Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I spent some time with tech support today seeing if there wasn't some way to have my lap  top recognize my camera card.  I don't know if I had previously sent this picture or not, but here is the finished African quilt.  Below is a close-up of a space ship quilt I tried to make. As you might guess, it will never be seen publicly.
Annoying tech support is the only thing I've done today.  None the less I'm grateful for the freedom to sit and do nothing but read romances.


did you enjoy the Google animated Hallowe'en theme today - I really loved it! Go look if you have not yet!

And that's a wrap for another year

..Hallowe'en that is... I just closed down and it's only 8 pm and only 27 customers tonight. Raining outside so probably that may be a factor for a very slow and boring evening. Harry had the karaoke machine ready and provided sound effects for awhile but he too got bored and went to bed. I just brought in the decorations because they were getting really wet - I spent some time this afternoon putting up the decorations and it was quite nice out at the time, but then the rain started to fall. So a few hours dressed in costume with wig and mask on, and a bottle of sherry downed with great glee, and I'm now ready for bed. Maybe the best part is that there are lots of bags of little chocolate bars left - maybe not so nice afterall as I am sure I shall eat them all up !! So I guess I shall put away all the Hallowe'en boxes and soon get ready to bring up the Christmas boxes. Isn't it funny how we live by the seasons and celebrations. Aunt Evelyn has invited us to her church Bazaar and Tea on Nov 10 so we shall pick her up and attend. We were supposed to go last year at her invitation but then everyone died - both Mother and her husband Uncle Walter - so our attendance was cancelled . It is hard to believe it has been a year already since all that occurred.  And by chance, another Aunt in the family just passed away yesterday Oct 30 so there are many family celebrations and remembrances for this family in the month of October. Well, bed time - I have started reading a Brad Thor novel Patty that I picked up at Canex in North Bay last week as you had mentioend his name once and I thought I'd give it a try - interesting so far but I've just started it. Take care

Monday, October 29, 2012


Got up and read the paper this morning.  OMG!  Earthquakes, and hurricanes.  When did this all happen?  Actually I had heard a bit about it on one of my internet groups.  The ladies were talking about how to stitch when there is no power or light.  How do you maximize the effect of a candle?  Put it in front of a mirror!
So we've sort of been watching on CNN to follow the progress of the storm.  In other words we were both sitting in a semi-stupor watching t.v. most of the evening.  Now we are wondering if we haven't both got a bit of the flu.  So it's early to bed for us tonight.

The last couple of months have been a bit tight, so this month we had to re-stock the pantry and freezer.  Over $400.00 in the first grocery store we visited.  But I have to confess that I bought a bit of meat, since all I have in the freezer is poultry.  We only did one store today, then I have to pay some bills and see how many more stores we can visit.  Maybe tomorrow.

For today I am very grateful for the stockpile of toilet paper in the garage.  "Nuff said.

Storm watching

but so far, so good. Very windy with rainy snow right now, but no torrential rains and if luck holds out, we should not see too much of the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy either. Glad to get the update on the Poker Tournament and congrats Dave on a good showing - more power to you to be in such a grand tournament. It would shake me up so sure, but then I really don't have any experience in playing as well as you both can. I can't even seem to buy lottery tickets worth a d---
Last few days I have purposefully spent some time in my studio ( haha what "studio") going through books and projects and just generally fooling around doing nothing and it has been the best time I've spent in a long time. I picked up some needles and wool and started a winter hat - found the pattern in my travels over last few days, and have wanted to try it for years. It, too, may end up just sitting in the basket undone, but it is the actual starting of things that is so inspiring after so long being idle. I found stuff that I did not even remember having and I wanted to jump right away into doing things - but realize maybe tiny steps at first would be prudent. I got out my book on Crazy Quilts and found the embroidery cotton I had and visualized all sorts of wonderful great finishes. Ain't it grand to dream!! Anyway, hope all is well your way - I hear about the snow in Winnipeg on the radio and hope it will not come here too soon, even though I have all the shovels neatly lined up at the front of the house ready for the onslaught. Take care

Sunday, October 28, 2012

cabin fever

I haven't been out since last Wednesday, but David has been as far as the mall across the street to buy a lottery ticket.  He is getting quite ants-y.   Tomorrow is grocery shopping day, so we have been plotting our best action plan for getting to the most stores with the least amount of stress.   With snow on the ground we want to avoid all of the crazies out there for the next few days.

