Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The adventure continues

have just returned from the Plastic Surgery Emergency clinic.  ( I was called and told to come as a "walk-in")  Was carefully examined by a 4thyear medical student, who took my hand through an extensive Range of Motion examination, even though I told her that I had been told not to bend my finger.  When I actually saw the plastic surgeon, she confirmed that the joint must be immobilized for 6 weeks, starting from today, (as what the medical student had done was a "no no").  Then she wanted to give me a more rigid and encompassing splint, but they didn't have one small enough for my finger!  So she is referring me to OT to have splint custom made.  Thank Goodness they gave me the original splint back, so that's what I'm wearing, and we'll see what the OT comes up with. I'm getting quite used to this little thing, and it seems to be doing the job.

On my Quilt Art Internet group there is a conversation about bad teachers and the things they do.  I'm reading everything very carefully, to make sure that I don't behave like a "bad teacher" on Saturday.  This morning we "power cooked", more or less.  We had cooked a chicken on Sunday and a roast of beef  yesterday.  I have everything ready for a chicken/pepper/noodle stir fry for tonight, a large chicken/K.D. casserole and two shepherd's pies in the freezer.  That should keep us in food for a few days.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More adventures

we've had a couple of busy days.  Sunday we went to see the movie Ghost Rider-Spirit of Vengeance.  I had been interested in the original Ghost Rider movie but never saw it.  I know that sequels are often terrible, but we actually had fun watching it.  Lots of explosions and violence and Nicholas Cage.  What more could we ask?  I was surprised to see Christopher ( or as it used to be Christophe) Lambert in a smaller supporting role.  Or maybe not.  Haven't heard much about him in years.  I like the way that comic books art is carried over into the movies, with special layouts and unusual camera angles.  Even the colour during special effects sequences  reflects the comic book origins of the story.

Then yesterday was shopping.  Tote, lift, carry--put it all away.  The exhaustion and time for a nap. Woke up and couldn't straighten my right pinkie finger.  What the h--l?!  Didn't hurt  No bruising, just couldn't straighten the distal joint.  Knowing what I'm doing on Saturday, I had David take me to Urgent Care, where, after 4 hours, they told me that I have a "Mallet Finger".  I have to keep it absolutely straight  for 6 weeks, with a little splint.  And to give you an idea, it has taken me almost 20 minutes to type this, because the splint keeps hitting the wrong keys.  I've tried holding a needle and don't believe it's going to cause any real problems on Saturday, but what a PITA! At the same time it made me think of Daddy and his deformed pinkie fingers.  He always said that it was from poking someone in the eye, but I never really believed him.

However, now I have an excuse to get my hair done today--as well as all the other jobs we didn't get done yesterday while I was lazing around at Misericordia.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


We are getting our first snowfall since last fall and it is not going to be much. About 5cm in total. I heard that Winnipeg got lots, but we were sunny and warm during that deluge. today is the second Taste of the Phillipines dinner. Rrain and I are going early to get things set up. (Other people will be there, too, I hope) It's an entirely new menu this time. It looks really good. I haven't been doing much but going to work and coming home. Next week Rrain wants me to start going to rehearsals. They are starting to put blocks together so there may be something I can do to help. And next Friday we get to take the puppy to the vets. Puppy! Right. She is almost as tall as the other dogs and when we were at the vets 3 weeks ago she was 40 pounds! She is still a puppy at heart, though, and now she is really teething! Some things never end. Mallorie, from work, is headed to Calgary on Tuesday. Last week she became a grandma for the first time. Her daughter and son-in-law adopted a baby boy. Mallorie is very excited. Cathy is very jealous. We talked to our granddaughter last night. She is living with her dad full time now, and really likes it. She has a new school in Edmonton and says she has already made lots of new friends. She misses some of her old friends, but likes it with Tim and Cheryl. I am glad she is happy. Of course a 17 year old is not a baby!! Time to make our brunch. If you don't hear from me I am not ignoring you. My computer sometimes objects to signing on. I started trying yesterday and just got on this morning. Have a wonderful week!

