Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Well, it came....

...just in time for Hallowe'en, the white stuff is covering the ground this morning. It is early though so I expect it may disappear when the sun comes up but nevertheless, this is the first of it and now I am feeling it with you both - all three of us have had snow.
I worked all day in the yard in spite of it being cold and drizzly at times but actually accomplished a great deal for which I am happy. Not done by any means but I can see some hope that I may get things into a fairly manageable mode for winter before long. As long as I can have space for shoveling back the snow it can be managed even if there are pots of soil and other items lying around in areas not affecting the need for paths etc in winter. Time will tell.
Today we are off to Huntsville and when we get back I'll put the final touches on outside decorations and then be ready for the little ones knocking at the door. The animals will have to be put into a bedroom with door closed as it is too disturbing for them with all the commotion. But then Harry never partakes in any of the necessary activity so he can mind the animals.
Then after this festive night is over we can start in earnest to transfer belongings from the water damaged storage shed to the new one just organized with the old landlord - he wrote that a unit has come available right across from the current unit where there has been water damage so I have committed to this - it will be easier to move the items from one to another without the need to load the car and drive somewhere else. At least I hope so....never a dull moment and usually much stress involved for me.
Pati I am the same regards to haircuts - I wake up one morning and scream into the mirror and take the phone in my hand for an appointment. The lady where I go is most accommodating. I keep my hair short these days which is good to manage it - I miss the odd permanent but this lady does not do perms because of allergies so I have resisted the need and it seems to be working. 
So time for my coffee and brief quiet time before the day begins...thinking of you both.... Happy Hallowe'en and take care.

Monday, October 30, 2017


I think I told you about my hairdresser moving to Calgary.  Before she moved, I went to a small shop near my coffee store to see her.  She and another woman had worked together for almost 9 years, at a larger salon, and then both went to this small shop that only lasted about 6 months. This was last spring and I've been searching ever since for someone I could trust.  I thought I had found someone close to home, but her regular shop is out on main street, and appointments are needed.  Usually I just neglect my hair, until one day I finally scream in frustration and look for the nearest shop that takes walk-ins.  Today was the day.  Because I refuse to go back to the local shop that did me dirt, and then raised their prices by over 30%, I went to a mall shop hear our grocery store.  It's been there for years, and I think I used it many years ago.  Well, walked in and there was the other woman who had been in the small shop that closed after only a few months.  She has cut my hair quite nicely, several times.  And she did a great job today.  I sure lucked in there.

Yesterday I delivered my pieces to the gallery in Selkirk.  Since the woman who usually calls the shots with the group was out of town, she had put someone else, a former school teacher, in charge of hanging the show.  She had several helpers, and since David was with me, we wanted to get away fairly quickly.  She told everyone what she had in mind and how things were to be done.  I noticed a look of horror on the face of the woman representing the gallery, also the other well experienced artist present, even David was taken aback with her plans.  Knowing the gallery representative well, I quietly wished her good luck.  The look on her face when she thanked me was priceless.

My ATC luncheon was well attended, even a woman who has missed the meetings for the last two years ( sending her cards with a friend) was there.  It seems the husband she has been caring for, has finally been declared ready for personal care home placement, and is waiting, in hospital, for a bed to come available.  The theme for next month is something different.  Instead of cards, we are to make a little paper holder for about 8 cards.  Not too difficult, but the confusion and questions from most of the ladies there  was chaotic.  It'll be interesting what they come up with.  Seemed pretty straight forward to me.

Using the Crock Pot

Your ambitious cooking frenzy Cathy, has me thinking. I wish I could use the crock pot more - I use it but not much. Harry's palette these days is so fussy that I hardly know what to cook, So usually end up with nothing special. Now, I do like to make myself a home made pizza - your recipe Cathy - as I love it so much. I experiment with it a bit but then I am the only one eating it. I have all these pork chops and stir fry pork in the freezer but Harry tends not to like the pork anymore.  I am happy that I am making some nice breakfast menus for myself though, and that seems to keep me going.
Terribly windy all night and this morning with no rain yet but it is coming. The leaves are blowing all around and if i could have i would have tried to rake a few. The neighbour next door pulls out his big tractor machine with the leaf vacuum on it and goes around and around and then complains to us about all our leaves. I did pull down all the grape vines from our grape plants from his tree next door yesterday - the vines grow and crawl so far I have to get on the ladder and cut and pull them from the branches of the trees close by.  Now I have to do something with all the brush. I found a few hidden clumps of grapes though and ate them right there as they were so delicious and juicy.
Pati you have written often about the threads you use so I went onto the Superior web site and had some fun browsing through their site - educational items and stock items etc. I was able to discover that my bobbin is an "L style" so if I order prewound bobbins I can know what to get. So many choices and colour selections. They have scheduled booths and workshops at areas around but according to their current posted calendar none close to here. But one can order direct so after a bit I may go that route.
Tomorrow we will be going back to the lady with the mosaic tiles. Harry had me phone her this weekend to inquire and since we go to Huntsville on Tuesdays, we planned with her to go at 10 am - she says she has lots more.  I had bought some ceramic tile adhesive and some grout at the hardware and harry has experimented with several tiles and attaching fancy glass beads etc so I guess he would like more of the bigger size tiles she had.  I hope not too many!
Time for some breakfast and a coffee before the day begins in earnest.  Take care.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stocking up for winter

Today I did some bulk cooking. Something about the weather getting cooler and I start to stock up. I put 2 big bags of stew, 3 meals of Chili, 4 meals of hamburger soup and 5 bags of cole slaw in the freezer. Then we had a frozen pizza for supper. From the store, not home made. Next weekend will be the pasta and chicken casserole dishes. And maybe a couple of quiches. That should do me for a while. They are just nice to have when you just can’t think of anything to plan for the next day. You grab one and pop it I. The oven the next day. The stews are uncooked and you toss them frozen into the crock pot. You don’t even plan ahead for that. The same for the quiches. Now I am off to bed. Just can’t think of what to make for supper tomorrow 😜

Saturday, October 28, 2017


i tried to watch the bomber game cause a choir Rrain is in was singing the anthem. Of course they never showed it😞. She says it was kind of exciting. The had to have  a sound check at 11:30 and be in their change room by 1:30.  They didn’t sing til 3:07. I was still staring at the tv  hoping to see her when she texted me and said they were done. They had seats in the end zone but she was so cold she left at half time   A good memory  for her. I had friends at the game and asked them to video the song for me. They tried so I will see how it went.

