Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Spring yard work

Yard work around here as well but of a different sort. When I had Poulin's out to spray the patio last year, I was told to call again in the spring, as that was the time to spray for aphids.  So they were out again this morning to spray, not only for aphids, but ants throughout the entire yard.  You should have seen the extension wand they used for the tree!  I had to take the pictures through the window, as we were shut up inside while the spraying went on.

The whole thing didn't take very long, and cost less than expected.  I had put aside a bit from our tax refund, expecting to have to add to it, but there's enough left over to buy a cup of coffee!

Yesterday was the Annual General Meeting of my art group, and the end of my term as Workshop Registrar.  I went in this morning and made an official hand over to the lady who will replace me.  She told me a couple of things that make me think she's going to give them a good run for their money, and either initiate a lot of changes, or destroy the group, but I'll not be part of it.  So I walk away feeling I've made a good decision, but still with some lingering regrets.

This afternoon David has an appointment at St. Boniface.  This is an appointment that had been made for a couple of months from now, but we managed to get a cancellation, so we don't dare miss it.  It's probably a good idea to get away from the house for a few hours, as we can small the malathion.  We were told to give it four hours before going outside, unless we're leaving the area.  I wonder if malathion works on people who operate grow-ops?

So it sounds as though all three of us have garden concerns.  Cathy yearns for a fire, Beth wants it gone, and my goal is to be able to sit on the patio to drink my coffee, but maybe not today.

Got my grocery bags back

What a hoot. We went to Huntsville yesterday and into Metro I went asking for my bags. The lady approached me and when I said my name she smiled and said Oh yes they put them back here and I followed to a small office - my name on a note taped on the bags. Another mystery solved as I got them back but still don't understand their disappearance. This time I placed them inside the cart so that I would avoid a repeat, haha ! 
The rest of the day was spent in the yard. Gradually getting tomatoes into pots but this takes digging into the large compost box at the back of the yard to retrieve compost soil to put in bottom of the big pots. Can you believe that the centre of the pile of compost is still frozen. Gave away some more tomatoes as well - a couple who came last year drove up to enquire if we were giving any away again. Last year Harry put a notice on community bulletin board at the Post office but this year we did not. We got a few "undesirables" from last years offer so didn't want to go through that again. This lady was checking the board and saw nothing so they decided to check it out in person. A very nice couple actually and then ended up sitting with us for a while (fighting the black flies furiously). They will be back today to get the balance of the plants as not all could fit into the car trunk.  Also Harry went to a house at the end of our cul de sac to a couple who had stopped one day to admire (from the road) the plants in the greenhouse - at the time we had them inside there. She was surprised that Harry took some plants to her especially since we really did not know them.
But don't worry folks, even with all this giveaway we still plenty for ourselves haha  Only thing really bothering me is a flareup of my poor old arthritic hands. I am in constant pain especially the right hand - from all the extra physical work - as I use my hands for all the digging and planting and weeding. Oh woo is me!
Time for coffee and a bowl of cereal.  Yesterday I made a delicious meal in the slow cooker. Put it on before we left for Huntsville. Harry insisted on buying all these pork chops awhile back - we have so many in the freezer. But he won't eat any so I am coming up with different ways to cook them for myself. I cut them into bite size pieces and floured them and browned them before putting into crock pot with carrot coins and potato chunks and frozen green beans and a gravy mix. They simmered beautifully and I really enjoyed the "stew" I made. Enough for today as well.  Take care

Monday, May 29, 2017

Back to work

I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning but I knew I had to. It wasn't that it was early. I have been waking up about the same time, but I have been snuggling back down for half an hour.  Today I watched the clock until 6:25 than got out.  Got to work expecting to catch up on emails and stuff, but, oh gosh!  The system was down.  55 minutes and 3 re-boots and I got limited connection.  And what was waiting for me?  An email from the office manager asking if people were having trouble logging on.  Gee, lets send an email an ask if the computers are working!!!  They didn't get things working properly until about 1pm.  So much for catching up.    I did manage to get some things done while I was  on holidays.  The garden, the windows, the bathroom etc. but it was really windy the whole time, so a lot of outside work just didn't get done. It was very cold today, but it should warm up starting tomorrow.  Thursday is supposed to be 27!  Yesterday I cut back all the Saskatoons that were hit by spray last summer.  I had thought more branches would survive, but there were at least 4 bushes that were all dead.  The good news is that there is new growth coming from the roots.  No berries for a couple of years, but they are still a bit alive. ( Barring another dose of spray drift.)  One of the nanking cherries got hit too, which I didn't notice last year.  I will cut it back this week.  We didn't have a single fire while I was off, because of the wind.  That was a bit of a disappointment, but hopefully this week.   I am going to buy a lottery ticket tomorrow. 60 million on Friday. That would get me a couple of pairs of new underwear!

Today's Adventure

This morning I was to have delivered my piece to be hung in a show in the gallery in Selkirk.  Our normal route is to drive North on Hwy. 59, and then cross the river at the old, former lift bridge, right in downtown Selkirk.  This is the route I used for the two years I worked out there, and we know how much time it takes, almost to the minute.  Well, we got North of Hwy 44 and there was a sign, telling us that the road to that bridge was closed. Our options were to turn around and head back to Lockport, or drive a little way North to Hwy 4, where there is a huge bridge affectionately called " The Bridge to Nowhere", because that's basically what it is.  We chose option #2.  When we turned onto Hwy 4, what do we see before us but a house slowly moving down the road ahead of us with a few vehicles backed up behind it.  And we're in a bit of a time crunch.  So we followed the house to the base of the bridge, where he pulled off the road  bit to let the backed up traffic pass.  We were the last car to get through before they closed off the bridge, both ways, to allow the house to travel over it.  And we made it to the gallery just in time!

Then we went grocery shopping. Again, I bought my pharmacy items separately, and they still cost $135.00.  This has been a real eye opener. Since we don't pay for our drugs this early in the year, as we have healthy deductible, it looks like we're spending that much on supplements and pain killers just about every month.  So, while my new lifestyle has cut our food budget significantly, the money is going elsewhere.

The other difference is in my pantry.  With no longer buying snacks etc, and having got rid of outdated stuff, that is no longer used, the shelves are getting bare.  This has meant that I can bring some of the food-related things upstairs from the basement storage area. This is making managing the food a little more efficient.  So the effects of the new lifestyle are more wide spread that I first thought.

And so another week starts...

