Monday, October 31, 2016

Google Hallowe'en

I was terrible.  I couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do!

Still fussing with hexies here, but it should be finished soon (today?)

Had lunch with my ATC group yesterday, and picked up several very nice card.  One in particular had a drawing of a tiny fox on it.  Very apropos, as the theme was the colour orange.  I was good and ate only a small tossed salad with a skewer of Souvlaki chicken.  But very expensive. 

We also went out an bought me a new short winter coat.  I just couldn't bring myself to wear the very old, very large, lime green with blue paint on it, parka that I've used for the past 10 years.  We found a very nice, much more lady-like, two piece parka in a very subtle deep burgundy and fuchsia stripe ( vertical stripe).  The timing was because I had a time-limited coupon that was worth $50.00, so the price was certainly right.  I also had a second coupon worth $30.00, and found the black pants I've been looking for for 5 months.  A very successful day. The coupons were sent to me after I bought all the clothing in June.  Lately a couple of friends suggested that I check out Giant Tiger for clothing.  I was surprised at what they had in my size, and for good prices, but no outer wear, so I'm certainly going to be looking there for less formal clothing.

Today we have a couple of errands to run, and then plan to head for the mall right after supper to buy birthday gifts for Amber's girls.  Both Amber's and Loren's children have found that they like to do things together, once in awhile, so a bowling party has been planned for Nov 19th.  It's sort of nice to hear about this happening.  I've known that Amber's girls have wanted to have cousins, as most of their friends have lots of cousins and are often involved in family gatherings.  Evidently everyone enjoyed the time they spent having photos taken for the 50th wedding anniversary, and this has grown out of that.  The cousins on the other side of Loren's children are much older, so this works both ways, even if there is still an age difference.  Jessica has also taken up dance this year and is loving it.  I remember the push to have her do that years ago, and how she absolutely refused--at the time.  "Nuff said about that.

Okay, back to the salt mines.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Google Hallowe'en

You folks should be really good at the Google Hallowe'en Ghost Kill.....since you do so many Candy Crush type things that is.... I was terrible but it was a fun activity so early in the day.
Well, the move was successful and we left Mike and Erin with her mom Sheila and boyfriend Chris facing all the boxes and mess in the new home.  The move itself was flawless and by 1230 pm the truck was unloaded and leaving the house.  They could not get the chesterfield, nor Mike's huge storage cabinet into the house as would not navigate down the stairs,so the cabinet sits in the shed out back,and the chesterfield on the ground covered with a tarp.
We stopped at the old apt on way back and picked up a few things left (the propane canister was left on the ground from where the BBQ was moved) , and took garbage, and then locked the door with the keys left inside.  On to a new life for the kids!!
Today  I have what looks like a ton of washing to do.  And since the snow has now melted, maybe get outside and at least fix things up for Hallowe'en tomorrow night, and maybe do more yard cleanup.  Or maybe not....haha!  Right now I am hving a boiled egg and toast for breakfast.    How are you both?   Take care

Friday, October 28, 2016

Ready for the big move....

As much as is possible, I think I am prepared, and we are ready to take off early in the morning. I just had a really nice bath - soothing and relaxing, and drinking my favourite bath time drink - a Chai Latte.  A bit of reading, and then last minute "close up" stuff (dog outside, birds feed and covered etc) and then sleep.
Wishing you a happy weekend - any special plans? I'll write again after all is said and done with the move (boo hoo!)  
By the way, the snow is starting to melt away gradually so I think it may be green again soon and maybe I can do more yard work.  I still haven't covered the roof of the big greenhouse - this MUST be done before winter.  When Mike dropped by on Monday, he helped me open up the new ladder I bought. I still hadn't managed to get it open although I had read the instructions and fiddled around with it a bit.  I find it a bit heavy really, but hoping I shall be able to manage it. Take care 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Yes,it is an interesting week so far....

