Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Voice in the wilderness

Is that how you're feeling Beth?  I had no idea it was so long since I blogged, and I have no excuse.  How did it get to be Wednesday already??!  Last Thursday I went to a Pampered Chef party at Amber's.  The dealer was a friend of mine from the Artist's Co-op.  A pleasant evening.  They made lemonade--a big mistake in my opinion.  The idea is to demonstrate how the equipment works, but this task made it look far too difficult for me to even consider buying the lemon juicer.  However David had given strict orders to buy a small batter bowl.  Amber gave us one for Christmas and we love it. Would use if much more often if it wasn't always in the dishwasher.

But over the past little while I've been having a terrible time getting to sleep.  Even with a little chemical help, I saw 3:00am this morning.  Then I desperately need my nap which starts a circular process.  This is starting to be a real problem, so today David went out to look for a new bed, and actually found a place where they have queen size mattresses that will fit into the waterbed frame--and at not a bad price.  So we now know that a change is feasible.

Friday my Ravenesque ladies will be coming over.  So today I went down to get started on the "big clean-up".  Big surprize!  The studio was still in pretty good condition from last time they were over.  It took about 45 minutes to tidy up a bit and wash down the work table.  All that's left is to vacuum, and bake a cake.  And I found flank steak at the store yesterday, so guess what the family will be having for supper on Sunday

They are starting to advertise strawberries around here.  We don't expect our farm to be selling any this year as it was one of the first areas to be flooded from the breach at Hoop and Holler bend.  The flooding was much less than expected,but we really don't know what the situation is. And now with a third crest on the Assiniboine expected any day now, there has even been talk of maybe having to open that breach again.  The end result is that, even if we can find strawberries the price will be through the roof.

Be- Strawberries

Yum..we went early this morning to pick 6 baskets of the most lucious big red strawberries. It was overcast with a fine mist in the air so was perfect for picking. Two baskets will go to Mothers tomorrow, one basket went to our next door neighbours, and the rest will be ours to enjoy fresh. This pick-your-own Berry Patch is the best in the area and not too far a drive- maybe 30 minutes down the highway. I took a bag of blueberries out of the freezer today to have, until I discovered it was beets, and then when it thawed more discovered it was beetgreens. So that is what we had for supper. You know when you put something in the freezer and you should label it but you say to yourself "oh, I'll know what it is..." Well, I have been fooled again and its not the first time. Take care.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Be - It's me, again!

We went for lunch on Sunday with Mike and his girlfriend May. Everything was wonderful except one thing. That morning we had an encounter with a skunk in our garbage can. While we tried to raise the lid enough for it to escape, didn't the little stinker spray. (It must have gained entry through a hole in the plastic lid that the racoons ate last year) We were not in the direct line of fire, but apparently close enough for us to carry the scent of skunk up to North Bay, and be detected by others who were in our vicinity including a funny incident while we were in our "cheapo" store. It did not, however, deter us from going into a fine eatery and enjoying a delightful luncheon buffet with Mike and May. I can still smell skunk outside and perhaps either or both of us still stink a bit, but we don't notice it on each other. Thats my tale..... Take care.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Be - Rain Rain Go Away...

We have had nothing but rain all week - same as you folks were describing in your area. We needed the wetness for the gardens but it also means no work has been done outside either. Then I listen to the news about the Souris River and flooding in Minot, and realize I have nothing to complain about. I also hear on the news that the Winnipeg Jets are now offically alive and well. Sure hope the fans/public in Winnipeg can sustain the franchise. Cathy, is Jim going to try to attend some of the games? I expect the seat prices will be quite costly? I have made a batch of Rhubarb/Pineapple jam - only need one batch to get me through the year. And today a double batch of my delicious Rhubarb/Pecan muffins. I just now whipped up a vanilla pudding mix, and added some pieces of muffin, to make a quasi triffle to take to Mothers tomorrow - also plan to bake a Salmon Loaf for lunch. I haven't bought lottery tickets for past two weeks because I was tired of not winning - but broke down today and bought a LottoMax for tonight so its back to the dreaming! Iwas thrilled to discover a white peony in my yard. You made me wish for a white peony Patty when you described your colour variety and so I did a real good search around the yard - they mostly are left alone to fend for themselves but this year I have taken special care of them and so it has paid off - a lonely white peony is starting to open up. Nasty bugs started eating at my new white rose so after a good spraying of whatever it was in the bottle, the bugs are gone but so are all the flowers. Heres hoping new buds will develop. Enough about my exciting life haha. Have a nice weekend. Take care.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slow progress

