Thursday, February 28, 2013

Buying beef

Shopping for a bit of beef has been as exciting as my week has been.  We picked it up yesterday, and processed it this morning.  I wonder if that shouldn't have been the royal "we", as David did most of it while I stood around half asleep.  We later went to the library and I walked across the parking lot to mail a couple of letters.  The fresh air felt so-o-o good, and helped wake me up a bit.  I sure hope I sleep better tonight.

  Actually, I think I've been in a bit of a fog most of the week.  The art club I belong to has another workshop scheduled for Mar 9th and 10th, with a highly respected, internationally known teacher who, after much persuasion agreed to do it.  He doesn't generally teach, and there has been a lot of interest in this class, but that hasn't been reflected in the number of registrations, and we won't even "break even". The woman, who is acting as the liaison between the teacher and the club, got in a bit of a "tizzy", and many, many e-mails were exchanged between committee members.  These emails reflected a lot of things, such as the committee's frustration with a chair who rarely communicates, has not shown any leadership, and only talks about how she wasn't supposed to be in this committee and will be gone as soon as she can get rid of the responsibility.  The class liaison reverted into the style of a previous life, and became a raging harpy of a micro-manager, despite her obvious difficulty in reading an e-mail before responding to it.  All of this lasted about five days, and left me exhausted, mainly from biting my tongue and using every skill I have ever developed in terms of people management.  I finally, under remarkable self control, sent out an e-mail outlining the communication issues with e-mail versus face to face communication, suggesting that offence may have been taken,where none was intended, and that we should meet face to face. Quickly came two short, quick e-mail with general but vague apologies, and agreeing that a meeting was needed, and since then, dead silence.  For that I am grateful.  I think there are times when I would rather deal with propane heaters than a group of otherwise competent, middle-aged women, who engage in guerrilla warfare over the least important things, with smiles on both of their two faces, and gentle but lethal words.  I guess I am also grateful that a previous life prepared me for that sort of thing.  I actually went to an in-service presentation once that was entitled "Guerrilla Warfare".

There has been little time in the studio this week, but I did manage to get my handouts for Neepawa ready for printing.  David says that, considering they are 12 pages long, we would be better to take them to Staples for printing,and I'm all for that.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Back to work

I really enjoy having my Fridays off, but I sure hate coming back to all the work that's accumlated for me.  Today I have accomplished virtually nothing new because of a stupid plan that has all sorts of twists and turns to it.  I shall perservere. I am ignoring the other 4 plans.  I looked at one and it was all wrong.   Jim and I were playing crib last week and I got my very first ever 29!!  I was so excited my hands were shaking.  Jim said I could never play poker 'cause he could tell by the look on my face when the 5 was cut that something was happening!  Even with the 29 I almost lost the game.   It was my only good hand.  We moved a lot of Kik's stuff out on Saturday.  I don't know where she is going to put it all.  She is house sitting right now, so doesn't have to live in the new place while she sorts things.  She is house sitting an extra week, since they called and said they were having such a good time in Barbados that they were staying another week.  (nooooo,   I'm not jealous... what gave you that idea?)   I am going to the Union meeting in Brandon after work.  It is supposed to be informative so maybe I will get a better understanding of what will be happening with the takeover.  They also said they would have elections, but there appear to be more positions than we have staff in Brandon & Neepawa.   Dauphin only has 3 unionized employees.  I wonder how they will fill all the spots.  The union may have to re-define the districts.    Poor Jim.  He decided to make gravy last night with our pork roast.  He called me upstairs and asked what was in a container.  I told him it was powdered milk.  He had put some in the gravy, but I told him that was okay.  I went to get him some flour, but he said he already had some.  I came back upstairs a few minutes later, and he was adding icing sugar!  He thought it was flour.  Interesting gravy.  Time for work yet again.  Have a great week


