Saturday, November 29, 2014

We did it!

Yes, shopping went well, and now we wrap.  We even managed to pawn a gallon of wine off on the neighbour ( the squirrel guy).  It was from a kit that was bought by mistake, one that we didn't realize until we opened it and started the process.  He staggered over a little while later to thank us and tell us how good it is.  Supper was store-roasted chicken and fresh sourdough bread.  We both plan to veg out for the rest of the evening,  after all, I have 17 pages of hexies to cut out.  I'm not going to run out of those little devils!

Clean out the freezer

Today I pawed through the freezer and found tomatoes from September 2013.  I have stewed them up and now have 4 bags of tomato sauce and 6 bags of tomato stock.  We'll see how that goes.  Even after all these years, I still hate Christmas.  I just can't look forward to it.  I have had the Community Christmas Dinner at Chicken Delight to work at for the last few years, but Jean has cancelled it this year since she is not physically able to do all the work.  Now what do I do?  I know I have a granddaughter to spoil, but Kris won't give me any idea of what to get.  Even my being born present was just a token gift.  I asked about having a Christmas in July, but it seems that Sandi's father is taking the entire family on an Alaska cruise in July ( a Disney cruise .... that won't mean much to Chloe, but the rest of the grandchildren will be in heaven)  Nancy's son has given them most of their baby stuff, since they are done having kids, so that rules out the big items, so what do I do?  Kris is still sending me a "fix" of the day, so I have a picture of her every day so far.  I told him it was a lifetime commitment... we'll see how long that lasts. (hopefully for a long time) I am taking Monday off work..... the last of my banked overtime.  I think I still have 17 days holidays to take, too.  I don't want to start banking my holidays for retirement, 'cause they hold you to the date you give, and I have no idea if I can afford to retire within 5 years.... Mortgage, car payment, bank loan. credit cards.....yada yada yada.  We ratified our new contract with Teranet.  4 Years, with no lay offs.  Attrition is another issue.  I just can't seem to get all my work done.  When Mallorie was there I was doing a lot of her work for her... now it is just me and I can'/t keep up.  They never replace Mallorie so we are at only 4 people in the office.  The powers that be are focussing on "Global Distribution"  they don't seem to realize the time it takes to get documents ready to scan, scan and send off.  This is a really depressing post.  Things are not that bad.  I am just venting.  Time for a glass of wine and maybe even a bath.  Have a great weekend.

Out and about are we?

I was going to comment on "lost days" when I just read your message about going shopping.  Good on you for being ahead of the game this year. I like the idea of wrapping gifts - always have, and this year looking forward to it again. However, we haven't got much shopping done yet so I guess we better get busy ourselves. We have been baking though, and giving it away , and eating some as well. Yesterday I made fruit cake, and Harry made choc slice and then some peanut butter cookies. Today I'm hoping to take it easy but already have wash on, and dishes to do.
Tomorrow I have to start that week long food diary survey for Nielsen which I am not looking forward to. Oh well, I do get a $25.00 Visa card for the effort.
Hope your shopping goes well, and that you take care and have fun wrapping.

Time to come to the surface again.

yes, I'm starting to feel human again.  I went to knee class yesterday and managed to get the exercises done.  Now I have been told to buy some weights to use while I exercise.  Not looking forward to that, but will comply.

We are having fun with the Christmas shopping.  The computer room is bursting with packages, still in their plastic bags, waiting for me to start wrapping.  We still need another gift for both Jessica and Samantha, and have yet to find anything for Jeremy.  Otherwise we are done.  Since we don't anticipate any visitors during the Christmas season, we won't be getting out the Christmas dishes this year, but do plan to put up my little tree.  David tells me that the tree has seen better days and needs to be replaced.  Since we are going out today we may just do that as it is the same store as the weights.  I know this means actually going to the mall during Christmas shopping time.  This is a very frightening proposition.  For years we have avoided the privilege, but it's time to bite the bullet and actually do it.  We are also going to buy the two bathroom aids we are currently renting, but don't have to do that until Monday.  I'm also contemplating some baking.  It all depends on us being able to buy some glace cherries.  The other advantage of the mall is that there is a Tim Horton's there.

