Saturday, January 30, 2010

Be - Deep freeze

So, we are now in the deep freeze - always know what to expect by listening to the Manitoba weather - sure enough 2 to 3 days later it will hit us.
I wanted to see last night the full moon and Mars as the moon was close to earth and Mars as well and both could have been seen with naked eye. But when I took the dog out for her last go at it, it was too cold to spend any time staring into space. I saw the moon earlier this morning in the southern sky but could not catch a glimpse of Mars. I keep thinking of your place Cathy and how beautifully dark it is to gaze up into the skies. I remember the night we lay on our backs behind the house - but that wasn't the trip in May where we were snowed in for three days haha
Today is Hockey Day in Canada and since it will be broadcast on CBC from noon on, I guess that is what I will be watching. I try to find something productive to do while I sit there. Last week I knit a scarf - I didn't need another scarf but I had found two balls of soft wool so thought it would put in time to knit it up. I have also being going through paperwork and memorabilia saved religiously over the last few decades which I am now shredding for the compost pile, or just chucking. All of my precious personal Nursing stuff is now going. I also got the reply from the College this week confirming my resignation - it was so "final" seeing it in writing on official letterhead. Oh well...
I am anxious to hear how your kids are doing - is Loren making some progress in his recovery? The other night Harry was grazing on the computer and went into Facebook and started to converse with Kris, Cathy - I didn't contribute as I don't much like all that stuff and try to avoid participation. I shy away from personal interactions on the internet knowing it is all seeing and all knowing from anyone looking. I am always so afraid just to check my bank accounts but need to do this on a regualr basis and have sort of resigned myself to doing it online trusting it is confidential and secure but knowing anything on the computer can be in jeopardy.
So take care all, and hope everyone is managing to get through this cold January weather. Let us know how your teaching sessions go Patty.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Home Truths

yesterday brought home to me how old I'm getting and how out of shape I really am. We got Loren home and then set out to get the equipment he's going to need. We left him about 1:30 and headed for St. Vital Centre for the book store, London Drugs and WalMart. (Silly us thinking that London Drugs might be the place to buy home care equipment!) A lot of fuss and bother in WalMart only to discover that they didn't really have the bath seat we needed, although there was one on the shelf ( bolted down-not for sale). Now, the three stores are on opposite ends of the mall, and we made several trips. I was exhausted and had to sit down in McDonald's and rest--and eat french fries--they were so-o-o good. Then it was off to Kildonan Place, where after quite awhile one was found in the back store room. I came home and went to bed.
Now, I need to figure out what I can do about not having the energy for an afternoon's shopping. I didn't do as much biking I should have this summer, and I haven't been going to aquacizes this winter because of the cost . However, come March I'll be eligible for Senior's rates, although I'll probably also need a bathing suit!
So, this afternoon David may head over to Loren's to be in the house while he has a bath--a good safety measure. Hopefully, I can stay at home as the next couple of days will be busy. I get a temporary bridge tomorrow, and won't have this hole in the front of my face. And the "Housework Fairy" hasn't been able to get here with the bad weather!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Eyes etc

I wonder if you are just my future, Beth. I also have to put drops in my eyes every day because of dryness. I also have a "deformed eye" It must be checked every year to see if it is worse (of course Blue Cross only covers one eye exam a year) Oh Well... there is nothing I can change. I have been very careful walking around town the last couple of days. The "penguin walk". You never know when it will strike. I got really "pissed off" at work today. I take late lunch, and the two people that take early lunch spent the whole late lunch talking. I was waiting on their work to do my job and they did nothing.... not only that, but the plan that I had started and put at the front of Patty's work, she put to the back. Once I call a plan number it is so much easier if it is registered the same day, and she knows that!! I ended up pulling my plan and registering it myself, but I also ended up taking a pile of her work so that I would have something to do. It frustrates me when they know that other people are waiting on them in order to do their work. I guess I have a w0rk ethic that no longer exists. This is my first night without rehearsal so I am at loose ends. I willl perservere. Time for supper

