Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Be - Good dialogue

I really enjoyed reading the last few blog messages - are we communicating? Cathy I always knew I was human - and have the scars to prove it!
I had a good violin lesson today again - I feel invigorated when I come home and I think that is a positive sign. I got a new tune to learn and that also inspires me.
I went to Mothers on my own Monday - Harry a bit under the weather. The best part of my morning was slipping into Burk's Falls on my way to Sprucedale and going thru the drive in of the new Tim Hortons. It opened Monday morning and apparently people were going to camp out over night in order to be the very first customer. I didn't care about that, but thought it great to be able to go in to a Tims so close to home- the parking lot was full which is a good indication of the support from the community.
Terrible weather last few days - very cold and windy and rainy. Makes for little outdoor activity but I did find out today on my travels to North Bay that the Cranberry Marsh Trail is now open on weekends only ( it had been closed completely due to raod construction) So guess where we will be going early Saturday morning?
Anyway, it is to bed early tonight and I don't even have a novel to read. I finished the latest one I am reading last night and no time today to go to the library to switch. I'll have to make time tomorrow as I am really enjoying a good book before bed and still on the Clive Cussler ones yet. Take care

Sunday, September 27, 2009

More frustration

While we probably won't ever know everything about why we do and think the things we do, I think you may have touched on part of it. Cathy, when you talk about Beth and I belonging to the "caring" professions. We both learned and practised a supportive. listening role. We both learned to keep our true feelings to ourselves, not only at work but on the home front as well--"for the good of the family". Now we're at a stage of life when neither of those reasons carry the same weight as they did when we were younger. As we both age, we become less adaptable in response to changes in society and our role ( *note* I didn't say we were more inflexible or more judgemental) And-- as you say--less willing to suffer fools.

In terms of the language issue. I agree that there is something special about anyone who has any level of skill in a second language. But in North America, English is the language of commerce. We expect to be able to conduct business in English. I was taught that the person who first engages any prospective customer/client will set the tone for the entire interaction. The telephone person or receptionist is the first face of the business. (There's a reason that receptionists often get a clothing allowance.) I was angry at having to actually go to Misericordia to arrange a record transfer. So I was approaching the interaction from a state of anger before I ever got there. Not a good thing from anyone's point of view. I was even more angry when I found out that there was no actual reason for me to go. The whole thing could have been arranged over the phone.
Argh-h-h! Now I'm getting wound up again! I think it must be fall-out from an e-mail I got this morning. I sent out an e-mail to the marketing co-op asking who had tablecloths belong to the co-op. I said in the e-mail that I had already received responses to a previous e-mail from three people and named them. Today I got a response from a fellow telling me that his wife, who has a different name, was his wife and not a member fo the co-op. Yeah--so what--what do you want me to say--or do? She responded to an e-mail I had sent him. I knew she was his wife. Was I wrong in thinking that she might be responding on his behalf? Should I ignore all further e-mail from her? What's your point, buddy?

Well, I think my best course of action from here on would be to go to my studio, put on soothing Solitudes music, and make pretty things. Maybe I will be able to adopt my "therapist" persona before I head for a co-op meeting this afternoon--where we will be discussin tablecloths..

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I read your postings and am really confused at your thoughts. I have always been the short tempered sister and have been trying for years to develop the patience that you both have. Now I find out that neither of you feels as patient as you used to. Both of you chose careers that demanded patience and I was always amazed at how you both handled your lives. I still can't conceal my impatience at others ineptitude (perceived or actual). From my last contact with both of you I saw no outward sign of impatience. Perhaps your impatience is not external. You hide it outwardly and seethe inwardly. I think as we age we all start to allow the attitudes that we have always had to be expressed. We no longer feel we have the time to waste being someone we are not. I, too, am frustrated when I phone somewhere for help and can't understand what is being said. On the other hand, they speak English much better than I speak their language. I have always wanted to speak another language, but have never mastered one. It is good for me to find out that my sisters are as human as I am. Love Ya

Be - So early in the morning....