I just realized that I have typed up a job list for today.  Since all of this depends on David's good will and stamina, I guess I better run it by him.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lost days

Monday, David decided that we were going Christmas shopping, and would be trying to get everything done in one day.  I tried to get into every store,but didn't quite make it.  By the end of the day, I was exhausted, but still didn't sleep well.  With the changes in drugs, and routine, my allergies have flared up, especially at night.  I'm slowly sorting things out, but sleep is just not an  achievable dream.Tuesday was my follow-up visit with the surgeon, but we had the times mixed up and missed the appointment.Tuesday evening David took me out for supper--certainly not something that happens often.  For some reason the supper didn't sit well, and by the time I woke up this morning, I had one of the worst head colds I've had in years.  So today was just a lost day.  I didn't even get out of my nightie and slept most of the afternoon away.  I did get a few hexies done while sitting in front of the t.v. this evening. though.

David has been great through all of this. Today he even went out on his own and found a gift for Sheila.  He then went to Walmart to get me some Nyquil a found an item off Jessica's list.  We seem to be getting a lot of larger size  items this year, and I have no idea how I;m ever going to be able to wrap them.  Most of them are unusual shapes as well.  But we have a little extra money and I have even bought new and fresh gift wrap.  No more of "That present must be from Grandma as that's the wrapping paper she uses every year/".  But I wasn't able to find gift tags, so I made some. gluing sequins on little cards--great fun!  Yes, the height of my capabilities right now--gluing sequins on card stock.

So now I've had a shower, and my pills, and it's off to bed.  Today, I am grateful for Nyquil, and evne moreso for my soft bed and new duvet..

A pause in messages....

We must all have been so happy and excited with the baby news, that we've paused in the messages of our other daily activities....... I'm still thinking about the great news, and viewing the pictures over and over. How are you doing Cathy?
As you probably heard on the news, all our weather woes with snow very quickly turned to water and rain..... and in my case, out with the sump pump and pumping night and day. As quickly as that happened the temp changed again and we now have cold and more snow squalls.  I would like to forget about weather all together, not worry about it, and just wake up each day, and handle what I see out the front window!  I think I will..... haha
I had my bone density scan today. And Monday go back for my BP recheck. Makes life interesting as I have taken my BP here at home and it is not overly high, but I can bet it will be high at the Doctors Monday.  The other  day I went to North Bay and went with Mike to shop for his significant other Erin and for Harry,  We had fun, just the two of us and it was a treat to have some one on one time with him. He is not a shopper at all, so really wanted me to come and help him.And I in turn, although not a shopper either, was thrilled to help. So that was a good day!
Well, time to retire for the night. Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Chloe Dawn....... 7 lbs 2 oz..... 19 in.... Born November 22, 2014  Just before 10 pm

Wonderful News!

It's been awhile since we had a baby in our family.   A brand new person!  Please give Kris and Sandi, and the little one, our best wishes.  I have a small gift ready but no mailing address.  Could you let me know where to send it please?

You've been waiting a long time for this, Cathy.  I hope you enjoy your new role as "Grandma".


It was Saturday.  Kris is phoning this morning.  I hope to get in to see them today. (natural the weather is awful... freezing rain all night)  He is checking on visiting hours.  He thinks they start at 2pm.  That means I am skipping out on my Dicken'sReading.  Rrain wants to see the baby, but she is in charge of the musicians and can't skip out.  She will cover my reading, or get Don to do it.

To Grandma!!!

What wonderful news. I am thinking about you all with fondest wishes and great love. And so the family grows. Very exciting times. Keep us informed.
Please clarify for me - was it Friday Nov 21 at 10 pm? or Saturday Nov 22 - Sorry, as I have not checked blog for a day or so, so I'm a little foggy as to exact date.
Take care

Saturday, November 22, 2014

To the Great Aunts

It's a girl.   Born just before 10pm.  7 lbs 2 oz. No name yet.  Both... I mean all 3, are doing great.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Internal feelings

Knowing that I'm subject to depression during the winter, my dressing well is a small step to feeling good inside.  So is my fondness for red shirts and blouses.  ( Did I say red?  Fuchsia might be closer.  Or even a bit of both).  I know that there are days when I consciously pick a red or fuchsia shirt just to feel good.  I also stick to jeans or black yoga pants because they go with everything.  However--I have my red gloves ( You can't beat 3 pair for $2.00)  I have my red hat.  I even found my red scarf!  So I'm ready for anything.