There still appear to be a couple of Juncos at the feeder.  Stupid birds!  Usually they arrive and disappear within a few days, but these two have been here for more than a month.  There are Chickadees as well, and this morning there was actually a Crow eating seeds off the ground.  The Squirrels are still quite active, although it mainly seems to be the red ones.  I don't think I've seen a grey in a couple of days.

David played in his big poker tournament tonight.  There were 240 players and the winner got $20,000 and a trip to the Bahamas.  David finished 33rd, which I think is quite an accomplishment, although I sense he was a little disappointed.

So our days are quiet, but we carry on.  How did you make out with the storm, Beth?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

State of emergency up in Wawa

Highway #17 washed out in several spots and many people without access. This is the storm that is pending for here - they had over 100 mm of rain, and if that happens here my pump won't be of any use haha We cleaned out the eaves yesterday both for winter and this storm. Lots of leaves trapped so also trimmed down some of the branches hanging in the way. Then Harry got on Kijiji and offered to buy some coins so we had to make a trip to North Bay for 7:30 pm to pick up. It made for a long tiring trip as I do most of driving and I find night driving getting worse and worse for me with visibility. I took the dog out early this morning and scared two beautiful white tailed deer in our front yard - maybe eating bird feed or apples on the ground but nevertheless gorgeous animals. I have seen the pair on other walks in other yards but so nice to see them close. Unfortunately we scared them off down the street. I am mixed in my emotions about animals, as Mike is going hunting next week and terribly excited - he has taken all the courses and was fortunate to hook up with a hunting group that had a space for one more - I guess that is a concern if you want to hunt you need to be part of a group in order to have a chance at a "tag". I wish him well, but also wish the animals well. Today I have to totally clean the turtle tank. Long job and very hard. Harry plans to go to garage sales and then to Sprucedale.He will be taking a plant back to the people that live across from where his mother lived  - about four or five years ago the woman had to move down to Port Perry to care for her mother and the husband drove back and forth about every two weeks. Now they have sold her Mothers house and all three are now back living full time in Sprucedale. But he was a great help to keep an eye on Harry's mother so we were grateful. But when she left for Port Perry she left several plants for Mother to look after. We now have a beautiful Cactus that is flowering and so Harry will take this one back to her mostly because it is planted in a gorgeous ceramic pot. Just checked my ticket and it appears we shall have to keep on trucking folks - can't share a thing with you - sorry. Have a good weekend, and take care. I'll hope not to have to build an ark if those rains hit us.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Urges need to be followed...

I have similar urges but usually never follow up just because it is only the two of us, and mostly because my urges sre never congruent with his. For example, I bought a lasagna in a box the other day - you know those big family size ones, and have it in the freezer now It was on sale and I oftten crave lasagna so thought what the heck. Now I wonder what I will ever do with it - I think bake it off and then break it into nice small meal size pieces and freeze them again for later! Sounds like a plan.
Wonderful hot weather yesterday but apparently the thermometer will fall over weekend and possibly snow for Monday.Wed is Hallowe'en so in a way I hope it is nice for the kids, but then if it is terrible then maybe not so many will come and it will be a short evening bah hunbug eh!
Nothing really new here except I went to the dentist Wed for annual check up - all is well and must be a new procedure as I never even saw the dentist but just had the hygienist do the work and xrays. Good enough I guess as it is the last time my benefits will cover - I will hae to switch to Harry's plan starting next year.
Well, it is early morning and I have my first coffee at my side, but wanted to send a few words before the day starts in earnest. Will try to write again before bed. Get your Lotto Max tickets - tonight is the night for us!!!  Take care

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rude awakening

for some reason we both slept in this morning, completely forgetting that we had hired someone to come to replace the fan in the basement.  Thank Goodness  I was up, although still in my nightie , and in the bathroom.  I think David was completely out of it.  Heard the doorbell, and haven't moved that fast in quite awhile.  So he is now downstairs "supervising", and I am just keeping out of the way.  I'll be glad to have a good working fan down there.  I can use my respirator when I'm working with dye powder or spray chemicals, but then I have to get out of the area for awhile to let "whatever" dissipate.

