Friday, March 30, 2012

Trying to build my energy and get on with it...

A cold really saps what you have and without having much reserve to bolster yourself,  can really lay you flat...but I am determined to forge ahead regardless. I get through the nights with great difficulty but come morning, and feeling a bit better, the plans for the day start to emerge without thoughts of the pending night time coming again. We got your Income tax returns back from accountant yesterday and was as I expected, so no surprises and I have to pay again which I'll do closer to end of April.
The radio station has a fund raiser for Association of Developmental Challenged Youth – the organization is volunteered based and assists these youth with equipment and programs. The two morning announcers stay up for 53 hours and broadcast non stop with hope of raising at least $1000.00 an hour. They are now in hour 50 and a bit shy of the goal but see the end of the marathon approaching. Usually at this point some corporate sponsors come forward with large donations and historically the goal is surpassed. Yesterday they had some medical problems – both of them became dehydrated and had to be relieved at different times and it was a big concern – they had the Manager of the station come on air to explain their primary goal would be for the health and safety of their announcers but still totally committed to the telethon continuing. They had another announcer come in to fill in and relieve the other two while each of them took some time to refresh and rehydrate. They are both back on now together to end the show at 10 am but I bet will take the entire weekend to recover.
A bit of snow and very cold temperatures are still apparent here and with not feeling well, it has taken all I had to ensure the greenhouses would survive the cold. I went to change the propane heater last night and noticed that the plants although enduring the weather, are in great need of attention and so hoping perhaps today I can get in there and water and organize a bit. Pinta! I heard from Aunt Evelyn that her neighbours were covering up their tulips etc – forget that here!
Yesterday I pulled out my unfinished quilt and my box of yoyos and attempted to see how many more yoyos I might need to make in order to embellish the quilt top as I envision it to be. A lot of work still required but the thrill was to actually look at it and I did accomplish to make about another half dozen yoyos. The alternative was to go to bed and I really did not want to do that!  So have a good weekend all, and hopefully a few nice bike rides – my bike riding will have to wait for awhile yet. Take care

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

More food!

Today we went grocery shopping.  The last couple of months have been a bit tight, and we've been living out of the freezer.  Well, the "freezer fairy" didn't come and we were forced to re-stock.  We have had bad exeriences buying meat at Super Store, but this week the Freebie" for buying $250 worth of food was a "butter basted turkey".  The last free turkey we got there was inedible--which is why we so much appreciate the turkeys we get through Cathy.  We knew we would be buying a lot and hoped and hoped that we had enough for  a turkey, even if we took it home and ground it up to make turkey burger. Well, she rings it up and the total is $322.00!  OMG! So after the turkey came off it was just under $300.We totaled everything up after we got home. and we put almost 30 meals of meat in the freezer.  Should do for awhile, and only two things of household cleaners--just about all food.  Biggest shopping we have done in months, but some things we only buy once a year.

Self improvement went bust today.  Toast and red jelly for breakfast, a grilled cinnamon bun and cookies for lunch, and pizza and cookies for supper, with Hawkins Cheezies for an evening snack.  But I did walk between Walmart and Superstore, instead of driving the 300'.

The airwaves are alive....

What a thrill to log on and see all the back and forth talk – and especially about food! Of course I think fondly about all those favourites you have mentioned however, it has been my experience over the years that to serve such meals is not received as favourably as you two recount. My kids loved tomato soup on toast with pieces of cheese cut up and melted in the soup. And I always liked the fried potatoes with pieces of bread and cheese – I know it was an attempt to expand the amount but still delicious. And if we think about it enough we might even mention the liver fried to leather!!! (OK, maybe not) How about caramel dumplings? And I loved Uncle Barnies stuffed white fish – either of you remember that?
I am now under the weather catching some of the bugs hanging around the house from Harry and have a bad cold and cough (and ear ache) that kept me awake last night, and thus laggy today. Why does the darn cold always hit you worse at night? We bought some pork chops yesterday and we just had them barbequed – a late lunch/early supper so to speak which is good as Harry has gone to bed and I am able to check the blog. The cold snap seems to be over for awhile and the temps are hovering around the freezing mark which makes it easier for me to regulate the greenhouses. I bought a few more clothes yesterday at Resources /Value Village and plan to actually take stock of what I have but to be fair these purchases are for me to wear now and not necessarily just for the trip although some could serve that purpose as well. So that's it for now – great to hear from you both. Take care


I know Mom made it because she didn't remember other things, and this was quick and easy.  I used to make it as a quick easy supper.  Since I retired, I still mainly look for quick and easy ( the more time in the studio), but once in awhile I have the urge to create and make something more time consuming like Rouladen or Pork/Chicken Souvlaki--not that the Souvlaki takes a lot of time, just a lot of planning ahead.  The rest of the time I count on my freezer and the meals I make up and stock-pile during my "power cooking" days.  I never cook just one of something, and make good use of "planned leftovers". Both David and I have found that we like variety, which is why I'm on a constant hunt for reasonable slow cooker recipes--put it together and forget it until it's time to eat.  I've even taken to using Shake'n'Bake with pork chops--put it all in the oven and forget it until the timer rings..   Our routine is evolving, and David is taking over many of the meals that involve using a frying pan at the last minute.

