Sunday, May 31, 2015

Throw in Ontario, too....

I feel your pain Cathy!  We had another scare last night but this time  we were spared. The worst fear was that yesterday Harry decided to move all the house plants outside (as we do every year) in spite of a warning of low temperatures for overnight. I moved some into the greenhouse but there was no way I could cover everything outside- Harry has most of all the tomatoes planted in pot, and has really gone all out with flowers in our back rock garden where we are sitting now. It is truly beautiful but not for potential frost warnings!  Anyway, we missed that bullet but I was awake all night checking the temps with idea of having to go out and move house plants inside, and maybe spraying  Tonight it is supposed to be 5 degrees, so maybe we are OK?  Pati, I think sometimes you have the better of it - no worries about frost? What do you have in your garden now that might be touched?
Right now I am wrapping some gifts to take to Mike and Erin's on Wednesday. Tomorrow I will start to bake the cakes and goodies. it is still too cold and windy to work outside but I probably will later.
Best news for me --it's all gone !! My hair that is. Friday morning I called the hairdresser at 9 am when she opened and sure enough I got an appt for 11 am. Yeah!!! So short  and so satisfying! It's amazing how a simple haircut can make you feel so wonderful!
Pati I remember well the time when you were making that Bird Quilt. What a surprise for sure! That must have jarred your memories. It is a tribute though to you that the legacy of that quilt will endure.
Well, back to the grind. Keep us informed about your garden Cathy - I'm interested.Take care

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Sometimes I hate Manitoba

We covered everything last night.   -6........ nothing made it. Today we went to town and bought bedding plants :(.  It is the end of May!!!! What the Hell!!!!!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Life on hold

Have done nothing for the past 2-3 days but sit in the recliner in front of the tv.  I'm supposed to be tapering off my narcotics, and have been working on replacing them with cold packs for pain control.  Yeah, sure!  But when I actually think about how things are going, it really isn't that much different from last time.  I think David must have had just about enough of my personal pity party, as he spent most of today out running errands,or working in the yard.  We got a surprise in the mail today. A letter from Manitoba Health saying that the unit doctor had written a letter asking for coverage for the narcotic he prescribed, and it had been approved.  So one of the errands David had today was to drop the letter off at Blue Cross, and we can now expect a small cheque.

I had the strangest phone call yesterday.  I answered, and she said"Is this really Pat Findlay?"  I assured her it was, and she then identified herself as the lady who had commissioned the "Bird" quilt, that I made for the Crafts Guild of Manitoba, over two years between 1984-86.  She had evidently "googled" me, and luckily, our phone number had followed us through both moves, since then.  She had also kept the very detailed letter I wrote, describing the whole process.  She lives in Quebec, and, she and her husband,are at the stage of leaving their home, for gentler accommodation.  They sound quite wealthy, as some of their furniture is being donated to a special Foundation that furnishes diplomatic residences all over the world.  We chatted for quite awhile,and mutually agreed that she might prefer to find a museum or something similar, where she has a little more control over how the quilt will be handled, in future.  She has promised to let me know what she decides.

I certainly remember the quilt, as it consumed my life, at the time.  It is the largest, and most complex piece I have ever done, as almost every block was an originally-designed appliqued bird, and almost every stitch done by hand. I expect that it would be appraised at between $10,000 and $15,000.  The provenance is impeccable, as the letter details every individual block, who designed it, and how it was constructed, including problems I ran into. I hope it finds a good home.  The only other pieces that come anywhere near it are your wedding quilt Cathy, and one I made for Lorraine, with appliqued Iris.

We had the heat on again today.  Amber dropped by, after visiting the Casino to buy tickets to "The Price is Right", for next October.

