Sunday, February 28, 2010

Time flies

An internet friend has posted that she has made the 333rd post on her blog. I checked and we have 359 (I think that was the number), and we have only been blogging for 7 months. I really feel closer to both of you and I think this was a really great idea. Beth, remember that yo-yo fish was supposed to be a "labour of love", not a labour. I'm sure it will be great, and I'm dying to see it.
Yesterday was the AGM at the Museum and my last official involvement as a Board Member. they gave me a gift certificate for Kathryn's Stitching Studio and three carnations in a vase with water ( and then asked for the vase back) This was in the morning and I was teaching a class there in the afternoon, so had all of the "stuff" for the class, as well as all of the paperwork for the meeting. David and I were planning to shop after he picked me up. Have you ever tried to drive around the city holding a vase of water and flowers?
Today the little ones and their mother are coming for supper. They are only coming every two weeks now. While I would very much like to enjoy them, I had a rough night and will probably be too tired for much. I have some pork tenderloin in your B-B-Q marinade, Cathy. This is the first itme I've actually had any red wine to use with it. I'm anxious to see how it tastes. I also got some Nanaimo bars at Safeway when we were out with Loren earlier this week. They had full slabs on for $4.00. A half slab is usually at least $6.99, so I figured that I just had to buy one since I would be saving so much money.
Other than that, I'm thinking I should do some housework--if I can remember how. It's been awhile and it shows.

Sunday Morning and all is well

I have been watching nothing but curling on TV for the last 2 weeks. I don't know what I will do tomorrow. Watched the men win the curling gold last night and expect to see them win the hockey gold today. Started doing some housework yesterday (This is my 2 week cleaning spree) I moved some furniture around, but I don't like it, so I guess I will move it back today. Jim put some curtains (just sheers) up in the living room and it really changed it. I like it. Went to town to clean the office. Jim said he would be right there as soon as he checked to curling (bronze game) Needless to say I did the entire office myself. Sometimes I think it is easier on my own because I don't have to work around him. It seems to go faster. It must be faster if I did the whole thing while Jim "checked" the game. Kris and Sandi are supposed to stop in this morning. They were in town last night at a friends. Kris wants to be home by the time the hockey starts, so it will be a short visit. It is going to be strange to have 2 weeks in a row off. I plan on working the first week because you never really relax until the 2nd week of holidays, and I want to enjoy the relaxation without work to do. If all goes well I will get another 2 weeks off at the end of June. It has been a long time since I had 2 weeks in a row. Jim just crawled out of bed, so I guess it is time to have a cup of tea. Love Ya

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Be - Same Saturday but different adventures for all of us...

There you are Patty, off to the Museum to give instruction to an eager group of students plus a run to Tims included, and here I am spending the last four hours cleaning out the turtles tank. Now this is no easy task to complete on ones own, but satisfaction nonetheless with a job well done. So I intend to reward myself with an afternoon of doing "my" sort of things - I hope. I need to practice violin and then pull out my yo yo fish and work away at it while watching the Olympics. The Mens Curling final will be on at 6 pm tonight our time, so will plan my time to coincide with that. I watched the Womens final last evening and was so sorry that Canada was not able to pull off the Gold - they played so well all week in order to get to the final. And I intend to stay up late Sunday evening to watch the closing ceremonies - they should start at 9 pm our time.
It is mild here now, so I have been chipping away at the accumulated ice buildup on the front stairs and walk. The roof is covered with thick ice buildup which is common every year but when it starts to thaw either slowly which is OK, or quickly with a rain storm, then there is the potential for water in the house. This always scares me. We need a new roof and hopefully I can see if this can happen this summer ie $$
Well, I best get at the violin- I am determined to show a good face at lessons but need to practice to even pretend I can play. I cannot fool my instructor so I do not even try. Take care


I'm up early because I had such a nightmare about my class today, that I realized I wouldn't be able to sleep any more. Then I discovered that we are low on milk, and my oatmeal breakfast isn't going to happen here. I try to have a really good breakfast on days like this, as I really don't know what the future holds. So-o-o I think I'll make David stop by Starbucks, on our way to the Museum, and buy me some of their oatmeal. That will be a treat! I'll be at the Museum all day, so I don't want to have to worry about parking downtown, so it's much easier to have him drive me. That way, too he has access to the car during the day--not that he's liable to use it.

