Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cool and Rainy

That is the weather we have for our FairWeekend.  Town wide yard sales, Beer Gardens, Saturn Shows (rides) and Free pony rides and a small animal pen. Not to forget the FrenchFry Truck and the mini donuts and the cotton candy.  The art club even had a show and sale at the rifle range. We went in for the parade.  A couple of floats and fire engines and old cars .  The had the antique fire engine in front of the brand new one and a realllllly old tractor in front of a giant monster on treads and everything.  What a contrast.  They are also upgrading the hydro at our office this weekend.   In theory the breakers won't blow anymore.  The CEO for Teranet was out from Toronto for a couple of days this week.  He was in our office for lunch from 11:30 to 1:00.  We were told to set up for a power point so we moved everything around so we could eat and watch at the same time, but there was no power point so we could have stayed where we were.  So now we have met all the new big managers and maybe can get back to work.  They track how far behind we are on the target production levels and visits from other department heads doesn't factor in to the time table.  Neither does work taken by other offices and not completed.  Winnipeg doing some of our work has us 6 days behind on the charts.  And I thought I  wasn't working in a factory.  At least  maybe next week Patty will be back from vacation and I can get back to my own work and get caught up.  I have got a whole pile of Tax Sales to get prepared.  They would be much easier if Winnipeg didn't insist that all the information be perfectly lined up with the line above and postal codes lined up with the right side.  (slightly anal?)  Jim is going to get our truck mirror fixed today (Yes, I broke it again) If the rain holds off I will plant the tomatoes that we have been given.  We have one more box of potatoes to plant.  We'll do that about next weekend to give some new potatoes for a longer stretch.  The rest of the garden is "nibbling'  One row of peas, one of beans, carrots and beets.  I want to freese a few beets cause I really like them with Auntie Lorraine`s sauce on them.  Lots of onion, though, cause we use them all year.  And I know we will have too many cucumbers but we can always drop extra at the Legion.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Weather and blossoms

A little cooler here, and somewhat rainy, but with periods of sun.  Our Lady slipper blooms are fading, but we've now got 4 clumps of them. They took such a hit in the serious drought a couple of years ago, that we were afraid they would never come back.  Every year we eagerly await the first sign of them.  David says that one branch of the Mock Orange bloomed but I didn't see it.  It is such a ratty looking bush now, I'm sure it's barely clinging to life, and an early minimal bloom is often the death sign in bushes that old.  Usually it doesn't bloom until the first week in July.  I remember because that's what greeted us when we first moved in 17 years ago.

After getting home, we had a very quiet day, with both of us taking short naps this afternoon.  All that's left to do, now,  is clean up the kitchen and put the dishwasher on.  I'm wanting to watch "Dead Files" at 9:00, which gives me time for about 1 poker tournament.  Wish e luck!

Success! and Apple Blossums

Isn't it great when you have a successful day out.  It sounds as if you did!  It also sounds as if you are getting around the city more than you did before, and as a result are seeing new things and places. (Forget the spending part of it all though, haha!)
Here was a different story. The Hydro did NOT come on until 3 pm!  It went off earlier than 7 am as well - I was trying to make Harry toast at 6;45 am and the power went off. He had warm bread instead.
Our Apple trees have been a glorious sight the last while with blossoms all over and bees humming from flower to flower. Yesterday, though, the petals started to fall. The aroma outside is wonderful, and the ground is covered with white - and NOT snow this time, haha. It's maybe a little sad to see them fall, but just another sign of the changing seasons. And today I spotted my first hummingbird. Lots of planting these days as well. Everything seems to be jumping ahead quickly.  It is over 30 degrees today but with a bit of a breeze I didn't mind being outside.
I waited over three weeks to get my next book in the Gamache series to read.  The Library called yesterday to say it was there and of course I went immediately to pick it up.  I planned to also get the next book in the series to have on hand here at home but you guessed it - it was already taken. So my name is on the wait list for it now. At least I have a book to read at night again - lately I have not being reading - couldn't get interested in anything I had hanging around here - so have missed that quiet time terribly.Well, have to get supper and then plan to do a walk about outside - perhaps with a nice cup of tea, and maybe a nice sit down in the garden! And of course dream of being a big Lottery winner tonight again! A perpetual dream ??    Take care

More of an adventure than we anticipated

No problem getting to the quilt show, except there was a huge plant sale on at the same place. What a zoo!  I ran into many old friends there.  Sort of sad in a way.  I'm just so out of touch,

Then we headed further west on Bishop Grandin Blvd, heading for Route 90.  I was stunned at how much the South West Corner of the city has changed.  Unbelievable.  Then North to St. Mathews.  The map was slightly incorrect.  What it showed as a parking lot was a construction site and we bottomed out trying to get through.  Then it was into the back door of a building.  I wondered what we were getting ourselves into.  But once we got inside--Heaven!  I could have spent a fortune.  But I found exactly the beads I was looking for, right away.  We spent a few minutes looking around, but a successful trip.

coming home, we needed to get to the corner of Regent and Lagimodiere Blvd.  David said that he had heard that the Louise Bridge was closed for the weekend, so we headed for the Provencher Bridge. Guess which one was closed.  We ended up coming through St Boniface on Marion St, and ultimately made it home safely.


