Friday, October 31, 2014

Physio Re-assessment

Yep, today was the day.  She took me through my paces, and then told us that I am at the top 10% of functional abilities for people at this point post surgery.  She also told me that the pain will be with me for quite awhile yet,--7-12 months. ( I didn't want to know that)  She further suggested that I didn't need active follow-up Physio, but she would refer me directly on to the routine knee classes that I would attend 2X weekly.  And I had been so worried about not being able to do my exercises every day!  But the whole thing must have been preying on my mind.  After, I was so tired that I came straight home and into bed, sleeping soundly for an hour.

Happy Hallowe'en....or

Maybe I should say Merry Christmas???  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....The ground is covered and piling up. They said it would melt on impact. Not so ! I am about to go out and shovel, and clean off the vehicle.  At least with this weather it will not rain and therefore will make it nicer to greet the kids tonight without worries with pumping and water accumulation. Great fun isn't it?
Take care

Thursday, October 30, 2014


David has spent time this week re-arranging the garage so that the snowblower is at the front of the line, and gassed up, instead of the lawnmower.  He seems to enjoy a bit of time out in the garage every once in awhile.  He enjoys time in the yard as well, but my observation is that time in the yard usually includes time spent talking to the neighbour.  The garage is appearing very crowded these days.  Our bicycles are hanging off a rack, above which are the winter tires.  We have to drive the car in at an angle.  Yes, the car now lives in the garage, ever since we had the floor replaced.  I must admit it beats the heck out of brushing snow.

Yesterday we ( the "Royal We"??) processed and froze all of the meat David bought.  This meant two slow cookers, full of beef stew, bubbling away on the counter all day.  When Cathy called to let us know she wouldn't be able to make it, supper was ready and waiting.  Too bad about the Chinese food, but maybe I can convince him we need "House Special Fried Rice" to go with the beef and gravy for supper tonight.  We ended up putting away 6 meals of stew, 5 meals of hamburger patties and four meals of hamburger.  As well, we have frozen 6 meals of pork chops, two meals of Sirloin Steak and a small roast.  With the 9 meals of boneless chicken breast, put away last week, we should be set for the month.

Today will be a quiet day.  I finished the quilting on one of the baby quilts I have on the go, and will bind it today.  Then I start quilting the other one.  Marking the quilt can take a 3-4 days, but the actual quilting doesn't take very long at all.  I'm still working on the small purses, but I'm not worried about finishing them.  They have a very low profit margin, and are more of "loss leader" than anything, at the sales.  As of Saturday, I will have a month to be ready.  At this point it seems feasible.

Smile...your snow is heading my way.....

Rain tomorrow and then calling for up to 10 cm snow for tomorrow evening -Hallowe'en.  I don't know how to prepare for handing out candy as we may need the pump going at front of house in which case we can't have kids coming up to the stairs.  I'll have to wait until last minute to decide.
I had a nice luncheon and visit with my friend Sue yesterday at Swiss Chalet in Huntsville. Harry came with me, but dropped me at the restaurant and went shopping while I visited, and then picked me up at 2:30 pm when I was done.
Thinking about you Cathy as you "hurry up and wait". Hoping all will be sorted out, as often seems to be the case when you hear about negotiations bogging down and then suddenly a breakthrough! Perhaps the approaching weekend may change things in your favour.
Today I hope to finish a few things outside before the snow I need to store the lawnmowers - no way I'll need them now haha And I still don't have the leaves raked. Work, work work!
Take care all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

hurry up and wait

That's about how my days are going.  We talk we get together for about 5 minutes and then they go back to their room for an hour.  We hoped this would be over early.  We knew there would be sticky issues, but we had no idea they would be hung up on house keeping issues.  We haven't even gotten to the monetary issues.  I really wanted to visit with you today Pati, but it would have been after 8 before I could have gotten to your house.  Tomorrow will probably be the same. Or maybe we will forge ahead and finalize a whole bunch of stuff.  And then, on top of everything, we are invited to 2 parties this weekend!  We haven't been invited out in ages, and now 2 at once, on a weekend that I will probably be exhausted. (I know... bitch bitch bitch).  At least the hotel has free wi-fi and I  can use my computer!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Funny how we see things differently

One of my "when I win the lottery" dreams is to pack up anyone in the family who wants to go, and spend a family week at a Sandals resort--although not necessarily in Cuba.  Guess I'll have to plan something else that would get us together and not involve cleaning or cooking.

Finally got out yesterday.  Off to Walmart to pick up a couple of prescriptions, ( I waited in the car) and ended up costing $43.  I was so worried that our Blue Cross had been used up for the year!!  Then off to the grocery store, where I sat in the car while David bought meat and veggies and checked two lottery tickets.  Between the two tickets he won $99!  The best win we've ever had!!

Today we havea choice of power cooking the meat, or buying the rest of the end month list.  Not sure which I'll choose.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Curly Locks

Today I went to North Bay, picked up the gift certificate at the radio station, and went to the Modern College of Hair styling and Esthetics and had a permanent. And do I feel great - nothing like a change and hairstyle to boost your morale!! This is just what I needed to get through the next few winter months as it should last for a few months by the looks of the curls haha,  We attended the John McDermott show last night and as expected, a sold out show and so enjoyable. He is a wonderful performer. Quite interesting as both these events were paid for in part by winning on the radio station. And as luck would have it, this morning we did NOT win the weeks vacation at a Sandals Resort in Cuba even though we had entries to the draw. This is one prize I would not want to win as I have no desire to go.
I am about to watch the Election Results on TV. The polls close at 8 pm (5 min from now) I went and voted on way home from North Bay this afternoon. I shall sit and sew Hexis while watching as the results start to roll in, and hope it will not be dragged out for too long as I think i'd really rather go to bed.  Take care

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Wednesday it is!

