Monday, September 30, 2013

Need I say more?

 This is the Bobcat they used to break up the concrete floor, and then take it out to one of the two ten ton dump trucks they used to haul it away.  Note the half inch plywood all along the drive way to protect the Unistone
 This is the garage without a concrete floor. It is very fine loose sand.  No wonder the darn thing was sinking.  Yes, that is daylight you can see between the ground and the lower edge of the wall. It is only supported at the corners. As you can see, they put bracing up for the work bench and lifted it it with the garage.
 Here is David supervising a young fellow who was removing the very corner bit of concrete that the Bobcat couldn't get.  He was working inside the garage with a sledge hammer, and David is providing advice on what sort of tool he should be using.  I wonder what could have happened to David if I hadn't called him in for lunch.
Here are all of the concrete edging blocks from the garden, and the Unistone from the two smaller areas by the garage.  This is the stuff that Jeremy helped David remove and pile up, out of the way.  You can almost see the bird feeder between the tool rack at the left and the composter, just above what appears to be a trellis.  We have so very many birds in the yard right now ( not when the Bobcat was working) that we are having to fill it almost every day.   They are taking full advantage of the birdbath as well--even the Blue Jays.

Today was a beautiful fall day--the kind I have only  experienced in Manitoba. I have been able to relax and putter a bit, and slowly recover from a very busy weekend.  I am grateful to have been able to recover a bit better and faster than I did from the classes in Selkirk.  Tomorrow is my facial and I am very much looking forward to that.  Since I have been paid for both my classes, I can even afford it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


I am still wearing a pair of winter boots that belonged to Kris!  Trouble is they are still in good shape and warm!  I do have a pair of "girly boots" that I got last year at a "free trade" day they had in Neepawa. they have a heal and everything, (which is why I seldom wear them)  Jim's sister and brother-in-law are out right now.  they arrived Wednesday night (I got to bed about 2 am and slept intermittently until 5..... my work on Thursday was inconsistant to say the least)  They are here until the 9th, but Jim is out picking potatoes again as soon as things dry.  Tomorrow is his other sister's 60th birthday, so this was a surprise visit from Glenda and Pete (they are McGraths... we are taking over the family)  We are supposed to go to Jean's for supper tomorrow (her birthday and she decides to cook) but Gary is not doing well. They have had him to the hospital 3 times this week (they change his medication and send him home) Anyway, Glenda went to Jean's tonight after supper just to have some "sister time" when it was needed. (we all understand sister time)  Jim & Pete are downstairs reading the paper and checking the TV.   I am killing fruit flies (where the heck do they come from!!!) and contemplating  a bath. I need a shower at the very least, but with Glenda away and Jim and Pete downstairs a bath might be really nice.  Patty, at work, is done on the 18th.  I am really dreading her being gone.  I emailed her last week when she was taking the last of her holidays and told her she has to cancel her maternity leave because if I am on my own again I will sit in my office and cry... She had the nerve to refuse!!! Go figure.  A bath is really sounding good right now.  I think I hear it calling.  Have a great weekend.

Friday, September 27, 2013

I have new winter boots

And I mean really new as in bought at the Walmart Store in Huntsville today. We dropped off some apple juice at Harry's sisters place ( she is at work but her husband who does not work was there) Then to the Habitat Restore where I bought a couple more long play records, and then to Walmart. I headed right to the Shoe department and after looking at the horrible Women's boots, I went to the Men's section and spotted a perfect pair - 3M with Thinsulate lining and nice flat soles. So I am all set with almost new jacket and now new boots. Though, I hope the snow will NOT come at all haha
When I got home I went over to the bank and paid a few bills. Then I thought to myself It is only September 27 and I am already out of money. Remember when you said Cathy that the money ran out before the month did -well, the month hasn't even begun yet! I think I need to win the Lottery this weekend haha I managed to get a bit of time in the basement this afternoon and took another stab at organizing things - I believe that I shall win this battle but it may take me quite a while. All the preserves from this year are in boxes all over the floor and I must clear some shelf space in order to place them properly. But...and there is always a but isn't there...too much already on the shelves and if I could get rid of stuff, it would help the situation . So I carry on, carrying on best I can. Tomorrow I need to do down more tomatoes that are ripening on the cardtable, and then some housework. Harry wants to go to Sprucedale and bring all the graveyard flowers home so I welcomed him to go on his own. Maybe I can play some of my new records??? Anyway time to go to bed. Mike tells me he has the second Stephen King book at home for me when I finish this first in the series of the Dark Tower called Gunslinger. He has all seven books in this series, and at the rate I am reading this will take me forever! Take care


In the past we have talked about how we make the transitions in life--things like becoming mothers, retirements and such.  Today I realized that I am in another transition.  I am moving into another stage of life, whether I am ready or not.   My physical problems have been around for a long time.  I realized that I have been wearing wrist braces for over 20 years.  I pretty well gave up the hand stitching almost 10 years ago.  Because I have the will to be independent, and a knowledge of adaptation, I have been able to modify my life's activities to match the physical changes in my abilities. The changes in my abilities are coming much more quickly now, and I have moved beyond the ability to modify my methods and into the need to modify my environment.  The next step (one I may have been in for awhile) is to make deliberate decisions about which activities will have to be abandoned, and which activities will remain necessary but require the assistance of another person.  Now I need to separate my emotional response to all of this from my intellectual response, or understanding, of the process.  There is also a role for the grieving process in all of this.  I fully expect that I will continue to be frustrated, and continue to resist the changes.  And that is a healthy reaction to what is happening to me.

We have also talked about the small rituals we establish for ourselves that mark that transition, and help us in the acceptance. I saw the opportunity to make the appointment for the facial.  I started to wonder how the esthetician would look at an old women with bad skin coming in for this.  No, I'm not looking for the Fountain of Youth, but I am looking for a validation that I am still a woman, with the right to feel good about myself, whatever  capabilities I have.