..and with rain of course! A bit of a dumper last night and thunderstorms in the forecast.
We had a nice visit with Mike and Erin yesterday. Her Birthday is next Friday, and her family is coming that weekend so we went yesterday to celebrate with them.  I bought choc cake, and we made a platter of sandwiches, and a veg tray. And we loaded the car with tomatoes - not only for Mike and Erin, but also for his friend Clay. Clay dropped in for coffee just after we arrived. He is a long time friend of Mike from school, and then the Army - they both served in Afghanistan but at separate times. Clay and his family, wife and two sons, live in Markstay, and I believe was a big factor in Mike and Erin buying there, when Erin got her new job in Sudbury. It is always a good day for me when we visit with them.
Now we are hard into the yard to get it organized. So many of the seeds planted are now coming up and it looks busy with growth. We got one load of rocks yesterday when we got home and another will be got today to complete another raised small plot of ground for Harry to plant.
Pati, how did you enjoy your ATC luncheon yesterday. And Cathy, how are things in your neck of the woods?
Well, coffee time and then who knows haha! Take care

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Retail Therapy

Since I now accept my size, and don't anticipate any more weight loss, we discussed it, and decided that I needed a new pair of jeans.  We were also driven by the three coupons I've been hoarding since March, of a total of $125.00 off.  The two $50.00 ones, that came last March were on regularly priced stuff, but the $25.00 of was on anything in the store.  The two big ones are up at the end of next week, so that was a consideration.  So off we went, and when the dust settled, I had four pairs of pants and four summer T-shirts, and still have one $50.00 left.  But, the exciting part was that I discovered that I've gone down yet another size in trousers!  This was one reason for buying more than I had anticipated.  The other reason was the prices I got.  A couple of the trousers were 40% off the sale price, and a couple of the T-shits were buy one, get one.  so I got a pair of designer jeans for $35.90, that had an original price of $109.90, and they look go-o-o-d.  More incentive to maintain the gains I've achieved. 

I also had a 50% off one item Micheal's coupon.  I haven't shopped in Michael's in ages, but we did today.  We even found a couple of things I didn't know I needed, until we saw the sale price.

So all together a good day, until you realize that I have $0.07 in my checking account, and had to use plastic money.  The final bonus was at Starbucks where I used free food points to buy us a small treat.

One of the things I went to Micheal's for was  a mixed media sketch book, that I had seen in a flyer.  I've been making my ATC's with watercolour paper out of my watercolour sketch book, and it's just too light weight.  When I saw the other on sale for buy one, get one at 50% off, it seemed like a good idea.  I also picked up a pair of good shears for 50% off, with my coupon. Tomorrow is my ATC luncheon, and the timing was right, as well.

Now off to wash my new clothes, so we can shorten them to fit.

Just had a surprise

Harry and I were working outside in the yard and the local florist delivery van pulled into the driveway.  Out of the van  he came with a bouquet in his hands and up the driveway with a big smile as I approached him with wonder.  I looked surprised and then he said the names. My face must have shown a bit of disappointment, and he checked the order and said "is this 4 Robert Street?"  No, I had to reply, this is 4 Robertson Court. He had to ask where Robert Street was ( which surprises me as this florist has been in town for years) So I directed him to the other side of town and off he went with the flowers. Here I thought you folks must have collected and sent me some flowers just for the hell of it! haha!
So on with the day and with a little chuckle to enjoy!  Take care
ps In Metro yesterday I was shopping around with the cart. As I enter the store I always put my bag full of shopping bags underneath the cart on the rack. Fits nice and I've never had any trouble.  When we got to the checkout, I looked for the bags to give to Harry. None. I asked Harry if he had the bags and he shook his head No.  I was dumbfounded. So I bought two more new bags at 99 cents each. Harry took the groceries out to the car as I walked all around the store up and down every aisle and I must say, as well, looking in other people's carts to see if I could spot my bags. They are not easily hidden so I thought sure I would see them laying in an aisle. No luck and out I went feeling really awful. Still thinking about it this morning, I called the Store and inquired. Guess what! They have them behind the Customer Service desk! So on Tuesday, I shall be able to retrieve my lost bags. The thing of this is, and quoting Pati who so often refers to "that crazy old woman", I think that I am possessed as well. Pati, did you send her my way to be rid of her? Too many situations like in nature to this, are happening to me!

You have done a wonderful job in achieving goals

Pati, I can understand much of what you are expressing in your blog - natural to feel this way, but your most important thought is that "you have done it so far". Dr Phil says: your weight loss in an ongoing journey, one you live every day. So I commend you for thinking positively and deciding to forge ahead with the Management Phase. Dr Phil also warns: to guard against the various danger zones and traps that can ruin everything you've done to this point....Your success has been noticeable and welcomed and you acknowledge how you have embraced this new life style and your desire to maintain it.  So go for now have the confidence to keep moving on, and you have me as a cheering squad behind you all the way! Good for you Yeah !!

Friday, May 26, 2017


I have been stressing over my new lifestyle.  While there have been minor ups and downs, I have not really lost any weight since the beginning of March.  I have well and truly plateaued.  Even My doctor has said that all weight losses, such as mine, plateau at some point.  I knew that I was tempting fate by not following the exercise part of the regime, but the doctor has told me "no weight bearing exercises, stick to the pool."  "The pool" is not feasible, so I have just tried to move more, walking and stair climbing, when I can.  Yeah, I know, both of those involve weight bearing, but they're part of life, so I just don't go out of my way to avoid them.

So, instead of making myself feel like a failure, because I'm not a failure, I've accomplished a lot, I'm thinking of accepting what I've gained, accepting the need to maintain a healthier lifestyle, and move on within that new lifestyle. Today was my last executive meeting with my art group, so, in the spirit of acceptance, we went out for supper, to celebrate, and I indulged a bit. Tomorrow I'll have an orange and yogurt for breakfast, and read on in my book, into the maintenance chapter--the one I haven't dared look at yet.  Maybe, in a couple of months, if my maintenance is successful, I'll re-visit, the earlier chapters. Since I appear to have been successful at maintenance for the last three months, there should be no reason, that my plan shouldn't succeed.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Having fun

Well, Beth, there's always a price to having fun, and sometimes it's well worth it.  I'm so glad you enjoyed the trip.  Did they do things like play Bingo on the bus?  We haven't been on a bus trip like that in a very long time, but I remember playing bingo, and watching movies. Once we got a movie with a well known actor ( James Coburn, I think ?) telling us all about how to play slot machines and win, or at least, have an idea of the odds.  I'm glad the experience didn't scare you off, and you've decided to go again.  But you didn't get to see that beautiful ladies' washroom in Karlstad ND, always a high point of any trip. lol

What a wonderful day....

Back home again after my trip to Casino Rama. Pouring rain outside all day... but no concerns as we were inside the casino. The promotional motto for Rama is The Great Indoors, and it was exciting. These places are truly showcases in excessiveness, aren't they? I now have my own player passport card and have accumulated a total of 3 points so far, haha! The profits for my first time were nil ( read this as I lost all the money I took into the casino with me) but the fun was worth it. The Buffet was more than one would ever need to consume, but I did splurge and had the most delicious bread pudding for dessert.  Ruth, my neighbour with whom I went, and I played several different machines and tried to catch on best we could - she was not shy to ask people how to play so we learned a great deal to put into action on our next trip. We already signed up for the trip June 29. All in all a good day. Now back to reality....Harry did a lot of work in the garden today in spite of the rain - he played himself out. All for now, but I thought you might like to hear that the day was indeed, a good day for me. Take care

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Beautiful pictures

Exciting to log onto the blogs and see pictures.  It must have been a fun evening to see the recital. I see the picture of Jess and see Amber. Both girls have grown up so much - I still picture them in my mind as when I last saw them at the Lake. Enjoy them when, and as often as you can Pati.  Its nice to hear about the all family gatherings that are organized, and you must feel pretty special!
Do either of you want some mice?  It seems my little Tigger is a real mouser, and is teaching our middle cat to partake as well. This after noon was a real circus as Tigger trapped a mouse in the bathroom - I was in with him trying to catch it and in spite of covering under the door with a towel, out it got and thank goodness Tigger chased after it - several times he had it in his mouth but I think he was toying with it and not too serious about finishing it off. Then our middle cat (Precious) got into the act and cornered it in the hall at which time I had a plastic measuring cup and a flat cover and caught it. Outside it went and let go some distance from the house. During this fiasco, Mike called about our visiting this weekend ( Erin's Birthday) so he was getting a blow by blow commentary as I was trying to chase after the cats.  Harry cannot deal with mice (I've always had to take the role of mouse catcher around here) Made for some fun, but points out that we have "mouses in the houses" although restricted to the basement most times. I think Tigger is scaring them up from the basement.
Well, tomorrow I'm off to Casino Rama. Hoping for a nice day away.  I shall have something exciting to share with you both on the blog.  For now, it's time to get ready for bed time - take my Scooby out, close up outside, and then read for a bit.  Trying to finish the book The Girl on the Train. I've been at it for awhile but only because I haven't been reading much at night time lately - too bushed from working all day, and eyes too sore to read more than a chapter.  Bye for now....