We'll work out the details once you find out what is going on.

I've been thinking about my wardrobe as well.  I would like a couple of new tops for the winter.  I have a very nice 3/4 sleeve sweater that works very well for me, but I'm guessing I'll have to look somewhere other than WalMart to something similar.  More urgently, I need a new pair of slippers.  The ones I'm wearing cost me $6.00 four years ago.  But I know it will be a lot more to replace them.  Unfortunately the hard rubber sole is coming off in pieces.  My robe is fleece and is getting so pilled that it irritates my skin, so I would enjoy a new one.  Thank Goodness I got two pair of everyday trousers to take to Cuba with me, and between those and my jeans, I can cover most occasions.  The zipper on my parka was replaced last year, so it should be good for a couple more years.  I paid $80.00 for it on the same trip to the States 4 years ago, so don't feel it owes me anything.  Of course bright lime green with bright blue paint spatters may not be this year's colour.

We had hoped to get me out of the house for a few minutes today, but it didn't happen.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have to pick up a prescription at Walmart, and we had talked of doing a bit of grocery shopping.  Unfortunately, I have a hunch the grocery money will be gone once we pay for the prescription. ( Last time it was over $200.00)  I'm hoping there will be enough for a quick trip through the Tim Horton drive-thru in any case.

next week

I have no idea what is happening and probably won't know until Tuesday.  If possible it would be great to get together on Wednesday.  Tuesday I won't be bored yet and Thursday I know I get to go home the next day, but Wednesday I will probably be feeling sorry for myself.  Hopefully it will be outside of rush hours I will have my phone with me so I can call and update you as I learn.  I am also taking my laptop.  Today I want to pack up all I can since I work tomorrow.  I sure hope they start late on Tuesday.  Having to be in Portage by 7:15 means a very early start for me.  Greg thinks that we might start late, and he has some inside information, so I have hope.  I am still feeling a bit under the weather.  Yesterday was the wine tasting, but I didn't go.  Tasting something would have been wasted on me.  I did leave a list of the wines I wanted a report on, though.  Some of they sounded so good.  I have to go to the library too.  I don't intend to spend all my free time reading the contract.  The biggest challenge is what to wear.  Most of my clothes are not impressive.  I have some really nice sweaters, but if the room is hot it will be awful.  I will figure this out.

Hope you two can get together?

Maybe Cathy will have some time to relax a bit from the negotiations to visit. I was involved with the Labour Board for months with many trips to Toronto and also locally when the Nurses and Homemakers petitioned to receive severance pay as "employees" when the wise old government decided to change the health care delivery model. It was not a pleasant time for me. As much as you have been involved before Cathy, and have knowledge and experience, and a desire to participate, I still wish you well.
Well, I managed to get the big greenhouse cleaned , and tapped, and covered with wood and tarp before the rains came again yesterday. I was at it all of the day Friday but the weather was gorgeous for a nice end of October Fall day!  Yesterday I accompanied Harry to Sprucedale to the Flea Market, and then to gather up the flowers from the grave site. We brought them back to the storage shed for the winter.On the way back Harry proclaimed an urge for a donut so stopped at Tim's in Burk's Falls and bought me a coffee (!!) and a box of 12 assorted donuts, and an ice cappuccino for himself. (Totally on his own). I enjoyed my coffee, but now have a box of  day or two old donuts to get rid of here at home.
In the afternoon I walked up to the Hotel to attend Artscape. Local area artists of all genre display their work in a well organized show. There is the option for people to purchase if desired. I enjoy viewing what work there is available locally: from paintings, to beading and jewelry, to pottery, and sculptures of cement, and stained glass. And a very wide variety of prices as well. It was fun just to see and wander around with others most of whom I did not know. And, no, I did not purchase.
This afternoon we head for North Bay to attend the evening performance of John McDermott for which we won tickets. It should be a nice show.
Haven't heard tell of our "hunter" Mike all week but the highways are busy with trucks hauling 4 wheeled vehicles and assorted hunting gear. And I can still hear gunshots resounding from the bush when I take Scooby for a walk. Maybe I should wear a brilliant orange jacket. I met a man walking with his little poodle the other day, and not only was he wearing an orange jacket, but also the dog had on an orange coat! He just said,"better to be safe".
Hallowe'en on Friday, and although I have a few decorations up, I'm not going to do much more outside- supposed to be a really rainy day and evening, so maybe few little ones will be out.
Time to get another morning coffee and gather my energy for another busy day!.  Take care

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Next week

Do you have any idea what your schedule will be like next week.?  Is there an evening we could get together, even if we just stay here, order Chinese, then play a game?  I hope your flu/cold will be better, as I have been warned to stay strictly away from such things.  Even so, it would be good to visit, if at all possible.

