Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday--you say it's Saturday??!!

What happened to Thursday and Friday?? Yep--it's been that sort of week.

When I first opened the computer yesterday, there was a message from Paypal saying they had made a payment.  Very official,  addressed to me by name, every thing appeared quite Kosher, but of course it wasn't.  So a lengthy time spent trying to get into Paypal customer service, but finally successful.  Then time contacting Paypal suspicious e-mail investigation service, followed by a call to Mastercard, to make sure my credit card hadn't been compromised.  There is still a chance they might have been trying to plant a virus, but I'm told it was far more likely they were looking for passwords, or maybe banking info ( we don't bank on line) I did change my PayPal password though.

But, things are getting done.  Amber and I have decided to sell our china, which has been in my garage since we moved in here.  Amber is doing the research, and she and David had arranged to take pictures yesterday, but somehow I missed the message.  I can't remember Thursday, but we had run out of food, so David and I set off yesterday morning to shop, only to get a message from Amber that she was on the way! We negotiated a meeting time, and David and I hurried off to our first stop, hoping to get done there before meeting Amber.  Very busy, very frustrating, but we rushed through and made it home only 5 minutes late.  Amber showed up almost immediately, and the two of them went out to the garage and started unpacking china.  I just managed to get the meat put in the fridge and the ice cream in the freezer when they called me out, because there were pieces that neither one of them could identify.  Amber was on a deadline, but we got the pictures taken and then she left.  So we immediately headed out to our second store on the list, wanting to  get there before rush hour.

Finally home just before 4:00 and we realized that we hadn't really eaten all day, so in the middle of the chaos  of groceries and general mess in the kitchen, we had a supper of b-b-q chicken from the store. After we got the groceries put away, we both were too beat for any more and vegged out for the rest of the evening. Just before bed I realized that we had forgotten to order some of my pills, and I was seeing the effects of having missed my diuretics for two days.  So the roller coaster starts again this morning.

On the up side, I found some towels that match my bathroom very well, and hope to pick up a bathmat today.  The things you look forward to once you're over 60!  Buying a bathmat--WOW!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Cool mornings

Funny weather with hot summery days but when getting up it is actually cold feeling.It was actually 5 degrees outside this morning.  I always fear freezing but silly to think that  these days with plus 20 temps during day to be concerned. No way one could cover up at night so would have to gt out early to spray.
I ventured to the Insurance office yesterday to follow up with house inspection. I had four pictures of the fuse box in hand, as well as my record of smoke alarms in the house and dates of current battery changes. She took these and mentioned other items that the Inspector had looked for. So I have to take more pictures of the front of house and back of house. He looks for dangers related to liability eg stairs railings and patio railings for security of falling.etc  We have no railings at front door - have been off for years. So I shall take more pictures!
We tackled the eavestroughs yesterday but must complete today as didn't get finished totally. Cleaning and caulking and strong worded conversation! Great fun! It would be nice to NOT have water accumulate but will wait to see results of efforts when rain comes. If worst comes to worst Harry states we will put up new eavestroughs - that is the "we" of Harry and me! More great fun in the offing?
I bought a case of beer for Harry yesterday but took the opportunity to check out the price of Rickards Red Cathy. I thought that I might buy some to have at home so Icould have one "with you' on occasion. It is $22.95 a 12 pack in The Beer Store. Does this equate with what you pay in Man? I didn' t buy any but it was a thought haha
First picking of rhubarb yesterday - exciting times! I made one batch of rhubarb pineapple jam for me. And one rhubarb kuchen that Harry likes. So much rhubarb this year which is good as I have to also satisfy Mike's wish for rhubarb lattice pie, and also rhubarb cake -a special recipes I make that he loves (and so do I).  I am about to have a piece of toast with my fresh jam on now so I shall see if it meets my satisfaction. Take care

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Summer time--and the livin' is easy---

Sunday evening was Gillian's recital.  I do enjoy these.  Firstly, there are the younger ones, not so much since Gillian changed schools, but still, there are a few.  They are so cute!  They try so hard that you can't help but feel for them. While they try to intersperse levels, generally the level increases as the evening progresses.  The increased skill and confidence is obvious, and I find it interesting to see how the skills are built upon level by level.  At one point they have two professional ballet dancers perform, and this gives a wonderful opportunity to see where this skill development is going.  But it isn't limited to the ballet, as there is Jazz, Hip-Hop, Musical Theatre (Gillian's favourite), and this year,a surprising number of Tap performances.  In my opinion, the skill level was obviously better than last year, and so was the costuming.

