Saturday, April 28, 2012

Sun shining / in the bush

Not a bad day for weather today, so it was into the bush to dig up wild leeks. I don't know if I have ever told you about these spring time treks before, but it is really something. I do not like wild leeks but I go to help dig and carry the bags out of the bush - read "bush /muck/ dense branches, fallen trees and signs of wildlife having been very close recently". Today there were very few grown enough to dig but Harry got himself one good feed which was consumed when we got home. Usually there are enough to fill about 6 to 8 baggies with some given to the neighbour who also likes them. This means of course that I can look forward to another trek in about two weeks. Yesterday we headed up to the rural outskirts of Powassan to dig some perennials from a yard whose owner put an ad on kijiji to come help yourself as she just moved in and has no intention of gardening. The previous owner had rock gardens all over and in looking at the spoils, I could see how beautiful it once was. There was a big Gun Show at the Sundridge Arena today and although we did not attend we drove around the parking lot because Mike and his friend were driving down from North Bay to have a look and we wondered if he might have been there. But we missed him apparently becasue he came early when we were at Sprucedale checking the house. His comment on the phone this afternoon was "what a waste of time" From the number of cars in the lot though, I am sure the organizers were not disappointed at $6.00 a head. Harry spoke with Aunt Evelyn today and apparently we will be picking her up one day next week to drive her to Sudbury and back. Her sons own a Market and they just opened a new and second store in Sudbury which she is dying to see. The sons are so busy that they could not come up with a workable plan to transport her there and back in order for her to see the new store. So here we come to the rescue haha and another road trip to look forward to. Anyway, time to fire up the greenhouses and go to bed. No hockey tonight so I shall read a bit of the novel I have going right now - another Jonathon Kellerman one.  Take care

Friday, April 27, 2012


but were they made with salsa?  I've found that they are a little better if I toast the bread before putting the salsa and cheese on and broiling the whole thing. We tried them yesterday and used some pre-grated Mozzarella cheese that I had bought for something else.  Not bad.  David is a traditionalist and prefers Cheddar, but I think the Mozzarella is an option--especially if I don't have to grate it.  Then we discovered some aparagus hidden in the fridge, so had that for supper instead of the carrot/broccoli vegetable dish that I found in the recent Kraft recipe e-mail.  This is the dish I bought the Mozzarellla for.  Probably won't be able to try it until tomorrow, but it looks promising.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

TEST I am trying to create a new post with the new format - I have not been able to post the usual way for a long time now so just seeing if this makes a difference. TEST

Same thoughts as you...

Today I paid bills and reconciled the books only to realize that May isn't even here and yet, where is the money???? April 26 was a target date for me to finally see the pensions posted so that I could spend it again on bills eg property taxes due But you are right Patty, May is a long month and I don't see much $$ left to work with. I guess that means we will definitely win the lottery soon, OK? I had lunch with my friend Sue yesterday as planned, and enjoyed a bit of time to relax and visit. She does most of the talking probably because she has a very active family life and many friends with whom she visits frequently for coffee or lunches. Totally different life style, as I have mentioned to you before, but I still like to have my lunches with her. I just came in from lighting the fires in the greenhouses, and it was blowing wildly, with snow flakes flying around and around so much you would think it was the middle of winter. The forecast calls for milder day temps ( 10 to 12) over the weekend but night lows are still in the minus 6, and minus 7 range. I worked in the little greenhouse this morning trying to organize the plants to accommodate very tall blossoming tomatoes and marigolds. All the short marigolds are in full flower and when you enter the greenhouse you are presented with a most fragrant smell. The sweet peas are already outside in their pots but under a cloth draped table right now because of the poor weather. We made our usual trek to Mothers this afternoon to check the house – takes only a minute to look around and then check the mailbox at the post office and then home again but it has to be done. Guess what I am watching on TV as I write this message – right – hockey! The seventh game between Ottawa and New York and wouldn't you know it, the Rangers have scored two goals already – does not bode well for Canada! We had a full meal at lunch time because Harry made curry this morning and I made a loaf of rye bread in the machine. So for tonight at supper since Harry declined anything, I made some peskies for myself, and thoroughly enjoyed the peskie little things! Great idea to spoil oneself once in awhile. Oh, how exciting, as Ottawa just scored a goal. Maybe they can still pull this one "out of the bag" So with this exciting news, and most exciting message in general, I shall sign off, and wish you all good night. Take care

"Tis done

David has his boots.  There was a problem with the ones that they brought in for him, and he ended up getting display boots at a discount.  He's happy.

The rug has been shampooed.  Thank Goodness!