I found out late yesterday that there may only be one or two students in my class--two of them dropped out this week. This puts me in a quandry ( I'm wearing too many hats!) I've put a lot of work into this, and I have a contract which calls for notification by February 21st if the class has fewer than 3 registrants. But I know how precarious the Museum's finances are. The "tipping point' is that the curator spoke to me on Tuesday and asked if I would make up two or three more kits, just in case someone signs up at the last minute ( the contract also calls for the Museum to pay me for kits) So I think I'm going to stick to my guns and take the money for the class, although I'll be a little less demanding in terms of the kit fees--as I'll still have the kits. I have a real hunch that they have counted people who haven't actually paid--always a mistake.

All of this is slowly working in my favour. I now have several classes all prepared, including hand-outs, that I can market. In the past, I've quickly put together a class, on whatever topic, whenever I've been asked, but now I can be a little more pro-active.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Be - Hello again !

Surprised that I did not have to register again as I have not signed on for awhile.... And I'll be damned that the keyboard now works and I do not have to suffer through one letter at a time. Yippee. It was a hard battle but we have won for now - computer still needs something replaced but apparently as per the "Technician" we can use it for now. Much of the extemporanious stuff was removed and then it was defragged which has made a ton of difference in the speed. Glad we spoke with him and he is as knowledgeable as he is - he recognized our problem immediately and worked on it for days at his home to try to work out the kinks. I just hope that it will remain as is for at least a while.
Have been watching the Olympics and trying to sew beads onto a "fish" made out of yo yos. Not making much headway but pleased with what is done so far and plan to keep plugging away with what time I can devote to its execution. It actually looks like a fish and for this I am thankful. I wish I had some experience in beading or someone to consult with as I am sure it would go much easier for me but it is really trial and error again. Maybe this is my destiny for any artful endeavours? The best part is that I am not giving up.
Well, must sign off for now... good to read the messages and get caught up on the latest news. Tomorrow we go to North Bay and I cash out that GIC in order to pay off my car purchase. There may actually be a little $$ left over to cover for some income taxes that will soon be upon us. Take care

Still alive and well...

Not much more to say. We were waiting for "payday" so we could do some grocery shopping, so have spent the last few days just hanging around the house. I've done a bit more dyeing, forgetting that I'm teaching a beading class this Saturday and will have to do a lot of demo's. So my poor hands have been bleached and washed with Gentle Orange ( or whatever it's called) then pumiced and bleached again. The poor things were looking terrible, so I used heavy duty hand cream on them, and the colour just looked worse. Too Bad!

We now have a mission to buy waterbed sheets. David is convinced that we can find them in the city, and close to home. I guess we find out today. As well the frame on the waterbed fell apart on Sunday. He fought and fought with it, drafting me to hold back the mattress while he worked. Finally he realized that I just couldn't do it and that we would have to drain the bed. He finally got it fixed, but it took most of the day. I'm thinking that I see the writing on the wall, and that some day soon we may have to replace the bed itself. I have the same feeling about the dryer. It wasn't replaced when we got our money from Dad, so is about 15 years old at this point. It is quite colourful, since I do most of my painting and dyeing on it, but a couple of times lately hasn't really dried the clothes the way it used to.

We had arranged to take Loren grocery shopping last evening, but he cancelled at the last minute so that he could watch the Canada/Russia hockey game. So we're off this morning. Then we have our own shopping to do.

I had planned to finish the handout for my beading class today, but I may not get to have it printed until tomorrow. I've been enjoying watching the figure skating this week. I can watch that and hand sew--working on samples for the beading class. I have another class on March 13th for the quilters, and have most of the samples for that done as well--thank Goodness for the Olympics! Now if Icould just make some money at this!!

Dianne and I have set ourselves up at The Fibre Divas--textile artists and teachers. I have registered the name and we have produced a business card. I think I told you about this awhile ago. Anyway, I've been handing out the cards and have now been approached by a gallery in the Exchange, about teaching for them next fall/winter. Unfortunately she appears to want the one class that isn't yet fully developed. Arg-h-h-h!

So while I talk a busy day, I still seem to be spending a lot of time in my basement! Have a good day. It's Thursday--closer to Friday than Wednesday was.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

of Dyeing and children

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a dyeing class. I'm very happy with what I learned and the results, and I fully intend to do more--once I have a few extra $$ to buy dye. I wrote about it on the other blog.

