Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Better now

And now it would seem that I have my administrator function on both machines.  Hooray!

Half back

This morning when I was complaining about my computer problems to David we suddenly realized that by setting up the gmail account I had screwed up my Shaw e-mail, so maybe Shaw tech support might be able to help.  It took most of the morning but I can now get into the blogs.  But only on the desk top, the laptop still has some sort of problem, which may just be that I don't have my administrator privileges there, but can post  as usual.  That would be fine with me, I'm sick of the whole thing.  However, this means that my fndlmous e-mail will be out under the "contact us" section of the website for the next few weeks.  I just hope no body sees it.  So from your point of view, it is business as usual.

So what have I been doing?  Spending far too much time sorting out e-mail.  I didn't even get to play poker last night.  But I have been reading a lot.  Last Thursday we brought home four books, from the library, that had to be returned within a week, or great penalties.  Thick hard cover books.  Finished the last one this morning.  One was a new author--Lee Child.  I think I'll have to look for more by him.  And one was from the Women's Murder Club series by James Patterson.  I've been enjoying that series..

I now have my splint off during the day.  There is deformity.  It almost looks as though the first inter-phalangeal joint is dislocated a bit.  This is a surprize as it's the other joint that now has a  more or less permanent bend.  Not complaining though, and I see the doctor in a week, and can ask then.  At least |I can now wash my hands thoroughly.  And for that I am grateful.

The big $1.00 sale

I forgot to tell you about the big $1.00 sale at No Frills. The only thing I actually bought was bottled water for my trip. I haven't used bottled water for almost two years now since all that propaganda came out about health issues and since we were perfectly able to use our own well water in metal drinking jugs. But, the bottle water will be needed for my trip and I have been watching the prices waiting for a lower than usual deal. Well, I found it ....15 bottles (500 ml) of water for the price of $1.00 - so I bought two cases! I am tired tonight but the first game of the Stanley Cup starts tonight and I have to ask myself "do you really need to watch this?" I often think that I watch only for something to do to wind down in the evenings and even then I usually don't last much longer than the end of the second period. My life is so exciting, eh?  I received the latest edition of the Canadian Quilting Association Journal today in mail, so maybe I'll just cuddle up with it tonight and forego the hockey!  There is an article on FAN and I quickly turned to that page hoping to see a work of art by Pat Findlay, but alas, not so. Take care

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Spectacular display

The "light show" last night that ran for about four or five hours, was spectacular but frightening. I have never seen the night sky lite up so brightly for such a sustained period of time. The frequent brilliant shots of fork lightening and subsequent thunder blasts were a stark reminder of the dangerous situation it could turn into. The rain was torrential, and the sump pump was just not able to keep up with the huge amount of water coming down, so I just gave up and let it accumulate. I certainly was not going to step outside to clear the pump - not with the lightening as it was. The winds never amounted to anything stronger than a stiff breeze so for that I was thankful. This morning there was little damage to observe around the yard, and the garden and plants were well watered.
We spent some time at Mike's place in North Bay today although he was at work and we did not see him. Harry planted his window boxes and hanging baskets, and I did up his sink and counter full of dirty dishes. He called us when he got home from work and was very appreciative of what we did for him -that always makes it worth while. Tomorrow is another busy day which includes a trip to Mothers place to plant more, and water, and check the house, and take some tomato plants to the neighbour that has always for years done the grass cutting and snow blowing there. Also when Mother was alive, he  went over to her place if we called him eg if the phone was off the hook, he would walk over and fix it. He always kept an eye on her place for us which was a comfort. For example, he would always look over in the morning to see if the dining room light was on, and if so, then he knew she was up and having breakfast and thus OK. Time for bed as I didn't get much sleep last night - too much time sitting at the window watching the rain and lightening. Take care

Monday, May 28, 2012

Watches and warnings

We wait in dreaded anticipation as the weather warning for tonight calls for severe thunderstorms, torrential rains and possibility of a tornado. I have set up the sump pump outside, and closed up the greenhouses hiding some bedding plants in there for protection although if a tornado comes through I'm not sure the plants will be safe anywhere! On a bright note though, it won't freeze tonight so I need not fear frost and no need to cover up haha  Glad to see you sent Patty the recipe Cathy - now we can all make salmon balls. But you are right as well - that we have to wait until it goes on sale. Tomorrow we go to North Bay (if we are not blown away tonight) and No Frills ( where we mostly shop) has a Big $1.00 sale - lots of articles on for only $1.00 including salmon so maybe I'll be able to stock up.
I took my second water sample (from the well) into the Health Unit this morning and hoping to get back another positive report. I have also completed my application for OAS and shall mail it tomorrow - not that I can get any money until I am eligible next year but it is another one of those "life moments" that  has an impact on me so is worth noting. My hair is driving me crazy because it is getting too long and because it is straight, tends to flop, and hang all over my face - I have to clip it back and then I look stupid ( I claim it is the clips that makes me look stupid but you can make up your own opinion haha) I may have to make an appt earlier than I wished for a cut and perm - I was hoping to put it off longer so it will be closer to my departure. I watched a movie on TV last night - I guess all regular programming has come to a seasons end and they fill in with movies but for me it was great fun. It was called It's Complicated with Merle Strepp, Alex Baldwin and Steve Martin. I quite enjoyed watching it and helped to settle me down after a busy day. Speaking of which, I had to go into the Pharmacy this morning and so I sat in the help yourself Blood pressure machine as I do periodically, and was pleasantly surprised to see a lower, more normal BP rather than my usual high BP - wonder why? Could have anything to do with my pending trip? Well, better go and get ready for bed - another busy day awaits me if I can get through the night with the severe weather warnings looming! Take care

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Salmon Ball Casserole

2 - 7 3/4 ox cans salmon
1/2 cup uncooked rice
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 egg
1/2 cup grated carrot
1/2 tsp salt
1/8 tsp pepper
1 - 10 oz can cream of mushroom soup
1/2 cup water

