Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Adventures in cleaning

My holidays started with big plans.  As usual most of my time has been spent sitting outside reading.  I think it was because I decided to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets.  As I inched along the edge of the counter, half bent over, scrubbing the tops of the cabinets I just happened to hold the top of the door instead of the cabinet.  Of course the door opened a bit.  Unfortunately it was the door right beside the big tub of water I was using.  Yep.... right off the edge and all over the floor.  I am not sure Jim knew that I knew words like that.  Spent the next 10 minutes moping up dirty water.  Lots of fun.  One thing seems to lead to another.  To make room for my new dishes I had to move everything around.  Taking stuff downstairs made me realise that I needed to straighten up my pantry.  While doing that I realised that I had a number of things that were stale dated so it was time to check everything and toss stuff.  Another afternoon shot on something I had no intention of doing.   BUT!!! Jim and I have eaten our first meal off of our new dishes.  Sitting at the kitchen table with placemats and everything!  Today we painted the trim around our doors and patio window.  We didn't do a great job but at least it is painted for the winter.  Then I had the bright idea of touching up the shop doors.  Two hours later the doors are poorly painted and we realise that the doors are actually in pretty bad shape and need replacing.  Good thing I painted them so they will last the winter (and probably a couple more years after that) By noon every inch of my body ached and I was exhausted.   I never even went to town today.  I have been checking the mail regularly because Jim got new glasses.  Because he is over 65 he is eligible for the government subsidy for seniors They have maximums payable and then pay 80% of that amount, less a $50 deductable so we are looking at maybe a $40 cheque.  Unfortunately I cannot submit my blue cross claim without claiming the amount from subsidy.  I have a $500 claim waiting on this cheque.  I really need the blue cross cause I put the glasses on Visa and need to pay it.  Vicious circle.  I sure hope the cheque comes soon.  So many petty things but the sure add up.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be very hot so anything I do outside will have to be done early.  I have lots of work to do in the house so maybe I can do some of that tomorrow.  Or, I can sit and read.  I will see what tomorrow brings.


Just re-read my last post.  I spent a fair bit of time getting the spacing just right.  Obviously I shouldn't have bothered.  We realized today that our tree is infested with aphids--probably secondary to the ant problem.  We love that tree, and don't want to see it weakened, so I'll be talking to the exterminator, about both problems.  We went out for tea today.  It's way over on Academy Road.  David got quite frustrated with the construction we had to go through, so we "dipsy-doodled" around and ended up coming home down Jubilee, Fermor, and Lagimodiere.  That way we also got to stop at Starbuck's for my daily coffee.  David found a Visa card in his wallet, while we were out, and asked me to try it out, and see if it was still good.  Yes it was, and it will be good for 5 more cups.  Always nice to find money, and thank you, Beth for the coffee today.

Wow,,,,,you have a great comeback plan

So impressed with your plan of action.  I am also rereading 'the book" right now in between my adventures with Stone Barrington, and thus easy for me to follow along with you at most stages and phases. It should come naturally to you now, but measuring and not been lazy seem to the keys for you right now.  Keep at it.....
Real busy here - lots to do and little ambition to do it but nevertheless, I too, shall keep at it.  XX


Monday was not good.  The diet wasn't working for me.  This happened the one other time I managed to lose weight.  I got down to about the same weight, as I am now, and just lost whatever it was that had kept me going, and the weight started to creep back up.  So yesterday morning I sat down and started reading parts of the book again.  I know the diet works, but I need to work with the diet.  I came up with a plan. 
- I am going to go back to using the phases, as they are intended to              be used, 
- I'm not going to worry about throwing out a few veggies, if they              are old and not on the plan for that week. (threw out 1/2                    banana today,and David supported me about it.)
-I'm going to make a better effort to drink what I'm supposed to be drinking:
         -add at least one more cup of green tea per day-more if I can
         -cut 1 can of Dr. Pepper per day (half of what I've had, but I'm            not going to stop completely--that is setting myself up for                failure. I'll substutute with lemon water.)
-increase my use of lentils and chick peas
-buy pistachios in the shell--I had stopped using them because of               cost when bought shelled--$26.95/lb
-go back to measuring everything--I was getting lazy
-try to use all of the recipes in a section, not just my favourites-I                 was getting lazy
-cook with the recipes in front of me-don't rely on memory. I was               getting lazy.
-make more effort to differentiate between habit hunger, boredom             hunger, and real hunger.
-make an effort to keep my hands busy and clean (sewing).  An old           strategy, but a good one for me.

Yesterday went well.  I had extra green tea, and will try to have it with every meal today.  It was a struggle not to have that first can of Dr. Pepper, as I knew that I would have a can while playing poker in the evening--but I did it.  I need to bake a small batch of cookies for ladies visiting soon, and David had forgotten where he had hidden the chocolate chips from me--so I had to tell him where they were.  But I stayed away from the jujubes!  I have the plan written down, and will post it on the fridge.

David is washing wine bottles today, something he prefers to do in the kitchen.  When he mentioned it, I had visions of having to clean up and sort out the laundry area--a job that's on my list but being ignored.  But I want to do some dyeing and leaf printing today, so maybe today's the day.  Later, or maybe tomorrow, we have to head out to buy tea--over on the other side of town.  Starting to run out of green tea for some reason.  :) 

Monday, August 29, 2016

We had "visits' also....

It is nice to have visits, isn't it? And your day sounded to be a very pleasant one, Pati.  How about you Cathy?  Nice to be at home?

Well our "visit" was thus:  we "cat sat" today at Mike and Erin's. Arrived at their place at 6:15 am and they left for Sudbury at 6:45 am.  Erin had to meet with new employer at 9 am to complete some paper work, and Mike went to deliver resumes - he left a resume at three different places. And they looked at a house. They were back to North Bay by 1;30 pm. 
We were there to baby sit the cats.  The rescued cat was home following her surgery and care at the animal hospital, and Mike and Erin did not want to leave the three cats alone as there is some tension amongst the three of them. Actually it is really one of the two current cats who seems to be putting up a fuss about the appearance of this third cat. All was well and only a few little tiffs occurred under my watch. For the most part the new cat just looked for attention and loves - she is a very nice cat with colouring and disposition resembling our new kitten, Tigger.  So although we actually did not have much of a visit with Mike and Erin, we were there! Erin had left homemade cookies, and cinnamon buns, so I made coffee for the two of us, and then went to get Subs for Harry and I for our lunch, so we didn't starve. 
Now, since I did not sleep last night, and I just came in from doing all the watering, I shall head to bed, read a bit and hope for a better night.  Take care.