Then, around supper time, Amber phoned to ask if we could watch the children for a couple of hours, while she and Darren went to a movie. Now, both David and I were tired, but we said yes because we have worked out a bit of a system--divide and conquer. So he watched the little one in the living room, and I took Jessica downstairs to play with beads. This lasted an hour, and then we found a painting kit I had bought on a sale rack, so we played some more for over an hour. When we were done I found black paint on Jessica's beige corduroy trousers. Then we discovered that she had "forgotten" to put on any panties, and that her Mom had not packed any extra clothes for Jess, only for the little one. So she found a pair of Samantha's trousers that fit her like cycling shorts, and we got the trousers washed and in the dryer. This meant two full hours when she wasn't driven to annoy her sister and cause a screaming match. Then I ended up with both of them in the basement, curled up in the chairs under afghans watching Tree House. I was running up and down stairs with glasses of milk and bread and butter ( David had baked bread this week) Have you ever watched Tree House? Probably not. It was interesting! Far more to me than the children. But--you should see the basement!

Once the parents arrived Darren told me that Samantha has spoken to him in , more or less, a full sentence over the past few days. He was pissed as she had asked him a question, but refused to repeat it for Amber, so Amber still doesn't believe she spoke. I believe it because that is exactly what Amber did at about the same age, or maybe just a little older--suddenly started to speak in full sentences. I think probably Samantha has trained everyone in the family to look after her needs so well, that unless she has a question, there is no need for her to speak. There's no question who rules the roost in that house!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Be - yah, I've been quiet because......

..the computer, still! Not only our computer issues but also, our Service Provider went down. The other night after several more rounds of "what is wrong?" I called the Server Tech Support and little did I know that at this time our problems were actually theirs. The guy was in panic mode and told me he could not troubleshoot with me until they came back on line - when I asked for a time frame he replied "It's a zoo in here right now I have no idea what we're doing" So I politely told him I would call back another time. I called the next day and after about an hour of me hearing the Tech asking me questions I did not know or even understand, and talking me through actions and programs on the computer - even running speed tests. He made several recommendations. So then it was off to our Computer Man to make further enquiries. He was the one who set up our new system only two years ago. He scoffed at the recommendations and wants to go though the whole hard drive. So tomorrow we pack it all up and it goes to him for the weekend.
So to make a long story short, I do not know when I shall be able to access again. So if you do not hear from me, you will know why!
To Mothers again today but had to make a big detour because the highway was closed for 8 hours - a fatal car accident. It took us 1 1/2 hours instead of 30 min. Thank goodness coming home the road was cleared and open again.
I hear you about the Olympics, Cathy- we only have one channel and still see repeat after repeat - and the skating and curling and hockey which I would like to see are being shown on other channels eg TSN that we do not get.
Time to go. I'll write again when things get fixed.Take care

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February and all that jazz

You're right... February is really a draggy month. I go to work and then come home and collapse. I will be less tired when the others are back from holidays. I told Eliz (the boss) that I couldn't do 3 jobs and that I was burning out and making mistakes. She went "hmmm oh well" and walked away. The next day I left breakup for Patty (not a popular choice) I told Eliz what I had done and she just said okay. Patty didn't say much to me all day. I wish I had some authorityto get others to do things. I can do all the jobs, but I shouldn't have to. The others should do what they can and leave the rest to me. (bitch bitch bitch) I made Pizza for supper. Not the Chicken Delight Beef and mushroom I was craving, but still okay. Turkey bacon, mushroom and pineapple. I am a little burnt out on Olympics right now. I think I will watch a movie tonight. If I miss anything it is shown over and over on all the different channels. I am sorry that you classes were cancelled, Pati. I know you were preparing for them. Perhaps all your preparation will give you some ideas for directions you can move in.
Love ya both

Well, aren't we a quiet bunch!

Prpbably because it's February and we tend to stay home and veg out. Had coffee last night with our cousin Beryl. She is starting to show her age, and I have to wonder how old she actually is. Not that it matters. She and her husband are still living on the farm, but are now talking about selling it. A couple of years ago she said that they would both have to be taken off the land in a hearse. Times change.

