Saturday, June 30, 2012

Food buying

Admire your ability to do a big shopping and stick with it for the month. Here, it tends to be by gosh and by golly week by week and sometimes day by day. It was ever so, so not likely to change.
The other day as I was still feeling a bit oozy with stomach upset, I got a craving for greasy french fries - I hadn't eaten for a awhile so succumbed to the urge - Harry stopped at the chip stand in South River on our way back from Mike's with the last load of his stuff. The fries satisfied me for the immediate need but rolled around in there for sometime after. Probably not a good choice!! But all in all, as it is right now, I am starting to feel more myself again. I knew it would only take time to get the stomach to bounce back and hopefully behave itself for my trip!!
I just pulled off the Lotto Max number but haven't checked my ticket yet. I could be sitting here and actually be the big winner of $50 million - do you think???
Tonight the Village is having the fire works and celebration for Canada Day -actually all day in town there are events to attend. Usually do not participate but I am thinking seriously about going to the waterfront to watch the fireworks. We can see the colourful big ones in the sky from our front window and hear all the pops,pops etc but it may be nice to see them all and hear all the ohhhs and ahhhs from the spectators.Time will tell.
In the meantime, I have a few things listed on my "list" for today so I better get at it. Harry has gone to garage sales and then to his Mothers place to water and pick peas, so I have a few hours to do my own household chores. Take care - enjoy your long weekend.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

busiest day of the month

But the bills are paid, and food has been bought, the gastank is full, and we are home with a tiny bit left over.  The lamp on the kitchen table died last week.  We had already replaced the "innerds" once and David didn't think it was worth doing again. We had recently found an old gift certificate from Dufresne, and wondered if it was still good, since it was dated February, 2006.  They had given it to me when I bought a bunch of furniture with the first bit of money from Dad's estate, and the delivery instructions were all screwed up. Well, they agreed to accept it, and we found a lamp in their clearance centre that will work.  ( A tall living room table lamp of wood and brushed chrome--doesn't match the kitchen at all)  We had really wanted a tri-light but they didn't have any, and told us that they weren't really being made, much, anymore. For the price, David figured that we could replace the socket with a tri-light socket from Rona, and still come out pretty good.  The lamp cost us $28.36 incuding tax, and using the gift certificate.  Once home with it, we plugged it in to test and had trouble with the switch, until David figured out that it was a tri-light switch.  We changed the bulb, and everything works quite nicely.  Looks a little strange, though.  We had bought the original lamp when we moved into the house on Woodside in 1987, so it didn't owe us anything.

We still visited Rona to find me a 18" length of PVC or ABS, 4 or 6 inch, pipe to use in my dyeing.  Since we aren't "commercial",  the 6"isn't available to us, and the shortest 4" we could get was 3' for $22.79.  Guess I have to figure out a different way of dyeing the fabric.  When I took the class, she had short lengths of the 4" pipe she offered to us, free, and I declined, thinking that was what I had here at home.  Got fooled.

Mike has had some odd occurances with  his apartment, hasn't he?  Hopefully things will settle down a bit now.  David spends a lot of time watching reality shows about people who go around buying up storage units, where the rent hasn't been paid, so don't forget, or we might see your stuff on the show. Beth, I'm never up-to-date on what work Mike is doing.  What is he doing these days?

Hello to you , too!