Jessica's recital

Last evening was Jessica's dance recital.  She has been studying at a dance school that has opened in Lorette, and takes students from both Lorette and Ile des Chenes. This was a little different than those I've attended with Gillian, but then Gillian's school, RWB,  had a much more traditional focus. Last evening there was still a bit of traditional ballet, but, of course, not at the same level. But you could see in the moves and choreography the preliminary training for the more advanced work. There was a lot of Hip-Hop--a LOT of hip hop!  And I really questioned some of the music-right now I don't care if I never hear any more rap of hip-hop!  A major difference was in the amount of more gymnastic type moves.  I guess they wanted to demonstrate their flexibility.  The whole purpose of  this is to show the parents what their money bought, and lure them back for another year.  I also noticed what I term as a lack of manners within the audience, and wondered if this represented a general breakdown in courtesy, or if it was because everyone knew everyone else, and there were a lot of small children present.

After we got home, we found that Amber had e-mailed us pictures.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Just hanging...

Outside work all day but productive. Lots of tomatoes planted and I did the marigolds, and herbs. The herb garden is looking pretty spiffy! Today I had a salad of kale, basil and parsley with creamy poppy seed dressing. Lots of kale to get through so I guess I shall be having many more of the same, haha!
I am about to see if there is new show to watch on The Quilt Show to watch before bed.  I need to unwind. I took Scooby to another Vet this afternoon for a second opinion. Not good news. I shall enjoy her company as long as I see prudent for her, and then we shall say our goodbyes.  I have just poured a rye straight up with ice cubes, and have maria cookies as my nibbles. Think this will help?  Anyway, all for now. Take care

Monday, May 22, 2017

A somewhat productive day

It's been chilly and windy and rainy--not conducive to outside work, so we've spent the day puttering.  I'm still trying to use up the 2 1/2" fabric strips I bought a few years ago.  They call it a "jelly roll", and the tote pattern I've used, Beth, is for the "Jelly tote".  I've also put aside the pattern and fabric, more of the darn "jelly roll", for the "reversible Jelly tote".  Then I looked at what was left over, and realized that the strips had been cut shorter for a project I did some time ago. So I sewed almost all of them side-by-side, put a 4" border around it and called it done.  Another pieced top ready for quilting.  I'll finish it and take it to the craft sale at the end of September.  Maybe I can get  a few bucks for it, and if not, off it goes to the charity.

Feeling sort of "blah" most of the day, I spent some time playing Candy Crush, too.  Before my computer died, I was up to about level 480, but, of course, lost everything, and had to download and start over when the computer came back. Playing periodically over the past four days, I've made it up to level 43 again. What a surprise this morning when, just as I had completed another level, I got a notice saying that I had won the 1st prize for collecting spaceship bonuses!  I got about 8 boosters.  Do you have "Larry and his spaceship" on your game Cathy?  I did notice that the game adjusts to the players skill, so I'm back to some more difficult tasks, even if the level number is low.

Tomorrow my big sewing machine comes back.  I've tidied away the smaller machine and got the area ready.  This means no more fooling around, and back to serious stuff. so I'll send the evening playing poker, and maybe reading a bit.  Anything to take my mind off food.

Busy Sisters

My first time on the computer since last week and so much to read!  Beth, I am so sorry to hear about Scoobie's illness.  They are our family, aren't they.  It has been very cool here.  Low teens for the highs and single digit nights. Unfortunately some of the nightimes had minus signs. The bleeding heard took quite a beating and the potatoes, that were just poking out of the ground frose.  I sure hope they come back again.  the only flowers blooming are the irises.  None of my herbs seem to be back, except, I think I found some chives.  There is no frost in the forecast for the near future so I think we are okay for now on.  I had rhubarb. It got to be about 5 inches long and went to seed.  There are some pieces I am going to salvage but it gets so bitter when it bolts like that.  Our lawn mower is still out in an attempt to fix it.  Jim has twice asked to borrow the neighbours mower and both times Carrie came over and mowed the lawn for him.  Good neighbours. I think today might be the one day of my holidays that I take to relax and read.  The forecast is cool, cloudy and windy (when will that wind ever stop!!!)  I either wash windows and floors, and clean the bathroom or I read.  Tough choice.  Jim was sick last night and is not feeling good today.  There is still that flu going around so maybe it is his turn.  I stayed upstairs and had a bagel for breakfast. Didn't even ask if he wanted anything except tea.  Poor baby :(  I think I will now play a game of candy crush.  very important work.


If you use the words quiet contentment then I would say all is well for the time being, anyway?  And what a treat to see all your accordion pouches - all lined up in a row on your sewing machine. This to me is real contentment. I have the pattern put away and think about what fat quarters I might have but that is extent of my progress. Oh, and I also went onto the Utube to see the Reversible Toto Bag video and printed the pattern. Then I reread your blog and it only said Tote Bag. So back I went and printed pattern for Giant Tote Bag. Which one were you referring to Pati? Not that I will do this anytime soon but for me it is incentive enough to sort of "keep me in the game". 
Rainy days lay ahead as was yesterday rainy, so not too much in outside work accomplished. But the temps are moderate so no worries about frost for awhile.  The Kale is ready to eat - I was just out with Scooby and picked a few leaves to eat right there on the spot - nice and tender and good tasting. I think I will have salad today - I have all the fixings from your recipe Pati.  Some basil is ready too, so I'm thinking that I better get my palette tuned up for lots of salad eating. There are tomatoes already on some plants but too early for anything to eat.  I have been picking asparagus as I make my rounds in the garden and eating it right on the spot as well. There is never enough to pick and make a meal so I tend to graze around the yard and nibble haha! You mentioned rhubarb and I am going to pick some this week here  for eating but have in mind some rhubarb pineapple jam as well. Harry has it in his mind to search out more rhubarb plants to plant in the garden, so towards that end yesterday we traveled about a bit looking for a garden place he spotted on his garage sale trip Saturday. We couldn't find it but I know the search is not up yet. 
In one box of items Harry picked up this weekend was an unopened box of Tarot called The Secret Tarot (Renaissance Symbols of Science, Magic and Myth Reveal the Future) The cards are elaborately decorative, and the book is written in great detail (really great detail) with pages written for each card including reversed interpretations. I have yet to read it but took time to take out cards, and place in a little cotton bag I had. Once I get organized, I have another piece of your silk, Pati, and shall fashion a better bag. This will a fun thing for me to pursue eventually.
Well, maybe time for a toasted bagel and another coffee before the day starts in earnest. Always love this quiet time.  Take care

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Quiet contentment

I struggle to find something to say about my day, but lately most of the day has been spent in the studio.  I am on phase one of my lifestyle routine, and the diversion is important, as my body is screaming for raisins, the way it used to scream for chocolate chips a few months ago. We make one trip out per day, mainly for my coffee, but often there is an errand to run, such as checking lottery tickets, not that we ever win anything.  This trip is usually in the afternoon about 2:30, as, during the week I can then go home and drink my coffee while watching Dr. Phil.  But also because I have found that late afternoon is when my resistance to the screams is at it's lowest ebb.  A couple of times, circumstances dictated that I have my coffee in the morning, and on those days I often indulged myself a little more than I should have.