All of the medium sized purses are finished,(except for little tassels for their zippers), so now I move onto the small purses.  Not as much profit, but it gets rid of a lot of scraps and old zippers.  I have slowly been able to work a bit on the machine, which is encouraging. (For some reason I can't do it with a shoe on my left foot--go figure)

 Found a bag of beef stew in the freezer.  Hallelujah!  We eat tonight. Do either of you use ZipLoc Perfect Portions bags?  These are plain plastic bags that were originally sold as a means to bag food without actually touching it, but are now marketed as a means of freezing food in portion size amounts, without having to use so many of the more expensive Freezer bags.  I am really liking them.  Yesterday we froze 7 meals of boneless chicken in one large freezer bag.  Since the bags can keep air right away from the food, it seems ot last longer with out freezer burn.  Although I rarely freeze vegetables, I can see using them for that as well.

Friday, October 24, 2014


I am so glad this week is over.  I seem to have reacted to the flu shot I got last Monday.  24 hours later (almost to the minute) my nose started running, cough, sore throat, yada yada yada.  I read the pamphlet they give you and that is exactly what they said could happen.  Unfortunately they didn't say how long it would last.  I spent yesterday in Winnipeg and for some reason no one wanted to sit by me,  Could it have been the hacking and coughing and nose blowing?  I was in bed by 8:30 last night and went to work today, but I am home and have already had a nice hot bath.  Next week I am in Winnipeg Tuesday through Friday.  Tuesday night at the Hotel Fort Garry and Wednesday and Thursday at Radisson. (where the meetings are)  Everyone at the meeting was teasing me because I won't have my own car, so they said they would get me a shopping cart to move from one hotel to the other.  they said I would fit right into the area.  The next week I am at Canad Inns at Polo Park and that is where the meetings are. Beth, since you asked, I have somehow found myself, once again, on the bargaining committee for our new (first) contract.  Already I am tired!  It is interesting, though, to follow all the intrigue and speculation that is involved.  It is like a curling game... "if we do this, they will probably do this and then we can go here...." Patty is back to work on Nov 3.   (of course I will be in Winnipeg on the 4th & 5th) so we will finally be able to settle into our own jobs... if we can figure out what they are.  Jim got a new (1991) van today.  Our "beast" is set for the wreckers (or some teenager that wants to fix it up)  The new van is a complete camper.  Bed, Fridge, Stove, microwave, porta-potty etc.  Now we just have to go somewhere.  It may be only 5:30, but it is time to settle in for the evening.  I wonder if I can make it past 8:30 tonight?

What can i say?

I sit all day with my leg up.

I was getting concerned yesterday about how much swelling there was, and how much difficulty it caused when I tried to do my exercises.  Think of trying to bend a big tube of baloney in the middle.  So I called the doctor's office, as instructed in the paperwork they gave me, and she assured me it was normal.  She offered to get me into his orthopedic clinic on Monday, if I was still concerned today, but I think I'll leave it.  I was able to do everyone of my bed exercises--before I got out of bed, mind you--this morning.  Now the problem is finding a sock to fit over it.  Try to imagine me in my recliner with it reclined so that my feet are in the air, and David struggling to put on a too-tight sock--from the wrong end.

I am accomplishing a fair bit of the hand sewing I had stockpiled.  This is going too quickly, and I'm a little worried about being left with nothing more to do, before I can use the machine to work up a bunch more ( as was the plan).  OMG!  I could be left with nothing to do except "hexies", and they're all downstairs,--somewhere.

We're running out of food, and David really doesn't want to go shopping alone.  We hope to hold out until Monday, when the store should be less crowded, and I can maybe borrow a scooter.  But this is leading to some creative meal planning.  For a lunch/breakfast I ended up mixing Astro Balkan Style yogurt  (quite sour-tasting, maybe it had been around too long) with a bit of soft honey and fresh fruit. Quite tasty.  While in hospital, I was served a warm hard-boiled egg.  I used to love those when I was young!  So we had that for another breakfast, even though David had to pick up a dozen eggs on one of his trips out.

So we are taking it day-by-day.  I'm developing an appreciation for reality shows.  I tried a few of the dramas, and couldn't figure out what was going on, so tend to watch the older ones, if given a chance.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sunny - what a thrill.....

And I was able to work outside most of the day. Mind you I am somewhat bushed tonight but it is a nice tiredness! Yesterday we went to Huntsville to shop and have lunch at a restaurant. The brother in law recommended this restaurant but both Harry and I were disappointed with our meals. We eat out so seldom and when we do I expect to get a good meal for our money. Do you think that expectation is unreasonable?  But we went to Coles book store in the Mall. Remember I told you that Harry had traded in our "points" from Nielsen Homescan for pre loaded cards. They had arrived in the mail and so with these in hand we both bought a book. Harry got a good 2015 Coins Reference book, and I really splurged by buying a book I had heard about from an interview on the radio. Brian Little's Me, Myself, and Us  The Science of Personality and the Art of Well-Being  ( I can hear you groaning but bare with me - this is really interesting stuff and will help in one's daily quests - or so I am hoping haha)
I have been following the Free Press accounts for the Winnipeg Municipal elections and Mayor so see you had your elections Wed and read about the winners today.  We go to the polls next Monday Oct 27. We too are hoping for a big change in council and Mayors positions and there are quite a few new, young candidates from which to choose.
Cathy is all your travelling to Winnipeg related to work and being shown new procedures for the private company, Teranet?  It must be really trying right now, so "keep your head up and march proudly" as this too, will pass.
Time to rest my weary bones and go to bed. Speaking of weary bones, I went to North Bay the other day to pick up the concert tickets Harry won from the radio station. As I opened the door to the building, I missed a high step up and tripped on the step and went flying onto my face flat on the floor with purse flying. No graceful way to get up, so I lay there for a moment while two office workers came running to my rescue. Of course I said I was Ok but once I left the office I realized that I really gave myself a jolt -my knees and ankles wee hurting. On Wed Harry called into another contest and was on the air and won a $25.00 gift certificate to Modern School of Hairstyling and Esthetics. I am planning to use this to get a permanent. My hairdresser here in Sundridge cannot do permanents because of the smell of the solutions, so for last few years have only being getting a hair cut. I will look forward to getting some curl in my hair for over winter.
Take care

