Saturday, July 30, 2016

This to so shall pass

Yes I am frustrated but there  is nothing I can  do til Tuesday.;  How can they lose a mortgage????  I am very frustrated.  But what do you do????? grrrrrrrrr

Mortgage problems

That's awful!!  And you know nothing is going to happen tomorrow, or the holiday Monday.  Are the payments with them?  Probably not, and that will just compound the issue.  I imagine you just want to kick someone's butt, but you're helpless at this point.  Let us know what happens-- I'm going to be worrying about you all weekend.


I know i should join in your moments of contentment  but they still haven't found  my mortgage money and I have payments due on August first.  If anyone asks, NO, i would not recommend Royal Bank..   I am so frustrated..I am paying interest on a mortgage that no one knows where the money is.


Those are the moments that I have come to cherish the most in my life. Just to sit on the situpon in the early morning with my coffee makes such a difference in my attitude for the approaching day's activities.  I'm happy to read your message. Thanks

Friday, July 29, 2016

Peaceful time of day

I'm sitting in the kitchen and looking out the window.  It's about 8:00, and the sun is not yet set. but low in the sky.  There is very little wind, and the yard is like a peaceful  retreat-- softly lit and calm.  I know that soon the mosquitoes will be out, so this is almost the perfect time of day to just quietly sit.  I need to do this more often.


I have had reflexology, and the results made me wonder if there might not be something behind it.  Also, the couple we used to see, who divorced several years ago, both took the training, and they felt it was quite valid. The basic premise is that many physical complaints can be diagnosed and/or moderated by massaging certain areas of the feet.  Regardless, I think it's the most wonderful foot massage system, although they don't go above the ankle--as far as I know.  Wish I could join you.

Quiet days here.  I didn't sleep well Wednesday night, and was sort of "out of it" all day yesterday. Except for a trip out to buy coffee in the afternoon, I sat in front of the tv, watching "Income Property", and sewing hexies.  We didn't even fuss too much about supper.  Busier today with laundry, and kitchen work, but I still sat for a couple of hours watching re-runs of "Dead Files", and sewing hexies.  Again I didn't sleep well last night, so got up about 2:00am, and started to read the latest Stone Barrington book.  Went back to bed around 3:00, and finished the book over breakfast. As you said, Beth,--a fast read.

We've also had a problem with the bank, but certainly not as serious as yours, Cathy.  One of the tellers is new, and has not yet developed the degree of attention to detail that, I believe, is required for the job.  David took the bills in to pay out of the chequeing account, and came out a little confused about what had happened.  I went over the paperwork and discovered that one bill had been missed, but appeared to be stamped, none the less.  This is the same teller, who, a couple of weeks ago, when I went in to withdraw $200, took the money out of the automatic dispensing machine, and handed it to me.  It didn't feel right in my hand, and since he hadn't actually counted it out, as they are supposed to, I counted it back to him. Found that he had only given me $100. So when I went back, yesterday, I spoke to the manager and expressed my concern, about his skill level.  She was appropriately polite, but I don't think she was too concerned.

We are having fun watching the crow, squirrels, blackbirds/grackles, and Blue Jays, all dealing with the peanuts.  David has now taken to lining them up on the small shelf at the bottom of the feeder, where the crows will not be able to get them.  I think that little squirrel is going to have quite a tummy ache.

A long day , but rewarding

Up to North bay early and at Mike's by 9 am -with Tim's coffees and toasted bagels for us both. (Erin was at work).
Altering his four new bright white work shirts was a challenge. Erin had measured and then bought some fabric at Fabricland yesterday so I was all set to get going.  I quickly saw that there was not going to be enough fabric. But I started with the first shirt and took my time to try a method that would work. It came together nicely so I was off and running with the second shirt . I slipped out at lunch to do some other chores and also return to Fabricland to purchase more of the same fabric and another spool of thread.  
Into the afternoon I carried on, work.. work... work. Mike put on the new Stars Wars movie which I had not seen so I could watch and iron and sew all at the same time. The afternoon went quickly - not to be a spoiler but Hans Solo gets it in the end. Mike said he heard an interview and Harrison Ford stated he did not want to be in a subsequent movie - so they killed him off.
Erin came home from work at 4 pm and was very pleasantly surprised that the shirts were done. All I left for her was to sew on some snaps to fasten at the bottom where I had added the additional flap of fabric. She had made a batch of cinnamon buns the night before and had prepared a fruit platter for Mike and I to nibble on. Nice. For me, a very busy / tiring but gratifying day.
On another note it seems I may be venturing outside my comfort level - accepting an invitation to a Reflexology session. Yes, you read that correctly!  The hairdresser has a friend who is a Reflexologist. She asked her friend if a closed session could be done for several people - in her salon after hours. So she is inviting about six ladies to attend, and she'll have nibbles, and we will have a little private session. She thinks it may cost about $30.00 but not sure yet until her friend decides. What do you think - am I crazy? It is to be in about two weeks and she'll let me know exactly closer to the date. So.....I shall now be doing my feet every night - rubbing calluses with emery boards, and working in creams, and caring for my nails, and cuticles. My feet are such a mess. 
Well, the day is quickly catching up with me - so off to bed. It is the long weekend - hope everyone has a good time doing whatever. Cathy, be sure you and Jim really do just veg out!  Take care

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hair cuts

My appointment was for 1:30.  I feel so much better.  We re-financed our mortgage last week through the Royal Bank.  The mortgage has showed up on my on-line account but they are not sure where the money is.  WHAT!!!  I was in today and they are going to investigate.  I hope they find it by tomorrow. If not I will be asking why I am paying interest on money I don't have.  It is so frustrating when you get a survey from the bank on your experience and you want to say the employees were great but the bank sucks!!  As usual we are short staffed at work but they are asking for more and more reports.  When do they expect us to have time to do the reports and our work.  If we work on the reports they want to know why we are not meeting our goals.  Oh, gee..  Could it be because we have to spend all our time submitting reports?!?  (bitch, bitch,bitch)  I am feeling really frustrated right now because of circumstances.  Now do you complain when the people creating the problems are the only ones you have to complain to.  Oh well....... Long weekend.  I am sooooo looking forward to it.  Jim and I have no plans. We have agreed to hide out and veg.

