Friday, May 31, 2013

And so..........

It has not been a good week so I write now with hopes that I shall put the past behind me, and look forward to the future. I gave up giving you updates on my car - it has been into the garage two times more since my last report. I picked it up yesterday and drove it today and low and behold it functioned OK. So I have my fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe things will be better. Yard work and the usual "goings on"  have kept me busy and incommunicato with you and this blog but again, maybe things will be better? I have read some posting though, and I can never get enough of your adventures Patty. Of course, I had to try to visualize the streets and the routes and had a bit of fun with that. When you mentioned Dad's little short cut I had a big smile on my face as I remember that well. I used to look so forwrad to the trips to his workplace. Just ended my water pumping at the front window - lots of rain and thunder storms with warnings all over the area but this little storm came and went fairly quickly over the supper time - hope it stays that way over night as I am really tired and don't want to be up manning the post all night haha.I just rememberred to plug in my EReader to charge the battery. I get so involved in the story that I forget to check the battery status and noticed last night as I turned it off that the battery icon was almost at its lowest. If I am to do some more reading before bed tonight I have to put some energy into it.Wednesday is Armed Forces Day in North Bay and of course, we want to go up and also Mike is working at it so it is always nice to see him. The snowbirds will be performing and that would be great to see as well.  But Wednesday evening is the retirement party I wanted to attend way down the highway in Bracebridge, so I am thinking that there will likely be a bit of a conflict and a quandry for me, and wonder at what will prevail. Harry is giving tomatoe plants away - he put an ad on Kijiji and got lots of responses so out the boxes go. We still have ample to plant in our yard though even with giving to his brother, and brother in law, and the people in Sprucedale. Also, on Thursday we went up to North Bay and rototilled a garden and planted tomatoes and pepper plants for this elderly man. We went to his 90th Brithday party back in March, and Harry promised we would do a garden for him. Last year I took up several plants on my own but didn't have to do up a garden for him. He lives with his daughter but they all work, and so we helped him out this year. Anyway, that 's life for now.. as Lloyd Robertson always ended his news with "And that's the kind of day its been" - well, that's the kind of week its been around here haha  Take care

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The end of an era

As we came home tonight they were pulling down East View Lodge.  That was the building on top of the hill as you approached Neepawa from the east.  A few years ago,when they built the new home, the town was going to buy East View for $1.00 and they already had a developer lined up to turn it into desperately needed apartments.  At the last minute, the government, in its wisdom, decided that since they still owed just over $100,000 on the mortgage they wanted to get their money out of the building.  3 years later, the government having spent over $500,000 to try to keep the heat and utilities active in the abandoned building decided to sell it for $1.00.  Too bad that due to neglect mold had settled in and the structure was compromised.  Today it was torn down.  Now someone will build apartments there...... 5 years later.  What a shame.  We could have had apartments years ago.  Neepawa has so many new citizens now with no place to live.  Rents are astronomical.  Keri has a really inexpensive place to live, (inexpensive compared to what it could be rented for) but she can't afford it on the salary she gets.  There are no places to live in this town.  Just thought I needed to vent a bit.  The end of an era in Neepawa.

Not quite the adventure we planned

I think I logged awhile back about cleaning out more stuff from the studio.  One thing I ended up with was a fairly large bag of Duffel cloth and felted wool. I have acquired pieces of this since I worked at the Charles Camsell Hospital in Edmonton, and have made mitts out of it..  I don't even know if you can buy it anymore, but last time I saw it, the price was over $150/metre. Since I had fairly large pieces, I wasn't going to donate it to the thrift store.  I called my contact at the Craft Museum, and she offered to use it in their programming.  I know her programming and decided to look for a more traditional agency.  I ended up calling Thunderbird House, the funny building at Higgins and Main.  They said they could use it in their programming, but it was a young man and I'm not sure if he even knew what I was talking about. None-the-less, we set off with it yesterday.  We found parking about a block away and then had to walk by the Salvation Army hostel.  This means a crowd on the street, just hanging around, as they are asked to leave first thing in the morning and not allowed back in until evening.  While Thunderbird House is round, and has entrances on four sides, the only open entrance is on the East, which meant we had to walk around the building.  A fellow spoke to us to tell us to take off our shoes, and only when asked for help, did he direct me to the office telling me I needed to speak to Jason.  No Jason, but "he'll be back in a minute.  He;s wearing a red T-shirt".  Then the fellow went out into the main area to lead some sort of event.  I hope it went well for him, because everybody's attention was on us. However, no Jason, although a little while later a fellow in a black T-shirt came in, ignored us, and went into a different office.  So we left.  Back past the street full of indigents.

David was determined to get rid of the stuff and remembered that there was a women's resource  center somewhere on Selkirk ave.  So North on Main to Selkirk, looking for "some sort of women's center".  I finally spotted a sign just east of Balmoral, on the other side of the street.  So back we go, and I went in to ask.  A sign on the door suggested that men were not welcome inside. There was a desk. on the other side of a sitting area, where there were several women just sitting and watching tv. A pretty "scurvy" bunch, they were. Thank Goodness, the lady behind the desk was less frightening in appearance and quite pleasant.  ( the ladies sitting around might have been quite pleasant, but I sure wasn't going to try to find out)  She was even more pleasant when she saw the stuff, recognizing immediately what it was. So it was left, in what I'm thinking was a good home.