Jobs done

David drove me to the doctor, and then set out with a list of the jobs that needed doing.  He actually got all of them done, by the time he picked me up.  I left the examination room two hours after my appointment time. I also finished the hard cover book I took with me an started reading in the waiting room.  After he came for me, we went grocery shopping, as planned.  After leaving the first store, about 2;30 we were both a little "peckish" and decided to stop at Montana's restaurant for lunch.  I had been there with my friend Gail about a week ago, and had looked the menu over  with David in mind. so this was a sort of trial.  Unfortunately he had trouble with the food.  He had asked for plain chicken and plain shrimp, with no sauce or seasoning, explaining about his allergies. But something about the chicken bothered him and he complained to the waitress, who assured him there was nothing on the food, but later the manager got involved and found out that the cook hadn't wanted to serve anything absolutely plain, so had added "just a bit" of Cajun spice to the chicken to give it a bit of flavour.  Guess we won't be going back there.

Today we went to Fabricland to check prices to see if I would buy batting and backing for my pieced quilt there, or at the quilt store.  Regular prices at the quilt store are slightly less that regular prices at Fabricland. Unexpectedly we ran into a 50% off sale, so picked up the batting for both the pieced quilt and, maybe, the hexie quilt, as well as  fabric for backing, and found a big package of cotton batting at a fantastic price.

I've now got everything ready for my trip to Selkirk tomorrow, as well as tomorrow's ATC luncheon.  David is still watching his football game, and we wait for supper.  Hopefully a quiet evening.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Not just Neepawa!

The snow came in the night and continued to fall, off and on, most of yesterday.  Not being as optimistic as you Cathy, I have a hunch it won't go away.  These was an article in today's newspaper talking about people playing "bumper cars" on the bridges, and asking the public to stay off the bridges today. Can you imagine Winnipeg with no bridges?

Actually, we've tried to stay home the last couple of days, but now I'm a little antsy to get out into fresh air.  I have a doctor's appointment this morning, but knowing the waiting times for appointments later in the day, I don't expect to get out of there until mid-afternoon.  The fridge is bare, and we really have to get some shopping done. I dread tackling the area around Regent and Lagimodiere on the weekend, so we have to try to get it done today.

David got the paperwork from the dental plan based on the tentative action plan we submitted.  It sounds like they have turned down everything, based on him exceeding his yearly limit.  Say what!!  He had his teeth cleaned, xrays, and an examination, and he's over his limit??  Especially disturbing as he's hasn't accessed the plan in almost 20 years. So he called the dentist's office, and we're going in for a few minutes next Tuesday, so they can look at the letter. He's also had his CPAP machine since Tuesday, and has managed to get a few hours on it every night since. :)!

No decorations around here.  I think I accomplish something if we get a small Christmas tree up, let alone anything at other times of the year.  But we have brought my quilting frame into the house.  I will need it to baste the hexie quilt, the top of which is now done.  Yay!!  I've also found someone to machine quilt the larger pieced quilt, and we negotiated an exchange. She's going to get some lessons on hand beading. Win-win!

Please keep your snow there

......and not send it here. At least for awhile anyway. The constant rain is enough right now.  I have hung a skeleton, and a bloody foot and put up the standing witch in the front of the house so far - that's all of the decorations I have put out. There are more but won't do that until right before next Tuesday. And if I don't move some of the fallen leaves on the driveway the kids will disappear before getting to the door anyway!  Oh goody, that means more leftover chocolates for me.
I went up to North Bay yesterday afternoon on my own, and gave myself a treat for the trip back home. There is no Starbucks as you enjoy Pati, but I went through the Tim Hortons drive thru and got a nice hot dark roast coffee and a warm pumpkin spice muffin stuffed with cream cheese. Now that was fun to try to eat and drive at the same time - talk about distracted driving. I did manage to do a biggish shopping at No Frills - things that have run out eg dish soap, toothpaste etc and these always add up to a costly bill. The part I don't like is the packing of the bags on your own. I say to the cashier "be patient with me while I pack" and they always seem to comply nicely.  And i bought Lottery tickets at a Shoppers Drug Mart hoping maybe a change in purchase venue might kick start some winning?? Think so?
I expect we may be doing more moving of records etc from place to place today - depends on how Harry is feeling today, and how much rain will fall. Lots of work but maybe it will help to clear a bit also from the front room and dining room? Forever hopeful...
So here we are at the weekend again, and the end of another month. Where is the time going? Have a nice rest everyone. Take care
ps watch that snow shoveling - my time will come and I am dreading it already.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Snow ...;

Okay. I was not ready. Denial is great until reality hits. I know this will probably melt before the real winter hits but this really is not welcome. Jim had to go to Brandon today and he says there was nothing bad there. Elizabeth came from minnedosa and there was nothing until she got almost to Neepawa.  Gee....why are we so lucky. And why does winter always start with freezing rain!?  Okay. So much for my venting.  Now you lnow why I seldom write. I always bitch. Oh well. You’ve both known what I am like for years. No surprise. One more day and I can sleep in. Too bad I am awake early no matter if it is the weekend or not. Gotta learn to relax. Of course it is only 8 pm and I am lying in bed, but I have my book beside me. That is good for a couple of hours

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A rut in the road....

Or maybe a big boulder? Moving records again and discovered water damage of many of those in the original storage unit. Things not too happy around here! I called the second unit Landlord again to see if another unit is/would be available - maybe he thinks we must be a bit weird? He asked if we were moving to which I chuckled to myself. But then he is a real estate agent so maybe smelled a new client? And an email was sent to the original Landlord stating once we found another unit we would be giving our required thirty days notice. This is not the first time we have had water problems with that unit. Looks as if things are not getting any better around here ....oh woe is me ! And the rain keeps coming. Today there was a lovely rainbow as the sun kept peaking around the clouds and rain.  And you folks can keep your forecast winds and snow, than you very much. Have you been inundated yet? 
Sometime late last evening or night a large tree was blown over the road from across the street and into our front ditch area. I went out early to discover that the tree had been cut with a chain saw to clear off the road with limbs in our ditch and the bulk of the tree in their ditch.  I did not hear any unusual noise but we had strong winds and rain most of evening and night. But funny not to hear a chain saw running basically in your front yard? 
Anyway, time to close up and go to bed and dream of that lottery win $$$$ tonight haha!  Take care

And the moral of the story is............

write Cathy, write.  We haven't quite finished our yard work yet.  I think we have been in denial that Winter is coming.  Still some tables and chairs to put away, but that is about it.  Jim got a half ton of manure on Monday and shovelled it into piles on the garden, but with rain and snow in the forecast for tonight I think it may be Spring before I can spread it around.  I too was under the weather last week.  I don't get my flu shot until Nov 3, so I can't blame that.  I even came home from work before 9am.  I thought I would feel better when I went in, but I just got worse.  Some sort of 24 hour bug.  Our new person at work starts on Monday, but they are going to be in Winnipeg for the first week so we won't meet her until November 6.  It has been a long stretch with only 2 of us here. Rrain is actively seeking a new job.  She hasn't had a raise in three years and no performance review in two.  She has raised the issue with the board at 2 meetings, but the HR person is taking a time off for a while and they won't discuss it with her until she is back.  (Which could be never)  She likes the job, but it is sometimes 24/7 and she needs some time for herself.  When we were in Winnipeg together she got 7 phone calls about work.  We sat at the gas station at Headingley while she called people and tried to get things sorted out. I hope she finds a really great job.  Now it is 8 am and I am supposed to be doing my own job.  I will try to write, even if I have nothing exciting to share.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Same here...

