Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy dance

I'm so glad to hear that you're coming Beth. I know you've been thinking about it. However--ta da--yesterday Dianne told us that she has been accepted into Sioux Narrows and will be with us Friday and Saturday nights--maybe even Sunday. I know she isn't really family, but, she IS a friend and she makes me laugh--when she doesn't have pneumonia.

I know you need rain, Cathy. The ground here is very, very dry. But this is weekend is the "big sale" at Ft. Whyte. We have been snowed on and flooded in past years, and were hoping that this year we might have nice weather. So we'll truck on and hope for the best. All sorts of warnings about not planting too soon, but you see people out there woring like beavers. David has been puttering inthe yard. He does a bit and then rests for a bit. He has cut off the top of the beautiful pyramidal cedar in the back yard. It was just short of the Hydro lines, and we knew that there were problems ahead. I know it'll keep growing, but hopefully we've delayed the inevitible for a couple of years. I think it might prove expensive to cut down.

I have joined a couple of artists' groups. One is out in Selkirk, and I phoned and offered to volunteer up to 10 hours a month. I know they will be wanting more, but I'm determined to be firm here. The other is local and offers cheap classses to members. I want to get back to my sketching and painting. I've also decided to try Morning Pages again. Somehow the idea of a "brain dump" appeals. That way I can rant there and not dump my insecurities on you two.

This morning we are off to have David's eye measured for an implant. There was a cancellation, and he got in much earlier than expected. I also have to shop. Gillian's birthday was yesterday, and I forgot. It drives me crazy! I had it firmly fixed in my mind until last weekend.


is in the forecast again. I hope that it is finally going to happen. We had a tiny bit yesterday, but we are desperate here. It is soooo dry. Of course they are calling for snow this weekend, so I hope that part of the forecast is wrong. The dinner on Sunday was quite good. The only comment I might make is presentation. Everything was beige Chicken souvlaki, spanikopita (spinach pie) and roast potatoes. Pita and dip. Desert was phylo pastry, layered with custard and honey. The Greek Salad was on the tables and it was wonderful (I was able to avoid all the olives) The evening ended early so we were cleaned up and home by 9pm Being back at work on Monday was a bit of a shock after a week in Winnipeg. It has not been busy lately so I am catching up on my plan registrations. We had our first VCC meeting without an administrator on Monday. The financial reports were skimpy, but all of the work is getting done. They had about 13 applicants for the jobs and interviews will be next wednesday. I finally buckled down and did my cancer canvas this week (it is due on Friday) Every year I swear that I will do it early and every year I am last minute. Donations were up this year. Too many people with cancer touching our lives. Allergie season (and woodticks) upon us again. Sniffling and scratching. What more could one want to do with their lives. Enjoy the rest of the week

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Be - It snowed yesterday

In North Bay yesterday for shopping and violin lesson, and it was snowing a bit and sleeting a bit and cold, cold wind blowing. And yet today worked in the yard all day ( yes, I said all day) and it was nice, shirt sleeve weather. We have had frost every night for the past few nights and hopefully tonight will be last for a few days as the weather forecast indicates it is getting warmer for the nights. It means no heaters need to be put on, and no closing up the greenhouses. Today we did a major cleanup of both greenhouses - took all plants out, redid most of them, adjusted a few of the shelves and then put them all back in. Sounds like an easy chore, but believe me it is not.
Monday night the little cat knocked over my violin onto the floor from its stand, and did some damage. I was terrified that it may be so bad it might require repair job but I took it into class and the instructor fixed the bridge, fixed the strings and the fine tuner screws, and all was well. Apparently not as bad as I imagined. Needless to say, I have changed how I store it so I won't have a repeat of the cat's mischief.
I am making plans to drive to Winnipeg again this year - I bought a case of 24 water bottles on sale for $1.97 so I am now committed to the trip, right? Patty, I hope that my tenting at the Lake is still an option for the August long weekend? I have a new tent - larger ( 12 X 8) with more room to actually stand up and move around, and a new cot that sits off the floor with a blow up mattress. They are both up in the back yard right now - and with the strong winds of late, it has been a good test of its durability. Now, it has not yet tested rain, but I'm sure will weather that as well ( if it happens to rain at the Lake, haha!)
Anyway, must go for now and get things ready for Mothers tomorrow - it will be hair cutting day again so I must take my shears as well as the food for lunch.
Take care

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And here it is tuesday..

where do the days go? How was your dinner Cathy? You seemed to be quite looking forward to it when we spoke. What treasures did you find Beth? I appear to need a new can opener (after only 15-20 years--go figure). Not that it would be worth your while to send it here, even if you found one still in the original wrapping. Worst part was that it started mis-behaving while I was trying to open a can of Tim Horton's coffee. ARG-g-g-h!