A nice visit.

Two nice visits, in fact.  I had lunch with my ATC group yesterday.  There were only 4 of us, but we had a pleasant lunch, a nice visit, and a trade.  One of the ladies is off to travel in Japan and Korea, next month.  She is an older widow and travels extensively, usually as part of a group of seniors.  We had a chat about being single, as two of the group are, and the strategies that  a single person has to use, to keep from becoming socially isolated.  I've also found within my Tuesday stitchers, that this can be an issue, as I'm the only one left in the group that's part of a married couple.  (I put it that way, as one of the ladies-86 years old--has recently moved in with a gentleman, but I truly believe that it's platonic, and just for economic reasons)

When I got home, Loren and Sheila were visiting.  It was the first chance they'd had to come and see the kitchen.  They appeared quite impressed, both with the quality of the work, and the reasonable cost.  Sheila teased Loren about him now having "kitchen envy".  I think he's wanted to do "something" about his kitchen ever since he bought the house, and I agree.  We found out that Jeremy has been accepted into Red River, in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program, and started today.  He just found out toward the end of last week, so it was a bit of a scramble getting him registered and ready.

We had our carpet cleaned today.  Just the living room and hallway--the traffic areas.  Not cheap, but having made the decision to retain the carpet for as long as we're in the house, it had to be done.  Now we're off for the monthly shopping.  Not as bad as it used to be, as we're shopping more often for the fresh stuff I need on my diet.  And how's the diet going--don't ask, but whatever has happened the past week, my weight is remaining somewhat stable, and that is a blessing.  Loren has been dieting as well, and has now lost about 20lbs.  Both of them are happy about that.

I've finally got around to washing and dyeing some of the Damask napkins you sent me years ago, Beth, the ones from Harry's mother.  They are not as worn as the Damask I get at the thrift store, and the resulting colours are a bit more intense than on older fabric.  I'm very pleased with what I've accomplished so far.

So, change clothes, and out the door, and hope the carpet dries by the time we get home.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Stewing meat

I have done the same sort of thing.  I'll buy a large amount of beef, on sale, and then cut it up into chunks and freeze it.  While I make stew, I also like the chunks just browned off and then put in the oven in packaged gravy-with or without canned mushrooms.  I also cut some of it in thin strips, maybe dredge in a little flour, or not, brown it off and put in the oven with B-B-Q sauce from a bottle.  A pot of rice, some frozen veggies, and a meal.  It may be the same meat, but just a bit of variety.

We have to do a bit of house work today.  I have carpet cleaners coming in tomorrow morning.  It should have been done when we finished the kitchen, but the cash wasn't there.  This has been a long month, and yes, we had to resort to plastic a bit.  Looking at the calendar, this month  will be more of the same.  With the mild winter, we were ahead on our budget utility payments, for heat and light, and won't have to pay very much this month, but our budget went up for next year, as there was a rate increase.  Hardly seems worth it to be wearing jackets, and under shirts, most of the winter.

Beth, it sounds, like your visit with the friends was well worth the anxiety.  How nice it must have felt to be made to feel  welcome, and by several people from the sound of it. You may not fully realize the impact you've had on the lives of these people, until something like this happens.  Quite a validation for you, and your gentle accepting manner.

Today I plan to do some leaf printing, and then I'm out for lunch with my ATC trading group.  It sounds like a small group this month, and they changed the theme of the trade to a much less demanding one.  Since the meeting was cancelled last month, as no-one was able to make it, I have the cards I made for that.  Bonus!

Saturday, August 27, 2016


When Jim was ordering meat last week he asked about a cheap steak that could be used as stewing beef.... Al said he had the perfect thing.  Well,  we got a 15 pound hunk of meat.  10 1/2 pounds of stewing beef and a 2 pound pot roast and trim for the dogs. ( the cat was in the kitchen as we cut it up, so he got quite a bit of the meat off the trim)  I make freeser stew packages so I will just throw the frosen meat into the bags to toss into the crock pot later, but it takes a long time to cut up that much meat into 1 inch cubes!  I am on holidays for a week..  I had wonderful intentions but after doing the laundry and cutting up the meat I sat and read.  maybe tomorrow I will work at cleaning (not). Keri is coming for supper tomorrow.  She has to work, but will make it by 5 pm.  At least that way I know she is getting a good meal at least once a week.  She is a good cook and makes regular meals, but when she is busy she tends to just munch so since I know how busy she is this week  I can give her one meal. I will have to stop at the office on Monday since our boss was gone for 2 weeks, but I will only be touching base on some of the "crap" we got in.  You would trust that lawyers would do a good job but forget that illusion.  One whole week to clean house.  I think I need at least  a month steady.  Oh well

Good Morning

'Tis Saturday again.  Always seems to roll around every week haha! (whether we like it or not) Harry is off and running, and I am having a coffee and pondering my day. I caught up (sort of) with the produce yesterday although there is always some to take care of, and with only a bit of laundry to get at, I may not have too bad of a day?  It's all in how you approach it right?
Hang in there Pati - you are doing so well with your regime, you will succeed. I'm here cheering you on.
Thursday I attended the retirement reception for Rennie that I mentioned to you. I am so glad I went. It was a refreshing few hours with old friends, and times remembered. I was a bit taken aback to experience folks coming into the room, spotting me standing and immediately coming over with a big smile and hug. Sometimes lately one starts to feel insignificant, and I guess it is these odd moments that are given to you to bring the spirit back.
Mike and Erin are in transition.  Erin was offered and accepted the job as Executive Director for a large Pre School conglomerate in Sudbury - now they need to make changes. I am very happy for her, and them, but also a little sad to see them move farther away. Life goes on though and they are young and need to forge a future for themselves.  Yesterday they phoned in crisis - the upstairs apartment has been vacant for a few weeks (I think it was a midnight move) but there was a smell coming from vents.  The landlord let Erin in and they found a horrible mess but in the midst of it was an abandoned cat. Mike and Erin love cats and could not let it go without help. They took it to an Animal Hospital on short notice and before they knew it the Vet was preparing the cat for surgery. She had a terrible infection in vagina and uterus and needed care immediately. They decided together to go ahead instead of euthanasia. However, as Mike tells us he left the cat at the Hospital with a hefty bill in his hands.I don't know when they'll get the cat home, and both are working over the weekend, but as I said, they are young and smart and will work it out.  In meantime, I worry!
Well, back to the day.  Hope all is well with you folks. Take careXX