I have ordered custom made arch supports from a very ego-centric and nasty man.  I hope I don't have to deal with him again.

We have bought enough groceries to last a month ( I hope)  While we were in line to pay for them, the couple ahead of us told David that if we spent $150.00, we could get two (two??) frying pans for nothing.  So, of course, we had to get our two frying pans.

Now we're broke again, and May is a very long month.

And I still haven't figured out how to work with this new layout for Blogger.  Somehow I got into  another screen with a short video explaining everything.  Like Hell it did!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Financial affairs in order?? ROTFLMAO

 But when I really think about it, I have tried to set up a strict routine for paying the regular bills, so that we both know what needs to be done when, and have developed the habit of doing it that way. This means that one or two are always paid a few days late, and on at least one, this means a slightly higher interest charge.  I use automtic payments when I can.  It's the irregular bills that get lost in the shuffle, such as the lawn care company that sends its bill out in October with an April 30th due date. But our discretionary spending is usually chaos, and there are sometimes pretty tight days at the end of the month. 

We have finally arranged to have our carpet cleaned--long overdue.  David picked one out of the phone book and they are coming this afternoon.  I've always been leery of carpet cleaners.  They can be sleezy and usually try to"up sell" you.  We used to have an older man who came on his own with a steam cleaner, who we quite liked, but he retired and no-one took over.  When we had a small fire a few years back, the recovery company sent a fellow who got very upset with us when we told him that he couldn't use cherry-scented cleaning fluid.  He just couldn't understand why we were concerned, and it almost reached the point of us asking him to leave.

Since we separated the two blogs, I've tried to keep them quite separate.  I know there are one or two friends who read this one, but people from all over the world read the other one, and somehow, I didn't think they would be interested in Gillian's birthday.

Monday, April 23, 2012

So much to read..

and thankful to log on and find some lovely messages. I have been following your Mouse Factory Blog Patty and very nicely worded response from you. No wonder you didn't want the message about Birthday parties to be posted there haha! Sometimes those kind of restaurants can be fun – my only experience is with the Ichiban that you took me to, but sometimes you also want a little quieter ambiance to sit and enjoy. In between there must be a middle road kind of place that might suit the need but then it wouldn't be the Birthday persons choice, right? It is cold and snowy and extremely windy the past two days and more to come. A real challenge to keep the greenhouse plants flourishing and with a threat of power outages, I am contemplating my options if I need to go out in the middle of the night. I have another propane burner and tank that I can set up but it will require some tricky manoeuvring so I need to plan it in my head. Speaking of heads, I found a bill that I did not pay and now I am worried about my thought processes ( Alzheimer like n'est pas?) and will have to pay it in North Bay tomorrow even though it will be late and I expect accrue additional fees. I think it is just overload, but do you folks ever have these worries or do you always pay your bills and keep your financial affairs in order? I have always prided myself in being organized but these little glitches bother me a lot! I am watching Ottawa playing the Rangers as I write this note. Could be last chance for a Canadian team to be close to getting the Stanley Cup – sad in a way that Canadian teams keep getting ousted by the US teams. I can remember watching way back when there were the big 6 teams only and it was just as exciting as having the multi team series. Oh well, if I could get other TV channels maybe I wouldn't have this concern haha. Take care all and send me some spring like weather.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I posted a fairly long note on the other blog about our outing yesterday to have dinner with Loren and his children to celebrate Gillian's birthday.It really wasn't appropriate for the other blog, so I had to delete it.  I'm going to try to send it to each of you by e-mail, but success isn't guaranteed.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday, at last

I don't know why I am excited that it is Saturday.  There is still lots of stuff to do, but at least it is my stuff.  Jim had me drive him to Minnedosa for meat draw last night.  His friend Stef had 2 tires for the van.  It turned out to be Stef's birthday, too.  Jim won meat on the first draw, and I won 2 free drinks on the last draw.  Since I was driving, the guys got the drinks.  Today we are going to have Chinese for supper.  We have not had it in a while, and since yesterday was payday I decided to splurge.  I have to go out next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so next week is just about shot, too.Monday is ACTFest, and Wednesday is Roxy.  The Roxy is fundraising for a new screen because all film releases are going to be digital.  The problem is that if they get the screen they want, the Roxy can no longer be used for performances.  That is going to be a problem. Whitemud is going with a number of ideas for what can be done to make it work for everyone.  Tuesday is a fun evening.  There is a drum circle at VCC and I am going.  There is my life in a nutshell.   I don't get a tax refund, so I can't spend it.  But that is okay.  Jim hardly has to pay anything this year.  That is a bonus.  We woke up this morning to snow covered ground and snow falling down.  The sun is trying to come out now, so iit should melt away (I hope)  We are dog sitting for Rodney & Kristy this weekend, so we went over this morning and got to meet the new puppies.  Our dogs sure checked me out when we got home!  Now I get to go grocery shopping.  At least I had breakfast, so I won't be impulse buying because of hunger.  Today I am grateful just for life

Very uplifting message for me to read this morning...