Today I did the medicine cabinet and cupboard under the bathroom sink.  Doesn't sound like much, does it?  But it still took around two hours.  There was a whole wastepaper basket full of "stuff" to be thrown away, as well as the "potty" and toddler toilet seat.  Those have been around for awhile, probably since we moved in, as I remember getting them for Loren's children when they were quite small, and Jeremy is now 14.  These are "piddly-ass" jobs, and take time.  It would be so much easier to just wash the floor and move on, but that's all I've been able to do for a couple of years now.

While doing the cleaning,  we are making a list of handyman chores that need doing, and adding whatever supplies we will need to our shopping list.  I saw a tv show where they were saying that this type of chore will seem overwhelming when you look at how much has to be done overall, but doing one thing every once in awhile ( or every day) the jobs get whittled down, and you hve a sense of accomplishmnet.

Realized yesterday that my driver's license and AutoPac are due in a week or so.  With no mail there have been no reminders.  I sure hope I have all of the other bills written down somewhere.

What is Old??

I think that old is just an attitude... some days I feel 90 and some days I feel like Daddy did. He used to say he was 18 in his mind and didn't know when his body betrayed him. Of course I always figured that if you didn't grow up you would never grow old. (Me and Peter Pan). It is raining out again today. It must be going on 40 days and 40 nights by now. Or maybe those 1/2 days when the sun peaks out means we have to start counting over again. You must be excited, Beth, to meet the "girl friend". It really is another step in letting go, isn't it? It was our friend Twilight Sam's brother-in-law, Souris Sam that left the colony. Having said that, we found out last year that Springhill Colony (where we get our chickens) gets their turkeys from the same colony as Sam did. We got them from Springhill last year and ours were quite good. Jim has to go and get some chickens soon. I was all set for a beer-can chicken last weekend and we had no chickens left! Last night we had chicken breast cut in pieces and wrapped in bacon, cooked on the bbq. The shrimp Anna made were so good that I wan't Rrain to try something. I think we have a new favourite meal for bbq now. Not healthy, I know, but so good. Tonight was to be steak, but if the rain keeps up it may be cooked in the house. Rrain is really working hard in her job. I think she has already done more in less than a week than the last 2 people did in a month. She even hung a show in the gallery yesterday. I am not sure what I do all day at work right now. I am busy all day, and go home so tired, but I never seem to get anywhere. Today will be a bit of a lost cause because we are getting some training on the new public access plans. We have been using it ourselves for a while, but now we need to learn how to help the public access it. I think we will probably learn something ourselves from this. Our new furniture is not arriving until July 12/13 so we have a bit more time to clean up our offices. And we really need the time, believe me!! Time to get ready for work. Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Be - from one "old ..." to another

Always enjoy your musings - I have so many musings but can't seem to express them as well as you, or perhaps my musings have little relevance to yours or anyone elses! My cooking /baking tends to be by gosh or by golly when for myself. I would do the same as you Patty in throwing in whatever and producing a great taste - again for my own taste. It gets tricky for me though to be producing quality meals for Mother and Harry, on a regular basis. Now, I ask you, what would be wrong with peskies once in awhile?
Tomorrow at 9 am I get my hair cut - do you realize how exciting this is for me! It is past time for a hair cut and I am at the stage of pinning it back with berets or clips - very charming on an "old ....". Besides, I need to be looking my best for this weekend. Mike has invited us to have luncheon in a restaurant in North Bay on Sunday at 1200 noon. Apparently we are to meet a young lady he is seeing. He says it was her idea to invite us as she wants to meet us. I hope their relationship is strong enough to get them through this event unscathed, haha. I have to admit that deep inside, I am panicking. What a silly "old ..." I am! I have bought several paperbacks at the "cheapo" stores I shop in and obviously a falling back into acquiring books as opposed to using the library. I cannot read to a two week deadline (due date) and was finding that I was simply just not reading anymore as a result. So I am back to purchasing albeit they only cost 50 cents or as high as 2.99 each for paperbacks but they are starting to pile up again. Another Steve Berry, and several Jonathon Kellerman (Alex Delaware series) are awaiting my attention whenever I get to them. But right now it is bedtime. Take care

