Monday, June 30, 2014

All the rain and flooding

Hearing on news and reading in Free Press about all the flooding. It is terrible to imagine and I expect worse to be living through this.  We have had the on and off thunderstorms that went through yesterday and during the night. I have my fingers crossed we do not experience as much rain fall (over 100mm in some communities??) here over next few days as rain is being forecast. I read the list of road closures - any that might affect your travels north west Cathy?
Saturday we went to the waterfront to take part in Canada Day celebrations. Had an ice cream, and a dish of french fries. And Harry went up in the Lakeland Power truck bucket ride. Watched the parade, and listened to all the speeches before heading back home. It was a nice break from usual yard work. We heard the fireworks at dusk but did not go back down to see. Stayed in bed instead haha
Having some fun with the next door neighbours from Holland. They are really into the World Cup and have decorated their yard with flags and banners and have tee shirts and hats in the Netherland colour of orange.
Yesterday the Netherland team played Mexico and they had all the family from the surrounding areas to watch. Netherlands won and now go onto the quarter finals. So I guess the party will go on!!
Time to go. Happy Canada day to all.  Take care.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Just the beginning

Turned out that the first storm of the evening was just the beginning.  We were treated to rolling thunder storms for about 5 hours.  Furious blasts of noise and rain, lasting a few minutes and followed by clear skies and sunshine.  Now we are told that this will be the pattern all weekend, and there is concern about overland flooding in parts of the province.   I think I'll stay at home and sew, after getting the housework done--of course.

Friday, June 27, 2014


We've had the A/C on all day, so all of the doors and windows are closed. While we were eating supper David heard a bit of noise outside and said," do I hear a thunderstorm brewing?"  I looked out and into one of the wildest "gully washers" we've had this year.  Great swaths of rain flowing sideways and trees bent almost in half.  Wow!  Guess this is the price on a high humidex.  Over as quickly as it took to tell about it, but what a sight to see!

Ah...'tis Friday and a long weekend beekons.....

I love anticipation.  I've often mentioned that with any of my adventures, it is the anticipation that has the most meaning.  So, I concur with Pati.  Have a blast Cathy, even if you have no cloths to wear!!
Nice weather for weekend - actually supposed to be near 30 with humidex high. Maybe I should find a little fan in the basement to set up for night sleeping?
The next door neighbours from Holland arrived last night for a months holidays. We knew their visit was pending because her sister from across the street has been primping the place with flowers in pots at front porch, and big Canada flag out front and I saw her in the house the other day - I guess cleaning and freshening the place after a long winter empty. Haven't seen them yet but will soon be able to welcome them back.Plan to work in yard today. Harry will likely be out garage saleing and at a local auction. I prefer to stay home.
So have great weekend everyone. Take care

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Cathy, enjoy every minute of the anticipation of your vacation.  You have earned it!  I envy you the chance to get away.  We are likely to stay in the city, and it's hard to motivate yourself to get out and about, when all the comforts of home are handy.

My life is so exciting.  I bought a new pillow today, and one for David as well!

Once again I'm back

Right now I am just counting the days until vacation.  I have to come in next Wednesday, but I am only going to do work that I am behind in.  I won't take on anything new.  I won't even take any phone calls.  We leave next Friday for Saskatchewan and stay there for a week.  I am really looking forward to that.  I am going to buy a bunch of used pocket books and lie around and read.  My idea of heaven.    A man bribed us today because he is desperate to get his plan registered.  Timmie's donoughts and muffins.  He didn't even have to do that since the only plans ahead of it are easements and I can leave them til I get back.  I was in Brandon yesterday.  Jim and I stopped at Walmart to pick up some new clothes for me, but they decided to start testing  the fire alarm for the next hour.  We left within two minutes.  Hence, I have no clothes to go away with.  Oh well.  That is why we have a Sally Ann.    I am getting my computer fixed (finally).  He estimated $350.00 and my warranty is up to 499,99.  He suggested he would give me an $85 credit towards a new computer, but I like mine and all my info is on it.  I would have to pay even more to have the hard drive transferred.  People are starting to ask me for help.  I guess that is why you shouldn't eat lunch at your desk :(

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Like the new look!