Put salmon in casserole.  Add rice, carrot, onion, egg, salt & pepper
Mix together well
Shape into balls and leave in casserole (16 balls fit into 9x9 dish)
Mix soup and water together
Pour over salmon balls
Bake at 350 for 1 hour

makes 5 -6 servings  ( I think they are servings for anorexics)

It is really good.  It is just that Jim loves salmon loaf  ( and it was good)  I was going to make hamburger soup today, but I took the hamburger out and all I could think of was goulash and mashed potatoes.  Guess what we had for supper!?!  Tomorrow I wll roast a chicken since I have to go back to work on Monday.  I had to go in on Friday to help with the accounting program and I saw all the work that will be waiting for me on Monday.. I think I will be tired by the end of the day... Leftovers will be good


for the past couple of years, we have had a grey squirrel, with white ears, visit our feeder.  We figured that the ears had been frozen, like you sometimes see on cats. This spring the squirrel was engaging in flirtatous behaviour  the scruffiest thing you've ever seen, and we realized that it was a female.  Over the past couple of years, she has been just about the only grey we've seen, as the red squirrels are much more aggressive and chase away the greys, but this year there seem to be very few red squirrels ( although I've seen a tail hanging down out of the garage roof across the back, where there is usually a nest).  There has been a lot of grey squirrel action around the feeder, and the the other day I saw White Ears at the feeder with two smaller ones, and realized that  there had been babies. Then yesterday, she was there again and I called David to take a look, and she had four little ones with her!  They are so cute! And they all have white on their ears--so it must be genetic, not accidental.  I think they relax in our yard as the rhubarb is right beside the feeder and they have shelter from the crows.

Yes, there was a frost warning last night, accompanied with chances of ice pellets or rain.  Quite cold , so the furnace is on again.  The basement was cold, as well, and we needed the heat for the rhubarb wine that David has in the primary.  Most of our chemicals were quite old, so he bought everything new for this batch.  All I can say, Beth is that it's been cold and wet here for over a week.  Some of it is sure to head your way soon.

Right now there are two men in the yard next door creating topiary out of the cedar trees.  I'm dying to know what it's going to look like when they finish. We got out on our bicycles this morning.  Having decided that we can't afford to eat breakfast at Tim's anymore, we had to find a new route to cycle.  So we went with trying to stay with a cross wind, which, this morning meant choosing east/west routes.  Worked quite well.


How about a recipe for the Salmon Ball Casserole?

Saturday again and all is well

This morning I take the paint to dump - I have the van backed into the back driveway and all I need to do is load it up - that should take about an hour! ugh!
But in meantime, I am treating myself - just made a coffee and a fried egg sandwich and I shall enjoy a nice quiet breakfast and then back to work. Harry is already off to his garage sales, and when all is said and done this morning, we shall be going to his Mothers place to check and plant and whatever. Then back home for more yard work here. The rain that was to come yesterday did not materialize so there is plenty of watering that has to be done frequently. Most everything is in the ground now and my biggest dread is the potential for frost beginning of June at full moon. Impossible to cover everything so I guess I'll have to protect what is most vulnerable, and then get up early and spray everything else. The prospect of this event fills me with great excitement ( NOT)
Don't worry about the housework Cathy as it sounds as if the week off was valuable for you in other ways such as down time and rejuvenation? And who can give up making a salmon loaf. I had the recipe out yesterday for Ednas cookies until I realized this was a knee jerk response for a comfort measure and that I would only eat them all, so back went the recipe. Do you ever do this?  Why don't we make a salmon ball casserole when I am with you Cathy?
Anyway, the breakfast calls to me, and then the work. Hope you all have a great weekend. Take care

Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday, and the holiday is done

and, of course, I didn't get anywhere near the cleaning done that I wanted to.  Oh well,  I guess I shouldn't have sat around so much.  Today is the kitchen.  Jim finally got the cupboard doors and drawer handles on.  It looks really nice now.  I got 1/2 the office done and the bathroom really clean.  I did my room, but it is already looking messy again.   The rec room is a lost cause.  Jim has cleaned it, and the bar, but 3 dogs with rain and sand......... nuff said.  I like pampered chef.  I don't have any bowls, though.  I might have to look into them.  I went to the grade 5 play the last 2 nights.  Why?  you ask.  April's daughter, Trinity was in it.  She is my special granddaughter (5 year old mind... 12 year old body)   When she saw me on Wednesday she rushed over and hugged me as hard as she could.  "you came... you came... you came!"  She was so excited.  As it turned out, it was a double cast and her line was on Thursday.  Kik came with me yesterday and I felt a little unloved.  Trin came off stage and saw her and pushed right passed me to hug her!  It makes it worth while to see the joy and excitement.  Of course, her sister will be in the play next year, and her brother the year after that.  I guess I am commited for a while.  It has been cool and damp all week here.  Not so much rain, as mist.   Snow is in the forcast for today, but I don't think it will happen.  Maybe in the park.  We had salmon loaf for supper last night.  I wanted to make the salmon balls in soup, or the salmon casserole, or the salmon roll up.... but no.  Jim loves the salmon loaf so much.  One day I will just make one of the others and see what happens.  Salmon will have to come on sale again before I do that, though.  Speaking of sales.. I finally broke down and ordered myself some new shoes from Sears.  They were on for 1/2 price, so I got sandles and shoes.  And a pair of pants.  They were also 1/2 price and sounded really comfy for work.  If they are that nice I will order another pair.  I can't seem to find pants suitable for work at the Salvation Army.  I don't buy used shoes, because my feet are so poor anyway, that they would really hurt in shoes shaped for someone elses foot.  Our garden is planted, but I haven't put the bedding plants in yet.  We are having below 0 nights right now, so I think I will wait til next week.  It will have to be soon, though.   They are getting big.  TIme for another cup of tea and then start my day.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pampered Chef Bowl

We have four of those bowls, 2 big and 2 small.  I have pretty well got rid of all of my other bowls except the ones for salad.  We LOVE those bowls and use them constantly.  Great for mixing, and pouring,  pancake batter, or any batter.  Geat for using in the microwave ( Not the lids--ask me how I know).  But having said that, I have the use of the dishwasher and they go in there just fine.  I also have two wire whips from Pampered Chef that I use all the time, and two rubber scrapers.  Amber put us onto the bowls.  She loves the cooking stones, but I've never tried them.