Drove out to an art quilt meeting in Beausejour on Monday evening with my friend Ann Marie, meeting a couple of other friends there. We had let the organizer know we were interested, awhile back, and she had enthusiastically invited us. We had thought that we would go out and be part of the audience, knowing that their meetings are usually well organized. Well, it turned out that we were the program! We each had a table to lay our stuff on ( we had been told to bring Show'n'Tell) and were each allowed to do a presentation about how everything was made, what techniques we had used etc. The "7:00to 9:00" meeting lasted to 10:30, and then we had to drive home. Turned out to be a late night, as I'd had a cup of coffee while I was there. It was the first time I had actually heard Ann Marie describe how she works. She makes the most interesting fantasy pieces, usually with a woman-complete with hand painted face-in sparkly wild clothing and worked within a fantastic "landscape".

So, two evenings of the Olympics, and I missed both of them. hopefully, I can catch up today.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad mood!

Yesterday I was officially notified that both my classes in Regina have been cancelled. This whole process has been a major upheaval in my life, and many decisions have been made around my commitment to teaching. Now I don't know what to do with myself, nor how to wrap my brain around how I feel about the whole thing. I can't even say that I am going away with two well-researched and developed classes, as one of them isn't finished yet. Thank Goodness I haven't spent the money yet, although I was researching a new sewing machine.

In any case, I had arranged to spend the day out in Steinbach with Dianne. She will listen to me rant and rage, and then make me laugh. Then we'll sit down and figure out how to market ourselves, and our classes, as The Fibre Divas.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Be - Ask and ye shall receive...

Thanks to you both for all the suggestions. I visited the local library this afternoon and scouted out many of the authors and was greatly surprised to see many, many books available. I randonly chose from one authors collection but see that if I like the style of writing of a particular author, there will be more from which I can chose. I should be set for years of reading by the length of your lists of authors and the shelves of books I saw. Thanks again. Interesting that once I got home and had a good look at the novel I had taken out, I saw that it was in large print so this will be a treat for my poor eyes. My reading time is usually always at night before bed when the eyes are most vulnerable.
Tonight I plan to watch the Opening of Olympics that starts here at 9 pm - it will be late but also fun to watch all the excitement. Hope I can stay up that long!
For now then, take care.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

More books

I wish I could say I have a favourite, but I tend to find someone I like in paperback and then never find anything more. I have recently found the Joanna Brody series by J.A. Jance. I have enjoyed the Jesse Stone series by Robert B. Parker, but had trouble accepting Tom Selleck as him in the movies. In the books Jesse is in his mid-thirties, and Selleck is just too old to believe. Having read those, I tried the Spenser novels by the same author. They really weren't bad, so I read his series about a lady detective--Sunny Randell. I have enjoyed some of the books by Lisa Jackson, but found some of hers just a little too "gritty" for me. For "light" reading I don't think anyone can beat Nora Roberts, and I especially like the books she writes under the name J. D. Robb. Another author I look for is Jayne Ann Krentz aka Amanda Quick.

Saw the Doctor this morning and it was my cholesterol he was worried about, which is a relief in some ways ( that it's not anyhting more serious) Now he wants me to take the Statins. We compromised, and I will be trying Crestor three times a week in conjunction with my Ez-trol. I will b ehaving blood test in mid-may. I know the cholesterol will go down, and as long as I'm not in pain etc, I'm willing to try it. This doctor is willing to write the government to have the Ez-trol covered by Pharmacare--at last!

I have some pieces in a local gallery show right now, and the group in charge have arranged for a couple of high-profile artists/crafters to come and speak about all of the pieces in the show. So I decided that I would rather go there than to the Quilters Guild meeting. So I sent a e-mail to the friends I was planning to see there and to the executive letting them know I wasn't going to make it. Then I started to get messages back expressing concern and asking if everything was all right, was there more trouble with my son etc. While it's very nice to have friends and to have friends who are supportive--never think I don't apreciate that--does this really mean that my friends think that the only way I would miss a quilters guild meeting would be if I was sick or someone had died?

Books, Books and more books

I usually just wander the library and if a book strikes my fancy I read it. I have enjoyed books by these authors:
Tess Gerritsen
Iris Johansen
Jonathon and/or Faye Kellerman
Jeffrey Deaver
Tami Hoag
Patricia Cornwall
James Patterson
David Baldacci
Scott Turow
Lisa Scottoline
John Sandford
James Rollins
Steve Berry
Edward Rutherford (he writes sagas, but they were good)
there are lots more I like too, but then I read... what can I say. I am trying this at work again. It better not crash on me. Mallorie and Debbie are gone and I have been quite busy. Maybe it will slow down next week. If we were full staffed I would be bored. Jim painted the bathroom. It is really white now. He is talking about the rest of the house now. I wonder what will happen?!? He was at the dentist today (in Brandon) then went to Walmart. He says he put $300 on the VISA. I wonder what he bought. I guess I will find out later. It will probably be stupid stuff that we need and nothing that's fun. Oh well, I can anticipate for the rest of the day. Sometimes people really piss me off (sometimes???) The snowplow finally showed up outside and Patty won't go and move her car. Now it won't get cleaned out!! Darn it all. It only took them 4 days to show up. Time to work (or at least pretend to work)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Be - When did computers take over our lives?