Not really boring but.....

perhaps just steady, "keep at it" activities that consumes ones time from morning to night. I believe we seem to all be at that stage right now as we tire of winter and look forward to spring – renewal time, after all! We were also hit with that the constant snow for days with wind and cold and that kept me busy for quite a while. Snow shovelling and car cleaning and especially keeping the greenhouse going. Harry has many plants growing now and the little greenhouse is almost full but requires vigilance to keep it warm with the one heater on constantly. Last night it went to –24 degrees C but since I had covered it up with quilts and blankets it kept its warmth overnight to acceptable temperatures but not ideal. I have to remove the covers this morning and let the sun shine in, and then tonight cover again as it is supposed to be just as cold, but tomorrow expected to warm up to better overnight temps. And you think your life is boring........haha
I have been sorting through jewellery (in my spare time!) and amazed at how many wonderful little pieces have accumulated over the years – mostly what Harry has bought in bags at Value Village or at garage sales etc. What a shame to see it all and not be able to use most of it – I always have imagined some as embellishments on works of art which will never materialize so there they sit! I frequently wear the same old earrings and necklaces or brooches, or lately I have had some studs in my ears and haven't even put on fancier ones. 
My highlight this past week was to cook a roast beef and then the next day grind it up and made a shepherd's pie. It was delicious and worth all the planning and anticipation. Today it will be a salmon loaf for supper and I found a recipe for cabbage and potato casserole that will use up the cabbage that has been sitting in the fridge and it actually sounds nice with cheese added. Time will tell.
So here's to a new week full of the unexpected – mostly hoping that this recent little taste of "winter with a vengeance" has played itself out and we can get on with spring. Take care

Friday, February 24, 2012


I think they are trying to give us all of the snow that has been missing this winter in one fell swoop!  David has been out three days in a row with the snow blower.  We walked over to the library yesterday, because the streeets were a little too snowy for driving, but otherwise haven't been out of the house since Monday.  No that's a lie.  I've been snow dyein,g so was out of the house on Tuesday to shovel snow into a big Rubbermaid bin which I then carried into the house and let melt in the basement.  Highlight of the week!  And you think your life is boring!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

More clothes buying - I have to stop this....

I bought a pair of slacks today at Value Village in my effort to organize my wardrobe for the summer trip but it has its problems. I find a nice outfit and then think it would be ok so buy it and then get home and realize it really does not "mix and match" with anything else. So I have decided to write down what I will actually need to bring ( not what I want, or think I might need) and stick to this without randomly buying. However, as I'm sure you are both saying "where's the fun in that?" It has been fun so far just to be thinking about the trip and getting excited and part of it has been buying the odd new garment. So I will have to see how far I can tempt myself to resist restraint! One thing is for sure though, I shall be bringing my same old, same old swimsuit but perhaps this time also a tee shirt or blouse to go over it haha! Lots of planting new seeds and replanting small plants into larger pots and I have been the "runner" back and forth to the greenhouse. Very funny turn of events also – last fall I thought I was being a real genius to sort all the pots into sizes and storing them neatly under some trees in the back yard thinking it would be a breeze this spring to get at them. I did not think it through very well because Harry started planting the end of January and I was out side at that time with pots of water trying to free them from the snow and ice. And this past weekend I was there again trying to find the next size pots for replanting and they were buried at the bottom of the pile and almost unable to get at them but some more water and shovels aided my attempt. You have to laugh otherwise it would be too sad...... We were to North Bay today for shopping and a stop at Mikes. There were prospective buyers coming at 3 pm to look at his house and I could tell that he is getting a little annoyed with the process.  I hope it resolves soon. On the other hand we would love to see someone show some interest in Mothers house – anyone would be good as there has been NO action. Anyway thats all for now – take care.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Family weekend

Not much scheduled at this house, but Festival du Voyageur started yesterday--with no snow and warm temperatures.  Last year they had to cancel events because of extreme cold.  Go figure!  Still, I remember marshaling a Festival Parade in shirt sleeves, many years ago, and we often mention the Bonspiel Thaw  that seems to happen in the middle of February every year.  So this is nothing new.