I expect we'll make it through OK and in the end all shall be well.  But a few glitches for Mike and Erin related to the finalization of paperwork this week has caused some excitement (? stress). I haven't heard from Mike today but he had to drive to Sudbury this afternoon to sign the final papers at the Lawyers.  I was up to North Bay Wednesday, to help him out as the appt in Sudbury was scheduled for yesterday until this 11th hour issue arose. The store buying his appliances was to come to pick them up so I was going to be there for that. Then his appt was cancelled and he could stay for the pick up, but we barely got the fridge emptied into coolers before they were picked up. Another little glitch occurred on Monday resulting in Mike having to drive down Highway #11 to Orillia at the last minute. But he did stop in on his way back so a little "down time" visit was enjoyed.
We have snow falling all day, and the ground is covered white.  It is my desire to see it melt soon.  So much to do outside. It often does snow before Hallowe'en so hoping this is not an anomaly. 
Short note for now, but hoping all is well with Keri,.... and Cathy, do you have an update?
Wish I were there with you Pati to see all your work.  The picture showed it very well, though.   Take care.

Wha's up?

A very quiet blog.  I know Beth is busy helping Erin and Mike move this weekend.  Having done this a few times, I know what a busy time it is, but, at the same time, there is something about a group of people pulling together on a demanding job that can lead to that feeling of comradery that turns it into a bunch of "feel good" moments.  I hope you experience this Beth, to balance out all of the sore muscles.

I have spent the last few days doing a whole bunch of hand stitching.  A big, big bunch, and not finished yet.  I had forgotten what a "pinta" the hand finishing of the small purses can be.  So, I've put them aside in favour of another hexie project bag.  I would have to make 7 small purses to bring in the same amount as a project bag, and I managed to finish two small purses in 6 hours, yesterday.  Then I basted more than 75 hexies--enough for a large bag--in 3 hours.  It won't take much more than that many hours to put it together, and a lot less frustration and sore hands.  We've been out to pay the bills this morning, and a small errand to run this afternoon, then I can sit down and stitch some more.

Makes it sound as though I spent yesterday sitting and stitching--well, I did.  We stumbled upon a "Smokey and the Bandit" marathon in the morning, and ended up, more or less, watching all three movies. Gosh, I loved that first movie.  I think it was a classic, which is probably why they made the other two, which, IMHO, were garbage.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

What a disappointment!

But she's okay, and that's a relief.  There isn't much you can do as a parent, but be there for her and make sure she knows that we're all thinking about her.  Have you considered a "go fund me" appeal?

Thinking of Keri and you

Logging on early and reading your note Cathy.  Thankful that Keri is ok physically, in spite of her car being damaged.  But it is a shock no matter what - and with special plans in mind for travelling and performing, and now cancelled, it is particularly upsetting.
Yes, as parents we wish we could do more, but as things what they are, we can always offer our support and encouragement. Which is mostly heartfelt, sincere and accepting from our loved ones.  Take care Cathy, and sending my thoughts to Keri.  XXX

Monday, October 24, 2016

The ups and downs of life

Rrain was in a car accident today.  She is okay.  Her car isn't.  I think I am more upset than she is.  I feel so bad because she has been saving for the trip to New York and to perform at Lincoln Centre.  She  has put her deposit down and everything and now, because of this accident , she can't go.  She will lose her deposit and everything, but she will have to pay the deductable on her car.  All because of a sneese.  I wish I could help her out, but I can't.  And I know how excited she was to travel to New York and sing.  I guess you are a mother all of your life and you have to suffer their disappointments.  She is alive and she is okay.  That is what matters.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Lovely day was had...

The Luncheon with the ladies was most enjoyable - lots of talk and laughs and remembering. Harry had dropped me off at the restaurant and he went about visiting the usual stores in Huntsville while I was in the restaurant. When we were done, he picked me up and we then had to go shopping for Mike. 
Harry had been speaking with Erin and Mike and finalizing plans for the end of the week move.We bought Hallowe'en candy and right now harry is making up bags so that at their new home they will be ready for little ghosts and goblins.  Also, we shall be going early Saturday and heading for Markstay with some of the fragile items eg Mike's stuffed deer head haha!  And we shall buy Subs for about 8 to have at the new home.  Erin's mother and her boyfriend will be staying at the new home Friday night (they are bringing a bed with them from Toronto for the new home so will apparently have someplace to sleep in the otherwise empty house ) Then the truck and everyone else will arrive sometime Saturday. Should make for an exciting, busy time!
I mentioned a book that I bought. It is called Joy On Demand (The Art of Discovering the Happiness Within) by Chade-Meng Tan.  Probably not a book everyone would run to buy and read but as I have been trying to live a positive life, and heard an interview on CBC with the author, I was encouraged to at least read it.  I don't take everything written as gospel, but with each such book, I draw from it what I feel relevant and useful for my purposes.  It mentions what are called "joy practices" and although I am not really into meditation per say, these singular quick and easy practices will be useful on a day to day basis to reinforce what I want as a happy positive approach to life.  So, here's hoping I shall benefit from some of the suggestions!
Well, too cold right now to attack the pile of leaves outside, so I shall do some inside work.  It actually snowed a little yesterday as we left to drive to Huntsville. Nothing serious but it was the first snow for this Fall.
I just enjoyed a homemade Apple Pancake for breakfast.  It was as delicious as I imagined having thought about it for a day or two haha!  Take care!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