Musings from an old woman

I actually put "old Lady" and then figured that that just wasn't right.  Amber and the girls came over for supper Sunday.  It was hot and I served a cold meal.  Never Again!  Those little ones just refused to eat.  Amber wasn't too concerned, as it meant more cake for the rest of us, but then the cake turned out to be dry and tasteless.  How bad was it?  The end of it got thrown out--in this house--unbelievable!  So, does cooking skill depend on regular practise?  Guess so--not that I plan to get more practise!

Monday we processed a heck of a lot of cold turkey into freezer meals.  Does Jim's friend Sam leaving the colony mean problems getting poutry next fall, Cathy?  Processing turkey lead to a heated discussion about how to make gravy.  So I say again, does cooking skill require practise?  I often use one package of gravy mix to flavour my freezer gravy, which is made from stock, and, IMHO, needs a flavour boost.  Our "discussion" became somewhat animated, and in the middle of it, I grabbed the package of gravy mix, tore it open,  and emptied it into the pot.  When I actually looked, it was mushroom gravy mix.  Gave the gravy a nice colour, though.  We ended up with more than 12 cups of gravy, so I threw some turkey gravy mix as well.  Disaster?  No way! Some of the best flavoured gravy I've ever made!  So, the question is now, How much of cooking is serendipity, and how much of it is experience?

David is still working on adapting the garden to one requiring less work.  The new grass is doing well, although we'll ( the royal "we" again) have to lift the lawnmower onto the higher flower bed to cut it.  ( Say what?)  Now we're taking a look at the peonies.  They are all in full bloom now.  How I love them!  And they always make me think of the house on Maplewood, although the peonies I remember from there were kind of sickly looking.  I have deep red, white and a lovely shell-pink.  So far, we haven't bought any bedding plants. Hm-m-m.  I'll have to think about that.  The local plant sales are gearing down and there should be distress sales soon.

It's now almost two weeks since my eye surgery.  Accordingto the paperwork, I can now go back to my regular routine.  So, it's time to get going on the spring cleaning again.  The more I do, the more I see that needs doing.  Since work is the last thing I want to do, I'm tackling one room a day and spending the morning, only, on it.  There are 7 rooms including the basement and studio.  I've been at this for almost 2 weeks, ( with a break for the eye surgery) and have got two rooms done.  Figure I should be finished by Christmas, only because I'm not able to do windows.  So for today, the morning's work will involve going out to buy bread and milk.

Have a Good Solstice, to those who celebrate!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


It has been a long week in Neepawa. Rrain has started her new job and I hope she is not too overwhelmed by all that has to be done. I had sooooo much to do this weekend but the best laid plans........ the vacuum broke at the office, and while we were trying to cut a big cabinet out, the fire alarm went off. I reached the RCMP and told them there was no fire, but the alarm company put us on hold!!!! When the fire department showed up they were very understanding and were glad there was no fire. The facility manager phoned us and Jim was very vocal on the fact that we were put on hold by the monitoring company. Maybe things will change. We took our vacuum in and finished the office. On Sunday, I was determined to finish the grant for VCC but people came over. Sam, a hutterite from Souris that has left the colony, and his family came over. They can't go to Twilight (where his wife's family lives) because they have "left" but they can come here and if lucky, peoplecan visit. Some people from Twilight stopped by, but there was one guy in the van that would not get out because Sam was here. The kids can't even visit their grandparents without advance permission (which they did not have this weekend).. they bought some burgers and buns and bbq'd here. Anna (the wife) made some bbq's shrimp wrapped in bacon.... WOW. I am going to try it with chicken so Rrain can eat it. Now I really have to work on the VCC grant. I need some info so I will stop by tomorrow and try to get it. What can I say.. Life goes on

Ahh, so as Sunday wanes.....

