Monday, January 31, 2011

Spare Bed

I tried the spare bed, but once I had a pillow under my shoulder, and was lying flat out, the bed just wasn't wide enough for safety. I even had a nap in the water bed, and it was wonderful, but I couldn't get out by myself. When I saw the orthopedic surgeon, he was quite firm in his suggestion that I continue to sleep in the recliner. It is the getting in and gettingouts that seem to cause the problems, as well as wrestling with the quilts, using one hand, during both activities. I've sure learned to take both movements slow and easy. I see the ortho guy again on the 8th ( next week) and hope he has some good news for me.

Be - Can it get any colder?

What a crazy winter with the snow and cold. Listening to the news tonight, there is word of "the most severe storm this season" ready to dump 20 to 30cm onto Toronto and surrounding areas - we appear to be on the cusp of the storm but likely get some snow regardless.It is the cold temperatures that persist day after day that bothers me. We have two heaters blasting in the greenhouse trying to hold the temp at 40 to 50 degrees (F) overnight. So far, so good. I had to tape over the door and put blankets around the bottom tonight - just a precurser to the months that lie ahead and the work /tending that will have to be done!
Patty, can you not sleep on your spare bed rather than the recliner? It sounds as if the recliner is causing you more grief than should be in relieving the strain and pressure on your fracture, and it hurts me to hear about your troubles. Well, at least you have your photo class to look forward to - and it was great fun for me to receive your snow pic so don't ever worry about sending more "fun" stuff my way. Tomorrow it is to North Bay again and the days schedule is quickly filling up with things we have to do - should be another good day! I watched the Grand Slam Curling final on Sunday and just thrilled to see the Manitoba team the winner over the Howard team. Lots of good curlers coming out of Manitoba again. Getting late now so I'll leave you both with wishes to keep warm and out of the cold windy snowy outdoors. Take care

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Snow and cold

I tried to reply to your message Beth, and thought I had, but it appears to have disappeared into the ether. When we took the picture David asked what I planned to do with it, and I told him I was putting it on the blog. He said "Why bother? They've both got more snow than we do" But it was a moment of fun, and fun is sometimes needed.

I seem to be moving a bit better now. I hurt myself fighting with the quilts and the recliner mechanism on Tuesday night, and had a lot of difficulty and pain until Friday night when something pulled while I was again fighting with the recliner. Since then the pain is a little less, and I'm able to move a bit better. I now know not to make any sudden moves. I know I'm looking at a long haul and it's frustrating.

The little girls are coming over tonight for supper. I called Amber this morning to caution her about the severe wind chill warnings. ( -49C) I was worried about her car breaking down and leaving them all to freeze to death. The car has be a little unreliable for awhile, but she assured me that it had been in the shop last week and should now be okay.

Other than that nothing happens around here. I got a second place in a poker tournament yesterday, after winning nothing for three weeks, and I start a four-week class in Photoshop Elements7 next Tuesday. She e-mailed today to tell me that there are only 2 students, so it will almost be like private lessons. She had originally said that she wouldn't teach it unless she had at least 4 students, so I'm wondering if someone has dropped out. I had to submit a show entry photo and played with the program a bit yesterday. I think I got what was required, and e-mailed it off. The woman hasn't e-mailed back to tell me it is wrong, so here's hoping!

So again, David has been working hard to make sure we have a supper for them.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Be - great to see the snow pic

Your picture gave me a great big smile - first to see you, and second to see that others are enjoying as much snow as I am here - although if I could take a picture and send it, you might be surprised at the height of my piles! I had an exciting day - I took some time for myself, and figured out the sewing machine to do some free motion quilting practice. I followed the pictures on what foot to put on from the quilting kit attachments that I bought with the machine - no instructions, just a sheet of paper with some pictures, but enough to give me the idea. I had a piece of fabric you can buy aready with batting attached so used a contrasting thread and away I went. This machine is so easy, just lower the teeth and sew. I did my name as you suggested, and then tried swirls, and then did the ivy leaves and vines. It was just a quick try but enough to encourage me to realize I can do this, and can maybe do some little projects on my own. Horray!
So long for now, and for your information we are in the middle of a snow storm - North Bay set records today for snowfall! Thanks for sending it this way. Take care.

