Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Be - No relief yet so we suffer?

Still same weather as yesterday - I do not become as affected by the warm humid temps as Harry, or his Mother do, but still have to put up with the moans and groans constantly. So I go out and water the garden and putter around. Just came back from a nice long walk with the dog. There are a few new houses being constructed in the neighbourhood and it is fun to walk by every day to see the progress, or lack thereof, and dream about how nice it would be to move into a new house. We were in North Bay today to check on Mikes place. He requested that I look at his Dress uniform jacket because there is a rip in the back seam. If I couldn't sew it then maybe we could have a tailor do it because he needs it for a friends wedding on Saturday. I brought it home and have ripped the lining apart and captured the seam in question. I should be able to sew it up nicely on the machine and then hand sew the lining back into place. The question is when? Tomorrow apparently we are going to pick cranberries in the marsh. This should be an all day affair - it is an hours walk into the marsh let alone the picking time. Then Thursday it is to Mothers in the morning and back to North Bay in the afternoon. Friday we leave early to drive to Pet to attend Mikes graduation. Today we bought a gift and had it engraved as a remembrance for him. The girl in the shop mentioned she knew Mike and got all excited to know she was doing a gift for him - "He's a real great guy - a big teddy bear" she went on to say. It seems no matter where we go, Mike has preceded us and left a good lasting impression on folks. He is a very personable guy. Harry found a new recipe in the latest Whats Cooking book that he wants me to make for Mother on Thursday - the Sweet Potato shepherds pie on page 43 so I bought the ingredients today. I will have to put it together at her place because I will not have time to do it here at home. And so I am to bed now so I can get some rest before tomorrow to set forth on another wonderful day....!!
Take care...

Monday, August 30, 2010

Be - A quickie message for today

To Mothers this morning and then back home - it is about 40 degrees with humidex and I just made myself a cup of tea to try to refesh myself. I found a few recipes Cathy and have just run up to the mail to get them off today - so maybe two or three days travel and they will be in your box! I laughed about your popcorn maker - remember when I said I should have brought one with me when I visited- I guess I tempted you to buy one. I love the hot air poppers and usually make a big bowl.
Anyway, will have to keep this short and hope to get some relief from the hot temps. until next time take care..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Why am I focussed on food??

Probably because we just had such a good lunch! Pickeral, Fresh corn and home made fries. I am so full. Curtis (from Twilight Colony) left us a box of corn yesterday. He phoned Jim to tell him the corn was on the floor and he had taken a beer in exchange. We had 4 for lunch and I put the rest in the freezer. I got another bag of peppers in the freezer too. I have food questions for the two of you. Beth, do you remember the cucumbers in a creamy sauce we had at Ichiban? You said you had a recipe for them. Could you find it?? And also, the soda biscuit and tomato casserole. I remember the layers of soda biscuits and tomatoes but is there anything else, and how long do you cook it?. Also, do either of you have a tomato sauce recipe using Roma Tomatoes? There, my domestic questions are done. It is cool and rainy here. Puts a "damper" on cutting wood. (ha ha) We are going into town later to pick up some groceries and Jim needs a socket. He has everything but the one he needs for the quad. I picked up a hot air popper on sale yesterday so it is popcorn for supper. If we are even hungry after the lunch we ate. I didn't win the lottery so it is back to work tomorrow. Oh well, there is always next week's draw. It sure sounds like Mike is making something of himself. I still cringe every time I think about his thumb. I don't know how he kept going. You'll have to give him a big hug from me. I even balanced my cheque book today. Too bad I have to go and spend all my money at the store. It would be nice to have a little left over next payday. Thank goodness for overdraft. Time to get the laundry switched over. Last load is in the washer. Have a good week


You two have seduced my husband to the Dark Side! I went into the kitchen and there they were. Five plump red tomatoes sitting on the counter waiting for attention! I tried to explain that they were too nice to cook or preserve and he should just slice and eat them. We are still discussing that. I admit that fresh picked warm tomatoes are to die for. The flavour can't be matched. But if you're going to freeze and cook them, I believe the flavour suffers, and it's not worth the effort. David disagrees.

But I now have five meals of chili and four of beef stew in the freezer along with three meals of meatballs and five hamburger patties. I have a big casserole of pork tenderloin in mushroom gravy for tonight's supper and expect to be able to freeze a portion of that for later. We've been cleaning out he freezer of those things like two cups of chopped turkey from last thanksgiving. I have no guilt in putting that in the garbage! I also took a look at the pantry and under the stairs. I have quite a few cake mixes that have been around for awhile. So dessert will be angel food cake with ice cream and field berry pie filling as a garnish. It'll look good even if no-one likes it.

Beth, I can understand why you are so pleased with Mike--even over and above being his Mommy. I remember what a struggle it was for you to get him through his schooling. Now it sounds as though he is able to manage classes quite well. Good for him! Please pass on our congratulations! Will you miss the trips to Petawawa? While it may be just a taxi service, it's still a chance to see him and talk to him. Been there.

Cathy, I like the sound of your relationship with the Hutterites. It sounds reciprocal, and that's the way it is with friends. I'm still struggling with the consequence of dropping some of my groups. I'm finding out how few true friends I have. Treasure the ones you seem to have, Cathy.

Oh, I'm getting maudlin again. Time for lunch.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Be - the new car...