I do believe----

That today was Beth's wedding anniversary.  I wasn't there but I'm pretty sure it happened on this date.  Happy Anniversary Beth!  I know you had your reunion luncheon today, but I hope you and Harry were able to celebrate in some way.

My day was spent in the studio, re-purposing quilted hangings into purses for the sale Nov 12th.  I now have far more than I will ever sell at that location, but the work is now in a form that has a much better potential to sell that the hangings themselves--even if it's at a garage sale after I'm gone.  I'll also have enough stock that, if an opportunity presents itself I'll be able to enter other sales--not that I'm going to pursue them.

The plumbing in our kitchen backed up today, and David spent over an hour sorting it out. I fear that it's my tea leaves and "green" that are causing the problem.  I'll have to be more careful washing and chopping the "greens", and I think I'm going to start using the little bags for the loose leaf tea.  While they're not cheap, they would be cheaper than hiring a plumber, especially when we know that there is no good solution to the problem of our pipes having sufficient grade to easily dispose of "stuff".

But now it's time to "veg out" for a bit before heading to bed.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Talking, you say?

What an exciting time for Grandmother!  Enjoy every minute of it, Cathy.  It doesn't last forever.

my sympathy to Harry

I have been suffering with gout since Sunday morning,  Jim asked me yesterday on a scale of 1 to 10 where was I.  I said 8 but since Tuesday was 135 out of 10,  8 was pretty good.  I really understand why Harry would want to stay in bed.  I think i would rather be in labour than have gout.  At least when you are in labour something good comes of the pain.  It is easing finally but my gout also moved through my foot.  I have tried to figure out what causes it, but the medical opinion is that people with lupus are prone to various arthritic conditions.  okay, but why do I have to have all the different conditions...... vitalago, joint pain, gout, liver disfunction, kidney disfunction,  pain.... give a me a break! okay. enough venting....... the weather has been nice.  Tomorrow we are going to the wedding of one of Jim's friends (and mine now)  Jim actually delivered her daughter.  We consider Kellie (her daughter)  our God daughter so this is a special wedding.  Sunday is the AGM of a provincial board I am on. I am in charge of the elections but I do not have a slate of officers/directors to present to the membership.  I have to consider the need of our organisation if we cannot get enough board members from the entire province!  And, of course, I need to do laundry before Monday/  I think Rrain and I are going to Killarney on Wednesday.  Rrain was to arrange it but she is at a conferance in Morden/Winkler right now so I can't ask her.  Chloe is talking!  Last time I saw her NO was in her vocabulary but i guess now she is actually communicating.  I don't want to miss that.  I will keep you posted on what she tells me :)

It is really cold and miserable but...

......I made good use of a day inside - no outside work!  I did venture out early to get my hair cut as I had mentioned.  Now for Luncheon tomorrow all I have to do is use the curling iron.   Back home, I pulled out some sewing on the hexi cover I have been doing, and then switched to finish another Stone Barrington novel.  Now I am going to do some logging in for the radio stations, and maybe look at The Quilt Show as I think I am a show behind?  Harry is in bed with gout. Seems to be moving back and forth between his feet but nevertheless, is painful. 
Sounds as if you are really plowing through your treasures Pati - hope you are keeping a level head when deciding to repurpose or otherwise dispose of some of your past works? Although, it would be very interesting to see a work of art transformed into another work of art.  Repurposing sounds like a perfect way to do that.
We were out to the Log House yesterday and bought more apples - this time Mutsu which are green, juicy and sweeter. Now I have in my mind to make an original Pancake House Apple Pancake.  You sent me this recipe years ago, and I pull it out every once in awhile as a real indulgent treat. I think that will be my breakfast for Sunday morning. 
I was speaking with Mike yesterday - one week until they move. he says he is sick of the upheaval and anxious to get it over and settle into his new house. I don't blame him.  I think I am still on for cleaning the old apt and apparently being present there for a local appliance store to pick up his used large appliances. The new house comes with fridge/stove/ washer and dryer so they want to sell their current ones.  The moving truck comes early Saturday morning and they should be into their home by Saturday night.   Harry and I may drive there for a peak on Sunday if Mike and Erin are up to it.  
Well, folks time to move on.  Have a nice weekend and I hope your weather is nicer. I spoke with friend Monik in Medicine Hat today and she says it is warm and sunny there so I expect you will be the same, or get it shortly?  Take care

