Monday, March 29, 2010

Be - So much to worry about...

Gosh, the news doesn't sound too happy from you folks there. Lots of sickness and this is always very unsettling for those directly involved and often unable to help in any meaningful manner short of hauling back and forth to ER? I guess it is true that time is the healer in these cases of cold and flu, but as we get a bit older it seems to take a harder toll on our poor old bodies. I'm hoping that Dave is on the mend now and that you, Patty do not get any worse. Take care of yourselves!
Not too much news from this end - to Mothers today again, and then this afternoon hauled plants back from inside the house to the greenhouses. The weather is improving and looks fairly mild for the next week so we take another chance with the plants. Except something is eating them in the greenhouses - found two mice or moles by chance drowned in a bucket of water and then we set mouse traps in both greenhouses but nothing caught yet. Still have lots of plants left indoors and will hope to tranfer them all by the next few days.
I have been travelling in the back seat of Harry's van these last few days because the seat belt in the front passenger seat decided not to work and left me caught in the seat unable to wiggle out. Actually I did manage to wiggle out of the seat - we stopped at the Tims in Burk's Falls on way to Mothers, and I crawled out of the belt. But as I tried to get back in and pretend to put the belt across my lap, two Police men (OPP) came by to go into Tim's and watched us struggling with the belt. So I could not pretend and had to make a show of getting out of the van and getting in the back seat. Harry took the van to the dealers but they have to order in a new part so until then, I get chauffered around.
Well, time to go and put the greenhouses to bed for the night ( heaters on and tape around the doors) and get ready for bed myself. Take care.

Long Day's Night

I was right. He was managing until he took his antibiotic, then he got violently ill to the point that I thought I would have to call an ambulance. But we got him back to hospital by which time there was nothing left to throw up, and they let him cool his heels in the waiting room until a triage nurse took pity on him. It seems that the antibiotic needed to be taken on a full stomach and he had eaten nothing for about 24 hours before that. She also gave him an aerochamber to help with the Ventolin. Why couldn't they have done this before? In the end, he didn't even see a doctor. Last night he slept on the recliner and says that it ws the best sleep he's had in over a week, so maybe the worst is over.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home again!

with prescriptions and inhalers--which he is having trouble using. They didn't give us any instructions, and he tries, but I can see the vapour coming out of his mouth instead of going in. Looks like a long day and night ahead of us.

Best laid plans etc....

Well, I wasn't able to connect with Dianne about visiting today, but I arranged to go out to Amber's for supper--provided I took food. Later in the evening, I was feeling like I had the same cold, and David was looking particuarly rough, so I called and cancelled. David had a very bad night, and when he heard me up to the bathroom about 7:00 he called and--finally--agreed to go to the hospital. So he is now at Concordia being treated for what is probably pneumonia. They have him on a medicated mask and Lasix, and it may take awhile to settle him down. So I'm at home worrying instead of sitting by the bedside bored out of my tree. That way I have a chance to do dishes, and wash sheets etc. One of the problems with being female is that there is always someone sicker than you are.

I'm sorry to hear about your volunteer issues, Cathy, but, as you said, you had a hunch she would walk. I just hope you can replace her, even if it takes more than one person. That may turn out to be more of an issue than the negotiations you had been involved in with the one who left. I'm glad you took the time to look after yourself. The older I get the more I realize that keeping going takes time and effort, over and above the actual task at hand. We all need more "down" time and every effort requires a longer period of "recovery"--even if that"recovery" is more psychological than physical.

Amber was teling me about a tv show she watched--Jamie Oliver?? Where he had taken fresh vegetables into schools and most of the children had no idea what they were. They couldn't even identify a tomato. She is having trouble with the girls not eating "properly", and trying to figure out how to re-train them. As well, the little one refuses--absolutely refuses--to have anything to do with the "potty". This kid changes her own diapers--yes, she does. Gee, I'm glad my kids are grown up and all I have to worry about is broken legs.

