to take a break.  It was like a message from above.  I immediately realized that it was absolutely true, and that I needed to do something about it.  Quite a jolt.  And, the next time I looked I couldn't find the article.  It was almost as though it had appeared, at that point in time, for me alone.  Creepy!  This morning's horoscope in the newspaper, said that I should look for something "fun" to do today.  I asked David what we could do for fun today, and he just snorted at me.

We stopped at a dollar store yesterday, to look for an envelope. The we browsed a bit.  Lesson for today: never browse in a dollar store! I found some wonderful things that I couldn't live without and I only covered one aisle!

Having had my breakfast, and checked the computer news, I guess it's time to look for something fun to do. Maybe I'll sort out and re-label everything in our paper file box, with the file folder labels I bought yesterday at the dollar store.

Wrong name....

That would be Benedict Stone... my mistake.

Teaser. indeed!

Glad to have glimpse of your newest project. I like the look of the trees as well, but wonder at the little candle?  I am nicely "teased' haha!
I finally got the Phaedre Patrick book Rise and Shine of Benjimin Stone.... at the library - came from Quinte area in Eastern Ontario. I've started it and so far a good read. 
The Dutch neighbours go back home today - hard to believe they have been here for 6 weeks already. The weather has not been kind to them this year but they did do a few side trips around the province. Ruth from across the street ( her sister) invited us to come over last evening for coffee and dessert but I had to decline.  I also told her I was not going on Casino trip August 31 either. With Harry not feeling well lately, it is definitely changing things around here. 
I just had a breakfast of quick oats - a recipe I found that you mix oats with milk, honey, cinnamon and peanut butter and keep in fridge overnight. You eat it cold as is or with jam on top. Not bad but I wonder how frequently I will make it. I look for easy morning foods - not just the usual toasted bagels that has been my habit. I don't want to eat bread so much. I will pull out my 20/20 book and glean a few ideas from there. Pati, you are very familiar with all these ideas but I will have to reread again.
So onto my coffee and prepare for the day. Mid week so all is well.....

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Just a teaser

Here is a picture of some of the trees on my new piece, which I've decided to title "Future Perspective".  I'm happy with the somewhat "rustic" appearance of the trees.  There are 22 of them in total.

Tears of joy

Your posting has brought me tears of joy as I pictured in my mind all that you would have seen and heard. I am so happy this was such a wonderful evening of pleasure for you both. And thank you for your immediate synopses - with your cup of tea in hand and songs swimming in your head! Have a really nice day reliving it all again as you go about your day. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Mama Mia

We just got home, and I'm having a cup of tea before bed.  This was the best live event I've ever attended.  David didn't get as much out of it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The sound system demonstrated the usual Rainbow Stage problems, which made some of the words difficult to make out, but the story was so simple, that it didn't matter. I know that the lady playing Donna, Ma-Anne Dionisio is a well known performer, all around the world, but her performance still blew me away.  What a powerful voice!  The set was amazing: the pieces moving around like some sort of fancy, and intricate dance. There were colourful costumes, more than I'm used to in the theatre ( Listen to me--how  much theatre experience do I actually have?)  The music was mostly familiar, but there were a couple of songs that I didn't recognize at all.  And I was surprised at the amount of comedy.  Maybe I shouldn't have been.  There was some sort of encore.  After the end, and the actors bows, the entire cast came back on stage, and sang at least three more Abba songs, complete with lots of energetic dancing, costume changes, and full audience participation. Everyone stood up, and clapped and sang along with the cast, and a few were even moving everything but their feet.

We used the parking lot. As we approached, and David saw a man directing the incoming cars, he put up the handicapped pass. The very first row was all handicapped, but it was full, so he directed us to a small alcove just inside the entrance, and right by the path to the theatre. When we came out there was another car beside us and five rows of cars on the grass behind us.  We were able to get out via the entrance right beside us, and were on our way in jig time.  It was slow driving out through the park, but were still home within half an hour of the show ending.