We were then wanting to go to a mall close to home, but how to get there off Selkirk?  First thought was North to the Redwood Bridge, and then I remembered that Hespeler is a horror because of construction/ clean up related to the new Disraeli Freeway. The radio has been warning people to stay away from the area.  So, South on Main, and back to Higgins?  But wait, there is no left hand turn onto Higgins off Main.  So David decided to try to get to Sutherland and then onto Higgins just by the Louise Bridge.  I mis-understood his intention, and figured we were looking for Annabella, to take the underpass South to Higgins. ( This was one of Dad's favourite routes, but I may be the only one who remembers that.)  We didn't want to turn East onto Euclid,  since we were looking for Sutherland, but soon realized that we weren't going to be able to turn East onto Sutherland, so turned onto Jarvis.  Then we dipsy-doodled through Point Douglas until we spotted Sutherland, and then it was clear sailing through to Annabella, Higgins and the Louise Bridge.  Not a part of town I like to go through, but probably no more dangerous than other areas. A bit of an adventure.  There sure are a lot of warehouses in the area, and the main garage for Greyhound buses.  It bought to mind Amber's wedding, as we had to go somewhere in the area to have the car detailed.

To cap off the day, we had supper at McDonald's.  I wanted to try their new "wraps".  I also tried their Cafe Mocha. The Mocha was very nice, better than Tim's, but the price is more than a dollar higher.    The wrap was also nice.  A good meal, and much nicer than the old style of wrap.  However, shortly after eating, it was off the the bathroom, and then again at regular intervals all evening.  So maybe we won't be visiting that McDonald's again.  But I did lose 4 pounds.  Maybe not a permanent loss, but any loss makes me grateful, and gives me hope.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho...It's off to work I go

One week is way to short.  I must need another week at least, 'cause I was really bitchy last night for no reason other than I had to get up this morning. I didn't get 1/2 the things done I wanted to, but on the other hand I sat around more than I intended to.  The garden is in (and up) the flowers are planted, most of the floors washed (although with 3 dogs washing the basement point is useless) and most of the windows washed.  I waded through some "stuff" I have had in boxes for years and I looked at my clothes.  I have put off buying anything new because I was going to lose weight.  Not going to happen so I might as well bite the bullet and get some clothes.  Mostly work clothes.  The things I am wearing to work should have been relegated  to the "only at home" portion of my wardrobe months ago.  I will start my shopping adventures at the "Sally Ann" today.  Since we only have the Red Apple and Giant Tiger in town, the Sears catalogue is next in line.  We have "Its Time" but although the clothes are fantastic, so is the price.   We made it through the cold nights without any casualties but the forecast is for well below normal for the next 2 weeks.  Global warming??   Rain has been in the forecast for the last few days, (and next few) but other than a couple of days of heavy rain, we have just had cloudy and damp.  I shouldn't complain after listening to Beth's woes.  Between weather and vehicles you have been busy! Yesterday Kristy and I were going to drink wine and go over the Craft Sale applications.  We really intended to do more drinking, but instead we got most of the craft sale stuff done and didn't even finish our drink.  We got too involved in trying to cut back on tables and looking up the commercial applicants on line to see what their products looked like.  We both agreed that we would rather eliminate the commercial venders rather than the hand crafters.  (Except for some venders that we know people look forward to like Sunset Gourmet and Pampered Chef)  Well, it is time to face the fact that I have to wear something decent to work today.  I may even have to put on a bra!!!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Should I write a book?

I had my car into the garage again today -becoming a daily event on my calendar. I actually started it this morning to go to the garage to start paying off my bills and speak with accounting about it. I parked and turned the car off and guess what! The key locked again and I couldn;t get it out. I went into the garage dealership and spoke with the both owners and the mainenance manager. Long story short, they gave me a loaner for the day, and they replaced the ignition lock cylinder and cut a new key. This visit was considered a "goodwill" visit and no payment was requested. Apparently they will submit it as per a memo they received from GM with a recall for certain similar cars although my car VIN was not included in the recall notice. I am so hopeful that this will complete my frequent issues and that for a time I can feel confidence in driving the little car. I will let you know. In meantime the plants remain covered and will stay that way for two more nights. I just have to turn on the heaters in the greenhouses for the night but will have to water in there tomorrow I am sure. I have made an appt to get my hair cut next week to get all pretty for the party I go to June 5 to celebrate with an old friend from Home Care who is retiring. Should be a fun evening. Have to find something in my closet to wear. Enjoy the weekend folks, and take care.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Remember my car? I picked it up at the garage yesterday. This morning we decided to go to Huntsville to Canadian Tire. Started my car and saw that the front left tire was low, and surprise, the "Check Engine Light" was on. I immediately drove it to the garage. Long story short, we left the car to be checked, and went to Huntsville in Harry's van. This afternoon the garage called - it is the oxygen sensor that is defective, and the part was ordered. and there was a nail in the tire and that will be fixed. Another big bill is pending. I expressed my opinion to the Service Manager. I feel like there is a curse on me and my little car.
I was out at 5 am this morning fighting the thunder and lightening trying to get ahead of the water - but to no avail. I was even up a ladder trying to clean out the eaves trough - again to no avail. David, call off your rain curse please!! haha  And frost for tomorrow night to start the weekend off . I bought big bags today at Canadian Tire and I found another box of old sheets and I have lots of cloths pins so I am at the ready to cover up.
There is no more ARROW so I plan to start a new book tonight as I finished the one last night - I am enjoying this series called The Bower Files by Steven James. A great read and always a catchy conclusion - the least likely suspect is the villain!
Your trip to Lockport and Selkirk got me reminiscing- I always loved that trip and I could almost picture it in my head as you described it. I would like to repeat that tour when I ever get back to Winnipeg. At present time looks like it will be December 2015 and also dinner at a Sushi restaurant? haha Time for bed, I'm getting silly. How is your vacation Cathy? Take care