Hello from Winnipeg

That is not the view down the street behind me but rather the pile of snow in the front yard--almost as tall as I am.

Best laid plans etc.

Got up and dressed and out to the car, to head for a major grocery shopping. ( all of the above represent a major challenge in my life right now) Snow and more snow. Covering the car as fast as David can brush it off. He put it in gear and backed into a huge snowpile on the neighbours lawn. Whoops! I got out and David had to climb over the consol to the passenger side. I came in and made a cup of coffee, while he got the snowblower out and freed up the car. Decided to stay home for while, to see if the snow lessens. Sat down with my coffee and the power went out. It came back on after 1/2 hour, but we still aren't planning to go out until he can get the driveway clear. And it snows, and snows, and snows.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Be - Mexico

The news reports lately are not too good related to vacationing in Mexico. On the news tonight it stated that the Cruise ships - Carnival, will no longer be making a stop in Mazitlan because of the increasing wars between gangs and danger for tourists. I hope Kris and Sandy were in a nice "safe" location so they could actually relax and enjoy. I, personally, do not care to go to any of these places - maybe just as well I don't have a travel bug as Harry would never budge from home. You both have gone to exotic places - Patty to Cuba, and Cathy to Florida, right? I would just as soon visit Manitoba, and travel there by train. I know, here I go again with the train thing! We were at Mothers today and both Harry and I agree that we need to up our visits during the week. So starting Saturday, we shall go Mon, Thur and Sat on a regular basis and any times in between as needed. Another challenge for me to be sure, but one that has to be done nonetheless. I finished my knitted / crochet shawl tonight - added some ribbon to the top,and it looks OK. I should have made it longer, but I only had 4 balls of wool to work with - I went to several stores trying to match it in order to have more, but with no luck. The prognosticator of weather stated on the news tonight, that winter will be over in a few weeks - similar to last year. For me this is good news as Harry is talking louder about heating up the greenhouse - his planted seeds are not growing well in the back room - needs more sunlight so he thinks it is time to put them in the greenhouse. I can just see the dollar bills $$$ flying out the windows! And for Manitoba, the every threatening Red River is apparently not behaving again - I logged onto the Free Press again to read the article about it. I go on there occassionally to see whats happening in Winnipeg. Well, bed time now. Hope you both have a good weekend. Take care.

Work Work Work

It's not really that bad since I am sitting here at my desk posting on my blog :). I still can't shake this cold. A friend told me his wife is just starting to get over it and it has been 3 weeks. One more week to go I guess. It's snowing again (just what we need) hopefully not too much. I was talking to Kik last night. She is doing well. Writing lots and lots. I am busy trying to learn my lines. I have tonights lines memorized but next week is 8 pages and I am on all of them. I better start learning! We haven't made our reservations for Winnipeg in March. The other part of our team is staying at a Canadinn so I think we will check that out. It would be good if we could carpool to the legion. I don't think that our branch can afford to subsidize us this year, so we may have to pay for it ourselves. Fortunately if we go to Quebec it is covered by Dominion. I don't remember if I mentioned it Beth, but I had a few drinks with a local man, stationed at North Bay. His name is Mark Goldade. I was able to give him a weather update on what he was heading home too, thanks to you! You know how some days you just don't feel like working? this is one of them. I have stuff I can do, but I am procrastinating. I know I will have to do it eventually, but this is way more fun and fulfilling. No one else is particularly in work mode here, either. Must be the weather. I will have to call Kris soon. I was hoping to hear from him when he got back from Mexico, but I guess it was strain enough having to go back to work (poor baby!) Speaking of work.... I guess I better do some.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Be - If its Tuesday..