Friday, August 26, 2016

Last few days...

have been rough as I've been a little under the weather.  Better today.  Getting a decent sleep seems to make so much difference. 

This is the time of year that we usually get David a few new casual clothes.  Back to school sales are good for that, so today was the day.  It hate it, because he gets 3 pair of pants, 4 shirts, and 3 pair of good socks, for less than $80.00.  Just not fair! But he did have fun sorting through, and throwing out, the old stuff.

Otherwise, not much going on here.  I'm having trouble sticking to the diet, and it shows on the scale.  Back to phase one, I guess, which means fish for supper.  Not really a hardship, as I enjoy the fish, and eating it makes me feel virtuous.

The politics associated with one of my volunteer positions is making me a little crazy.  The chairperson I'm working under is a bit of a micro-manager, but, really, nothing I can't deal with, being a bit that way myself. I'm very careful to keep a paper trail. Learned that the hard way.  But after this is over, I think I'll keep a low profile within the organization for awhile. Or, it could all be part of feeling crappy since last Saturday.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Can't help you with Candy Crush....

Maybe it is a good thing that I don't have Candy Crush - I believe I would not be very good at it. But as of today, I have to be good at wine making. Harry bought all his equipment this morning, and as of this afternoon we have a six gallon plastic bucket full of a mixture of chokecherry and crab apple juices mixed with sugar sitting on the floor of the kitchen, apparently for two days and then the yeast will be added and then, apparently it will start to ferment. I will keep you informed of our new endeavour and how we are progressing.
The eaves workers came today and added some thin strips of metal sheeting under the edges of the shingle to meet the inside of the eaves in attempt to prevent the rain from leaking in between, as was the case Saturday night.  It is supposed to rain tonight, so time will tell.
Tomorrow I will go the Retirement Reception at my old work place to honour the Clerk I so admired and appreciated when I worked there.  I still have not been officially invited but don't imagine that will matter ... I'll show up anyway haha!
Tonight I shall dream of all that money I shall be winning in the draw - if you are positive in your attitude it will happen (apparently)   Take care

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Thoughts on playing Candy Crush

Somehow, saying " Release the Fish!"  Doesn't have quite the same flair to it as saying " Release the Hounds!"

Catch up

Not much to talk about this weekend. Cooler weather until yesterday, but it was a nice break, from the heat.  The tv forecast 7 degrees overnight on Sunday, and that gave us pause to think, and realize that we're moving toward the end of August.  Scary, as we haven't been able to do anything about getting the snow blower fixed, and David is in no condition to shovel.

Sunday we had to deal with the current wine kit.  It was time to add the clarifying agent, and David decided to siphon it into a clean carboy first.  We only had a slightly smaller one, and were working away, when a moment's distraction and the carboy overflowed all over the basement floor.  We weren't really in a position to stop, so just threw a towel over it and carried on--even pouring the slight extra that had to come out onto the towel. But we now have a very full 19 L carboy just about ready to bottle-maybe next weekend.  We often just put it in gallon jugs and bottle four bottles of wine at a time.  Easier storage that way.  My diet only allows the accsional glass of wine, so we're going through it much more slowly

Monday, August 22, 2016

A real test....

Saturday night absolutely poured buckets.  I was outside with a flashlight under an umbrella at 3 am checking the eaves. (yes, I did get soaking wet myself) I had to set up the pump as water was washing down the side walk at the side and pooling at the front.  This is not a problem with the eaves but ongoing pure landscaping issues, and will be ongoing unless we fix it.   However, there were leaks.  And the workers had given me warning of potential issues because the roofers a few years ago were incompetent (as pointed out by the workers).  So I called the eaves people back this morning and asked for a quote to try to rectify.  They had made a suggestion on Friday of what they might be able to do.  So now I wait again.
In meantime, lots of progress in doing down the produce and trying to make room in the basement and in the freezers.  It means turfing older dated stuff but this I am doing with great glee, haha!
So back to it.  Hope all is well with you folks.  When are you on vacation again Cathy - is it next week?   Take care

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Library book

Just walked up to the Library to pick up the book I ordered about a month ago Worst Fears Realized - it is the next in line on my list. I received the call late yesterday and no time to go to Library anyway with all that was going on here. I already have two others here at home but they are farther down the list.  This book came from Sioux Lookout.  I'm glad the Library can seek out books for me and always interested from where they have come.  Now with three Stone Barrington novels here at home, I should have my needs nicely met for the time being haha! But no reading just yet - still some house work to complete so I'll patiently wait until bed time - which is my time to enjoy.
It is so hot and humid out again - will need to water the garden as everything is so dry. XX

Ah,'tis Saturday

That must mean washing and tidying for Beth, while Harry is off foraging the neighbourhood, haha!  The new eavestroughs have been installed. It was a hard and trouble encountered adventure for the workers but they persevered, as did I. Although for me it was touch and go for awhile. One constantly has to keep one's sense of optimism at the fore. 

Cathy, what a treat indeed! I loved to see the picture - I made it as big as I could and took a virtual walk around the place remembering my visits and our walks on the trail etc. The idea of a drone flying around my place and taking pictures would have me a bit concerned but I guess this is becoming more the norm nowadays?

