Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Taking charge...

Things tend to get done, and one starts to feel good when one "takes charge" at least I have found this to be the case. Pati glad you have your machine back to work with - perhaps the problem will not be a problem for your sewing as long as you use the foot peddle. I guess though, that you have become quite accustomed to the push button right?
I took charge of myself in the yard yesterday - it was a sunny but chilly day but good for working. I accomplished so much that I felt really good after being out the entire day. I also felt very sore and even sorer this morning - it is a good sore, if you know what I mean haha! Shows my age and level of endurance though - I really should try to slow down!
I have prepared my "owl" bag to take to the Quilt group on Thursday and although I packed the little hexi box again, I also have chosen to take supplies to do Broderie Perse. I have some printed materials from the net to share if anyone asks, as well as a picture from the blog of your art piece ( from way back Pati) I have some fabric I love with the stabilizer ironed to the back already and will start to cut out some of the flowers while there. I think it will be nice and if some of the ladies are familiar with this technique I will be glad to have their input. If not, I can sit and socialize while doing my own thing.
Today we plan to go shopping to Huntsville ( must be Tuesday) Not too much on my grocery list, but we always manage to bring home bags full. We have started to go into WalMart first as they have cat food the cheapest there but we have gradually started to buy select groceries as well - never thought I would go there to shop - has never been my favourite store.
The municipal elections were yesterday and this morning I was able to go on line to see the results and as hoped the incumbent Mayor for Sundridge won handily over the neighbour down the street, whom we were not pleased with. Good.
Time for breakfast and on with the day.  Take care both of you!

Monday, October 22, 2018

I took charge

I woke up this morning full of cold, and feeling miserable.  For some reason this made me want to take action.  I phoned the store where my big machine has been for three weeks, and actually got the owner on the line.  I asked him what was happening and if he had any idea when the part might come in.  We have a bit of a history, in this regard, as they once kept my machine for over 4 months waiting for parts, and when they finally arrived, he wanted to put it to the back of the line of machines that had been waiting.  He and David had words, about the ethical way of honouring work orders, and we have been treated well, every since.  He had no idea when they might be in, but said there would be no problem if I took the machine home while we waited.  At issue is the stop/start button on the machine, It's been very sluggish lately, but the whole small circuit board needs to be replaced, and it has to come from Japan.  Now, if the button actually fails, I can always use the foot pedal, and probably will, regardless.  We also priced rolling carts for my machine, something we need more and more as we age.  Price-y, but not really out of reach.

Then it was off to Walmart to sort out some problems with prescriptions.  Again we lucked in as the manager was on duty, and he made sure that faxes had been sent to the doctor for clarification, on a couple of things.

The only problem we ran into was that the traffic lights were out at Regent and Lagimodiere, and we were stuck in a middle lane heading east on Regent.  But, lo and behold, there were the police, and everything sorted itself out quickly.  By the time we headed home from Walmart, everything was working fine.

We had a very nice French Meat roll for supper, to use the last of the turkey. and I have had the ambition to start working on a couple of jobs in the queue in the studio.

All together, a good day.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Happy Anniversary BEth

I believe that October 22 is your anniversary, as well, Beth.  Have a good one.

Here it comes...

Snow on the ground this morning - the dog did not like it much when I took him for his early morning outing. This is our first taste of snow so we have actually been lucky. But that does not mean a thing when the outside is not ready. I wonder how much I should be worried about this - I cannot do much about it really. I hope to get out this morning and gather up the snow removal tools and bring them all around to the front. And i should really find some boots. i went out this morning in my little shoes - not pleasant but then I felt worse for the dog haha!  And I had a telephone talk with our friends Monik and George in Medicine Hat yesterday ( it is their anniversary today) and they were at 22 degrees and outside in the yard - not fair!
We lost a bird Friday - actually it got out of the cage somehow - I discovered it in the window in the basement as I was walking out side and could not believe my eyes and was in shock to see it there. A frantic rescue attempt took place but I captured it in the basement and it was put back into the cage but during the night it died. I guess the experience was too much for it.  Pati you are right about your comments about having animals (your description of Amber and the kids and the animals) I too, feel the same way but somehow find myself in the middle of it regardless.
I feel sorry about your machine woes Pati and here I have a perfectly good machine sitting unused. (not accessible but unused haha) I was pleased though to hear of your sales at this showing - good for you. You should get your big machine soon and then you will be off and running. I was following the comments on your "leaves" piece and it seems the opinions are divided equally. So what will you do?
Well, the municipal elections are tomorrow and although we have already voted, I am anxious to see if the incumbent Mayor gets back in here in Sundridge, or his opponent. This person is our neighbour down the street and we are less than enamoured with him. 
Time for a bit of breakfast and then on with another day.  Take care 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Much driving

The workshop yesterday was an exercise in frustration when I had to use my backup machine, as the other is still in the shop (see other blog).  The piece did get finished (with a little help from my friends), but it's a piece of rubbish and will never see the light of day.  But knowing it would never be good, allowed me to play with it a bit.  However, by the end of the day, problems with my backup machine ended with  the realization that it, too, needs servicing.  Ka-a-a-a-ching!  I was beside myself worrying about how I was ever going to get to the jobs that are lined up.

We were out to Pinawa, today, to pick up the show there, and I remembered that Amber had a machine, so phoned her, and arranged to borrow it.  ( two pieces sold!!) This meant leaving Pinawa and heading for Lorette rather than Winnipeg--a lot more driving.  Amber is not well, having been suffering from a deep chest-y cold for going on 3 weeks (off work).  She is being followed by her doctor, though.  A Good Thing.  They had to put one of their dogs down last Monday.  The writing has been on the wall for awhile, and this had been a consideration when they bought the new puppy a few weeks ago.  We didn't stay long, as they were trying to change the hamster's cage, under the supervision of all three cats, the new puppy, and with the hamster in his ball rolling all over the living room.  sometimes I'm glad that I don't have to worry about kids and pets anymore.

On the way home, I took a chance, and dropped into the shop where I have been waging a battle via voice mail and e-mail about  items I ordered and paid for last month, and have yet to receive.  She actually had everything that was paid for, and was waiting for two other items, not paid for, that were on back order. I don't care of they never come.

So my evening was spent watching "Dead Files"  out of the corner of my eye, while trying to figure out how Amber's machine could be made to do FMQ'g.  Answer: with great difficulty, but it can be done.  Enjoyed the dead files, though.

Friday, October 19, 2018

A busy week

I'm so glad you went, Beth.  It can be scary walking into a strange group.  But the pay-offs may prove much more than anyone usually expects.

Wednesday was the meeting of the local quilters' guild.  I went, mainly, because I had told a friend that I would, but then she wasn't there!  I hope she is okay, as she is quite elderly and lives alone, although she has family in the city.  But several new ladies sat at my table, and we has a nice sociable time.

Thursday, David had a doctor's appointment.  Quickly in and quickly out, with no actions suggested. A total waste of time and parking money, in my opinion.  But I had an early meeting, on the other side of the city, so we had supper very early, at A&W. More coupons.  We both tried the Chubby Chicken Burger.  Not too bad,  I would certainly eat it again.  I'm not sure David was as impressed with his.

The meeting was the first Annual General Meeting of a new organization, and not very many people showed up.  Unfortunate.  But a good meeting, none-the-less.

Today there was a workshop with the same group.  This was on using a product called "Fosshape".  This looks and feels like normal polyester batting, but after quilting it can be shaped into vessels, or sculptures, and heated.  Magically, it turns firm, and holds the shape.  My big machine is still in the shop, so I had to take the old Pfaff.  Unfortunately, it decided to act up.  Very, very frustrating.  But I did manage to finish the piece, and practice shaping it with an iron.  (You can also use a heat gun)  I'm now at the stage of hand stitching some embellishments on, and will post a picture once that's finished.

Tomorrow, we're off to Pinawa to pick up the pieces I have in the gallery there.  My two friends, who had shared the space with me, picked up theirs yesterday, so I didn't really have any choice.