I guess I'm realizing that each of our lives is somewhat different, and our cooking styles reflect what is important in our lives, but there are some old home favourites that each of us continues to use--Peskies,  goulash/hash, and toast with red jelly.  Any others?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If you mean the "goulash" she made with hamburger, mushroom soup, peas, onions, mushrooms and anything else on hand, then yes, It is one of our favourites. Even Jim asks for it since I made it for him (of course he asks for peskies, too). I know we would have it on Thursday, and my friends and I would put it on Pizza on Friday for our card games. No one objected. They all seemed to enjoy it!

Toast for breakfast

I wonder if we go back to toast for breakfast because that was what Mom always fed us--toast with red jelly, and a glass of orange juice. I know that it's my "comfort" food.
Do either of you ever cook that hamburger hash that Mom used to make--day after day after day?  I may make it once or twice a year, and only because "Mince" was a Scottish staple, David had it at home, and my kids even had it at the lake.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was feeling a lot better (physically) yesterday, so we went grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, stopped at the drugstore, stuff like that. I had washed all the bedding yesterday morning, so when we got home I made the bed before supper. I lay down and woke up at 9:00pm. I guess I really must have needed sleep. Needless to say, we had no supper. It was just going to be pizza anyway. I didn't bother getting up at 9. I just got undressed and back into bed. Maybe we will have pizza for breakfast. I, too, am a carb addict. I have to have my toast for breakfast. I would rather have crackers than a chocolate bar. Why can't the good tasting food be what is good for you? Even tonight we are having roast, but it is going to have gravy and mashed potatoes with it! I did buy some veggies and fruit yesterday. That is a start. I guess we will watch the curling today. Or at least the 3-4 game. Hopefully Canada will win that and have a bronze instead of nothing. Winter has come back here again. below 0 at night and a forecast high of 1 for today. They are even talking freezing rain/snow for Monday & Tuesday. Summer was nice while it lasted. The bbq is still on the patio. It will stay there now until next winter. Just in case of a nice day. Rrain had another day of house/cat sitting. Dennis got storm stayed in Saskatchewan and couldn't make it back until today. Lynne is in Barbados... a bit of a trip to come home and feed the cats. The neighbours were over Thursday night. (I had just gone upstairs to go to bed,.... 8pm) They were telling us about their trip to Jamaica. They said that Cuba was really nice, and cheaper than Jamaica, but they are going back to Jamaica again next year. Just to the other side of the island. Maybe for my vacation I will go to the other side of Neepawa! Maybe Eden or Birnie! (whine whine whine). Time for my high carb, delicious breakfast.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Out for supper

Tomorrow is Jeremy's birthday, so tonight we were off to the Pancake House at the Forks for supper.  I virtuously ordered a spinach salad, and then they served it with with cheese garlic toast!  Both David and Loren had the Giant Apple Pancake and neither of them could finish it.  It was just so-o-o very rich, and crusted with brown sugar.  I sure don't remember that much brown sugar on them.  Now I have to send Gillian the recipe.  I think this is the first time I've been there and not ordered the giant apple.  I sure couldn't have eaten it!  And, of course, Jeanne's cake.  Nothing virtuous about that meal!

I have planned to give the girls wooden boxes, that I've made, for their birthdays, and struggled to find something similar for Jeremy.  I found the small box with a sliding top that was Dad's.  It had Dad's slide rule inside, so I asked Loren and he thought the slide rule would be a fantastic gift--along with a Jet's T-shirt.  So that is what I did.  Jeremy was thrilled with the slide rule--moreso than the t-shirts.  I told him that I couldn't tell him how to use i,t and he would have to look it up on the internet, only to find out that he has given up the internet for Lent!

Today, I'm grateful for second chances. What a joy it is to see my grandchildren becoming real people.