I spent yesterday feverishly stitching away at my last project for the show tomorrow. I was so close to being finished that I kept going even though my hands were very, very sore. About 10:00 I realized that I had stitched it together upside down. So today, I have to start over again. At least I can do that upstairs, so that I can keep an eye on David, providing they let him come home. Until then, I sit and wait.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Last of the vacation

I had Wednesday, Thursday & Friday as the last of my vacation time and I have to admit that I did absolutely nothing! It was wonderful. I looked at the fridge and decided it needed cleaning, but it will still need cleaning when I feel like doing it. (Unless the repetitive hints I have been dropping to Jim work) Went for a couple of walks, read a bunch of books. I didn't even get dressed on Wednesday. As I said, Wonderful! Things came crumbling down with my volunteer work at Viscount. The administrator handed in her notice on Friday. We sort of expected it, but we were hoping she would stay. Oh well, nothing I can do about it. We cleaned the office this morning and then I came home and put my sweats back on. Comfort is everything. Of course I gained back all the weight I lost, but I will try again next month. My doctor said a person should never try to lose weight until May and that having beer and potato chips for supper on your birthday is perfectly acceptable (too bad he is retiring) When we were in the office today, I saw that I have 12 (count 'em... 12) plans waiting for me when I get back. It is also our fiscal year end on Wednesday so I have lots of stuff to do. It will keep me busy and out of trouble (I hope). I am now about to curl up on the couch with my book ( I will save the potato chips until later) Have a good week!

Coming to the surface again.

Since last weekend, David has been very ill. As usual when he gets a cold, it has settled in his chest. So he has spent a lot of time just vegging out in front of the tv or computer, or else sleeping. I just remained available to fetch and carry, but I've been trying to fight it off as well--more successfully than he. Took Loren grocery shopping on Wednesday. This time to Superstore, as he has the children for all of Spring Break, and had a large shopping to do. I was amazed to find out how very different the Supestore in his part of town, when compared to the one around here, where we shop. It was almost a pleasure to shop with him, far fewer people, and we found several things that I've never seen in mine. He was exhausted after our trip, but only had about 1 1/2 hours before he had to pick up the children. He says he's finding that reduced tolerance is his biggest problem. That was really the highlight of my week. The rest of the time I spent either in the studio, accomplishing next to nothing, or tending to domestic matters.

Monday I plan to help hang a show at the at gallery in Selkirk. We are worried about not getting enough "stuff" to make a good show, so I've been very busy trying to finish a few things that were "in progress". As a result, my hands are sore, and I'm not sure how much further I can go without a giving them a rest. David has asked that we not have the little girls over for supper tomorrow, so I may head out to Dianne's for some "r&r". I feel the need.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Be - I am so cold....I'm actually shivering

What happened to all the beautiful weather we had for weeks on end?? We knew the temperatures would change but now that it has, I don't like it. Yesterday after coming home from Mothers we spent the next 6 hours carrying potted plants from the two greenhouses into the house. We still did not empty the greenhouses but brought into the house most of the really good plants eg tomatoes reaching a foot or more in growth with buds. We had heaters going in both greenhouses and I covered each the best I could with sheets for overnight. While indoors every available space - tables, TV tables, bed, counters etc are covered with plants - perhaps we would be considered a "grow-op"? For the next few days at least the plants will remain indoors - the others in the greenhouses survived last night and I have just put them all to bed again hoping the frost will not take it's toll tonight. I did not open the greenhouses up at all today hoping the sun would keep a bit of heat so the heaters could maintain for overnight. How many more months until they can be planted into the gardens?
I bought a Lotto Max ticket for tonight - only one ticket though as they cost five dollars each and I think that is a lot to throw away. But then, maybe we could win and we can all take my across Canada train trip that I dream about all the time. Why do all the really big bills come at once this time of year eg Income Taxes, Property taxes, Insurance renewals etc. And I need to change from winter tires to summer tires but need to be able to buy 2 new summer tires before I can get that done.
For Easter both Harry's brother and wife from Kirkland Lake, and his sister and family from Huntsville will be at Mothers for Dinner on the Sunday which Harry and I will make as usual. Harry has planned ham, and scalloped potatoes for the main meal but we also have to be at Mothers to make lunch and supper for the Saturday when his brother arrives. It makes for a busy, hectic weekend. But someone has to do it for Mother and the others do not participate in her care like Harry does.
Well, as I sit here shivering, I think it is time to bundle up into jammies and do some reading before bedtime. Nothing much on TV these days. Last Saturday night I stayed up until 10 pm to watch Spectacle with Elvis Costello, but I do not know if it is on again tomorrow night. I like that show for some reason - probably because I can relate to the music and conversation.
Take care XX

Monday, March 22, 2010

The Nature of Man

They want to "fix" things. They don't understand "venting". Then you can get caught in confidentiality problems, because the nature of marriage is that you share things that you wouldn't--and shouldn't-- share with friends. I've ben there and it's never easy.
Talk about being caught between a "rock and a hard place". I hope you can get this sorted out.

