Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Much the same here...

Wet and miserable.  They cancelled the school buses yesterday because of freezing rain in the morning but it turned to rain quickly. The snow has gone down though but I wonder what is next?  In spite of it I did my walk to the Bank and the Post office in the drizzle.  Its more "the walk" that I look forward to even if I have to do business. I stopped into the Village Bins store to purchase a few Christmas candies to include in the gift basket. I purchased a candy covered pretzel that I really liked - haven't had pretzels in a long time and like them plain but this candy cane covering made them even nicer.  But I only bought a few so only had a few to spare for myself once the basket was done haha!  More cookies made yesterday by Harry, and I was able to organize and then wrap the gift basket for our friends.  It is now ready and often we will drive to Sprucedale to deliver.. closer to the time. 
Well, onto another day.  I have started to drink my coffee black and I think it is making a difference in the taste and effect it has - cannot explain it but I read that it was better black and that after so many days getting used to the black, you wouldn't go back to having milk in it? Who knows?   Take care

Monday, November 28, 2016


It's the end of November, and I had to do my shopping this morning in a steady rain!  By afternoon it was changing to sleet-y snow, but rain? In November? 

Your weekend sounds wonderful Cathy.  I sometimes miss the social life that is the reward for being active in the community, but you seem to have it down pat.

Other than shopping, and paying bills, we had a lazy day.  I tended to my dye baths, and then puttered in the studio.  Then spent most of the evening sitting in front of the tv sewing hexies.   The dyeing is over for now, ( I have one small bath going overnight, but it will be finished by morning, and it's just to create a backing fabric to match a couple of the pieces I did earlier.)  My dye supply is getting low, and it will be a few weeks before I can order more.  Not that I'm worried about keeping busy, as the housework has been ignored a bit lately.  As well, the table in the basement studio is about 2 feet deep ( I'm not exaggerating).  David bought a new power bar for the lights and radio down there, so spending time won't seem so bad now.  Maybe I can get the area tidied up by Christmas. 

Since we are going to Amber's for Christmas, and only have to produce some "pip'n'squeak", we're not sure how much we might do around here.  I look forward to making a bit of fuss, and decorating a little, but David appears to prefer not.  It's hard to find a happy medium.  Perhaps a tree this year, but no fancy Christmas dishes?  we'll see.

Not going to worry tonight.  Sleep well, everyone.


I survived the last week and am forging on.  Work is work.  We had our craft sale on Saturday and it seemed to go okay.  I was there by 7 and spent the day.  The best part was just  as we were tearing down we got a message from the manager to leave the tables up and just stack the chairs in "8" and leave them where they were!!!!!  What a nice surprise.  We were out of the Hall by 10 to 5!!!  I was ready to go home, but after a glass of wine I felt I could survive until the Parade of Lights was over.  I'm glad I stayed.  there were only 2 trucks this year without lights, and only 1 Santa.  Last year there were 2!  How traumatic for everyone.  I mentioned it to the Chamber of Commerce the day after the parade last year and Barb said she didn't realize.  I was told that this year the application clearly stated that you could not have Santa on your float.  (Why would anyone even think they could!! Santa always comes at the end)  Sunday I had a teleconference in the morning, but I got to leave early cause I had a performance in the afternoon.  We had our Annual reading of "A Christmas Carol"  Rrain organized the music again this year and it was fantastic.  10 singers performed around 12 carols acapella. They were amazing.  (Spell cheque just gave me the last letter of the alphabet in my words!)  After the performance we had cookies and Wassail.  I make the wassail every year and this year not one person had coffee.  They all loved the wassail.  There was a bit left over for me to take home.  I added a shot of vodka.  Was it ever good!!!  Maybe next year I will keep some vodka in the kitchen for the performers :)    We are having our first snow of the season today.  It is very heavy and wet.  Freezing rain mixed with snow.  Tomorrow should be a fun drive.  Tomorrow's rehearsal is cancelled so I will have another day to rest.  Last night I went to bed by nine, but I was overtired and couldn't sleep.  I think tonight will be different.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

My turn--What can I say?

I have been immersed in Ice dyeing.  A fairly complex technique, but after a couple of years of trying, off and on, I'm getting close to the results I want.  Otherwise we watch tv, and tend to housework. 

 We've been out a bit.  We wanted to check out the things we were thinking of putting on out Christmas list, to make sure they were within the price restrictions.  David usually asks for some new sweat jackets from Walmart.  They had none for sale and no guarantee that they would have any by Christmas.  But we found a couple of pricier ones that we both fell in love with, so he has a couple of new ones for this year.  Same sort of result at the liquor store.  The bottle he was thinking of was too pricey for the gift list, but I bought him one for Christmas anyway, just between the two of us.  Good quality Scotch.  something David and Daddy had in common.  So, our Christmas lists are pretty "skint", so far.  I checked out a couple of things on the internet, and there was no way to access them, easily, so they're not on the list either. I would like to have lists posted this weekend, but am having to reach a bit.