Couldn't let you get away with that..... I got my bike out today after a few weeks of wanting to. Pumped the tires up, and took it for a spin on our street. But the dog was out with me and she thought I was wanting to play with her – she was not sure why I was on a bike and proceeded to run circles around me with great expectations of playfulness. Soooo, I couldn't continue and unwillingly brought the bike back to the lock up and comforted the dog who still thought I should be playing with her. Next time I shall sneak out alone! Colder tonight so I think our summer is now over! We went to Mothers again today and brought back the rest of the rhubarb and also chives which are now planted in our yard. I transplanted a few more seedlings and got the heat on early in the greenhouses as it really feels cold – I think we are just not used to this temperature after having broken all records for the last week or so with high temps. Maybe sleeplessness is affecting us all Cathy as I also have great trouble in having a good sleep – I can usually fall asleep fairly quickly but after an hour or so awake and then struggle the rest of the night – I try to find a good position in bed on my side and usually this allows me to fall asleep again but most times I watch the clock – no wonder I am up at 5 am drinking coffee!! I believe it is better to prepare yourself for a good sleep by not eating anything for a few hours before bed and then have a settling drink such as warm milk, or sleepytime tea! Also, I have read that limited stimulus is better ie no TV or radio but I love to have the radio on as I try to fall asleep. I guess we may be our own worst enemies. Nothing but hockey on tonight and the Toronto Maple Leafs – if they showed the Winnipeg Jets game I may be more interested, so I think I'll head to bed early. We dropped into the Sprucedale Flea Market this morning and I bought two more pocket books – I know I am trying not to buy but can't resist and these are two authors I love. So perhaps I'll start one tonight. I appreciated your comments Patty about low carb and better nutritional eating so I pulled out my Curves handbook and had a bit of a read again about ideas for meals that are low carb. I am a carb addict according to this book and I readily believe this. Yesterday I made half a batch of Edna's cookies and ate them all up by supper tonight. And I had two slices of raisin toast with bovril for breakfast. So I wonder why I cant' stay trim and healthy when I love carbs and can't resist! I think another issue with me is that I "feed stress" where others can "starve stress". I guess I could have worse habits though so better not to worry about this slight transgression? Anyway, it seems we are all in this together so lets enjoy it and not worry. Take care

Laughing?? I think not

I really need to get onto some sort of program of self improvement. I am always tired and don't sleep well at night. I can fall asleep at 9pm with no trouble, but I am awake by 1am for the next 4 hours. I've tried forcing my self to stay up later, but I still don't sleep well. Today, I was awake in the middle of the night, but fell asleep. I might have had a really good sleep in, but the phone rang at 8am. It was supposed to be 23 and sunny yesterday. We made it to 7 and never saw the sun. I wonder where the weather network gets its forecasts? Rrain was going to have a picnic outside after work. (She is housesitting in town) I guess it didn't turn out for her. What a shame. I was sick again this week, so I was home yesterday. Didn't do a thing and I was still in bed by 8 pm. So much for self pity. Our rhubarb isn't up yet, but we are down in a bit of a hollow and it doesn't get the south sun in the spring. Our internet provider has been telling us our tower will be ugraded since last spring We got a notice early this year that the tower was being upgraded and we might experience a loss of service for a few hours, but that our band width and speed would be significantly increased. Our neighbours finally phoned and were told that our provider had sold the upgrade to a sister company and that all subscribers would be contacted by the end of March BUT, because it is a new company, in order to get the upgraded service we have to re-subscribe and pay about $250.00 f0r new installation. So much for truth in advertising! I am not sure what we are going to be doing as our options are pretty limited here. I know our RM put money into the tower in the first place so that Langford residents could have access to high speed internet. Maybe they can do something about this. I doubt it though. I didn't win the lottery again. I think there must be more multi millionaires in Ontario than any where else in Canada. In fact, Manitoba was shut out of all the prizes again. I really sound sorry for myself today, don't I. Time for a change. This week I will try to eat better and get some exercise. That always improves a person's mental state. I will keep you posted on how I do. (ha ha ha,,,, but I will try)

Friday, March 23, 2012

Now I've done it in March!

Riding my bike, that is.  We had to go over to Pan-Am clinic to buy material for another little splint, and passed by Gord's Cycle and Ski on the way.  They had a sale on so we went in. I had a fall last fall that damaged my helmut, and they are talking about implementing a helmut law here, so we looked and found a nice one at 50% off.  Orange and black to go with my bright yellow sweat shirt and red bike.  Then we were off to River City Sports to buy Jeremy a birthday gift, which we also found for 50% off.  A quick stop at Timmie's where I won yet another free coffee--haven't paid for one in over two weeks.

