Tuesday, February 28, 2017


While we were out today we spotted a pair of geese by the side of the road. Stupid geese!

First born, indeed!

'Tis a very special day for the family and especially for the Findlay family. 
Happy Birthday to Loren. 
How we remember the happy event as it was the first for all of us to have a beautiful baby born to us,  
Along with Pati and Dave, I feel a special connection to it all as well haha!
Hope you have a good day Loren, and no doubt a memorable meal to celebrate. 

Monday, February 27, 2017

A wonderful day

Spent most of it working on my latest piece.  It's been ages since I had the opportunity to spend a whole day on studio work.  It's not yet to the point of a photo, but it is just about ready to use as a sample for my beading class on Saturday.  I'm excited about this piece, although all has not gone smoothly.  Saturday I worked hard on it during the evening, and when I looked Sunday morning, I realized that the beads I was using were just not of good enough quality.  They were not all exactly the same size and it showed.  I knew a visit to the beads store in St. James was in order, but of course, when something like this happens I end up treating it like life and death.  I checked the internet and sure enough the store was open on Sunday, but I had my ATC group from 1:30 to 3:00.  What to do-what to do??  Panic.  Well, David ended up driving me to the ATC group, and then with a detailed ( very detailed) list in hand proceeded to the bead store.  Then he drove to back to the restaurant, gave me the beads ( to check them out -no doubt--they were perfect), and sat down and ordered his lunch, sitting a few tables away, with his book in hand. So I had my beads to use last evening, and all day today.  I didn't even go out for coffee, today.

Tomorrow, I had thought I was to pick up a piece that has been on display at a local physiotherapy clinic, and then out to Selkirk to pick up  the pieces there, but at the meeting of my art group this evening, I found out that the pick up at the physio clinic is actually 8:30 Wednesday morning. OMG!  That's before breakfast!  But we'll do it,  So tomorrow we have a road trip.  In anticipation we bought gas this weekend, and filled up the jerrycan for use either in the snowblower or the lawn mower, whichever comes first.  But we did it just before gas jumped by almost 10 cents/litre.  Thank Goodness!

I adopted my new life style March 1, 2016, so Wednesday is the one year anniversary.  It's also the day I go back to phase #1.  I plan to review my plan.  I have become lazy again this month, and have lost very little weight, so need to have along talk with myself, and purposefully wear my tightest trousers, just as a reminder.  Lately I have been very good with my meals, but have tended to "graze" a bit.  This is old behaviour, and I get in trouble every time it creeps back into my life.  I also have to keep more vigilant about temptation, as I've proven to myself that I'm not yet strong enough to resist, and even one bite of "forbidden fruit",  and I lose control.  Thank Goodness, I will be back to phase #3 by my birthday, and can have a glass of wine.

But now it's almost time for bed.  I'm tired tonight, probably because I'm no longer used to concentrating on work for a whole day.  A "good" tired.  And tomorrow is my "baby's" birthday!  My first born! But of course, I'm far to young to have a child that age  (snort!)

Menagerie grows....

Two new birdies added to our family this morning. Harry was on net late last night and communicated with a man about two budgies that needed a new home. So this morning we drove up to Powassan and then east into rural farm country - Mennonite country actually and horses and buggies. Road signs warn you to watch out for them. We got the two birds in separate cages and a box of supplies. The man was elderly and stated his wife was just placed into the Nursing home.  So we came to the rescue again.  Took a good portion of the day to reorganize the chosen spot (bathroom with other two haha!) and then introduce them to a new bigger cage together.  By supper time all the birds were quite settled and the two new ones seemed right at home together instead of in separate cages.  Hope tonight will be quiet! 
More transplanting today also and the little greenhouse is getting full. It will be quite cold this week so the plan is to just keep the one greenhouse heated with two heaters for now but I know that by next week Harry will want to open up the big greenhouse and get it heated and in working order. Lots of fun.
I have to go to Church again on Wednesday to take Daisy to the Ash Wednesday services at 11:00. Then she wants to go to the Village Bins Store and to the Meat Store both on Main Street here in Sundridge,  Fills a day quite nicely but I have to keep telling myself that it is helping her and her family for me to be acting as Taxi service - and I call her every day to check on her.
Time for bed and more KIDD novel reading. Harry wants to go to Huntsville tomorrow so there's another day running the roads. My poor hexi topper hasn't seen much action lately haha!  Take care

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reacting to stress

We all have different ways of dealing with stress. I have found strength in recognizing and accepting my coping mechanisms.  I'm also starting to identify my behaviours that are really disguised sabotage of my dieting, and stress reductions mechanisms.  I have found found added strength is saying, "okay, I know why I did that", and then trying to identify the stressor that lead to the behaviour, before it happens again.  Am I always successful?  Not bloody likely!  But making the effort even half the time, helps me to make it again--next time.  So Beth, I allow you your doughnuts, and raise you the half pizza I had for supper tonight.  You recognize the anxiety that comes with your water issues, and acknowledge that it will happen again.  Try for only one doughnut next time, or indulge in a cup of your special tea--still oral stimulation, but more socially acceptable.  Still there will be some days when only a doughnut will do the trick--or pizza.