..we must have gone to North Bay. Thats right, another trip to town is in the books. Not too bad a day either, as I did OK at violin, and we had a coffee and chat at Mikes. One of his work buddies who lives in Sturgeon Falls about 40 km west of North Bay is going to move in with Mike - it is a two bedroom apt so they can each have their own bedroom and share the rest of the areas (and split the rent $) His buddie has been driving back and forth so it will make it easier for him, and I think Mike could use the company. He is used to having friends over all the time. Mike will have to move his stuff out of the spare room though so his bedroom will now be filling up as evidenced today with shelves and boxes already making their way into his bedroom. His animals and their cage (3 degus) will be moved into the dining room. I went into two furniture stores today looking for a cabinet to hold china ( not a china cabinet) We have platters, and bowls, and others pieces that need to find a place other than on the fridge, or on top of the kitchen cupboards. I don't know what would work, but it has to be wide enough to store platters 16 inches in diameter and every cabinet I saw today is too narrow. I did see a gorgeous side board that I loved but of course it is too big for the small space I have available, and out of my price range totally! But I enjoyed the looking and the dreaming. I also had to go into Bank to activate a new "chip" client card I got in the mail. Now I don't like to think that I am stupid, but all these newish techy things are getting a bit much - the teller had to stop me from trying to "swipe" it, to instead stick it into the bottom of the machine, and gave me that "I don't believe this women" kind of look. Or maybe I just imagined the look because I was feeling so totally inept! Anyway, I managed to complete all that was necessary, and so when the next chip replacement card arrives from another bank, I shall be prepared and confident. Thinking about your nice new socks and hoping they helped you sleep better Patty, and hope you get those lines memorized Cathy. Take care.

Monday, January 24, 2011

new socks!

yes, I have five pair of purple, soft, fleecy socks, to wear while sleeping in the recliner--which may be for another 6 weeks. We were at he Bay, so looked at socks there. We found some that were right and apparently on sale, but when it came time to pay, we were charged 60% of the sale price! Bonus!

I've noticed that my hand appears to be moving into a flexion pattern whenever I relax or sleep. I know that this can be an indication of nerve damage, so I've started some very light range of motion activities for my wrist and elbow. I had been told to move and stretch a bit, whenever it is out of the sling, and to use heat, so I don't think I'm breaking any rules. it was the nurse practitioner who told me to wear the sling while sleeping, although the doctors never said anything about that.

And today, I cancelled the classes I was to teach this spring. I was just startign to achieve some name recognition, but now I'll probably have to start all over again.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Shawl pins

Can't say I remember them, but there was one lady who just might have been wearing one. I wrap mine so firmly around me, there's no room for a pin. Did I tell you that Amber was surprized to see so many shawls in the office during her tenure there this month?
I didn't know that Kris and Sandi were away, Cathy. Yeah, they sure picked the right time to go! Amber and Daren plan to go away fro a few days ( depending on what child care arrangements they can make) once Darren's fathers will is through probate. They aren't volunteering any info about where, and I'm not asking.
Had a call from the Crafts Museum giving me contact information for a lady who had seen one of my small quiltets, on a promo on tv, for the sale last November--and wanted to buy it. I called her, but had no idea what she was talking about from her description. So I took pictures of the ones Ihae left and sent to her. Now I'm meeting her at the Bay tomorrow to sell her two of them! I sure hope she doesn't change her mind when she sees them. Then I get to go out and buy socks! How exciting life gets--or how excited I get--at these small outings.

Be - I'm on for Quebec in May

It would be great if you won up to Dominion and travelled to Quebec - maybe it would be close enough for me to go, too! No warmer temps here for awhile yet minus 47 (with wind chill) in North Bay last night. I just went out to start both the cars - they both gave a little grunt but decided to start. I let them warm up a bit and now I'm back inside where it is much much warmer. Not too exciting going on -believe it or not I am watching the Manitoba Moose hockey team play at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg - thats all that is on right now. I am eating popcorn that I just made, and putting the finishing touches on the "mug matt" I sewed together this morning. Then I shall continue knitting a shawl I started before Christmas. Patty, did the ladies you saw wearing shawls, and maybe even you now, use shawl pins? I have just discovered by browsing through a Mary Maxim catalogue that they have pins of all shapes and styles and materials Mother of Pearl, inlaid shell, mosaic etc. I would really like one or two especially one with a beautiful cat design inlaid I see for a high price! Have either of you seen them worn? Well, back to the Moose game while I wait for figure skating to come on. Take care and stay warm

It's warming up!