Your room looks very open and inviting. When you stand at the bottom of the stairs and enter you can see right into the studio - I like it. Are you pleased?  You really have been a very busy bunch. Nice you have Jeremy to help out!
Lots of rain the past two days but that just means we don't have to water the garden and plants so much. I likely look like a strawberry as have been eating lots of them since our adventure Monday to pick. I made no cook jam and it did not set so it is now mixed with some stewed rhubarb and I'll enjoy it like that.
We went to the storage shed this morning to check after all the rain. It seems OK - we have palettes stacked beside the building and sheets of pressed board inside which the owner brought, and we have to move our stuff out one day in order to put the false floor in place, and then move our stuff back. Hopefully this will solve the water damage problem. Likely make this move Thursday or Friday this week. Oh boy!!
Time to do dishes and head for bed. Take care

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The "royal " we have been busy

After sorting out the basement over the weekend, David and Jeremy have spent the last  two days trying to sort out the yard.  We have been battling a problem with the grass, where big patches of it are dying.  The fellow from the company that does the weed spraying and fertilization for us, told David that there were two ways to approach it.  We could add some soil and seed more grass, or we could dig it out and add soil and then sod.  Last year David went the add soil and seed route, but the areas were back this year and bigger, so it was time to dig it out and re-sod. Since we needed to do some landscaping around the garage, now that the stucco has been finished, they decided to do it all.  Jeremy dug out quite a few areas and they started to spread the soil and re-sod the in the back, but when I walked across the front lawn I noticed quite a few smaller areas that needed attention.  Pointing them out to David lead to a bit of a discussion, and he quickly agreed that there was no way they could deal with it, and we would have to call in a landscaper to dig it out with a Bobcat and re-sod.  So, while they will finish the backyard, David is now in the process of trying to find someone to do the job.  Ka-a-aching!

The basement has been cleaned up, and yesterday my new computer table arrived.  There is still a bit of "mess", but they made a trip out to the dump today and got rid of the actual "crap", from both the basement and the yard.

The upper picture is the view from the bottom of the stairs, with the biggest difference being the entertainment center being gone. Instead, we now have my cute little computer desk beside the grids.  I had really wanted the little shelf on top to put my CD player on, but if I do that, there is nowhere to put my CD stacks.  As well, I want to get a small cork board to hang on the grid beside the computer desk.  I forgot to take a picture of the book shelves, where I have eight plastic tubs to hold all of my paints and gel mediums.  I'll try to do that tomorrow.  The best part of the small computer desk is that I will be able to sit on my rolling steno chair, which will be much more comfortable than the wooden kitchen chair, that I now use at the computer.  The desk is also small enough for me to put in the living room, should the day ever come, when the basement is out of reach for me.

So this evening we are vegging out again.  It is so cold that we have been talking about turning the furnace on, at least for a few minutes to warm the house while we have our showers tonight. It is the end of June isn't it, not the end of October?


We were in the fields at 8 am yesterday to be the first people to start the annual picking. Beckers Berry Patch opened yesterday and so of course we were there haha  We got 6 baskets within 30 minutes and were on our way home quickly  Today I have to do something with them.  I did take two baskets with me to North Bay as I had to go up yesterday - one for each of the boys. Harry stayed home and worked in yard.  Today is rainy so I should be able to clean, freeze, and make jam which is my goal,  I bought mini angel food cakes to make strawberry shortcake dessert for us. I really like the taste and much better than those little cakes with indents in them I have bought previously- they always tend to be dry and tasteless.
So my day is set, and I guess I should get on with it. Take care

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Wonderful day today

Today I joined four other ladies for luncheon at Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. Ladies I used to work with including my friend Sue who I have told you about before. I so enjoyed the event - we had fun with stories, updates, and lots of laughs. How refreshing to get out and do something different from the usual. This gives me something to think about for the next few days or weeks haha!  I will hope to send you a picture once I download from the camera and figure out how to do it.
Take care

Thursday, June 19, 2014

It let me In!!!