A wonderful experience, and I'm glad I went.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


It goes so fast. The three fields by our house have been harvested. Okay, two are down and they are working on the ties right now. Today was Bart Prior's memorial service. It was at Sharon's house. Rrain asked if I wanted to go but I decided it might be awkward. I guess it was a bit of a party as Rrain sent me a picture of Chloe in the swimming pool. Maybe I should have gone just to see her. Tomorrow Jim and Rodney are pulling up our standpoint. I am pretty sure we need a new one but we can get it in town for only 95.00.  Then it is beer can chicken for supper. I can taste it already.  I slept in until after 8 this morning. I felt guilty but it was wonderful. I know how tired I have been lately so I must have needed it  we had a fire and I think I might have another small one tonight.  I am part way through "twice a spy". From the Thompson library.  I will sit outside reading as long as I can. Work as soon as I get up and then I feel like I have earned my reading time.

Sunflower festival

The Festival Gods were looking favourably upon the Village and especially upon the Organizing Committee today. In spite of thunderstorms and rain called for in forecast, except for a few sprinkles in the morning, the skies cleared and although cloudy the sky was blue and the sun shone through frequently.  You could almost hear a loud collective sigh of relief from everyone involved and everyone attending.  So it was fun - I looked at most of the vendors wares, and admired their work and many really did have some exceptional crafts and other offerings. I did not make any purchases but that was not really my intent in wanting to be a part of the event. This evening there will be a street dance on the Main Street - after all the vendors take down their exhibits and move off. Here's hoping the weather holds off just a little longer to make that part of the Festival a success as well. Of course, we do not intend to participate in the dancing haha!
Housework took up the rest of my day for the most part. Harry is still under great deal of pain in his hip - debilitating pain. I am not really happy with lack of progress to date but I can't move things along any faster or effectively, so I bide my time. But it makes my workload all the more onerous. C'est la vie!   I started to reread a Clive Cussler book last evening that I had in my read already box- just for something to read...Atlantis Found with Dirk Pitt. I have a box of books I want to donate to the Library Book Sale for next weekend - if I can actually take them in.
So I have lots to do before bed so I better get to it. Just thought I'd give you an update of the Festival.   Take care.

Friday, August 11, 2017

measuring time

I tend to measure time by Sundays. Sunday, right after breakfast, we both re-load our dosettes.  What a symbol of old age and passing time!  And the empty dosette serves a a reminder of what day it is. For a few moments, on Sunday morning, I get a little maudlin, thinking of time passing and my life being wasted away, sitting in this house.  It soon passes, but I can't seem to avoid those thoughts at that time. Ugh!

This week most of my time has been spent fusing down little tiny pieces of hand-dyed fabric, onto a larger piece, in preparation for some very intense thread work. Today is Friday, and, although I have household job list, we've decided that I should leave it until Sunday.  The concentrated housework leaves me exhausted ( helps me to sleep, so not necessarily a bad thing).  The fusing has been so pains-taking and fussy, that I exhaust myself with that as well.  I know that tomorrow, at the gallery, will be busy, so I'll need to be in good shape going out there. This piece is headed for the show in November, but I want it to be a surprise to the ladies in the group, so won't be posting any pictures of the process or finish.

This week I've also been on phase one of my regime.  I've been pretty good (a lot easier without any raisins in the house), but have still gained three pounds since Monday.  I know from experience that any weight loss usually occurs over the three days when I transition to phase 2, but it's still discouraging.

Just about lunch time, after which we'll head for the library, and then off to do a bit of grocery shopping, before heading to the library.  I've ordered several books over the internet, and don't want to be caught with too many books to read in the allotted time, so have been just picking up two or three at a time, and most of those "easy read". During the summer, our library is closed on Saturdays, so we usually stock up for the weekend.

I hope all three of us have a relaxing weekend.  I can't express how much I've been enjoying  sitting outside to drink my coffee every day, usually about 3:00.  There are a few ants back, but still, what a true pleasure.