Love ya

Be - Good to hear that Loren is on his way home

I am following your messages, and it gives me a chill to hear of those things that happen when we least expect them ie the less than routine surgery and recovery period for Loren (not to mention the actual fall that necessitated all of the subsequent interventions)
Still thinking about him, and of course, how you and Dave are hanging in there??? When I mentioned "roles" I really thought of my life "in general" as opposed to anything new, but then every days seems to bring its own challenges. When compounded, it all becomes a bit overwhelming.
Today, I saw the Eye Physician & Surgeon as his door plate so announced his title. I was pleasantly surprised - he reminded me of a little elf, but a good little elf. Funny how we get an impression in our minds of what someone may look like, and then are blown totally when we actually see them! Very precise and explicit in his explanations to me but very reassuring in his Dx and Tx. Apparently I am just taking longer to recover - some take only up to a year, and some may take 2 to 3 years. My eyes are in good health, however, I still have "tension" on the retina and the vitreous gel still has liquid flowing through it which is causing my flashing light symptoms. It is possible that my right eye may also tear at some point but I won't think about that now. My major complaint of blurring is a combination of long standing cataracts that are getting worse, and extreme dry eye syndrome. So I must pour the drops in and perhaps it will relieve the constant pain. Lets hope....
We had a heat wave yesterday and today, bringing with it rain and melting - I worry about water coming in which it has done on previous occasions ( we need a new roof) but all seems OK now and the temps have dropped and we are getting snow. I believe we are in for a touch of your snow storms but not as much as I hear reported from your location.
Anyway, no reading for me tonight although my pupils are now beginning to decrease in size from the dilation process - do you ever look weird eh? or on drugs or something? Tomorrow its up to North Bay for violin again - I don't know why I go lately as I never have time to practice.
Take care

"The Game's afoot"

Loren just called to say he's been discharged and is waiting for us. Unfortunately, David has to clear the driveway before we can get the car out. Then we have to get Loren groceries, a bath seat and a shower head--three different stores--and in the middle of a blizzard. However, he's going home. A big relief, although I know that it's just the beginning of our support role.

Waiting game

Loren is still not great, but doing much better. He's still in hospital ( originally had expected to get out last Friday) We were up for a couple of minutes yesterday, but he was feeling nauseous, and generally not wanting to "entertain" us, so it was a short visit. He's off the oxygen, and no more catheter, so I have to guess he's able to walk as far as the bathroom, although there was a w/c near his bed. He's now in a 4-bed ward where they have better technological capacity to monitor respiratory problems. We'll try to get in again today, unless he calls to let us know he's getting out.

Which new role are you assuming, Beth, or did you just mean in your life in general, with retirement? Had missed you here over the last little while, and I wondered what was happening, or if maybe you were just a little under the weather.

The family didn't come for dinner yesterday, and we were a little grateful with the lousy weather we've been having--another 15cm of snow predicted for today. But this meant that I was watching tv in the evening and stumbled on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. This is the third series they've done, and I think they've really hit the bottom of the barrel in terms of the people they're finding--but that didn't stop me from watching. Addictions are terrible things, be they drugs and alcohol --or-- reality tv.

My class on Saturday was "interesting". Only three students showed up- and David had to go and pick oneof those up- because of the weather, and two of them were really off and running pretty fast. The third one had never done anything like this before, and was -hopefully--more like the students I'll have in Regina. The Museum, that sponsored the event, sent the student they've hired, to act as class assistant for the day. I didn't need much assistance with just three students, and she ended up painting too. Day two is next Saturday, and I think we'll be having fun. The Museum has been struggling with their programming for as long as I've been involved. This year they received a grant to fund exploration of other ways of organising workshops etc., and hiring this student is part of the grant. She is young and enthusiastic, and I believe that this work is part of her studies--but don't ask me how that works.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Be - Updates and all....

Sorry that I have not signed in for about a week - not even to read messages. And this morning I ventured in only to read all about your events and sorry again for what is happening. I am thinking of Loren and wish him well with surgery but more important with recovery and rehabilitation at home. I know how you and Dave have quickly assumed a new role Patty - this seems to be my fortune as well. I also know how much the Play played a role in your life Cathy, but maybe a bit of time off will be good for you?
And in all of this I thought I was having a bad week and feeling sorry for myself. Just goes to show you that life is very fickle indeed. I will be following the blog closer now in hopes of hearing updates from you both, and attenpt to add a few of my own thoughts again. Take care

Friday, January 22, 2010


Loren called this morning. His surgery is scheduled for early this afternoon, and he will be non-weight-bearing for 6 weeks. So we get to spend the morning running around to pick up stuff for him from his house, feed the cat and make sure he is using his, new yesterday, enclosed, litter box. Then we have to find pants for him that will go on over a cast. David has spent some time on the phone and it looks like we have to buy something that can be altered. They will let him go home as soon as he is able to manage without the morphine--hopefully tomorrow. I'll let you know how we all make out.

Think about all of the rather extreme sports he has been into! This is his first fracture--and he did it slipping on ice in his backyard!


