Thursday, July 31, 2014

Greetings from Neepawa

and the story of a day well spent.  Yes, I accompanied a friend who was driving a show up to the Viscount gallery.  This is the show of the "Hats From a Life Lived".  They knew that I wouldn't be able to help much, but I was there for company and to keep my friend awake during the drive.  Cathy and I had a long, and very satisfying visit, and then we were home for supper.  A day with no activities, and no responsibilities.  I like Cathy's new hair style.

Dull week all around

Rain and more rain this week. Funny weather actually because yesterday the sun was shining and at the same time the rain was falling ?? Major roads washed out in North bay - bad because it was the road leading to the Hospital so there was a rush on to get it fixed.
We made the trip to Midland Tuesday - fast trip to pick up some coins Harry bid on the Auction. At the Thrift Shop there I bought the VHS movie Cabaret for 25 cents- another older movie I had been wanting to see again. I watched it that night and enjoyed it again!
Yesterday I spent some time reading instructions from one of my Quilting books for sewing a star together and managed to produce a fair sample - took stitches out several times but persevered. Not perfect but I think I learned a lot just trying haha
Today I'm going to North Bay to take some blueberries to Mike and Will. Better to go today rather than on the Friday of the long weekend. It is also the Annual Summer in the Park in North Bay so probably lots of traffic to avoid.
Take care

Monday, July 28, 2014

It is so cold today.....

It s actually miserable - can't think of anything redeeming about the weather today except perhaps I did not work out in the yard. I may check for watering but that's all. I got my hair cut this morning and so now feel much better. Funny how just a hair cut can boost your spirits!
Tomorrow we are travelling to Midland again. Harry successfully bid on several lots of coins so we will go to pick them up and pay for them. He has some items that did not sell so we will likely bring them back home.
This afternoon I gathered some fabric and cut just enough pieces to fashion an 8 point star. I have sewn it together but it is not working so have torn some seams out and will try again. This is a learning exercise for me so I am taking my time to try to figure it out. I haven't done this before but I have several  reference books so could easily seek some help haha
Eating delicious blueberries these past few days- bought right from the Nursery in Trout Creek picked from their bushes. I have made Kuchens and eating just fresh in a bowl with milk. We are still getting lots of raspberries also from our own bushes. Everything is starting to produce and I know before too long I shall be inundated with produce and needing to do something with it all haha
Take care.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hi Cathy!

Good to hear from you again.  Hope this means the end of your computer troubles.

Loren is back after a good holiday, and picked up Mikey last evening. so we are alone again.  Today everything gets vacuumed!  But I also have my ATC trading group again today, so will have a nice lunch out with friends.  I can't remember if I mentioned that I have a surgery date of October 15.  It's nice to have that settled.  

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hey, Cathy....

I am so happy to see your message and hopefully more to come now that you have your computer back Yippee!
I can remember my visit to Neepawa for the Lily Festival - it was fun. Have a good time.
Take care

My computer is home

It has been a long month but it is finally fixed. I have been reading faithfully, but my computer at work sometimes let me post and sometimes not.  It has been a bit crazy at work so I really didn't have time and when I got home all I wanted to do was crash.  The sent an ADR out from Winnipeg to help us but they also sent about 300 Winnipeg documents for him to do.  Over 70 of them were ones that I had to verify so that he could accept them, so we are even further behind now.  Overtime pretty much every day right now.  My holiday was really good.  the weather wasn't fantastic, but it was nice to be with family.  We played a game called Jok-r-ummy.  It is sort of like Frustration Rummy, but it comes with over 60 cards that tell you what you need to get in that hand.  You need to finish 7 cards to win and one game I went 5 rounds trying to get three 3s.  It sounds easy, but when you don't get the cards you are stuck.  I enjoyed it so much that Jim found it at Walmart and bought it for me.  Now I just need to get the kids home and play it with them.  Lily Festival is this weekend, as well as the drag races and the antique sale.  You'd think they could spread things out a bit.  Hopefully it won't rain today.  VCC has an outdoor art show that will have to be moved quickly if it rains.  And the rain day for the drag races is tomorrow.  If it is postponed, the volunteers for the drag race won't be able to work their volunteer shift at the antique sale so I will have to work an extra shift there (Which I really don't want to do)   Rrain has to bake 3 dozen oversized cookies for the lunch counter at the antique sale.  I found a recipe that everyone seemed to like so I will take all the supplies to VCC today so that they can be baked in a kitchen with air conditioning! (chocolate chip raisin oatmeal cookies)  There is an Elvis impersonator at the Lily Tent tonight  Jim really wants to see him and I really couldn't care less.  I might end up staying home and going to town to pick him up at midnight.  (Yippee)  I didn't win the lottery last night so I guess I have to go back to work on Monday.  Oh well,

Friday, July 25, 2014

Maybe that's a good thing.....