Yesterday, I accompanied David while he visited garden centers looking for planters.  A relaxing day as I sat in the car and read my book while he went in to see if they had anything that would make it worth my while to take a look   They didn't.  I also had my hair cut.  I go to one of these walk-in places but have been going to the same one for years and know the workers well. Last time a new woman did a poor job and wouldn't you know it, she was next up when I walked in.  But this time I had the gumption to say that I would wait for another worker. I'm glad I did.

Most of today was spent in the studio. (see other blog) Tonight I am off to the AGM of the local art group I belong to.  I have an idea that there may be contentious issues, so have done some research and am ready to say my piece.  However, talking at  these things can get you elected to office, so I also have my excuses ready.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Has summer arrived yet?

Beautiful weather here right now and hoping you folks are enjoying the same? It is fun to get outside and putter about doing this and that. As Harry plants more and more tomatoes into pots, I am trying to fix up some of the previously neglected flowerbeds in the yard, Doesn't seem like making any headway, but then I guess in the long run it is starting to look a bit better. I haven't even started  to putout the ornaments that I stored under tarps on the picnic tables over winter but I'll gradually get there! This morning a friend from Sprucedale (neighbours of Harry's Mother who helped keep an eye on  her) came by and Harry had some tomatoes and pepper plants ready to give him for his garden. We have always given him some each year. And he brought a bag of apples for us which was always their habit! 
How was the concert with Gillian Pati - I trust you finally got the tickets as per your last message? It would be a treat to go and see her perform - they grow up so quickly and who knows for how long she may continue.
I ran into a previous working mate this morning at the bank and she thought maybe we should go golfing  sometime. She had given me a gift of golf balls when I retired from CCAC in 2007 with an invitation to go with her, but of course I never followed up.  I don't think it will ever happen, but then maybe I shouldn't dismiss it too quickly either. My golf clubs and cart are now in the storage shed but at least I still have them as old as they are haha! Cathy you get out at least once a year don't you and have a great time!
Well, bed time and try to rest up as I am sure I'll be back into the garden at break of day haha! I too, have not been sleeping well. I wake up from a restless sleep every hour or so and then takes me about the same time to fall back into another restless sleep. Oh well........
Take care

Saturday, May 24, 2014

poor night

For some reason I had a poor night last night, but with chemical help, around 5:30, was able to sleep in until about 10:30.  Then I could hear some sort of banging and clanging, which I assumed was the neighbour, as our bedroom window is just off their driveway.  I was quite annoyed as these neighbours have never done a thing in their yard, and to do it on the one morning I was trying to sleep, just wasn't right!  Finally I gave up the battle, and looked out the window to discover the fellow who had started the stucco on our garage, last fall, had returned to finish the job!  This is the last of the work we had planned with money from the lake and comes at exactly same the time as the money runs out.  Talk about planning!!

Amber and Jessica were over yesterday.  Jessica is struggling a bit at school, and Amber is thinking of getting her some tutoring over the summer, but that costs $$$.  So David and I brainstormed a bit last night and this morning I suggested to Amber that she try to sell all of the "good" dishes that we have stored in the garage, over the internet.  So Amber is busy doing internet research this morning, and David went out to clear off his work bench in the garage, so that we could take pictures.  There was a lot of clearing off to do, but it must have gone well, as when I looked out the window the lion was dozing under the bird bath.  We normally have our "Lion Ceremony" on the May long weekend, and I had been thinking about him.  But I've always said that when I see him out there, I know that everything is going to be alright.  Finding pleasure and peace in small things--right?

Loren has been quite sick for the past week plus--off work and spending his days in bed with pneumonia.  We have been trying to figure out ways to get the ticket to Gillian's dance recital from him to me, as the recital is tomorrow evening.  But he is now feeling a little better and will try to drop it off this afternoon.  So I get to see both my children within two days.  Another small pleasure to treasure.

So all and all, it looks like I will have many things to be grateful for today.  but the day is young and I won't choose which things right now.