So Friday, it is....

Another week passes by and before we know it, August is almost half over. You can see the season changing as you look at the garden, and surrounds, and start to feel that the Fall is creeping in. Even the morning light is different (and later) as is the evening light. I keep wanting to make a fire which would be OK with all the rain we have had - no fear of fire bans. But I just don't get at it - once the day wanes I am ready to get to bed and forget about slipping out to make a wee fire. Besides. I don't have the inclination anymore - pity.
We are going to make a quick trip to Huntsville this morning to ReStore - I spoke with Mike and he thinks Erin would love to have more of the storage bags I mentioned - the large ones that you can pressure seal. They were only a $1.00 each and I'm hoping they will still have some left. If not I would be happy to give her half of the 10 I bought on Tuesday.  I haven't tried mine yet - busy doing other stuff (no kidding!) but will get at it soon. It will make a big difference for storage space of blankets and duvets etc.
I started to tidy up in the kitchen the other day - rearranging the shelves to accommodate the Tin Horton tins and mugs that I have collected. I like this collection but it does take up space. So a few boxes of other mugs and the like have been stored away for now. I wish I could just get rid of stuff but since that is not an option at the moment, I shall box things up.  
No reading right now - I finished another book last night that friend Ruth gave me, and since I haven't heard from the Library yet about the Phaedra books I ordered two weeks ago, I haven't anything on tap. Oh, I have books that I could pick up here at home, but many of them are not on my "interesting list" right now. 
Well, thunderstorms and rain forecast for today and tomorrow Saturday, so I am not hopeful that the festival will be a go. I have the website to check because there may be a possibility they will change the venue from the Main Street to the Arena in light of the weather. I will let you know - I shouldn't look forward to something so much.  yesterday I needed to walk up to the Pharmacy and on the way home detoured down to the Lake. I haven't been down to the Lake for ages, and always liked sitting on one of the benches and enjoying the view and serenity. Although yesterday it was a mass of swimmers and children making the most of the water and park. Some of the boys were covering themselves with the clay from the bottom of the lake and running about and then jumping into the water. I often wonder if I could use that clay. When my boys were little we fashioned objects out of it as part of the fun at the water, but I am sure if a potter took it, it could be used. Too bad...
Well, time to get on with the day. Have a great weekend. Take care

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Still here

But starting to feel guilty about not blogging.  Lately, I've been in a bit of a frenzy in the studio, and only stopping when forced to.  The piece that has been in my brain for several weeks, has been started.  Because it was so thoroughly planned, mentally, it was a matter of just getting down to doing it. Last weekend I finally got a bit of a pattern drafted, and started to audition fabrics and thread.  Then on Sunday evening, bit the bullet, and ordered more thread off the internet. There was a screw up trying to place the order, as I tried to place the order using my credit card, but the site seemed to refuse to complete the order with the credit card, so I used PayPal.  I sent an e-mail to the company explaining, and got one back assuring me that I had only been billed once, and that it had gone through on my credit card. I have dealt with this company for years, have even met the owned, at her hotel on one of her trips through the city, and have also bought thread when they have a booth at the quilt shows we have here. I had no reason to doubt her, but a niggling in the back of my mind said to check further.  Checked my account on PayPal, and sure enough it was pending order on PayPal. Trying to deal with PayPal was an ordeal, as they have no process to deal with pending orders, only payments made.  And there is no way they will let you actually talk to someone.  So yesterday, I called the credit card company, and spoke to a very nice lady, who told me that no actual charge had been made against my card, but the PayPal amount was still there as a pending charge. Then she tried to reassure me by saying that it was marked as being deleted at midnight last night, and I should check back this morning.  Will do.

I guess that was the highlight of my August Long Weekend.  Sure not like it was in the past.  I remember those times--frantic but fun.

