Sunday, May 31, 2009

Playing in the snow

How can it be May 31 when it is so cold and we have had snow all day? The plants will be thinking that their place to grow and produce will actually be inside the house. The heater has been on in the greenhouse since last evening and it is holding its own around 60 degrees, and we didn't even uncover all day those plants that we covered up outside last night. They will stay covered up until tomorrow at least.
So it was an inside day today and I actually tidied up my "studio" enough to find my sewing machine, and I did a bit of sewing. Gets the creative juices flowing again after a long hiatus - sewed all afternoon listening to CBC on the radio as I like Cross Country Checkup each Sunday 4 to 6 pm. Last night I was so cold I had a hot shower and hit the bed early - did not even turn on the Hockey Game. It may be the same for tonight.
Thought I would tell you how much I love that Pancake House Apple Pancake recipe you sent some time ago - made it for breakfast again today and then felt compelled to take the dog for a long walk. Dressed in hat, winter jacket, and mitts it was not the enjoyable kind of exercise I had in mind so went quickly around the arena park ONCE (usually take a few trips around at least) and then felt guilty all day about eating the huge pancake.
Interesting to hear that you are both playing with cameras - I just got a digital camera and although I still do not know much about it yet, I too am anxious to become more familiar so that I can take decent pictures and then maybe I can get some on the computer to you. I shall make this my next challenge.
But right now I must get into my warm and cuddly jammies - almost time for the first face off... take care.

tv watching

I think I must have seen the same Elvis Costello show as you did, Beth. I don't know who those first two or three young people were, and their music wasn't too-too bad, but why can't they express themselves? It sounded like they were speaking English, but when evey second word is "like" or "you know", the message just doesn't get across. I left it on and continued working in the studio until Jacob Dylan came on. He, too, appeared to be ill at ease but, at least, he had something to say, and he knew his music.

Then I played poker. I won one hand in three tournaments, but held on in the fourth
tournament until final table. I was down to 1500 credits, held on until I was in 4th place out of 4. Then one hand went well, and I ended up winning the whole thing. So the evening didn't cost anything in terms of my playing stack.

Amber and the little ones will be over for supper tonight. I have a turkey breast to roast with mashed potatoes, and some sort of vegetable. I found a cake mix for a decadent carrot cake. Since everyone has told me they don't like chocolate, dessert is a challenge. The mix has raisins, and Amber will just have to pick them out, and carrot cake sometimes brings on my allergies, so I won't be having more than I should. I suppose I could pick out the raisins before I put the cake together--that's what a traditional "Grandma" would do. But then a traditional Grandma wouldn't be using a cake mix, so I'm off the hook there.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I'm awake

Having been up at 5 am and doing all that work, I just woke up after a nice 2 hour nap. I found Jim. He is at the neighbours. I think I will head over there, but I still think I will be in bed very early tonight. It is really a shame to admit, but I am not as young as I once was. Now that I am 29, life is sooo different

Elvis Costello

I have been enjoying these shows. but here, they're on Saturday night. Friday night I've been watching the 'Til Debt Do Us Part marathon. I spent a couple of hours at the Crafts Museum this afternoon, and took some sewing. The lady with me was trying to teach herself how to tat. We spent the afternoon working and chatting and generally relaxing together. A thoroughly nice afternoon.. Now back to the basement and my fabric paper journal covers.

You put me to shame

You are both so inspiring with your daily events and outings and friendships. And what do I have to add for myself - I did the vacuuming yesterday.
Friday evening is usually my time to veg out in front of the TV with several stories I watch and then at 10 pm the highlight of watching Elvis Costello with his show Spectacle. Last evening I had my bowl of popcorn all ready for 8 pm show only to realize that the regular programming must be done for the year and all that was on was Law and Order which I do not watch. So I mussed about with a silly movie and my popcorn until 10 pm and then that particular Spectacle show was less than exciting. Over all not too satisfactory. Perhaps tonight the first hockey game of Stanley Cup final can catch my attention?
We hauled all the plants into the house or covered up as the temp was hovering around O - but as it turned out there was no frost.


Well, it's 7:15 am. The dishes are washed and put away. The laundry is in the dryer, the beds are all stripped and re-made. I do so look forward to weekends so that I don't have to work. I'm guessing, Pati, that "not quite what you were looking for" was the book?? When you were trying to describe what you were thinking of I visualized a triple helix that morphed into northern lights, with a faint female image in the background. (all of it presented on a stark, snowy landscape.) Totally off base? No wonder I can't find any symbols for you. We had a frost warning again last night. It's almost June for Pete's sake! (ever wonder who Pete is?) We have no hot water right now, so our showers will have to wait. I have 2 more loads of laundry to do, but I want to get clean first. Then its off to town to clean the office. Jim will have to mow there again as the lawn is a sea of yellow. Once you complete your photography course, Pati, you will have to train me. I am trying to use our camera more. Then I download to the computer and they disappear! I will prevail and figure this out. Time to do some more "relaxing weekend" work
Love Ya

Not quite what I'm looking for.