WOW! I sure hope everything turns out okay for him. Please give him a big hug for me. (Not that that will make him feel any better) He's going to be quite dependent on you for a while. I have a meeting with Brenda this morning and I am going to thank her for calling you. I hope it helped.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Late night

Well, it's now 11:45, and we've just got home from spending a couple of hours in emergency with our son who has broken his leg, and has a nasty puncture wound at the base of his right thumb. He fell going to his garage, and drove his keys into his hand, and has an angled break at mid-shaft of his right fibula. He has now been admitted, as it is looking like the fracture will have to be pinned/plated. Not how we had planned to spend our evening. Not how he had planned to spend it either. The problems for a single person living alone are quite different than for someone with a partner. It looks like we're going to have a couple of busy days getting everything sorted out, including feeding his cat!


I got your message, Beth. I'm glad the bottles made it. I tried to pack them safely. (hope you weren't too disappointed that it wasn't chocolates!) I was at rehearsal tonight. I use the term loosely since we cancelled the play. One of the main characters quit without notice (personal reasons, and we know he was having some troubles, so we can't fault him) Still, I feel really bad for the other actors that have worked so hard to develop their characters ( I was prompter.... I had a script!) We are hoping to do something in the fall, but it is still disappointing... and we need the money... we have spent over 20.000 so far on upgrading the lights and wiring in the theatre and we are out of money. Oh I have two nights a week free that I didn't have before. I was going to skip meat draw again tomorrow, but all the proceeds are being donated to Haitian relief, so I almost feel I should be there. I am off work again tomorrow (Yeah!) but I have a meeting at 9 am. One more Friday off and then I have to work 5 days a week again. I do, however, have 2 weeks in a row off the beginning of March ( be still my heart!)I am still getting lots of tests from the doctor to see if they can figure out why I feel so crappy (next test is an ultrasound on my gall bladder) My doctor is retiring this year. He has found a replacement, and is staying on for 3 months to make sure that his patients have a doctor and aren't left behind. I asked him about the new guy, and he was quite impressed with him, so I hope it is okay. I would rather have someone than noone... I can always hit the hospital emergency if I have to. Every weekend I hope to clean the house, but every weekend something comes up. Maybe this weekend will be different ( or maybe I hope not... do I really want to clean on my weekends??? something to think about) Anyway... I am sure that your lives are much more fullfilling than mine, but at least I am alive to be unfullfilled (did that make sense??) to bed... Love Ya

Baby is fixed

David is on his way to pick her up. We were well under our mileage allotment for the rental, so things should be okay in terms of $$. We still have to pay the deductable and I'll have to pay a premium on my licence--not sure when.

We went shopping yesterday. I had to pick up my printed instruction booklets for the class on Saturday--and I have it done at Office Depot on Pembina.On the way back we stopped at Fabricland where the quilting cotton I like was on sale for 1/2 price ( It often is, but you have to be there on the right day) Then I had to go to Dollarama to buy spritzer bottle for the class. They had very few and the woman told us that they didn't know if or when they might get more, so I bought enough for the big class in May, although I won't really know if the class is "a go" until early March. Do have any idea the sort of funny looks you get when you buy 10 big spritzer bottles? For the fabric and printing I used my tax number, so have to spend today setting up a bookkeeping system to start tracking that sort of thing.

This afternoon I'm going for coffee with my friend Shirley. She and I were trying to figure out how we could get together, when she said outright that she expected me to pick her up and drive her to Starbucks. Now, I never mind giving her a ride when we are going to the same place for a meeting etc, but now I'm starting to worry about her getting too dependant on me. Beth, didn't you go through this with an older lady a couple of years back? How did you deal with it?

Cathy, Brenda gave me a call, and everything appears sorted out. It would appear that the problem might have been interpretation of conflict of interest guidelines. But the person at this end is now in touch with the right people and everything has calmed down--I hope.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Still quiet

Pati here
Just up and enjoying the first cup of coffee--the one high octane one I allow myself during the day. Yes, I know what time it is. I'm coming off the best night's sleep I've had in a very long time, and I'm not sure why. I had begun to think that not sleeping well was just another symptom of old age.

We were a little more active yesterday. Off in the morning to buy Amber a birthday cake at Jeanne's, and then a side trip to buy some fabric adhesive. ( My "baby" is 37 today) Got the stuff home and realized that, while it looked like the same can I always buy, it was different. The new one was "extremely flammable"--like I'm going to use that in a basement with both a gas furnace and water heater!! The usual one is a temporary adhesive, but this one wasn't. So David was off to return it--all the way out to the airport. So now I have to find another source for the stuff--and I use a lot of it.