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Still trying to control the stash

This morning we went through the trunks and chest in the basement, to see if there were any more small quilted pieces that could be re-purposed or disposed of.  We found a few, and reduced the stash to two rolled parcels.  I expressed that we had done a thorough job, and the decision was made to stop the culling process.  The few pieces we selected for re-purposing were washed, and David removed the beads on any that had them.  We estimated how any zippers we would need, and drove over to Pembina to buy same.  A nice break, as we stopped for my coffee on the way home.  Now I have enough work to keep me busy and off the streets for a few weeks.

Last time I posted that we had bought some dainties for the ladies who were to visit yesterday.  They declined any refreshments,  chose their treasures, and we had a nice chat about the state of health care since we had all retired, and before, for that matter. This left the problem of the dainties.  Well, I found out that, once I start, I'm not able to stop.  My body appears to have a physiological need for carbs.  Makes sense after 70+ years of eating them.  We have made the decision not to have any in the house, at any time.  This was after David baked sourdough multi-grain bread yesterday, and a batch of shortbread as well. The supplies we had bought for the traditional second batch of shortbread are now sealed up and put away, either in the back of the pantry or the freezer.  I'm not sure how this will go over with the family for Christmas, but I can't allow myself to care.  I know Loren is on a diet again, but I think others may complain. ( He watches it pretty carefully.  The influence of a good woman??)

So, supper is under control, and it's back to work.  Wish me luck, and a Divine influx of energy.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Full Moon take 2

It was so large and bright we could see things outside in our yard.  Beautiful!

Full Moon

I noticed the full moon this weekend, and then saw it mentioned on another blog.  Did either of you see it?  The "harvest" moon is so beautiful this time of year.

Deju Vu all over again

Yesterday was the day for my Tuesday Stitchers.  This group has been meeting for 30 years, and while we have been decimated by attrition, we have welcomed three  more members.  The whole process of getting to know these new ladies is made much easier as they are all previously known by one or more of the older members.  And, of course, we are all stitchers, and have all known my old friend, Carolyn, in her role as an internationally known designer, and respected stitchery instructor.

During the meeting I was doing the hand finishing of one of my small purses, and explained that I had--gasp!!--signed up for a craft show.  Two of them then wanted to take a closer look at the purse, and when I told them the price, asked if I had more.  As a result they are coming over this afternoon to look at the rest of my stock.  Didn't something like this happen when I showed the purses to my art quilting group?  That time, since I was committed to a show, so many were sold, that I had to start all over again with a whole new batch-- a time consuming job, but necessary if I was to meet my commitment. Since I only have the little purses to take to the craft show, and not that many of them--oops!

This morning David started another batch of bread.  Always a treat, and the house will smell so nicely when company comes.  Now I'm thinking that maybe I need to head out to the bakery to buy six, only, tea cookies.  Just had a reminder last night that there is a meeting of the fibre art group this evening, w-a-a-y out in Charleswood.  I guess I'll have another opportunity to practise my night driving.  I can't even imagine making horseradish.

The week goes on...