We were up early this morning.  The local Rona store had a special on with no tax on purchases ( total purchase) over $100.00.  so--we bought:  a new ceiling light c/w a new dimmer switch and LED light bulbs, a hood fan to match the new kitchen, and a new kitchen sink (double) and a matching faucet c/w spray attachment. Originally we had planned to go shopping next Tuesday, as seniors get 10% off on the first Tuesday of the month, but this gave us even more savings.  So the garage is getting full of garage sale items and new purchases.  The plastic money is smoking.

Out grocery shopping yesterday, but because of my meeting in the early afternoon, didn't get to the grocery store until going up 4:00.  Don't try to grocery shop on a Friday afternoon, especially when trying to use a scooter ( a necessity in a huge grocery store like this)  Today we have frozen individual servings of chicken, pork and home-made hamburger patties, and have a batch of chili in the slow cooker.

But all of this organization, and busy-ness has got my stress level up.  I saw the first sign a few days ago, when I realized that my hair was falling out again.  This hasn't happened since I left work.  So this afternoon I've asked if we could go to see a quilt show at 10,000 Villages.  This is the one I thought I was going to see two weeks ago, when we found the celebration including henna tattoo and wall hanging supports. And then I would like to go and buy some beads. ( Like I need more beads!!!)  This could turn out to be an adventure, as my favourite bead store has moved into a very strange location, and although I have a map, it may be a challenge to find.

And supper should be fairly easy, as David plans to eat the chili.

The fool, Me....

Thought I would be able to log on while Harry went on usual Sat morn garage sales,but there is a planned power outage set to start in one hour from now-and to last for about four hours. So I am up early to make sure I have my hot coffee, and then I guess I'll work in yard until power is restored. Ruins all my plans without hydro!
Hopefully when back in business again, I can write a few words longer.
Pati, you have been our scribe this week by the looks of it - thanks. I like to read of your events. Whats up with you Cathy.  I expect you had to work meat draw last night?  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A suggestion

Cathy, we are going to be in Carberry the afternoon of August 12th, for a couple of hours.  We will be working at a fibre art show in the lower level of the Town Hall.  If you thought you could meet us there, I could bring the dishes and tea mug with me.

In your last post you sounded a little re-assured about this new manager. Is that so?  I know you had been apprehensive.

Today, we met, yet again, a rude lady at the tile store.  She had been quite forceful in telling me that I needed to use a bright white grout with my new tiles, and having thought about it, and consulting our contractor, I had decided that I wanted a grey grout.  We have grey now, and I'm happy with the way it looks against the tiles.  As well, I think it might be easier to keep clean in a kitchen setting. When we spoke to this woman today she actually said " But I told you that you would need the bright white grout".  I simply responded with" I know you did".  And without another word she changed the order form.  Prior to that little chat she had chastised us for not bringing back her samples.  She'll get them when I'm finished with them.

And on the way home, we bought a new dishwasher, with a delivery date in July.  It appears to be a nice one, with features that please us both, and the salesman told us that it had been on sale last weekend, and he would honour the sale price, which was almost 50% off.  So we used the money to buy an extended warrantee.

Then I started on the lists I was talking about.  Two pages, but I realized that most of it would have to be at almost the last minute.  Most of the basic preparation, to do the jobs, is gradually being done as we prepare for the garage sales.  This was a bit of a relief and made me feel re-assured, as well.  I actually may be more on top of things than I think.


Finally, after days of rain in the forecast, we have rain.  I hope it keeps up.  Everytime I left the house my hair got full of dirt from the wind and dryness.  My garden is in maybe now it will grow.  It is so dry here that we have dust devils everywhere.  Work is okay  Our new Office Manager was in the office today and met with all of us individually to get to know us and find out our concerns.  I am sure that once he feels secure in the job his concern will die but we will use it while we can. I did talk to him as Chief Steward of our union local and he was already aware of most of our concerns so that is great.  Meanwhile, IT IS RAINING!  Life is good.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I'm red faced with embarrasment

One of our tasks for today was to pull out the casserole dishes we had in the pantry, and see if any any them would be suitable for the June 4th garage sale. David actually had to climb into the pantry, and then use my cane as a reacher to get the ones on the top shelf. When they were all gathered we had 17 of them.  OMG!  Who the heck needs 17 casserole dishes!!?  More than half of them are hand thrown art pottery, a love of mine.

My friend Gail phoned while we were doing this ( the "royal we" again) Evidently she has a love for this sort of hand thrown pottery, and I've promised her first refusal on any we sell.  In the end, we kept 4 of them, including one that Cathy had made for me through her friend Brenda.  I think you've been to her studio, Beth.  I know there were two made, but we haven't yet found the other one.  I wonder if it maybe got broken.  But I found the fancy coffee mug I bought from Brenda so it all works out somehow.