Well, Mike has his new car. It is a beauty - dark grey metallic Impala and drives nicely. He looks good at the wheel and says he feels so comfortable. He will be driving the "boys" back to Petawawa on Sunday night. His married best friend who is stationed in Pet came back with him for the weekend so he had company plus a licenced driver to sit shotgun. Mike only has his G1 ( beginners in Ontario) so needs a licenced driver at his side when he drives. Should be able to take his drivers test in Dec and then can drive on his own. It was so good to see him this weekend - we have not actually seen him much all summer as we go up to check his place when he is not there and on weekendsa when he was able to come home, he got a ride with his buddy so we never actually layed eyes on him. ( as a Mommy it really means touch and kiss!!) Friday is his graduation ceremony in Petawawa so Harry and I will drive there to be at the grad and again as a Mommy I shall be very proud of his accomplishments and probably cry a few tears! This will mean an immediate promotion to Master Corporal and for Mike an achievement he has worked hard for.
I worked in the yard all afternoon while Harry made juice from apples - now it is soon time to make some supper as soon as I have the kitchen back- I have still a bit of a cold lingering - the Cold FX seems to be keeping it from full blown sniffles and runny nose but I can still feel it lingering a bit. I expect I will have to do some laundry tomorrow - I have being avoiding it all week but suddenly the laundry hamper is overflowing - I wonder why? And the table is covered with ripening tomatoes. Cathy, I looked in the grocery flyers today to plan for shopping on Tuesday - you can buy a big can of tomatoes for 88 cents - and I wonder why we ever do what we do??? And next week we are going cranberry picking in the marsh. Oh boy...
Anyway, after supper it is a nice bath and listen to Randy Bachman on the radio. I have already had two glasses of wine....Take care

Saturday morning...

I slept in until 9:30! I knew I was not getting enough sleep all week, cause I was tired every day. I sure made up for lost time this morning. And when I got up Jim had a full breakfast started.. bacon, eggs, hashbrowns. I have got the water on for freezing tomatoes next. Jim says he doesn't mind the skin left on, but I know that is where most of the bacteria sits so I prefer to skin them. It's just to bad that it is so messy and time consuming. On the other hand what else do I have to do?... Laundry? Clean the office?...Jim has gone to check on Rodney's house and animals. They get back tomorrow night so there is only one more day to check. Interruptions!! I have dipped all the tomatoes in boiling water to loosen the skins and they are now in a sink of cold water. I know that I could skin them already, but letting them sit gives me a chance to continue. We had a "herd" of Hutterites over again on Thursday night. The girls came for a swim, but they decided that the pool was too cold. They watched a movie instead. They must have enjoyed it because we could hear them howling with laughter. It was "Yes Man" with Jim Carey. They also brought over supper so we not only got hamburgers and potatoes, but they left all the jars of pickles they brought Can you believe that it is already the end of August. Summer seems so short and Winter so long. We still need to get a bit more wood for the winter. Using the wood stove paid off becaus my end of year hydro bill was a $208 credit! I have to buy lettuce again this weekend. We are done the garden lettuce. I tried to plant it a couple of weeks apart this year, but once it is ready it seems it is all ready. The tomatoes are calling me. Enjoy the weekend.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Be - I have yet to go shopping

But expect to go this Tuesday - have been waiting for coffee to go on sale and sure enough, it will be this coming week. I had bought a less expensive coffee and it just isn't the same although I have been drinking it.. so figure.
Out side this morning by 7:30 to finish painting the one section of picket fence I started the other day. It looks good and now only two more sections to go but we have to repair one little part before I paint. So it may be awhile. Then I cut the grass and then we picked apples and cut down branches and limbs off trees. I carried it all to the edge of the road. If we are lucky the town will pick it up eventually. In the past we have hauled it all to the dump but enough of that.
Tomorrow we go to North Bay early to get Mike his car. I had to call a few times today to ensure insurance and registration and plates etc were all inplace. Mike should get back to North Bay from Petawawa late tonight but on the phone this afternoon he sounded really excited about tomorrow - getting a first car is very exciting!
So early to bed tonight - still not sleeping well and getting a bit of a cold. I usually get two every year so maybe it is time for the second. I am taking Cold FX to try to stop it but do not know if it will work.
Well have to go...have a great weekend - the weather is calling for sunny and hot
Take care


Pati here
If you remember, we ( the Royal "we") were going to paint the kitchen this year, but it doesn't look like it's gong to happen. didn't happen last year either. And maybe this goes backto our earlier talk about life style. Neither of us wants to do it, although we want it to get done. The year we lived with Daddy, the same thing came up and we actually paid someone to come ina nd paint the kitchen. Worth every penny. Now I just have to find a penny!

Grocery shopping today. Since all of the pensions were out today, all of the seniors were in the grocery stores ( Not that we would ever consider ourselves seniors!) There are special shuttle buses that pick them up for shopping and then take them home again, but sometimes they have to wait a bit for the bus. So the stores have chairs set up for them to sit in while they wait--all lined up in front of a display for toilet paper. H-m-m-m. I wonder if there is a message there? I've really been enjoying the B-B-Q ribs we had while you were here, Beth, so wanted to buy some more and actually found them on sale today. We had checked our freezer before we went, and found nothing but chicken breasts. So it looks like power cooking is in my future. I need to store up some casseroles so that I don't have to cook again for awhile. Anyway, we ended up buy a lot of meat, like beef and fish. So overall, a rather expensive shopping trip. but it was spread out over three stores, so I didn't spend enough in two of the stores to get the special offers that comes if you spend a certian amount. Did get 100 bonus air miles at Safeway though.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Be - Jelly and picket fences

That is my sort of day today - After helping to pick more apples for Harry to make into juice I started painting more of the picket fence - remember I started it before my trip and that we have picket fences around three sides of our yard??? Well today was to be a painting day - Wednesdays are usually the only stay at home day we have during the week so I like to concentrate on something that needs lots of time. I got over two sections done before the rain came so it was productive to a point. I must say that it looks so nice to see the nicely painted bright white fence compared to the worn wood that has been there for too many years. One section has been slightly pushed out of place by a tree that has grown broader over the last twenty years at its base- we had to nail it in place and now it has a real bulge but probably no one will even notice except us. So then I came inside where I saw the nice apple juice sitting on the counter and had an urge to make jelly with some of it. The rest of the juice will be jarred for consumption by Harry and his Mother. I used some certo liquid pectin and have five jars of very clear light red jelly for my efforts. I will enjoy eating it over the winter. I have really made too much jam (rhubarb) and jelly because I am the only one that eats it - but who cares, I will just have to have toast every morning. I was able to practice a bit of violin today and hope to get back to it before September comes and it is time for more lessons. I have not done any practicing all summer.
I would love to see your dragon flies - any chance of a picture? I will never forget driving down # 5 to Cathy's and seeing a fog of dragon flies ahead of me the whole way. And you had lots at the house too, Cathy. Don't see many around here. Well, to Mothers tomorrow and guess what we have planned for lunch? I am going to make waffles!! Should be interesting to see her response although I know she likes them as I made them one morning when I stayed overnight and she seemed to like them. As usual, I will take all the ingredients and the equipment with me.
Anyway - have a great time reading Cathy - I am almost finished a book - the one I started at your place Cathy with Clive Cussler and Spartan Gold ( Sam Fargo) and I have baskets of tomatoes sitting around needing some attention, too!
Take care...