Thank you for letting me vent.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

My frivolous purchase

Today we went to North Bay to shop ( all the pensions were finally posted today and none to early either) and as is my usual practice, I like to purchase a little something for me. And I did not disappoint myself. Not really frivolous but I like to think I have been naughty haha  At Recycled Resources I bought a napkin holder and no, I did not need a napkin holder! This caught my eye immediately - bright orange and lime green with a stylized  strawberry on one side and an onion on the other. Hard to describe nicely but there is there need to rationalize one's choice? It was 50 cents. So next stop was Dollarama to look at paper napkins to match. I envisioned something orange and bright but found nothing I liked until I spotted a package of some beige brown napkins with coffee beans and cups of coffee pictures all over. It was $1.00.  I loved them and now I have them folded and in the holder. Now isn't that the perfect purchase-  if it makes me feel good, c'est la vie. 
Sure sign of summers end - they took the swimming dock out today. I walked with the dog to the lake after supper and there was no dock. Even the dog indicated a notice of change - she looked at the end of the walkway that now faced the lapping water against the rocks, and then looked at me as much as to say "where is the dock that we always walk on".
Yesterday was apple day - I started to pick apples at 8 am and had the one tree stripped by noon, at least enough to allow the branches to bounce back up - before picking they were sadly drooping onto the roof of the greenhouse and situpon. Then I set up the juicer and by 8:30 pm Harry and I had the juice bottled and I was cleaning up the kitchen area. Tomorrow we are going to Huntsville and Harry will take some juice to his sister. It is unsweetened (no sugar used) and with her diabetes, she says she could drink it without upsetting her levels. 
Well, Patty, you have a busy weekend ahead of you and then with the garage work next week ( apparently starting on Sat and Sun!) it should be rather chaotic. And Cathy, what are you going to be doing? Will be thinking of you both. Enjoy and take care.

Change of plans

David has been quite concerned about me driving out to Pinawa Saturday morning, and then home again, after two days of teaching, Sunday night.  So he has decided to come with me.  This shouldn't really cause any problems, as the lady whose house I'll be using had already invited both of us, should he accompany me.  It means that I won't be available for any evening activities they may have planned, but I expect to be too tired to enjoy them, in any case.

A fellow came around this afternoon to establish the leveling of the garage. It took about an hour.  Earlier the hydro were around to check for underground lines of any sort. So everything was on track for Monday.  Then we got a call from the concrete people. They had a crew available and could start to raise the garage on Saturday and Sunday so as to have it ready for Monday.  David told them to go for it, gave them our cell number, and told them we would be out of town, but to call if they needed us.

O-K-A-Y.....  and life goes on.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

machine behaved!

Yes, both days of teaching out in Selkirk are finished.  It was a good class, and my machine behaved enough for me to be able to do all of the demonstrating I needed to.  I now have another two day class in Pinawa on Saturday and Sunday, and then nothing except preparing for my show in December.

Amber was over on Monday, and let me know that Jessica has been begging to be taught to use the sewing machine. Oh Boy!  However the age is right, and we will see what we can do about it.

The garage is now empty,and the concrete work confirmed for next Monday, and then the rest of the week.  While it will be good to get it done, I'm not looking forward to a week of chaos.  David was able to get a truck through the storage facility, and Loren came over on Monday evening to help him load and unload it.  We have made arrangements to get the truck again on October 20th, although we will have to pay for it that time.  Again, Loren and Jeremy will come over to help David with the loading and unloading.  He seemed surprised at how much it took out of him, but none of us is any younger.  We had so much junk, much of it too good to just throw out.  David mentioned to the neighbour that we had a lot of wood, so Lloyd came over to look and ended up taking most of it away for us.  I have no idea what he may be doing with it. Don't care either.

So now I have to start thinking about supper.  I have a hunch it will be cooked at the Chinese restaurant across the street. For that, I will be very grateful.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Let it ride, ride, ride....

I tuned into Randy Bachman last night on CBC ( it is Saturday night after all!!) and he had a show all about motorcycles - all the music pertaining to riding and on the road and generally having a wild ride! And it was a coincidence as I had just had a conversation about motorcycle riding! It is always great to listen to his shows - lots of stories and music from all decades. Then after his show comes Saturday Night Blues and last night Holger Peterson, the host, had an interview with MonkeyJunks from Ottawa on the release of their third album. I love their music and it was a good evening of laying in bed and listening to music. It rained off and on so I was up a few times to check the water at the front. I just put another four green tomato loaves in the oven - hard to imagine but I can start to see the "light at the end of the tunnel" ( maybe!) and I'm down to only one cardtable set up in the front room covered with baskets. I put on my long play records while I worked in the kitchen and right now West Side Story is playing - more great music. Spoke with Mike last night and he has to drive to Kingston tonight to transport another person to the base there for only one night (coming back Monday night) He gets pay for a hotel and food and uses a military vehicle so maybe not so bad but it is an awful long drive from North Bay. Good thing he likes to drive. It is sunny now but on the cold side so don't know if I'll head outside to work - eventually it has to be done so probably that's where I'll be for the rest of the day after the loaves come out of the oven. Can you smell them? Hope all is well with you guys. This week will be busy for you Patty so put up your feet now and relax haha Take care for now.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