Well, we now have somewhere to store my kitchen dishes while the construction is going on.  ( all that extra space in the pantry)  But--what in the world am I going to do with 13 extra covered casserole dishes?

Yesterday, I found two special round boxes, similar to hat boxes.   These are each a set of three nesting boxes, and every one of the six boxes has a little tray for odds and ends that fits on top, just under the lid.  I knew the boxes were on a shelf in my studio, but had forgotten about the nesting part.  I believe they were meant as needlework boxes, and I had bought them at the needlework store many, many years ago.  I won't tell you what they cost, but I'm pretty sure I got them for a special price. ( I hope)  I plan to offer them at the June 22nd garage sale, and if they don't sell, I'll keep them.  I think they're really neat, even if I don't have a use for them.

One step at a time...

You are so super organized that I have all the confidence in the world that this experience will be a walk in the park - maybe a step or two off the path from time to time, but you'll make it right! Does one say "congratulations" in this sort of situation? If so, here's best wishes for a safe journey. 
I shall be watching the postings to follow you along but as you say, this time now is critical to get all the tasks consolidated and on track. Including compensating for garage sales and Pinawa. Since I was once in Pinawa with you, I know you would certainly like to attend. Thinking of you both.....XXX

Contract signed.

E-Gad!  We just got on the roller coaster.  Haven't left the station yet, but that's coming fast.  I'll know when we start rolling as we're told we should soon get a phone call from the manufacturing side of the company, giving us a delivery date for the cabinets.  We'll have about 5 weeks to get everything ready from this end, before we lose the use of the kitchen.

Knowing how limited energy has become for both of us, the next step, for me, is to make a list of everything that has to be done and divide it up into weekly and daily chores.  I know myself well enough to know that if it isn't done that way, something important will be missed.  Right now effort is mainly directed toward the garage sale June 4th.  Next I have a garage sale through the quilters' guild on June 22nd. But if we're truly looking at a 6 week delivery date, there is a lot more than garage sales to worry about.  And I have an art sale in Pinawa the weekend of July 16th--about 6 weeks from now.  I may have to drop out of that, but I hope not.

We have agreed that it's unrealistic to look at eating out for 3-4 weeks, so I have to come up with a plan that will let us eat at home, given the resources we have.  One thing for sure, we'll be buying paper plates during out next big shopping trip.  There is no way I expect to be able to wash both cooking utensils and plates using the bar sink.  I'll also have to empty the bar, but with having gotten rid of many things in the store room, I have shelf space for the items currently on the bar top.  I just don't have anywhere to plug everything in, around the bar area.

Arg-g-g-h!  Better start thinking about this.

Monday, May 23, 2016


What a storm!  Our first thunder storm of the season--I think.  If memory serves me there was a forecast for a thunderstorm in January, but I don't remember if it actually happened.  In any case it couldn't have been a "gullywasher" like this one.  It woke both of us up.  The rain was so heavy that we couldn't see across Munroe.  There was wind as well, and some of the rain was blowing sideways.  We needed the water, so I hope some of it soaked in and it didn't all run away.  This was about 12:30-1:00 and everything was dry when we got up.  My only concern was my new little table outside.  The instructions said to protect it from rain.  Sure didn't happen.

Spoke to Loren and Sheila last evening, and they both expressed that the quote we got couldn't be much better. Neither of them could see any red flags, so I feel quite confident going into our meeting tomorrow morning.  We have chosen our tiles.  The main tiles will be plain gloss white, as we had before, but 4" square rather than 6" square.  I opted to keep a vertical line going through them, but rather than the hunter green, I've chosen one inch tiles in frosted white, and textured white, glass.  These little tiles are over $28.00 sq ft., so I'm glad it will take less than 2 square feet, but the square tiles are quite cheap, so it all balances out.

It's been quite warm here, and the house is often between 78 and 80 degrees by bedtime.  I've had to throw out my housecoat, and only have a very heavy fleece one with a hood left.  Yesterday we went to Walmart to see if I could find a light summer "something" --cheap.  We did, but the best part of it was that it came in a smaller size than I've worn in a long time.  Guess this is a reward for sticking to the diet.  However, we both know how difficult it will to carry on once we have no kitchen, which will last for 3-4 weeks.  David says that we should just eat out during that time, but I don't think he's really looked at the cost.  So I think some planning would be in order.  One thing I plan to do is buy turkey breast and chicken breast and cook it off and freeze it in single portions  That would go a long way to helping, as would cooking off and freezing some rices in single portions--both for me and for David.  Beyond that, I haven't yet put together a strategy.

