Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Sense of Satisfaction

The last two days have been busy, firstly with the bill paying and grocery shopping, and then, yesterday, with some "power cooking".  It came with an unexpected cost, however, when one of my good slow cookers died, mid-way through a batch of Daddy's Ribs.  In our last major purge, we got rid of the two larger slow cookers, both of which were old, and broken in some way.  After all, I had two good Cuisinart machines.  Well, now I have one.  I finished the ribs in the oven, which was the original way, after all.  Still, I'm going to have to give some thought to how badly we might need to replace the one that died yesterday.  When we power cook, it's always much easier to just put everything in various slow cookers and relax, than to be constantly supervising things in the oven, batch after batch, for hours.  Still we ended up with about 9 meals of spaghetti sauce, 5 meals of meatballs,  and 5 meals of ribs.  Today we're chopping up peppers for the freezer, and I did a larger box of strawberries late yesterday.  David is enjoying smoothies for breakfast, once in awhile, and prefers strawberries to the weird fruit I use.  Over the weekend, it's time for Rhubarb and Pineapple jam.

But even with all the work, it gave me a good feeling to see both the fridge and freezer filling up, and know that our bills are paid, and there's a bit of money in the bank.

Yesterday, we had heavy solid rain for hours.  Truly a blessing, after a very dry spring. 

In my efforts to remain true to my  health regimen, I bought an avocado, and am exploring the recipes in the book that call for avocado.  In the past avocados have been so expensive that I just by-passed those meals, but the Tuesday, price was right.  Yesterday, I tried making egg salad by mixing a chopped, hard boiled egg with 1/4 avocado, mashed.  Not too bad, but not terribly filling either.  But then, these days I'm ravenous, in any case, and it's showing at the scale.  Today, it was Green Grape smoothie, with avocado, instead of the coconut oil, I've used in the past.  A totally different drink, and one I plan to have again.

Still just finishing things, in the studio.  I will post things as they are done.  I've reached the stage of putting the hanging sleeve on the Tall Grass Prairie piece, but was so tired last night, that I had to give up.  Hand stitching black on black is difficult at the best of times.  I always feel a sense of panic when I finish a few projects, and don't know what to do next.  This time I have a couple of FMQ'g projects that I can fill time with while I do some detailed mental planning of the next piece--"Shadows of  My Mind".  But I had to scramble, mentally, to come up with those.

Last day of May?

Time seems to be just galloping along now that it is nice and we are out in the yard. I must enjoy every day the best I can.
Pati I like getting pictures of your studio setup. Sort of nice to sit at your table and have the TV handy to keep you company, and I can now visualize you as you work. I am also interested in your day out with Gail to tour the arts in the area. The shop in Lockport was new wasn't it as I think you mentioned it before. I read in the paper this morning that Sheenas Store (needlecraft supplies) has reopened in Wpg under new ownership - does this make you happy?
I have a thorn stuck in my finger from working around the raspberries yesterday - darn thing bothering my right index finger and it is difficult for me to try to fix it as is awkward. Ugh. Suppose I can call a "sick day: for myself and rest inside today haha!
Update on budgies (in case you are interested): four chicks hatched from the new couple and the old couple have four eggs in their cage already - they have been very prolific with their breeding abilities. We had the cats and dog outside yesterday for the first time for the cats in the cage. The dog likes to sit on a blanket and watch what we are doing, but I still have him on his leash.
I have been eating a lot of kale salads and still really enjoying them. More kale than I can reasonably manage but I am being told I must eat it all up because it was planted just for me haha! 
So another day outside according to the weather and then a day of rain. I check both Wpg weather and Neepawa weather each day to see what is happening on your areas. Not much good rain for any of us recently or in immediate future. That storm that went through your area must have been a real bad one according to reports of the wind blowing over train cars in Rosser? Wow. I am hoping for good rain for you Cathy - lets do a rain dance?
Time for some breakfast - perhaps kale salad? Take care.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Working in the studio

We got our bills paid and grocery shopping done this morning.  Always a trauma to realize how much money slips through our hands, just paying bills and buying food. But it's also a feeling of comfort knowing that the chore is done for this month.  Later, my friend Gail came and took me out for coffee.  We have an outing planned for Friday, when we are heading for an artists' tour in East St. Paul.  I've never done this but we're going for it.  A few of the artists involved are grouped together in a 55+ meeting hall, but for all of the others, it's a matter of visiting the artists in their homes.  We are each also looking forward to a quick stop in Lockport--she to a gallery there and me to a quilt shop. 

When I got home, I spent time in the studio making beads. I've been doing the prep work over the past few days, but today did the finishing work.  I'm not entirely happy, and it cost me the cover of my ironing board, which I burned a hole through.  Here they are.  Now I have to figure out how to use them.

I also took a picture of my new tv set and how it's set up in the studio.  I can sit an the end of the work table and watch while doing whatever needs doing.  If I need more table room, the whole shebang can be moved to the computer table further in the living area of the room.
Gosh--I didn't realize that I took the picture during the news item on Roseanne Barr.  Ugh!

You have a severe thunderstorm watch your way

Be safe - no cutting the grass in the storm now....And with these high temps it is a huge sigh of relief Pati to have your a/c working. Cathy do you have central a/c or a window one at least? We do not and it comes down to a floor fan or the ceiling fan blowing hot air around. Today I drove Willie to Sudbury for a Specialist appointment. Hot drive and heavy traffic for some reason and in Sudbury we had to find the office building right downtown in the middle of chaos and totally foreign territory to me.  But I had my trusty map (which I had practically memorized here at home before venturing out) and Willie had some annoying lady's voice on his cell phone telling me where to turn and how far or close I was - I found this distracting but then I am not used to having a GPS or this app he was using - I expect others use this method without thinking about it and get along just fine. And then there was the worry of parking?? As I turned onto the right street ( they all seem to be one way and all going in opposite directions) I had to swerve to avoid a police car parked in the middle of the intersection with flashing lights as there had been an accident. Lots of fun to add to the adventure. But I got home OK and then had to do all the watering outside - but to be fair, I enjoy the serenity of being alone in the garden for a bit especially to unwind from the day! Silly?  Anyway time for closing up and getting to bed. Hope I can sleep as the last few nights I have been restless - I guess thinking about the pending drive to Sudbury?  Take care 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Big sigh of relief