A little twist to my day

I started doing housework early and seemed to be at it most of the morning and quickly needing a change - had no where to go or any reason to go anywhere so started into going through some shelves with books. I have accumulated several pocketbooks that have been read and were just sitting taking up space. I like to keep books around but lately I have also been looking at getting rid of stuff so a brainwave hit me - I would take them to the second hand book store in South River where I could get credit on purchasing more books. I gathered up 10 to return and off I went. This store is a Fabric /Wool store essentially with a small back room where they sell the paperbacks. The lady was pinning a border on a quilt she was making ( all hand worked) and so we got to talking and I had a real good look around the store and marvelled at the fabrics and display quilts and other projects. Then I bought some crochet hooks on sale - in sizes I needed for some of the prayer shawl patterns in my book. I left feeling really good and my need to get out was satisfied. Although I returned home and started in again to work, it was OK then. Funny how we need a "break", eh? Last night the rains came, and the water raised and Beth was ready to get a boat. I went out to fix the pump once and a big flash of lightening was followed by a loud burst of thunder which scared me to death and caused me to run as fast as I could indoors. Of course I was soaking wet from the torrential rains but at least safe inside - no way I was going to go out again so the pump just kept pumping best it could and the rain eventually died down enough to let it go off. It made for an eventful night! Today it is still drizzling but not like last night. You both sound so very busy with your activities and I like to hear all about it. But take care not to wear yourselves out ! Time for supper making and then likely a walk with the dog before bed. Exciting eh?

Friday, September 20, 2013

it never ends-or so it seems.

Today, the fellow came to install grab bars in the bathroom.  I was in studio clothes, and while I washed my hair last night, it hadn't been curled and it looked like it.  He came in and we recognized each other.  We had often associated through work, even though we were with different agencies.  Anyway, we now have three--count 'em, three grab bars around the bath tub.  I am not dealing with this very well.  I wish I could say that I am "aging with grace", but all I feel is frustration.  Frustration at not being able to do the things I want to.  A lot of the time, I can't even do the things I'm supposed to.  Frustration at my body not responding the way it should. However, I am pleased to report that the medication appears to be controlling my pain much better now.  I can even climb stairs without help, and even managed a short trip to the grocery store this morning.  Lately that sort of thing has really tested my endurance. If only I could sleep a little longer during the night.   Enough venting.

What I was leading up to was that, late this afternoon, I had a small meltdown, and David banished me to the basement while he finished supper ( and a very fine supper it was)  I was able to do all of the groundwork on a new hanging for December.  Tomorrow I have to buy some thread, but this should work up fairly quickly.  Right now I need to accomplish something, as I was getting discouraged about being able to finish enough for the show in December.  Today I heard that my class in Pinawa is a "go", so after supper started on the handout.  It was prepared, but needs to be printed, and there are things I need to package with it.  I have been using double pocket folders.  Thank Goodness for the back to school sales for those.  And today I heard that my Cabochons are ready.

So now I am too tired to do much of anything.  I plan a shower, using my new grab bars, a few minutes of reading and then, early to bed.  And if I need a pill to sleep--so be it.


Somehow this weekend is not shaping up as a relaxing time.  I had rehearsal last all day course in Brandon today.. all day tomorrow again and then an ACT meeting on Sunday.  Patty is on vacation next week, so that leaves me and the newly trained Shirley who has to be watched.  Our company arrives on Wednesday night and will be here until Oct 9.  One day I will sleep.  Everything is gone from the garden except the carrots.  As soon as Jim is done potatoes he will till it all up and hopefully next year will be better.  Nika kept trying to follow me this morning.  I turned around 3 times to make her go back.  The last time I wanted to  lock her in the shop, but she must have known 'cause I couldn't catch her.  I ended up yelling really loud at her and then driving away fast.  I tried to see if she was following, but if she was I was over the hill before I saw her.  She was home when I got here, so either she stayed or she found her way back.  I hope it doesn't happen again.  I had to speed on the way to Brandon. Made the 50 minute trip in just under 40 minutes.  Not something I want to do again!  As it was we didn't start until just after 9am anyway.  8:45 again tomorrow, but I won't be as worried about making it on time.  We all went out for lunch.  I ordered at taco salad and I have never seen such a large salad in my life.  It looked big enough when I thought it was on a large plate, but it was really a bowl!   I brought at least 1/2 home with me for supper.  Tomorrow when I get backjto Neepawa I have to pick up all the lunch supplies for Sunday's meeting.  Not as much as usual, though, cause 4 people can't make it.  Jim bought me a really nice travel mug and I either lost it today or left it in Brandon. I hope it is there tomorrow when I arrive.  Otherwise I will have to explain to Jim how I lost it the first time I used it.  I really like it, too.  The laundry is just stopping and the dishwasher is almost done.  I have no idea why I turned both on at once except that I need to get some of this work done this weekend.  I hope both are clean.  Hope the rest of your weekend is a little bit relaxing.

Try this again

I logged on this morning before starting my work day and wrote a message but just as I finished, everything disappeared. I was so discouraged. So here we go again before I make supper. I have just come in after working in the yard and just before the forecasted rain and thunderstorm is about to hit. It is getting dark and windy so I will expect that I shall be pumping before too long. I took the dog for a quick walk down the street and back so she will be happy. Starting to make some progress in tearing down all the plants. I believe it is harder to tear down, than in the spring and summer when you only maintain haha.  My friend Sue sent me a few emails with pictures of their "surprise" 50th Anniversary Party put on by their family last weekend. It was so nice to sit for a minute and enjoy another's life. She has her medical problems, but I think in general she has a very good life. I will be looking forward to our luncheon on Oct 30.
What do you folks have planned for the weekend - anything special? I hope the rain will stop overnight and the 30 mm expected does not materialize. That way I can work in the yard over the weekend. It would be nice to see things come together. as I think winter may sneak up and surprise us this year. I have been airing my new winter jacket everyday and spraying it with freshener and I think that the smoke smell is finally going away. it is a beautiful almost new jacket and only $7.00 so I would hate not to be able to use it. This year I need new boots and I am hoping to go into a real store and buy some new ones. Is that too much to expect?? Maybe we'll win the lottery tonight. The new 649 rules didn't exactly help me any Wed night but, of course, I bought another ticket for Saturday - hope eternal! Take care!