For some reason I have the urge to cook.  ( I know, I should sit down and drink tea until the urge goes away)  I was catching up on e-mail and found one of the Kraft e-mails with a recipe for Chicken Parmesan, but such a pitiful recipe!   That caused me to remember how we used to sometimes have it for Sunday supper.  There is no reason I can't cook it for the two of us--except, of course, that I have no mozzarella cheese.  David will be out today to take some receipts to Blue Cross, and can pick some up.  I suggested that he take advantage of my urges whenever they pop up.

The small Japanese bag I was working on was finished on Sunday.  I figure that,  basing my work on minimum wage, that little bag is worth about $600, so I better look after it.   There is no information in the Japanese book on how big these things are finished, and the little bag was smaller than I had anticipated, so I spent some time trying to figure out sizes, and realized that most of them are small. I was going to try another one, but have had another idea working its way through my brain, and I think I'll go with that.  

Friday, October 19, 2012

Never rains but it pours--yet again

We've had so much rain in the past few days that everything seems to be greening up again.  This is the gentle soft rain that lasts for ever, but in fall has a bit of a bite to it.  In terms of other types of rain, we got up this morning to a furnace that wasn't working.  Over the past year we have been having trouble with a little plastic tube that runs between two sites on the furnace.  We can't find the right size tube to purchase, as it's available wholesale, but not retail.  Very simple to fix and the fix will hold for a couple of months. ( The other option is to replace the furnace)  You may remember, Beth, that we were looking for this type of tubing when we were in the States.  So that was the first thing we thought of, but it didn't appear to be the problem this time. So calls to heating companies, and we finally found one who said they would try to get someone out but it might be after hours and over time rates would apply ( $180.00/hr).  Then a surprise phone call and the fellow was here at noon ( probably over his lunch hour)  Now, we have arranged to have someone come in to replace the thermostat next week, and at first he thought this might be the problem, but on closer examination he discovered an tiny hole in the plastic tubing, right close to the connection. Quickly fixed, thank Goodness, but ka-ching, ka-ching.  This was the same company who are coming out next week, so he promised that he would tell the other fellow to make sure to bring a couple of feet of plastic tubing with him, as, after all, "you've just paid for it".

Otherwise it seems that we are just putting in time, waiting for next week.  I'm slowly packing a very small bag to take with me, but have been advised to keep it to essentials.  Today I tidied the basement.  Usually it just piles up until I can't stand it anymore, and then we have a purge.  We seem to be running out of things to purge, but I was till able to take a small bundle to the thrift store today.  While I was there I checked out vests for myself, but couldn't find anything.  One that fit very nicely was badly worn(pilled and rough).  I find it cool in the basement, but long sleeves get in the way of my work, so have found a vest to be the solution.  Unfortunately the one I've been wearing is showing its age and its encounters with paint and dye. Oh well, a reason to shop!

I guess for today, I'm grateful to be warm, at last.