Sometimes these gaps in communication start to worry you but no fear - I am still here, albeit a bit running on empty. Trying to "gas up" as I write. Harry has gone to his Mother's alone this morning, while I do some housework. I actually have the washer and dryer working even though it is peak hydro time. I just try to ignore this and get the work done. To schedule work for after 7 pm often is a struggle for me as I have usually just completed a 8 or 10 hour day already haha! Mike's new landlord had a fire inspector come to the house and Mike can no longer have the use of the basement as storage. If the space is used in this manner, the landlord must install a sprinkler system down there at great expense - as it is he has to dry wall the ceiling to put a barrier between the basement and Mik'es apt. So yesterday we made two trips to North Bay and down to Sundridge to store some of his stuff in our unit here in Sundridge - not a permanent plan but it will help in the short term. mike is busy at work 7 - 4 pm so we decided to help him out. we hav another trip to finish up but will wait until Thursday for that. Monday I went to the Bridal Shower at the "Moose" in Norht Bay and had a really good time. It was very pleasant and a real treat to get out and socialize a bit - I knew a few of the others but quickly able to social as the games and fun began. So it was like a shower that I imagined from the past only held in a little alcove as part of this restaurant. We were alone essentially and a waitress was assigned and kept everyone with cold drinks ( I had iced tea and others had pop - very few actually had a liquor drink) we ordered apps and then a meal and at the end we were  all given our individual bills - very organized for the restaurant to do this. We had cake as well but I believe the two gals giving the shower had this done. And there were gifts for prizes to games, and then each of us got a little glass filled with blue candies as a thank you. The wedding colours are blue and white. She opened her gifts and was happy with my gift - so again Thanks for the idea. Thanks also for your update Patty - now we have all experienced the dreaded colonoscopy, and glad it sounds more or less positive for you. Well, I must vacuum now and go check the wash. Take care

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hello out there

Anybody home?

The colonoscopy went well.  I have a follow-up appointment in September, and will probably have to have some minor surgery, and sit on a donut for awhile.  It's been very warm, so I'm spending a lot of time in the basement, but finally, this evening, David turned the A/C on.  

We finally met our new neighbours.  They moved in last October, but tend to keep to themselves.  The children are never out, and get driven to school.  But Saturday night someone smashed into his car out in the street.  Hit and run with quite a lot of damage.  He spent quite some time talking to David about what he should do, but it turned out that he is well insured.  David mentioned that we have never seenthe children, so he called them out to introduce them .  He is working long shifts on the new stadium out by the University and had to be at work by 7:00 Monday morning.  I happened to be up about 6:30 in time to see a taxi pull up.  That would have been an expensive trip!

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Loren has been involved with the Fringe for several years now, but, I think, this is the first time he is going to be in something in an actual theatre!  Lately, he has been involved more in the production end of things for his Magic group, and it almost sounds as though he has been enjoying that part of it more. I told him you had asked, and suggested that he might leave a comment on your posting with more information.

End of the month means quiet times here.  We've been able to get out on our bikes the last couple of days, and it's been wonderful! I was into Walmart the other day and found a very nice blouse for $3.00, so I, too, will have something new to wear while you are here, Beth.  It's been hot and humid lately, and jeans just don't cut it.  So I'm back in the old Weekender stuff that I had relegated to "studio clothes". I have a colonoscopy scheduled for Monday, so today and tomorrow are preparation days.  No fun!  But we're getting to an age when these things need to happen.  David has had it done a couple of times, because of his mother, but this will be my first time. I think last time he had an allergic reaction to the preparation, and spent the might before in emergency. Whoopee!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Colds

I have spent the last few beautiful days lying on my couch watching re-runs of old tv shows.  I am not a happy camper.  I have also had trouble signing into the blog.  It told me I had conflicting account names, so I read all the info they had and went back to try to change things and this time I got in without even signing in.  Go figure.  So what is this about Loren being in a Fringe Play????  I knew nothing about this!  Details please.   I have a new computer now.  I am not using it because my mind is not functioning well enough to work through the details, but I have a lap top that is more powerful than my desktop computer.  I was proud of that until Kik told me that her phone is more powerful than my new computer.  Ever feel like a dinosaur?  I am already losing focus on this message.  I hope I feel better soon.  I guess it is not really a cold. I am on antibiotics and I have some kind of ear thing... he gave it a name but my ears were so plugged I couldn't understand.  NOt that I would have understood anyway.  My cough is probably brochitus, but he was not sure.  All I know is that I sleep a lot, cough a lot and do nothing a lot.  Oh well... at least it is a work day that I am wasting and not a Saturday.  Maybe I will feel better by then.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Shower gift is now bought and ready to wrap