Ahhh.... Friday

Lost the message

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Not very coherent at all.  I woke up about 9:00 realizing that I had a 10:00 meeting  at the local art group.  The day has gone down hill from there.  With one exception.  We had to go to my doctors's office to pick up a form he had filled out for me.  After leaving there we went by Jeanne's Bakery and David bought me a Shaponica.  We both love those things--him more than me, I think.  So much for losing a bit more weight.

The form was my application for a handicapped parking permit.  My doctor says I more than qualify.  Maybe this gives me a reason to be depressed.  I certainly have the depressed part down pat, but as usual, having" named" it, I hope I can deal with it.  Where's my red shirt?  Oh Yeah, wore that yesterday.  Didn't help.

Yesterday, the Realtor called to tell us that the new people wanted a final inspection of the property this afternoon, just to make sure everything was as promised.  Well, now it looks like they would like a new washing machine.  This isn't really a surprise, as the old one is really old, and not in good repair. On top of that, Amber called yesterday to let us know that she had spoken to someone at work who has told her that we will be liable for capital gains tax on any money we receive that is more than the assessed value of the property on the day we gained possession.  The tax is usually 50%, depending on other income, and the cost of any major improvements made during our time there.  We are already committed to the work on the garage, and various costs associated with that.  Oh whoopee ( no exclamation point).

I guess that right now I should be grateful that I can still walk and use the toilet in the house.  I tried one at the mall today and it was too low.  Now I am off to try the basement stairs.  Whoopee again.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wh-e-e-e-w! (Wiping Brow)

I think the class went well.  By 3:00 they were exhausted, and David heard one of them saying that I had worked them pretty hard.  I realized about 2:30 that they hadn't put it together in  their heads that the individual techniques I was teaching them were exactly the techniques that were used in the large samples.  So I went round with one of the samples and pointed out where I had used what they were doing.  You could see the light bulb going on above their heads.  Next week they will be tackling Feathers and then putting it all together in one piece.  One of them also told me that the class in Pinawa is probably going to run.  When they changed the days from Friday and Saturday to Saturday and Sunday and she had registered and thought that there were about 6 students at  that time.  So next week will be rough, but not as rough as it would have been had they not changed the days.
So now I am finally in my nightie, reading e-mail and drinking B&B.  The first half is over.  for that I am grateful.  I will be grateful for a good night's sleep and maybe I will be coherent int he morning.


Just had a nice bath and as is my frequent habit, I poured a shot of Galliano to have at my side. When I placed it on the counter to get the bath tub ready, I accidently spilled it all over the counter.  Yes, I was tempted to start slurping but instead cleaned it up. And of course came back to the dining room to fill up another shot glass full. What a waste and I only have a very little left in the last bottle I have been rationing for a long while. Mike has been my supplier of it as they do not sell it in the Sundridge or South River LCBO stores. I guess I will have to hint to him again? Much work outside now with cleaning up and it is hard taking down all the dead tomatoes and vines and hauling the pots with dirt to the dumping place. My arms are black and blue again with bruises and the poor old fingers are just not working right!
From the time I got up this morning I have been thinking of you Patty and wondering about every hour how things were going for you at your class. I will be so glad to read a report of your successful day. And Dave must be given mention for his help with the machine. He is truly a spear thrower of which I am without haha
Time for bed and a bit of reading. Tomorrow brings another lovely day weather wise, and so outside work shall prevail. Tonight is the first of the new lottery rules for 649 and I have a ticket! Apparently we shall all win every draw -lets see if they are right! Take care

Monday, September 16, 2013

Ever wonder where the time went...

In the blog ,we are all talking about cropping and pulling out plants etc and yet it seems like only yesterday we were heating the greenhouses and starting the plants from seeds. Glad you are getting some produce to account for a bad summer Cathy.  I just covered up a few flowers in the yard as it will freeze again tonight and tomorrow night, but then get warmer for a few days. I brought all the inside plants into the sun room and it looks like a forest in there now. They love it outside and just thrive, but now back inside, by Spring, they will be looking a little frazzled. Another four loaves made this morning with green tomatoes. I have to get into the downstairs freezer and sort through a few things in order to make space to freeze the loaves I have on hand. I am also looking for a few packages of cranberries from last year so Harry can make more juice. That darn Cat of Mikes - I took the new hooked rug to his place and once placed on the floor both cats (Mike's and Erin's) sat on it immediately. Last report is that his Cat seems to have taken to it nicely. So next job will be to repair the old torn apart rug and put a backing on it. I am not really looking forward to that! Must be a real mess at your place Patty but in the end, it will all be worth it to have the garage floor repaired. Good plan. Can't seem to get my old energy back since I hurt my foot - I walk the dog down to the lake but it takes me longer and I'm slower and not getting the thrill out of it as I did before. Maybe I should take a week off of life, and rest and relax?? Sure!  Anyway must go - time to read a bit before bed. Last night the power went off for about 5 hours - don't know why as there was no apparent winds or storms. But in this area it tends to be random and unfortunately, frequent. Take care

Sunday, September 15, 2013

weekends are for relaxation???