I picked up the book "Visons of the Goddess" from the library yesterday. A lot of information, but, so far, no triple helixes. I did find some spirals, though. I'm about 1/3 of the way through it, and what I've read tells me that I'm on the right track in terms of finding some sort of relationship between Goddess beliefs and the theme of the challenge "Inua: The Spirit of Life". I'll keep plugging along.

We didn't get the work done yesterday that we'd planned. We had to do some shopping and Amber invited us out for lunch. I spent a little time in the studio and got the embellishment done on a small piece. May have totally ruined the piece, but I've learned to leave it over night and look at it again with a fresh eye. By evening, I was a little out of it, and just vegged out in front of the tv. This is a new behaviour for me and I have to wonder if I should be worried more about my health.

But today is another day, and who knows what it may hold.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Power cooking

Yes, we power cooked yesterday. So far I have four meals of spagetti sauce, three meals of chili, and a whole turkey breast, for roasting, in the freezer. I have another batch of spagetti sauce ready and today I make lasagne, as well as at least 2 kinds of soup. Boning out a turkey is tough going. Then there were all those vegetables to chop. My wrists just won't take it anymore. So by the time we were done, David was exhausted. We used to be able to get more done, but both of us are older and we're just not used to working that hard.

Today I also have to get two quilts in the mail to Southern California. Tomorrow I have a shift at the Museum and want to take some hand work to amuse myself while I'm there, so I'll have to pack that up. I bought a new cosmetic bag to pack my sewing tools in. I've had one for years that has all of my stump work tools in it, but I was using a smaller sewing basket for other things. The lid kept coming off and I've been reluctant ot take it out of the house--but no more.

Last night I went to a "salon" with the Manitoba Crafts Council. Interesting experience. I wrote a bit about it on the other blog. It was at Aqua Books. Never heard of it before. It is in a two story building on Garry st. An old building, I would say, but probably quite elegant in its time. The "Salon" was in a room on the second floor with lovely coloured walls and old pictures and antique furniture. There was food and friendliness. The main floor was a warren of well-lit rooms full of both old and new books (I think--I didn't look that closely) At the back was a restaurant/bistro. Fascinating place!
Love Pati

Friday at last......

We had a good evening last night. A friend from Winnipeg was working in our office yesterday and she spent the night with us. The neighbours dropped by and we had a nice big fire. The rain held off until about 10 pm, and even then there wasn't much. (So much for the big thunderstorm they were forecasting) Unfortunately it appears it got down to zero again last night. I haven't been out to the garden to check things. I guess if they are dead we will just start over. I never did get back to the grant applications I was supposed to work on. Procrastination is such a character flaw. I am begiining to think that you really can't write grant applications by committee. The points can all be worked out, but the application itself should be done by one person. It's going to be busy at work today. One person took yesterday afternoon and today off, and I am already behind in my work; today is month end; another person has all next week off........... I'll just keep plugging along. So much for my early morning ramblings. Take Care

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anyone want some rain?

Lots and lots of rain. Apparently will be good for the outdoors - gardens and potential forest fires all included. So in the meantime, I am not deboning turkeys and making sauce which sounds quite delicious as I ponder what to eat for lunch. No instead I cleaned the bathroom shelves and cupboards. My intention is always to throw out but somehow I never seem to accomplish this totally as I think I "might use it someday". Of course never will but the dust is gone and all has the look of order.
My pie met with great satisfaction - I went up to North Bay for violin lesson and was able to spend afternoon with Mike. We went shopping for dishes for him, and then enjoyed a nice visit at his place with fresh coffee and a piece of pie included. He bought a set of four stoneware dishes last week and went back to buy another set but ofcourse all gone. We searched several stores but to no avail. Wal Mart "may" be getting more in a few days and that will be his only hope. Well, must go - my time is up.

What the heck

I made a small posting yesterday but it seems to have disappeared into the ether. And now I can't remember what I said! I think I may have been complaining about my computer class. I really didn't want to go last night. Last week was a horror. But I went--sat in the parking lot for a few minutes to mentally "gird my loins"--and went in. It was a pleasant relaxed evening--much better. I think that the teacher may have altered his method and pace a bit. He was a frustrated as we had been the previous week. We still have one person who is a little slower to catch on--but the time he takes to answer her questions is giving the rest of us a chance to catch our breathes.