Then a phone call telling me that the site of the meeting I have this afternoon was down-furnace problems. And we have a guest coming. One for whom I have not been the contact person, although I did have his e-mail address. Our contact person is in Burmuda (pity). I phoned the contact person for our alternative meeting site and was told that the building is up for sale and not available. So I called another person who has control of a potential site. His wife told me that he was actually on his way to the site, and if I gave hime 15 minutes I could reach him there. Not having a phone number-and she couldn't give me one-David and I drove there, only to find out that not only wasn't he there, he wasn't expected, and by this time he had had more than enough time to get there, even if he was headed there. So I decided that there was no way I was getting into whatever was going on between him and his wife, and gave up that idea. Finally, one of the other directors got us a reservation at the Chicken Chef in Lorette. Then we had to let everyone know. I ended up Googling the guest speaker. I had called every number under his name in Winnipeg, and even found a kind gentleman who told me that he knew everyone with that last name in the city and there was no-one that met the description of our expected guest. After Googling White Pages Manitoba, I found one in Petersfield and left a message on the answering machine. That and an e-mail were all that I could do. Finally during supper, he called. The one in Petersfield was the right one.

So back to the first topic. Being busy, and at a higher level of arousal, neurologically speaking, obviously lead to a better sleep. I don't know how I can arrange to have this sort of thing occur more often-- or even if I want that sort of day more often.

From an artistic perspective, I am trying to teach myself to bead, since I seem to have ended up teaching a class in the topic at the end of February. So last evening I tried to bead a button. What a piddly-arse thing that was!! And I'm getting regular e-mails from Dianne, who has discovered that the snow on her roof-top patio is clean enough to experiment with snow dyeing. So she keeps sending me pictures of her fabric--which evidently has her husband scratching his head. (lol)

The car goes in tomorow, but we have coverage for a rental, so we'll still be mobile for the 3-4 days that it'll be away. I can guarantee that I won't try to back the rental out of the garage!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I didn't think I was going to get on for a minute there..... do I have a capital or not?????? It seems that all of us are having "little" problems right now. Sometimes life really does present its own little problems. I have been home sick since noon on Wednesday.. I was "REALLY" sick on Tuesday night, but I felt great on Wednesday morning. By noon on Wednesday I had to go home. I stayed home today ( I wasn't throwing up anymore... I had already thrown up next weeks food anyway..) but my stomache was cramping everytime I moved. Now... I feel okay. Of course, tomorrow is a vacation day for me, but it seems I will be feeling okay for it. There is an East Indian supper here on Saturday. Jim and I were not going because it would have been $70 for the two of us, but it seems that VCC is willing to let board members and their "significant others" attend for $15 each..... that I can afford. I hope to be feeling better by then. I am heading for bed after this ( I know it is early but I really have been feeling crappy) Valdy will be here for 2 days in March. He is our billet, so I said it would be okay for him to stay here for 2 nights. It would really be unreasonable to ask him to move for one night anyway. We certainly don't mind. They need a billet for the next performer now. We are still renovating our kitchen, but I said if they were desperate and didn't mind working around the mess, we were willing to billet. I am really rambling and I am still not feeling great, so I am off to bed.... Love Ya

Tooth is gone

It fought back a bit, but now I just have a hole in the front of my mouth and an appointment in two weeks to have something--not sure what--put in.

I didn't tell you about part of my adventures yesterday. As I was backing out of the garage to head for my meetings, I backed into the corner of the house. It was just a little dent, and we thought that it might be cheaper to fix it ourselves and not risk having a surcharge on my driver's license. So today, David took it for an estimate--$2387. So it's now been reported to Autopac. When I told her what had happened there was a short silence and then just one word--o-o-o-h. She told me that I would need a police report number when I went into Autopac for my inspection tomorrow morning, so off we went to the police station. Now you must understand that through all of this, I'm trying to talk with 80% of my mouth frozen and my tongue trying to learn to talk around this gaping hole. However, I explained to the nice policeman what had happened, and he was able to control his laughing, and explain that since it was on private property, there was no need for a report. The house is a little hurt as well, but that will be fixed privately, as we have amuch higher deductable on the house insurance. So now you know why I was so cranky this morning.

I'm glad you made the decision to buy your car Beth. It's just so isolating to be without one. And I hope you made out alright with Mrs. Pearce. You mentioned how upsetting it is for her to go through this, and I feel for her. But at the same time, I feel for you and Harry and the degree to which you support her decisions. Difficult for everyone.

Quiet times-yes

Pati here.
I don't know why. I'm not really feeling well, but neither am I sick. Bl-a-a-h, is all I can say. time of year and weather maybe. I know that with the changing weather, every muscle and joint in my body aches. Yes, it was a good meeting Monday evening. They didn't leave until around 10:00, which is as late a meeting as we've ever had.