Not much to say that is, and when that happens it is easy not to write often. And then after a while it gets even harder to start to write because your mind isn't in it.  Does that make sense?  So the moral of the story is to keep writing even if it is a few words. I like to log on and see a new posting and I'm sure you both do as well??
Sorry to hear about your feeling "off" Pati as that can put a damper on all your activities.  I will get my flu shot the end of November with my Annual Drs appointment and you are right, in that there is a few days that you don't just feel good.
Now I hope that Dave will adjust well to the CPAP. We just learned that Harry's sister Donna also has just started with the machine for sleep apnea issues - too soon for her to relate any relief but she did mention that the first try she put too much water in and got a face full. Don't you folks do that!
The rain and wind came and with it colder temps so not much in the way of yard work. But after a few conversations here, I called the storage unit to see if they had a free one to rent. they did not but their competition did so I rented another big one on Main Street with intent to move what is laying around in the front room and dining room areas to try to make some room and appease my sense of hopelessness. Today we started to haul the records. This is a full time job. And Harry has his idea to move all the records to the one unit so we are going to the other unit and picking up boxes there and depositing them into the new unit and then making a trip from home with more. As we move them he is counting them so he can have a more accurate take on the number he has accumulated to date. Can't say there is any difference tonight in the looks of the place, but I sure am tired haha! Maybe a good nights sleep is the offing.  Take care.

Not much to say

I've been under the weather for a couple of days.  This may be the "mild" flu that one can get after getting the flu shot.  I haven't been overtly sick, just nauseous, up set tummy, and really out of sorts. Lots of sleep, and taking it easy.  The most exciting thing is that I bought myself a little purse charm.  What a totally useless thing,-- but I have it on my purse.  I was forced to buy a new wallet, as the zipper broke on the one I've used since 2004.  David suggested that I should try to replace it, but it isn't worth the effort, and the wallet certainly didn't owe me anything.  I found a new one in WalMart, and the little purse charms were right beside the wallets.  I have seen them around, but have never seen a fish before.

Later this afternoon we go to get David his CPAP machine.  Given the state of my thinking, I sure hope the instructions are in writing.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

The surprise

Gosh, Beth we must have been posting at about the same time.  I love the description of your visit to the mosaic studio.  I so very much wish I could have been with you!  I'm guessing that these were clay based tiles?  or were they possibly glass?  Several years ago I think I blogged about visiting a glass tile artist's studio, and coming away with a shopping bag full of fused glass pieces.  That was a similar experience, in that she invited me to to the studio (previously we had only met in her dining room).  We had to negotiate her basement stairs in a very old house in Old St. James, only to enter a beautiful grotto-like area.  She had put in special fire proof flooring, and then had coloured glass everywhere.  How she got that huge kiln down those very narrow stairs, I'll never know. We spent almost an hour going through the process and the wonderful result.  I still have many of the plainer pieces and a precious bag of very special pieces that I have hopes of using some day.

I guess that both of these episodes prove something we had talked about just a while ago--taking the  risk of accepting an opportunity when it arises.  After our conversation (on the blog), at the time, ( just a couple of months ago), I decided to take a chance.   Last week I was offered a chance to participate in an international fibre art exhibit, and I've accepted.  I'm not allowed to talk about it, and have probably said too much, but the emotions I feel now are mainly apprehension, but also exhilaration  about what I've gotten myself into.  I was also recently presented with the opportunity to connect, in a small way, with the World of Threads  Competitions.  This was a "voice from the past", as this is the competition that I was juried into many years ago with my brown gold work box that was exhibited in --was it Oakville?--as one of my very first  publicly exhibited art pieces. This connection may go no where, but I did accept the invitation.  We just need to be more aware of these opportunities, and accept them, whenever we can, without paying attention to that negative internal voice.  I wonder sometimes if it's Mom's.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Weather a treat

Yes, beautiful, with warm temperature records being set.  Last night the low was +17, and me with the duvet on the bed!  Still, as you pointed out Beth, a chance to get caught up  with getting the garden ready for winter.  Not that our garden is that much work, but David plugs along with it, bit by bit.

I've been busy in the studio.  While I wait for my thread to come in, I got out a box with a partially pieced quilt that was started about 4 years ago, when I was with a quilting group at the local seniors' centre.  There was a bit of a note in with it, with a couple of diagrams saying that there were 16 squares and a border.  I thought that would be a quick finish for a charity quilt, but once I got working on it, I found that it's actually 24 squares.  This means that it's going to be about 45" by 60", almost too big to quilt on my machine, but not big enough to make into a single bad quilt.

When I have something to piece, which isn't often, I have to change machines, as the old Pfaff is much more accurate than the newer Janome.  This is a moderately involved operation, so I feel that once started, a project like this is a firm commitment.  Unfortunately, David is still wanting a new nightshirt.  We got it cut out yesterday, but there's no way it's going to be put together until the little quilt is finished, so I've been really pushing it.

I hope your luncheon today was worth the anticipation, Beth.  I know how very much these social occasions meant to you.  However, the mosaic tiles brought back a less pleasant memory.  I, too, once bought some mosaic tiles at a garage sale.  They appear to be hand painted in lovely European influenced bright yellow and cobalt blue.  I still absolutely love them, but they really are a white elephant.  I have no way to use them, but I'm reluctant to part company with them.  David brings them up every once in awhile, but I think they're still stored in the basement.

The word is ....

GECKO.   I had to look it up after I published the message. Sorry to get the spelling wrong but my mind went blank at the time.  

Never underestimate an opportunity....

The Luncheon today was fine except three of the ladies were missing.  One whose Mother died Wednesday, another who fractured her arm last week and a third who just didn't show up.
But the four of us remaining who did come had a very lively and interesting conversation and meal together.
The highlight of the day for me was ( surprise!) the trip to the mosaic lady afterward as I had mentioned in the previous message.  And what a pleasant surprise it was. Tucked away down a dead end road on the edge of a Lake nestled amongst the trees lay a mansion. Built on the slope down to the waterfront and landscaped with huge steps of slaps of rock, we were invited into the home and then a tour of her art work and then down a grand stairway into her huge ground floor studio overlooking the Lake. The first place she showed us in her home was the bathroom - picture a step up platform into a huge bathtub with mosaic art work all around the base of the tub structure. Then huge pots on the mantle of a rock fireplace all done in mosaic tiles. Then sculptures laying on mirror tables all done in mosaic. And Pati she has gettos (?spelling) all over including a huge painted one on the studio floor which will be done in mosaic (eventually) It was a visit to remember. She and her husband were so very welcoming and of course wanted us to take whatever tiles we wanted. These were in boxes all over the floor and on tables. We took about four small boxes of various coloured and shaped tiles. We did not want to be too grabby but she said they had to get rid of them.  They are planning to put this home on the market in the Spring and plan to move to Peterborough so need  to get rid of supplies. They invited us back. I sent an email by way of a thank you and left the door open for us to return possibly. 
If you wish look her up : Snap Dab Fine Art; Sharon Stock Feren
Anyway I just had to write to tell you about this interesting turn of events in my day. You never know do you??