This sounds like a very difficult week for you Cathy. I would offer to take you out for lunch again, it's almost the end of the month and certainly the end of the money. And Loren phoned to remind me that Jeremy's birthday was this week. My grandson is now a teenager!
A quiet week for us (no money!) but this allows a lot of time for introspection--always a bad thing. I watched the last episode of Celebrity Rehab last night. Figured that this was one more addiction that needed to be ended. Then--I discovered the reality show Undercover Boss. This could be just as addictive as Celebrity Rehab!

The silent reader returns

I've been reading all week, but just haven't felt like writing. Too many little things adding up so that I didn't even feel like dumping on my sisters. I try to avoid telling Jim when things go wrong at work, because he wants to fix it. It all came tumbling out of my mouth on Saturday and Jim, in his own stumbling way, tried to fix things by phoning my boss Now I have to face her today and try and fix whatever Jim told her. I know he was trying to help me, but I sure wish he wouldn't!! I only work 2 days this week then I have to fit in the last of my holidays before Mar 31. Yesterday we worked outside for quite a while ( I can really feel it in my shoulders) We got an early start on "poop patrol" About 5 large buckets full. Then we were in the bushes trying to cut back some of the chokecherries that are covered in blight. They still produce, but they are really ugly. Checked out the garden... no rhubarb... no chives. What the heck?? It's spring isn't it. The garden should be up! Oh yeah.... cold and snow again. Viscount meeting again tonight. I think it will be an ugly one as we are still trying to create two positions in the office, but even though she complains she can't do all the work, Brenda doesn't want to give up any of the authority(or perceived authority) I am not looking forward to this confrontation. I really need to do something with my hair, but I get so sick of the short haircut that stands straight up. Unfortunately, with my hair, as soon as it is cut it stands straight up! I have tried numerous stylists, but it happens to all of them. No wonder I went with the brush cut for so long. I so envy the people that have that careless, wash it and leave it haircuts. Time to get ready for work (Yippee)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pati here

You sound like I feel after a pedicure.

Be - "I feel pretty, oh, so pretty.."

Great hairdo.. I asked for short and curly and that's exactly what I got. Should make me feel much better not to have to worry about my hair especially with nice weather when I cannot hide it under a hat.
Not too much new here ... I just prepared a bit of food to take to Mothers tomorrow for lunch - decided on a tuna casserole with fresh baked crescent rolls - bought in the nice cardboard tube at the store ready to bake of course. I also splurged and bought a box of Pudding Cake for dessert - just mix and bake. Should be easy lunch to get ready, haha.
I worked a bit on my "fish" to day - won't you be glad when it is done so I don't write about it every day ?? The front is now complete and all I have to do is sew the back on and voila , it's done! I had exactly enough beads to do what I wanted but wouldn't you know it, I upset the piece of art and lost one on the floor. So for about 30 min I was on my hands and knees with a flashlight trying to find this one stupid bead - ended up not finding it so left the finished piece one bead short!
Thinking of staying up until 10 pm tonight to watch the Closing Ceremonies of Paralympic Games but it is now 6:30 pm and I do not think I 'll make it. Bed and read my book sounding much more appealing especially with our trip to Mothers again tomorrow.
So long for now...take care as another week begins

Up Early

Today is the AGM of the Artists's Co-op. Supposedly, it's the end of my term as Board Chair, but there doesn't appear to be anyone to step in and take over. The vice-Chair took no active role and has now resigned her membership. We have a speaker, then our meeting, a catered lunch, and then a show of members work, until 4:30. Do you think anyone is going to show up for a talk on marketing at 10:00 on a Sunday, in Beausejour?

No little girls tonight. We have the little straw hats for them, but that will have to wait a week. so, after all of our adventures, it sure seems quiet around here. I've been puttering in the studio, and actually produced a couple of small pieces, but when I go back the next day, I realize that they aren't really worth pursuing and I just put them away. I got a "Call for Entry" yesterday that is piqueing my interest, but I'm not sure where it may go. I have taken a class from the juror, and know that abstract rather than representational work is more to her taste. And she is very much a traditional artist. The theme is "Stone Age", which is driven by a decision to move a very ancient, large rock that is in the way of the construction of the new Southwood Golf Course. This rock shows evidence of being a buffalo rubbing rock and even to have been an ancient place of gathering and worship. But, of course, a golf course is more important. Anyway, the rock is being moved to the St. Norbert Arts Centre, and an juried art show is being held to honour the occasion. I would very much love to have a piece accepted into the show, but of course, think I'm not worthy. Have to get over that somehow, especially when I think of the time and effort I've spent gathering images of rocks and rock faces--stuff I've done nothing with, so far. Whatever I produce would have to be somewhat different than the " Rockface--Kenora By-pass" that I have developed and planned and stuck on the wall.