I think Beth should plan her activities in July around your schedule, Cathy.  We can be very flexible, other than not being able to get cheap hotel rooms for Friday or Saturday nights.  I won't confirm my space in the Pinawa  Art show until we have settled on our times together.  I missed Pinawa last year and I can miss this year too.

Today we drive out to Selkirk to pick up some more handouts for The Canadian Content Fibre Art Show.  I'm spending a lot of time on the computer trying to work out volunteers for that.  And the organization has recognized the need for media packages, so me mentioning the newspaper, in Neepawa, in one of my e-mails, may result in some changes in how FAN does business.


I have a crock pot full of daddy's ribs cooking, a cup of Dublin Cream Tea by my side and I am talking to my sisters. What could be better? This is a long weekend here, too. They call it Louis Riel Day, but most of the people I know call it family day. They have events at the Flats on Monday. Weiner roasts, hot chocolate, skating and last year there were hay rides. I am not sure if that is happening this year or not. I will be getting 2 days off in July. I have tentatively booked the 26th & 27th. Elizabeth feels that they can handle it for 2 days without Patty and I there. Worst case I get a phone call. Are those days good, or should I try for 2 others? I am looking forward to seeing you, Beth, but I am sort of hoping that the 3 of us can get together at some point. Things are quiet here. I have determined that I live in a pigsty. Not only is it messy in here, but it seems to be getting very dusty and dirty. I need to take some time to clean. Trouble is, that when the weekend comes I just want to sit around. I better get myself in gear soon. Kik says that I shouldn't disturb the dust. It is safer when it isn't moving around in the air. I tend to agree with her. It's hard to keep things clean with 3 dogs and a cat. The rec room is always dirty from paws. You can't keep it clean. I have a meeting here in June, with people spending the night. Air Mattresses and couches. It will be very friendly. Jim is watching Whitney Houston's funeral. It wasn't very high on my list of things to do today. I will have to go into town at some point. It is amazing how much food 3 big dogs eat. I seem to be buying a big bags every 2 weeks, as well as puppy chow! I got my camcorder from Safeway. Now I have to figure out how to use it. I recorded something, but I can't figure out how to see it! Maybe it has to be attached to the tv or something. That will be my goal this week. To figure out the camcorder (who am I kidding? I still can't figure out the camera!) Hope you both have a fantastic weekend. I am looking forward to July

Did I shock you ?

I guess I must have shocked you all to silence with my exciting news about a haircut! No worries because I got a short shag cut and she cut it so that by mid or late June I can have a permanent in preparation for my trip in July. Lots of poor weather this week so had me busy shovelling hard packed heavy snow from the driveway and then had to shovel the snow off the roof of the second greenhouse as it appeared to be heaving the rafters. I managed just fine with a ladder I moved around the structure and balanced softy to keep straight and a light shovel to gently remove the snow without causing damage to any more of the glass top. I think I told you that one pane shattered during the winter and thus this greenhouse is not useful for planting this spring. Today I cook the turkey that has been calling to me from the front stairs haha It is time as it will be milder soon and best to clean up what I had out there for winter freezing. This is a long weekend in Ontario – Family Day on Monday – I can't remember if Manitoba also has a holiday around this time of year. I walked the dog down to the lake early this morning as there is supposed to be family activities on the ice but saw nothing in terms of preparations ie cleared ice for skating etc. But very interesting to see all the sleds and truck and trailers heading out onto the ice to go fishing. There is a nice little community of huts set up right in the middle of the lake and it looks like a whole bunch of little ants working away out there, with the trucks driving back and forth. Actually last night I went that way as well and could see many of the ice shacks with lights flickering in the dark so some very dedicated souls were spending the night time there I guess.  There is an outfitter store just on the corner of the street and is always busy with folks buying bait and other equipment. And the parking lot by the lake is full of big expensive trucks attached to huge trailers – just perfect for hauling sleds and equipment. Must be nice!! So to you all, have a great weekend Take care