Winnipeg Art Gallery, that is. Heard a radio commentary about the WAG and celebrating it's 100th Anniversary. Gion Gomeshi (?sp) from CBC Show Q attended this past weekend and had glowing praise for the WAG and for Winnipeg actually. It was refreshing to hear about Wpg - makes one feel good. My diet is still very nutritious - coffee and licorice allsorts lately haha And a few banana muffins. I intend to try a salad today and maybe throw in some salmon and perhaps a glass of milk just to make me think I'm eating OK. The best thing about the past few days is that the temps have been on the freezing mark and thus, and a really big plus for me, is that I have not had to light the propane heaters at night in the greenhouses. This whole week through to about Thurs is looking the same so maybe there is hope? I have been looking through dresser drawers and trying to see what I can get rid of - a thankless chore but at some point I have to cut back on my own. How many pairs of pyjamas does one need to have? What a quandry! If life were so simple! I did not watch any of the Academy Awards last night as they have never interested me and according to the post mordem on Q this morning, I didn't miss anything. I have lost all knowledge about movies and actors - can't recognize names or the young faces when they appear on the TV. The RCMP Musical Ride will be in our area June 22 and 23 and I would very much like to see them. It would be nice to plan to get tickets and attend but time will tell. Also Randy Bachman is playing in North Bay March the 6 but I don't have tickets so I guess I won't be going haha I spoke with a lady today on my walk with the dog, and we spoke about Casinos - she goes to Casino Rama in Orillia about 2 1/2 hours south of here. Apparently there is a bus that goes for the day the last Thursday of each month from the Legion and she told me the name of the person to register. I doubt if I will ever go but it is fun to think about it. Well, I just came in from outside and doing the roof and cleaning up aroubnd because it is dripping and water is pooling in places. If only this were really Spring I wouldn't mind but I am sure we are in for colder temps again and the snow just does not stop. The town backhoe came down our street this morning and pushed back all the snow banks at each driveway - this is great for me as it was getting tough to put the snow somewhere. Now I can see is traffic is coming when I pull out. My inspirational daily message today says: "Laugh it off, laugh it off; it's all part of life's rich pageant" I guess thats good advice. So here I go off laughing....Take care.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday already??

Feels a little bit like a tightrope, around here lately, but everything is relative.  Life is usually so calm around here that any action is a change.  The sewing machine was in for servicing, so that I can be sure it is working properly before taking it up to Neepawa. They had it for a week, but I'm told several things got sorted out.  We got it back Friday around noon, and I spent the rest of the day finishing a beading project, so that the machine could be put back in its rightful spot.  Saturday, I took a collage workshop at the art group I belong to.  It was one of the better classes I've taken with them, only because it was closer to what I do.  I felt comfortable within the whole process.  Today I hope to put the binding on the beaded piece, and take a picture, so that I can enter it into the new  travelling Fibre Art Network show for May.  Then spend the rest of the day working with the machine, and testing out the things they say were fixed.

I also need to spend some time working with pictures.  My Photo Shop Elements is not responding the way it should, and I need to reduce the resolution on the pictures I send along with exhibition entries. I'm hoping I will be able to do that with the photo program on the desk top, otherwise I may have a real problem.  I'm working on  March 15th deadline, so need to get on top of this asap.

For today,  I think I need to be grateful that my problems as small ones, and significant only to me.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How about Egg Fritatta

You have your sandwiches, and I have Fritatta. When in the hospital, Harry was served Vegetable Fritatta and he liked it. So once home, the recipe was searched on internet, and we have tried several since - many eggs and lots of vegetables, and different cheeses go into the recipe. It is then baked in the oven  Not bad actually, but he continues to alter the makings each time so each is a little different. To the Doctor this afternoon for the first time ( new Doctor) and tomorrow we have to go for more blood work and further tests are being booked at Huntsville. Hopefully this will start to make a difference. In meantime, I just came in from lighting the propane heaters - it is colder these last few nights - thanks to you folks in Man for sending it my way. I also cleaned off the roof again today because it is to be much milder on weekend with potential rain/snow. Oh joy and bliss. Will it ever end? I had a noise in my car for last week or two, and it was getting worse - I dropped into the garage on my way home from North Bay yesterday to make an appt for Friday, and asked if a technician could drive with me first to hear the noise. They said they could do it right away so after a little drive, and a look on the hoist, it was determined to be the right front wheel bearings - and they could fix it right away, too!! So after about 90 minutes, I was back on the road home with NO noise and a large VISA charge haha but much less anxiety which is, afterall, the desired outcome right? My hair has reached that OMG stage and yet I cannot see me making an appt soon. I thought of shaving it off but in the end realized the error of this idea. So I wash it and put it in curlers, and then in two seconds it has all fallen straight and over my face. Thank goodness I can wear a winter hat to cover it all - I have even starting putting a barrette in the top to keep it off the face and you can imagine how glamourous that looks. So how are things with you folks? I was happy to hear of your winnings Patty and how you spent your earnings - on a new phone system. I hate to set up those things. I had to get a new cell phone for Harry on Tuesday when I went to North Bay - what an experience - and not a pleasant one either to enter the sanctuary of Bell Mobility. He kept talking about me getting "a hardware upgrade" and I kept saying no I wanted the same plan - turns out hardware upgrade means "a new phone". But I did come home with a new phone free and the same plan with a 36 months contract. Then I had to read the instructions to set up the voice mail only to find out it had not been installed - a phone call to the store again got that figured out and I was able to set it up. It works now and that is all that matters (I guess?) So I must go and check the heaters, and then jump into bed to get ready for another day tomorrow. Take care