Living life

day by day. Yesterday wasn't bad. I stitched and did some baking, and--tada--no nap! My stitching isn't good--lost skill because of disuse. Sort of sad, but then my stitching on a bad day is still pretty good. I'm trying to make 3-dimensional Dragon Flies--Oh Yeah! I have a little book on it that I found in my culling. I had offered it to my friend Rose Anne and then started to read it. Now I have to get any Dragon Flies that I want, finished, before she comes to visit on Labour Day. It was odd when I started. I said to David " I need somethign like styrofoam to stick toothpicks in to dry after I paint them gold" He didn't blink. Just said " I think I have something in the garage you can use". In how many house does that sort of conversation happen? And in how many houses would there be a 6 inch, lengthwise split piece of pool noodle that would be perfect for the job.
All of myRavenesque ladies are coming to spend the day here, on Labour Day, so I'm also hoping to get my quilting books culled so that I can offer them first refusal on any give-aways. Plus I have to plan some sort of activity. Maybe I'll just visit Timmie's and make the activity a donut eating contest.

OMG--I need to make a "To Do" list. Haven't had the energy to do that in weeks! I even scrubbed the bathroom sink today, I've been for a bike ride, read the paper and made a casserole for supper. It's only 10:00. Have a dentist appt across town at noon and then a haircut later in the afternoon. No lottery wins round here, although David got $20 on a scratch ticket over the weekend. And then promptly spent it on 649 and Lotto Max tickets, plus a dozen eggs so that I could make cookies.

So this is life at my house.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the third one heard from

I always feel like I should have something to say before I sign in, but I guess just touching base is good. I, also, check at least two times a day to see if there is anything new. I got the cream for my arm.... $86.00 for a tiny little tube... and then there has been no sun since I got it! I should be doing more tomatoes tonight, but I went to the library instead. I have 4 new books, so I guess the tomatoes will wait. Actually, I will use the books as a reward for myself. I do some work... I get to read. We got the wood cut and piled on the weekend. Now we have to go into the bush and get some more deadfall. I think we have enough for inside the house this winter, but if we want some outside fires we will need a bit more. And then there is next winter to consider. The wood heat is sooooo cozy, though, so I guess it is worth it. Our early intervention at work will be on Sept 14. I don't know what will happen. I know that she will meet with all of us separately and together. Time will tell. I am afraid that I have been a bit short at work this week. I still feel bad that my newest auto immune symptoms were triggered by stress. Why doesn't anyone else have any physical signs of stress??? (I know... bitch bitch bitch) Jim is heating up some stew for supper. I made it yesterday and saved it for the second day. It is so much better after it sits for a day or so. Now I have to come up with something for tomorrow. If I pick something to bbq Jim will do it... Great plan

Be - I concur

For me, I think it was a matter of just writing a few words without having to have any extraordinary newsy stuff to share. I do not have anything of this nature to share but I decided I would write something regardless - sorry it is so boring but obviously has been effective if peoples are wanting to check to see if anything is written! I have always checked regularly hoping against hope that there is something new - so good on us! Lets try to keep it up - who knows maybe someday I can report on exciting news - perhaps the $50 million winner!
Up to North Bay today to check on Mikes place. He just phoned now to say the car dealership has not been notified by the insurance company yet so they cannot proceed with the registration which could mean he cannot get the car on Saturday as planned. This cannot happen to him so tomorrow I'll get right on it. Also he has a broken thumb and he was going to be put on restricted duties with only one week to go on his course - this would have screwed him so he refused and consequently has tape around his thumb and is performing as if OK - wow! He really needs this course so will do whatever he can to succeed.
So I already have a few tasks for tomorrow all lined up. Have a sink full of dishes and a new book I want to get reading and I am so tired. Why can't we get a restful sleep anymore? I wake up about every fifteen minutes - and have actually been getting up around 4:30 am rather than lay in bed wide awake. This is not good. Anyway, must go for now. Take care ...

Out of control

Pati here, eagerly calling up the blog more than once aday to see if anyone has been here. It's just so great that we're talking more than ever.

Off to the doctor yesterday, who tells me that my knee is healing nicely and that my heart is okay--according to the stress test--but I didn't stay very long at the test and why aren't I in better shape? Arg-h-h-h! So I don't need any more antibiotics, but the results from the diuretic are so good that it looks like I need to take that regularly. Well, I would rather do that than wear elastic stockings all day every day. So David and I head off to the pharmacy actively discussing how are we going to pay for 100pills three days before our pensions come in. (After all, I spent all of our money on new clothes--and worth every penny!) So we offered the pharmacist our card and he says"that'll be $15.47. We paid cash, and laughed our way out of the store--what a relief. Speaking of new clothes, I wore an outfit for the first time yesterday. We stopped at the bakery on the way home and the clerk complimented me on my shirt. That's never happened before!

Windy, windy weather again. No bicycle rides but I'm able to keep the doors and windows open, and still breathe. I've been doing some painting and actually tried to dry it out doors. Big mistake! I ended up weighting it down with rocks--and the corners still blew up. I have lots of "donkey work" to do, but have this amazing idea of how to make the Acceptance portion of my Serenity pent-ych ( is there such a word?) Decisions! Decisions! In any case, it looks like another day inthe basement!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Be - You know you are going to have a good day when....