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Busy days

Rrain's concert went great.  I didn't get to see it, but all reports were great.  I found the website, but I have no idea when it will be broadcast - I just searched NACTV and found the website.  I have had meetings for days and lots more to come.  Started the day with an alarm call at 7:20 am, but since I was all ready for work it was just a matter of leaving a bit early.  Today our computer system was transferred from the government to Teranet.  They were there from about 10 to 8 until after 4.  Things did not go smoothly for them.  I got no lunch break and worked another 1/2 hour overtime.  My meeting was right after work and I got home just before 8pm. Tomorrow I have a 7pm meeting and then off to Winnipeg on Thursday.  Wine tasting on Saturday.  And back to Winnipeg for 4 days next week.  Jim took his sister to Morden for her checkup after her hip surgery last month.  He didn't get home until after 7pm, so neither one of us was home today.  He, however, got taken to Boston Pizza for lunch.  I am jealous.  It was such a weird day today that I actually had 3 cups of coffee.  I don't drink coffee! Now I am at home having a glass of wine.  With no food today one glass should put me out.  Obviously, reading this message, I am tired and should go to bed and try to get my head back on for tomorrow.  Love you guys!

short time out

Had a rough night on Sunday, and spent yesterday trying to relax and gain strength.  Still not "rarin' to go".  Yesterday David  was kept running most of the day.  I needed a couple of bathroom aids, so David headed out to a local store, and came home with them, but had been charged both sales taxes ,  This wasn't right, So he called the Retail sales tax office, and was told that both items were completely exempt, because he had a legal prescription, signed by an OT.  Off he goes to return them, and ran into a hassle, but ultimately got his money back.  Then he went to the store where we bought my lift chair.  There he was able to rent both items, but only brought home the grab bar, as I won't need the tub seat for a couple of weeks. ( Loren had brought over the tub seat he used when he broke his leg, but it wouldn't fit in our tub.)  Since David had to do a little grocery shopping as well, and visit the bank, it was almost supper time when he got home.

Today is absolutely beautiful,  Sunny and warm, One of those 'Indian Summer" days that occur once in a blue moon.  I hope it's headed your way Beth.  But I know it's not likely that I'll get out into it.    with spending my time upstairs all day, I can look out and see what I'm missing.

Somehow, while I was away, blogger sorted itself out and I can now blog on my laptop again.  Don't know how long it will last, but will just sit back and enjoy.


How did the concert go with Rrain and the other performers Saturday night Cathy?  Were you able to watch it - you didn't send the site so I figured you didn't have a way to watch.
 Harry won tickets for us to go to North Bay to watch John McDermott live at the Capital Centre Sunday evening - I will have to pick up the tickets this week sometime.
Miserable weather but somehow i have to get outside today to fix up the big greenhouse ready for winter. I have put up a few Hallowe'en decorations outside and last night it poured all night - up pumping of course. So some of the ornaments are a little wet this morning. I just cleaned out the fridge - long time overdue but doesn't one feel good once completed??
I have a few chores in the basement to keep me amused today. So better get at them haha!
Take care.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

And happy to see it so....

...yes, 'tis good to be back home. Now you can relax and enjoy the comforts of home as you recuperate.  Take it easy though!

And a welcome home it i!s

glad to be here. Yesterday was frantic,and I feel I overdid it, with all of the assessments.  I got up this morning, ate breakfast  was assessed on a  four-wheeled walker by  the physio, (hers was in worse shape than Dave's father's old one), and went back to bed, for an hour.  I had been able to get a shower and dressing change last evening, so was able to rest pretty well until David arrived.    We got our discharge prescriptions,and were off home. He set out for the pharmacy, while I sat down to answer e-mail.

I have been eating quinoa for sometime,but have never had it as a cereal.  I enjoy it cold(cooked) in a spinach salad with Mandarin orange sections and sliced almonds or pecans. Lovely with a Raspberry vinaigrette.  It can also be used as an alternative to potatoes or rice as part of an entree, in a stir-fry., or casserole.

I won't post any more right now.  Just wanted to let you know that I was home safely.  Maybe later.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Sauerkraut anyone?