Weather, what else

Thirty degrees on Tuesday........ 0.3 degrees last night.  At least I hope that is as low as it got.  We covered what we could but the wind came up and blew all the blankets around.  We had logs holding them down, but they were just flipped off by the wind.  If everything survived we will cover better tonight since the forecast is -3 degrees.  That is only to be expected as it is Fair Weekend in Neepawa.  Cool and rainy.  If nothing survived, Jim will be in line at the nursery when it opens to try and restock before the rest of the community gets there for the same purpose :(   I hurt my arm at work on Wednesday.  Smashed my arm into the edge of a cabinet.  It happened fast, but I think my body hit it too, catching my arm between them.  It is quite swollen and bruised, but this morning the pain seems to have found a central point to be and the rest of the arm doesn't hurt as much.  I can also type and use my mouse with a lot less discomfort.  Ahhhhh the joys of growing old.  Jim's son is 44 today and his grand-daughter will be 20 next week. My "much younger" friend, Debbie Ginther will be 60 this weekend.d  Where does the time go.  I am glad your surgery went well Pati,  even with the pain.  I am sure it will feel so much better soon.

Nothing like a nice sunny day to greet you...

I love it when I get up to a clear sunny sky. It is wonderful for the soul to venture out  first thing ( with the dog) to a bright , sunny day.  Now, they are calling for thunderstorms but for now - who cares!
Yesterday we went to Huntsville to shop, and then down to Bracebridge to the hospital to visit the elderly lady -the mother of the friends in Sprucedale.  it was a nice day again so we were able to wheel her outside and sit under the gazebo in the breeze. And she still is full of stories so there is no end of conversation. Her stories are a mix of reality, past memories, and fantasy but that's Ok.
We shopped for few things to take to Mike and Erin's on Wed June 3. We shall be going to celebrate both of their Birthdays together as they fall close together. They asked if we could combine them and of course, it was fine with us. Mike also asked for rhubarb crumble and pie so of course, I shall make both. But also I decided to make that old favourite Death By Chocolate dessert which I have not made for years. Erin is a chocolate nut so I think she may like it.  We'll make some sandwiches and that will be our "party" That day the Snowbirds are scheduled to perform over the waterfront so hoping the day is clear and we can see the show as well from Mike's place. he lives close to the Lake so we likely will see them in the sky because as of now our plans do not include actually going down to the waterfront. It is Armed Forces Day and the waterfront will be a mass of people and celebration.
As for the rest of the weekend now, it will be garden work for the most part. Now with the good warm weather everything is growing well and I have yet to get the ornaments out from under the tarps and clean up the BBQ / picnic area. So that is one of my goals!
Hope you have a good relaxing weekend folks. What are your plans?
take care

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy, happy ......

....and so happy to see your note, Pati. And to know you are safe and sound at home again.  Take care now, and do everything just right so you are soon back in the swing of things. Will look forward to your next messages once you feel up to it.

Safely home

Just to let everyone know that I am safely home, complete with new knee.  It appears to be working well.  As expected the food was awful, and I managed to survive mainly on fruit juice, although breakfast yesterday was a small dish of fresh mango.   For some reason every meal included cheese--a real "no,no"for me, especially when I'm trying to fight off constipation, while taking all sorts of narcotics.  It took a good 18 hours for them to set up some sort of routine for my pain killers, so Friday was pretty well a lost day,

But I'm now home, have had a nap, and David has acquired all of the prescriptions I needed.  Now I just have to sort them out--and,hopefully, do a better job than last time.

Monday, May 25, 2015


I'll take this rain any day over that cold spell we had. Even if it means pumping out front haha!
Getting caught up on some inside stuff today which includes some mending and hopefully, some sewing - perhaps hexis or maybe geese - haven't decided yet.
We went to the Farm Gardens yesterday and it was a super fine day for them to hold their open house. We bought some plants - veg and flowers, and then sat listening to the music and enjoying a BBQ hot dog. The owner even showed us his new hydroponics setup. They are building a new big greenhouse to set up rows and rows of trays of hydroponic tubes to grow lettuce, and kale and greens etc.We did NOT get our asparagus as hoped as they lost it all with the frost. So we will have to wait until more grows. Too bad as I had my self set for a good feed.
The rest of the day was spent planting, removing everything from the greenhouses and rota tilling and then replanting tomatoes inside the small greenhouse.I planted flowers in a back rock garden and I must say, it looks quite nice! Of course there were the many "sit downs" at the table at the back of the house. This is where we have set up our relaxation place for this year. It is very quiet and comfortable surrounded by gardens and trees. The neighbours from Holland who own the home next door are not coming this year until August so we don't have them there - very private.
Well, time to pump again. Take care.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Only in Canada, eh?