Meanwhile, I've been working like a fiend, and as of late yesterday, know that what I had envisioned, for my new piece, will work, and the techniques I decided to use, will work as well. Then, at supper I was too exhausted to even make a meal, so had two peskies instead, before vegging out all evening. Not on my diet, I know.  Didn't care then, but I'm regretful now.

My horoscope for today says;
       "This is an easy-going, dreamy day for you. The moon is in     your sign dancing with your ruler Neptune and fair Venus.  (???) You will be so mellow, others will be glad to see you and will enjoy your company."

Is that a sign that I can spend the day drinking tea and reading trashy novels?

Mama Mia opens on Friday, and we have tickets for next Monday.
Last Friday we got a strange call from a woman I've been dealing with at the local "Resource Centre" ( seniors' centre, where my art former club is).  She called to chastise David about not putting the stuff he had acquired for them in the right spot.  Only when he finally said  "I have nothing to do with your place and don't want to have anything to do with it", did she realize she had the wrong "Jim". Then she calmly said "well then, while I have you on the line, can I please speak to Pat?". Dim-witty.  Then she offered me, as part of volunteer appreciation, a ticket for Mama Mia for next Tuesday night, travelling by special bus, with a stop at McPhillips Street casino on the way.  Since it was only one ticket, I declined graciously.  This is the paid staff that I deal with.

Last week I got a call from my friend Carolyn.  We haven't spoken, or even communicated for about 3 years, but that's the way our friendship has been, since she moved to Montreal. It works for us. We spoke for about an hour, and got well caught up on friends and family.

This is pretty long.  I better go and find my tea a book.

Mamma Mia at Rainbow?

It is my idea that the stage presentation of Mamma Mia at Rainbow Stage has started. Pati, when were you going. If already gone, how did you enjoy the show? If not yet gone, when? I looked at the Rainbow site some time ago and I believe the shows were to start Aug 7 or there about? 
Another whopper thunderstorm last evening - it felt as if the roof were being shaken about. But surprisingly not much rain to go with it. A sudden heavy downburst and then it subsided.
Today I am planning to bring out the bread making machine and try a loaf of homemade bread. It has been a long, long time since we made it this way so here's hoping it works.
I was able to buy some Tassimo pods yesterday at the sale price - they are all decaffinated as this was the only ones left but that might not be a bad thing after all. I can always make a powerful cup of coffee from some other pods I am hiding "just in case" .
So here's to the Wednesday mid week crunch and to an expectant fun Saturday to come. The festival will be set up here in Sundridge and I look forward to going.  Take care.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

August Long weekend

This weekend always brings fond memories - it seemed to be the weekend for "going to the Lake" and many a year I would head West to join you folks at the Lake. One year if I recall, it was only to the Lake that I travelled - not venturing further to Wpg at all. Hoping you all had a nice weekend at whatever you were doing. Here, we got the last of the garlic pulled from the garden and the bulbs are all lined up like little soldiers drying out in the shed, and the green stems have all been dehydrated. This was done in between thunderstorms, showers and sunny skies. There is no telling anymore whether a day will give you consistent weather for the whole day so you have to wing it mostly. The nights are also colder and with not much sunny weather the tomatoes are not ripening..... I wonder what a person could do with a ton of green tomatoes? haha
To Huntsville today - I will buy some Tassimo coffee pods on sale at Metro. Since Harry brought home this latest coffee machine which is a Tassimo, I have discovered how very much I like it.  I thought that the Keurig was great, but I am changing my mind now that I have been using this Tassimo machine. I am also cutting down on the coffee I consume just to see if it will make any difference in my "demeanour" - good luck to me!
Pati on The Quilt Show they showed how to make a Paintbrush Roll up - this reminded me of your Knitting Needle roll up you drafted. Did you ever pursue this as a saleable item? 
Well, must get on with the day. Take care