In the midst of the eavestroughs being replaced outside, in the kitchen was made 22 / one litre jars of crabapple juice. Today I must clean that up, and I suppose make ready for more of the same. I picked from only two of our trees to get those apples - still so many high up that I can't reach, and still so many on other trees. We also have some lovely bunches of grapes growing that I noticed in my walkabout yesterday.  I like to just eat hem once they ripen.

I received an invitation circuitously through my friend Sue to a retirement reception for my Clerical person of many years when I worked. It is to be on Thursday this week.  I haven't received a direct one on one invitation which I thought odd since it is from the Branch that I managed for years - that may come yet, but regardless I admired Rennie so much that I will attend anyway ( maybe they don't want to invite me ..haha!)

I missed the Google Olympic action logo this morning - I was really enjoying them.

Well, time carries on, so I better go.  Have a good weekend everyone! Take care

Friday, August 19, 2016

Drones flying overhead

The neighbour's son has a drone.  Jim spotted it tonight and texted them to see if it was theirs.  Obviously it was and this is the view of our house.  What a nice treat.

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Sandi. Today is your day, and hope that you have a wonderful YOU day!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you,.................(sing along if you wish) Happy Birthday to Sandi, Happy Birthday to you.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Funny coincidence

We had just returned from the library, when I read your blog, Beth.  While at the library I had my name put on the waiting list for the new Gamache novel.  The library has the book on order, and I'm number 189 on the list.  But he re-assured me that there are 80 copies on order, so I shouldn't have to wait too long.  I was also just returning "The Nature of the Beast".  I had read it before, probably the second book in the series that I read, after "A Beautiful Mystery".  Having now read the whole series, I got so very much more out of reading "The Nature of the Beast" a second time.  This time I knew how much depth there is of the symbolism in her writing, and how strong the role of poetry is, as well.  If I hadn't read the other books, the last page, where Ruth invites Evie to move in with her, would have been quite meaningless, but, in fact, it is an unbelievably strong finish to the book.

Juicing time again...

All set to start the juicing process in the morning. I just hauled up all the necessary equipment from the basement, and organized the kitchen - sort of, anyway.  Today we picked crab apples and picked crab apples, and picked crab apples!  This process will last for another few weeks so it gets rather hectic to say the least. 
The workers for the eavestroughs will be here at 0830 am. He phoned awhile ago to confirm them coming. I also cleared up around the house in preparation for them It will be hard going around the back because the crab apple tree there has it's branches hanging over the edge of the roof loaded down with fruit.  We haven't picked that tree yet. I thought Harry might be able to trim them off, and we could have picked the fruit off of them on the ground but he choose not to. 
The 'fruit people'called at 6 pm to say they had arrived from the south and were loaded with all sorts of fruit. We will try to get out there tomorrow but I don't want to go on my own, and we won't leave with the workers here. Also once we start to do the juicing it is a full time job with me running interception - I'm like the proverbial 'gopher" haha.
I walked up to the library this afternoon - it has been a month since I ordered the next book in the series, and still not in.  So I took out two more Stone Barrington books - the next one's on my list that were actually on the shelf. Pati, have you seen or heard whether the next Louise Penny Gamache novel is available yet.  It was supposed to be released in August 2016.
Well, tomorrow will be another busy day so I better head for bed, start one of the books I got today, and then crash.  Take care

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm still here

Pati you must feel wonderful with all your new clothes and new sizes (I can't fit into a size 18).  I guess it is just not my time to lose weight.  Too much sitting around reading books instead of being active.  I'd clean my house but it is too nice to be inside.  That is what winter is for.  I have a place for my new dishes now.  I just need help getting them upstairs.  I don't want to try it on my own just in case I trip.  Another hot and humid day here.  We've had a lot of noise but very little rain from our thunder storms.  We golfed on Sunday.  Didn't win darn thing but we had fun.  I was actually hitting the ball quite often.  Jim tried out a driver that one of the other guys on our team had.  He fell in love with it and now he wants one.  I told him if he buys a new club he better golf more than once a year!  It was a pretty fancy golf club and he can get one like it from Shawn for about $100. (Instead of the $450 the golf shop wants) Jim got new glasses last week.  $501.00.  Thank goodness I still have blue cross.  I can't apply for the blue cross until he gets his seniors rebate. They offer very little coverage and the deductible is $50.00, so he might get $40 back, but I still have to wait for that before I can apply for blue cross.  Hopefully it doesn't take long cause I need to blue cross to pay off the visa that he charged them on.  Ahhh...... the circle of life.  We're busy at work and short staffed until the end of September.  One of the weeks is me being away so I am anticipating that week.  Time to get back to work.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

And to day was all about me!

It wasn't planned that way!  David wanted to buy some bread, but wanted to buy it at the bakery--on the other side of town.  Seniors get a discount on Tuesdays, and the bread is cheaper there than at the local store ( same bread).  With the added gas, I'm not sure it ended up actually cheaper, but it got us out of the house.  Then he points out that I didn't get any bead containers from Lee Valley, despite buying beads in the area yesterday, so off to Lee Valley.  There was a Pennington's across the street so I asked if we could take a look, still antsy after the disastrous shopping trip Sunday.  They had a sale on.  I got 3 pair of pants, ( size 18)and two T-shirts for less than $70.  Then it was off to St. Vital Centre to buy some more tea towels at the Bay, and since we were there, maybe two pair panties?  Panties on sale, bought 6--2 sizes smaller than I've been wearing.  Got the last two packages of tea towels, found on a bottom shelf, with torn packaging.  Bet we never see them again!  We had both forgotten that there was a Bay at Polo Park, and we drove right by.  

Then toward home, but because there had been a good sale at the Pennington's across town, stopped in the one here, just to check out T-shirts, which were what I really needed in the first place.  Bought 4 more--on sale.

The personal cost of this is that I have to get rid of some old, discoloured panties, (ya' think??) and I have to get rid of the Weekender trousers, that I bought in the early 90's.  They are still in good shape, but really don't fit.  These are the pants that fell part way down, when I put the car keys in the pocket.