Friday, October 20, 2017

So close...

Pati, to witness this excitement must have been something else...It proves that it can happen. Even with Lottery tickets there is someone who wins and it could be us?? Just waiting our turn I guess haha! Speaking of which I must get to the Lottery store today or i'll miss out for sure. I have been working in the yard and with nice weather it doesn't take long to see the entire day dissolve. Although yesterday, i thought we were maybe getting the remains of those strong winds coming from the west as it blew and blew and the leaves circling around made me think of what hurricanes or better yet, what a tornado would do. But slowly and surely some headway is being made. Harry was able to empty all the waterbarrels so that was a good job done. The water just went down the driveway and onto the road but was quickly dried up with the winds. I should be able to get more done today (fingers crossed)
Tomorrow will be taken up with my Luncheon and then going for Mosaic Tiles Harry arranged with a lady artist. I guess he plans to take up mosaic art over the winter?
Pati are you planning to attend the Grand Opening of C2 Centre for Craft planned for October 28. I check that blog and also got an email ( because i signed up for them haha!) with the details. 
Forgot to mention that I had my hair cut on Wednesday. Just after my dentist appointment I called the salon and she said come in right now and i can do it. So off I ran!  Then that same morning i drove over to have a cup of tea with dear old Daisy and her granddaughter who were up for about a week from Toronto. Daisy is looking good and gaining a bit of weight and i am glad she is being cared for by her family. Daisy would like to be at her own home for good and expressed to me why she couldn't be left on her own "What have a done that they won't leave me to my myself? " The Geriatric Specialist in Toronto told the family that Daisy is only bordering between mild and moderate dementia.
Well, early morning here and I plan to make another spinach scramble for my breakfast.  I have a set of scales that i check each morning and I have a feeling they are defective - one morning they said a weight and the next morning it was 10 lbs lighter and the next morning it was 8 lbs heavier. I am sure ones weight does not vary to that degree on a daily basis??  
Take care - what is everyone doing for the weekend. Cathy do you have your yard cleaned up for winter? Maybe we should just say to heck with it, and let it fend for itself? But then i wouldn't be able to move the snow come winter. Can't win.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Just a quick note

Last night we went to the casino.  We went to a back corner, near the waterfall, where it's quiet, and not too crowded.  We didn't even realize there was anyone around us, until a small, quiet voice behind us said "Oh, look what I won"  We turned around a saw that she had won over $59,000.  On a two cent machine.  I couldn't believe the resulting fuss.  I think every person in a black suit ( the big wigs) came to help sort it out as well as most of the floor staff, and even a few cleaners.  Lots of pictures taken, a l-o-o-n-g time to verify the win in the master system, and then to have a cheque written for her, then to re-set the machine.  All of which proved to me, how infrequently there is a win of that sort.  But, having said that, last week, we had seen on the big neon sign out front that someone had won over $1,600,000 on a slot machine.  And we keep plugging along, taking turns on one machine, and never making more than a minimum bet.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wind warnings

Sounds as if you folks are in for some heavy winds. Hopefully by the time it gets here it will have defused.
I went into Coles yesterday while in Huntsville. That book I mentioned will not be published until January 2018 so I guess I will have a long wait!  I have also been interested in some books recently published with the theme of the classic movie The Princess Bride.  Do you folks remember that one/  i have always loved it and could be counted as one of my favourite. I slipped into my Library to return Glass Houses and the Librarian has ordered one book called As You Wish by Cary Elwes. I saw it in Coles and wanted to read it but not at $26.00. The other book called The Dharma of The Princess Bride by Eric Nicthurn (?) was just published in September so it may be awhile before the Librarian can try to order it for me. Oh well ...... lots to do in the meantime.
Dentist appointment today for me at 8 am. Just the usual checkup and cleaning so do not expect any surprises. Then I hope to make an appointment for next day or so for a hair cut in anticipation of my Luncheon on Saturday. I can't wear a knitted hat there as I have been lately - not only for the cold but also because my hair is so unruly. Yesterday I splurged at the Thrift Shop and bought a gorgeous winter scarf in shades of black and midnight blue ($3.00). So over to Dollarama and I splurged again to buy a light knitted toque in black and matching gloves ($2.00 and $1.50 respectively). I have a new winter jacket in a plummish colour ( I know it is new to me even if got at the dump store haha) that I think these purchases will enhance nicely. I really need a good pair of winter boots. My current one have garbage bags stuffed inside to help keep out the wet. I would love to go to the Sears Store in North Bay and see what might be there. The liquidation sales are supposed to start tomorrow.   Take care.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A coincidence - yet again!

What a coincidence to read your message about death cleaning.
The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margarita Magnusson. This is the book I shall be looking for after also having my interest peeked with a story about it.  I had wanted to mention it in the blog but thought I was the only one with 'cleaning" required and didn't want to insult you both haha!  I expect you are both also in a better position to actually accomplish success in a small or larger way than I.  But nevertheless I pursue what I can. Sometimes even throwing out a jar of "something?" from the fridge feels cathartic.  Ain't life grand.
Pati, I remember those bags in your cupboard as we looked at them when I was last there - all the necessary items colour coordinated and neatly packed together. The reliquary will look beautiful and I will follow your progress with great interest.
I opened my email early this morning to receive a message from my friend Sue that another of our crew scheduled for Luncheon has just fallen and fractured her humerous. This lady fell last year and sustained a crushing debilitating fracture to this same elbow - this current fracture is just above the previous one but apparently a clean fracture - now in a slit cast. She cannot cut a break (no pun intended) and yet seems to put on a good front. The other gal has a Mother who will be 104 in Nov and in a home but great concern for her related to care - This elderly lady is apparently on her last breath in this world ( as Sue put it). So perhaps they will not be able to come Sat and these are the two with whom I have the greatest connection along with Sue. 
Well I just enjoyed my spinach scramble and about to finish my coffee before the world awakens.  Take care

Monday, October 16, 2017

The duvet

I slept better last night under the duvet than I have awhile, but now they're predicting temps about 10 degrees above normal the for the next week. Figures!  Another putter-y day.  I got on a roll with Candy Crush this morning and ended up playing for about an hour, before giving it up.  Still had over an hour of infinite lives, but my hands were sore and I was feeling guilty. 

 I'm excited about the reliquary I have planned but really can't do anything until I receive the thread I ordered.  I'm going to work "by the book", and draft patterns and sketch out designs, so I can work ahead with that.  