I tried posting from work again today and SURPRISE!~ today it let me in.  So much has happened.  I have been able to read the blog, but since I also blew the hard drive on Kik's computer I have had nothing to work with.  I find my phone just to small to try to write a whole message on.  Work still sucks.... I am voluntarily going to employment assistance in an effort to learn how to moderate my tone of voice and how to deal with co-workers.  I still can't understand how a casual employee who is only here until October can control the office.... the ENTIRE office since she has moved into my office and I am now sitting at the registration desk.  It is not set up for double screens, but I have to use the double screens in the job I do, so now I am constantly twisting my neck to go from one screen to the other.  I also no longer have voicemail, so once I contact a client, they have to call me back on the main line, and if I am there speak to me and if not leave a message with whoever answers the phone.  Unfortunately, whoever answers usually forgets the little things, like why did they call and what is their phone number.  Where is the lottery when you really need it.  The 55 Plus games are here this week.  Lloyd Robertson was the keynote speaker.  It was his wife's 80th birthday on Tuesday.  (They attended the variety show.... Lynne & I did a skit)  Jim is working at the cribbage all day today.  He phoned me once looking for another Cribbage board.... he sounded very stressed out.  I think he is far more used to playing crib and drinking beer than he is in actually officiating at a tournament ( poor baby )  Sunday is his god-daughter's wedding.  She just turned 19 last week.  After that, I start 2 weeks holidays on June 30.  We are leaving for some lake in Saskatchewan on July 5 to meet up with Jim's son Tim and his family.  I am looking forward to it.  We will have to come home on the 11th, though, cause  
1.   Rodney wants to borrow our truck to go to BC and they are leaving first thing on the 12th and
2.   The Legion golf tournament is on the 13th.
I can just see us pulling up Friday night and tossing our things out one side of the truck while Rodney loads his from the other side.  He wants ours because we have a tonneau cover on the back and he doesn't.  All of their luggage and supplies will be in the back and it is just safer with the cover.  They can't take their car cause they have too much stuff to haul.  I have my computer in for repairs, too.  Kik bought me a 3 year warranty and I now have the approval to go ahead and fix it , up to 499.99.  Thank you Kik!!!!  Guess what I am grateful for today? 
PS... did you know you could edit these messages after they are posted?!  I fixed something!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I can't remember if I told you that my Columbine had survived the winter.  It appears to be thriving.  there are two plants that we bought last spring.  the blooms on the other one are really not at all interesting, but these are lovely.  A lady delivering something to the house yesterday actually stopped and took a picture, so, of course, I had to do the same thing.

I visited a friend last night, and it turns out that she had recently taken an internet course on studio re-organization, and used the info for a total re-vamp of her studio.  I can't believe the difference, and wish that I could afford to do similar things, but I have to work with what I have.  The visit did result in me asking myself some hard questions.  It has been my way to re-purpose or use what I have at hand.  But----do I really need a tv and VCR in the studio.  We haven't used the VCR in years, and those DVD's that I do have, can be played on my laptop.  By getting rid of the entertainment centre, the whole area opens up.  We'll have to wait until we can get some help to actually take the entertainment centre out of the basement, but for now it is empty and turned with its back against the wall.  We have just come back from taking a whole trunk load of "stuff" to the thrift store, including a side table, a foot stool, and about 100 stereo cassettes.  Did you read where the term " cassette" has been removed from the dictionary as being archaic, and no longer in common use?  We were also told that the thrift store no longer accepts entertainment centres, as there is no market for them.  O-k-a-y.......gotta think about that one.

