Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dollar Stores

Once I get over the fact that someone somewhere is labouring hard to produce the items, and realize much is made in China, I, too, like to browse. We have picked up a lot of neat stuff and I especially like the containers. I have many small to medium containers holding a variety of items. 
Up all night pumping water and drinking coffee. I have had my fill and should not have another all day. Torrential rain and wind, lots of water pooling and we had to set up the pump. Thank goodness I prepared as best I could yesterday including the roof again. By noon the temp should drop fast producing freezing rain, then ice pellets and then snow by nightfall. Right now it is about 40 degrees F. Listening to the North Bay news sounds like a disaster zone with road closures, accidents flooding etc. For a Jan 30 not usual or welcome weather. The base will be solid ice once tonight comes - I better get some sand ready! So I guess that will be my day for today. Can't see my getting any sleep so probably best to just do nothing? Hope you folks are fairing better. Take care

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Today's adventure

Don't know if you have ever tried this.  We had a huge shopping list , and first on it was the dollar store.  We were looking for a bucket to replace the old gallon ice cream pail that I have used for almost 15 years to store potatoes in the pantry.  We weren't sure where it might be in a fairly large dollar store, so decided to go up and down all the aisles until we found something we could use. What a lot of really neat stuff!!  There was every shape and size of storage container you could want, and I found a couple of plastic bins with holes in the sides for ventilation.  I also found all sorts of containers that I wanted, but couldn't say why, so was convinced to leave behind.  Do you know how much food there is in these stores?  Not many brands you may ever have heard of, but I found a package of sandwich cookies that were tasty and fresh, and only $1.25.  ( I think I have bought these before)  There are all sorts of crackers, mostly made in China, and a heart attack waiting to happen.  Did you know you can buy socks there?  Nice fluffy ones to wear in  bed.  Knitting yarn?  You can even buy underwear there--not that I plan to.  All sorts of health and beauty aids.  Enough makeup to supply a chorus line. Gardening implements and plastic gnomes and trolls.  We spent over 1/2 hour--and could have stayed much longer, and spent less than $20.

The shopping took us over 4 hours and most of our money, but we may not have to leave the house again for the next month.  Today I am grateful for  dollar stores and public washrooms

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Cold pizza and hot Chai Latte

This is what I am nibbling on right now as I check the blog and so happy to see the messages. Harry is at the auction, and I am doing "not much" which feels really good!!Yesterday set up the big greenhouse with a heater but have no plants in it yet - the heater is not hot enough to keep it above zero so Harry ordered another heater today - a 1500 watt one same as is in the other greenhouse. This will be much better than setting up the propane heaters which scare me to death, and also cost a lot to maintain. Amazing actually that the other greenhouse survived that terrible cold spell we had last week. It kept just above the freezing mark but it was enough for the plants not to freeze. I also cleaned off the roof again - lots of snow had accumulated during the deep freeze and since the forecast calls for temps around 9 degrees this coming week with a few days of rain ( how can this possibly happen?) I needed to clear it off. I wanted to go skating this afternoon but sitting at home and eating pizza seems like a great alternative. I might even see about putting on a movie and do some knitting. Weeeee!! Thinking about you Cathy and your Crib tournaments. I wish I could come to Nova Scotia with you when you go for Dominions - If it were in Ontario I might have  a better chance to join you But then you will be busy playing so best you be alone and concentrate haha
I like to hear news about Winnipeg and there always seems to be something - eg is The Bay actually closing as they had a big interview about the Paddle Wheel having to close because of decreased usage but intimated that The Bay might also close. Sad.  Anyway I'd better go and do nothing. Take care
So I guess the invitation I sent didn't work, eh?  I didn't know Rrain was moving out.  I can see her point about wanting her own space. Best wishes on your new home, Rrain!
It sure has been busy with Elizabeth on holidays. I kept meaning to log on during lunch but something always seemed to come up. She is back on Tuesday and that should relieve some of the load. Of course it will take her a couple of days just to catch up on Jet Lag. Australia is living in tomorrow and she has to come back to today. We've made it through 3 rounds of crib so far, but the next one is the one we have to win in order to go to Nova Scotia. It would be so great. Rrain has seen her new house. The flooring is done and the bathroom renovated. Just the painting left. they let her choose the colours so that will make it seem like it is hers (at least for the year) they could get a lot more money renting to someone else, so she is lucky that way. the rent is high enough for a 400 square foot house. Tiny, but as she says, she just wants to have her own stuff back. She hasn't seen it in over 2 years. It's been bitter cold here, as you both know. Warming up a bit now, but the wind chill is still around. We haven't had the snowfall they keep predicting. I don't mind,but you get all set for a blizzard and nothing happens. Last time I was all stocked up on junk food to tide me over and we never missed a day. The dogs still rule the house. I think JJ has eaten 5 remotes so far and at $65 a piece she is lucky to be alive. The last one wasn't even a week old. This is the dog that Jim got because he promised me he would train her and she would be good. I wonder who trained who.Whitemud has postponed it's spring production and we will be doing a dinner theatre in the fall. We weren't happy with how it was progressing and I think most of us are relieved it is postponed. We will be doing something for the ACT Festival in April. I don't want to commit to much because WHEN I move on in Crib the Dominion Tournament is the same weekend. I will do something that I can be replaced in. The messy house is calling me. I have to go somewhere where I can't hear it. Have a great week