Then, I think I'll be spending Sunday catching up with myself.

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Finally got outside...

Even though it is hovering around freezing the sun was shining and I finally got outside this afternoon to do some work. Not near enough, but at this point anything done is a gain haha!
Well this morning I went to the Seniors Quilting Group - walked into the room and said "May I come in and join you" and much to my surprise was welcomed warmly. First hurdle over. A few introductions were made which eluded me - there were seven other ladies plus me there - but I am sure to catch on over the next while. I had my owl bag with my supplies and one lady came over and said "so what is in the bag" - they are anxious to see what each is doing or bringing - a sort of show and tell I guess. Everyone just busied themselves with what ever, after the general show, with four of the ladies sitting at the large frame quilting the quilt on it. So I sat and started my hexis basting and one or other gradually came over to see the unfinished quilt which i had also brought. We had coffee and chat and then more work, and then they put the tea kettle on for another break about 1 pm but by then i was ready to leave so I bid them farewell and that I would be back next Thursday.  They meet Tuesday and Thursday but since Tuesday has been a regular day for us to go shopping I just told them I had a prior commitment for Tuesdays. They have a sewing machine that belongs to the group - bought with grant funding - that stays there. One lady today was using it to sew binding to a beautiful dresden plate cover. And they have made 30 applique squares that they will be putting together into two quilts at some time - they were similar to a Sunbonnet Sue like figure but were International specific squares and each was appliqued with the country's most notable apparel or other attached items eg Scotland was dressed in a kilt; and Ireland had a large shamrock Very nice. I will go again but I do not know how long I will get away with only basting hexis haha!  I will have to think of other things I could take to work on ...oh no!  But I did it and I am proud I did not back out - it would have been easy just to not go.
Time for a nice warm nighty night tea to take the chill off, and then think about bed and reading. Hope your days are going OK , both of you.  

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cold, damp, miserable you say...

Here too!  It was supposed to be cloudy today but as I look out the window there are white coloured flakes falling - could it be snow?
We went to Huntsville today to shop. We got many varied bags of Hallowe'en candy and as I write, Harry is making up the little bags to hand out Oct 31. Also bought myself some liver and shall make that up shortly for supper with fresh beans, and I am going to throw some fries into the oven as a treat. Harry will have some kippers which he likes.
After our shopping we drove to Harry's sisters place and visited with brother in law Harry. He is basically house bound with debilitating medical problems and spends time recording songs and music which he send to us by email to listen to. He prepared some cassette tapes and we picked them up today. He is lonely all day so said he enjoyed our visit today to break the monotony - Donna works all day so she is not there.
So I guess I will not go out to work today, but instead make the supper and otherwise keep myself busy.  Or I could go online and order myself some pot!  Take care

Monday, October 15, 2018

Damn endless wet snow

Stupid stuff falls lot, then eases off, and then falls some more.  It's still melting during the day, but this makes for cold, damp, miserable weather.

I don't remember whether I had mentioned that David's sister had dropped in for a lengthy visit, with lots of pleasant tea and conversation, last week.  She mentioned that she was worried about her daughter, who is, and has, experienced multiple health issues over the past few years.  ( Not her step-daughter who is also in poor health, and a constant concern) We talked about many things, but at one point discussed how to cook a turkey.  All of us agreed that we don't really care for turkey left-overs as they're usually too dry to do much with.  She told us about another relative who always has nice turkey, and cooks them in a "baking bag".   I had heard of such things, but knew nothing about them.  So--we bought some and cooked a turkey in one, yesterday.  ("Look" brand "oven bags", if you're interested.  Found them on a shelf with things like plastic wrap and Zip Loc Bags, at the grocery.)  The meat was moister, but I can't say that it was more tender--or we might have found a tough old bird.  We had bought it, cheap, at Walmart, and it could have come from anywhere.  But it was cooked more quickly, and there was very little mess.  The skin was nicely browned, and crisp.  I think I might do it again, and even try it with other meats or vegetables.

David and Loren enjoyed their football game.  They had both dressed well, and enjoyed warm beverages there.  They found out that there is a fleet of school buses, also leaving from the shopping center, in which no standing passengers are allowed.  It costs a couple of bucks more, but both of them felt it was well worth it.

I saw my friend Carolyn, yesterday.  It's been years since we managed to get together.   She was teaching a needlework class, close by, and I had arranged to drop in late on the second day.  By this time, everyone was pretty tired, and no real work was getting done.  This was an especially nice treat for me, as I knew most of the ladies there, from my days as a hand stitcher.  We all took a few minutes to chat, and catch up a bit. There was even one lady who had flown in from Alberta to take the class. We had met many years ago, and I didn't recognize her until she told me her name.  

I hope your venture into the unknown turns out to be worthwhile, Beth.  I believe that we all need time with other women, to keep us on an even keel. Tomorrow, a couple of friends are coming over to spend the afternoon stitching.  These are the ladies you met when you were here, Beth. This means frantic house cleaning, as always.  But if it weren't for such visits, the house would probably never get cleaned.  There are so many more interesting things to so--like playing Candy Crush.

Library Books

Surprise today to get a call from the Library to say the two books I ordered on Thursday afternoon arrived today - I rushed right up to pick them up. These were the two P.J.Tracy books. Each came from a different source as well - one from Parry Sound and one from North Bay - so they were close by.  So I have some good reading ahead of me.
I was able to do a bit of work outside this morning before the rains came but it was so miserable - windy and cold that i never went out again Instead I did some cutting of hexagons in preparation to attending the Quilt group at the Seniors Room on Thursday morning.  I shall take them to baste onto paper - this way it is simple work and will allow me to observe people and routine. Always a bit scary to go to something new but hey, why not - take advantage of the opportunity and see where it goes. At least that is Pati's recommendation - I hope I can follow through! Wish me strength, haha!  As well as the hexis I also kept at my knitting of the scarf I started to go with the new coat and hat. I started with the very weird wool as I had mentioned might not work, but the further I got the easier it got.  I have only three skeins of this kind and colour ( from the bags and boxes of wool that have accumulated into my stash from garage sales, dump etc... etc.)
Now I look forward to starting a new book before lights out. Today life is good. Lets see what tomorrow brings.... Take care.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Echoing those same sentiments....

Sometime today I voiced those exact same words but I think I actually said life sucks - same intent though! So sorry to hear of your recent woes Cathy - not nice at all. On my recent trip to Winnipeg I believe I told you both that I was having some problems and I also believe you both knew that I choose to wear a specialty item - helped me to feel a bit more confident. Maybe an idea you might think about Cathy at these times of uncertainty?
And as for Dave and Loren and their outing to the stadium - what a game it must have been!!! I just checked the Free Press and there it was:  Bombers 31 - RoughRiders 0. 
I have just had my bath and ready to read for a bit before lights out. Really cold last night - froze all the remaining flowers and peppers etc. I intended to do some work in the yard this afternoon but quickly changed my plans because it was nasty. Maybe tomorrow.
Take care folks, and think happy thoughts. For me it is that so far we have had NO white stuff here - I know it is coming and I'm not looking for it. But if it does, I have a really nice lime green jacket to wear haha!

Growing old sucks

at least that is what I told my doctor. My foot awoke up so large I had to wear my too large bedroom slippers to work.   He thought it might be gout and prescribed some gout medicine and said it should improve in 12 to 24 hours. Now, 72 hours later the swelling has gone down but the foot really hurts. And to top it off , side effects of the medicine may include nausea and diarrhea. Guess who was the lucky winner. So, here i am at work, with a foot the size of a zucchin, limping around, with side effects and the bathrooms in the basement. Hmmmmm stairs!  You gotta wonder. And tonight Jim has decided he wants garlic shrimp and dip to eat. He did make it himself but the smell is not that great. I feel bad not wanting any since he made it.... but. Oh well. At least at home the bathroom is right here.   I am having a few more joint problems so I go back to the doctor in three weeks and if I still have problems he wants another MRI.   Getting old really does suck 😤

Today's the day

Loren is picking David up at 11:30, and they're off to the football game. There are gale force winds blowing, it poured rain all night, and is now snowing.  Who says that Macho posturing is only south of the border?  We were up and out of the hosue by 8:30, got the grocery shopping done and used another A&W coupon for breakfast.  Home by 9:30.  I had the A&W equivalent of the Tim Horton Breakfast biscuit, and found this to be much more filling, and no more expensive.  Four strips of hearty bacon! Add a bottomless cup of excellent coffee, and it made my day.