A quick look at the blog before starting the usual nightly roundup. There you are Pati......sweater and all. How amazing to see you in all your glory.  I am so proud of your accomplishments. How happy you must be. And it is all worth the efforts you have put forth - often under some duress I am sure.  Have a good visit with your ATC group tomorrow.
Mike and Erin called this afternoon and we are invited to visit and have chosen March 11 to go - there are now conflicts with my commitment to take Daisy to Church every Sunday so it pretty much has to be a Saturday.  I shall look forward to this visit very much.
Well, last night was an "all nighter" for me with a horrendous thunderstorm and terrific lightening from about 6 pm to about 2 am, accompanied by torrential rains. I could not keep up with the water accumulation at all corners of the house and at the front - out in the dark trying to shovel and trough to take some of the water away. I finally gave up and went to bed at 2 am and was up again by 6 to shovel again. The worst part of it all was the poor dog who goes crazy in a storm - had to be pampered all the while I was trying to work outside - with a flash light as my only beacon in the dark. I do not know why these untoward events occur but I have to respond so might as well do it without breaking down completely.  haha!  So I ate two custard cream donuts, and ate all the rest of my Christmas chocolates that I had been rationing.  I am ashamed to have done it but at the time it seemed like a good idea.
So long for now - hope tonight proves a bit more restful.  Take care

It's Cold Again!!?

Well, the Festival du Voyageur people will be happy.  Busy paying bills, buying groceries, and crying over the way the money seems to disappear.  And March is a very long month.  My very favourite sweater got too big too quickly, so I took it to a tailor to be taken in.  A nearly new sweater for $25.00, and I couldn't have replaced it with one nearly as nice.  I'm happy.  It has blue and red and green and grey in it, so matches just about any pants I have, especially jeans.  Unfortunately, the pants I'm wearing are one of the larger pair and quite droopy, but I feel good, and that's what counts.

Your experience, Beth, proves that you never knows how you influence the lives of others.  This isn't the first time that someone from your past has expressed joy at encountering you.  Your compassion is one of your strengths, and the feedback is well deserved.

Not much else going on.  My ATC group meets tomorrow, so there is that to look forward to.  I made the cards using the last of my alcohol ink paper, and my fingers are still green, but I live with that.  I also made a bunch of the book marks that I try to sell at the various shows I participate in.

The library has a constant used book sale on.  All the books you can squeeze into a plastic grocery bag for $5.00.  We went a bit wild, and bought not only books by authors we knew, but also some that just looked interesting. So I have reading material for quite awhile.  Right now I'm on an old Nora Roberts romance, that I think I may have read years ago.  Since this means that I am able to put it down, I'm getting a bit done in the studio.  My beading class is just a week away, and I'm pretty well ready, but just have to do a bit more work on one sample.  And maybe I should be doing that rather than playing on the computer.

Have a good weekend

Friday, February 24, 2017

All is well....

Alive, and well, and home again ....and I just had something to eat. after two days of starving. Doctor says all is well. And he also says this should be my last time for such a blessed event ( those are my words!)
We experienced every sort of weather - heading out at 7 am in overcast but ok conditions which turned to freezing rain and then snow by time we got to Huntsville.  After the test was done, and we returned to the car it was pouring rain hard. Back up the highway it turned to heavy snow and now back home it has stopped.  
The Registration Clerk at the hospital was an old work mate of mine from both the CCAC and VON ( She got the boot at VON as well when they closed the Huntsville office)  She walked around her glass enclosed cubicle just to give me a hug!  I was so thrilled to see her and she, me, as she wondered what happened to me after the "restructuring" that saw my leaving VON. She was a good worker and very nice lady. That made my morning so much more acceptable haha!
I really overdid it last evening reading late to take advantage of my trips to the bathroom.  I actually read and finished the first KIDD book - The Fool's Run.  So I just phoned my friend, the Librarian and asked her to order the remaining two books in the series.  I know I'll finish the second book I already have my the end of the weekend.  I so enjoyed it (again) and this morning pulled out my Tarot cards. I laid out three to see if my morning's adventure would be OK. But I couldn't quickly find my book that helps me to decipher - I don't know the cards well enough to do it without the book.  I'll find it this weekend .  
Cathy,  I've never been able to make really good stew - please tell me what your secret is??? And do you use the slow cooker? Maybe send your directions and I'll give it a try - your way!
So here I am, back to the usual. Just thought I'd give you a shout to let you know. Have a good weekend ...Take care

Thursday, February 23, 2017

I should be working but.........

Everyone needs to be a rebel at some point in their life.  When the boss is away the employees will play. 

Have you ever made a meal that you have made dozens of times before and have it turn out soooooo good and you have no idea what you did different?  I made stew on Tuesday and I don't think I have ever made a better stew in my life!!  But I don't think I did anything different!?! 

Autopac wrote off our camper van and we never even got to use it.  Very sad.  The deductible for rodent damage is only $100 so that was a bit of good news.   Unfortunately we won't get enough out of it to buy any sort of decent used vehicle.