The A/C is okay. Somehow the outside electrical plug was in upside  down.  We can only think that it may have been knocked out when we had the power raking done, and put back wrong.  He gave it a good going over, chastised up for not replacing our furnace filter often enough, and only charged us for an hour's labour.  He also said that while ours is old, it's still much better than those made these days, and will probably last for years yet. I was dreading being told that it needed replacing, as it looked old when we moved in 19 years ago, and has not received much in the way of routine maintenance. As soon as he left, we drove to Rona and bought new furnace filters.  I plan to put them in my calendar.  After playing Candy Crush too long, and having an early lunch it was down to the studio.  I don't know what I'm going to do with the left over fabric, from my Tall Grass Prairie.  There is about a yard, since I took 4 1/2" to make the binding for the piece.  That is all sewn on and just waiting for hand finishing.  The same with the little hand embroidery I've been doing.  And the studio has been re-arranged a bit to accommodate the little tv set.  It is working fine, and I enjoyed it this afternoon, while doing the preliminary hand finishing on the Tall Grass Prairie piece.

Election coming up here in On

It is getting a bit scary now as the polls are seeing an upsurge for NDP support and after last nights leaders debate I am not surprised. I listened to it on the radio and was disappointed in the all that I heard, or rather what i did not hear. June 7 is election day and I think Ontario might be in for a bit of a shake up. Time will tell. The Free Press this morning even had an article on the NDP possibly coming ahead? I can always remember the NDP taking office in Ontario in 1990 with Bob Rae at the helm and the disaster of a few years that was. This is where we got our "Rae days" - unpaid days of work. 
Lots of progress in the yard over the weekend for me - I got a few things done that I was especially anxious to complete eg my herb gardens. Oh how I wish I could have had your help Cathy as I always liked your idea of your herb garden - do you still have one? Anyway I planted and pruned best I could - like the look of it all but now hope that it will produce results. I put a lot of love into making it right, haha! The pots of  kale Harry planted are growing great right now and I have been eating salads most days. The days have been super hot but with that comes the need to water and this week looks the same - I guess we will have to water every day. But it beats having to cover up for frost. I hope that will not come anytime soon as there is no way I could cover plants now that they are all over the yard in pots. It will have to be an early morning sprinkling with the hose if it comes to that.
I thought of you both over the weekend and your activities - how did your events turn out Cathy with family there to visit? And Pati yesterday I opened a bottle of Dr pepper and drank it outside on the patio ( took a break from work haha) By mistake Harry bought a six pack of Dr Pepper some time ago and it has sat unopened in the kitchen and so I decided to drink one. I actually quite liked the "odd" taste of it and remembered how you enjoyed it. Now I know why....
Another week is here we lets go at it. Hope you are all well. Take care. 

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Modern science

You’d think with all the satellites and modern weather trackers the forecast would be right at least once. With all the severe weather watches and thunderstorm watches and tornado warnings we would have got something!  2/10ths is all the rain and lots of thunder. It barely wet the surface. Maybe next week. Meanwhile I hope their forecast is right cause it is fair weekend in town. We will go to the fair grounds and the kids petting barn and, of course, the chip truck. The parade is at 11:00 and Rrain is in it. The chambers Volunteers of the Year will be in a car. Kris and Chloe are coming tomorrow. There will still be rides up at the fair ground but Kris wasn’t sure if Chloe would be interested I have two playgrounds scoped out since I know she loves playgrounds. They are picking up a sandbox while they are here. We weren’t able to get a couple of jobs done. I wanted to help take apart the deck but I couldn’t get enough pressure on the drill to take out the screws. Maybe once my wrist feels better I can help. The garden shed is slow going. The squirrels destroyed it last winter chewing holes and pulling out all the insulation for nests and pooping everywhere. I have everything out but we wanted to pull down the walls and take out all the insulation. The nails are all rusted in and hard to pull. Only one person can really work at a time and in this heat the masks and gloves are hot.  We have all summer. Still no lottery win🙁 but I keep trying

Friday, May 25, 2018

I'm spoiled

Last evening, Loren picked me up and we went to the Pantages Theatre, for Jessica's dance recital.  Gillian was along, although she had her own car.  During the intermission it was interesting to get both hers and Loren's perspective on what we were seeing.  Neither of them was impressed by the dancing, nor the actual choreography.  We were impressed with how far Jessica has progressed in her dancing.  We thought she stood out in her performance.  Of course, we might have been a little prejudiced. Her number was a group  doing musical theatre, and her role was a primary one.

I got home early, and David, having been stuck in the house all day, wanted a bit of air, so we headed to the casino for a couple of hours, and left a little richer.  But, when we got home, it was obvious that there was a problem with the A/C.  It had been on for about 8 hours, and the temperature in the house was down by only one degree.  We turned it off, and first thing this morning, I called and made an appointment to have it looked at--for Monday morning. ($$$$) Since yesterday, and the day before, were the first really hot days of the summer, everyone was looking for help with A/C.

Yesterday morning, I had moved furniture and washed the floor in the studio.  I came across the cable tv connection that we had used when there was a second tv downstairs.  I was curious about what a small tv might cost, since we're paying for the second outlet regardless.  So we stopped in at Best But this afternoon and found one for less than $200.  After we got home poor David spent over an hour on the phone with Shaw Cable technical help, but still couldn't get it hooked up, as there was problem with the power cord for the tv.  So, back to Best Buy.  And Shaw will be out tomorrow to hook the darn thing up.

Talking to Amber, recently, she mentioned that her car was so dirty in side that she had paid an extra $20 at the Chamois for twenty minutes of extra cleaning.  Sounded good to us. ( Someone had spilled coffee, and cookie crumbs, all over the center console, and there was gravel all over the floor)  So we went in on our way home from the first trip to Best Buy.  They spent almost 40 minutes actually working with the car in the detailing booth.  Did  fantastic job.  We spent the time in the waiting area talking with a variety of people.  Interesting people. We talked about tattooing, body piercing, the merits of various types of cars, car colours, and the management of an assisted living residence. The fact that both David and I had books with us and were trying to read them, didn't make any difference.

And now we appear to be in the middle of a thunderstorm.  I had been dreading trying to sleep in the heat, but maybe it will cool down for us.