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Enough is enough...

and so I have made an appointment to get my hair cut off for tomorrow at 0930. I have been struggling to keep it longer but washing and then putting up in curlers has finally got the better of me – I called this afternoon immediately after putting curlers in, yet again, and fortunately the hairdresser is easily accommodating!
Harry was to doctor this morning and things are not looking any better for his shoulder and pain – hence, much of the daily activities are mine alone. He bought a bread maker the other day in North Bay and yesterday I made whole wheat loaf, and today I made a raisin bread loaf. Monday it was 10 pounds of sausages. Tomorrow will be replanting seedlings after my hair is done. So you can see how excited I am to be going for a hair appointment – something for me. Surprise for me to go to Lottery store today and won $20.00 on Lotto Max so that was quickly turned into more tickets and hope the winning streak will take us all the way !!!!
So nice to hear all about your visit together on Monday – I went onto a Viscount web site and hope that I found the right one – is there a site address that you would suggest other than the search I made for Viscount Cultural Council? It gave very generic information and I guess I was looking for specifics eg the FAN gallery display that Patty set up, but maybe I am mistaken? But a nice surprise to go onto the Manitoba Artisans site and to see our very own Patricia Findlay as the featured artist – well done!!
Take care

Monday, February 13, 2012

An adventure

Today was an adventure.  Our lives are so boring that we have to create our own adventures, so today we went to Neepawa.  We wanted lots of time, just in case the car gave us trouble.  We stopped at Tim's in Winnipeg, Headingly Huskie, and Tim's in Portage--All in an attempt to deal with my diuretics.  I ration myself to one Tim's French Vanilla Cappucino every second day, but now I'm up to next Saturday already.

Despite our well laid plans we found ourselves a half hour out of Neepawa and over an hour ahead of schedule, so we went off to find Plumas MB.  Found it. And made it to Viscount right on time. 

I hadn't even opened the box that contained the show, but as promised everything was there.  The show went together fairly quickly, even with an hour off for lunch with Cathy.  Lunch was a little disappointing, and Cathy, Rrain and David all had words with the waitress, who argued quite strongly that there was nothing wrong with the lunch and that hamburgers and quesadillas were supposed to be cooked black and crispy.
But the company was great.  David and I talked about how long it had been since we had seen Rrain, and figured out that it must have been as she was leaving Winnipeg to live in Toronto.  I was so taken by how energetic and cheerful she was today, probably because when I did see her last, she was sick as a dog and not looking all that good. Well done, Rrain!  You seem happy--a blessing.

So we got home in good time, just at the end of rush hour, which has  a  new meaning when you're driving at 110 on the North Perimeter.  And the house was cold--not unexpected when we had left the thermostat at 63 this morning.  However, the inside temperature is now  57, and the furnace is not coming on!  So a call to the gas company, and a very nice service lady replaced a hose and got us back in business.  Turned out to be the same hose that was replaced in the fall.  They don't carry the right size for our furnace, so we have to find a solution to the problem asap, but can't really do anything during winter.

But now we have had supper, and the house is warm.  I'm grateful for family, and service ladies.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well done, Cathy!

You are going to The Pas because you were the best single player representing your branch and now your region, and so you deserve the recognition. Well done, as you can hold your head high while chanting ......fifteen two, fifteen four and eight is twelve, and the Jack is thirteen....How does one express good luck to a crib player – how about .....and twenty-nines to you........?  I am very happy for you, and also very proud of you.
Hope you all get to have lunch together tomorrow as planned, and have "one" for me – I guess I mean a coffee?????
Take care