Gorgeous Saturday morning

Down to the Lake with the dog early - what a glorious day to see the water calm as a mirror and a stretch of fog mysteriously covering a portion of the Lake creating a really mystic mood.  And a boat heading off into the lake and disappearing into the fog bank! It starts my day in a wonderful serene manner and hopefully sets the stage for a good day. Housework and yard work on the agenda for today. Harry has just headed out for garage sales and to Sprucedale Flea Market. I just made a nice coffee called Backpackers Brew and will write s few words and then get on with things.  My morning walkabout the yard included a peak at the Lily of the Valley and although no full grown flowers yet I can see them coming and can hardly wait to enjoy the full view of flowering plants and pick one and smell it. I also love my Lily of the Valley but I cannot say they are from Maplewood - pity!
So here's to a great weekend to everyone. Enjoy the moment! Take care

Friday, May 23, 2014

Best laid plans.......

I got almost nothing done that I had planned for this week.  That darn cold just sucked all the energy out of me.  I am still coughing, but my voice has pretty much returned.  My house and yard did not get their spring cleaning this week, but at least I am rested.  It is going to be hard to get up for work next week.  I have been sleeping in every morning and am getting quite used to it.  I better win the lottery so I can keep it up! I have to go in at 9am on Sunday, so I will ease into the 8am start. We finally planted some of the garden today.  A month later than last year.  We have cut back a lot.  Didn't plant beets, carrots or lettuce.  I still have a freezer full of carrots and the lettuce hasn't grown for the last couple of years, so why bother.  I get to go for my mammogram today.  I do so love having my boobs squeezed.  Kathleen says that whoever did her was quite rough this year, so hopefully I get someone else.  Jim is still coughing pretty hard.  I think his lungs are getting worse, if that is possible.  He sees the doctor on Monday so maybe he can get some different medicine.  I guess my break is over.  Back to work.  Have a great weekend


When we first moved in we cut down the cedars in front of the living room window.  They looked great from the street but from inside we could only see dead wood.  I've since found out that they really have a limited  lifespan.  Like you, Beth, I've had second thoughts, as we've never found anything that looked as good from street level, but in the long run, we spend a lot more time looking out the window than people walking by spend looking at the house.

We had a visit from "The Grassman" yesterday, pointing out that they couldn't start our lawn care program until the front lawn had been raked, so David spent time yesterday cleaning up a bit.  He has been moving the  composters around.  When they replaced the short sidewalk to the small door in the garage last fall, they ramped it before putting down the paving stones.  This left a small but steep hill on the garden (west) side, that we knew would quickly erode away.  So by moving the composter, there was enough room that he was able to reduce the degree of slope to be much more manageable.  Then he declared that my lovely cedar planters at the edge of the patio were  too broken down to be either safe or usable.  So they are gone as well.  And the good news is--we have rhubarb growing everywhere!  It has come back where we took it out in the fall, as well as various places in the flower bed along the garage, and in the flower bed on the south side of the property, against the neighbour's fence, where we planted it, in hopes of containing it.

But this year we face the same problem we had in past years--what to put in under the living room window.  David and I disagree about what the problem is in the area, but I think lack of water, and lack of sunlight both play a role.  Last fall we moved some of the red peonies from beside the garage into the area, and they appear to have survived, but are growing very slowly when compared to other peonies in the garden.   My memory says that we moved a peony out of there a couple of years ago because it wasn't doing well.  But the Lily-of-the-Valley ( from the house on Maplewood), that was put in there a couple of years ago has thrived.

And what am I doing, while David his spending all of his time in the garden?  I have spent more time the studio over the past two weeks than I have been able to spend in quite along time.  It has been wonderful.  I have had a little more energy and have been able to get the main floor cleaned up to a certain extent.  Bit by bit the work is getting done, even if I have to pace it slowly.  I have accepted that it will never be perfect, and am able to relax a bit, but the work is getting done

Thursday, May 22, 2014

good weather and lots of work in yard

The yard and garden is starting to look pretty good with all the intensive care and attention over the last few days. Have bought flowers and pots and hanging tomatoes and cucumbers to replace our frozen ones! And Harry cut down the four cedar trees that surrounded the pond for all these years- I had requested this be done for a few years so was pleased but also gave me more to do to clean it up. It opens up the pond area completely and changes the whole look - the situpon faces the pond and I like to sit there and gaze but now the gaze will be different. Time will tell how it will look once I get it cleaned up (can't go back though so really stuck with it now). We were supposed to have thunderstorms and rain last night, but nothing came, and then today but nothing came, until supper when a few big bangs struck and a dribble of rain. Now we want some rain to water the garden, so we can't win. Didn't want it before, but now we need it haha
How are your holidays Cathy?  Take care

Monday, May 19, 2014

You are off this week!