Saturday, January 26, 2013


I saw Brenda Baizley's obituary in today's paper.   She evidently had two children, two husbands,  lots of grandchildren, and has been living in Edmonton.  I used to read obituaries to find former patients, and parents of people we grew up with.  Now it is the people we grew up with.  Strange coincidence when I was thinking of their house recently, after receiving a cheque from a business that is now operated out of there.

Friday, January 25, 2013

No napkins needed thanks

Funny how I thought about that too, but please, I do not ned any napkins sent. I have a few odd ones here and I have lots of paper napkins perfect size to practice with. But maybe if you want a lesson on folding next time I visit......? I have had to plug my car in and sao far it is starting OK in morning but I heard that the continual cold is bad on the batteries and many will die even after you have driven with thm. Hope all is well with yours How are you doing Cathy with your truck and this cold weather? Today we need to go to Foodland in next town to buy Cowboy Steaks that are on sale - Harry loves these but at regular price are too expensive - so I imagine he will stock up - thank goodness for my outside freezer space - as long as it remains below freezing that is! Otherwise pretty slow around here these days as can't really get out and putter. Harry wants to open the greenhouse today as it hasn't been touched since I set it up Monday - no idea how things have survived but soon will know I guess. Take care

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Exploring interests

I think that one of the greatest advantages of retirement is the freedom to explore interests--such as folding napkins.  I paid over $20.00 for my book on Japanese bags, but the pleasure it has given me is almost priceless.  It is purely for my own pleasure, although if someone offered me money for one of the bags, I would take it--because I have had the pleasure of creating the bag, and can have it again--whenever I want. You found small pleasure in a second hand book.  And the pleasure was enhanced, as it was not something you searched out, but rather an unexpected treasure that you came upon by chance. Good for you, Beth.  We should both be grateful for the ability to recognize these opportunities and the freedom to take advantage of them.  Now, does this mean that I need to return the Damask napkins you sent me?

The cold continues. Yesterday David went to get an oil change for the car.  Yes, its been 6 months since we bought it.  They gave it a good going over, and told him that the block heater cord we were concerned about was fine, but the battery was very low and would probably not last another 24 hours in the cold.  It needed a run on the highway.  ( We haven't had it on the highway since we up to see you, Cathy, last fall)  So we spent yesterday afternoon driving around outside the perimeter. Not an adventure, and not much fun, especially without the radio and minimal heat.

Today, I finally finished putting together the handouts for the machine quilting class.  I love being able to cross another item off my list, and this is a big-y, even if the list is mental.  Proudly started the printing process, and Low Ink Warning.  Arg-g-g-h!  Well payday is next week, so there is still time before the first class Feb 2nd.