Saturday, August 5, 2017


Still have not received either of the two from Phaedra Patrick from the Library so patiently waiting for them. Always nice to get new ideas - these sound good so I have written the names down and put into my Library folder. In meantime I am reading a novel that friend Ruth gave me - about the crippled and blind flower girls in early London times. It was hard to get started but now it is getting interesting. I find many books I've read lately were hard going at first but if I persevered, I was able to get very engaged as the story actually started to develop.
Another rainy and windy cold day. No wonder the garden is not ripening. there are lots of tomatoes but none to ripen - it will likely freeze before long and then what do we do with all the plants. Some are 10 or 12 feet high and I am out there trying to stake them all - last nights storm managed to break more than a few branches and today I tried to tie them up best I could. 
We just finished shelling a huge bag of peas that Harry got at the Farmers Market for only $5.00 - what a deal.  We had some for supper and they were as tender and delicious as could be. Also had our own green beans which were very nice. Harry is dehydrating the pea pods and plans to powder them to use as spice or in soups etc. Nothing goes to waste apparently.
Well, six budgie eggs laid to date - this was what she laid last time so I hope she stops at this.  The other two birds are getting along very well (the newly bought one and the other_ Do you think we can get them to lay eggs as well ??? Golly gee I hope so.....
I forgot to mention that the other day while I was working in the garden and Harry laying down because of his pain, I got the urge to make some blueberry pancakes with Coyote Mix.  Thanks Dave - I gorged myself and did not feel guilty but very satisfied with myself indeed.  Well, back to work. All for now.


I have found a new series that interests me.  It's one of those special interest series, but not really.  Most of them are crap, meant for bathroom reading or for putting you to sleep.  But this one has a very well developed lead character, with some depth to her.  She's pet sitter in Florida, and most of the book titles somehow relate to "the Cat Sitter", but I also found one, whose title relates to dogs.  The author's name is Blaize Clement, and the one I'm reading, right now, is "The Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons".  This is the second one I've read, and I've ordered a couple more.

Working on a baby quilt to take to my sales today, but I have anew project planned in my mind.  Looking forward to starting it.  It is partially inspired by the work of Hundertwasser, whom I think I mentioned before.  Google him if you want a bit of a giggle.

Nasty weather here as well

Bad storms (they called them "cells" on the weather) swept through Toronto and into our area yesterday. They came in three different sweeps but it just seemed like one continuous storm. An apparent tornado hit Huntsville but not verified yet. We lost power of course, and with nothing else to do, I went to bed.  So much water, and lightening and thunder, even hiding my head under the bed sheets didn't help haha!  The power returned late in the evening so happy the outage did not endure as it has in the past. We heard on the news about the destruction in Huntsville with tress ripped out and roads being blocked and since our hydro originates in Huntsville, I expected the worse.
Not a nice forecast for the long weekend. North Bay always has it's Summer in the Park event with top name performers and all the extras like amusement rides etc. all held at the waterfront. We went maybe one or two years but haven't bothered for many many years now. But it always seems to be rainy and as a result usually not a money maker for the city. Every year they talk about cancelling it or cutting back.
Next weekend is the Sundridge Sunflower Festival which is fun as vendors fill the main streets and there is music, and food etc  - hoping for sunny weather so we can attend as we like this event and its local which makes it even better..
Pati, I am glad you found Goo Gone as I have used it for years and usually get good results, But you are right, you have to wash off the greasy like residue well.
We started to pull the big garlic patch yesterday before the storms hit. Nice big cloves this year which will be dried on racks in the canvas shed. The green stems are being dehydrated and made into powder for seasoning. Still have the bulk of them to do yet so that will probably be today's chore after Harry returns from garage sales and to the auction barn in Powassan to pick up his lots. I usually do housework like change linen and wash on Saturdays but this week has all been turned upside down with this and that, so I'm a bit out of kilter right now. I have a kitchen full of dishes to do first though, as with no power I didn't clean up yesterday. 
So I have my coffee in my hand to start the day and I guess shall take it from here. Have a nice weekend everyone.  Take care

Friday, August 4, 2017

Filthy jobs

Today is Friday, the day I designate for housework and ignoring the studio.  During the week I make a list.  Routine things like doing dishes and laundry aren't on it, as those need to happen more than once week, although Friday is the day I change the bed linen.