And today I clean the bathroom.  Oh Goody!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Just a day at home

Spent most of the morning with housework.  My plan was to reward myself with a coffee from Starbucks and some time sitting in the garden, and reading a book, while drinking my coffee.  Worked out until I got home with the coffee and discovered David out in the garden.  so I had to put the coffee aside and get the vacuuming done while he was outside.  The coffee was then cold, so I put it in the microwave, and then headed out.  By this time the wind had picked up, so reading was difficult, and my little table was covered with ants.  Knowing my plans, David had brought the new sun umbrella out this morning, but with the wind it was too dangerous to put it up.  Then I tried the coffee.  It tasted burnt, whether it was burnt in the first place or as a result of the microwave, I don't know.  I drank it anyway, after paying Starbuck's price for it.

so the plan for tomorrow is to get out there earlier in the day, before the wind and rain that is scheduled shows up.

Awhile back I talked about trying to get myself organized by making a series of long range goals to keep me going for the next six months.  I reviewed them today, and was pleased to see that I'm making progress.  One deadline was "by the end of May"  and that task hasn't been started, but there's still a week to go.

So I better get down to it.  At least, after this morning, I don't have to worry about too much housework over the next few days.

Thursday, May 19, 2016


If you really want them, they're yours.  I would much rather see them stay in the family. A couple of the dinner plates and cereal bowls are a little faded. but they still work fine.  Some of the serving pieces and cups and saucers have never been used. You'll have to find some way of picking them up. They are all in a Rubbermade tote and would fit easily in the back seat of a car or trunk.
I don't suppose Viscount would have any use for some cups and saucers, would they?


The thought of having matching dishes is really appealing to me.  If you are serious I would love to have something that matched.  Imagine having company and everyone having the same plates  Awww hell.  Let's be serious..imagine having company! :P  I think I am a little giddy about having  4 days in a row off work.  I would love to sleep but I know that damn woodpecker will be at the metal flashing outside  the bedroom window at 5:30am (as usual)/  We still haven/t had a fire.  The wind just won.t quit enough for me to be comfortable to light a fire.  I still don;t have my garden in.  We finally got the tiller going and a belt went.  We ordered a new one and I hope it will be in tomorrow.  Meanwhile...... I have tomorrow off work!!!

China Purge

Cathy, I have to get rid of my Royal Doulton kitchen china.  It is dishwasher and microwave safe.  Eleven place settings and many serving pieces.  Are you interested?

Cashless Society is coming

.....if not already here. Have you not heard of the new Apple App for paying for everything with the swipe of your phone?
I like cash! If I can feel it in my hand, I know I have it, and I know how much of it I have - I guess  I'm really really old school. However, there are times where I must use a plastic card and I usually freak out completely.
I am loving your story about your new found Nail Place - so close and obviously so convenient and reasonable, and apparently satisfactory to meet your needs. I had to laugh though as I had just come in from another wonderful day outside (hehe!) I looked at my hands and nails, and then my feet! Nothing could help me! I could never enter the threshold of such a place. But Pati, if you got your nails done, were you able to ask for your favourite polish - Wake up by Noon - or something like that (haha!) 
My day started out with another of my favourite things to do - call the Geek Squad. Harry had no bottom task bar on his desktop. So he could not log on, or even shut down. It was most challenging as the Geeks could not get into the workings of the computer (remote that is)without logging onto the Internet -and our system to do that is very unusual. Finally I was able to get onto his net site with much prompting (press this,press that,go here , go there) Two hours later it was fixed. God bless those people!
I am so tired ....time for bed.  Take care

Am I getting old?

I stopped in Starbucks to pick up my special treat of a cup of coffee.  Usually there is no line up, but today there was.  All of the four people in line ahead of me paid for their coffee with a credit card. When did one start to need a credit card to pay for a cup of coffee??!!


Having reached the point of "sit and wait", relative to the renovation, we're looking at the up coming garage sale with Amber.  We had cleaned out the upper kitchen cupboards, and some of my china cabinet in the basement and spent time this morning pricing, and wrapping everything for transport to Amber's house. Last week I made up a lengthy "to do" list for both the sale and stuff around here.  As of this minute, it is finished, but I'm sure it will fill up in a hurry.  At least I get to rip the old one up before starting on a new one.

In mid-April we noticed a new "Nails" shop opening in the small mall across the street. ( Interesting that the one further down the street has changed its hours to match the new one)  Well, I haven't been happy, lately. with the spa I've used for over 30 years, so on Tuesday went in and made an appointment for yesterday morning.  Not only did they do my toes, but also my fingers, for less than half the price I've been paying way across town, but the actual service itself was much better.  I was impressed.  I was also impressed with the obvious expense they've gone to, to set themselves up.  It looks like they're there for the long run. (Yeah, I know the equipment is readily portable and easily sold).  While I was there two more women came in saying things like they had just noticed the signage driving by.  Both of them were taken in immediately, ( they advertised that they accept "walk-ins), and one even dragged her husband in for a pedicure.  An older scruffy-looking fellow came in asking for a massage, but they got rid of him quickly, and with expressions of disgust.  I was particularly interested to find out that they will simply cut toe nails for $7.00.  I've been paying someone for pedicures, as I just can't do it properly, so this is a big deal for me.

Today we have to go out to mail a letter, but that's all, so maybe I'll get some studio time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Here's to adventures- my kind!