Today I am grateful again for food and shelter, even if I do have to wear winter underwear.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My wonderful world

Yesterday in North Bay at Value Village I bought two hard cover "craft" books. They are titled: The Great Rubber Stamp Book - Designing, Making, Using and the other Folding Napkins. Now there is a story to the latter book and when I saw it on the shelf it literally jumped into my waiting hands. Last summer at the Sprucedale Flea Market I was browsing at the books and saw this one on the shelf - I glanced through it and although I wanted it, gave it qa second look and left it there. I often do this when we know that if you don't take advantage the first time around, you may never get a second chance. Sure enough the next visit proved it was now no where to be had. I often thought about it but summer turned to Autumn and then Winter and it never entered my mind again until yesterday. You bet I grabbed it and bought it. There are almost 50 designs all in pictured directions for folding linen, or cotton or paper napkins into all sorts of beautiful shapes to adorn ones table. No, I'll likely never set a table again and certainly not one that warrants folded napkins, but it is the thinking about it, and imagining. There are ideas to make napkin rings, and adornments, and also now an incentive to start to look for napkins at the Resource Centre, or napkin rings etc. One must always have a goal!! And I have that box of rubber stamps that were purchased cheap long ago that sits waiting for some action and this other book has many many ideas. So this is my exciting news for today. Besides the fact that my car would not start this morning and so I had to plug it in which I have never done before. A few more days of this terrible harsh freezing temperatures and it should mellow out a bit. Warning for tonight "wind chill temperatures to reach -40 to -50" Keep warm and take care.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Yes, cold it is....

So can you just imagine me setting up the little greenhouse today !!!! That was my day totally. I just checked and it is still heating although I have no idea how it will withstand -36 tonight. And pray the power does not go off. There are plants in it and if any problems, they will be lost. And so I guess it begins........
I got an email from my friend Sue with pictures of one of her granddaughters-just into her teens now-taken at the ballet studio. Professionally done but they are just gorgeous. She must be very very proud. Made me think of Gillian and wonder what her progress is with ballet as I have not heard lately?
I'm still enjoying knitting at my shawl and so pleased with the pattern and how it is shaping up. I will likely send a picture once done or nearly complete as I would like to show you. In the meantime, keep warm and safe during this terrible weather we are having. I also got into my fluffy pyjamas and also put on a pair of socks to keep the old feet warm. I don't take the dog too far these days for her walks - her little paws get cold and she stands holding one or the other off the ground. Poor thing! Take care

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Gosh I'm cold!!  I've taken to wearing undershirts and my heavy winter nighties ( haven't worn those for two years), but I just can't get warm. We are keeping the house a few degrees warmer than we have for years, but that just makes it bearable.  Well, what doesn't kill us makes us strong.  I'm so very grateful that I don't have to go out to work, every day.

Yesterday, I went to an Advanced Acrylic workshop.  I really struggle in these painting workshops, as it is so far out of my comfort zone, and an excellent exercise of controlling my frustration tolerance ( frustration usually wins).  It wasn't possible to complete any pieces, as every piece reaches a point where you just have to sit back for 24 hours, to let paint dry, but I'm coming away with three pieces with potential.  One has low potential, but will give me a chance to try a couple of things and play a bit.  The other two both benefited from serendipity, so I can't take any credit for the designs.  But serendipity plays a role in just about anything I make.  I wonder if this means that my real skill is recognizing and  taking advantage of opportunity, rather than the ability to think like an artist.  I won't be able to work on the pieces until I pick them up in the next couple of days, as we were allowed to leave them to dry there, rather than trying to take them home in freezing weather.  And if they turn out to be nothing, I think I can live with it.

In the evening, I was very tired after a long day of intense thinking, so lost heavily at poker.  When I realized that I was almost crying in frustration in front of the computer, I understood that I was beyond exhausted, and went to bed, very early.

On the home front, I am still working on samples for my quilting workshops, but have to admit that I probably won't have all that I want in time for the first one in two weeks, so I should just take a break and work on the handouts that need to be prepared.  They shouldn't take too long, if I can just get down to business, and once they're done, they are good for quite awhile.  But then, that's no fun, and I would rather quilt.