Ah, and it's Friday again..... another wishful dreamy evening about winning $$millions tonight in the lottery. We are going to North Bay shortly - yes it is Friday afternoon and not our usual time to travel north but Harry won tickets on the radio to see Colin Mockrie and Deb McGrath live at the Capitol Centre tonight so we go up early to pick up the tickets at the radio station before it closes, go to the Kings Buffet for supper and then over to the Centre to get a good parking spot. Harry choose the venue for eating - he prefers to pick out his own food, and so this place offers the buffet all the time - Canadian and/or Chineses food selections. We haven't been into this restaurant for about 6 or 7 years so I hope we won't be disappointed - likely the price has gone up but if I remember, the food was acceptable. Reminds me of the buffet we ate at the Shooting Star - lots to choose from and going back for seconds was OK. It had called for rain for this end of the week, but it has turned out to be nice so consequently, I have done a bit more outside work. Two days ago Harry got the notion to make fudge so time was spent on two different kinds after buying select ingredients. Then yesterday he wanted to make Christmas cakes so ingredients were bought at the local Bin store and we now have 6 cakes baked , and smoothered in brandy and wrapped up. No idea what they will taste like. Well, I was just  reminded that we will be leaving soon so better sign off for now. Hope you have a pleasant weekend, and Patty, I am thinking about you and send my best wishes. Love and take care

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

We are now three...

and here I sit with wine glass in hand raising a toast to "family and connectivity". But it is no ordinary wine glass, but my very own FWG (Family Wine Glass) What a great surprise to receive the box in the mail and discover my FMG so I pulled out the picture of the two of you toasting at the kitchen table at Cathy's and suddenly I felt "together". Now, Patty says she sent me hints about getting one but they must have gone right over my head as I was truly surprised and very pleased. Thank you! And thank goodness I had just bought another box of wine so I quickly popped the cork (ie opened the cardboard hole) and so here I am. I do have to put a cover over my glass though as we have been inundated with fruit flies as a result of the tomatoes etc on the table. I had a glass the other night and after a big sip, I looked into the glass and saw all sorts of flies floating around. So that glass went into the sink and ended my pleasure for the night haha We have little plastic containers set up with small holes in the lid and honeyed fruit inside that attract the flies - amazing how many accumulate inside the container - and then we dump them regularly outside. It helps a lot to try to manage the flies. Only one more container of tomatoes left to ripen so maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel? Today I bought a copy of Dan Brown's Angels and Demons book at Value Village - with a seniors discount it only cost 4.00. Since I saw the Davinci Code movie the other night I was interested in reading this book that actually preceeded the Davinci Code but with the same main character. I plan to start it tonight as I finished the current book I was reading called The Last Templar last night. Well, my glass is empty and I am tired so I shall say goodnight. Take care

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Quiet, indeed?

Waiting for the next cell of a severe storm to hit sometime this afternoon promising about 60 mm of water or mix precipitation, and high winds. The first cell came through last evening with me pumping water until about midnight. Now a reprieve until the second part comes. But while up I watched the movie and special CD of the production of The Davinci Code which I had not seen, nor read the book before. The theme certainly fits with my current reading so was pleased that I was able to relate and therefore really enjoy. However, it also seems that I should watch it again to pick up on things I missed the first time. Yesterday before the storm came through, I raked up about five big bags of leaves from driveway and sides and this morning it is covered again from the rain and winds of last night. Makes you feel as if your attempts were more or less useless? But I did fill orange coloured bags so they will be used for Hallowe'en - I try to block off the sidewalks around the house so kids don't try to take a shortcut. Our candy bags are all ready to go, and the best part ( or worst part!) is that there were many little chocolate bars left over and I have been enjoying stuffing them into my mouth. Coffee Crisp and KitKat - my favourites. They are small afterall, and therefore you need at least three or four at a time to satisfy the current desire. Right? Well, Harry has just decided to pick apples from the trees outside before the storm comes, and make juice so I better go and find the juicer and get ready for another exciting day! Take care

Quiet times

Not much going on.  I still haven't managed to figure out how to post pictures. I confess that I haven't been trying too hard, just complaining about it.  Right now we seem to be just putting in time, waiting for my surgery.  I must be worried about it, at several levels, as I'm having trouble sleeping.

But, during the day, I manage to provide diversion by keeping busy in the studio.   I had a larger hanging, that wasn't terribly  exciting, so I decided to use it to try out a new technique, that I think I might use in my next project. Since the piece wasn't going anywhere, what did I have to lose?  Well, the technique brought the piece to life.  I'm very pleased.  So I finished it and it's now hung on the wall.