I started to sign on and respond to the message just left from Patty when I was interrupted and signed off quickly. So here I am again and upon reflection, and a wee walk with the dog at the arena ( always refreshing for me) have softened my response somewhat. I was sharing your thoughts about our "approaches" and find I seem to act the same way - feeling more senior, and more experienced with life, or more like what do I have to lose attitude? - I don't know what it is? but I, too, find it more difficult to suffer fools anymore. But more importantly, I believe it is because the world is propagating more fools and society is allowing their behaviour to become the norm. My fuse seems to be very short anymore - and although I realize for me there are many other associated factors, at least in interactions with people I need to remember to temper my responses.
I was just out to try to cut the grass before the rain came, and moved flower pots etc and filled the mower and then tried to start it. It gave me some trouble and before I knew it the rain came down. So into the house I have come - it may clear up today but it seems the lawn will have to remain in need of cutting. There are many other chores that need doing inside so I am sure my day will be well filled.
This week I phoned an old coworker from the CCAC - my friend Sue writes in her long newsy letters about many of the old gang and mentioned this one as having some struggles with her work these days. It was good for me to speak with her as well, even though I cannot help her much, I can listen to her and frequently maybe thats all we really want - an ear to vent into.
Anyway, must go and attack some of those chores. Take care
You two clean? I thought that was what boxes were for. You fill them up and put them somewhere. Unfortunately I now have to go through all those boxes and sort out the garbage from the things I have been looking for. Today the carpets at work get shampooed. Normally this is our job every year, but for some reason the facility manager decided they would do it, so I am not going to complain. Yesterday we piled everything we could on the desks and today we meet the guy there at 9am. I still have to be there because there are some things to be moved that Jim, as caretaker, is not supposed to move. Since I am a staff member I get to supervise (read that as move) Interviews for the job at work are October 8 & 9, so we really may have someone by November! Jim just offered to cook breakfast!!! Sausage sandwiches. Today, after the office, I am cleaning off the garden. The tomato plants are dying, so I may as well bring in the tomatoes to finish ripening. There are a few cucumbers and of course the beets. Thats all. I spoke to some other people yesterday and their peppers didn't grow this year either. I still have some in the freezer from last year, so I will use them when I do my tomatoes. Meetings again for the next 2 weeks and then another break. I haven't done one thing I was supposed to from the last meetings. Lately when I get home from work I just want to crash. Maybe once we are not so crazy busy and I am not so exhausted at the end of the day. Or maybe this is a sign of my stage of life. Hopefully the first, though I find now that climbing stairs is very hard on my knees and hips. And first thing in the morning? I "duck waddle" because I can't walk! Please, no pictures! I talked to Keri a couple of days ago. Still no job, but she hasn't given up. She is NOT applying at McDonalds. Things will work out for her. I hope she gets what she wants.
Have a good weekend

Friday, September 25, 2009

Incentive to housework

Has anyone found one? We got the kitchen window and the window in the back door done yesterday. That's the "royal" we, you understand. It seems to take a massive act of self discipline to start any task. Company coming gets the bathroom done. Wednesday I made a flying trip to see my friend Dianne, whom you both met, She moved in mid-June, came down with pneumonia, in late July, and, as a result, is still unpacking boxes--and has along way to go. So she and her husband have been living in the middle of total chaos for over three months. I know she does a little bit every day, but awards herself with studio time. That's her incentive--the studio time--not the need to alleviate the chaos. Her studio is an old ironing board on top of a couple of boxes and a stool--but it's in front of her patio doors and a view. I guess what I'm saying is that we all have our own idea of what's necessary for us to feel comfortable in our own homes. I need to be able to see out of my kitchen window, and I need to be able to walk around barefoot and not have my feet stick to the floor. Beyond that, things have lesser priority.

This all seems to be apart of aging. I have less tolerance for fools and aggravation. I'm embarrassed at my lack of tolerance for persons in service industries who can't communicate in English. This is becoming a problem around here. Not so bad face to face, but a real pain in the butt over the phone. A recent poor communication over the phone caused me to make a trip to Misericordia where the problem was very quickly sorted out--by the woman at the next desk who spoke English well. This is not a good side of me--I'm not proud of it--but who cares?

Oh my! I'm cranky this morning. Too windy for a bike ride to ease my frustrations. I'm just plain angry these days. I have to wonder if this blog is becoming the "brain dump" that Morning Pages were for awhile. Food for thought. Maybe I need to take the time to jounal as well. I just read the book " The Life and Loves of a She-Devil", about a woman who, after a life of inconsiderate treatment and abuse, got angry, and went around doing everything her way, treating others the way she had been treated and, in the course of events totally ruined quite a few lives. A really good read, although at the end I came to realize that she was a total sociopath. Of coure, that meant that she felt fine about everything that happened.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be - Dirty windows?