Today looks like the big day. David will bone out the turkey--we'll grind the meat-- and I get to make spagetti sauce and chili. Whooppee!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Hopefully some of the google sites I mentioned will be helpful. There are so many different interpretation of the Goddess. I like your idea, and I can visualize it. I wish I was artistic enough to create it. Unfortunately I am meant to be an audience, not an artist. Of course, where would the arts be without someone to appreciate them. I am just sitting around waiting for a meeting to start. I can't skip out on it because it is at my office. We needed someplace free to get together. Hopefully the others will show up. I spend enough time here during the day. :)
My radishes are coming up already. It must be spring! I staggered the planting of the radish, lettuce & green onion. I want them spread out a bit and not altogether. I am also trying to work on a grant application for Cultural Spaces. I wish they could make Grant applications user friendly instead of having to answer the same questions over and over in a different format. Creative grantsmanship may be an artform, but it is the down to earth basics that need the funding. I was sore and tired last night and went for a bath..... guess who had no hot water! I threw on my housecoat and stomped downstairs and glared at Jim... maybe he'll check out the water heater now. I'd be scared of me if I were him. People are arriving. Time to meet

" Visions of the Goddess"

I was surprised to find this in the public library--2 copies in fact. They are having to get it for me, but hopefully it won't take long. You had said that it might be good for pictures, Cathy. I wrotethe Challenge people asking if we were limited to Northern dieties for any reason, and haven't had a reply, so I'm guessing they hadn't even thought of geographical limits on the challenge. My idea is to have the triple helix spiralling up to meet the three phase moon. I sort of want a shorter plumper helix, as the ones in the pictures tend to be tall and skinny--and that just isn't me.
Thanks for the suggestion.
Love Pati

" Visions of the Goddess"


We were talking about rhubarb pie yesterday. The rhubarb has been slow this year but I could probably get a picking off it now. But domestic concerns just aren't in me right now. Yesterday I vegged out in front of the tv--something I never used to do. Always I had something in my hand, but not these days. Always at the back of my mind is looming dementia--getting to that age. I still haven't got around to applying for my old age pension--hope I don't forget.

The cupboard is getting bare, but tomorrow is payday, and we'll go shopping. We had planned to thaw out a turkey, grind the meat and use it to make chili and spagetti sauce, but now David has arranged to go to the lake to meet the plumber and have the water turned on. We're going to have to replace the piping etc in the well, and couldn't do it last fall. I guess I need to remind him to take money with him. We seem to be getting used to the beef-free diet. About once a month I buy a small package of extra lean ground beef and make taco salad with it, but otherwise we seem to do fine.

Rhubarb Pie...

On the agenda for this morning is the making of the traditional Rhubarb Pie. Younger son loves it and looks forward to a pie or two this time of year. He stated to his father the other day that he thought he would plant some rhubarb at his place with the idea that he might seek favour from his mother ( ie hint hint). Still get the rhubarb from Mothers as I have never had any luck at growing reasonable good stalk here.
Have been busy back and forth between here and Mothers doing gardening and housework. Mostly housework at Mothers not here haha
New BBQ was bought on Sunday. Sat night I was to do steaks and had trouble getting BBQ started - turned out that the entire burner and tubes and bottom were rotten beyond repair or replacement. ended up at Home Depot after looking in various other stores in North Bay. Of course, it was in parts and had to be erected step by step which was my job and once completed to cook the steak we had waiting from Sat.
Had to store all the plants and cover up what we couldn't get into the greenhouse or house as it was very close to freezing point. Too much money and time put into plants to take a chance of losing them all. May have to do same tonight and then it should warm up a bit. Think 300 tomatoe plants and you get the picture !!
Anyway must ramble off and get back to the pastry. Wish I could help you with your research but alas I have no knowledge and Cathy was definately the right one to ask. PS I found my eyeglasses on floor in bedroom after I sent that other message so did not leave them anywhere afterall. Take care

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Not sure of what you want

I am not sure of what you are looking for. Inua, is I believe a northern deity. There are a number of goddesses (and gods) that are related to the spirit of life. Native American heritage if full of them. The triple goddess (maiden, mother & crone) is intrinsic in Wiccan belief (okay, a lot of Wiccan belief) I've always found the links from The Witch's Voice ( very helpful in finding out information. If you want something with pictures, I have a book called Visions of the Goddess by Courtney Milne. You should be able to get it from the library. It has actual pictures of nature, which he relates to various Goddess beliefs from around the world. On another note, I always thought of the Triple Helix as a representation of DNA. I guess that would relate to our inner spirit. Let me know what you are really looking for and I will see if I can find anything
Love Cathy

Research help needed

Cathy, I'm trying to get information on the triple helix as it relates to the Triple Goddess. I've Googled it, but found a lot of convoluted crap. Can you think of any reference that might provide a fairly simplistic explanation, or maybe any pictures of related symbols. (Love the triple phased moon) I found one reference through that may be of use--a good picture, in any case. There is a new quilting challenge that deals with the Spirit of Life--Inua, and I'm trying to figure out if there could, by any stretch of the imagination, be any way of relating the two concepts.
Love Pati
Garage sale was a bust for us--sold an amazing $31.25. Amber made about $270.00, but she sold some furniture and a set of golf clubs. She had priced the golf clubs at $50, but a neighbour came over and suggested she price them at $90. They sold for $80. A friend of Amber's was there to help, and had a ball. She brought a very nice potato salad for lunch, so I felt obligated to head out and get some cold cuts. Jessica went with me, to the grocery store, and told me that she always rode in the car cart. You know the grocery cart with a car in front for children to sit in. She thoroughly enjoyed herself, but when we got home Amber said that she never lets it happen because it's too hard to manouver. Can't say that I had any problem.