.....You bend over the old cat to whisper goodmorning and it bites you on the cheek bringing blood - a negative response for sure. Uncharacteristic for the old boy, but nevertheless put me in my place I guess. Was it to set the pace for the rest of the day?
Then to North Bay to check on Mike's place - all is well there. Then went shopping and bought some of my St Ive's face and body creams "on sale" yeh!! Then went to Staples and were able to buy the right ink cartridge for the printer - so far so good!
Home to make a casserole for Mothers tomorrow and it is great - just about to have some for our supper with fresh picked green beans. The apple pie I made yesterday from apples I picked from our trees ( in the pouring rain) is also delicious. So tomorrows lunch at Mothers should be OK.
Well, I best go...take care

Saturday, August 21, 2010

New clothes

Started putting up the hems on my new pants. One pair appears to be very well made, even to the point of seam binding on the hems. Guess I got a bargain there! Many of the clothes I've been wearing, especialy the pants, were bought for work in the 90's. They are wearing out on the seams and some of the hems are getting quite "ratty". I know ratty hems are a fashion statement for some people, but not for me. One new pair is royal blue denim with designs ( rhinestones!!) on the sides of one leg. Probably out of fashion right now, but I'm excited. I found a T-shirt in a diferrent store that is just about a perfect match for colour ( looks good unless you are seeing it in sunlight) I purposely picked shirts with neckline detail--as is recommended on most of the fashion shows for larger ladies. I'm pleased.

Busy days for you Beth. It's fun to do crazy things like that radio promotion you spoke of. Sometimes I get so "cabin crazy" that I do something stupid, just to feel alive. But, at least, I'm not having to deal with vegetables! Today is Saturday and we had talked about going to the farmer's market, but forgot! Guess it wasn't really important to us.

Be 'In the early morning rain....."

Early Saturday morning and it is raining out. I have to take the dog outside regardless and once bundled up in boots and umbrella, it wasn't so bad outside early in the dark!
Glad the pictures arrived safely. In my opinion ( how do you do that Patty " imho") there was fun abounding no matter where I was on my holidays and the pictures are my memory of a good time had by all. I also think that we are all too critical of seeing pictures of ourselves - I certainly am and shutter at the sight of myself having thought at the time that I looked and felt "not too bad". But regardless of the reason, anytime you can go and buy some new duds is good for the soul. I still look at the cloths in Recycled Resources where we go everytime we are in North Bay. Before my trip I was planning my wardrobe to take, and now I just look thinking maybe I could get something for my lunch out with the girls, but always realize I have a cupboard full of cloths from which to choose back here at home.
We were up early on Friday morning and up to North Bay to the Twiggs Coffee House by 6 am to take part in the last morning of the two announcers on the radio that we listen to every morning. They are moving back to Edmonton with a job offer they accepted after six years in North Bay - they are a married couple who did the morning show together which was a trial at first, but that worked very well. They had entertainment, and people coming and going with tributes. Harry used to call up for the contests on the radio and always had fun teasing them. People came with gifts and cards and it was a fun time - we had our breakfast there and of course a few delicious coffees.
Then we had to go over to the Insurance company for an appt at 9 am to arrange for Mike's car insurance for him. He is in the bush these two weeks and not able to do much in the way of arranging. He will now be able to get his car on Sat Aug 28 as hoped with all the necessary paper work in place, and only needs to meet at 9 am that morning to sign off.
Then we came home and cleaned out the eaves and trimmed some of the trees overhanging the eaves - good timing I guess as it is now raining.
And today.... who knows - with the rain it may change things - I was supposed to pick crabapples but may instead tidy up inside uugggh.. Anyway, I did not have a ticket for the lottery last night so no point in checking numbers.
Take care

Friday, August 20, 2010

Pati here

Sorry to hear about your skin problems, Cathy. And being auto-immune, we all know what role stress is playing. When I was highly stressed, not only did I get a rash (temporary, thank Goodness), but my hair fell out. In my work environment, it was considered a badge of honour. I hope this works out for you, but you may be in good company. Wasn't this Michael Jackson's problem? Too bad about the wood.

Beth, your pictures arrived today. You and Cathy look like you had a lot more fun at her house than mine! But, I took a look at our picture at the lake, and just about died. The T-shirt I got at Wal-Mart for $5 looks like I got it at Wal-Mart for $5. I made the decision to stop wearing sorta-white T-shirts in public. Of course this meant that I had to go out an buy some darker T-shirts. I got four of them gray, dusty rose, royal blue and dusty blue. Then I found trousers in Sears for $9.99, and $11.99. They fit and look good too. So a small chunk of the extra money I accumulated over the summer went to a good cause.
Yesterday, David moved the books from the bottom shelves of the bookcase behind the recliner into the middle shelves of the other bookcase--where I can access them. So now there's no excuse for me to procrastinate about sorting the quilting books. Oh Yeah!

Best laid plans..

We got outside; cleared the area we were going to pile the wood; Blew up the tire on the trailer; Jim got the chainsaw..... and the rain started. Awwwww what a shame.

Holiday fun

Today is the last day of my holidays and we are going to cut wood. I bet you are jealous of all the fun I have had this week. Gardening, canning, meetings, doctor's appointments and tonight I get to do clean-up at the Legion supper! The dermatologist said there is really nothing they can do. There is a narrow band (UVB?) bed in Winnipeg that has had good results. She asked if there was any place I could stay in Winnipeg if I came in for treatments. I said I had a sister, but then it came out that it is about 3 times a week, for weeks!!! I don't think I will be doing that. She has also perscribed a couple of creams to try. One isn't covered by medical, of course. It is used in conjuction with sunlight, so I would use it until it is too cold to go outside. Then the other one can be used. It is a steroid, so I would only keep using it if I saw some results. Then by April it is back to the first cream. No guarantees. The other choice is to keep my self completely covered for the rest of my life and then all my skin would be white and it would be hard to see the white spots. She said it is obviously auto-immune, especially with my history. Mine appears to be quite aggressive though, because it has spread so far so fast. I have been writing my jokes on the whiteboard at work all week, but this week someone else has been putting up writings. They are all religious based, lessons for life (eg... the golden rule) It makes my jokes seem very superficial, but we all need some lightness in our lives. I just have trouble finding one liners that are clean enough! Jim is getting dressed now. I guess it is time to cut wood.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Food for thought--or preserving--your choice

I've been thinking about this for three days--while blogspot wouldn't let me in because it didn't like my cookies. You've always lived a very frugal life, Beth. From what you've told me, much of that is socio/cultural, and a part of Harry's family lifestyle. It's a habit you can train yourself for. Certainly David's mother lived that way, and took his father along for the ride. Cathy, you haven't always had a choice but to live frugally, but you did it! I admire both of you in your self control. I just don't have it. I've never been able to deny myself. We would be in a much better place had I been able to do so. I feel like such a "lazy boots" next to the two of you. I should have done better. But does the day not come when you enjoy the fruits of those years of denial? Who should benefit from your labours, if not you?