Once home, David checked out the bikes and we headed over to the library.  Had a discussion on how to use the bicycle lock that hasn't been used in two or three years,  then around a couple of blocks and home.  I'm going into detail because, once home again, I was really tired.  My endurance has really suffered over the past 18 months, and there seems to be a rather long recovery time associated with it. Just the 6 blocks we rode, in total, caused my left shoulder to ache a bit.  Looking at the things we have planned for July, I figure that the only way I'm going to survive is to devote the next three months into bettering myself. So, starting today, we're going to try to get back in the habit of cycling every day, trying to eat vegetables at least once a day, and reducing our carb intake.  I'm going to try to limit naps so that I sleep better at night.

Are you both rolling on the floor laughing?

I'm not setting any firm goals, as that might lead to thinking I've failed, but I do have a general idea of what I hope to accomplish. For today, I'm grateful for new beginnings, even if they have to be experienced over and over again.

Really bizarre to see flowers up

and the rhubarb here is also popping up. It is supposed to be cold again by the weekend so hoping things don't set back. Unfortunately the good weather has ended the maple season here and the poor people whose work is so dependent on a good season are suffering. Harry's friend who runs Matthews Maple Products, says they have been able to capture only half the expected sap from the trees, before they dried up, and the resultant syrup markets will be cut just as much. Always an up and a down to everything!
I saw my first robin the other day and since have seen several but it is always my first sign of spring and always brings a happy feeling. I took Aunt Evelyn to the Show on Wed night and she was so delighted and laughed all the way through the performance and this made me so thrilled to have asked her to attend. It was a hilarious show and well worth the free tickets I had to go! (you can see a sample by logging on Nancy Choquette – La Diva)
So it is Friday already and the days seem to blend one into the other. I have our Income Tax ready to take to the accountant and since I always have to pay $$$ I am never in a hurry to get them done – at least I don't send in my money to Receiver General until towards end of April. I got a call from the Storage Unit owner yesterday morning and had to run over to the unit because he had others report water – sure enough we were also experiencing the same – I moved some of the articles up a bit but there is really little I can do to rectify the situation right now. He offered me another unit which I saw was dry but too much of a pain for me to move everything. It holds much of the overflow from the moving and emptying of Mothers house so I'll just wait it out until things dry up and then look at it all again. It was meant as a short term rental but these days who knows!
Have a nice weekend folks, and keep praying for winter to be over for good. Should I be counting the days until my trip or do you think I'm a little too early/excited to do that this early! haha Take care

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Rhubarb's up.

It's still March.


Monday, March 19, 2012

With sunshiny faces....

We're all in our places with sunshiny faces now that the weekend is over and the greatly anticipated activities over and done. Well done Cathy, to reach the provincial playoffs and do us all proud. A wonderful accomplishment especially when I think of how I play crib and know how you play crib! There is always next year and maybe the Nationals will be close by and I could actually come and cheer you on! The weather is, without explanation, just great! Lots of snow gone and lots of work to be seen in the garden. Today we went to Harry's Mothers place and dug up clematis and rhubarb and transplanted into our yard. Set up the rain barrels here, and put out some chairs on the patio area and actually sat there for a bit this afternoon (with a glass of sherry) I still have to turn on the heaters in the greenhouses at night as Harry does not want the temps to go too low overnight. We received an invitation to the wedding of Mike's best friend from high school for July 14–I can't believe how time passes and you wonder where it goes when you see the young folks growing up and getting married. This will be Mike's last best friend getting married and I can't help but think of him and how he feels. He has had many girl friends but I guess no one has yet to meet his standards? I bought a fabulous nap sack at the Sprucedale Flea Market on Saturday for $1.00 and it is new, never been used, and pink and lots of pockets even for a cell phone and a laptop! Do you suppose I should buy a lap top to go into the pouch? I plan to use the bag for my trip and having great fun planning what to put into it. Doesn't take much to amuse me, eh? Well, time to go out to the greenhouses and do my "thing" before bed. Take care!

Home from my adventures

Played Crib on Saturday Morning... I did okay until my first 69. By my second 69 I guessed that I was probably out of it. They were giving out free drink tickets for a hand of 17 (In honour of St. Patricks day) and 24. I tried to convince the organizer that I should get a drink for the two 69 hands because that was pretty unusual. He didn't fall for it and told me I had to do better than that. The very next hand I got a 24. Didn't win the game, but I got a drink. I told everyone after that that I wasn't there to play cards... I was just in it for the booze. Wouldn't you know it!? I got two more drinks tickets. As least my trip wasn't wasted. The Pas Legion did a wonderful job. They were so organized and had so many volunteers. The food was wonderful. We expected maybe some muffins and coffee in the morning but they had full breakfasts. We entered the Rainbow Auction and we won a tool chest for Jim. We had car-pooled with another couple and fortunatly they had a van that we could fit it into. It is a two story tool chest on wheels. Not great quality but certainly better than the nothing we currently have. It is a long drive, but since Darryl went at 120 almost all the way it was shorter than it could have been. 546 Km one way from here. Our clubs are sharing the mileage so we will only put in for the one way, and they will claim the other half from Gladstone Legion. All in all a really good time. And I still have today off work! It is thick fog right now, but supposed to clear up. Of course they are predicting snow by next weekend. Welcome to Manitoba