I plan to stay at home, although a trip out to Starbucks with my book in hand might  happen.  I'm reading a book that I really didn't expect to.  I can't put it down.  It's about two middle-aged people walking the Chemin de St. Jacques/ Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail in France/Spain.  While I haven't finished it yet, I'm pretty sure they end up together, so it could be called a bit of a romance, as well.

"The Chemin de St. Jacques, also known as the Camino de Santiago is a centuries old pilgrim route that ends in Santiago de Compostela on North West Spain.  Every year thousands of walkers- some devout, many not--follow the route.......a journey unlike any other"
   from Two Steps Forward" by Graeme Simson and Anne Buist

I had heard of this custom, but not in such detail as I'm getting from the book.  It may be about two people living through their own mid-life crisis, but I would certainly recommend it, even to people our age.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

What a great opportunity@

This group might give you a reason to get out and about during winter.  I definitely think it would be worth going a few times, just to find out if it is the right option for you.  You don't have anything to lose, in giving it a try, and the price is certainly right.  Makes me think about my vow to always accept opportunity when it knock, after spending so many years going in the opposite direction.  It only lasted a year, but it resulted in a sense of direction that has proven the right one--so far.

The drive to my fibre art group was a challenge.  Wind-driven sleet on leaving the house.  The meeting was out by Lower Fort Garry. I was almost ready to give up and head for home, by the time I got through that mess at Lagimodiere and the North Perimeter. But by the time I got to Garven Rd, the snow had ceased, and very quickly the highway became dry.  After that it was a smooth trip all the way.  Before coming home, we had watched the wet snow build up on the deck outside the room we met in, but again, within half a mile after leaving there, it was smooth sailing.  No, they didn't have any ideas about using the tassels, other than hanging them on the wall.  So they are now hanging from the board directly under the ceiling, in the studio, that holds up my flannel wall.

Very early this morning, we were off to our doctor, for a regular appointment.  We were surprised when we got in to see him within half an hour of getting there.  It appears that he has cut back on the number of early morning appointments he makes.  A good thing, in my opinion.  Turns out that we're both in very good shape for our ages.  Then, as is our habit, we went out for breakfast.  I had some A&W coupons, but haven't had breakfast there since the day we moved into this house--over 19 years ago.  An excellent traditional breakfast--eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, hash browns, and coffee.  Generous servings, and very nicely prepared.  The lady behind the counter even brought it to our table.

This afternoon, I made up some ATC's.  Yep, heard from that group again, and they plan to start meeting at the end of this month.  I had a few cut out quilted leaves left over from my striped panel project, so stitched them onto green hand-dyed fabric, then added a few beads, before attaching them to backing.  The perfect project for someone who had experienced a very short, and restless night.

Now, to start thinking about supper.

Two nice happenings this afternoon

After I voted I had to wait for about 10 minutes until 1 pm when the Library opened. I heard voices coming from the Seniors Room so stopped by and observed several women in various places with in the room busily working on projects including one lady seated at a huge quilting frame sewing away. I recognized several of the ladies as they did me,...." Oh, hello Elizabeth ....Come in..." and so I did. A nice conversation and an invitation to attend their gatherings - the Quilters Group - every Tuesday and Thursday (only $10.00  year) and bring anything I'd like to work on or join some of the others with what they are doing. It sounded interesting. I may think about it.....
And then after I got home, I received a phone call from the Parry Sound Court House to tell me my presence at Court Oct 22 was no longer needed, I confirmed by saying "so my obligation to attend is no longer required" to which I was told "yes, that is correct".... Yeah!!!!! Maybe I should buy a Lottery ticket as I seem to be a recipient of good happenings and even more good news.
Anyway I had to order the books at the Library so now I wait until they come in. I look forward to starting to read - I ordered from the MonkeyWrench Series - first two books of P.J. Tracy.
Time to go... and have a cup of tea. 

Your tassel's, and my potential scarf?

I love your tassel's - found treasures right? And did you share with the ladies and get some wild ideas for their presentation in a work of art?
I found some wool in the stash downstairs thinking I might try a scarf to go with my new duds. The colours are perfect to match it all but the type of wool is bothering me. It is called Bernat Truffles
and by the picture on the wrapping meant to be used to knit those ruffle scarfs. It is worse than eyelash wool and once I found some large knitting needles I tried to cast on and was having a time keeping all the wool together as it separates easily.  So I am not sure I shall continue. I may look for more appealing wool down stairs that would match and do the trick. But right now I have a few chores that need to take priority and then to the Voting Booth and Library.
Today should be the last day of our tropical temperatures as it is to fall to zero tonight and then hit a high of 2 for tomorrow.  I was able to organize a bit in the sun room yesterday, enough to get some of the big house plants - more like trees - in, with one left on the stairs that I'll try to squeeze in this afternoon. 
This morning, I enjoyed a breakfast of cottage cheese on rye with almonds and cinnamon - great taste and very filling. I found that 1/2 cup of cottage cheese is really too much - but I ate it all, haha!
That's all for now.....Hope all is well with you folks - Take care

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Grab this day while you can...

Sunny and humid and 26 degrees - cannot believe it. But it is to be short lived  ie tomorrow it is supposed to start to cool down again with temps hovering around freezing at night. 
We went shopping today but this time to North Bay as Harry had to pick up an item at the auction he bid on over the weekend in Powassan. It was nice to get a different perspective from the usual Huntsville trips.
I decided to look for a winter coat as what I have is really shabby. What a find in Value Village. A gorgeous lime green colour with darker green lining and piping with a lining and hood and a zipper closure as well as buttons. And then a knitted hat in the same colour lime green and white, and a pair of mitts with the same colours. ( $10.49 plus $1.39 plus $1.00 = $12.88) I feel like a queen! Not that I want the snow to fly anytime soon so I will wash it, and then hang it up and wait patiently to wear it haha!
I watched the current The Quilt Show show last evening and really enjoyed the guest Susan Cleveland. In North Bay I quickly looked in Fabricland to see if they sold the dresdan plate template rulers that she demonstrated on the show, but of course they did not. Maybe just as well as I would likely not get at anything like that for ages, if ever. Next guest is Eleanor Burns and I shall look forward to that show for sure.
Thursday we will go to vote in the advanced polls and at the same time I shall go into the Library ( in same building) and see if I can order some of the books you have recommended Pati.  I am anxious to get into the reading mode again and wanting some tried and true stories to catch my attention.
So I better go and do something now - The day is almost over once you go shopping and then come home and put things away etc. 
Take care

Sunday, October 7, 2018


We celebrated yesterday as well. Dinner was a comedy of errors. David wanted some Scottish Oatmeal dressing, but when we checked, we had no oatmeal.  There was a tv show to watch at 2:30, but as soon as it was over at 3:00, off we went to the grocery store, then stopping for coffee and getting home about 4:00.  Immediately the dressing was prepared and put in the oven, but as we only made 1/2 a batch, I overestimated the amount of water, and it was almost soupy going in the oven.  The chicken was quite small, and we knew it would take less time than the dressing, so it went in 45 minutes later.  The chicken was cooked in about an hour.  The dressing wasn't cooked for over 2 hours.  So we ate chicken,  waited quite awhile and ate dressing, waited awhile longer and had our pie.  A very nice pie, very tasty.  Overall the meal took almost two hours to eat.  There was a football game on, as well as my usual Saturday night programs, so David ate in the living room and I ate in the basement.