Thanks Patty for the message – it made me feel good and lifted me out of a "little" funk I'm in this morning. It helped I think because I could relate so clearly with what you did. We got Harry's refund this week as well and although it helped to cover my required tax payment, and partially pay for the tree removal, I did go shopping for underwear and even that was great. My funk is the weather – what a difference a day makes. Yesterday it became cold and rainy and snowy and windy and although we didn't get inches of snow, like North Bay, it put me into a sort of holding pattern, and that's never good. Perhaps I am addicted to going outside and working???haha  Harry headed up to North Bay this morning for the annual dump your junk on the curb day and someone will drive by and pick it up. I did not want to go and held my ground but likely will soon regret that too! I am catching up with house work this morning best I can. I actually did all the accumulated ironing yesterday and as I don't mind ironing, it was a job badly needing doing and is now done until it starts to pile up again. Harry made curry beef yesterday and enough rice for me to also make rice pudding which I did. I admit I love it and especially now that I have a double boiler to make it in, but there is still another meal of rice left over so maybe fried rice will be on the menu for tonight? And by coincidence the night before I made salmon ball casserole from Cathy's recipe which is a favourite but also contains rice so certainly getting my share of that item. Anyway, time to check the wash and get on with more work. Have a good weekend folks, and take care

Friday, April 20, 2012


We got our tax refunds yesterday and went out and made all of the bank arrangements necessary, so were able to spend today---spending.    Started at Lee Valley, out near Polo Park, and bought 8 (count 'em-8) Rare Earth Magnets, and three more sets of bead storage jars.  Then it was off to Michaels for a handful of fish-type charms for my latest project.  Around the city in terrible traffic to St. Vital Centre where David bought a new razor ( Hurray!!), and I got a small bottle of OTC sleeping pills. We had lunch at the food court and I bought a magazine. Checked Mark's to see if they had a lightweight jacket for David, but no.  Then off to Mark's on Regent where David found the jacket he wanted. A quick trip into Best Buy for new speakers for the desk top computer. Then I got my haircut.
I wouldn't be surprised if we spent more on gas than shopping. But that was our big day, and we're both exhausted.  Today I'm grateful for tax refunds.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Satellite group

There has been a lot of e-mail that wasn't left as a comment, and I've found out even more about what has been going on, but everyone is just too afraid of the "quilt mafia" to talk publically about it--which goes to show how powerful the quilt mafia can be.  Most of the suggestions have been tried.  I've devoted over 30 years to MPQ, and I'm tired. Someone younger needs to take up the challenge.  At least that's how I feel right now.  I've told both the ladies that ride with me to meetings that I won't be going to any more, at least for the rest of this year.  I had a little pile of things that I was going to try to sell at the annual "garage" sale in June, but maybe I'l keep them and let you go through them when you come, Beth. ( Not junk!)  Tonight was a Guild meeting, and we went out grocery shopping!

My Ravenesque group was a satellite group of MPQ.  It's certainly evolved beyond that now, and as I told one lady, they nourish my soul.  That's where my energy is going to go now.

The deed is done.....

Two days to take the trees down but it is done now – all I have to do is clean up around the yard and put the tables / chairs / ornaments etc back in place. What a job – the men ( 2 of them) admitted to being worn out by the end of today and glad to be finished this job. I think they were very happy that I volunteered to clean up the little branches left in the neighbours yard and also to sweep and clean up in our yard.  They had a blower and went onto the roof and blew all the leaves and twigs off – good for me as I feared having to get up there to clean the eaves troughs so at least that is done for now. It will make a big difference in the amount of sunlight that will hit our yard now, and I am very hopeful that it will also make a difference in the accumulation of ice at the north side of the roof – this is where it builds up so thick and I think the trees and shade contributed to this. Time will tell this coming winter but then I will also be clearing the snow off the roof regularly so maybe it will be a mute point? It appears that the offer on Harry's Mothers house may be null and void now as the "buyer" will not go up anymore and counterbid to Harry's last price offer. Her bid was really too low and as much as Harry wants to get rid of the house, he is not willing to give it away.
I have been following the comments on your Mouse Factory Blog Patty and quite interesting – I never thought of looking at the comment section until you mentioned how many responses you had received – actually I didn't even know that I could access the comments section. I think it is great that you have a"following" because that indicates an interest and elicits positive constructive comments for you. So, do you think you might actually start a satellite group? Maybe too much trouble?
Anyway, I am bushed tonight and I am sure tomorrow will bring forth more heavy physical work in the yard so I should sign off. Hockey is just starting on the TV but I'm not sure I can not stay up to watch it all – time will tell. In meantime, take care