Hair Day today

Haircut appointment for 0930 this morning.  I am happy now - nothing worse than battling your longer than desired hair in this humid weather.  I wish she could give me a pixie cut, but her short style cut is usually a good cut.
Crows are smart birds- I heard a documentary about them. But it would have been a wonderful experience to watch how they manage to figure things out.
I have another sewing date with Mike and Erin on Friday.  He just got a shipment of four new shirts for a new job ( he switched jobs recently) and they need an extension along the bottom. He is a large man and the shirts don't tuck into the pants enough to prevent them slipping out when bending or moving about. These shirts are white so I figure buying some like fabric and just being able to cut and sew along bottom of the present seam and possibly use snaps or velcro to secure at lower front edge. Hope it will go well and quickly without difficulties. His first shift is Saturday and Erin is working every day up til then so I was requested to come in and help.
I could not get a book at the Library - this is often frustrating but cannot do much about it at a small community Library. The computers were all down in the entire building so the librarian wasn't even able to check if they had my requested book or would have to order. Oh well, I have enough reading to get me by.
I asked at the Village Bin Store in town about Whey Powder and she said she used to have it but it didn't move. Recently she has been asked by several people so she is thinking of getting some in again. I think I could use it in my smoothies.
Time to sign off - Harry up now so the day begins.  Take care

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Watching the crows

Yesterday, we noticed that the blackbirds/Grackles were keeping the Blue Jays from the feeder.  So we bought some peanuts in the shell, and carefully placed them on top of the pedestal from the bird bath, some distance from the feeder.  When last we had peanuts, the Blue Jays had no problem swooping down and picking them up from a flat surface.  Well, the crows discovered the peanuts.  We could see them almost stalking the pedestal.  It was as if they knew there was food in the vicinity, but weren't sure where.  The we could see them figuring out where it was, and trying to figure out how to get it.  It would appear that there are two adults and three of this year's young, although they are all almost the same size now.  Still we can identify the parents, as the young still go to them begging food.  Well, you could see the adults experimenting with ways of getting to the peanuts.  They would fly up from the ground and try to grab the peanut in their beaks. Finally they got one, and then it was almost as if they showed/taught the young what to do.  Once they figured it out, all the peanuts were gone in less than a minute.  I've heard that Crows are very clever, amongst the smartest of the birds.  I believe it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Not silly at all

If it is indeed the original, then there is a cherished history attached to it.  I love my "Maplewood" cactus and try to protect it at all cost. Just the other day, I had to move it into the greenhouse because the squirrels were starting to dig up shoots in it, and another cactus. I hope your remaining cactus are healthy still?
I just watered everything outside - so hot and so dry. But lots of produce coming. I guess that means there will soon be a canning production workshop set up in the kitchen?  Lots of fun.
We went to Huntsville today - I bought a few records - ones that I like and will play on my record player, now that I have one. They are 10 for $2.00 at the ReStore but I only chose about 6 and Harry purchased many, many more. I was surprised with my eclectic choices eg My Fair Lady soundtrack, Pete Seeger, and Dr Hook. Also Chet Atkins  - I can remember Dad had some Chet Atkins and I loved the guitar music.
I shall finish my current Stuart Woods book tonight so already plan to make a trip to the library tomorrow - hoping the next in the series will be available.  
Time for bed. I love this time of day. Holds great potential for some peace and rest, even if I can't sleep very well lately. My Nighty Night tea doesn't work haha!  Take care

Sadness, and a silly funeral picture

We have been quite worried about one of the cactus.  It really hasn't been doing well, although there was bloom this winter and spring.  But the leaves have all been turning yellow, and falling off, and the plant has generally been looking "sick".  We believe that this is the original one from Maplewood--the one that all of yours were taken from.  So it is now in the compost.  Another one has been put in the garden for the summer, but up higher, as last time we did this, we ended up with a family of slugs in the living room.

Monday, July 25, 2016

One more hurdle gone

Today the city finally came to turn off the water so that we could have the valve by the water meter changed.  The contractor had bought the new valve the first day they were here, but the city held everything up.  The arrangement was that the city would show up sometime this afternoon, and the contractor would drop in on his way home from a job in the other end of the city.  Once the water was turned off, about 1:15, I e-mailed the contractor to tell him it was off, expecting that we would be waiting for a couple of hours for him to show up.  But they were here within about 20 minutes. The valve was quickly changed, and they also checked a leak we had found under the sink ( thank Goodness, it could have been quite a problem.  David had tightened one valve last evening, but not the other one.)  Then David was to phone the city to come back.  Well, he was on hold for over 20 minutes, when they offered him a call back.  It took almost 45 minutes to get hold of the city. But they came quickly, and not only turned the water on again, but also had to actually change the whole water meter.

So we have another loose end tied up.

Taste Sensation!

Happy accident!  My weight was down a bit this morning.  Over the past month, through all the fuss and bother, I pretty well maintained, but down a little this morning.  Anyway, in an effort to keep on the straight and narrow, I'm using some of my phase 1 recipes, and today was--wait for it--a prune smoothie. Yogurt, prunes, and whey protein, blend, then add a little cinnamon, some coconut oil, and ice.  Well, wouldn't you know it, I actually spilt the cinnamon into the blender jar--a lot of cinnamon.  I managed to dig most of it out, but there was a heck of a lot more in the smoothie than there should have been.  Best tasting smoothie I've had in awhile.

Had some fun with the whey protein.  There was only a tiny bit in the old container, so I started looking for the new one I bought a couple of weeks ago. Couldn't find it.  David couldn't find it.  This is a big container, at least the size of a 4 litre milk jug.  Looked under the stairs, under the bar, all through the pantry--several times.  finally it was found in the linen cupboard!?  Go figure.

Beth, David says to tell you that he's having problems with milk going sour as well.  Starts to go off on the "best before" date.  Never used to do this.

Today we plan to stick close to home.  I bought a new "self help" book, especially for artists--"Creative Strength Training"  by Jane Dunnewold.  This is an artist I admire.  I have both of her previous books, and actually took a internet course from her, during which I believe I learned a lot.  When I started the book, I first thought it was a regurgitation of "The Artist's Way", but once into it, I find there are differences.  So I want to spend time reading that.  I also signed up for a course on Craftsy--a fairly decent internet site, that is becoming quite respected, in the quilting community.  Something to do other than play Candy Crush..

Yesterday was hot and quite windy.  After having David drive me to Starbucks, (as I didn't think I was in any shape to drive,) I sat in the yard and read the book, while drinking my coffee and fending off armys of ants.  I found that, if I moved back, closer to the house, the wind just blew around me, and I was able to read with no problems. Good to know, as one of my goals for this summer was to spend more time outside,  We even bought a table to facilitate this.

So off to tidy up after breakfast, plan lunch and supper, and then to conquer the day.

ps Can you walk this morning Cathy?

To be standing that long I'm surprised you didn't have to crawl home (or did you?)  You and Pati have had a real time of it this past weekend...both exhausted from your activities. I feel left out - or maybe I am always so exhausted and just don't recognize it haha! 
Should you perhaps stay home today and recuperate. XX

Storm knocked me off...

Logging on early again as a storm was approaching - I know because the dog started to go crazy and I took her out and sure enough a storm was right close. No sooner had I logged on when I was kicked off and the torrential rain started with lightening and thunder. The dog needed to be right under foot. It passed quickly.But there have been more and more frequent storms this past little while. I can take a storm but not the heavy rain.  I can hardly wait to see if new eave troughs will help.

Special greetings to Cathy and Jim today as you celebrate .....Happy Anniversary. 

There is a kitchen gadget to tell you about.  I love my bagel cutter. I thought when we first got it that it was fairly useless but since we have been shopping at Metro in Huntsville I have changed my mind. We buy the bags of bakery made mixed variety bagels that go on sale. This gadget has a slot where the bagel sits and then you place a pointed blade into the slot, press down and voila, cut bagel without danger to fingers. Just like a guillotine. Do you folks have one or seen one?
Glad to hear your weekend teaching gig is over and you get to relax. Sounds as if you really relaxed yesterday though - you deserved it Pati.  
Today I bake. I made a plum Kuchen to take to Mike yesterday. Harry got all excited thinking it was for us. When I boxed it up he was disappointed. So today he gets his fresh plum Kuchen. 
Time for another coffee, now that I don't have to pump as the rain has stopped and storm long gone.
Here's to another week.....take care.