Now I have two more projects in the preliminary stages. Both will be long term, and I'm deliberately doing this so that I will have lots to keep me busy after the surgery.  I've been warned that I can expect to have to stay very close to home for about 4 weeks, and know I'll go mad without something to do.

Yesterday, the spagetti squash I got from my friend Gail, fell on the floor and broke. ( yes, we abuse our vegetables around here) I had planned it for supper, but ended up cooking it for lunch.  Glad I did. I ate it but won't be in any hurry to eat one again.  But I had asked people how to cook it, and got several different suggestions (very different). So I tried to look it up in all of my cook books.  I found references to summer squash and winter squash, but nothing further to identify which squashes were which.

How are your hands Beth?  All of that work would be beyond me, and I worry about you..

 David put all of the leaves through the lawnmower and then into the compost.  We have a new garbage/recycling system here.  Looks like lots of problems to come.  Our Wednesday recycling was picked up late Thursday, but some people have had no pick up for over two weeks.  Unfortunately this was in one of the more upscale neighbourhoods, so there was much publicity. Now the company has been told that they have until midnight tonight ( Sunday) to catch up with all of their pick ups or the city is going to hire private contractors to step in.  Actually, it seems that the company has been subject to poor performance fines since early September.  Our concern is more that the containers are subject to a lot of abuse during pick up (we've been watching), and have to be left actually on the street for pick up.  The first day, one of ours was hit by a car trying to turn around in our driveway.  Since they are of plastic, and will be come much more fragile in cold weather, we expect to have to replace them fairly often, but they are quite costly.

But I guess life can't be all bad when all we have to complain about is late garbage pick-up.  I have a nice Sunday supper planned, and all day to work in the studio.  This time of year, David has football games to watch, and I think he enjoys that.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

strange day

I so enjoy hearing about how you find beauty, Beth,  I, too, sometimes see something that strikes a chord with me, but it's often something more simple. On Sunday, my friend Gail showed me her garden.  The two of us were out in the middle of what could only be called prairie, flat in all directions, dried up corn stalks, a couple of rotting gourds, and geese overhead.  My thoughts were not on the muted colours or almost barren land, but rather that this is my "home".  This flat dry prairie, is where I've spent most of my life and where I feel " at home".

Yesterday I was  at a friend's 3rd floor condo,overlooking the Red River.  I sat facing the picture window, with the trees along the river bank and on the right side, a view around a curve in the river (so, essentially, I could see both directly across the river, and along the length of the river for a distance).  Our conversation tended to go back to the weather, as while we sat there, over less than two hours,  we had a snow squall, fog that obscured everything, then gradually giving way so that pieces of the view gradually came back, and then bright sunny blue sky.  And this went around at least twice.  Typical Manitoba weather.

Today was to have been my day at home.  But first we went grocery shopping.  Occasionally our superstore will give you a $25.00 gift card if you buy $250.00 of groceries.  We don't do that often,but today I happened to have two cards in my purse and we ended up with $48.74 what were essentially "free" groceries.  I felt as though I had won the lottery.  Then a trouble light went on  in the car, so David dropped me off, with the groceries, and headed for the dealership to have it looked at.  Shortly after he had left, I got a phone call from my surgeon's office, at 7-Oaks, telling me that, unless my lab results, chest x-ray and EKG results were at their office today, my surgery would be cancelled.  Now we had received a call from my Dr.'s office, late yesterday asking me to drop in sometime and pick up papers to have the work done, but she conveyed no sense of urgency at all.  I had been planning to do it tomorrow while David is having a Urology follow-up at HSC.. So I got on the cell and called David, who turned around and came home to pick me up.  The lady who called me today, had told me that I had the option of going in to 7-Oaks and having the work done there.  So off we went, and were in and out in about 1/2 hour. Got home and discovered a phone message from the pre-surgery assessment unit at 7-Oaks, wanting me to go in there sometime soon.  I finally got her on the phone and arranged to go in next Monday, but I had visions of having to turn around and head back again--paying through the nose for parking each time.