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Busy weekend

Busy for Cathy too, with her trip up North.  I was thinking of you and hope you did well.

Yesterday I went to the local quilt guild meeting, but didn't stay for the entire day, I was just too tired. Today we had an all day meeting out in Pinawa.  It turned out to be a pleasant day.  There were two formal presentations in the morning, and I found both of them very interesting.  There was a very nice cold lunch catered by a restaurant in Beausejour ( they delivered!), then the formal meeting in the afternoon, which went well.  We were even able to bring some left over food home for supper.

Tomorrow I hope to spend some time in the studio.  It needs a clean-up, and with the machine still in the shop, this is a good time to do it.  I've been struggling with two different projects, unable to get a firm grip on either. Friday night, I threw one down on the table in frustration and it landed next to the other.  I looked  at them side by side, and realized that I needed to take a part of the second one, and add it to the first one, and the first one came together quite nicely.  Serendipity again!

So, for tonight, I think it's just getting into my nightie,and a glass of wine, and early to bed.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Home again, home again Jiggety jig

A busy two days and we both came home exhausted.  Saw both the plastic surgeon and the OT Wednesday morning before we left, and everyone is happy, with a return appointment on April 30th.  Keep the finger immobilized until then.

This meant that we left Winnipeg via hwy 75, but once across the border  took a side trip through Hallock and got back onto hwy 59.  We just didn't want to travel both ways by the same route. Spent the night in Mahnomen, where they gave me a very nice notepad case for my birthday.  Thursday we headed for Fargo, where I bought beads ( lots of beads!).  Then home in time for supper.  There was snow to be seen going down but very litttle coming home, one day later. Lots of geese around, but the ditches are mostly dry and there was very little water on the fields. The visual image of the very low water in the rivers was a little frightening, as, usually, this time of year they are overflowing.

Today, Amber and I are going for pedicures, something we had planned some time ago. Tomorrow I have a quilt guild meeting, and then on Sunday, an all-day meeting out in Pinawa. Cathy, I wish you pleasure and success on your trip to The Pas.   I hope you do well, and I'll be silently cheering you on over the weekend.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Birthday greetings to one of our own!!

....and she is off for a two day vacation celebration! Good on you, Patty, for doing something wonderful to celebrate your birthday – and may you win a fortune at the casino haha or at least have a nice supper. Ontario government is making some big changes to the Lottery Corporation and announced closure of three slot machine locations at horse racing establishments and rumour has it they want to put up a big casino in Toronto. They want to tap into the millions/billions of dollars available but at same time show acknowledgement to the "addiction" aspects of gambling as is being reported by help groups trying to cope with this epidemic.
We went to see the Tommy Hunter  Farewell Tour last night. Well worth the free tickets that we received through the radio station. It really was a fabulous show and I enjoyed myself immensely.  He is now 75 years and still able to entertain with songs and stories. I had forgotten that he played the fiddle and last night put on a good display of these talents as well. Harry also won a $20.00 gift card for McDonalds and so for lunch we went there to spend the card. OMG – although it was lunch time and it is March break, I repeat OMG! The food is actually awful and the place was a zoo! But it was free so I guess I get what I pay for???
Milder weather allows some flexibility in manning the greenhouses but still requiring some vigilance on my part. I did the watering and transplanted some seedlings today but thoroughly enjoyed the sun and outdoors. I agree Patty, the sun is a big incentive and I cannot wait to get out more and enjoy it by puddling around. The dog loves to be out with me and she is unleashed and enjoys wondering around the yard and so far stays close by.
Well, I must go and get supper ready and then think whether I will stay up to watch Republic of Doyle ( 9 pm on CBC). I watched it last Wed night for the first time in two years and realized how much I enjoyed it having being a dedicated follower the first season. I had to stay up to pump water outside so spent the time revisiting this show which I like very much. I stopped watching because of the late timing but I think if it brings me pleasure – why Not??  Take care for now – let us know about your trip Patty – and Cathy, happy "29's".