Sunday, July 24, 2016


Our arts council had Jamfest yesterday.  I got there at 9 am for set up and they let me leave at 7:40 even though it was not over yet.  Driving home all i could think of was how sore my feet were.  i made  it but was in bed by 9:30. Today I had all sorts of ambitions but when I woke up I could hardly move.. eventually I picked saskatoons and raspberries and peas and beans.   I got everything in the freeser and we went to town for groceries.   I told Jim that when we got home I was crawling in my pool and he was responsible for supper,, ... So far success, which is good since I can hardly move!!

Yes, I'm here

Pretty out of it today.  Just sitting here in a sort of stupor.  Playing a lot of Candy Crush, but not winning.  I wish we could think and plan into the future as Beth and Harry seem to be doing, but today I'm having trouble thinking about supper.  I did get most of my stuff put away, and vacuumed the kitchen floor.  I even cleaned my toilet, but now I'm not sure I could remember my name.  Talk to you tomorrow.

New way to sign in...

Google has changed the look of the sign in page for me - it threw me at first as I did not know what it was and thought I was going to be shut out again, but I prevailed. I don't know how you folks sign in, but I like to know it is short and simple. I have to log in a password to get into the blog.
Early Sunday morning here - my first coffee had to be thrown down the sink - I poured milk into it freshly brewed and it all curdled. Lately I have noticed our milk is not lasting long enough - I buy the big bag with three bags inside and we seem not to be using it up fast enough. I wonder if I bought a container instead if I might have better luck?
So hoping Pati will be resting today after her two day workshop. Was thinking about you and hoping it all went well Pati. You fine tuned your presentation again for this workshop so it was likely more to your liking and comfort level for teaching. Any more workshops in the near future or can you relax for a bit, and putter away at your own pace with the things you want to try?
Still hot here - I guess we are all feeling the heat. I made rhubarb pineapple jam yesterday, as well as a plum Kuchen. We got another 8 quarts of plums from the orchard people, and we froze many of them for putting in smoothies later. I still like to make smoothies so I will have some fruit to use now.
All for now, as I approach the start of another day.  I did all the watering last evening, so hoping our "crops" faired OK overnight. I must go and do a walkabout now to check. Take care

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Exactly my is gorgeous!

Just a quick note to say how much I love it. Yes, it is truly yours now. And thanks for the gratuitous shot of the blue towels haha!
I was especially happy to see the table all set up and looking as if it is being used, as before.
A big boomer came through this afternoon but after an hour or so blew itself off and then the sun came out. But for me it was good - it was my turn to water and with the rain, my job was complete.
Two more 4 qt baskets of plums were purchased this morning from the Log house folks. She called me again last evening to say they had just arrived from the south, and if we wanted to come this morning she would be pleased to see us.  I sat with her husband and another lady for a while talking while she and Harry sorted out the fruit and the conversation turned to farming and bringing in the grain. He was born in Sask and goes out regularly just to watch the fields being cleaned. I told him about my experience watching the wheat come off your fields Cathy with all the combines working together and well into the early morning with brights lights on all the equipment to make it like day light. This man was more than familiar with this practice, and it is exactly what he likes to observe each time he travels back to Sask. I guess it is in his blood. Thought you might get a kick out of this Cathy - probably more familiar to you as well, but the time I saw it, it was new and spectacular.
Well, bed time already.  Take care.  

Tiling done

I can't believe how the total character of the room has changed. The appearance of the room has changed significantly,and very much for the better.  We are well pleased.  Now it's mine.  There are a couple of very minor things to be done to the cabinets, but nothing that would be noticed.  Here is the stove corner with the  low light from the fan hood on.

 And the microwave corner

The tiles have a metal edging applied, that matches the brushed metal of the sink and faucet.

The stove corner with all of the accouterments 

And the microwave corner

The table and chairs

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Not to worry, Cathy,

 the Severe Thunderstorm is here.  Almost continuous thunder, very, very dark sky.  NO sign of tornadoes though.

I'm not sure what NACTV is or how to find it.

Musical Ride take 2

According to the NACTV schedule, the musical ride will be on July 25 at 12 noon, July 26 at 8pm. July 27 at 9pm, July 28 at 1pm, July 29 at  1Pm and July 31 at 10pm.  I don't get it on TV here either, but I am hoping my internet connection can handle some of it.  All times are Neepawa Time.  According to Keri, there were over1400 people in attendance and the Rotary Club made around  $10,000.00, all to go to Community Projects.  An all round successful event.  Right now we are under a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado watch, and an extreme heat advisory, but it seems to be clearing to the west so I hope the worst is over.  Jim is outside trying to bbq chicken.  He says his feet are wet (gee, go figure!)  I picked some peas when I got home but we have already eaten most of them.  I didn't really want them with supper anyway.  I don't often wish I had air conditioning but today it would have been nice, even for a few minutes just to cool down the house.  It is supposed to go down to about 21 tonight so maybe that will help.  The humidex stayed over 30 last night.  Manitoba... gotta love it.


I wasn't sure where to look for the pictures of the Musical Ride, and slept in this morning, so haven't really had a chance to try to figure it out, but it was neat to hear about Cathy's experiences there.  It sounds as though Keri is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the town.  I'm pleased for her.  She's works hard and has earned whatever comes to her.  
I've been quiet about the tiles, as the grout isn't in and the spacers are still quite visible.  I think it's changing the character of the room a fair bit, and I'm anxious, now, to see it actually finished.

We sold quite a few jelly jars at the garage sale at Amber's.  they went quickly, but I'm not surprised, when I see the price of them in the stores.  They're well worth hanging onto for years, if you can.  We were looking this week, as I wanted some labels.  We bought some spice jars, in a rack, as we've been forced to move the spices, that were formerly over the stove.  We couldn't find any labels, and were told that they only stock preserving stuff once a year, at canning time, but have had so many requests, that they are looking at the policy.

I ended up taking the Dr. Phil book back to the library after only reading about 1/3 of it.  What I read, and the results of some of the self assessments, told me that I'm not in as bad shape as I think I am, and that this is not a good time for me to be even thinking about some of the things in the book.

I just finished another Gamache book, and again, have been blown away by the author's characters, and insights in to behaviour.  The book was " A Trick of the Light", and I believe it was the very first book I ever read of the series. It was a few years back, and familiar, yet most of the detail was still new to me, as I had forgotten.

The city and the plumber are all coming Monday afternoon, and I've been warned to have money ready.  

I tried,Cathy......