To Huntsville again this morning for the usual round of stores ie Habitat ReStore, Can Tire gas bar, Salvation Army Thrift shop, the Mall Tim Horton's. Coles. and then Metro for groceries and a quick stop at the Dollar Tree before coming home.
But today I purchased, and I am very happy with what I bought -extremely happy! At the ReStore I latched onto a boxed set of five paperback books called Romance Classics ($2.00). The set includes: Jane Austen's Mansfield Park; Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre; Anne Bronte's Agnes Grey; Thomas Hardy's Far from the Madding Crowd; RD Blackmore's Lorna Doone; and George Eliot's Middlemarch. I have been looking for Middlemarch for a long time now. At the Thrift Shop I was astonished to see the VHS movie Mame. Another oldie movie (1974 -cost $1.00) that I have been looking for - this is with Lucille Ball. Bea Arthur, and Robert Preston.
Most days I find nothing, but today was my day to find treasures! Perhaps you could argue that the above "treasures" may not fit into your idea of "wonders found", but for me they are.  I shall cherish the books and read at my leisure,and I shall enjoy watching the movie again after so many years. And the price for both is especially satisfying. 
I just came in from outside where I covered and secured all the plants for what is to be another freezing night- hopefully the last for the next week which is showing higher temps and sunny days. So tomorrow will be spent carrying all the plants from the inside of the house, the two greenhouses, and the grey shed to outside, and uncovering those that are covered with sheets.  It takes a long while, but it should go smoothly as I am prepared with a good, positive attitude. haha!  But for now, it is time for bed. Happy, happy, happy. Take care 

Monday, May 16, 2016

Today's adventure, or new experiences

We have been pulling things out of the far reaches of cupboards to get ready for the garage sale with Amber ( June 4th).  This morning we found a silver tea service.  I don't know how long it's been there but it's just black.  Later I was talking to my friend Gail on the phone and mentioned it to her. She suggested that we take it into one of those places that advertise on tv that they buy gold.  I mentioned it to David and he suggested that we see if there was anything else we could take in, and that we do it today.  So we went through  the silver chests and found a few spoons that we thought might be sterling.  Gail told me that it didn't matter what condition or colour any of this would be, that they would check out the content and anything they bought would just go to the "melt".  So we did it.  The tea service turned out to be silver plate over lead and they had no interest in buying it, but they bought enough of the other stuff that we left with a cheque for $165.  It was a busy place.There were three staff, and they were all busy looking after customers.  Gail had also told me to inquire about any silver plate cutlery that they might have,and to buy it for her.  Well, I was honest with the young clerk and said that Gail P----- had asked me to ask about it.  "Oh we know her",  then to the woman who was obviously in charge " Do we have anything for Gail?" I think they knew her well. The other woman tells me that they keep that junk in a bucket in the back.  She brought it out and rummaged through it saying that she would pick out anything that she knew Gail would want.  I had to pay her the price that they had posted for copper--$0.01 per gram, or $6.18 for a plastic grocery bag half full.

We are certainly running into new experiences this spring.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


the nicest thing you can do for yourself is to take advantage of the opportunity to hunker down and  pamper your self for a bit, especially in times when the pressure is constant.  At first the snow appears to be a bit of a disaster, but you dealt with it, and earned the time for yourself. Good for you.

It came as expected...

Cold, rain (lots of it) and snow and freezing, and also windy.
I've been staying inside today watching as every so often a bit of snow falls. Never enough to stay but nevertheless not nice to see outside this time of year. The plants are all covered outside, or tucked away in the heated greenhouses, or here inside all over the place haha!  I have some music CDs playing and pulled out the hexi quilt and have been working on it. Sort of nice for a change. I made a loaf of bread though, and did the wash so I haven't completely abandoned the domestic side of life's requirements.
There is a blow up real sized deer in the living room along with the plants -one of Harry's purchases at garage sales yesterday. It's scaring the heck out of me every time I pass by. Hope it can soon go outside but apparently first I have to check the air in it which requires me to get the pump and pump it up and so far, I have been able to avoid it! Wish me luck....   Take care

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Today's adventure

Nicer today, but still cold.  While we were out yesterday, we had left one or two things on the "to do" list undone. So right after breakfast we headed over to River Heights to buy some tea. Of course, we bought far more than was on the list, so I have a couple more types to test out over the next while.  On the way, I heard an ad on the radio about an event at Ten Thousand Villages celebrating Fair Trade Day, and remembered that one of the ladies at my fibre art group had said that she was the featured quilter at an event there this month, and suggested that we take a side trip over there on our way home. We went in, and when I enquired was told that the quilt event isn't for two weeks.  But David suggested that we stay and look around.  We spotted a Henna tattoo artist and David asked if I would like one.  So we did it--on the back of my left hand--the price was certainly right.  I picked it out of a book and while she was working asked her about the symbolism.  Certainly I agree about the moon as a symbol for the feminine, but the rest of the story I'm a little suspicious about.  The star as a symbol of the masculine and the sun as the symbol for over all godliness or overall good.  Could be true.