here I am waiting for supper to cook, and listening to Cross Country Checkup on CBC radio. Then I will do the ironing and then hopefully to bed, to rest for Mothers visit tomorrow. Yesterday after cleaning the turtle tank, I fixed the picket fence that has been broken for years - about eight feet damaged from a downed tree. I guess the "carpenter" in me came out in full force. So today I painted it - about 40 feet in total. I am totally spent! With all the yard work I have engaged in over last few months, I am seeing and feeling the damage to my poor old hands as the joints become larger and more painful. I have decided at this point to forego my aspirations to become a violinist. I haven't played my violin since the end of April and probably will not as the summer progresses. This is OK by me so don't start feeling sorry for me.
Wondering how things are going in Neepawa? Thinking of you all -Take care

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Spending money foolishly

We were in Dollarama today and found reading glasses for $1.00/pair.  So I bought a couple of half-glasses.  Sure beats the $14.00 we paid at Superstore!  I had been going crazy taking the others off and on and carry ing themaround with me.  Now I have a pair at each "work" station--the kitchen, the bathroom and the computer.  The cheap ones are cheap plastic, not glass, so now I have to make cases for each of them to try to prevent scratches.  But I also drove to the fabric store by myself--without glasses--and had no problems.  So things are really settling down.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Coincidence? I think not!

I recently finished "The Templar Throne".  He's obviously trying to ride on the coattails of Dan Brown, but adding a little more action.  By the end I was thinking that it was getting a little unrealistic, but I still enjoyed the read.  A lot of what I've been reading is a little heavy.  The Linda Fairstein book I finished today was very much an ode to Edgar Allen Poe, with many poetry quotes, and parallel plot development, but also a tremendous amount about the life of Poe.  So now I'm looking for a little comic relief and plan next to read one of the "The Cat Who----" books by Lillian Jackson Braun.  I've read several of them and have enjoyed them. They, too, are mysteries.  I've read other books where cats are involved and think those where the cats speak or do very human things are just too stupid for words.  In this series the cats behave like cats and the protagonist simply interprets their activities in bizarre and humerous ways, but still ends up solving the mystery.

We managed to get out on the bikes twice this week.  I so very much enjoy it, but I'm also thinking we're getting too old for it.  The grass David planted in the two garden spaces that have been de-commissioned is growing nicely and can now be seen quite readily from the kitchen window.  We have some very nice ferns in the front flower bed on the north side and a very nice peony in the one on the south.  So we're filling spaces with perennials.  But the rain is wreaking havoc with many gardens. And the papers have another article every day about the troubles the farmers in the province are having.  Not looking like a good year for very many people

Be - Back in the saddle again eh Patty?

Good to read that you have overcome some of your concerns re: vision, and back to sewing again Patty. I have been reading a book by Steven Berry called The Templar Legacy and quite enjoy it although it is slow going due to lack of time to read. This, also, is full of history and I like this kind of a read. Same as Andrew Greelys are historical as well as a good story line. Have been really busy with outdoor work, both here and at Mothers. Her garden got away from us with weeds and consequently several extra days spent this week there, as well as full days at home. The bugs and flies are unbearable and I am covered with large red whelts. I have a new garden rose - called Morden Fireglow, and it is white in colour and always a desire of mine to own a white rose. Tomorrow I need to do the turtle tank again and so that will fill my morning nicely, but it must be done. I enquired at a Pet Shop how I could filter the water better - I was given a box of charcoal and told to put it in a nylon stocking. So I am anxious to try it with hopes it will work. It is a lot of work to be cleaning the tank so often. Hope everyone has a good weekend. Take care

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Finding the positive

The reading glasses are working fairly well, but I can see having to get some half glasses so that I don't stumble around like a fool, when I'm not reading.  I'm also able to sew, which is a blessing.  But--tada--my poker playing has improved.  I guess that, when I'm not able to move back and forth from the tv or a book and the computer screen, I have to concetrate more on the computer, so I'm paying more attention to the game.