I  read about a Scandinavian tradition of " death cleaning", in the paper recently.  This goes along with the Scandinavian tradition of independence, the thought being that you clean up after yourself, and that includes not leaving any sort of  "mess" for your family after you die.  This can mean any type of mess, but the article focused on literal mess, such as I have in my studio.  This can be a slow process over several years, but you can actually start at any point in life.  I felt strangely comforted by reading this, as I have started the process, and now don't feel unusual in doing it.  And I don't do it every day, but rather plan all of my projects to use up as much of the "stash" as possible.  But frequently I pick a small project, and put it on the daily "to do" list.  Today, I sorted through two 12 by 12 storage boxes off the top shelf in the upstairs studio closet.  One contained four separate small collage pieces, with all of the fabric and embellishment chosen, but very little actual work done.  These have been in the closet for a few years, so I have to accept that nothing is ever going to get done on them.  Most of the individual items have been sorted out and returned to the place they came from, ready to be considered for another project.  Several got put into the box for the new reliquary, and some got thrown in the garbage. The other storage box contained a small quilt, half assembled, but all of the fabric cut and ready to go.  I guess this is what I'll work on while waiting for my thread.

Unfortunately we found a load of washing that had been left in the washer since last Friday.  Whoops!  Got that re-washed and then put the fabric for David's new night shirts in.  That project is on the list too.  But tomorrow we take David to his appointment at the sleep apnea clinic.  There was a detailed questionnaire for us to fill out, and that is ready.  As well we plan to take a copy of his assessment results from last December, as they seem to get lost every time we take them in to the clinic (!?)  They may well want to re-assess him, after all this time, but I think we can be sure that he hasn't experienced a miraculous recovery.  Then we rush home so I can be out at my friend Susanne's for our monthly stitchery group by 1:00.  I really don't think there will be any problem, but it might be a bit tight.

No snow but horrible cold weather

And with so much rain and wind, it was just a terrible day yesterday and although less rain today, it is cold!  But no snow.  I loved to view your pictures Pati -there is something about a first snow that is lovely and refreshing as long as one blanks out what comes next.
We went to the Log Cabin this morning to buy pears and more apples from the fruit folks. Also doing some veg today - that 10 lb bag of beets we bought for $1.99 needed to be managed so it was a meal of harvard beets and the rest frozen for later. Also had peppers to do something with, so since I love stuffed peppers, I made some for me today and enough for more for tomorrow. I have spinach to use up but that will be made into scrambled spinach for breakfast. 
Tomorrow we go to Huntsville as usual and then again on Saturday. Harry will drop me off at the Restaurant on Saturday when I meet my friends - he has arranged for us to go to an artists home to pick up free mozaic tiles. She does Mosaic art work apparently and wants to get rid of smaller tiles left over from her work. The home is on Highway 60 quite a bit east of Huntsville so I shall be the navigator of course. We will go after my luncheon with my friends.
I just went over to see the new born rabbits. Ruth pulled one out of the nest - so small and fragile.  But then our little budgie was the same when born and grew into a feathered bird within 7 weeks. She doesn't want to go the Casino now, so we shall not book. I don't think I would go on my own - not yet anyway.
Well, best sign off and take care of the animals, and then bed.  I wished I had my duvet on last night for sure! but like you Pati, it think it may be a bit early. Will need it more in the dead of winter.  Take care

Saturday, October 14, 2017

A beautiful end to fall

Woke up this morning to snow, which kept falling, off and on, for several hours.  It was heavy enough that the trees were covered,and looking out my kitchen window, the sight of the yellow/ orange leaves against the darker evergreens was beautiful, so much so, that I took a picture.

The Nanking Cherry bushes

and the 

Then, after breakfast we headed out for a couple of errands, as the forecast was for more snow later in the day.  (Didn't happen, and ow a lot of it has melted)  I fell in love with one of the cords I made yesterday, and immediately thought of the next reliquary.  I have it almost planned in my mind, but I needed to go to the only embroidery store in town for more perle cotton, to form more cords over.  When we got there--surprise!  A big portable sign in front saying that the owner is retiring at the end of December and the store was for sale!  She later told us that her dream is to cycle from one end of Cuba to the other, with her husband.  But, the down side was that she was reluctant to order the thread in for me, as she is trying to reduce inventory, pending the sale/closing of the store.  So I have order a whole box of the stuff--in dark burnt orange--not the most useful colour to have.  So all the way home I was thinking about, and planning how to use it.

In 1985, I went to an embroidery seminar in Edmonton.  On the final day, with a bit of time to spare before our flight home, A friend and I went to the newly opened West Edmonton Mall.  I think we only had time to visit 2-3 store,but one of the was a fabric store, and I bought some lovely, dark burnt orange, textured, Tussa Silk, and lining to match.  I have no idea what it was intended for, but found it earlier this year while culling stuff in the basement studio.  This summer I bought a pattern for an indoor jacket to wear to the opening reception of the upcoming gallery show, and today started to cut it out.  This was spurred by the hope that there would be enough that I could also cut out the basic body of the reliquary I have planned.  This afternoon was spent cutting it out.  I must have been out of my mind to have ever bought it in the first place.  What a PINTA!!  There is enough for the reliquary, but not in this lifetime!  I'm now exhausted, but tomorrow I'll attempt to sew it together.  It will be an adventure, but, if the whole thing ends up in the garbage, I figure it will be no loss, but, if it actually gets finished, I'll have a new outfit for the reception.

So wish me luck at poker for the next couple of hours.

Not to worry....

I was in High school and played in the orchestra there on the double bass. Miss Port the teacher encouraged many of us to expand our horizons and consequently I also joined the Winnipeg Junior Symphony Orchestra under her direction, She played the violin in the WSO under Victor Feldbrill and so his dream was realized in that she took the next steps and our orchestra played in southern Man and into North Dakota - I remember Minot as one destination. Also a weekend in Brandon where we were to come back on the Sat night but a snow blizzard came up and we were all billoted out to peoples houses for the night there were eight of us in a very large home with two elderly ladies (? spinsters or sisters?) I think I wrote southern USA in that last message but meant southern Man and into the northern parts of ND and Minn.   I was also a member of a quartet from the high school ranks and we played weekends at the Grill Room in Eatons. We got sandwiches in the kitchen after our dinner time entertainment as compensation!. 
As I say, many memories often pop up when triggered by a word or article. This was also the time when I worked every night at the Manitoba Theatre Centre as a "dresser" and then summers at Rainbow Stage.  I believe in retrospect that I had an interesting life in my teen years, but I also know how much stress i created for Mom and Dad. I often feel ashamed at that but when you are young, you don't think of these things. 
Any comments? Cathy do you remember these times?

Say what?!?

Beth, I have absolutely no memory of you doing that!  Where was I?  I know I'm ego-centric, but something like that I surely would have been aware of.  How old were you?  What instrument did you play?  How could my memory be so poor?