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Went out with my friend Shirley ( 80 years old) for coffee today.  She often asks me and I rarely go, so feeling a little guilty about this, I called her today, and suggested it.  She wanted to find out what the McCafe's were like, now that McDonald's have set themselves up in competition with Starbucks and Tim Horton's. ( She loves her coffee especially if it's "tarted up") 

Well, I just wanted tea, but trying to tell them that I didn't want cream or sugar just wasn't getting through.  The woman behind the counter was older, white hair etc, but she finally comes out with " Oh, you want it black".  Seems to me that tea is "clear" and coffee is "black".  When did that change?  And I noticed at the banquet on Saturday that putting a spoon in your cup no longer signifies tea.  Now does this mean that I'm getting old?  Or does it mean that the serving pesonnel are not being trained as well as we were?

Back to my story.  I was there ahead of her, and sitting down when she got to the table.  She was obviously very unhappy, and showed me her paper cup and wailed that when she paid over $2.00 for a cup of cappucino she expected it to be served in a crockery cup. She was so very disappointed, but I just told her that no matter how you dress it up, McDonald's will always be McDonald's and isn't it nice that there are some things in life you can count on. I don't think she wanted to hear that.

Sunday night, after getting home, I ordered a book from Amazon that the vendor at the show didn't have.  It arrived today.  I was looking at it this evening,and am I ever inspired! I want to make quilts, and I want to do it now!  The book is Mickey Lawler's "Skyquilts".  If you remember, Beth, she is the teacher I was so excited about when we were in Ottawa.  I now have enough work to keep me busy for several months.

Otherwise a quiet day.  I've been using vitamin E oil on the skin on my finger, and it's getting much better.  I can now brush against my clothing or use a towel and not jump with the pain. The colour is good too.  But I know I'm sacrificing position and range in order to preserve the skin integrity.  I hope I don't reget that, but would probably regret losing the finger more.

Lots of fun...

Three trees down today and three to go – hopefully the weather will cooperate and that they can get that done tomorrow. Calling for snow over next few days into the weekend – yippee. What a difference the missing trees is making so far! Trouble is that we can really see the neighbours now and vice versa – they will be able to see us! We went to the Auction Barn to get the amount owing from the sales of furnishings and what a disappointment to realize how little everything was valued by people bidding. Eg. the four leaf solid wooden dining table that was used at all the family get togethers – $10.00!  Oh well, that part is now over and now Harry has to deal further with the offer on the house. It is like a game – one in which I wish to have no part but unfortunately I have to be engaged. But on a brighter note, we passed a Walmart on way to the Barns in Huntsville, and I had the opportunity to slip in and buy a few articles much needed for my trip – new pyjamas, underpants and socks. I felt so special to walk out with new clothing as all my buying seems to be at Recycled or Value Village. But I refused to buy "used" nightwear and intimate wear! Although I must brag a bit about the pair of runners I bought on Tuesday (at Recycled) I needed a new pair and just by chance I spotted a pair in Recycled – brand name Reebok, and good as new and only $4.00. I have no idea what a pair would cost at a shoe store but I feel especially happy to have got these. Today I stayed inside because of the men working in the yard, so was able to accomplish a great deal of organizing things that have been neglected up til now. It makes you feel so much better to get things in order even if it feels as if you wasted time frivolously. My car was in the garage today for repairs – I knew the brakes were in need of fixing but I underestimated their poor condition until the garage had to phone me to seek permission to fix them and I could see the dollar signs adding up very quickly! But it had to be done especially for confidence in driving this summer. Driving home from the garage tonight the car felt 100% different so I know how bad they had become and not sorry to have the repairs completed. I know why it is going to snow now because I had the tires changed from winter to summer today as well. So that was my day and now I shall watch hockey and go to bed. Hope all is well with you – take care

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

and the beat goes on....

Life happens.  The quilt show was a mixed blessing.  I blogged about it on the other blog, and boy(!) did I ever get responses--as many through direct e-mail as I did comments on the blog!  It was interesting to get comments from people whose blogs I bookmark because I admire them and their work so much.
But mounting the Canadian Content exhibit was wonderful and the feedback very, very gratifying.  And I sold my piece in the show.  She has agreed to let it stay with the show until the show is retired, so I don't get paid until it is delivered, but she is someone I have dealt with before and trust.