Today I started to paint the gourds I got from Gail on Sunday. I did two, and got most of the colours right, but one was off a fair bit. while I struggles with it, I realized that my heart just wasn't in it.  So I gave myself permission to stop.  cleaned everythign up, and moved on.   Did that ever feel good!

Another example of nature at its best

I am having some wonderful adventures with nature whether its sunrises, or sunsets, or rain and wind but this evening I experienced a truly magnificent sight. The sky was overcast and a bit rainy but with dark clouds in the east and sunny conditions in the west. Most unusual skyscape for sure! I walked the dog down to the lake with umbrella up to protect me from a snow like rain. The rain stopped and the west sun came out bright and strong so I immediatley turned around in circles looking for the rainbow that should be in the sky - for a moment there was nothing and suddenly it lit up from horizon to horizon and as brilliant as could be. I was not disappointed and stood in marvel at the sight. Today was a wash out for yard work which meant I could work inside for a change. I have been wanting to get into my cloths cupboard and clear out some of the apparell that was taking up precious room. Much is unworn mainly because I don't go to work anymore and my wardrobe now tends to be old shirts and jeans for yard work. Many of the outfits were also a bit too big as I have lost some weight over the last year. I ended up with four big bags of discards that shall be taken to the Resource Centre next trip to North Bay. To start the day I put a roast with vegetables into the slow cooker and all day could smell it cooking and could hardly wait for supper. What a great idea to use the slow cooker - no fuss and its all ready when you are! But now I am ready for bed - can't seem to sleep too well and tend to lay there looking at the clock. I even tried not listening to the radio as heard that it may be overstimulating at night. So I have been just laying there thinking - and thinking too hard is never a good idea! But I have a lottery ticket for tonight so I shall imagine winning and how I shall split it up $$$$$ yippee - more dreams eh? Take care

Monday, October 8, 2012

I think we both look like it wasn't our first glass!

Happy thanksgiving. We offered a toast to you. We had a nice visit. They wanted to get home early, so they were only here for a couple of hours. Jim and Dave went and got some sunflower seeds for the birds. I am locked out of the blog again until I figure out whatever magic I used last time to get in.

And please note the coordinated wine glasses.  We decided that the "F" etched on the glass stood for "Family".  Pati

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sat morn

And I log onto the Lottery web to check my Lotto Max numbers only to realize that I do NOT have a ticket - somehow Friday came and went and I forgot to buy a ticket. No harm done really as I never have won, but it was a little dissappointing to say the least. I must be sure to get to the store for a ticket for tonights draw so I have not only hope but also a chance!. I was out in the yard all day yesterday ( there was where Friday went without a ticket I guess) and got so much accomplished but also got absolutely exhausted. It hit me around 4 o'clock as I pured my first glass of wine and went downhill from there until I was in bed at 7 pm. I think maybe I cannot do as much as I think or as expected anymore. I should try to pace myself but once out there and the work stares you in the face you keep going! As well, there was a threat for rain today and sure enough it is "misty" outside. I will go out shortly to do some more, but am trying to do a bit of wash and tidy up here inside. Harry has gone off to his sales . My car was acting up lately with a real noise in the back brakes. I monitored it for a while because I had just had them done before my trip this summer. But there was something definitely going on, so into the garage it went. They found something "they weren't too happy with" related to the brakes done in the Spring so have ordered new parts and it will be covered by warranty. I'm thinking either a faulty part, or faulty maintenance? Anyway, glad my trip was uneventful related to this problem.
Happy Thanksgiving to you all - hope the snow forecasted for your area does not materialize or at least not in the amounts they quote. Take care

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

turkeys and low fat diets

Cathy, did they not give you info on minimizing fat in your diet?  That really is the key.  I was mostly okay, but with the occasional pain, always related to an increase in fat in my diet--not usually one meal, but more often cumulative over two or three days. To put it in perspective, my problems, leading to my surgery, started in 1969!  When Loren was born.

Yes I will take the turkey(or two).  We will have to arrange to get up there asap, certainly before my surgery.

I'll take a good look at the cook book and see if I can find a recipe to try.  I wonder if there are any slow cooker recipes in there.