I had my mammogram at the end of January.  The day before my annual dentist appointment.  When I was through at the dentist I told the technician that it had hurt a lot less than yesterdays mammogram.  She thought that was pretty funny. 

I was having a bath last night and the kitten managed to push open the bathroom door.  The cool air sure cooled down the bathwater quickly.  She decided to jump on the edge of the tub to check things out.  Yes, you are right..... She fell in.  You should have seen the look on her face when I lifted her out.  And then she went downstairs and gave Jim the same look.  I think she wanted someone to blame.

Oh darn.   Just got an email that there is a batch of Dauphin work for me to accept.  Guess I better get back to it

Ug-g-h-h-h! Not a pleasant day,

but one of the trials to be endured when one gets to our age.  I just have one more mammogram before I age out of that program, and I won't miss going every two years. Still, these unpleasant tests uncover a lot of nasty things, and save a lot of lives.  One way that our lives are better than our parents.

Yesterday was not a good day for me.  Between trying to work in the studio, (time pressured activities with glue), trying to sort out David's Poker Stars account, (don't ask, but I did have a pleasant, and helpful, e-mail conversation with someone named Diego, whom I assume lives on The Isle of Man.), and sorting out David's referral for a 30 day trial with the machine for his sleep apnea, I felt run off my feet.  As well, I could feel the tension physically.  This is a horrible feeling, one I'm sure you're both familiar with.  I left a good job to get away from that, and dread it seeping into my home life.  Nor do I like the person I become when I'm trying to deal with it--and David's the only one around to bear the brunt of that.

However, we did get out a bit.  To pick up some pills, and then a quick stop at Dollarama to start our preparations for 
St. Patrick's day.  Now we are both ready.  Unfortunately I never learned to take a "selfie".  We could have got a couple with batteries hidden inside and flashing lights all over the front, but they were a little more expensive.

Everyone, have a peaceful and pleasant day, either at work with the mouse feces, or drinking "clear fluids (snort).

Mild conditions

Fog shrouded morning with drizzle and can you believe it - thunder!  The dog reacts to storms and of course needs "attention" now with the thunder hovering all around. If the rain comes, my concern is more water leaking into the house - yesterday was a day of chipping ice from roof and making tunnels for the melting snow to flow into the eaves and not into the ceiling at the front door.  I have buckets in place and a very watchful eye everywhere - I feel like I'm "on patrol" constantly. And you wonder why I have the feelings I do about this place??
To day is my "clear fluids day" and I expect, many trips to the you know what!!  I shall stay put at home and thank goodness have my Library books which I picked up yesterday to keep me company.  I wanted to have my usual toasted bagel with my coffee this morning but will have to remember - no food!  What a shame.
So I shall write this message quickly, and sign off - not likely to write again until the weekend. Wish me luck...take care XX

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

More errands

My Stitchery group was cancelled today, as most of the ladies couldn't make it.  So some "found time", and I started on the ATC's for my group meeting next Sunday.

We had to go to the Bulk Barn over at Leila and McPhillips today, as ours is still "under renovation".  We tried to get what we wanted at the Vita Health store nearby, but they didn't have it--a recurring problem with that store, which makes me wonder if business is so bad that they're having to minimize inventory. Then back our way, stopping at Rona to buy "clear glaze" for the alcohol inks pieces I've been working on.  Then to Starbucks and home.  Well, a big bag of sliced almonds ( $8.57, according to the bill) was missing from our bag.  So David is off to go back and either get the almonds, or his money.

My new book arrived today.  "Textile Nature" by Anne Kelly.  I'm always concerned when I buy books based on the synopsis on Amazon.  There's a lot of crap out there.  But at first glance this appears to be worthwhile.  So I have something to drool over, while drinking my coffee.

Today was the funeral of the bus driver who was murdered.  We saw a bus that had " Rest in peace #521" across the movable electronic route sign on the front of the bus, and any other buses we saw had black ribbons tied to their outside mirrors.  Pause for thought.

So quiet times now, until Friday, when we grocery shop and pay bills.  At least, with the frenzy of housework around here, before the meeting was cancelled, my house is reasonably clean.  So a simple supper and maybe an evening playing poker.

There is something in the mail.

Waiting for my Library books

A little restless these past few days - no special reason, maybe the weather, maybe just life haha! So I walked up to the Library to check if my two ordered books from the four book John Sandford series had arrived. Sure enough they were in her pile of mail but she hadn't processed them yet. So I couldn't take them home.  How disappointing. I had the option of coming back later but chose to go back tomorrow. I have to pick up some prescriptions at the Pharmacy anyway so will make it one walking trip for tomorrow. I'll have to amuse myself until then. I have a little plug in DVD player so yesterday I put on two movies and did some hexi sewing while watching. I saw American Sweethearts and then Julie and Julia. I've seen them both before and they are in my movie Library but I don't mind rewatching movies again and often do. I like Julie and Julia for some reason and will most certainly watch it again sometime.  I always look for Julia Child's cookbook Mastering The Art of French Cooking when I browse in the cheap stores - I won't buy it from Coles at full price but I would if I found it on the Thrift Store shelf haha!  That's how I found Dr Phils 20/20 book.  Speaking of which Pati, I wanted to comment on your joyous and successful results with your change of nutritional habits ( remember - it is not a "diet") You are managing very well by the sounds of your reports of shopping trips for new cloths - good for you. Keep up the good work.
Well, better go back to my day. Short week and my scheduled trip to the hospital on Friday to look forward to ! Take care

Monday, February 20, 2017

Generally a "good" day

I slept well and felt great yesterday.  This doesn't happen often, as my sleep pattern is very poor, especially when David's sleep apnea kicks in.  I think we're going to look into getting him some help for that.