Thank you for bearing with me while I panicked yesterday about a shower gift - it has been so long since I even attended a shower that I really had no idea what to do. Patty came to my rescue with a brilliant idea of checking on the brides registry at Sears and picking up another of her requested items but perhaps less elaborate than the wedding gift we already purchased (ie less$$) So it was off to North Bay again this morning and at opening time of 0930 am we marched into Sears and quickly went to the registry computer and printed off the list. After a brief look over, and discussion, we found an associate to help us ( it really is difficult to find an associate actually) and two smaller items were purchased. Then over to Dollarama to buy wrapping paper and cards, and it was home again. Oh, in between all this the "check engine light " came on in the van and I used my cell phone to make a hurried appointment at the garage for first thing tomorrow. We need the air conditioning that the van offers in this hot humid weather, so cannot afford anything to break down. These new vehicles, as you know, require a computer to assess for problems and the "check engine light" gives prior notice to you that something is amiss! And usually the "something" comes with a hefty price tag. Speaking of which, Mike called to say he had to take his car to the garage for a check because of some problems - turned out a squirrel nest was found under the engine mount - the techician had to remove the entire engine to examine but much damage has been caused ie wires and cables destroyed, and muffler has big hole etc These plus a few other issues that he was already aware of ie needing new tires, and his bill has skyrocketed. He has a rental truck to drive for the next few days while his car is being fixed. This experience is new for Mike who only bought his first car two years ago and has never really had to face these unpleasant surprises! Patty it sounds as if you are having a great time experimenting with your new book - blue arms and all!!!Perhaps try for a complimentary colour for your next trial but switch hands so you will match! Kidding aside, I am anxious to see your work and believe it or not, I shall soon be able to. Yeh!! Time to retire with a few fans going to circulate the hot air. Take care

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Help me please- Bridal shower gift

I have been invited to a Bridal shower for the bride- to- be of Mike's best friend - the Wedding is July 14 just before I leave as I have mentioned before to you.
Please send some suggestions - what do you give to Brides nowadays - in our times it was a china cup and saucer ( remember???) and I have no idea what is appropriate in todays time. I also do not know her very well, nor for that matter probably no one else who will be at the shower. Also the venue for the shower may dictate a certain kind of gift, perhaps, as it is to be at "The Moose" at 5 pm "The Moose" is a rather rawdy kind of bar/restaurant in downtown North Bay - Harry and I have been there with Mike. I was wondering about a gift certificate to a facial / manicure/pedicure place in North Bay. Mike has told me that the couple are hoping people will give them money for a wedding gift as they want to buy a house. This was after Harry and I went to Sears and bought a gift from her registry there. Is it appropriate to give a bride money in a card for a gift at a shower?
Please help if you can as the shower is next Monday June 25. Apparently nowadays you don't get  much notice either as it appeared in an e-mail via Harry this afternoon.
Thanks - and take care

Monday, June 18, 2012


Jewelry?  You're planning on wearing jewelry while you're here?  How unusual!  Maybe I should look into it.  Casual is standard for the Fringe Festival.  Loren has suggested that we go for a very casual supper after his play ( which should end about 6:30)  Sounds like a plan to me.

I made my once-a-year rhubarb pie yesterday, and for some strange reason it was very, very nice--one of the best in recent years. The rhubarb is just so full of water this year--maybe that's the secret.

We have had over a week of rain and wind.  My newest peony--the one at the front of the house--is in bloom--a beautiful, delicate shell pink.  This one is my favourite--the others are dark red and white and just too robust and showy.  But today, after the rain, I see that all of the stems are beaten down and the flowers turning brown.  How sad. The grass just grows and grows.  Now the squirrels can almost hide in it.  All of the eavestroughs are full of crap, and overflowing.

I don't talk to the flowers, but I do talk to the animals and swear at the birds--mainly the Grackles. The Grackles are bringing their children to the feeder.  You can see the young ones screaming at the parents and chasing them around demanding food. This afternoon we saw a duck and her four babies crossing Des Meurons.  My heart worried about the babies, they were so very tiny, and on such a busy street and I have to wonder how many she had when they started across.  I sure hope they made it safely to the river bank, but somehow I doubt it.