The post on Mouse Factory Blog is so interesting, Pati, to see your newest art piece. And you are right, in that the fabric is most intriguing. Now I shall look forward to seeing what else you have planned for using that fabric. 
So very nice outside these days that all that blubbering I did over the horrible winter we had seems to have dissipated, haha! A bit of rain this morning  (just damp when I took the dog out early) will help with the growing. I sure hope you get some rain Cathy. I go on the weather each day for Sundridge and I see the weather for Winnipeg on The Free Press, so now I shall plan to check in with Neepawa as well. But then you say that what is in the air around you does not necessarily land on your property - are you protected in some way?  Time for my morning coffee - I guess I'll have to drink it inside and not do my usual walkabout this morning in that little bit of drizzle going on.  Take care  ps maybe we should all buy a Lotto Max ticket - the winnings tonight are the highest they have ever been, apparently!

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Yes, always tough

The anguish prior to the decision been made is the worst. And I agree that the load off your mind will always be renewing, even if at the time seems terribly disappointing. I know you looked forward to this event Pati, so the decision was made even tougher. But it is the right choice for you. Now you move on knowing the the wisdom of the said prayer has carried you through. And what a marvellous prayer it is....XX

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A tough decision

Lying awake last night I made a decision.  something I've been thinking about for a couple of weeks.  I had committed to working a sale out near Winnipeg Beach on June 9th.  This is a big deal.  It is held on an acreage, and id very well attended, and is anticipated by a huge part of the arts community in the province.  (Check out "Prutopia" on the web site)  It will likely be hot, crowded, and I'm told that parking could be as much as a mile away. I could likely get a ride, but then be stuck there for the whole day.  Friends had offered to play personal valet to look after my car.  David would be home alone for as much as 12 hours.  I contacted the lady in charge and withdrew my offer to help out.

This is probably the "acceptance" part of the Serenity Prayer.  I've had to accept my physical and family limitations.  A lot of deliberation over the past couple of weeks, and a few quiet, private tears, but I can't tell you what a load has come off my mind.  

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

A bit of an "off" day

It sounds as though having an "off" day is contagious, but more about that later..

The weather is great.   We're able to sit outside and read.  David is getting a lot done in the yard and in cleaning up the garage.  I think I mentioned that a lot of my junk has been donated to the church across the street,  Now we just have to make sure I don't bring just as much home, when they have the big yard sale.  Today we drove all over the city on small errands.  Now that the Tall Grass Prairie piece is almost finished, my mind is moving onto the next piece, and I needed some colouring tools.  I knew what I wanted, but it doesn't appear that it is made anymore.  I found something that appeared capable of doing the job, on the web site of a local store, and off we went to take a serious look at it.  Appeared suitable and I bought eight different colours.  I went onto the internet after supper to find instructions for using them.  I appears that I bought 8 very expensive crayons.  But they are water solvable, and if, once wet they become permanent, they will certainly do the job I bought them for, and many more future jobs as well.  I'll find out tomorrow, when I rinse out the fabric scraps I used them on.

But--all the driving I'm doing, and the amount of time I spend on the computer, is screwing up my wrists.  And my back is not settling down, even with that tortuous corset. I've also been doing a bit of hand embroidery, while watching tv., which doesn't help.  I had actually thought about finding my yo-yo's, and seeing if I could play with those a bit, but not a good idea right now.  I can't even hold a book to read. So, I appear to be in the same boat as both of you.  Everything hurts, even with the Tylenol Arthritis--which I shouldn't be taking.  I agree that there are some days when you just want to curl up in bed, and forget life. I disagree a bit with you Beth, about just carrying on.   This is not a good long term plan.  At some point you have to pay the piper, and at our age, that can be expensive, even life threatening.  I don't know how this will play out, but I will certainly be cutting down on computer time.  I'll well addicted, so that won't be easy.  And hand sewing is out for now.  

Almost bed time,  i.e 9:00, even though pain and fatigue forced me to take a nap today--it's been a long time since I had to do that.

"Time" and Hearts

Well, that was some weekend. From freezing to a 20 degree plus sunny day. I had to cover up Sunday night, and then Monday was by far, the most glorious day we have had. Lots of work. 
Cathy you speak of time and especially bed time. This is the norm here. I think it goes with the territory...always an early to bed time, but then I also get up early so as to have some quiet time for myself before the day begins. And I have no social activities such as TV or computer games to enjoy in the evening. (Harry though, always plays solitaire on the computer) I will sometimes watch a movie on my little machine before bed but that is infrequent and if my eyes will tolerate it, I'll read for a bit before bed. I also listen to the radio in bed, either shows on CBC or some relaxing CD music. Also my body aches constantly and I have come to just ignore this and get on with it. Not healthy for sure, but it gets me by. Often I have no choice as the "chores" have to be done, and it is I who has to do them. My pleasure is with my cat Tigger, and dog Bailey, and my cup of tea, and whatever else I can find to bring me joy - even if I have to imagine or invent something myself haha! 
Pati I love your hearts (mouse factory blog) It looks so appealing that I would love to do some myself - just to get to feel how the tools work if for no other reason. I will soon, and in meantime have my tools ready, and new stabilizer, and still have that $50.00 Fabricland gift certificate burning a whole in my purse. Just the idea that I could, brings me pleasure.
We are on the road again today taking a car load of plants down to Harry's brother in laws and then shopping in Huntsville. Wednesday we take a car load of plants to Sprucedale for the friends there. We have to stop at the cemetery in Sprucedale to get the grave flowers that we forgot last Fall. Then I will have to make up a new arrangement sometime and get it back down there, and clean up the grave site. We do this every year. 
Well, time for another coffee and some cereal and get on with the day. Hope you  have a good week. Always think about you both - Cathy and your work (keep smiling and think happy thoughts) and Pati and your work. I like to see pictures as well - Cathy can you attach pictures like Pati does?  Take care

Monday, May 21, 2018

Time is relative you know something is wrong when it is 8:30 pm and you are ready for bed. Jim is already asleep and I am next. I know Jim runs out of air early because of his copd. I have no excuse except out of  shape. Every inch of my body  hurts. I really wish I had a hot tub. I also hopes the dogs can cross their legs until morning.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Odds and Ends, or whathaveyou

The above website has a video in it that is a real treat to watch.  It takes a few minutes, so sit down with a cup of tea when you watch.

Five baby grey squirrels!  That's what we had today at the feeder.  And they all appear to have white ears.  Guess we know who at least one of the their parents is.  We've had a white eared grey squirrel around ever since we moved in.  Probably several generations now.  We can only hope that at least one of the babies lives long enough to reproduce, but the big old crow is around regularly. The baby squirrels and the baby bunny run and hide under the rhubarb when he shows up.