Already Wednesday and where has the week gone?  Actually busy here although can't see much progress! On Sunday I was pulling down the grape vines entwined in the trees above (the neighbours) and poked my left eye with a twig.  This has caused me great discomfort over last few days ( pain!) it is getting better but blurred vision and I need to give it drops for lubrication. Yesterday we went to Huntsville.  I bought a very exciting book at Coles ( yes, against my usual pattern I bought a real book at real prices haha)  I'll tell you about it on next message. On Monday just after Supper I took the dog into the yard and there came along the neighbour from across the street - she was coming to our door. Harry had left some music CDs at her house one day a few weeks ago and she was finally coming to thank us.  So I spoke with her in the yard while our two dogs played with each other.  She invited me to come with them to a Buddist gathering in Huntsville Thursday night. I knew they were Buddist from previous conversations with her. Although it would be interesting, I declined (for many reason). She said she would ask me again another time though. Today I must take the car first thing into the garage - we are having messages about low tire pressure and although I have had air put in now the computer in the car is flashing warnings? Might be a glitch, or maybe we have a nail or something in a tire? With Harry travelling to dump frequently and out looking for rocks, it could be possible. Then I have a haircut appointment for Friday morning.  I need to look good for the Luncheon on Saturday with the ladies!  And yesterday Harry bought hoseradish from a man down the highway and we proceeded to clean and bottle last night. He still has more to do today and wants to call the man to buy more. I don't eat it.
Well, hope you have a good day and rest of week. What's going on in our lives these days?  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Haiku you say?

After you mentioning it, I tried a few.  Not much luck at this end.  I spent most of the weekend, sorting and playing with some of the stuff I have stored in the basement.  I found a couple of teaching samples and experimental pieces that I thought I could turn into the little purses I make.  This lead to the need for more zippers, so we were out, both Saturday and Sunday.  I had forgotten what a zoo the corner of Regent and Lagimodiere can be on weekends, although it's getting that way any day of the week. An added bonus to a trip like this is that I can stop at Starbucks for coffee.  I can see those trips becoming few and far between with colder weather.  Both days I tried to sit outside and read over the coffee and both days got driven back into the house by the wind and cold.  We also picked up a mounted canvas that I need for a project.  Those things are much more expensive than last time I bought them.

The snowblower has been picked up for servicing.  David had arranged this awhile ago.  It hasn't worked since we got back from Cuba in February.  There would have been no way we could have got it to the shop with out the pick up, so money well spent.  He is also planning on having the snow tires put on in the next week.  Sort of a sad time of year.  I wonder how that emotion could be worked into a haiku.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Good Saturday morning

Up early again...had to check for my $16 million Lotto Max winning numbers - but somehow, my numbers did not quite match the drawn numbers did that happen? So I shall try again tonight with Ontario 49 ( I do not buy Lotto 649) The Ontario 49 prize maximum is $2 Million but I would gladly accept that haha!
I was going to start writing out my To Do list for today and tomorrow but as I thought about it, it was deflating my good mood - so I have decided to just "wing it". Heaven knows there is enough to keep me busy and if that doesn't work, all I have to do is look out the window and see all the leaves piling up! 
We got all our Hallowe'en candy bags made up after shopping for candy yesterday in North bay.  Now I must find all the outdoor decorations - I can see the boxes downstairs but they seem to be at the bottom of the pile - so I will have to go digging this weekend. maybe I'll find some more treasures??
I bought a new little book at Value Village yesterday about  Haiku. I read a bit before bed and then found myself laying in bed trying to compose some poetry in my mind following the structure outlined in the book.   This is going to be great fun and I think relaxation for me - hopefully I can keep it up on a regular basis. I have a few empty journal books and will use them ( once I find them haha!)
Today will be the last day to log in our Food Diary and glad of that, I am!  I need  a haircut before my Luncheon next Saturday with the Ladies - so maybe the $25.00 gift card I'll receive from Nielsens for doing the Diary will be used for that ( the card won't arrive for a few weeks but I but i can earmark the funds for the haircut,
Well, time for another coffee and then on with the day.  I hear action from the bedroom so I guess all bodies in this house are now up!   Take care.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Stressful couple of days

although I'm sure my stresses are less than those others endure. I'm still upset about having to back out of the sketching group. It turned out to be much more organized and demanding than I had anticipated, and I simply told them that, and left.  I have quite a few sketch books around here, from previous attempts to develop skill in this area, so feel somewhat of a failure.  But I did a couple of sketches, just to try to get back in the habit of a sketch a day, and they weren't too bad.  Now I just have to keep at it.

David is concerned about the amount of finished stuff I have on hand.  He certainly has a point, but I'm not sure how ready I am to deal with it.  With all that has gone on in my life over the past couple of years, I've done much less in the way of exhibiting things, enough so that I notice the loss in income.  I've usually managed to pay for a lot of my supplies ( although there has never been any expectation of profit). Not now. After the last few years of non-productivity, because of health issues, I'm ready to create again. This excites me, but the accompanying need to disperse my art is a real stumbling block.