I've been working my way through every book in the library written by Linda Fairstein. ( I'm finished with Randy Wayne White) These are written from the viewpoint of a prosecutor associated with the Special Victims unit in New York City.  ( Did someone say Law and Order SVU?)  But often the main focus is on locations within New York City.  The the building's place in  the history of the city is provided in great detail and it's fascinating. Equally interesting is the history of some very recent changes in the law and the prosecution of sex crimes.  Yes, I'm living vicariously 'cause there is nothing interesting in my life!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feeling guilty

I'm feeling a little guilty as I sit by myself in my hotel room. I'm in Brandon for the week and am not missing my kids at all. I think - no, I know, that I really needed a break from them. I just haven't had the patience lately that I usually do. We've had a lot going on lately, which may be part of the problem, but still, it's hard to admit that I don't have the patience I need. I'm not to sure about the hotel I'm at. The first night I was here, I tried having a relaxing bath, but couldn't get the plug to work so I gave up and had a shower. I tried again last night and again, the plug wouldn't work. So I went to the front desk and the girl came up to see if she could get it to work. Nope, of course not. In addiition to this disappointment, the tv has turned on by itself at 6am yesterday and then again this morning. So both issues have now been fixed and I am very much looking forward to a relaxing bath tonight.

I came out Sunday in time to have dinner at my girlfriends. We had a wonderful visit. She showed me around the house they bought and are now renovating. At the same time, the are building a new home on the other side of the lot with the intention of selling the one they have renovated and moving into the new one. I wish they would move back to Winnipeg but I can also see that they seem quite happy here. It's a good place for the boys as they are very into hockey and are actually both very good at it.

I am scheduled to be here until Friday but am thinking about going home Thursday evening to get a good nights sleep in my own bed. Usually I can sleep fine in hotels, but this bed is quite hard and I am not sleeping well. Maybe tonight will be better with having a bath and not having the tv wake me up.

It's nice to have you back Rrain. It seems like you've been gone so long. Hopefully we'll see you soon.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

settling down

Bought a pair of reading glasses and can now cope with the desk top computer and reading a book.  However, if I  look up from either, while wearing them, the world starts to spin. The lap top is still a problem. I'm thinking of getting a pair of half glasses to try when I'm sewing.

Amaretto sounds good to me, but we've got some nice Pinot Blanc to get rid of.  Eating out IS a treat, anytime you can get it.  We're having to forego our breakfasts at Timmie's since the prices went up.  The cheapest thing I can get is oatmeal and I have to take my own fruit! Even so, what used to be $5 is now closer to $10, so coffee it is, these days.

Went to Gillian's dance recital tonight at Pantages Theatre--a really beautiful place.  She is doing well and has now passed enough exams to be allowed to start studying en pointe next fall--provided her physician approves.  She also auditioned for a jazz competition/performing group and was accepted.  This means seven classes a week come September.  With all of the larger and heavier women in our family it's hard to think of a tiny ballerina, but she looks really good on stage.

Jeremy went into a Tai Kwando competition and earned a silver medal, so he must be doing well with that.  And we found out that the neighbours from along the street have been sneaking through the driveway next door to look at David's Lady Slippers.  It's really one of the best displays we've ever had, but I'm not sure I'm comfortable knowing that a lot of people know that they're there.

Be - Amaretto

Surprise, I found an unopened bottle of Amaretto that we had bought at Christmas and as I sip on my second glass, I am happy to read about Rrains safe arrival home. I could follow her every kilometre across Northern Ontario and into Manitoba as I have driven that route so many times and I expect that I was also a bit envious. Hope all goes well for you Rrain and I trust you will be very content with your new career and living environment. Nothing like a move from Toronto to Neepawa to liven up your life!! I have a batch of Daddys BBQ ribs in the oven to take to Mothers tomorrow for lunch. We were actually going to have them ourselves for supper but on a spir of the moment decision early this morning we made another flying trip (8 hours driving) up to Kirkland Lake to take more tomatoes to Harry's brother. He got a frost and lost the last shipment we made. Its a long trip but worthwhile for me in the fact that Harry had bought a box of dolls for his sister in law at the auction last week and they were stacked on the only space I had to do my knitting and sewing (2' by 2' space) So now it is free again for whenever I might get a minute for "me" time. I will have to wait for the ribs to cool down a bit and then put them in the fridge for tomorrow so I decided to write a few words - the Amaretto is bonus!! Another bright moment from today is that we stopped at a truck stop for breakfast at about 0930 this morning on our way up to Kirkland - I always like to have the pleasure of eating out - this treat comes few and far between these days so it is always fun. I ordered a "The Mack" which was eggs benedict and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal. So as I get ready for another week, I wish you all will have a great week - thinking of you and especially Keri as she starts on her new adventure. Take care. ps so much for buying lottery tickets!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

What comes around, goes around

Your worries, as a parent, never go away, but the character of them changes.  I wish her every success--she deserves it.  And I believe that the job is one that can be fun.  And if you have an interst and  skill, it can be challenging and awarding.  Please give her my good wishes.  Ask her also to post about her experiences over the next little while.