Yesterday we went through my trunks and picked 10 pieces to take to the sale on Dec 6th. With fussing around and forgotten things, I ended up going up and down the basement stairs 3 times. As part of feeling good, I made the decision to attend the Dec 7th meeting of my ATC group.  I had spoken to one of the ladies who assured me that I could just join them for lunch and not worry about having cards, but last evening I put together a dozen cards.  I just had fun, and didn't worry aobut themes or anything else.  I even had David bring my needle felting machine upstairs to use.  Then we couldn't find the foot control--one of the reasons for an extra trip down.  It wasn't where I remembered it last, nor where I remembered it being prior to that.   We finally found it about 30 seconds before we were both ready to start expressing our annoyance with the situation to each other.
Today is the Executive meeting of the group in which our small committee is having a tantrum.  One of the ladies is so upset with the situation that she has simply walked away, and will not be attending.  She has given me permission to speak on her behalf.  Wednesday I ran into the President of the organization and he asked if I would be attneding.  When I said yes, and told him about the lady who won't be there, he suggested that some of the things she vented to him a couple of weeks ago, didn't need to be brought up at the meeting. Well Yeah!  Some of the things she said could lead to law suits!

So a somewhat busy day today.  Take care!

A moments rest....

With first morning coffee in hand, I'll take a few moments to say a few words before another day begins haha!
This may not be Buffalo, NY, but I am totally consumed by this snow. I rather think your map Cathy, did not show the real story. I was out the entire day yesterday keeping ahead. I shoveled, and then the plow came so I shoveled again, and then I attempted the roof. I managed to get the back roofs cleared . I reach up about 6 to 8 feet down to the eaves as that is all I can reach with the snow rake and the ladder I am using - only a step ladder so is only so high. The raking is not the problem. That goes fairly easily. It is the removing of the piles of snow landing on the ground in huge piles- heavy hard snow.And where do you put it? I also got the two greenhouses and small shed cleared off. Today I shall attempt the front roof.  The big worry is that the temps are to rise on weekend with rain in the forecast and this means much concern for me here. But enough about this!
I was interested in your clothing musings. I seem to be in the same boat. I think it is the transition from working clothing that is no longer needed and so the cupboard now is the leftovers with little in way of nice stuff! I tend to wear the same thing at home - tee shirts and old slacks. If we go out, I put good underwear on, and go to the cupboard for the leftover blouses that are starting to look a bit weary.I have what I call "funeral" cloths at the back of the cupboard - purchased a few blouses etc when caring for Mother, but I have not had occasion to wear any of this. Maybe Pati, this is the "black" wear you speak of ....haha. I think we should all place a priority on our outward appearance - put a push on to try to look really classy. Your purchase of red gloves is your first move Pati, So what shall I do? And what about you Cathy? What shall be your first move? Lets share a bit of fun!! Maybe  help me with these snow blues.
Harry has just announced the desire to go to Huntsville today - we need a shelf for long play records which he collects, and maybe the Habitat Restore will have something. They have been on a plastic shelf unit and sagging terribly to point of worry of collapse. So we better rectify!
Have a wonderful weekend. Hope your events are very successful Cathy. Sound like fun. There is a Christmas craft Show here in Sundridge Sat but I don't think I will go. It frequently is the same people and stuff, and I often feel obliged to purchase something. Take care

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Musings on clothing

The other day I was sitting outside the credit union, waiting for David, when a woman came out.  White hair, not chunky, but hard to tell.  She was wearing a somewhat shapeless, fuchsia/pink/lavender fake fur, mid-calf length coat with a hood thrown back, and had a confident, self-assured gait.  I couldn't help but think about me and my lime green-with-blue-paint-slashes parka, nicely set off with a bright red toque, purple knit gloves, along with my dark fuchsia Lug bag.  I tried to dress well when I worked, even with the limitations my job presented.  But--have I become too casual in my appearance?  I believe that large ladies have to take extra care in their appearance, but I seem to have forgotten that rule. I thought about my black calf-length wool coat, and certainly that would be a step up, but I also think of all the millions of somewhat ethnic, older women who move around the city with black clothing, a shopping bag, and a very old black purse-usually using a cane.
I'm not sure where I'm headed with this, but it's been on my mind for a few days now.  I did buy two 3/4 sleeve soft  sweaters at WalMart, and was surprised when I saw the Alia tag.  That may be as far as I need to go right now, along with use of the black coat, and maybe investin a pair of bright red dollar store gloves to go with my red tuque.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Let it snow (just not right now)