We have another sale this weekend--a big one--and I just can't seem to work up any interest or enthusiasm. This brings back my chronic "back of my mind" worry--is it depression or dementia? I think I've found in the past that, if I have the insight to consider dementia it probably isn't. Not having much luck shaking the depression though, this year. So I'll go and find something red to wear today. I have season five of my Quilting Arts TV dvds, and I've viewed up to program #10 out of 13. I've seen nothing that really stimulates my interest. Is it me or has the variety of subjects deteriorated? Maybe a bit of both, but I'm quite disappointed and may not buy any more of them.

"Himself" is now asking about breakfast. Better go and feed the "beast".

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Home again

They let us leave early on Friday , so early that I am not sure why I had to stay on Thursday, except I got to see Pati. I was home by 1:00 pm. Jim must have missed me, because he had lunch waiting... he wasn't sure what I might like, so he had made spagetti sauce, cut up some potatoes for home made fries and had taken steak out of the freezer. He just wanted to cover all the bases! I didn't expect to be as tired as I was Friday night. By 4pm I was feeling burnt out and I was in bed before 8! The course was good I learned a lot of things that applied to my work. Usually they force us to take courses that really don't apply. It was on work that I am already doing, but that I have had no formal training for. We worked with some of the people in surveys in Winnipeg, but we also got some history on some things that I have been confused about (CLA res, M&M, Sand & gravel, Railway case....... not that you asked :) ) Now things are back to normal. There is a supper here tomorrow night... A Taste of Greece. There was a phone message for me asking if one of us could work the late shift on the bar (we are signed up for the early shift) and could I be there at 9am to help decorate. And for all our help we get our tickets for $25 each instead of $35. I will have to think about the bar. Jim is only going to the supper because of me, and I don't think that he will want to sit by himself while I work the bar by myself, nor will he want to work a shift by himself. At least the late shift will end at 10 pm and not 1 am. I hope you both enjoy your weekend

Friday, April 23, 2010

glad you enjoyed it, Beth.

We had been thinking of you and had wanted to give you a bit of a "pick me up"--similar to the "Get well soon" card I got in the mail today. Thank you. The sale was a pitiful thing, but I got what I wanted--feedback on my series of pieces using recycling techniques and materials. Both Cathy and I were surprised at how much we enjoyed the actual lecture itself--basically on how to be environmentally responsible and encourage sustainable activities in your crafting. I had been feeling a little better by Wednesday, but by that point there was so much catching up David and I had to do in terms of paying bills and buying groceries and gas etc, that Thursday was the first chance Cathy and I had to get together. You'll both be glad to know that we actually bought me a new electric ( battery operated) razor. No more burnt or hairy armpits.

Amber and the children will be coming over for supper on Sunday. It seems like forever since we saw them. I'm quite looking forward to it and will actually take a break from my sewing. Otherwise I'll be spending the next few days working for the big two day sale next weekend at Ft. Whyte.

Late now, and I'm tired. Having trouble working out a balance between sleeping at night and napping. Thank goodness retirement means that I can sleep, more or less, when I want. actually right now I think it's lie down before you fall down. Have a good weekend.

Be - What a wonderful surprise to greet me

........both of you waving a loving "Hi" to me. Just what I needed as I opened up the blog just now!
So it is Friday and the weekend again - I wonder where the week days go but then think of all I have done on each of those days, and I wonder no more.
My big cat had surgery on Wed to remove a hematoma in her ear lobe and now I have scratches, and puncture holes all over me - just from trying to give her antibiotic pills twice a day. It is very hard to treat an animal - they do not respond well to reason and persuasion, haha!
We head up to North Bay early tomorrow morning because it is "junk day" there. So similar to Harry's trip up to Kirkland Lake last week, we shall cruise the streets looking for wares. Harry is looking especially for flower pots and since many people throw them away, we may be lucky.
So Cathy you should be back home after your week in the big city and I hope your course went well for you - will this mean you get more responsibilities?
Wishing you both a happy weekend and hope to see a few words on the blog if you can...Take care

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hi Beth!

from the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library lecture on sustainable crafting and associated sale.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Be - Tuesday means Violin Lesson!