David plans to watch the Grey Cup this evening, so we've roasted a small chicken early, and will have a snack now ( 4:00), and another larger snack after the game.  I can keep playing with getting fabric ready for the dye bath, or I can play with hexies, this evening.  Talk about a fun plan for the evening.  On the other hand, we both are feeling the need for a quiet evening and early to bed, so today will probably be the day.

Backing up a bit

On Friday we drove to North Bay to do some shopping and I was very happy to have had a successful go at it.  We found the game Jok- R - Rummi at Walmart and it was bought for Mike and Erin.  They play games and I liked it so much when we all played last year, I thought they, too, would enjoy playing it. Also I purchased the DavidsTea Advent Collection for Erin.  Mike gave me a little list as I mentioned so it was easy to follow the list.  Since it is an Advent Calendar with little teas for each day in December,  I decided to wrap it up, and it will be mailed on Monday with the tag saying Open Me Now!  In Coles I found a Mystery Book for Erin - one Mike had suggested. We also got lucky with gifts for Mike.  It is easy when Erin gives Mike a list of suggestions haha!
So it seems all is well.  I have to make up a basket as we do each year for the friends in Sprucedale ( the ones who were very helpful with Harry's Mother)  I have a basket already, and now several items eg tea, chocolates, biscuits etc and when I have it assembled, then I'll cover it with the clear plastic wrap. Today Harry started his baking with ingredients we bought at the local Village Bins Store ( we like to support the business folks locally when we can) So for today I shall be on guard to assist as usual.  We went yesterday up to the Auction Barn in Powassan to pick up some Cassette music tapes Harry was successful in buying. So on the way we stopped at a few local Christmas Craft shows - I am looking for a red knitted winter hat and usually someone has a booth selling such items ( but I did not find what I wanted).  Well I have a wash on and so should go, and also see how things are in the kitchen!  Take care

We're here for you Cathy!

In spite of your comments, it was still nice to hear from you and know you are in touch through the blog.  And please know, if you wish, portions of your "week from hell" can be shared - maybe spilling the beans may actually help you a bit?? Thinking of you .....take care xxx

Saturday, November 26, 2016

week from hell

  I am not ignoring everyone.. This is just a really bad week.  Hopefully  I will have more time next week Still love both of you.  I might have a breather by Monday night.  

Friday, November 25, 2016

New Look?

The blog has changed appearance and access - at least for me.  Has yours changed to log on and start a New Blog? Anyway, this seems to be working for me.
Friday morning early and as I sit with my coffee in hand, I am thinking of you both.  Today we are going to North Bay to shop.  I don't think that there should be any problem with what they are calling "Black Friday" sales so I will not worry about that, and mobs of people, even if we are going to the Mall and probably WalMart (yuck!).  I have a little list for gifts for Mike and Erin, and Harry is going to pick up some pennies he bought off Kijiji. Then some grocery shopping and we should be good to come home.  It's funny how I always want to come home - not cut out to do shopping much anymore haha! I have started a list of baking to make and take to Mike's for Christmas.  We are told that they will look after the meal and we are to bring dessert.  Since no one usually wants any dessert that should be easy.  But a tray or two of goodies is always welcome - especially for those two.  Harry takes the lead on baking - shortbreads, and other cookies, and I shall be making cheese tarts, and mincemeat tarts.  I bought a bottle of Cross and Blackwell mincemeat especially for this years baking and I can hardly wait to bake them and then eat them yum, yum. 
I don't have to shovel us out this morning as it did not snow but a sprinkle last night. But I sure don't like what I see outside and at the end of November!
So, I wish I could watch the Grey Cup - I always loved to do so but our TV does not have it. I could try to listen to a radio but even still I don't think radios even have it on.  So enjoy the weekend and hope you have a fun time with the football game!   Take care 

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

It's here!

No more worry or conjecture about when, or how much.  We have snow, and it will be staying, even if there was freezing rain called for today.  Driving will be a little rough and slippery the next few days, but people get used to it fairly quickly.  Evidently, this is the latest "first snow" on record.

Otherwise a quiet day.  We went out and bought more socks, but had to settle for a couple of different colours.  We bought a new housecoat, Sunday.  The lightweight one I bought a few months ago is just too light, and too short for winter.  Luckily, Walmart had them on cheap.  So, a nice fluffy, long, pale blue, with a zipper new housecoat.  Then today, they were on sale in Sears and the price was too good to pass up, so another fluffy, long, with a zipper, in mauve this time.  This means that the two I've been wearing for years( yes, many years) are off to the thrift store.  They were so large, that they were no longer warm.