Silliness with popcorn

I had an urge for popcorn so I just made a big bowl and sit here munching as I write. It is a package of microwave popcorn so was a fast fix for my urge but then I discovered a most wonderful bowl to use. When I was working years ago, I was invited to a Pampered Chef Party and purchased a glass 2 liter measure cup with plastic lid - supposedly you can use it for a mixing bowl, or measure bowl or whatever else they said it was good for, but it has sat unused in the cupboard since I got it - really too too big to use as a measure. But, one bag of popcorn fits perfectly into the bowl and it has a nice wide rim so easy for all fingers to get in and grab. Ain't life grand!
I went to North Bay today to deliver a car full of plants to a friend of Harry's who was promised some for his garden. Harry went to his Mothers to plant flowers in her garden so we went one North and the other South today! Mike was at work so I thought I would surprise him and slip in and do his dishes - he always has dishes so I thought it would be a sure bet. But, there was his car in the driveway and surprise, he was at home because work was starting at 1 pm today and going until 10 tonight. So it was I who got the shock but also the pleasure of spending some time with him. I played with his cat who is delightful, then we took his beer bottles back for refund, and then he bought me an ice cream before we had to head back home for him to get ready to go to work. It is quality time for me. The rest of the day was consumed with planting and watering here at home.
Mike and his buddy went last week to order (rent) the tuxedos for the wedding July 14 - Mike was fitted and says it is a traditional tuxedo - nothing fancy. As the groom, his friend bought a new dark suit and it too, was traditional and boring, so says Mike. They looked at some beautiful new "tweed" suits and his friend was dying to get one of them and of course, Mike was urging him on to be different and "go for it" but common sense prevailed apparently. Mike says Joe's bride-to-be pretty much rules the roost and she wants everything to be perfect for the wedding and would never have allowed Joe to wear a tweed suit. These two guys, Mike and Joe, have been friends since school and always have a trick or two up their sleeve.
Saturday is Hazmat Day at the dump and I have hauled up from the basement all the old cans of paint that have accumulated and intend to get rid of them along with some expired propane BBQ tanks and other assorted stuff - I thought I would have some shelf space to make good use of once the paint was gone, but Harry bought a couple boxes of old sealer jars last Sat at a garage sale and wouldn't you know it, they fit just nicely and filled up my much wanted space. So I guess I 'm no farther ahead, except that it really was time to garbage the old paint. Well, so sad, popcorn is gone so I better sign off. Take care

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


We've had our share here, the last few days.  Friday night there was a terrible storm, with lots of water and wind.  Then there has been rain off and on all weekend.  We had 2 cm predicted for tonight but the storm came and didn't seem to last very long.

We cooked a turkey today and there is just so much meat left when there are just two of us eating it.  I didn't make stock, although maybe I should have.  I plan to go out and buy gravy mix, because I'm just too tired to make a lot of fuss. Yesterday I was outside all day at a friend's house.  It wasn't really sunny but more slightly cloudy, and a little windy ( A lot windy at times)  We worked hard and I came home and just crashed, probably more from being outside all day than anything else.

Today I decided to be a quilter, not a fibre artist. I've been going through my fabric looking for Inspiration.  I figure she must be hiding in there somewhere. I found a very  lovely colour way and decided to just sit and piece for awhile. David helped me with the cuttting and then I spent most of the afternoon piecing.  I was still quite tired, so came upstairs to have a nap, got into my nightie and drank a cup of Sleepytime tea, when David announced that the turkey was done, and supper would be in 20 minutes.  No nap today.  I didn't win at poker tonight, but David has won something ( We're not sure what yet)

So what am I grateful for today?  I guess I'm grateful to live in a country and a time, where someone can say that they have too much food in the house to deal with.

Forest Fires

Are really bad here right now . Kirkalnd Lake is in a state of emergency right now with all residents on alert for a 10 hour warning to leave. The hospital and LTC Homes have a contingency plan to move south to New Liskeard if needed. Harry's family members ie his brother lives outside of the town proper but could be affected and his nephews and families all live right in KL so it could affect them directly. In North Bay yesterday a tanker truck flipped over and spilt a load of formaldehyde into Trout Lake - the main water source for North Bay. The highway is closed and residents in the immediate area were evacuated and are still not allowed back. All water use directly from the lake is forbidden but apparently the water filter station for North Bay has not been affected yet because it is upstream of the spill but is checking samples closely. It makes you wonder aloud how bad things can be and how much worse it can get from one day to another, and one has no control over it! It gives value to your "gratefulness" every day, Patty. 
My legs are covered with black fly bites and the little beggers are out in full force right now. I try to ignore the bugs when out working but maybe I should think about deet spray - I have never really liked to use bug spray except maybe Skin So Soft which really does work inspite of what others say. We had about 5 minutes of rain last evening and that was it - hardly enough to even wet the ground and no more forecast for the entire week. Maybe nice for some, but the garden needs watering constantly with temps in high 20's - supposed to reach about 30 degrees on Thursday. Wow! Hear you have rain in Manitoba so hope you will send some soon. Take care

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh, Cathy!