This was my only weekend to do housework.  I am on course next Friday and Saturday ( I could have a hotel room thursday and Friday night, but I am only 1 hour from home) I have an ACT meeting Sunday and Glenda & Pete arrive on Wednesday/.. Shhhhhhhh it is a secret.  Jean' s 60th birthday is Sept 28th and they are coming to surprise her.  They are, however, staying here, so I need to at least pretend that I do housework. I also did work work this weekend,  I get the time off that I worked, but I did not do what I wanted to do,  Oh well.,..... It is 2-3 hours of time off.  Jim is hauling potatoes again.  He did 11 1/2 hours today.  He is going to work until he gets tired, so that is about the max for him.  It is just fortunate that they quit at that time.  I hear through the grapevine that the position in our office (mat leave) has been advertised but I have not seen anything yet.  On Friday Patty and I expressed our concerns about Shirley"s understanding of the work in the office.  That is why I had office work this weekend.  I am trying to update our instructions so that they can be understood by anyone.  It is sort of a mote point since everything will change once Teranet takes over.  Oh well.  If Shirley can do more of the work it is that much less for me.  Frost last night and probably tonight. It wouldn't matter except that the cucumbers finally flowered.  Jim is determined to get some of our own cukes to eat.  Kathleen (Assistant at VCC even if she is a grandmother) gave me a rubbermade tub of tomatoes last week.  I now have 17 bags of "Junk" in the freezer!  Yippee! I dug the last of the potatoes (wow... an ice cream pail full) today and picked my 1 jalepeno.  There should be some carrots this year, but that is it.  I pulled all the tomatoes from the garden because the few we got rotted. I don't want any disease for next year.  Time for bed even if it is only 9 pm.  I am sore and tired and have go get up tomorrow.   Lotsa of zen hugs to both of you

Saturday, September 14, 2013

so much to do, so little time

It has started.  Today David and Jeremy moved as much of the flower bed as we plan to move.  The huge red peonies went into the front flower bed that we have been trying to figure out all summer. I think we have found our solution to that problem. All of the edging has been removed, and the Unistone  "sidewalk to no where" has been removed.  Much of the edging was regular sized cinder blocks,with holes that all had to be cleaned out of mud and grass. The short Unistone sidewalk through the gate in the fence has also been removed, and one of the composters moved to the other side of the garden.  The bird feeder has also been moved over there,and we aren't sure if the birds or squirrels have found it yet.  There is far less cover for the squirrels there and no garage roof to run over and jump onto the feeder from.  The garage has been sorted out, a certain extent.  What is left is various piles going to various destinations.  David has rented a storage locker, and is arranging to get a truck to move the stuff over. Loren will be able to give us an evening sometime around the 23rd or 24th to help out.  The truck comes free with the storage locker rental,but only for three hours, so these things have to be carefully coordinated.  When Loren came to pick up Jeremy this afternoon, he took the canoe away with him.  Seeing it loaded on the roof of Sheila's car and pulling out of the driveway, brought much of this home to me.

Loren had brought some Kraft Dinner bowls ( who knew about those!? Oh my, what we miss being away from the working world!) for Jeremy's lunch.  The church across the street had their annual Family B-B-Q day today, so we decided to go over for hot dogs instead, not realizing that they were free!  Even if we had to listen to very loud singing of religious songs, while we ate, I think it was a much better choice than Kraft Dinner.

Beth, Cathy is taking Daddy's horse race game.  We were talking about how to play it, and wondered if you might remember.  I had thought that you just threw the dice and the horses moved one space very time their number came up, but Cathy seemed to remember a steeplechase component where the horse had to roll doubles to get over the jump.  As I thought about it in bed last night, I seemed to remember elastic bands stretched across the track as jumps. We still haven't found the horses, but both David and I remember them being in a Red Rose Tea box, somewhere in the house.  And weren't they plastic deer in any case?  Maybe we should be calling it the Reindeer Race game.

On one of my internet groups, there was a new member introduced herself as being from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  I posted back welcoming her to the group, and wondering if we had ever met or had friends in common.  Another woman, from Winnipeg, whom I know and have visited,  also welcomed her.  we took the e-mail off the group list and soon found out that, not only have we met, but she has taken a class from me.  She asked about my Shibori work ( she is into Shibori right now, as is the third lady) so I referred her to the picture from the July 5th posting on my blog.  She responded by saying that when she got to the blog she realized that she is one of my followers, but hadn't realized she was talking to the person she follows!

Re; the knees. I am finding that my pain and therefore, my mood, is very dependent on how well I sleep.  Today was not such a good day, although yesterday was not bad at all.  I keep forgetting to take my supper time pill.  they must be taken with food, and I have found out that this means a fair bit of food--not a small snack.

P.S.  found the Reindeer.  They don't look to be in great shape,but more colour fading than anything.
Certainly usable.
P.P.S.took a look at the game table.  There appear to be three places for a jump to be inserted.  Some of the 1/4" tape used to indicate movement lines will have to be replaced, but otherwise, all appears okay.

Loaves in the oven....

I should say still more loaves as I try to use up the tomatoes and this loaf is something I will actually eat. I'll write a few words while I wait for them to bake.
We spent the whole day yesterday picking apples, juicing them and then bottling them - it took until 1 am to get that all done. Then I was outside just before 6 am this morning spraying some of the garden for frost. I had covered the geraniums as Harry wants to winter them, but the rest of the garden was left as is - it got to minus 2 degrees and even with spraying the vines and beans froze anyway. And today we did down 10 lbs of beets into pickles although I saved some for Harvard beets for supper. This morning I took the dog for her walk early and then came home and made a nice little fire outside and sat with my coffee - it was so nice and peaceful. I finished the little hooked rug last night by putting the backing on and sewing it all around. My fingers are sore now because of all the needle stabs I gave myself - I use a thimble to push the needle in but cannot sew with a thimble on my finger so I was constantly getting stuck. It was not an easy job to get that backing fitted right and sewn sturdily but I got it done and it will be just fine. So I hope Mike's Cat will like it haha
I wanted to ask you Patty if your water is brown? The news yesterday and today has stories about  Winnipeg's brown water and although there are no tests that show it is unsafe, they recommend that you do not use to drink or make food - so does that make any sense???
Hope you are getting around Ok Patty and wondering if you are still going to Selkirk on Wednesday to teach? Take it easy and use your chair. Must go and check the loaves - and then hopefully get into bed. So much work and so little time. Mike let me borrow his Steven King book The Gunslinger and since I just started to read it, and have never read Steven King before, I am anxious to do some reading. Have either of you read any King books?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ortho appt.