Some internet trouble today.  The crazy old woman tried to send an e-mail, but it just wouldn't go out, no matter how often the "send/receive" button was pushed.  So her husband got onto Shaw, and they spent almost half an hour trying to sort things out, when she realized that she had tried to send it to the wrong e-mail address.  Worked fine once she put in the right one.  Husband was calm and understanding--that's scary!

For some reason, I'm feeling stress more than I used to.  Maybe because it occurs less often now I'm retired.  The last couple of weeks have been bad, and it's been complicated by poor sleep.  An obvious increase in emotional eating, as well. So I'm entering a "be nice to me" phase.  I've bumped the diet up to phase 3, so that the temptation to eat is lessened, and no more radio music, but rather the "Solitudes" that have had a positive effect on me in the past.  We'll see how it goes.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Yes, count your blessings while you can....

I just came in from trying to shovel. I have my Dr appt this morning in Huntsville - it will be up to Harry as to whether we shall drive.  It has been snowing and blowing since Friday night and apparently no let up.  I went out to shovel the roadway as the plough just came through.  It may be a newer driver as he did it really weird but then maybe for a first go it will suffice.
Happy to hear that your weekend was a success both with the family events, and also with your show.  It is so nice to see the children getting along and wanting to do more together.  And good for you to be going to the Movie.  Movies are out for me anymore - so I depend on reviewing older films I have on DVD or VHS.  But good enough for me!
Well, better get on with the day and try to make the most of this unwelcome winter weather. Take care

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Weekend just about over

Thank Goodness!  There is a meeting tomorrow, but I'm prepared for it so, hopefully, I can relax this evening.   The sale went well.  I did my required volunteer stint--two hours each day serving refreshments.  I tried to dress well, as I always do for these events, and discovered that I no longer have any silver earrings--not that anyone appears to worry about mixing silver and gold-- but I do.  So, having seen the jewelry that Gail makes to sell,  ( also on display at the sale), I have asked her to make me a set of earrings and a pendant, again from Mom's silver.  Since two of the four 12 x 12's I put on display sold, I can afford it.

The birthday party was a pleasure.  David and I didn't bowl, but everyone else did.  Everyone, except Darren, showed remarkable skill in "ball lofting", so much so that the alleys had raised bumper pads on one of the two alleys they were using, for safety.  But everyone had fun, the cake from Jeanne's was good, as always, and we had a chance to talk about Christmas.  This year everyone except Amber's two girls drew a name for gift giving, rather than trying to buy gifts for everyone.  We still have to buy for the girls, but that's just the right way to do it, given how young they are.  The cousins have found that they enjoy doing things together, which brings joy to my heart.  A trip to see "Star Wars: Rogue One" is now in the works, and David and I plan to join them--opening day. That'll be an experience!

David and Loren had a short chat about their Sleep Apnoea, and we also found out that Darren has a very severe case of it, so much so that, he was prioritized as being "critical", and provided with all necessary equipment free of charge by the Province, immediately.  I had no idea it was so prevalent.

No snow here, but the cold has arrived, and there have been a few flakes.  Yesterday and today, David watched two football games, both of which appeared to be taking place in a blizzard, so we count our blessings.

Early Sunday morning

It came! Got up to snow and blowing and cold.   Oh, they said it would come but after the most gorgeous Friday where people were out in shirtsleeves, I thought maybe a reprieve?  Not so.. And I left the pump outside as well, so I shall have to dig it out and thaw it before bringing in.  Oh what a wonderful way to greet Sunday morning.  Time for my coffee and to check my Lottery tickets .....  Take care

Friday, November 18, 2016

Always another side to the story!

It was nice to read your comments about this lady, and glad that at some point you were influenced by her work - because what I see in your work is beautiful and not because of this lady, but maybe because of some little whim of hers that stuck with you.  But, I picture my box of old doilies etc and wonder what on earth will ever happen to them haha!

re: Cindy Needham

I'm quite familiar with this woman's work.  I have taken a couple of her internet classes through Craftsy.  It was her first class on machine quilting that got me into machine quilting, and classes that I've been teaching for a few years now. I followed her blog for awhile but began to feel as though her work has not progressed recently.  Not that it needed to--she is wonderful and her interest in old linens has sparked a huge movement.  It's all her fault that the price of vintage linens, on sale sites such as Ebay, has skyrocketed in the past couple of years. Finding a vintage piece that is in good enough shape to use, has become increasingly difficult. I actually have a piece in mind, using a smaller tablecloth that Grandma Harland gave me as a wedding gift.  I used to follow her blog, but she has recently gotten heavily into promoting a type of ruler she has devised, so I've backed off.