Also while she was working on it, David looked around and found some hangers that we think will work very well with my fibre wall hangings.  We bought three and I'm going to try them out.  If they work, I'll see if I can pick some more up when I go to see the quilt show at the end of the month.

The calm before my panic...

A quick note before my weekend activities begin...
Rain then snow and freezing temps are expected.  I am trying to figure out how I can cover the plants to protect from both frost and wetness from precipitation?  I have a plan......
So I am about to get dressed and head out in the rain to start to bring plants inside, and then later decide how to cover the remaining left outside. Harry has slipped away to check out garage sales.  Maybe he is coming to your sale Pati? haha. When are your mentioned planned garage sales?
Take care - have a good weekend no matter what your plans are.

Friday, May 13, 2016

My fault??

Could this be my fault? I did buy that little glass topped table with the cute red umbrella, so I could sit outside in the garden.  Mea Culpa!

NO-O-O-!! It's just WRONG!!

Snow today,and wind,  and temperatures well below freezing.  And it's mid=May!  It's just WRONG!!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Not much going on here

We've had more contractors in.  this always means a bit of work.  We had been warned that there was a strong possibility that they might need to look in the attic, to see, and plan for routing electrical cords.  This meant clearing everything out of the closet in my auxiliary studio ( read spare bedroom).  So, all of my seasonal clothing is now in the computer room.  They also wanted to see the basement, and the current routing of the plumbing.  (Read tidy up the laundry.)  But that is now finished.  David and I have agreed to limit our decision  making to only two of the companies, and we have one full quote in, but are awaiting the second half of the other.

The diet is a struggle this week.  I'm wanting to pack it in, and give myself a "diet holiday".  Yeah sure!  Like I would go back to it again later. But I've managed to limit the "splurges" to half a serving of cake at Baked Expectations on Monday and a one bite brownie at a meeting yesterday. This meeting occurs about six times a year, is over the lunch hour, and is devoted to some educational aspect of Art. ( Note the capital "A")  Yesterday was a documentary about the life of Jackson Pollock off the internet. In the past we have had difficulties with sound whenever we have taken anything off the internet, so, just in case, I took my little external speaker.  Sure enough it was needed.  Then everyone said they wanted one and where did I get it.  It took the wind out of their sails a bit when I told them that we got it free with an oil change at the local Chrysler dealer, and that it was worth about $6.00.

Otherwise, we have started planning a garage sale with Amber, and the general sorting and clean out of the basement studio continues.  I now have a pile of scrap fabrics upstairs that are to be cut into 2 1/2" square to go toward making charity quilts. I have some dishes stored around the house that will go for the sale, but not a lot else.  Amber says that adult clothing goes well at this sale, so some of my many, many jackets may disappear.

I'll keep you up to date on the renovations!

Frost is coming again

Just when I thought there would be a reprieve, the weather decides to bring more frosty night for this weekend. But to be prepared, is to conquer - I hope. Have a plan to cover up this time and not crawl around in the dark like happened last week. We lost a few plants though, mostly the hanging Tumbler Tomatoes. These are hard to find and grow, but I guess we shall have to buy some this year to replace the frozen ones. Worked all day in the yard last few days - I like to get out and putter around and see satisfaction in the results. I set up another little table with two chairs in the BBQ area - I can use this sitting area for early morning coffee perhaps?? The lily of the valley are shooting up now, and leaves showing on the trees. Won't belong before it really looks like things are "alive" Have to be sure to enjoy every moment I can this summer as I was not impressed at all with last winter's weather and will need a huge store of happy memories to face that thought again come late fall, haha! 
So whats new with you folks? I am going to North Bay to do some chores today and arranged to have a coffee with Mike - he gets off night shift this morning so will want to sleep a bit.  Take care.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Wine, anyone?

Home again after a rather strange but exciting adventure yesterday at the winery. It is hidden amongst the rural landscape of Northern Ontario - not hard to find with good directions, but disconcerting when we found the address, and the gate was closed with a sign saying Sorry ,we're closed.  All we could see was a rather rough looking yard, with a barn, a house and haphazard and sundry 'stuff" all around. There was a new building on the grounds so we remained optimistic. I phoned and was assured it as the right place and that the gates would open shortly for the tour. We were also the only vehicle around (but then we are always early for everything) The end result was to enter the new building, and find the huge distilling vats and a very welcoming reception area with chairs and wine racks and shiny glasses.The owner greeted the guests - about 15 of us - and for the next hour and half enjoyed a great introduction to the art wine tasting, and matching wines with chocolate. We each were given a gift basket with two bottles but of course, came home with three more bought bottles. It was fun - he had been in the military so Harry was able to engage in conversation with him and another fellow of like interest.All in all we only consumed 4 or 5 ounces of wine each, but the experience was most interesting for me.  The one wine is made from Haskap fruit - not known commonly but a very cold resistant fruit perfect for this area. It produces a gorgeous red wine and quite tasty in spite of my not liking red wines. The other was a white dessert wine made with apples and maple syrup. Not like a true ice wine in sweetness, but still a lovely rich flavour. 
It was a very good day to get away - the night before we were in the yard in the dark from 11 pm to 2 am covering and moving plants because it got suddenly colder than we had anticipated.It froze hard, and again last night. Maybe tonight will be better but still only forecast for 2 degrees. Then the rest of the week will be OK. Lots of fun!
So when you meet this week, give each other a hug from me, and then later we shall all have a cup of tea from our Duchess mugs OK?  Take care

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Does that mean...

that we will maybe see you on Tuesday, when you come to pick up your mug?