And, of course, I'm exhausted.  I must have overdone it with my poor pinkie finger.  I changed the splint on Saturday, but he splints I was given at Misericordia are worn out and I was forced to use a piece of the Alumafoam I bought.  The foam on that is not very good.  The one time I tried it, a few weeks ago, my skin got red and sore, and this time I knew within 36 hours that I was in trouble.  It was very red/purple, and swollen, and I could see that the surface of the skin was breaking down.  So we got a new piece and put it on the other side of the finger, before bed last night.  The position isn't great, but the skin is a little better looking this morning.  I tried to call my therapist this morning, but she is on holiday, so I'm on my own for now.  Neither David nor I are feeling good about how this is playing out.

But after my stitchery group get-together this afternoon, I have a whole week ahead of me to work in the studio--and maybe catchup with housework. (Maybe--)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hockey, anyone??

What else is on the TV these days but hockey. On CBC that is, and I really should be happy to be getting CBC right now as come the summer I shall lose the analogue connection. The recent funding cuts from the federal budget means the CBC is terminating all rural access other than digital in July instead of a few years down the road. So that will give us one channel only – CTV. I also heard that some of my favourite CBC radio shows have also been cancelled. My old cat is acting a bit strange today and not that I am on death watch, but I am aware that he is old and have prepared myself ( sort of) in case anything should happen. We also have a tremendous wind storm right now and it is really blowing in strong gusts. I have my eye on one rotten tree in the yard and hope it shall survive through this as just yesterday I contracted with a Tree Man to cut down five huge white maples and also this rotten one. It will cost me millions of dollars (really!!) but will be worth it as these trees have been a real problem for many years. Should be done within two weeks and I can hardly wait to see them gone. Harry was given an offer on the house so we met with the real estate lady today to prepare a counter offer as the buyers offer was very, very "low ball" (as the real estate lady labelled it) We may not hear back from this buyer but it was refreshing at least to have had the first offer. We also started the water testing and I took the first sample (of the required three) into the Health unit today. I actually got enough bottles so that we could do our own water testing as well. Hasn't been done at our place for a long time and with well water it should be done regularly. Glad you both survived your busy weekend activities as I heard from Cathy by phone and read about your weekend Patty on the blog. Tomorrow it is to North Bay and Wed I take my car in for change of tires etc. We also have to go to Huntsville to the Auction Barn to receive what little monies were made in the sale of some of the furnishings from Mothers – it will go in to the estate to be settled when all is said and done. So life carries on and all is well for now....take care

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It has come and gone once again...

Thank for all the greetings for my birthday. Whether one admits it or not, one really looks forward to the acknowledgements and loves to receive all the good wishes. I am no exception and I was not disappointed.
I had a good day and felt quite wonderful after all was said and done,  going to bed feeling very content. I walked down for the mail and purchased a Chai Latte at the little cafe and sat by the lake to sip at it – I was by myself ( NO dog) so it was a welcomed reflective pause for me. The rest of the day Scooby and I worked in the yard together – she doesn't quite have the knack of gathering leaves and putting them in the bag yet, but her company was welcome. A telephone call from Monique Evans, our old friends from Medicine Hat (they were in Victoria with us and you met them there) called me in the afternoon so I had a nice chat while sitting outside in the open air sipping on a beer that I had just opened. Actually yesterday was not to be a celebratory drinking day apparently as the one beer took three hours to consume, and the bottle of Black Tower Wine I had chilling in the fridge is still there unopened. Oh well, it can always be opened today, or tomorrow haha. I had two favourites for supper - I made smoked pork chop ( german dish called Kassler) and Aunty Lorraine's beets ( the sauce recipe she gave us) and as my treat another piece of cake that Harry bought for me!  I meet Aunt Ev and Lois at noon today for luncheon and shall really enjoy this outing. I'll tell you all about it later. Thinking about you both and your busy weekend and look forward to hearing all about that as well. Take care and have a good rest, both of you!!

Friday, April 13, 2012

29 Again!

Wish I had thought of it!  Have a great day Beth.  Twenty-nine only comes around 40 or 50 times, and you want to enjoy every one of them.  I hope you have something planned just for you.

Yesterday was a trial.  Everything that could go wrong did.  I got home just after 11, straight to bed, with the alarm set for 8.  Woke up with a  cold.  (Had a hunch that was brewing).  Today is my long day, but I must have looked like crap last night, as both ladies working with me said they would come in this morning and for me to get there whenever I could.