She's Back!

Keri, or should I say Rrain, arrived at about 9pm on thursday night. She spent the first night in Wawa and then drove the rest of the way on Thusday. Last night we unloaded her truck. Jim went to meat draw, so "Rrain" and I unloaded what we could into the house while he was gone. When he got back, Rodney came over, and we unloaded all the rest into her shed. She was sure it wouldn't all fit, but we got it all in, and she has an aisle to walk down the middle if she needs something. She had us quite organized. She handed us a box and told us where to put it in the shed. Now all we have to do is organize the stuff in the house. I have a meeting here tomorrow, so I need at least the Rec room available. She already has a lot done so it won't be hard. Today she wants to get the truck dropped off in Brandon, so Jim is going in with her, and I am cleaning the office. Sounds exciting doesn't it! She isn't starting work until Thursday (the next pay period) but she plans on going in and familiarizing herself with stuff. There is a board meeting on Wednesday that I think they want her to attend, just to meet her. So now you know how I have been spending my time this week. We have had hail here three times since I put in my bedding plants. They all look pretty sad, so I am contemplating getting some more. I just don't know where I will put them, because we let some friends use our left over garden space. Jim got the pool up and filled. 65F is still a little cool for my taste, but it won't be long. Breakfast time! Have a great weekend.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Be - Another week in....

and here I am wishing all a happy weekend. I shall be going to Mothers tomorrow on my own again, and likely be weeding the garden inbetween other duties. The neighbour across the street started to roof her garage today as Harry had arranged, so the place should be busy and this will be good to keep Mother engaged! I shall be serving some shake and bake chicken breasts which I will enjoy since I like chicken but we do not have it here at home. I am hearing on the news again about flooding threats in Portage, Man with rains raising the water levels and the breaches being opened again. There has been no news for a few weeks as I guess there was no sensationalism and thus not worthy of broadcasting. Nevertheless, the people have still been living through this day by day with little to be hopeful about. I had to send out some important paperwork for Mike today and since can't trust the Post, I went to Puralator - can't believe the cost but had no choice. I really feel "put upon". Even with the price of gas I thought I should have driven the package from North Bay to Sudbury and hand delivered instead of pay the cost. Oh well, it will be there by Monday afternoon guaranteed. We picked up our Coocoo clock from the clock maker today after it had been in for fixing since before Christmas. Somehow the poor clock had fallen into hard times being moved about and boxed up for years. He said he had to reassemble it piece by piece - but it now hangs on the dining room wall and I surprise myself by staring at it and thinking how much I like it and have missed it for so long. Crazy eh? Anyway, time for bed - no score after the first period of the hockey game so off it goes. I had almost forgotten it was Friday night and time to win the Lottery but I had no ticket so quickly took the dog for a walk after supper and now all is well - we have a ticket! Take care

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Be - Vision

I agree about "life is ridiculous" as my vision has become increasing poorer as time goes by. I can appreciate your frustrations Patty, so don't fuss about your message making although your writing seemed just fine to me - magnifying glass or not. I have magnifying glasses available all around the house as it is with their help only that I am able to read labels, or instructions on boxes. Take it easy and let your eyes stabilize and heal. In the meantime, I will continue to check the blog whenever I can, because I really look forward to reading everyone's news (and life!) So I will hope also to see a few words from you Patty when you can. Take care

Life is rididulous

Had the other eye done this morning.  My glasses are now useless, and I am advised to wait at least two months before getting any more.  I can't read, nor sew, and using the computer is a joke.  David kneels beside me to read out an origianl e-mail and then I use a big round magnifying glass to proof-read my touch typing..  Unless we work out some other method of seeing things, messages from me may be few and far between, for awhile  Tomorrow we are going out to see if we can find a pair of drug store reading glasses that help.  My right pupil is still huge and the vision in that ey blurry, but I'm told this should sort itself out by tomorrow.  However, my close vision--reading, computer , and hand sewing, will remain poor.  Glasses should correct it, once I can get them.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Win Win

You know, that seems like a win win situation to me.... you get the chocolate AND the dessert. What could be better?!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


The chocolate bar would probably have the same nutritional breakdown--calories and fat--but I guess it would be cheaper.  However, I would still have to make a dessert for when the family comes to eat.  there is just no way to win!