My computer has been acting up lately.  My "geek" advised that sometimes, with Windows 10, it doesn't completely shut down, but rather remains active in the background, even when turned off.  He suggested that the solution might be to turn it off, unplug it, and remove the battery for a few minutes. We tried that, but, had difficulty removing the battery, and suddenly the little tab on the machine to release the battery popped off. So, couldn't get the battery back in, and could only open the computer if it was plugged in.  Bit the bullet and took it in.  Surprise!  This is considered a "hardware" problem, and we have a warrantee to cover it!  Only--it has to be sent away to Toronto, for awhile.  And I would probably lose everything I have stored on the computer.  So, I decided that most of the stuff I have stored in my Windows Live Mail storage files will become redundant by the end of May, and the warrantee is good until November 2018.  I will send it away at the end of May.  But, he showed me how to save these particular storage files.  ( I would have had to pay him quite a bit to save them for me)  That is done, and I could send it away anytime, now, but I have a few downloads that I want to save as well.  So, I have my computer, I have my files, and the hardware repair can be done anytime.

I found out Friday that my class March 4th is a go with 6 students.  I much prefer a smaller class, as I don't have to repeat demonstrations 2-3 times, and we can cover a lot more things.  So,  I have put together all of the kits that I supply, and I have  finished the review/ revision of my handouts.  I have modified both the class demos and handout to tailor it more to the audience's interests.  A big job done. There is one more sample to make, which I hope to start on today.

There is also a travelling teacher coming in April, and I managed to get into one of her classes.  I haven't taken a workshop in years!  But I'm going to do it now.  In some ways this is a reward for a year of a healthier lifestyle and the result of a healthier body.  The doctor put me on a somewhat newer medication as of last Wednesday, and I have only taken Tylenol once since then, and am walking and moving quite nicely, even without the cane.  I also feel good.  Although, I have to wonder if the beautiful weather has anything to do with that. It's been above zero for several days, but the forecast is back into the deep freeze by Wednesday of this week.

Glad your little plants are doing well, Beth.  Some warm weather won't hurt them, and may help with the Hydro bills.  The snow and ice is fast disappearing here, as well.  But, of course, it's Festival du Voyager week!  Doesn't it usually thaw about this time of year?  It used to be called a "Bonspiel Thaw", but more recently I've heard it called the " Festival Thaw".  

Well, checking the time, I'm surprised at how late it's getting, and I'm still in my nightie, drinking my breakfast tea.  My Tuesday Stitchers are coming tomorrow, and I have a house to clean up.

Family Day here...

This is the February long weekend celebrated as Family Day. Lots of sled trailers and trucks around these parts inspite of the mild and melty weather.  And the Lake seems to have set up an entire community of little huts - more than i have seen in other years. There is only one Bait Store in the Village and it seems to be having a good business. They also have huts on the ice and have a really weird looking four wheeler they carry people back and forth in.
Can see the snow meting last two days - lots of dripping from roof and the icicles that were decorating the eaves have all but disappeared. It will not mean the end of winter I am sure, but refreshing to see some Spring action. Harry ordered a battery run Black and Decker cultivator which arrive Friday. It is sitting at the front door along with all the other gardening paraphernalia. The greenhouse plants are sprouting quickly - even the marigolds are up and growing. Yes, I know, it is only the end of February.
I am not looking forward to the colonoscopy this coming Friday. According to the Cancer guidelines and age limits though, this should be the last one I must endure. Sane with the other little inconveniences we women have to go through - I should be done them all! That's something to celebrate isn't it?
Well, time to sip on my morning coffee and ponder the day ahead. Hope all is well with you both. Take care.

Saturday, February 18, 2017


A few days off before I have any other commitments.    Tuesday my afternoon stitchery group will be coming here, and then nothing more for awhile.  This has given me a few minutes to read.  I've gotten into the most bizarre book--"The Way of all Fish"  by Martha Grimes--a very well respected writer.  This is the first I can recall reading any of her work.  This book is a bit of dark humour, with the most convoluted group of characters!  I wasn't sure when I read the first few pages, but now I just can't put it down.  I think I may look for more by her, next time I go to the library.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Lily Festival anyone?