My studio time lately has been spent exploring a series of videos on U-Tube put out by a fabric store called Shabby Fabrics.  I think you have seen a couple of those, Beth.  I've been playing, and often have trouble stopping.  A picture says a thousand words--need I say more?

Since then, I've been playing with a couple of tote bag patterns, and using up some fabric I bought a few years back.  Beautiful fabric, but for some reason, I bought a roll of 2 1/2" strips of it.  What ever possessed me?LOL

We have very little planned this week, as it's near the end of the month, and money is scarce.  Jessica has taken up dance this year, for some reason, and she has a recital this Tuesday, which I will attend.  And here I was thinking that that part of my life was over.  David is antsy to go to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2, as am I, but being cheap, we wait for Tuesday, and this Tuesday is booked, with the recital.  He'll drive me and pick me up, as always, but it's only a few minutes from home.

The computer is working well, except I need to use passwords for everything (every flippin' thing!) I've even been able to do some research on the internet on a couple of topics that I might want to explore in the studio.  Do you detect a trend here?  And, as often these days, a couple more of Miss Julia's adventures was waiting at the library.  What are other people reading?  She is starting to piss me off with her attitude.  I won't order any more of her books for awhile.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

A nicer day today

but still too chilly to sit out to drink my coffee. I'm  quite looking forward to being able to do that, even if I only have a filthy ant covered table to use.  I'm planning on having the exterminator out soon to take care of the ants, and the aphids in my tree, as well. David spent time working in the garden today, and we had our first picking of rhubarb. He stewed it up. but we plan on a couple of batches of Rhubarb Pineapple jam this year.

 We are cautiously optimistic about the Lady Slippers.  David has been weeding, a lot more than other years, and has even provided a little more water than other years.  Now we have found four separate sites, two doing quite well, and two struggling. All through the years we have left them to "thrive on neglect" but we almost lost them a few years ago to drought, and they really have never come back.  I remember the year we had the whole bed full of them, and neighbours were sneaking up the driveway next door to see them.

Otherwise the garden is slowly coming to life.  Fruit is setting in the cherry trees, and the peonies are all now growing like weeds.  There are even a couple of buds on the ones on the South side of the house.  The ones we never see, that are often buried in snow from the neighbour's driveway, in winter. Leaves are sprouting in the front garden, and my little Maple bush looks wonderful.  I'm hoping the rabbit has forgotten it's there.

I spent the day playing with another Shabby Fabric pattern for a "Jelly Tote".  I'm well pleased with the way it turned out, and may use the same proportions when I design one for my self. There are also  a couple of other patterns of theirs on Utube that I want to look at.

Started Phase one of my eating routine today, which means a bed time snack of prunes.  Need I say more? So it's off to bed when I post this.

Good Saturday morning to you...

Just came inside from sitting by my fire with Scooby.  It felt like a good morning to make a fire.  Harry is off to the garage sales ( yes, it is that time of year again) and I am at home to putter about.  I was outside at 5am this morning spraying all the plants. It went below freezing and we had frost - it may have not been ground frost but nevertheless, cannot take a chance since there has been so much work and $ put into all these plants. Already we have taken plants to Harry's sister, and now have plants set aside to go to Mikes for him and his friend. And Harry phoned the folks in Sprucedale to see how many they wanted. So it goes on and on.
So hoping the long weekend will be fun for all. No plans here except yard work. I'll try and squeeze in a bit of house work haha!
Thinking ahead to Thursday of this coming week and my planned trip to Casino Rama with the neighbour lady. I am actually looking forward to the outing. Lately my Lottery tickets have come up empty - no winnings - not even a free play. Very disappointing. But there is always HOPE right?
Must go and tend to things. (like maybe another coffee hehe) Take care

Friday, May 19, 2017


Oh Beth, what a difficult time for you!  I guess this is one of the responsibilities we accept when we have pets. We've been through it a couple of times in this house, and it's never easy.  We watched the same process  going on in that other blog we have followed, and while everything was kept "upbeat", you also knew the agony they faced. My heart is with you.

Glad you are back as well

You are amazing to be able to fool around as you do and rectify issues. Even with your Geek Squad assistance, you have the confidence to try - of which I am afraid to do much. Oh, to my credit I have been compelled to do things - Harry defers all issues to me. I have called Geek Squad on occasion but other times I have been able to fix. But not to the extent that you describe. Good on you.
I am up early this morning to check the outside - went down to three degrees after having been 28 during the day and I was out with a coffee to see if I should spray water on all the plants. It may be OK. No way I can cover anymore.  Thunderstorm traveled through around 5 pm last evening - took out our Hydro and it did not come on until about 8;30 pm. So I was not on the computer at all yesterday. 
Short note as I want to go outside again to check.  Hope my day goes better than it is now. On a sadder note, it appears that my dear Scooby has a growing tumor in her vagina that is impacting on urination and defecation. Decisions have to be made and I am so reticent to make that final one. It breaks my heart but I must carry on.  I'll let you know the outcome. Take care

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Made it!

We got my computer back yesterday, and, when asked to fix the broken latch for the battery, they replaced the hard drive.  I had nothing!!  So, we went to Shaw to recover our e-mail, and the fellow took over the computer and found, hidden in some program, a Geek Squad recovery file.  He got us our e-mail, and then gave me some direction on recovering other things, dependent on my being able to set up Google Chrome today.  I spent most of the morning and periodically this afternoon working on it.  Things don't quite look the same, but just about everything is functional.  The biggest problem was in getting onto the blogs, as administrator. I finally managed to change my password just a few minutes ago. I don't think I've used  password since I set the darn things up.  I just hope it works again, next time.  There are a few items that are requiring a password for every use.

Of course, most of the bookmarks for the internet are gone, but I found another hidden file that contains a whole bunch of my other files that I had thought were gone, so I can go back in there and see if any of the bookmarks can be recovered.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and glad to be back with you again.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Ah, 'tis mid week...

Every day seems the same with all this garden work. But today I get to plant the pole beans and the peas. This is a job I end up doing only because Harry cannot get down and do the finicky work anymore.  I also will be making another appointment for the dog - she is no better than she was and this is worrying me a great deal.
I do not know what is going on with her, and I can only hope maybe the Vet can figure it out - even if I've been there already twice and no relief for her.  I'll keep you informed.
In meantime, it's coffee and breakfast time. I love my morning coffee - I took one out with me early this morning with the dog and wandered around the yard in peace. It was nice. (mind you I was also out three other times during the night with the dog)
Here we go...another day! Take care

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Out and About

Out for our mid-month shopping, and part  of that was the privilege of physically paying for the work on our roof.  OUCH!