Other than pointing out that I'm old and fat (I AM!!???) not much new.  Again the knee joints themselves are not in bad shape but I have severe patellar-femoral  or is it patellar-tibial arthritis.  This can only be addressed with a total knee replacement.  Given that the knees are relatively okay, the suggestion is to treat it conservatively.  At this point, the drugs are working very well, so I tend to agree.  I also know that the recovery from the surgery can be difficult, and results are not guaranteed.  So I am to discuss it with my doctor, with whom I have an appointment on the 17th.

David had dropped me off, and then gone on to an appointment with the lawyer.  He was early and the lawyer available, so was taken in right away, and the lawyer took the time to go over all of the papers with him.  David expressed that he really appreciated the time being taken to made sure he understood every thing.  He seemed so much more comfortable with the process, that I think it was probably the best thing that could have happened.  As there was no mortgage on the property, David will be getting his share of the money quite quickly, so has made arrangements to have the garage floor done the first week of October.


 Jeremy will be over, on Saturday, to help move the garden on the South side of the garage. David had agreed to pay him, and it has even been arranged to occur on his weekend with his Mother.  The next thing is to rent a PODS and get some help to move everything out of the garage. Loren will be taking the canoe, which will help.  Lots of planning to do, so I should have no problem finding something to blog about over the next little while.

Back in business

While Harry is juicing some crabapples I will take a moment to write a few words before its time to bottle the juice. I set everything up, then he does the actually juicing and then I do the cleanup. Simple! We have decided not to go the cranberry marsh this year (see my big smiles?) but instead Harry will buy some cranberries in the store and mix them into his juice. Yesterday we went to North Bay and met with his brother and wife. We did some shopping and then went to the Restaurant for the Buffet. It was a nice leisurely meal and quite enjoyable. I stuck to my usual chicken balls and fried rice but the others tried some of the different dishes. Diane was to have her surgery at 8 am and then they were heading back to Kirkland Lake. Hope it goes well for her. In a month she will be back to have the other hand done ( carpal tunnel) I went for my first walk with the dog down to the Lake this morning in a long while since I hurt my foot. It felt so good to get out and back to a routine - I know the dog was delighted as she has missed out as well. Still hurts but I won't let it get the better of me. I received an email from my friend Sue to arrange another luncheon in October " before the snow flies" but this time she has again included the other two ladies who I met with in the summer. I guess I have made it into the group?? Maybe I should feel honoured but at the least I am feeling happy right now. I think it does me good to have some outside connections. I guess I'll have to reserve/book the car! After the juicing is done I have more veg to do - likely cucumbers, and then green tomatoes. I will be making more loaf as it is something that I can freeze and actually use. No point in making preserves as we just don't use them up. I have been having the green tomato marmalade on toast in the morning and although tart, it really is quite good. So likely I'll use the other few jars over the course of the winter. How was your appt with Ortho clinic Patty? Time to go......take care.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Today was a good day

I have decided.  I used to occasionally have a bad day.  Then it was about equally good and bad.  Now I can't remember the last time I had a good day.  But today I have felt good, have been more or less able to walk without too much pain.  I even managed to get up and down the stairs without assistance.  I feel good--something I haven't said in a long time.  I even won a little (play) money at poker tonight.  Prior to that I was down almost $30,000--the worst I have ever done. I cooked a scratch supper tonight, not a "catch-as-catch-can meal from the freezer.

Now I am ready for bed, and today was a good day.  And for that I am grateful.

Darn knees!

I was able to walk a bit better by Sunday evening, so we decided to go for a drive.  (That prescription Aleve really works!)  Stepping out the back door I heard a loud "crack" and a shooting spear of pain up my left leg.  Hobbled around for the rest of the evening.  More Aleve and stayed off my feet as much as possible Monday, and by evening things were feeling a little better.  By this morning was able to walk fairly well, and that has continued all day, even with going to the fabric store this morning.  I fully plan to keep my appointment in the Orthopedic clinic tomorrow afternoon.  ( They told me to expect a wait and to take a book), but I am hoping that maybe I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  One good thing is that our casual talk about putting grab bars in the bathroom is now a firm plan and we hope to have it done within the week.

The other thing we have decided to do is to have the garage floor leveled/repaired.  We have talked about this before. David got quite a reasonable quote this morning.  He is seeing the lawyer tomorrow, and hopes to get some idea of when money might be available so that we can set a date.  The concrete company doesn't pour after the end of October, so we might even be looking at spring, although that wouldn't be my preference.  We will have to move the plants on the west side of the garage, and probably rent a small PODS to store the garage contents while the work is going on, although where we might put that is a mystery.  Both the small "sidewalk to nowhere" and about 10 feet of the Uni-stone driveway closest to the garage will have to be redone.  This is really a major undertaking.  When my Ravenesque ladies were over on Sept 2nd we had our meeting in the garage and both David and I came to realize that the floor there is now bad enough to be a major safety hazard.

So our fall is turning out to be more exciting than we had thought. And I'm still struggling away in the studio to try to finish enough pieces for my gallery show in December.  For today, I am grateful to be walking a bit better.  I even managed stairs to day, as well as being able to put my compression stockings on without help.  Major victory!!

Very interesting day

You never know what you might be doing and today was the perfect example. On the weekend Harry bid on several coins on line through Midland Auctions. He was the successful bidder on several lots and by reviewing the conditions, it was in our best interests ($$) to go and pick them up rather than to pay for delivery. I have never been to this part of Ontario. Midland is a port on Georgian Bay on Lake Huron about 200 kms south and then to the west. Beautiful country, sunny day ( heat wave actually with temps and humidity close to 40) and carefree attitude made for a wonderful excursion. We were a bit early so walked down to the dock, and enjoyed the water and boats and especially the painted murals all over. Midland is renown for the 32 murals adorning the downtown landscape. ( if you care, go to and follow prompts to the Mural Virtual Tour) Also at Midland is the historic Saint Marie Upon the Hurons, and also The Martyrs Shrine but today we did not visit these. We will plan to return another time and spend more time if possible. On the way back we stopped at The Restore in Huntsville and I bought some more long play records ( vinyl is now a wanted item you know) When we have gone there previously, I have gone through all the records they have for sale and choosing just the shows eg The Music Man, Oklahoma, South Pacific, Man of Lamancha, King and I etc I now have twelve albums (today they were at 10 for $2.00) I still haven't laid my hands on my little record player but Harry has a stereo set up in the dining room so I have been using it to listen. It's fun for me and brings back some pleasant memories!  Take care

Sunday, September 8, 2013

After a busy day, I log on and see messages- Yeah!