Then in the afternoon I was at the Museum for Doors Open Winnipeg. We headed out our usual way only to discover that Main St was closed just south of Disraeli. Detours every which way. What a mess! It turns out that there was an open air performance, in front of City Hall, of the play "Strike!" about the 1919 Winnipeg Strike. Since the worst of the strike actually took place in the same location it was a neat concept--but not if you're trying to drive through it!

We were both exhausted after supper, but determined to stay awake, and ended up watching infomercials, just because we liked the music. Up early and off on our bikes. When we got home we put up the picnic table--remember the one Dad made. Now David is talking about heading down to Chippawa for Doors Open Winnipeg. I think he can go alone--I need a break.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

You are both far to busy...

...but then I guess I make it a trio. Working outside while the weather is good, BUT the black flies are killers this year. I do not think you have black flies in Manitoba? In combination with masses of mosquitoes it makes for interesting times.
I just realized that I may have left my eyeglasses at the restaurant yesterday. At least I cannot find them in the usual hiding places here at home. I did not have occasion to put them on since the luncheon so that is my assumption. I shall telephone them at 1100 when they open, and if the glasses are there, it means another drive to Huntsville. But it may turn out OK since husband plans to go to Mothers again today to continue planting. Maybe I can take her for a ride (Sprucedale is halfway to Huntsville from here) and that would allow him to do his thing uninterrupted.
I would like to have a garage sale myself but right now, the thoughts of preparing for it and manning it alone seems to outweigh any positive expected outcomes (ie $$$ and less clutter ?)
My friend Sue is the one who passes by Wilno enroute to her parents who live past Kingston. So last year when I told her about my sister's Art being displayed for sale at the Gallery she stopped in. Yesterday she brought to the luncheon to show me two pieces of your art that she bought. Both she had framed beautifully in black which brought out the best of the work. One was in greens and the other pinks. She loves each and tells me that she hangs them in different spots in her home periodically just to mix it up a bit. She had a friend visit who loves and engages in Art work so hung them in the guest bedroom purposefully for her to see. And she noticed them immediately and asked Sue for further details of the Artist etc.
Well, it IS Saturday morning and husband is off to more garage sales, so I must tidy up a bit and make room for more treasures. Still have a table full of such items from his trip up North earlier this week.
ps I noticed the time delay as well but just thought you were all getting up really early to write a few words haha. In my case access to the computer is limited so I grab it when I can. Take care

What a lot of crap!

David spent most of yesterday sorting etc in Amber's garage. I went as far as Steinbach and picked up the sandwich board I needed, then drove back in the middle of quite a storm. My friend Dianne showed me the place they are moving to. It's a bit of a dump right now, but they plan to make some changes before they move in. It's still on the second floor, over a store, with a steep flight of stairs--and both she and her DH have difficulty with stairs. Go figure!
While I was there she took me to a friend's garage sale where she had a bunch of stuff. When we arrived a very large pregnant woman was buying a red negligee that Dianne said she had worn on her wedding night 19 years ago. Hold that thought.
Back to Lorette. David was on the floor of the garage putting together a desk. Amber says" he's got help" I said "yes, so I see", noticing the black shape on the floor beside him, and knowing tht they own a big black lab. "This is Gerald" says Amber. "OMG, I thought it was the dog" says I--and so met Gerald. Anyway Amber starts sorting clothes and I'm pricing toys. She says that her neighbour across the street would be coming over to look at some of the toys, as she's pregnant. Sure enough, car pulls into the driveway across the street and this very large pregnant lady gets out. So I sent Amber over to ask how the woman liked the red negligee she had bought in Steinbach.

Breakfast is over, and now we're aobut to hit the road again.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Next question

Why does my post say 2:56 pm when it is 5:03pm?

What was I thinking?!

Why was I in such a hurry to get outside and do stuff!? I was out by 7:30 this morning and didn't quit until about 3pm. Every inch of my body hurts. Especially my hands. I pulled soooo many weeds. Everything is in the garden except the bedding plants. I transplanted a bunch of irises from where I didn't want them to the front of the house and took some to the office. We straightened out the flower beds at the office and put in some trim to stop the spread of the grass. Tomorrow Jim will mow the lawn at the office while I clean inside. There is also a yard clean up at the Legion, so I guess, if I can move at all, I will be busy tomorrow. Jim is at meat draw. I don't know how he is moving, except that he rode the garden tractor while I was working in the garden. I guess that is not as stressful. There was no way in hell I was going to meat draw tonight. I have already had a hot bath (no, it didn't really help because I was dirty... you can't soak in dirty water) I have a couple of library books I haven't read, so my evening is planned. I sure hope I can move tomorrow.
We never know what drives people to self destruction. In the course I took on suicide prevention, we were told to stress the positives in our negotiations. To try to pull out any glimmer of a positive that could be used as a reason to live. And that was pretty well as good as it got, because every person has their own resons. One thing we DID learn was that it isn't in the depths of dispair that people do it, but rather as they are coming out of the depths and look back to how very bad things were in those depths. I think that, now, there is a growing belief that issues that lead to suicide in youg people are often quite different than those of more mature people. I know that I firmly believe that.