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hurry up and wait

Tomorrow I go back to "Plastics", for 8:30, and then to the OT.  Then we take the sewing machine in for a tune up ( the timing is out),  then find breakfast, and then-finally- hit the road for the States.  We've been getting ready for days, it seems, for a two day trip.  We'll be back Thursday evening.

The melt continues.  There is snow only over the flower beds on the south side of the back yard, and a pile on the front lawn where David was blowing it off the driveway.  This morning we enjoyed the sight of a little girl ( accompanied by Mom and a younger sib) stomping on the ice over the puddles where the driveway meets the city sidewalk.  She looked to be 3-4, and was having an absolute ball.  Mom even helped her where there was a stubborn patch, but by afternoon it was mainly gone.  It feels good to have the sun in my face, and yet, I know myself, and expect that I won't be leaving the basement to sit in the sun too often.  I never do.  However, depending on what happens with my finger, I may be doing a lot less sewing, over the next few months.  When I was Urgent care they said 6 weeks of immobilization, then the OT said 8 weeks, and Friday my own doctor said 12 weeks.  And if that doesn't do the trick it is another 6-12 weeks, and then they might consider Surgery, which would mean another 6-12 weeks.  As happened last year, David will help out with anything I ask, but I still get frustrated at not being able to do things for myself.

Boy, am I ever getting a lot of books read! There was a review in the paper last weekend of a biography of Humphrey Bogart, and I asked about it at the library.  They gave me a choice of regular or large print, and of course, I asked for the large print.  I guess if you remember Humphrey Bogart, you're old enough for large print. I've read a few biographies lately, and have been surprised at how much I enjoyed them. 

So today I'm grateful for the sun, and I'm grateful for the ability to read-I would be beside myself without my books.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Must run in the family this week...

Another one of those weeks ( same as you both apparently !!) and try as I might to write a few words, nothing came to mind. I figured if I told you exactly what I was doing, you probably would think I was making it up for dramatic purposes. Thus the airwaves from here stayed closed, but as I opened up the blog just now, was very happy to read your notes and brought back some inspiration for me. I will be thinking of you in The Pas Cathy and send my best wishes for an enjoyable sightseeing kind of trip as well as productive in the Crib business. The weather has had me stumped for the last few months and also has had me running to keep the homefires burning ie the greenhouses and I now say plural because we started up the second greenhouse yesterday – and this came as a result of some very tricky work to cover the top with polyethylene after removing the broken glass panels. There were others things I had to do to get it ready over the last few days but I really won't get into it – remember I'm not going for the implausible dramatic here!! And we also are using the propane heaters in there which scare the living bejesus out of me! But we enter another week starting tomorrow so I have high hopes of some light at the end of the tunnel, as they say, especially with the weather. Our roof is all but clear of ice and snow now – I had the roofer over to look this week, as I complained to him when we started to have water dripping in the front hall. Apparently it has been a bad year for ice and I have two options – next winter be sure to clear off all the snow around the bottom every time it snows so the ice won't build up, or install electric wires around the bottom. He said he would install them free in the Fall if we wanted to purchase them – he would come and measure and tell us what we needed. I guess I'll be cleaning the roof of snow a lot next winter haha  So thats it for now, and to bed for some much needed rest as I said, tomorrow starts another week all over again. Take care

and a long week it was

Not busy, just a long week. I started my birthday by slipping on some snow covered ice at the office. I did some wild gyrations and then I fell onto my hands and knees. Must be old age I guess. I neck and shoulder were really sore for a couple of days, but I rubbed locota on them and used a hot pad. They started to feel better so that I could notice how sore the rest of me was. Then I caught a cold. What a week. On a brighter note, at work, Elizabeth bought flowers and a cake and a card (I'm sure everyone chipped in) It was the perfect card. On the outside is an old women saying "The secret to staying young?" "Lie about your age. " Then you open it and the same woman is saying "If there is anything I have learned in my 29 years it is that" Elizabeth says she saw that card and there was no decision to be made. Of course it is fitting as it is the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday. (short break while I made breakfast) I am still really tired at night and can't seem to stay awake beyond 8 or 9 pm. Kik says maybe I am low on iron but I know they checked that last time I had tests. Jim is bar-b-queing steak for supper. It is my birthday supper. I was supposed to be warm last Monday, but the forecast changed. Today he is all set. They are calling for 18 and 19 on the weekend. Of course I will be in The Pas, which is still forecasting nice weather... about 7. I have never been to The Pas, so I hope I have a chance to look around. Other than eat and sleep and work I have done nothing all week. It has been good.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

gosh--it's been a week!