How nice to sit and read all about you both. We all seem to have had some misfortune with tripping or falling or some such event causing us to have complaints of suffering! So I feel for you both as I try to manoeuvre around with my sore foot and continue with my chores. Today it was four green tomato bread/loaves and another batch of tomato juice, and a few packages of beans frozen. This new recipe for bread turned out nicely and another double batch will be made tomorrow in attempt to use up more green tomatoes. I had to make a trip to the grocery store this afternoon to buy more ingredients so I'll start baking first thing in the morning. Wed we have to drive up to North Bay in the afternoon to meet with Harry's brother and wife for supper. They are coming down from Kirkland Lake so she is to have surgery the following morning (carpal tunnel) and they will be staying at a hotel overnight. I believe we will take them to the Chinese Buffet - Deanna likes Chinese food so it can be a treat for her. I'll take one of the loaves to give her to take home as well. I don't like having to drive at night and it will be dark by time we head home. I still don't feel comfortable driving this new car yet - haven't done it enough I guess. Harry usually does most of the driving nowadays. We are making a hooked rug for Mike's Cat. The little rug he has is approx. 3'X2' and Cat has taken it over and loves to spread out on the floor on top of the rug. But it has been washed and consequently falling apart a bit. We have another almost made and yesterday I bought some fabric to use for a backing. Mike has asked if we can fix the old one and also put a backing on it. It is frayed badly along the edge but I'll give it a try. But we have to take this new one first so Cat doesn't go without. Mike loves his Cat and getting it was the best thing for him. His lady, Erin, has now brought her cat from her Mothers place so the two cats are now getting used to each other. Mike is not as fond of Gypsy as he is of his Cat  By the way, this is what he calls it - Cat!!  It has been colder at nights and I am tempted to get out the feather ticks (duvets) to start using them - it's like turning on the heat for the first time in the Fall - you hate to do it but eventually it has to be done! Another week approaches and hope you both will take care of yourselves. I'll be doing lots with garden cleanup and of course, getting rid of green tomatoes. So long......

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Time Warps

Do you ever wish that you had a time warp to crawl into.  I came upstairs thinking it was time for a bath and to crawl into bed.... 7:30.  sometimes I wish that  I had a place that I could sleep for 24 hours but no time would pass for anyone else so I could do my work when I woke up.  Okay... so I admit it.... I am weird..... but I still wish for a time warp..  Beth.... I think I have broken most of my toes, but not the big one.  The last one was a couple of weeks ago.  It was swollen for about 4 days and then went down.  Now all I have is a black toenail.   I really resent all the fall work with preparing food, but come January I really appreciate the veggies in the freezer or on the shelves.  We were at Twilight Colony last night.  They gave me some of the apple juice they had made... sooooo good,  It isn;t really funny, but the Preacher there ( the voice of GOD on earth... yeah right)   Jim took a friend down to get some cabbage so of course they had to ask Kenny (God's voice) to get it because  the girls, even though they do all the work.,  couldn't possibly know how to get some cabbage... so he went into the cooler to get the cabbage and I don't know how it happened,... but there were a whole lot of pails of apple juice in there cooling and he stepped into one.  ( How do you step into a pail???)  anyway,  after much discussion with God ( in German) Kenny went to the hospital and the girls got the cabbage,.  I should feel really bad since I know how much a burn like that hurts, but,, oh well!  Today I puttered. I have been given some more tomatoes.... Just enough to eat.  For breakfast I had a toasted tomato, cucumber and bacon sandwich,,,, Yummy!  So now I will have a bath a get ready for bed ( at 8pm)  Oh well.... I guess if your body needs sleep it can't tell time.


wasn't really a good day.  We were up early so that David and Amber could go down to the lake to pick up her bed and the boat, that Darren has claimed.  I think I mentioned that I fell yet again a couple of weeks ago.  Well, the sore knees are getting worse instead of better, and yesterday I was barely able to walk.  I kept thinking of how I would need to be on my feet to teach, and finally decided that I needed to have them looked at.  Once David was home and the truck unloaded I asked him to take me into Urgent Care.  Got there about 4:16 with two Harlequins in my purse and a bottle of water, not realizing that I had no money, having bought a lottery ticket earlier.  I was finally seen at 2:00 this morning.  Nothing broken, but both my Patella are crap.  Yes, garbage, used up battered, and more of a nuisance than a help, so say nothing of slightly shifted out of normal position.  So I left with a prescription for high dosage Aleve, and a referral to the Orthopedic Ambulatory Care Clinic at Misericordia.---as well as instructions to stay off my feet as much as possible for a few days.

Today, David is doing the running around, while I sit at home with clearly stated instructions not to attempt the stairs, unless he is there to supervise/help me.  He has now finished replacing the waterbed frame with a bed frame and box spring.  Now he is off again, but, at least, I can have nap while he's gone.

David's niece, Lyala, had given me a tub of beads.  I hadn't had a chance to take a look at them until yesterday/today.  What a gift!!  More beads than I could use in a lifetime. It means another trip to Lee Valley to buy "screw-top jars" to put them in, however.  I am especially happy to find that most of them are what I call utility beds.  i.e. not seed beads, and mostly unique in appearance..  This type of bead is absolutely critical tot he work I do, and getting harder and harder to find, with the best source being flea markets and garage sales.  So now I have lots to do while I stay off my feet.  I am particularly grateful for a string of black beads that have been decorated with silver wire.  Gorgeous!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Oh, Beth.....