Our team is the alternate team (by 4 points!), but I am one of the singles headed to The Pas. I didn't really want to move on in singles, cause you are by yourself, but Jim will come with me, and one of our friends (Lives near Brandon, belongs to Gladstone) is also going to singles, so we may travel with them. Marilyn phoned yesterday to say she had called to book their room and was told that they are just about full so she booked a room for us too!!! Isn't that nice. I don't want bad things to happen to people, but I really hope that the Brandon team forfeits so that our team can go. Not much else happening. Took the puppy to the vets for shots and a check up. The Vet noticed that her gums were bruised. Since she had eaten the remote for the star choice just that morning it was understandable. (vet $69, remote, $62) Jim is watching curling right now. We get the Manitoba Semi final, the Manitoba final, the Alberta Final and the BC final, all back to back today. I like curling, but enough is enough.Back to work tomorrow, but I am looking forward to lunch with Pati. I've already told them at work that I will be taking a long lunch, so I am covered. I know I should be cleaning or something else domestic, but I just don't feel like it. I think I will make another cup of tea and find a book to read. No wonder my house is covered in dust. As least the dust holds it together!

Here's the deal

David wasn't able to get anything done on the car yesterday, but we took it on a good long run on the highway yesterday and it seemed to be starting okay by the time we went to bed.  It's plugged in, and today is supposed to be much warmer.  David is confident that we should be okay on the highway on Monday, and we still have the roadside assistance, if needed. So we are heading up to Neepawa as planned, and will try to get the battery replaced later in the week.

Friday, February 10, 2012


A caution is not as strong as a warning.  Yes, I tried another of the cake mixes we bought when we were in  Minnesota.  Betty Crocker Supreme Bars--cookie brownie.  In this case we made a brownie base and then some chocolate chip cookie dough, which was dropped, by spoonfuls, on top of the uncooked brownie, and then both put in the oven to bake.  This was not unpleasant, just a little weird and very sweet.  Reminded me of when Mom developed a craving for sweet things and used to make chocolate chip cookies and then flatten them with a fork dipped in sugar.  I seem to remember her not wanting to bother with making cookies out of the dough and just flattening it in a pizza pan and sprinkling it with sugar before cooking it.  If I'm right we used to just break pieces off the huge cookie to eat.  A few years later people were making big money selling such a cookie as a special treat (without the sugar on top, of course)

I hope your greenhouse survives, Beth.  We're really in a deep freeze here. But the forecast is for more normal temperatures by Sunday.  I figured it out, that with the milder temperatures generally, and the fact that we are in the middle of February, we can afford to have the house one or two degrees warmer.  We both wear sweat jackets most of the time, and I sometimes wear an undershirt and vest as well, when I'm working in the basement.  Now we'll probably get used to the warmer house and start to feel the cold again.

David has asked me to ask you, Beth, how your cactus is doing?

Long week, and now bitter cold

Preparing for a real cold snap here and in spite of my best efforts to keep greenhouse warm, I fear tonight may do me in? I will keep my fingers crossed and hope for some relief. I have it covered with blankets but the thermometer inside keeps going lower and lower. The heater we have is supposed to heat a larger space, but that does not take into consideration it is outdoors, and the snow, wind chill, blowing and really low temps. Harry is still suffering with his shoulder and the effects the pills have had on his stomach. I have been, for the most part, the "gofer" which included a trip to get my lottery ticket today . Maybe good things will come to those who are most deserving. Spent a long time today sorting through boxes of pictures because the real estate lady called and requested a picture of Mothers house from the summer to show off the house better – the picture she has now shows a white sided house in the snow with the roof covered with snow and isn't too flattering. But as it always happens when you look through old pictures, you start to enjoy seeing all the pictures and reminisce and then the time goes by really fast and you feel like you haven't done anything. I did not, by the way , find a suitable picture of Mothers house. Mike is off to Ottawa tonight for the weekend, and apparently they are being put up in a Hotel so he is sort of having a nice "vacation like" work trip!! I received a copy of the annual Alumni Journal from my Nursing school and for the first time this year I started to feel saddened because there are more deaths from classmates of mine. One was a closer classmate as she was in my "unit" – she was the one I sat with for over two hours the one time when I visited you Patty and we went to the Regent Casino – I ran into her at one of the slot machines and ended up just sitting and catching up with her. It is a reality check to oneself to realize we are not immortal and that we are going to start to see our comparably aged acquaintances die. Time to check out the greenhouse again before going to bed. Have a good weekend everyone. Take care