Today's adventure

We managed to get out on the bikes for about the 3rd time this year.  We got home and spent a couple of hours working, me int he studio and David in the garden.  Another hour of both of us in the studio and David is talking about lunch, saying he was thinking about some canned salmon.  I laughed and said that I was thinking about the A&W coupons that came in the mail.  Let's go, he says.  So after some confused discussion about where we were going we ended up heading for Lockport via Henderson.  Oh how it has changed.  Huge housing developments, and when I say huge, I mean not only the acreage but also the size of the houses themselves.  I can sure see where the term McMansion came from.

After teenburgers, chips and root beer, our challenge was to find Pelicans to photograph.  We found a small group right up against a little dock just on the North side of the locks.  No way we could get a picture as they were only visible from the bridge, and they frown on you stopping to take pictures there.  We found none in Selkirk, but did find the new harbour front.  What a very nice development that is!  A tiered system for both cars and people, that gets you right down to the waterfront.  A lovely setting, with ice cream etc at the top of the hill, and not "in your face" down where there was the view.  But, alas, no pelicans.

So home on #59 where we stopped at a greenhouse and bought two Columbine and two Iris.  The Columbine is for the front garden near the driveway, and the Iris for the against the garage at the end closest to the house--one blue and one yellow. Hope they survive the freeze tonight.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Today was another great big test of one's fortitude

And by that I mean the ability to hold it together while battling the torrential rain with thunder and lightening storm. I shoveled and pumped and yet the rain seemed to have the upper hand. Foot deep around the house at front and back. I was up last night through another storm but it was managable - not like today. Dave said he was sending your rain my way but I think he might have gone a little overboard? And apparently another few days of storms and then Thursday the temp drops and we hit freezing with potential snow for Thursday night and into Friday. I am already planning my strategy for covering up the plants which seem to increase in number around the yard every day. I really don't have enough old sheets and blankets so plan to buy some huge garbage bags and maybe can cover hanging baskets etc with them?? I can still put some back into the greenhouses too so that may help.
I picked up my car at garage today - all I can say is another big bill, but at least it started and got me home and into the driveway. Who knows what it will do tomorrow haha We received another DVD of Daniel O'Donnell in the mail today and I took some time this afternoon to watch it - always a very nice way to spend one's time while crocheting my latest shawl. I was reading my Ereader last night before bed and all of a sudden it stopped and a message came up saying I had to charge the battery. It was dead! I was so involved with the story reading that I never even looked at the little battery icon to know it was low. So today I plugged it into the computer while we went out and it charged without a problem. So maybe I can read some more tonight and finish this latest book. It is 88%  read according to the message at the top - funny when you read a paper book, you never know the exact percentage you have read - you only flip through the pages remaining to give you an idea of how far along you are. Whole different way to read with these readers. Cathy, do you use your reader at all? I know you have real books because you mentioned having to go to the library today. I made a rhubarb kuchen today with fresh picked rhubarb and it is so nice and firm. Many more cuttings left on the patch yet,  and lots of recipes to make. Hope you have enough at home for your wine, and jam and to freeze. Take care


Will it never stop?  I did the inside of most of my windows yesterday, but I am still waiting for  a calmer day for the outside.  I planted a bunch of flowers in my containers, but I haven't put the bedding plants in the garden yet.  I worry about the blowing sand cutting them off.  It doesn't sound like it is going to calm down anytime soon, so I guess I will have to chance it.  Most things are coming up in the garden now.... including the weeds.   I searched for some small fencing to go around my flower beds (just to discourage the dogs)  I couldn't find what I wanted, so Jim has spent the last couple of days in his shop cutting up boards to make me a short picket fence.  I think it is going to look really nice.  I guess I better weed my flower garden and find some flowers.  I need some potting soil so I will head to town to pick some up later.  Our soil here is so sandy that I like to mix it up a bit to give the plants a chance.  It's just for in my flower pots.  I was up early and finished my library book.  I was going to renew it, but someone else requested it so I have to take it back today.  It was "The Bone Bed" by Patricia Cornwell.  I took out 4 books and saved that one for last, cause it sounded quite good  I guess I should have read it

Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's Sunday... I see trend developing