...but no luck to see your Musical Ride.  I did see a picture of Keri on Neepawa's newspaper site from a bit back signing up with the Ride but nothing else popped up on various other sites I tried about the actual ride. I will always remember seeing the Ride when we were overseas,and then years later touring the training facility in Ottawa when Harry was with Phonebusters - we went on a Bus Tour from North Bay. 
I went to the library this morning and couldn't get either Stone Barrington's next nor Holly Barkers next book - so I shall wait until the book I ordered arrives. In meantime I have lots to read.  I have a Andrew Greeley book that I am reading Contract with an Angel - haven't read any of his in a longtime.  And I also have the Dr Phil book that I am slowly reading - taking my time to absorb and find I will reread parts a second time as well. I am wondering as I get further in if I shall be able to continue - I think it is starting to depress me haha!. Pati, did you get very far in your reading of it?
Trying to organize the basement storage room a little to get all my empty sealer jars out and available for use as the time is quickly approaching when I shall have a need to access. Always a PINTA but if I can get them out in the open now, it helps later.
So back to the jars for are the tiles looking Pati?

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Musical Ride

This evening we went to the RCMP Musical Ride here in Neepawa.  It was sponsored by the Rotary Club.  We ended up sitting by the stage with Keri so we got the butt  end for the Permission to Proceed and the presentations but other than that it was wonderful.  One rider fell off but his horse was so trained he kept trying to keep his place in the ride and wouldn't stop for his rider.  Finally when all the horses stopped he was able to get back on.  Of course there was loud applause from all.  Keri was MC for part of it and she led the National Anthem at the end.  It was all filmed by NACTV.  It is available on Bell expressview and on the internet.  If you are able to access it, we are standing south  (to the right) of the stage.  I have a green hat on.  It was so hot and humid here.  Tonights low is forecast as 21 with a humidex of 28 so you can imagine how hot it was when they performed. I am slowly getting back into work.   Everything that could go wrong did yesterday, so it can only get better.  I have no idea what I will wear to work tomorrow.  I gained a lot of weight the last 2 weeks so there are certain summer clothes that I am not going to try, but I shall find something.  It is going to be really hot here for the next few days.  Of course Saturday, when we have a lot of things happening at the arts council it is supposed to rain.  the only rain (other than potential thunderstorms) this week.  We are having JamFest that day.   Art show, mini workshops, music, jam tasting etc.  All outdoors.  Oh well.   Time to pack it in.  It has been a long day with lots of work and sun.  Have a great night

It never rains----

The fellow is busy tiling the kitchen, which means that we have to walk around outside, and can't access the kitchen, whenever we need to.  His truck is in the driveway, and suddenly there is someone outside digging up our front lawn in order to repair the main water pipe--sub- contractor from the city, and our water is to be turned off.  Well, David called our contractor who said that there was no way they could come today to replace the leaking valve in the basement.  So the water is turned back on and we now have to make an appointment with the city to have it turned off and coordinate that appointment with the contractor.  But the city crew has now shown up and they are all outside discussing ---I don't know what--baseball scores??  Makes me think of the train accident we saw in Cuba, with all of the wide arm gestures, and shouting in Spanish.  But--the tiler must leave now, and that means he gets to drive his truck over the lawn to get out.  Whoops!  My bad.  The crews are now gone and he will be able to use the driveway.  And it's only 11:00.  And we have to pay everyone except the tiler.  I wonder how the rest of the day will go?

Pig problem solved

The contractor was here this morning to deliver the tiles to the tiler.  David mentioned our "pig problem", so the fellow took off the cabinet doors, took out the shelf, and turned it upside down, and put everything back together.  Pig now fits fine, but is not yet in his new home and we now have to wait for the manufacturer to come to close-in the vent hose.

Monday, July 18, 2016

May all your troubles.....

....from now on be about little "pigs"  haha  You will most certainly find a place of honour - and won't "Pig" be thrilled with new digs!

Now here is a tale of woe... about me, and my stupidity, and my shame at being 'had". It's all about eave troughs.  Last Monday I phoned the business Dr Eavestrough and left a detailed message on vm enquiring about installation. On Tuesday afternoon a man came knocking on the door. I can hardly remember the conversation but I am sure he said something about eaves trough but that could just be my recollection of the scene in retrospect. I asked if his name was Nick (owner of business) but he said, "no I'm John". He looked at the front of house where water has played it's toll around the bricks, and asked to see the basement for leakage. I said no. At the back he looked up and asked if we had water inside around the ceiling areas that would indicate leaking - he asked to go in and check, and I said no. Then he looked around the rain barrels and said Harry wouldn't have to move them, that they could work around. He asked if I wanted them to be brown and I said yes. Then he said that they would work out an estimate and someone would get back "in a day or two"  As he was leaving he said that they had got their signals crossed and that if anyone else came by to just say that John was already here.  It seemed odd (after the fact thinking about it) that at no time were measurements taken, nor did he write anything down. And I did not hear anything since. I was starting to get upset with the company. I phoned the company this morning and spoke with Nick the owner. As I was laying out my story and asking why I had not heard back, he became very upset. Long story short - he did not initiate this man, and knew nothing about it. He felt I had been a victim of a fraudulent act, and suggested that if this man came to the door again, to call the police. He said he wanted to personally come to the house and we arranged for a 2:30 pm appointment this afternoon. At 2;30 exactly he drove up. I asked him "Who are you" and with a smile he introduced himself appropriately and showed me all his paperwork, and equipment in his arms ie measuring tapes etc.  The estimate was done, questions asked and answered, and arrangements made for the work to be done in two weeks.
Now, please do not feel too badly for me.  I believe, again with much reflection, I contributed to this situation. It was too much of a coincidence to have a street peddler ( actually probably casing the joint likely) come at the exact moment I anticipated someone from the company to come. The owner, Nick, still very concerned, asked if I had asked for other quotes, or spoken to anyone about getting a quote but I had not. 
However, I continue to feel a dull ache in my stomach still thinking about it now, and wonder how I could have been so taken in. I feel violated. I share this with you so that I can try to feel a bit better - you know, "to get it off our chest".
So now for my Nighty Night cup of tea and finish my book from the library.  

You won't believe the problem that we have discovered

We no longer have a home for "Pig".  I have always kept him in the cupboard over the stove.  Now there won't be room, unless we can talk the cabinet people into making alterations ( Ho Ho Ho!!  Like that's going to happen!)

Sorry this is a bit crooked.  They will re- position all of the shelves we want, when they come, but this one may present a problem.  The shelf would have to be two notches lower to fit Pig on top.  There is no way it could be raised. ( At least, we don't think there is any way it could be raised)  

The alternative would be to put in him on one of the high shelves in the other cupboards.  They will be installing a plate rail on the high shelves there, and there may not be the depth we need for him.

This is sort of funny, and we were warned that there might be problems we couldn't anticipate, but this is sure a weird one.  It will sort itself out, I'm sure. It may prove a little embarrassing, after the fuss I made about the mugs.

things moving quickly

We were surprised when the guy to repair the flooring in the kitchen, called and then showed up this morning.  Job done quite nicely--for a price.  While we were waiting for him, the contractor called and arranged for the tiling to be done tomorrow, starting about 7:30. ( E-gad!)  Once that's done we have to pay the contractor his last 10%, and I'm anxious to get it out of the bank account, before we find something else that needs to be paid. Then all that has to happen is the changes/ corrections in the cabinets, which probably won't happen until the end of the month--which, when you think about it isn't that far away.  At least that isn't costing us any more money.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Evaluating an experience.