Went grocery shopping on Friday for fruit and veggies, and ended up spending  almost $100 on meat.  Somehow  I have to work out a system that lets me continue to do one main shopping trip per month, but then allows a couple of small trips later in the month for fresh produce.  Somehow, I always get trapped and buy things that should really wait.  They had my Glucosamine on sale ( really on sale!) but in a form I have trouble taking.  Well, I had just emptied the bottle, so bought another and opened it this morning.  Then found the two huge bottles in the form I prefer, hiding in the linen closet. Today, I am grateful that glucosamine doesn't get stale dated.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Back to roof shovelling

Maybe I should not have been so critical of a "down day" as I was in my last blog entry  haha
I was out in the bitter cold this morning to shovel the roof of the accumulation of snow over last week since the big thaw. According to the weather report, it will be bitter cold today but Saturday will be above freezing with rain/snow precipitation but only for one day as Sunday is below zero temps again Go figure! But enough for me to panic a bit to get the roof done. So with that and then the shovelling of the ground to clear away all the snow, I had a full morning. So I walked up to the mail and bought myself a Quilt Magazine at the Pharmacy. I haven't bought such a thing in ages but felt I deserved a treat. And to make the rest of the day even more exciting, I remembered the rolls of refrigerator cookie dough I have hidden away and plan to splurge and bake up a roll- and of course eat them all! I have some fabric chosen ready to cut up and fashion another little mug matt of the same pattern I have made before. Not a big deal but it will be enough to say I am keeping myself busy and using my machine to advantage and pretending that I am working away in my studio haha! And then tonight I look forward to winning the lottery again! I say again because it occurs every Friday night however, Saturday usually dawns with that reality check glaring me in the face as the numbers are checked. Oh, it is all a wonderful dream but I love it! Have a great weekend everyone. Take care

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Quiet day

I believe that everyone needs a quiet day once in awhile.  I prefer to call them putter-y days, as that's what I tend to do.  But, if you're not used to having little to do it can prove quite stressful.    Those are the days when I feel able to pick up something that I have previously put down for having "no time".  It might be a book, or a bit of stitchery, or it might be nothing at all, except watching a tv show for 8 hours.  Although, I admit that was the first time we had done that.

The snow and cold has kept us in most of the last week.  Tuesday, we drove across the city to buy a 50 cent bobbin for the sewing machine.  I ended up splurging and bought a dozen.  I have been working very hard making a 36" square heavily quilted , white, whole cloth quilt.  I'm teaching a pre-class, prior to Neepawa, and wanted a larger sample of how to design a piece around the techniques that I'll be teaching, but white on white just doesn't cut it.  As well trying to do it in a hurry  lead to errors, and while I was able to correct many of them, I couldn't do anything about some of them.  I know that most people won't notice anything, unless I point it out, and if nothing else, the piece can serve as a bad example.

David has asked for Chili, but he doesn't want weird chili, he wants regular chili.  I'll have to think a bit on that one.

For today I'm grateful for a warm house and a full freezer.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day of nothing

some days just seem to be void of activity and then you wonder at the end what was accomplished? Today seemed to be one of those although I did work a bit on my knitting, and I went to the Vet to buy more flea medicine. The little cat is hiding under the chesterfield right now although I have had it out today playing with it. It is still very standoffish but I hope that will soon change. I meant to go to the lottery store this afternoon but that , too, escaped me. Maybe I'm just in a mood today? Aunt Evelyn called this afternoon to say she became bored so called the Tourist Agency and booked a bus tour to Florida in Feb for 14 days - all by herself. Her destination is a place where she and Uncle Walter had visited once so perhaps with that bit of familiarity she feels confident in heading off? I said good for you and wished her a happy trip (wishing all the while that I could just take off, too haha) Anyway, soon time for the 6 pm News and then maybe to bed to read a bit. I've already had the dog for her evening walk down to the lake and amazed at all the fishing huts - I guess they didn't fall through the ice during that thaw,after all! Take care

Monday, January 14, 2013

Tortieres reconsidered

I went to shred the recipe, but David wouldn't let me.  He said that he liked the pastry, and the only problem with the filling was the seasoning.  He wants to try it again,but make some adjustments.In particular, we want to eliminate the cloves.