And yet another 29th birthday!

I'm sending lots of zen hugs across the miles today. Hope your day is wonderful.!

Our play started last night and once it is done we move right into ACTFest. My days will be very full for the next month (not to mention my evenings) We played to a full house last night. One of our best turnouts ever. Of course our numbers will be way down because of events in Arden and Glenella on Saturday, but at least people didn't just choose one. They came to us early. I hope spring comes back again, soon. I was all set to hit the garden when the temps plumetted to below zero. I guess I shouldn't have challenged Mother Nature. Time to wake up for work. I am not used to these long days. I've warned Jim not to wake me up tomorrow. I need to sleep in a little bit

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Alida, now known as Lee, is very good friends with Wanda.  Wanda lived down at Malachi for 2-3 years ( year round).  Lee and her husband now own the family cottage down there and spend a lot of time there during the summer.  Wanda used to teach quilting in the area, which is how Lee was introduced to it.

I usually just buy one ticket on each draw.  Do you think I would win if I bought two?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you like snow...

It was a lovely day if you like snow! But not real nice weather to do anything outside. Maybe just as well to take a break for a day! We went to North Bay this morning and then I just stayed in this afternoon except for a walk with the dog down to the lake. On Saturday at noon I am meeting Aunt Evelyn and her daughter at a nice restaurant in Sundridge for lunch. She invited both Harry and I but Harry has declined, whereas I am looking forward to going. This daughter lives down south and is visiting her Mother for the weekend including going down to their family cottages on Sat to clean the flower gardens. The cottages are located on Eagle Lake outside South River which is the next little town from Sundridge so they will meet me first for lunch and then head to the cottages.  It will be a very busy weekend for you Patty so I shall be sending you lots of energy vibes. I remember working at one of those shows, so can just imagine the mad rush. That was where we ran into Aleda deWolf and I did not really recognize her. Is she still involved with the Guild – she was friends with Wanda, right? I'm buying all sorts of Lotto Max tickets at different stores for the draw this Friday "Friday the Thirteenth" as I think we shall be lucky and come out the other side as millionaires! So don't be surprised if I call you with the good news (fingers crossed everyone?) I bought one each in two locations in North Bay today, and shall go to my local store tomorrow and buy another. Maybe this change in tactics will make the difference. Still comes out to buying a total of three tickets as I always do, but this time separately and not all on the one slip. I think this is all a bunch of silliness but one has to have fun somehow, right? I had an urge for some Kraft Dinner tonight and lucky for me, had one box in the cupboard to satisfy my need. Every so often I get this craving for the stuff and then I'm good for a long time. Well, time to light the fires in the greenhouses and go to bed. Hopefully this poor weather will improve by tomorrow and I can get outside again – I found a little bit of rhubarb from the old patch I had at the back of the garden yesterday – poor little sprouts trying to grow through a layer of dead leaves which I quickly raked away. This patch never produced and was left for a few years overlooked so maybe it has decided to come back to life? We have another bed coming up that Harry transplanted from his Mothers place that should produce for us this year – I always look forward to fresh rhubarb, and fresh rhubarb pie. Take care

Hurry up and wait

We're on the down side of the wait for the big quilt show this weekend.  Everything is ready, and the first delivery is tomorrow afternoon.  Then into gear on Thursday evening and full bore until Sunday at 5:00.  Naturally, I'm having second thoughts about the stuff I'm putting in for sale--always do at this stage of the game. My support group got together esterday and there was conversation aobut people who just look at stuff in order to copy it.  My bigger stuff is a little complex for that, but the medium size purses, that are going, could be susceptible.  But my week is planned, with a list of which jobs to do on what days, so that everything gets done.

As often happens when I get "antsy", I'm sorting out stuff and sending it to new homes, either the garbage or the thift store.  I went through all of the paper I've accumulated over the many years I've been teaching and taking classes.  Emptied about 12 loose leaf binders, and two bookshelves. (I did a similar thing with all of my university and professional notes and files, when I retired)  I have a full bookshelf of high quality periodicals ( the kind that cost $15-$20 an issue).  I've promised to take them to a Ravenesque meeting in May, because I really hope to give them a good home, away from the landfill.

Part of the sorting involves finding patterns and kits for things I had planned to get to in my retirement.  These present more of a problem, as I can't make myself throw out good supplies.  But at the same time, I now realize that I'll never work on them.  I confess that they usually get put back on the self, although one small kit has been put aside to possible action.  I'm also anxious to sort though all of the quilting fabric that is sitting on my selves, but may not get to that for a few days.