I saw the Ontario weather on the Weather Network.  It looked like Sundridge missed the worst of it (Yes, Sundridge was actually shown on the map!) Obviously the map was wrong.  Nothing bad here yet, but it seems to be all around us.  No baby yet, but Kris says any day.  Of course that could mean 2 weeks.  The big VCC craft sale is on Saturday and then our Dickens' reading on Sunday.  Then a bit of a break.  Oh yeah, I got summoned for Jury Duty today.  At least I don't have to report until Feb.  Ain't life grand

Surprises are good.

Yeh! is right... you never know and maybe you were wise to leave your work at the gallery, Does she indicate what piece of art is sold, or do you just get a cheque?
My big Doctors appt yesterday. Snow squalls so Harry drove me and sat in the car for two hours waiting. had quite an examination with first an RN doing questions and BP and giving Flu shot, and then a Third year med Student doing another assessment and physical, and then the doctor coming in to do a review. I had more blood work for cholesterol levels, and an xray on my hip which is acting up again with OA.  The doctor recommended Tylenol Arthritis especially for night time - Pati you take this also right? I didn't notice any difference last night but will continue to take and assess effectiveness.Also the old BP is acting up again so I shall record daily, and have an appt in two weeks for recheck.  Other than that all is well haha
Lots of snow - squalls in area with poor driving and road closures.  I guess Winter is here to stay? I shall head outside shortly to do some shovelling.
So take care all.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Another day, another cheque from Wilno Craft Gallery!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Today's foggy moment

Today we did a bit of power cooking, and that isn't really the "Royal We" but close enough.  My job was to make the sauce for a batch of Daddy's Ribs.  Got out the recipe, but remembered the onions and ketchup, got them sorted out and cooking and then checked the recipe and added the first ingredient--1/4c. of soya sauce.  The colour didn't look right, so checked the recipe and realized that I was using the one for Cathy's B-B-Q Pork.  Wonder what it will taste like?

P>S> It was great!  A much richer and more flavourful taste than the original.  I may do this again.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

What a day!

We wanted to try to do our shopping in the most efficient way.  We planned a route, choosing Walmart to pick up a prescription first.  Trying to increase our efficiency, David suggested checking groceries there.  Yes, I confess, after years of resisting , I bought groceries at Walmart.  I'm so ashamed. After stopping at Timmie's for a can of cappuccino mix, we headed to Sobey's.  I can't get a scooter there so David went in on his own.  It took ages.  I was comfy sitting in the warm car with my Cafe Mocha and a book, but I guess it was traumatic for him.  Out he came and we went straight home.  The rest will just have to wait for another day.  I guess that;s what you get for shopping on Saturday.

I made it downstairs today.  We brought up a laundry basket of "stuff" including my hexies.  After supper, I spent sometime doing the last bit of work on my most recent "art" piece.  It is now ready for hand finishing.  Not my best work but an original piece,and it's been quite awhile since I did one of those. so time to relax and play with hexies.  I discovered that the paper hexies I have are actually 3/4' hexies.  I had thought they were one inchers.  I also have some plastic 1 1/2" forms,,,,,and found a 1 1/4" in template that appeared to be the size I wanted.  So I spent over an hour tracing and cutting out 1 1/4" paper pieces, then took a break and started to play at arranging them.  That was when I discovered that the template I was using was a pentagon not a hexagon.  ARG-G-G-H!!

