Sunday, January 31, 2016

And they are off.......

As I start this message, and according to the information I have, the flight should be leaving Winnipeg right about now!! As Cathy wrote, I echo....... Bon Voyage!!
Today it is supposed to go up to 5 degrees with rain. I just had the dog out, and it is already dripping from the eaves - wonder if I should get the pump up and at the ready? Oh how I dislike these drastic variances in weather conditions. I guess I know what my day will be like! 
I have a pork tenderloin out of the freezer and plan to slice it, brown it, and then put it in slow cooker with gravy - just like Pati made when I was there. No fresh vegetables except carrots, and Kale but I can make something wonderful I'm sure. At the price of veg these days, glad I have frozen, and juices etc done down from the garden. How about you Cathy - still have lots in the freezer to depend on?
Well, time for a coffee and to check my lottery ticket - maybe I could afford to buy a cauliflower or broccoli with my winnings  haha Take care

Friday, January 29, 2016


I am very glad to be home again.  Bitter as it sounds it was a complete waste of time for me.  The new things I learned could have been handled in less than half a day.  The rest of the time I accepted Winnipeg documents.  Oh well.  I have gone to Winnipeg for training as demanded.  Of course they told me they have to discuss whether I will be left a DEX, or be in Acting Status  as an ADR or if they will make be an ADR.  They told me they will let Elisabeth know.  If you weren't going to promote me why did you make me go to Winnipeg??? (Bad Cathy.... )  At least I rested my leg.  No stairs or house work for a whole 5 days.  I went for a drink with Shereen on Thursday.  I had 2 glasses of wine in the lounge at the hotel.  With a small tip it came to $35.00.!!  Good thing I took food with me.  I could never have afforded food there.  I am home now and very happy to be here. 

Yep, busy packing today

A bit of excitement yesterday.  We realized Wednesday evening that the appointment for the Holter Monitor we though was Thursday was actually Wednesday and we had missed it.  David phoned first thing yesterday morning, and was given a new appointment for March 28.  Then, about 1:30 he gets a phone call--if he can get to the clinic between 2:00 and 2:30, they could put it on then.  So, of course, we rushed down there and got it put on, then had to go back at lunch time today to turn it in.

Amazing what becomes exciting when you're old and retired.  Above freezing temperatures, and rain.  Ice everywhere.

Me, too, Cathy.......

We can both enjoy the trip through Pati and Dave. And isn't nice that we shall have first hand feedback once they return and share it all with us. So have a great time you two!!
And so Cathy, you and I must keep the blog going so Pati will also have something to read about on their return ie what you and I were up to (?)
It is cold today and I was just out shoveling again. Next week calls for three days of rain! What?
I am going to make a pot of hamburger soup today for supper. It is just what I feel like to warm my soul haha
Take care

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bon Voyage

Pati and Dave are heading out on their holiday!   Have fun!  I am living vicariously through you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rotary cutters

There is absolutely nothing worse to work with than a dull rotary cutter.  That being said, David is usually the one who makes me change the blade.  They are just so darn expensive!  What we now do is wait for a 50% off sale that includes notions of all prices, not just those less than $12.98.  ( Happens about 2x a year around here)  Then we buy a package of 5 blades, which are normally about $60.00, for 1/2 price.  I know you can often find a place to have them sharpened, but I've never gone that route.  But the difference you feel using a new blade is wonderful!

I may have mentioned that I ordered a new FMQ'g book.  It is coming from the U.K., with an expected delivery date of Feb 5th.  They usually arrive before the projected delivery date, and I was very concerned about it coming next week and being left between the doors.  Well it arrived today.  It's what I had hoped for and more, even includes two dvds.  I'm very excited.

An afterthought

I forget to mention that I slipped into Coles yesterday on our travels ( always the same route, the same stores, same same!) There are so many of the new adult colouring books on display now. Have you seen them?  I saw a new Mandela Colouring Book with you guessed it, pages of mandelas to colour.  Then I spotted a new zentangle book called Mandela Zentangles with you guessed it, all mandelas made with intricate zentangle tangles. Gorgeous but of course nice to look at, but not to buy!  Thought you folks would be interested. Cathy have you seen these colouring books. There is a theme to please everyone!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Flights and happy vibes