Today, I was out for coffee with my friends Dick and Vivian from Pinawa.  I haven't seen them in 2-3 years, so it was a very nice visit.  You met them when you were here awhile ago, Beth, when we attended a buffet dinner at their house.  There have been many changes in the art scene in Pinawa over the past few years,and it was good to catch up with what's going on.  My friend Gail and I, along with another one of her friends,  have rented the local art gallery for a month long show in September.  I'm looking forward to finding out how viable the gallery out there is, in terms of potential for sales.

Today turned out to be a very nice day, and the first time we've been able to sit outside without jackets.  David and I were out there for awhile, just reading, this afternoon.

Don't know where the time went today.  I was up by 7:30, but David slept a little longer.  He decided that today was the day to find out how well he's able to cut the grass.  He only did the back, and will maybe tackle the front later in the week.  But he did okay.  I know because I watched him from out the kitchen window the whole time.  Between that, going out for coffee across the city, then grocery shopping, I didn't get much of any studio time today, and we ended up not getting supper until after 7:00 this evening.  Guess we're going to shower in the morning.

Saturday, May 19, 2018


We had a sprinkle on Wednesday night and it has felt cool and damp for a few days but no measurable moisture. The patio stones were already dry when I left for work Thursday morning. This could be a disastrous year for our area if we don’t get rain soon. I am sure glad last week is over. I would be a raving lunatic if I had to work by myself much longer. I know Elizabeth was there but she does no processing work. I emailed my manager and told him that having only one person for everything leads to poor quality work and mistakes. Sure enough I couldn’t cash out on Friday because I didn’t balance. I know what the error is but not how to fix it and being the Friday of a long weekend everyone had left. I guess patty gets it to fix on Tuesday. Meanwhile I intend to do nothing for at least one day before I get into house cleaning and maybe gardening if I think there is hope

Friday, May 18, 2018

Busy day at the feeder

Yesterday, we thought we had seen a baby bunny at the feeder.  Today, I looked out and there were 4 grey squirrels under that feeder, all at the same time.  It looked, to me, like one large one (Mother?) and three very small ones, but David thought it might have been two adults and two babies.  I didn't think Daddy squirrels stuck around long enough to participate in child care.  After awhile it was just the three little ones, and they stuck around for quite awhile.  Eventually a very small red squirrel came along and tried to chase them away.

Later, we had a better look at the red one, and it appears to be one of this year's young, as well.  Then we saw him again.  this time peacefully eating away along side a rabbit!  Guess he is either afraid of the bigger rabbit, or doesn't see him as a threat.

Then around supper time, there was a dove on the ground feeding! It's been ages since we saw one of those.  There were a pair who used to visit a couple of years ago, but I don't remember any since.

This morning, we drove across town to hand deliver the renewal forms for David's handicap driving permit.  This is remarkable firstly because it was raining!   Secondly, this was the first time I've driven in the rain in years--and right across the city.  I tried not to show how nervous I was, and David was handy to offer advice when he thought it might be needed, so we made it home in one piece.

We have been so anxiously awaiting rain.  This is really the first good rain fall this year, and not before time! Still, it was almost straight down, so the area under the eaves and against the house may not have got much.  This is where the Lady Slippers (we now have two bunches up) in the back, and Hyndrangeas  and Juniper in the front yard are, so they'll maybe have to be watered.

Another Hockey game for David to watch tonight, and, of course, I'm busy downstairs.  I've been working on the Tall Grass Prairie piece I've been busy researching and designing over the past couple of weeks.  Then I had the thought that maybe I should get permission for using the three small sketches that I based the design on.  So I've emailed the publisher of the book I used ( from the library).  It's a small local special interest group.  Still around, although the book itself is quite old.  The work is going very well, and it would be a shame if they didn't give me permission, but I really should have thought of it before now.

The 2-4 weekend?

Somehow the excitement from decades past for the May 24 weekend is long gone... haha! As I remember, this was the weekend where it was now OK to go into the Lake. My how times have changed. Not that I want to go into the Lake, or any lake, but the date always seemed to bring a change somehow. Here it brings a desire for warmer temperatures and sustained warmer temperatures. Not this roller coaster of fluctuations. I covered up again last night - even more plants to cover as well. I just went out to check and the outside thermometer reads 2 degrees. So maybe lucky but still it all has to be undone and put away. That shall be my morning task. And I see that Winnipeg temperatures are really quite low for the daytime, and wonder what your temps are like in Neepawa Cathy? 
Royal Wedding news is all that I hear now on the news. I will probably listen tomorrow morning early ( 4 am) on the radio. No TV so cannot watch anything.The announcement on the 6 am news just now said that Prince Charles will walk the bride down the aisle instead of her own Father who is not coming. The brides Mother, who is African American, will have Tea with the Queen today. Oh how exciting to hear how the other folks live, eh?
Have a great weekend folks. Hope you can get out into the garden even if only to sip on your tea in an easy chair in the sun! I shall be thinking of you...XX

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Shakespeare in the park

It wasn’t really a park but it might as well be. Glenda and Joe McPhee’s yard. Guests are welcome and lots of wedding photographs are taken there.  But I digress. The high school play was an adaption of A Midsummers night dream.  Shakespearean English and modern clothes. (Oberon was dressed like Michael Jackson...white glove and all). It was condensed a bit but you could tell the kids had a great time doing it.  Every time there was a new scene the audience picked up their lawn chairs and moved to a new spot instead of the cast moving props in and out. I’m glad I went. Lots of theatre in less than a week.


Pati, were you not looking for some social diversity in your life? And on reflection of your evening out, would this outing have not indeed, met the criteria ? I so enjoyed your summary of events and wonder now, if your own personal meditation practices have been enhanced? Thanks for the little chuckle you brought to my life. The going home and having a glass of wine seemed to be the highlight. 
More work in yard, and I just spoke with neighbours (Ruth and Gerd) across the street while out with the dog and she always wants me to come over for a coffee and visit and I always resist, but my resolve is weakening day by day. I should really make an effort.
Well, time to put the little birds to bed. I am enjoying the book from the Canada Reads list called American War - one that Mike gave me. I have put aside the third Outlander novel for now.
Take care

Quite a day

Yesterday, some friends came over for tea (coffee actually).  We were joined by a new lady, but she fit in quite nicely. This required a healthy, general "clean-up" of the house, but one reason to have people over is to force me to undertake that sort of activity. We had bought some cookies, and there were a few left over.  To-o-o bad.