Friday, March 19, 2010

What a stupid year!

The rhubarb's up! go figure!

Be - Interesting weeks events

Glad you are back home and safe again and I marvel at your adventures!
I am still working when I can on my fabric yoyo beaded fish - getting to the end by the looks of it but must always remember the advice NOT to fuss and overdo but keep it simple and stop adding when you think you should do just a little bit more! I do not really know how I shall sew the backing onto the front but will figure it out somehow. I'll let you know if I am successful.
Tomorrow I go to the hairdressers for a cut and permanent. It has been a long time coming and I have been trying to make do with long, straight hair but always end up pulling it back with a hair clip to the point I couldn't stand it any longer. It shall be most refreshing and I look forward to the change - there is nothing more mood lifting than to get your hair done.
How did your first week back to work go Cathy? If you could see all these plants we have growing you would be astonished. The only thing is that, I think, it will be at least 2-3 months before we can actually work up the ground and get them planted.
Take care...

Home again--ahead of the water

I couldn't believe the difference in water levels between driving through Grand Forks on Tuesday, and then driving through again on both Wednesday and Thursday. I'm still shaking my head about how fast the water can come up. I had seen red post all along the edge of roads, and never thought about it, but now I know they are for marking the edge of the highway, in case it gets covered with water. ( read it in the paper this morning) All that being said, we were never in any danger. The only actual river flooding we saw was when we were going over bridges in Crookston and Grand Forks. There were a lot of flooded fields, and we talked about the danger of overland flooding maybe being as bad as river flooding. Another place we saw a dramatic rise in river level was in Morris, and the Morris River. The Promenade at the Forks is now under water, but no-one around here is making any fuss. David figures that overall, he drove over a thousand miles over the five days. But he shouldn't complain, if he's not going to let anyone else drive.

So--home now and a chance to clean-up, sort, and do laundry.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Be - Wow!

Without a doubt Patty, you get the prize for the most interesting life (compared to mine anyway with Cathy coming up a close second to you) I always look forward to the news and never disappointed - this time is no exception. Does it make you wonder about taking those quickie trips south?
I have been watching the news reports from Fargo, ND and see another bad Spring flooding scare for the area and into Manitoba. The newscaster actually said that the flooding in ND could be blamed on Manitoba because the Red River ran south from Man to ND? I had to think about that for a minute to be sure I had heard him right! Did they change the course of the Red River since I left home?
The gardening is certainly taking priority here - we fashioned a second greenhouse out of vinyl and old fencing supports today in order to ease the rapidly growing produce - have blossoms on the tomatoes already and the cukes are trailing with runners and everything else is looking great. But I fear that there is cold and snow in the near future even though right now we are basking in record breaking temps and clear blue sunny skies. Keeps us busy anyway with the gardening and running back and forth to Mothers - again tomorrow.
Take care

Stapler fixed!

He read the instructions, and found a 1-800 number to call. They told him to load the staples a different way, and it worked. Of course, this is going to cost more $$$, as now he needs more fittings for the compressor, but we don't have to make that long trip to Menards in Detroit Lakes.

Home again!

We prepared for this trip the way we would have prepared for a week in Cuba! I can remember years ago when I would call David from work on a Thursday at noon and ask"do you want to go South for a couple of days". He would phone for reservations, pack a small bag and be ready to leave when I got home. This trip took days to get money and clean the house etc. Saturday night he carefully set the clocks back an hour for Daylight Saving time and we were off to bed early.(Think about it)

Sunday night as we were getting ready for bed inthe hotel I realized that we didn't have the cell phone. David was annoyed at me for walking out and leaving it on the kitchen table, but I was more concerned that I might have lost it during the day. I think I drove him crazy talking about $180,000 in roaming fees for someone calling all their relatives in India. In the end we agreed that we each made the other one nuts. Anyway, we got home and--no cell phone. After much stress, discussion and stress, we called down south and found it. David is most anxious to retain the number, so writing it off isn't an option. So, today, we are off down south again to fetch it. Having had a birthday, I can attest to us both being older and not up to the long drives, so we will be forced to spend another night. This means writing off another two days.