Tomorrow is the big garage sale. We are heading out to Amber's to help with pricing and set up today. This weekend is also the Door Open Winnipeg event, when there are tours etc of all ofthe interesting buildings. When this started it used to be interesting buildings in the downtown area but I see that it's spread to include the North End, the Exchange, and St. Boniface. The most popular building is always the Vaughan Street Jail. Beth, didn't you have an old boyfriend whose mother was a matron there?
Where I'm going with this, is that the Crafts Museum is on the tour this year, and we have to man it with volunteers. I drew the 3:30 to 6:00 shift tomorrow. And a garage sale in Lorette as well! When I checked the special insert in the newspaper, with maps to help people find all of these interesting places, I discoverd that they had misplaced the museum. So now the Board is trying to figure out how to addess this. The end result is that I'm borrowing a sandwich board from Dianne in Steinbach to put out on the street with directional arrrows. I'l have to pick it up while I'm out that way today, and somehow get it to the Museum so that it can be used tomorrow, since I'll be in Lorette until 2:30.

Then Sunday is an afternoon meeting in Oakbank. Who ever said that retirement is boring lied!
Love Pati

Thursday, May 21, 2009

finally got something into the garden. It was actually above zero today. Of course there is frost in the forecast for the next 2 nights. But think about it.... the weather network has 28 for next week... environment Canada has 18. They get their data from the same source! Everything but the bedding plants is in. Lotsa onions.. less tomatoes and peppers. A local boy died this week. I heard it was self induced. You have to wonder what drives kids to kill themselves. I know how helpless someone can feel, but even I, in the pits of depression, didn't kill myself. How unhappy they must be. I feel for his parents and friends. My co-workers daughter was his grad date. I have been on holidays and don't know how she is. It must be horrible for her. I have been trying to re-evaluate my life. How does one go about changing. What do you do to try to get on track again. It is an interesting question. I don't think there is an answer for it. I guess you just keep going and hope that you are on the right track. I hate hot dogs, but I dream about a day without wind so we can have a fire and a weiner roast! love ya both

Have been busy

Couldn't get to this until now. Had my PhotoShop lesson last night. It was a horror, but the best part was when I looked around and realized that everyone else was as confused as I was, ( not one woman--she sits at the back, never says anything, but when asked, always know the right answer--I hate her! ) Very very frustrating. I had coffee early in the aftenoon with my "friend" Shirley. We went to Perkins--my choice--as I figured it would be easier to escape from there than inside her apartment. A carafe on the table, and I had three cups of high octane. Then, on the way to class I stopped at Tim's for another XL. Was I ever wired. It was after 1:00am when I got to bed and even later before sleep. Then I was awake about every hour for a bathroom run. So this morning it was off to a 9:30 meeting across town.

We went to Bread and Circuses on Lilac, off Corydon. Do you remember that place, Beth? We went there once and met another friend Sharon Gray, who wrote the book, Letters to Jennifer. Anyway, I managed to get a table in the window. Lovely sunlight, and it was WARM!!

Beth, When was your lunch with Sue? I know how much it means to you to be able to re-connect, and I'm hoping it went well.
Love Pati

No violin lesson last night afterall

My pupils were dilated for better examination of retinas so I was virtually blind for a few hours. I managed to drive home from Doctors (not North Bay as he has an office located in town for service to locals every Wed afternoon) but could not see well enough to have a lesson even if husband could drive me to North Bay. So it was cancelled by me at short notice. Not much more I can do for my eyes right now only to wait and if something more serious occurs to seek medical attention immediately.
Gas prices jumped 10 cents yesterday and isn't my car is sitting at a quarter tank so I must fill it today regardless of cost. No reasons ever for the sudden and drastic increases except as a money gouge.
At least did not have to heat the greenhouse last night or cover up the garden as the temperature remaind above O and should for a day or two now.
I just collected the Lottery Numbers off the internet and have yet to check my ticket so perhaps you may hear from me personally today if I am $49 M richer, or perhaps you will not. Or, maybe I'll hear from one of you with the same news??? Take care

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I must be the youngest

I don't remember a boat in the garage. I do remember the pool table he rescued and rebuilt. And I have a vague memory of a co-workers boat. Flowers??? My earliest memory is hiding in the corn from Mom. She was calling me and I remember giggling, thinking that she really couldn't find me. I couldn't have been very old. It's still rainy and cold here. I have a meeting at 1pm today and another at 7pm. I am not ready for either, but since I am supposed to be on holidays, I don't really care. (Bad Cathy) It's too cold and wet to work outside, so I think I will go down the basement today. There is no telling what I will discover. I ended up washing all the blinds in the bathtub yesterday. Not patient enough to wait. My right arm and shoulder sure know I was washing windows. I sometimes wish that I could have a real holiday. It would be fun to actually go somewhere. Maybe one day. Tim says that if/when he and Ursula get married it will be in the Carribean. Dream on. Enough procrastination. Time to do something, however small. Every little bit gets me closer to completion