Then in the evening, I attended the "Mandala and Meditation" workshop at the library.  This was not what I expected.  It was mainly middle aged women, with a couple of us a little older.  I think I was the only one interested in mandala, the rest were there for the Meditation.  So the first hour, plus, was spent reviewing the 7 sacred body chakras of Hinduism, with the associated meditation focus, colour, and chant.  We spent a lot of time chanting, and trying to focus on whatever that chant focused on.  She gave us a quick explanation of what a mandala was, (very quick--it's round and you use color, taking into consideration the sacred colours associated with the chakras).  Then we were told to make a mandala. There were canvases and canvas boards, and lots of felt markers and watercolour paint.  At that point, although she put on East Indian music, we were on our own.

The older lady beside me was quite vocal in relating the chakras to the Christian Bible, and the words of St. Paul, and in discussing my interest in mediation.  She was also insistent that Hinduism is the basis of all Celtic spirituality, since, of course, all of the Celts came from India, via the Iberian peninsula.  We were told that there were symbols often associated with the chakras and mandalas, and that these were thousands of years old.  While the instructor said that the symbols had no real meaning, when I asked if they could have had meaning thousands of years ago, she poo-poo'ed the idea.  I left a little early.

In the interest of becoming more active, I walked to the library.  The wind was so strong, that my library bag, with 5 heavy books in it was almost blown out of my hand.  And then it started to rain a bit.  Thank Goodness, both the wind and the rain had disappeared when it was time to come home.

At that point all I wanted to do was get out of the darned corset, and find a glass of wine, ----and maybe, a cookie.

Tomatoes anyone?

Wouldn't it be nice if I could share with you some of the plants we have proliferating at our place. Yesterday it took me four hours in the afternoon to put tomatoes back into the greenhouses and cover the others left outside, pending low temp overnight. This morning I shall go out and reverse this procedure haha! The next four or so days and nights are showing higher temps so we should be good to go without need for covering.
Other than the garden needs not much new here. Having some issues with animals though. The two little chicks were removed from the parents cage as one of them was attacked by one of the parents (? father). They are just five weeks but couldn't take chance to leave them in bigger cage. I actually took the two chicks to the Vet to examine the wounds of the one - there was bleeding and an obvious gash on his head. So I have been on "feeding" alert to be sure they are getting enough nutrition. You have to examine their  crop to make sure it is expanded (located just below the neck in the front) showing that they are getting enough food. I have feed the smaller of the two some of the "pablum" preparation I purchased especially for hand feeding chicks. But I have observed them eating at the millet and bird feed in their cage, so I think they will be OK.
Enough about my avian issue....Take care .

Monday, May 14, 2018

Memories of "lanyards"

That was a nice Mothers Day message that you sent a link to, Pati.
It really is all about the many "lanyards" in our life that keeps me going.  And as an aside, I am sure I could find a few of those tangible reminders still here in the house somewhere haha!
Nice to read about your weekend Cathy and Pati. You were both having a good time inspite of the driving involved, I guess.  Of course I got my map out and searched for your destinations and tried to decide which way you would drive and how long it would take you, whether it were Virden or Carmen. We, too, traveled to Markstay to visit with Mike, and had another fine day yesterday.
I covered last night again but it did not freeze but the next few nights will be higher night temps and therefore a bit of a reprieve for me in not having to cover.  I'll go out shortly to uncover and fold the sheets up until the next need.
I take the car to the garage on Wed to have the tires changed. I had called last week and had to make an appointment that took this long - they must be busy. At least I do not have to carry the old tires home and store them - I pay $20.00 for them to store them there. It is a convenience for me.
So here's to best wishes to you both as we start another week - hard to think it is middle of May already. I looked so forward to Spring and now it seems to be flying by.  Take care

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mothers' Day

I found this blog post today.  It contains a poem that I found very moving.  

Scary drive

Yesterday, we drove out to Carmen, for a meeting of one of my fibre groups. We took the South Perimeter to Oak Bluff, and came home the same way.  I had always thought that Saturday traffic around my end of town was a horror, but it's bad everywhere!  Coming home, along the South side of the city, with all those traffic lights( about 6 I think) in a short stretch, was bad enough but the traffic was moving anywhere from 80k/hr to 120k/hour, and it was almost bumper to bumper.  And,  it was at the end of our trip, and I was a little tired.  Not nearly as tired as I was on our trip home from Neepawa, but still tired.  I guess the scariest part is knowing that it would have been the same or worse, no matter what route we took.

Of course, I was wearing that corset all day.  It is a little uncomfortable, and hot, to wear, but I am realizing that I'm better with it than without it.

Today, I volunteer out in Selkirk, but that is a relatively short drive, with only the construction at Lagimodiere and the North Perimeter to consider.


I’m lying in my hotel room with Rrain snoring in the next bed. Today is the last day of plays and then we head home. Neither one of us won a darn thing at the dance last night and they had some really nice draws. I spent $20 on tickets for nothing. Didn’t even win a door prize. Ate a lot of good food and danced a lot though. The plays have been quite good so far and we got some good ideas for plays we can do. One group has disbanded and they brought all their scripts for people to go through. All they asked for was a donation. So now we have about 20 scripts to read. We got quite a few short ones that we can do when someone asks for a 30 or 40 minute play for some event they are hosting. They are starting the first play at ten today instead of 9 so people recovering from last night might make it. I have always made a point of being at the first play on Sunday.  They are performing so we should be there.  Guess I better start loading our stuff and get breakfast.  Way more food than I usually eat but really good

Friday, May 11, 2018


David watches, when he can, although we haven't been "rabid" fans during the season. The street parties are an interesting phenomenon.  Very exciting for everyone, but I have to wonder if the excitement will wear off if they become too frequent.  Still, from a crowd control viewpoint they're an excellent idea.  I was taken with the info that they park dump trucks at all points where there would be vehicle access to the parties, as a deterrent to terrorists driving vehicles into the crowd.

My fibre art support group met here Wednesday evening.  There were eight of us, and a pleasant visit.  It's so interesting to see how each of us works in a different way, even though we get together and share our work regularly.