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Egg salad Sandwiches

Yesterday my Ravenesque group was to go out to Steinbach for the day.  However, the weather closed in, snow came, the wind blew and many highways were closed.  We had arranged to meet at Lagimodiere and Fermor, and with no way of contacting each other, David and I had to drive down Lagimodiere to meet and decide whether or not to take a chance.  Well, first of all we had to shovel out the car, as David discovered that the snow blower wouldn't start.  Then we barely made it down to Fermor, Lagimodiere was covered with blowing snow and barely passable.  Cars were stuck and we frequently bottomed out, but made it.   Met with Rose Anne, who was to drive me and we agreed that it was crazy to even think about hitting the highway.  She agreed to come and spend the day with me, but when we turned around to look at heading North on Lagimodiere, we realized that it was blocked, and traffic was quickly backing up all the way south.  We came home through the city.

When I spoke to Dianne in Steinbach, to let her know we wouldn't be coming, we mentioned the many egg salad sandwiches that Rose Anne had made to feed us all lunch, and I added that I had made a brownie for dessert.  Dianne told me that she had heard that you can actually freeze a brownie.  Who knew!!?  So yesterday David helped Rose Anne and I eat some of the sandwiches, and some of the Devilled eggs she had also brought, but she took quite a bit home with her, and left sandwiches for our lunch today.  Yes, we had them for lunch again today.  I think I've had enough for while, especially since I'm not supposed to eat eggs at all.

After Rose Anne left, David and I went to Club Regent for supper.  We enjoyed our evening and came home with a little extra money in our pockets.  Over breakfast we discussed what we would do with the money, and, other than paying a couple of bills, were undecided.  Still needing to run a few errands, we headed for the phone store to turn in the broken handset that we have had, and paid for, for over 15 years.  Yep, David saw a cordless set that he liked and we now have a completely new set up of phones.  The set included a built in answering machine, so, by turning in the handset, and cancelling our answering service, we figure we will have paid for the 4 wireless phones within a year.  Now all I need to do is find a teenager who can program the system up for me.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pizza instead of Perogies

I had to shop on my way home form hospital for a few things so also bought a frozen pizza for my supper last night. So as you can see I have been eating very healthy over past few days haha. It would appear that Harry will be discharged this morning (Sunday) so I brought home most of his stuff including the plant his sister brought for him, and will only have a few little things this morning. Now, I'll get the house straightened a bit before I go, and of course my chores outside with the greenhouses. For two nights now with minus twenty something temps, I have had to light up the propane heaters - great fun. I got the roof done when I came home yesterday but not the shoveling so that I will do later. And so things will get back to some normalcy I guess? I am about to check my lottery ticket so with a coffee in hand and the numbers pulled from the computer, off I go.....Take care