I even slept in this morning.  It was 8:58 when I crawled out of bed for the last time.  (My bladder got me up earlier)  I made myself stay up 'til midnight last night hoping I would sleep later and it helped.  And I don't have to get up for work for a whole week.  I just made myself a chai tea latte on my tassimo and so my day begins.  It rained all day yesterday and things look so fresh and green right now.  I wish it would last, but I know things will be brown by July.  At least by then the woodticks will be gone. (I hope!!!)  I don't have my bedding plants in yet, but they are living outside now.  It looks like frost may be over finally.  If it dries up enough I want to do some work today, but the %$^#&*) wind is supposed to be around 60 km.  I was supposed to cover at the Legion from 5 to 7 last night.  Cara had to work the whole day and wanted a bit of a break.  BUT, her husband fell asleep and didn't get supper ready in time so she just ran out for a coffee and went home to see her kids for a while.  I only had to cover for about 1/2 an hour.  Her husband was going to bring her some supper later.  The Saturday snack (it seems to have become a custom at the round table) was fried bannock and summer sausage. I didn't need any supper when I got home.  Today I have a crock pot full of Daddy's ribs on.  Yummy!  I am going to make hamburger soup, too.  I know I have this week off work, but something seems to be happening every day.  Just small things.  Wednesday I have a meeting, Thursday Jessica (grade 5) needs a ride to her school play, and of course I am going to stay and watch it.  Friday is the day we can pick up the apple trees at the school.  Every grade 5 kid gets an apple tree and Jessica is giving us hers this year.  We already have her sister's from last year, and her brother says we can have his next year.  They rent and wanted a more permanent home for the trees.  I wanted to get my window's washed,but I am not doing it when the wind is howling.  All it does is blow more sand and dirt and it sticks to the windows.. expecially if they are wet.  I guess I'll do the inside first, but I like doing the outside so that when I clean the inside you can tell that it has been done  When the outside is still dirty it feels like you have done nothing.  I guess I should think about brunch (I can't call it breakfast when it is quarter to 10!)  I have a whole week of brunches ahead of me!  Now,that is something to be grateful for!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

And now it's Saturday

Most of this week has been spent dyeing fabric.  After giving it some thought, I started preparing supplies for several projects I have in mind for over the next few months.  This means that my hands are green, purple and red.  (Yes, I wear gloves.  I could wear a full body suit and still end up with coloured hands.)  Yesterday I had to attend a meeting and sat there hoping no-one would notice my hands. Tonight I managed to get a ticket to the Embroiderers Association Banquet out at the University.  They are having their national conference here this week.  I had tried ( not that hard!) to get a ticket, and mentioned it to an acquaintance last week.  The next thing, I get a phone call from a woman who had one, but was unable to go and didn't want any money for it!  It is supposed to be waiting for me at the door.  ( fingers crossed).  I was somewhat looking forward to seeing people that I haven't seen in years, but my friend Dianne called to offer a ride, seeing as she is a special guest (say what?!?).  Her mother founded the organization, so I guess it's alright.  We chatted about parking--feasible as she has a handicap sticker,--but in the end decided that it would be too risky to rely on finding any, so David will drive us in her car and we'll call him to pick us up. So, I had a nap and curled my hair and put on a decent outfit ( yes I did own one), and then discovered that I no longer own any make-up.  What's more, I can't remember the last  time I used any.  Oh My! And, here I sit waiting for my ride.

My friend Carolyn, who now lives in Montreal, is the guest speaker, and has prepared a very detailed history of the organization as it's their 40th anniversary.  I'm quite looking forward to her speech.

David has been busy getting estimates for repairing/replacing our eaves trough   It has been held together (not well) with a wish and a prayer for a couple of years, and now seriously needs attention. We hope to be able to get leaf guards as well, so that he doesn't have to climb up onto the roof so often.  I stay close to act as a spotter, but there is no way I could prevent disaster if anything were to occur.  I'm not looking forward to spending the money, but know that it's inevitable.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Ah, Friday is here..

It is early and I have just sprayed all the plants outside. It was not supposed to get quite so cold overnight so everything was left out  including all the new transplantings I did yesterday, all day. I took the dog for her morning outing in the yard and shocked to see the thermometer by the greenhouses reading slightly below 32 degrees. So on with the hose and I sprayed everything hoping that if it actually froze it may be light and the watering may help. It is hard to actually tell whether it will frost over but at least I tried to help a bit. We will soon see once the sun comes up if we have damage. I was telling you about my car in last blog saying I had picked it up at garage at 5 pm Wenesday night after another big bill. Well, to make a long story short, the car would not sart yesterday morning and so the tow truck had to be called again and off went the car. This time it is the starter motor apparently. It is frustrating and one hears of clients sometimes being fooled by garages to up their service requirements and costs. I have dealt with this place since we came to Sundridge and always trusted them but who knows? The weekend is upon us and apparently Harry plans to take tomatoes to his brother in Kirkland Lake on Monday (yes,  long weekend Monday) So I expect a busy time over next few days. I did buy some wine afterall although since I haven't heard the news yet, don't know if LCBO went on strike at midnigth last night. Your week off approaches Cathy so enjoy. And everyone, have a wonderful weekend, and take care.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Relief with weather for awhile..