What a sad situation for you!  You have poured your heart into that organization. But you can do a good job, we know you can.  Oh my, I'll be thinking of you.

Today we ( the Royal we) cut down the lilac bush that was by the tree outside our bedroom window.  It had several growths off the main root , which was quite big.  David says that there were actually three roots and all of them were rotten.  But the yard looks so much bigger now, and there is much more light for both the Lady Slippers and our bedroom window. 

The only sure thing is change.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Looooooong Weekend

I am off work until May28th.  One whole week.  I have the whole week planned out with my spring cleaning.   I have assigned a task to each day.  That way I won't get overwhelmed with the entire house facing me.  If I still have ambition when the day's task is done I can start on something else, and if I don't feel like it I don't have to do any more.  I am going to make Jim help, too.  He says he will "putter" outside while I clean.  I say NO.  Besides, we may finally get some rain this week.  It has been forcast everyday, but nothing much happens.  Just enough to dampen the patio and make the dogs smell.  We will have to water if nothing appears.  I don't have the garden in yet.  Just potatos and cucumbers.  No bedding plants.  We are cutting back again this year, but will have lots of tomatoes.  We ran out of salsa and stewed tomatos this winter.  I have spagetti sauce left but that is it.   My Lily of the Valley are up, but no flowers yet.  They have spread so far they are now growing under the deck.  Lots of weeds and grass in my front flower garden too.  I will have to get out there one day and "putter".  I haave to go to town council on June 5th to justify VCC's request for funding from the town.  They announced all their grants last week and VCC wasn't on it.  They will consider us, but we have to make a case.  I sure hope I make a good one because without the support of the town I don't think we can continue to exist.  When Rrain is back at work next week I am going to get her to get some letters of support from our membership.  She brought some Cinnamon buns back from the White House Bakery in Clear Lake.   Breakfast!  Here I come!  Hope you both have a great weekend.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Weekend plans

My Ravenesque group will be getting together on Monday for a painting and dyeing day.  Since it's not at my house, the rest of the weekend will be taken up with packing everything I need to take with me.

 I've signed up for a course, that I found out about by accident.  What a rigamarole!  She couldn't take cheques or credit cards and my PayPal account has been giving me grief for about 6 months.  So she put it through PayPal so that I could pay it as a guest of Paypal.  Filled out the form, gave them my credit card number, and then went to the bank where I got money out of savings, and put it through as a payment on the credit card.  Got home and she is telling me that the payment didn't go through.  Paypal had recognized my credit card number and tied it to the account, and frozen the whole thing.  But she is a very nice lady and told me that she would be driving into Winnipeg to visit her son, and I could take the cash to her at his house.  So, off to the bank to get a cash advance on the credit card in the amount I had just paid, expecting it to go to PayPal.  We drove to her son's house and sat outside on the street for 25 minutes until she arrived, but got the deposit paid. By this time, David had found a customer service number for PayPal ( well hidden it seems) and I spent over 1/2 hour trying to sort it out.  The account had been frozen for sometime, but they couldn't tell my why.  After lengthy efforts to sort things out, they gave me a new account, on the same credit card, but with a different password.  Of course, the credit card expires in June!

Had a thunder storm tonight.  Some of the worst thunder we've had since moving to this house.  A couple of them actually shook the house! And heavy, heavy rain with it. Has probably washed out the garden and destroyed the jury-rigged eavestroughing.  Last year we had over 30 flowers on the Lady Slippers, but his year only 5.  Sort of sad to see.  I know David will "baby" them,and I hope things work out.  Our peonies are also showing the result of the drought last year--sort of sad and spindly.  And we found two Iris that survived the winter.

We are into the weaning process for my finger.  It's looking like I will have a "droop" at the last joint, but I am able to straighten it to about 180 degrees, -- no further, and not when it's tired. She says that this isn't a really bad result, just not as good as they would have liked.  The problems with my skin reacting to the tape continue, but she gave me a small piece of adhesive backed silicone and the skin is quickly getting better.

Long weekend is here....

..and the trailer is packed and the boat is attached to the hitch and off to the cottage we go.......oh, wait a minute, that's not us, it's the neighbours !!haha  I guess we'll just stay home for a change and work in the garden. And what are you folks going to do to celebrate Victoria Day?
Not too much new here over the last few days but the constant watch on the weather at night. It would appear that we should be OK for the weekend as the temps are warm and sunny. I really enjoy my walks with the dog down to the lake morning and night and since it is her outing, I don't mind going along for the exercise. I see the ducks and watch the fisher people and their boats. The Village put up the boat dock this week I guess in anticipation of the tourists for the long weekend. The swimming dock isn't in yet but anyone can go into the lake from the beach - as you know it is very shallow for about 100 meters out and then it falls steeply so is great for family swims. I received an application from Service Canada in the mail inviting me to apply for Old Age Security - wasn't that a nice surprise! So Patty in answer to our previous discussion about not having to apply and the OAS coming automatically as was in the recent federal budget, I guess I do have to send in the paperwork! So I'll get that off next week and should be getting the first payment next April - whoopee!
Have a happy and safe May 24th weekend everyone - a sure sign that summer is on the way, and in saying that it means my trip draws nearer!! Take care

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


What is the little pencil icon at the bottom beside the comments word - it says "edit blog" when you click on it but your message Patty doesn't have one but mine do - is this something I should know or action?