Lunch is finished, so back into the "salt mines".

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I know that feeling

I seem to be sitting more in the yard these days haha! I do my work, but I sure would rather be sitting under the umbrella. I am finding it harder to get around and my old hands don't function like they used to. Oh complain, complain eh? But on the other hand, I am happy with my weeding and getting the beds looking good. Far too much to do, but slow as she goes, and I'll get there
Last night for supper we had BBQ Asparagus. Sounds funny but it was good. Mike told us about it - he had some of his buddys over for a BBQ on Saturday night, and one of them brought asparagus. You just put it on the grill and keep turning until the outer skin turns a dark brown. We found that they tasted better right off the grill, as in the house after when they got cold, they weren't quite as good ( or maybe we had just eaten too many?)  We have both agreed though that we shall eat  any more we get the usual way.
Have arranged to go to Midland on Thursday this week. So today and tomorrow Harry will be getting more boxes to take with us to go in the Auction.
So, busy busy ... in meantime, thinking about you folks. Take care
Second time to try to publish... anyone else having problems?

Did not publish

Seems having problems with blog again.  Not publishing. Oh no!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Talk about procrastinating!!

Started the clean-up project yesterday.  Sorted the piles of fabric on two shelves, threw some junk away, and said "That's enough!  Time for a nap".  Total working time--about 20 minutes. LOL
It was just another cold wet, dreary day!  Thank goodness we had planned a fairly simple supper, that David was able to pull it together when I faded out.  We spent the evening watching some sort of low budget car repair/restoration show.  I didn't have the energy to speak up or change the channel, or to even ask that the sound be turned up so that I could hear what was going on.  Pretty sad!
However, I slept well, and am ready to tackle the basement again--maybe my energy will last a little longer today.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day those Fathers that are regular followers. Have a Happy Day! And to those who have a Father in the house- have a Happy day!
Should be able to get out in the yard today - much better weather.  I made a little fire this morning and it didn't want to burn - I guess too moist. Oh well, it was the thought that counted haha.
We got Chinese take out for supper last night and with leftovers, we shall celebrate Fathers Day here with more Chinese food !
Take Care

Saturday, June 14, 2014

cold and rain here too

Not a nice day at all, and more scheduled for tomorrow.  At times the rain is quite heavy and there is thunder.  Not the sudden, shake-the-house thunder, but rather steady rolling thunder.  It's cold enough that we've gone back to winter clothing--fleecy jackets and vests in the house, and we're talking about turning the heat back on for the evening, especially at bath time.  So we are pretty well hunkered down watching reality shows on tv.  These are mainly home renovation shows, so our next step is to win a lottery and try out these strategies on our house.  We figure we can get what we want for under $200,000. I guess you are never too old to dream.

Saw the Physio yesterday, and he has given me a new exercise, but I couldn't find the equipment in the house to do it. So this morning David brought in two half height cinder blocks to use as a step. They seem just about perfect, and I did the exercise, but the left leg is certainly objecting.

The basement is starting to look like a hoard searching for a home.  My brain is saying that I need to re-organize the space to accommodate my "stuff".  Since we moved in, I've tried to limit my " stuff" to one end of the area, but now I realize that I have actually started to take over the whole space. Surprisingly, it is mainly the painting stuff that needs to be sorted and organized.  My problem is that I know that when I start tidying and re-organizing, it is usually because I'm procrastinating about something else, so I have to sort that out in my mind.