Today I bottled 14 jars of saurerkraut that we started to ferment about three weeks ago.The crock was sitting on the counter and starting to get to me with the smell. It tastes very nice and I added some into my stir fry tonight for supper and this added a different taste for sure.
Windy and miserable with threat of flurries for tonight so I have decided to go to bed early and bundle under my duvet, and listen to Randy Bachman.
I finished the second block of the hexis that I am trying and this time it took me less time. As I do more I am sure that I will figure out easier ways to complete but for now I am satisfied with how I'm doing them.  Take care all.....
ps And for tomorrow, I say welcome home to big sister!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Luncheon postponed

Well, I did not meet with my friend Sue yesterday for lunch as planned. We have rescheduled for Wed October 29 - hope all goes well and we will actually be able to meet.  I did go to the dentist though and as with every checkup, it went well and I got my free toothbrush and floss haha  With only one insurance plan now though it starts to become a bit expensive. I am now on Harry's plan as I lost all my benefits when I turned 65 - and with his I only get a certain percentage returned.
Today we went to Huntsville to visit the ReStore and to shop at the Independent Grocery Store. I found it to be quite expensive at least compared to our usual places such as No Frills and Freshco. Harry's sister and brother in law shop there and were telling us how great it was.  But there was also a Bin Store called Bin Barn in this Mall area and I had a ball buying things. For example, I bought some "self rising flour" and came home and made pizza - my favourite recipe from Cathy! I wondered if this flour would make a different crust than normal. It turned out great so now I will pick up some more of this flour when I next go near a Bin Barn. Also bought some "quinoa" pronounced "keen-wa". I will cook some for my breakfast to see if I like it. Mike's Erin cooks it and it was from her that I first heard about it.  Sometimes you have to try new things.  Mike goes hunting this Sunday for one week into the bush with his hunting group and staying at their hunt camp. He will take his own food this time rather than last year where they chipped in $ for food and each night someone was designated to be chef. Mike did NOT like this ! He says he'll eat sandwiches and KD all week haha
Nothing but rain here these past few days. Puts an end to outdoor work for awhile. Next week supposed to be sunny so hopefully I can finish off the yard. I haven't raked up any leaves yet and the ground is covered . The big Maple in our front yard is dropping leaves now - although it is a nice picture to see the coloured laves blowing about the yard, someone has to pick them up before winter.
Hope all is well with everyone. Time for bed. Take care

Monday, October 13, 2014


The pictures you just sent show a very nice, and functional studio for you to work in.  You will appreciate the "upstairs" aspect as time goes by. Did I see your stereo and tapes anywhere?
I've already done some outside work this morning, and now waiting until after lunch to head up to North Bay. The pumpkin chiffon pie looks palatable haha!  I also made a batch of pumpkin muffins to take - the tin of pumpkin was large and with more than enough to make the pie and the muffins both.
Leaves of brown come tumbling down -  remember the two little wall banners you made Pati - one for Chritmas that says 'Tis the season and this Fall one. I always hang them up and looking at it as we speak. I think you made kits for sale  / or did a workshop?  Did you ever have a Spring, or Summer one?
I had a little time last evening to pick up my hexagons and sew a bit - almost have one block done of 1 inch hexis using the english paper piecing method and like it a lot. But as soon as I started to sew I stuck the needle into my thumb and it started to bleed - so I quit! What a silly thing to happen but maybe it was telling me to stop and go to bed instead haha !
Few more chores to do, so will say farewell for now. Will be thinking about you for Wednesday Pati, How should we communicate - should I call Dave Wednesday evening? Take care

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pictures you say?

Here are my men putting the legs on the table.  Just in case you have forgotten what they look like

 This corner is setup so that I can move my computer ( all plugged in and ready to go) to the work table whenever I want.  Four of the  dresser drawers have projects in them, ready to go when ever I am.
And  this is the actual work area set up in a functional U-shape.  The drawer in  the night table has all of my small accessories such as needles, scissors, thread and --EGAD< I forgot the pins!!  On the shelf under the drawer is a project in a blue box, and the accessory tray for the sewing machine.  both of the baskets on the table contain more small projects.  When I say "project"  I mean that I have everything I need to work on and finish the project.  e.g. the blue box, 12 1/2' by 12 1/2" contians all of the cut pieces, cut sashing, thread, and pattern to piece a quilt top.  You may notice that we had to buy a plastic for the floor to allow my chair to roll around.  You can even see the 5-gallon pail I use for garbage.

Our Thanksgiving was good.  As planned we went to Amber's for Chinese food, pumpkin pie, and a game of "31".  Loren and Sheila brought a bottle of very nice (very nice!) Blackberry wine.  I had a small glass and they enjoyed the rest, considering they had a designated driver.  Both David and I were tired and the party broke up around 9:00.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  I hope Keri had a great birthday.  Both she and David are so privileged, having a National holiday associated with their birthdays.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

It is Sunday, and Thanksgiving weekend. Hope you spend a good time with family. I am about to start my Pumpkin Chiffon Pie. I baked the crust yesterday, and an apple pie. Today I make the filling. Hoping it will work as it has been along time since I made it.
Have you got your new upstairs studio set up a bit Pati? It will seem strange to you but in long run will be much better for you. Just don't make too many trips downstairs for this or that!
Weather is just fine so I shall do more work outside today. I got a lot done yesterday as well. I bought a new heavy duty tarp to cover the big greenhouse. I have to clean off the top of leaves and water, then cover with pieces of wood,  and then cover with tarp and tie it down tight all around.  I also have to retape some places in the small greenhouse that I see need fixing. Lots of work to get ready for winter.
I had to separate the two budgie birds again as the old one,started to peck at the new one. I think he is just to aggressive. Here we go again.....hoping to keep the young one healthy.
Take care.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Getting ready for "The Big Move"

Today we move the basics of my studio upstairs.  David was up before me and had some of the stuff up and into the living room fairly early, but then got bogged down trying to get the legs off the work table.  Done now, and he is taking a well deserved rest while we wait for Loren to arrive to help with the big stuff.