Now, that said--what on earth do you do with bottled crab apple juice?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be - Flash - update...whats new here

.. I did not change the turtle tank today but did install the new filter anyway so that it can start to work a bit. A lot to ask of a new filter but at least it is filtering the dirty water. Spent the morning picking crabapples off the trees, picking green beans from the vines, picking cucumbers and ate them right off the vine ( getting desperate to get rid of them I guess), and watering the garden. In the meantime, I also got all the bottles ready for processing the crabapple juice which we did this morning. The best part was taking our dog Scooby to the lake - I had her in the water again and she loves it - runs wildly and splashes into the water and then shakes herself all over us - what a wonderful sight to see her having so much fun. She needs to be able to run free and wild and I wish we had the space here at home but sadly need to take her to this lakeside lot ( Harry's cousins) . I started to try to clean up the basement today - getting all the shelves organized - need to throw out some of our older preserves and hope to get them coralled tomorrow or Friday. Need the space for all the new preserves we are doing this year.
Well, tomorrow to Mothers again - we have planned pickeral and french fries which she will enjoy so all should be Ok. Always a concern for me as to how the day will go, and always a great relief when we are on our way home.
Anyway - time to get back to work so that I can get to bed fairly early and try to read about Dirk Pitt - still do not know how he will survive! haha. Take care...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And we thought we had cut back...

the only thing that didn't grow was potatoes! Which is okay because we ended up planting more than we wanted. I am not as inundated as you are Beth, but I feel overwhelmed. The fridge is full of cucumbers (and it is supposed to be the beer fridge!) Tomatoes on the counter, along with the 10 pints if ripe cucumber relish) I never thought it would happen, but I think I have had enough cucumber sandwiches ( egg & cucumber, cheese & cucumber, tomato & cucumber, chicken & cucumber, beef & cucumber.......) Tomorrow I have a meeting at 4:30, so I think I will put a turkey casserole in the oven before I go. Thursday is the dermatologist... I may not want supper! It went down to 3C last night. If that keeps up I won't have to worry about the garden.
I was "excited" that someone was writing things on the white board besides my jokes, but they are using religious quotes now. I keep putting up my jokes. Today I used "you're just jealous because the voices are talking to me". I hope they realize its a joke!!! (at least the voices tell me it is!) It is cool enough that I think I will have a bath tonight instead of a cool shower. I find the soak relaxing. We signed up to eat a turkey supper at the legion on Friday, but when I was in the store I got asked to work clean up... at least I can eat before I have to wash my own dishes. I wish that a weeks holidays took as long to finish as a weeks work. Does that have something to do with relativity?? I spent $106 today and all I ordered was a pair of shoes and a pair of pants. Somehow I feel I should get more for that money. I won't buy used shoes. My feet are so bad that I need good shoes and then I put my orthotics in them. The pants I could have bought used, but lately the only person donating to the Salvation Army is a size 8! (obviously not a human) Jim's goddaughter was here last weekend. She is a size 4... her mom is a size 0 (Really!! she is a 0!!) Again a non-human. Time to go and fill the bath tub... don't be jealous, Pati... just because Beth and I both had baths.

Be - so whats the deal

A person can only consume so many cucumbers so why do I have baskets and baskets of them coming into this house and why do I have all those zucchini filling the fridge. How many zucchini loaves can I actually make and where do I put them? And how much tomato juice do you want to drink in a day? I have two coolers sitting in the kitchen full of produce as there is no room in the fridge right now. Patty, you have the right of it - no garden and go and buy just what you need and what you can use at one time! So there, I have blown my stack and feel a bit better although I still have to do something with these damn vegetables.
And in the middle of this quandry, the turtle tank filter has decided not to work - so I bought a new one in North Bay today ( while at the same mall I also bought two more bottles of wine!) , but in order to set it up I will actually have to clean the tank again - this is a three hour job - and Harry wants to us the kitchen to do crabapple juice tomorrow. So maybe I should get up at midnight??????
Anyway, I just had a really nice bath, and plan to do a bit of reading before bed - I really have to finish this one book - it is taking far too long to find out how poor old Dirk Pitt survives his current ordeal! In the meantime...take care for now - look forward to your musings every day!

Monday, August 16, 2010

usual storm path

our vicious winds--four days worth--appear to have now arrived at your house, Beth. Be warned! there is more to come. Nasty, nasty wind to day and only 6 degrees tonight.

Mike must be very excited. A first car is something a young man remembers for a long time. I had never thought about him having to worry about fit, but it makes perfect sense for someone his height.

From the sounds of things with both of you, I should be glad for a small garden and poor crop. We are eating the carrots, more as a treat than a meal. And we shared the peas--allof them--with you Beth. I think you got the two big ones. I can see the beets from the kitchen window. David isn't fond of beets, so I may get to make a meal ( that's one meal) of them a little later in the year. The only thing, other than jelly, that I usually worry about is green beans. I will often buy some at the Farmers' Market and freeze them--just for myself. the neighbour across the back is going to build a large pergola where there is now a sandbox. This will cut off a lot of the sunlight to our garden. So we'llprobably just spread grass seed on it next year. As soon as we save $10,000 (rotflmao) we'll have to do something about replacing the garage floor. This will mean destroying the garden on the south side of the garage, so we're now talking about where we could move the rhubarb, and maybe the iris. So I ask you--how could we possibly handle a larger garden--this one is obviously too much for us.