Last Sunday we had weather warnings, freezing rain, ice pellets, snow and wind gusts over 90k. Today a forecast high of 28c. We have planted our garden seeds, but only yesterday.  The bedding plants are still coming in and out. Our bleeding heart was blooming last week,but the storm ended that.  We are hoping it will come back without being cut down but it doesn't look promising. Most of the iris's made it, but they were close to the house.  The flowers on them died though.  Lots of trees came down in the winds but Jim no longer has the lungs to go out and haul them out of the bush.  One of the Hutterite "boys" that used to help us is getting married the beginning of June so I don't think he will be around for a while.  It may be getting hot out, but Jim finished the last of the hamburger soup last week so I am making another triple batch today to freeze.  Chase the Ace went last night, but not to Jim.  $9000 to a local women that actually used to work at the legion.  She gave $500 back to the Legion to start off the next round and the legion is throwing in $500 so the pot will start at $1000 next Saturday.  Jim finally talked me into going to meat draw again (I have really been enjoying my evening by myself, reading and watching tv) and I won.  I took chicken thighs.  Jim had bbqed some just the day before and we had really enjoyed them and were going to pick some up when we went shopping on Saturday.  Unless I forget how to say "no" I have no upcoming commitments except for a couple of meetings.  All this free time. I guess I will have to clean the house now.  No excuse.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Best layed plans....etc, etc

The worst of the cold temperatures appears to be over with a low tonight supposed to be 8 degrees But last night was a brute - lower than anyone anticipated reaching almost minus 8. We have basically lost most of everything outside, and also in the little greenhouse.  Not only the plants themselves suffered but it was so cold the soil in the pots actually froze hard. Today we spent taking all the covers off, and removing the dead tomatoes from the pots and hanging baskets, and generally feeling sad. We have tomatoes enough to replace the dead ones ( the ones that were safe inside on tables), but it is thinking about all the work put into it, which is now gone. We are going to the open house at the Spring Hill Farms tomorrow where we buy our flowers and veg such as cukes so hope to replace some of what is lost. We have also ordered some fresh asparagus from them so look forward to a good feed.
Wondering Cathy if you got into your garden yet. As discouraging as it may be, I am still anxious for these nice warmer temps and to be able to putter away and get back to usual!!  I must be crazy, eh?
Well, it's the end of a long day, so will cut this short and hit the bed. Take care

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Congrats all around....

.....To our sister the acclaimed actress, and to our niece the renowned playwright!!!  Now you both deserve a nice break. Hope you will soon make the trip to Killarney as planned. Are there more ideas for future plays? I expect that Neepawa folks will anticipate more now! Which organization was it that funded this endeavour?
Not much new here presently. All the plants are covered and will stay that way for next few days I expect. And I have my forest back in the front room. I am waiting for the outside temp to increase before going out and doing some work. In meantime I just took  batch of blueberry muffins out of oven and waiting for them to cool! before I test one ( or many). I took the dog to the lake early this morning and had my hat, mitts and winter jacket on. What?? They set up the new Splash Pad at the lake front the other day for the grand opening on June 6. I wonder if they will have any participants in this weather?
On with my day. Take care

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

All done

The play went great. I was so nervous that I would blow it and embarrass Rrain  I don't think I have ever been as nervous about a play.  We pulled it off and didn't screw it up.  I am so proud of Rrain.  Her play was so well received.  She is now a professional playwright!!!! She still has to go to the annual meeting of the sponsoring agency and report but she got a lot of feedback.  Amanda's daughter (Amanda was the other character in the play) is only 10 years old.  When she was asked what the play said to her she said "... that you should love your family and take care of them...'  A wonderful comment to take to the meeting since one of the criteria of the play was to present family interactions when they are caregivers...... Success for Rrain!!  Now I can relax.  Rrain and I are hoping to get to Killarney soon, now that we have time.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Waiting for the snow....?

It actually may not hit our way so fingers crossed.
In meantime I have struggled to fix my problems (the computer issue that is haha!) and think I have it licked. No idea what I did but will take what I get. So perhaps back in business now.
Hope your last performance goes great Cathy. And then get into your garden. When the weather is cooperating, it is nice. Tomorrow we bring all the pots inside again, and I cover everything else I can - for 3 nights and then again Sat night is supposed to be zero degrees. What is happening?
Take care.