Friday, October 13, 2017

Orchestra memories

Good Friday the 13th to you folks. Never been a worry for me, but still....
Reading in the WFP about the Conductor Victor Feldbrill, age 93 will be guest conductor at the WSO. This brings back so many memories for me from when he was the Conductor in 60s and I was part of the Youth Orchestra and traveled around Manitoba and southern USA to give performances. Part of his legacy was to promote the involvement of youth in the area so to sustain a viable symphony orchestra for the future. How I wish I could be there to see the Event. Cathy's quote comes to mind so often for me:  if wishes were horses....etc. 
I have yet to confirm that the neighbours returned home late last night - I looked across around midnight but couldn't see any life., and this morning while out with the dog early still no sign, I'll tell later one once the sun comes up and people start to move about. 
I cleaned out the little greenhouse yesterday completely. Tearing down all the tomato plants, weeding the soil and then cleaning all the windows ready for next spring.  Next job will be to bring in all the shelving that is scattered about the yard but hope Harry will do that. Today is sunny, I'll reinforce the taping around some of the seams. The greenhouse is old and I have had to fix it up over the years - when you heat it in the spring, I hate to see all that heat going out side although I know it is not 100% closed in at the best of times. The big greenhouse is another issue - no idea what to do with it and time is closing in for me to cover the roof. Harry constructed trusses to make a new roof in the summer, but that situation lately has been such that no work further has been done.
Well weekend again, so have a nice rest folks. I expect yard work is on my agenda haha!  Take care

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Slow day

I've been making new nightshirts for David, and he slept in one for the first time last night.  There were problems.  So I've spent most of the day problem solving.  I think I got it sorted out, but he'l use it again tonight, and we'll find out.  The second one is cut, and ready to sew.  I've even made a few alterations, after my experiences today, but I'm not putting in another stitch, until I'm sure where it's all going.

I've also been experimenting with a couple of painted, but not finished mandalas.  It's not gone well, and they may just end up in the garbage.  Sorted out my scrap pile and made the decision --no more hexies.  I'll never use the ones I've got, and making charity quilts from squares is so much easier.  Whether I can stick to that decision or not remains to be seen.  

Got an e-mail today from an acquaintance.  We haven't communicated for well over a year, but we're trying to set up a coffee date, hopefully this week. We'll see what develops, but she is an interesting lady, and, at one time, we had a lot in common.  At that time she was making some very interesting bird sculptures from fabric.

It's getting colder here, as well, especially at night, with frost the last few nights.  I'm toying with the idea of getting out the duvet, but hope to put it off until the end of the month. The only thing worse than being cold at night is being too warm.  However, the colder weather has made an excellent excuse for wearing my new sweaters.  Two of them are wonderful--soft and cozy.  The other two are less warm, but much more formal, and suitable to wearing with my dress trousers.  I just have to remember to wear my white bra, under the white and cream ones.

Today is day  4 of phase one of my eating regimen.  This is the best I've done in several months.  Sticking to it without little indulgences, that is.  I am being quite strict with myself, even asking David to hide the raisins, doling out the measurements I ask for, and leaving the dish on the counter for me, before hiding the bag again.

Otherwise, life goes on.

Where is the nice warm weather?

Just not nice these days and I feel cold. When you start to feel it in your bones it becomes most unwelcome haha! Wearing a jacket and hat to work outside and shuffling through the fallen leaves which have yet to be raked. Quite behind with the yard work which needs to be done for winter - don't know if I will be able to complete it all so in my head I am trying to prioritize thinking about the shoveling of snow and what areas need to be accessible and take its share of the piles of snow that will eventually accumulate. 
Just came back from caring for the rabbit and cat. The neighbours return very late tomorrow night and then my work will cease there. I have come to like the rabbit but must remember that it is not a pet.
Almost finished Glass Houses and my plan is to reread it while I still have it. It will mean so much more a second time around as I find I am rushing through it now to find out what is happening. A second read will allow me to read it from a different perspective and pick up on all the clues that Louise Penny drops throughout. 
Time for bed - a little bit if reading, then take the dog out for last walk in the yard. I guess I will dream about winning the Lottery tonight - always a good feeling - at least until I check the numbers tomorrow morning haha!  Take care

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Birthday greetings

Today is a celebration of another family member....

Happy Birthday to you, 
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Rrain, 
Happy Birthday to you !

Hope your day was special, Keri.  
Also, hope you acknowledge your dear Mother, Cathy on this special day as well. Good on you both!!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Ah, 'tis the Monday holiday.

And Cathy you and Family shall be gathering today according to your note. Have a wonderful day - hoping the weather cooperates. Thanksgiving and Birthday all rolled into one - sounds great!
Our day yesterday started with rain and rain and more rain. It was funny actually as I took some extra time to curl my too long hair with the curling iron and then ran over to look after the rabbit before our planned leaving by 7 am to go to Mike and Erins. 
By the time I got back to the house it was as flat as could be and hanging all over my face. No time to fix - so off I went as is....wanting to look half decent for the occasion but.....
We had a nice visit and delicious Turkey Dinner. The sun came out about 11 am and allowed us to go outside and walk about as well. The rest of the day continued sunny and warm - quite a change from the early hours of our departure.
The neighbour telephoned us around 5 pm... to check in I guess, or to brag about walking around the Rockies as she said they were doing.(they went to Vernon. BC). She asked if there were any "little ones" yet and I was able to say no, not yet, but gave me pause thinking maybe she knows that the baby rabbits are imminent and just didn't tell me?  I rushed over then to put the rabbit to bed for the night praying not to see any babies haha! So far so good.
So today its back to the normal - produce, yard work etc.remembering yesterday and how it is always a nice change to go and visit with Mike and Erin.
Take care all. Pati, time to rest for you as well after your hectic day as reported. Busy, busy!  Do I remember that show Dead Files from when I was last there - I think we watched it? 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Productive day

although we both participated reluctantly.  Quite awhile ago we pieced together two plastic rug protectors so that I could use my office chair in the upstairs studio.  The device came apart once and was re-taped, but when it came apart the second time, the mess was such that extra steps had to be taken.  There were three pieces, one was full size and the two other smaller.  The working space in the studio is quite small, ( read very, very small).  All three pieces were filthy with used adhesive from the tape, and we got out Beth's reliable Goo Gone to clean it up.  Neither of us is capable of working on our hands and knees, on the floor,especially not in a confined space.  The whole work table had to be cleared off, and then the hideous job of getting the big piece up onto the table, so David could work on it.  Finally enough of the adhesive was off, but the surface was greasy and there was no way new gun tape would adhere, so the pieces had to be washed.  This meant clearing out any extraneous furniture, such as my bath seat and clamp-on grab bar, from the bathroom, and maneuvering the plastic into the tube, where we could wash it and then rinse it with the shower.  By this time we had been at it for almost two full hours.Then it was to be dried, re-taped and put back.  But first there was the opportunity to vacuum the whole studio for the first time in almost five years.  By the time that was done, we were both exhausted.  The decision was made to put the large piece back, and try using that for awhile, in hopes of not needing to re-tape the whole thing back together again.  Of course, with all this fuss, the whole studio was discombobulated,  as well as the bathroom, and both needed to be sorted out and put back together again.