She is also know for something else.  Sometime ago, she and her husband bought a new home, and after taking possession discovered that it had been a gro-op, and the evidence hidden before the sale.  The subsequent legal battle resulted in the changes in legislation, certainly at the State level, if not nationally, that we now see in the full disclosure laws in real estate.  Even though they live in California, it was a major legal win that had effects in the whole country.

"For The Love of Linens"

On The Quilt Show site, I just watched the interview Alex Andersen had with Cindy Needham at the Huston Quilt Show - called "For the Love of Linens".  The work done is with linens and lace and just beautiful works of art.  Did you view this Pati? I thought of you and your work with the cotton napkins. Cathy, it is worth a look - go to the The Quilt Show site and scroll down to the interview.  I think of my collection of doilies over the years and boxes of old lace and buttons and other similar items and my mind whirls with anticipation of what could be created. Alas, it probably will remain in my mind but to view what others have done is amazing, and for me, enough for now. Thought I would share my thoughts with you both as sharing is part of what makes us whole!   Take care XX

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Oh what a day you had....

Shouldn't that go to music or something - sing along with me! 
I enjoyed your commentary and best of all, I felt as if I were along for the ride. How about you Cathy, were you in the back seat with me?
This morning I bit the bullet and got out one of my new ladders and successfully cleaned out the eaves trough gutters ( best I could anyway) It had been bothering me for awhile. These new troughs have a cover over them so it was made easier by just having to basically sweep along the length but the issue was the height of the ladder in comparison to the reach to get at the trough.  I just held my breath and hoped for the best haha! I still haven't figured out how I shall shovel the snow off in the winter but with this nice mildish weather maybe I shouldn't worry for awhile?
Mike called yesterday and wishes to meet me in North Bay the beginning of Dec so we can "do our shopping" This event has taken place every year for a few years now, - just the two of us - so maybe he looks forward to it as much as I? It all depends on his working and organizing our time and day accordingly, but it will happen.  He will drive the one hour into the Bay, and I will drive the 3/4 hour up from our place meeting half way so to speak. 
Time to sign off - just a quick note for now.  Only three more nights to log onto the Food Diary yeah!!  Take care.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Man plans, God laughs

Isn't that the cliche that works in this case?  On the other hand I remember that David used to quite enjoy driving all over the back roads of North Dakota and Minnesota.  We found some very beautiful spots, and a couple of scary situations, but overall it made for a nice day spent, most of the time.  We had a rather unplanned day today.

Yesterday, too late to phone back, we found a message on the phone about an assessment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea, that we knew had been requested.  David phoned  this morning, about 9:00, and we were told that it could be done today, if we could get there by 10:45--w-a-a-a-y over on the other side of town.  We were both in our nightclothes, and needed showers.  Not only did we make it, but we got lost on the way and had to phone for directions--which she had trouble providing because she couldn't figure out where we were, in relation to where we should have been.  Since it was at a private clinic, we had to pay--not a pleasant task, and David objected.  But since we had been warned, one that had to be done.  Fille dout many, many forms, went through an orientation class, and got a monitor, to use tonight.  It has to be returned early tomorrow morning--again across town.

 Then we headed North on Route 90, travelling through a great deal of construction, to the specialty tea store.  I buy my tea there as I've found that the green tea I get in the grocery store makes me throw up--"nuff said about that.  Of course, I screwed up my credit card paying for the tea, and ended up with my card blocked and un-usable.  Frustration and bad words.

Then North again to Blue Cross to take in the receipt from the clinic.  Nowhere to park within blocks, and it's now noon hour, so we know the place will be busy.  So I drove around the block umpteen times, while David went in.  I finally found a place to park where he could find me, and waited, for what turned out to be a half hour.  We were not covered for the expense, but can claim it on our taxes.  Whoopee!

So off to the bakery, but some confusion about whether the bakery was on Notre Dame or Logan.  Bad words.  Next stop was the mall near home, where we went into Sears to buy the specialty socks that I like, since there will be no more compression stockings.  Has anyone shopped at Sears lately?  The local store has been renovated.  Most departments have been relocated, and all of the service desks have been amalgamated into three main desks with several stations and unbelievably long lines.  There are very, very few clerks on the floor, so, if you need to ask a question, such as "where can I find socks", you must join the line, and wait 20 minutes or so to ask your question.  Then, you find the item on your own, and go back and join the line again, and wait another 20 minutes until it's your turn to pay.  More frustration and bad words.

We had heard a rumor that Sears was about to go under.  I quite believe it.  Almost everything in the store was on sale today at 50% to 60% off.  This is barely above cost, if you follow the pattern of retail using a 100% mark up on wholesale.  I have to wonder if they're trying to liquidate assets.  I also noted that items that I usually buy, are now of much poorer quality than I'm used to, so maybe they have changed suppliers in an effort to reduce cost. 