Weekend is here

Saturday morning early and I have a wash on already, and with a fresh coffee in front of me, I shall write a few words. Another dull, coldish, rainy morning but it is supposed to clear up. Harry has headed out for garage sales but I can't imagine too many outdoor ones this morning?
Yesterday we went to North Bay to celebrate Mike's Birthday- it's actually on Sunday but schedules allowed us to see him yesterday instead, which is just fine. Apparently on Sunday Erin is planning to cook a special dinner for him. She is a good cook, so I expect they shall have a happy time together.
The Ontario Election results were a big surprise so we are now in for four years of a majority Liberal government. Time will tell.....
The garden is jumping ahead by leaps with this rainy weather so now we have to get out and do the weeding and tieing up of tomatoes etc. Busy times.
I spoke with my friend in Petawawa this week -they just returned from a world cruise - away over four months around the world. She has  many wonderful stories to share and suggested we get together over the summer. We could meet halfway, but harry says why not just make a day of it and drive to their place. We have made so many days trips to Petawawa when we used to drive Mike back and forth so it is not that really far. Wonder if we will go?
Time to start more housework. I have ripe banana(again) so looked through some cookbooks for something different- plan a no cook bar thing - may be horrible but I'll try. Still have so much rhubarb to use. Made a Rhubarb Lattice Pie for Mike - his favourite for Birthday time haha
Take Care

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Memorable day

We attended the Graduation this morning. We picked up Mike at 8 am and took him in our car to University as Erin had to go earlier. We met up with Erin's family in the parking lot. They had driven from Toronto - must have left really early in order to arrive there by 9 am. So we met for the first time Erin's Mother, and Father and Sister, and proceeded to sit all together in very large auditorium. The procession began by 9:40 am and then the formal program commenced. They had a large projection screen overhead so as we were near the back of the room, we could see close up what was happening on the stage. We got photos of Erin being presented on stage and receiving her "hood" (scarf around the neck?) and then in another room got many family pictures. Then we were invited to go for a celebration lunch at Boston Pizza restaurant before her family headed off down the highway for the long trip back to Toronto. I am so glad to go and be a part of this special day. Mike bought her a bouquet of roses and presented them to her after the ceremony. We headed back home ourselves right after lunch and met up with the heavy rains that were forecast - but we did need rain for the garden.
Tomorrow is Election Day in Ontario and apparently according to the latest polls, the three main Parties are neck and neck. So the outcome is anyone's guess. That means tomorrow evening will be a late night as polls close at 9 pm and results will start to roll in shortly after and I will want to watch.
For now, take care.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Today's adventure

For today, the ladies in Pinawa, had planned another creative mixed media session.  My, friend, Gail, had offered to drive and came to pick me up about 7:50.  She told me that she had slept poorly, and this had resulted in a muscled spasm in her neck.  During the drive out, she obviously had trouble with things like shoulder checks, and during the day this appeared to be getting worse. About 3:30, I suggested we head for home, and she asked if maybe David could pick my up at her house in Landmark, so that she wouldn't have to drive through the city.  So, with the support of the other ladies, I asked her if she really felt she was okay to drive, and would it be safer if I drove us home.  She didn't even pretend to argue.  Now, David had neither her address, nor her cell phone number, so I called him at home, and suggested that he drive out to meet us, and we agreed on a route.  Well, Gail's car has a standard transmission.  While I know we all learned to drive with a standard, I don't think I have driven one in 20 years or more.  So the other ladies, (mainly my friend, Vivian, who is also scheduled for knee replacement surgery) helped pack Gail's car, including two folding tables, and off we go.  A strange car with an unusual shifting pattern, but we did okay.  I only stalled it twice between Pinawa and Hwy # 12, west of Beausejour.  Just as we were turning onto Hwy #44 at Beausejour, not one, but two red Chryslers went by in the opposite direction, and we were so worried that one of them had been David, but we convinced ourselves that it was too soon, and that we both expected to meet him on Hwy # 12.  Sure enough we met him shortly after turning onto #12.  So he took over Gail's car and I followed behind in ours--with its wonderful automatic transmission.  Yes, we safely made ti to Landmark, and as a reward discovered that gas was 8 cents a litre cheaper in Lorette, than in the city, so we filled up.  Saved almost $2.00!

Computers and other things...