I've been working in the studio for the past few days, and now my back hurts, so I'm going to have to do an ergonomic analysis of the work area. Nah, --sounds too much like work. I'll raise the work table and go for a massage. Sounds like much more fun.

Be - the storms keep coming

Literally - fantastic storms with wind and thunder and lightening and torrential rain blowing in all directions - have you ever seen rain so thick you cannot see ahead of you and also so strong that it blows horizontally? We were caught in North Bay yesterday when a real doozie hit out of nowhere - it is being compared to the "big one" that hit 4 years ago- confirmed then to be tornadoes - and as with the big one, yesterday trees were blown over and debris scattered far and wide with everyone providing their own personal stories. I bought the North Bay newspaper today just to read all about it.
Well, my Mike bought his very first car on Saturday. He has been thinking about it for awhile now and saving his money - we will go with him on August 28 to pick it up at the dealership. He is not back to North Bay from Petawawa until that weekend thus the delayed pickup date. It is a 2005 Chev Impala - and it is perfect, as he tells me, for his size and his comfort. He is very excited about it and I'm happy for him.
Don't tell me about vegetables and pickles as we are up to our yingyangs here as well. Tonight I had to make tomato juice to get rid of some excess tomatoes and we are also into the crabapples already as they are ripe - a bit earlier than usual, but then it has not been a usual kind of year. Oh well, keeps me busy and out of trouble I guess! All for now.......take care.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Good Morning

and it is good. It is 8:30 am and I have only been up for about 10 minutes! It was cool out last night and no thunder and lightning to wake me up. I think I slept for about 11 hours. Kelly is visiting for the weekend and she and Jim are quading up to the lake today. It will be cool (high of only 15) but not raining(I hope) I intend to stay home and read. We were going to bbq hamburgers tonight and have Rodney & Kristy and their kids over. If it rains I guess we will be cooking inside. Kelly & Tyler & Jen have known each other for years and get along. We thought it might help with the boredom for Kelly. I didn't win any money in Lotto Max, in fact, Manitoba was cut out of the prizes completely! Next time. I see the dermatologist on Thursday, but from what I have read there is nothing they can do for me. (One option is to chemically "bleach" all the rest of my body to match the white patches) Of course, what is on line may not be as current as one would think. I have to make relish this week and I think I may have to make other pickles as well. We sure ended up with a lot of cucumbers. The tomatoes and potatoes got blight. The plants are dead, but I am hoping some of the tomatoes will be okay. As for the potatoes there was no prodution. Last night I dug up two hills and got 2 potatoes. Good thing we weren't counting on having a lot. Can you believe it!! Jim is up already. The nerve. I was going to sit and watch a movie and drink tea. Maybe I will anyway. That or challenge him to a crib game! Have a great week

Pati here--Feeling better

But I guess I should be with all the drugs I'm taking. When I went for the stress test the woman didn't have enough room on her form to list them all. But I've found my ankles again, and the scab is finally off my knee. My left hand hurts as much, if not more, than when I first fell, but I've been trying to sew with it. Maybe Someone is telling me to remember-- " all things in moderation". The weather is awful right now--wind and rain--and forecast for the next few days,--but I can breathe a little easier, and actually slept last night without the air conditioning. All of this makes me think about how our lives and our expectations change over time. I now feel grateful for a good night's sleep and minimal joint pain.

I've now sorted through all of the embroidery books and have them in labelled piles all over the basement. Then I remembered that the ladies from Ravenesque will be coming over for the afternoon on Labour Day. Even if the weather is suitable for us to work outside, I know they will be in the studio at some point. So I have three weeks to tidy the place up and do "something" with the books. I have a suspicion that they expect me to have planned some sort of activity for them. One of the reasons I have enjoyed this group over time is that it has been a group of peers, with no-one expected to be a "leader", but this appears to be changing a bit.

The opportunity came up to sign up for a series of 10 classes in painting with acrylics, and I did. It is for intermediate to advanced students, but I told him I was a"rank" beginner. I also offered to withdraw in favour of a more experienced student who would benefit more from the class, if too many registered. Along with the three more esoteric classes I signed up for with another local artist, and the three "machine Mastery" classes I got with my sewing machine, I think my fall will be quite full. But this is what I had wanted to do with this year.

Beth, it's good to read your posts. Your life, and Cathy's too, sound full, but different. We have each found our niche, even if it doesn't always fit as well as we would like--and wouldn't we be bored if there were no challenges.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Be - Weekend news..

Actually there is no news at all but it is a good way to start my blog. We didn't expect Mike home this weekend so were prepared to go up to North Bay today to check his place - he called about 6 pm last night to say he was home - it will be next weekend that he has to work. So that saved a trip. Today was the Annual Sundridge Sunflower Festival - no big parades or marching bands but the main street was closed and many many vendors were flogging their wares. As with other years, the Hutterites booth was the busiest with fresh baking for sale. Of course we bought bread and cinnamon buns and all was delicious as tasted for supper. There were planes rides for kids at the airport and at the arena there was helicopter rides - for only $50.00 I could have taken a ride. Believe me I was tempted but common sense and an empty wallet prevailed. But all afternoon it flew over our place so obviously others took up the challenge.
Tomorrow we are picking up Harry's cousin and his wife ( the ones that went to Mothers the other day) at their camp site and taking them to walk the Cranberry Trail in Callandar and then back to the camp site for a BBQ. They are from Burlington and are staying at the lot his brother bought a few years ago on Lake Bernard (Sundridge) The other cousin intends to build a cottage soon but for now just has a little travel trailer set up.
Yesterday I received a call from the Library that the book I ordered was in so I picked it up immediately. I was almost finished this one at the Lake so anxious to read it. The book Dave had was big and hardcover - this one is small and soft covered and the script is very little so it will be hard getting through it.
So long for now - take care

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Be - Fun can be fun after all...