Nothing has changed you say? In my life nothing stays the same and it too, can become a bit bothersome haha. I loved your quick response to my comments , and wanted to immediately respond but timing is everything. I was only able to quickly read the blog and then log off.  Early this morning a major transformer in Sundridge blew up and we were without power.  Being without power here is nothing new, but NOT on the morning I have my hair appointment.  So disappointed was I as I walked up to the salon and rescheduled to Monday morning at 9 am. There she sat in the dark, so we commiserated together.for a short time. Around noon Harry and I  decided to go to North Bay to do some chores etc. Tomorrow is Willie's birthday and I had a few things for him - not his favourite Cherry Cheese Cake though as even though I had all the ingredients ready to bake it, I was not able to without power. Rain check for that  I guess! When we got back we had power yeah!! I am tempted to haul out our generator that we bought years ago and see if it will go. I want to plan a contingency- establish how many long cords I will need, and what will get plugged in- for sure the freezers and the fridge. The water pump is hard wired in electrically so there is no plug I can use so we would be without water and toilet use regardless. I can usually manage my anxiety better if I have a plan. Time to make a list eh?  We received a letter from the Village today about the sewer refurbishing. We have been told that we will be on the hook for a portion of the costs. The letter said we could pay a one time lump sum payment of almost $4000.00 by end of August, or opt for the payment twice yearly added to our  property taxes over 30 years calculated by the frontage footage of our lot X $2.85 per foot.  Guess which one I will choose haha
And so time for bed. Have a nice and relaxing weekend folks, and somebody please win the lottery real soon haha. Take care

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Next day

Nothing has changed except the book, and David's shirt.  Both of them doing exactly what they did all day yesterday

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Your front room

I had great fun looking at the pictures. I magnified them and observed every little detail - including what book Dave is reading these days haha. It looks so comfortable now, and I'm sure that one day you will fall in love with an art piece to go on the wall you mentioned. Perhaps a "Pat Findlay original"?
Our friends from Petawawa who just returned from the world cruise on board the Queen Elizabeth just wrote a note to say they have put their house up for sale, will sell all their furniture and plan to move to Winnipeg with only clothes and personal possessions/pictures. What a decision, and more interesting for me, is that they are in a position in life to make such a sudden and somewhat drastic move. Certainly not in my league or anyway near a realm of possibility for me- pity!!
Tomatoes are ahead of me now - with dishes of them sitting in the kitchen waiting to be eaten or otherwise disposed of. And the raspberries are ripening quickly with picking everyday but at least I am ahead of them.
Harry went to a local farmer this afternoon and bought 5 bales of straw and brought them home in the car. I placed them in a pile and covered them with a tarp. They will be used for planting the garlic in the Fall and covering the roses etc to protect them in winter. But the car......was full of straw and dirt. So as an unplanned activity for me, I set about to clean the car. What is it they call it at a dealership- "detailing" -that's what I did. vacuuming, cleaning, swearing - I did it all, but in the end, the car looks nice again. It actually was time to have given it a little attention, but not suddenly just like that!
Terrible night last night - with thunderstorms it was enough but somehow the animals were affected adversely, and the big cat knocked over the fan which was running to keep me cool, and the front flew off and landed on the dog who was sleeping on the floor and all hell broke loose.Took awhile to get things to settle down, and consequently, very poor sleep for me.
I have made an appointment for a hair cut on Friday at 1030 am and can hardly wait. These humid days are hard on me - I curl my hair, and then backcomb it, and spray it, and ten minutes later it is straight and falling in my face. It should perk up my spirits anyway -it's time to perk up my spirits haha  On that happy note - time for bed and read more Donna Leon. Take care

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Living Room

Some things didn't work out and the biggest change is that the couch is gone and there are two chairs in its place.  I don't imagine we will be doing anything more.