Luckily I was able to do most of the final arrangements for the AGM of the artists' co-op after we got home late yesterday, despite the computer acting up. I accidently deleted the entire folder for the AGM--and I have no idea how to restore anything. After sending appeals for help to the other directors, I, by chance, found the folder as a sub-folder of my deleted files ( I had screamed and yelled and poured a drink after not finding it in the deleted file) Accessing it was, and is still, a problem, but I was able to get a couple of things out.

How can people say that retirement is boring?

While we down south we didn't really do a lot of shopping. I found two delightful "Easter" hats for the little girls and bought them both ( one dollar each) David found a pneumatic power stapler for a surprisingly low price. We have been looking for one to use in mounting some of my work. He already has a small compressor that he uses with the power washer. He spent most of the evening trying to get it the stapler to work, so while we are down there we will be taking it back to Menards--an extra 70+ mile trip to return a $20 stapler. One thing I did find was temporary spray fabric adhesive. It was $10 for a large can. A different brand than I'm used to, but the usual brand was $16.00 for a very tiny little spray can. So I hope this one works. I only need it to work for a very short time, while I'm putting some layers together, so I'm sure it will okay.

While we were away, the geese came back. There was a lot more snow down there than we have here. A lot more water too. While we didn't see any signs of river flooding, there was some overland flooding. We saw nothing going through Grand Forks, but the paper today says they are on high flood alert. Our backyard is now clear of snow, and I can understand why you two are antsy to get into the gardens. I want to get out the patio furniture, but hope to control any urges to do anything else.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Back to work

I was sure tired yesterday. In bed by 8:30pm. I guess I am not used to "hard" work. The weekend went fine. I just had to remember to shut the bathroom door in the middle of the night. The show was really great. I remembered so many of the songs once he started to sing them. I've been humming a bunch since the show. The best part is that I am at work and my house is basically clean. It's been a long time since that happened. The weather has been wonderful. Most of the snow is gone and we have been walking the trail since the weekend. Of course there is snow to plow through in places, but we can make it. Jim has been out cruising around on his quad. Just around the area. He hasn't gone anywheren (yet) The dogs, however, really stink! It is bath time asap. I am already planning the garden. The freezer is still full from last year, but I'm going for the fresh stuff. I have to use my frozen tomatoes, though. It was a lot of work and I am NOT going to waste them. I should use the garlic, too. Everytime I open the freezer I can smell it. Valdy cooked breakfast on Sunday, and he says he always cooks onions and garlic. It was quite good. I will have to make it again. Lunch is almost over. Back to work. Hope you had a good weekend

Monday, March 15, 2010

Be - And so the week begins...

Cannot complain one little bit about the weather - nice and warm and lots of snow melting at a good pace - no water problems, and lots of grass now. I walked around to our picnic area and the table and cement blocks are all clear - makes me want to set up the chairs and open up the BBQ but I am sure there will be "snow" in the forecast soon. The lake looks totally rotten with many open areas already and yet there are still 5 ice huts still out there as of this afternoon - they will either loss them or have one wet ride to get them off.
What about that Brier ending eh? Cathy - did not see it because it was not on the CBC but heard the results on the radio - it must have been a great ending.
My hands are extremely painful today - it must be the weather although I was doing a lot of fine sewing yesterday and I am wondering if that might also trigger my soreness - just like you have trouble Patty. It affects my violin playing as I have trouble with holding the bow and also fingering on the strings. Oh heck eh? Sure can't be my age!
I best go now and get ready for bed - still have a book to finish before it is due Thursday - for some reason I just can't get into it like I have other books - maybe this is how I sort out which of the many suggested authors I should stick to- maybe stroke this one off my list?
Take care

Friday, March 12, 2010

Be - Such varied lives and adventures...

... it is so much fun for me to read all your messages as I can envision in my mind everything you are doing. Cathy you have had two wonderful weeks off to enjoy - this should hold in your mind as a nice distraction to work for a least another two weeks, shouldn't it?
You complain about so much curling on TV and I sit here wishing I could see even one game. Now with the different channels available especially TSN and BOLD taking over much of the sports events, those of us with only rabbit ears and only two channels from which to choose are left with few options. Within a years time we will have no options and will be forced to get satellite, or Bell or whatever is available digitally as the ability to pick up TV frequencies as we do now, will be blocked.
It has been a busy week with the good weather and the greenhouse and planting gearing up quickly. The greenhouse is absolutely full with seedlings - some tomatoes have needed to be replanted into individual pots and are about one foot tall. Some of the cucumbers are already trailing. Actually we are ahead of season and things are growing too quickly especially if we get another snow storm or two which is quite likely. But I love this wonderful weather and can almost see the snow melting away- can see all the dog poop in its full glory spread all over the yard from its winter resting place. Always one of my favourite chores in the Spring.
Wishing Patty a great "holiday" away for her special day, and for Cathy to have a successful billet with Valdy- enjoy his show. Take care XX