As I prepare for another trip to North Bay for my violin lesson this afternoon, I shall write another blog entry before I go. Harry is on his way home from Kirkland Lake - he called me at 8 am to say he has left his brothers now - we plan to meet in North Bay at Mike's.
I was up in the middle of the night last night wandering around the garden. The forecast said it would be 5 degrees overnight so I left the heaters off in both greenhouses. As I watched the temperature drop and drop I knew I might be in trouble so out I went into the night armed with a flashlight and blankets. I needed to turn two heaters on in the the big greenhouse and then one in the other but also had to cover the entrances with blankets in order to keep the heat inside. It did freeze so I was thankful to be so watchful during the night. So much time and effort have gone into tending to them that I was not going to run a chance of losing them - especially on "my watch". I had spent another three hours yesterday afternoon (after coming back from spending the morning and lunch at Mothers) watering and staking and moving and caring for the plants etc. Life is grand! The TV has all the hockey playoffs on every night so even TV watching hasn't been especially exciting. I still read novels - large print novels from the library have me spoiled now. I went back to a regular print book and realized how much better the large print is for me. Patty maybe Dave should look into getting the Robb novels which I know he reads in the larger print- could check out your library perhaps?
Anyway, much to do before I leave for North Bay so must go now. Take care

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life in general...

... sometimes just throws you a curve. I am sorry that you are not feeling well, Pati When I feel sick I am truly miserable and noone wants to be near me. But on the other hand I just want sympathy! We cut a lot of wood this weekend. Jim picked up his new chainsaw on Saturday. We had ordered it from Sears on sale for 249.99. When we picked it up, Leona (local store owner) told us that it was going to be on sale on Monday for 189.99! Needless to say we refused delivery of the one we ordered and picked one up from her. We paid full price and took it home, but Jim goes in Monday for the price adjustment. That is quite a difference! Of course I am now very sore & tired. I am in Winnipeg next week on course. I get in sometime on MOnday and go to Land Titles for 1pm. I then get to check into my hotel and veg out for a while. My hotel room comes with a full kitchen, so I am taking some food with me. I come home again on Friday at noon. I want the course, I just wish I didn't have to go to Winnipeg to take it. Especially since it is finally turning nice out. There is always next week. There is a Greek supper here on the 25th. Jim and I are working the first shift at the bar. That means that we only have to pay $25 each for our tickets and get to eat behind the bar. Lotsa fun. Then it is back to work on Monday. Other than that life goes on... I work and I go home. At least now when I go home I can go outside. Of course with Spring comes woodticks.. They are already out. It must be because it is so dry here. We really need rain. On that note, I am gone for the week and look forward to catching up on the Blog next weekend

Saturday, April 17, 2010

It finally happened!

Doesn't happen often in a marriage, but I'm finally sicker than he is. I told him this morning that he was on his own for meals etc today. He is going to call Amber and cancel supper for tomorrow evening. I expect that today will be up a bit, sleep a bit, and repeat as necessary.

I matched three numbers on last night's lottery ticket. Now I know that this might mean a win of all of $2.00, but it's the first win we've had in months, so cause for celebration.

David will be having one cataract done, but it probably won't be for 6 months--which brings us to late October and my plans for a quilting retreat. Deal with it when it happens, I guess. Que Sera Sera! The flexible lens will cost less than $400. I had thought it would be much more. They are also looking at a lens that can address his astigmatism. That one would be over $800, and he's reluctant to go that far. The way I feel today--who cares? A typical man he tended to down play the trouble he's having with his vision, but the Doctor insisted that I be present during the examination--thank Goodness.

This has been a "sick" house for a month now, and this morning I took a look around. There was even dust on the toaster, and now there is dust on the clean spot where someone swiped the dust on the small corner table. Something else for me to worry about--but not today.