Yesterday was four meetings back to back from 10:30 on. I shouldn't have gone to the the first 3, which were at the Crafts Museum. With my term being up in February, I'm becoming less inhibited in what I say. The 4th meeting was of my Tuesday night stitching group that meets on Wednesday afternoon. One of the ladies, the one I feel closest to, announced that her husband has been diagnosed with acute leukemia. This couple is about our age, and this poor man has already been through serious prostate cancer--to the point that the gov't sent him to the States for treatment. He had been considered "cured" of that, but now this has occured. One of the other ladies, herself a cancer survivor, then told us of ther six year battle with her husband's disease. She said that they knew that he was incurable, and so every treatment he received--sometimes 4-5/ week, was experimental, because he had a very rare form of cancer. Thank Goodness one of the group members was away, as I know she went through uterine cancer last fall, and at that point, I really didn't want to hear another war story. I see a doctor Tuesday to find out the results of the diagnostic mammogram I had in September. I think I told you that I was confident there was no problem, having heard nothing, until third week in December they called and said that it was really important that the doctor see me about it. Apparently no-one had reviewed the results before then. And my dental work is scheduled for this morning. Then it will be at least 10 days before the hole in the front of my face is filled--and I'm teaching next Saturday. Gee--maybe I'm a little depressed, rather than blaming the weather.

In any case, my plans for the weekend are to stay home and sulk--or maybe sew. I don't want to start anything new, until I'm really sure my classes for May are ready to go, but I'm sure I can find some unfinished projects to putter around with. If not, there are still a couple of class samples to finish.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Be - All is quiet on the western front?

Everyone must be really busy or in some sort of reflective mode - I know you had a very successful meeting on Monday night Patty by the email messages I got - thank goodness you still have me on your distribution list so I get a message once in a while - that is, besides Cathy's recent messages with pictures which I loved to get. I even telephoned my friend Sue today just to talk - alas, she was out with friends for luncheon so I never did connect. So I went to some stored memorabilia from work and started to purge - felt good. As you know I resigned from the College of Nurses effective Dec 31 so I guess I am feeling a little lost - but there is no need to keep any of this old stuff hanging around from previous work ie performance appraisals, letters of reference and applications and letters of hire etc. I found my scrapbook from Nursing School which I plan to read through before bed tonight. It is in terrible shape with all the taped clippings all falling out so I must be careful as I flip through the pages. It should be fun to look at again but I don't know what I will eventually do with it - maybe fling it with the rest of the stuff? Tomorrow we go to Mothers and the CCAC Coordinator will visit to do her reassessment - it feels a bit weird because I was her Manager not too long ago - it brings back a lot of memories.
One good thing though is that I have decided to keep my car and buy it when lease runs out Feb 10. By coincidence there is an RRSP maturing Feb 24 and in talking with the bank on Tuesday, I have arranged to cash it out and thus can pay for the car.
By the way Patty what is the latest on your dental work? Have you had the necessary work or is that pending. I go to the Eye Specialist Jan 25 and can hardly wait. In spite of my obvious deterioration I stubbornly keep taking out books from the Library and then have marathon reading sessions before bed that take a tole on my poor eyes - they actually hurt with pain by the time I close off the light. Speaking of which it is time for bed and as I am into another Cussler novel I expect an hour or so of good reading before I can't take it any more. I thank you Cathy for recommending his books - I have depleted the Library's stock now and don't know what to do to try to find more - they can order in but I have to request a particular book. I have just been going to the shelf and grabbing the next book that I haven't taken out yet. But now I have no more from which to choose.
Well, take care........

Monday, January 11, 2010

Be - Out of the deep freeze yet?

It appears from the weather forecast I just watched on TV that milder temps are in store for you folks there in Winnipeg. Hope so, as it would be a shame to have to buy more underwear!
Also, by coincidence there was another news item about the increased number of deer invading Killarney Manitoba, and what they intend to do in order to get rid of them all.
Tomorrow is Tuesday, and that means another trip to North Bay for violin. I must admit that I have not been able to practice as much as I should be and it is starting to take a toll on my confidence and dare I say, "interest". What I need is dedicated time - uninterrupted instead of play a tune or half a tune and then do something else and then try to play a few more notes. It is not working, so I must think of a change of some sort.
Mike has gone on winter exercise this week so I must go to his house tomorrow to feed his degus and also his fish. I expect there may be a few dirty dishes in his sink although he has been quite good in keeping up with his housekeeping - he likes to keep things clean and uncluttered - wonder where he learned that?
Well, after all the exciting adventures of last week from you guys, and all the great pictures and updates about the torch run etc, it seems a little dull right now around here. Maybe we all need some down time - we still go to Mothers Mon and Thursday. On Thursday the Care Coordinator from the CCAC will be visiting Mother to do her annual reassessment. They are really behind as it has been almost 18 months since her last visit. Of course Harry will be there to answer all the questions which must include asking Mother about going into a Long Term Care Home. This always invokes great anger and anxiety for Mother and then we have to settle her down. Another good day ...
Well take care

Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Wonderful

for you Cathy! Great job on the pictures ( I take them directly from the camera too) The memory will always be with you, whether you own a torch or not. A family memory, actually, isn't it? Our Coke bottles are black, and carefuly put away so that Beth can get one when she comes to visit. Didn't you say that getting a bottle of Coke was worth visiting Winnipeg, Beth? I envy you Cathy, just getting out and doing something.