This weekend I have a meeting of another fibre group, out in Carmen, tomorrow.  The group will be there all day, with a workshop in the morning, then lunch supplied, then the meeting, and the workshop continuing after the meeting.  Many of the ladies here Wednesday are also members of that group, and I mentioned that I would be having to take my husband with me.  I apologized, and asked if they thought anyone would object to him sitting at the back of the room, and reading a book. The lady responsible for organizing the lunch told me that, not only could he come, but she would save a muffin for him.  Considering that there were two of the five member executive of the group, as well as the workshop instructor, sitting there, I consider him welcome.  That trip should take up the whole day.

Then on Sunday, there is a change over of the entire stock of the gift shop in Selkirk.  I volunteered to help out with the process, so will be spending 3 hours doing that.  I have sold very little over the past 3 months, so don't plan to take too much out for this session, although I do know that sales are usually better over the summer, with tourists etc.

So, a busy weekend.  Unfortunately, we will have to buy gas to enable our activities, and I can see buying supper tomorrow.  But the whole effort reminds me of some of the travelling we did when we first retired.

Good Friday morning...

So the Jets won and go onto the next round. I only read about it after the fact in the Free Press but are you folks actually watching the games on TV?
Everything is shrouded outside as last night it was to dip to minus 2 or around there.But it was raining all day so when I covered I also added tarps over the blankets just to make sure they do not get wet before the rain stopped and the frost came. Do you ever wonder how I dry out all the covers the next day after pulling them off.  Answer: with great difficulty. The fences hold most of them and then it is a real sight from the street. I have been eating kale already though - small tender leaves are so tasty right now. A little frost does not harm the kale so all the million pots outside are left uncovered. As were the hanging baskets of strawberries.
Yesterday we ran the roads - first to the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary out side of Huntsville to deliver three baby black squirrels found in our yard and the neighbours. Perhaps the Mother was killed? A fourth one died even with my valiant efforts all day Wednesday to help him. The second trip was back to Burks Falls to pick up Lemon or orange trees from a man there (ad on Kijiji) These (two of them) are about 4 or 5 feet in height and I had to make room in the greenhouses to house them overnight. I have no idea where they may now be put inside the house as they need good light.
I checked the rhubarb early this morning and it is now about four to six inches up and the leaves look nice and fresh. I am hoping for a good crop this year. The lady who lives in the Log cabin on the Lake (the fruit lady) asked for the leaves so she can brew up a concoction that is supposed to deter the deer from eating her garden and flowers.
So have a very nice weekend. And Happy Mothers Day to you both Pati and Cathy. We shall be visiting Mike on Sunday as he invited us to come. Harry will be making the meal and yesterday ordered rouladen meat custom cut at the local Deli/ Meat Market here in Sundridge. We pick it up today. It is nice to have this store close by, but it is pricey.   Take care

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Figers crossed

The rhubarb is just coming out of the ground right now.  Last year it went to seed between 4 and 6 inches tall and I got nothing. Not encouraging. Like Pati, everything appeared when we watered but it is soooo dry here.  The wind is howling again today and dirt blowing everywhere.  We are hesitating to put the garden in until we get rain.  They keep forecasting but none has appeared.  Maybe next week because the High School is doing an outdoor presentation of a A Midsummer Nights Dream.  Rrain and I have tickets for Wednesday.  Cross you fingers.


No, the shoots are only popping out of the ground - that's why I wait. We are behind you folks a bit except for our greenhouse plants. Pati, enjoy your company but take care of your back.
Cathy, is your rhubarb up high yet?

I can't believe..

that your rhubarb is that high already, and maybe ready to pick?  Ours is barely big enough for a baby bunny to hide in and even smaller on the other side of the yard.  Everything grew over night, once David had watered.  Yes, it's very dry here, and a very dry spring is predicted.  So far, it appears that we're down to one Lady Slipper plant.  I know they don't live forever, and by our calculations they are 41 years in our various gardens, so maybe we're lucky to have the one.

I wore the corset from early afternoon Monday, and from very early morning, all day on Tuesday. When the woman first put it on me it was "Oh my! That feels good!"  But by last night I was just as glad to get it off.  We had started out about 6:45 am to get 
David in for a Carotid Ultrasound, a few minutes at home , and then off to have the summer tires put on the car, getting home about 3:30.  We have no tv until Shaw comes out this afternoon, and I haven't been in the studio since a few minutes Monday afternoon.

David has expressed that he found it difficult to load the summer tires into the car, and then unload the winter tires when we got home.  Now, somehow, the two of us have to move chairs downstairs for my company this evening. We'll see how that goes.


Can you guess what I have planned as another treat for myself?
Yesterday at the store I bought : two tins of crushed pineapple, and four packages of raspberry jello. And now I wait......... 
What is it? 

Lots going on...

With nice weather comes a push to get plants out and transplant etc. Thursday night it is going to minus 1 so I will have to cover again. The degree of difficulty to cover substantially increases as the number of plants outside increases. Should be a very interesting few days.
To Fabricland yesterday. I choose to purchase some medium weight fusible interfacing and when at counter received my gift certificate that I won, only to be told it all had to be spent at once and the expiry is July. So I paid cash for my purchases and will now have to  write a list of potential purchases to make up $50.00 worth and return to that store. Now in that store it shouldn't take much to reach my goal, but I really would want to purchase items of use for me. But in the meantime, I now have some fusible interfacing so I will try to get a few moments to try this with my new Apliquick tools. I plan to cut out hearts in fabric, and try that as you did Pati, but I shall not be as prolific in production as you haha!
I think your device Pati will help you with your back. Have you tried it yet and what is the result. Are you able to get out and about with some ease?
Cathy I am happy to hear about your housework and yard work. I cannot seem to get anything in the house done at all, so there comes a time when you stop worrying about it. I did have liver for supper last night though - this is a treat for me and I enjoy it when I can. We also bought ground beef and Harry plans to BBQ burgers for tonight but I'll see how the day goes. Often great plans do not materialize, and of course I will have to clean up the BBQ from winter and get a propane heater attached. These tanks are still over by the greenhouses with the heater still attached. So then the heaters will have to put away in the boxes and stored. Who says I don't have things to do  haha!
Well another day here so I better have my coffee and cereal, and get on with it. Take care all.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Further to the previous posts

I had been told to get in to see my doctor as soon as possible, so I phoned for an appt. and got one for 12:30 today!  As a result, I am now the proud owner of a lumbar support corset.  Yes--a corset.