Harry seems to have recovered from his gout quickly--probably a good thing. Darren suffers from gout and it drives him crazy. Your plants sound well on their way, Beth. Nothing is happening here. We need rain badly, but neither of us is well enough to actually go out and water. No, we haven't been out on our bikes yet, although yesterday would have been perfect. Warm, sunny and little wind. I need to spend a few days riding around the neighbourhood to build up tolerance before striking out onto the bike path. Isn't going to happen soon. Bed time again now, I think. You should see the words I'm typing before I go over again with the spell checker. And my space bar seems to have a mind of its own. Have a great weekend ladies!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Be - Friday already

and I wonder where the week went? Harry has gone up to Kirkland Lake to be with his brother to drive up and down the streets picking up other's junk. He wanted an early start this morning and he must have been excited as he got up and left at 2:30 am - I made coffee and breakfast for him before he drove off - that would give them an early start at their trash hunting as he would get there about 6 am. You see, it is the annual trash week where people may deposit their unwanted items on the curb and others may pick up. Likely be there for a few days, which means I am holding the reins here at home including having to go to Mothers on my own. He loaded his van full of plants to give to his brother who built a little greenhouse especially to house these plants. It leaves a bit more space now in the two greenhouses we have here - I shall be tending to them for the next few days and with cold nights it means heaters and taping up, and with sunny days it means opening up and lots of watering.
I just made a lovely big lettuce salad for lunch which I intend to enjoy - I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning - haven't bothered with that for about 6 months as I knew I was gaining ever so consistently but nevertheless it was a shock to my system to see the actual weight. And eating all those cookies and cakes and candies etc I shouldn't be surprised but here goes at another attempt to keep things under control.
All the animals have mites in their ears - so I discovered after taking the old cat to the vet. I looked mites up on the internet and see a home cure using Bag Balm ointment which I purchased at the feed mill. I still have to take the old cat back to the vet on Wed morning for and I&D of hematoma in his ear lobe (caused from shaking his head because of the itching from mites) What a contagious, vicious circle but if I can get them through it I will be happy.
Anyway, hope you both enjoy a nice weekend... Take care.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Be - Mid week and nice sunny day ahead

Still gets cold at night but once the sun comes up it becomes a brilliant day. Patty have you been able to get out at all on your bikes - I would think not with you both under the weather but I am getting the urge to uncover my bike from the winter covers and check the tires and take it for a spin. With the terrain here in Sundridge there are few places to ride without grades in elevation which become hard to get enough umph out of my body to make it up the hill. So I tend to ride around the same blocks - no imagination but I am getting some exercise n'est pas?
Yesterday I picked up my new book "Beading on Fabric" which you recommended Patty - what a thrill to read through quickly - I wish I had had it before I made my fish but actually it is probably better to get it now because I can now understand what she is explaining because I've struggled through it on my own already once and can visualize better.
We went out for dinner last night - it has been well over a year & half since we ventured out here in town. A new place just opened up on the main street called "Michael's On Main Casual Country Dining" It proved to be well worth the visit - good tasting food, and presented well. I enjoyed my meal but that may be just as simple as I didn't have to make it or clean up myself!
I have a beef stew on cooking now to take to Mother's tomorrow. I have had an urge to make Blanc Mange recently but not necessarily at Mothers - I may break down and make it here just for me! I have a jar of your brambleberry jelly all ready to put on top Patty. Well, the day starts with a trip outside to open up the greenhouses. Harry is stricken again with gout so is resting it off in bed today.
Take care.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

weekend over--Whe-e-e-w!

and I survived. Had volunteered for 3 hours Friday morning asking for a sitting job, and ended up pushing a w/c around the show. They had brought a group of seniors and one lady was blind. She had her wits aobut her and was quite discouraged. So I took her around and verbally described each piece, allowing her to touch those she chose to, carefully explaining to anyone around us that I had permission to do so. ( I gave myself permission). She was quite grateful, and I was quite tired so went home to bed for 3 hours. Then i got up and went back for the trunk show that evening, forgetting my hearing aid. I found a nice front row seat and had a meltdown when I was asked to move to the back. I guess I scared them, because they let me stay, and I was joined in the front row by 3 other executive members. The show was by the lady from the Kitambaa blog, and quite interesting. afterward she sold some of the goods the African ladies make , as well as African fabrics. Of course I spent too much money.

The workshop on Saturday was wonderful. Again I bought extra fabric, and spent more money I didn't have. But during the lunch break, I went through the vendors and nothing--repeat--nothing-- appealed to me. I bought a handful of polymer clay buttons from the Polymer Clay Lady, and $10.00 worth of silent auction tickets, but that's all. Saturday, again I went straight home to bed and then vegged out for most of the evening. But after Sunday's class, I was feeling well enough to go out for supper, rather than cooking.