I walked over the the Post Office in the little mall across the street yesterday. I put on an undershirt, a heavy T-shirt, a sweater, trousers, my very heavy, three layer, fake-fur lined parka, a hat, and gloves inside a pair of mitts that Beth's MIL knitted. I did up the parka to the neck and pulled over the snorkel hood. To walk across the street. I've been thinking of going to buy more undershirts, but then thought --- How many days like this do we have in a year? What would be the cost of buying undershirts? Would I be better off just staying home? OMG!! Is this what my life has come to? Conversations with myself about undershirts? Why wasn't I out running in the bitter cold holding a torch? A-a-a-r-g-g-h!

Money money money

Yeah, the torches were quite expensive. I believe they were around $350.00. Kris and Sandi decided to buy his, but some people didn't (Kris said there was a 15 year old girl on the bus and they asked if she wanted her torch, but being alone, without her parents to ask she said no. I don't know if she was asked earlier and then given a final chance or not. Some people have alreadybeen offered money for them. EBAY will be busy) They had 2 vans of runners ahead of the torch, and as you reached a pass off point the next torch bearer was dropped off. The flame was passed, and the torch bearer who had completed their portion got onto one of the 2 vans following the torch. It was very orchestrated down to the minute. There was a man videotaping the entire event. He had been with the torch since they lit it in Greece. He would get off of the van and the door would close. Then it would re-open and they would film the torch bearer getting off. What an event. And now it is off to play crib at the Legion. Have a good day

Be - Wonderful

I sit here with tears in my eyes filled with excitement and happiness. It must have been a most wonderful event for you Cathy - it certainly was for me and I viewed it all from a distance and with great anticipation only from your narrative and then with pictures.
You will be going over this again and again as the weekend passes, so I shall be with you in spirit. Take care - I will hopefully be able to write a few more words as the weekend progresses but for now wanted to tell you how excited I am for you, and for Kris. A chance in a lifetime - by the way, we have been told the torches sold for about 400.00 - any confirmation of that?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Home again

This is Kris being passed the flame. He then starts on his 300 metre run (slow jog)

Sorry about all the exhaust. I don't know how to get it out. You can't see them in the picture, but they have RCMP body guards while they run. (They are in jogging suits, too... but really drab ones)

A job well done! I may have some better pictures later. Sandi is going to compile and share all of them. It was short, but exciting. They couldn't get the flame out on his torch. The person turning it off almost got burnt! Kris bought his torch, but they cut the wires and remove the cylinder before you get it. We stopped at Gulliver's (a restaurant) after the run and Kris brought the torch in. People in the restaurant asked to take pictures of it. While we were there, another runner came in and it turned out to be the person that Kris passed the flame on to .... Kind of neat. Well, it took me about 40 minutes to figure out how to get a picture up here, and even then I ended up taking it from the camera. I couldn't figure out how to get if from my files. All in all it was an eventful day that ended on a high note.

Quick note from Neepawa

Jim & I went to the Neepawa ceremony today. (they moved it indoors because it was sooooo cold) All we were able to get were the small red coke bottles, but the woman in the booth told us that they give out other ones on route when it is in the dark. We will try again tonight. Why couldn't we have hosted the summer olympics!! It was -45 with windchill today, and I don't think tonight is going to be any better. We did our trial run in Neepawa and Jim wants warmer mitts and I want insoles in my boots. Other than that I think we are okay. Jim has new batteries in the camera (of course, even if we fail I have a feeling that there will be other cameras on him.) Kris says he takes the torch at 5.59 pm at Park and 1st. We are hoping to be there at 5:30 pm. ( we are leaving early just in case, but I have no idea what we are going to do outside for over 1/2 an hour! Sunday is supposed to be -2, but we have to have the torch today!!!) I will touch base when we get home!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tough decision

Pati hereI feel for you Beth. At the same time I worry about you, or anyone else, who might end up isolated without a vehicle. We always have the option of taking a bus--however weird and scary that might be. We really tried to minimize our car use during the summer of 2008, when the gas prices went crazy--and found we just couldn't do it. I hope you've looked into giving up the lease and buying a different car. The prices of small cars have dropped dramatically recently--maybe even less than what you lease contract calls for??