Thanks for info on tortieres

I also had that recipe from Kraft printed off the computer, and was going to make it over Christmas but somehow got missed. Now maybe I'm glad I didn;t try it. I did make a big tortiere with pastry and pork filling which we dutifully ate, but never tried the little ones.Back to usual weather here today. Some snow and much colder temps.The little cat is giving us a run for our money - hard to try to confine it and yet try to get it to take to the other animals.I have the stairs closed off  going down to the landing and to the basement. It got into the basement yesterday and we had fun trying to get it out from under all the "stuff" . Harry has his first seeds planted in the house but we have yet to get the greenhouse started. I checked my day book from last year and see that it was Feb 4 that we started up the greenhouse. My how time flies when your having fun......!!! Perhaps tomorrow he might want to start? I have to take the little cat to the vet sometime this week as well - to have a check and get a Rx for the flea medicine I give to the other animals. It is given every month and has kept fleas away from this house for approx 3 years now - we were invaded when Harry brought the other little cat home from a garage salw - it was covered and of course infected the other cat and dog. Time for bed. Take care.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Adventure in disappointment

Today we made up the recipe for appetizer tortieres from the Kraft recipes.  I had bought the goodies a couple of weeks ago and we have just been waiting for  "the day".  It is a cream cheese pastry made with butter.  I mixed up a batch and it was so dry that I had to add water to get it to form together.  So we discussed it, and decided that maybe I hadn't beaten the cream cheese and butter long enough.  I had extra goodies so made a second batch, beating the heck out of the fats, but in the end the same result.  Since we had double the pastry, we made up double the filling.  The spices were allspice, cloves and nutmeg (??).  David had to roll the thick, heavy  pastry to 1/8" thick.  He worked his heart out and  we ended up with 45 little tortieres, instead of 48, but figured that was okay.  I could have done with one batch of filling.  We cooked off one tray and ate them for lunch, while debating whether to mix up some regular pastry and just make a regular tortiere out of the remaining filling.  We both ended up voting for throwing it out.  So I have 32 miniature tortieres in the freezer.  We both seem to think that we enjoyed the pastry better than the filling.

I didn't step out the door yesterday, but David was out blowing snow--along with all of the other neighbours.  Then we listened to the heavy equipment clearing Munroe for most of the night, although they haven't reached our street yet. There hasn't been snow since yesterday and the roads appear passable, so we're hoping to get out to the mall a little later so that I can mail a birthday card to Amber.

Otherwise I am very busy working on samples for the class in machine quilting that I will be teaching a couple of times in the next couple of months.  It is such intense work that I have to pace myself carefully, or else I suddenly realize that I'm exhausted, and must NAP NOW!!  I think I may post something on my other blog, as it's been a couple of months.  There just doesn't seem to be the incentive, when I can't post pictures.

I am grateful that one of the little purses I took into the gallery at the Forks sold.  I got the cheque on Friday. And I'm very grateful that the snow has stopped.

P.S.  It is now 8 hours later, and we are both still tasting the cloves in those little tortieres. I measured the spices very carefully, but the aftertaste is relentless. We are going to throw out the 3 doz we had frozen and tear the recipe into tiny, tiny pieces.  Do not make this recipe!