Running on empty....

I think that all that has kept me going for the last week in sheer energy.  Work sucks...... nuff said.  Friday was the Gala event  at the Arts Council... for two years we have been working on a facilitated program of organisational identification and re-branding.  Friday we unveiled our new identity as
Arts Forward..... (Learn Create Share)  It was a long time coming and a lot of effort went into it (mostly by Rrain & Kathleen)  Then it was off to the ACTFestival at 7am Saturday morning (It started Friday but we were double booked)  It is always so invigourating to see what everyone else is doing.  As one of the adjudicators said, however unintentional, it was a weekend theme of death. All the plays seemed to have that theme and most were comedies of some sort.  The first play Sunday morning was a 30 minute monologue that was mind blowing.  She got a standing ovation from everyone (and it was started by the adjudicators!)  What a performance!  The others were good in their own way, but she was outstanding.   Then home to reality.  Tuesday I have to go to Winnipeg for a meeting  but Jim managed to arrange his doctor's appointment for the same day so we will only have to make one trip.  After that I am "free" for a whole month.  (Free as in I am not committed to anyone else)  I am looking forward to concentrating on my own life for a while.  Now I will make a sandwich for lunch and think about housework,... Just think...  not do :P

Saturday, May 7, 2016


Forgot something.  I have just finished reading a very strange book.  "Close to Hugh" by Marina Endicott.  The first couple of pages were so weird that I just about gave it up, but I persevered, and after a few more pages, when I sort of sorted out the people, I couldn't put it down.  Very strange, some of the characters were actually almost cartoon-ish, but, in the end, things were sorted out as best they could be, while maintaining a realistic story.

Just though I would mention it.

Busy day

Why?  Two things. I have been plagued by lethargy lately, and having trouble sleeping, as has David, as we are both bothered by the dryness and the pollen.  So I took a Claritin this morning.( spell check insists that I'm talking about a clarinet)   Wow!  I suddenly looked up and realized that the sun was shining and the birds singing.  Hot Damn!

The second thing is that, as is sometimes my habit, I decided yesterday to write up a job list in an effort to focus my thoughts. Well, with my extra energy I have turned that into a series of concrete, time framed goals, and have started working on an action plan for each.  Doing this over my morning tea, was almost like writing "morning pages".  I certainly covered enough pages!

One item is a "garage" sale at the LQG in June.  I signed up for it in hopes of selling some of my "Molas",  hand worked pieces that come from the Indians in the San Blas Island off the coast of Panama.  I've collected these over the years, and Mr. Findlay brought some back from his trip up the Amazon.    But Loren and Sheila claimed them, and I was more than glad to see them stay in the family. So, down to the studio and more sorting, this time it included packaging, and pricing.  I think I've gotten rid of four more boxes.

While I was doing this, David got the bicycles ready for riding.  Took mine out to the street and tried to ride.  Not going to happen, as there just isn't enough range of movement in my left knee.  But that may be fixable, so back to the exercises I was doing after the surgery.  But while I was out there, I found enough energy to sweep the garage floor.  Once I got it into a pile, David had come and take it away by the shovel full. So I did get some exercise today.

Now, it's time to look at a couple of other things on my job list.  

Friday, May 6, 2016

The roller coaster .....

So you are about to board the wild ride, are you? This is exciting and maybe a bit scary but since you are organized and prepared, all will be OK. You know what you want, and now that "contractors" are assessing, and quoting, you may be enlightened about some other aspects that you weren't aware of as well.  Keep an open mind, and a level head. Thinking about you as you jump on.........

Speaking of roller coasters, I feel I am on one this week, but managing best I can to "hang on for dear life'  haha!  We picked up the last load of bricks yesterday so now just have to unload them from the car today. Most of all the plants are outside of the greenhouses but Saturday night it is to go down to near freezing so I am panicking now as to how I can cover them all. Lots of fun!

Harry won a special Mother's Day draw on the radio station. On Sunday we will be driving towards Sudbury area to attend the Boreal Winery event - Wine and Chocolate Gala Tour.  Tour of the winery, wine tasting, chocolate tasting, and a gift basket with two bottles of wine and other chocolate treats.  I am looking forward to this and shall tell you all about it (if I come back sober???)