I just don't look out my windows. Funny that every window in Mothers house is cleaned inside and out but not a one in my house - something wrong here? Frankly, by the time I put in my time there, I have no energy or time to do another thing here except the most basic ie washing, bathroom, vacuum and meals/dishes and those are snuck inbetween the gardening and produce managment. I keep saying to myself "maybe someday...."
Had a really good violin lesson today - I am finding great satisfaction with having private lessons as it is focused on my technique and playing - today got more assistance with some problems I was having so now I must practice that over the week until my next lesson. The lessons are only 30 minutes in length so go by very fast - try to cram in as much as I can in order to make it worth the money.
I am suffering from having eaten a ton of rice over the last few days - stuffed peppers, rice pudding and then cabbage rolls are all taking a toll on my system. I must say, though, that it was all very delicious but far too much.
Well, tonight I should be able to finish off another novel I am reading - it is hard on my eyes but with some eye drops, and then limiting the amount I read each night, I am able to keep things in order best I can. I find driving to be the worst related to affecting my eyes - blurry and sore all the time. Let us know how things go with your tests Patty. I go for my annual physical in a few weeks and already starting to dread this blessed event.
Take care

Looks like a beautiful day

Yesterday was so dull and dreary. Then rain and dark by 7:00. I spent the day working on making a free standing stuffed rabbit door stop--and isn't that a mouthful! My hands feel like I've been wrestling a python. Oh, oh--looking out the window shows what a truly filthy window it is. I knew that, and have been ignoring it all summer, but now I've run out of time, since I don't want to go through winter looking through fog. See how exciting my life is.

Cathy, today I'll try to get in touch with the woman I'll be working with next Wednesday, and sort out the hours she needs me. She had said something about picking up the exhibit about 7:30, loading it in a van, and then driving to Neepawa. We have to unload and set up the exhibit at Viscount Cultural Centre, but she figured we would be free sometime in the afternoon, and that she could be back in the city for supper. David and I will use our own car, share supper with you-- somewhere , somehow--and drive home later in the evening. I don't know what she plans for October 30. It may be just driving there, and packing the exhibit for transport to Thompson. ( I sure didn't volunteer to drive up to Thompson. ) So we should be able to have supper with you and even spend part of the evening, since that's a Friday. I'll let you know what I find out, and we can fine tune our plans. It may take a couple of days as she only works part-time.

Today I have a repeat mammogram. My appointment is at 3:05. Talk about precise planning. The lump I found didn't show up on the first one, and hadn't been expected to, as it's in a "position very difficult to visualize". So now we try again. I have to ask-- does this mean that, even though my doctor has palpated it, as have I and my husband, does it not exist unless it can be seen on the mammogram? I'm not terribly concerned, as I've had fatty desposits before, and they have been investigated up to the point of consulting a surgeon, but I want to make sure. The funny part is that, last night after my shower, I glanced in the mirror--what's this??? A huge ugly bruise on the breast they are going to examine. I have no idea where or when this might have occured.

So that's the news in Winnipeg. And it still looks like a beautiful day. As soon as DH gets up, I'm going to try to talk him into a bike ride.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Bad

I've been neglecting the blog. I found your entries this morning and David--looking over my shoulder--says"Oh those were on yesterday". Where was I? Sleeping for most of it I guess. Feel like crap today. I spent the night in weird dreams, most of them leaving me with a deep sense of anger and frustration--can't remember the dreams, but I sure don't feel rested.

There was a kids carnival across the street at the church yesterday. They put up a big bouncer, so all the kids in the neighbourhood see it, and then they offer free food. Who can resist? You have to go in the building to get the hot dogs, and then sit in tables in the sanctuary. There is live music, and during the breaks members of the church come and sit at your table to talk with you. When this happened I whispered to Amber, " Now we pay the piper" She didn't really know what I meant, although she caught on fairly quickly. Goes to show that cliches loose their meaning passing from generation to generation.

They are very careful about the kids in the bouncer. Only a few are allowed in at any time, and they are careful to put in kids of about the same age. Samantha tried to jump but couldn't manage well. She still did better than one little girl who just stayed on her hands and knees and looked terrified. Jessica played the carnival games in the church basement, and won a bottle of bubble juice.