Friday, February 15, 2013

sloppy but not really wet here

Yesterday I volunteered at a local gallery.  We had been up late Wednesday evening, as Arrow is on at 10:00 here.  during the evening, I had been to my first quilt guild meeting in almost a year.  It was the 30th anniversary of the founding of the guild and they were honouring all of the ladies who have served as President during those years.  Since I had done a short stint as acting president, they included me, and I had received a phone call from the current President with a personal invitation to the event.  I was very nervous about going, and had probably built the situation up in my mind, but everyone was very nice and several people said they had missed me, and were glad I was back.  So on Thursday morning it was jump out of bed, curl your hair, and hit the road.  I had taken some sewing, and a book to read, as there is very little to do while you sit in the Gallery.  As it turned out, the lady who was partnered with me wanted to talk.  She was obviously not feeling well, but we chatted for about an hour and a half, and then sat a chatted some more while I stitched and she sketched.  She would ball up a piece of paper and then set it on the table and sketch --a sort of practice drill.  We had absolutely no customers come in, so the two of us sat there until closing time, locked up and came home.

When I got home, there was a message to call a friend.  This friend had been supposed to host the afternoon meeting of my Tuesday stitchery group but had cancelled at the last minute, as her beloved parrot had had a seizure Tuesday morning.  With the help of a friend they had managed to revive the parrot and the poor thing was nursed gently all day Tuesday, but now I was told that it had died on Wednesday.  My friend was quite upset, as they had been together for 20 years and little Jennie was a real pet.

Today we took my sewing machine in for servicing.  I have planned my work so that it won't be missed too much, but was hoping it would be ready for me on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, we were given no guarantees, and it might be next Saturday before we get it back.  So I was grateful today to receive two books I had ordered on machine quilting.  As I had refused to pay for "expediated" delivery, they had been sent from the USA through the post office, and I had thought it might be 5-6 weeks before I saw them.  Timely as they will keep me busy and off the streets for this evening.

Daily Calendar inspiration

I turned over the page of my daily calendar for this morning and here is what it said "There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music" (John Keats English Romantic poet)  And so, I guess it is at that, and I might as well sing...haha. Another 10 cm wet heavy snow fell last night, so early I was out with the dog trying to move it - what an effort. Then the snowplough came by and I had to start all over again to get the car out. What a hoot!  The drive to Huntsville was a little treacherous but I went slow and all is well now as I am back home for the night. I slipped into the Zellers store and bought some more of the Keurig KCups that were on sale - called Black Silk, and I find to be super delicious.I have a cup sitting in front of me as I write. Harry's sister Donna came to visit Harry this afternoon and brought her daughter Julia with her. Julia is in Ottawa at Carlton studying but is home for the "reading week" break - it was nice to see her and hear all about her courses - very hard but she is smart and does very well. Is headed towards Medicine degree but only in her first year now.Well, I shall eat and then go out to shovel and check the greenhouses and then will sit and relax for a bit. Have a happy weekend - here in Ontario it is the long weekend celebrating Family Day - I think you have a similar holiday this weekend as well don't you? I saw lots of trucks hauling snowmobiles heading north so many are going to take advantage of the snow! Take care

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope you are planning a great dinner out, dancing, and romantic evening???? As for me, I just made a nice warm coffee and have a pot for perogies on the stove boiling- that with a dab of sour cream will be my supper! What I really feel like was a glass of wine, but not knowing if I might have to go out again for some reason, such as another drive to Huntsville, I have chosen to go without - the nice coffee will suffice. And there is lots of water lying around the front and sides of the house so I shall go out and shovel waterafter I pig out on perogies haha . Thank goodness I got the roof done yesterday as the water melting with these mild temps is running off the roof right now. . And I have three cats and a dog looking at me with sad eyes saying where have you been all day and why aren't you getting our supper!. Today is the day I give them all the monthly flea medicine and so far I have caught them all except the new little one - hopefully if she comes close to me when I put her food down I can grab her and give it. She still runs all over trying to avoid the other young cat. She is just fine with the dog and the old cat though so we are making progress.Well time to eat Take care

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The mysteries of the internet