Hang in there Cathy.  Think about that pension, and what your life would be without it.

Live to work or work to live?

Right now I am definitely in the work to live category.  More and more I am resenting my time at work.  But.... a new car means suddenly we have payments again so I guess I am stuck.  we are short one person again so it feels like we  are just running in circles and getting nothing done.  Both Patty and I have told the manager that if he reviews our numbers with us after this round of overwork we will not be pleased.  All the numbers count is the number of documents you get through in a day.  They seem focussed on that.   We do have a place where we can record our non-productive time so we are both using that.  It was only supposed to be for time that we could not work on documents but both of us are entering work that required extra time and research (eg one transfer of land that included 19 paper titles and 28 electronic titles)  Both of us put that down as non-productive.  I have to work 8:30 to 4:30 until further notice.  That is really hard after over 20 years at 8:0 to 4:00.  The day seems so long.Yesterday I did the laundry and the dishes and made an apple crisp and went outside and raked and cleaned out some flower beds then went inside to make the bed with some clean  sheets and decided that a really could use a beer after all that.  I looked at the clock....... 10:15 am.   A little early so I held out until 10:45 :) .  I plan on doing a little everyday so that by fall I will have accomplished some of the repairs/work that needs to be done at home.  this weekend Rrain and I are going to the ACT Festival in Virden.  It will be the first year that I haven't taken Jim in a long time, but I am not on the board anymore and would have to pay for my own room.  Rrain is still involved and offered to share her room with me.  It will be fun..... except she found out she only has  one bed in her room.  We shall manage.  I am responsible for taking the wine :)  

Freak Out-stupid

Yesterday, after we had been home for a bit, we both wanted showers.  When it was my turn, I went into the bathroom, stripped down and slowly moved toward the tub.  In the bottom of the tub was a leaf off the  plant that normally hangs over the tub. Well, I was just beside myself.  What to do?  I knew there was no way I could bend over and pick it up, and there was no way I wanted to wash it down the drain.  We have enough trouble with that drain as it is.  Besides which I was naked.  Who wants to try bending over when they're?  It took a bit of time to figure out that I could get dressed and get the long handled reacher from the kitchen. By this time David is involved.  He just looked at me, took the reacher, and picked up the leaf.  What a stupid thing to get upset about!  Now I can laugh, but I'm sure my "Tizzy" was only in reaction to the events over night.

The plant has been shedding for a while now, and buying a new one has gone on our "to do" list.  Yes, working on my hearts would be great.  All I have to do is get down the stairs.  Since the company coming will be sitting down there, I have to go down to tidy up, in any case.  An old friend, who was "stair challenged", once told be that she can get them by going down backwards, one step at a time.  Gonna try that.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Not really "sort of.."

Oh Pati, sorry to hear about this "non adventure" and now hoping all will be getting better? Never a good feeling to have to go to ER or Urgent Care and especially in such pain. Take care of yourself and maybe stay low key for a bit? Maybe make more heart appliques haha!
Keep us informed and wishing you well. Take care

Well--an adventure--sort of--

I mentioned that my back, and right hip were bothering me.  By last evening, I was in agony.  So I had David take me to Urgent Care, in the Victoria Hospital.  Nice that we were able to watch the Jets game on the tv in the waiting room--the whole Jets game. It took over 4 hours to get into a treatment room, and the best part of an hour after that to see a doctor. After hearing my tale, he asked me what I expected from the facility.  The best answer I could give was "help".  Finally he decided to give a muscle relaxant and a pain killer, but told me that I would have to stay the night, because the pain killer and relaxant together would make me drowzy, and I would need to be monitored.  By this time it was past 2:00am, and David was in no shape to drive, nor was he supposed to drive, nor did he want to be at home alone(?), so they brought a recliner into the room and left the two of us to sleep for the night.  Just as we dropped off, they came to take blood, and then someone came to take me for xrays.  I "catnapped" a bit, but David didn't sleep very much. We were finally released with prescriptions in hand, about 7:00.  We had eaten nothing since 5:00 Friday night, and had only shared a very expensive bottle of water from the wending machine, so we headed for Tim's for breakfast.

I was walking much better this morning, but after having to go out later to have the prescriptions filled, and pick up a roast chicken for supper ( neither of us wanting to even think about cooking supper at that point), the pain is returning, and I see a very lazy sleepy day ahead of me.

Wednesday, I got a call to volunteer in the gallery in Selkirk, and Friday we declared a lazy day, so by now, after three days of slovenliness, the house is a mess.  I'm sure not going to tackle anything today, except maybe a nap.  It's so darn frustrating to see how quickly the mess forms.  And I have company coming Wednesday evening.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Glad you're back

I missed you already!

Somehow, I've hurt something.  Maybe my back, maybe my right hip.  I just know it hurts to walk and move, so I my plan for the day was to do as little as possible.  But since the weight crept up 2 -3 pounds over the last month, It was back to phase one today, and that meant a trip to the grocery store.  We went about  9:30 this morning, wanting to avoid the crowds of a Saturday, but the store was deserted.  I've never seen so few people in there.   And, of course we found bargains, such as sirloin steaks for less than half price.  This meant we ended up making a huge beef stew today, even though I had to scramble for seasonings.  Surprisingly it turned out pretty good!  Gotta thank Lipton's Onion soup mix for that.

I got the library book on Tall Grass Prairie that I had ordered, to help in the design of a hanging, planned for an exhibition next fall.  However, it's now looking like the exhibition will be postponed or maybe cancelled.  So I spent the day practicing with my Appliquik tools, doing the "donkey" work for the May goal of 31 appliqued hearts, one for every day of the month.  This meant that I could sit most of the time.  I have to say that my skill and comfort with the tools increased significantly during the day, but now I've almost run out of glue.  Got 15 of them finished.  Now, is that being an over-achiever or not?