Surprise as we were driving in North Bay today, didn't I spot a semi trailer (GardeVine on front) with the entire both sides of the trailer decorated with  Neepawa , Manitoba  Lily Festival  and paintings of large Lilies etc all over the side.  I was thrilled.  I felt as if I should acknowledge myself in some way as to knowing all about it and having actually been there to celebrate, haha!
Harry and I both went to North Bay as I had my appointment with TD this morning, and even as prepared as I was with numbers and questions, I do not feel as if my concerns were fully satisfied.  The Financial Advisor I saw ( the first time meeting him) was also prepared with spread sheets etc and seemed knowledgeable but when I started to question the rationale outlined,  he did admit ( not having been the Advisor who originally managed this profile)  that he might have done it differently.  I believe I left him wondering - maybe he'll follow up with someone else there and maybe he won't.
It is becoming very mild and next week should be above zero and sunny.  Perhaps it will start to make a difference with the snow and we'll see some melting.
Pati you really did have a busy week but I sense that there were some positive results for you - even if these were peripheral to the main events?  Is this why we must always have an open mind and look for opportunities where ever we go and with whom we are interacting?  Hoping as you start to develop these new ideas, that you will be able to share.  
Times here are being more or less monopolized lately with planting and greenhouse tending. Little time to do hexis etc but I did finish one Greeley novel and started on a Flavia novel.  I looked up Greeley on the web to see a list of his books and saw his obituary as of 2013 - sorry to see that as his novels have had a big impact on me. I will still continue to read and enjoy all of his series.
Well, time to do dishes, and then bed time.  I expect I'll win the Lotto Max lottery tonight. I'll be sure to call you when I do.  haha!
Have a good weekend both of you.......Take care XX

Very busy

and I'm not used to it.  This is making me crazy.  Tuesday we had to be up early and pick up Loren and Sheila at the airport.  Wednesday morning we had an early ( 6:00am) doctors appointment, and then I had a meeting of the Quilters' Guild in the evening.  It was the  34th anniversary of the start of the Guild, and several of the original members were there.  A couple of them I hadn't seen in years, and it was wonderful to touch base.  Lots of hugs!  But, boy was I ever tired by bedtime!

Yesterday I was out of town all day, sitting in an art gallery and talking to the people who came in ( total of 7 of them, 4 of whom I knew well and didn't have to share any info about the show, as they were part of it). There were a couple of other ladies there, for whom I almost automatically slipped into "therapist" mode.  I don't like it when that happens, thinking that it is almost condescending on my part.  But really--what is the alternative?  One of them had brought a very spiritually based book to read, and wanted to discuss the wonderful church she has been attending over the past year. WE had a chat with a gallery worker about the use of "obey" in the marital vows.  A "hot" issue for me, personally.  Another lady had brought a colouring book and wanted advice on what colours to use.  They were both forthcoming about the support group they attend, and how much they enjoy it.  Overall, we spent a pleasant day together, but, by the end of the day, I was exhausted.

But--Ta Da!--at the gallery yesterday, I found information on a technique that really intrigues me.  It is within my physical ability, and interesting enough to challenge me mentally.  I can hardly wait.

Checking the computer before bed, I found an e-mail that meant that I had to start all over again preparing a report for a meeting this afternoon.  By the time that was finished, I was all wound up.  I have spent years getting office politics out of my system, and don't want to go back now.  I have plan, but can't fully activate it for a couple of months.  I'm looking forward to the day.

Tomorrow my artist group has organized a small "Play Day".  I will have to be there part of the day, if not all day.  But then the "week from hell" will be over.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

No new snow last night

First morning in a long time that I haven't had to head out and shovel. Oh, there's lots of snow that I could shovel, but not the driveway and car. So that's good.  Today I must take Daisy to the bank and then to a Chiropractor appointment - here in town though so not much driving needed.  Tomorrow I have an appointment with TD bank in North Bay - have to reconcile some RIF statements that I couldn't figure out - I spoke on phone with them but I need to see numbers in person and have them explained.
And next Friday I will be going for the colonoscopy the doctor ordered.  I have to go to the Pharmacy yet to pick up the meds to take to prepare me for the procedure.  Lots of fun.
Yesterday, we put a second heater in the greenhouse but it was a real chore to get the electric cord out and into the window and taped over. Then I had to dig out some pots buried in the sheds for   Harry to plant. 
So long for now...take care.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

today's adventure

This morning we had to pick up Loren and Sheila at the airport.  This is the first time we've had to drive in and park since all of he many renovations.  The differences were obvious.  While we found parking, it was oriented differently to what I remember, and this resulted in us parking behind the Greyhound terminal.  It was a long cold walk to the actual air terminal, and when we got there, discovered Handicapped parking right outside the door.  We had a bit of time, so I went back and moved the car.  ( My walking is much improved since I got that cortisone shot into my hip on Friday) Inside we had a clear view of the arrivals area, right in front of us.  So was Tim Horton's, so we bought a drink and sat a one of about 6 little tables to one side Tim's.  As it turned out we were able to see the arrivals coming down the escalator, from where we were sitting, and waved to Loren and Sheila, then stayed where we were. After they picked up their luggage it was a quick walk to the car.  I really like the newer layout.  It's so much easier to find things and get to where you want to be.