Here it is looking very empty.

And here is some of the smaller stuff waiting to go upstairs.  The table top, leaning against the bar, will probably be the heaviest piece, even more awkward than the mattress and box spring that hast to come down.
Before i could leave the basement, I had to make sure that Joy was settled in her nest on the computer table.  I found a nice wooden basket, and padded it with soft scraps of quilting batt.
Then I found a piece of upholstery fabric with stags and unicorns and beautiful sea shells, that I've been saving
for a special project and lined the nest with that.
Joy fits nicely, with lots of room for visitors.

And here she is back in the protected spot on the computer table , with Faith's picture for company and Knight to look after both of them.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl

Best Wishes to you Rrain...the Birthday Girl..... Hope you have a great day and get to do something for you!!!
And to the Mother - what were you doing 39 years ago???
Have fun!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

You are right ...doesn't take much

But for me, everyday, it is the small pleasures that continue to amaze me and nourish me.
Today was a different day. I think I am catching on to your "different kinds of days" Pati.
I mentioned having to go up the North Bay again.  We picked up the office chair right at 9am - not what Harry had thought and a little disappointment! Then we went to Michael's to purchase some Wonder Clips with my 40% off discount coupon.To our amazement there were packages of 10 clips for $11.99, and a package of 50 clips for $44.99. Might as well go big especially with the discount right? When I got to the checkout, with all smiles, laid down the coupon only to be told it was not effective until tomorrow!  Another disappointment! I had not seen the small print apparently. My face must have shown my dismay and I asked sheepishly, couldn't she do something for me. So she hemmed and hawed and finally stated, of course, she could give me the store opening promotional discount instead. This turned out to be 50% off. What?? So I paid the bill, and got out of there as quickly as possible with my box of 50 Wonder Clips. What a bargain!
Harry went on Kijiji last night looking for Budgies (to replace our dear departed bird) He found an ad and this morning we arranged to go there after 1 pm as she had an appointment in the morning.  No one home . So we headed to McDonald's for lunch - this is where Mike's Erin works (ever wonder how a person with a Masters in Education can't get work teaching in Ontario so has to continue with her job of many years that put her through University) Anyway, we had lunch and a short visit with her, and then back to this bird person's house. No one home. We headed for the Nursery to buy wild bird seed to put in more time, and received a call from her to Harry. Apparently she had decided NOT to sell her two budgies. Agggh.....We just spend several hours putting in time. So I told Harry  go to the Pet Store and buy a bird for heavens sake!. So, that's what we did and home we came. I cleaned a cage and now have the new bird placed beside the other bird and once they get acquainted, I will put them together in the same cage.  So, the small pleasures for me today were : the bargain Wonder clips, coffee with Mike, lunch with Erin, visit with Willie, and finally coming home!! I want to stay home all day tomorrow and work in the yard ( weather permitting) Time for bed....Take care.

Small pleasures

Today, at work, while checking the calendar, I realized that I had booked Tuesday off work.  I vaguely remember doing it, but it was such a nice surprise.  Cassie (our student) kept laughing at me 'cause I was so excited to have an unexpected holiday!  It doesn't take much to make a person really happy!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I won a couple of packages of these awhile back and recently started using them,  Love'em!!  You can bet that the Micheal's price is higher than elsewhere, but at forty percent off, might be reasonable.  I fully plan to buy more whenever I see them. I drove all the way to the quilt store on Pembina today to buy one of those rubber discs for holding bobbins.  Not only do I have to sort bobbins by machine, I also sort them out by the weight of thread they are holding.  A little  obsessive, you say?  Probably.

Loren is coming over to help move the studio furniture on Saturday.  This means that I have to get both the spare room and studio ready for the process, as well as have all of the supplies I expect to need packed up and ready to go. I have been feverishly doing "prep" work over the past couple of weeks, just to make the whole thing easier.  I talk about it being on my "tea cup" list, along with seeing the movie last week, and the pedicure I have scheduled for Friday. ( Who knows when I'll be able to cut my toe nails again).  It can't be my "bucket" list, because I have no  intention of kicking the bucket in the near future.

 David took the bed apart today, and we washed all of the blankets that have been parked all over the house, since the duvet arrived.  We are liking it, but find it a bit warm.  We don't see this as a problem as winter isn't here yet.  We actually did a bit of sorting, and I ended up washing a couple of loads of blankets that will be going to the thrift store as soon as we can make it happen.

Other than that we are indulging in a whole bunch of "hurry up and wait".