I had an entire post.  I even read it on the blog.  Now it is gone.  And it wasn't an empty draft. It was really there.  All I talked about was the weather and the wind and wanting a fire (which I didn'tget) I also talked about brussell sprouts. Pati,  I was always remember you telling me they tasted like macaroni & cheese and me taking a big mouthful.  How cruel. I didn't eat them again until I met Jim.  I cooked them last night with fried mushrooms and onions and I threw the cooked sprouts in the pan to brown them up.  they were good. Roast in the crock pot, potatoes and brussell sprouts.  A comfort food meal. Out last performance is tomorrow, with a dress rehearsal this afternoon.  Then, if the snow melts, I will start on the garden Meanwhile, even if it is below zero, I will enjoy my Victoria Day Long Weekend.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Still having trouble

I cannot centre the screen. It is off on the left hand side. Do you have a suggestion - if so send by email please.

Sorting out the studio

This involves several trips to the basement every day.  Ever time I get near the owl nest, PePe asks "is she here yet?"  As bad as a little kid!  Shouldn't have told him so soon.  But today was a little different.  Now he wants to  know if Faith is coming with you, Beth.  He can see her picture, and has figured out that two owls will fit inside the nest.  (I'm not sure if he fully realizes that he will be moving across the country to live with her, and you, when you leave.)  Anyway, both Joy and Knight, have taken up his cause and they have asked if Faith can come to visit, as well. Cathy, all of this makes me wonder if maybe Spirit could/should come to visit too?  I know Joy and Spirit have met, and that all of the boys were together for awhile, but Faith was never a part of that.  On thinking about it, Spirit and Faith were together for a bit, just after they were born, but maybe too young, at the time, to remember?  In any case, neither Knight or PePe have met her. I doubt all three of them would fit in the nest, but I can figure something else out, fairly easily.

What say you, ladies?

Cathy, I found an untitled and empty post of yours.  I wasn't sure what that was about, so I deleted it.  I hope I haven't been bad.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Stranger in a Strange Land

Yesterday, in the rain, we had to run some errands.  Unfortunately we ended up on St. James St.  This street is under construction with only one lane open and equipment and men on both sides.  We quickly decided that our best bet was to get the heck of that street and onto Empress, if possible. It seemed that there was construction with no turns at every corner and every street had been turned into one way--usually the opposite way to the one we wanted to go.  We found a light that would let us turn east and drove into an area that neither of us recognized.  Neat streets, but no other cars. No familiar landmarks.  We came to a stop sign and looked around, recognizing nothing, but ahead of us it appeared to be Empress, as I thought I could see the roof of the Chapters store.  Then we realized that we were on Maroons Rd, where, a few years ago, we would have been driving right between the arena and stadium.  Wow!  Give your head shake!

We were out because a friend had recommended that I visit the new bead store on Main St, just south of City Hall.  A good visit, and money spent, but then we had to get some more storage containers for the new beads, and they can only be found at Lee Valley,on Ellice, just west of Empress.  I know, I know, I had vowed to never buy another bead, but they were cute and the price was right.  I'm stocking up on a few "necessities", before next week.  Today I was out for a pedicure, but no polish as that isn't allowed in surgery.

We plan to stay close to home over the weekend.  The forecast is for rain, and we really have no where we want to go.  David had found a couple of  tv series marathons, which may keep him off the street and out of trouble.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Oh what a night....