It is supposed to get to -2 today. What a change from the -32! Of course it is cloudy and supposed to snow (again!) but at least it is warmer and the wind is down. We played Cribbage in Plumas yesterday. Much to our suprise our team won. We are off to Winnipeg (whooppee!) in March. If we win there it is Quebec in May. That would be nice. Anything is possible I guess. My cold is still hanging in, but it seems to be fading out a bit. My brain is still not quite in gear, but it is much better than it was. I still cough, but it is not as uncontrollable. Pati, I sure feel for you with your arm. I remember being in a cast and I felt so helpless. I couldn't even dress myself properly! With me not feeling that great we have not been eating properly this last week. Of course Jim is on his week long no red meat test, which limited our options. Today I have a chicken ready to roast. If I can stay awake that long. I have been sleeping 10 hours a night and napping on top of that. Kris & Sandi should be back from Mexico by now. I think they were only going for a week. They picked a good week to be gone! I should really be reading my script. It is a new block on Monday and I have not really been able to concentrate. I have a day! What am I worried about!? Hope this week is better for you both than last!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sewing machines

Beth, for most machines, the 1/4" foot is purchased separately. I don't know how I would ever get along without mine. When you first try FMQ'g do something simple that makes use of "muscle memory". such as writing your name. Then move onto something foolproof such as lots of little circles, sometimes called "cobblestones". Spirals and squares can help too. Unfortunately, the only real way to learn is "practise, practise, practise'.

Be - "pain and sympathy"

I wish I could reach out and help you both. I do not envy you Patty in sleeping in a recliner although you did make me smile with your description and my visualization of the scene. Today, amongst other housework activities, I took out my sewing machine and set it up and cleaned it and then sewed the top for a "mug matt" (6 inch finished block) a pattern I read in one of my Lynette Jensen Thimbleberries books. I was looking for something quick and simple just to get back to the feel of it again. To my utter amazement I realized that my presser foot is not a 1/4 inch foot and every project I have completed has been sewn with a 5/8 inch seam. And I wonder why things sometimes didn't match up? Not that it really matters but it did give me pause, and an opportunity to change. My next challenge is to try to free motion quilt following the handbook, and my recollections from the class I took in Ottawa in 2006 which was a disaster at the time but maybe will be some help to me now? Should be fun. Have a good weekend and stay warm if you can - supposed to be 37 degree below here at night over next few days. Take care

No exciting news

Just carry on. No abduction or external rotation. Wear the sling. And continue sleeping in the recliner. Come back in three weeks. Well, we both had a rough day yesteday. After the doctor we went shopping and were out and about, even ended up eating supper out. By the time we got home, we were both exhausted, and decided to forego showers in favour of early to bed. But we wanted to figure out some way of protecting my heels in the recliner. Well, darned if the recliner decided to stop working. By the time David, in his nightie, had up-ended it and worked on the mechanism, it was later still. So I took the portable phone with me to sleep, so that if I got stuck in the darn thing, in the middle of the night, I could phone David on the cell and he could come to help me. Funny situation looking back but not pleasant to live through at the time.
So I wait and try to heal and hope for the best.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be - Cold and colds all around

Thanks for the update on Jim - sounds as if there are a few steps to go through yet but since I have gone through similar tests I know you will both be able to manage. And as for your cold, I am so glad you stayed home - even without chocolates! We are in the deep freeze here as well and with the snow storm yesterday - apparently a record for snow fall - it has been fun trying to shovel and take the dog for a walk. Scarf tied over hat, and lots of layers and yet the wind still went right through me. Patty, you will be going to Doctor tomorrow so wishing you good news! Take care

Chocolates? Did someone say "Chocolates"?

Don't I wish! Our meals are getting more and more haphazard. I overdid it a little yesterday and my arm is quite sore, so I'm trying to take it real easy today. I forgot myself and tried to use a plunger.

Cathy, get well. You can't deal with emotional stress if you're not physically strong. Do whatever you need to, and feel no guilt. We know that you have a strong sense of responsiblity, as we all do, but don't endanger yourself with false bravado. Get well!