We have reached the time of life where a lot of our appliances are wearing out ( small as well as large).  I keep my fingers crossed every time I use the washing machine, we replaced the electric can opener about a week ago, and the toaster oven when we did the kitchen.  My lovely glass topped range is showing its age, and I had to replace my Duchess Mug as the dishwasher is taking a toll on it. ( I use it every day) Today, on the way home form the airport, we had to drive right by the tea store, so we stopped, and went in (David and I had planned to go there after dropping the other two off).  We found a very nice Bodum coffee maker, for about the same price as I had paid for the old one, about 20 years ago.  The metal parts on this one are copper, and I think it's beautiful.  The metal parts on the old one have become so loose, that it's no longer safe to use, and we had been talking about getting a new one, just yesterday. Never made the connection that the tea store sold coffee paraphernalia as well.

Loren and Sheila had a great time in Jamaica, but you both may know that, as I understand he kept his Facebook page up to date.  They were both beat by the time we saw them as they left Jamaica yesterday, and spent last night in Toronto.  The rented a hotel room, but only got about 3 hours sleep, given the schedule of the airport shuttles.  I'm sure we'll hear more about the trip later.  Loren is off for the rest of the week. although Sheila goes back to work tomorrow.  Loren told us that both his children are having dental surgery this week ( wisdom teeth), and Gillian will be having general anesthesia, so he will be on "Dad duty" tomorrow.  Amber had the same trouble, but she was a couple of years older when she had the surgery.

So we're home now, hopefully to stay, but will be up early tomorrow for  doctor's appointments.

Monday, February 13, 2017

?Who cares?

Sometimes the only one who cares is you, yourself.  It's a lesson I've recently learned, and it's resulted in a lot of peace of mind to me.

Heaters and greenhouses

And so much snow I have no where to pile it anymore!
I had to turn one of my little winding paths into the new dumping area this morning.  I am so far behind with shoveling - and then I think to myself. "Who is monitoring all this work and does anyone really care".  Harry started up a heater in the little greenhouse yesterday and there are now plants and boxes of seeds planted in on the top shelves ( warm air rises) And so it begins..... Bags of soil lined up by the front door, and containers of mixed soil all around. Home sweet Home! So I made a batch of Chewy Oatmeal cookies ( Pati's recipe from away back) and I may make some Edna's cookies - depends on how I feel this afternoon. Comfort food!
Take care XX

Saturday, February 11, 2017

this and that

Gosh, Cathy, sounds like lots going on in your neck of the woods.  I'm glad Rrain has sorted out her car problems, but it sure has taken awhile!  I didn't know you had a new kitten.  What have you named it?  Whenever we go to the library we pass a house with a cat tree in the front window, usually occupied.  I miss having a cat, but know that it just isn't good for us right now.  Give yours a special snuggle from me.  You too, Beth, please let yours know he is loved.

I've been having a lot of difficulty and pain walking lately. Back to using a cane, and considering getting out the old walker. Yesterday, I called my doctor and was told to go to Urgent Care.  They diagnosed a bursa in my right hip, and gave me a cortisone shot, which worked very well.  They didn't take x-rays.  He just said that they could, and he could tell me that the joint looked terrible, but since we both know that already--why bother? Gosh, thanks for that!

Wednesday evening my fibre art support group met.  There was a lady there for the first time, although she has been a member of the blog group for awhile.  She brought some work that she had done after taking a workshop on Craftsy.  This was a workshop that I had started a couple of years ago and quit after the first couple of lessons--in disgust.  Well, her work was a revelation to me, so I went back and took another look at the workshop, and have spent part of today, working on the class project.  It is so far out of my comfort range that I'll probably never use the technique, but explorations like this are part of my plan to re-invent myself, so I feel good about having done it.

Otherwise it's "same old, same old".  I work in the studio, and  David reads,and lately, has been enjoying a car renovation-based channel that was on for a 30 day trial.  It's gone now, but he really seemed to enjoy it, watching most of the day and evening.  We go out to the library, and Starbucks, just about everyday.  I picke dup the new Stone Barrington book today. We've also been getting coupons from Sobey's/Safeway.  We get them in the mail and off the internet.  The manager of the local Sobey's told us that the coupons are chosen for us, based on our shopping habits.  We have been having fun, but only buying things we use, and collecting Air Miles.  The miles we collect can be redeemed for groceries, and we've been making out like bandits.

However, I do wonder about "Big Brother" knowing so much about us that they can predict which grocery coupons we'll use.  Scary in many ways.  But now supper is finished, and the kitchen cleaned up.  Time for poker!

Saturday in Neepawa

I still have work to do... I Just do it for myself instead of someone else.  We have been short staffed at work for the better part of 2 weeks, so I am pretty worn out by now.  Worked at meat draw last night and won our usual.  Rrain has found a new (used) car.  It is a 2006 Impala.  I haven't seen it yet but Jim says it is pretty nice.  Rrain says it drives really well on the highway.  Autopac has decided to write off our camper van.  They just can't find the wiring harness they need.  The agent told Jim the van was worth about $9500.00 but they wouldn't be giving us any where near that.  Gee.... thanks for telling us!  I guess we now wait and see.  We don't head to The Pas until mid March. My kitten is a hoarder.  She steals everything she can and hides it under my bed.  At least if I am missing something I know where to look