Anyway, this weeks list was short, because there was one job on it that I've been ignoring for years.  I needed to clean up the medicine cabinet. One shelf has been a problem, one we inherited when we bought the house. The previous owners had put something on the shelf, Mac-Tac, I think, and when I pulled it off, it left a residue.  I have never been able to get it clean using traditional methods, and over the years it had become quite disgusting. Well, today was the day to do something about it. I had expected that this would be aback breaking task, using razor  blade scrapers, and lots of muscle power, and taking most of the day.  I had also heard of a product called "Goo Gone", that was supposed to clean up sticky residue.  No idea where to find it, but wondered if a big box hardware store might have it.  Since I needed some regular cleaners, as well, we first went to Walmart.  And there it was in hardware. 

While we were in Walmart, the skies opened with a deluge that was so hard, we could hear it on the roof of the Walmart store.  Made the trip a little more than interesting, as it was just starting to let up when we got home, and Walmart had been our first stop.

So David had to try the stuff out first thing, when we got home. And it worked, with the addition of a little elbow grease. All the crap gone, but we were left with a very slick, greasy surface, despite all the hot water and cleaning supplies we used.  Finally, I resorted to the world's best grease cutter--Blue Dawn--straight from the bottle.  It worked.  My cabinet is now in better shape than it was when we moved in.

However, we're both exhausted, and both glad the list is finished for another week.

House party

Cathy, what a treat for you!  It doesn't really matter why people get together, just getting together is reason enough.

Another special event...

Happy Birthday to Jim on this glorious Friday, August 4. 
Best wishes as you celebrate a "decades' year, Jim !!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A social event!

Last night Jim and I actually went to a house party. With real people. It was an open mic/jam session/ anniversary party. And I stayed up past 9pm!!!  In fact it was after midnight when I got to bed. Unfortunately it was also the only cool rainy day we have had in weeks and it was going to be a pool party.  There was music and conversation and I had a really nice time. I don't remember the last time we went anywhere but the legion. Of course I was pretty tired today but it was worth it

Another day, another adventure

We've talked a couple of times about using the pressure washer to wash down the outside of the house,.  David decided that today was the day.  However, we needed a different connector between the hose and the power washer. So off to Rona.  He found his connector and I found a couple of lovely things to play with.  Then off to A&W.  We received some coupons in the mail for free root beer, and again, today was the day, for his. But, of course, we also had onion rings.  They were great, much better than last time we had them locally. There's a reason we drive out to Lockport for them. Then since we were out, we stopped by Starbucks.  It's still early in the day.

So into the backyard.  Seems we bought the wrong connector, so off he goes again, while I sit with my coffee. David wears his waterproof galoshes for this sort of job, and they're usually stored in the garage.  This is the first time he's used them this summer. You should have seen his face when he discovered a mouse's nest in one of them, well insulated with sunflower seed shells.

Finally, we get things going. At this point we've devoted two hours to the task, and are just getting started.  Well, the power washer didn't touch the dirt and stains on the stucco, but did a reasonable, but not great, job on the awnings. It's now after 1:00, and he's still at it.  He's soaking wet, and is going to need a shower and total change of clothes when he gets in.

Amber and the girls stopped in for a minutes last evening.  Both David and I almost didn't recognize Jessica, and certainly wouldn't have, if she hadn't been with her family.  Her hair was down--can't remember the last time I saw that-- and the colour was lighter. It was nice to see them for a few minutes.

Tomorrow is my "house cleaning Friday".  Something tells me that i'll be working alone, as he is really pushing it today.  But it's a job long neglected, so that's good.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

A-h-h-h! A little cooler today.