I had also discovered that I had no icing sugar to add to the 'whipped cream, so made it without.  I think it was much better that way.  the blander taste was a nice contrast to the pie.

Then we were both up during the night with upset stomachs.  Morning came too early today.  The left over dressing was so awful given the extra liquid, and the chicken was so tiny, that there weren't enough leftovers for today's supper.  But there was pie!

Another day...

Coolish and rainy so no outside work today. But I am in the middle of cleaning the birds and cages, and thought I would take a break to say Hi!  I just made a special Davidstea and sitting enjoying it's flavour. 
The fellow who was interested in the ice hut came by this morning while Harry was at the dump so I took him out to show him - nice I got it all cleaned up. He saw the rotted floor and the poor condition of the trailer but thinks he can manage to pull it away just fine. He just lives about a block up the street here and says he will probably come late at night one night soon and drag it up the his house - maybe loose a few pieces of the trailer but he feels this will be the best way to get it all to his house.  He grew up with our kids and reminded me that he actually was in this hut night fishing with Willie when we had it out on Eagle Lake. I had forgotten about that.  So I hope he will soon take it away and I wish him well in refurbishing it.
I did not have to look after the rabbits after all as Ruth was not feeling well and they cancelled their visit for this weekend.  I actually did not know until after we had left Mike's and checked my cell phone on which was her voice message.
I did not have to take the little chick because he died at 7:30 pm on Friday night. I was extremely upset and it bothers me still to think about it. I have buried him in my rose garden at the back and there are two gorgeous yellow orange roses flowering right now which made me feel a bit better.
I made another plain ( not chiffon) pumpkin pie this morning with the left over pastry and the leftover canned pumpkin. I like pumpkin pie but only at these special times - I only got one piece at Mikes yesterday so this additional pie will satisfy my current desire haha!
Better get back to the birds. I would like to be able to maybe sit and read a little today but time will tell. Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal folks - give thanks for all that is good. Take care XX

Friday, October 5, 2018

There is one good thing about this time of year

There are some serious sales at the grocery store. We usually drop in, as David likes to scan his Air Miles card for the draws during the football games.  Yesterday we scored a small turkey for $0.99/lb.  Don't very often see them for that price anymore.  Today we needed to stop in for something small, and scored another turkey at the same price, as well as a small prime rib roast for $5.99/lb.  So now we've put a serious dent in the food budget for the month, but--oh my--will we ever eat well. The cold, wet, nasty weather continues.  The man on the radio says that, by the time we get back to seasonal temperatures, it will probably be November, and those seasonal temps we really don't want.  David is hoping to get to the football game next Saturday, with Loren.  I have no idea what he might have available to wear, if it stays this cold.  He's talking about buying a Blue Bomber tuque, and I think it's only right that he treat himself.

Some of the older food in the freezer is getting almost too old.  Today I pulled out the last of the pork ribs that we cooked and froze months ago.  I made some of Daddy's B-B-Q sauce, but only a single recipe.  I can't remember the last time I made such a small amount.  I was purposefully careful about measuring amounts, and was surprised how much two tbsp of Lee and Perrins was, but put it in.  Guess I haven't been using enough when I double or triple the recipe--it turned out much hotter than we remembered.  Good though.   It looks like we are celebrating tomorrow, as well.  We have a chicken that must be used, especially as we now need room for turkeys.

The other neat thing about the ribs was that I used my purple pig pot ( say that three times fast!) to bake them in.  When I bought it, I ever thought it would ever be used.  What a nice surprise.  Bonus!

Down to the wire....

...getting ready to go to Mike's tomorrow. The turkey is cooked and cut up and in a roaster which I planned to put into a cooler but best laid plans... it does not fit. I now have to clear out some room in the fridge and move the dressing casseroles and cleaned vegetables into the cooler and so it goes on and on and on.... I shall be glad to get to Mike's although it often tends to continue there but .....c'est la vie!!
I went over to Ruth's this morning to clean the rabbits under her direction and then we had a coffee and a nice conversation together. I really should try to get over more often but it is often not that easy.  I only have to do the rabbits Saturday night and Sunday morning as she says they will be home in the late afternoon on Sunday.
And I just called over to Daisy's to say Hi and sorry I would not be able to get over for a visit while they are up. They will be leaving Monday to go back to Toronto.
I will be taking the little chick with me to Mike's and I have a heater all ready to plug into the car for travelling and then at Mikes and will get the supplies together. soon. 
So I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and hope all shall be well. 
Take care.

Thursday, October 4, 2018


That's the only description for the weather yesterday.  Wet snow, almost ice pellets, and a strong, cold North wind.  But it was double star day at Starbucks, so we just had to go out.  Also a chance for me to drive in snow, with the newly installed snow tires.  But sunny today, and above normal temps predicted for the weekend, so maybe the snow will go away, again.  It's certainly here, lying around on the ground now.

Unfortunately, with the cold and snow, come painful joints and muscles.  Can't be avoided, but last night I rubbed my whole left shoulder and upper arm with Voltaren before bed.  I know it helps.  Getting ready for all of the exhibitions and shows, as well as expecting Beth, must have taken more energy than I thought.  Both of us are sleeping fairly well, and long, ( with the necessary bathroom breaks, of course).

Even the house work is done.  I tried to clean the Venetian Blinds with my Swiffer duster.  Interesting, and a filthy job, but it got done.  Now I have to figure out how to repair one of the blinds. David still has a couple of things to do in the garage ( as always).  Lately I've found a few out-dated things in the freezer, but I think we've cleared those out.  One of them was turkey stock.  I knew I had some, but didn't realize that  was from the fall of 2016.  We talked about it.  I priced a litre of ready made stock in the grocery store--$1.99--store brand, 2.29-- name brand.  We've decided that it isn't worth the time, effort and expense of making it at home, especially when it's the only reason we buy, cook and eat turkey.  So we plan to cook a large chicken for Thanksgiving.  There will just be the  two of us, and chicken is a normal part of our diet.  For David's sake we'll buy a small pumpkin pie.  ( Not that I would ever eat a slice of it.  No, not me, not ever)

I don't know if I've mentioned that I took my big sewing machine in for servicing.  It needs a part, and will be there for a week or so.  This is a personal challenge for me.  How do I keep busy without the machine.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Say it isn't so...please, no snow!

What a shock! I can imagine what you were thinking, Cathy. And i saw that there were flurries in Winnipeg as well. I cannot imagine myself and what i would do if it were to snow here right now.  We did get another thunderstorm last night though and lots of rain. In spite of my setting up the downspout at the side of the house to divert the water, for some reason it filled up under the window and I had to pump anyway.
I just made a baked pie shell to put the pumpkin chiffon filling in tomorrow - what a disaster. The pastry tastes nice and fluffy but the shell looks like I threw it on the floor and then threw it as is into the pie plate to bake. Only thing that will save me is that the filling will cover it mostly and then I made little hearts from leftover pastry to decorate around the edge and of course whipping cream will go on top when I serve it at Mikes. Too much to do I guess and when that happens one seems to always be faced with disasters, right?
Speaking of too much to do, Ruth from across the street called yesterday first to ask why I haven't visited "Are you mad at me?" she asked.  Then to ask if I could look after the rabbits this weekend as they are going to her sons in Collingwood for Thanksgiving. Sure I said to myself .....why not! haha! I'll go over tomorrow morning to watch her do it again although I think I can do it just fine from having done it last fall for 12 days when they flew to Kelowna for Thanksgiving to her daughters.
Well I guess I better get on with it. Have lots to do right now, including more tomato juice, and then find a pan to fit this huge turkey we picked up last evening. It's 10.7 Kg which works out to be about 23.5 lbs.- never had one quite so big for a long time.
Also would like to go outside for a bit as it is warmer today and sunny.  Take care.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