About your trip, we shall decide right now that all shall be well! We are all sharing your excitement so there is unity in numbers-  yeah!!
Now, the situation here is another story. Rain this morning was my greeting early. And then Harry decided we should go to Huntsville. Tuesdays are 10 for $2.00 at the Restore! Mugs, or records or CDs - whatever you want. Harry likes to buy the records. So off we went and all the time I was worried about things back home.
I bought another Tim Hortons coffee can at the Thrift Shop - that was my bargain find! Another purchase was more than I bargained for. Starting to sew again, has created a few "needs". My OLFA rotary cutter needed a new blade, and so for the recent cutting I was using an inferior cutter that skipped every few inches and became quite annoying. I took the Olfa cutter with me and went into the Fabricland Store in Huntsville. I had never been in there before and was overwhelmed with its size. Huge! A new cutter was over $50,00 so I settled for a new blade which was $23.00. And a few new threads, and a few new machine needles and I walked out with a bill about $50.00.  I would normally feel badly, but quickly overcame this emotion to accept that I am wanting to sew for myself, and that expenditures (within reason) are the reality!
Once home I got to work outside and got the roof cleared and all the fallen snow (water laden) shoveled away! Then I came in, poured a hot bath, and luxuriated with a glass of wine!  What a great life if you let it be so!!
Now time for bed. Take care. 
ps Cathy are you going over to Patis sometime this week?

flight delays

We had heard nothing about the flight delay, but the fellow who came to do our estimate for the humidifier told us a bit about it. There were mechanical problems with the airplane, and trouble getting it fixed.  The people were taken off the plane and waited for awhile in the terminal but were finally taken to a different resort for the night and fed. There were complaints that the resort they were taken to wasn't the same quality as the resort they had left, but really, where are you going to find accommodation for 120+ people at the last minute in a country like Cuba?  I figure they were lucky to have a bed!

It's the oil leak on the plane that took almost 20 hours to fix that worries me more.  And yes, it was the same airport and airline that we'll be using.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Sewing Machines

The machines we have these days are really unbelievable.  I keep my manuals close by whenever I'm working with either of them. You may not have noticed it, Beth, but it was on the corner of the table under the Zentangle stuff. When I took the classes after buying the most recent machine, I learned a whole bunch of things that weren't even in the manual! But the most exciting thing about all of this is that you managing to get some time for yourself.  I'm glad to see it.

We've continued to have problems with low humidity in the house, and finally today, a fellow came out to check it.  We were surprised when he told us that having a window open--even slightly--aggravates the problem, as the cold air is very dry and sucks the moisture right outside.  He suggested closing it during the day and only opening it at night.  The final analysis was that we need a humidifier put on the furnace--Ka-a-a-ching!  We'll probably have it done as soon as we get back from Cuba.

Also glad you made it into Winnipeg for the course that may increase your earning potential, Cathy.   I remember Lorraine saying that no matter how much you know, if you learn even one thing from a workshop, it's time well spent.  Mind you, she wasn't talking about processing land titles.  And remember that we're here if you need comic relief--or even a socially acceptable location for a primal scream.  

Last evening David and I played Joke-R-ummy with our own game, recently purchased at Walmart. He had thought that we might be able to play it on the plane, but we both realize that won't be possible.  We will take it in our carry-on, just in case we're able to play it in the airport during one of our three hour stays.  And we'll be taking extra cards, as they wear out quickly in the high humidity.  I think we'll be taking the crib board as well, but plan to play in the bar in the evenings instead of in our room.


Nice to hear about your day Cathy. Maybe the resting and watching TV without housework is just what you need to get the foot back in order.
I must clarify my previous posting: I have no idea where I came up with that name for the pattern I just sewed. The actual name is Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher by The Crafty Quilter. I did some machine quilting this afternoon just before we lost our hydro. It was out for about 4 hours. Not pleasant, but I did take the time to sit and read some on my ereader - don't need power for it and it has a light! 
Tomorrow we are supposed to get rain. I shall have to get out early and try to clean off the roof before the rain starts to accumulate and mush up all the snow that is up there, and then freeze it all. This is what I must not allow to happen otherwise channels are created and leak into the house. Been there, done that! Oh my....will it ever end?


One day down and four to go.  I am being very good and only walking as I need and resting once I get to the hotel room.  I am going to get this foot better if it kills me!  Today was pretty non-productive.  I guess since I have being doing the job for a few years now I am learning  much faster than they expected.  Most people in for training are starting at the beginning.  I did learn some short cut keys  I will find handy.  I ended up by myself today accepting transfers and mortgages.  I think I am supposed to learn how to do those on Thursday. :)  My trainers agreed that we should alter my agenda and work on different things as they come up instead of in order.  Today was supposed to be discharges but I have been accepting those for years now so they left me on my own to do them.  A pretty slow day for me but tomorrow  should be better.   I am meeting a girl from Neepawa for lunch. She used to  work at our office years ago. Have a good evening.  I  intend to lie on my bed and watch tv.  No housework! yippee! 