Cathy, you were right - the nicer weather has arrived here. For over the long weekend there will be no concerns with freezing and I can relax a bit. At least if I stock up on wine, I could relax a bit. The LCBO employees are ready to strike Thursday night and I should really buy a few bottles ahead but have been procrastinating. I might be stuck with drinking beer instead! I just watched ARROW and assume it is the finale for this season but not sure. Sort of a crazy ending if it were! I have been having a lot of problems with my darling little car and just picked it up at 5 pm again after having it serviced, yet again. It turned out to be another wheel bearing this time on the front left side. In Feb it was on the front right side. I told them I was glad there are only four wheels on the car! I have been left with some very high bills lately - not only my car but the plumber as well. So I have decided we shall win the $3 million on 649 tonight OK? There was a horrific fire in town yesterday - it looks to be a workshop/garage as we saw of the remains today but at first I thought it was the house and was feeling so sorry for the people. Still no details but always an awful feeling to see so much smoke and firetrucks not only from Sundridge but also the next town came as well. You could smell the fumes in our yard for quite awhile. I really splurged today and bought another book off KOBO for my EReader. Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code) just released the fourth in that series called Inferno and when I browsed KOBO it could be bought for $15.99 and with tax came to total of $18.07. I had just heard an interview with him and Gian Gomeshi on CBC and was very interested as I had read the other three. I am in the middle of another novel right now so plan to finish it up, and then get into this new book. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself - indulge a little, right! I am so pleased that I have a working EReader again. So with that, I shall wish you goodnight Take care

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Yesterday was that one beautiful day that we wait for all year.  By evening the wind had died down.  The air was soft and warm, but not humid, at all.  The sun was just as soft, and the air clean and fresh.  We were at the ball field for about two hours, just sitting watching young girls play and enjoying the evening.  Jess got a home run, the first for her team for the season, and I got to spend over 1/2 hour with Samantha on a huge play structure.  We get to do this again next Wednesday but out in Oakbank.  I sure hope I can find the field!


sounds like a plan for our next time together.

Me Too

I was first introduced to sushi by Larry.  I agree that it was really great to have someone that knew what the food was.  There is little opportunity in Neepawa, but there is a new buffet restaurant in Brandon, Yes (that's the name).  It has a large sushi bar.  We went there but it was only 3 days after I had my gall bladder out and I was not overly adventurous.  I stuck with the foods that smelled delicious.

Monday, May 13, 2013


I love sushi!!!--- but know nothing about it.  What a gift, to provide not only the food, but also the knowledge.  They sell sushi in many of the grocery stores around here, but since I don't know which are which, and I know there are some with very, very hot something in them, I don't dare try it.  Maybe I should.  Once in awhile, I see what appears to be a sampler package.  Not cheap!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Most exciting afternoon

Mike took us for a meal at his favourite restaurant. JT Sushi which specializes in Japanese and Thai Cuisine. But the specialty is Sushi and guided by Mike's expert knowledge, I had a most enjoyable and interesting meal. A once in a lifetime experience for me and I shall never forget this gift! He showed me how to use the chopsticks, and how to eat the foods he ordered for me, and overall a grand grand time for me. Harry will not eat sushi so he ordered other food and ate with a knife and fork. Mike knows all the names and words and translations - he ate this food when he visited Japan when deployed overseas, and now he and his friends go to this restaurant regularly.I just had to tell you about my afternoon. Take care


I don't own a bike, but I did walk around the trail.  Unfortunately, the late spring did nothing to kill off the wood ticks.  I was cleaning my bathtub this morning, but I actually hurt my wrist trying to push the lid off of the draino.  I figured that was a sign from the gods that I shouldn't clean the tub.  I also noted that 649 went to Winnipeg, so I guess Beth's system didn't work.  Oh well.  Next time.  Jim took me out for supper last night.  It was very good.  Tonight, Rrain is coming over and we are have a beer can chicken on the bbq.  I have been craving that.  April's kids bought me a "grammas" day present.  A miniature rose.  It is really quite beautiful.  I don't think it is hardy enough for our climate, but if I put it in a large planter I can bring it in over winter. The roses are creamy white, with peachy/pink edges. The nights have been freezing here, but the forecast for the next week is much better.  Nothing below zero.  It should be coming your way soon, Beth.  One more week and I am off work for a week.  It is my annual week for "spring cleaning"  I try to get at least one major project done each day.  Then, if I don't feel like working anymore, I don't.  I find it easier to deal with the mess when I give myself a "reward" for dealing with part of it.  I usually get a lot done.  Even if there is mess left, I know it is "clean" mess.  Jim has started puttering again, too.  He fixed the leak in the bathtub and replaced the plug on the stove.  He has been over the lawn with the fingers and cleaned up some pine needles.  The chain saw is out and oiled up.... summer is coming.  Since I have given up on the tub, all I have left today is cleaning off the kitchen table and vacuuming the living room.  Anything else I do is bonus work.  Next week will be all outside again as the weather is not supposed to be so cold and windy.   Enjoy the week.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


It has rarely been warm enough to bike here, and when it is, the wind is howling. Gusts between 40-60 k seems to be the most frequent weather prediction.  Same forecast for tomorrow.  Since he was cleared for most activities, David has been able to get the bikes ready, but we haven't been out on them yet.  He has been slowly working on the lawn and gardens, and seems to be pacing himself fairly well.

So this gives me time in the studio.    I've been looking for simple patterns etc, that I could use in the quilting group that has started at the local Active Living Centre.  Some fool volunteered to help them get it up and running, and then found out that most of the ladies interested were absolute beginners.  One is short of money, and has no sewing machine, so wants to learn to do it all by hand, others have sewn before but never quilted, and my friend/acquaintance, Shirley, has offered to help me. Guess I have my work cut out for me.