So--time to quite and play poker.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Strange week

I feel quite guilty about not blogging sooner, but I have been in a bit of a fog, and the days just seem to run together---until Wednesday, that is.  In the morning we had a meeting of the workshop committee for the local art group I belong to.  It turned out to be a real gripe session ( the chair didn't attend--no reason or explanation, just a "no show")  In the end, we decided to "suspend operations pending direction from the Executive Committee".   Immediately following, there was a video presentation for the group as a whole, with the President in attendance.  Well, one vocal committee member , somewhat publicly, gave him chapter and verse about the discussion that had taken place previously.   As a result we have been invited to attend the next Executive committee meeting to present our case.  We were also given the go ahead to cancel a class and implement any other activities that would be required to shut down the committee for a few months. for the last two days, I have been on the computer steadily looking after all of the paperwork to do this, and in responding to flurries of e-mail re-hashing the meeting and venting.  Quite a few phone calls as well.  Interspersed in all of this there were also e-mail and phone calls from the committee chair, who has heard some of what is going on, but generally doesn't have clue about anything.  ( This was the main problem within the committee.  We have functioned in spite of her, not because of her)

Now, after the meeting, it was jump in the car and rush to Physio.  During class the Physio looked at my incision, as she does with everyone, and said " That looks too red to me.  I want you to keep a close eye on it and if it gets any worse, head for the doctor."  This morning David says " Is that ever red, and swollen too.  I think we need help".  So off to Misericordia Urgent Care, where I spent the day giving blood ( three times) being X-rayed, and waiting.   The doctor I saw felt that there was something going on, and that it felt  hot  and swollen.  So a lot of the time that I was waiting, he was trying to get hold of the surgeon.  Finally, given the results of blood test and in the opinion of the surgeon, there is probably not too much to worry about.  I have been instructed to re-start the NSAID's that I stopped on Monday, and contact the surgeon next Monday.  If there is still a problem, he will see me in his clinic on Tuesday.

I finally got home about 4:00 to a whole bunch of committee related e-mails and a phone message from one of the other committee members, who has just lost it.  She is trying to deal with a very recent bereavement, and some urgent contract work she has been doing this fall.  We spoke, or rather, she vented, for almost an hour.  

It is now 8:30, and tomorrow we have to look forward to all of the grocery shopping that didn't get done today.  I had actually planned to try the basement stairs tomorrow.  I have finished the beading on my piece and can't go any further without a trip down there.  I have a whole list of things to bring up (including hexies, Beth)

To work or not to work...

I took the week off work intending to do a lot of housework.  I guess you really need 2 weeks off whether you intend to relax or to work.  I got a few things done, but no where near what I intended.  oh well.  I've lived in a messy house this long... why change now?  Today I am reduced to watching "The Twelve Disasters of Christmas" on tv.  Beats cleaning the china cabinet.  We don't have much snow, but it sure is cold out.  The temp on Saturday is supposed to be -30 with the windchill. It looks so nice out, though.  Bright and sunny (Oh Yeah... that should read Clear and Cold)  Next weekend is the big craft sale for VCC.  I have to be there by about 5AM  (Oh Goodie!!)  The day after is the Dickens' Reading.  At least it isn't the same weekend as the Grey Cup this year.  Kris and Sandi were in Neepawa last week, but I was in Winnipeg.  Hopefully I'll see them once before the baby comes!  I've seen them separately, but not together! (This movie is REALLY bad... the china cabinet is looking better and better)  I made some nuts n bolts today.  Too salty, but that isn't stopping me from eating them.  I better get them in the freezer fast or there won't be any left. They want me to make my Wassail for the Dickens' Reading.  People really seem to like it.  Kids and grown ups alike.  I'm also going to make Rice krispie cake.  That's my idea of dainties and with a kids choir from the elementary school coming I think it will disappear quickly.  Now on to the next project.  Have a great weekend.


Just made my morning coffee in my new 2014 Tim Hortons coffee mug that I purchased. I always look forward to this time when they introduce their Limited Edition mug and this is no exception - a beautiful while, round mug with simple name Tim Hortons Since 1964 written in silver. the inside s the usual reddish colour although the fellow who seved me it also came in other colours. How we got this mug is another long story...driving Wednesday night to North Bay to meet a lady at 1030 pm so Harry could purchase a book he bought off Kijiji. We met at Tims so I went in for a coffee and low and behold the new mugs were in.... yeah !! for me as the trip was made productive for me as well!!
Spending some time these days trying to tidy up a bit of this and that inside but not making any headway haha Each day I take the time to go for a walk by myself usually to lottery store and post office but it gives me a chance to get out. Haven't heard from Mike since the weekend - he went to the Hunt Camp for the week for deer hunting. Monday I have my doctors appointment so we will go to Huntsville, and probably shop there.
Hoping you have a good weekend folks, and that the weather will cooperate. Seeing pictures of the cold and snow all around is not a good sign of things to come.  Take care