No, it's Monday

Thought I would start us off on another week. Countdown for Pati and Dave. What was that story in the Free Press about the couple who were "irate" because of a 13 hour delay in coming home from Cuba? I can only read headlines now (I could pay but who wants to do that?)  Hope this doesn't affect your plans, Pati.
Just came in from walking the dog to the Lottery Store - the temps are nicer now - about minus 4 right now so I don't worry so much about taking her for a longer walk.  I won three free plays and two dollars on sat night with Ontario 49 draw, so I didn't have to pay anything to buy a ticket for Wed night draw.  I have changed my "m.o." again, and now only buying the Ontario only tickets ie Ontario 49, and Lottario.  Hoping it will kick start a wave of wonderful wins...haha
I have been sewing regularly each day, and now have a little topper (called cake crumb mug) about 16 inches diameter done. It is in Christmas fabric with a pinwheel center and square in a square corners with settling triangles . And I have it sandwiched now, and intend to practice quilting on the machine. If it turns out OK, then I shall try to quilt the larger Flying geese topper that I also have sandwiched and ready to go.
Another "me" event I have started is to play the piano each day. I have cleaned it off and made it accessible. I was playing Amazing Grace this morning (awful though it was haha). 
Well, the kettle has boiled so I shall make my pot of earl grey, and see about that quilting. I watched a VHS video that came with my machine (2003 that was!) I was amazed at all the machine can do, and that I have not being doing, or even aware of. It gave me new inspiration and desire to learn more and play with it more. 
Take care. Are you in Winnipeg now, Cathy? 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Yes, it's Friday

I was at a meeting of my art group this afternoon, and suddenly remembered some important government forms that I had put off until the beginning of January.  Whoops!  I had thought they had to be in, complete with cheque, by February 6th.  I was in a total panic and couldn't wait to get home.  Thank Goodness, one is due Feb 16th and the other Feb 26.  This was corporate names registration for both my Mouse Factory and my Fibre Divas.  Letters are now ready to be mailed tomorrow morning.  That was the excitement for today.

While I was out at the meeting, David was talking to Loren.  He and Gillian will be over tomorrow to raid my stash of art supplies.  I know she wants some stretched canvasses, and I certainly have those.  I've registered for a class Feb 20th for which I'll need my acrylics.  So if she wants any of those she'll just have to wait.  Otherwise, I have no idea what she might choose.  She may want my chalk pastels.  I haven't used them in years, but I think I may give her custody of them, with the proviso that I can borrow them back, if I ever need them.

We continue to suffer with low humidity in the house.  David has spoken to the people who installed the furnace, and they state there should have been no question about us needing one, and that it should have been installed with the furnace.  The fellow is supposed to have called us about what can be done, but nothing heard so far.  We need it asap, and I shudder to think what we may have to pay to have it installed after the fact.

We continue to gather "stuff" to be packed.  My big deal is toiletries, all of which must be in their original containers.  Additionally, any fluids must be less than 100 ml and packed in a plastic bag.  The lady at the travel agency made a big deal out of giving us a plastic zip-type bag to use.  She also gave use four luggage tags, and those are already attached to the bags.

The rest of the time we play Candy Crush, or I try to figure out the new Word 2013 that is on my computer.  A bit different from the Word 2003 that I had before, but I notice that David last had Word 1997, so I shouldn't complain.

Friday soon?

This week seems to have flown by. And still more snow in the air softly falling to the ground below.  Just enough to have to go out and brush off but not enough to have to get out and really shovel.
I continue to sew a bit each day....great fun.  Today I shall finish off the top of my smallish table topper of flying geese.  I have the backing cut, and will find some batting to cut. I'll wait to cut the binding until I see what the machine quilting looks like. I shall try to use my machine - maybe even free motion quilting? 
I need to bake some fresh pita bread again today.The recipe produces 8 pieces about 6-8 inch diameter. And we made some homemade cream cheeses with our own concoctions of spices (dehydrated from the garden) and plain cream cheese we bought. I bought another bunch of kale and have really enjoyed my salads.  
So here's to a fun weekend for everyone. Sounds as if you'll be very busy Cathy, and then head into Winnipeg still?  And I can just picture Pati packing for next weekends take off. Take care 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And so am I still around......