I slept well last night, after a couple of nights of discomfort. I took a Claritin yesterday, prior to the meeting, and I'm coming to believe that this helps with my poor sleeping. So feeling a bit better.  I'm also surprised at how quickly the NSAID kicked in.  I'm able to walk a bit better, and the back pain is mainly gone.  But I have to keep reminding myself that my appetite blossoms with the NSAID.  My new mantra-"I am not hungry, it's just the drugs".

Yesterday, in response to my "To Do" list, I sorted through all 15 of my thread baskets, and culled anything that wasn't high quality thread. These were then colour sorted and bagged, and priced for the quilters' guild garage sale next month.  This job has been at the back of my mind for awhile, and, when I took my machine in for servicing the technician chastised me for the thread I was using. ( I had been trying to use up odds and ends of thread in my charity quilts.) It's not really "bad" thread, and maybe I can get a few bucks for the bags.

Today I'm thinking about sorting through my beads, and sending some of them to the same sale, but that will take a little more thought.

While shopping I found a box of salmon patties that looked good. The ingredients were all acceptable to the rules of my new lifestyle, so I'm trying them for supper tonight. I'm less than 3 pounds from my next goal, but it sure is a b---h getting through those last few pounds. Saturday, I revert back to phase one.  It'd been a pleasant surprise how well I've done in phase 3, so much so, that I'm now convinced that following the pattern is a"good thing".  But at the same time, I'm a little leary (sp?) about combining phase 1 and the NSAIDs.  Wish me luck.

David has been steadily puttering his way through all of the yard work necessary at this time of year.  Now we have big pile of dirty clothes to wash.  Better get to work!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Better frame of mind.....

Wish it were so, with "to do lists" and all. It is unsettling to feel "lost" as you said. But you did get out even if it was to a nerve racking, chaotic meeting at that. Hope you can soon get back your use of hands without pain - mine seem to be giving me real h... as well. It is the physical work, but as well, it is generally getting worse day by day for me.
Lovely day today - a real nice treat to be out in the sun and enjoying the heat from it. Yesterday it was windy and coldish with moisture in the air.  Tomorrow we go to Huntsville. We loaded the car with over forty tomato plants, and kale and peppers, to take to Harry's sisters. They always get plants from us every spring - I do not mind seeing a few go 'bye 'bye haha!
Take care Cathy and Pati. Enjoy this week best you can. There are 78 cards in the Taro deck and yet I seem to be turning the same one or two all the time. Think there is a message there? 


I feel lost.  I now have limited computer access.  The sewing tasks I have piled up can't really be done on the old machine. As well, the arthritis has been bad enough that I started on the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug yesterday, and have to avoid any sort of hand work, until the pain settles down. This also means disrupted sleep. Yesterday David watched an "American Pickers" marathon for about 12 hours straight. All of my routines have been disrupted.  I don't know what to do with myself.  Even holding a book can be difficult. The problem of poor sleep, pain, and no potential for diversion is opening both doors and windows to a "blue funk". Gotta watch for that.

I guess identifying the issues, is the first step in dealing with them. guess it's time to start making lists again.

The crazy old woman and her husband tried to cook a chicken yesterday.  They couldn't agree on how long to cook it, as neither of them could remember.  Even after this discussion, they almost forgot to put it in the oven, just squeaking it in under the wire. But since all her routines are screwed, serving supper a few minutes late doesn't mean much anyway.

A meeting this morning about the craft sale I've signed up for in September. This is the one that lead to me doing research on gov't regulations relative to farmers' markets, flea markets, and bake sales.  It'l be interesting to see how much of the information I included in my report, actually reaches the meeting it was intended for. At the same time, I half anticipate a contentious meeting. Ah, the joy of doing volunteer work!

Just home from the meeting.  What a surprise!  I was first on the agenda, immediately after introductions.  So I got to inform every one of the results of the my research, and what they will be required to do.  Add to this the fact that the meeting was chaotic, it was hard to hear because of the number of people, all seeming to talk at once, and the physicalset-up. Someone once said of me, that I don't "suffer fools".  I think today was the test.  Maybe I'm just a bitch.  Thank Goodness, the Executive Director was sitting in, and when she saw what was happening, quickly got her copy of my report, and gave it to me to refer to. But I survived, and will now sit down and attempt to draw up a "To Do" list, to help get me settled down and into a better frame of mind.

I will say that the NSAID has kicked in quickly, and my physical function appears to be improving.  

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Special greetings today to all of us who shall celebrate Mother's Day.   Have a very pleasant day and enjoy all that is important to you as a Mother.  

Saturday, May 13, 2017

A quick note...

Just finished logging in the last of the seven day Food Diary survey. It is quite a pinta but always glad when done.  Today was fairly easy because as I mentioned, we went to Mike and Erins for a visit, and she, as always, had good stuff to eat. When someone else makes something, according to this survey requirements, and I was not the maker of the item, I do not have to itemize every morsel and ingredient and where it was purchased and what the brand name is etc etc. So it went nicely and didn't take too long to complete.
We had a nice visit and Harry even went for a ride on Mike's Grizzley 4X4. Mike BBQed hamburgers on his outdoor fire pit and they were delicious. Now Harry wants to buy the same fire pit for us.... oh well.  Once back home, all the plants had to be watered. Fortunately with higher nighttime temps, no worries of frost or snow. This is to last at least for another week. We are only now seeing the damage to the plants from those two weeks of covering up and freezing weather. Lots have died off from the frost. But thank goodness we have a goodly supply haha! 
Now I am very tired, and worn out so will hit the bed, listen to Randy Bachman on CBC for awhile and hopefully get a good nights sleep. Sleep eludes me...what is the solution???

Friday, May 12, 2017

Drugs and pain

Cathy, I've spent a lot of time talking to people and researching OTC pain killers (I wonder why?)  I stopped even considering Ibuprofen several years ago, when I discovered that it can not only affect the liver, but can cause serious kidney damage, especially for someone like me, who takes diuretics. Those I've spoken to ( healthcare personnel during my hospital stays, as well as my physician, and two others) say that it is the most dangerous of the OTC pain killers.  Although all of them have some contraindications, everyone I spoke to told me that Tylenol is the least dangerous, as long as you don't exceed the recommended dosage.  Those that get in trouble have usually been taking too much. Do some research and talk to your doctor.  Ibuprofen scares me, although it feels wonderful when you take it.

My old computer packed it in today.  This means no more poker, but I can get onto David's early in the morning, for blogging and e-mail.  I hope the other one comes back soon. As well, my sewing machine, promised for last Wednesday, is still in the shop, and the technician won't be back until late next week.  The old Pfaff is doing a great job, and I've done a heck of a lot of FMQ'g on it over the years, but I bought the Janome for it's wide harp, and I would prefer to wait, before doing any more FMQ'g.  All of which leaves me with nothing to do this evening except feel sorry for myself, which is just stupid in the grand scheme of things.  The piece I've been procrastinating over the past three months has come together in my mind, so now I can start drafting a pattern.  What a relief.

Every thing is ready for my workshop tomorrow.  This may just be the best thing to get me into a better frame of mind.