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Computer time

Seems to have eluded me these few past days. Not that things are that busy. I hope to get on a bit later to write more but for now.....
We are covered with snow here and have been for past many days. I continue to bring in the pump, and then again last evening out it went again as temps increased and melting and drizzle occurred dripping off the roof into puddles at front. I shoveled for a bit but then gave up and set up the pump. Now already the temps have dropped and flurries are making they way into the area again so I have pulled the pump to the front stairs and will retrieve it when it gets lighter out.
We went to the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the Legion yesterday. Overflow crowd with standing room only. The guest speaker was the son of my hairdresser who was in Afghanistan the same time as Mike. He is in Hamilton now, and as I know from the hairdresser suffers from PTSD. He spoke of being a Veteran and how it seems strange for his generation of fellow soldiers to be so honoured. I always quietly go over to the far wall in legion where they have honoured the local young who serve in the Military which  includes a picture of my Mike. Brings tears to my eyes.
Time for my coffee before Harry gets up, and the day begins. Take care

Saturday, November 8, 2014


It's only 8:00, but i suddenly realized that I'm exhausted.  David commented about the dark circles under my eyes this morning.  I thought I was sleeping fairly well, but it's a broken sleep, so I'm wondering if I should just give into it and go to bed.  My tea bag flicking has been going a little better. Three nights ago, I couldn't even get it as far as the counter,--splat--on the floor.  Two nights ago I hit the back splash, but last night, I actually got it in the sink.  A rim shot, to be sure, but it went in.

Today we made shortbread, and they are now hidden somewhere in the basement.  And the kitchen is actually tidy--an even bigger achievement than making the shortbread.  We have no plans to go out until, at least, next Wednesday.  (Plans may change)  This makes "cabin fever" a potential problem, that we don't usually face until February.  But my friend, Rose Anne will maybe be over to stitch on Tuesday afternoon, which will make a nice break.  I have been working on another piece in the Milky Way series, one I started in September.  I have reached the point of doing the beading, but find that my vision is now so poor that beading anything presents a challenge.  While I notice my coordination and hand control is slowly getting better, since the anesthetic, the vision isn't., and working on navy blue fabric with invisible thread can be frustrating.

Both Jessica and Samantha have birthdays this month.  (Jessica is having a sleepover party tonight)  I anticipated this and have gifts for both of them, but have yet to figure out a way to deliver them.  Gosh, I haven't even figured out a way to wrap them yet!

So no cats to wrangle, no labour contracts to negotiate, just a physiotherapist who says the most unusual things to all of th old ladies in my knee class, and the women take every word as gospel.  She has them eating vitamin E capsules and giving up Tylenol so that they can have a bit of wine.  Not his kid!!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Three Cats and the Vet - A Story

Yesterday was a real interesting day. A new vet has taken over from the old vet and has renovated the Office and bought a house in Town.  Up until now I have been able to just go in and purchase the Advantage Rx (monthly topical for eradication of fleas) for the dog and cats without issue,  But, new regulations from College states the Vet must assess each animal yearly before prescribing this Rx. So.....appointment made and the day came. Three cats were loaded into the car with Harry at the wheel.  I was to take them in to office one at a time for weighing and examination. The first was the old cat and this went OK and was even able to negotiate a reduced rate for all three. Super! Then the big cat was next - he wasn't as happy and when I put him on the floor scale he ran behind and under all the computer equipment.  The Vet couldn't get him out and finally taking printers out etc he got the cat but not before the cat had pulled out all the computer wires and disrupted the whole place. As I carried the cat into the examination room and as the vet was trying to reset the computer system, the receptionist stated "there goes the discount  haha"  Anyway, the third cat was uneventful The big cat apparently has diabetes according to signs but not confirmed with bloodwork.  All were given two needles each, and I was able to leave with a box of Mediation (for which this was all necessary) And I have to return with the cats in a year for another assessment, I have yet to take the dog in though and iam sue there will be no discounts given ever again!  In the meantime, Harry decided to bake cookies yesterday so the day was full of exciting adventure and discourse!.I started to write out Christmas cards as it was an activity where I could be available to help out in the kitchen quickly.
This morning woke up to snow covered ground. I still have work to do outside including emptying the water barrels (again) and bringing in the pump (again). I will never get the leaves raked so I guess that will be a Spring job to look forward to haha.
Well, here's to another day and it is Friday! yeah! I must go and buy a lottery ticket. Take care all.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