I'm still here and trying to keep warm.  I expect you folks are glad to shove some of your frigid weather our way. And there is Pati and Dave headed soon for the warmth and comfort of the tropics. Good on you....
We went to Huntsville today to do our 'rounds" and then visit Phyllis, our elderly lady friend at the Home. She is in bed last two days - has open wounds on both legs and now coccyx.  They have ordered a swing back wheelchair for her, to relieve the pressure on her coccyx, but she isn't eating well. Without proper nutrition, she'll never heal. Her daughter Carolyn is gong to take some nutritional supplements next visit and try to fool Phyllis into thinking she has a milkshake. She said she was able to fool her when she lived with them, but I think not likely to work again.
I had a Tim's coffee, and toasted four cheeses bagel with cream cheese for lunch at the food court in the Mall, and thought of you both. I even secretly toasted to us all as I took a sip of my Dark Roast coffee! Sometimes you just have to do, what you want to do right? haha!  
Tomorrow we go to North Bay and this time we shall be going to McDonalds! (only the best restaurants for us) Actually it is family day at Erin's restaurant, and we were invited for Angus Burgers for 5 pm. On Thursday they "go live" with the launch of their new delivery service options, and we will be the ginny pigs for the new chefs to make- to- order burgers that we have ordered ourselves on touch screens inside the restaurant. Then they will serve us our order at our table. It should be fun - this McDonalds is the first in the North to switch to this new approach and Erin was given the task to get it all organized which included attending courses in Toronto, hiring new staff and orienting them, and setting up the restaurant with all the new equipment. So I hope it goes well for her sake.
Time for bed - must rest up for another exciting day tomorrow....Take care

We're still around too

Today we picked up the documents for our trip--we leave in less than two weeks. Our flight out is earlier--now at 6:00 am rather than 7:00 am.  This means being at the airport for 3:00 am, but we paid for "Elite" service, so won't have to stand in long lines for anything.  There's no way I would ask anyone to drive us, so we'll take a cab, but we get home at 4:40 pm, so are hoping someone can pick up up.  If not, it'll be a cab that way as well, which is fine.  We've arranged for the car to go into the dealership for warrantee work while we're away, dropping it off on the Friday, and not being able to get it back until the Monday.  So everything needs to be in place by Friday the 29th.  Otherwise there is a whole bunch of hurry up and wait.

I did find the rummy game at Walmart, so we plan to take that with us--either to play in airports or in the bar in the evening. Last time we had a crib board with us and were glad to have it, but even crib gets boring after 11 straight hours.

We're trying to minimize food purchases, or, at least limit purchases to things with a long shelf life.  Screwed up with milk yesterday.  I was putting everything together for a salmon loaf yesterday and had everything in a bowl to mix them, when I noticed lumps of white stuff in the mix.  It was the milk.  Heating it had turned it.  All those ingredients wasted.  Food prices are getting high enough, without throwing the stuff away.  But the freezer is wells stocked, so we know we aren't going to starve.

There was an article in yesterday's paper about the Bay closing down another floor, and what the long term holds for the building.  Evidently at 600,000 square feet it is one of the largest commercial buildings in the city, far bigger than most office towers.  And a big  "white elephant" for whomever owns it.  They estimate that it would take about $100 million to update it and convert it for commercial offices.

There was also a different short "human interest" story.  With the renovation and re-purposing of the old Place Louis Riel, the gently used hotel furniture and kitchen pots etc, were donated to some organization devoted to helping with the re-settlement of Syrian refugees.  A volunteer group was put together , organized by an Iraqi woman who had been here for many years and speaks English.  She was introducing the recent refugees to the concept of "volunteerism", and got many of the men together with a group of Hutterites, who had trucks.  They all moved  of the furniture to a warehouse, where it will be stored and distributed as needed. I was amused by the mental picture of this woman in Muslim clothing organizing and supervising the two very different groups of men, both of whom would not normally take any sort of direction from a woman.  Canadian, eh?

Monday, January 18, 2016

On the road again.....