I can't even say we've been that busy!  I'm getting used to my cute little splint, but I have a hunch the surgeon won't let me keep it. Wehad it off today, and there is potential for a pressure area over the last  joint of my finger.  They really want to force the end joint back as far as it'll go, but I don't want to compromise the use of my hand any more than we have to.  They had wanted to put a splint on the front of the finger, but I talked them into letting me keep the ones I got at Urgent Care, that fit on the back. 

I've been working on the piece for the next exhibition, which has a deadline of June 30th.  It's almost finished, and not quite what I had envisioned.  It's probably quite fine, but I've just been too close to it for too long.

Today we are sure that we are in the "big melt".  The temperature has been up and down like a yo-yo lately, and I'm getting quite tired of taking the lining in and out of my parka.  I had planned to attend an event celebrating International Women's Day today, but it was quite a mob scene, and I didn't last long. They were set up in a relatively small area.  There were lots of refreshments, and several immigrant women in their national dress, demonstrating and teaching their traditional crafts ( and being well paid for it, I know).  A very worthwhile concept, from the viewpoint of awareness and acceptance by WASP women, a demonstration of  respect and interest in the crafts, and in getting these women out into the community, even to the point of generating income.  But a quiet spoken, gentle mannered woman will always have difficulty teaching a craft to a group of 16 other women 9and men) in a crowded, noisy room.  Especially when it is a very fine craft that must been demonstrated and seen for understanding.

The one craft that I actually tried to do, failing miserably, was a method of basket making, using the very fine dried, hair-like, roots of hemp.  While I was struggling with the terribly fine work, that need 3 hands to work, not 1 1/2, my mind was wondering why anyone would put themselves through the agony involved. But the more I thought about it, I came to realize that, for many of these women, survival has depended on making use of every single resource available to them. And finding or creating beauty while doing so is very important to their state of mind.

So, for today, I'm very grateful for the lifestyle I enjoy.  Recently, I read an article that said that people who are able to verbalize those things that make them happy or grateful are generally happier than others, and that training yourself to develop a habit of doing so, can elevate your mood.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Busy time for all

It was a nice warm and fuzzy feeling for me to hear about your being in Neepawa together and having the day turn out to be perfect (my impression, that is!) Albeit Patty had her hands full teaching a class full of eager beaders, and Dave apparently had his hands full driving out in the ice and snow, but it all went well according to the blog comments from Patty and with my call to Cathy this afternoon. This was her Birthday call and I choose today so you would be home (not at work) and likely be more receptive to the call. I am busy fighting the snow shovelling and keeping the green house warm at –22 degrees. But I managed to multitask today cleaning the turtle tank totally – that is, emptying it and cleaning everything, and then filling it again. The turtle stayed in a big plastic container while I did the dirty work! As well cooked a pork tenderloin, a blueberry cobbler, and baked potatoes for supper, and panicked about the greenhouse by drying all the blankets and replacing them onto the outside. Three nights forecast for –20 something temps and then it is supposed to get warmer. On Tuesday we are taking Aunt Evelyn out for lunch at Swiss Chalet (her choice) since it was her idea, and also her birthday on Wednesday. We have yet to go to Sprucedale to check the house but the real estate lady stated that the price is too high and so negotiated a reduction with Harry and he must go tomorrow to sign the papers to make it so. I am beat tonight and I think it is an accumulation of the intense physical work activities that have consumed my life lately. Five days of constant snow and shovelling starts to insult the poor old body, although I keep telling myself that it is good exercise and should help me with the weight control haha  So with that happy thought I shall get ready for bed and hope the coming week shall bring forth good things for us all! You have some fun on your Birthday tomorrow Cathy and I will be thinking of you all day! Take care

today's adventure

is baking Almond Cholate biscotti from scratch.  We had a terrible time getting the batter mixed, David ended up doing it by hand--literally.  They baked for the first time,a nd my recipe said to let them cool for an hour, before cutting them again and re-baking them.  David thought this was too long, so I hit the internet and researched Biscotti recipes, ending up on the Kraft site.  Sure enough, their recipes said to let them cool for 10 minutes, so we did.  It worked very well and the second baking went well.  They tasteso good!  So I melted chocolate,  dipped them, and now they're in the fridge to cool.