I remember Auntie Lorraine saying that if you accomplish even one thing, then the time you have put into something, is time well spent.  It sounds as though you accomplished more than one thing during your holidays, you learned something about searching for graves, and ended up rested, and accepting of the need to go back to work. Glad to hear it.

I wish I could find the time to search out somewhere that would allow me to do some grave stone rubbings.  Weird, I know.  Many places won't as they're worried about damage to the stones, over time.

Drove out to Pinawa today, and picked up the three pieces that were offered for sale, in the small gallery there.  It was great to touch base with the people I know out there, as I haven't been there in about 18 months.


I shall always remember the afternoon you and I walked about in the cemetery Cathy. It was a very memorable time. I'm not surprised that you could take over two hours. But you and I didn't have a map to follow but just wondered. Glad you had an adventure to share. Thinking of you as you get up to your alarm, and get your set out clothes on, and have a cup of tea, and out the door to face the world with a big smile! It is always a good idea to book holidays ahead like you have - it gives you something to look forward to - remember 'anticipation" is everything.Take care.

Staying at home

the golf tournament was postponed until August 12 so I am spending my last day at home doing laundry and dishes.  And playing crib.  Jim and I prowled the cemetery yesterday looking for  graves of his relatives. His  sister in BC has decided to become interested in family.  We were wandering aimlessly when we met a woman who searches cemeteries for people.  She showed us a database we could search and how to read the very poor quality map of the cemetery that is on the town website.  By the time we left over two hours later I had finally figured out how to read the map.  I was able to lead Jim right to a headstone he wanted.  At least I accomplished something on my holiday :).   I have already set my alarm for tomorrow and have clean clothes set aside.  And I have booked another week off at the end of August and over Christmas.  I am good to go!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Here's to a fun day on the links.....

You and Jim might be getting an early start Cathy for your Golf Tournament so I send my best wishes for a really fun day and maybe even some prizes???  Enjoy the outing and remember to keep your eye on the ball. That was what I was always told when I golfed long ago - although I don't think it made much difference.
I cut the grass today, besides some inside work, so I now deserve a nice bath which I have been looking forward to, and then to bed to read.  Take care.

Exactly what you wished for....

To be "rested' is good! It sets you on the right track to get back to work, and be able to face what presents in a positive way. Always think of the way you feel now, and go back to that feeling whenever you need to 'refresh". 

Finally, the heat has left - today much cooler and sunny so better day to feel like doing something. In my case it appears to be laundry (I always wait until the weekend to capture the lowest hydro rates haha) Harry has just left for his usual rounds of sales. So I shall have a bit of time to start housework, and try to straighten up a bit. Usually a lost cause but it is the effort that keeps me going!

Yesterday I set up a record player that Harry bought at the ReStore. I have always wanted one for me to use - I have collected a few records that I like - a lot of musicals eg South Pacific, Oklahoma etc. and some old favourites eg The Righteous Brothers, Gene Pitney, Frankie Valli and The Four seasons. It sounds wonderful. and so I am anxious to seek out other records that I know I have in the basement somewhere - many I brought from home. ( I know - likely another lost cause?)

So have yourselves a nice relaxing weekend. Plan a BBQ or sit on the deck with a good book.  Let me know what you're doing ...Take care

Friday, July 15, 2016


and my holidays are over.  I did nothing and feel rested.  I was texted everyday from work, but nothing bad.  I stopped in on thursday for an update so I am ready for next week.  I think Monday will be a hard day but I can face it.


I forgot to mention that yesterday I also picked-up the book "Morning in the Burned House: New Poems"  by Margaret Attwood, at the library.  This is the source of quite a bit of the poetry that is referenced and used in the Louise Penny books.  I thought I might read some of it at its source.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

My story, and I'm stickin' to it!

We had a bit of an issue with my class last evening, as, late in the evening I got an e-mail from the lady who oversaw the organisation of the class.  In this she was reminding everyone in the class that the class would be Friday and Saturday, and the hours and what to bring. So I sent her a reply jokingly saying that I sure hoped it was next Friday and Saturday and not this week.  No response, so David and I worked like dogs this morning and finished the handouts and the sample pieces that I will need for my demonstrations.  As there was still no response, I sent her another e-mail, with a "cc" to all the students. One poor woman has left the group, but had registered for the workshop and planned to attend. She had been left out of the conversation completely, which I thought was a little rude.  About an hour later the "leader" sent an e-mail to everyone saying that she had meant to put the words next week in, but forgot.  Previous experience with this woman makes me wonder if she was actually confused about the dates, but I would never say that to anyone in the group, as they all think she's wonderful, and this pleases her.

So, with the day's planned activity done by lunch time, we went out. When I had the handouts printed, I left the originals in the copier at the store, so we went back to see if they had been found.  While I can print off about half of it, the other half involves hand drawn diagrams, and it would be a chore to re-do them.  She found the papers, all 22 sheets, in their recycle bin.  Thank Goodness.  We had also visited some of the local discount stores, such as Walmart, looking for a low bench that we could use in the laundry room.  No luck there.  So we decided to check out the local thrift stores, to see if I could find any bags or purses with handles that I might be able to re-purpose into something I could use with my hexies.  Not much out there, except circular plastic "bamboo" handles.  Remember them?  They were all the rage for awhile.  We visited three stores and, in the craft section, of one, found 1--yes one--wooden purse handle.  But in the last store we visited, we found a low table to use in the laundry room, a knitting "thing" that I hope to re-upholster with hexies, and maybe even use in the living room, and a plastic fork.

Many years ago we had a plastic fork. It was my favourite utensil for any number of jobs in the kitchen. We used it for years and both swore by its use, but one day it broke, and we've been trying to replace it every since.  I mean this has been a very serious, never ending task for us.  Well, we have one.  It will be seriously sterilized and used with pleasure.

Here's what I'm talking about.

Still hot!

We are still in the middle of this heat wave but hoping that it will break soon. Tempting to rain at supper time but blew over and didn't affect the temp and humidity at all.  As a matter of fact I walked over to the Library (open until 7 pm) to see if I could order the next Stone Barrington novel now that the postal strike is in limbo. The sky turned black and the wind came up and as I entered the building it started to sprinkle. I didn't bring an umbrella but thought it would be an adventure to have to walk home in the rain so didn't worry about browsing at the books for a bit. In came Harry - he drove up to get me afraid I would be caught. So out we went, and by then the sky started to clear. So no rain, but I did manage to grab the first in the series of Holly Barker novels before leaving the Library. So I will be reading tonight.... yeah!
We received a call from the orchard people last night that they had just driven up from the South and if we wanted to come this morning they had more cherries, and also apricots and plums. Harry had already ordered more lettuce from the Spring Hill Farm up the road in Trout Creek, so off we went this morning and bought fresh hydroponic lettuce, and then to the Log House and bought fresh picked cherries, plums and apricots She also gave me a quart jar of peaches that she had preserved last year. They both love to talk so it turns into a nice visit as well.  We've never been into the house but it is a real log mansion -huge three story house with all windows at the front facing the lake. 
The pictures of the drawers indicate a real change and ease for you to get things. I thought of this this morning when I went looking for my raisins to put into the rice pudding I was making. Down on my hands and knees with a flashlight trying to peer into the lower cupboard where I thought the container was - not so - it was in the fridge haha! The sliding drawers look very convenient! Good you thought to include that idea in your initial plans.
Well, time to bed and read.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Take care

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Just Remembered

that I never showed you a picture of my drawers--or rather David's drawers, as he's the one who asked for them--with my full support!  Wonderful!