So we left Sears, and off to the Credit Union to find out what had to happen to re-activate my credit card.  Had to give up the PIN that I really liked, but bit the bullet, and 'tis done.  Then Starbucks, Where I found out that my Starbucks card is just about out of funds. Finally home.

At that point all I wanted was a quiet room to de-compress, and drink my coffee, but we had both missed lunch, so that had to be taken care of.  I have a couple of fairly urgent jobs to take care of this evening, and then the task of setting up the body monitor for David.  Maybe I can de-compress tomorrow.  Whoops!  Maybe not.  We'll have to get up early to take the machine back, and then head for the doctor's office, again, to pickup the forms to renew my parking pass. ( Message on the phone when we got home)  That will then have to be delivered to the Parking Pass office, as my current pass ends Nov 30th, and it takes two weeks, minimum, for the renewal to come through.  Maybe I can have some warm coffee tomorrow

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Unusual day's events

We started out for the usual Tuesday shopping trip to Huntsville but because Harry had responded  to several KIJIJI ads, we first headed for Bracebridge ( about 1.5 hours south ) to pick up a free, used toilet (ours upstairs is giving us some trouble) The directions took us down some previously unknown to us very lovely rural back roads and were very scenic, and trying to retrace our way we took a wrong turn and ended up seeing more of the country side before eventually ending up at the highway.  It was a lovely departure from the norm and quite wonderful - remember we make our own Joy out of what we are given!   Then into Huntsville another stop for me to pick up some Kefir. - both water and milk Kefir. I think it would be in your best interest to understand what this is for you to log onto google and see what it says.  I have to log onto to google to see what it is myself as I have really no idea yet haha!  It is a live organism that you put in sugar water and they produce a healthy drink, requiring one to empty (to drink)  and then replace the water every 48 hours.  Another of Harry's weird discoveries, which of course is now mine to do something about haha! 
So on that happy note I shall log off to go to bed and read.  I have just done the Food Diary for today and the program was not cooperating so I don't know if all my input was received as written and / or valid for their needs??  A bit frustrating...... Take care

Monday, November 14, 2016

Cathy's move

Gosh Cathy, I know you've been talking about renovations in your building, but didn't realize that it would mean a move.  I remember when I was working having to move our whole department ( over 10,000 sq. ft.)to a newly constructed area.  We had lots of help for the physical move, but they moved everything and then left it in a big pile in  the middle of floor of the new area.  And they moved us, suddenly, two days early.  What a mess!  But it looks like you have everything in hand, based on the pictures.

Loved the pictures of Chloe.  They grow so fast, but never fast enough for them.  Always wanting to be bigger and older.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Busy lives

Our big move is over at work and now we are left with the cleanup.  I am now back almost where I started in the south east corner of the building.  Patty an Shirley are also on the east side of the building now.  The moved 2 of the plan cabinets across the  building.  Patty was on holidays so missed out on all the fun of emptying the plan cabinet so it could be moved

 Now we have to put them all back...... in numerical order!  There are over 2000 plans there.  On the other hand we had the joy of going to Killarney on Saturday.  We went to the park and then we had to go to the "other" park  (Chloe's instructions.  We swung and we slid and got very tired out.

 By lunch time she was rubbing her eyes,but kept wanting "Auntie Kik" to do things with her.  She really enjoyes saying"Auntie Kik"  She has mastered it  She also sings all sorts of songs and as long as you know the song you can recognise the words.  She is really talking a lot.  I didn't win the lotttery so it is back to work tomorrow.  Oh well..... Next time

How to measure success

The sale was a bit of an experience.  I didn't sell much, but did make expenses, including breakfast at Starbucks ($$$) and supper from Subway. We've made a habit of this expense, so that we can write the day off as an outing, or a recreational day.

 The various booths were quite varied, and included food being served from right in the middle of all the tables (??) by a very pregnant lady and her husband both from El Salvador, and  man selling violins that her had refinished (poorly), even a lady selling a book written by her husband who had been a railway engineer on the Canadien.  In the booth next to us was a young man ( early teens) selling containers/baskets, and other items that he had crocheted.  His grandmother was with him, and she was selling items she had created using a small kiln-mainly glass, such as buttons and melted wine bottles that had become candy dishes. I have run into the grandmother before, and would be interested in knowing her better. On our other side was a young woman, possibly from the Philippines, who was selling home made perogies.  She was actually the Program Manager for the whole building, and turned out to be an excellent contact.  I had known her previously mainly via e-mail.  My friend Susanne showed up, and took a very good look at my bags.  Since she juries all handicrafts going into St. Norbert Farmers' Market, I was glad to give her the opportunity to take a good look at them.  She has seen me working on them, but never the finished project.  I also had a chat with another artist who had been at the meeting of the sketching group, that I had walked out of.  She expressed some thinking similar to mine, and while she is continuing with the group, is also working on her own, as I'm trying to ( not too successfully at this point).