It was so good to talk to you both, yesterday. After I phoned I was off to a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library. Usually we meet in the Library, but with the Torch Run tying up all of downtown, the meeting was quickly changed to--hold your breath--the workshop of the husband of the curator--which just happens to be a converted garage on Seven Oaks Avenue--near the river. Complete with a space heater and some lawn chairs. David had suggested that I take a tv table, just in case, and I'm glad I did. It actually worked well, as everyone was more relaxed and willing to express their true feelings--something that has been needed for awhile. My term of the Board ends next month, and I think it's time. I'm looking forward to some time off from volunteer commitments.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Be - I concur

Well, I really liked your comments has been good for me as well.
Every day I try to access to check for a message even if I do not actually write a few words myself. There are days when I really do not want to vent so I do not write.
Hey, I was just interrupted by a telephone call from Patty - it was such good timing - she called to tell me they watched the Olympic Torch Parade in Winnipeg today. I cannot believe how quickly the Torch run is crossing the country. I expect that if they are to be in Brandon on Friday as Cathy says, that they are moving into Northern Manitoba for a day or two before heading west to Brandon. More exciting news - they just had the Torch Run update on the TV News and I saw them in Steinbach and Ste Anne - actually they showed about 5 horses ridden by riders riding along a stretch of Highway - no torch in site, and no other people around. It was a bit bizarre..... No pictures of Winnipeg though so I did not see you or Dave, Patty. Cathy be sure to jump up and down or something so I can look for you when they broadcast the Run in Brandon, haha.
I was up to North Bay today to start back with my violin lessons. There is a little girl taking lessons - she must be 7 or 8 years old and she is a real whiz at it - I wish I had that much energy and enthusiasm. Oh well, in meantime I struggle to practice when I can and screach out a few tunes. My poor old arthritic fingers have done well to get me this far so I must be thankful for that.
I am also struggling with decision to keep my car or get rid of it. The lease runs out end of January and I either turn it in, or buy it outright. Would be a stiff price but I need to weigh that against not having my own car. I really could use a lottery winning, so get buying those tickets you guys, OK?
Must run for now. Take care XX

Monday, January 4, 2010


Pati here
I'm so very glad we started this blog. I'm thankful that we've all met the commitment to participate. I feel much closer to both of you now, and I'm thankful for that.
Do either of you have Google as your home page on the internet? Do you notice the pictures that are part of it-changing as the season changes and in response to holidays? It's sometimes my warm fuzzy for the day.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Be - Food and Snow

It seems all I have lately is food to nibble on ( all the goodies received at Christmas) and cold, blowing snow to either look at or in my case go out and shovel. And as I read your messages, you seem also to be enjoying the same pleasures.
Harry extends a request to you Cathy to grab a few free Coke bottles being given away along the Torch route - the big Coke Truck has runners along side handing out souvenir Coke bottles and of course, the parade goes by soooo fast that I did not get lucky to be handed one here in Sundridge. His brother and wife in Kirkland Lake each got one and so he is feeling left out! I wish you a happy day and enjoy every minute of the glory for Kris!
Last night Patty I hauled out The Farming Game and read the instructions all again and viewed the game board again. You have been talking about it over the last week and I remember playing it when you first sent us our own game and also playing it with you folks in Winnipeg. But that was a long time ago. We don't play games here anymore - maybe that is why I enjoy the card games with you when I visit.
A somewhat lazy day here today with it so miserable outside but I am trying to practice violin which starts up again this coming week, and also I put up my sewing machine again onto the little table in Mike's old room. Now that he has come and gone I guess it will revert to the junk/ sewing room again. Although Harry beat me to it as he has a picture puzzle spread over the bed on a board and little tables covered with puzzle pieces.
ps I was NOT the person in Ontario to win the $16.5 million Lotto 649 last night - I did not have a ticket! Sorry .....
Take care

Home for a day

We survived the Levy. As I expected there was lots of food. They put it out again yesterday and, of course, I ate more. I did come away with a recipe for a really wonderful soft ginger cookie. You can tell that the weight loss challenge starts tomorrow. I made fried chicken wings this morning for the freezer and we each at 6 for breakfast I put the wing tips in a small pot for stock. I am going to try to make some kind of tomato soup this seek. I have lots of frozen tomatoes, and we both like tomato soup. I'll let you know if it works. Not much got done on the kitchen this weekend. I hope it speeds up. I offered to take a week off work and help, but Jim didn't seem interested. I guess he just wants to work on his own at his own pace. It is a bit awkward with all of the dishes and stuff piled on and under a table in the living room. I have Friday off work and we are both headed to Brandon to see Kris carry the torch. I hope we can get some good pictures. Everything is timed to the second, so he may not be able to pose for his "fan club". It's snowing here again. It seems it is either really cold or snowing. Next week sounds good, though (until they change the forecast) If we are not going to do any work today, I may try to get Jim to watch a movie with me. We have a couple that we haven't watched. Jim hasn't been in the mood for a comedy lately and they are supposed to be funny (supposed being the key word) Rehearsals start next week. I am prompter, so I will have to be at all of them. Two nights a week for 4 months. And there are meetings on top of that. Next week I will be home only on Wednesday! I do it by choice, so I can't really complain. It's just when all of them happen at once. Time to go and look at my kitchen and decide that I can't do anything so I may as well sit and read a book.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pleasant Surprise