Yesterday we spent time trying to buy light bulbs.  This change is worse than the change from Imperial to Metric.  Not only do we have to replace most of the light bulbs, we have to replace the dimmer switches we have all over the house. We had four tri-lights that needed bulbs, but the only thing that will replace them is one single bulb, with one single amount of light, that is the equivalent of 60 watts. This is just not enough for either of us to see well enough to read.  As well, the light has a very obvious yellow tinge--totally useless for anyone who works with colour.  Thank Goodness for my Ott lights.  I don't know what I'll do when those go.  Since we were shopping at Rona--a very big store--I used a scooter they have on hand.  Why do staff in stores (usually male staff) think that if you have a handicap, you must by mentally impaired?

Add in the recent FAN Retreat, and the end result of all of this is that I'm stressed--to the extent that my hair is falling out--another stress.  During the night I realized that, as usual when I'm stressed, I seem to be coming down with something.  Took a pill last night and spent almost 12 hours in bed, mainly sleeping, and woke up with a sore throat, and aching all over.  So I plan a quiet day, in hopes I can stave it off.

Yes Cathy,  I vent too.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Forecast for zero degrees and chance of flurries tonight.  Makes me want to jump into bed and cover up my head....haha! 
I made a rather delicious casserole tonight ( if I say so myself) for supper, and Cathy it is yet another recipe from the KISS COOKING cookbook I bought in Neepawa. I have made a few recipes from this book and all have been good, and as the book says  - simple.
Otherwise not much new. Too cold to do outside work, although I did walk to Library and lottery Store.  These two locations seem to be the extent of my social outings! But, I try to get out every day, and also to do it by walking, so it must be good for me and my well being?  Just finished logging in our meals for today - five days down, and only two to go.... yeah! It really is a pinta!
Time for bed and reading - I'm back to a Stone Barrington book again after having switched to a Steve Berry novel with his Cotton Malone character. So I can hardly wait to see what Stone is up to in this novel.  I'll bet it starts with  Elaine's late....  Take care

Passing the request along

I passed your blog about the owls to Loren.  He usually responds, but it sometimes takes awhile.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Picture of Joy, Spirit and Faith

Forgot to follow up with the little owls request.   At the Ladies Luncheon, Sheila took pictures of the three of us, and our little darlings!!  Pati, at home on your computer we looked at them together (Sheila had sent them ).... perhaps that was before your computer problems and maybe you don't have them stored anymore?  But if so, and you can find them, would you please email them to me?  I would love to see the three of us together in a picture, and of course, enjoy the fun again of us all holding our little ones.  It made for a silly time, but it was most wonderful with the laughter and companionship we shared. XX

Monday, October 10, 2016

May I borrow it??

What fun, beats the h... out of raking I'll bet!   Picture shows him hard at work is a toy, you say???   I can see your front garden that you spent last year redoing - it looks lovely. Did all the plants grow OK this year?
Sounds as if you had a very full 5 days but most satisfying. So glad you went and I can read from your other blog that it has given you pause to reflect on future direction? So I'll look forward to more messages from The Mouse Factory as things develop.
I'm doing the Daily Food Diary again for Neilsens - logging in everything we eat and drink fr one week.  I'll do anything for a $$ reward haha!
But now time for bed, and reading.  What would we ever do without our books?   Take care  
ps Cathy - it's a short week... yeah!  Also, what is the play you are rehearsing now and when do you have opening?

David has a new toy!

Home again

not that I was actually away that much.  I'm glad I planned to sleep in my own bed.  The other local lady who slept there said she didn't sleep well.  that would be a horror for me if I had a roommate--and all room were double occupancy.

It was well worth the time.  I was absolutely blown away by the electronic "savvy" of the younger women, and how this lead to a much higher degree of professionalism.  I talked to a couple of them, and they assured me that there would always be a role for an "elder". LOL  Professionalism seemed to be a theme throughout, and this struck a chord with me.  Now I'm faced with how I choose to deal with this.  I always have the option of ignoring it, and carry on in my own way.  The other local lady I spoke of, is someone I've known for quite awhile.  She is older than I am-close to 80, and has always appeared, and acted, much younger, but told me how much she is feeling it this year.  She is a professionally trained artist and has worked in the field all of her adult life.  She has been a resource for me in the past, and this week agreed, privately, to provide a true critique of a piece I plan to enter into a major exhibition. I appreciate her input, and she has convinced me to enter the show.