When I click on it, it allows me into the message to edit it.  I wonder if it is just an editing shortcut?  it would be really handy if it were.  When I'm reading the blog there is an 'edit" pencil on every message--but then I set up the blog, so may be seen as the "owner"

Ghosts cover the yard

That is, sheets covering the tomatoes and cucumbers and marigolds are unattractively decorating the yard tonight and the heaters are turned on in the greenhouses. Likely be repeated again for the next two nights until the weekend when temps will rise. Aren't you just sick of hearing from me about the weather and frost warnings?? However, at the moment, this is my life, so this is what I share. Or, I could tell you about going to Mothers to check the house, and checking to see if the beans would need to be covered there! Or, I could tell you about driving to North Bay two days in a row to pick up stuff Harry bought off Kijiji. I could also tell you about driving home from North Bay this morning and being hit by a stone and cracking the windshield - a small crack but little spider legs started to develop quickly so we turned around and headed back to North Bay and had it fixed - windshield repair place that puts resin into the crack and seals it. While the repairs were being done, Harry stayed at the place and I slipped into the mall next door and wandered by myself for a bit - had fun. In Sears a lady stopped me and asked me if she looked good in the sweater she had tried on. It was royal blue in colour and she had it on over a lime green blouse and it looked awful so I told her that the colour contrast was not complimentary but I thought the sweater with something else would look good! Then I passed a new store called David's Tea so was drawn in by my interest in having a cup of tea - I ordered an Earl Grey but had a very ambitious young girl ask me what tea I usually drank and when I stated I like Chai she was off to the shelf and before I knew it had ten large tins of different varieties of chai tea for me to "smell". Out of respect for the poor dear, I bought 100 g of Cinnamon Heart Chai leaves that smelled really nice. So my cup of tea costs just over $10.00 - a bargain if you're having fun, right! One good thing to happen was to get our first water report back in the mail from Minisrty of Health stating it is OK - this is really good news as we have never had the water checked from our well since we moved here. Having to get Mothers checked encouraged me to do ours. You need to send three different samples so getting a positive on the first, I won't be afraid to send off our next two. All of Mother's three came back positive so they have gone to the Lawyers along with all the other requested reports (eg receipt for septic drainage), paperwork(eg Landowners deeds) etc to settle the estate. In a way, this is an experience for me to look to the future and start to get these sorts of things gathered together for ourselves for when it will be required. It is amazing what you actually need to have available and what considerations you need to anticipate related to paperwork requirements. I'm thinking of starting a binder to help organize myself - do you folks have some organizational method that works for you?
Well, on that happy note - bye for now...take care (no galliano tonight haha)


Some of ours has come up as well.  We moved it last year from the back to the front of the house,and were worried about everything in our front garden succumbing to drought, but a few have come back, as did the ferns, surprisingly. 

Yesterday we went to see "Dark Shadows". As we left David said "That was one weird show!".  Considering that it was based on a terrible 70's soap opera, I didn't think it was that bad.  The reviews weren't great but still gave it 3 1/2 out of 5. But I had wanted to see it and I enjoyed it.  Johnny Depp was in make-up again.  If I think about it, I've only seen one movie where he wasn't wearing a lot of weird make-up, and that was "Chocolat".  I enjoyed that one as well.

Today David wanted to thin the rhubarb a bit, as the third plant--the one we've been worried about--was totally overwhelmed by the bigger ones on either side. So we picked a bit, and when it was cleaned realized that we had picked quite a bit.  So off to the store and bought the makings for Rhubarb Pineapple jam and a very rich and decadent rhubarb cake.  I found the recipe for the cake on the Kraft web site.  As well, David now has enough rhubarb for a five gallon batch of wine, so we had to get the chemicals for that. I've always said that making jam isn't much of a chore at all--once you have done all of the preparation.  It seems like such a waste of energy to just make one batch of jam.  We did so much lst year that this is probably the only kind we'll make this year.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lily of the Valley

A highlight of Spring for me is to watch for the little sprouts of Lily of the Valley to come out of the ground and over the weekend I think they grew about 6 inches already - they are randomly wild now although once I had them confined to a rock garden. I usually end up stepping on them as I walk over and over the patch but thats OK too! Lots of work accomplished in the yard over the last few days as I try to "tidy up" a bit. The next door neighbours ( the older couple) have just put their house up for sale ( pity) so I am trying to make the observation of our yard from their veranda a bit more presentable for prospective buyers. Good luck as every time I clean some area up, another gets dumped on but c'est la vie! Harry has a lot planted outside already because the days have been glorious but I am the one to have to cover up and although last night and tonight should be OK, the next nights promise to be threatening with low temps and possible frost, so how do you cover up tomatoes in pots that are each about six or seven feet high? I am sure I have much work and much patience on the line for the next few weeks until the summer temps arrive without the fear of frost - around middle of June usually.
Hear on the news about the forest fires in Man and in the Steinbach area. How bad are things there? Seems that if you miss out on floods you get fires early. Already Ontario has many and it is likely to be a very bad year here. In others years the fire fighters were utilized in other areas of Canada but perhaps they will be needed at home this year. I also heard on the news that the place with the highest temp for Canada today was in Gretna, Man. so you are most likely enjoying good temps there right now. Two nights in a row when I took the dog to the lake I saw people in the lake swimming - albeit teenagers but I'm sure the water is still a little chilly. Although when I think about it, this weekend coming is the big "24" and that is usually the time that lakes can be warm enough for a dip! .........Just took a few minutes out to clean up the computer - I decided to have a wee shot of Galliano as I scribed tonight, and the first sip went down the wrong way and I ended up spewing it all over the table top and computer and keyboard. What a waste of a good drink, haha. I better go before things get really out of hand. Take care


Which as you know, means,"general farting around"--and that's what is happening here.  More "culling" of things that were vitally important to us a few years ago, and are meaningless now.  Such as an entire drawer of disposable baby diapers.  ( Adult ones we might have held onto)  Last week we received some coupons for the Marble Slab Creamery, so last evening, after supper, we went out for ice cream.  A huge helping of plain ice cream, into which they mixed what ever you asked for.  The coupon was "buy one, get one". Thank Goodness, as it was $5.50 + tax for one cone.  Nice ice cream, though.