It seems my week in  Winnipeg is on again.  It won't be as bad as it would have been last December.  I am far more confident walking in this boot than I was at the beginning  I don.t know any details yet but I am supposed to be there next Sunday.  Of course, we had moved our Christmas to next Sunday from last weekend because Sandi was to have hernia surgery last Friday  It was cancelled of course and no new date set.  I have to be in Portage on Saturday so it will be a very full weekend. This week is all meetings so there is no rest for me for a while.  Today was a very weird day at work but then I heard today is Blue Monday.  The most depressing day of the year.  Perhaps we were all over compensating by our silliness.  We also rejected over 20 documents.  That must be how we deal with depression.... by taking it out on others :P   One good thing about going to Winnipeg now is that they have changed the "rules"  If you are in training for a position you get acting status in that position, which means a small raise (Just enough to affect income tax I suppose) Enough rambling.  Just wanted you to know that I am still around.  Have a great week

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Birthday Time!

Happy Birthday to Amber. 
May your day be filled with wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of the year.
Best wishes from way over here.......!

Saturday, January 16, 2016


Would you be able to ship the snow on the bus?  If so, yes, please send it here and suggest a way we could dump the whole load right on top of the grey car parked at the foot of our driveway--yet again.  It's been so cold that we've been hoping the darn thing won't start and she'll be forced to find somewhere else, where she would be able to plug it in.  Probably she can afford the CAA, but won't rent a garage.

I, too, am sewing today.  I've started to quilt the blue quilt in the pattern you spoke of.  My decision was to work on the quilt but make an effort to use those patterns that I plan to teach, and concentrate on the ones that cause me the most problems.

We are also starting to accumulate the clothes etc that we plan to pack for Cuba.  There was an article on Cuba in today's paper that I found interesting, as it referred to places that we've been.  I've always told people that we took a tour to the city of Trinidad, on the  South West coast, but now I'm wondering if it was the city of Santiago.  Regardless of the name of the place, I'll always remember the trip.  Just two weeks now, and we're off.  Sad to think it'll be the last time, but that should be an incentive to enjoy it a bit more.

Overall it's just too cold to be out, although we need to get to the grocery store today.  So, we stay in and try to stay warm.  And play Candy Crush.  David is thoroughly addicted now.

So much snow...

Are you sure you folks can't make use of some extra snow - I have lots!  And it keeps me busy. I broke my favourite shovel the other day, and I really do miss it. It was perfectly worn around the corners and lifted the snow just right.  I am having to use several others we had around- all of which do not do the trick for me. However, to keep me happy, I am in "my studio" this afternoon, watching the snow come down still, and sewing some flying geese.  I am tying to fashion a smaller version of your two baby quilts I saw while there Pati.  Because I am using scraps of fabric, it will be smaller as I am trying to colour coordinate the piece best I can, and smaller because I would like to try to quilt it on my machine.  So I am nibbling away on some licorice allsorts I got at Christmas, sipping on some fancy tea, and doing a wash, and cutting out flying geese - all at the same time! Soon it will be time to shovel again but sort of hoping that won't need to be upped on my priority list right now.  How about you folks? Keeping warm??????

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Expect the unexpected

I use the "large" font, but sometimes, especially if I'm working on the other computer, it plays games with me, and I need to use the "largest" font, but forget to convert the message to"large", when I'm finished. 

I missed that announcement of the closure of, yet another, floor of the Bay.   Too bad, but when we were there, there sure weren't many customers around--mind you, it was very early in the morning, on a week day.

I have to confess that I'm still struggling with my focus for the next while.  The ladies in Plumas have been in touch with me, asking for supply lists and such.  I had been hoping not to have to get down to work on that until we got back from Cuba.  The course I'm teaching needs updating, and I'm not sure what direction to move with that, but now I've been forced to put, at least, my teaching outline in writing.  The last year, or so, I've been experimenting with a new technique, and loving it.  The main source of information is some very poorly produced U-Tube videos, that refer to an instruction book that is our of print.  I got desperate and checked on Amazon, hoping to find a used copy.  It was there for over $600.00.  Oh Yeh--Like that's going to happen!  Just for fun I checked on "new", and there it was, in both the original and a new 2nd edition, for less than $30.00.  Ordered it, of course, but it is coming from Great Britain, and won't get here until early February, probably while we're in Cuba.  Then I'll have to spend a bit of time getting my skill level to where I'm comfortable teaching it.

So right now. I'm pretty well spinning my wheels, and wasting far too much time on "Candy Crush".  I've been having entirely too much fun, so today, David downloaded Windows 10, so he could play Candy Crush.  

Then there was some confusion about my Tuesday stitching group, and yesterday I found out they were coming here--today.  So, Beth, I found a use for the coffee that was left over after you went home.  Thank Goodness, I keep a loaf of banana bread in the freezer.  Last evening was spent hurriedly cleaning the kitchen, this morning to showering and cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming ( Thank you David).  It was a pleasant visit, but now I'm ready to veg out, for a bit before heading to bed.