Colds & Cold

It is very cold out right now (windchill of -34... and its daytime!) and I am home with a cold. It started with a very dry cough that left me exhausted. I was going to tough it out but I figured "why?" So I am at home. I took some cough medicine that helped and today the cough is loosening. I did, however, sleep 12 hours last night. (nice!) Jim saw the doctor yesterday. He says that what they saw on the scope was not enought to cause all his symptoms, so the next step is the scope from the "other end". His blood pressure is up again, so he hasn't felt faint lately and the medicine seems to be helping him. He is on iron right now and has to have his hemoglobin tested every week. There were a number of scenarios that the doctor said could be fixed when they did the scope (eg polyps) and there were some that may require surgery. We will wait and see. A friend from the past died yesterday. Alvin Young. They were are neighbours when we lived at Eden. I saw Lorraine (his wife) when I was at the hospital with Jim. She said he had a growth on his esophogas and couldn't eat. I hate it when friends start to die. I plan on taking it very easy today. The proverbial "lie and the couch and eat chocolates" except I don't have any chocolates. ( I don't think I oculd eat them if I did!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Be - bright and sunny day

but a good day to stay inside because the wind chill is something else - can't even take the dog for a decent walk. So I shall brighten my day even more by writing a few words to you both. Patty when I broke my arm it was really the elbow bones that I shattered - I was casted for a few weeks and then had to undergo intensive Physio. You are right about how quickly the muscles give out with immobility within a few days. It depends on your fracture -location, type - is it splintered, or clean fracture etc. Bones heal quickly and well if there is good anastimosis to start with and this is what the Surgeon would be checking on the xray. Best to ask this of your Surgeon. You could still teach if you had samples and instructions to share, couldn't you? It would be a shame to put this on hold when you most likely could function very well in spite of some slight limitations. But I would wonder about new comittments to shows etc. without getting a feeling for how you can work now. In this initial stage you still need a lot of help with activities of daily living. I have been putering away in the basement and found a box from you Patty that I got on one of my trips with a half completed quilt from a McCalls magazine "Grandmas Quilt" with hand appliqued blocks and flying geese border all done - I felt like I had found a box of gold. I had forgotten about receiving it from you and I may never be able to complete it totally but it boosted by spirits so much. I have your expert applique to see first hand as an example for me. And speaking of inspirations, I also found this quote about "lists" in my new 2011 day book that I thought you would both love since we are always talking about our lists, so will end with it:
"I value the momentum of making the list and the drive to tick. Sometimes I add stuff I've already accomplished so I can get going on my feelings of accomplishment. (Sara Genn, artist 1972-)
Take care

More frustration

There are things I want to do! And patience has never been one of my virtues. However, David and I are spending much more time together and communicating much more, since this happened. ( Showering together does that) The most surprising thing is that I'm not getting much reading done. I can't hold a paperback, so have to keep a book flat on the table, and this just isn't a comfortable position for me.

Beth, I have no idea what sort of time frames I'm looking at here. I know this is a type of fracture that should heal fairly well, and fairly quickly ( Please, God!) but am I looking at weeks or months? I remember you breaking your arm, but I don't remember much in the way of details. I'm at the point now of having to look at shows, and teaching, for the next 6-8 months, and having to make some decisions. My instincts are telling me to say "no", but my heart doesn't want to do that. If nothing else, an impending show gives me a reason to get up in the morning.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

re: Surgery consult

This the route. Any fracture is automatically referred to orthopedics, and the surgery decision is made there. I have been assured that the decision not to do surgery has been pretty well made, via computer transmitted x-rays on Tuesday night. So now orthopedics takes over for follow-up. They will check and see if there is any evidence of healing when I go in Thursday, and if so, start the rehab referrral for me. If there is no evidence of healing they might--might-- reconsider surgery. This is the best and fastest way to get me into physio, without me having to pay privately. And I'll for sure need physio. I'm appalled at how much range I've lost already. Although, I'm typing with two hands tonight--just taking a little longer to deal with the typos. Yeah, the bra is a killer, and there is no way to do without it as the boob gets in the way of the sling. David has to help me with just about everything-including adjusting my clothing at the toilet--and me on diuretics! So I've just taken my painkillers and in a few minutes we will both have a shower.