I do remember the day...

I phoned her to ask the price so that you could leave money if the price was ok, but she came down and opened.  You felt obligated to buy something, but you ended up finding quite a few things you wanted so it wasn't a wasted trip .     We had hot dogs for supperšŸ˜But the fire is great. Unfortunately the wind is coming up really strong so this might not last long.......   which is as far as I got trying to blog on my phone last night.  Fortunately I found the draft this morning.I am very sore today for some reason.  I'd take an ibuprofen, but now I hear  it will cause a heart attack.  They appear to have found something dangerous with every over the counter pain relief.  Suffering in silence is really not my forte.  Rrain is taking me to a Mother/Daughter tea on Saturday.  I am looking forward to it.  Time to eat and run.  I'd say I could sleep in tomorrow but we still have a stupid woodpecker drilling on our downspout at 5:30 every morning

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I don't remember putting any of the Tweety fabric into squares, but it's quite likely. I often process scraps as I work on larger pieces.  And something like that, I think I would want to save every small scrap. Interesting that others have found this pouch pattern just as appealing as we do.

Did I mention that we went to see "Beauty and the Beast" on Tuesday?  I think I may have. The visuals were wonderful, even if the plot was 'same old,same,old".  I enjoyed it, although neither of us was able to understand the words when people were singing.

Didn't sleep well last night, and I'm more than ready for bed.  But I just can't make myself  go to bed when the sun is still up.  But I expect to be there soon.  Have a good night everyone.

Little rosettes

Pati, the rosettes are really small. I watched the making video (was in fast motion mind you) and it seemed fairly straight forward but the actual making of it is probably a bit fussy! Did you read Not Afraid of Colour blog - she mentioned the accordion purse as one of her "likes" and put a link to the video.  Cathy I really like them - and may get to make one. And did you remember the yellow fabric?  I am sure I have a bit of that in that nine patch quilt I made from all your 2 inch squares you gave me Pati - would some of it been amongst them?
Working all day in yard and only just now came in to make supper. Fried breaded leeks ( for a change haha!) This should be the end of them Hip Hip Hoorrah!
We may be going to Mike and Erins on Saturday. Harry has ordered model kits for him off EBAY and the parcel arrived yesterday - We have a few other things to take so he was going to check with Erin to make sure nothing else was planned for them. 
Well, off to check on my leeks ...... Take care

Just sitting and waiting

Today we're supposed to finally have the drawers installed in the kitchen cabinet. so we were up early to make sure the house,and particularly the kitchen are acceptable.  Now we just play the waiting game.

I started to make another little pouch  yesterday.  I had tried to make the little rosette that goes with it--little being the operative word.  I put a quarter next to it, to show the size. I made it out of yellow, as my rick-rack colours wee limited. This meant that I had to find yellow fabric that I could use it with.

Cathy, do you remember the day we bought this fabric? Many years ago at The Silver Thimble. It was a Sunday,and we saw it in the window.  You actually phoned the store owner,and she came down to sell it to me.  I've hoarded it over the years, and don't have much left.  I've always loved it.

Today will be almost a "day of rest", as there is nothing scheduled.  Tomorrow, will be laundry day, and then Saturday, I'm taking a workshop on "Mixed Media".  I've been looking forward to this for a couple of reasons.  The workshops with my art group haven't been that interesting to me this year, so this one will be one of the very few I take.  I've also told them that I won't be working on the workshop committee next year, so the last event is a little bittersweet. I haven't told them that I probably won't be renewing my membership next year, as I'm just not getting what I had hoped from the group. 

However, last night was a meeting of m Fibre Art Divas, my art quilting support group.  What a wonderful and exciting group they are! One lady in particular astounds me.  She has such a creative brain, and is always producing something interesting, despite some challenging living circumstances.  I certainly want to maintain my association with them.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Shrouds are off....

It is a happy day when we can take all the covers off the plants.  So today was that happy day! Finally a nice seasonal type day.
The day started with a trip to Huntsville to pick up free bricks. Yes, we totted bricks from one place ( in this case a trailer) to our home - but they were free!  Then we had to unload them - they sit in a pile on the garden where maybe Harry will make a raised garden tomorrow?  I tended to the greenhouses and other plants to water and generally take stock of their condition.  There are a few questionable plants - may come back to life but I doubt it. More yard work done as well but it was pleasant with sun and warmth - no jacket necessary today.  I am expecting the same for tomorrow.
I returned my finished book to the library today - did not take another out as I know my time will be spent in yard work now but I also have a few that Erin gave me that I can pick up. for night reading.  All for are things with you folks?

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Let's all move to McGrath Meadows???

Reading the Free Press can be fun sometimes - like this morning. There was an advertisement for new homes. I often click on these to see what they are like and how much, and where they are. This morning it was McGrath Meadows located just outside the perimeter on Roblin Blvd in Headingly.  There are still several lots available and we could get side by side homes built. Fun also to see the pictures of the show home.  If only I had a place like that.
Oh well, onto the reality of life. Snow on the ground this morning and minus 3 right now. What ever is going on.....?

Monday, May 8, 2017

Construction Season is officially here

Today's adventure involved going to the tea store. Not too exciting you say? Well, off we went after visiting the bank for some pocket cash.  We decided to go through St.Boniface.  Along with endless construction, we came across streets that were closed. No warning-- just big signs saying you can't go here.  We ended up going as far South as Dawson Road, before wending our way through St.Boniface industrial Park, until we finally ended up at Archibald and Plinquet. I did see the Winnipeg Water District train,and remembered the day we spent out at Shoal Lake, with Phyllis. But today's whole trip frayed on nerves, and we both decided that saying nothing would be better than continuing to try to communicate. We finally ended up going South on Main Street, and around to River, then West on River to Academy Rd. Coming back we had to detour a bit onto Wellington Cres., and got to see the changes there.  It was easy, as we were slowed so much with  construction. Finally we back tracked, through more construction, and ended up on Nairn again.

The crazy old woman really needs to have her hearing checked, and vision too, evidently.  At one point there was a sign that said "electronic wheel polishing".  After thinking about it for a bit, she asked what sort of wheels would need polishing. Her patient husband explained that it meant there was an electronically operated wheel available to polish just about anything that might need it, but no wheels to be polished. Later, at home, he was reading a book that took place in the late 1800's, and mentioned that it recounted the story of a classically trained pianist, in the old West.  Well, she heard "classically trained penis", and it took a few minutes of careful thought to realize what it was she had actually heard. Can you guess what sort of visual image that evoked? And a good laugh was had by all.

The rest of the time is either being spent on sewing, on the old machine, or playing internet poker.  it's been a good thing to remember that the old machine was, and still is, a pretty good machine, and is worth keeping and caring for.  When the bigger, newer machine was taken in for servicing, there was an effort to make us realize how old it actually is (more than 8 years), and a subtle suggestion that we should be looking at a replacement.  Nope, not right now, better to have a water-proof roof.

Colder that last couple of days, and somewhat rainy today.  We need the moisture, if only we could be sure it gets to the flower beds--always a problem when there is so much roof overhang.  So staying home this evening-yet again.  