Roof is now clear

..well, mostly with only a bit of snow at the top. When I think of all the time and effort put into shovelling it almost every day I wonder at the "why" when in two days of rain and mild temps, it is all but gone now. There is however, the alternative in that it may have not got mild and I would still be shovelling to avoid the damming and leaking. Although I still have a few more months of winter so I expect I'll be back into the swing of things before too long. So for right now, I am chipping away at icy patches, and pouring on salt/sand, and shoveling away water from around the house where it is pooling. Harry has gone to an auction this afternoon but I am home and first on my list was to send a message on the blog. I am also babysitting a new cat that Harry got off the internet as a rescue. We went up to North Bay yesterday but did not connect with the person as arranged, so went again this morning to pick the little cat up. It is not responding favourably with our other two cats and the dog as yet, but I am hoping they will soon start to get along. Not really my decision to expand our menagerie but it is done so I will try to help the poor thing assimilate. I am sipping at a new coffee I bought at the Kitchenomics store this past week. It is called Backbackers Brew and described as "extra dark roast velvety texture with pleasant smoky notes" and I must say it is very nice as a treat. I don't think I would want it first thing in the morning, but is lovely as a special drink for times like this - blogging with my sisters!! I also bought a VHS movie for 50 cents at Resource Centre called "The First Wives Club" with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn, and Diane Keaton. I watched it last evening and because it is a fluffy movie, it was perfect to just sit back and enjoy. Have you seen this one - is older from the 90's but still quite good. I've started another shawl as I mentioned - in a beautiful blue colour - and have the first pattern rows done just enough so I can see what it will be like. It will take quite a bit of work, but since it is all pick up work, it is all good. Each "pattern" is 10 different rows of counted stitches, so should keep my mind busy, right? I figure in order to get the length of about 60 inches, I would need to knit about 30 of the "patterns" Oh, seems very ambitious! I am already noticing that my hands are getting increasingly sore / painful and it must be the fine motion affecting the joints so I may have to ration the work so as not to totally inable my ability. So, I guess I should get onto the reat of my list, and thank goodness for lists! Hope you folks are managing the poor weather that is being reported from Manitoba - I am sure I'll get a taste of it before too long. It was refreshing to hear the interviews done with stranded motorists when the highway was closed - truckers stranded at Virden Tim Horton's and helping out the staff to serve the many folks unable to travel anywhere. Reminded me of the trip there when in May of all times, we were stuck in Neepawa wanting to go to Winnipeg and the highway was full of trucks just getting going once the highway opened.  Take care

Friday, January 11, 2013

Hello my darling sisters

Pati,as administrator could you please try adding me as a user as It just might work from home. (at least I hope so) Meanwhile, last night's storm never happened, but it is ugly out right now. When I came home yesterday at 4pm, it was really blowing. I phoned to see if my meeting was still. Keri came home at 5 and said it was a white out on the highway. The meeting was cancelled. Jim came home at 6:30 and asked what the fuss was about. The Highways were fine! So much for weather forecasts. Tomorrow (if it is not cancelled) is our first Crib playoff at the legion. I would still love to go to nationals, but the way my luck goes when I finally make it the national will be in Dauphin! Meanwhile I keep trying (Nova Scotia this year)

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Cat watching

The cat went to the Vet this morning and had his dental surgery under anaesthetic - I have him home now and watching him carefully - he had intubation and consequently is coughing from irritation and this frightens me - lots of phlegm. He doesn't want to eat and I have to give him antibiotics with food. So how do you do this? So I am going to sit up for awhile tonight to watch over him. Luckily I started a new shawl and this will keep me busy - I have to count stitches and rows carefully so I have drafted a form with each row written down, and then cross it off as I go. Requires a bit more concentration but maybe this will be good for me. Very mild this week - quite a change but not welcome either - I have been so vigilent with cleaning off the roof, and trying to prevent the build up of ice but this kind of weather with mild temps and rain will not help any. But on the other hand, I am very thankful that I did clean off the roof - so that thought has been gratifying for me! There have been so many warnings about staying off the ice but as usual people don't listen - two huts fell through the ice in North Bay, and another tourist hut complete with beds and kitchen etc has slipped halfway under. It is frightening. I am still enjoying the new Keurig coffee machine - we bought some more K Cups at the Kitchenomics Store in North Bay on Tuesday - have to watch using it too much though - could become a very expensive habit! Hope your entertaining went well Patty - I am sure you don't fuss too much with the ladies coming? Anyway time to check the cat again...Take care

Monday, January 7, 2013


Finishing your shawl must give you a great sense of accomplishment.  Have you given any thought to the next step--giving it away?  I know the belief is that  the right recipient will appear, now that the shawl is finished.  From what I've read, this is the most important--to you--step.