Had some fun today

Today I spent some time organizing jewelry for my trip - I know, a big waste of precious time which could be better spent doing something else right? No, it was time well spent by me - I had fun deciding what pieces of jewelry I would bring thinking about bringing as little as possible, but also thinking about what I might need to wear with what outfit. The other day I actually got out my suitcases, and put some clothes into each of them with a list of what planned events I would need to dress up for and what I should plan to wear - is that another groan I hear from you folks ?? haha I guess you can tell that I am getting a bit excited!
Could be a heat wave here this week according to weather reports with temps feeling around 40 degrees some days with huminex included - but also a few thunderstorms and hopefully rain with that - badly need rain for the gardens. Yesterday Harry BBQ'd pork chops for supper and in the middle of that a rain storm hit so out I was with umbrellas to help cover him and the BBQ and then quickly in to run the sump pump. Both of us were up at different times during the night to keep the pump running as it rained off and on most of the night.
Ontario may have a snap election July 19 because it is a minority Liberal government now after the election last October, and the opposition party ( NDP) is not "playing nice" in voting for the proposed budget on the table right now. I will have to go to an advanced poll if that is the case as I would hate to miss out on voting because I am out of province.
The white peonie is now flowering and what a glorious sight to see - it is very special and I have been babying it along with water and fertilizer all spring. My two roses made it through the winter and now in flower - one red and one white which pleases me to no end. I am glad no one is walking around the yard with me as I stop and talk to all the flowers and tell them how beautiful they are - the irises were in full bloom but I notice this morning that last nights rain trampled them down a bit. Maybe I am going crazy talking to the flowers???, or perhaps, maybe it is my pep talks that make them flower so wonderfully! Enough silliness for now.....Take care

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Still here!

Haven't gone anywhere, just having periodic trouble getting into the blogs. Yesterday the whole upper tool bar was missing.  I could read but couldn't post.  My calendar seems to be full, but in reality nothing much is happening.  Yeah, Beth, we could compare deformities and I know mine isn't much.  But I'm a little po'd because the whole 12 weeks in the splint, with the pain and skin breakdown, was intended to prevent exactly the deformity I now have.  Now, I wear the splint at night in hopes of maintaining the passive range of movement I have left, but even that is slowly being eaten away.

Today, Loren and his children will be coming over for our annual spring Rhubarb pie.  They won't have much time here, but it will still be nice to see them.  Last time was at Gillian's dance recital, earlier this month.  It was at the Concert Hall  this year.  After, we had a chance to see her in the foyer.  I was so taken at seeing her in full stage make-up, that I had a hard time maintaining my thought processes enough to speak coherently.

Time to go and cook breakfast. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Tight rope walk

Anyone watching the tight rope walk over Niagara Falls tonight? There is much hype and every news report for the last week has had an episode about the walk and now on both TV channels will be the highlights starting at 8 pm and then the walk broadcast live at 10:20 pm. I hope to be in bed but Harry seems insistent on watching so that may be the actual outcome for me as well. I would just as soon hear tomorrow how well he did and how he has made history by successfully completing the walk rather than watching every foot step he takes for 45 minutes! But maybe that's just me??
Much yard work yesterday and today ending today with trimming and tieing up the grape vines that are prolific this year. Strange as it may seem, I get a sense of accomplishment every time I work in the garden and yard but likely because that is really all I do accomplish!
Oh, but I forget to tell you - this old gal has been out on her bike two days in a row and plan to keep it up if I can every morning. What a rush to be going hell bent for leather down a decline in the road with the wind in the face masking the look of total fear overwhelming me - what if I fell??? The brakes squeak when I depress the handle mechanism and I don't know how to lubricate them - can't put oil on the tire as then the brake may not function, right?
Another thing I did today was to bring out the weed wacker I bought last year in order to trim around the yard and not have to pull out the grassy edges by hand. I found the instruction book and labouriously read and implemented every step and managed to start it without trouble and actually trim around after having cut the grass. I think I'm so smart...haha
Enough rambling... time to take the dog for her last outing in the yard and head to bed. Hope you have a good weekend - Happy Father's Day to those most directly deserving... lets me out! Take care