winding down

my holidays. This is the last real day off I have. I guess weekends really don't count in holidays. I am already settling down for an evening of reading. I went back to the library and have 3 more books to read. Valdy arrives tomorrow and I guess he will be leaving on Monday. I will be at work... not only at work, but I will have to get up an hour earlier than last time!!! (I've been up before 7 most days... my idea of sleeping in.) The snow is really melting fast. Viscount had to cancel a winter fun day of tobagganing because there is no snow! Not that I mind. It keeps the yard from flooding if the snow melts over time. I guess you are leaving on your "holiday" soon, Pati... are you going for 2 days? We were sitting outside for a couple of hours today. Only came in because Jim wanted to see something on television. He has to taper off on his curling right now. Only 1 game today, and tomorrow he will miss the semi final because we will be at Valdy's show. At least the world's starts next week. Jim took the quad out today. He wanted to see if he could run the trail, but he turned around pretty quickly. Too much wet snow. How's life going with you guys..... hope you enjoy your birthday away, Pati

Cast Gone!

Took Loren in to the hospital yesterday and his cast is gone. He's still on crutches for another two weeks( at least), but with gradual weight bearing ( as tolerated) He has execises to do, and still can't drive. He says that there is a screw that will likely have to be removed. It's quite low in the leg and will probably interfere with his ankle movement if left there.

Darren is off to some sort of trade show in the States--Chicago, I think-- for the next few days. His expenses are covered but he is not being paid anything. Tough times! Anyway, Amber has invited us over for supper on Saturday--except we have to supply the food! It means we have a chance to see the children, but they'll be in their own home, so it may work out better this way. This suits me fine as tomorrow I'm off to a quilt guild meeting for most of the day. The meeting is in the morning, but I'm teaching in the afternoon. It's an informal, drop-in type of workshop so I have no idea how many students may show up. I'm hoping it will give me a chance to test some ideas I have for a class I'm trying to put together.

And what are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Glad that's over It seems he has an inflamed pancreas. So he's been told to eat no fat for 3-4 days and no alcohol for about 3 weeks. So there should be no problem getting away this weekend. But David takes suggestions like that very seriously, so cooking may be a problem over the next little while--even if we tend to follow a low fat diet at the best of times. ( At the worst of times that diet includes potato chips and bacon--for me anyway) I was so restless yesterday that I managed to sort and tidy a good portion of the studio. Some good comes out of everything! Still haven't found the blue silk that I put away for a special project. Been looking for that for about 3 months now.

Off to have my hearing tested today. Lately I've noticed more problems, especially with my left ear ( the good one). I know he wants to sell me a new hearing aid. The old one is over 10 years old and they're only supposed to last for about 5-7 years. He has recommending one like David has with the external component. When David first got them they were over $3000 each, but now they've come down to under $2000 each. No problem when Workers Compensation paid for David's--more of a problem for me--I have to pay for my new teeth first! Getting old's a bitch!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Long day

It sounds like you do have quite a day ahead of you! At least it wasn't a heart attack. That would be awful. It is frightening anyway to get up in the middle of the night. I've done it with Jim, but he was okay. I'm sure Dave is okay too. We've been eating left over roast beef since noon on Saturday and today is no different. The only change is that we are going to the Chamber of Commerce dinner (probably roast beef) I didn't know it included a meeting and a guest speaker too! Anyway..... take care and hugs and kisses to Dave

Quiet week--HAH!!

Pati here
At 4:00 this morning David woke me up asking me to take him to emergency because he had chest pain and couldn't breathe. We got him in and there was no sign of a heart attack, but they appeared suspicious about indigestion or gall bladder problems. So he is still there but I'm at home trying to stay awake, so I can go and get him when they finally let him go. ( I never hear the phone when I'm asleep) He had started a batch of bread last night, so that is on the go. I find that I keep awake best when I'm physically active. Maybe I should go and scrub out the bathrooms. Going to be a long day.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Chinese food

Pati here
I had a memory of having eaten there before as well. A long time ago. I was sure glad for the fish and chips on the buffet--strange Chinese buffet. And what they had labelled as Chop Suey was very finely chopped cabbage and celery in sauce, but not bad at all. We ate well and no-one needed supper.