I've also been re-looking at some UFO's that I found when I did a bit of a clean-up recently.  Got most of one finished today, just some hand work and finishing to do. ( See other blog) The second one had been partially quilted, and David pulled all of that out for me. Bless him.  I have a hunch that I'll need to do a bit of dyeing before I start working on it, and the fabric needs washing, in any case.

Otherwise, I seem to be doing a lot of sleeping.  This is maybe a good thing, as for awhile, I was having trouble getting enough sleep, and spent most of the night up prowling around.  It takes time away from the studio, but I feel so much better for getting the sleep. and for that I am grateful.  We have nothing planned for Mother's Day, but I expect to see Jessica and Samantha on Monday evening, as Jess has a baseball game, and Amber needs/wants to be at the gym. Darren is away guiding for the month of May, as usual, and Amber needs  a bit of time for herself, so the gym works well.

If anything exciting happens around here, I'll be sure to let you know.

Little ghosts all over our yard!

I just came in from covering the tomato plants and the hanging baskets that are already planted outside and will be unprotected from a frost and potential snow tomorrow if not covered. I have all the other plants in the greenhouses or here in the house but without the heaters on so hope for the best. I guess Spring and Summer have come and gone? I pulled up the Winnipeg Free Press to read about the ice damage from Dauphin Lake onto homes at Ochre Beach. What a disaster. That scene was what I was trying to describe to you happened at the government dock here in Sundridge when the ice blew in and onto the dock, but no where near the horrendous proportion and damage as seen in the paper pictures. My Maplewood cactus is covered with beautiful blooms and I have never seen it so healthy and productive. Finally after so many years of stagnant growth? it is starting to look bigger and gorgeous so now I think I can brag a bit to Dave, eh? I have taken a new appraoch with buying lottery tickets as my previous tactics were definately not working haha. I'll let you know if things change. I took my bike again to the store this afternoon to buy my ticket for tonight so I am trying to keep with my plan to ride it a s much as I can this summer. Back to Randy Bachman radio show now, so Take care

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cold weather coming this weekend.

So we are looking ahead to what to do with the plants in preparation for frost. Most are all out now. Spent whole day replanting and rearranging. We must have everything ready for Saturday but certainly Sunday and Monday night will be below zero. I plan to cover hanging baskets with garbage bags and have sheets ready to cover the tomatoes in pots all over the yard. The other single pots will be put back into greenhouses best I can. To add to the excitement, Harry plans to go to Kirkland Lake first thing Monday morning - don't know how this will happen if we get frost Sunday night and everything is covered up - he usually likes to leave about 4 or 5 am. Also, Mike and Erin have invited us to their place for cake and coffee Sunday afternoon to celebrate Mothers Day. Of course I plan to go even if it means lots of work to cover up when we get home. We went to Huntsville today to deliver plants to Harry's brother in law (85 tomato plants and a flat of peppers) It helped to reduce what we have here a little haha I am back to reading the Ereader - the new one which is working great. I guess I never realized that the other one was not functioning at optimum as this new one works with the touch of a finger on the screen - the other one required me to tap several hard times in order for a page to turn. Anyway, I just had my supper of licorice allsorts, so will get ready for bed now. I missed ARROW last night as Harry bought some Postcards off Kijiji and we had to drive to North Bay for 7 pm pick up. We went a little early and ate at the North Buffet - a Chinese style buffet restaurant. Since I don't like some of the offered dishes, I stuck to Spring Rolls, Chicken Balls and Battered fish, with broccoli and cauliflower veg picked out of another dish of unknown origin. I also had chicken fried rice which I thought was a safe bet! Take care

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Yes--summer is here

Over weekend David had run into a small problem with his eye, but managed to get an urgent appointment with the surgeon for first thing yesterday morning.  He was very thoroughly examined and it appears that the problem was a minor one, and nothing to worry about, although he is to monitor it and head back if anything further occurs.  At the same time the doctor said that he was healing very well, there was no need to continue wearing the eye shield for sleeping, and that he could resume normal activities, limiting heavy lifting to a maximum of 50 pounds.  So, yesterday, he was out in the garden, too.  He's planning to pace himself, but we'll see if he can stick to that. lol

Sunday and the rest of Monday was spent getting ready for my Ravenesque ladies to visit last night.  Two new ladies came, including Lea Frame ( Alida).  She brought a friend who does the most interesting and awe inspiring work.  I was blown away.  I think this lady will be joining us again. So, with that meeting behind me, I can settle down and start planning my studio activities for the next 8 months.  I have been given a gallery show in December, and hope to be able to complete mostly new work for it.  One of the ladies last night has just taken down a show in the same gallery, and I was able to pick her brains about it. There will be a fair bit of work, as I will have to do all of my own publicity, which is a little different than other galleries, but the commission on sales is much lower, so I guess it all evens out.

But  the first event coming up is the class I'm teaching in Selkirk at the end of the month.  I think I have everything I need, but I want to sit down and sort it all out in my mind.

For yesterday, I am very, very grateful that there is no problem with David's eye.

Monday, May 6, 2013

So summer has arrived for all of us?