A few words

I am still switching to use the "large" font for my messages, but I see Pati that you used an even larger font on your message. Wondering if that was the new Windows 10 version, or did you up the size a bit. What works best for you? ........This, or This?
I have been making homemade pita bread this week. It is quite easy to make actually, and tastes very fresh. 
We spoke of choosing goals and an appropriate path to carry through for this year.  I have chosen a few personal goals but also as I mentioned when we were together, I wish to do more sewing. So I have written this down as a goal to pursue. At least make an effort to do more, and more frequently. Towards that end, I have done something each of the last two days. And it feels good to attempt even if it is the slightest of efforts. Slow and steady should win the race, don't you think? So Cathy, what has been on your mind to achieve, as we all start a fresh new year? I like to be thinking of you both as I attempt to achieve my goals, so if there is one thing you can share,  just like Pati did in her Mouse Factory Blog, then I can focus my attention on it as well and rest assured that we are all striving for something together even if that something is different.
Anyway, snowy and cold here now - hard to believe I had such a time over the past weekend. Interesting that we were writing about The Bay and then in the WFP newspaper yesterday it announced another floor closing.  I had a free trial period to read WFP articles but it caught up to me and they are now asking me to pay. I have chosen not to so can't read a lot of the news now. The headlines are there but no substance unless I pay.
Time for bed. I have been reading a few of the free downloads I did from KoBo on my ereader. It makes for easy, fast reading which is maybe what I am looking for these days.  Take care

Monday, January 11, 2016

This may be a case of "be careful what you wish for".

It sounds like you were probably running around most of the day and night. You know that we're in the middle of a true "deep freeze", with lots of prayers that the river will finally freeze.  Guess it's arrived at you doorstep now.

They laugh about Canadians who appear to be obsessed with the weather, but it's so much a part of our life here.  I posted about that quilt I was working on while you were here.  The meeting where it is supposed to be delivered is Wednesday, but the very thought of driving out in the darkness gives me the shivers!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

quick update...

At 4 pm today it was 40 degrees, I had the pump out working all day pumping water and it was still raining as it had been the entire day. It is now just after 6 pm- the temperature plummeted and is now 16 degrees and it is blowing  snow all around. I had to bring in the pump fast so it wouldn't freeze, and tomorrow I'll go around the house and fix all the drain pipes etc that I had set up for the runoff from all the rain and snow melting. 
What a wicked weekend. but I did get all my laundry done....yeah!! And today I made Daddy's Ribs in the slow cooker. All is well!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Rain and water

This is what I am dealing with right now. Above freezing temperatures and rain. Out side today, shoveling water, and cleaning off roofs and clearing away snow. And I read the WFP and see Wpg with extreme cold weather. Go figure!
I just finished the last of the seven day food diary logging on line.  I have had to phone twice about my entries not being accepted. I was told "don't worry about it..." Time will tell if they give us credit (ie Visa card)
I was saddened to read about  your trip through The Bay.  I always loved this store. On one of my trips I made in the past years I went up to the Paddlewheel just before they were closing it. I'm glad I saw it one last time.  It's just like everything nowadays - time moves on and changes are made and yet our minds still take us back to "remember when"... If that's our age showing, then I guess all we can do now is reminisce together haha!
Tme to shove again, and then to bed. I'm hoping the night temps will slow down the water dripping off the roof. Calling for more rain overnight and tomorrow. Is this really January in Northern Ontario???  Take care

Changing times

When we went to the doctor yesterday, we parked in the Bay, and took a trip through the store.  How sad.  They only have three floors open now, the actual floor is badly cracked and worn, and the walls look un-cared for.  Judging from the noises coming from the escalator, it was on its last legs. That beautiful washroom on the second floor was the saddest of all.  This used to have about 12 cubicles, but half of them were closed off years ago, of the remaining 6, only two were still usable.

Is it a sign of age that we remember when things were different?

On another note, and considering that we were talking about her last week, I saw in yesterday's paper that the late Joan Harland is going to be inducted into the Order of the Buffalo Hunt.  I haven't "googled" "The Order of the Buffalo Hunt", but believe it is an honour bestowed on those who have made a significant contribution to the development or culture of the province.