Since we had done all of our celebrating etc earlier inthe week we had no plans whatsoever for yesterday. It was so cold that David actually said that it was a good thing we weren't going out anywhere. About 4:00 Loren phoned and told us that he and the children were on their way, and bringing Chinese food! A nice meal, and then they stayed and we played Farming Game again for a couple of hours. Since we had left the game at Ambers, we had to haul out the old one. No harvest payout sheet! So Loren called Amber and she was reading it to him to write down to use. They were just about finished when David found the old one tucked inside one of the game boards. ( there were two of them and this was the one we weren't using)

Loren amused us telling a story about getting involved in an Internet dating site. He evidently spent some time doing the groundwork and making careful contact with a woman, until finally they actually spoke on the phone. Turned out he knew her family quite well, went to university with her brother, and they had several friends in common. Would have been cheaper to have gone on a blind date! No word on whether they plan to speak again. He's usually pretty close mouthed about that sort of thing.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

I wonder what it brings. I was remembering the Y2K fuss at the dawn of the last decade, and thinking what a tempest in a teapot that turned out to be. Will we find that our worries and fears will turn out to be just as groundless 10 years from now? Of course, at my age just surviving 10 years will be an accomplishment. Good Wishes to you both, and your families as well. I've had a real sense of passing the torch to a new generation lately, and figuratively, passing on my hopes and dreams. I've promised Amber a list of what to do with all of my treasures. I've been thinking about it, but now actually have to get it down on paper. That should take at least 10 years.

Yes, our fun the other day carried on. On the way to Baked Expectations, we stopped at Chapters to buy a book. We found a clearance table of hard covers that were cheaper than paperbacks, although we bought the paperback we had planned to--along with several of his brothers--almost $90.00 worth. So--with that many books, and the freezer full to overflowing--there is no need for us to step outside the door for about 2 months.

Using the mouse left handed is quite a challenge. I've always know that my dominance is very well established, and I feel like such a duffer trying to make this work. I can only do it for so long. After about 10 minutes, my arm fatigues and any coordination I've built up goes out the window. So I'm having to limit it to playing solitaire right now. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Out with the old and....

in with the new. Happy New Year (and Happy Birthday Dave) Hope everyones dreams come true. We just finished slicing up ham and sausage for the Levy at the Legion this afternoon. It made quite a platter full. I know that Bud ordered a meat tray on top of this so it will be quite something. Instead of just painting the cabinets in the kitchen, Jim tore them off the wall and is re-building them. This could be interesting. I did my usual celebrating last night (in bed before 10 pm) Oh well. I am not exhausted and hung over! I read an article on the 10 best and 10 worst movies of 2009. Of the 20 titles, I had heard of one.... Inglorious Basterds. It was rated the 3rd best movie. I would have put it in the worst. I guess I am just not a movie afficiando. Our Star Choice Bill went up again, and will be going up again in February. Enough is enough. We have got to cut out some of the channels. Trouble is that they always put a channel you want in a package with a lot of garbage. We end up with hundreds of channels and only watch a few of them. The office is starting its weight loss challenge on Monday. I guess I better finish off those 4 boxes of chocolates this weekend! I would like to lose some weight and just don't know if I have the conviction. Time for breakfast (speaking of food) Love Ya

Be - Happy New Year

It's January 1 and Happy Birthday to David!
Hope you all had a nice quiet and easy New Year's Eve. I watched CBC shows until about 11 pm and then went to bed. Mike called us about 11:50 pm to wish us a Happy New Year - he had a few friends over to his house and by the sounds of the background noise they were all having a good time. I was glad to hear he was at his own home and not out and about somewhere. Today should be spent inside and I have plans to pack away all the Christmas decorations etc. It is lightly snowing right now and likely be the same most of the day.
Last night was also the Blue Moon I could not even see the full moon in the sky because it was overcast and snowy. But I heard some more fireworks going off about 9 pm.
Take care and here's to a fresh new year full of eerything good for all of us XOXOXO