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blogging woes

This whole blogging thing is great when it works as you expect it to, but it is those little glitches that get really upsetting so "may the force be with us all....." and I wish no further issues for any of us. However having said that I knew one of you was having trouble because I received another e-mail from blogger support - now that I know what that e-mail means, I do not worry so much that something is wrong from my end again.
I'm feeling really good right now because of my new coiffure. It is amazing how two hours in the chair and the resulting new hairdo can boost your spirits so much. That will wane as it always does, but for now I shall enjoy it!
I also enjoyed Tuesday in North Bay starting with tea and a visit with Aunt Evelyn - she telephoned us at home at 7 am Tuesday morning to ask us to visit - she knows we usually come to North Bay on Tuesday. She had a card table set up in her front room with a lovely embroidered table cloth covering, and muffins to eat. I think she is a little lonely although she talks about all the outings and people she sees. And we had a wonderful visit with Mike - he got off work just after 4 pm (early) so it made it nice for us to relax, and eat our supper and chat a bit before we had to head back home.The rhubarb pie we had for dessert was very delicious - I have some extra pastry in the freezer from the baking on Monday, so tomorrow plan to pull it out and bake up another pie for us to eat here at home. I left the remainder of the one pie, and another whole pie with Mike to enjoy over the next few days - he says he has friends coming from out of town on Friday to help him celebrate his birthday so I know it will be eaten very quickly!
I actually touched my bicycle today with the intent of unlocking it and taking it around the block - that didn't happen, but I can sense that I am getting closer to such a blessed event - perhaps tomorrow if all goes well. what a shame to have it there, and not make use of it? I also took off my socks and shoes tonight at the lake and dabbled my feet in the water - I would love to jump in and swim but that won't happen because of the location and having the dog with me. Or, on second thought, why not?????? Well, thats it for now and sending a message to Patty re her finger - good on you to get mobile again. I can now compare my poor old ever increasing disfigured fingers and bulbous joints with your little finger and you can be assured that I do know just how you feel haha  Take care

Back again

Had quite a time getting into blogger again.  Went through the whole password recovery process several times and finally got into the area that would allow me to change my password.  Did so, then tried to get in, and  it refused to accept the new password.  When I told it to do so, it did.  Go figure!

With my splint off, I can now get my hand wet, so have been looking around, checking my list and starting to do a bit.  Cleaned the microwave (UGLY!!)  Today we tackled the fridge.  So bit by bit, we'll get the house looking a little better.

I do have some residual deformity, but will have to learn to live with it, rather than have surgery.

Had a doctor's appointment this morning at Seven Oaks Hospital.  It is under construction, just as it was when David's Father was there 15 years ago.  Some things mever change.  Then we went grocery shopping as we were out of veggies and fruit.  We found a ham!  Cut it up into single portions and froze them individually.  This will help me make sure I have some protein at every meal.  Been falling off the wagon a bit lately, although my weight is still going down--very, very slowly.  Mind you, we also bought a bag of cholcate chips--you know--the kind that taste good by the handfull!

So today, I'm grateful for doctors who tell me that I'm doing the bet thing I can for myself, and don't tell me to loose 100lb by next Friday.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wednesday - hair - finally

Hair appointment has been made for 9 am Wednesday for a cut and perm. It is a bit earlier than I had wanted - that being more towards end of June, but, I cannot stand it any longer and as you know, when it is time, it is most definitely time!! This hot humid weather has not helped any, or actually, in fact has helped to make my decision to do it now!
Tomorrow we go to North Bay and will celebrate Mike's birthday even though his actual birthday is Friday but he had a choice, and since he plans to celebrate with friends on Friday, poor Mom and Dad get bumped to tomorrow haha. So today I baked two fresh rhurbarb lattice pies to take (his usual birthday treat) and we shall buy submarines for supper (his choice again) and meet him at his place about 5 pm when he gets off work. He told us we could go early and "hang out" at his place if we wanted since it is nice and cool (air conditioner) so I wonder if there are any dishes in his sink! Since I was in the mood to bake ( not withstanding the 30 degree temperatures) I also made a salmon loaf for supper and that potato / cabbage casserole that I told you about before. If the oven had to be on for the pies, I figured I might as well make use of it!
So nice to hear that your weekend was a success Cathy - lots of planning for a meeting isn't it, and as you mentioned it is the follow up with reports etc that also takes time. I hope your council meeting "pleas" will not fall on deaf ears and that VCC will receive recognition ( and $$)
Time to crawl to bed..... it is only Monday and I feel bushed already. Take care

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday, and I survived the week...