What a day

Lots of wet, heavy snow... power failure and me holding down the fort at work. Our office manager sent everyone home when the power had been off for half an hour and hydro couldn’t say when it would be back. I was the lucky winner of having to stay until closing time. I do get 2 1/2 hours off another day. I think I will ask for more since I had to work when the power finally came
back. I am asking for Christmas Eve. The office closes at 1:00pm but if we want the day off we have to use an entire day of holidays. I can use my banked time instead of a holiday and have the whole day without using an entire day of vacation. With the new system at work I am getting a lot of error reports. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but I think that I have to hit enter before saving. I will ask someone tomorrow. Kris and sandi can’t come for thanksgiving. We are going to plan for another day. It is hard to Believe they have been married forv16 years!  And it is hard to believe that Kik is 43 years old. And me only 29!!!  We are not ready for winter. I got a lot of the garden cleaned off. Not hard to do when nothing grew, but coming home today in the storm it was hard to see our lane. Jim puts markers along the edge of the drop off on the lane but they are not in yet. He promises he will do it soon. I think the last of the potato driving is done. They still have about 140 acres to do but the weather has not cooperated. They can make a crop insurance claim but it is not as good as bringing the crop in. I don’t remember if I told you that chicken delight in town closed. Jean had been fighting with the company for almost two years to get a contract and lease agreement and finally gave up. I think she is happier without the stress but I am not sure about her franchise. They must owe her something. Anyway.  Long day.... too much stress. I need a hot bath and off to bed. Love you guys

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Little chick...

...is not doing well and I pray something will happen - one way or the other.  It breaks my heart to see him and not be able to help him even though I have read more literature and am trying some suggested solutions. But the literature also notes that a chick who requires hand feeding and intervention so soon after hatching ie in first week, very seldom survives. 
I spent the whole day cleaning out the ice hut - this has been left for over 20 years filling up with stuff and also home to squirrels and chipmunks and mice etc filling it with pine cones, and making bedding with paper and cloth or whatever they could find. The bottom is made of wood and has of course, rotted in places. But I cleaned it out and now it depends on the person who wants it whether he'll take it as is. It is being given to him so there are no obligations on our part.
Last evening we attended the Candidates Meeting at the Arena - it was standing room only and we heard from the two Mayoralty candidates and one Councillor - all the other three Councillors were acclaimed, and the other person running for Council was unable to attend. Lots of interesting questions came from the audience and in spite of me not giving too much credit to these sorts of meetings, it was very evident who I did not want to vote for so thankful i went. i shall have to go to the advanced pools as on Election day i have to be in Parry Sound for Jury summons. 
We have to pick up the turkey at 7 pm tomorrow up the highway a bit. I asked her to take it out of the freezer in the morning, hoping that it will start to thaw as we plan to cook it Friday. 
Now I must close up - put the birds to bed, try to feed the little one, and hopefully get some sleep - has been tough when i am up every three hours around the clock to care for the little chick.
Take care

Monday, October 1, 2018

"Tis Done.

My last commitment for shows and exhibitions.  I feel like a huge load is off my shoulders.  Now I have three months, more or. less, just to play, or do whatever I want in the studio.  We had to drive out to Selkirk for the third time in three days.  This time to the library there with a laundry basket full of reliquaries and boxes.  The display space was much smaller than I anticipated, but I was still able to leave 5 pieces there, for the next three months.

Yesterday, we were out there for the show opening for reception for my friend Judith's show, and we had a couple of moments to talk.  I mentioned that I felt there was no hope of selling anything, and she pointed out that it doesn't matter.  Your work and name is out there, and if nothing else, this will foster name recognition--always a good thing for an artist.  She has been a good support for me over the years, and I often think back to our first meeting.  It was in Sioux Narrows, at one of the big art shows there.  I think you may have been with me that day, Beth.  I was just starting out, and she spoke to me, recognizing that we both worked in fibre, but remarking that some formal art education  would always make a difference in how well  each of us would do.  I didn't take that well, at the time, but now see the validity in the comment.

Tomorrow we get the winter tires put on the car ( Ka-a-aching!)  We store the others at home, and I don't think David is looking forward to moving them around in the garage.  But we've found a new spot for them that won't require him lifting them over his head to a storage rack.  Don't know what we'll do with the storage rack though.

Now off to make supper.

Coloured leaves and sunny day

We went to Huntsville this morning to shop - we have a busy week and thought shopping to day to get ready for Thanksgiving weekend would be wise. We will be going to Mike's on Saturday to celebrate, getting the ordered turkey on Wednesday and cooking it Friday to take with us. The rest of the food can be prepared there except of course the traditional pumpkin pie which I shall have to bake Thursday perhaps. There may be added guests as his friend Clay who lives in Markstay may come with his two boys so we will be prepared.
The colours of the leaves driving down was very nice - most leaves are at their best but some not yet. The sun really makes it extra colourful on the hills along the way.
Most of the last few days have been rainy and cold and the mornings are near freezing. I check your temps as well and see that it the case with you both. Do you think Fall is really here haha!
Got a call from Michelle from Toronto who says Daisy is up with her son and daughter (Michelles parents) for a week and wouldn't it be nice if i could visit. Not really on my list to do but i guess I'll have to try to get over there sometime this week.
Well, I must put the groceries away and then get busy. if i can i will get outside to putter as the day is cool but nice so may get something done.
Pati I baked the Craft Cake from the recipe Susanne sent you. it did not turn out like I remembered hers tasted. cathy this was an exceptionally tasty cake Pati's friend served when we both went for the afternoon Stitchers . The bottom was crusty and the main cake was moist and spicy- delicious. We all got the recipe but as I say. mine is just not right! Maybe I should try again.  And also Cathy i made a quiche on the weekend and although good and i ate it, it just wasn't the same as what you made.  Perhaps I am losing my touch? 
Well off and at it.....take care. ps when is Dave and Loren going to the Bombers game?

Sunday, September 30, 2018

wouldn't you know...

Today is the second lovely fall day since we put the garden furniture away.

Yesterday we were out to Selkirk to pick up the pieces I've had on exhibition for the last month.  Today we were out for the opening reception of the October show featuring my friends Judith and Kathleen.  Tomorrow I'm out there to put up a small exhibition of my boxes in the Gaynor Family library.  Had to buy gas yesterday.  Wonder why? (Snort)

The bird feeder is active.  Yesterday we had a Nuthatch.  He was actually on the tree trunk, and in a position where I couldn't tell if he was a Red Breasted Nuthatch or a White Breasted Nuthatch.  But the head colouring and the perching position on the tree bark were both very distinctive. And today the Juncos are back!  I figured they were about due.  They usually stay for about two weeks, both spring and fall.  They are dear little things and I so much enjoy watching them.

Otherwise, I've spent a lot of the weekend playing Candy Crush.  I'm on a bit of a roll, (up almost 50 levels in two days), and really don't have much ambition for anything else.  But, the laundry is done, and the bathrooms scrubbed, so does it really matter?

The books I ordered from Amazon.ca have all arrived--the last delivered this morning.  Early books in the Monkeywrench series by P. J. Tracy.  So I have that to look forward to this week, in any case.  Okay, time to think about supper.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Too early for snow....