I don't envy you your lifestyle.  Of course,it's broken.  I've done it often enough to recognize the signs.

My teaching the quilting course  from Neepawa in Selkirk this month. The class has been confirmed with full registration.  It has been expanded to two full days so that I could include feathers.  I haven't yet heard about the class in Pinawa, I had a call today confirming my billet for the two nights I will spend there. I will be staying at my friend Vivian's house ( you've been there, Beth).  Note I say staying at her house, not with her, as she will be in Ontario at a family wedding somewhere near Ottawa!?!  But she tells me that the owner of the quilt store will be feeding me, considering how few eating places there are there (the golf club--sometimes).  Looks like I'll be having another adventure.

I hope I mentioned that the sale is now final.  The other party got their financing. Gail is now on a "tear" getting everything out of the buildings, so the conflict continues. David and Amber are going down tomorrow to bring home the bed and boat.  Wednesday, as there was no school, Darren was taking the two little girls hunting with him.  Jess has been before, but it was the first time for Samantha. They were at our house at 10:00pm and planning to get up about 4:30.  I haven't heard how that turned out. (smirk and giggle)

So  I am trying to get some work done in the studio.  I've just finished revising the hand outs for both my classes.  I have  a couple of sketches to do, and then it's all done.  For that I am grateful.  I'll take another look at them before having them printed, but the hard work is done.  It sure would be nice to actually get down to doing some work with the sewing machine.

I need a new post title I guess.....

Can't title it green tomatoes again can I? But here I am still with a front room full of green tomatoes. The lower night temps has prompted Harry to pick all the tomatoes and start to clean up - no way we could cover everything - so consequently, here I am with even more of the green little thingies just waiting for me to do something with them. I love green fried tomatoes to eat - had some more for breakfast this morning, but that only uses up maybe two at the most. I looked in some of the recipe books I have and found another recipe for marmalade so today I shall try that but need some lemons which I don't have on hand. Now why don't we have a lemon tree on our property I wonder? haha
Yesterday I injured myself and so I am now suffering. I went downstairs to search for a particular item and stepped on a box climbing over stuff and it gave way and my foot was bent. Actually turned out to be the middle toe on my left foot. Within two hours it was swollen and turned blue black. I expect I broke it but no way to tell. I covered it with a cold compress and proceeded with my chores. No such thing as sitting down and resting! Scooby has missed out on her walks but I cannot weight bear without pain and so walking for now is out of the question. So, I just sat down for an hour and cut little individual packages of sugar ( 1000 to a carton) into a plastic container for use. Last year Harry went to an auction at a restaurant closing and I have boxes of individual "everythings" here at home - peanut butter, jams, salad dressings, sugar, syrup, plum sauce, serviettes, Styrofoam take out containers etc etc. Shame not to be using them.
Wondering how you folks are doing? Take care

Monday, September 2, 2013

Green Tomatoes

The front room is full of green tomatoes as well as millions of apples. Today we do apple juice. Yesterday I froze beans, and then looked for creative ways to use up green tomatoes. I made a green tomato cake - nice and moist and spicy and actually quite delicious. Then I made a tomato bread casserole for supper to go along with salmon loaf.  Harry brought in a full bag of rhubarb as well from the garden. I think he will incorporate into the juice. This is the time of year that it gets really busy. Soon I shall have to make space in the back sun room for all the inside plants We always put them out for summer and they flourish, but the night time temps are starting to dip so in they must come. Trouble is that their space has been consumed already with stuff, so I'll have to do some juggling haha Already Sept 2 and the thoughts of the fast approaching fall and winter are playing on my mind. I made a fire again yesterday morning in the little stove and sat with my coffee enjoying it best I could. Thank goodness Scooby likes to sit with my and enjoy it too!
Well, I'll finish my first coffee for the day and enjoy a bit if quiet before the day begins. I brought up all the jars yesterday and have them washed and ready for production. It is quite a process once you get started but in the end we have lots of juice to show for the work. Take care

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rain con't

By the time the storm hit us, it was barely enough rain to wet the street.  Lot of wind though.  Afterwards the humidity was still quite high, but during the evening the wind cooled things off quite nicely and we were able to sleep last night.

Our trip to the lake was an exhausting one. Each decision turned out to be a source of conflict, and that was a huge source of emotional fatigue. There was the work to be done, including replacing one of the exterior panels on our building.  David hadn't been planning to do that, so hadn't worn his really grubby clothes.  At least it was on the rear of the building, so partly in shade.  In any case, his shirt was so wet that he drove home without it.  This meant that I had to go into A&W for supper on my own.  It was an absolute zoo (Friday of the long weekend at supper time!?)  We got our food and headed down the highway, and then realized that I had been grossly overcharged for the meal.  Not a good ending for the day.

Tomorrow my Ravenesque ladies come over for the day.  This means that the yard work that has been neglected this year has to all be done today, as well as tidying the studio, kitchen and bathroom.  I have become so sensitive to the sun that we haven't spent any time outside this year, so we hadn't even brought down the umbrella from the attic of the garage. David spent this morning out cleaning out the entire garage, and then cleaning up all of the tables and chairs etc with the power washer.  There were piles of leaves and sunflower seed shells all over the floor .  David says that there is no way for the squirrels to get in the garage, so I have to wonder where the junk is coming from.

We took a short break and went to Home Depot to buy me a piece of Plexi-glass, and then ended up at Wal-Mart looking for school supplies that I need, and buying David some new clothes.  So it's now 2:00 and I have barely put a dent in my "To Do" list, even if the re-cycling bin is almost full.  Time to get back to it.