Have been working my way through my housekeeping lists.  Everything going tickety-boo.  Until yesterday.  About 11:00 am David discovered the pilot to the show "Arrow". I had heard much about the show, nominations for awards, best Canadian production in years, excellent reviews etc.  We sat down to watch it, and realized that we were, yet again, watching a marathon. Watched  seven shows, back-to-back, until 7:00.  Wow!  Definitely something I would look for again.  So I spent the day sitting and quietly watching (to engrossed to even read or sew), but jumping up and trying to do housework and make supper during commercials.  We even ate in the living room--for the first time since we moved into this house almost 13 years ago.  Thank Goodness I was pretty well caught up with my work lists, and should have no trouble being ready for my company this evening.  Tomorrow afternoon might be a bit more of a challenge, but should be doable.  After all I have everything carefully written down in a list.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Shawls, and Skating

A good day if you exempt the constant snow requiring more shoveling. I did not do the roof but expect if snow stops tomorrow I shall attempt it again. If nothing else, I am determined to keep it up if it will stop the daming of ice and subsequent leaking in the spring. I could not bear to go through that again. As it is Harry has started already with his seeds and I expect before too long ( ie within next few weeks,) we shall be into that vicious circle again with heating greenhouses and the daily rituals that go along with that. But for today all is well as I went skating - walked over to the arena and for the first 30 minutes I was the only one on the ice until a few families came. And I finished the shawl except for some simple fringe which I can do tomorrow. I was worried about blocking it but once it was cast off the needles, and I crocheted around the edge, it started to open up and I think will be just fine as is. I am so happy with it that I want to start another - I have some beautiful blue wool that I think I could make up a different pattern and use my experience from this first one, to do even better. I have some mistakes in this first one, but nobody would ever notice except me. I am so sick of hearing about the Hockey and the new contract just reached after 100 plus days of lockout and negotiations. That is all that has been on the news all day - I no longer get CBC and I won't be able to watch the games anymore on Sat nights. I used to watch the games as something to do, but I guess making shawls can fill that void haha  I take the old cat to the Vet onWed for surgery and I am trying to groom him before he goes - he is matted a bit under his belly and he won't let me tackle it without scratching and biting. Well, another week is about to start, so I hope you both have a pleasant week, and I look forward to reading more messages - the blog is acting funny for me right now, so my fingers are crossed right along with you Patty - just for different reasons. Hope you are doing OK and progress continues for you. Take care

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Light at the end of the Tunnel

As you both know, my post-surgical journey has been a difficult one. On Tuesday morning, I had a bit of a meltdown, and decided that I was going to go back to the system I used prior to surgery, and to heck with the useless suggestions I've been getting from doctors.  Well, so far so good. Things are going better than they have at any point, up to now.  This is the longest stretch of calm since the surgery, and I am very optimistic.  Fingers crossed and wish me luck.


I seem to be having a bit if a glitch with blog - I cannot read messages without signing in now - hope things will be OK as I really don't want a problem. I just spent about an hour trying to work with the ebook on line. I went to the library yesterday and the Librarian helped me by showing how to log into the Library web site to "take out" ebooks and then she showed me some interesting things about the Kobo. I am able to download free books from the Kobo web site  but when I tried it here at home, it is not working for me. I wish I had more knowledge of such things. However, I have some books to read already, so will stick to that for now. How are things with you two? Short message today....take care

Thursday, January 3, 2013


When I signed in to write there were no new messages from you but when I pressed publish for mine, suddenly both your messages came up - Now I can backtrack and read them 

Who would like some snow....??

My roof and I are on a first name basis now - how much snow can one manage anyway? Have you folks had lots and lots and lots of snow? I am now reading from my new ebook - The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling. A bit slow at first but I am sure it will speed up soon - she is setting the stage and introducing the players I guess. ( I hope) I had heard good reviews about this, her first adult book since the Harry Potter series. There are ice huts already on the lake and sleds speeding around the lake - far too soon since a few days ago there was open water. I almost fear going down to the lake now in case I am witness to a catastrophy. So I have been walking with the dog up the hill and around the subdivision again I used to go this way all the time. There is a path down across a stream and then follows in behind Sundridge - a popular snowmobile trail. But Scooby gets skidish every time I start down this way - something spooks her and she pulls to turn around and head back up the hill. So I haven;t gone this way yet. I am almost finished my first ever knitted prayer shawl - I have worked at it as we watched movies and musical DVDs over the holidays. I will need to wash it and then block it to finish it off properly. So I don't know how I shall attempt to block it - no space or tools to do it - I thought of pricing a big piece of styrofoam insulation which would be big enough and strong enough to block with T pins but haven't gone beyond the thinking stage yet.  Other than this, it has been quiet around our place and I can easily see some cabin fever setting in. I was outside today doing the snow shoveling etc and marveled at how much I enjoyed being out and rambling about. This is why I enjoy the summer so much because I can go outside and stay for hours just doing a bit of this and that!! Hope you folks are all OK and jumping into the new year with a renewed enthusiasm. I told you about my daily flip page calendar that I enjoyed every day last year. I did get another for this year but it is not the same - it has quotations each day instead of inspirational ideas so I hope I find as much solace with it as I did last year. Time will tell... Take care