Be - sending my thoughts

Just logging in and I am feeling so badly to be reading about all your troubles - from both of you. Fractures are certainly the last thing anyone wants - especially at our age - every step I take when out walking with the dog is taken with the fear of falling and breaking an arm, or worse, a hip. I am wondering Patty why you are waiting for an orthopedic Sx referral - is there need for a reduction -open or closed? When I broke my arm the worst thing was to try to get my bra fastened, so wondering how you are managing with your personal care? Cathy, Tuesday is a long way off to be waiting for some results / diagnosis. Your description of Jim's symptoms is classic with bleeds from upper gastrointestinal track ie stomach ulcers but the blacking out would be of great concern possibly from the low hemoglobin and resulting decreased oxygen to brain - I hope he isn't driving right now (should I really be asking this question?)
To you both - I am thinking of you and wish I could be of more help than just my thoughts and prayers can offer. Please keep me updated if you can, as I shall now check the blog daily. Take care.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Oh, Cathy, what worry for you! It's always worse when you are worrying about someone you love. And we worry more about the unknown. David and I have learned to stay together in this sort of situation, even if, once in awhile, we would rather face the news alone. If Jim, himself, asked that you be there, they have to let you stay. Please let us know how it goes.

Typing with one hand is pain--in several places--so it looks like short notes from me for awhile. All I want to do is sleep, in any case.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Life is all around us

I took jim to the hospital yesterday. They thought it may be a bleeding ulcer or something else. They admitted him on Monday and told me not to wait around for the test. Unfortunately Jim does not remember what was said during the test. He has to got for blood tests next Tuesday and an appointement the same afternoon. They thougt it may be a bleeding ulcer (black stools, vomiting black, and dizziness leading to passing out) Jim remembers nothing!!! We will ask the Doctor for the results then. Meanwhile he is on some sort of medication and we know nothing.... I will call the doct0r tomorrow for at least an update. Jim, on the other hand, says that nobody told him anything....did he ask?...... that is the scary part all around.... did anyone ask and did noone think to tell him anything?..... I guess we will find out eventually. Meanwhile, Pati..I really hope that things turn out okay. I am asking the Gods to look out for you
Love Ya


Got a call about 5:00 that the radiologist had determined that I have a "comminuted, impacted fracture of the neck of the humerus". So, back to the hospital for an orthopedic consult--via computer--and more x-rays. They gave me a sling, and told me to keep it immobilized, and book an appointment with the orthopedoic surgeon for about a week from now. Both David and I saw the original x-ray, and the fracture was obvious to both of us--don't know how the doctor missed it.
I had a wonderful evening with Ravenesque--the T3's helped--but other than that have spent most if the last 24 hours sleeping--in the recliner. It has been suggested that I continue to sleep there for the next little while. I don't know how I would get in and out if the water bed, in any case.
I'll let you know if anything else develops

Be - Crazy fall

I can feel your pain and of all things a vacuum - couldn't it have been a box of empty wine bottles? I am so sorry to hear this news - especially that your knee took a beating again. More importantly as you mention, how long will you be able to stand not being able to sew or do your art? I hope the Ravenesque group took pity and helped you entertain? Not only do I have the same slow response typing problem still on the computer (one letter at a time with a few seconds pause) but I have the old cat up on my lap wanting hugs and loves. Lately I don't mind when he comes for loves - he is almost 15 years and I never know how much longer I will be able to enjoy him. Well another Tuesday is done - I always think of it as my stress day going to North Bay - it is always running here and there and making sure I get to violin on time, and shopping, and today I had appt at Bank to invest an RSP into a RIF on Harry's behalf, and buying lots of planting soil and it goes on and on. Today though I treated myself to a hot Chai Tea - it really is a splurge at $3.75 a cup but yet another way to celebrate little happy moments. I listened to a program on CBC on the weekend about "Road to Damascus" moments - eurika moments of sudden enlightenment - like a light bulb going on suddenly and a renewed feeling of suddenly "getting it" Even though they were focusing on spiritual moments for the most part, I wonder if I haven't had such moments about life in general but just don't recognize them. I think it would be like you Patty when you have your artistic ideas pop into your mind, or do they ruminate around for while before your "moment"? Anyway, I am now observing each day more closely to try to capture whatever moments I can - maybe sounds strange but it sure can't hurt?
So a good rest of the week to you both. And Patty, I would suggest hiding your vacuum. Take care.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Expecting the ladies of Ravenesque tonight and was tidying the basement. Tripped over the vacuum and fell. Really fell! Off to the hospital, where, after many pain-inducing activities ( you try to get a long-sleeved t-shirt off over your head, plus an undershirt and bra, while sitting in wheelcair, and while refusing to move your left arm away from your body) they decided that nothing was broken, but probably torn ligaments. I also ended up with exactly the same bloody friction burn, in exactly the same spot on my left knee. The old one hadn't really even healed yet!!
So here I sit with my left arm in a sling, hurts like the devil, trying to type with one hand. David has been great. HeeHee! Earlier this morning he had been complaining about wanting something to break the routine.
The bad news, of course, is that there will be long term ramifications in terms of my sewing. We'll have to see how that works out.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday at last....