You're not kidding - getting colder for sure. and didn't we feel it here!!  We covered up most of everything Tuesday night but it remained near zero with no frost. But last night the temperature plummeted drastically to about 3 below. Out we go in the middle of the night to spray everything not covered. Everything just froze with icicles hanging off the leaves and the metal tomato cages - it was terrible! We brought some big pots inside (to the bathtub if you please haha) and Harry rinsed them with tepid water while I remained outside doing the same with the tomatoes there, and spraying the geraniums and little peppers not covered. By dawn it was looking pretty grim. By sunlight things were not much better. Even when we took the covers off the other plants it was evident that the frost had been worse than ever expected or forecast.  We have likely lost many but will take a wait and see attitude for now. It is hard to say whether some plants will come back, while others are definitely done. Some peppers that were covered looked to be done when we removed the covers, but during the day started to make a comeback. That's gardening for you - not that I necessarily live for it, but since I'm here, I have to endure all parts of it -including the unusual care techniques that cold weather brings.
And if that weren't enough when I logged on the computer to check for messages this morning there was a Kaspersky flash notice of malware including 4 threats and 1 warning. So I logged onto my Geek Squad. And don't laugh as this is the new name of the program I purchased at Future Shop when we got the computer purged.  It took 90 minutes but we are now clean.  I  sat at the computer and tried to follow what the remote Agent was doing but it was so fast, it was basically impossible. There were also times when the computer was scanning or cleaning files that nothing seemed to be happening. Fortunately Harry had gone to lay down, so wasn't panicking to use the computer during this time. When he did log in though, some things were not the same for him so I had to do a bit of trouble shooting myself to get him satisfied. When you get used to clicking a certain way and getting the response you are used to, and when this doesn't happen, I guess it is easy to become upset? Anyway, all is OK for now.
Speaking of computers, I have always liked to log onto Winnipeg Free Press and read up on interesting local things - I like to think it helps keep me in the loop! Well, the whole format of their web site has changed and it looks so busy now. I have to give myself more time to get used to it and navigate around a bit more to become familiar. Do either of you log onto this site, and if so, what do you think?
I should trot off to bed now -I am so tired that I don't think I can actually get to sleep - that sounds funny but that's the way I feel right now. Maybe do some reading and that might help?
Take care.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sorry to tell you,but........

...... there really is some cooler weather coming.  We've had our furnace on for the past few days, and the house almost cools down to the nighttime setting.  We are wearing jackets out again.  I wonder when summer will finally get here?  I remember a couple of years ago April and May were the hottest months of the year. 

Our rhubarb is flourishing, and one clump of Lady Slippers even has buds on it, but the Lily-of-the-Valley is barely 4 inches tall and not a flower in sight.  When  my friend arrived this afternoon, she commented on how  ratty and unkempt  our front flower bed looked.(not her words, but I know what she meant!)   Neither of us is able to get down to weed any more, and I'm not sure how to deal with it.

Today was the big day.  Scrub, scrub, scrub, out to buy tea dainties and coffee, etc.  I even got out the pillow shams and put them on, just in case someone glanced into the bedroom.  Well, one lady showed up.  We had a very pleasant visit, caught up with books we've read, and some general gossip.  This group was once quite large, but has diminished by attrition.  Now we really notice if even one member is missing.  But we've talked about it, and the ladies want to continue meeting. It does give me a pleasant afternoon out.  I even managed to get a couple more hexies sewn while we chatted, today.

Beth, I measured PePe.  He is 4" in diameter, but 6" across at the handle.  He is 4" tall.  Presently, they are standing on guard outside the nest, rather than in, but it would be much more pleasant for them to be inside, I'm sure.

By coincidence, I plan to get my hair cut tomorrow.  I usually go to a shop that takes walk-ins, and the woman who does my hair well, seems to only work Wednesdays.  I want to get it fairly short, as I don't want to have to be fussing with it, when I can't stand on my own.  By the same token, I have a pedicure scheduled for Friday.  That esthetician only works Tuesday and Friday, but isn't available next Tuesday, so it's the last chance to get it done.  No polish, of course.  Too bad, as I love my "Up By Noon" colour of polish.  It matches my favourite nightie.

And that's the nightie I'm wearing, as it's bedtime.  Sleep well everyone.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Behind the times