All the company has left.  Only 3 people spent the night.  All 3 thought about leaving, but we just opened another bottle of wine and that ended that.  It was a good meeting and I think we got a lot done.  Now I just have to write reports for the Newsletter, the Annual Report and the ACTFest report.  Some things never end.  I think I will do nothing at all today.  Okay, I guess dishes have to be done and stuff like that, but that is all.  I'm almost afraid to say anything, but I have committments until next Friday.  Rrain and I are taking money at the BBQ at the Legion.  It's ShopEasy's annual bbq in support of the Legion.  They supply the food and do the cooking.   Jim just took me to the garden to check on some paw prints.  It was either a very big coyote or a small bear.  I an not sure!  I have no idea how the town meeting went.  We were only there for about 10 minutes.  They asked only one question and Rrain had the answer.  She was watching them as I spoke and says a couple were interested.  A few were on their lap tops and one looked really bored.  I sure hope we get something. A few days after the meeting, some of the board members were talking and we decided that the worst case scenario we re-negotiate our mortgage (Yes we would pay a penalty) and get a larger line of credit.  Not the best solution, but it would keep us open. Jim and I gave up our room last night and slept on the hide-a-bed in the rec room.  Not the most comfortable bed in the world, and the dog kept jumping up to see what we were doing there.  Then a large pack of coyotes came through and the dogs went wild.  Fortunately (???) the coyotes woke up everyone before the dogs barked.  I would have felt guilty if the dogs woke them up.  This way it was a bit of an "adventure" for them to have coyotes that close.  I have a sink full of dishes on the go and the dishwasher is full.  Time for reality.  Right now I am grateful for a week without meetings

Saturday, June 9, 2012

hey, Cathy----

Didn't you also have to make your presentation to the town council this week?  How did that go?  Or, at least, how do you think it went?  I've been thinking about your problems with  VCC, and hoping things work out.  And a house full of visitors as well!  And you think my life is interesting!?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sending wishes to Cathy for weekend

If my dates are correct Cathy, this will be your weekend for company. Hoping you have a great meeting and even greater "social hour" with beds for everyone who stays over !!!
Not too much new here except more garden work today - fit in a bit of work and then it rained a few drops enough to drive me indoors, and then the sun was shining so out for more work and this pattern repeated itself several times. Tomorrow calls for thunderstorms and rain so I am hoping for some time inside to sort through cloths - wish me luck! Have a good weekend and take care.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A long week so far and it's only Thursday

This is the first time I have been able to even log on in the last few days, so glad to have a moment and connect again. Hope in contrast that your week has been going better, but then we all have these times, don't we? We had a few plumbing problems in the basement and it has taken us a few days to rectify - finally this afternoon we have it repaired and I have water again. Of course, all this work is done by the two of us and thank goodness Harry was able to do the actual pipe repair work with his pain and limited mobility with his shoulder still. I managed to tear down two walls and a portion of the ceiling in the downstairs bathroom in order to expose the problem - I shall take my time before restoring the insulation, vapour barrier, and drywall and painting- probably after my summer trip. In between all this, we have been minding the yard and garden not only here at home but also at his Mother's place. And also three trips to North Bay - Monday afternoon to pick up a "free" portable dishwasher for Mike advertised on Kijiji, the usual Tuesday shopping day, and then back on Wednesday to buy some garden ornaments, and hanging basket stands at a place also advertised on Kijiji.  I think that I shall have a good sleep tonight because I am exhausted, and my anxiety level about the plumbing is somewhat diminished. I am reading a very interesting book right now and I think Patty you might have mentioned reference to a similar one in a  conversation we had recently? This is called Knights of the Black and White - Book One of the Templar Trilogy by Jack Whyte. It is terribly long and requires attentiveness when reading but there is something about historical novels that catches my interest. The neighbour next door spoke to us this afternoon over the fence and commented on the fact that I had been caught by the two of them cutting his boulevard ditch grass a few weeks ago, This was a random act of kindness on my part and thought it would go unnoticed. He also mentioned that he hoped I would keep doing it! He uses a riding lawnmower and is practically blind and obviously cannot cut down into the ditch on the machine. So tonight before supper, I cut our grass which was getting very long, and then quickly did his again but this time a bit more diligently because I am sure they were peeking out of the window watching. Great fun! Well, bed is calling to me and my shot of Galliano is finished - all of it into my stomach this time and not all over the computer haha Take care