So, was it successful?  Yes, based on a couple of criteria, but based on sales--no.

We were directly opposite the couple from El Salvador, with the ethnic food.  We were appalled at the manner in which the food was handled.  Finally, when she started using one hand to move Cole slaw from the pail into individual containers, David felt compelled to say something to the Program Manager at the table next to us.  She had no idea whatsoever about possible problems from the health department perspective.  Not that there was anything that could be done, at that point, but I remembered when my two friends had made dainties to sell at a craft sale and were approached by a health inspector, and the fuss in the newspaper about the requirements that were being placed on food vendors at such events.  I guess we can even go back to Cathy being required to have her food handlers certificate to help out at the Legion.

Today will probably be spent putting everything away that we have hauled out of storage over the past week.  It's been awhile since we worked a sale like this one.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Late but heartfelt...

Hoping your day at the Show goes well for you Pati, and that the people around and about show due recognition for your work.  Have a fun day and be happy!!! XXX

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Fixing the furnace

The problem we had found was some sort of water leak, associated with the humidifier, that had left the furnace room floor in water, that  had also started to wick up the walls.  Finally the fellow showed up this morning.  I was in the upstairs studio, but I could hear the excited masculine voices as they tried to sort things out.  Suddenly shouts and what sounded like bad words.  I kept my distance.  It turned out that there had been a very badly blocked hose, not one that was associated with the new furnace that had been installed  18 months ago, but rather one that had been in the house when we bought it.  It was very badly plugged and the fellow couldn't blow it out, so they had hooked up David's little compressor, and "let'er rip!"  It worked so well that the hose spurted dirty sludge all over the laundry room.  Thank Goodness clothing etc had been removed to accommodate the work, but the floors, table, wine rack, and appliances all got it. We (the "Royal We" with minimal help) cleaned most of it up.  But it gave me a chance to take a good look around the laundry room ( and the basement bathroom, by chance).  There was dirt, the sort that accumulates over time, and you don't notice because the process is so slow.  OMG!

I haven't been able to keep up with it, and it shows.  I'm also well aware that I probably don't have the physical ability, nor, if truth be known, the desire, to spend the time dealing with this sort of thing. Unfortunately, neither do I have a choice. So I made a cup of tea and sat down to blog to my sisters.  Sounds like a plan!

Plans change

Pati, I am sorry to hear of your day, and thinking of you both and hoping for a positive resolution to current situation. Always frightening when such events occur - I am remembering when Harry fell down our front stairs but needed immediate attention.  I ended up driving (very fast) to the Hospital in Huntsville. I fell down our stairs in Sept if you recall, and it seems even with our best care, we are having home incidents.  I think about you and wish you well. Take care of things at home.  But, a McDonalds supper seemed appropriate to me haha!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Not the day I planned

Unfortunately, David had a fall, in the kitchen just after breakfast.  We got him up and into his recliner where he spent the rest of the morning, but had several more dizzy spells. So around noon I called the doctor, and he suggested that I take David in.  So now we have had a lot of lab work done, and at least three significant tests are being scheduled. Quite late by the time we got home, so we opted for supper at Mcdonald's.  Now we're both exhausted and ready for an early bedtime, as we have the fellow coming to check the furnace tomorrow morning.  Sure didn't get much done in the studio!  But I did get the dishwasher turned on.

So, a new US President?

Isn't the world changing - who would imagine Donald Trump as the new US President.  I listened to the commentary on the CBC Radio until the acceptance speech from Trump.  It was not a really pleasant listen, and especially when they started to announce the impact ie Dow dropped to a record decline - I have GICs based on the stock market, and the S&P and Dow numbers.  Not nice news.
On a happier note, I managed to make really good headway in the yard.  Just like you Pati saying how one appreciates a sense of "satisfaction" with a job well done - in your case it was the drawer of tea towels, and in my case, seeing the yard coming together for winter. Hopefully I can continue today but there is a threat of showers so I might be delayed somewhat.
Harry did dehydrated apples over last two days so we got a handle on the excess supply a bit. But now I have to wash all the racks and put it all away.
I plan to go to North Bay tomorrow to do a few chores, and one of them on my list is to stop at Shopper's Drug Mart and have my passport picture taken,  I need to renew my passport by Feb 2017, so want to get all the necessary paperwork and pictures done now rather than at last minute.  The sign outside the store says "only $16.95" so hope that is the case. Last time I'm sure I paid lots more for the picture - I think it was at WalMart.
The radio just announced "six weeks until Christmas" - now there's a frightening situation!  I better go and have a coffee and get on with my day.  Take care.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Lots to read early this morning