Since I, more or less, cleaned up before the family came for dinner on Sunday, it's either this sort of work, or reading.  Can't even work in the garden with the cold weather and snow.  And speaking of dinner, for the next couple of days, I'm grateful for ham.

You're lucky I proof read.  This darn finger splint is making more typo's than I can count.  What a Hoot!

Saturday, April 7, 2012


Rrain made Butter Chicken & Rice for supper. I have to admit, in all my "29" years I did not know that rice has flavour. I knew I didn't like minute rice, but this was different. She made Basmati rice, and I was eating it out of the pan. I don't think I can ever go back to just plain rice again. It was Sooooooo tasty. The butter chicken was fantastic, too, but I just can't get over the fact that rice has taste. Moving on to criminal acts. I ran out of my magic feel better pills last week and I have really noticed the difference. I didn't realize how they were affecting me until they were gone. I mentioned it at the Roxy today when we were setting up the stage. Lynne mentioned that she was on the same medication, but they changed it and she had a whole bottle at home. Therefore, yes, I am using someone elses medicaton but I am soooo glad to have it. Yes, Beth, we checked the dosage. It was stronger than mine, so I am breaking the pills in half to get my dosage. It is still what I need to get me through until I see the doctor. The next few weeks are going to be very busy with the play this week and then right into the ACTFest. I will be glad when we are done. Our theme is clowning around. We wanted people to have fun and act like childen.....not act childish. Nuff said... I think you get my meaning. I will be in bed early again tonight. I need to catch up on my sleep if I am to survive the week. At least I am almost caught up enough at work to start on the plans and searches I have been ignoring
Have a great week... Love Ya

this and that

This has been a quiet week, as many of them are.  Most of it has been spent in the studio.  The piece I have been working so hard on, over the past couple of months, just didn't work out.  So I've been taking a few days off, and just playing, not something I often do.   We have had no appointments, and have just been sticking close to home.  This means that I read and sew. The  weather hase been weird, but usually with wind, so bicycle riding has been infrequent.

Since I had my eyes done, I've had to wear dark glasses whenever I go outside.  I've been using the pair that we bought in Kenora, last time you were here, Beth.  Quite awhile ago, and I think we paid $7.00 for them.  They sure don't owe me anything, but last week one of the arms broke.  David glued it together, and I'm using them again, but see the writing on the wall, so bought two more pair at Dollarama.  One of them is wrap around like the old pair, so I tried that first.  For some reason they make everything appear cloudy, so those are "no go", and the others aren't wrap around, so I'm back to the mended pair.

David did our taxes.  It took two very long days, and we ran into trouble right at the end.  Couldn't get hold of Amber, so ended up on the trouble line at the Tax dept.  It was almost a pleasant experience.  The lady was very patient and had a sense of humor.  We ended up laughing quite a bit, but in the end got them filed.  Hopefully they were done right, but there is no penalty for errors, as long as we file.  If everything is okay, we will both be buying new footwear, and not before it's time.

Both Loren and Amber will be over for supper tomorrow, and Amber has said that she will bring her children.  I look forward to that, even if it means cleaning the house. Then on Monday, my Ravenesque group is out to Steinbach.  This may prove a challenge as none of us has been out since Dianne moved and no-one knows where she is living.

The rhubarb is leafing out and there are signs of life in some of the peonies, even in one of the clumps of Ladyslippers.  Even the nanking cherries are showing buds.  The forecast for tomorrow is snow.  Figures.

I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Happy Hoppy weekend to you

Hard to believe that Easter is upon us this weekend. It seems only  a while ago I was enjoying my pancakes on Pancake Day Tuesday and thinking about Lent. The other aspect of this weekend for us is that we do not have to do the catering again at Mothers for the rest of the family as we have done every other year! Yahhh. We plan instead to spend the time here at home and I have a BBQ on the menu for at least one day or maybe more. The skies are supposed to be clear and sunny straight through although a bit coldish at night still. Today we headed to North Bay early and it was too early to turn off the heaters in the greenhouses but after a day of sunshine, when we got home the poor plants were weeping badly. So another hour was spent watering and fixing things up. Now after I write this note, and before I can go to bed, I have to go out again and fire up the heaters. And it is only April 5 which means a few more months before things can actually be planted. The neighbour is building a fence and he borrowed a tractor to dig the post holes – he told me tonight that there is still a foot of frost in the ground. The other aspect of greenhouses and plants is that each day soon we must carry them all outside during the day to harden down, and I can tell you that takes a couple of hours out, and then repeat that at night time to tuck them all away again. I chalk it up to good exercise and it gets me out of the house and busy. Maybe that will mean the time will seem shorter until I can jump in the car and head west???? Dream along with me, etc etc.  So I wish you all a Happy Easter and enjoy family and friends and a good meal or two with lots of goodies to eat! I bought a package of Hot Cross buns today and plan to have a couple toasted in the morning tomorrow for Good Friday along with my coffee. There was a time when I actually baked my own at Easter but it is so much easier to open a package instead haha Take care all.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Short week that is really long