Finally, we were able to have lunch, sit for a few minutes, and then tidy the kitchen.  Putting out the re-cycling in the bin, I noticed the patio ankle deep in leaves, and laughingly told David to take a look.  He had been meaning to vacuum it yesterday, but put it off.  So off he goes to do that.  I know there were several big yard waste bags filled, but I was off to the Dollar store and to get my coffee while all the swearing was going on.  

Finally, 5:00, and a Dead Files marathon.  I have been missing this for the past few weeks, as there has been a CFL game on Saturday evenings.  I have set a goal of one hour of hand sewing a day, to try to finish piecing my hexie quilt in time to enter it in the quilt show next spring.  Today I put in 4 hours while watching my marathon, so I'm slightly ahead of the game.

Now, I think we both will sleep well tonight.


During my cruise through the blogs I follow this morning, I found this from a woman who rarely blogs, but usually has something to say. There is a poem at the end of the blog that moved me. I'm not sure if the link will work, you may have to copy and paste


Friday, October 6, 2017

A simply delightful day for me

Two wonderful happenings today have left me feeling happy and delighted.
First: Last evening Mike called to say he was coming this way with his friend Clay (fellow who also lives in Markstay) Clay keeps chickens and most of his flock(?) were killed by a fox last week. So he went on line and found a fellow here in Sundridge from whom he could buy more. So I had the pleasure of having them both here for lunch with me.  I tidied up around the patio at the back, and prepared a nice lunch, and the weather was sunny and beautiful. So we enjoyed about an hour of food and conversation and congeniality el fresco!! Best part is that I shall see him and Erin again on Sunday.
Second: Just after Mike and Clay left, the Librarian called to say that Louise Penny's Glass Houses was waiting for me to pick up. It had just come into the Library inventory, and true to her word, this new Librarian remembered me and called. I am the first to take it out. I shall be indebted to her now - she is in my good books.
So as i said, a great day and much to be thankful for...Take care
Hope you both have a happy weekend, and celebration of Thanksgiving Day.  I am thankful for having you two, and for this Blog that keeps me connected with you both XX

A beautiful day

Of course, you should wait for help to do the heavy stuff, Cathy.  Isn't that why we all got married?  (Snort!)

We had to do a bit of shopping today. With both of us having trouble sleeping, the spare bed has been getting a lot of use, and it's become obvious that it needed to be replaced.  We stumbled on a sale, where we got a good mattress, the box spring, good sheets, delivery, and take away of the old bed, as well as a mattress cover, for less than we had anticipated paying for the mattress alone.  It still hurt ($$$), but we figure there's no way we could have done better, by waiting.  We also thought we should get a really cheap set of sheets, just in case, so went to Sears.  Bad idea.  We got the sheets, but we also got underwear, for him, and four long sleeved, pull-over sweaters for me. Everything in the store appeared to be on sale, so I guess they are doing whatever they can to liquidate inventory.  The four, very nice, well fitting, sweaters cost under $50.00, including tax. If they wash well, they should do for wearing outside the house.  My Tee-shirts are starting to show their age, and just aren't warm enough for fall and winter.

After the stress of all this shopping, I bought my daily coffee, and brought it home.  The patio furniture had been put away over a week ago, not anticipating that we would still be having such nice weather.  Wanting to sit outside, we had to improvise.  David managed to get a.plastic chair out, but there was no way we could get at the table.

And while I read, David took the time to vacuum some leaves.  He's been doing a little bit almost every day, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Later, for supper he had one of the turkey pot pies I made, in which I totally screwed  up the pastry.  It certainly looked good, and he reports that it was just fine.  Whe-e-e-w!

Busy Lives

You two seem to be on the go all the time.  Right now I go to work and go home.  Actually that is a lie.  The last 3 days I have gone to the Legion for a glass of wine after work.  Today should be Jim's last day hauling potatoes so life may get back to normal again.  I tried to send Kris and Sandi an anniversary message yesterday but my phone responded with 4 really weird failure messages, so I just phoned and left a voice message on their phone.   I guess I am texting too much and my phone let me know it!  We are going to Killarney on Monday after lunch.  All I am responsible for is mashed potato casserole.  Easy.  It is Keri's birthday on Tuesday so we will have a double celebration. 
Patty has today off work, and with Shirley gone now, that leaves me to handle everything.  Elizabeth has been great stepping in and doing jobs that she is not supposed to do since she is a member of the Legal team.  And she has made sure we take at least one break a day by coming over to our side of the building and sitting down and starting to talk.  You can't really ignore her so we join in for a while.  We are all very tired and balancing on "burnout"  I hope they hire someone soon.  Interviews are today for a one year term, but it will be the end of October at the very earliest by the time they decide and offer the job and the person gives notice........... at least there is hope.  
 It is supposed to be a really nice day today.   I have been going out and walking at lunch lately, so I hope I am able to get a lunch today just to get out.  It is debatable with just me here but I can hope. 
We have a bit of clean up left in the yard, but they are two person jobs, so I needed to wait for Jim ....  Putting away the patio furniture etc.  I wasn't able to get the tiller going in the garden, so it still has to be finished.  It would almost start, but my arm would wear out before I could get it running.  It will get done before snow...... lots and lots of time for that :) 
Have a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Not up to much

Gosh Beth, I hope the cat wasn't pregnant as well. And the snarky side of me wonders if the phone call, and your reaction wasn't planned/ hoped for.

On Monday, while we were in Walmart, I got a flu shot, in the pharmacy there.  I get one every year with no problems, but Tuesday night I woke up with all the symptoms, chills, fever, nausea, etc.  It lasted about an hour, but this meant very little sleep.  So yesterday was just a quiet day at home.  Slept in quite late, and then had a nap later in the day.  I sure didn't have the energy to do anything else.  And today things appear fine.  Still, that short time of discomfort was much better than getting the flu.

Tuesday morning we took David to the dentist.  While he was there, I went a couple of blocks down the street to a Starbucks.  Then I sat with my coffee, and just relaxed for about 45 minutes before heading back to the dentist.  When I got there, it was to find out that they had been trying to call me, and I wasn't hearing the phone ring, in my purse on the floor.  They had wanted to discuss a treatment plan for David.  There are three concerns.  Two of them are just potential trouble to be aware of, but aren't hurting or causing problems right now. The third one isn't causing problems, but has much greater potential to do so in the very near future, and fixing it involves removing a crown, doing a root canal, and then replacing the crown. All of them are costly, and our insurance coverage, attached to his military pension, is not good. So we asked that they send a request to the insurance company, asking that each problem be individually considered, and then we'll make a decision.
This is a worry, as David doesn't want to lose his teeth, and if it came to that, it would cost even more.