Patty - I viewed your sampler piece and was even able to bring it up close by magnifying it on the computer and followed your every quilting stitch and flow - this is interesting Cathy because this was the drafting that we did at the lake so I sort of knew what Patty had in mind. But what I cannot figure out is how you ever actually get it completed in so little time. Then I had to think about the difference in your life vs mine and finally see how your creativity always takes wing.... and mine stays between the layers of the "fog". Just kidding, I think....
What a thrill for you to see the "girls" in the pool. You told me that they had come over before and had to swim in their dresses - I think that Sam is really quite conservative in his approach isn't he? and I think it is a good way to bring them up - for them to experience another way of life. You and Jim are fortunate to have them as friends, Cathy. Maybe they should have been with us playing in the pool, so I wouldn't have got such a terrible sunburn on my back.
Today went well at Mothers with her company there and I served them a great lunch. Harry had told them that we would be there by nine and so didn't they drive into the yard at exactly nine o'clock!! They are a nice couple and very pleasant - talking with Mother about the olden times and this allowed Mother to participate in the conversation. So it made for a good day for her. She even played her harmonica for them. When we got home at 2 pm, I cut the grass and weeded the rest of the afternoon.
And now to bed. It is good to be reading all the messages going back and forth, and hope we can keep it up - it always boosts my spirits to log on and see an interesting story or two...I won $5.00 on the Ontario 49 Lottery last night so hoping that luck will carry over to the Lotto Max on Friday - it is Friday the Thirteenth so you better both get a lucky ticket.
Take care

play project.

I put a picture of a play project on the other blog.

Fog lifting??

So good to hear from both of you. Yeah--life goes on even if we don't participate! Yesterday, I felt a little more like myself. We actually got out on our bikes and made just over the 10 K--with a stop at Timmie's. We worked around the house--mainly puttering--and no nap! However we've decided to put off maiking jelly and jam until the humidity is lower.

I've been sorting through my library--mainly the embroidery books-- so far. I've been making up lists and offering them as donations to agencies. The agencies are slow to get back to me so I have these huge piles of books all over the basement. I sort of have them sorted out, and don't want to put them back on the shelves. And I haven't even started on the quilting books. I'm finding that I get on a roll and tend to discard more than I maybe should, but realistically, if I haven't used them in years, they need to go.

Finally off to the library. I picked up a book by M.C. Beaton. I've enjoyed one of her police series before, but this book--with the lady detective, Agatha Raisin, is ridiculous!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

swimming pools

We got a phone call earlier today. Sam, our friend from Twilight colony, said that he was at our house drinking beer and watching the girls in the pool. since we had no beer at home, we knew it must be his beer, ... but girls in the pool?.... We got home and there were 8 hutterite girls in our pool. The were picking apples, but Sm must have prepared them, because they alll had t-shirts and shorts. They had a ball.... it was so nice to see our pool really appreciated...... 8 girls in it at once. They had soooo much fun. Jim and I couldn't recognize them when they got out and put on their hutterite clothes.... no hair.... the t shirts were dresses.... I am soooooooo happy that they had some time in the pool.. they can't do that at home. I went in with them for a couple of minutes but I couldn't keep up. It was sooooo great to see them

Be - Is the "fog" contagious?

I also seem to be in a fog these days - I think I am trying too hard to catch up after my two weeks away, and apparently not doing a very good job of it. Tonight I turned the stove on to cook supper. I could smell something burning and checked under the pot of beans but couldn't see any foreign matter. Then I realized that I had not put any water into the pot before turning it on to full to boil. The bottom layer of beans was burnt, but after a quick rinse, I put water in and started the process again. So we had some burnt beans amongst all the cooked ones. This was after I had spent the afternoon in the kitchen doing various other jobs eg. tomato juice, canned rhubarb, making a batch of Patty's coleslaw (with the correct amount of dry mustard), and sandwich fillings ( egg, and salmon) for luncheon for tomorow at Mothers. Harry's cousin called us this afternoon to say he and his wife wanted to visit Mother. Since we are going tomorrow it was perfect timing as Mother now needs us there if someone visits. So how convenient for me to make lunch for others as well.
I take my car into the garage tomorrow to have that defective part replaced as result of a GM recall. Thank goodness I had no problem while I was away - it is a part for the power steering that may malfunction but so far I have not been troubled with it. I still need to make another appt to have the electronics checked - I had the same problem coming home with the panel lights flickering and the dashboard lights only working intermittently. I would not have noticed except I drove late into the evening on the first day ( exactly one week ago today) and the dashboard was not lite which made viewing the readings a bit difficult.
Glad to hear you have your other week of holidays Cathy - stay home and vegetate, eh? But by the sounds of it you may have to spend some time doing down some garden vegetables instead. I had to make some banana muffins yesterday - instead of just buying some bananas at 47 cents a pound, we bought a bag of about twenty slightly used bananas for 49 cents total. We always go for the discount bins and usually do quite well in buying vegetables or fruit that really isn't all that old. But never underestimate the bananas ability to go really soft really quickly - I think of you Patty and all your bananas but we all benefitted with eatting that delicious banana loaf didn't we!!
Anyway, I better go..take care

a foggy morning....

both outside the window and inside my mind. I can't seem to get enough sleep lately. Three more days and I am on holidays for 1 week. I'll just have to work at home, but it is my work. Of course I have 2 meetings and a doctors appt next week, too. I finally get to see the dermatologist. A new doctor comes in to replace my doctor on Aug 23. I will have to phone then to get an appointment. We've been in and out of the pool all week, (no 4 hour marathons Beth) It has been so hot and muggy. We met Loren & the kids at McDonalds when they stopped for lunch on Sunday. Those kids sure have grown. It seems like only last year that Gillian was in the car seat. They were looking forward to their week at camp. I haven't been in the garden since Sunday. I am dreading what I will find.... monster mutated beans! Jim wants me to make some more cucumber relish this year, so he has been letting his cucumbers get prettybig before he picks them. We seem to have gotten a blight on the tomatoes (and potatoes, so I think it is early blight) so I don't know if we will get anything. They have lots of tomatoes, but will they make it? My life seems so boring compared to yours. I will have to find something to talk about besides the weather. Until then.... stay cool!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The kind lady who did my stess test walked me through it gently. The funny part was the little disposable gown they gave me. Not quite waist length--to allow for all of the cords etc. It opened at the front, but did not quite close--and--of course-- no bra. I don't think I was the only large person to ever do this, as the technician had a pile of paper towels that she put across my chest and then taped to the gown using masking tape! I didn't make the first three minute interval, but she said that she had all of the information she needed so I didn't hesitate to quit when offered the chance.