When things go wrong, like your message about TVs and computers etc Cathy, I always feel helpless. When we had our computer problem, I was at whits end.  I don't know about Netflix and such, but just to have problems is enough to derail me. So here is to a quick solution for you.
In the yard these last two days. Happy to report that the last of the greenhouse plants was planted yesterday in the garden.Harry hated to throw out even one little tomato plant so all are in pots now, and just waiting for produce to start to come.  I cleaned off the"situpon" yesterday and now can wander over to sit in the morning with my coffee and gaze with pleasure at the flowers and veg growing,and all the ornaments that adorn the few empty spaces.  However, we are finding this year that everything is getting very dry quickly during the day and requires several good soakings. A nice rain would be most welcome. Might help to get rid of the bugs too. Lots of them this year  I sorted all the little pots and put them in boxes and stored in the shed ready for next year. I also want to clean up more of the yard that seems to have accumulated lots of stuff. The issue is always what actually gets thrown out.
Saw a mother duck and her 8 little ones at the Lake. I had seen the couple ducks frequently but didn't know whee they had nested but apparently they had and now it is so neat to see the little ones paddling madly behind their Mother. And over last few days in the yard, have seen many flocks of geese flying and squawking in formation heading North.
I took more pictures of the outside of our house to the Insurance Agent yesterday so I am hoping they will accept all my evidence of compliance rather than insist on a home inspection. Cross fingers!
Tomorrow we go to the Graduation of Mike's partner Erin at Nipissing University with her Maters in Education. Good for her.
Well time to start the day. take care

Saturday, June 7, 2014

sometimes you have to wonder...

This has not been the best of weeks for me...both at work and at home.  Work... weeeeellllll all I can say is Elizabeth told me that things were going to happen that she was not at liberty to talk about.  I hope that is good news.  I had asked her how one person can come in an totally disrupt the function of the office.  On the home front.  Neither TV can get netflix right now.  My netgear crashed on the upstairs tv and the smart tv downstairs tells me there is a sony bravia error 11 and to contact sony.  Why not watch on your computer you ask?  Because my new computer, which is just less than 2 years old, has had the mother board fail. It is cheaper to get a new computer than to repair it.  I am writing this on Keri's old lap top that she left here cause it was of no use to her.   Even to get onto the internet I had to upgrade her browser.  I hate doing that since i don't know what info I might lose.  At least my meeting was cancelled for tomorrow.  Of course that just means that I can make the rehearsal at the Roxy for the entertainment for the senior games.  I missed Kellies wedding shower in McCreary cause I fell asleep on the couch.  At least I had texted her earlier and warned her how exhausted I was.  I have her present in the truck if I ever see her.  Anyway.. if you don't hear from me for  a while it is not because I don't love you, it is just because I currently suffering from technical failure

Aren't these little pleasures wonderful....

..although only 8 am as I write this note, I have already spent several hours indulging in little events that bring  a smile to my face and set the stage for a great day. Scooby and I were down to the lake just after 6 am - couldn't sleep so got up early. Beautiful and peaceful. A couple I haven't seen for awhile drove up with their boat in tow so I had a wee conversation while they prepared the boat for a trip onto the Lake.(some folks lead different lives haha) Then when I came home, I lit a fire in the fire stove and proceeded to cut up all the kindling and larger pieces of tree branches that have fallen in the yard. This netted a large garbage can and large box of kindling and sticks for my summer fires. I have enough from the ground to keep me going - no need to buy wood. So I was energized for the day. Harry left early for garage sales. I have some laundry and then yard work planned. Now, having said that, I decided to sit down with a coffee to write this note. Put a load into the washing machine, and then prepared the Keurig machine. Pressed the button and walked away. Half way through the dripping process I glanced over to realize I had NOT put the mug under the hole. But all was not lost, as I poured the freshly brewed coffee from the drip tray into my mug!! I won't let anything disturb my stellar day haha
So back to this stellar day, and I wish you folks a similar day and weekend. Take care ( and be sure to put your mug under the coffee spout!)