Early up and out into the snow

First thing I do in the morning is take the dog outside.  This morning I was greeted with more snow - had to shovel the stairs to get out.  So I know what I'll be doing after breakfast haha!
A bit of sewing again yesterday and I am well into making the hexi border around the topper.  It is looking quite nice so far but I have changed my plans yet again.  It is so interesting for me to see that along the way, one will make changes to suit the look of the piece. Not to be so rigid as to follow the original plan. So it is with this - all the various green hexis I made will now not be used in preference for the one flowered fabric with a black background.  I have enough of it to make the border entirely of it, use it for backing and also the binding. 
So what is in store for you folks this weekend?  Pati, when do you go to the Gallery in Selkirk for the day - was it today, or next Sat? And Cathy, what is on your game plan for this weekend.  When are you travelling to The Pas for cribbage?
So what ever is going on, hope you both have a fine weekend.
Take care

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How exciting

Hey Cathy, can't you just feel Pati's excitement!
I am so happy to see your samples Pati, and hear you express hope for a new adventure with your art. Good for you.  Did you ever think your machine could produce so many different stitches?  And you say that the instructor tells you that you will actually be utilizing all or most of the machine's capabilities to the full?  You are in for a wonderful ride by the sounds of it.
Here this morning it is cold.  I could hear the roof creaking all night. Nice to get up and sip on my freshly brewed hot coffee. 
Now onto another day. Yesterday I tried calling Daisy ( as I have been doing every day) but only got a busy signal.  So it was in the car and over to the house. For some reason her front door was unlocked so I gained entry and called her name. I spotted the phone immediately with the hook off. And out from the bedroom she came - she had been resting. The phone must have been off the hook since when I called her the day before.  So we had another little conversation, and I taped a note onto the receiver to remind her to check the phone when hanging up.  I don't want to seem to be taking over as she can throw me out if she chooses, so I tread slowly and easy with her.  Reminds me so much of my time caring for Harry's Mother - I drove to her place ( 30 min) many times to hang up the phone.  Oh well....there but for the grace of God....
Take care

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

I have become obsessed

I just have to share this!

I decided to take an internet course on machine sewing.  It is absolutely wonderful!  I'm all "gung ho" about doing some of this sort of thing.  The homework from the first class was to stitch out a sample of every stitch my machine does. It's taken most of this week but here are all of the samples I finished.

I also learned a lot about my machine.  One thing I had to try was couching down some cord, using my cording foot.  I've never used this before-didn't really know how, but the instructor promised us that we'd be using it in further lessons.

Here it is with three strands of the cord going through the machine.  Not good.

 You can see how the stitching got all bunched up.  Won't try that again!

 And here it is with one strand of cord.  Just about perfect!

I'm so excited about this!  With my hands deteriorating more and more, this may be anew direction for me.  Can't wait to finish the course, as I've seen some of the finished product--beautiful!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A relatively positive result!

so glad to hear it.  You sounds both relieved and happy with the visit.  I had been thinking about you.

Ice and snow and wind and good news

A quickie message to update.  I am very happy with visit with Eye Surgeon.  He was very thorough and precise.  I am fine ( and this is NOT Ruth Zarda fine haha!). These good results offset my worry and anxiety about my vision.  Oh, I will have to have cataracts done eventually - but as he says, only when they start to impact quality of life. So he also says come back in a year or two. So off to bed happy and with a new Andrew Greeley novel to read.  Take care

Back to Doctor today

Up to North Bay again today to see the Eye Doctor.  A bit apprehensive about it all.  And to top it off a severe weather statement is in place for freezing rain, ice pellets and snow.  So what else is new haha!  Harry has to drive me because of the eye drops I will get.  We have other itinerary stops as well so it will be another full day.  I'll let you know how I make out. Right now I have to go out and uncover the car from snow and shovel the drive. Last few days nothing but snow, snow and more snow. Take care

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Greeting Sunday morning

Pati, what a wonderful way to greet this morning by logging into the Mouse Factory blog and to view your Show. I was so happy to see your work - lots of work! - and as you said, you can be very excited to have had the opportunity to show. Any comments yet from viewers at the Show, or otherwise? Enjoy this thrill. Take care.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Crokicurling anyone?

New game that has caught my eye - Cathy you mentioned this as well.  This morning in Free press another article - have a read!  Also I loved the Opinion cartoon this morning as well.  That's all for now - must get to my first coffee. I was just checking the numbers for Lotto Max quickly on line - never a winner with that one, but maybe tonight.  Have a good weekend.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Long day

As per the Food Diary I logged on just now, it was hard to log in what you ate during a day on the road when it was Pringles Chips and Root Beer hard candies haha! But I fudged it a bit......
First eye appt and I'm disappointed and dismayed at my obvious decline in vision. The technician had me read letters/numbers (similar to the Optician) and I could not make them out - my eyes blurred and watered and then I was just guessing  so I told her I could not read them  - then I said  "I failed this test didn't I?" to which she asked "No, no one fails these tests but have you noticed that your vision has gotten worse? "  Then they took scans, and then I had to do another test at identifying flashing lights rotating around a circle. Crazy!  Next Tuesday I see the Doctor.  The best part was that they had boxes of big blue foot covers and a sign that read something like... Do Not take off your boots but put on the covers in order to reduce the snow and salt.  It was great - everyone shuffling around with these great big blue feet.
I am tired - time for bed.  Oh yes, another thing. Harry won on the morning radio contest and I picked up a big bag with four bags of organic teas and a box of cotton bags in which to steep the tea. The names were: Relaxing Herbal Tea Blend, Chamomile Citrus tea Blend, Chai Green Tea Blend, and Cold and Flue Herbal Tea Blend.  Looking forward to trying some.
Take care