 I really wish we had a picture we could put on this wall over the table, but so far, we haven't found anything we can agree on. The lamp over my chair is an Ott Light, which is a high intensity natural daylight light used by stitchers and artists.  You can see my rocky giraffe floor frame beside the clock, and stitching supplies under the table, but I'm not really doing any stitching here right now.

You can see how the Christmas Cactus has taken over the table in front of the window, and how the cat has taken over my big white wing   We put a towel over it it for protection, and he sure spends time there.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I do not like to use this word in general conversation but this was my first response when I opened the blog just now. The painting is amazing and it was made for this spot in the living room. The wall jumps out at you now. What a wonderful choice for you to trade a piece of your art for this piece. And to have the recipient of your work to be Vivian  is special as well. I can understand now why you seemed upbeat about the weekend in spite of poor attendance for all of you vendors. Does this complete the decor for the living room now, or do you have other desires still unmet? Perhaps you could send a picture of the room (if you wish)?
Not much new around here. We go to North bay tomorrow as Harry has an eye appointment for new glasses, and at a new place called Hakim Optical. I seem to think this might be a franchise name but don't really know? I see your rain is coming our way- thanks!  Take care.

And this is now hanging on my wall

It is done in oils, and comprised of several canvasses.  It was created as part of the "Art in the Forest" project,  few years back.  this is when we went out to the Sandilands site near Hadashville for the day.  I took a class in watercolour, but there were two potters, a fibre artist, and a fellow who carved tree stumps with a chain saw.  I blogged about it at the time.  Each of the artists was asked to produce a piece of art inspired by the forest in the area. The pieces were on display for a year.  This was done by my friend Vivian.  At the show last weekend, we traded, even, this for my Too Far Away piece from my Milky Way series.  Both of us think w got the best of the deal, which indicates a win-win situation.  I doubt you can see them but there are small animals and bugs in the forest.  It is actually titles "Sandilands".

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pinawa Show

The show was a bit of a bust.  Since there were so very few customers, I had a lot of time to think about where my art is going.  Mostly I thought about where my art has gone in the last couple of years, and realized that it was not always in a good direction.  The building had a/c but was still quite warm., and everyone was desperately fighting falling asleep.  It made me wonder about what used to be called "sick building syndrome".  But something exciting DID happen at the sale, that I will try to post about later today.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Feels like late Fall weather

Last few days it has been really chilly - almost too cold to work comfortably in the yard.  Today was much better though and I was almost the whole day in the garden. Takes a lot out of me anymore and then I rode my bike over to the Lottery store to top it off.  Maybe I'll sleep tonight??
I ate my first cucumbers right off the vine this morning. Three were big enough to pull and of course down they went! Then I spotted some red raspberries so had to get a dish and pick some of them as well. Great fun!
So here's to a fun weekend for Pati and Dave in Pinawa at the Art Show. Hope the residents and visitors will come out and support your Group, and that you will enjoy a profitable outing. Looking forward to your report.  And, I shall hope Cathy gets a nice rest over the weekend as well. What are your plans - and how did your golf day go last Sunday, Cathy?
Take care.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Our umbrella tree is amazing also this year

I don't really know the name of this tree - I looked it up one year but forget now. It has huge leaves and the most gorgeous clustered flowers that each have look of an orchid.- hard to describe. We have had it since we planted it when moved in (over 30 years) We were tempted to cut it down several times but it has never looked so good as this year. Loaded with clusters of flowers and leaves huge and covering the whole tree. I wonder if this tree has a long life and takes this  long to mature before it produces flowers and foliage so beautifully. Harry took a picture this year and if I can I will send it another time?
Yesterday afternoon we attended a Funeral in Sprucedale. A friend and cousin of Harry's Mother (Gladys Niemi)- lived down the street from Mothers house and always called Mom to see how she was doing. She was almost 94 years and just fine until a fall a few weeks ago and then deteriorated quickly. Happy that we went as through the Eulogy  "Julia Pearce" was mentioned twice in parts of the story of the deceased. Apparently Harry's sister did not know about the death so was sorry not to attend. She is usually right on top of such things so Harry did not write to tell her before hand. They still email each other on occasion but we don't socialize with them at all. On way home we decided to get a take out pizza so got one in the next town South River and brought it home to eat.for a quick supper. I object to paying so much money on "take out" but I guess on occasion you have to give in. There is a pizza take out in Sundridge but I refuse to order from them - same restaurant where I got raw fish served to me , and we once got a pizza there that was gooey on bottom. Not what I want!!
I offered to sew a tee shirt up for Mike -the seams were ripping. So the other day I took time to clear away my machine and get it set up with the right foot, and settings to make a special "sew and overcast stitch". I never tried it before (really never tried too many of the special stitches available) It worked out great - I little fussy sewing required but I took my time and all was fine. I have left the machine in place and set up as it inspired me to try to sew a little bit frequently.  Looking through that new book I bought last weekend has re enthused my desire to keep doing little things. I have several projects done as far as I can (without space to put together the front with backing and padding) Here's hoping.....
So much rain in last few days especially yesterday and overnight. North Bay got the worst of it - torrential and flooding conditions   Of course you said it was coming, as I always know just from listening to your weather condition and reading the Free Press everyday. I like to read about the local issues there - read about the renovations at Polo Park. Do you shop there much?
Time for my day to start.  Take care all.......