Otherwise it was as I had expected ( being on the organizing committee).  Other than our personal presentations, we had a workshop on art journaling, and another on Zentangles, which had been planned just as a break from a day full of very intense activities. There were a couple of intense discussion groups, one of which has become a regular of these events since I last attended five years ago. Its title was "Wacky Ideas", and as we progressed I realized that this is the form the group's forward planning takes.  Considering how difficult it is to work with a group of artists on this sort of thing, it worked very, very well.

So, I've spent this morning cleaning the kitchen.  Something had exploded in the microwave--yuck!  The laundry is on.  There was a mini-market at the retreat and I sold some of my med. purses, so went out and bought two more t-shirts yesterday.  So now I can go through my closet, and get rid of a few more.  My weight is up about 3 1/2 pounds, although I don't know how since the place had an excellent and generous salad bar, and I mostly ate off there.  But this morning it was back to phase one.  Last night, for supper, we went out to a very expensive roast turkey with all the trimmings buffet, knowing that there would be no fancy meals in my future until that weight is gone.  The guy across the street was out using a fancy leaf blower and vacuum.  The leaves in the garden areas drive David crazy, so he found out what it was and how reasonable the price was, and spent most of the morning out looking for one for here.  So now he's out learning to use it.

This is long, so I'll wish everyone a good Thanksgiving, and Keri a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday

Special greetings this morning to Keri - celebrating her Birthday.  
Best wishes to you Keri, for a happy day, and an extraordinary year to come.
Glad to hear you enjoyed your Pumpkin Pie - I guess this is an annual treat for you this time of year, and not solely for your Birthday! 
Happy Birthday, happy times together.  XX

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Joy here--

Mama is beat but says she'll try to blog tomorrow.  Knight and I talked about it but we don't remember anyone taking our picture.  Mama sure doesn't have any.  I don't think he went with us anyway. ( boys are dumb)

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.  Cool and windy here today so we had roast chicken instead of bbq but it was delicious  Rrain was here for supper and her `birthday`pumpkin pie.  I had my brussel sprouts and potatoes in my ``new`` serving dishes and the chicken on my platter. All the dishes on the table matched.  It was really nice to see. And tasted pretty good too :)  And best of all I don`t have to go to work tomorrow  Jim is determined to watch the debate tonight.  I guess he wants to see the bloodshed.  He will go back and forth between that and the Blue Jays game. I had a really good sleep last night and I hope to have a good sleep tonight.  Then I should be good for the week.  I am prompting for the play this year and I feel like I am just reading the script out loud.  No one could remember any lines last week.  I actually lost my voice Tuesday.   I know they will get better but it sure is exhausting some days.  It will be worth it in the end.  We have two new actors in this play.  Maybe we will get more new members.  Time to get comfortable and relax.  Love you!

To Joy and Spirit

It has been awhile since we talked.....this is Faith and PePe here. We sort of miss you the way, did you two get the picture of us together at the restaurant last December.   We were hoping to see a copy of that to put with the others we have of you folks.  Any chance of you sending us a copy?  Hope you are all well......

Friday, October 7, 2016

Beautiful days

It has been lovely last few days and hoping that the weekend will be some of the same.  Afterall, it is Friday, and we are approaching the Thanksgiving long weekend.... yeah!! My little kitten Tigger is recovering - slowly I think.  I phoned the Vet yesterday because the kitten had not urinated since going in Tuesday or surgery.  He would not use the special kitty litter that we had to buy at the vets.  The vet said to bring him in today if he still hadn't passed his water.  Sure enough last night he went - not in the special litter box but at that point I didn't care - just relieved that he finally went - I think he was relieved as well haha!  Supposed to keep him quiet for 5 days - today will be day 3 and I don't know how long we can keep this up.
Out to the Log house for more fruit yesterday - the thrill was driving along the gravel road around the lake surrounded on both sides of the road with gorgeous coloured trees - all colours and shapes. and with the sunny day - just brilliant.  I was on my own so I took it all in and enjoyed every second of this wonder!
More work in the yard and good thing it is nice weather - hoping to get caught up with Fall jobs.
Have a good weekend  - what plans do you have Cathy?  I know Pati is enjoying her Retreat. And when she gets home, after all is said and done, we shall hear all about it!   Take care.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016