all done

Negotiations are over and I am home again.  We didn't do as well as we had hoped, but better than we expected, so all is well.  Ended up with a 4 year contract, but we get a small increase every year, as well as some basic contract improvements.  We went from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm on Tuesday and at the end of the day I really figured we would be packing it in early today without agreeing on anything.  They came back with a much improved offer this morning and we reached an agreement.   Now back to reality.  With Patty back I should be able to start catching up on my own work now.  Meanwhile, I am going to go to bed tonight and get some sleep.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A visual experience...

Trying to picture you pitching a tea bag into the sink. I am amazed that you were able to complete this task even before your surgery haha  Keep practicing Pati, as I want to see this when I visit!
Went to North Bay yesterday to do our shopping and chores.  We left the cold and snow and ice in Sundridge so I had my winter coat and hat and big boots on. There was nothing in North Bay and milder temps. Felt silly in my huge footwear. Visited Michaels Store again looking for some marking pens. Prices still very high so we slipped into the adjacent Dollar Tree Store - they have some interesting items and all for $1.25 or less. Although I never really saw anything (at least what we bought) under $1.25. Saw both boys, and got shopping done and home by 3 pm. The snow was melting here at home and by this morning very little on ground. Calling for rain and mixing so don't know if I should put the pump back out or leave the snow shovel at the door. All these life decisions can play on one's mind!  Time for another coffee and then get on with the day! Take care

Monday, November 3, 2014

More silliness or a new Olympic event

It is my habit to have a cup of herbal tea before bed.  I put the tea bag in a mug, with water, and then I heat it in the microwave.  I carry the steeping tea to the table and sit down.  When it is finished steeping, there is the problem of what to do with the tea bag. For quite some time, I have picked it up with my spoon and flicked it toward the sink.  My aim became quite good and I rarely missed ( full drop right into the sink without hitting anything else on the way)  Since coming out of the hospital, my aim is terrible.  Now this isn't the sort of thing one can practice often--tea bags are just too expensive.  And walking over to pick the tea bag up off the floor is awkward.  But I shall persevere!

Saturday we went shopping for a few odds and ends.  I ended up getting a box of 50 Clover Wonder Clips ( I think that's what they're called)  Last evening I sewed the binding on a small quilt, and just can't believe how much easier the job was.  I paid $38 for them, as I didn't have a Michael's coupon.  We also went to Sears and bought 4 pair of "all day" socks.  These are the ones with no elastic and very loose fitting, although the ones I got also had a padded sole.  I so wish I could wear my compression stockings, but I've been told "no" because they are worried about clots.  But on the other hand, I have no idea how we would get the compression stockings on, in the first place.  Otherwise, the physio gave me permission to use my cane instead of the walker, when I saw her on Friday, and and I have been.  I can perform most of my tasks that take place on the first floor, but have yet to venture downstairs ( and that is just fine)

Otherwise we "carry on, carrying on".  We have food, we are warm, and David has another wine kit on the go.  What more could we ask?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

For your safety Pati,......

.....don't come near here. Very icy with the snow and now a little bit of thawing. I had my winter boots on and still slipped a bit taking the dog for a walk this morning.  I fear this snow will not leave us. It is cold - below freezing - and not much chance of thawing it all away?  I will hope though!
The lake was a thing of beauty this morning. Actually I told Harry and he just drove down to take a picture.  There was another two people down there and one with a huge camera with a long lens - perhaps a professional and may be I'll see a picture in the paper?  The steam from the water cooling covered the lake like a soft blanket and one could see geese scattered about on the water bobbing up and down. Lovely and uplifting specially with the sun starting to peek above the horizon.
Yesterday we went to Sprucedale to attend the Annual Christmas craft show ( yes, and only Nov 1!) and then the Flea market. I tried to do some sewing but with one thing and another, including putting away the Hallowe'en decorations, it didn't happen. maybe today?
How are things there?  Take care