Yes, I too, can feel it in the air but for me it is far too early especially when you see this yard. To compound the issue is the getting rid of the ice hut and trailer. Harry started the cleanup while I was in Gravenhurst - so yes, I did have the drive there on my own. Brought back lots of memories of when I actually had to drive there for work. But the area is gorgeous - the leaves are not quite glorious yet though, but enough have changed to make it picturesque.  This little tea room is situated on the edge of Lake Muskoka and the old steamer cruise ships dock. As we sat by the window the Sequin ( historic steam cruiser) came into port from a passenger cruise -and there was another line up of tourists ready to board for another.
Yesterday I was out in the "mist" - not quite a downpour but enough to get wettish, and cleaning all around the ice hut. Years of needles and pine cones and dirt and garbage haha! Now we only have to clean out the inside which in my opinion will be the worse. I mentioned that Harry ordered another "shed in a box" Wednesday with a delivery of 1-2 weeks. Yesterday morning the delivery truck came and deposited a huge heavy box at the front of our place. I was shocked it came so fast, but maybe OK since we can now make plans to set it up, and maybe I will have a chance to read and absorb the instructions before the actual process starts? But none of this can occur until the ice hut is made ready for pickup and actually disappears from our yard as the new shed will have to go in the place vacated by the hut - ie in the back driveway.
Pati it was nice to read about your show in Pinawa being extended and I too, think that is a positive and compliment for you and Gail. But perhaps means more planning for the exchange of items as you have another's to take and pickup as well, right? And since I saw the raw tablecloth that you mentioned you are working on, I will be so interested to see the transformation that you have imagined....and the old doilies and handkerchiefs you have begun. Is it good to get your mind and hands active?
Well, I have spinach scramble ready for my breakfast to day and I had cottage cheese/almonds on rye yesterday, so enjoying the recipes and ideas from the 20/20 that you shared with me Pati. Cathy it was fun to see the actual meals prepared and consumed while I was at Pati's. Did you ever come across that Dr Phil book yet -think you read, it did you?
So to follow Pati's theme of "so it is Friday" I shall say "so it is Saturday" and lots on my to do list, including the birds. The little chick I have been nursing is not doing well and I wish more than ever that it will thrive, or at least not hang on too long if that is to be it's demise. 
Have a good weekend folks.
ps I forgot to tell you that when coming home last week the bus took a different route through Winnipeg from the airport. It came down Portage to Broadway to Osborne and over the bridge to Fermor and then out to the east on #1. So as we passed along Osborne I was treated to another last glimpse of the old and fondly remembered neighbourhood. I thought it was a most fitting end to my wonderful visit. XX

Friday, September 28, 2018

and on to Friday

David's other pair of glasses arrived yesterday, so it was off again down town to pick them up.  The lady in the shop must have heard me complain about having to pay $3.75 for parking for 10 minutes in the building, because this time the parking was taken care of.  He sees much better with them, and I think he's happy he got them.

Yesterday, and again today there was definitely the "smell" of snow in the air, and even a couple of flakes this afternoon.  I think you've already had a bit , Cathy? So an appointment was made to have the tires changed, next Tuesday morning.  Then David was out to the garage to start re-arranging everything for winter. First he gave the grass one last cut, more to pick up the leaves than to actually cut the grass.  We have yard refuse pick up on Monday.  Good timing.  Once that was done, the whole garage had to be re-arranged so that the lawn mower is hidden in the back corner, the lawn furniture is packed around it, and there is space for the snow bower at the front of the building, ready for use.  This is an all day job.  Then he got the snow tires out ready for Tuesday.  I think he'll sleep well tonight.  He wants to change the way he stores the ties, but that will be a job for tomorrow.

I've been down in the studio, drafting a quilting pattern for an embroidered tablecloth I found at the thrift store.  This is both practice and preparation for the booth I'll have at a craft show in December.  I feel I owe my friends a bit of effort in presenting a decent booth, but don't have enough stock.  Since I know there is really no point in making any, I plan to offer something new--taking precious old hand embroidered linens, and turning them into decorative items.  For a respectable price, of course.  This is actually something I've wanted to try for awhile ( years).  I've taken a couple of internet courses on it, and experimented a bit, but it's all far more to amuse myself, than done with any expectation of making money at it.

It was nice to see the picture of you and your friends, Beth.  Do I take it, from your comments, that maybe you had to drive yourself, that day? Still, it would be nice to get dressed in something other than jeans, and enjoy their company, as well as let them enjoy yours. 

Thursday, September 27, 2018

The Tree Man Cometh.....

....yesterday! So now the huge limbs are gone, and now I have to tidy up and move stuff. When he came I also had to move stuff as I had not done much since the one limb was suspended on tables and cages and other stuff, and I was afraid of them falling down on top of me. I also had to move ornaments etc so he could manoeuvre his ladder. But the job is done, and I am not sorry I went the route of hiring him in spite of it costing $.
As well we had two enquiries about the ice hut. Harry had not told me of a man who approached him while I was gone, and another fellow came to the door yesterday. I got his number as I had to ask Harry about it of course. Harry called the first man and he is interested still so I had to call the second fellow back with apologies that I had not known about the first offer. Now however comes the issue of emptying it of stuff, and cleaning around the trailer and getting it ready to be moved. So what to do with all the stuff inside? Solution - Harry ordered another canvas shed off Amazon which should come in about three weeks. Oh boy! I wondered if the dump might have been a better solution haha!
In addition to all this, I am now again hand feeding a baby budgie who is not thriving. This is every 3 hours around the clock.
Thank goodness I am going for my luncheon today. I have demonstrated to Harry how to feed the baby while I am away - lets hope all goes well.
On with my day then..... Take care

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


David, too, has new eye glasses.  He ordered two pair, one for reading, and the other for watching tv.  The distance ones arrived today, and we had to immediately rush downtown to pick them up. Don't know when the others will get here. 

I have absolutely no ambition, having sewn the strips together for my leaf piece.  The recent purge was an effort to get my butt in gear.  Didn't work.

My extra eating over the past two weeks has caught up with me, at the  scale, so it's back to phase one for me. It's very hard to stop eating, so tonight I've taken my computer downstairs, where the food isn't so readily available.

Guess I'm just in  "blue funk" right now. But--it was another beautiful fall day today--maybe the last one, according to the long range forecast, and the fact that the snow was so heavy and so close, lately.

 I've never read any Dean Koontz.  You'll have to bring us up to speed when you get to it, Beth.  I did order 4 P.J. Tracy novels off Amazon.  They were quite cheap, and I had expected to have to spend about $35, so the extra two are just a bonus.  One arrived Monday, after I ordered them Saturday.  Pretty good service.

Dean Koontz

I have read some of his novels.  In a way he reminds me of Stephen King and there is some horror aspects to some of his books.  On another note.............
Chloe got her new glasses last week.  I think they make her look older!  I had just made my computer wallpaper using the picture of her from the blog when Kris sent me this one.  I had to use it instead.


A big box of softcover books just arrived via the dump. Please tell me if you folks have read any Dean Koontz novels - I have not. The box has 20 such books. What are they about generally, and do you think I should attempt to read. Thanks
ps I just started to read the novel by Ellen Hart (A Jane Lawless Mystery) I got from you Pati.

New table

Pati the table looks great all cleaned and set up. Gives you lots of room and has same layout as other so no drastic changes. I felt a bit strange seeing the pictures so soon after I had actually been there and enjoying your company in that very room. A very fond remembrance for me.
Still playing catch up here but not making much headway. Yesterday it was apple juice. The apples from the one tree are slightly bigger and juicier I think and made up a beautiful clear reddish pink juice that is now bottled and ready to be labelled and put away. I'll have to do that quick as Harry wants to do the celery this morning - I will need to bring up the dehydrator and clear off the stove for it. Never a dull moment. The other night I had to move th house plants as it was getting really cold - I have not cleared the space in the sun room yet where they normally sit over winter so I quickly brought a few in ( including my cactus from Maplewood which I cherish) and then hid the others inside the two greenhouses. These will have to be moved in as soon as I can. 
It is raining a bit this morning which may hamper my efforts outside but slow and easy is my mantra and maybe I'll get things done. The broken limbs are still hanging from the tree out front so I have to walk gingerly under them in case a slight movement will dislodge them and come tumbling down. I called the tree man yesterday but only left a message and have not heard back - I expect he is busy with other downed tree issues. I decided that we would hire him to do the work as I could not see it being done otherwise. 
I look forward to my Luncheon on Thursday with Sue, Diane and Kathleen even if I have to drive to Gravenhurst ( about 1 1/2 hours south) I'll fill you in after. I have the picture of 'the three sisters" ready to take to show them  It is the good one and not the silly one haha! Pati did Cathy see that silly one or was it deleted?
So one with the day.....take care.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

They get you coming and going

Beth and I had a chat about the difference between a Cafe Americano and my pour over, and why they had different prices.  Last time I was into the coffee store, I asked. Cafe Americano is a full shot of espresso (regular or decaf)  into which is added hot water, to soften the strong flavour.  My pour over is a full shot of espresso (decaf) placed in a filter drip, and then hot water poured over.  What's the difference, you ask?  Well it's in the labour and skill necessary to use the espresso machine to produce that regular espresso shot, and then to use the espresso machine to produce the hot water.  The pour-over doesn't require using the espresso machine at all, getting it's hot water from the regular coffee maker.  That's their story, and they're sticking to it.