Before that. Amber and I, and the girls, went to Mitchell's Fabrics to buy something to use as a backdrop behind Santa for her work Christmas party. Amber wanted blue with snowflakes, and proved to be quite inflexible. Since her whole budget was $50, and she needed 6 metres, the blue with snowflakes was out of her range at $16.95/m., which p----d her off! We finally got plain blue and she and I are going to screen the snowflakes on. Now I have to tell you that trying to look after two little girls on the corner of Main and Logan on Saturday afternoon is a challenge, but not nearly the challenge of looking after two little girls in Mitchell's Fabrics, especially when we got into the basement! On our drive there we passed the Catholic Church on Munroe, just when it appeared that some event was ending. Amber and I were talking about whether it was a funeral or a wedding, and decided that since everyone was dressed in black it must be a funeral.
Then Jessica, hearing us talk about clothing asked about the boy in the dress. Try to explain the function of a priest to someone who has never been to a church service!

Jessica is taking gymnastics this year. Amber found a place that sounds very well run and Jessica is loving it. They had tried a place last year that just wasn't right, and I'm glad that things have worked out. So in the bouncer, Jessica was trying to turn cartwheels--the new skill she picked up this week. Not a good idea.

This really does sounds as though I'm living through the grandchildren this week, and I guess I am. Nothing exciting is happening. We did get a few apples off the tree, and tonight we have apple crisp, along with a beef roast. We so seldom eat beef that I'm really looking forward to a treat.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Be - waiting for a hot water bath

Yeh! My usual Saturday night routine - a nice hot bath while listening to Randy Bachman radio show on CBC. Only I have little hot water tonight due to my doing a wash late in day - shame on me. So I have poured a partial tub and will wait for the water to heat up again and then fill it up a bit more. As you can see, my life is full of so much excitement I can hardly contain myself.
But Cathy, you casually mention entertaining celebrities at your home and you don't tell us except in your passing comments! Please tell me more.....as this, too, excites me!
I feel as if I ate that BBQ with you, Cathy- at least my body feels like I did. I have eaten so much this weekend. And although I won't give you all the details of the "whys and hows", I found myself with 8 cups of cooked rice. So I have a double batch of rice pudding in the fridge with about one third of it eaten, and had to freeze the rest of the rice for another time to make pudding. Tomorrow I will start all over again trying to make cabbage rolls with uncooked rice. I'll let you fill in the blanks...haha
We went to the Fall Fair today in Sundridge - was the 125th celebration and so lots of pomp and circumstance. It was fun to walk around and look at all the entries into the competition for baking, canned goods, flowers etc and remember when years ago I used to enter every section and what a pain it was. As I was thinking this, at the same time Harry is saying to me " we'll enter again next year" because our stuff was better than what received prizes. Oh boy, here we go again....
I have arranged to have lunch with my friend Sue on October 16. She always keeps in contact with me - sends long letters and the odd e-mail and yet I never seem to respond. I can only hope to improve in keeping in contact with her if I am to have a friend at all.
Anyway, water should be hot now so off to a nice bath. Take care

Still Summer in Neepawa

This is the best weather we have had all summer! I worked at a Legion supper last night and didn't get home until after 9pm. I sat outside, no jacket, until about 10:30 reading a book. The only reason I went in was because I was tired! It was another busy week at work, but hopefully they will be interviewing soon and we will have someone by November. I know we still have months of training, but just having another body in the office cuts down on some of the stress. The staff had a party at Elizabeth's place on Thursday night. We had been saying we needed something to let us relax, and I guess she believed us. Her husband started bbqing at about 5:30 and we didn't stop eating until about 8:30. There were raw veggies, and cheese, crackers, meat etc. ( I ate an olive but everyone laughed at the faces I was making) Then there were hot hor doerves (from the bbq) Then Shrimp, then corn on the cob, then salad and pork chops, then desert. I'm surprised I was able to move to come home! The supper last night was a kick off to legion week. Veterans and spouses of veterens ate free. Everyone else paid $8. I wish people would sign up for these things..... there were only about 40 some signed up, but well over 100 ate. We ran out of meat, but the rest lasted. And NO plates came back with food on them. We have a new dishwasher, so we used real plates and cutlery. Clean up took a while, but mostly because people were sitting and visiting. The dishwasher was really quick once we got it working. I work again on the 3rd but now I am a dishwashing pro! I have to get some more stuff done from the garden, but it is supposed to be 31 out today (sorry Beth :)) Tomorrow may be cooler, so I think I will pick today and pack tomorrow. I really need to clean the house. There is sand everywhere. We are billeting 2 musicians this year (We only had one last year) We have Steve Slade on Oct 21, and Valdy on March 13. That gives me a month to clean up before the first one. It's just that once the weekend comes and I have a chance to rest, I really resent having to work just as hard as during the week. Just a fact of life I guess. Or maybe it's just because I am naturally lazy. A bit of both. The dogs can hear that I am up and they want me to let them out and feed them. My masters call. Have a good weekend.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Be - another week ?