Perfect name

It has been awhile since I've read that series of Andrew Greeley but I so enjoyed all those books - and especially your reference to the "spear carrier" brought it all back to me. What an excellent chose for your little guy - Knight it is then!   I shall contemplate the name for my guy, and tell you as soon as it is final. I have already explored a few ideas.
Today we made a quick (?) trip to north bay - unplanned. Harry bought a Sentry Safe off of Kijiji which we were to pick up tomorrow but then this morning he bought an office chair. Our chair is falling apart. But the gal wanted us to come today as her boyfriend would bring it to her place of employment.  I had to communicate with her by TEXT messaging on my phone (Harry has to pay for all his texts and I do not) and I do not know how to do this well. I really should get one of the boys to show me in detail. Willie will text me occasionally but knows I can't respond very well.  Anyway, long story short up to North Bay we went. We were able to pick up the safe today. We did not get the chair (her boyfriend did not bring it onto town) But we went to the new Michaels Store . we wondered around and looked at everything and the prices!! We bought two packages of candy melts (Chocolate wafers used for making candies) But with my receipt I got a time limited coupon for 40% off my next purchase. We are going back tomorrow to get this d--- chair so I will go back into Michaels and purchase a package of the Clover Wonder clips that were mentioned on the Cheryl See episode of hexagons on the Quilt Show. I saw them in the store today but hesitated at the $12.00 cost.
Our little blue budgie bird died while we were gone. It has been hanging on for over a year now - in a separate cage from the other bird, and lately we were hand feeding it. It was confined to the bottom of the cage not able to fly, or move around without falling over. It is a blessing but still sort of sad.
Well,  just finished logging in our daily food for the Nielsen Homescan Survey.  Yesterday Harry decided to cash in some of our accumulated points, and he purchased two $25.00 Gift certificates for Chapters. This would be good at Coles as well (I hope) as there is only a Coles store in North bay.
Time for bed. Take care

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A little bird told me

that one of the boys is named Knight,  Now, this may refer to Knight Owl, but I prefer to think of the spear carriers mentioned in the Andrew J.Greeley books.

Lots of owls, and a few people body parts....

.... lots of fun! I guess I will have to make a little nest as well. Have to conform afterall, or those little creatures will talk more about us.
I was outside by 7:30 this morning working, and only came in now at 9;30 for a coffee. It's a nice day so want to capitalize on the time I have to clean up. I made a list!
I have started to create some hexagon shaped little quilt pieces (in my spare time). I am enthralled, totally. I think I will like this. I made a batch of Irish Soda Bread for supper last night - a recipe from that book I bought Irish Folklore and Recipes.  It is delicious and so easy to make that I will likely make some more. This weekend I will make Pumpkin Chiffon Pie to take to Mike's on Monday. They are going down to Toronto to visit her parents and will be back on Monday - we plan to go out to eat and then back to their place for pie. Sounds like a nice plan.
Anyway, back to work.  Take care.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yes, it was quite an excursion.

We saw the show at Viscount.  Keri had set out the piece I was worried about, so that I could fix it.  We found one loose bead, but it was still attached, so we just left it.  I was a little disappointed in the show.  While there was no theme, all of the pieces were exactly the same size.  The theory had been that the unified size would be unifying factor in a show containing very divergent pieces.  I think it made it boring.

We managed to get our turkeys-huge things--but we can deal with that.  Cathy sold us a couple of chickens out of her freezer, which she will replace when the Hutterites kill chickens this fall.

Lunch was quite a gathering.  Of course, the owls joined us.  They didn't create any fuss, but were quite well behaved.  A few strange looks though.  Spirit has her own nest, and now Joy is agitating for one of her own.  Since this is probably a reasonable request, we'll see about getting her one in the next day or so.  I have an idea of a small basket I can use to hold it.  Joy rode most of the way up nestled inside Jake.  She fit quite nicely right inside, so I doubt Faith could fit on top for support, but perhaps she might like a little nest?  Here are the oictures.

So, a good time was had by all......

Thought that you would have a wonderful visit, and sounds as if the whole famn damily took part. Will Neepawa ever be the same?? So we have one cousin named, and time will eventually introduce the other cousins. I wondered if Spirit fits onto Jake? I was thinking about Faith and wondering if her cousin would hold her upright ,, she seems to have a little swagger - maybe too much wine?
Look forward to pictures and further dialogue from you both. Until then.....take careXX

The meeting of the sisters

Joy and Spirit had a really nice visit today, along with their cousin Jacobi (we call him Jake).  They had lunch at a nice restaurant and spent the afternoon in Spirit's nest.  I think they were talking about us.  Joy has gone home now and Spirit is sleeping.  I think they wore themselves out.  Pati and I had a nice little visit too.  Rrain joined us for lunch (along with Dave & Jim) and then we went to the gallery so that Pati could check out the show.  Now it is back to reality.  I think Pati got a couple of good pictures of the sisters at the restaurant.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saw a movie

We've been trying to see guardians of the Galaxy for weeks and finally got to go today.  David did NOT want to see it in 3-D, so our only choice was a Saturday or Sunday matinee.  I thought maybe there would be a theatre full of kids but actually there were only about 12 people watching.  Most of those appeared to be fathers with young children.

We don't see very many movies-I can't remember the last time we went.  This had good reviews, and an interesting cast, but was basically a space shoot'em up.  It was adapted from a comic book and was actually produced in Marvel Studios.  I gather the comic has been around for awhile, as the first bit of the movie was introducing characters--so many that I was confused.  It was the sort of thing where you just suspend rational thought, or trying to figure anything out, and enjoy the action.  And, boy, was there ever a lot of action!  I don't think David enjoyed it as much as I did, and my enjoyment was more about the special and visual effects than any story or plot.

But it made me remember seeing Star Wars when it came out, and then Lord of the Rings.  I guess the technical aspects of movie making have come a very long way, and since I see so few movies, I was blown away by the special effects. One of the characters was a genetically-enhanced raccoon.  He was totally believable, whether he was fighting, flying a space ship,  serving as computer geek to the good guys, or being drunk,and disorderly in a bar.  The visual effects of the "dog fights in space" were mind blowing.