It was a very long week for me. I was off over Christmas and was just starting to relax when Tuesday came. Unfortunately Patty was on holiday, Debbie was sick and Mallorie left at 1:30 on Tuesday. Mal was back on Wednesday but Elizabeth was gone Thursday and Friday. It's a good thing that we weren't very busy because trying to do 3 jobs is really tiring! Patty was back on Friday and did her own job. I think a sad part is the lack of positive feedback. On Friday I said to Mallorie that it had been the longest short week I had ever worked.... Her response.... "You didn't have to work so hard." So tell me.... while I was busting my ass to do the work why did no one say... "don't work so hard" On Thursday Mal asked what she could do to help me and I told her that breakup needed doing, but if she didn't want to do it I would.... She walked away and I did break up.. So much for trying to be polite and work together. Sorry.... this is turning into a bitch session. Our first rehearsal was on Monday night. I thought I knew my lines better than I did, but at least I was off book. Rehearsal was cancelled on Thursday (too many sick people) Back again on Monday. It's hard to get into the rhythm of rehearsals, but it is fulfilling. Jim & I signed up for Crib again this year. I am not sure when the first game is though. They took down the sign up sheet but we have heard nothing since. I think I will get Jim to ask on Monday.Yesterday I was at an all day meeting for VCC. We worked on a new strategic plan. Our last one was done in 2005 and although we have been reviewing it regularly we want a new started point with new goals. It was a long day... 9 to 5 and we worked through lunch. It sure gets your mind working, though. Kind of a nice change from sitting around and watching tv. It also meant that Jim cleaned the whole office himself (YEAH) He said he was only going to get a start on it, but he did it all. Right now he is watching the original True Grit and I am procrastinating on learning my lines for next week. I slept in until 9:30 this morning. I knew I was tired, but 10 pm to 9:30am was nice. I wish I could do it more often. I saw the doctor on Tuesday. He said my blood tests were mostly within normal range, but that they indicated that I had inflamation in my joints (gee... really?) I had been complaining about pain and tiredness and he said that I should keep track and if things get bad there is medication that he could prescribe. I think that I would rather avoid any medication until I desperately need it. The side effects are often worse than the pain. On another note of proscratination I think I will go for a walk with the dogs today. It is difficult because we can't take the trail, and I don't want to take them towards the highway, so we follow the snowmobile trail, snowmobiles and all.

Friday, January 7, 2011


I've put some pictures on the Mouse Factory blog. That post took about an hour, but they're there. Today I plan to finish the hand work on the two other gelatin prints I've been working on. Yesterday I had a disgusting interlude. I found a slab of gelatin that I'd forgotten about. Now I know that when you leave it for awhile it dries out and moulds. Yu-u-ck!