I had taken the workshop as a means of "jump starting" my creativity, and I'm quite pleased with the piece I made. I bought a second kit and am working on the second piece--which will be quite different. Since I'm putting together some "stock" using scraps of the African fabric, I need to make the piece first, so that I have scraps to use. Then I can participate in local sales that require that the goods have their basis in re-cycling.

But now sale deadlines are looming and I need to get to work. I had some stuff in the boutique at the quilt show and sold very little ( no-one sold much). I'm only making the small "crafty" stuff until after the two shows I have in the next three weeks, then I'll evaluate things. I have a hunch that this might be a pretty lean year.

Amber did our taxes, and we will come away with a bit of a refund. David is seeing an opthamologist Friday, about his cataracts. He's having more and more trouble seeing, and we may be just about at the point of surgery. I know that the government won't pay for good implants ( or whatever it is that they do) so the refund may well be going for that.

David sold some of his coins a couple of weeks back--not much money but I think he wants to save that towards some sort of trip. The rest of his coins weren't deemed to have more than face value, so they were given to Jeremy, who loves to save and play with coins ( a function of his Asperger's, according t0 Loren). Jeremy turned 13 last month, so didn't get a "formal" birthday present, but Loren brought him over while I was away Saturday, and Jeremy and his grandfather spent some time going through the coins and sorting them out. Time well spent for all three of them.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Be - Busy weekend for you ?

It sounds as if you are going to be very busy Patty but also sounds like you are looking forward to many of the events - the book vendor would be great - I remember visiting this booth when I was at the shows and you are right - many bargains and so many books from which to choose. I went into Coles in North Bay and since I had the name of that beading book you recommended in my purse, decided to enquire - ended up that I have ordered and paid for it to be sent to the store - I should get a call next week hopefully that it is in - I will consider it a well deserved birthday gift to myself! I anticipate being able to just sit and browse through it leisurely page by page by page... "dream along with me, I'm on my way to the stars"...
A sudden winter storm has appeared in our area with snow, freezing rain, winds etc- thankfully not in Sundridge, at least for now - no snow yet but cold and rain so far. The greenhouses have been closed and taped and heaters put on again which is a real change from the last few weeks of really nice summer weather conditions. This should be the last hurrah for winter that we were told was coming, and then we can get down to the really good spring and summer weather.
I had an urge to reread the book "Faces of the Flood" about the 1997 Manitoba Flood - Mike had it at his house since last spring when he was interested in the flooding there and I let him borrow the book- it was good for him to read all about it - a bit of history for him that connects me to Winnipeg, and also to see the role that the Military played to help with the efforts.
Well, so much for now, and hope you both have a nice weekend...Take care

big weekend

starts now. Over the noon hour, I have to drop off the quilts I have for display, as well as the stock I have for the little boutique they run, at the CanadInn Polo Park. I have a funeral at 3:00 on Portage west of the perimeter. Then this evening I'm supposed to be going to a presentation from various people who have gone to other countries to study, or participate in craft-related events and actvities. The way I feel right now, I have no interest in the craft event, but a friend is presenting on a trip she made to Korea as part of a special government sponsored tour. She probably wouldn't notice whether I was there or not, and she has lots of other friends. Tomorrow I'm volunteering at the quilt show in the morning and then there is an evening event that I'm quite looking forward to ( a trunk show by Pippa Moore--this is an acquaintance who spends time in Uganda trying to establish quilting as a cottage industry for grandmothers raising grandchildren whose parents have died--and other disadvantaged women). Then Saturday and Sunday in a class with Pippa Moore where we will be making wall quilts using African fabrics and beads that she has brought back with her.I just hope I can survive all this fun and frivality.

One thing I'm looking forward to is being able to visit the vendors at the quilt show. In particular is Copperfield's Books. He usually has all sorts of bargains, and, for some reason, I'm feeling the need for books.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

feeling better?

It sounds like you & Dave have had a pretty rough go of it lately. I sure hope you are feel ing better. We seem to be holding our own here right now. Jim drove Carl into Winnipeg for his doctor's appointments today. He phoned around 3:30 and they were still in the city so I guess he won't be home for a while. We were out cutting deadfall on Sunday and Jim got so short of breath I was ready to give him my puffer. We took it a lot easier on MOnday and he seemed okay. The fact that the chain saw quit on us probably helped. Busy day at work again. I sure hope I win that lottery soon...... this working for a living really sucks. I'm supposed to be out doing my Cancer canvass but I am really beat today... 2 people away at work and I am waaayyy behind. I had about a 15 minute break all day and worked overtime (not pre-approved... no pay) There is always tomorrow. I have until .. I just had a phone call and now have no idea what I was going to write!! That is a little scary. I think it is time for a glass of wine and just kick back and relax... Maybe I'll remember what I was going to say!