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recovery time

I was totally exhausted after my Shibori class.  Maybe too much time outside in the fresh air?  Then, on Monday evening, my Ravenesque group visited.  So yesterday was spent mainly in a sort of stupour, reading and stitching ourtside.  It was a beautiful day, so we set up the umbrella over the picnic table.  The table, itself, suffered over the winter.  One of the tabletop boards has swollen and split.  It could be fixed, but I don't know if either of us has the energy and skill.  When Daddy made something it was meant to last forever, so I imagine this was "glued and screwed".

For the last few days, everytime I walk through the house, I see another bit of housework that needs to be done.  we're managing to keep on top of most of the daily chores, but the deeper needs just aren't getting done.  So today, I decided to write them all down--make a list--put them in a parking lot! Having done that, I can stop worrying about forgetting something, or missing a chore.  I can always add to the list, but the list itself will always be there as a reminder, when the time comes that I actually feel like working.  Hey!  It works for me, and with company coming, I have a deadline.
for today, I'm grateful that the wind has diminished a bit lately, and we can actually get out for a bicycle ride.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exciting Lives

Boy you two lead exciting lives.  I went to work and then to the Legion!  I whined and begged Jim for 2 days to skip meat draw and come home. He did and bbq'd us some steak!  Of course we finished supper early, so I drove him back to the Legion in time for meat draw.  I guess it was worth it, because we won on our tickets.  (Frozen hamburger patties... Yippie) Debbie Ginther phoned last night.  I had been trying to reach her for her Birthday, but everytime I called she was out.  We talked for quite a while.  Her daughter has finally decided on Education so she has 2 more years to go.  Debbie says there is a drug house across the street from her.... A drug house!! On Maplewood!!  I am going to do another run through on the house this weekend.  My meeting is next weekend.  I hope I have enough beds, as I am not sure yet who is coming for the night!  It will be an all day meeting.  We hope to discuss a lot of future strategy.  It should go well.   Unless the dogs eat all the papers!  We ahd quite a storm yesterday afternoon, but it moved on by about 4:30.  This morning is sunny and warm.  I hope it continues. Maybe my garden will start to grow.  It looks really sad right now with nothing but some bedding plants.  Jim put the tomatoes and peppers out on Thursday, but he didn't put them into paper cups.  We will have to watch for cut worms.  We already seem to have lost a couple.  It is moist enough that the sand won't blow.  When it is dry and windy the sand will actually cut off the stems of small plants.  Today Jim is talking about going to a second hand store in Minnedosa (and I thought I didn't lead an exciting life)  Everyone that has been there raves about the prices and quality.  It might be worth a shot.  I hope next week is quieter at work.  With people away and month end it was crazy this week.  Or maybe it was the full moon coming.  I used to have lots of time for month end because the bank statement didn't come for a week or so.  Now they access it on line in Winnipeg and forward it to us.  I had it by 9 am yesterday.    I also have another 6 plans to process, that I haven't even opened yet.  I usually try to check the expiry date, but I just haven't had time.  I will do that on Monday.  Keri is going to Winnipeg today.  She must be looking forward to it, because she is up already and she doesn't get up this early on work days.  I hope she has fun.  It must be boring here for her.   Time to go and harass Jim.  Have a great weekend

Friday, June 1, 2012

Busy day?

It sure seemed like it, but I have very little to show for what I've done.  I know that by 4:00 I was ready for a nap, somehting I had vowed not to do as I want to sleep well tonight, so as to be ready for my all day class tomorrow.