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Yesterday's Small Pleasures

There are two happenings that I can predict every single year.

Firstly, the Mock Orange tree will bloom the first week in July.  It bloomed to greet us when we moved in, it bloomed on the day of David's nephew Wayne's funeral ( his Mother stood in front of it and cried, that day), and it has bloomed every year since, despite, or maybe because of, our very serious pruning.  With all of the cold weather and rain, it didn't bloom last week.  But yesterday, in the cold and wind, it was a mass of white.

Secondly, the Nanking Cherries will bloom early in the spring, and that day or the next, there will be a wind and rain storm to knock all of the bloom off.  This happens every stinkin' year! Then it is a waiting game to see how much fruit sets, if any.  Yesterday, for the first time this year, I noticed the red of fruit in the bushes, and a lot of red!

And how was your day?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just checking in!

Was your trip worth it, Cathy?  I know that just the anticipation is worth the effort of going.  Too bad you had to come back to work?

Mickey is settling in nicely.  "We" seem to have established ta the big white wing chair is "his", and "we" are working on learning that he isn't going to sleep with us in our bed.  It has been just too hot at night lately to close the door.  Since it has been raining all day ( headed your way, Beth), it will be much cooler tonight and maybe all three of us can get some sleep.  We realized today that the reason he wants to sit on our kitchen counter is that this is the only window he can access on his own.  And there are birds out there!  Well, it's just not going to happen.  Yesterday we bought him a cheap cat  toy at WalMart and he has responded well to it.

Cooking is a skill like any other.  It must be practiced regularly to maintain a skill level.  Well, today I screwed up a Duncan Hines cake mix.  The instructions, which I followed to the letter, were confusing. But in the end, it tasted just fine, and we both enjoyed it.

The big sale is next Friday and Saturday.  this morning I tried to start printing off my labels and price cards.  My printer refused to print because it was too low on ink.  This hasn't happened to em before, but we recently had a whole bunch of up grades.  Something goes wrong every time that happens.

I'm glad you enjoyed The Quilt Show this week, Beth.  I want to try that image transfer technique she demonstrated, but I have no idea whatsoever where to find Citrosolv.  I'm guessing and old fashioned hardware store or maybe the chemical section of something like Rona.  Not going to happen in the next day or so.

Supper's over, the dishwasher is on, time for the studio.

Rain,Rain, go away........

At least with the rain, the garden gets watered! So that is good, right?  I was up early pumping water and although it is only 7 am now, I feel as if I've already put in a full day haha.
We start the Nielsen Homescan Weekly Food survey again today.  I have to log in everything each of us eats and drinks for the entire day, and for 7 days. If completed we receive a $25.00 Visa card. So in a way it is worth the effort, but still I have to do it for both of us, and I consider it a pain as the set up of the survey is not in my opinion user friendly.
We did not end up going on the Cruise Friday night as got up to North Bay and eventually for a variety of reasons decided not to go - offered the tickets to Mike and Erin, but by time she got home from work, was too tired to go - Mike tried to call friends to give away tickets but couldn't. So in the end, no one used the tickets. Shame!
Yesterday I accompanied Harry on his garage sale excursion. It turned out to be a nice day as we drove along back roads from South River all the way south to Huntsville ending up at the Restore and then shopping at Fresco. I purchased a few items which included a gorgeous Quilt Book demonstrating quilting blocks and fabrics through the ages from 1800 to about 1960. At the restore they had a sale table of old tarnished silver items, I picked up a beautiful gallery tray about 12 diameter for $1.00. I will try to shine it up, but even still if it doesn't come up, I shall like to use it (don't ask when as I never really have an occasion!) or keep it with a few other trays I have.
Speaking of quilting, I watched another installment of The Quilt Show- Jane Dunnewold. I had to keep refreshing the video, but after all, it really doesn't affect the overall enjoyment of the Show for me. And, that little fabric Store in South River is closing out! Not that I went there often, but when I did have the urge, it was a bit of an outing and excursion for me that brought some pleasure. Oh well....!
Anyway, the day begins.... Nice to know Cathy is back home from her vacation -refreshed and ready to face the world - you go girl!  Take care