Thursday, January 7, 2016


I saw him today.  I have to leave the boot on for at least another month.  He did say that I could check with a physio therapist to see if there were some exercises I could do that would help,  AND, he did say (after I whined a lot) that when I am at home I can take off the boot and put on the soft wrap as long as I don't walk too much.  He said I have been walking too much on it.  (I did not tell him about the casino)  He said no to going to Winnipeg for training for another month.  Elisabeth has asked about giving me status and having  unusual documents sent from Winnipeg for me to review.  I guess we will hear next week.  One thing she told me is that now that we are not government, I can have acting status while learning a job.  that would be okay.  Of course any DEX in Winnipeg would not have to deal with the 7 plans I got in in 2 days :)  On another note, the trouble I have been having with my ears and balance is not my ears.  It is my sinuses, so now, to help cure my ears, I have a nasal spray.  You gotta love medicine!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Food and feet

We often have pork tenderloin since we are able to get it relatively cheap.  The ones I took into Winnipeg were from the hog plant here.  I traded Patty for a chicken.  Twice a year her husband can get pork at cost.  Much to patty's dismay, last fall he got all tenderloin!!  (So much for ribs, loins, roasts etc)  Jim likes when I make back bacon by using Morton's salt to cure it.  My doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning.  I will be making him listen to my concerns.   Our work environment is changing again. They are going to be hiring an office manager to work out of Brandon and serve Neepawa and Dauphin.  I have questions, but we will see how it will go.  For me it means that i will never get an ADS position since that included office management.  On the other hand, Elisabeth said she would consider my request to contact Winnipeg and see if I could be considered for and ADR position without going to Winnipeg for training.  First of all it drops our staff to 3 (and hopefully no illness) and secondly, we function on a different level from Winnipeg (and lately the work that Winnipeg is doing for our office is all WRONG!!!)  So  why would I want to be trained by them.  Elisabeth is a good trainer and I hope that Winnipeg will consider her request.  We were going to have our family Christmas on the 16th, but it seems that Sandi is having a hernia operation on the 15th.  Our Christmas is now for the 24th.  I hope Sandi is okay.  I will let you know what the doctor says about my leg


I guess the warmer temps we were experiencing in Winnipeg my last day or so followed me home. From minus 30 degrees the night before, to around minus 8 today. Much nicer and allowed me to go outside and do some shoveling, and into the shed to retrieve the snowblower. We loaded it into the back of the van ( no easy task!)and shall take it to Mike tomorrow. Hopefully he can get it serviced and running.
Wonderful dinner tonight - thanks Pati and also Cathy for idea. Pork tenderloin with gravy and potatoes, and I also had another green salad.  I looked in Coles yesterday for Dr Phil's 20/20 Diet book but they had none on the shelf.  I am going to try the Library. But then I also had a few chocolates that were left over from Christmas, which probably cancelled out the delicious healthy meal I had just enjoyed haha!
Hope all is well- How are you managing with your foot Cathy, and when did you say your Drs appointment was?
All for now...take care.

Darn Horoscope

Yesterday my horoscope read

"This is a fabulous, creative day for you!  If you're involved in artistic projects, or anything related to the arts, you will be full of original ideas and new approaches to everything, because you find it easy to think out of the box.  This is a fun-loving, playful, romantic day."

So I went and had my teeth cleaned.  And she even gave me a toothbrush!

Cathy, the pork we fed Beth was one of the pork loins that you gave us.  I coined it, Beth browned it off, and I put it in the oven with mushrooms and gravy.  We really enjoy it done this way.

Beth, David says that the key to the snowblower may be having the key, and instructions on starting it.  Any that we've had, have had very definite starting procedures.

Just about back to normal.  When we put away the Christmas dishes we found five hand thrown casserole dishes, at least three, if not four of them, by Steve Jorgenson.  Also a couple of commercial ones that aren't being used.  Now I have to figure out what to do with them, as I really don't want to take them to the thrift store.  Unfortunately, they are just too big for two people, and I have the lovely, smaller ones that the lady out in Neepawa made for me. ( Thank you Cathy for organizing that).  I think I'll offer them to the kids, and if there are no takers, see if I can take them into the second hand shop that I've used before.