Hey, that's a good feeling. Hope the weather and your cold will cooperate That is, your cold will be gone, and the weather will be nice. I shall plan to have a fire sometime this week and pretend we are all seated around having fun! I expect I shall be spending a great portion of my week in the it is time to get things planted. I worked a bit on my little herb garden today. Planted basil, dill and chives. I like this little space that I call my own, although Harry bought another rose bush and planted it in the middle of this space- that's OK as I love roses and I know he bought it for me!  We were out to the Nursery this morning and bought wave petunias and they are now in the hanging baskets. Last year they looked really nice most of summer so hoping that will be the case again.. Did nothing to prepare for tonight as I have great hopes things will not get too cold but I can always get up early and spray if the temperatures plunge. I undressed all the plants today and folded the sheets and put them into boxes - waiting and ready for the next frost. Moving plants from the greenhouse and found a toad curled up in one of the containers. So I carried him to my garden and let him down to wander off on his own. I must remember to keep an eye out for him!  Time for bed. I managed to get the linens changed and wash done today in between outside work, so a nice bath and fresh bed awaits me ! Take care

Reading vs writing

I've been reading everyday, but this cold has taken every ounce of energy out of me.  I thought I was getting better on Thursday, but Friday night it hit again.  I stayed in bed until 11 this morning.  I'm not sure I slept, but I know I wasn't really awake.  I had a nap on Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday.  I still don't have my voice back,but at least I can blow my nose now.  Last night a friend came over about 9pm.  His grandchildren were out and he had bought a box of fireworks to set off. (for some reason they frown on setting them off in town) He did ask us earlier, hence my nap yesterday.  I made it until they left, but I was ready for bed by then.  Unfortunately, 2 of the dogs ran away, and we were out calling them for quite a while.  I had to give up and go to bed, cause I had no voice at all left.   Jim is not sure when they got home, but at least they came back. We were at the funeral of another friend on Friday.  Since I met Jim and started going down to the Legion, there are only Jim and Elsie left of the people that sat at the round table.  That makes me the 3rd most senior person (in time not age)  That is almost frightening.  The funeral was quite nice.  It had a couple of jokes that got people laughing and Jim (the deceased) bought everyone a drink at the lunch.  I was back and forth to work between the funeral and the lunch, cause I didn't go to the graveside.  I have to go back to work at 9 am next Sunday, but at least I have the rest of the week off (I hope..... last time I had a week off I had to go back 1/2 way through)  They are increasing the fees next week so I have to go in on Sunday and make sure everything is updated in the accounting program.  It shouldn't take very long.  We are ready to put our garden in, but the weather just won't cooperate.  We are finally getting temperatures above zero, but we are under a heavy rain statement.  At least we live on sand and it should be gone by the end of the week.  Last year we had the garden in by the beginning of May. Of course it was a complete failure last year so maybe this is a sign.  We are still going to Saskatchewan in July, so I have a holiday to look forward too.  

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Just a quickie

Even with all my extra work in covering and trying to protect we discovered today that we have lost several tomato plants - was a high frost and I guess too heavy for the sheets to protect.Tonight is last night of frost in forecast so tomorrow I will uncover everything again and take stock of losses. Can't win them all.....and fortunately we have more tomatoes in the greenhouse to replace the lost ones. On another note, I received a call today from the Auction Store in Midland where we went Saturday.  My name was drawn for the door prize - surprise surprise!! I won a 1/10th oz 100% silver Liberty coin - I don't even pretend to know what it is but I will get it on our next trip there. I feel as if my luck may be changing although the Lottery winnings do not indicate such - I only won a free play last night. But hey, it gets me another chance right?  Take care

Friday, May 16, 2014

Man oh man!!