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cat sitting

Mikey arrived about 1:00 yesterday.  He had been sick in his carrier and Loren had to wash everything, including the cat.  Cat disappeared into the basement.  We were trying to keep an eye on where he was hiding, but never figured he would go around the back of the furnace, under the gramophone, pull the insulation off the back of the basement shower stall, and crawl underneath.  Since my computer is in the basement, I was there most of the evening, with no indication of a cat.  When I was shutting down, around 10:00, I turned around and there he was watching me.  He came for a short bit of stroking, and then disappeared again.  We had an early doctors appointment today and were out of the house by 6:15. I had a bit of a nap and when I got up he was with David in the kitchen, but as soon as I appeared he took off again.  But a short time later he joined us in the living room and has been with us off and on for the rest of the day.  Thank Goodness he is settling in.  I was concerned, as Loren and Sheila hit the road this morning and won't be back for 2 1/2 weeks, and Jeremy and Gillian are up at Clear Lake for a couple of weeks or more.

It's a little strange having an animal in the house, as we've been without for almost 20 years.  I half expect that both of our allergies will kick in, as well, so we're going to have to make sure he can't get in our bedroom, as he usually sleeps with Loren.

Strawberries are just starting around here, but many of the farms along the Assiniboine will be out of service again this year. On the news tonight , it appears as though there is cautious optimism about the flood situation.  But everybody and his dog is talking about compensation.  For Pete's sake, the Army is still sandbagging!  Let's get the crisis over before casting blame.  It really makes me angry to see protesters blocking efforts to get the diversions moving, because it may interfere with their fishing!

I should have had a longer nap.  Not enough sleep makes me cranky.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

More strawberries

We went to pick more strawberries this morning. The weather was overcast and cool, and the field was saturated from all the rain lately. But four more baskets were picked. They are not as nice as the very first day we picked, with lots of berries spoiling in the field. But the ones we got are just fine - selective picking helped!  I made a double batch of strawberry/rhubarb jam and it turned out good- thickened nicely. And I froze some more. Perhaps tomorrow I may make more jam as have two baskets in the fridge yet, and almost a full basket in a cooler left. We will have to start eating them non stop before they spoil.
Pati, your prompt to do some summer reading with your suggested author Donna Leon struck home with me. I was in need of something for me, and since we were at the Mall and close to the Coles, I anxiously pursued the books. Couldn't find them until the worker pointed me to the Crime and Mystery section. Then did not know what might be the first book in the series, and worker could not help me. She went to ask another worker how to figure it out, but in meantime I decided to just buy one as there weren't really that many to choose from. Most series allow you to read any of the books without missing info necessary. And I still had a gift card Mike gave me for my it was all good! I bought The Golden Egg (2013) so it must be a more recent publication. So thanks for the idea and incentive to buy something for myself haha I started it last night and plan to get to bed soon and do some more reading.
Hoping your lawn is looking pretty spiffy by now. The pictures really told a story of what you are going through, and no wonder you took off to Steinbach haha
The radio station called me this morning to congratulate me on winning the Cruise Package- a fund raiser Cruise on the Chief Commanda this Friday evening. Harry keeps putting my name into the contests with the points I've earned but doesn't tell me. So the calls come as a surprise (shock) There will be BBQ, live music, door prizes etc. So think of me Friday night on Lake Nipissing!
Time to go....take care.