For the very first time, I couldn't work up much enthusiasm for our Ravenesque meeting last night. I was tired, hot and sore. So I opted to wear a muu-muu instead of trousers and a T-shirt. This meant that I could wear sandals--something I haven't done in years. I checked my cupboard and found not one, but three pair of sandals--two of which had never been worn. I had totally forgotten them. Anyway, off I went. We were in her studio getting ready to paint when I realized that my muu-muu had a large hole in the back over my left hip. To say that I gave a new definiton of "elegant" would be an understatement. I don't think I'll be wearing any of my muu-muu's in public again.

Today, I get to volunteer at the art gallery in Selkirk. I can't remember if it's air conditioned or not. I have to be there to engage anyone who walks in to look a the art. I told that there is seldom any one to engage. Another highlight og retirement. But I must be feeling better. I can look around now and see all of the housework that hasn't been done since Beth left. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Be - It's me again.....

Although I much prefer to be speaking with you both sitting at your kitchen tables, it is back to the blog for our continued conversations. Perhaps I have been in denial the last few days that my trip has indeed come and gone, but more likely I have been run off my feet as I find myself quickly thrown back into reality. I have my picture book though, to look at, and to prove it all actually happened and I do indeed look at the photos regularly right now. Perhaps that habit may also start to wane as time is eaten up by other more immediate concerns? But to keep happy and look forward to nice events, I have booked myself for a luncheon with my friend Sue, and another old work mate for Sat Sept 11 at Swiss Chalet in Huntsville.
Cathy, your "salmon ball casserole" met with the approval of Mother today. So thanks.... And Patty, I should mention although I know you know, I put too much dry mustard in the coleslaw - I reread the recipe card I copied from your book, and I had written 1 tsp instead of 1/4 tsp and obviously that is what was put into the mixture. But everyone seemed to eat it anyway, right!! Hot, hot, hot.....
We are inundated with vegetables and consequently with doing pickles, and relishes, and zucchini loaves, and freezing and on and on...It is that time of year and like it or not, it has to be done immediately. Tomorrow we go to North Bay to do our usual rounds ie Mikes to feed the animals. and likely do dishes, and then shopping and pay a few bills and I plan to get a few pictures run off and send to you both.
But for now it is a nice bath and to bed. I went to the library on Sat and ordered in that Cussler book I did not finish at the Lake, and also took out that Cussler book I started at your place Cathy. I haven't had a chance to read yet but perhaps will be able to this week when things settle down a bit. The wash is caught up, I did the ironing today, and vacuumed a bit the other day, so gradually getting back to "usual" again. I also bought a Lotto Max and as usual it is now garbage. Did you hear about all the million dollar winners in and around North Bay. Maybe I should buy a ticket while there tomorrow?
Take care.....

Studying for my stress test

Yep, it's today. I've worked myself up about this, and ended up having to take a sleeping pill last night. This evening is the monthly Ravenesque meeting, and our hostess has some painting exercise planned for us. At least I have that to look forward to. But I seem to be alone here. Am I talking to myself?

Friday, August 6, 2010


Someone washed the tea pot!

Back in the saddle??

Not quite.
Spent most of yesterday at the doctor's office. When he saw my leg he said" Oh Yeah! That's infected!" So now I have antibiotics as well as a stronger diuretic in hopes of re-gaining control of the edema. But I look at my dosette and think "too many pills!"

Today, while I have to stay close to home because of the diuretic, I hope to get my act together and take control of what is going on around me. I feel like I've been in "LaLa Land" for a couple of weeks. The other problem with the diuretic is that I have to take it in the morning and then stick close to home. So I plan to take it after my bike ride! LOL Maybe tomorrow.

The only time I've spent in the studio lately was in sorting out a couple of quilts that need hanging to prevent creases. Once I've sorted out my kitchen and planned a few meals, I hope to get down there to tidy up , if nothing else.

Laundry calls!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Beth has just driven away--on her way home. Such a sad time. At our age we never know when we might see each other again. But, what a great visit! She certainly saw us with all of our flaws hanging out. Now life returns to boring, boring, boring "normal". So today we do laundry--great heaps of it. Then a bit of shopping--bread and milk.
Rainbow Stage was less than satisfying. The sound was poor, and everything was sung--no actual speaking. While I remember a bit of the story from Sunday School--55 years ago--it was very hard to follow, as the "Narrator" was one of the most difficult performers to understand. A lot of the numbers were frenetic movement by many, many performers. The best parts were the few pieces with one central performer and minimal back-up. While I wish you could have been with us, Cathy, maybe you didn't miss much.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Rainbow Stage. Right now you are at Rainbow Stage enjoying the evening. I can't remember the last time I was there. I do know when I was 12, Riverview Community Club was part of a community club show and we did Chim Chiminee from Mary Poppins. It was a busy day today, because both Patty & Debbie were away so I was the only one doing 3 jobs, and month end on top of it all! At least it made the day go fast. We got the bill for our tractor... 8 weeks and $350.00! I wonder if we can charge him for the time he kept it... rent or something. I had put aside $300 thinking that would give me some extra money for something else. Guess again! Tomorrow is Jim's birthday. It is meat day, so he will have to spend 5 hours waiting for people to show up to get their meat. Some birthday. We missed the worst of the storm yesterday. The hail and funnel clouds were about 4 miles south of us. We just got lots of rain and no electricity. No lights, so we headed out in the car to see if we could find the hydro problem. We did and by the time we were home we had power. It was an outing. I think I will be in bed early tonight. A nice cool shower and then into bed. It actually sounds appealing and it is only 8:30! I hope your evening was great and I hope you have a safe trip home, Beth.. I love you both lots