We usually have our entire garden in by now, but this year we haven't even started!  Maybe this weekend.  You know the weather is not cooperating when you have to cover your bleeding heart.  My haircut gets finished tomorrow.  Everybody likes it the length it is now, but they all agree that it needs "finishing"  Angie knew it needed more.  She really thought she could finish it on stage, but it didn't work out.  I am looking forward to the finished product.  I went over my lines for the last play today and I knew most of them, so I am feeling a bit more comfortable.  We are behind at work right now and the 1 1/2 hour video meeting today didn't help.  I lost count of the documents I did today.  I just kept plugging them through.  On Thursday I have to go to Winnipeg for a meeting.  I will not drive my truck in downtown Winnipeg 'cause there is no where to park something that big.  Jim is willing to take me in and hang out somewhere for six hours (boring!)  I'll see what happens. Our dogs spend the days outside now and then come in and sleep the entire evening.  Lazy things.  Jim wants to make a marker for the graves for Nika and Chi.  He has a block we can use.  He is also going to put a fence around their graves.  I have put flowers on Chi's grave every year and I will carry it over to Nika's grave this year.  I really wanted her to make it to summer, but I know she was not happy.  Danielle did such a calming job putting her to sleep.  Nika was at home and not stressed out by having to travel for 1/2 an hour.  I think she was glad to have it over.  She just lay there and didn't react at all.  She was peaceful.  Time for a shower and to bed  Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, May 11, 2015

A bit of a washout...

The weekend turned out to be "not so nice"  Some work done in the yard Saturday afternoon but otherwise indoors most of other time. That's OK as some much needed housework got done.  Wash completed, and kitchen and bathroom cleaned, and the bird cages done -not my favourite task but has to be done.But I did manage to carve out some time to construct the Fabric Box I mentioned some time back.  Fun again for me to clear off the machine, and sit myself down. I followed the instructions exactly, but even managed to screw up the bottom by sewing seams on the wrong corners haha  But that's what seam rippers are for, right?  In the end it turned out quite nicely. Pati, what is the height and width of PePe ?  I put another small mug in the box along with Faith and her spear but doesn't look great - I plan to make another box because the colours on this one are not right for Faith after all. So I want to be sure to construct the box to fit PePe et als.
The plants are growing fast. Yesterday I noticed the Lily of the Valley shoots are about 6 to 8 inches now - just in the last few days. Soon the beautiful flowers shall appear which always fill be with great joy. . However, this coming week temperatures are plummeting to zero or below for a few nights. Contingency plans are in the works. It appears I shall be putting up the card tables again in the front room so we can bring some of the pots inside - those that have so far not been planted. Others outside shall be covered if possible, and others shall get sprayed early in morning before dawn. Here's hoping....
Cathy, after all the worry about Steel Magnolias rehearsal issues, it came off wonderfully for you - usually does! Good for you but what's this about a hair cut? Are you getting your hair short again? I like it short and looks good on you. I am still trying to let my hair grow but each day is a testament to my patience and endurance.I can put it into a ponytail now so much better to manage but still not acceptable yet. I think my visit to the hair dresser is approaching fast haha
Well, here's to the start to another week.  Hoping all is well with everyone. Take care

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy, busy

Cathy, I'm so glad it went well for you.  I know you were concerned.  I didn't realize that Rrain had written the second one you're doing.  She is certainly making her mark on the community.Good for her!  She deserves some good times.

We have been working on mutual Power of Attorney.  With getting older, and inevitable medical problems, it is past time we took care of that. The lawyer has promised that it will be done before my surgery.  We also talked about a medical Advance Directive for me.  The lawyer referred me to a provincial government site that had the information and forms to do it myself.  I've spent sometime talking to both David and Loren, about it, as I will be listing them to act consecutively on my behalf, should that become necessary.  Seeing the lawyer required a trip downtown to Portage and Main, parking under Winnipeg Square, and finding an office on the 25th floor of the Trizec Building.  Sometimes it pays to act the confused old woman, as, after asking for directions twice, while leaving, we ended up being escorted by Security from the main floor of Trizec down through the elevators, and the concourse, to the parkade.

My Tuesday Stitchery group is coming over on Tuesday, which means frantic clean up the house activity. David and I were looking at our carpets, and discussing getting a machine to clean them, yesterday.  He finally said to call someone and see if we could get them cleaned on Monday.  Well, we had a little fridge magnet with a number on it, so I called.  Sure, they could come on Monday.  They could come "today, if you're available"  I said sure and gave them the address.  He says " We'll be there in half an hour"  So a frantic get the house ready for them and David goes off to get some cash to pay them. Of course they tried desperately to "up sell" us, but in the end cleaned the carpet just fine and for a reasonable price.  Then we had to transfer our current wine to the carboy from the primary. This is a small batch of elderberry wine, so what  was in the primary included elderberries and chopped raisins.  Yuck!  We had it fermenting in the kitchen, as the basement is too cold right now. So after it was all transferred, we ( the royal "we") had to wash the kitchen floor.  Needless to say, after all this excitement, the royal "we"had a good nap in his easy chair.