Of Kids, and Clocks and Pigs....

and now, "Of Boats"......
of course I remember his building the boat in the garage however, the rest of the history is not remembered as clearly as your recounting of it. The name had eluded me as well. Wouldn't it be great to find a picture? As I recall, he was so very proud of this creation. I also remember the many rides up and down the river on his bosses boat and even think we have pictures of this somewhere - maybe in all those photos we were viewing collectively?
Pouring rain this morning as opposed to the promised sunny day. Perhaps I should stand in the window all morning waiting for the sun?? Alas, husband is on his way home - left KL at 6 am this morning so I have little time to complete some cleanup (4 hours) in preparation for his return with a truck full of "treaures". I have eye appointment this afternoon - Optometrist vs Surgeon this time. But still have unresolved issues with my retinal tears and bleeding. My vision is deteriorating expotentially. Then off to violin lesson which I truly look forward to each and every week. Take care

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So, again, does anyone remember the boat that Dad built in the basement one winter. We fooled around with it, on the river, one summer and then he bartered it for some car repairs. Someone backed into it at the garage, and it was toast.


It's not quite spring, but we are getting some cleaning done anyway. Not that we like cleaning, but Jim is doing it! I can't help but remember last year when just walking downstairs would leave him breathless. He has replaced two window screens. taken down all the blinds, cleaned some screens and he is still going strong! It is too cold to clean the outside of the windows, but he has plans to get out his high pressure cleaner for the outside of the windows, and to clean the window blinds. I usually scrub them off in the bathtub, but he figures that the pressure hose will work even better. It really is nice to have him back again. Not trying to make you jealous, Beth, but our Tim's should be open by the end of June. Of course it is still 6 miles from me, but it is in town. Next time you two come to visit it won't be so stressful for you. TIme to get back to cleaning. Just wanted to share how much better Jim is this year


No biking today. We got up and checked the tv for wind ( curse ofthe Prairie!) Sure enough--it was there. Got to get going soon, as I'm running out of decaf coffee, and need a stop at Tim's. No real plans for today. I've spent about an hour preparing for a meeting next Sunday of the Eastern Manitoba Artists' Coop (EMAC) We have a show coming up, and I'm resposnible for that too. Read an e-mail yesterday from a woman who has had to leave her quilters' guild. She has been very active for a number of years, and had decided to take a year off. Other guild members were actively making her feel so guilty that she felt her only option was to quit completely. How very, very sad! And yet I think I know how she feels. This is what I've done with the embroiderers. I haven't quit, but I haven't attended a meeting since last September.

I ate my trout for supper last night. He was a big sucker! I had a good meal and then put away four smaller meals for my lunches over the next little while. I have had a rough winter--up about 15 lbs, so I'm wanting to try to cut back. I was doing well until David developed a craving for Doritos. Saturday, my wedding ring would barely move on my finger--a sure sign of water retention, even if I do take diuretics. Yesterday at supper time it was quite loose, but not this morning. Sabotage!

Practice makes perfect - here I am again...

Starting my day off right by posting a few words. The sun shone for a few minutes this morning bringing a sense of hope and excitement to me - briefly that is. Now it is overcast and threatening to rain. Rain is Ok though as it is not white nor does it stick to the ground. Could not sleep last night so got up rather than toss and turn - watched the late news and then the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I have never seen that show and actually had a few laughs which must have triggered my sleep button as I had a good sleep after that. Not that I intend to become a regular but apparently was the right medicine for me last night. My head is in the fridge this morning - cleaning and sorting through stuff - some of which is not recognizable and to which the compost is the recipient. I must take the dog for a nice walk today- rain or not. Good exercise for me and she loves to ramble along sniffing and pulling me at full arms length of the leash. I found my bicycle pump while cleaning out the front hall cupboard so intend to pump up the tires and take it for a spin. I wish I had a Tims as my destination. Actually there is a Coffee Cafe in town now - makes specialty coffees such as cappucinos etc as well as regular take out but I am trying NOT to get into that habit as it could be dangerous to my health as well as my pocket book. It opens at 6 am - I see it when I walk the dog down to the lake and it always has cars in front so must be very popular for the early morning crowd. They are building a Tims in Burks Falls ( 15 min down the highway) this fall but again do not see making a regular outing of that especially on the bike haha.
Well, the fridge beckons me to continue - my hair appointment is at 2 pm and not soon enough for me either - can't wait to get a load off my head. By the way fo rsome reason I see many more grey hairs appearing around the edges - must be something in the water these days causing that?? Take care

Monday, May 18, 2009

Still not sure...