We went out on our bicycles right after getting up, and then off tothe grocery store to buy some of the bottles soft drinks they were advertising. They didn't have any, but we were told that they were expecting a delivery this morning and to come back in the afternoon. So we bought some fancy blackberries and respberries,and home to do laundry.  Then my friend Shirley called.  She had called yesterday, and left a message but I just hadn't had the chance to call her back. She invited me to join the residents of her independant living centre for a bus trip to the casino across town, but I declined ( and none too gently either).  Then she suggested coffee.  I told her that I had to go out to the grocery store and wouldn't be able to go to her apartment for coffee. But--she needed something from the grocery store and why didn't I pick her up and we could go shopping, and then out for coffee.  And we had to go to Starbucks because they serve coffee in paper cups at McDonald's, and when she pays that much for coffee she wants a china cup. ( when she gets on a roll she's hard to stop)

I picked up Shirley and we went grocery shopping.  I had to speak to someone about the soft drinks asI couldn't see any.  The first fellow told me that they didn't make Dr.Pepper in 750ml bottles( the ones I buy regularly at his store), so I spoke to the young kid at Customer Service who gave me along song and dance about how they were renovating, and had no storage in back: and were getting their deliveries daily, and Dr. Pepper isn't a big seller.  The gist of it was that they didn't have any and weren't likely to get any. Then I couldn't find Shirley.  I searched the whole store and finally decided to hang around the check out to catch her.  After a bit I noticed Shirley sitting on a chair near the exit, patiently waiting for me.

Off to Starbucks where there was a line up, so Shirley grabbed a table and gave me $20 to buy us both a small coffee and a cookie.  And it was busy, and they had to brew my decaf.  I got Shirley's coffee and the cookies and went back for mine, not realizing that the coffees were both in paper cups.  Not being shy, Shirley told the server quite firmly, from acoss the room, that if she had wanted a paper cup she would have gone to McDonald's.  The coffees went back to the counter, and we got china cups.

While talking about my need for Dr. Pepper ( I really wanted it in a bottle to take to my workshop tomorrow and Sunday) Shirley suggested that I try the grocery store in  Bird's Hill rather than driving all the way to St. Vital.  But when I got home, David remembered that there was a store on Henderson Hwy, quite close to home.  The pricing on these things mystifies me.  I was looking for a six pack of 750ml bottles that were advertised as 3 for $10.00 or $3.33 each.  I could have bought individual 571mlbottles for $2.49 each.(not bloody likely!!)  Anyway, I now own 9 six packs of bottles Dr.Pepper.  The regular price has been $5.96/ 6 pack, so we got a deal, and enough Dr. Pepper to last all summer.

And by the time we had done all of that, I went for a nap, and poor David finished the laundry and cooked supper.  Today, I am grateful--as I often am--for David.

When it rains, it pours.....

...and right now I am manning the sump pump outside and hoping that this time I can keep up with the downpour. Apparently this will be the way it is for the entire weekend. Rain is definitely needed for the dry bush and forest fire issues (and garden) however, it could come in nice soft steady regular nightly bouts and not all at once?
Well, an exciting day was had today including speaking with, and shaking hands with the Prime Minister Steven Harper in North Bay. It was Armed Forces Day  and as a special treat this year the Prime Minister made an appearance and speech honouring the Armed Forces making mention of how special North Bay and Norad forces are to Canada and the USA. Static displays were exceptionaly good and of course I got to see Mike who was part of the setup and demonstrations of equipment and transportation. We were positioned along the security fence and so when Mr Harper did a walk by greeting people we were right there so of course shook his hand and said a few words. I was more interested in watching the security. We got there early to get a front row position so got to observe the "men in black" getting ready for his arrival and then how he was received and managed during his stay and eventual departure. Had to be about 8 or 9 security cars as part of the entourage - all shiny black including his SUV with shaded windows and lights flashing and Canadian Flag on top. The American Ambassador to Canada was also in attendance with a slightly less presence though. All of the security ( RCMP) were dressed in black suits and ties and all had earphones stuck in their ears, and all held a blackberry or smart phone and all tended to be using them continuously. Two in particular were of note because they had a napsack type of long bag slung over their backs and they hung closely by at all times - what do you suppose would be in that bag???? The Hornet F-18 did a fly over, and the Griffin Helicopter did a display of maneouvres including flying sideways and in reverse - amazing!
I was so excited when I got home that I had to make a batch of choc chip cookies, and then made a pizza and managed to pig out quite sufficiently, thank you! Now I get ready for a wet weekend which for me sounds good because I could use some inside time - get some work done and also start in earnest to gather up things for the trip. Once I turned the calendar over to June this morning it hit me how close my departure really is. Have a good weekend, and take care. I'll call when I win the Lotto Max tonight, OK?