Last evening was my monthly Ravenesque meeting. This group is very important to me, but I know it's not so important to others. I was feeling tired, so wanted to have a nap before going, as the meeting was in Ft. Richmond and I wanted to make sure I was in good enough shape to drive. Well, we were up early and by 10:30 I was ready for my nap. I was back in bed by 11:00. up for a couple of minutes around 1:30, and then back to bed until just after 3:00. I wasn't feeling sick, just tired. I mentioned it at the meeting, and Dianne pointed out that I had been running on adrenalin for almost 3 weeks, and it was about time I crashed! I was so tired that I left the meeting early, drove home and was back in bed shortly after 11:00 and slept through until 7:00 this morning. I sure hope this sorts me out! I have a big weekend planned. At the meeting we sorted out our banner ( it has to be delivered on Thursday) Beth, the ladies loved your fish. Everyone was impressed with the work you put into it, the concept, and the beading. Then someone suggested that the yo-yo's also resembled barnacles. Fits into the crazy scheme perfectly, so you have been re-christened Barnacle Beth instead of The Earring lady. This is a tribute, and you should enjoy it. No one ever gave ME a nickname! ( at least, not one they will use to my face) When I get the final pieces sewn on, I'll post a picture. One lady made a mermaid that has to be seen to be believed.

David is still struggling. His cough won't go away, and even seems to be getting worse. I worry about him, but he sounds a little better this morning. Today I get my temporary fake teeth checked out. The dentist wants to wait as long as possible before making the permanent fake teeth, as the gums will keep shrinking and changing shape for quite some time, and I could have problems with the bridge if it's made too soon. The temporary bridge has come off twice now.

So that is my life. Sleeping and waiting for my gums to recede.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Yes! We need the ritual of a holiday. Without those periodic reminders of life in the real world, I find that the days just blend together. We've planned a simple meal. David still doesn't seem to have any energy, and I'm trying to keep up with the work, although I seem a little sicker every day. I think I'm also fighting depression, --but I have so little energy that depression may be winning. That time of year, maybe? I have three sales this month, and went over my inventory yesterday. Didn't take long--I don't have much. Made me realize that I never received the promised cheque from the Costume Museum of Canada. Never will, I guess, now that they have officially gone "belly up". I put five pieces of my newer work in the gallery in Selkirk, and can't get them back until May 2nd--the last day of the big sale in Ft. Whyte. Now, in a normal world, I would be preparing for a frenzy of making, painting sewing, stitch, stitch stitch, but today my attitude seems to be "yeah--that's life. So what?". I think I should sit back, enjoy the children--young and old--and deal with life tomorrow. After all, I get to watch episode 2 of Sober House tonight--the follow-up series to Celebrity Rehab. I would hate to think that I would even consider believing that life doesn't get any better than that.
have a Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Be - Yeh, life goes on..

but it is always a good feeling to hear from you both regardless. Have been working a lot outside with this great summer weather. For three days I have been fighting with a rose bush gone wild over last few years. When I cut grass it always attacks me so decided to cut it all out. What a job - and I have the scratches and sores to prove it. There is one large stump left which was too big for me to manage but if it grows I can hopefully keep it under control. Tomorrow we go for Easter at Mothers - Harry's brother and wife will be there by lunch time so we go to make lunch and then supper. Then back again early Sunday to make Supper for everyone. Probably do more prep work at home Sat night. On Monday we are supposed to go up to Mikes in North Bay but there are no final plans made yet.
So here is best wishes to all for a Happy Easter and enjoy the time with family. Talk with you again next week...Take care

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Life goes on

Things appear to be settling down. David actually managed to spend part of last night lying down in the spare bed. For the last few nights he's slept on the recliner in the basement. He's more "with it" and coughing much less frequently. He says that he's never been this sick before in his life, and feels like he's aged years over the past three weeks. I'm feeling a little rough, but not anywhere near as sick as he was.
Amber and the children, and Loren will be over for supper on Sunday, so I expect that the next couple of days will be spent getting ready for that. I'm not sure what to serve, but it will be something quick and easy.