We knew it would be flying visit. David really doesn't like to drive in the dark. He's seeing an opthamologist about his cataracts sometime next month. It was just as well we left when we did. The day was very overcast with unexpected foggy patches. Not that the fog bothered us, but it closed in and became dark quite early.

Yesterday I went to a "Stitch'n'Bitch" session at a local organization --Mentoring Artists for Women's Art (MAWA). Yesterday was International Women's Day and they had a special session arranged. Usually these sessions are just drop in knitting or crafting with coffee and cookies, but this time they had four different craft tables set up with attending artists/teachers. One was the lady I took the dyeing workshop from a couple of weeks ago, there was one who was prepared to help with crochet, one lady was guiding people through making dolls and the last was for making little books to fit in match boxes. I now have adecorated matchbox with two tiny books in it. There was food--sandwiches, veggies and fruit and dainties. But after 1 1/2hours I was off to a Stampin' Up party at Amber's. What an ordeal that was! There was another older woman (the mother of a young man that Darren mentors) but otherwise there were four young mothers--and their chirldren. The demonstrator took four hours to take us through her presentation. By that time all of the children, who had beenplaying in the basement, were tired and hungry--and so were the mothers. I got to the point where I wondered if the idea was that she wouldn't let us go until we bought something.

But now I'm looking at a quiet week until we head down south next Sunday.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Be - Chinese, eh?

Great to hear that your day was as planned and that Patty, you were able to join Cathy on her Birthday. I believe that I ate at a Chinese restaurant with you in Neepawa once - was it the same restaurant where you went today? Did you get cake?
Now you can relax Cathy and enjoy the rest of your time off albeit even if it did age you by a year! Speaking of your card that I sent - did you notice that the box number was wrong - I wondered if the Post Office would put it into YOUR box anyway, or whether I would receive it back undelivered. It is a long story that I won't get into to, but once it was mailed I realized I had put 830 instead of 813.
I really overspent $$ yesterday but glad of it - I have been using an old broken electric coffee percolator and always hoping it would work as I really enjoy that first cup of coffee in the morning- several times it did not perc right and when I poured into my cup it was only a beige looking liquid. At Christmas I noticed that the grocery store was selling the same type of machine but at the time resisted the temptation to get one as they were a bit pricey. Alas, I gave in - went to the store to ask if they still had them, and did not give it a second thought - home it came. We should not feel bad about splurging on ourselves, should we? However I was feeling a bit guilty because last week we bought a 6 foot long folding table at Canadian Tire - it was on sale and I had been wanting to get one for a long time in order to use for sewing and cutting fabric. It is perfect to set up and take down whenever I want and is very sturdy while up - so much better than the card table with wobbly legs that I have been forced to use up until now.
Off to the library again this morning and this time I took out TWO books instead of the usual one. Two new authors from my now infamous list that I carry with me, and both large print! Life can't get any better!
Well, time to walk the dog, and then get busy with a new book before bed - nothing on TV of interest - maybe I did enjoy the Olympics more than I let on? At least for two weeks straight I knew there was something to watch at any time of the day or night haha Take care

Back to normal...sitting at the computer

I ate too much at lunch. Wish you were here Beth. Pati & Dave didn't stay very long. Just time enough for lunch and a quick stop at the Cultural Centre to drop off her "card". We ended up going for a Chinese smorg. (It also had battered fish that was yummy) Got lotsa email and facebook birthday wishes. It's kinda nice to know that people are thinking about me. Sad, too, cause we can't all celebrate together. Oh well,.... one day. I guess now I'll just put on my jammies and snuggle down for the rest of the day. There isn't much to do in a small town. I got your card today Beth.... thank you. Mail... just for me and it wasn't a bill! We are going to the chamber of commerce dinner on Monday night. Jean invited us. She is getting an award for the Christmas dinner she does every year. It should be fun. Other than that, the majority of my cleaning is done. Now I have to sort through pictures and books. (and wash the floor) I really like it that I have been home for a week and I still have a week to go. I just might be relaxed by the time I get back to work. Thanks for the birthday wishes and food

Thursday, March 4, 2010


There's going to be cake?? All I talked about was taking her out to Timmy's.