What a week. I just came in from covering everything as there is to be frost for the next three nights. Actually I was out most of the day putting plants back into the greenhouses and preparing for the big coverup procedure.This included going down to the rental storage shed to get a box of old sheets. Once into the shed I realized that the floor was covered with water and boxes on the floor were wet. I immediately called the owner (we had water last year and two wooden cabinets had to be thrown out as water logged at bottom and the pressed wood was falling apart - no real lose but just the same not necessary) .And Harry drove down to check on his cousins lot on the lake which he has been doing for last many years. The door to the trailer was wide open, the side of the trailer was torn apart, and the table was broken and a tree was being cut up in the yard into logs. He came home called the cousin in Hamilton, to see what he wanted us to do ie call police? The cousin said he would come up tonight or tomorrow and not to call police as they wouldn't do anything anyway. So we went out there to tape the door shut, and the wall so water wouldn't get in. On way home the owner of the storage unit called and we met him at unit. He will install a false floor with pallets and pressed board over them to create a rise of about 4 inches - we will help because our stuff has to be moved out and in as he progresses with laying pallets. He said I will only have to pay half the rent for the next month because of the inconvenience - wow, how considerate haha.  This week also I got a call from house insurance broker to say the Inspector from our company was in town and wanted to do an in house update the policy information. Well, you can imagine my response. They want to take a picture of the electrical panel, the heating system and check all the smoke alarms.  I begged off for now, but I have to call the broker next week - she said she could come and look another time. he he ha ha. What a joke, as no one could even walk around in here let alone find the panel and baseboard heaters. Don't know how this will turn out.....?
So as this was my first attempt to get into blog in some time, I was so happy to see your pictures and message.You have also been busy this week. It certainly is different looking than previous decor but I think nice and bright and cheery. I'm sure you will love it. Did you also buy new towels etc to match - I think I recall you mentioning this?
Tomorrow we go Midland auction again - open house for their new bigger and better store. We are taking a cheese and cracker tray for the open house so Harry was busy getting that ready today. He is still contributing items to go up for auction and also buying some items for himself. We took a load the last time we went so are not taking any items this time.
I came in tonight after covering up and felt like a drink while I checked the blog. Nothing here...oh my, what shall I do?  It sounds as if I was desperate which I was not, as haven't been having much to drink lately, but I remembered a small 50 ml bottle of Forty Creek Canadian Whisky I had in my cabinet. Sure enough, it was there and so I poured it over ice into a nice old fashioned glass, and sit here sipping as I type.
So that's my life for now....hope you folks are having as much fun as I.  I just raised my glass in a toast to us all ( and for a win in the lottery tonight!)  Enjoy this Victoria Day holiday weekend  and Take care.

Life on a treadmill

The bathroom is finished.  We hung my new picture yesterday.  I think it's going to take a little getting used to.

It is a mixed media collage of flowers, by a friend, Margaret Korlak.  As you can see, the wall paint reads as more blue than green, but I have to wonder if the brighter green of the plant and the shower curtain tend to  contribute to that.  However it matches the lightest colour in the coloured tiles on the wall below.  I had really thought that everything was done, after I washed out all of the cupboards and drawers, but this morning I realized that every surface in the house is covered with a very fine layer of plaster dust.  It will probably take the rest of the weekend to take care of that.

I'm slowly regaining control of the rest of the house.  When David is working so hard, I try to make sure he has a decent supper, so we've been eating well, but tonight we are making do with chili.  Why, you ask.  Because if I don't get a few minutes creating, I think my soul will start to shrivel up--although yesterday, I did get most of my stuff from last weekend put away.  Since today is launder day, and i don't want to make any extra trips up or down the basement stairs, I should be able to find a few minutes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Here I am again....

and hoping all will be well.  I am paranoid now about all of this stuff. I purchased a Support Plan where I can contact via online and state my problem and they take control remotely. I have used it twice already. I just got off with the "expert" again because the Malwarebytes Scan stated "threats" . He fixed it but said many people get paranoid when it is really just cookies or other non harmful things that are being detected.  So be it - I said I would continue to scan and apply the "action" myself if it happens, but would contact them if I am ever in doubt. I feel good to have a contact to help me. When I purchased the Plan, the technician stated that I should use it when ever I wanted with a problem or question because that's why they are there ( and I have paid a hefty amount for this option - piece of mind for me , that is haha) So that's all for tonight. I am exhausted from physical yard work, and mental anguish. Tomorrow is another day. Thinking about you both - Pati and her bathroom, and Cathy and her crappy weather! Take care


Came home to total chaos.  You would think someone had let a hoard of starving buffalo loose in the house.  David ran into trouble on Saturday, and we are back to trying to hide the old tile adhesive.  We ( the "royal "we") had thought that he would be able to prime on Saturday and paint on Sunday, but he has reverted to filling and sanding, and the whole house is covered with plaster dust.  A lot of it was around before, and he has now covered most of the bathroom with plastic, but it may be a bit of "too little, too late". With all of the equipment and electrical cords, I'm terrified of tripping and falling ( as happened in my last two major falls) But right now I look around and feel quite overwhelmed.  I am having to use the bathroom in the basement, and when you have to "pee" every twenty minutes and have difficulty with stairs, this constitutes a major problem.