You are all so silly...... you read the recipe and buy a chocolate bar!!! Duh!!!

It's all Cathy's fault

She introduced me to the Kraft Canada website and all of the luscious looking desserts there! Now I waste money on supplies like cream cheese and Eagle Brand milk and Cool whip.  Then we all eat them.  Has anyone ever looked up the nutritional content of someof this stuff?  OMG!  tonight it was Key Lime Cloud.  A piece "' by 2" has 240 calories and huge amounts of saturated fat--so of course, I had two.  Shame on you, Cathy for leading me to the Dark Side. LOL, but it sure was good!

Whining or venting?

It' a fine line isn't it?  And IMHO venting is a positive means of dealing with stress. 

Be - Its all good....

...whether memories or regrets of which I have many. They both go together but the trick for me is to live the moment. So right now its all good. Harry just went to the Auction Barn, I just put a pot roast into the oven for supper, I just had some lunch which so far has consisted of two chocolate brownies purchased yesterday at a bake sale, and I am about to go back outside to continue working, but since it is now 12:15 pm, I can take a nice cold beer with me! One day at home to try to regain some inner strength to get ready for the week to come. Without too much detailas to why (would seem like whining), we have been running to Mothers constantly and even twice on Thursday. Then to the emergency Dentist on Friday, and now to her own Dentist tomorrow and to her Doctor on Tuesday - this is just for starters I am sure. I have an overnight bag packed and on stand by and have puchased several paperback novels just in case. But today I am here and ready to go outside to work on my own - glorious! Go Jets go!

Memories and, maybe, regrets

In all of my cleaning of drawers and such I stumbled upon two packagesof photos.  One was of Loren's wedding.  They look so happy, and excited!  ( If I remember, they were well fueled with alcohol, as well)  One of my memories of the wedding was Loren's hair blowing in his face during the outside shots.  Turned out it was worse than I had thought.  I see my smile repeated in my children's smiles.  There is a lovely picture of the bride with David's father.  Father always had a soft spot for pretty young women, and looks quite happy to be there with his arm around her.  Hopes and dreams for the future.

The other envelope was pictures of the gardens around the house on Woodside.  They were expansive and quite beautiful.  David deserves full credit, as most of the actual work was his--even the actual construction of the stonework patio.  A bit of a coincidence our making the decision just a week ago to give up most of the garden and then finding these pictures. 

So looking back over the past 20-30 years, where are the regrets.?  Lost dreams.  Lost potential.  Lost vitality.  Yes, I guess I'm having a bit of a down day (week?).  Definitely feeling my age. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

great news!

I know how much you've missed her, Cathy.  Not sure how you'll feel about it after living with her for awhile.  She's been on her own for awhile now, and will have her own lifestyle.  But the big thing is that she'll be employed.  I know that has been a concern of both of you.  And I do believe that her moving expenses may be tax deductable.

I've started a bit of spring cleaning.  Have two rooms more or less done and both of us are sitting around like zombies tonight.  Took the whole car trunk full to the thrift store today.  David had to get the grass cut before the rain this afternoon, so he was going even more than I was.  How lucky we are in Manitoba to have cold, wind, rain and sun, all within an hour or so!  No mosquitoes, though--fingers crossed!  The Lady slippers are in full bloom--at least seven different bunches of them.  This is something we so very much look forward to every year. The surgery on my other eye is scheduled for next Wednesday, and I'm wanting to get the heavy cleaning done before that, as I know I won't be up to it after.