Today was a quieter day.  Thank Goodness.

One down and one to go

Steel Magnolias is done.  We pulled it off beautifully.  The audiences were very small.  Unfortunately the paper had a typo in it that said all tickets were sold out.  People believed it and we didn't have a big turnout.  They were appreciative though.  I had my hair cut on stage.  That was a bit stressful.  She cut part on Friday and some more on Saturday.  She will finish it up next week. On Friday that rotten child, quiet so only I could hear it,  said "oops" and tossed some hair over my shoulder and onto the stage!  Amanda and I have one more play next week.   It is the one that Rrain wrote.  We took it to the ACT Festival and had it workshopped.  They had some really good ideas so we will be working hard next week.  As of the 19th we are done.  What will I do with my time?  I am going to take it easy today.  I will have more to say once I am relaxed. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Refreshed again by your stories....

Your stories about your adventures always perk me up and always so glad to see them on the blog just waiting for my attention!  I can picture your red laces flopping about on the black shoes as you strut about the house -what a great idea.  As a side note, I have also been amused lately by the Not Afraid of Colour blog. She surely has some tales to tell !
Yesterday we loaded the car again with plants and down again to Huntsville to drop them off at brother in laws. He had made an extra request "....would you please consider bringing more...."  After grazing through the garden centres looking for wave petunias, we had a quick lunch at Wendy's (maybe the highlight of my day haha) and then off to the Bracebridge Hospital to visit the old lady again- Mother of the friends in Sprucedale.  Actually had a nice visit by taking her outside and sitting under a gazebo for 1 1/2 hours. Thankfully she likes to talk so the conversation flowed fairly well. Still not sure if she really knows who we are but that doesn't matter. Her head was fairly clear for the most part talking correctly about her family etc but a few times she strayed off a bit! (don't we all???)
Once back home we had to make a push in the yard and worked out until about 7:30 pm. An egg salad sandwich each sufficed for supper once in the house.
The weekend is here and proves to be another great one weather wise so we should be able to really forge ahead with planting. I still don't have any of the garden ornaments and other stuff out from under the winter tarps but I'm sure that will come. I have looked at and touched my bike but that too will have to wait a bit.
Apparently the Hydro is not finished with the ground work and replacement of poles along our street. The man was here the other day pounding more stakes in at the front so I spoke with him.  He says they are digging up all along the front putting in more cables to set up a new transformer at end of road. So I was glad to hear this as I did not have time to clean up the front grass area of leaves etc and now I won't bother to worry about it and should not have to worry about mowing either if they will be working along there all summer.
Well, Mother's Day weekend is here and I send best wishes to all of you for what ever you are doing or being so honoured   Take care

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

That Crazy old woman!

Since she got new shoes to  wear indoors, she needed some way to tell them apart from her outdoor shoes.  She decided to get bright red shoe laces, and the man at the shoe store recommended a shoe repair shop at a mall on North Henderson.  Off she goes, and finds the place and then bothered the poor woman for almost half an hour, before buying a pair of shoe laces for $3.97.  Leaving the mall, there was the most wonderful smell coming from the bakery.  So, of course every offering had to be considered and discussed, before a small purchase.  Then to Chapters at St. Vital to find out if Harlequin had ceased publication of their Super Romance books,as none have been found around here for two months.  This is important, as the books are large print, and something is needed for the hospital.  No luck there but a small purchase was made. then home for lunch.

But wait, where are the prescription bi-focals? Can;t eat without being able to read!  Tear the house apart!  Glasses are everywhere.  Every table, beside the phone, in the bathroom, but none are the "right" glasses.  Whoops, could they have been left with the poor woman in the shoe repair store?  Well it took awhile to get the phone number, as it was a new store, but we phoned.  She remembered us alright, and "no", no glasses.  Finally, they were found at the bakery.  David went on his own to get them,and there was no problem, as, I guess, they remembered him there, too.  All for a pair of red shoe laces--but they look really neat on the black shoes!