Apparently Cathy, your snow has left and you are now enjoying the outdoors. Spent most of the day in the yard doing everything that needed attention. And all over everything needed attention. I just came in from enjoying a Chai Latte while relaxing in the chair on the patio which was cleaned today by me haha Sort of a christening, of sorts for good times to come? The plumber came this morning and replaced the water tank, so now the pump functions as it should and all is well.  Well, I guess that is until I receive his invoice in the mail! Harry went to the Foodland and bought a bucket of chicken for supper that we nibbled on outdoors. I have a pile of washing to do - kept piling up waiting for the plumber to fix the problems. Now no excuse except for the Smart Meter time frames - after 7 pm or on weekends is the lower of rates so I usually do it all on the weekend. Harry has made arrangments to go up to Kirkland Lake next week to take his brother some tomato plants. It will be a quick trip up and back but it will help to make more room for us to work around all the plants. All are so dry and really need to be transplanted to larger pots but much has been left undone this year. The new neighbour next door has striped and painted both the front and back porches from an off white colour to red!! It looks fantastic, and I told him so. He said that after they bought the house about six months ago he has been thinking about how it would look and wasn't sure whether his plan would actually materialize as he envisioned. I think he is happy that it has turned out  for him They live in Holland and he leaves this week for home but apparently will be back in July. Eventually they will retire here but for now will travel back and forth. His wife is still in Holland so I have not met her yat but I have met her sister who lives across the street - I haven't really got to know her either but have seen her in the yard. I received an invite to attend the retirement party for an old work mate from my Home Care life. She has been counting the weeks and months and finally the end of May she will be done. She is one of the old group of which my friend Sue is also included. I believe it would be fun to see some of the old gang but time will tell if I will go - it is June 5 in Bracebridge at a place called Inn on the Falls. I guess if I go, I'll have to clean up and look presentable?? Take care

More clean up

Today I found  yet another pail of puppy poo.  I don't know how I can miss it when it is right there.  |Is it like dandelions and it ducks as you go by?   the potatoes are in and we are picking up the rest of our seeds today.  It may take all week to get them in, but we have a garden on the go.  the fashion show/concert was a lot of fun.  They had draws but even though I put 6 tickets in the garden gloves I didn't win.  I guess I will have to find some.  My work gloves protect my hands, but you can't weed or pull up old plants with them.  I need something that a) fits my small hands and b) I can grip with.  I am so glad I took today off work. The forecast high is now 26.  Not quite noon and I have done enough work that if I sit and read for a while I won't feel guilty.  We wait so long for summer to arrive I hate to waste it inside.  Life is good.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


At least until Wednesday when the forecast high is 8.  Meanwhile, 12, 5 gallon buckets later, my poop patrol is done for another year.  I suggested that next year we keep an area that we clear of snow and the dogs will poop there and we can pick it up as soon as it freezes!  Good idea, but implementation is another story.  I tilled the garden this morning and we hope to get the potatoes in tomorrow.  (Which I have booked off work... and it is supposed to be 21!!)  Probably I will sit outside and read.   You would think that by now I would learn to use work gloves, but NOOOOOO.  Cathy seems to have a thing for big blisters and slivers.  I am headed to town soon to a "fashion show"  Rrain belongs to the Choraliers and they are doing 2 short sets of 6os music.  It should be fun and afterwards we are coming home to a steak bbq.  Jim is all set.  Steak, baked potatoes, caeser salad,and garlic toast.  I am drooling just anticipating it.  Poor Jim.  No hair...sunburn.  His head is real red today.  He has a hat on now but he says it is tender.   I sat outside for a while after we went grocery shopping.  Rodney came by and then the neighbours dropped over.  It must be warming up.  People are coming out of their homes again. We still have piles of snow in places but they are disappearing  fast.   I hope a late spring means a late fall  Summers is too short as it is.   Enjoy your week.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gillian's cake and Canadian Tire money

Gillian's birthday cake was lovely.  A standard 9" two layer vanilla scratch cake with raspberry frosting.  the entire cake was covered with the flowers you can see here.  There was a business card in the box stating that the cost of the cake included a "Consultation fee".  I'm guessing between $65 and $70, or more,  based on the prices listed on the card. We had cake at Loren's house after a meal at a local "Tapas" restaurant.  This means that we chose, and were served,  small portions of a variety of dishes.  Each dish was just big enough for us to have a good taste, but that's all.  Between the five us I think we had 7 dishes, but it was enough.  A very different experience, and one I would try again, but David didn't enjoy it, so it was probably the only time we'll actually go there, unless we go for lunch one day next time you visit, Beth.

Thursday and Friday we did a bit of shopping, both for me and for the new quilting group at the local Active Living Centre.  This included two lovely irons from Canadian Tire. So late in the afternoon, after two long hard days of shopping, with myself barely able to walk because of pain, we had to take the irons back as we couldn't get them to work.  When I approached the customer service, she gave us directions to a different desk quite away from us, along with some heavy duty attitude. Then we had to wait for our turn, and when it came the clerk was rude enough to try to get someone else to deal with us, while we were standing there. Because we had separate bills there were two separate return transactions. Finally she was finishing up the first set of paper work,  and she turned to me and asked if was going to return the 10 cents in Canadian Tire money I had been given (at home on the kitchen table--never even thought of it).  The last straw. I reached into my purse, said "how about I just give you a dime?", and slammed the dime on the counter.  There must have been something about the look in my eye, her attitude abruptly changed and butter wouldn't have melted in her mouth.  Both transactions were quickly finished, we politely thanked each other, and we left.  By the time we were out the door, no-one had touched the dime.