Home now, and we're both beat.  It's been hot and humid, despite the downpour that occurred as we were unpacking the car. The laundry is going, and will be for awhile. Supper will be simple again, and we have the stock to deal with, but that may just wait until tomorrow.

.....and celebrate you should!

And we shall all celebrate with you at your success in achieving yet another well set out goal. I am very happy for you. And to move the scale around to different places just to be sure, indeed proves your resolve to do well. Think about just how well you have been doing, Pati! It is a great testament to your strength to persevere. 

We just came home from Huntsville - in the pouring rain.  Glad it is raining for the garden sake, but here we go again - pumping water haha!  I made another big purchase. A double CD tape - Gregorian Chants - $2,00.  Now, you might ask WHY?  It is because of Louise Penny's novel   The Beautiful Mystery.  As I read that book, I could hear the chanting resounding in my head and I could feel it working. Now, once I get to play the tape, I'm hoping I shall be just as moved!

Well, lots to do.  I just wanted to respond to your good news Pati! XXX

Another goal reached

This morning the scale shows me down enough to have achieved another goal--a major goal.  I was so excited that I moved the scale to three different places on the floor and weighed again, but the results were consistent.  It's been years!  I wonder if this doesn't prove the wisdom of including the occasional "splurge", as suggested in the book. Not big "splurges", but small pleasures.  Last weekend involved some big "splurges", and I've been quite worried.  Maybe allowing myself to relax about  doing that, helped me re-confirm my resolve.  My next goal is not far away, so I have something immediate to help me stay on the straight and narrow, and not celebrate today with food.

Monday, August 15, 2016

All plans off today

This morning my friend Gail called.  she was coming into town and wondered if I would like to go to Poco Beads with her.  Like I need more beads!!  So, of course I said yes.  My shopping trip yesterday was a disaster, as my coupon was no good, and I got pissed, and walked out of the store.  Coming home I did the math and realized that I could have put one shirt back and bought a pair of stone washed jeans, and two very nice cotton long sleeved shirts for $70, plus tax, on sale, about what it would have cost me if I had been able to use my coupon.  Duh!  But this meant that there was enough room on my small credit card to go to Poco Beads.  There was nothing specific I wanted, but saw some "fresh water pearls" that immediately called out to me. I mentally planned a new reliquary, and bought the beads that will be needed to make it.  Everything was on sale ( which was why we went), so I only spent about $30

Gail picked me up just before 1:00, and off we went.  We spent quite awhile in the bead store, and then headed over to Polo Park food court so she could have lunch.  It was well after 3:00 when we left Polo Park.  ( I had a very nice dark roast coffee there, from the only coffee shop in the food court.  A nice treat!)  Then she wanted to head for KMG, the place that buys gold and silver.  They keep a bucket, in which they throw any silver plate etc, that they buy, but aren't able to re-sell in bulk.  They will allow her to go through it and take anything she wants, paying the going rate for copper.  While we were waiting to be served, a young man, with a bag full of silver plate, was turned away ( I think he left when he wasn't offered what he thought his stuff was worth)  She followed him out and a deal was made in the parking lot.  It was nice stuff, although not too fancy a pattern, but I still think she paid too much.  Then it was back into the store where she got a big bag of stuff, and was very happy.  She will now turn all of this into jewelry.  So your sister was out today buying questionable silver out of the the trunk of a car in a parking lot.

By this time, it was getting late and at the peak of rush hour.  We were at the far end of Academy Road, and about to head back to East Kildonan.  Not a bad trip except--every single road we wanted to travel on was reduced to single lane with construction.  And did I mention that it was rush hour.  We just made it back to our house, about 4:45, when the skies burst--and I mean burst--a deluge.  I made it into the house in time, but Gail was heading home, South
East of the city, and the same direction the storm appeared to be travelling.

When I arrived home, David had taken the carcass of the turkey, and was turning it into stock.  It had been a large turkey, and he had left more meat than usual on the bones, so there were two large slow cookers and a large stock pot in use  My plan is to freeze the stock, to use in the recipes out of my diet book.  I know the book calls for veggie stock, but I don't care.  The price is right on this stuff.   The slow cookers will be left on all night, but the stock pot will have to be dealt with.

Then, I'm hoping for a quiet evening, and to bed early.

All day job

Today I made tomato paste from fresh tomatoes. Took all day as it had to be reduced in the oven for hours. I got two small jars when all was said and done.  Yippee.
I spoke with my friend Monik in Medicine Hat this afternoon. I had called her yesterday but they were out, but she returned the call today.  Our plan will be to meet them in North Bay when they pass through en route to Kingston, rather than have them driving down to Sundridge. This seems a good alternative and we look forward to seeing each other. This was worrying me, and I hope that with this resolution I shall be able to settle down a bit.
Busy day in the yard today - I was trying to make room by moving stuff and cleaning up, for the new eavestrough company people who are scheduled to come on Friday to do the work. Tomorrow I shall slip into TD/Canada Trust to arrange the financing. We are going to Huntsville again - our regular weekly journey. Harry has a car full of treasures to take to his brother in law - he likes to tinker with stereos and speakers etc, so his gain will be our loss (yeah - a little more room here haha!)
Our Dutch neighbours leave for home on Wednesday - hard to believe it has been 6 weeks since they came.  I'd like to get a card and maybe a little gift of some sort to give them tomorrow as a going away token- don't know what but I like the idea as a friendly gesture. 
So, to bed, to bed, she said ....... read a bit, and hopefully sleep a bit - a few less worries are off my shoulder tonight so I may be lucky and get some shuteye!  Take care

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Took my cue from Cathy today, and spent some time sorting out dishes and putting things back on to my top shelves.  I made such a fuss about having  a plate rail in there, (long story), that I figured I better use it.  Since we had to get the platters out, to make sure that the rail was in the right place, they were in place, but nothing else.  Since a lot of the stuff went at the garage sale, I was able to bring some of my remaining cups and saucers up, including the four saucers with plates that we all got from Mom.  Remember?  Since I sometimes have more than four ladies over, I acquired another two sets some, time ago.  Of course they don't match, but they are there to use, if needed. I have no idea what they are, or where they came from, and the only identifying marks say " Made in England", but they appear quite Art Deco, so are likely from the 30's.  Everything had to be hand washed--ugh!  But 'tis done.