Not having been on the computer for awhile, it was delightful to log on early this morning and have a good time catching up.
From mismatched earrings to music to napkins it was all good.  I enjoyed reading the Mouse Factory Blog about your adventure with the napkins Pati, and the results viewed by pictures are beautiful. 
Our visit with Mike and Erin on Saturday was very enjoyable - short but nice.  They have fixed up the insides nicely, and are awaiting more furniture on order. The chesterfield, I think I told you was still outside under a tarp but since it was being replaced ( it was broken already) they were taking it to the dump. We had a ride around the town to see the highlights - a tavern, a general store, a fire hall, two schools, an arena and three churches. Then over to his friends hobby farm and saw the chickens. Erin is putting her foot down though - NO chickens at their place.
More work around here still - I have managed to secure the many planting pots under a tarp at the back and yesterday covered the big greenhouse with wood pieces and a tarp - today I must secure it with rope. Still the insides of the greenhouses to clean up and other items such as fencing and chairs. It will get done - eventually haha!
We bottled all of the wine - had to buy bottles and a corker, and a few wine racks - but that is done.
So on wards we go... Friday I guess we will go to the Legion for the Remembrance Ceremony. And then I have my annual Doctors appointment the following week.  Always a highlight in my life (not).
Here's to the start of another week.  Look forward to your messages on the blog.  Are you planning to go to Killarney on your days off Cathy?  It's always nice to book off a long weekend. like you've done.  But how are your play rehearsals coming?
Take care

Sunday, November 6, 2016

That crazy old woman-----

has been wandering around, both at home and in public, for two days wearing two distinctly different earrings--a cameo and a filigree stud.  Thank Goodness the outing today was to the Opening reception for a friend's gallery exhibition. All artists, so hopefully, they thought it was on purpose to make some sort of statement.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Playing the ukelele

You two may not remember, but at one time I tried to learn to play the baritone ukulele.  I had a lot of fun with it, but never reached any real skill level.  I found this U-tube video of a fellow who blew me away.  On the side bar I noticed several other videos of the same fellow.

Women, mothers, and tea towels

I think I've talked about this before, but here we go again. 

Yesterday I whitened some of my new tea towels.  I had been planning it since the last time I washed them and realized it needed doing.  I used Oxyclean rather than bleach, because of the coloured stripes. The process requires a lengthy soak in very hot water and chemicals, followed by a good wash in super hot water and an extra rinse.  Now they are dry, so today, I will iron , and carefully fold them before putting them in the special drawer in the kitchen, that is used only for tea towels.

Mom got this obsessiveness from Grannie who always said she could judge how good a housekeeper a woman was by her tea towels.  They were linen in those days, and much more difficult to care for than the cotton we use now.  However, I still look for linen first when I buy new ones, but now just can't afford the much, much more expensive linen. I don't remember where Mom kept her tea towels, the drawer idea came from David's mother, who also ironed her tea towels until she moved to the lake.  So we have three generations of woman who are obsessive about tea towels--for fear of being judged.  I know it's crazy, but I experience a feeling of satisfaction when I look at a pile of newly ironed tea towels.

In today's Free Press there was an editorial about the evolution of newspapers, and the move away from print.  Evidently, there is now a way to get the whole Free Press on line, with a 6 day subscription, and I believe I can access it automatically with my print subscription.  I follow the news feed on the internet daily, but see almost nothing in the way of local news.  David has been objecting to our receiving a newspaper every day, of which certain sections will sometimes go directly from the front door to the recycling.  I think I'm going to look into this further.

So I've managed to write a lot of stuff without saying anything about life at my house.  What can I say?  We watch old movies on tv, and read library books.  Everything is ready for the craft sale next week.  

I am just starting a new series about a young girl who solves mysteries.  I takes place shortly after the second world war in England.  This is not really a young people's series, as the events etc are much more adult in nature. I read one several years ago and loved it, then found another in the new releases at the library.  When I looked closer, I realized there is a whole series, so have elected to start at the beginning.  The Flavia de Luce series by Alan Bradley.

And today I do house work--ye-e-e-ch!

Friday, November 4, 2016

On the road again...