Food Diary

This week I must log in the Food Diary for 7 days - this is not really easy when our habits are not regular, nor our eating choices. But I do my best to fill in what I can., and as correctly as I can.
Snow all day, nothing to stick around but because temps hovered around zero, the precipitation came in form of white little flakes.
Our plants are really going to ratshit. Nothing we can do.
We drove up to the Nursery place in Trout Creek and Harry bought two big bags of lettuce ( hydroponics) and two hanging baskets of strawberries. Since he bought a bundle of leeks at the store the other day - we have been having fried breaded leeks, and tomorrow I shall make leek cream soup, and then I shall make leek potato pancakes. Hope I can actually get rid of the leeks as we have a pile of lettuce to get through now. Lots of fun! 
Tonight and Tuesday night the temps are below zero and then things change positively for the week that is left. Maybe it will improve my outlook a bit - a bit of sun and warmth can do a lot to cheer one up!  Time to do the Food Diary - then bed to read!  Take care.

Sunday, May 7, 2017


Not that I'm working nearly as hard as you two.  The last couple of days I've been working full out in the studio, other than cooking and going out for a few minutes for my daily coffee.  I've had to change my coffee time, as Starbucks has introduced a "Happy Hour" with 1/2 price Frappacinos.  I stopped in Friday on my way home from Morden, and it was an absolute zoo, with 5-6 staff working frantically, instead of the usual two-3 working more slowly.

David has been spending a bit of time in the garden.  The rhubarb is up nicely in both locations, as are the peonies.  We've even found two, and just maybe, 3, clumps of Lady Slippers.  They haven't done well since the bad drought a few years back. We appear to have lost 2 clumps, for sure.  We know they thrive on neglect, but the plot really needed attention, as they appeared to being choked out by Crab Grass, so David has been weeding, bit by bit.

One of the Nanking Cherry bushes is not doing well, but there are still a few (very few) branches with bloom.  If I remember there has to be at least two bushes for fruit, and David has been enjoying the cherry jelly--if he can beat the birds to the fruit.  I was concerned about the front garden by the house, but there are a few signs of life,  We covered the little Maple bush last fall to keep the rabbit from eating it down to the ground, and it is leafing out beautifully.  I'm pleased. Two other bushes are very slow, but there appear to be buds, so I'm hopeful.  I didn't check the peony in the front garden, and I should have.  It's my favourite with huge delicate pink and white blooms.

The neighbours across the back have replaced the canvas on their canvas shed.  It had been a bit of an eyesore, with all sorts of duct tape patches. Not that having the damn thing there isn't an eyesore at the best of times.  It shuts off the sun for an area of our grass, and there  is no growth there at all any more.  They had warned us before putting it up, which is why we had to get rid of the vegetable garden.

This week I read the book " The Rainbow Comes and Goes", by Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbuilt, which turned out to be somewhat of an authorized biography of Gloria Vanderbuilt.  It took the form of a transcript of e-mails between the two of them, with her telling him things about her life and their family, that he hadn't known.  Sounds pretty "bla-a-ah" doesn't it?  Well, I couldn't put it down.  I sometimes like reading biographies, and sometimes give up after a chapter or two, but this one was well worth the time.  Otherwise, I'm still laughing my way through "Miss Julia".  Having said that, I'm off for a few minutes of ready before bed. 

Hope everyone had a productive weekend.  None of us has enough time left to waste a whole weekend, do we?

Adding insult to injury??

Snow all over the ground this morning and the winds are still strong.  Maybe I should be thankful that we are not inundated with flood waters as many are.
A little disappointing to see this weather after all the work but then that's the way with nature and farming right?
This morning I start the seven day Food Diary on the computer for which I am rewarded a $25.00 Visa card. Yippee?
I shall be thinking of you Cathy as you are out in your garden seeding and generally having a good time. Sounds as if you have been very productive.
So I shall have breakfast and then I guess a bit later see what the damage is outside. Actually the greenhouses will be fine as I turned the heat on, but we can't uncover anything covered up, as it is still too cold.  
Onward we go....haha!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Weekend..... No work!

Hmmmmmm.  Something is wrong with this picture.  I know... No work outside the home.  That must be the definition of weekend.  Got  the dishes and the laundry done.  Cleaned the freezers.  Turned the corn on the cob into niblets.  The frozen tomatoes are now on the stove being turned into stewed tomatoes.  I have the cool weather seeds ready to go.  We already have some potatoes in.  Tomorrow will be the peas and lettuce and onion bulbs.  I want to wait on the rest of the potatoes for at least a week or two so that we will have new potatoes spread out a bit over the summer. With Jim hauling potatoes every fall we can get all the whites we want to overwinter.  More that we could ever eat over the winter.  And try not to be too jealous, but, well, tomorrow I am going to clean my oven.   I know it is not fair of me to tease you with all the fun things I am doing, but I just want to brag :)  This morning, at 1:30 I went into the spare room to sleep.  Between Jim and the kittens I not no room at all for myself.  Of course the kittens followed me, but without Jim there was enough room on the bed for all of us.  Then, at 5:30, the woodpecker started drilling on the downspout. You would think that he would have figured out by now that there are no bugs in the metal downspout!!!  We decided on the spur of the moment to buy a ticket on the Neepawa farm and leisure draw.  The early bird draw is tomorrow so we better win the $10,000.00 because that is the only reason I agreed to spend the money. So far, over years, we have won nothing.  So why do I think this year will be different?  On Thursday I was at the legion after work.  I lost my $20 in the machine in very little time.  Bud was next to me. When he asked if I was done with the machine I got up and said yes.  He said.. No, I want you to play $20.00 for me.  Foolishly I agreed.  I won  $465.00 for him. On the machine that had paid me nothing. :(  But, he had done so well all day  ( I would guesstimate over $2000) that he gave me $200 for pushing the buttons for him on his $20.  Hence the purchase of a $100 ticket on the Farm and Leisure Lottery.  My life is so exciting.  I am getting up every few minutes to stir the tomatoes.  There is so much water in them that once they have cooked for a few hours I will leave them overnight and drain them in the morning before I deal with them. And so my life goes on.  And now, because I can, I think I will pour a glass of wine and join Jim outside for a while (But first I will turn own the burners on the 3 stock pots of tomatoes on the stove.  And speaking of stock pots, when we cleaned out the freezers we found about 15 bags of soup stock.  Guess what i will be doing next week.  I love you guys

Everyone needs a time out...

Good for you to take the time and have a nice day out and about.  It does wonders for the soul.
It would be nice to have a time out here however, with these constant rains you have no doubt heard about on the news, it may not come right now.  Need to move plants from the greenhouses which have been closed up for days. My chore this morning ( in the rain) is to empty our grey canvas storage unit in the back yard that is currently being used for storage, and hide whats in there under tarps somewhere in the yard, and then move plants in there. It will be frost and rain protected, and more to point snow protected which is predicted, and may work for us short term. Lets see if it works!
In meantime, thinking of you both. Have a pleasant weekend if you can, 
 ps Pati, I love the little fold up purse you posted. I took a copy of the pattern but have not yet seen the video with demonstration of how to put together. I may miss that completely as they don't stay on site too long. It was gorgeous ( yours was gorgeous that is) I think I could make one if I could. I always look for projects and stash them away for another day. Keeps ones spirits up haha Take care

Friday, May 5, 2017

Need a time out

Yesterday, desperate to finish the charity quilt that's been driving me crazy, I tried to do a little work just before supper.  I had wanted to get it done,and then be free to take the machine in for servicing, as I knew the time had come.