Yesterday and today was dedicated to trying to fix the current problems - we even bought a new keyboard and new mouse both of which are back in their boxes and the old ones are being used again. The new ones only created more issues and nonsense - couldn't get any action from the computer at all. Oh well...
We had a very enjoyable time at Mikes yesterday, the meal was delicious and Mikes friend was very likeable. Apparently only a friend inspite of my wonderings otherwise. Thats OK! According to Harry's call with him this afternoon, the leftover food was eaten by Mike and four of his workmates at noon today -he had invited them all over to his place for lunch.
To Mothers again tomorrow - I made the lunch today including some banana muffins and of course I have extras just for me to eat here.
This past weekend we put two heaters into the greenhouse and all the pots planted with garden seeds are now in there. We have to make sure that the heat is maintained ie that heaters continue to work - and pray the hydro stays on. Consumption increases and so to does the costs.
I signed the paperwork and handed over the $ today to purchase my leased car. So now it is mine and I shall have a car. Maybe I should plan another drive west?
The local library has no Clive Cussler books that I have not read - so I have taken out another Kathy Reich novel. Do either of you have a recommendation for me - a fiction writer that you have read and enjoyed?
Time to go - good to hear from you both. Take care

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My computer was doing the same thing a couple of days ago. Irritated me no end. Maybe the problem travels from west to east like the weather.

Went to a Sharing Craft session at McNally Robinson Book Sellers last night. Dianne was there, as was our friend Ann Marie. These things usually last from 7:00 to 9:00, but by about 8:30 there were only the three of us, one "guest" ,and the lady from the Crafts Museum who organizes these events. We started to laugh, and Dianne actually started to put on a bit of a show, talking about her days with the rodeo. horses she had known and the injuries she came away with. She was also talking about knitting dishcloths, and how she had lost the pattern and was having to make it up as she went along. Now you know she can put on a good "show", but the mental image of her riding a horse and knitting a dishcloth really got to me, and I ended up with a fit of the giggles. The other ladies were trying desperately not to laugh and when I started they broke down as well. So picture five middle aged ladies practically rolling on the floor in the middle of the book store. So, yes, we need to laugh. I've heard it said that the ability to laugh, especially at ourselves is what separates us from the animals far more than any other ability that they can identify.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Be - Behold I finally got in...

but the gremlins are still at work as I see. Perhaps the keyboard is not working in tandem with the harddrive she says not knowing what is really happening. What I type is not received and produced on the screen - only a few of the letters appear unless I press each deliberately and individually in slow motion. Apparently this may be why I could not get in and kept getting an error message.
But I must say it was worth the effort to keep trying because when I read your last few messages, I laughed so hard I could not see for the tears. Thanks for the humour - they say it is healthy to laugh and heaven knows it has been a long time for me.
This slow tedious process is annoying, so I may not last too long tonight but wanted to let you know I still exist.
Tomorrow we are going to Mike's to make a Turkey dinner at his request as he is having a friend over - a girl ! I have not met her but always the romantic, I have prepared to have a beautiful table set with linen cloth, candles, and a miniature potted rose centerpiece all to match with his new "red" dishes, serving dishes and matching silverware. Mike just found out he is continuing as Instructor for another course - he thought he would be unemployed as the funding ran out but somehow the money came through for another few months - good for him.
Well, I have to end as my patience is exhausted - do we need a new keyboard or do you have another solution for this problem? Take care

For reference

I tracked down the mosaic artist I spoke of in my last post. You can find her work at Garden Glass Mosaic Art Designs by Ursula Neufeld on the internet, or by Googling Ursula Neufeld artist Winnipeg. While she has a "gallery" link, you have to go into the "What's New" link to see the framed pieces similar to the ones I was talking about. Take a look. I sure love what she does with stones and broken glass.

Time to post again!