Friday, June 6, 2014

Small pleasures

This has been sort of a good week, because  ( in no special order)
1 four tiny grey squirrels playing in the back yard
2 watching the tiny grey squirrels trying to climb the Nanking Cherry bushes when they didn't quite    yet have the coordination that they will have soon.  They must have been freshly out of the nest      when we saw them.
3 Finding a reality show that BOTH David and I enjoy watching.
4 for some reason I am in less pain, and able  to get around a little better
5 Driving out to Lockport for A&W onion rings ( we had a coupon)
6 finally, getting my sewing machine back from the shop, even with associated problems ( see other    blog)
7 the Lily-of-the-Valley is in bloom and I can catch the scent through the open door
8 the Lady Slippers are in bloom and all 7 patches of them survived the winter.
9  Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies
10 sleeping all night without chemical help
11  Finding a group of ladies who trade Artists' Trading Cards
12  My Columbine survived the winter, and appear strong and healthy
13  Goslings and stupid geese stopping traffic while they are  crossing the road with about 20                 goslings scampering behind.
14 the Blue Jays are back

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jokes on me...

With all the discussions about china, I have wondered what China Company name my set is as I forgot but I couldn't quite get close enough to the cabinet to open door and pull out a piece to look. Well, I took time this afternoon to accomplish this task. What a is indeed Royal Doulton and pattern is named Sonnet. So perhaps, with Pati's comments in mind, my set would not fetch a price of any great amount even if I tried to sell. So in the cabinet it stays! haha  But better success is wished upon you Pati, and Amber. Have you gone onto EBay to see what is there in your pattern and what prices are being asked?
I had an urge for some comfort food today so this is what I ended up with: stewed rhubarb on Blanc Mange pudding. I even had to go to the store to buy more milk as recipe called for 4 cups milk and I only had one bag left in the fridge. But, I enjoyed every little mouth full. Well worth my efforts.
Not much work in yard today or yesterday- still cold and windy with threatening rain showers but the short reprieve is welcomed. Take Care

Your happiness is shared...

Your happiness is a feeling I have had many times in different situations, so I believe I know what you mean.
And tears of happiness have been shed many times as well so I also appreciated your comments about that too!  Now you will be at the treasured  machine again exercising  your renewed muse ?? Although I must say that the Pfaff did a marvelous job assisting you with your latest works of art- give it a hug once in awhile haha as it has come through for you every time.
Have fun and take care

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happiness has nothing to do with warm puppies

The sewing machine is home.  For that I am grateful.  It was taken in on April 11th.  It appears to work quite nicely, and I had forgotten how noisy it is compared to the old Pfaff.  We have tidied up the studio and things are back in place.  All's right with the world.

Election here in Ontario June 12

Last night I sat and watched the Election Leaders Debate on TV. 90 minutes of back and forth and I was left 'wanting' . The local area Member of Provincial Parliament is a good person and I will likely vote for him even though I do not necessarily care for  his Party or Leader.
My finger is getting better with my close attention to ensure it heals. I have left the dressing off over night and I think this is helping but during day with all the work being done, it must be covered. I spent some time this morning in the basement to try to organize ( yet again) all the preserves and empty jars. I realize that sooner than later we will likely be starting to harvest and I need to have things "at the ready" I am still trying to use preserves from years past- seems too much to use up over one winter so they tend to accumulate. I didn't remember doing down so much tomato juice last Fall but can't seem to get to the end even with drinking every day haha
It turned colder yesterday and today - needed a jacket to take Scooby for her walks. We did get torrential rains last two days, and the eaves at the back of the house behaved much better than before we worked on them last week, but the front still spills over, so I was pumping again. But when it rains, you don't have to water the garden, so there is good and bad aspects to it all.
Banana muffins were made this morning because of ripened bananas in the dish - I really wanted to use more rhubarb but had to go with the need rather than the want! Maybe tomorrow I can do some rhubarb. Have you folks been making any rhubarb dishes?
We are getting ready to take more items to the Auction in Midland next week. I called our friend in Coldwater to arrange to visit - she surprised me by saying she is moving to Ingersol near London, On at the end of the month. Her son called her to say he had found an apt that would be perfect for her - she is getting more and more physically dependent now so to move closer to family may be wise. At least we will see her one more time before her move. It is too far to even think about visiting her in South Western Ontario.
Well, enough rambling on about nothing so time for bed. Take care