Its Friday already and here I am finishing my day with time at the computer before bed. It will be a cold one tonight and with frost warnings I have just completed a bit of cover up of some produce out in the garden. The majority of the vegetables came into the house today and I have dealt with most of it. Tomorrow will see me at that work again. We had some lovely green peppers and I made a variation of stuffed peppers for supper with rice etc but no ground beef and I must say it tasted great. Also made some corn muffins today that were also very good - trying to use what produce I have.
Just at supper time I was out with the dog and saw two deer wandering just up the street - a doe with a baby but the doe was limping which indicates an injury of some nature. I shouldn't be so sympathetic as earlier in the growing season we had deer coming into our garden and eating all our vegetables.
Haven't had much time for much else - still trying to change my habits with violin ie how I hold the bow but not making much progress. Layed out all my quilt blocks at Mothers on Thursday and have them all labelled as to layout but haven't been able to get at sewing yet. This weekend is the local Fall Fair - I can remember entering this Fair for years and winning many prizes but no more. We will probably attend tomorrow just to support the Fair and enter some of the penny draws - it is fun to see some of the entries as I know if I entered I would have a good chance of success.
Anyway, time to close off - hope all is well with you both .Take care

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer in September

The weather has been wonderful here, too. The best weather we had all summer! Unforunately the long range forcast has cold temperatures by the end of the month. Enjoy it while we can. Still no one hired at work, but they may hold interviews by the end of the month. Maybe by November we will have someone. Meanwhile, the garden calls.... last night at about 3am, while lying awake, I realized that I had made my pints of dilled carrots as though they were quarts. 2 cloves of garlic and 2 sprigs of dill in each pint!! The carrots may be interesting when they are ready. Today was meat day and due to a mis-order we have beef tenderloin steaks! I think I may enjoy them. I am looking forward to seeing Pati at the end of the month. We will have to touch base as to plans. The Crafts Guild display will be featured during Contact Manitoba. It will get some provincial exposure then.. Due to a massive increase in weight I have decided that I have to do something. I know that diets and I do not agree, so I am going to try to follow Canada's food guide and exercise more. I think I will have more luck losing weight with control, rather than deprivation. (I hope) Everyone at work has exercise machines at home that they are ignoring, so we are discussing setting up a mini gym in the basement. I have a exercise bike and a step climber, Patty has an eliptical trainer, Elizabeth has a rowing machine & Mallorie has a treadmill. There is $120 available from the government for "wellness" and we were thinking of yoga mats and maybe books. It may be something that we will succeed at, if we are all serious. Meanwhile, I had a vodka and 7 and potato chips for supper. Not an auspicious start! I am headed to bed with a book and some relaxation. It is early, but I have to get to work early tomorrow. Maybe it will all balance out. We have to work at the meat draw supper on Friday (clean up in the kitchen for both of us) After that we have NO plans for the weekend. I told Jim to say no to any invitations. Maybe I can get on track again
Love Ya

Be - Summer in September?