Pati here
I just realized that it's been awhile. And what have I been doing during that time? Went to the gallery opening Thursday evening. A very nice show, but two of my pieces looked insignificant amongst other out standing pieces. Now don't be snorting at me. There were two huge pieces--about 3-4 feet square. They were sheet metal-(steel?)--that had a hole cut out of the centre where there were hand-fired glass pieces inserted. These pieces had to have special hanging systems--to deal with the weight I suspect. Cathy, this person had a piece in the show that we hung in Neepawa but it was a much smaller piece. There were also three pieces by a mosaic artist. These were probably, at least, 30 inches square, maybe more. She does mosaic work but doesn't just use tiles. Some of the tiles she does use are hand made, but they are used in conjunction with other found objects such as larger ball bearings, washers, and rocks. These "things" are all carefully arranged and then grouted in place and the whole thing framed. I've been aware of this lady for quite awhile, and very much admire her work. The two pieces of mine were only about a foot square and very light coloured. So, while they were certainly representative of what I'm doing right now, and well made with careful thought to colour theory and elements of design, next to the larger, heavier more visibly obvious pieces, mine appeared insignificant.

My electric razor died a while back. What the heck!! It was only about 30 years old and should have worked for 30 more years. So I bought some Nair and tried to use it Saturday night. Well-- that stuff is lethal! I now have hairy, burnt armpits. Do you know what a nuisense this is? Then yesterday the toilet seat broke. Have I offended the gods yet again?

And it snows! On one of my internet groups all the ladies in the Soutern states are finally able to try some snow dyeing ( don't ask) So even a rogue snoww storm brings joy somehwere.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

back again

Here I am again. I started writing a nice rambling posting at work on Thursday, but I got an error message part way through and it disappeared. I really had nothing to say so I got sulky and refused to start it again. Nothing in my life except work and home. The kitchen looks really nice. Just the ceiling left. I will have to get the camera out. I hope the next room takes less time. Our billet is here around March 12, so we have a month. Lots of snow this morning. We didn't shovel yesterday because we knew more was coming, but we seem to have our work cut out for us now. This trying to eat healthy and exercise really gets on a persons nerves. My knees have been giving me a lot of trouble when I exercise, so I used it as a handy excuse not to try. I will have to mention it the next time I see the doctor. As for dieting! Last night was hamburgers and chips... yummie. The football is on tonight so who knows what we will have. The curling should end before the football. I have a book to carry me through the game. I havn't managed to win the lottery yet, so I guess I am working for another 10 years. I'll keep trying. Debbie and Mallorie both head south on Wednesday, so I guess Patty & I will be carrying the load. Debbie is only in Mexico for a week, but Mallorie is in the Dominican for 2 weeks. (My big excitement will be heading to VCC for a grant meeting on Tuesday... ) I have managed to spend all my money already, and it is a week until payday. Good thing the freezer is full. As I said, I have nothing exciting to report... just ramblings.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Don't worry--be happy!

Pati here
I blog when I want to and I don't mind having several of mine in a row. I think it gets easier the more often you do it. I'm glad you're gettting your car sorted out. I'm actually looking forward to being able to watch the Olympics. TV has been dismal lately, and I have hand work to do--mainly beading--which is so much easier with something to watch.
The meeting is over and now I can relax. I'm going to enjoy one of the perks of my Craft Museum work tomorrow--a free breakfast put on by the Wpg Foundation. I've been to a couple before. They are short (one hour) and always interesting. The food isn't bad either, as they're at the Ft. Garry Hotel. Next week will be my last regularly scheduled Board meeting with them, although I'll have the Annual General Meeting at the end of the month. I believe that I need a break, and am looking forward to it.
David was at the doctor today, and while he was there the doctor told him that they were trying to get hold of me, as there is a problem with my blood work. David wasn't sure what, but didn't think it was my cholesterol, although that is high. So he arranged an appointment for me next week. Now I have that to fret over.
Ah well, time for strong drink. I promised myself one after the meeting today, and I'm darn well going to have it.