Windows open, and enough breeze to air out the house.  It's old enough to smell musty, if it isn't aired out regularly.  We got out and about, for a bit.  First, we headed to the Re-Store, to see if we could find any more ceiling medallions.  I've had so much fun with the one I have, that I wanted to try a few more.  No luck. We saw lots of neat stuff, but nothing we needed or could afford.  Then we headed for a quilt store close to home. My friend Gail, has suggested that I take a couple of small quilts to the upcoming craft sales, and I needed four more pink prints to make the quick and easy one I have in mind. It will be a exercise in stash reduction, but my heart won't let me make a sloppy project.  I planed to use the pretty pink fabrics I bought when I was in St. Pierrre & Miquelon, plus other scraps I have on hand, but needed a little extra "kick".  Of course, two, small, quarter yard pieces, plus a couple of odds and ends, I just had to have, came to over $45.  

When we first got to the quilt store, it was a pleasant surprise to find and old friend working there.  We have known each other, through the local quilt guild, for many years.  She, too, has had her problems with knees, and is now struggles to walk, using a cane permanently.  Sort of sad to see her working, as she is not young, and I believe, needs to work. We and a nice chat, and she commented on my weight loss.  During the conversation, I came to realize that David thinks we are spending a lot more money on food now.  When I mentioned it, later, he thought this because we shop more often, for fresh veggies.  I had thought we were spending less, so I'm going to keep track this month.

After the quilt store, David mentioned that he would like to visit a butcher shop he had seen mentioned in the little community newspaper.  So we came home, pulled the newspaper out of the recycling bin on the blvd, and looked up the address.  It was worth the visit.  A neat little shop, and they had pickled brisket.  David told me that they also sold lots of sausages that hadn't been smoked, so it looks like we're be going again.

Home, lunch and into the studio.  Just got settled, when I got a phone call from my old stitching friend, Carolyn. We've been part of each others lives since the late 70's, but had lots touch in the past couple of years.  The call was quite a surprise, and we ended up talking over an hour.  

So I have to say a day of positives. A "feel good" day.

Tomatoes anyone?

My to do list for today was never accomplished totally, but still I was outside all day and tackling the tomatoes. They all have to be cleaned up - cut off the dead leaves and tidy them up and tie up where necessary. Its a tough job when you are facing 1000 of them but hey, keeps me out of trouble?  
Harry is no better in terms of his pain in hip - very severe. He was trying to contact the Dr office all day and finally about 3:30 he was told the Nurse would call him to go over the xray results ( really?)  No one called him back. 
Now to budgies..... Four eggs and counting from the mating pair. But Monday night the oldest of the other two birds ( not the mating pair that is) died. So I buried him in the yard but budgies need a companion so yesterday we went to the Pet Store in Huntsville and bought a new budgie. 
While in Huntsville, I decided to splurge on myself. I went into Coles and bought a package of expensive coloured pencils using one of the Nielsen Homescan Visa preloaded cards I earned by doing the weekly food surveys.  I made this decision because Harry brings home many of the adult colouring books that are the rage lately. He finds them at garage sales or at the dump store. Some of these books are hard covered and expensive if bought at a real store - I guess someone thought they would try it, and then were turned away from them? A page or two has been coloured in each of the books.  So now, my plan is to try to take some time for myself and try to colour - this will be facilitated by playing some of my special music at the same time - either records or CDs ( Harry continues to get boxes of these at the dump store - some never opened and some Readers Digest sets at that!)
The neighbour Ruth just came by to ask us to come over tomorrow night along with the Dutch pair next door, and the other neighbours across the street from us - just to Meet and Greet. I was unable to accept in light of Harry's condition. Fortunately, she seemed to understand.  (I hope)
So it seems to be time to clean up, and put things away outside, likely water but then I don't feel like it tonight.  Then get ready for bed. Tomorrow will come soon enough haha!
And so what is going on in your neighbourhoods these days?