It was "free" weekend here, so David put out a bunch of cinder blocks that have been hanging around the yard for years.  They disappeared very early Saturday morning, and then 20 minutes later a guy showed up with a truck.  His wife had seen them but couldn't get them in the car.  David spent yesterday working in the yard, and put out bags of grass clippings etc for the garbage pick-up this morning, but all of the rusty fire grates etc that we had inherited from the previous owners had disppeared over night.  And we had been worried that the garbage men wouldn't take them!  (Now, I have to be careful of my wording, because there is a woman working on one of the trucks, but I think she is working on re-cycling.)

Today we ran errands. First into OT to have the finger checked.  We have been very careful about it over the past two weeks, and --wonder of wonders--the range of motion was better today, so we are now in the process of weaning it off the splint.  Every hour I have to take it off and flex my fingers 10 times, then put it back on, and tape it up.  We're sure going to use a lot of tape in the next few days!  But the other option was surgery, so there is nothing lost if we try this and it doesn't work.

With the warmer weather, I found that I really only have three lighter-weight T-shirts.  So, since I had a coupon for Pennington's, we went to buy T-shirts. Cost more than I had anticipated, but I should be set for summer now.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Frost again.last night.

and I bet on it and plugged heaters in and covered marigold pots inspite of predicion of plus 4 degrees for the night.and I won! Lets go to the Casino as I'm on a winning streak haha
Nice sunny days means outside work galour and it is refreshing to be out and doing things.For example I emptied two compost piles filled with last years old plants and leaves cleaned up from the fall and bagged it all because it was not supposed to be in the compost pile - twenty six extra large leave bags was then taken to the dump to dispose. We planted most of the garden at Mothers yesterday - oh yes, this garden and yard are being planted and flower beds will be planted with the marigolds in the greenhouse so that the house and yard continue to look lived in - we should be able to harvest some of the crops before July 30? Picked some asparagus for supper from the garden there, and also enough rhurbarb for a Kuchen which I baked for supper dessert,
I am sending this best wishes message to all the Mothers in our blog for a Happy Mothers Day on Sunday - hope you enjoy a day of rest and pampering! Take care

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Days

We so often dwell on the bleak that it's good to have some happy news.  We finally got out on our bicycles again yesterday.  It was neat to be able to ride again, even if it was just around the local streets.  Glad to hear about the house, Beth, but the down side of selling it is that you remain responsible for it until July 30, when your first instinct is to shout Hooray! and walk away, never looking back.  And now, Cathy, you get a chance to sit and breathe, even if just for a day, before the gardening starts. And we all can start to think about Beth visiting.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy, Happy

Cathy you sound so happy and I am pleased it all went so wonderfully. I think you shall have no trouble finding something to do with your time - how about a little Cathy time? It has been none stop for you for quite some time - although nice things to do as you love being involved in all your activities, but nevertheless, it can take it's toll? Catch up on your sleep first and then decide what you wish to do next.
Happy news here too - Real estate called Harry this afternoon and his Mother's house has offically been sold with a closing date of July 30. Thanks for all your vibes to my pleas for prayers - I can see some light at the end of the tunnel - hope it's not a train!!!  Take care

Monday, May 7, 2012

All is done...

The Play is over and now the ACTFest is done.  According to all comments it was a great success.  (okay, the music may have been too loud....)  It all seemed to go smoothly and any glitches were handled.  It sure does pay to have a strong  committed.  Or at least a solid core at the centre of the committee.  I only got to see 2 plays on Sunday Morning . I was so tired every time I blinked my eyes stayed closed for a longer and longer time.  Somehow, besides being chair, I became responsible for the evening events, so I had to stay til the bitter end each night.  Tough job for someone who is usually in bed before ten!  From Friday at 7 am until Sunday at 9:30 pm I got almost 8 hours sleep Most of it on Friday night!  I must have overtired by Sunday, cause I slept for about 1/2 and hour and then I couldn't get back to sleep.  I made up for it and got up at 9:15 this morning!  Enough about me and more about the Festival.  The comments we received were wonderful.  They loved the band, and the band loved them.  They couldn't believe that from the first note they played, the dance floor was full.  Their first set was over an hour long.  They were having so much fun they didn't want to stop!  We also invited the Band to dinner, which they thought was a wonderful gesture.  They are called to Whitemud Blues Band and are basically based in this area, but come from Neepawa, Brandon and Winnipeg.  ANd the food!  People couldn't stop talking about how great the meals were.  And they were.  Helen went all out on them.  ANd they were pleased at the end because they didn't have an abundance of left overs.  They told people to take seconds and they did.  Alan said that some of the younger people came back and took another completely full plate.  I am not sure what I am going to do with my time from now on, but I have a feeling that it will get filled.  Our garden isn't started yet, and my house really ( read the as desperately) needs cleaning.  Maybe I will worry about that tomorrow.... today I am going to let my body catch up to my brain.   On another note, I would love to know some of our family history.  Do you think you could get some of it from Beryl?  I have checked out ancestor. ca, but without the basics I don't know how to start.  I remember mom's mom was Helen Anne Upjohn (I think)  and her dad was Reginald Joseph Hughes.   Beyond that I am lost but would really like to know more.   I was reading the blog when I got home for the last few weeks, but my brain was focussing on what was yet to come and not on what had happened.  I will have more time now.   I really am grateful that we can stay in each others lives this way.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Puttering yet again

I seem to be puttering around about every three weeks.  Each time I find more "stuff" that needs to live somewhere else.  My Ravenesque group needed a hostess at the last minute, so are coming here tomorrow.  This spurred a clean-up, downstairs which lead to today's putter.  I found several jackets that will move on to the local thrift store.  One is a very good jacket, but does not flatter me at all, so has to go.  I was also getting two pictures ready to go into a show out in Selkirk when I discovered that one piece had a problem with the framing and had to be re-considered.  David spent the afternoon taking all  the beads off, and expressed surprise at how many there actually were. 