Got in the door from Huntsville trip, unpacked groceries, and logged onto the blog quick ( before Harry haha) and was greeted with such wonderful pictures. I looked at each several times and I must say, how thrilled you must feel. It is absolutely stunning. I can see you started moving back in - this may take a bit, and probably several changes of mind but you'll do it, over time!  Now I am looking for the new complementary blue towels, and hot pads and tablecloth etc etc. - just kidding!  Have fun with your arrangements, and I am so happy that you are seeing the end, or should I say..... the beginning Take care


The inspection with the manufacturer was this morning, and they are gone.  There a a couple of minor things they're going to address, but that could take a couple of weeks. The contractor was here and pointed out a few things he noticed yesterday, as well.  The tile may be done by the end of the month.  So we've started moving back in. The lights have been left on, in the pictures, both over the stove and over the sink.  I had been very worried about the fridge.  Yesterday the contractor told David about a gadget that would fit under the fridge and roll it in, that could be bought at Walmart.  I wasn't sure what had been arranged, since this wasn't covered on our contract, but when we got home from the doctor's, the fridge was in place in all it's glory.  I had envisioned David and I trying to wrestle with it.  I can't tell you how happy it made me to see it sitting there.  On the down side, we have discovered that we aren't covered for the replacement of the underground pipe in the front yard.  Evidently, we are covered if it was leaking, but not if it is plugged, and the contractor 's price to repair the valve in house doubles, if they have to come back, after the initial job is finished.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Sort of a lazy day??

It felt like a lazy day but when I think of it, I was out weeding, and then watering, and I walked up to the Post office, and I organized a cupboard, and I made a nice supper. But I still feel a bit lack luster today. So I just made a cup of "Nighty Night " tea, and plan to read - I am just about finished this Stuart Woods book ( #3 of the  Stone series). and should be able to do just that this evening.
Tomorrow we go to Huntsville - this is becoming a weekly affair- talk about habits forming and then it just seems like the thing to do- do you folks develop these sorts of habits without knowing it is happening? But I do have to slip into the TD Bank to transfer some money from a RIF to the chequing account. I called the eave trough company to finalize the work - I had to leave a voice mail and have not heard back yet so don't know when they will come. But it's a first positive step to try to remedy the watering pumping issue and I feel good about it (so far). 
So Cathy, how are your days - did you plan anything for today? I know you have some commitments this week, but hope a quiet sit on the patio with a good book will take priority?  I told you about winning the certificate for Golf - I took it to that friend in Sundridge - she says she hasn't golfed for ages but was tempted to go so this was her incentive to actually go again. So I feel good about this as well!
Pati it is almost done - take a deep breathe and trudge through the rest and then celebrate when you "reclaim" your space. And please send pictures when you can - I feel as if I have been an active participant.  Take care

Sunday, July 10, 2016


Yesterday we got a bit of shopping done.  (Walmart on Saturday afternoon??  We must be crazy!)  We went to a few places like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sears, and The Bay, and even visited a high end kitchen store that Loren had told us about last fall-- a full circuit of the city. We found the pot holders, tea towels, and kitchen towels I've been looking for, ever since we painted the kitchen blue, but the problem turned out to be a new bread box, and, n, we couldn't find one.  We found a couple of bread "bins"  These are boxes that will hold one small loaf of bread.  The top comes off, and turns over to become a cutting board.  These cost anywhere between $40.00 and $140.00, and the differences weren't terribly obvious, except maybe in the type of wood used for the cutting board part of it.  The cheap one was the only one that came with a flat top.  This was so you could stack a couple of them, just in case you wanted more than one loaf of bread.  It included instructions on how to put one on top of the other, in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

David also found the neatest gadget in Walmart.  This is a free-standing, fold down/ open up pole with arms to hang those few items in the laundry that have to be "hung to dry".  This  isn't for hanging general laundry, and would replace my second hand IV pole.  The price was right and we bought it.  Not a great picture, but you get the idea.

Today, I'm going to try to figure out where I'm going to put things in my cupboards.  Not only do we have fewer cupboards  (we know this as we have two door handles left over), but the configuration is different, and quite a few things will have to go in different locations.  We are both so tied to routine that this will be quite an adjustment.  I have warned David that moving back in will probably take a few days.   I'm teaching in less than two weeks and will have to work on up-dating the class, and how things will be taught.  When I taught it in April, there were a couple of areas that needed work.  This is preying on my mind, but there was no way to deal with it any sooner as I wanted it to be fresh in my mind when the time came to teach it.  Since sleep has been short, given the heat, I just have to find the energy to actually do the work.  


Yesterday we got a bit of shopping done.  (Walmart on Saturday afternoon??  We must be crazy!)  We went to a few places like Walmart, Canadian Tire, Sears, and The Bay, and even visited a high end kitchen store that Loren had told us about last fall-- a full circuit of the city. We found the pot holders, tea towels, and kitchen towels I've been looking for, ever since we painted the kitchen blue, but the problem turned out to be a new bread box, and, n, we couldn't find one.  We found a couple of bread "bins"  These are boxes that will hold one small loaf of bread.  The top comes off, and turns over to become a cutting board.  These cost anywhere between $40.00 and $140.00, and the differences weren't terribly obvious, except maybe in the type of wood used for the cutting board part of it.  The cheap one was the only one that came with a flat top.  This was so you could stack a couple of them, just in case you wanted more than one loaf of bread.  It included instructions on how to put one on top of the other, in case you couldn't figure that out for yourself.

David also found the neatest gadget in Walmart.  This is a free-standing, fold down/ open up pole with arms to hang those few items in the laundry that have to be "hung to dry".  This  isn't for hanging general laundry, and would replace my second hand IV pole.  The price was right and we bought it.

Today, I'm going to try to figure out where I'm going to put things in my cupboards.  Not only do we have fewer cupboards  (we know this as we have two door handles left over), but the configuration is different, and quite a few things will have to go in different locations.  We are both so tied to routine that this will be quite an adjustment.  I have warned David that moving back in will probably take a few days.   I'm teaching in less than two weeks and will have to work on up-dating the class, and how things will be taught.  When I taught it in April, there were a couple of areas that needed work.  This is preying on my mind, but there was no way to deal with it any sooner as I wanted it to be fresh in my mind when the time came to teach it.  Since sleep has been short, given the heat, I just have to find the energy to actually do the work.  

Saturday, July 9, 2016

ps re: Dr Phil lbook

I meant to add about the book Self Matters. It does seem to be "heavy" but since I have my own book and can navigate through it at my leisure, I don't mind. I can reread parts, and highlight where I want. I am not very far into it yet though, as I am also reading the Stuart Woods series. I got another book yesterday at the library and started into it last night a bit while sitting at the window. The next book in this series is not available at this library and the Librarian said she cannot order it in as long as the postal strike is pending or is actually on.  So if that happens, I'll have to put Stone Barrington and his escapades aside for awhile, haha. 