Tuesday evening was also the meeting of my fibre art support group.  This time it was at a house on the Red River, north of Lockport, right on the edge of the Fort.  This was a house that has been built and added to over many years. Fairly large but not one that could ever be considered a "McMansion".  A little rustic, with two floors, and decks on both levels on the river side.  It was like being in a tree house, when you went out onto one of the upper decks.  Her studio, on the second floor, had large windows and walk outs to the deck on the east and South side.  What a wonderful home--and it was truly a "home"!

Anyway, I took my "Future Perspective" and the reaction was a very good one.  So I guess that one is headed for the November show.  We did the final planning for the show and reception, as it was our last meeting before the show is hung.

The next studio task is making some Christmas stockings for a charity endevour (sp?) with the local Quilt Guild. The stockings are to be taken in on Dec 14, and then  taken to a local woman's shelter, where they will be filled. . Since the shelter also takes in children, we are making them for all ages and sexes. It's sort of nice to just have fun putting together braids and laces, and making "pretties".

My new job started today...

This morning I had my orientation to my new job and surprised to learn I had been given additional tasks. 
I went over to the neighbours at 9 am and helped her clean the rabbit cage and got my instructions - very clear and concise and i think I am up to the challenge??
She took me inside and then gave me instructions for feeding the cat. What??? I did not know about the cat needs so with open mind and clear thinking I too, was given my instructions.  I say this all in good fun I know, as I don't mind. There was another lady who lives and works in South River ( 10 km north) who was originally supposed to come and do the rabbit but apparently her car isn't working and she wasn't sure when she could come etc etc so as she spoke to Ruth on the phone while I was there, I hollered to Ruth, "I'll just do it all and so Hilda won't need to worry" I had visions of us both arriving one day at same time to do the chores. 
Anyway they are off. Harry and I had to drive up to Powassan to buy some garlic bulbs so they could be planted today. I guess the neighbours left while we were gone because when we got home, there at the door was sitting half a pitcher of milk, half a head lettuce and a package of Romaine lettuce. I will take this as my salary paid in full for the duration of my employment haha!
We got lots done outside this afternoon, and also dehydrating more crabapples. Can you picture me up the ladder trying to pick apples that were at least two feet higher than my grasp. I was holding onto the rungs of the ladder for dear life hoping it would hold me safely. As you can tell, all is well. I survived!
So that's the update for today! I did manage to have my cup of tea by taking a break. Now it is back to work. Take care

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Talking about age?

We have often touched on this topic of age haven't we - wonder why? It is precisely what you both mentioned - realizing the age of the children! I look back and wonder where all the years have gone as well, and then look at what life is today and think that we are all still going strong, after all. As long as I don't look into the mirror too often, I'm OK haha!
Busy few days basically "running the roads" but hoping today will be an at home day and perhaps get things accomplished. Went to Kirkland Lake on Monday and although a very pleasant visit with Harry's brother and sister in law, it was nevertheless a very long day with driving. We left at 5 am and arrived just after 8:30 am so made good time but the light was slow in coming up over the horizon, and the roads were masked with fog most of the way. Looking out for wild life - moose - was a pain but that stretch of highway is notorious for animals strikes. Yesterday we went to Huntsville as usual and did a lot of shopping to store up. Lots of good sales such as 10 lb bags of onions, carrots, beets for only $1.99 each. When i cam home I spent some time trying to organize the fridge as there is much fruit and veg to manage. To make more space, I ended up making juice with the grapes that we picked off our own vines - I can use this for smoothies etc.
The neighbour ( Ruth) and her husband are flying to Vernon. BC on Thursday to visit with daughter for Thanksgiving. She asked me to look after her rabbit she has in a cage in the shed - another lady is coming from South River to care for it but Ruth asked if I could also keep an eye and change the bedding and water and veg in the cage. What??? I was too shocked to say anything  so i guess i will be rabbit sitting for a about 10 days. Also to make things even more interesting, our two adult budgies have been at it again and there is one new egg just layed, and if things go as per usual practice I guess she will be laying one egg every two days now. Time to move the little chick out into its own cage I think.  I don't remember signing up for all this extra "animal care" . The rabbit is also expecting babies and Harry asks what if it has babies while they are gone - what are you going to do? Simple answer is nothing! These people bring up rabbits in order to eat them - they are not pets but instead food. They have offered us rabbit meat in the past and we have declined. 
On with the day.... and I wonder what sort of adventures will be in store.  How about you folks?  Do you have any special plans for Thanksgiving. Take care

Sunday, October 1, 2017


I think that, when all is said and done, I would rather be 35 than 18.  I was very naive at 18, and, in some ways, a little stupid.


it is very hard to accept that my daughter will be 42 years old in just over a week. And my baby is 40!  I agree with daddy. I am 18 in my brain and I don’t know when my body betrayed me.

Sunday afternoon

I was really exhausted yesterday.  David had a couple of football games to watch in the evening.  So I played a little poker, knowing that I was in no shape for any thing creative.  Burned through 5 tournaments in short order.  100,000 chips  down the drain.  so to bed early.

This morning was spent doing all sorts of catch-up housework jobs. A load of laundry, kitchen cleaned up and the floor washed, vacuuming done, bathroom scrubbed, cheque book balanced ( sort of), and then I joined the Manitoba Crafts Council.  lol

Now I hope to finish the last mandala, and get them put away.  I hope to get them into the gift shop in Selkirk, in January, and will speak with Gail about the other places she sells her stuff. 

 The local quilters' guild has asked members to make Christmas stockings for women and children in shelters.  The actual number is up to me, and I've selected fabric and embellishment for 4 of them, and will maybe stretch that to five.  I basted almost 70 hexies, at the sale yesterday, between customers.  Most of them are in a blue colour way, and might be suitable for a stocking for a boy--can't use too much "frou-frou" on a boy's stocking. Since I've been wanting to experiment with sewing the hexies by machine, this just might offer the excuse. The project will also serve as a means for me to accomplish something creatively, quickly, since I know when and where they will be moving out of the house.

The family is trying to coordinate a get-together to celebrate Jessica and Samantha's birthdays, in November.  Cathy, I figured out how old Keri will be next month.  I remember that when my children reached that age, it was a huge shock to me.  How could this have happened!??  Where has the time gone?  How can I possibly be old enough to have a child that age?  I recommend a big glass of wine, and a cold cloth on the forehead,

I'm with you.....

Feeling the disappointment with you Pati, and as you say when one door closes, another door opens. And I know you well enough to agree that another door is opening for you. Regrouping is a good idea, but not to be too hasty. Your inspiration, creativity and execution of your art is, and will always be there for you and you are right to keep it active. But in what direction is the question, right? What positive social contacts do you have now (or could develop) with like people, and where would that lead you in the short term? Another coffee outing with Gail may be the next step - bounce things off with her and see where your percolating ideas take you ? I shall always be your number one supporter and I know Cathy feels the same way. So chin up, shoulders back, and dibbs out and lets get going and do this! XX