As I was working then came a sudden loud "clunk" and I knew something serious had happened.  It certainly sounded like something had broken, and after looking at the machine, David said that for sure the titanium needle was bent.  I closed it down, immediately and got it ready to be taken in.  I had been on such a "roll", and so focused on what I was doing, that it then took me about an hour to calm down.  

This morning, first thing we took it in, and got the welcome news that it would likely be ready by Wednesday. After leaving the shop, way over on Route 90, we decided to "run away from home", and headed to Morden to a quilt show.  We both needed the down time. We haven't done this in years.  We got to drive all over South-Central Manitoba, as neither of us was sure how to get there. We saw fields being planted,and other fields being burned off.  Such flat land!  I've been told that the flattest land in the world is between Portage and Elie, and the area we were in is just South of that.  I was surprised to see the huge equipment that was being used, and David told me that they were tilling and seeding in one fell swoop.

We finally got to the show, and I was very glad to have taken my cane, as there was a lot of walking to do.  I wasn't disappointed in the show, as my expectations weren't high.  Very traditional, with an obvious worship of fine hand applique.  There were a couple of examples of more adventurous work, but, from the accompanying write-ups these were as a result of a workshop.  I ran into a couple of acquaintances who have a more "arty" bent, they agreed with my assessment.

By this time, we were hungry,and, to my surprise, in this huge arena with all sorts of displayers and vendors, ( there was a craft show and flea market at the same time), there was nowhere to buy food!  So, back to the car and head back to Carmen, where we found a drive-in stand where we were both able to find something edible. There was also a screened gazebo, where we could sit and eat in the shade.  It was a very hot day, with a fierce wind.

Home now,and both of us are exhausted. It's been a long time since we've had an outing like this, but it was a good day.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Okay for the moment

We fired up the old computer from the basement, and I'm playing around to find out what I can and can't do with it.  it looks like e-mail isn't available, despite my efforts,but, with a little luck I got on here. For some reason I had my very old Google password in my Rolodex, for some reason, and it worked.

This has been a frustrating day, and I've tried to deal with it by giving myself a break from the "work" in the studio, and doing something silly, just for myself.  I've been working on a silly little accordion pouch I found in The Quilt Show daily blog this morning. It's probably totally useless, but so-o-o-o cute!

It even sits open on a surface for use.

The more concerning thing about the day was how poorly I reacted to the many frustrations. When I was working, I trained myself to react calmly to any situation, to the point that some people thought I had to emotions.  Well, I no longer seem to have that degree of control, and, unfortunately, poor David bears the brunt of my "hysterics".  While it may be healthier to express my frustrations, I get embarrassed, especially when he seems to take it in stride.  Maybe, I just need to have a liquid "indulgence" tonight.

Well, it's done and no fuss for you.

Pati, thanks for the ongoing update and pictures of the roof work. Sounds as if it went very well for you, and now another issue off your mind. And the skies were sunny by your picture which always makes roof work go well.
Here, not so nice weather, and again we covered up last night. I think it will be this way for awhile.
Today I take the car in for 8 am and then go to Daisy's to visit with her and Michelle for 2 pm.  I made a batch of banana muffins yesterday, and will take some for our afternoon tea together. 
Early morning again and I am about to have a bowl of cereal.  The other day I had my full bowl in my hand and going over to the computer it slipped out and landed all over the keyboard and table and floor. Think of lots of bran flakes soaked in milk with cut up bananas to clean up! It took me awhile to get the keyboard cleaned and then scrub the carpet - not a good way to start my day.
Today I think I 'll eat it at the kitchen counter haha!
Take care

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

It's very noisy here in my studio.

No shingles showed up yesterday, so David phoned about 4:30 to enquire.  We left it with the understanding that, if the shingles showed up today, the workers would be out tomorrow.  However, at 7:20 the phone rings.  The shingles are coming sometime today, and they would be out at 8:00 to start removing shingles from the roof. Interesting time to wake up.  Anyway the shingles were here before 8:00, and before any workers, but parked down the street, where there was room to get his heavy duty fork lift for moving them off the truck.  The first worker here told us that the shingles weren't expected before 10:00, not noticing the truck parked down the street a ways.

Anyway, it has started, and we get to endure the noise for a few hours. They have even put up special hoarding to protect the rhubarb and Lady Slippers.

All the old shingles gone, and now they're about to lay down the special surface that acts to protect from ice dams and such.  Five guys on the roof, but one is an apprentice. He just gets to pound down any nails left sticking up from the old shingles.

 In the next picture, they have just rolled out the first layer of ice protection.  This gets stuck to the wooden base, and then another layer, a little different product, slightly overlaps, and then another until it goes all the way to the peak of the roof.  They have already upgraded the plumbing stack, and cut the holes for new venting system.
They finished about 3:00.  Cleaned up beautifully--you would never know they had been here. Then, surprise!  When David went to pay, we were told we would be invoiced!  Overall, we were very impressed with them.  They were a very well organized team.  They behaved professionally in every way.  We got everything we had been promised, and when it had been promised. One fellow even jumped in when he saw David trying to put out Lion.  David managed to get the wheelbarrow down from the rafters of the garage, and get Lion loaded.  The fellow picked him up out of the wheelbarrow, and put him in place.

We were very relieved to find that there was no evidence of mold in the attic of the garage.  There had been a problem inside the garage proper, and David warned them, so they wore masks when cutting into the roof to install a vent, but the wood came out absolutely clear.

Now we only have to face the pain of paying for the work.

a day or two reprieve...

Yesterday we took off the tarps and plastic, and soaked sheets from the plants outside, and I turned off the heaters in the greenhouses. The rains were still here but the temp had risen to around 5 or 6 degrees. It rained most of day but warm rains are good for the plants.  We did not take any more plants out of the greenhouses though, because, surprise, it will be near or below zero again by end of week. The sheets were soaked and I did not plan to dry in my dryer so a brain wave hit me - take them to the laundromat and put into the big dryers there. Cost about 16.00 dollars to do them all ( some were a bit damp when I brought them home) There were some little leaves etc scattered on the floor and in the filters that I cleaned up nicely. I wouldn't want to do this all the time but it was a necessary evil this time.  I wondered if they had cameras there watching what I did, but I really had no choice and I left it clean as I could.
I also had to take Scooby back to Vet as things have not improved with her bladder issues and I wonder if anything else is going on? He took two xrays because the first side view showed a curious mass but it did not show on full view. It showed no bladder stones either and that her bowels were not blocked but were empty and her stomach was empty ( she has not being eating either) He also changed the antibiotic so I am hoping she will rally. If not by Thursday, then he will take blood samples to see if anything shows up there. Very costly again, but once you start, you have to continue. Right? 
Today we go to Huntsville (must be Tuesday, is it?) And tomorrow I made an appointment at Bray Motors for oil, maintenance, and to change tires to summer. They store the winter ones there so thank goodness I don't have to bring them home.  I also promised to visit Daisy and her granddaughter Michelle this week for tea - don't know when I can fit that in? Sounds like I'm a social butterfly when in reality, it is just a reflection of my life as it is.
So onwards we go - with coffee in hand I shall check my Daily grand ticket - maybe I'll get the $1000.00 a day prize? Take care