It must be summer - two weeks of lovely weather with no rain to speak of. The weather is wonderful so far although today is rather chilly and overcast. It is amazing how quickly the leaves are changing colour already. Usually into October before we see dramatic changes but is is only Sept 15 and the landscape is tinted with reds and oranges, and the ground is covering with layers of fallen leaves.
I attended another lesson of violin this afternoon. I am the only student booked for the 2:30 pm slot and consequently will be paying additional $ as a "private" lesson. That is OK with me - it will give me some dedicated time to work on technique. Today I learned that I was holding the bow incorrectly so a major modification is necessary - this may cause me some grief to perfect. My poor old hands aren't what they used to be and I find my dexterity is compromised greatly lately. Oh well, gives me something to worry about!
Yesterday we went to Mothers as usual - I took all my completed quilt blocks ( 35) inorder to lay them out and organize them as to order related to colours and best mix. Shortly after arriving, the telephone rang with one of Mother's sisters ( from near Hamilton) stating she and husband were in area and would like to come for lunch to visit. They were going to bring lunch as has been the habit lately of her family when they do happen to visit. So the idea of doing any work on the quilt was quickly ended and the box put back into the car. Of course, I was the chief cook and bottle washer as usual but that does not really bother me as I know this is my role. But the positive part of this day was that I spoke at great length with her husband ( Uncle Bob) who was "laid off" unceremoniously 20 years ago from his high paying and prestigious job ( he developed the bearings that work the joint on the CanadaArm on the space shuttles) It brought a great deal of comfort to me to have the opportunity to discuss this with someone neutral and yet totally understanding of the way I feel currently about being layed off. It helped me to put a few things into perspective and I think, has improved my outlook on the situation somewhat. So truely, things happen for a reason don't they.........I'll try for the quilt thing on Thursday when we go again - the reason I want to do it at Mothers is that she has the space for me to lay it out on the floor to get a birds eye view of what it might look like when sewed together. I do not have the space here at home.
Otherwise spending time doing garden work and produce management - overabundance of tomatoes necessitates green fried tomatoes for supper last few nights but that's OK as they are tasty. Ripe tomatoes are turned into juice which goes great in beer so all is well!
Son Mike was offered and accepted a contract job with the Algonquin Regiment ( his unit) to be an Instructor so is extemely happy to have this full time for at least the next year or so.
Anyway I should go for now - was at the library again today to exchange books - have another Cussler thriller to start on tonight - one book will last me a week or so with reading only done at night before bed. Take care

Monday, September 14, 2009

Busy weekend--

three days of sales in Beausejour. Not that many actual sales but lots and lots of visibility forthe organization I was with. Time well spent, from that persepctive. But today is quickly shaping up into an "Ar-g-g-h" day. Both of the compouters decided that today was the day to take a holiday. The mouse refused to work onthe desk top and we've been struggling withthe laptop all weekend. We took it to Beausejour with us, so that a friend could make a CD for me to send away for a jury process--deadline tomorrow. Couldn't get it to work. She ended up taking it home to burn it. But David has managed to find out wha theproblem was with the mouse and now he's away having the laptop looked at. As soon as he gets home, I'll head down town to hand deliver my show entry.

I will be having some ladies over to tea and conversation on Wednesday afternoon. This means that all of the housework I've neglected for the past few months has to be done in the next day or so. There was a smell in the pantry that was bugging me for a couple of days, and I finally found a rotten onion in the bottom of the pail. Got rid of that, and tried to use a Nilodor spray to mask the actual smell. Except the spray didn't work--it's been so long since I used it. In my fussing, I dropped a bit and now I have the hideous odour of Nilodor to contend with.
Grocery shopping this afternoon, and I have to find a new tablecloth. The only ones that even remotely looks like what I want are in party supplies at Dollarama. I wonder if one of those would last long enough to serve my ladies tea?


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Be - Computer snags

I wish I had a computer mind - could not sign in to blog - something about cookies etc. So this morning I was able to take a bit of time - Harry went off to his garage sales - and although I did not purposely do anything directly, apparently I am now able to sign in! So I'll write a note quick while it still works for me.
Have had very busy days full of activities most directly related to gardens, and produce and Mother. we had to pick every apple on our trees and then do them down to juice and sauce. Of course this all takes time and energy and a lot of owrk getting ready.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What a day!

I got my stuff done this morning and sat down at the computer with a cup of coffee. Phone rang. It was a lady offering to pick me up to go to the meeting this afternoon. SAY WHAT!! This afternoon?!!? I thought it was this evening!! So I've been off at a meeting all afternoon and now I have a "To Do" list as long as my arm! Just what I need with all I have on my plate this weekend. And I have people coming here for a meeting next Wednesday. That means scrubbing the bathroom and making food--(but not at the same time).

It must be September.

Darn computer!

We were up early and out to Lorette for --ta da--the first day of school! I took pictures. We gave Jessica a small gift. We told her that if a little girl was big enough to go to school, she was big enough to have her own alarm clock. Amber had told us that Jesss was learning to read a digital clock--so we found a cheap one in WalMart for her. BUT--for some reason I can't get the pictures to load onto Blogger. She is starting in French Immersion kindergarten. They go one full day a week for this month and them two days a week and every second Friday for the rest of the year. There are only two of them in the class who aren't being bussed, but Jess knows a few of the children from nursery school. She is very apprehensive about having to learn to speak French.