Monday, at the library, we found the latest Stone Barrington book by Stuart Woods. This is a lengthy series, with a continuing list of characters, some of them from other series, by the same author.  Not serious literature,by any stretch of the imagination, but a fun romp, regardless, althoughearlier ones had a bit more"meat" to them.  One would really have to read them, more or less, in order to get the full value, but they could be read out of order.  And the other series stand alone quite nicely.

The Art group I meet with had a cancellation in a workshop tomorrow, so I decided to go.  Have no idea what to expect, but then crazy old ladies never need to justify their actions.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

So the family is all home and accounted for....

Sounds as if you all had a busy and tiring time but by all accounts a fine weekend. I've been busy with plants (as I have mentioned a few times before haha!) As a matter of fact, just came in from spraying some with water as temps got a little lower than anticipated last night. We left some tomatoes out and did not want a take a chance. There was frost on the roofs and the thermometer was hovering around 1-2 degrees.  Today I am going to North Bay to do a few chores, and tomorrow the car goes to the garage. The warning light came on to change the oil!  We are usually on top of that long before any warning lights alert us.  So life goes on here. I have been able to have another little fire but now the high level for fire danger is in place with no outdoor fires allowed. I better adhere!
Short note for today.. look forard to hearing from you both soon Take care

Monday, May 4, 2015

we're home too


Art show is over, and I may have sold a couple of bookmarks.  At $2/ea, I won't be holding my breath waiting for the cheque.  But that wasn't really why I was there.  I received quite a few positive comments on my work, especially "Icarus' Dream".  I think the beading blew them away, as it sure couldn't have been the adherence to the principles of art!

It must feel great, Cathy, to know that the first hump is over.  I dreamed of you last night, so my subconscious, must have been tuned in to your stress.  I can't remember ever dreaming of you before.

We "bit the bullet", and went shopping today. That plastic is still smoking. A new pair of indoor shoes for me, along with a pair of slippers to take to the hospital.  David got himself a pair of boots..  He has been wearing an old air he bought, at least, 5 years ago.  He had replaced them with a cheap pair that never fit right, a couple of years ago.  You get what you pay for. 

 We had gone out with a bit of a list, and when at the shoe store, I spotted an art supply store across the street, where I found exactly what I was looking for, and much cheaper than it would have been had we gone to the "Big" art store.

And now we're home exhausted.  We have some stew from the batch we cooked Saturday, for supper, so that is under control, and i'm ready for a nap.  We have to be up before breakfast tomorrow, to be at Grace for 8:00 for my pre-admission visit, which will take most of the morning.  Then a sketching class in the afternoon. so that will be a busy day, as well.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

One down and home again

Home from the ACTFest.  I had to go to rehearsal for our other play almost as soon as we got home.  The Festival was great.  Our play went well and our workshop really gave us a lot of ideas to improve our play.  We present it on May 19 so we have a couple of weeks to work on it.  Todays rehearsal for our other play was another story.  The director was supportive but I know how poorly we did.  I can't even blame anyone else cause I really blew a lot of my lines.  My excuse is tiredness, but even that is week cause I came home from the banquet early last night.  Rrain and Amanda stayed to the bitter end.  I hear Rrain made quite an impression on the dance floor.  It was even brought up in the closing remarks of the festival.  Maybe I should have stayed later!  Even Jim was  back at the hotel  by 11:15.  The plays were great and the food was greater.  So much for the weight I lost.  I definitely ate well this weekend.  We are rehearsing all week and perform on Friday & Saturday.  Then I can take a bit of a break after that.  Time for sleep.  Love you guys!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Have a good weekend

A quick early morning note - could not sleep well. Thinking about the greenhouses because I did not turn on the heaters last night  As you mentioned things have heated up a bit and since temps overnight for next few nights are much better, I see no need to heat the greenhouses. But then you start to worry - wouldn't it be a shame to lose all that work. It's all OK of course as I went out to check already!  Yesterday we took a load of plants to Harry's  brother in law (I bit my tongue), And then shopped for bags of soil at Canadian Tire. And Harry just happened to buy 8 more geranium plants. Lots of work every day now so the weekend for me should be busy.
Hoping Pati and Dave, you have a fun time at the Art show - would be nice if you sold a piece as well. And Cathy if you are performing, "break a leg"
Take care