I did enjoy the weekend.  The workshop was something fairly new, but within my comfort level.  Saturday evening was spent at my friend Vivian's along with another lady and a couple.  A potluck supper, and an evening of conversation-something I haven't done in quite awhile.  I slept well and then it was back to painting again.  There was no teacher the second day, and we worked collaboratively. David has emptied my suitcase, but it would be good to get my stuff put away today.

But now it's back to reality.  I have a physio appointment today, to see if they can devise a program that might minimize the loss of range of motion in my knees. A bit of grocery shopping in hopes of being able to put a supper together, then home to empty the dishwasher that I ran on Friday.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Last minute scramble

David believes he is ready to start painting tomorrow, once he gets back from driving me to Pinawa.  I am trying to do last minute laundry, and should get just about everything done, except maybe towels.  I am so looking forward to this workshop!  My worry is my own tolerance for the intense workshop and then a social evening.  I'm hoping to be able to find time for a short nap between the two of them.  We'll see.  David has saved a little money, and plans to have supper at the Casino tomorrow evening--so we both get a treat this weekend.  We ended up using the largest of our rolling suitcases to pack all of my supplies.  I can't believe we're going to use all of that stuff in just 10 hours of class.

I'm glad you're going to be able to get the problem fixed. Beth.  Although from what I've been able to find out, just going to internet sites, won't pass a viruses along from your computer to others. So you blogging here shouldn't affect mine or Cathy's computers.

The evening news this week showed pictures of goslings in the city--walking down the middle of a busy street.  Stupid geese!

From the Laptop

The computer went into Future Shop this morning. I will pick it back up tomorrow after they clean it - viruses apparently! Not happy times around here right now. Maybe tomorrow will be better?
Enjoy your weekend everyone. Thunderstorms and winds here today but able to work in greenhouses this afternoon. No heat on for the night as temps should be around 10. Harry planted about one million tomatoes in pots in the yard today and I bought large garbage bags enough to cover them in a few days when frost appears - and so it begins ( or continues???) Take care

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And so it begins

David has started on the bathroom.  He's dealing with many layers and at the bottom the most hideous dark turquoise paint.  There is also an area of what appears to be tile adhesive that David says is going to take hours of sanding.  I'm trying to stay out of the way, but that is the only toilet in the house that I can use easily.  What a nuisance!  The other is becoming just too low for me.  

Other people have started to comment on how quickly my functional abilities have deteriorated.  Monday was our monthly Ravenesque meeting, and our hostess had gone to the trouble of having a 1/2 step built onto her porch so Dianne and I could get into her house easier. But--I have been pleased to discover how many stores have started having scooters for customer use.  We found a couple in Rona on Monday and it sure made picking paint colours easier.  I know I can get one at WalMart, Safeway and Superstore.  My new chair is wonderful.  It is much easier to get out of than the old couch ( MUCH easier!), and last evening David took the high swivel stool into the bathroom so I could do my hair.

I keep trying to get down to work in the studio.  Monday I wanted to start a dye bath, only to discover that David wanted to bottle wine.  We worked that one out, and then yesterday I made up four more smaller dye baths.  I usually leave the over night to"batch", but couldn't wait and sorted out three of them, washing and drying the fabric.  There is one more to take care of this morning, and I have high hopes for it.

But we have reached the point of someone needing to go out and face the world.  Groceries to buy and prescriptions to fill.  I have offered to take some food with me to Pinawa this weekend, and  (darn it!) they took me up on the offer.  lol  Dianne will be staying at the same place as I am, so we should have the chance of a good visit.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

home again

It was a great weekend, but a long drive.  When I got home I had an email confirming my reservation at the wilderness edge.  They did tell me I had to cancel at least 3 days in advance and I would forfeit my $75 reservation fee.   At least they gave me warning.  They sent the confirmation 1 hour before I checked out.  The last time we stayed there we had a fridge and microwave in our room.  This time we had nothing ... not even a clock.  But other than those little things the hospitality was great.  The food was unreal and I think I gained 10 pounds.  The plays were great.  A real variety from a Noel Coward classic to an interpretation of Sheharizad.  I got some ideas for Whitemud and I really hope they try some of them out.  Now back to reality.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Weekends off

I find that a couple of days going somewhere or doing something different, can make all the difference, whether you are working or not.  I'm sorry that your work doesn't seem to be improving.  You don't have much control over most of that. and that just makes the situation worse.