I am at work, logged in under the gmail account, but at least it let me in!  My life centres around work and home with very little in between (poor Cathy).  I always envy the two of you being retired when I have at least another 6 or 7 years to go, but I can't retire because I don't have a good pension.  At least I know that now instead of after I retired.  Even with a pay cheque there is way more month at the end of the money. (like right now!!) I seem to have had a steady cold since last fall. It is really starting to wear me down.  I am on antibiotics right now, and hopefully they will help.  I was supposed to have my scope today, but it is postponed until March 4.  I called to see if I should come in with this infection and cough and it turns out they were going to call me to postpone anyway.  We are going to see Heart on March 15th and are eating in a restaurant!! (not chicken delight!)  Of course we have to leave for Dauphin early the next morning since we have to play crib at 1pm.  We are car pooling with the same people we went to The Pas with last year.  They don't play until Sunday morning but the banquet is Saturday night.  I would love to win and go to Nova Scotia, but like I told Beth.... the year I finally win the Command the Dominion will be in Winnipeg!  Both Jim and I got our Server's Licenses so that we could volunteer at the Legion.  You'r not even supposed to be behind the bar without your license which makes it hard to help when they are busy.  You can't even load the dish washer.  Of course I no sooner got it then they needed someone to work a 3 hour shift at meat draw.  It was fun and they split the tips with me.  I got $18.00!!  They kept telling me I was lucky that it wasn't busy, but I figured it was busy enough!   I have to go to a Union Meeting on Feb 25. We got a notice that it was at 5pm, so I wrote them and asked how they could represent Neepawa when the meeting was in Brandon, an hours drive away, but only 30 minutes after the office closed.  They said they would wait until Neepawa got there before starting.  When I first got a response from the Union, they told me they had passed it onto a staff representive... Loren Findlay!  I did want to attend this meeting because it will be dealing with our takeover by Teranet. We might get some of our questions answered.  They also wanted to hold elections, but I think there are more positions open than there is staff in the Brandon & Neepawa offices combined.  Speaking of work, I guess I should do some.  Talk to you again soon

Monday, February 11, 2013

We live in Canada, and what's more, we live in central Canada, where winter is often the main topic of conversation.  I want to know about your life and how you are dealing with it. Please don't censor.

I picked up the third, and most recent "Mercy" book by Lori Anderson today.  i think I may well be the first to read it, as we got the notice last Friday and the book was only taken into the library on Thursday.  I had thought the title was "Mercy Rule" but it turns out it is "Merciless".  I just skimmed the back cover, and was glad to see that she is still with her lover, as there was some doubt at the end of the last one,  ( I guess so, after she ran against him for Sheriff).  His is a likable character.  It is one of those books that has a series of discussion question at the end to use if you are part of a book club, and i find those interesting to read.

The fish are finished, but a bit less than I had hoped.  I have a picture, but I'm not sure which computer I can use to post it.  I have a hunch it's the desktop, and I have limited access to that.  I stewed over those fish for months, and had been concerned, as I had no other piece in mind for when they were finished.  But last night, in bed, an idea came to me and it is fully developed in my mind, and about 1/3 done already. So, if I work hard, I may have choice of pieces to send to the exhibition.

I, too, had a sort of bridging for my pension.  I lost half of it when I got the Canada Pension at age 60, and lost the rest of it at 65.  Mine was just over $320/month, but was still a bit of a jolt to get over.  It had been a
package that was available for only a limited time,as they got rid of surplus, that had come about when HSC and St. Boniface pension plans merged.  I was lucky enough to retire at the right time. fortunately, I got a letter a few months in advance of losing it, but, yeah, it was so easy to forget in the course of life.  I'm very grateful for David's indexed military pension. We would be in trouble without it, and it was a major factor in our decision to retire early.

Weather Updates ad nausium....?