Hi - took me 30 minutes to figure out how to access in order to write a few words. I could read your latest posts but darned if I could find how to respond (duhhh!) Guess this indicates where I stand in the order of blog competancy within this family?
Had "in laws" from Kirkland Lake at Mothers since Friday. Actually today is her 96th Birthday. They left yesterday to go home and my husband followed them up the highway to spend a few days in KL. This week is the annual dump your unwanted items on the curb so that others can drive around and pick up any desirable "got to haves". So I am in charge of the household chores ie greenhouse, garden etc. and of course it is cold and freezing at night so that means covering up before dark, and uncovering after the sun shines in the morning, and monitoring the plants in the greenhouse for temperature changes, and watering etc. It has been a funny spring so far with snow yesterday, and very few nice warm days needed to help rekindle ones faith that summer is actually coming!
I shall be getting my hair cut and curled tomorrow which you need to undersand is a real highlight for me these days. And so not to waste the effect, I have also arranged a luncheon engagment with friend Sue for Friday. I have not seen her for about two years and looking forward to a good old chat. She also has a box of books I let her borrow about four years ago that she plans to return. They are the Irish series of Andrew Greeley which I am anxious to get back.
In meantime, I guess I'll get back to some serious house work. I started with a double batch of banana muffins this morning - and they are really delicious ! You see, I needed to try them out to see if they were fit to eat - so far the first six have been most acceptable. So long for now.....
All our company has left. I just don't seem to have the energy anymore to party all night and be a good host all day. Fortunately for me, I have more sense now than to party all night, and no one got up until late afternoon anyway. Tim was supposed to go for a suit fitting at 11am Saturday. Rodney ended up phoning the bedroom from our kitchen to get Tim out of bed. Same for the golfing on Sunday. The weather sure isn't obliging me for my week off work. Cold, windy and rainy again today. Thursday is supposed to be nice. I can always do my inside cleaning in the bad weather and leave the gardening and windows until the sun shines. I taked to Keri on Saturday. She seem quite shocked that I was actually leaving the house at 9pm to go to a social. I guess she knows that I am usually in my jammies by then. We have to clean the office this morning. Jim had planned on cleaning it by 8am and spending the day outside. My, how plans change. I've decided that this is still weekend and I can sit and read today if I want. There is always tomorrow to do the work. If you can believe it, Jim has been reading books, too. I try to take something out of the library that he might like and I guess I have been pretty good lately. Too bad the library is closed I may have to try and find one of my old books to keep him occupied today if the weather doesn't improve. Right now he is "wining" we have two carboys on the go. Blackberry and Green Apple. He tries to put a new one on every couple of weeks (payday). TIme to get to the office. Glad to have you on board, Beth!


You made it! I'm so glad you got it sorted out, although I half expected you to come in as BiffJo! Biff Jo sounds like so much more a fun person that Pat F!

Amber and the children were over for supper last night. I worry so much about them. They were all exhausted, as all three of them had been to a neighbourhood party Saturday night. Fun supper--cranky kids and cranky Mom! The stress of life is starting to affect her physically--as it does most people when they hit their mid-thirties. Darren is away guiding for a few weeks which means a "single Mom" role for her for awhile. She and David are planning a huge garage sale next weekend out in Lorette. Knowing that Darren is away, a friend came over to help her clean out the shed yesterday, and they found a whole bunch of boxes from when they'd moved almost a year ago! Now she has to sort through those as well.

Individually, the children are amazing, but put them together, sibling rivalry blossoms and they try to kill each other. I spent a lot of time refereeing yesterday, as she dropped them off early so she could get some shopping done. By the time they left we were both too tired to even think.

We were in bed so early that I was up early. At 7:00 the weather was perfect for biking, but David is still sleeping and the wind is climbing quickly. Whoops! Here he is. I guess we're off to Timmies for breakfast.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Third try....

... not working too well for me yet. This is my third try to post something. So I shall keep it short and sweet until confirmed successful since I have already sent two lengthy notes that have gone somewhere other than to this blog.
Sorry I wasn't home last night. David was very restless yesterday. He wants to be in the garden, but it was just too awful out there, so we went for a drive. A long one as it turned out. We had supper out, and I had a small steak. With my chicken and fish only diet, I was really craving a bit of beef. Well, I think it was okay, but who could tell with all that salt! Amber and the children are coming for supper. I was going to say that I envy you Cathy with children who are old enough to use the toilet and eat by themselves, but then I remembered that Mady is a teenager now, and that has it's own problems. We were going through the freezer, trying to find something to feed them, and stumbled on some of Daddy's ribs. I know Amber will enjoy them! Desserts are a problem. It turns out that I'm the only one of the bunch who likes chocolate! Who are these people and why are they in my house?

David should be able to get out into the garden today. He needs to dig up the veggie garden so we can plant. My Hellebore is beautiful. Only one of the five is big enough for flowers. As buds as when they first bloom they have alovely burgundy colour, but they turn green as they fade. The flowers fade but don't seem to die, or else they last for months. I love these flowers, and they grow so well in the shady part of the garden. They're not cheap, but I try to add one or two every year. I lost one the first year, and may have lost one last year. We were worried about the ladyslippers. David split half of them last year, and the smaller clumps didn't come up this year, until quite late. They are in a shadier section than the larger clumps, and I had thought that maybe they needed more sun, but they are up about an inch now. The larger clump is up 3-4 inches already.