Be - I agree "How exciting"

A quick response to the great news Cathy - this will be a big change for both Keri and you but it sounds as if it was meant to be for Keri to be so well suited for the job and recognized as being so by the Committee hiring her. One never knows what lies ahead in life and if we just keep our hearts and minds open, good things will happen. I really must look up VCC to learn about it- you have often mentioned your connections to the Council Cathy but I don't know exactly what it does. Better to be informed....And Amber, my greenhouse stuff is by necessity and not necessarily by knowledge or desire! You will do just fine and follow my thought that any form of gardening and outside work must be good for the body! Take care all.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How exciting!

How exciting for you Cathy! I don't even remember the last time I saw Keri. As far as advice goes, you can ask anything, you just may not get an answer. I should though be bale to tell you where to go to get the answer you need.

It's been a busy week for me so far. I had to scramble for daycare on Monday as I hadn't read my calendar where it said no daycare. Luckily a friend took her until 3 and then I took 2 hours vacation time. Samantha was thrilled as she really likes this friend and luckily she behaved "awesomely". Then yesterday, Jessica stayed hoem from school after being up for 4 hours in the middle of the night being sick, so I took yesterday as a family day. Today went to the toy show to order the gifts for the kids xmas party that I put on for work. I was also able to get a little personal shopping in at the same time. And tomorrow, I am heading for the mennonite museum in Steinbach with Jessica's class. And Friday is scheduled off. I'm really hoping the weather will be nice as my front flower bed is disgraceful. At least I know what I want to do with it this year - lay down rocks! I just can't keep up with the weeds. The grass is over a foot high int here right now. I bought some planters for a few flowers that Jess and I found at hoem depot. I'm also hoping to replant my lily into a planter as well. Then the rest of the flower bed can be rocks. I also want to replace the rail way tie with bricks. This probably seems like a small project to Beth with all her greenhouses, but to me, this is a large project as I hate yard work. I'm also startign to believe the doctor who told me almost 20 years ago that I was allergic to grass, weeds an trees. After an hour of weeding, my arms were very itchy and I realized that I always feel that way after pullign weeds. Maybe I have a legitimate excuse for not liking the yardwork? Well, it's now after midnight and I expect tomorrow to take more energy than a normal work day, so I should go to bed. Darren is also due home tomorrow. He's done his guiding for this year. I will be glad to have him home to help on soccer nights - especially tomorrow.

Good News

i have delayed posting anything lately because I wanted to be very sure before I said anything. Keri has a job in Neepawa and she is moving home. She will be staying with us f0r as long as she wants, but her step-mother, (nancy) has a rental home that she is willing to rent to Keri when it becomes vacant. Keri will be the program director at the Viscount Cultural Council. She knows that she is moving into a difficult situation, but she has so many ideas. The HR (human resources) committee was sooooo impressed with her resume. They wanted to talk to her references, but they were unable to reach them, so they told her to come anyway and the references would be an afterthought. I am soo0 excited to have her moving home, and to a job that she will love. (and, according to the HR committee is sooo suited for... I have not seen her resume) And, Amber. she may want some financial advice, so please be aware. I know it is probably a conflict of interest for you., but if it is unofficial does it count?? Anyway, she should be here next week so I guess I better find room for her!

Be - Wow, quite a storm

Up in the night for a powerful wind and thunder storm and lots of rain to keep me manning the pump outside. More damage done in North Bay than this area though where trees were uprooted and power lines down. We lost power a few times but nothing serious. But the storm has helped to drop the temp and humidity that was almost unbearable yesterday. Today I went to meet my friend Sue for lunch in Huntsville. I also had to pay our Hydro bill directly at the office in Huntsville as the pending Postal strike threatens my practice of paying bills by mail. I paid the others eg telephone, cell phone, Sears at the bank in North Bay Tuesday. I really should think about paying on line, or at the bank as a better alternative for the future. Anyway, I had a nice visit with Sue. She gave me a gift of a small quilted table runner that she had bought so I was happy to receive her gesture graciously. She has done this before - brought a little gift for me. I paid for the lunch today but we have agreed to go "dutch" for future outings. Harry went up to North Bay for Armed Forces Day. Mike was demonstrating weapons as part of the military displays for the public and the SnowBirds put on an air show. I had made plans to meet Sue about two months ago so was not aware at the time of this conflict in dates. Thats ok though as it doesn't hurt to do things separately sometimes. Tomorrow to Mothers again - Harry bought ground pork to take and I really don't know what I should do with it - probably make patties. Take care.