Despite being on a strict budget this month, yesterday I bought a new cd "Yo-Yo Ma plays Ennio Morricone". I had never heard of Ennio Moricone, but he is an Italian orchestral composer who did a lot of the music for films that were made in Italy. His work is noted for the emotional content, and apparently he is very highly respected. Some of his works were re-arranged to allow for an enhanced cello solo contribution, just for this album. As with most cello music, much of it is slow and romantic, which is fine, but other parts, such as a selection from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, give me chills. I've been playing it ever since we got home. Poor David! But Beth, you would have enjoyed David and I shopping for the cd at Chapters. There was no-one in the music area, and I had to go to the washroom. When I got back that strange little man had re-appeared and was helping David pick out a cd for me. (It turned out that David had gone looking for him and found him re-stocking the displays by the check-outs) I didn't know which Yo-Yo Ma cd I wanted so we took the cheapest one. Then the gentleman told us what a good choice it was the best cd Yo-Yo Ma had out etc. I wonder if everyone gets a "pep talk" when they buy something from him. David and I are so obviously "strangers in a strange land" when we go there, I have to wonder if he gets as much of a laugh out of us as we do out of him.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Be - doggy booties

Yes, the dog has four red booties now to match her red sweater. She really doesn't mind them but for me it is a bother. I have twice plowed through the snow looking for a lost bootie. Once at night with a flashlight at the front of our house with snow pounding down in large flakes. Oh well? I guess I didn't win the 50 million dollars, but from what we see on the news, neither have the 19 winners. What is becoming of our lives when we end up disputing a lottery win? The business report states a statistic that for all retirement/savings plans people have, there are still 10 percent of people depending on a lottery win as their only plan. Sounds like I'm in good company (haha) I have started back with my violin lessons this week with a renewed enthusiasm and vigour. It feels good to feel good about something. My instructor said "excellent" when I played my practiced tune, and I have a new tune to learn for this week that is absolutely beautiful. Hope this change (positive progress) will continue for awhile. Harry has already started to order seeds and preparing for the spring planting frenzie and I am already thinking with some intrepidation about what lies ahead. I would love to do some sewing and today took out my machine handbooks to see if I could instruct myself on how to do free motion quilting. I had thought about taking the machine in for servicing and arranging for a lesson at the same time but so it is just a thought. It seems that after spending two days a week at Mothers, and another day in NorthBay for shopping and violin lesson, it leaves little time for extras (and little to no energy to execute extras) So I have many many activities that I plan, but that remain only as thoughts !
Well, time to close for now - hope all is well with you both. I am anxious to see some pictures Patty and you mentioned you are closer to being able to post - good luck. And I assume Cathy that you have a few more lines memorized by now for your play -break a leg!
Take care

Monday, January 3, 2011

Now for the quiet times-and word association

Pati here
had the family over for supper on Saturday. Afterward Loren's children wanted to play that Munchkin game again. It was a little better the second time around, although they had changed a couple of rules between games, but it was the first time for David--and probably last time. I can see getting into this. I remember how obsessive we all became when we first started playing the Farming Game. Loren and his friends would even make bets and deals at school that meant special considerations the next time they played. Loren once started the game owing his friend Tom 20 acres of hay! And I also remember that we had to order the game from Wheatheart Hydrostatic and Machine in Saskatoon. They got so used to us that they would trust us to send the cheque--a big deal in those days.

Speaking of Tom, he was Loren's best man, and I remember the fuss over getting his hair done. It was almost down to his waist and he wanted a "samurai" style. I still shudder when I see the wedding pictures. By absolute coincidence, he turned out to be a hunting buddy of Darren's.

So, now I haven't been out of the house since Friday morning when we went to buy a salad for Saturday's supper. I have a meeting at the museum tomorrow and plan to piggy-back a trip for some lab work on that. But after that, no more reason to leave the house until a painting class on the 12th. This is a real down side to retirement, but a bit of a plus in Winnipeg in January. Yesterday the tree came down and the Christmas dishes went back into the pantry. I'm also trying to counter cabin fever with a real drive to become more productive in the studio, but I'm procrastinating with cleaning. This morning I tackled the basement bar. I try to do it twice a year, but was about six months behind. David ended up making two trips to the garage with recycl-able crap, and I have a bag to take to the quilters' guild with good junque, and a bag for the thrift shop with plain ordinary junk. I have a lot of hand sewing to do and had carefully planned tv viewing last night, but suddenly realized that I had been using Monday's tv schedule, so we'll try again tonight.

Hope everyone is well (lots of flu around here), and recovering from that food binge we've all been on for the last month.