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

There's always something

isn't there?  I hope Harry recovers quickly.  Again, as we age recovery takes a little longer--but it will come.  Neither of us was out today, but just looking out the street appears slippery.  I like your attitude Cathy.  You're right, we are now looking towards spring, and winter doesn't seem to have happened at all!
Loren called today, just to catch up.  He's very happy with his Bi-pap machine ( or was it a C-pap machine?  i can never remember) He is feeling much better, and even says that people at work are noticing that he appears healthier.  He's also working with a personal trainer, and has been investigating a better approach to nutrition. If I remember, he said that he was already down about 20 pounds.

I'm still in a creative frenzy--housework can wait--but not much longer!  Gotta start to clean up now--Beth is coming!

Slip sliding away......

We have a lot of ice here now, too. I usually slow down as I pull into the garage, but there is so much ice that I can't get the truck to move forward when I go slow. I have to put it into 4 wheel drive and give it a boot!!! The sidewalks and street in town are all ice too. Temps are back to normal this week, but that is okay... it is already February and spring is on the way. I hope Harry feels better soon, Beth. It really sucks to fall like that. I'm sure that not only his arm hurts, but most of his body too. the new person started at work yesterday. She seems very nice and is looking for work to do. It is hard to find things when she has no ID for the computer system. She is willing to file, though, so I have someone to help me there. I have 3 plans to do right now, but I got 3 done last week. Sometimes you get a break and then they all arrive at once. Work has been steady, but it is the Mines and Mineral searches that are driving us nuts. It is now economically feasible to search for minerals in our area, so people are scrambling ot find out if they own any. We don't have any green houses to start up, but Rrain and I have been planning some garden plants. She wants to have eggplant and I want to grow spagetti squash again. I am not going to bother with corn this year. We never get much and the Hutterites have such sweet corn. I am trying to get some time off work between the 21 & 28th of July. Let me know what would be the best days to try for. Patty is taking the week before and after her wedding off, but I explained to Elizabeth why I wanted time off and she said to pencil in a couple of days and we could see what we can do. Shirley (the new one) seems quite intelligent and wants to learn as much as she can. (What a change) I quess I better do some committee work now. I really don't feel on top of things, so I need to pick up my socks. Have a great week

The fun just keeps coming.....

Harry fell down the front stairs this morning on our way out to go to North Bay, so the trip quickly changed direction south to Huntsville Hospital where he was tended to - dislocated right shoulder was manipulated back into place under anaesthesia (Versed injection) – a blessing no fractures but severe pain and discomfort and a sling to be worn. He is in bed now as we just got back and I fed him and got him settled. I'll go up later to Pharmacy to pick up his pain medications prescribed. I mentioned to you that the stairs and walkways were treacherous in spite of my digging at them, and sanding them etc. I take extreme caution when walking outside, but this morning, in a flash, he was down. A little set back, but I hope he will mend OK as long as he takes it easy, and keeps his shoulder immobilized for a few days as told to do. Anyway, life will go on, and with a few additional chores added to my list for now ( ie greenhouse) I'm sure we'll back to normal soon. Take care all – watch that ice and snow!!

Monday, February 6, 2012


I am ever so happy that I have a dog with whom I can walk – or make the excuse to go out because the dog needs a walk! Today was a great walking day in spite of mild temperatures making the roadways slick in some places. I wear my big white snow boots and take every step with caution. There is a long trail at the top of our street accessed mostly by snow machines in winter which makes for a nice walking trail so this afternoon I took the dog purposely down that trail. She seemed almost spooked because she has not been that way before and because she was jumpy, so was I a little bit. But no unexpected events occurred and no snow machines came by so we had the trail to ourselves and it was a glorious sun filled walk – somewhat tiring though. It seems my exercise shall have to be walking which is OK by me. In the summer I was able to puddle around the yard which gave me exercise, but in winter there are few options. I tried to do the ice skating thing but have only gone once so far – the schedule for public skating just isn't congruent with life as I know it.  Harry's brother had surgery today but we are still not too sure what – his wife is a poor communicator and not to be believed most times – she was telling everyone that Ted was having his leg cut off??? until Harry told her that he was not. Harry called his room a few minutes ago and he answered to say he just got back from the recovery room but was still groggy and asked Harry to call back later. Maybe we'll get things straightened out once Harry can speak with him. Don't know if we will be visiting him again this week or not. Tomorrow is our weekly trek to North Bay for shopping – maybe I can look at more cloths for my trip!!! NOT! Take care