It's not that I have nothing to say, it's just that I am afraid that most of what I have to say is just venting. I need to take time to calm down before I speak (count to 10000?) There is nothing wrong , it's just Work, Whitemud Comedy, ACTFest, ACT, other ACT members. People should not phone in sick to work when it is not only month end, but fiscal year end, and I have work piling up on my desk and then there is my fun, leisure activities. Someone remind me why I do this? Anyway..... love ya. I'll be better once I get some sleep

Mid week

The days seem to go by quickly when you work out in the garden everyday but it gets me out into the fresh air and invigorates me as well as gives me some good exercise. I tried to work today after we came back from Mothers house, but it kept snowing ice pellets intermittently with sun shine and was just plain "too miserable". Couldn't decide what it wanted to do so I gave up and came inside. I just remembered that today is Wed and I have no lottery ticket for tonight so after I write a few words I shall take the dog for a walk and stock up for our big win! My friend Sue just send an email asking if we could "do lunch" on Wed April 25. We always meet in Spring and in Fall for a visit and I always look forward to these visits even though she does most of the talking as she is so busy and involved in things/family events. I am often a bit envious at all she does, but as I have told you previously, I also find it difficult anymore to relate with all she does – not like my life at all! Oh well, it is a time away for me so it is all good I guess! Tomorrow we go to North Bay – a little off our usual schedule of Tuesdays but a change is as good as a rest?
Short note for now, but look forward to your reciprocal messages as always. Take care

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I seem to be dopey today as well.  Slept in until almost 9:00 and then was ready for a nap by noon.  Tried to get some work done this afternoon in the studio, but didn't think my brain could cope with anything too demanding.  So I started to put together a UFO and get it ready for quilting.  Carefully pieced some batting scraps ( after all it is a UFO), cut and pressed the backing fabric and got out the spray adhesive. Shook it well, aimed it toward the backing fabric and hit the button.  The spray nozzle flew off and, in the process,  sprayed both of my hands--well--so well that when I closed my hands they stuck together.  Now this stuff is very good adhesive.  I tried to clean it off with waterless hand cleaner--no go.  Then I came upstairs and tried my St. Ives Apricot Scrub.  Which worked a little bit, so tried it again, and again a little bit more came off.  But my fingers are still sticking together whenever they touch, and anything else I touch sticks, be it a towel or toilet paper.  And I'm doing this with my right pinkie stuck up in the air to keep the splint dry, except it, too, had been sprayed.  So I realize that my splint is now quite wet and about to fall off. David helped me change it ( it did fall off while we were trying to get the tape off), but there is still residue adhesive on the palm of my right and and between the fingers.  So he bravely tells me that it will wear off.  Back down stairs to try to  do the actual quilting.  everything is sticking to me.  What fun!

Today I'm grateful for David, who came to my rescue, and took over most of making supper.

Apparently I am already all doped up

My road trip does not start "this afternoon" but , as planned, "this summer! I should proof read before I press send but then it makes it all that more exciting this way, doesn't it?

April Fools Day yet all is well!

and I hope all went well with you folks – no jokes, no surprises?  Still suffering a bit with this cold and it seems to be hanging on longer than is wanted /expected. When speaking with others, I hear that there is a lot of this "going around" so I am holding tough and treating best I can and just hoping it will fade into nothingness. If not, then I guess other measures may be necessary. I went on an errand today and the car started ringing bells and screaming at me LOW FUEL<LOW FUEL and sure enough I was nearly on empty – just shows that when you are not focused on day to day issues because you are suffering with a cold, this kind of thing goes unnoticed until blatantly so indicated. What did we ever do without the computer cars to let us know how to drive or when the engine needs servicing, or when to put oil in, or in this case when to put gas in?? And I only paid just over $1.41 a liter for this privilege. I can't imagine what the price will be as I start out on my road trip this afternoon? Anyway, I shall go now and dope myself up with all sorts of medicines, and put the greenhouses to bed, and then put myself to bed. Here's to the week ahead to be a good week for all of us! Take care