Friday night and this afternoon, I did a bit of volunteering at a local art show.  There was some excellent art work, and I was surprised to see how often the artist had included some texturing in a piece.  If nothing else, I'm grateful for the opportunity to see what I believe was a wonderful art show.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Yikes....a sunburn on my arms

I would never have believed the struggle through this past winter would end but it has and I have the sunburn on my arms to prove what glorious weather is here. Lots of yard work today with lots accomplished as well. The problem is that there is so much to do, that you end up doing a little bit of this, and then notice another thing so go and do that, and then another thing and on and on it goes. I even took the bicycle out to the lottery store, not once but twice! I expect I shall not be able to walk tomorrow but what a thrill I had today flying down the street with sheer abandon. One needs a little exitement like this every now and then haha. Hoping your snow will disappear quickly Cathy so that you, too, can enjoy the outdoors soon.Rhubarb and asparagus are growing fast, and a full bed of garlic planted last fall is about a foot tall already. I don't eat this but Harry will enjoy, I'm sure. I will have my raspberries and the bushes are greening up nicely. Both my rose bushes survived the winter and the clematis has little bits of green on the branches so I expect they also will be really good this year. another thing that is growing back is my wild rose bushes - I cut them back two years ago because they were unmanageable, but I see a few sprouts coming again this year. I love them and they remind me of Manitoba so glad they decided to reappear! anyway - time to fly. I received my new replacement Kobo ereader in the mail today so I think I shall try to connect it and see if my already purchased books reappear as well. Take care

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I have my 649 ticket so keep your fingers crossed.  My acting status at work is finally here.  It is on my pay cheque this week.  BUT, my net pay is down $11.  At least I have the acknowledgement that I am doing the job.  That's what I really wanted.  To have the acting status in place when Teranet took over.  Meanwhile, I have shovelled snow at work today (good thing we have caretakers!!)  The dogs are wet and stinky.  Things are normal.... dirt everywhere in the house.  Why do we have pets??  Oh yeah.., I remember.  Unconditional love. If the whole world had that we would be much happier..... love you!

New book

I know how often you referred to the inspiration you found in you daily calendar last year.  I think you may just find a similar source of inspiration and renewal here.  I quite enjoy that sort of book, often keep them in the bathroom ( right next to the Harlequins).


I have never seen an IKEA store but I expect it would be quite exciting at least the first or second time in? A quick update: I went to lunch with my friend Sue and had an enjoyable time; the car behaved nicely with no problems; the plumber is coming first thing tomorrow morning; it is mild and sunny so lots of yard work done today; the wild bird died (as expected); and I went into the Walmart store to buy a package of beading needles, and passed by a table of books and on a whim, bought one called The Woman's Book of Courage - Meditations for Listening, Living and Loving. It is described on the back cover as "...offers over one hundred inspired entries showing all women how to call on their courage, increase their sense of personal power and peace of mind, and learn to live fully with their own strength" So what do you think - will it be life changing???? haha It will provide, if nothing else, some peaceful reading anyway! So with that I shall go and watch ARROW now as it nears 7 pm, and then to bed.
Take care

Tuesdays adventure

David has been wanting to visit Ikea ever since it opened, so yesterday morning we set off in pouring rain.   I had thought that it was at the north east corner of Kenaston and Wilkes.  No--it's actually on the south west corner of Kenaston and Sterling Lyon Parkway. Had a bit of a discussion about this confusion.  We got there and figured out what to do and where to go.  Off we set with maps in hand, carefully following the arrows on the floor, and incentive provided by the sign that said "Giant cinnamon bun and coffee--$2.00".  Yes, we saw wonderful things. I was really impressed with the tiny fully functional apartments they had set up.  By tiny, I mean under 600 square feet.  Two bedrooms, living room and kitchen areas and bathroom including laundry area.  Really clever!  A place for everything and everything in its place would really have to be words to live by, but you hear of these really tiny apartments etc, and now I can see how they would be put together.

 We bought three cork trivets, two toilet brushes, and a wall clock.  The clock Daddy bought me many, many years ago had finally given up the ghost, and I really missed it, so when we saw this very attractive clock for under $20 we picked it up.  We got it home and it didn't work.  Questioning the age of the batteries we used, we went out and bought some more.  It still didn't work.  This means a trip back to the other side of the city to get our money back, but, oh well,  we have some running around to do tomorrow.  We seem to have been running around for days, and until David gets into Autopac to have the 'corrective lenses" removed form his licence, I have to drive.  However,--tada--the new batteries work in the old clock and it's back up on the wall.  It must have been faulty batteries that stopped it in the first place.

When we finally got to the cafeteria at Ikea there was a huge line up, but the cinnamon buns were off to one side.  We took one look, shook our heads, and headed for Tim's when we left the building.  Since I had coupons, we tried the pannini.  Quite nice and a big meal.  Much nicer than a hard, over baked cinnamon bun.

I am grateful for the Tim Coupons, and I was grateful that the rain had stopped for our drive home.  I am finding it hard to be grateful for the yard full of snow that we found when we got up on May first.