While Beth was here, we visited a local thrift store, and David and I bought a new kitchen table.  We've been looking for one since we had the kitchen updated, but pedestal tables without corners are just not available, unless you have one custom-made at an appropriate price. It's now in the kitchen, and the old one gone.  It arrived filthy, as we knew it would.  It has now been thoroughly scrubbed, a chore that required the kitchen floor to be washed not once but twice.
 Here we are during the washing.  The pedestal was very, very dirty.  I think they must have been smokers, as everything, even the bottom of the pedestal, came away as dirty brown staining on the paper towel we used.

Here it is upright and the leaf in.  We both think it must have been a very good table when first purchased.  It has good weight and is sturdy.

And here it is ready for use.  I'm quite happy with it.  As you can see, David can even push his chair all the way in--something he couldn't do with the old one.

Yesterday the items were delivered to the gift shop.  What a kurfuffle!  Took far too long, and they were busy, which meant that we were being pushed to get the job done.  But it's all looked after for the next four months.

As for how I spent today, check the other blog.

A few words to keep the ball rolling....

Not quite the return I was anticipating but life does that, right?
We were hit with the storms that you may have heard caused worse chaos in and around Ottawa this weekend. On Friday shortly after I sent my "arrived home" email, the storm came through bringing very intense strong winds the like we have not seen. As it happened the top of our highest pine tree broke off landing partially on the roof and suspended on other obstacles on the ground - about thirty or forty feet I estimate with about 10 feet on the roof. No apparent roof damage but its there. At the same time another just as large branch broke off falling the opposite way suspended by other trees branches until falling further to the ground but still caught halfway up the tree. Frightening. Then as it always does the power went out. We did not get power back until yesterday ( Sat) afternoon. In the morning we tried to tidy the yard of fallen branches and twigs and leaves - what a mess. And we were not the only ones as around town many trees down and some roads closed because of obstruction. I went up to the little store on the corner around 9;30 am to see if the coffee pot was on because I knew he had generators working to keep his store going. It was a hoot as there were three other men standing around the coffee machine as the owner tried to get it going. One man had brought a jug of water in from home, and the pot was connected to a smaller generator thumping away outside the door. He pressed the on button but nothing happened. He figures the commercial machine was too powerful for the amount of electricity it was getting from the small generator. But in a way it was fun to be standing there with these others anxiously waiting haha! Emergencies tend to bring folks together - even if it were only to have a cup of coffee!
So here we are. Harry intends to cut the trees with my help. He has an electric chain saw  and I moved all the stuff from around the area. Wish us luck.
After the hydro came back I was finally able to start the wash, do the dishes and try to get back to some normalcy (?) The birds are first on my list for this morning - they desperately need to have their cages cleaned.
And so this is what I have been up to over the last two days. Hope it gets better haha! Take care and keep smiling!

Friday, September 21, 2018

Always something new.

Yesterday David had an optometrist appointment at the Manitoba Clinic.  We came home down McDermot, where there has been a lot of construction.  Most of this involved creating a dedicated bicycle lane.  When we came to intersections with stop lights, I was surprised to see an dedicated  bicycle stoplight, built right into the traffic lights.  Neat!

This morning I went to a 3 hour workshop at a local quilting store.  My head was spinning after the first hour ( The cup of hi octane Tim's coffee they served prior to class may have had something to do with that.  They also served cake, and it wasn't budget store cake).  The instructor did not stop talking, at a quick pace, and with a very strong South African accent, though the whole three hours.  Just about everything she said was worth listening to.  Well worth the money I spent, but even more so when I made a purchase and got 20% off as well as a $10 shop credit. The workshop itself had only cost $15. Time very well spent, but I've been left exhausted.  It's been a lot of years since I was exposed to such an intense learning experience.  I felt for the instructor, as she had to repeat the performance two more times during the day.

Had coffee with my friend Gail today.  She had on a very nice outfit.  She doesn't always take that much care of her appearance, which made the whole thing a pleasant visit.

Tomorrow, I have to take a new set of sale items out to Selkirk, as the gift shop is having a full turn over of stock, as they do three times a year.  I'm also taking a full supply of stock for Gail, as she is at St. Norbert market all day, and I've been asked to pick up the out-going stock for a third woman.  so that will take up a chunk of my time.  But then I have nothing scheduled until next weekend--which is shaping up into a real busy four days.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

And it's over

We took Beth to the bus last evening, and she's now on her way back to Ontario.  Harry will pick her up in North Bay at 2:00 a.m., on Friday, to drive her the rest of the way. And so a wonderful, memory filled period in our lives is over.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Where it all started

Today, Beth and I took a trip back to the "old neighbourhood", Riverview.  We all grew up on Maplewood Ave.  We also had a relative on Maplewood less than a block away, and were often back and forth between the two houses.  Larger family gatherings we often held at one house or the other.  How the neighbourhood has changed!  As the oldest, I can remember being a small child and walking south from Maplewood, past Ashland and crossing grass-covered ground with posts stuck in the ground showing the names of future streets.  So I have seen a lot of change in the area.  The trees have all grown to maturity, many of them American Elms.  Those are big trees.  Many of the houses are so changed that we didn't recognize them, and that includes the one we all  lived in, pretty well until we were married.  I would not have recognized the old house without the address beside the front door.  The same goes for my aunt's old house down the street.

Riverview School is much bigger, and now, of course, French Immersion.  Churchill High School is also much bigger, and what was at one time the Municipal Hospitals, bears no resemblance whatsoever to the buildings we remember and I even worked at at one time. 

What does thus mean?  That part of our lives is over.  We can never go back ( nor do we want to).  But we have our memories.

Lunch in Winnipeg

On Sunday, the family met again in Winnipeg, at Pati's house.  The lunch was blessed with warmer, sunny weather, even though it got much colder a little later in the day.  This had been quite a worry, as the days leading up to the get-together had been cold and rainy.  We often talk about our family, and this is a chance for us to put faces to the names that you've seen over the years.

You might guess that we're a family that like to eat, as those seem to be the only pictures we take.   Here is Jim with his back to us, Jeremy's shoulder to his left, and then Beth, Jessica and Samantha in that order to his right.  Then part of Amber.

 Here we see a much better view of Jeremy, Beth across the table beside Jessica, then Cathy and Jim on  the this side of the table.

Here we have mainly backs, unfortunately.  Starting on  the left there is Beth, with Amber across the table, then Gillian, Jim and Cathy, and then a better view of Jeremy, and we even got a quick picture of Loren.

Chairs were at a premium, as we can see when poor Gillian ended up sitting on the bottom of a 5 gallon pail.

Cathy took some pictures too.  Here is a lovely picture of Amber and her two girls, Jessica on the left and Samantha in the middle.

She also got a picture of Loren and his two children, Gillian in the middle and Jeremy on the right, his turn to sit on that 5 gallon pail.

Here's a nice picture of Beth, with Jeremy and Jessica.  Still can't catch Jeremy without his face on his phone, though. 

Regardless of the alternative type of seating, and the prevalence of cellphones, it was a good day.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

The gang's all here!

Pictures from the McGrath Family Reunion September 2018.  this is Day one At Cathy's, in Neepawa (Cathy is the only member of the family currently named McGrath!)

Here's the youngest of the family, little four year old Chloe

And here are her parents, Sandi and Kris Prior.  Kris is Cathy's son.

And here is his Mother, Cathy McGrath

Here are the three McGrath sisters who have starred in this blog up until now.  I think Chloe may be taking over that place in the hierarchy

This lovely group include Cathy, her daughter Keri, on the left, her daughter-in-law Sandi, on the far right, and son Kris, holding little Chloe on his lap. 