A couple of weeks ago, during a putter in the computer room, I found a piece of paper that looked as though Mom had typed it, listing some birth, marriage and death records within the Upjohn family. Mom's Mother was an Upjohn, but these people appeared to be one generation further back.  Reading this, you would have to believe that the Upjohns in America came to Canada through the Southern States, as one was recorded as having died in a Civil War battle.  Anyway, cousin Beryl Robbins is very into geneaology, and I offered the paper to her.  Yesterday morning I delivered it to her while she was working at a gargage/basement sale at the United Church on Helmsdale.  (They live out in the Cook's Creek area on an acreage.  They have been trying to sell it for quite awhile, but no luck) Beryl and I get together for coffee about twice a year, when she is in the city and has nothing better to do while her husband is at Bible study.  This trip to the basement sale lead us to stop in at two more church sales on the way home, where I bought a broken necklace and four hard-backed cork coasters.   David was curious about the coasters and I had to explain that I wanted to use them when dyeing fabric.  Are you still with me?  When he understood what I wanted to do, he suggested that I should visit the Re-Store to see if I could get something sturdier than the coasters.  Not only did I get several different shapes of ceramic tiles, I discovered that a local bead store gives their old stock to the Re-Store.  Bonus!

Next we discussed how I was going to use these things, which lead to a trip to Rona to buy C-clamps.  The poor man there didn't know how to answer my question about whether the foam-clad clamps they had would absorb the dye when I used them to clamp together pieces of fabric in a dye bath.  After getting home, David tried to wash some of the clay/sand/mud that had been left on the car during our trip on Wednesday.  It was like concrete!  He ended up using the pressure washer, but that lead to the stuff being washed down our driveway, so David had to then wash down that.  It's still a bit of a mess out there.

Beth, this is how I spend my time--puttering in the basement and confusing store clerks.

Yesterday, I was very grateful not to have been injured, maimed or murdered while trying to look at old jewelry at garage sales.  Some of those old dolls at church sales are really viscious!

Here we go....

.. kicking and screaming into another week! Can't believe it is Sunday evening already - time flies when you are having fun?? The rest of you must also be busy - all's been quiet on the old blog site. I just looked at my fingers and they are all black with dirt under the nails and around cuticle even though I scrubbed them and then washed the dishes. Planted all the poor sweet peas after supper as they have been outside but looking really desperate. The weather is so unpredicable that I don't know whether it will freeze or not - have replaced the propane heater in the big greenhouse with another electric one - it is not so hot which is better for the plants that have been repotted and taking up lots more space. I don't plan to plug them in tonight as it is supposed to be 8 above - but you can never tell! Funny that while I was out there two different neighbours - one across the street and one in behind us - had guests over for BBQ and were making all sorts of laughter and having fun - somehow I felt leftout! So I can hardly wait to have a few laughs with you folks when I come. I had to put my hair up in curlers yesterday which means it is getting too long to just hot iron it anymore. That means it is time for either a perm or a cut - I was hoping I could hold off on having a perm until closer to the trip but I may have to give in. If that were my only concern wouldn't life be great but it is always a special time to get one's hair done so I want to do it just right haha. Well, I am rambling apparently, as I reread this note, so better let you go for now. Take care

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Deacon's Corner

is a big Petro-Canada truck stop at the corner of Hwy #1 and Hwy #207, just east of the floodway.  When we were very young, before Fermor became #1, the corner of Hwy #1 and Hwy #59 ( Lagimodiere), was called Warren's Corner, but then that became the name of a sporting goods store and is never heard any more.  I once dated a farmer who lived on that corner.  I wonder if it's true that reminiscense is a sign of old age.
Beth, do you remember when we used to go to Caddy Lake on work parties and had to head out #1.  We would go over the Elm Park Bridge and then dipsy-doodle through the back streets to get onto #1.  At one time Auntie Ruby lived in St. Vital and we had to go almost past her house while we were doing it, so you might have some recollection, as Mom used to point the house out to us.

More stories about trips

and we headed to Sudbury today with Aunt Ev and it was a good time - no trouble with driving and finding the new store was perfect - I was about to turn onto the street where I figured I should go and glanced over to my left and was struck with a big sign SMITH"S MARKET right on the corner. All the family rushed over to greet us with big hugs (far more exciting than Walmart Greeters haha) and we had a grand tour of the store and backrooms and then after our shopping was completed we went over to a restaurant called Tutti Fruiti and had a big meal courtesy of Aunt Ev. Once home to our house by 2 pm Harry suggested we "slip down" to Mothers and do the lawn seeding which we did. But in the basement to turn on the outside water, Harry discovered the sump pump was not working. So after a bit trying to figure out problem including a phone call to his brother, it was determined the switch is faulty. So it will be back there again tomorrow morning to fix it. Please pray that the house sells soon!
Enjoyed your tale of driving Patty and maybe glad not to be anticipating the same in the summer haha. I shall now look your route up on my map. Please remind me, is Deacon's Corner the corner of #1 and Lagimodiere? Take care

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Won't try that again!

had a big breakfast and off to the lake early this morning, in a heavy "mist".  Everything looked good down there. We got the microwave into the kitchen and it appeared to be working. Left the lake by about 11:00 and decided to take our yearly trip down hwy 308  from East Braintree to Sprague.  Considering how dry everything is and the gentle winter we had, we thought it would be a pleasant trip, and it was at first.  Then we started finding soft spots, then wet, soft spots and then muddy, chewed up, wet, soft spots.  We also ran into three graders trying to smooth out the road, and they gave "no quarter".  David had to do some fancy driving. If we hadn't been close to mid-way, we might have turned around and headed back to #1.  Poor car!  We even bottomed out badly in a couple of spots.  But we made it through. We were very glad to finally see the pavement at Moose Lake!