I figure that my postings are so repetative that they require no profound responses ? All I seem to write about is my misery with snow and ice and rain and heating greenhouses so I guess I better change direction, eh?
I plan to take a picture of my shawl today and get it developed when in North Bay tomorrow so I can send to you - it is not completed yet but so very close that I think you'll get the idea. I will write out a little description direct from the book that explains a bit of the "why" about the pattern. The stories that accompany the patterns are the meat of the book really and so interesting to read. Some of the patterns I would never try mainly because I not only don't like the finished effect but also because some of the directions seem complicated. I am sitting here with a nice warm coffee made on the Keurig machine. We found some KCups on sale at the Zellers store in Huntsville when we went to get Harry's new glasses. That store will close for good in March without another new venture planned. In North Bay the Zellers closed end of January and is being converted into a Target store. That should be interesting to see how it's presence will affect the Hart Store, and the new Giant Tiger being built as well as the current Walmart. I never go into the Winners Store so don't really know how much business it is doing. Last week I bought four used fabric napkins at the Rebuilt Store - 25 cents each so not a big expense but good enough for me to fool around with folding from my new book. I have a can of spray starch that I will use to stiffen them a bit and make my practice folding a bit easier. I cut up some paper towels rolls into smaller circles and covered them with fabric and a ribbon and voila, a napkin holder. This is going nowhere except to give me a bit of relief once in awhile and may be thats just fine! I have an eye appt on Wednesday and anxious to see if any real change in my vision since last time. I got a shock in the mail the other day from my Hospital Pension saying all my "bridging $" since I retired will be eliminated in April - somehow I had forgotten about this - I guess I was enjoying the money every month without thinking that when I turn 65 everything will change - sure I'll get the OAS but it will only be about half as much as the bridging has been. I guess I'll have to mourn a bit and then get used to less moneyhaha Actually my Hospital benefits plan will also cease in April and so I'll have to transition to Harry's provincial pension benefits. So many changes..... well the start of another week and hoping you are all fine.Take care

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Look out for more snow!

A big storm is coming through but so far seems to be predicted as being worse a bit south of here but nevertheless we should be getting a fair amount. Toronto is already calling for the Army like it did years ago when it snowed a lot. Lets see what happens by this time tomorrow. I don't want any more snow but will deal with it if I have to. We have the two propane heaters set up now in the greenhouses and I have already had an incident. I started the one in the smaller greenhouse and had to bend over to turn down the electric heater and my jacket caught on fire as it got too close to the propane element. I am terrified of these heaters and yet have to manage them. Hope it goes OK. I know our memories are short lived but from my recollections, this winter has been the worst ever......or is it as I get older, I am getting tired of it all? The next door neighbour who I told you was moving, told me today that they are moving into an apartment in Huntsville - and I thought what a great idea!! The van hasn't started since that really cold spell a few weeks ago...I had it plugged in today, but alas, the battery is dead now. I will have to boost it with my car I guess tomorrow. What fun.  In meantime, I am knitting my shawl and soon will be finished - it is looking very nice and gives me a sense of satisfaction. I liked to get your ideas on new authors Patty that you mentioned in your last blog, and have written the names down for future reference. I am almost finished The Santuary by Raymond Khoury and then will get into the series I bought for the Ereader. Time to go and check the heaters and  then hopefully some reading before bed. Hey, Cathy - what are you up to? Take care

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

more cooking

Today I made the Potato-Leek soup from the Kraft recipes.  I had this many years ago at a pot luck and thought I might enjoy it again.  It was a little fussy to make, but made up quickly.  Quite tasty after I added a little salt, and there is enough for another couple of servings.  Too late I read the nutritional breakdown, and realized that I shouldn't get anywhere near it.  Too much sodium and too many calories.  Monday I made lasagne.  We had bought  jar of pasta sauce that was on sale, and then spent even more money buying the makings for the lasagne. Then the jar wasn't quite big enough, so I mixed in a jar of Alfredo sauce that had been in the pantry far too long.  I guess that made Rose sauce, didn't it.  Any way it was so-o-o good.  And there are two more tucked away in the freezer.

I will be taking my sewing machine in for a general servicing on Friday, so don't want to start anything right now.  It has been hard used, and needs a little TLC.  As well, I don't want any problems when we go up to Neepawa.  So I have been working on the piece for the FAN show that will debut in Penticton this spring.  Today I finally got down to painting the fish, and actually have them cut out and ready to fuse.  I'm going to leave it up on the wall for a few days, until I'm sure about where I want them to be within the piece.  I have been procrastinating on this for months and now the April 1st deadline looms. Actually, when I think about it, the deadline is probably a little sooner than that, as I have to have a photo to send with the entry form. April 1st, is when it must be in the mail.