Be- If wishes could come true...

and I could wiggle my nose and transport myself in a split second, I would be there with you all tomorrow for lunch. So instead, I shall be there in spirit and wish the Birthday girl a wonderful day, and all of you a great visit together. Consume lots and lots of delicious food/drink and be sure to eat lots of cake! Take care XXX

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cleaning, you say---

I've heard of this.

We've done a fair bit of sorting out and throwing out (figuratively speaking)over the past few years. The biggest step is finding somewhere to donate the good stuff--I really can't beare to actually throw it out. Since I found out that the public library will give me tax receipts, we've got rid of a lot of books. Both the embroiderers' Guild and the Quilters' Guild have "garage" sales in June, and that has helped a lot. I already have a cardboard tote put aside for this spring. If all else fails, there is a thrift store nearby--sponsored by "Bibles for Missions". I'm not sure exactly what that is but I've heard that it is an interdenominational Christian charity with a large Mennonite component. This is where I found the lovely stools for the studio. I'm lucky in that David does the vacuuming and kitchen floor for me. I really hate floors, and when we had the maid service that's what I really emphasized. Now, I'm lookingaround and thinking that my rugs need to be cleaned. We used to have a very nice, reasonably priced man who did a good job, but he's no longer listed in the phone book, and I have a hunch he's retired.

I "bit the bullet" and made an appointment to have my hair cut. Usually it's an impulse thing and I just drop into the shop in the mall across the street, but the last couple of times, they haven't done a very good job. So this afternoon I'm off to Donna's Neighbourhood Salon. I went there a few times before I retired, but I can see it's been awhile as this time it was Donna's daughter who set up the appointment and will be doing my hair. I've avoided them because of price, but when I added it all up the bottom line will only be about $5.00 more.

So, enjoy your cleaning Cathy!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be - What is this ...Cleaning ??

What a thrill it would be to actually throw out... there is no royal we here so the stuff keeps accumulating. I don't worry about the dust - there's no room for it to land and rest on anything here anyway.
Wouldn't you just know it - as soon as I venture into car ownership, GM turns around and "recalls" my car. I have not received official notice yet but mine is a 2007 Cobalt which is named in the recall. I guess I had better contact the shop and have it looked at - What surprises me is the timing - surely the dealership knew about the recall a few weeks ago when they did the safety inspection??
Up to North Bay today for another violin lesson. I intend to keep going even though right now I don't feel any progress, but I know things will turn around soon. I just need to put a little more effort into some dedicated practice time. Yeh sure!
I continue to enjoy my reading adventures and borrowing from the library is great. Especially now that I have an endless list from which to chose. Thanks again. I took out another book yesterday from your suggested authors, and best of best is, it too, is in large print. What a difference the large print makes to my reading ease.
I just remembered that I must go out to close up the greenhouse - it is now dark so it will be fun to tape the doors shut. What a pain....Take care

Where did all the dust come from???

I know I was determined to clean my house this week, but where is all the dust coming from?!? It's not even a handy excuse not to clean! I am itchy all over and I sneeze all the time and my nose is itchy! I guess I should clean more than once every 10 years. We (the royal we... Jim is better at this) are being very brutal this time and throwing stuff out. If it has been on a shelf and not used (other than books) out it goes. Of course some of the books on the shelves downstairs are pretty dusty. I have being working upstairs and I am slowly making a difference. I am not washing floors and walls right now. I figure if I can get rid of the junk and clean up, the walls and floors will be much easier later. Of course the 7 books I took out of the library and the book Kris lent me have halted my work a bit (I already finished the book from Kris, and he only gave it to me on Sunday) But then, you know me and books. The books won't escape though. Them and the pictures are on the list for later on. I want to organize them all, not toss. Yesterday was my first day of holidays, and I ended up at the office to help Patty with month end. We got everything to balance, but they changed our bank reconciliation last month and it is different than what we have. Patty phone Winnipeg and Derrick said not to worry about it, so we won't. Nobody phoned today, so I may be okay. Today is meat day, so I am taking Jim in around 1:30. I don't feel like staying at the legion all afternoon, so I will go back and get him around 5 or 5:30. I sure hope he doesn't expect me to clean while he is at the legion!!! Of course he is downstairs working and has no idea that I am blogging instead of cleaning. I guess when he comes up he might notice that nothing is completed. Oh well,,,,, I'll worry about that later. Maybe I'll just go downstairs and tell him it is time to leave and he will never come up (at least not until tonight). Time to go back to my sneezing. Talk to you later!