Short note tonight.  Spent the whole day in the studio.  and I'm very grateful that I can do that.

I'm Baaaack!

I'm not going to complain about this.  I just have to be careful not to log out.  Very cold and windy today and the dreaded "s" word is in the forecast.  Of course they are usually wrong, so maybe they will be again.  I was stressed out at work because I couldn't balance at month end.  Today they called me from Winnipeg... It was a program glitch.  Nothing I did wrong.  It is also nothing they can fix without outside help, but it wasn't my fault.  Yesterday they let me go ahead and work even though I wasn't balanced.  Actually, everything balanced except one statement.  The "glitch".  I just have to account for it manually on my statements and they will look after it at their end (Yippee)  We were really busy today.  I hope it slows down 'cause we can't keep up this pace.  Yes, the cookbook.  When we were in the used book store Hector shamed me into buying Helen's cookbook.  I would have anyway, 'cause I have eaten her cooking.  She catered the ACTFest for us.  Everything she caters is really good.  Beth and I were reading it, and when she left I gave her the copy I had.  Little did I know that she would really use it!  Helen has a column in the paper and every week she puts a different recipe in, so I have tried some of these before.  In fact, I have some of the recipes myself, from other sources.  Anyway,  whether you like it or not, Pati, you now have to try some of the recipes and let us know how they are (by page number please).  Tonight I am making quiche and steamed brocolli.  That almost sounds nutritious, doesn\t it.  changing the subject, I have an appointment to meet with the surgeon on Jan 7, 2013. By the time I have surgery it will have been over a year since I started complaining about the pain.  Good thing I am not sick!!  Meanwhile, I eat ibuprofen.  My quiche is almost done.  Try not to be jealous... it smells great.  Oh,Pati. We have chickens and turkeys.  The smallest turkey they had was 16 pounds,   If you don't want it, that is okay. We will use them

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Addendum to previous

Beth, why not carry a package of alcohol wipes or wet wipes with you and cleanse the seat, so you don't have to worry?

I received the cook book today.  Thank you, Cathy.  But I still don't know the story behind it.

Tomorrow is our first garbage day with the new bins.  Since our garbage is collected on the front street, the bins are to be placed on  the street with their rear wheels against the curb.  I can certainly see problems once the snow accumulates.  And we don't dare just put them at the foot of the driveway, as everyone and his dog uses our driveway to turn around in.  I predict a gloomy future for the process, especially as we will have to buy the new ones, if anything happens to these.

Our Zellers is closing as well.  David says that he has heard that the store that will be affected the most by Target is actually Sears, and that Sears is already in trouble. We haven't been in it, but there are constantly clowns (literally-clowns)on the street out front urging customers in.

A bit of "this and that"