Otherwise I read.  Found a series that is a violent and fairly "earthy".  It is the "Mercy" series by Lori Armstrong.  I have read "No Mercy" and "Mercy Kill", and am waiting for the library to find "Mercy Rules" for me.  David is very much enjoying the Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke, but I read one, and then couldn't get into any more.  I may try again, as I am finding it difficult to find new books art the library.  Most new books are published in the spring and fall.

today I am grateful, yet again, that I don't have to get up and go to work every morning.  The snow just doesn't stop and the cold remains with us.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Must be quiet...

as David came to me this morning and suggested that I should get busy, as I hadn't blogged in awhile.  Did the test class for my Advanced Machine Quilting class, and despite all my efforts to cut down on the information I want to teach, the class is just too full.  Two ladies suggested that it should be a two day class.  So back to the drawing board.  It really shouldn't be too much of a job to take sections out, certainly not as much as would be having to write them and make the samples.  And there will still be a bunch of stuff left over, so, maybe for a follow-up class??!

But I was absolutely exhausted last night.  Sat in front of the tv watching really stupid reality shows.  At 9:00 I found one ( or maybe it found me, as I wasn't changing channels) that I hadn't seen before, so that was okay, but after that it was straight to bed.  Today we get to put the basement back into its usual form.  David was up a little earlier than I, and tells me that the two extra tables are down, and the rug is back in place, but I imagine the rest of the work is pretty "putter-y", so will fall to me.

I found a book at the library that was #3 of a trilogy, except it didn't say that until you got into the forward.  It was a new release one week special, so I took it back, and discussed it with the librarian, who ultimately found me the other two books.  Except saying we discussed it with the librarian is a bit of an mis-statement.  She discussed it with herself, while we listened.  She is the funniest thing.  She literally thinks out loud as part of the conversation, and follows the most illogical convoluted chain of thought. One minute of conversation with her leaves your head spinning. We have dealt with her once or twice before, and generally tend to avoid her, but she is ecstatic about being asked a question, and jumps in with both feet trying to be helpful, as well as being relentless in solving the problem.  When I broke my shoulder, I asked about a book showing the anatomy of the shoulder.  I ended up with a pile of books covering the table, everything she thought might be useful, from every section of the library including children's, all of which she would have had to return to the shelves.

Friday night was a huge disappointment!   The show "Arrow" that we have been watching has turned out to be as a result of a one month free trial of pay TV, and we are unlikely to ever see it again.  Too bad, some nice eye candy on that show.

Since it's still morning, and I haven't been up that long, I'm not sure what makes me most grateful for today.  I'm very grateful that David has got a head start on the basement.  I'm grateful that I was able to do a test class for my workshop, and that I have time to revise, as a result of feedback from the class.  I'm grateful that we planned ahead, and have enough food and gas, so that we don't have to go out in the cold, cold weather.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Taking its toll?

This horrible changeable weather must be taking its toll on us all - the blog has been quiet for awhile but I will write a few words before hitting the bed and listening to Randy Bachman. Afterall, it is Saturday night date! My Maplewood cactus is covered with blossums and what a glorious sight! I am so happy that it is finally, after so many dorment years, it is coming to life. I only hope I can care for it the same as you folks care for yours - yours always look so healthy. This one is filling out beautifully now and as I said, a surprise to see so many flowers. I bought a few more books for my Ereader off KOBO - a new series and author that I have not read yet so really hoping that I shall like his writing. It is The Bower Series by Steven James. Anyone read him? I have made an appt to see the eye doctor the end of February, so I may have to make a decision about cataracts depending on what he tells me he sees on examination. I am feeling that they are getting worse and now find driving to be a bit of a pain. The elderly couple who have live next door to us for a few years now told me that they have sold their house and will be moving out April 29. I shall be sad to see them go and we got along very well. Apparently the new owner is the sister of a lady who lives across the street and is from Holland. I don't know the lady across the street at all, so perhaps she and her sister will socialize and I won't have to worry about getting along. Aren't I awful! Hope all is well with everyone and hang in there as the winter is going to be over in 6 weeks. Two out of four groundhogs today predicted an early Spring so I'll go along with them and plan on it. The greenhouses are surviving still but takes a bit of tending. I got water in my basement the other day during the rain - came in through the window above the washing machine - just enough to make me mad. All the shoveling of the roof so far and no leaks there, but why all of a sudden water in to the basement? Take care