Beautiful pictures

So nice to log on and see pictures from both of you.  Chloe really is growing  and to see her standing beside Grandma (who is sitting on the floor) points it out all the more. Glad you made the trip and had a good visit.  I always feel good after visiting my family  - albeit usually a short visit - in North Bay.
A real bad storm came in around supper - power flashing on and off, computer flashing on and off until we had to close down completely.  So I sat most of night at front room window. Thank goodness I didn't lose the power to pump. The worst of it all was the dog responding poorly to the lightening and thunder. She is getting worse and have to comfort her, and see her shuddering, and panting through it all. And to top it off the little kitten got into the act- I think maybe to try to comfort her buddy and best friend-the dog! It has stormed most of night with bright flashes of lightening - you find yourself counting the seconds between the flash and the boom! Hopefully it will settle down now that daylight is breaking. I found myself drinking coffee at 4 am - not the best sign for a good day??  But as everyone always says when it rains -  "we needed the rain".
So have yourselves a merry little weekend folks. I was able to log onto the Steinbach site Pati. We saw the article and picture of Jessica and Samantha - really nice to see. Harry was trying to print it off when all hell broke loose here - so will try again this morning.
Take care

Friday, July 8, 2016

special time

Oh Cathy, it's always special when the whole family can get together.  Thank you for the picture. Chloe is sure growing! 


Keri and I went to Killarney for Kris's birthday.  We had a great visit, good food and a wander about the yard.

  Then Grandma and Chloe read fro a while before it was time to leave.  

Basicaly done!

The cabinet installation is done.  On Monday the contractor comes back ( the cabinet manufacturer was responsible for the installation)  to finish up with the installation of the dishwasher and sink, including plumbing. ( the sink is still covered with plastic and just resting in place.) They are going to be adding more breakers to the main panel, to accommodate the extra circuits they've added to the kitchen, and to install the hood fan.
The cabinet manufacturer paid great attention to detail.  It took the fellow about 1/2 an hour to install the cup hooks for my mugs.  We had to bring the mugs and measure them etc.  After all that David put them up for me, so I could take a picture.  They will have to come down again, of course, but later, when I reclaim my kitchen, we'll have a little ceremony. 

Dr. Phil

I picked up the "Self Matters" book from the library today and have been reading it over lunch and while drinking my 1 cup of coffee this afternoon.  This is pretty heavy stuff!  How are you making out with it, Beth?


I do wonder if this was what the contractor meant when he said to wait until the cupboards are in, before deciding on the chair rail.  The crown moulding certainly reflects the line and contour of the chair rail, so it might just pull everything together.  We really have no plans for the weekend, at this point.  We have lost cupboard space over the stove, and I'm going to have to figure out a different way of storing my spices.  We also threw out a lot of spices when we emptied the kitchen, so I need to re-evaluate what I need.  I'm half hoping to find a free standing system that I could keep in the pantry, and may go shopping for that.  At some point I'm going to have to replace some of my tea towels.  Not only are they the wrong colour, but a few of them have holes--not good.

See if you can get onto this newspaper article.  
You may have to type it in if the link doesn't work.  It's an article from the Steinbach paper with a picture of Jessica and Samantha, and Darren is quoted in the article.


Pati, to hear you express the emotion of " I love it" is so refreshing, and so encouraging after all the anguish of preparations and planning that you endured.  Have you given any more thought to the colour of the chair guards along the walls now that you have seen the ceiling trim and portions of the cupboards going up? How will you enjoy your weekend of rest before another rush of activity next week?

Corner access

The deep corner under the counter, below where the microwave used to sit, is totally blocked off now.  It wasn't space we used before, and caused problems for two people with bad knees, whenever something moved in there.

This morning, the first thing he tackled was the crown moulding.  I love it!  The cupboard doors have a routed center portion as well.

I see you...

The best part of these pictures is that I can see you reflected in the window. And I can imagine how much you are seeing the whole thing starting to come together. Forget that "pile of lumber" in the front room - it will soon be your counter top - the place where you will be making your cup of tea!! Forget that you cannot sneak into the pantry just yet - it will soon be open and accessible!  I am trying to picture the changes I see in the arrangement of the drawers and cupboards - from my perspective the corner to the right of the sink area - looks as if there will be no access to far corner under counter?  Hard for me to figure out right now. 
Anyway, looking better and better. Hope today sees more changes. Take care.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

And this is what it looks like tonight.

The pile of wrapped packages in the living room is still there.  It hasn't been touched ( the bottom two packages are the counter top)

 Again the corner to the right of the sink.

The corner where the stove sits

And the corner by the pantry door.  ( I no longer have access to the pantry)

Lumber pile?

Wondering if the pile of lumber sitting in the middle of your front room is gone yet haha. I cannot imagine one man doing the work - to me it would be, at the least, a two man job. 
So hot and humid here - I don't mind the heat - at least it doesn't bother me the way it does Harry. I made my trip to North Bay today and it was a full day with many stops to make. But one was for coffee with Mike and Erin although Erin had to leave shortly after I arrived, but Mike and I had a good chat.
Tomorrow it will be yard work again - so much to do. And no doubt we will be speaking with the Dutch neighbours who will arrive tonight around 8 pm - Their plane was to land at 5:45 pm in Toronto, and the brother in law drove down to get them, while her sister was putting final touches in the house as Harry said she was puttering in and out all day.
How goes it with you both. Cathy are you still going to Kris's for the weekend with Keri? Be sure to sing Happy Birthday loud enough for me to hear!
Bedtime - and a bit of read with Dr Phil. I finished Stuart Woods Stone Barrington's novel last night but will go to the library tomorrow to see if I can get book #3 
Take care

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Glad you liked the pictures.

This is what it looks like now.  They arrived just a few minutes after 8:00 am.  I was in the shower and David was in his night shirt.  This is my living room, and yes, that's the corner of the stove you see in the bottom left corner of the photo.

Here is the corner, of the kitchen, where the stove usually sits 
 Here is where I hope to have a sink sometime next week
 And here is the corner where there used to be a fridge.  The open looking box on the left side is full of smaller packages.
They left, and I looked around, and just about burst into tears.  I think I've had enough of this "crap", but I know we will be up to our ears in it for about another week.  These cabinets will be installed by just one man, over the next two days.  Next Monday the contractor is back to hook up plumbing, including the dishwasher, the hood fan, and take care of any damage that occurs to the paint job or other aspects of the room, during the installation of the cabinets.  I have been assured that it will occur.  David has a doctors appointment Monday afternoon, and somehow, I have to make sure he doesn't miss it, even if it means giving the contractor a key.  Tuesday morning there is an inspection scheduled for 9:00.  This is from the company that built the cabinets, and not any sort of government inspector.  He inspects for any damage that occurs to the cabinets themselves during installation.  Then that has to be repaired, and I have no idea who does that.  We now have a name, and David spoke to the man this morning, who will come and fix the tear in the flooring, from when the fridge was moved.  There is a delay in getting the tiling done, and that may be 3-4 weeks.

And now maybe we can have breakfast.  