Be - Time for another few words

Patty you have written a few messages all in a row and I feel that I am falling behind again but then we aren't supposed to feel any such thing when we blog , are we? Just kidding... I write when I can even though I look excitedly every day for messages from you two.
I am a step closer to owning my car. Had the safety inspection done today which I had to pay for. Something called bushings needed to be replaced on the wheels which I also had to pay for. Then I saw the Financial Manager re: purchase and guess what, I now have to pay for the car as well. haha. I go next Wednesday to finalize it all. But they did give the car a much needed car wash which was apparently free.
I went to violin lessons yesterday and I cannot seem to catch onto using the metronome appropriately- I was told I had no sense of tempo. So I asked for some exercises in order to try to improve and I will try but I don't know if it is something that I will ever catch onto to. I remember when I took piano lessons and I had the same problem. But since I also bought a nice new digital metronome I guess I better get with the program eh? So as you can see, I am in the same boat as you Patty and your dilema with your camera and picture taking.
Tonight I watch Republic of Doyle on CBC at 9 pm. It is a new series that started a few weeks ago - I can't say I really love it, but it gives me something to look forward to and it is Canadian. Set in St John's Newfoundland and is akin to the old TV series The Rockford Files. And then I guess starting next week it will be 24/7 Olympic coverage for two weeks. It showed on the News tonight all the dump trucks hauling in snow from 2 hours away to the Cypress Mountains for the events. I'm sure glad not to be one of the Organizers with all the worries of the weather making or breaking the success of the show in front of the whole world. I can create my own little worries right here at home. For example, Harry has bought many many tickets with all his accumulated points on the Radio Station that I told you about - but the draw is for a 52 inch TV and because he is using all his points just to buy tickets for the draw, he probably will have a good chance to win. So then I ask myself how will a 52 inch TV ever fit into the front room - our present TV is about 36 inches and is big enough for the space that we have.
We put together a picture puzzle this past week - it is a lovely picture of quilts hanging in a yard and on fences with a sign on the gate saying Quilts for Sale and so colourful with not only the quilts but also flowers and trees and buildings It was hard but also fun - only thing is when all was said and done, there is one piece missing. I suspect that it has fallen on the floor as the little kitten had to be shooed away several times and it may have been lost somehow. I vacuumed today but did not come across it - at least knowingly. So I put the puzle back into the box and away and hope the piece may show up in the next little while- if not, into the garbage it will go.
Well, time to go for now. Take care


Pati here
I sem very busy these days, and yet I don't see accomplishing anything with my "busy-ness". I have a meeting this afternoon--here--and spent most of yesterday cleaning the bathroom. I've heard the expression the " work expands to fill the time allotted to it". Sure seems to be true around here. With having to fix the car, and buy pills, this is sort of a lean month, so David baked fruit bread for me to serve this afternoon. I tried it this morning and I'm not really sure that it's cooked. What a dilemna! He's off at the doctor ( 7:15 appointment, so he might make it home by 10:30), so I'll wait until he gets home and have him try it. Nothing went right making it and he had to scrap the first batch and start over, so he was at it, literally, all day yesterday.

We bought a tripod for our camera. We now have a fairly expensive set up, when you take into consideration the PhotoShop Elements program I bought and the coures I took on using it ( which taught me very little). I suggested that we take a class on how to use use the camera, but he's reluctant. Getting my work photographed is an expensive chore, and one that is getting more and more important as I exhibit more and more. So many show decisions are made on the basis of whatever photograph is submitted, and they have ways of checking to make sure that you don't Photoshop the picture before entering it. ( You're allowed to crop and re-size but that's all) So being able to take a good photo is critical.

So, off to finish house cleaning. Once the ladies leave, it'll be time for "strong drink", to celebrate one more milestone on my path to divesting myself of volunteer commitments.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Damn Blogger!!

Pati here
Sorry to be absent lately but I've been having a terrible time getting into Blogger. Not that I have a lot to say, mind you. My first test class went well, and I got some very valuable feedback. I'm planning some significant changes to how I do things. I have a beading class to teach at the end of this month, and a small purse making session in mid-March, then my second test class at the end of March. So I'm going to be quite busy over the next little while. I just wish that the money I make reflected the amount of time and energy I spend making it! LOL

Loren appears to be doing well. He was home with the children this weekend. We took them to swimming lessons on Friday evening. Sargent Park pool is a scarey place on a Friday night. Today I was out and about picking up small things that I've ordered, and running errands. We took some clothing into the local thrift store and found two 24 inch high stools. I have been looking everywhere. Bar stools are either 19" or 29", but not 24", which is what I need to use at my work table. Not only are these two the right height, but they are new, rather than used. The lady said that four of them had come in boxes and she had thought they might have been part of a display somewhere. I'm very pleased.

Now I have a whole afternoon to play in the studio before I go out to my Ravenesque meeting this evening. I hope everyone is well.