Sunday, February 5, 2012

the "game" is about to begin

The Super Bowl is just starting on the TV which signals my departure to bed. I really do not like NFL and especially the hype around this game. I'm actually surprised that  CTV is showing it but I somehow think that the super priced half time commercials may not be shown on the Canadian stations, but I may be wrong. The greenhouse is in major production now and busy weekend getting it all organized and heaters functioning, and breaking thermometers and running to hardware to buy more etc etc. And throw in a trip to Sudbury to visit Harry's brother and all in all a busy time. I spent some hours today sorting through old paperwork and shredding same. I could not remember if the time period for saving income tax was 7 years or ten years so I erred on the side of precaution and got rid of all the tons of paper I had been saving from years previous to 2002. The shredded paper goes into the compost so its all used, and is a good use of time, albeit, very time consuming! We went to Sprucedale to check on the house Saturday and slipped into the Flea Market the Seniors hold every Sat – there I bought a VHS of White Christmas and a DVD of True Lies. (cost me a total of $1.25) I think I mentioned that I am trying to accumulate a collection of some old Christmas Classics thus White Christmas with Bing Crosby, and the True Lies is because I like that movie even if it is with Arnold Schwartzenagger (?spelling) And I found a copy of South Pacific in our cabinet a while ago, so last night was my movie night and I watched White Christmas, and then South Pacific. Lots of singing and dancing to keep me amused. I guess I shall have to wait before I see Arnold. Not much luck with the Lotteries lately, but I shall not give up – you never know when our numbers will come in haha Harry has been having luck selling some of our "stuff" on Kijiji. I told you I started to clean up in the basement and try to rid ourselves of all the extra ie kettles, coffee machines, deep fryers etc Three boxes have been sold and delivered to buyers in North Bay and another going on Tuesday. Not money makers at $5.00 and $10.00 but a little bit to add to the coffers anyway. Two other boxes have been given to the Thrift Store, and I have given two bags of books to Value Village. No, there is no evidence yet of it making a difference, but in my head, I know that I am starting to try, and that is the main thing, right? Onwards to another week for all of you – take care

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life on the pension or the joys of retirement

We haven't been out since Monday, but, after spending the morning making sourdough bread,  and since trying to sit in my sewing chair and almost killing himself,  David decided that I needed a new chair.   I needed yet more containers from Lee Valley, so it was time for an excursion.  I refused to leave the house until I had put a curling iron to my hair, which should have been washed yesterday, and David tried to shave, but it had been so long that his electric razor wouldn't do the trick and he had to resort to the safety razor. We were going to do a lot of comparison shopping, but bought a chair in the first store we tried. The last one was bought at a garage sale for $25, before we left Woodside, so really didn't owe us anything. The store we found was a used furniture store and the newer chair cost a lot more than $25.  ( but it is really an improvement on the old one!) Then I got my containers ( Empress and Ellice)and then decided to buy more beads, so we hit Michaels over on St James St.and I bought two smaller packages of beads.  I had been surprized to find what I wanted there, and figured we were on a roll by this time, so with the large armchair on wheels in the back seat, headed over to our side of town where we went into the fabric store and after a lengthy discussion about colour, bought two spools of thread, of a colour to match the beads. Then off to the grocery store and bought 3 cans of beans.  This gave me a chance to try out the "check your own groceries" aisle, and we emerged from that unscathed.  Hot Damn!  Checked 5-6 lottery tickets and won $5.00, which we immediately spent on more lottery tickets.  Then off to Tim Horton's and picked up a can of french vanilla capucino mix.  By the time we got home it was too late to make the casserole I had planned for supper, so put a frozen pizza in the oven.  These pizzas were $2.00 each, and are well worth the money. Usually one is a meal for the two of us, but David was really hungry, so we cooked a second one.  By the time we had eaten, it was going up 7:00 and we were both beat, so left the kitchen as it stood, and settled down to either watch tv or play poker.