You sound very exited to be going and I, from a distance, join you by sending good wishes - both for your enjoyment and fellowship, and also for your continued success with food choices.  I also look forward to our messages on the blog after your event is concluded.
Have fun Pati - hope your contribution to the "flea market" will be received well - well enough to buy another nice outfit?? haha
Take care

Monday, October 3, 2016

Life without Poker

Things may not be completely dark and dismal.  David managed to sign into a tournament last night.  Paid 20,000 chips for the privilege, and then took first place in the darn thing, winning 240,000 chips.  Earlier he had signed into one that cost him 100,000, and didn't win.  Over 400 players, and he finished two places below the money.  So he's only looking at one tournament a night, at this point.  Good thing as he only has a little more than 1,000,000 chips.

I, however, have entered into a very productive phase.  I am finishing things in the studio--putter-y things such as ATC's, well in advance of the exchange, and my exhibition quilt three months ahead of the deadline.  I read the information sheet for the upcoming retreat and discovered that there is a bit of  a "flea market", and we're welcome to take finished product to sell.  Remembering how my small fibre art group here jumped on my medium sized purses, I've hauled them out and am in the process of preparing an inventory sheet.  I have a couple of tasks during the retreat and one of them has taken a bit of preparation, but now I have that done.  Two more sleeps!!

My weight is down about a pound, and I can now truthfully say that I have lost 10% of my body weight twice.  I think I said that once before, and then gained a bit back.  But this also means that I'm slightly below the number that has had me spooked.  Of course, now I face 4 1/2 days of eating whatever is put in front of me, at the retreat.  But I will behave, and with the extra activity may be okay.

Some of the clothes I bought in June are now too big, and have left for the thrift store.  At some point I bought a couple of sweaters.  One was a disappointment, but I love the other one, so went back to see if they had it in a different colour.  Sure enough they did, and, as a result of all the new clothes in June, had received a $25.00 off coupon.  So I have the sweater, which will make a very nice outfit with some newer pants, and picked up two T-shirts as well. All for less than $100 before tax.  This all means that I can justify getting rid of the old T-shirts that have been hanging around.  The end result is a couple of new outfits for the retreat, and a better frame of mind for me in going there.  

Bad luck?

Do the bad luck events come in threes?   If so, I shall NOT be using my Duchess China Mug for awhile.  In the last week I have broken not one, but two of my favourite mugs.   The one was used for tea and was a pottery mug - large and green and beautiful. It was a freak accident.  I had just poured a hot tea, and sat on chesterfield and Scooby jumped up onto my lap.  Some how she fell off knocking the mug off the little table in front of me - and hot tea all over my feet and also on her. And the mug shattered. Yesterday, I was carrying a load of wash downstairs, and had put my empty coffee mug  on top of the laundry intending to place it on the counter on my way downstairs. Whatever happened, I forgot the mug and got to the laundry room and dropped the basket on the floor - sure enough ......smash!!1 There was my special 2014 limited edition Tim Horton's mug all over the floor.  You can't buy these one of a kind mugs but once a year before Christmas.  And this one was extra nice. Harry actually went onto EBay and Kijiji to look for any being sold - sure,  if you want to pay $$$$$ for it.  So, now my adventures to the Thrift stores will take on a new incentive! 
Lots of outside work these days.  Also getting ready to take my dear kitten to Vet tomorrow for his surgery. None too early - he has found his manhood and is trying his best to mount our female cat - hopefully with no success ( she is supposed to be fixed) So for last few days and nights they have been sequestered.  Life is not boring haha!
Well, I better get back outside as my absence has been noticed.  I'll tell you next blog about going to an Art Show and a Quilt Show over the weekend - left me full of inspiration and wanting - but that too, will fade with reality and time!   Take care. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016


I used to read the obituaries to see if I recognized any of my former patients.  Then I started to see if there was anyone I went to school with.  Now I'm reading obituaries of people that are the same age or younger than my children.  Having reached "3 score and ten" plus, I understand that I'm living on borrowed time and should treat every day as a gift.  I try, but don't always make it.

Life and Death

Just heard that another of my close friends from school passed away.  He had the same cancer as Don did.  I learned last October that he had been diagnosed and he died on Sept 14. His obituary was in todays Free Press  (Dennis Nault)  Makes me realise how mortal we all are.