What beautiful work you have shared with us on Mouse Factory Pati.  I was awestruck looking at the pictures of the Reliquary. The splash of red really did make the piece exceptional.  I was pleased that I had actually touched the dyed fabric with the mandela patterns with which you created the other piece. 

Best wishes to all us Mothers - enjoy your Mother's Day! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Ball is rolling

We had our first interview with a contractor today, and have arranged for our first estimate to be done on Thursday.  We have bought our tickets on the roller coaster, but not yet boarded the train.

Today I went for tea to a lady who knew Lorraine, and had worked with her at the Crafts Guild. I've known her for over 40 years, myself through the Embroiderers' Guild and the Quilters' Guild, but never that well. I had run into her at the recent Quilters Guild meeting, and she invited me over as she said she had something of Lorraine's she wanted to give me.  What it turned out to be was a small bag, almost like an eyeglass case.  There were several pins related to her rug hooking, and it contained her actual working rug hook.  Two of the pins were miniature rug hooks, and are so-o-o cute.  Quite a souvenir, and very welcome, as, and, you may not know this, I have quite a collection of pins myself.  However, I'm willing to share, if anyone is interested.

Sunday, May 1, 2016


Yesterday we went to Killarney for the day.  Chloe was just about ready for a nap when we got there so we had a chance to visit with Kris (Sandi,I think, had a nap with Chloe)  Chloe was up from Midnight to 4am the night before so everyone was really tired.  We helped Kris bring out some lawn chairs and then sat on the deck for a while.  They have 4 goats, 2 ponies, 1 donkey,1 dog and 2 cats.  and there are (maybe) 3 horses coming.  After her nap Chloe got to go for a pony ride on Faith... Saddle and everything! BBQed hamburgers for supper and then the ride home. It was a nice warm day.  Today we worked in the yard and I got way too much sun but who can resist when the first nice weather arrives.  Next weekend is booked solid.... Friday night is the gala for the cultural council and then the ACTFestival in Russel  (ACTFest starts Friday but I am double booked)  Tomorrow we meet the new Operations manager for our office.  (not exactly excited about this)  He will work out of Brandon and come to Neepawa and Dauphin one day every 2 weeks  (sounds really hands on doesn't it? :))  Today was so nice I had a beer while working in the yard.  We cleaned off part of the garden and got the garden well working again.  I also did the laundry so we will be starting off the week on a high note.

A new car

While driving a new car is always an adventure, with me the terror involved in the financial commitment takes the edge off the pleasure.  It's happened every time.  But after a week or so, you tend to forget the bad parts and the pleasure takes over again.

Yesterday evening, we went to Baked Expectations to share birthday cake with Gillian.  With the young people both working, finding time to share a meal hour just didn't work out.  We were there early enough that getting a table wasn't too bad, but shortly after the line up was out the door.  I had been ready for chocolate fudge cake,--same craving as both times I was pregnant--but I quickly changed my mind when I realized it contained bananas!  Loren knew, and, evidently, orders it every time they go there--go figure! So I had Red Velvet cake.  It was very pretty, but I didn't really enjoy it (??overdone??).  David, of course, had his favourite Apple Bavarian Cheesecake.

Today, David continued to putter in the garden, and garage.  As a result, and because we no longer have the family gatherings we once had, we had a two person "Lion Ceremony".  David had to wheel it out of the garage on the wheeled walker I used when I needed one.  (Mr. Findlay's old one)  A lot quicker and easier than getting the wheelbarrow out. David had set up a plinth for him made out of concrete bricks, and he now sits quietly under the Spirea, nicely visible from the kitchen window.

The diet has been getting boring.  My mood the last few days hasn't been great, which probably had a lot to do with it. Some of the foods had run out in the pantry, so this morning, I spent time going through the book and making up a shopping list.  Noe I can try some of the recipes that I used to enjoy so much.  Going to the grocery store, also involves checking our lottery tickets.  This was a special day as I'd heard that the big prize had been won in this part of the country.  But alas, not by us.

Driving the new car...

I haven't driven it yet but we were on the road yesterday. The car is the same so it won't take long to get used to it - except: (and this  is a big except for me) it has NO CD capability but instead satellite radio - probably a million stations. I liked to play my CD when I was driving alone. This is free for 3 months and then what?  Also it has a rear backup camera - a bit of a distraction for me but then I probably won't have to use it if I don't want to. It also has ONSTAR free for 6 months and again, then what?
We headed for Sprucedale - cleaned up the grave sight and placed the new arrangement I made a few months ago on the tombstone. So that is done. Back through Burk's Falls and bought groceries for a BBQ.
I cleaned up the area around the BBQ and Harry did hamburgers - we sat on the patio and enjoyed a really nice meal. Also lots of yard work but it was a good day. I got all the marigolds transplanted into individual pots so now I am anxious to see them grow.  I wanted to have my first fire but time got away from me, and after all, I was bushed so went to bed! haha
Today is dull, and rainy so maybe I can get some laundry done?  For some reason, I'm a bit behind on housework. Maybe the hired maid should come in two times a week, instead of once?????
Take care