I am really quite excited as we are going to Mike and Erin's again tomorrow.  They phoned last evening to invite us for lunch as they would like us to see the house all organized and set up.  They have been working all week to get everything unpacked and straightened away, and seem really excited to invite us. I am feeling good because I have not heard Mike sounding so happy in a long time.  I know this move has meant a great deal to him. He has been out in their yard cleaning it up, and taking garbage to the dump, and digging fire pits and generally having a good time. So we shall drive to Markstay for lunch!  I was asked to bring a dessert so I made a special fruit salad recipe and baked chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.  This morning Mike called early asking if we could bring a rake, and a shovel and the post hole digger and the laminator and a few other items. So the car is full and we plan an early start. 
We installed a new keyboard and what a difference. I can actually type normally and the keys depress properly, and the space bar works! I did not realize just how awful the older one was.
We were out to the Log cabin this afternoon and bought more apples. Harry plans to do more dehydrating so hopefully we can use them up.  The couple are going to Florida for two weeks so I know that I will not get a phone call from her for that period of time.
Well, it is Friday after all so wish you all a nice weekend.  And the clocks get turned back Sat night so maybe that will make a difference with the daylight. It gets dark so early now and all you want to do is go to bed, haha!  Or maybe that is because I am so tired??   Take care

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

still here

Yes, it has been rainy and cool here too.  Today we even had hail.  It was take your kid to work day and a friend asked if i would take her daughter (April works in the bar..... they wouldn't let her bring Jessica)  She was very bored in the morning when we tried to show her what we do, but in the afternoon we gave her all the jobs we hate because they are so time consuming and she loved them.  She scanned documents, printed labels for the registrations, stuffed envelopes, put labels on envelopes and all sorts of time consuming but necessary work.  You just never know.  Winnipeg had a whole outline of what to do with the students but they have 5 floors and all sorts of departments.  We had two clerks  (:Patty was away)  On a brighter note the office paid for the lunch Jess and I had,  She is 4 foot nothing and weighs about the same but MY GOD she can eat.  I had soup and a tea biscuit.  She had a personal pissa, a smoothie, and a giant cinnamon bun and was still hungry!  Oh to be young again.  Other than that I am way behind in work because I got nothing done today, but I am going to take the 18th off.  That gives me 2 long weekends in a row.  We are still trying to get down to Killarney, but our schedule and theirs just doesn't mesh. I find I am very tired by the end of the day.  I keep hoping for a lottery win so I can retire and rest but it just isn't working. Oh well.  Supper is over (Jim cooked while I soaked in the tub)  Clean up is done.  Time to relax. Love you guys lots and lots

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


It's been raining for the best part of two days now, but is supposed to be just about over now.  The forecast for the next few days is warm. warmer. warmest, so that may be heading your way next week, Beth, and give you a chance to finish up the yard work.

Quiet here again.  We were out shopping for birthday gifts for the girls--successfully, and will have to do a bit of grocery shopping tomorrow.  I've just about got the preparations for the craft sale beat, and then it will be back to the arty work.

The diet is a struggle again, and I'm going to have to give that some thought.  I remain very pleased with the progress I've made, but still think I could do a little more.

But it's just about bed time, and I'm sitting thinking about the day.  There have been small pleasure if one looks for them.  For some reason the juncos stayed around until this week.  We've had Blue Jays at the feeder today, and, of course, the playful and cheerful little chickadees.  We didn't celebrate Hallowe'en last night.  I didn't dare have any candy in the house.  By 8:00. in the pouring rain, we figured it would be safe to leave the kitchen and turn on a living room light, but wouldn't you know two little ones came to the door within the next 5 minutes, despite our outside light not being on.  They were two very young oriental girls with a mother who obviously did not speak very good English, as I tried to apologize for not having anything for them. Cute little things, but out so late??  There are geese everywhere.  Any bit of grass and it's covered with them. Darren once told us that they know they are safe in the city, and the warmth of the city is also attractive to them.  But do they have to walk across roads?  Stupid geese!

So now to find a cup of herbal tea and try to chill out in an effort to fall asleep easily.

It was a very slow evening

Only 34 little (and not so little) people at the door. Made for a bit of a boring time sitting and waiting to see someone running up the driveway.  But when they did, I was out there with my basket and enjoying the conversations. Very polite most of them, but then most times the parents were hovering in the background.
This afternoon a terrible thunder storm came through - it was actually scary. And me outside trying to get the pump working, and at the side of the house trying to rectify the flow of water from the eaves kicker to the front of the house where it was pooling (thus the need for the pump) . Only thing that worked was that the storm passed and the rain stopped. Included hail at one point as well.
Hopefully tomorrow I can actually get outside and do some yard work. 
Otherwise, not much excitement around here. Trying to eat lots of apples as they have accumulated with our buying most weekends. This past weekend we did not buy as we were away helping Mike - so maybe a reprieve with the constant supply and I can try to catch up ( NOT).  Compounding the issue is that Harry buys apples and then cannot eat them because they are too hard, so leaves that for me to do. Of course, it is the same with the leftover Hallowe'en chocolate bars and licorice.  Guess who is eating that! haha!
Time for bed.  Take care