Otherwise nothing new on the home front. The laundry room is back into good shape, and much tidier than it was before. But the studio is still disorganized. I'm managing to work, but encountering many frustrations when I can't find what I want etc.

I know what Cathy means about meetings. After having the summer off I have three of them this week, and then busy in Beausejour all weekend. Too much! I object!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Long weekends

are nice to have. Here it is, 9 am and I am at home. I was up at my usual time and got a bunch of stuff done, so now I can sit down. I haven't been feeling good this weekend. I have about 6 hours of energy in me and then I crash. So much for the big weekend party. I went for supper on Saturday and was home in bed by 9:30. Friday I didn't go at all. Yesterday I was okay for a while, but I crashed about 3pm and was in bed before 8pm. I did get a 19 quarts of dill pickles made and about 2 1/2 large bags of chopped onions in the freezer. We just don't have anyplace cool in our house to store root crops. They start to sprout almost as soon as you bring them in! I am going to make some dill carrots either today or this week. Fall must be here because I already have 2 meetings next week. You sort of resent them when it is nice out, but come winter they break the monotony. It is supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, but it has been so nice out this past week. I was even in the pool a couple of times. We didn't use it much because it was so cool out all summer. (that didn't stop the kids from being in it until 11 pm!!!) There is hope at work finally. They are reviewing the applications (all 80 of them!) and hope to get it down to 10 to interview. Patty and I told them we wanted someone with a warped sense of humour and who talks to themselves.... they will fit in that way :) As long as it is someone who is willing to learn and work. I have to keep checking the washing machine. I think it is on it's last legs, but I don't want it to die in the middle of a load! We are hoping to get a couple of ears of corn for supper. The grasshoppers have eaten all the silk from the tops, so we have to peel back the husks to see if they are ready or not... that lets the grasshoppers in at the corn... it's a vicious circle. They have eaten all the tops off of the onions, and have stripped the carrot tops down. Enough rambling... how do you two keep on topic when you write!!! Take Care


nice weather. We've had the A/C on for the past three days, for only the second time this year. My friend Roseanne, brought her sister over last night, and sister bought both a sunprint hanging and a small collage. Sister had seen the sunprint in Sioux Narrows, and has been kicking herself for not buying it before. Roseanne had bought a collage when she was over last week, had it framed, and brought it to show me. She had it under glass and I suggested that she try it without. Sister agreed with me. It sure looked good framed like that.

Right now we are gearing up for the art show, in Beausejour, this coming weekend. I'll be out there for three days looking after the show area for the marketing co-op. Although I'm not involved in the actual Eastman Judged Art Exhibition, many of the co-op members are very involved in it and they wanted a spot to display their own work, even though they weren't able to enter the show itself. Talk about stress! The lady chairing the committee running the whole shebang is moving this week from Anola to Winnipeg. Put in an offer on a house in Transcona on last Sunday and got possession Friday. And the committee itself appears to be imploding. Glad I'm not part of it, I just hear about it from various sources. Gotta love those arts groups!

Amber and Samantha were over for supper last night. The three adults appeared to be exhausted and just sat and watched Samantha play. Jessica was with the other Grandma, to spend the night, since the Grandma has a holiday today. The little one sits in the rocking chair and rocks herself and makes a funny but consistent sound. I think she is saying "rock, rock", and I believe you started it at the lake Beth. Amber's not so sure but the cadence etc is right and the words almost, but not quite, there. I was looking, yet again, at the pictures you sent and thinking about some one's comment about us reaching the age when we held coffee cups instead of wine glasses. There's no indication of what might be in those coffee cups.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be - Saturday morning arrives...