Now to get on with the day.  David is watching Synchronized Swimming, and now the kitchen is tidy, I hope to spend some time in the studio, before heading out for shopping this afternoon.  We are cooking our last turkey this afternoon, and I refuse to eat it without cranberry sauce.  The turkey may be on the diet, but the sauce isn't, so that will have to be my "splurge" for this week.  Yesterday, I went out and got a "dark roast" coffee from Tim Horton's.  Not too bad, especially as the car ahead of me in the drive-thru paid for it!  Nice surprise, and one that I'm going to have to return one day.  I've received two coupons  as a result of my clothes buying spree awhile back, and they're time limited.  Today I think I'm going to pick up a couple of dressier T-shirts,  ( Is that an oxymoron?)   Then I should be able to get rid of a couple of the ones that are falling off my shoulders.  I wore the very nice blue one I got, on Friday, and received compliments.

Hope everyone gets to relax for a few minutes this weekend.  I'm sitting here with some very nice brewed loose leaf decaf Earl Grey in my "Duchess" mug,

Something new is always a treat...

Cathy, I'm glad you have your new dishes. It may take a while to organize your shelves but it will be like a fresh start. Think of what you can add to the kitchen to make it yours.... with the new dishes to complement the decor.  Doesn't have to be an expensive proposition  eg a table cloth, or place mats to bring all your colours together.  Have fun with it!
I watched Ocean's Eleven last evening while sitting at the window pumping water. It was fun to see it again - all the big stars together in one movie. I know there were some sequels but I don't recall seeing them - maybe I should look for them at the ReStore or Thrift Store haha!
Today another company is coming to give us a quote for new eave troughs. Hoping it may work out OK. This last fellow has never returned our calls to date. Not much of a business in my opinion. Time will tell.
Doing more tomato juice today, and then tidy up a bit - outside is wet from the rain last night but nort raining now.  I had the dog down to the Lake early - so peaceful and quiet!
Take care

Saturday, August 13, 2016


I have my dishes thank you so much.  My problem is fitting them in kitchen  . It will take me a while.  I started and and realised how much I hate my kitchen.   We will be tossing some crap but I am so excited to have matching dishes

Bridal Shower - 'bin there, done that.....

Pouring rain all day - almost a blessed event. 
I went to the Shower this afternoon. Sat with the grandmother of the bride to be (this is how I actually felt an obligation to attend as it is with her that our association with family began) She now lives in Larder Lake - east of Kirkland Lake near Quebec border.  We had a good conversation catching up and talked through eating sandwiches, and decorated cake and the opening of the gifts. So I was there almost 2 hours. Others from town who attended noticed me so I guess I have met with local expectations haha!
This morning we got the call from the fruit folks around the Lake. We went and came home with two baskets of blue plums and two baskets of peaches. And then a scramble to find room for it all. Boy oh boy, lots of fun!
Now to bed. I do not have a Stone Barrington book to read so must find something equally as interesting to bide my time (I finished the current Stone book I was reading last night) I have another on order but it has been two weeks now - wonder where it is - probably coming from Kenora!
Take care

Friday, August 12, 2016

We Three and our Cup of Tea

So now that we all have in our possession the beautiful Royal Albert 1910's Duchess Bone China Tea Mug ( with many thanks to Pati for this gift) when shall we three have our cup of tea together? Someone suggest a day and time -  I can accommodate any time so suit yourself as to what might be best for you folks.
Hope your day went well and everyone is now safe and sound back home.  'Night all....
ps. some rain( that is just some and not lots) fell today but it helped to break the heat spell - very pleasant outside now with a lovely cool breeze - inside still a bit stiffling but it too should cool off before long if we can get a good cross breeze going. XX

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Will it never let up?

Lots of complaining from this end about this terrible heat spell.
I just came in from watering - yet again!
There is hope - calling for rain tomorrow which even might start tonight. We need about 8 hours of steady rainfall to make a difference.
Tomorrow is the trip to Carberry if I have my dates right? So Pati and Dave shall meet up with Jim to turn over the dishes.  Hope it goes well - and all parties are thrilled with the exchange.  And Pati how long are you in Carberry at the Show?
Well, I am totally zonked out - so to bed and read, and hopefully sleep and prepare for yet another day.
Wish I were there with you tomorrow. Take care

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Final work on the kitchen

Yes, today appears to be water polo.

Today the work was scheduled for the final little bits that had been identified on the inspection of the cabinets. The fellow was scheduled to come at 9:00, and we had a discussion about what time to set the alarm.  I finally decided to set it for 7:30, and we were up and dressed when the doorbell rang at 8:00.  Thank Goodness. 

I wonder what they think of me.  I didn't worry too much about some of the important (to everyone else) things, but the big issues for me were to have somewhere to hang my hand thrown coffee mugs, and somewhere for Pig to live.  One of the "biggies" in the inspection was to enclose the vent of the hood fan.  I had thought this was a safety issue, but the fellow today said there was no safety problem, but rather it was for looks.  There had been a fair bit of room in that cupboard until he boxed it in.  There is now very little room for anything else, but Pig has a home, and a great deal of time and effort went into making it cozy for him.  :)

And now the kitchen is done.

I'm lovin" it...

The daily Google cartoons are exciting. Is that waterpolo today?