I can remember making rhubarb pie for the 24th of May--not this year. I can't see picking rhubarb for a week or two. I remember Mom always saying not to pick it after the first of July--I think she got that from Grannie. It's worked well for me, but that means a very short picking season this year, and we like to save some for wine.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I managed to sleep in a bit this morning. (finally) We have meetings at work yesterday. (read that as no coffee and no lunch... I intend to bank some of that as time off at a later date) The outcome was that we are going to let a bunch of men in haz-mat suits remove the insulation from our attic The people we met worth were able to address all our concerns so it's a go. Our air quality will be tested immediately, just before the removal and every 24 hours during and immediately after the removal. The results will be provided to us ( hopefully with an explanation as to what it means.) The head honcho from Winnipeg has already stated that if any test is not satisfactory we will close and be relocated for the duration. They are putting new insulation in the attic. (Our walls have never had insulation so we don't have to worry about them (I quess that explains how cold they get in winter!) Around here, Tim, Ursula and Mady are here right now. They stayed at Gramma Judy's on Wednesday (from their arrival at 2am) until later yesterday. They came home with us and then off to Rodney's for a visit. ( I went to bed as soon as they left.) I hope I can survive today. This social starts about the time I usually head to bed! Most of the snow melted yesterday, but there are still a few spots. We didn't get it bad. Only 10 miles north they had over 8 inches! Onanole had a foot. Time for some tea



has been awful! Very cold and windy so a good day to stay inside and curl up with a book. What's this? No books? Ar-g-g-h! so off to the library. One of our rules is that we (note the we-don't get to go alone!) walk to the library--in the wind and cold. But we got enough books to last the weekend. We even found one of the newer J. D. Robb books that haven't yet come out in paperback. So we have that for a week and put our name on the waiting list for the other--only 9 people ahead of us.

Since he had spent the morning cleaning out his closet we had a bunch of stuff to take to the thrift shop. Now this is almost worth a banner headline in the paper. Dave Findlay throws out old clothes--Read all about it!! But he did and they're gone. I asked if this meant that we had to go out and buy him some new clothes, but he said no, as he hadn't worn any of the old ones in years ( Yes, Dear,I know!)

He has been great around here lately. I really appreciate the help, but now I'm starting to feel guilty about him doing so much. Maybe I need counselling!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Added a link

I've linked this with my other blog. Unfortunately the link is at the bottom of the page. I also added a little blurbly about us, which also is at the bottom of the page. I can't figure out how to move them somewhere else, so they'll have to stay there for now. I added a link to this page on the other blog, as well.
Pat F

A different view

Yesterday we were both a little restless. Cold weather and wanting to get out to work in the garden (hohoho). So we decided to goout to buy a fish--a whole fish. Now where do you find whole fish in Mnaitoba--especially in May. Gimli Fish Market--Dufferin and McGregor. It was much smaller than I thought it would be, and they didn't appear to have any whole fish!! We asked and were directed to a freezer, where I found a lovely wild Lake Trout, about four times the size I wanted for my fish printing. The look on her face when we checked to make sure it had all its fins and both eyes was a hoot. I bought a little frozen Goldeye as well so that I could have a small fish. Now, I'll be using water soluable paint, so I figure I can wash it off and eat it afterward. DH won't eat fish, so I think I'll be eating it for about a week. It'll take awhile to thaw it, so I plan to do the actual printing on Monday.

The different view?? Well that is sure a strange neighbourhood to drive through. Lots of boarded up houses, and other houses that appear to have been quite nice when they were built, have run into hard times, and are now being renovated. One I saw looked awful-- a three story former elegant home. Now the siding is all weathered with barely any paint, the roof has several different types of shingles, and canvas over part of it ( hole? who knows) But in the middle of the top floor is a huge picture window--obviously new. Something going on there!
Pat F

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Has everyone figured out what PaBeCat refers to--and it isn't just our names?
Pat F
My turn to put something on my very first blog. Here we are, May 14, 2009 and we have a snowfall warning for our area. Isn't life grand! My stepson, his significant other and my granddaughter are all here for a social on Saturday. I haven't seen them yet, but we plan to get together this evening. We were planning a bbq, but I guess that won't happen. It will be a busy weekend for me, but I have next week off. I was planning on spring cleaning, but I quess I will wait until spring arrives to do that. One of my co-workers quit yesterday. Her husband got an "offer he couldn't refuse" in Red Deer, so she is done on July 3. She was going to quit as of the 24th of June, but I am on holidays then so she is giving me at least one week of my holidays. If my daughter is here for the second week, I will probably come in to work in the morning and visit in the afternoon. If she isn't here I guess I will be at work. Not much else right now.

Open for Business

Welcome to the McGrath Family blog. We are three sisters who like to talk. Any one of us may be here at any time. Watch for further developments.
Pat F