..and I have time at the computer. Harry is off to the garage sale circuit as is usual Saturday morning routine. I really should be cleaning the oven - yesterday at Petawawa we bought some side pork at a really good price - always seem to have great prices for pork at Canex. We arrived back home about 5:30 pm and Harry asked me to cook off some of the side pork. So I quickly put it in the oven at 350 degrees and the oven started to smoke more than it should with side pork. I realized that when I baked the apple pie the other day it spilled over some juice onto the bottom. This was now burning and smoking which is OK? except for some reason the bottom element was damaged by this and apparently "blew" as witnessed by the clock and lights on panel flashing, and the baking indicator then going out. So after my lecture about poor baking and cleaning practices, I continued to cook the pork on my tabletop grill. We tried to change a fuse but it was determined to be the element which will need to be replaced. But before that can happen I need to clean the bottom. This is the first oven that I have had that self cleans but with no element working I shall do it by hand.
And so my weekend begins. I hope it gets better as the weather is supposed to be great with sunny days forecast.....I have many other projects lined up for me related to produce - apples, vegetables etc that needs to be done as well. Take care.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The apple harvest here is a disaster this year, and our tree is no exception. We usually get enough to share with the neighbours and freeze 6-10 large pies a year. We then have them for the winter. Not this year! Most of our beet seeds disappeared but we still ended up with about a dozen fine looking beets. One very nice surprise in the garden was a very pretty, high, ground cover plant. I think it's some kind of hardy geranium--or at least fromthe same family. It has blue flowers, and I had it in the planter on the patio last year. I paid a lot for it, and the tag said that it was a perennial, so last fall David put it in the garden. Well--it's huge! And covered with both flowers and bees. A "keeper".

I don't think it was the "trials" life throws at you I was thinking of as much as I was moaning about how our emotions can only deal with so much and appear to shut down. This is a common phenomena, and mentioned in counselling literature. We deal with things, but we become numb. At some point, which maybe unrelated to the original experience, we experience a rush of emotion that catches us by surprise. This can happen years afterward. I feel numb now, and of course, I have to control any emotion for fear of setting off a chain reaction.

So I saw my new doctor yesterday. Now we climb on our bikes and head off for lab tests, then to Timmie's for breakfast.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Be - "not another thing" syndrome

I am so sorry to hear about all these troubles - it is said we are given no more than we can handle but I often think that I am being mistaken for someone else as dilemma after dilemma seem to beset me! Life is one big "test" and I tend to cram each day for what might be in store for the next day haha!
I climbed a tree today in the yard and picked some apples and made an apple pie. I wanted to try these apples to see if they would be suitable. We have never had such a good crop of apples before - not just crab apples but also really nice, big , juicy apples on several trees so as I have never used these before - hence the trial. After eating three pieces of pie I have concluded that they are mighty fine tasting pie apples!!
I was sewing a bit today and came to realization that I had far more nine square blocks sewed together than I likely would need for the planned quilt. So a few calculations and body counts, and low and behold I was right. Now I am more than anxious to start to piece it together - a renewed interest. If only I had some time....
Tomorow it is to Mothers, and then Friday we are off very early to Petawawa to pick up Mike. I look forward to this trip just to have him home again for awhile ( I call him being in North Bay as "being home")
So until my next posting...Take care

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Life in the middle of the night

Yes, I've been up for almost an hour, after tossing and turning since about midnight. David has discovered another plumbing problem. This time it's a leaky toilet in the upstairs bathroom. Most of the wall between the laundry room and the downstairs bathroom is rotten, and parts of it have been taken down. The plumber comes this morning. Now we know why the new bathroom floor was getting so dis-coloured. I imagine the sub-flooring around the toilet is rotten too, and will need replacing, as will the new floor we had put in a couple of years back. I think you can reach a point when your emotions become numb after dealing with "one more thing". ( we've all been there) I know that I just want to escape into the studio. But wait--isn't that where there is a leak in the foundation, and parts of the panelling are off, and the furniture out of place? Thank goodness we've had no more water there, since adjusting the eaves troughing.

Did our monthly grocery shopping yesterday, which should have meant that today we "power cook". I was really surprise at how cheap beef was. We bought a couple of good sized inside round roasts, for under $10. I can stretch them by turning them into Swiss steak and stews, but I did save part of it as an actual oven roast. I remember Daddy cooking the veggies around the roast, and how good it was. Loren was over yesterday for a few minutes, and we talked about stew made with beef and kidney, the way Daddy used to do it. I know he also added tomato, but can't remember if it was tomato sauce or ketchup. Loren was looking for the recipe for traditional Scottish "mince" like Grandma F used to make. It wasn't nearly as fancy as the way Mom used to make it, as Loren despises mushrooms, so it was basically hamburger and gravy. But I ask you--who writes down a recipe for mince?!

So I think I'll spend the next couple of hours cutting up veggies for the stew, so that , as soon as David gets up , I can get the thing put together and into the Crock Pot. Then it's onto banana bread, and finally ribs. Our Superstore had a deal where you got a gift card for $25.00, if you spent $250.00. I was $15.00 short, so went back and got a package of ribs. I know, I know--I shouldn't be eating them! But they're so good!