Tonight is my night with the tv, even though the Jets game is being broadcast later this evening.  And 'tis time.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Surprise Folks

It is 5 pm and we are on the internet again. This seems like a very bizarre saga what I went through today. I was able to log on early as you can see by my blog entry. When Harry got up he could not. So I did the usual trouble shooting without success, and finally had to call the Server tech. I was on the phone for over 70 minutes with two of them trying to figure out what was wrong. Finally they said it was the inner workings of the modem and that they would order a new one to be sent by mail (from ValDor). I went into the Library and there was another man came in saying he could not get on this morning but I thought it may be a coincidence. Harry went about town and came home saying others were in the same boat. So we tried often to connect without success. In the afternoon I got a strange call from Bell (automated) saying that the Server had contacted them to say i was having issues with connecting. I spoke to a real person who with her limited English comprehension and dialogue, told me I should really call my Server. After many more tries Harry finally got on. I now think that there was an issue with Bell in this area and our service had to have been affected by that issue whatever it was. We are on - for now- and apparently a new modem will be in the mail next week. I wondered if I should have called back the Server tech dept to tell them but decided not. 
We are now in the middle of a thunder/ lightening storm and torrential rain. I expect that we may lose power completely next.
So here's hoping all shall be well with the computer but if you do not hear from me assume there is trouble. The weather still has not changed and there will be frost Sat and Sunday nights ....Oh joy and bliss!  
I sure hope I win the Lotto Max tonight haha!  Take care

TGIF anyone?

This week seems to have gone by quickly. Many of the plants are now sitting outside and today I must plan how I am going to cover them all as the temps are dipping down over the weekend, if not even tonight. This is probably the worst part of my "job".  So here we go ........
Yesterday I visited with Daisy in the afternoon. Her granddaughter (Michelle) and her came up from Toronto on Monday. Michelle had to go to North Bay to buy a new bed so I said I would go over and visit with Daisy for a bit. She was having a bad day according to Michelle and she was a bit worried about her. I think we all have bad days and Daisy was no different. So we had a cup of tea and she vented. We discussed her not driving (always mad about this ) and her attempt at making bread the day before and it not turning out (I cut us a piece each and we had jam on it and I discussed with her that it was just fine, which it was) So I let her go on and we had some laughs - she got her old wig out and put it on and we had fun with that. I keep thinking: there but for the grace of God, go I.
Also yesterday in the mail my long ago ordered fabric glue pens arrived. I did not have a chance to try them yet and may not for awhile but I look forward to when I will be experimenting with the new Apliquick tools. Pati, you may an expert already after using your tools for a bit? 
Well folks have a good weekend all of you. How are your garden plans Cathy?  Wish we were closer- I'm game for a sit down and a glass of wine with you both! Its been a long time......

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


You guys are so talented. I obviously missed that talent but it seems my daughter inherited that aspect .  .  any support you can give her will be appreciated by me. It seems that when I finally got back into the blog I changed my password on all my google accounts. Now when I am kicked out of any account I just enter my new password for the blog. You never know

What to buy, what to buy--oh, the decisions we have to make!

Well, I don't think you need fabric, so I would head for the notions.  Do you have a rotary cutter?  Does it need new blades?  Do you need a good pair of scissors?  Cotton thread ages poorly.  Does your thread stash need upgrading?  How about some medium weight fusible interfacing to use with your applique?  Would you ever use any of the fancy rulers?  Don't go crazy there ( not that you could with only $50.00), you probably wouldn't use too many of them.  My favourite is 16" long, by 6" (  or is it 5 1/2").  I use it frequently, more so than any other.  I absolutely love and swear by my little Clover clips.  They look like tiny red plastic clothespins.  I think they come in packages of 10, 25, and 50.  I made so with 20 of them for a long time.  Expensive, but worth it.  My aging fingers can cope with them a lot easier than pins, these days, and they work as well or better in a lot of cases.

Irony or what?

Never know what will happen. I just got a call from Fabricland - I won a gift certificate for $50.00
This feels a bit weird for me. The day I bought those glue sticks that were old (and returned for a refund) Fabricland had ballots to enter a draw celebrating their Birthday all the month of April. I filled one in and forgot all about it. So I guess I will have to go back to the store at least to pick up my gift. What do you think I should spend my money on - Pati maybe you might have an idea? I would like it to be spent wisely. 
Short note for tonight. I sent an email with a picture of Sue and I as we had our luncheon today. It was really nice to sit down and have a good conversation with someone.
Sleep has been eluding me lately and I realize just how tired I really am. I hope tonight may be better. Maybe hot milk?
Take care

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Quiet times

Colder today, and we've had the heat on again.  I've been having my scissors sharpened.  We took 5 pair in Saturday, and took another 3 pair today, while picking up the others.  Then I found two more that we'll take in tomorrow, when we pick up the others.  We had planned to do it in two trips, but the last two pairs were hidden away, somehow.  I've been reading some books lately that tend to be more life affirming, rather than "blood and guts".  Not sure why, but they are interesting, and make me feel good.  Life has slowed down a bit in the studio, and I spent today working on a charity quilt.

My allergies have been acting up recently. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were particularly bad.  So I've pretty well given up caffeine, and am also finding that the coffee itself is bothersome.  This means that the green tea that I just spent a fortune on, is tucked away for awhile, and I'm drinking lemon water, and decaf Earl Grey tea--yuck!  I'm also suspicious of yogurt, and strawberries, and plan to have something else for breakfast for a few days.

While we were in the library, yesterday, I noticed an upcoming free workshop on "Mandalas and Meditation", and signed up.  It's on the evening of the 15th, which is also the day that I have a group of ladies coming over for tea.  Oh well, David will just have to amuse himself that day.

Glorious weather

This is what we wished for and it is here - at least for now. Outside all day - sunny, warm, melting, lots of work... haha! We will leave the plants that are out, out for the night as it is supposed to be 13 degrees. And no heat on in the greenhouses. Even with some plants out now, the greenhouses are still full. Starts to make life easier although I know it will not last and I know that there are tough times awaiting but for now I am enjoying what I can. 
Tomorrow I shall meet my friend Sue for Luncheon in Huntsville at noon at Swiss Chalet. Harry will drop me off and he'll go and do his thing. When he picks me up, then we shall both go to do the grocery shopping.  So what I must do now before bed, is have a bath and try to wash some of the grim and dirt off. I chose a nice outfit to wear and I'll just curl my hair with the iron in the morning. Sue is always so well put together that I usually try to look sharp or as sharp as I can. Tough job these days though....
Mike gave me four new books to read - a late Birthday gift. I had suggested some to him when he asked for suggestions, and he did not disappoint. Although one is a book I had not heard of and it is this book that I am reading now. Called Dance, Gladys, Dance by Cassie Stokes. I am just into it but couldn't (or didn't want to) put it down last evening while reading in bed. I can hardly wait to hit the bed again and read some more.
So I better get going as I have to close up outside and then put the birds to bed, and then have my bath. Take care