Tommorrow, not only do I have to make up the casserole with the well thawed meat, but I also have to cook the pot roast we had planned for tomorrow, as that is thawed as well.  And since it looks like I'll be in the kitchen all day anyway, why not make the chili that we bought the beans for? We've been so lazy lately, that most of the casseroles I had frozen have been consumed, and the freezer needs re-filling.  But, Boy! have I ever been productive in the studio!

This excursion was obviously the highlight of our week, and I am grateful for not having to clean up the kitchen tonight.

Sorry to hear about Harry's brother, Beth.  Sounds scarey, and is maybe a hint that none of us is getting any younger.  Another elderly (88years old) lady was attacked and robbed here this week--after cashing in her pension cheque and taking the money to the drugstore to pay bills. It makes me very aware of how at risk older people are, not only from the physical effects of age, but also from the dangers  of our modern society.

You can find anything on the Internet

Just for fun I logged in Pigs in Blankets onto google search and found more than I really wanted although I didn't actually have time to read any of them,, or to watch the step by step video that was also offered. I'm sure I can learn all about Pigs in Blankets – in general that is – but nothing specific about 180 Maplewood and the freezer in the rafters haha
Harry's brother was air lifted to Sudbury during the night – info limited although Harry spoke with him this afternoon and we may be driving to visit him tomorrow. Sounds like arterial occlusion – his leg was numb and turning blue apparently. Always seems to be something unsettling going on. Take care

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Have to think about that one.

I know she made them with pastry and sausage meat-not sasuages. Was it Mom that made them or Dad?  And I think they were baked.  Were they made in big rolls and then sliced like cinnamon buns? You're probably right that they were made for company and not the family.  Were they not part of Christmas dinner?  That would explain them being made ahead of time and frozen.  This whole paragraph sounds like "flight of ideas", and probably most of them are wrong.  I only have the vaguest memory of them.

Sausages - more talk.....

....perhaps we are getting tired of all this "sausage talk" but here's yet another sausage enquiry. Driving around in the van today on errands, my mind began to wander from one of our conversation topics to another and yet another, until it ended somehow years ago at home where Dad was retrieving frozen Pigs in Blankets from the rafters outside and above the back door for Mom. Now, I ask you both, what did we do with them once in the house to be eaten? How did she/he make them and how were they served. I believe for  guests visiting at Christmas time but sure hope you can fill in the details for me!
It sounds by Patty's last message that you two shall be seeing each other soon? Hope you actually have time to spend together but it sounds as if it may be quick trips with buying fabric etc? Talk of Plumas reminds me of going to Plumas to a baseball tournament when I came with the boys when they were young – am I right Cathy? It serves to firm my resolve even more to make the trek this summer so that I , too, can see you both. You are really  close in distance between Winnipeg and Neepawa – so different from me living to hell and gone....haha. I have bought two new outfits so far for the trip (at my usual cheap store) and must really go through what clothes I have already before starting to spend so far ahead of the date of departure. Mind you the two outfits cost in total less than $20.00 so I really should not worry.
It is February the first, and the heater went on in the little greenhouse this morning! There are already boxes of seeds planted and in the porch windows but as soon as the temp in the green house stabilizes, I expect they will be moved. And so it begins again..... We lost a window in the glass greenhouse this winter in the roof and unfortunately we will not be able to use it until it can be fixed which will be in late spring or summer so likely no heaters and plants in there for awhile. The snow was a bit too heavy before we could clean it off and during the shovelling procedure the glass cracked and then fell in shards into the greenhouse. We were able to get a piece of plywood over the broken part but only to keep the rest of the glass and snow from falling in.   Take care for now