Nothing but hot weather and watering. They have implemented fire bans again. I should have had a fire when I could - hope I don't go the entire season without at least striking a match to the kindling all ready in the firebox.
Took the new car into the garage for the first oil change this afternoon. We had enough mileage on it to recommend a points inspection as well, and although the oil change was free, I had to pay for the inspection done.
There is another community Bridal Shower on Saturday. It is the second daughter of the folks we know - previously I went to the older daughters bridal Shower, and then to her baby shower.  When we were in Huntsville on Tuesday, we went into the WalMart and I bought a gift. So all I have to do is wrap it, and then go to the Shower on Sat. It is a Come and Go so I should be able to drop in, be polite, and leave??? We also went in to WalMart to get some pictures developed of the FUN RUN from Sunday where our Dutch neighbour (Ger)  ran. We took them over to them so he will have a remembrance of the event. His brother in law from across the street told Harry that Ger was only 63, and Ger told Harry he was 74, so we really don't know how old he is now, haha.  But he ran and finished the race so he was in good shape for that.  We, on the other hand, stood on sidelines and cheered.
Heard from our friends George and Monik from Medicine Hat, and they are vacationing in September and coming east ( were to come last Sept but that fell through.  So I shall have to give her a telephone call and go through that "song and dance" again.
Well, Harry is hanging over my shoulder so I'll sign off for now.  Take care

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Catch up

I see that Google is playing golf today.

We have been very lazy lately, simply sitting and watching the Olympics for a good portion of the day.  This gives me a little more time than usual for hand sewing, but even with that there comes a time when you have to move to the studio for machine finishing.

The diet is becoming a struggle, and I'm finding myself hungry more often than previously.  Some of this is boredom and habit.  Sitting in front of the tv has always been eating and/or drinking time.  But with all that has been happening in my life over the past two months, there have been many times when I have used my memory for recipes, rather than having the book open in front of me when preparing a meal.  My memory is pretty good, and I've learned that some things, like chicken and turkey, can be pretty well inter-changeable.  ( Not the type of oil, or type of nut)  However, looking through the book now, I'm seeing that there have been times, when I've not eaten an apple, that I'm entitled to, and to which the recipe depends, for its value.  We've also run into the time of year when you can't find boneless chicken breast for under  about $5.00 for 3 ounces, when you actually do the math.  So we have run out of chicken, and I've been eating an awful lot of fish.  Yesterday, I got totally frustrated in trying to find something for supper, so we went to Subway.  A 6" roast chicken breast sandwich, with lettuce and green pepper isn't that bad, except for the amount of bread.  We've also run out of Jujubes, and are not buying more.

I usually have my official weekly weigh in on Monday mornings, after taking a diuretic on Sunday.  ( Works for me!  This also makes Monday the best day for a "splurge, as well--therefore the Subway sandwich)  This morning I was only up 0.2 lb--quite a pleasant surprise!  Not that this justifies any further splurging, so penance, for breakfast, I had a scrambled egg with spinach from Phase 1.

So now, on with the day, which means more Olympics, which means more sore knees from lack of use.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Street Dance

The rain came about 7 pm last evening - just in time to wash out the planned street dance at 8 pm.  We do not go, but I think the alternative venue was the arena. As part of the Sunflower Festival, the street dance is usually a popular event. We walked to the Festival yesterday morning. So many vendors they had to not only stretch further down the main street but also spillover into the waterfront park. 
There were a few moments when I was completely happy and at ease with life - silly little things that you grab for yourself and enjoy. First there were the small aircraft flying over - this is part of the COPA (Canadian Owners and Pilots Association) Fly In that takes young folks for free plane rides. I used to participate in several of these events when I was a member of the flying community. I think fondly of my flying days. Then on the little stage were performers - one being a group of musicians old and young playing the fiddle together under direction of a lady I knew.  When I got my very first violin many, many years ago, I approached a lady at Church who I knew played. Her family had a group The Stover Family Band that played at all the local events. I asked her then if she would teach me a few initial steps to get me going.  She wasn't really a teacher but very graciously welcomed me to her home every week over the summer and fall season, and I paid her for the hour lesson. She lived way in the outback of the next town - quite a drive for me to take and even once the road had almost washed out. I stopped when she felt she could show me no more , plus winter was coming and I didn't want to traverse the road. So I stood at the Festival yesterday and enjoyed the fiddle tunes they wee playing - many of which I used to play when I was actively taking lessons in North Bay.  I would love to pick up my violin again.  So I took great pleasure in these two events.
I did all the watering in the afternoon - things were so dry. And that bit of rain ( did not last long)will also help things a bit. 
This morning we go back down to the waterfront for 8;30 am to cheer on the Dutch neighbour who is entering the 10 Km FUN RUN. He has been running each morning in practice for today and is very excited. He doesn't look it, but in speaking with Harry one day he told him he was 74 years old. Good for him. 
Friday at supper time the fruit lady telephoned from the Log
 house at the Lake. Harry didn't feel like going so I got in the car and away I went on my own. She too was alone as her husband went to Huntsville. She was a little upset, and asked me to sit a while - and she vented to me.  I listened. There are times when your listening ear is all a person wants. It was a pleasant visit - looking out on the lake and enjoying my time there, although at the same time providing some needed support for her. Funny how situations present themselves when you least expect it.  You have to keep your mind open to appreciate and respond to it, when it comes,I guess?
Well, it is early again - seems to be my time to get onto the computer and write. Time for my coffee and relax before the day begins.  Take care  (ps. no wins this weekend - I'll try again next weekend haha)

Friday, August 5, 2016


I just logged on to the computer before closing up and going to bed. It was a fun clip - I might not have clicked onto it if you hadn't mentioned it Pati.
A crazy day here and I am glad it will soon draw to a close. But if you ever need some Salsa, we have it here!!  One good thing about it though, is that we have been able to use up much of the copious amounts of tomatoes and cucumbers and peppers harvested as of today from our garden (however more is sure to be coming tomorrow and the next day and the next day) 
Here's wishing all a pleasant weekend. I am sure to be winning some of the $millions$ for grabs tonight so will go to bed and dream how I shall divvy it up, haha!  Take care


Did everyone see the Google logo action today?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

She did it again!

That crazy old woman is back and she brought an accomplice.  The two of us searched this house thoroughly, looking for two packages of heavy duty cup hooks that were bought during the renovations.  Over two days, we searched the bar, the tool boxes, every drawer and cupboard, and every nook and crannie,  we could find--but no luck.  Then that crazy old woman crept in and left them on the top of one of the tables in the living room--more or less in plain sight--(when ever I didn't put my hand sewing right on top of them).