Check here tomorrow for the pictures from Day two at Pati's in Winnipeg.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The day has come.....

'Tis Wednesday Sept 12.
This afternoon at 2 pm, I shall get on the bus here in Sundridge and begin my get away. Looks like a sunny day and the temperatures are climbing again after a dreadful cold, rainy spell. If all goes well I shall be arriving in Winnipeg around 7:30 pm tomorrow, Thursday Sept 13.
Cathy your planned menu for Saturday sounds perfect - no issues from me. And it will be so nice to see all your crew.
Today I shall do last minute chores around the house, double check my packing and then be gone.
I shall NOT be checking the blog or emails again today, and have no access while on the bus trip, so if there are any important messages please consider calling the home number before 1 pm today, or my cell while I am on the bus. I shall have it close by to hear the soft ring but if I miss your call leave a message and I will respond.
Otherwise, see you all soon. This will be a very exciting and happy adventure for me. XX

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


I don’t know about you guys but my family is expecting all of you for lunch on Saturday. It will be a free for all. I will put out the food I have and everyone can feed themselves. Once everyone is gone I am thinking of pickerel for supper. Any vetoes on any meal should be registered in advance

Oh Beth!

I don't think I'll ever get it right!  But you'll be with me to keep me on the straight and narrow.

Maybe this will help you.....

I correct the comment about my leaving date. I leave late on Wednesday evening, Sept 19. Perhaps this will give you a bit of wiggle room?

Mis-understood deadline

Spent a few minutes, as I often do on Monday mornings, looking at the calendar for the week.  I need to deliver new stock to the gift shop on Sept 22nd.  That's next Saturday.  Beth leaves late on Thursday, and I'm in a workshop on Friday.  And I need to complete the hand finishing on a minimum of 6 small purses before Saturday.  Better get busy.  So yesterday was spent doing that.  It took all day, but I got the six done.  By that time, I knew I had over-worked my shoulder, so spent the rest of the evening watching re-runs of Antique Roadshow.  This meant that the whole day had been spent sitting, even if my hands were busy--not good.  This also meant that my brain was still busy at bedtime, and I didn't sleep well.  Today I have a dental appointment, that will take about 3 hours, including travel time.

Tomorrow we have scheduled washing floors and vacuuming--not because of Beth coming, but because it's "that time " again.  We also have Poulin's coming, so have to stick close to home.  First thing in the morning David will go out and vacuum leaves off the patio, so that it can be sprayed.

All of this busy-ness interferes with my reading.  I'm fully immersed in the Mark Pryor series I mentioned before, as well as the Jane Lawless series by Ellen Hart.  Both are lengthy.  I check the Public Library, on line, and order 3-4 books at a time.  They are usually in quickly, and I will end up with 4-8 books piled up waiting to be read.  Sometimes I'm low on the waiting list, and suddenly one or two books show up, that I had completely forgotten about.  This results in a scramble to get every thing read in time to return them.

Today, I got an e-mail from someone who is promoting a fibre art exhibit that I'm part of, telling me that she had "googled" by blog and couldn't find it.  I tried it and the results showed that Walt Disney has a branch/studio/whatever also called The Mouse Factory.  Don't think I would survive a contest about domain ownership with them.  Not sure what sort of problem this might cause.  Don't think I'm going to rock the boat about it either.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Slept well

Yesterday I spent the day in  the gallery in Selkirk.  There were two consecutive classes in watercolour during the time I was there.  Sort of interesting, as the first one was a beginner class and the second a much more advanced class.  Taught by a very well respected instructor, who  has won international awards.  But this meant that there was no where for e  to sit except for one armless chair in the middle of the actual gallery section.  I had taken a lot of hand sewing, and knew immediately that wouldn't happen.  But that wasn't a problem, nor was the sitting part.  The lady I was working under was a very nervous-type.  She had me doing photo copying, and was moving pieces in the show around, and fussing over all sorts of issues.  I was on the run most of the day, except for a short period between classes, when we ate lunch, with the instructor, a very nice retired fellow, whom I've know for over 10 years.  But, was I ever tired when I left.  It had rained most of the day, but had stopped by then, a big relief driving home on the highway.

I had promised myself a coffee on the way home, and when I stopped at Starbucks, called David and told him I was going to sit there and drink my coffee and veg out for a bit, even if it was almost supper time.  He didn't care.  He watched three back-to-back CFL games --almost 9 hours, yesterday.

Preparations continue here as well.  I have arranged to have Poulin's out to spray for ants on Wednesday, in hopes that our family meal next Sunday, can happen outside.  I'm also hoping that if we kill the little buggers now, before winter, there won't be so many of them come spring. Probably a fantasy.  But I'm also concerned about the weather.  It's been cold around here for the last week, with a lot of wind.  In Winnipeg when the seasons change they really do change over night.  We are now wearing our fall/winter clothing--other than parkas.  This is the season when you see so many men in shorts wearing heavy jackets.  Last winter there was a big billboard with a picture of a fellow dressed like that in one of the ads.  Of course I also saw a fellow dressed like that, outside, last January.  Even then he didn't have a parka.

But, 'tis now Sunday, and I haven't done any housework in three days--didn't even cook supper last night.  Best I start soon.

Time to get serious...

I have been lallygagging (sp) about without making much headway so now I must get serious about organizing myself and the house and my packing for the trip.
We visited Mike yesterday which was a wonderful distraction to things here at home. Beautiful sunny day - but the mornings are really cold and there was frost on the roofs when we left early and all up the highway. Enjoyed hearing all about his first week at school and his perception of how things will play out for him now that he is actually there after so long planning and thinking about it.
Very intense requirements and assignments and required reading - he was shocked at the book prices and the number required for each of his five classes this first semester. And I am now the proud owner of a Laurentien University mug in royal blue with the U logo and name, and MOM written on it. Mike said he couldn't resist buying these two pieces of swag - Harry also got one with DAD on it- in spite of watching his budget closely.
So today I plan to write my final ToDo list and see if I can cross anything off haha! I shall concentrate on packing and not garden work. I have to catch the bus on Wed at the Restaurant on the highway as all the streets in the Village are dug up for new sewers etc - what a mess to just get to the Post Office and Main St- have to drive to the end of town and back in.
Hope all is well......Take care....see you soon.

Friday, September 7, 2018


Yesterday, when we were in out Safeway store there was a sign that it would be closing October 26, and there would be a new Freshco store in the same location.  Pretty quickly, I guess, as the pharmacy had a sign saying that they wouldn't be closing, and renovations are already underway.  I hope they aren't to much more expensive.  I believe it is another brand under the Sobeys (Loblaws) company.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Breaking News - Bad but then Good!

Bad: Just go the mail and in the mail was a Subpoena for me for  Jury Duty! I panicked. What date? Will this interfere with my trip plans? How will I manage if so? How depressed I am. Then I read the entire letter.

Good: I must report to Parry Sound Court House (1 1/2 hours west) at 9 am on October 22. OK, I have relaxed again. All is well!
I am not pleased but I had to attend before several years ago when I was working but got the day off with pay - after spending the entire day in Court we were finally released (not needed apparently) and each given cash money for mileage.  Of course I may be chosen, in which case my life ceases for months!

We went to South River this morning for 9 am for the Grand Opening of the new grocery store Freshmart. In April the Foodland closed suddenly and left the town without any grocery store. After a bit, it was announced that arrangements had been made with this new store. We found the prices rather high but bought a few things just to be supportive. Time will tell if things will be better. We always shopped at the Foodland in South River when it was there, but then had no choice but to go to the one in Sundridge which no one seems to like. This is why we now go to Huntsville to shop.

Then I had to go to the Dealership because a warning sign was on about the tires. It turned out to be a sensor that had to be replaced ( no longer under warranty) - and I got out of there $163.00 lighter. Not a good time for repairs when I am planning for my "get away".

On with my day.........hope I do not get any more surprises today.