Looks good already

Just had a really good look at pictures. What is it about the chair rails in white that bothers you. From the pictures it looks OK and blends in with the yellowish walls - but maybe in person it is different. Will you have the little shelf above the fridge again or is that to be cupboards now?
You will be so excited to see the cupboards come in. Let us know how that goes. It is nice for me to see the progressive pictures - thank you.
Today I bake another rhubarb Kuchen to tale to Mike - I plan to travel up to North Bay tomorrow -some chores, some banking, and some visits haha!
Sounds as if the Postal strike will occur starting Friday. The workers at our Post office in town will still go to work as they are in a different union, but will have no mail to sort. Wonder what they will do, and yet still get paid? Seems a bit silly.
Well, of and running for another day. Just poured my coffee and about to do a walkabout in the yard - this is my favourite time of day! Take care

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I never learn

you can't make phone calls on the tv remote.

Home Again

David decided that the paint fumes weren't that bad today, so we're back home.  Neither of us slept that well, although the room was quite nice.  I think the bed linens must have recently been refurbished, as they were brilliant white--a sheet a duvet and a light top spread.  A very attractive set up. 

The painting and preparation work is done.  I think the yellow  colour is going to work very well, but I'm not so sure about the white chair rail.  The contractor suggested that I wait until the cabinets are in before making any decisions.

Here's where we are now.  The fridge is in the middle of the floor, so you'll have to look around it.  This is looking toward the pantry door, about where the table used to sit.  You can see the white chair rail, and the plate rail is back up. Also please note the new light fixture, although you might have to enlarge the photo to see the details.

 This is looking toward the corner where the stove sits.  The black thing is the vent hose for the hood fan, to be installed.  The black square on the wall is where the switch used to be for the old  ceiling fan. It has been removed but the wiring is so strange there that they had to leave it in place, so this will be covered with a black switch plate.
 This is looking toward the sink.  You may notice that another plug-in has been added along that wall.
 And here we are looking at the door to the living room.  Notice that all of the wall plugs and switches are now square in shape.
And that is where we are now.  Tomorrow the cabinets get delivered, and they will be installed on Thursday and Friday.


Just came in from watering - this is a major procedure anymore, but things are so dry, you have to water.  There may be rain in forecast next day or so, but the sky looks nothing like rain tonight.  They have lifted the no fire ban as of yesterday, but I will need a nice evening, when I'm not so dead tired, to stay out and enjoy a bit of a fire. The pile of dead fall (to use for my fire wood) that I have been saving over last year or two was getting too messy, so I put it out and the village took it all away. First Monday of the month they drive around and pick up brown paper bags of leaves ( no plastic bags) and branches etc. This is my contribution to the 'tidy up outside" campaign currently underway here haha!   I phoned a company called Mr Eavestrough yesterday to get particulars /costs etc to replace our eaves. As you know I hate having to pump every time it rains - so maybe new troughs will fix the problem? At that cost - it sure better improve the situation at least. I'll make final arrangements next week - we have to cut some overhanging branches before they can come and that may take some time. One thing at a time -slow and steady.just like your lists of TO DO Cathy!  Although I think you may have an advantage over me, in actually seeing results?
Time for bed...and read of course! Take care

Busy holiday

I am trying to do one thing at a time.  Not much outside because it has either been raining or VERY hot and humid.  I have a meeting tonight, and the Farmer's market starts on Thursday.  I was supposed to work at the Legion on Friday but Kris says they are free so Kik and I may go down there as soon as she gets off work. Jim wants to go to the Minnedosa Parade on Saturday,  Doctor next Monday, Meat day Tuesday and Farmers market again Thursday.  Then Golf on Sunday and I am back to work. Time does go fast. I do want to get some outdoor staining and painting done this week but I am not sure that the weather is going to cooperate I asked Jim to draw up a "to do" list of things we want to get done this summer.  My list had 16 items.  His had 3. I guess he is more realistic than I am  I finished one job on my list and started on another and we made a good start on cleaning the garage yesterday (on both our lists).  The garden and lawn were way too wet for tilling and mowing  Hopefully it will dry some today,but it is pretty humid out already and rain in the forecast.  If it rains, I read  I took 3 new books out of the library yesterday.

On the move...

So Pati, you and Dave are out of the house now for a night or two by the sounds of it.  This means that progress is being made and painting continues.  Before you know it you'll be back at the kitchen table sipping tea and reading the morning newspaper.
More cleanup in the yard yesterday and a few more trips to the dump. Starting to look better but still so much more to do. I guess the work will never end. 
How are you days going Cathy. Have you good weather?
Take care.

Monday, July 4, 2016

First coat

The first coat of paint is on, over a coat of primer.  The paint store tinted the primer to match the paint, and the contractor tells me that it's made a difference.  However, it's so humid today, that it isn't drying quickly and they've now made the decision to wait until tomorrow to do the next coat.  Unfortunately, that means that we'll be spending another night at the hotel. I'm quite pleased with the colour.  It's turning out as I expected--not always the case!

I took some time for myself this afternoon and went back to the little mall and had my nails done.  It's so much cheaper than the old place, and, IMHO, a much better quality service.  A good job again today.

So now we're off to register at the hotel, and hit the bank and Starbucks.  Maybe we'll both relax this evening.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

lost posts

Yeah, I found them too, but in older posts and not really in order.  But as long as everyone can access them, all's right with the world.


Another adventure?

Did you just want us to have an adventure, too?  This may be fun....I found the posts OK. What's a little excitement now and then haha!

What the Hell!

Somehow I have screwed up the whole blog!  Your posts are there, when you look in list of previous posts in the posting section, but not on the blog itself.  I have tried everything I can think of to put them back on the blog, but they  just won't move!  



Last day before they come back.  We've had the use of the stove over the weekend, the only problem being that half the supplies are downstairs and all prep work has to be done at the basement bar.  For two old duffers who have trouble with stairs, this is not a good system.  Other than my daily (almost!) trip to Starbucks, we've spent the weekend quietly at home.  We were able to hear the noise of fireworks Friday evening, and into the morning, but otherwise enjoyed Canada Day on tv. Today we're going to roast the chicken--our last one.  This is turning into somewhat of an adventure, but still, that's how we've been amusing ourselves over the past few years--with small adventures.

While I've been a bit emotional over the past few days, hopefully that's moderated by a good sleep (chemically induced on my part) last night--for both of us I think. This morning I could see the effect of the emotions at the scale.  My weight is lower than it's been in almost 20 years!  I ate well yesterday.  Emotional eating-yes-certainly, and in full recognition of it at the time. Our meals have really been "catch-as-catch can" over the past week, and perhaps we needed a planned full meal, even if it wasn't according to Dr. Phil.  I have to wonder if part of my better mood, today, isn't partially the result of eating better, if not healthier.

I finished a small piece yesterday, that has been on the work table for several weeks.  Not much of an accomplishment, but an accomplishment none the less.  Now the dishes are done ( ever try to wash a large roasting pan in a small bar sink?  An adventure in itself), and David has vacuumed the main travel areas, of the rug. The next task is to clean up the studio.  I often make a ritual of this when a piece is finished.  So that's the plan for the day.