Burning plastic

Shopping today.  My weight is down again.  I'm losing about 5lb/month.  I'm now down to just about the weight I was before I got pregnant with Loren--almost 50 years ago.  But at the weights I am now, 10 lbs means down a size in clothing, not like before when 30-40 lbs meant one size.  I went through my wardrobe yesterday and put aside 8 pair of pants that are now in danger of falling down while I'm wearing them.  In fairness, 4 pair, with drawstring waists, were bought before I started dieting.  So I went to buy a pair of cheap jeans, figuring that this, with the five other pair I have left would last until spring.  Wouldn't you know they had a sale on--buy one get 50%off another.  So I have two new pair of jeans, one dark denim and the other black.--and both a size smaller than I've been wearing.  I've also been thinking about the word "dieting".  I've been at it long enough, that I can actually see it as a"lifestyle change", so should maybe start using that phrase, to reinforce my way of thinking.

There was also a stop at Fabricland. I have registered for two different internet classes that involve machine stitching with patterned stitches. I'm quite intrigued with this process, and I can see a fair bit of potential for use in my work.  But a lot of the preliminary work involves making samples, and this takes a lot of fabric, particularly heavy duty fusible interfacing.   I used what I had--bought many moons ago, but needed more.  I had some that wasn't fusible, and did a cost analysis of using that adding an iron-on fusible web. Not worth it! So considering that there was a big sale on, went out for more.  I couldn't find what I wanted but asked, worried that they no longer carried it.  Luck!  They had a bolt in the storeroom, and the time to search it out for me.  So I bought enough to last for several years, and still paid less than $50.  

Beth, I sense your concern about your eyes.  this has been going on for awhile, and I'm glad you're now able to start doing something about it. We have a very good healthcare system, but the delays can  cause un-necessary worry.  Please let us know how it turns out.

Thursday, February 2, 2017


Not Afraid of Colour is a bit much for me at times as well, but I always skim through most postings . I read this one this morning, but didn't look at video because I do not know what The Gilmore Girls is - I just watched it now and it was a lovely, and yes heartbreaking song if you listen to the words carefully, but I wonder at the context of the video and song - obviously the other women had some relationship to the singer. That's what I get for not watching any TV haha!
Tomorrow I go for my first appointment at the Eye Surgeons - this will be the preliminary tests done by the technicians - then I go next Tuesday to see the Doctor and find out about the tests and also have his examination. Hoping all will be OK but lately I have been having some issues. 
About to log on the Food Dairy and then head for bed.  Take care.


I checked the "Not Afraid of Color" blog today.  I haven't been following it much lately, but sometimes check her "I Like Thursdays" comments.  Today she has a link to a song from an episode of Gilmore Girls, which is only available on Netflix.  It's worth taking a look at, --almost heart wrenching.   http://lapaylor.blogspot.ca/

Pink blossoms and brain damaged squirrels

Our Christmas cacti didn't bloom at Christmas.  First time, I think, since we moved to this house.  For a couple of months early this fall the house was very, very moist, while we were having difficulty with the new humidifier, and we wondered if that was the problem.  However, for the past month or so we've had a suspicion that they both were in bud, and now we have two blossoms and more buds than we can count.

About a week ago, we noticed our squirrel hunched down on the ground, on one of the pathways David had cleared out to the feeder.  He wasn't moving for quite awhile.  I even went out and approached him, and he shifted a bit, but still didn't really move.  We were quite worried, and watched him off and on for awhile, but ultimately he disappeared, and we didn't see him for a few days. We wondered if the crows had got him.  However, today he was out and about at the feeder.  I least we think it was the same one.  David wondered if he had fallen from the tree and been a little stunned for a short time.  Of course, my brain wonders if we have a brain-damaged squirrel to deal with now.  And he looks quite chubby.  Either his fur is fluffed up in the cold, or maybe she's pregnant.

Out this morning to the Bulk Barn.  Our local one is closed for renovations, and we had to travel over to the one on McPhillips.  I had seen the map posted in the old one, and had discussed it with Judy, who lives in the area, so thought I knew where we were going.  Nope, they hid it from us in a mall kitty corner from the one we looked in at first. Took a lot of "where the hell do I go next" and other bad thoughts, but we found it.  While there we watched a rather frail looking woman, but maybe not as old as she looked, and her equally frail looking male companion trying to find, and bag up their purchases.  She seemed to be having particular difficulty opening the tops of the bins.  At one point she tried pulling up on the edge of the plastic bag inside the bins, all the while expressing her frustration fairly loudly.  I don't know why I found it so amusing, and I'm a little embarrassed that I did. 

Now home for the day, with my Starbucks coffee firmly in my hand.