Wilderness Edge is the old staff house for AEC, and was never considered a hotel.  It's unfortunate that you were expecting better amenities.  When we were there last fall they still had the Hydro using it as a staff house.  I had booked one of the handicapped rooms, and the bathroom had been fairly recently renovated, so there was no problem for us.  (Your tale made me think of the trailer David and I first lived in.  We complained to ourselves, about the small bathtub, and only found out when we moved, that it was really a shower stall.)The doors are locked at 10:00 because there is no staff on duty at night, so it isn't so much as a curfew, as it is a security measure.  The grocery store next door also has a liquor outlet, and is really the only game in town, except for the bar at the motel, which is a bit of a dive.

In any case, I'm really glad you are having fun, which was probably the whole idea anyway.

I brought the piece I bought at the gallery in Selkirk home today.  We have decided that it will go in my bathroom, but that the wallpaper will have to go and the walls painted.  David wants to start pulling down the wallpaper right now, but I worry that the whole job will loose momentum, if we don't have the paint selected and ready to go.  I have a very particular colour in mind, taken from the tiles that we can't change.  This means bringing home samples to aid in selection.  Not a big chore, but one that I'll have to do.

Today was spent at the local art group Spring Show and Sale.  They had set aside a special area for children to make ATC's and I took my albums and cards, and something to work on for demo's.  It was very well received, and I will be going back tomorrow.  One of the ladies saw my cards and told me that there is an group that gets together for lunch once a month and exchanges ATC's.  I hope to get more info from her tomorrow and maybe follow-up on this.


Plays are over.  Great Time.  We now have 11 other people in our room, drinking and waiting for happy hour.  Banquet tonight and more plays tomorrow. I am actually having a good time.  Thursday at work was awful... this weekend has really made life worth while.  I can go  back to work on Monday and be happy.

Friday, May 2, 2014

First evening

Wonderful comedy for the first play.   I laughed all through it.  Even Jim was laughing, not that he would admit it.  Two more days to go and I hope they are just as good.  The people that have gotten their invoices for their rooms are saying that the price is not what was quoted.  Jim will pick ours up tomorrow.  It better be what we expect!! is fun so far.


We made it to Pinawa.  We are at the Wilderness Edge.  The room has 2 beds, but they had to struggle to fit them both in..... very tiny.  I'm glad I wasn't hoping to have a bath here.  I saw a tub this tiny in a travel trailer once :)    No amenities.   No fridge, hair dryer, ironing board, ice machine..............  Jim just went out to find a store to get some ice for our cooler.  We brought some garlic sausage and cheese to share, but I want to keep it colder than it is.  This entire place is booked by a marriage retreat and ACTFest.  What a mixture of people!   They close the doors at 10PM here.  We will be "breaking curfew"  I guess :)   Time to find my way around before we go to register.  I hope to have a great time.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Expensive day

but I think we have finished the shopping.  I started the day getting my new hearing aid.  It is very much like the old one, an in-the-ear digital.  However, it does things automatically that I either couldn't do, or had to do myself, with the old one.  Then my new chair was delivered.  While he was here, the salesman ( Yes, he delivered it himself) told me that, if I could get a prescription, he wouldn't have to charge me GST ($72), and that I would be able to claim the expense on this year's taxes.  Then it was off to the bank to sort out and pay all of the bills.  Finally, we started looking for a new Ott light to use in the living room.  We expected a long search, but David actually found a whole nest of them in Canadian Tire.  So now we have all of the pieces, and we just have  to take a few minutes to organize them to best advantage.  This means bringing my needlework equipment up stairs and trying things out.

The next couple of days should be fairly quiet, except I have to see the doctor today about the prescription, and if he grants me one, hand deliver it to the store just off route 90.  On the weekend, I am planning to attend the Spring Art Show of one of my art groups, and work in the hands-on display area helping people make Artists' Trading Cards (ATC's).  I have a bag packed of some of my own ATC's in progress, so I can just sit there and bead, should my help not be needed.  But, I'll be at the front of the line, should anyone want to trade.

I assume we aren't hearing from Beth because of the recent world wide problems with Internet Explorer.  I know hackers just see the process as a challenge, but the frustrations that it can cause the "little guy" are significant.