South at Sprague to Warroad to buy gas, and rest a bit, then home on hwy #12.

We were both getting quite hungry, so stopped at Deacon's Corner, at the A&W.  We had onion rings.  I can't remember the last time I had onion rings.  They were so-o-o good, but so-o-o rich that I couldn't eat them all.  What a treat!

We had been considering taking the hwy #308 trip with Beth in July, but it doesn't look like it's going to be feasible, which is one of the reasons we tried it today.  We've been doing it at least once a year for quite awhile, and it's sort of sad to see civilization creeping into the area. We've seen all sorts of wildlife there, but, today, saw only one deer--in the middle of the road, as it happened. Hwy#12 was a different story. We saw a fox, sitting beside the road grooming himself, either a very big hawk or an eagle ( the area is known for eagles), and two Sandhill cranes.  We have seen cranes before, but never as far North of the border as these two were, and never more than two.  And every pasture seemed to have several baby calves, with their mothers.

Beth, I don't have a septic field story to top yours.  I sure hope the house sells.  It's so hard to deal with this sort of thing, and I can't imagine coping with it at a distance, as you are.

Today, I'm grateful for the glass of wine I found in the fridge when I got home.

You might be asking......

... so what has Be been up to lately? Funny thing is you might never believe me! Today we headed to Mothers early, and dug up the septic system - down about two feet and across about 10 X10 to reveal the cement toppers with no baffle valve. So how does one take the top off was the question - no amount of grunt work succeeded this morning. So it was covered up with tarps and home we came. Watering in the greenhouses consumed the next hour or so, and in that time Harry had contacted the Dirty Deeds Septic Services who said he would meet us there immediately. So hustle hustle into my nice clean car ( more on that later) and off we went. We got all the covers off just as the truck arrived. He did not like the one cover we had exposed as it was cracked and viewing inside he said he would not be able to suck  up adequately without opening the first chambers top ( apparently this system has never been sucked and was thick so he needed to have access to both chambers) So we dug some more and got it all exposed but still no way to remove the cement lids so he went at it with a crowbar and was able to move them slightly enough to get his tubes and hoses down. It only took about half an hour before he was done, and driving out the yard. Then came the filling in process that we completed just before the rains came. That's good as the rain will help to harden the soil down, and come Friday we shall go again to rake it over and plant grass seed. The rush for us was that a home inspection was done by a potential buyer and one clause in the tons of paperwork stated the need for a receipt from us stating the septic had been flushed with a deadline of 6 pm today. So we did our part and now wait until 6 pm Monday for the final "yes".Please pray this goes through!
After the mornings trip I cleaned up my car ( we have been using my car more frequently lately because I like to drive it rather than the van and I am doing most of all the driving ) Tomorrow we pick up Aunt Evelyn to take her to Sudbury to see her sons' new Market store just opened last week. I shall be driving with Aunt Ev in the front with me and Harry in the back. Driving as well as navigating and entertaining Aunt Ev should keep me very busy, but I , too, am anxious to see the new store. The store they had in North Bay had to be closed end of  Feb as it had been sold pending them buying new property to build, but the new store in Sudbury took all their time ( and I expect money as well ) But Aunt Ev tells me in confidence that they are looking at blue prints now to build in North Bay this summer. So tomorrow shall be a good day I predict because we are doing something a bit different and I shall see other people!
So tonight I will not fire up the greenhouses as the low is to be 10 degrees -should be like this for the next two nights so I get a reprieve but the weekend is promising below zero lows so back to my anxiety about propane heaters haha
I needed a warm, comfortable feeling the other day as I was feeling out of sorts, so I made a half batch of raisin cookies and have almost finished them. I thought of baking Edna's cookies but suddenly the thought of the old raisin recipe just grabbed ahold of me and wouldn't let go!!
That's been my week so far - and from Patty we hear that the finger is not behaving as one would wish - I am thnking of you and hoping this new splint will work. Take care all.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Stupid finger

Yesterday was the "big reveal", but my poor abused finger didn't make the cut.  I was told that straight was a dream result, but anything up to 10 degrees of loss in range of movement was acceptable, and would start the therapy process.  Well, my poor finger measured at 12 degrees of loss, so it's back into the splint for another two weeks, with the possibility of two more weeks after that.  There has been a real problem with developing skin breakdown over the last joint, so we had to move the splint to the front of the hand two weeks ago.  The healing skin then became quite sensitive to the adhesive tape, and foam rubber of the splint, and the finger was very red a swollen.  So yesterday she made a plastic splint, no foam and a special way of using the adhesive tape to keep the adhesive away from the skin.  At supper, I suddenly noticed that the tape wasn't holding the position well and the finger was quite bent.  We taped it up very, very thoroughly.  That sucker wasn't going to move no matter what!  Today we went back and she made another splint.  When she first took the tape off the finger looked great.  I guess taping it so thoroughly helped reduce the swelling, and the colour was much better as well.  My greatest concern is that I'm going to have to have surgery, and will end up with the thing still splinted over the summer.

Tomorrow we go to the lake to check out the buildings, and take down another microwave to replace the one that died last fall.  The old one didn't owe us anything, as it was one that David's father had been using when he was down there.  At this point we don't have any plans to spend time down there over the summer, as Lyala plans to be there all summer, no matter who is down. P's me off, but isn't my problem.

Much rain over the past two days.  This caused problems with the eavestoughing, but we just can't afford to fix it right now.  David nailed it back in place, but it's really only a temporary fix. The lady Slippers are up, and we appear to have lost two clumps of them with last summer's drought. These were the two clumps that get the least sun, so that may have been a factor as well. One of the rhubarb plants doesn't seem to be doing so well.  The rhubarb originally came from the house on Maplewood.

Today I'm grateful that there were new books in at the Library, and I have something to read over the next few days, because this finger isn't going to let me do much sewing!