We slept in this morning, and had a lazy breakfast.  then sorted out everything from yesterday and got it put away.  Nothing more scheduled until thursday, when I see the OT.  Maybe I can relax and get some stitching done.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Long Day

We on the road by 8:00, arriving in Neepawa 4 hours later, but having stopped in Plumas to pick up my parcel from the quilt store there.  The North perimeter was a sheet of ice.  There was no need to slow down to 80km  at intersections, as most people weren't going that fast to start with.  But every once in awhle there was some joker who believed that since the sign said we could drive at 100km, he was then obligated to drive that fast.  Even the semi's were crawling along.  But the roads had cleared up by the time we got to Portage.  Once we were set up, David went off to run a couple of errands, including going to the pottery to see if we could order any casserole dishes, ( Yep, broke another one!)  No luck there, ( other than being very lucky to get the car out of the snow after having become stuck in the pottery driveway) but we found one in the gift shop at Viscount and bought that.  The class went well, and the show came down while the class was going on.  Everything packed up and out of the building by 4:45.  We then spent just over 1/2 hour with Cathy and Jim at the legion.  Then all of the people from a curling bonspiel arrived, so we left.  The roads were much better by the time we headed home, so we got home just before 8:00, having stopped in Portage, and again for gas.

We are both exhausted.  The drive out there was a challenge for David, and I had experimented with a different method of teaching.  It worked very well, but since I was actively teaching for the whole 3 hours, I was pretty wiped by the end of class.

So, all in all a successful day, but I'm grateful that everything went well, and I'm grateful that it's over.

Friday, March 2, 2012

OMG day

I took the dog out this morning and noticed water leaking from above the front door in the ceiling – alerted Harry who even with his impairment ( right shoulder still immobile and painful) came out and we began the days "adventure" – clearing off the roof of snow and trying to get a handle on the build up of ice – really build up – more than any other year. Harry on roof in pain, and I on the ground shovelling the run off of snow and ice. I had to make a special trip to the next town ( approx 15 min drive) to purchase those pucks called roof melt – I'm sure you have seen them advertised on the TV. It was truly a day to remember ( NOT!) and I had the honours of watering in the greenhouse besides. That was the day! I finally came in and made supper and had two glasses of wine. Then I remembered that I had not bought a ticket for the draw tonight so off I went with dog in tow to the lottery store – a little bit feeling the wine haha. But its all good – now to bed and dream of the millions $$$$$$ I am about to win! Take care

Snow gods

I swear they know when I'm planning to travel!!

Everything is ready.  All packed, and was out to get a manicure this morning.  I rarely get to drive, but the car was mine today!  And so was the snow!  David says we should be okay tomorrow if we leave early enough. Fingers crossed!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thinking of you and your finger

What I love is your very interesting "adventures" Patty – now, I know that we all have adventures, but you seem to be able to find yourself in some real dilemmas and describe them so well. I'm sorry for your compromised situation especially to teach a course on Saturday. Good luck to you, and please keep us informed. My days seem to be the same old, same old stuff – greenhouses, and covering at night, and taking off in the morning and for the last week shovelling piles of snow. Again this morning after a night of wind and storm. My worst fear was that the power would go out and then what would I do with the greenhouse but luck was with me. Today, after shovelling the driveway and cleaning off the cars, I decided to have a day of fun. I planned in my head to make a small article and in order to do this I needed to find my fabric and notions, and clean up the sewing machine area (ie find the sewing machine under the junk!) I was able to cut the fabric pieces and got everything ready to sew but haven't actually started that yet – hopefully tomorrow will be more productive. But it is amazing how doing a small activity such as this, changes one's mood so dramatically. I can really see how you get so much satisfaction Patty in working in your studio. Harry got a call from the real estate lady this morning to say that the house in Sprucedale was being shown today so I am keeping my fingers crossed – wouldn't it be nice if it would sell fast – hope he will hear back from her with positive results? I ordered more cheques from the bank for one of the accounts and they arrived in mail today but were for the other account and I was charged almost 45.00. So I walked over to the bank to try to rectify expecting a hard time (it is a bank afterall!)  Much to my surprise, I was received well, and the whole situation managed nicely with result of me keeping the wrong cheques (which I can use), having the charges reversed, and cheques for the account I wanted ordered without charge. Sometimes, things working out well make you feel really good! Harry won tickets on the radio for us to attend the Tommy Hunter show live in North Bay on March 13 – OK you might say, but this will be an outing and I am looking forward to going. It is his last tour before retiring – I think he is in his eighties? We saw him live in Sundridge many years ago and watched the TV show regularly. I finished another novel last night and think I'll take a break for now – I start a book and can't seem to leave it until finished although I only read a bit each night before lights out. I went into the Coles book store the other day while in North Bay and saw that Clive Cussler has a new novel out but I am being very good and not buying new books anymore – library or used cheap books are what I depend on now. speaking of lights out – I better sign off and head to bed. Have a good weekend everyone, and I wish you well on Sat Patty! Take care