We never really know what we might find in our cleaning adventures.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Glad you got some new yoga pants for your trip as your mentioned needing some. You should be set now with those new shirts we bought when together. Looking spiffy!
To Huntsville today... visited the lady at the Nursing Home. I bought another Tim Horton's coffee tin cheap at the Restore. I love these tins and put my coffee and teas in them. I have quite a collection now.
Also my grocery list purchases included: fresh kale, creamy poppy seed dressing, sunflower seeds, pork loin, and gravy mixes. Thanks to your excellent meals that I loved while with you,  I have now included them into my selections. Had the kale salad tonight and thoroughly enjoyed it. ( already had dried cranberries here to add) Thanks Pati!  
So much snow, and so much cold.... Don't know what to do. I hope to get out tomorrow to do some shoveling but don't know if I can do it all. It will take some time to get caught up. Tomorrow also we shall go into the shed and get out the snowblower and I will be taking to Mike on Thursday. It hasn't been used in many years and I don't know if it will even work but he can figure it out. It may not even fit into the van.
Harry registered us to complete that 7 day Food Diary again- started Sunday which I was unable to complete ( not home) but in a call to the HomeScan they said I could miss one day without penalty (hope so as I hate to do the rest of the six days and NOT get my $25.00 Visa card) haha 
Well, I seem to be tired and really slept in this morning- woke up at 7:30 am !! I guess too much of the good life over the past week eh?
Lots of good memories. Time for bed. ps I haven't done my laundry yet - waiting for cheap time on the weekend haha! 
Take care

Monday, January 4, 2016

Yes, getting back to normal

The process is going a little slower around here.  We've washed the linen off the spare bed, but haven't yet put the basement room back into a second studio area.  We did the math, and realized we came out of our adventures up a little, so today, went shopping.  Having discovered that my yoga pants were stained, we went to see if we could find something similar for the trip to Cuba, and lucked in.  The same brand of yoga pants were on sale, and even came in a colour other than black.  So I now have some new pants to match the new shirts I bought with the Visa card you two gave me.  However, I think this means that I'm going to be told that something old has to leave the house.

I also bought a tea steeper like the one that Cathy described.  And it was on sale, provided I bought a certain colour.  What a decision--yes, I'll take it in turquoise!  I've tried it out and love the way it works.  It holds exactly enough for one of my bigger tea mugs.

But I still haven't caught up on my sleep.  We were out shortly after breakfast today, and then I lay down for a nap as soon as I got home.  When I got up, I looked around the kitchen and realized how much help Beth had been, while she was here.  But it didn't take long to sort it out.

Today, I bit the bullet and phoned the dentist I haven't seen in two years and made an appointment to have my teeth cleaned--tomorrow.  I knew there were special protocols for people with artificial joints, and now have to take a massive dose of antibiotics tomorrow, one hour before the appointment.  The prescription was for more than one large dose, so I assume he will suggest that I take more than the one dose.  I've been wanting to have the teeth cleaned for over a year, but had to wait a certain amount of time after the surgery.

And now it's time for bed.

....and now she's back home!

More words will follow as I begin settle back into home routine but a quick message to I am! Whirlwind trip with so many memories - enough to last until next visit???  
Lots of snow - quite a difference from the green terrain I left a mere week ago.  Shoveling will soon be top of the agenda.
PePe made it back safe and sound and now he and Faith are talking about where to set up their nest! They seem happy together but miss the others.
The China mug also made it back safe and sound and shall now find a special spot for me to use with my special teas.  Cathy, we three shall soon have your matched cup to complete the sisters set.
All for now.....happy thoughts of a wonderful time together to keep me going. Until our next adventure....take care XX

Saturday, January 2, 2016

The finale

Pati here
Yes, our great week of celebration and family reunion is just about over.  We deliver Beth to the bus depot in a couple of hours. It has been one of the best weeks of our lives.  We celebrated Christmas with our children and grand children.  Then came the arrival of my sisters.  This is a wonderful event, as, at our age, we never know if or when it might happen again.  Then came Dave's and my 50th wedding anniversary.  Quite a milestone, and one we are proud of achieving.  But our children, sisters, and their children and grandchildren had a few surprises for us.  A truly wonderful evening.  Cathy left on Wednesday, (country people can only leave their animals for only so long, even with helpful neighbours).  Then New Year's Eve, and January 1st--David's birthday.  We had planned to make the whole week as minimally troublesome as possible.  A wee bit of laundry, and lots of take out food.  Thank Goodness for dishwashers.

David and I, personally, want to thank all of the relatives and friends who have helped out and been part of the whole thing.  There will probalby never be another week like it in our lives. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

and Happy Birthday to Dave.  We went to the Levy at the Legion.  Lotsa food and drink. It was a good time.  Visited with people we don't see regularly.  Some I am afraid to say, that we may not see next year.  It was fun.  Now I am home and ready for bed.  I made it to midnight last night, but I was on my way upstairs as soon as it was midnight.  I know you are all celebrating right now, and I am with you in spirit.