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


No, we are having very little success.  Amber spoke to an antique store owner who offered $5.00 per physical piece-- think $10 for a salt shaker and plug --probably a better re-sale potential for the plug!  Comes to less than $400.00 for the entire set. She wanted no part of the Royal Doulton. I think we may be "beating a dead horse'--the market just isn't there.  I spoke to a lady last night who thinks the market may return at some time in the future. (???) When we were talking she told me that one company has now gained the rights to every "Name" in the industry, which may be why Amber found both the Royal Albert and Royal Doulton on the same web site. This is very discouraging, as we had hoped to raise some money--not to mention getting it out of my garage.  I also remember a few years ago that Antique Lady in Neepawa offered to try to sell it for me.  We supplied information, but never heard from her again, so this may not be a new problem.

On a happier note, I called the shop yesterday, where my good sewing machine has been residing for over two months.  The part we have been waiting for left Toronto yesterday, and may arrive as early as today.  Evidently there are a few machines waiting for this parts delivery, and they will be attended to first. so my machine maybe home this week.  I sure hope it works when it arrives.  When she told me I started crying.  Not at all the reaction I would have expected within myself!  Once David realized what was happening, he laughed at me!

Monday, June 2, 2014

And apparently it is Monday already.....

...and here I am. One day seems to blend into the next when you getup, work outside, and go to bed, and then get up and ...repeat same agenda! haha
I got stung on my finger by a hornet or a wasp on Friday afternoon and put After Bite on it and kept working with only some discomfort felt for the most part.. But early Sat morning it started to itch really bad in bed, and when I got up the finger and surrounding area was beginning to swell up with blisters forming in the immediate sting area and turning red. But off to North Bay as we had a Birthday party for Erin (Mike's lady). During the course of the day it got progressively worse and there was some thought about going to ER? But I persevered and went to bed with hot compresses applied and antibiotic ointment and elevation etc. My plan was to assess Sunday and if worse go to ER but on Sunday, I thought it was the same. Bigger blisters had formed and the skin was dark red in colour and the swelling was up to my wrist (I know what you folks are thinking - I should have had it seen, right?) Long story short... I have cared for it with warm saline soaks, and cream and bandages and it is getting better.I am curious though about why the local reaction did not occur almost immediately but instead, started the next day? It remains a local reaction though - although severe- and no systemic signs or symptoms have occurred. Hasn't stopped me from yard work though haha
I love reading about all your adventures Pati. and then view your art pieces and wonder how you ever do it all? The Purple piece is wonderful and I had a really good closeup view of how you attached the cabochon and I actually was able to understand from my limited exposure to the beading process. This made me feel good! And have you had any success with your selling of china? I think of the set of china I have sitting in my china cabinet that has never been used for well over 20 years - but I don't think mine is as fine a name or as well known as yours so probably no one would want to buy mine. But then maybe one day I might actually have cause to use it myself?
I have only had one bike ride so far this year - managed to haul it out from under the winter tarp, and oil the chain, and pump the tires and rode off to the store, and that was it... it sits in the yard yet waiting patiently for another outing. And, I made my teepee fire setup with paper and kindling in the little fire box outside and there it sits waiting to be lit! I had great ambitious ideas, but alas, none have come to fruition.- yet!!
Time for bed....Take care