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

House cleaning

Since I've done little except the most basic housekeeping since Oct., my plan for the week is to get busy on it.  I have always mimicked Cathy's method of taking one room each day and finishing it, then relaxing until the next day.  Of course, I always start with the easiest room, then move on to the next easiest and so on, usually leaving the kitchen to last.  But this never works, as I usually give it up by about room #3, acknowledging my weakness and laziness.  But this time I have company coming next Monday and Tuesday, and one group will actually be in the living room!  So today I started in the living room, dusting, washing and polishing.  I even polished the bases of the floor lamps that are hidden behind chairs.  (OMG! What have I done!  Set a precedent!)  I have recently read that a lot of clutter takes away from a room, so the terrible clutter of framed pictures on the shelving unit was taken away, the frames put in storage and the pictures put in an album.  I found an album of fairly recent family pictures with a lot of room in it, and it just felt right that they go there, especially after I went through the album and found many fairly recent ( last 20 years) family milestones.

Then I tackled the spare room.  Even dusted the blinds.  Raised so much dust that it got to my breathing, and I quit for the day.  But that room is done too.  We haven't done any vacuuming, yet, but that's okay.
So now I feel I've accomplished something today, and for that I am grateful.

Yesterday, for his birthday, David wanted to have supper at the casino and spend the evening.  Loren and Amber joined us for supper, and we had a long leisurely meal ( I think they may have wanted to kick us out of the buffet, but it was only just over an hour and half.) Loren pointed out how long it had been since the four of us had spent time together, without partners of children. We figured that it had been more than 20 years.

 I was showing Amber how a machine worked and Loren sat an one nearby, after telling us how much he disliked slot machines, because he never knew how or why he won.  Then, as an example, he said "it says I won $38.00 but not how". When I checked he had won a random progressive jackpot, and he was complaining!!?  So he took his winnings and left to check out the blackjack table.  He came back about an hour later with a handful of chips asking where he could cash them in, as he was quitting while he was ahead. Amber played and did quite well, winning two progressive jackpots and a hand pay, while we were there.  She was well ahead of the game when we left, (with empty pockets). It was a pleasant evening, and a joy to spend it with my children.  Another thing to be grateful for.

Happy New Year

I didn't make it til midnight.  I didn't even make it until 10:00 pm, but at least I am getting my sleep.  It was a quiet New Years Eve, but we partied on New Years Day.  We were at the Legion Levy from 1 to 4 and then went over to Stu & Barbs from 4 to 8.  It was almost a continuation of the levy since 2 other couples from our table were also at the party.  I ate sooooo much food yesterday!  And it was all really good.  My friend Lynne came to the levy as our guest.  Her husband couldn't make it 'cause his lungs are poor and he avoids crowds and their related illnessess.  We had a nice visit and she ended up comparing wounds with John (She recently cut the tip of her finger off on a table saw)  John's wife and I tried to ignore their conversation.  At Stu & Barbs we all talked about just about everything. It was really nice.  We so seldom go out so this was a treat for me.  Jim didn't want to go, but he was the one that ended up staying! I was going to take a bottle of wine, but I left it on the bar at home.  Next time.  Barb went all out with munchies and food.  She says a New Years drop in was always a tradition with her and she wants to continue it here.  Back to work today.  Mallorie is gone and Patty is sick, so it has been a very busy day so far.  At least I can still log into the blog at work.  Good reason not to retire.