A quiet evening.  I saw the season premiere of Bar Rescue, and now we are ready for our trip.  The boys decided which one would come with us, and he and Joy will be up all night waiting in the kitchen for us to leave.  We plan to get up and go, gassing up and buying breakfast on the way out of town.

But you actually went to Tim's....

I'd love to go to Tim's more often - just not on the radar with some here. We went to Sprucedale Flea Market yesterday morning - I do not usually go with Harry Saturdays but his gout was acting up so I went as shotgun. We drive right past the Tim's in Burk's Falls but never go in. Sometimes it would be nice to be surprised as I would never "ask" to go. When I go to North Bay on my own, I'll often treat myself to a coffee. The other day I went and bought a pumpkin muffin as well - pure pleasure haha
Today I must start that week long Survey of recording on line for Nielsens everything we eat individually all day for seven days. It is a PINTA for me - but hey, what is a person to do??  I still have to log in every item purchased - scan the bar code into the little hand held machine and then download it onto Nielsen web site. It is also a PINTA for me.
Rain, rain and more rain. Not much outdoor work being accomplished. But Harry bought a cookbook at Market, so I got to try out a new recipe for Corn Muffins. It was actually very tasty, so I had to go to the store to buy more ingredients to make another batch today. Only made 7 muffins at a time ( recipe says six but I got 7) However, when you think about it, corn muffins are not good held over - much nicer eaten right from the oven so a small batch is really the best.
I'm happy now to have my duvet on the bed as the nights are quite cool. When I first changed over about two weeks ago, the weather took a turn and we had a bit of summer and the duvet was too hot, but now is just fine.How about you Pati, have you switched back to your duvet yet?  Cathy, do you have a duvet for winter?
Well, tomorrow my sisters will be together in Neepawa, and I shall be with you both - will think about you all day. Have a lovely visit, and enjoy the time together. Love to you both.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

A visit to Timmie's

Through the drive thru.  I asked for "two raisin tea biscuits"  Somehow she heard. " Two  old fashioned glazed Timbits"    Go figure,

Friday, October 3, 2014

A different sort of excitement

today we went to vote.  Since I'll either be in hospital or unable to go anywhere on election day, we went tot he advance poll at the local mall.  A very long line when we got there, full of people with walkers and canes.  Yep, took my walker.  The brakes don't really work on it, so \i was able to sit down and scoot along.  David went to the other end of the mall to pick me up a Timmie's while I waited, and still got back in lots of time.

Just because, I tried to use my passport for identification, but it was refused.  It was explained that this was because it had no address to prove where I lived, and that made sense.  Last time I tried, it was at the Bank of Nova Scotia and they just plain refused, with no explanation.  I've been playing with this for awhile, as I can't believe that a Canadian passport is cannot be used for identification purposes in Canada.  If my own country won't accept it, why should any other country.

There was a book mentioned on The Quilt Show, dealing with the hexies.  It looked quite good and I tried to find it on Amazon without any luck.  Guess I'll have to give some thought as to where else to look.  I can't remeber if the guest on the show had a web site, but that might be a place to start.  Would need an hour to view the whole thing again, though, and that's probably not going to happen in the next day or so.  Loren and Jeremy hope to get over next weekend to move the essential parts fo my studio ustairs, and the guest room furniture downstairs for the duration.  I have been desperately trying to get some projects stock piles so that I can sork with a minimum of supplies and equipment for the enxt month or so.  I have tentatively signed up for a sale in early December and really, really need some stock.

Last weekend we bought a small turkey and have been slowly eating our way through it.  Tonight should be the last meal.  Thank goodness.  Otherwise we are planning our visit to Neepawa for Monday.  I plan to take Joy with me so that she can meet Spirit, and one of the boys asked to go along.  I never know which one as, of course, they are identical triplets.

Mad dash inside....

I was trying to cut back the grape vines which have grown up and up and up into our trees and the neighbour's trees. The wind was picking up briskly and the sky was darkening quickly. Harry is over at another person's place sitting in front of the house guarding against a company that just tried to scam and fraud this person into over $3000,00 to put a water filter in. They were supposed to come at 3 pm to install. She called us at 7:30 this morning all upset because she had signed a contract and knew she was scammed  Long story short we think we got it cancelled but Harry went over to sit just in case the company showed up anyway and tried to weasel their way in.  This lady is the sister of Uncle Walter (deceased) and is 86 years old and lives alone. Hope it goes OK. But in meantime we had carrots outside drying off and I barely got to them before the rain came. So I came inside and poured a glass of wine - my old standby haha!  We are in for a week of wet now but it is the wind and storms I don't look forward to. I managed to sweep the front sidewalk so that when I start to pump the sump pump won't get full of leaves etc and bog down. Oh bliss - what a life !!  Good thing is that the new Daniel O'Donnell DVD arrived in mail today - i can sit and watch it.  And maybe try a hexagon patch - I watched the latest Episode of The Quilt Show last night and was enthralled with hexagons and the English paper method.  Might be fun ....tonight we win $22 Million yeah!!  Take care

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sounds like a great idea....

Here's me responding as if I would be a part of it in person haha! But I'l pretend and enjoy the gathering in spirit just as much - just keep me informed.