Monday, July 7, 2014


First  is part of the pile of mud they are taking away.  Two full very large trailer loads have already gone to the dump

Here is the machine they are using to dig it all up and load it.
And here is part of the load of sod they will be putting down, after a truck load of soil arrives.

This afternoon, David is out having new hearing aids fitted.  Hooray!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Gosh, I wish something would happen around here!

Cathy, Beth tells me she has spoken to you, and you have made it successfully to your camp spot, despite detours around water.  Please, please enjoy every minute of your holiday--you have certainly earned it.  While camping doesn't appeal to me, getting away sounds like a really good idea.

Either tomorrow or Tuesday, the men are coming to dig up, and replace out front lawn.  We are infested with some kind on nasty worm that destroys the soil and kills the grass.  Then in the evening, I am driving out to Steinbach with my friend Rose Anne, to visit Dianne.  Wednesday, Loren will be bringing his cat over to spend over two weeks with us, while Loren and Sheila attend a family wedding (her family)in  Colorado Springs.  They plan to do some tourist-y things while they are away, as well.

I am reading another book in the Commissario Guido Brunetti  series by Donna Leon.  I read a lot of blood and guts police procedurals, and while these are police procedurals, they are a pleasant change.  They take place in Italy, and are quite frank about social problems within Italian society, but there is a gentle, laid back pace to them that is refreshing.There are no wild chases or frantic gun fights.  The hero is in love with his wife and she with him after many years of marriage.  While I've only read 3 or 4 of the books, the list of her publications includes many familiar titles.  If you are looking for a good summer read, Beth, you might want to take a look.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dribbling for last two days

But nothing like you folks have had - not yet anyway. And I hope it never will be as bad. As a consequence, not much done outside. I have done some inside chores that have been pending though - like shredding papers (we use the shredding in the compost pile), shortening new pants for Harry, and putting pictures into albums. On Saturday I will be attending a Community Baby Shower. I have only been to one other Community Shower and it was for this same girl but was her bridal shower - now two years later, surprise, it is her baby shower. We were friends with her grandmother, and watched her mother grow up and then watched her and her sister grow up. The mother looked after Willie and Michael when I worked. So I feel a need to attend. Not that I like walking into the Community Centre and mixing with people I don't really know, but because I want to acknowledge Jenna and her family. So off I shall trot with my little gift !
I have started to pick little tomatoes on my walkabouts in the yard. I just pick and eat as I do my rounds. Before long there will be too many to nibble on comfortably and I'll have to start doing them down.
Pretty soon now Cathy until you leave - have you been "counting sleeps" haha  Best wishes to you both for a wonderful and relaxing holiday.  Looking forward to your message on your return and all the great stories! Take care

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

High water

Sunday I went to lunch with my new ATC group.  Going across the city I had to cross all three rivers and every one was high--the Seine scary high.  I think the Riverwalk is covered, along the Assiniboine.  Driving down Main street, just North of the Main St. Bridge, by Assiniboine I was in the curb lane planning to turn down River when there was a tree down, well into the curb lane.  Since it was raining, I was almost onto it before I saw it, but managed to get around it safely.  And when wasn't it raining over the past 4 days?  There were only 5 of us at the luncheon, and one didn't bring anything to trade, but it was a pleasure to be sitting inside the restaurant, looking out into trees and flowers, and feeling warm and cozy.  Our table was in a lower "sun room" type of area, so the windows were at waist level and so were the trees.  Really a very nice area.  Mind you, after lunch I got fairly wet walking to the car and had to turn the heat on to prevent a chill and to make the defroster work.  But I got 3 new cards, so it was worth it.

Last week we got coupons from the Marble Slab Creamery, so tried a sundae there.  It was better, and cheaper than where we usually go, so will  probably use up the rest of the  coupons before summer is over.

Yesterday was spent in the studio, and I accomplished a fair bit.  I hope to get some pictures on the other blog tonight. Today, we had to drive across to St. James to pick up some more fused glass cabochons.  We got home and, of course, I ran for the bathroom, so David took them downstairs, and took a look at them before I could.  This is very exciting for me, as I never know exactly what I'm going to get.  But first, since we did so little around the house yesterday, today we are working in the kitchen.  I had promised David brownies, and they are now in the oven. Two Shepard's Pies are in the fridge waiting for the potatoes that are cooking.  All of the dishes are done, and as soon as I can, it's down to check out the cabochon!  But for now it's good to sit down.