Bathroom procedures - I am finding it increasingly more difficult to "hover" while using a public bathroom. I am finding I more than often say to myself "what will it matter if you actually squat on the seat?" Anyone relate to this?
Zumba - I have been tempted to look into taking Zumba as I think it would be fun, and enjoyable as well as giving one some exercise. I like to dance but maybe not infront of people. So tonight as I walked the dog by the community bulletin board the words ZUMBA jumped out at me and sure enough there was an announcement that classes were starting at the arena in South River every Tuesday night. Now, it also said $12.00 for one hour and all of a sudden my enthusiasm was waning! I'll never take Zumba but it has always been a thought hidden in the back of my mind.
New store in the Mall North Bay - The second Mall in North Bay has been going through a rebuilding over the past about ten years - at one time it was thriving but then saw a decline in stores closing and empty hallways. But as we shop at the No Frills store that just opened there about three years ago, we frequent the halls and often have lunch at the one and only food court booth still in business - that being the A&W. We have also seen many new stores opening up including Suzy Sheer, Winners, Hart, and now after being behind wooden walls for awhile, a new store called Stitches just opened - it is huge and actually called a warehouse store so possibly a bit different than the Stitches store in the other Mall. I'll go in to see sometime but it looks like younger womens and mens styles of clothing and boots/accessories and maybe not like my usual purchases as at the Rebuilt Resources or Value Village haha
Duvets - I found that having only one cover for each duvet, means a quick wash and make of the bed when it is change time. Not the end of the world I know, but sometimes with my schedule can be a bit ackward. So today we went into the Zellers store in North  Bay. There have been advertising of discounts in the paper because the Zellers as we know it is closing and being taken over by an American company - Target. So to the bins we went and started to plow through linens and other sorts of sales until a bin jumped out at us containing duvet covers. I was looking for the right size and the right price before buying and then looking at the pattern of fabric as I like the cover to be appealing at least. Finally my patience paid off and purchased two covers at a price that was remarkable and certainly not the regular price as marked on the box saying $159.99. Then I came home and washed them separately as quoted on the label. I must have been really spaced out by the time the second load was put in as I poured liguid softener into the tub instead of laundry liguid. Well, so as not to be beaten, I also put the laundry liguid in too. Then into the dryer and the duvet cover bunched up and consumed the small towels and facecloths that I had in with it until I had one great big ball of wettish fabric. So as I said to myself,"this is going to be a problem" I carefully separated it all, and now have the towels drying before I shall put the cover in by itself! But the fabric is a gorgeous pattern and I can hardly wait to have the duvet over me in bed with the nice new cover.
So that is my story for today. Take care

Canada Geese continued

We, too, have been watching the geese.  They are starting to gather in larger and larger flocks.  We can see them practicing their "skeining up". At one spot on the bike trail, there is a field where there have been 3-4 of them all summer.  Now we see multitudes, but one family is still holding themselves apart.  The four of them have been about 75 yds further down the trail since spring, and they are still there.  Probably close enough to hear any orders given and to participate in the flight training.

Big fire here last night.  One of the newspaper headlines this morning said "St. B Burns".  Well, it was a very nasty fire at a  refinery/storage depot for specialty racing fuels, and one tanker car full of biodiesel fuel exploded.  I was out and drove over the Lagimodiere overpass just south of  Regent.  The smoke was obvious from just about anywhere in the city, but from the top of the overpass I could also see flames going quite a way into the sky.  Cars were pulled over all along the overpass with cameras etc.  There was a evacuation of several blocks of businesses and residences, for fear of greater explosions, as there were several other tanker cars just outside the burning building.  The news said that it was just off the corner of Marion and Archibald. We were through there this afternoon but saw nothing.

Ravenesque met last night, and we all delivered our hats.  For the most part they were just personalisation that resulted in a still wearable hat, but mine was a little different.  The organizers are still in the stage of preparing proposals for galleries, so I suggested that they include Viscount.  I hope that was okay.

The piece that I had in the gallery for the last month sold from home yesterday.  Since the contact had nothing to do with the gallery, I have no intention of paying them any commission.  This means that I have to make something else for the show next spring for which  the piece had been originally intended.  Same thing happened last year.  I'm not complaining, mind you!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Canada Geese

What a wonderful show I saw tonight down at the lake. A flock of geese putting on a display. As I approached the beach area, the geese started to swim off into the lake in single file - like a flotilla taking off at the dock and slowly sailing away! The Admiral at the front was slightly ahead of the others and I could hear him barking orders as they all swam off. I sat on a rock and watched with great excitement as they swam out and around the government dock and then headed into a little bay area to the east of the dock. As they came closer to shore again they started to bunch together until it became just a gathering again. I was amazed how they were able to keep in single file all the way around - disciplined, and practised. It will be sad to see them all fly off one day and be gone for the winter!  I was in the garden all day cleaning up pots and beds, and storing poles, and pots, and covering up roses and other tender perennials with dirt and straw. It was a gorgeous day - warm and sunny and one could not help but enjoy the time outdoors. Now, though, my hands are actually paining me and I can hardly open them fully. It is the garden work that plays havoc with the arthritis in them, and I am sure I shall suffer tonight. The middle to end of the week is promising rain and much cooler temperatures so glad to have a good day today. Take care