Thank you for offering to give my dishes a good home.  It means a lot to me, knowing that they aren't going to the thrift store.  Here's what we're dealing with: 12 luncheon plates, 12 bread and butter plates, 12 cereal bowls, two open vegetable dishes,creamer and covered sugar bowl, and a large covered casserole dish.  Unfortunately there are only 9 dinner plates, and 10 cups and saucers.  As well, someone has stolen the plugs out of the salt and pepper, but you may be able to get more through your contacts.  Here is a picture of what you're dealing with, as well as the Rubbermade tub it's all packed into.  We will be at a fibre art exhibit, located in the lower level of the Old Town Hall in Carberry, between 1:30 and 3:00-3:30, on Friday, August 12th.  Looking forward to seeing Jim. even if he is a year older.


Oh, he found it funny alright.  he was laughing so hard when he showed it to me.  I've been looking for one to compete with the one you sent.  Off to the store again at lunch.

Yes, indeed - another Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Jim. 
May your day be extra special.
Hope you enjoy this simple message Jim ..........
(even if my card was not received by you as being as humourous as it was intended haha!)  
Have a fun day.

We are off to pick more blueberries this morning - early to avoid the hot temps and sun if possible. We haven't heard from the orchard people down at the lake but hoping they may come up and call us that they have some of their delicious peaches.
This weekend is the Sundridge Sunflower Festival - main street is lined with vendors and displays and lots of activities at the waterfront.
Other than that, just watering and gardening. Such fun....take care. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Jim's Birthday

Okay, Beth.  Jim got his card today.  He says you are a bad girl and he is going to slap you the next time he sees you :)  I thought it was funny!!!  AND  I got an email today that they found my mortgage.   It should show up in my bank account tomorrow.  It may take a couple of days for the bills to show as paid, but they said they would re-imburse any interest charges on the bills.  I am so glad to have that off my mind.  I feel like a huge load has been lifted and I am actually tired now. 
(9pm)  I knew I was stressed but not really how much!

It is sad...

But sometimes trees do have to come down. In our area Hydro One is on a frenzy cutting trees and clearing hydro lines. They have been challenged because of all our power outages in the past few years and more particularly this past year, to improve service and confidence level of customers. 
I just watched The Quilt Show - 1903 - Jane La Fazio Show. I so enjoyed what she was doing with stencils and needle felting, and I thought of you Pati - have you done any needle felting lately?
The best part of watching The Quilt Show now for me is the speed. before changes were made by ?them, the buffing took so long it would take almost 2 1/2 to three hours for me to watch one show. Just now it was just a bit over one hour - so much more reasonable.
All we have done is water - this heat is almost too much. For me it is OK but for Harry, he cannot tolerate it. 
We have a new gadget/machine. It is called Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker (from DOLE)- is makes frozen fruit desserts - produces consistency of soft ice cream made from fresh fruit that has been frozen. Nothing in it except frozen fresh fruit - bananas being one of the main ingredients.  I urge you to look into these - go on line , or peak at one in the store. We checked in Canadian Tire today - new they cost about $66.00 but Harry got an essentially new one at a garage sale this past weekend for $10.00. I like it.
Bed time and more reading - this Stone Barrington is a real character, isn't he!!!  Take care

Sad, but interesting

Right across the street.  This whole process took about 40 minutes from parking the equipment to only a stump.  I was amazed at the size of the pieces that went into the shredder--the stump was well over a foot in diameter.  The skill of the man with the chain saw, ( in the bucket) had to be seen to be appreciated. And isn't it nice to be at the stage of life when we could sit on the steps and take time to watch the whole process?

Monday, August 1, 2016

Weird day

Warm, but rainy.  We knew that a thunderstorm was forecast for around noon, but it was quite a storm, and lasted from 11:30 until about 2:00, and then just rainy after that.  David was busy, first in vacuuming the stairs, right down to the basement.  This is a nasty job, and one I just can't do.  I think this is the first time it's been done since we started the renovations.  Perhaps it needed doing?  You think maybe?  

Then he decided to start a wine kit.  We had bought it some time ago, but delayed starting it with the renovations.  Well, unfortunately the grape concentrate spilled a bit, and ran under the dryer of all things.  That's a very small area to work in, so we just finished getting the kit on the go, and then he had to clean up, pretty well on his own.  I'm so afraid of the damn ants getting in the house, and sure don't want to do anything to attract them!  So, other than a quick trip out for a cup of coffee, ( we both have to go, you understand), I got to spend most of the day in the studio.  Having finished my most recent project, it was time to clean up in there.  There were little bits of paper everywhere!

Bed time now.  Hope everyone had a good weekend.

I'm done

I pretended that the Salsa Queen (of sorts) was with me - that would be you Cathy!! And I think I just made a very nice looking, and tasting salsa.  I have never quite mastered this before so your influence helped me. And maybe because Harry headed off to pick blueberrys at Spring Hill Farms. So I guess my next chore today shall be to process them when he returns. But time for a quick coffee before tidying up.  XX


Today I shall complete my Zucchini Salsa which was started yesterday. Some of it had to be left overnight - with pickling salt, and then this morning drained and rinsed before the other ingredients are added , boiled and bottled. Yesterday Harry also made his own recipe of salsa and got 8 pint jars done.  This will use up the cucumbers and tomatoes we have had on hand right now- but there are lots more growing as we speak. haha!
I got desperate for reading something last night so pulled out a Stone Barrington novel I had here at the house - one I had bought at the ReStore and holding until it's title (Hot Mahogany) came up on my list. It also has Holly Barker in it and I can tell that her story line has changed since I read her last novel.  But I guess it will all sort itself out when I at last can read in order? I maybe have set myself up by wanting to read them in chronological order, especially since the Library cannot always accommodate my desires.
Hard to believe it is August- as I turned the calendars onward to a new month this morning.  Of course, I make a little ceremony with this event as I do every new month!  Hoping that we will hear from the eavetrough man this week - he said two weeks when we last spoke and today it is two weeks!
Well, the kitchen is now mine - Harry has finished getting his breakfast made. So here I go, ready or not.  Hope your day will be just great.  Take care