Monday, November 30, 2015

Swallowing my pride--

and I have to confess that today I bought the book  "Dr. Phil's 20/20 Diet".  I am a desperate woman, and acknowledge that I need all the help I can get. Mind you, this didn't stop me from have chocolate fudge cake for dessert when we were out for supper tonight.  Maybe I should read the book and not just possess it?

We spent the day Christmas shopping, and also paid off the balance for out trip.  A very expensive day!  But "tis done.

Sunday, November 29, 2015


Yesterday I felt like one of those ladies on the Extreme Couponing reality show ( or whatever the name of it is).  I had four $1.00 off coupons for a case of 12 cans of Diet Dr. Pepper.  It was on sale for $3.89/case, which was just over half price.  We didn't know this but there was also some sort of instant internet coupon for $3.00 off, with a limit of 2.  So my first 2 cases cost me $0.89, but then I had my $1.00 off coupons.  That meant that they paid me $0.11 per case for the first two cases I bought.  The next 2 cases were also on sale, and with my $1.00 of coupon cost me $2.89 each.  The last two cases I got for just about 1/2 price.

Grocery shopping is starting to be fun again.


I have vowed not to do any Christmas baking.  But that hasn't stopped me from buying tarts and such.  No!  No!  Have to keep that under control. ( almond tarts, my favourite.  and warm mincemeat tarts with French vanilla ice cream.  Mm-m-m-.  No!  No! Don't do it!  Arg-h-h-h-h!)

After reading your blog, Beth, David spent time on the internet trying to find out if the game was being broadcast anywhere via that route.  Alas, no.  But evidently, it is somehow available via social media.  But let's not go there. David is excited, and we're trying to figure out how to plan supper around it.

Cathy, it sounds as though you are keeping active in the community despite your leg.  What were you able to find out about the coverage? It just doesn't sound right that you would have to pay.
And when do you come to Winnipeg?  Sounds like about a week from now.

I caught a quick glance of myself in the mirror this morning.  Who is that ugly old woman with the terrible haircut?  Not a good way to start the day.  I was also trying on some of my "good" outfits, to plan what I will wear at the end of the month.  Not a pleasant task.  Over the next month I have to plan what clothing to take away with me.  No budget for new clothes this trip, but I do have two bathing suits from last time,that should fit.  Old age is a bitch!

What to say

It has been a long couple of weeks.  I am learning to walk with my walking boot.  I don't have any shoes of a corresponding heel size so I am walking a bit lop-sided.  I am getting good on floors and can do stairs and have figured out a method to get into my truck, but Ice still scares me.  I don't feel stable on it.  Meanwhile, I broke another tooth on Thursday night, BUT when I phoned on Friday morning, miracle of miracles the dentist was working on Saturday and had an opening at 1:30.  Of course I was committed to work at the craft sale from 7am to 6pm but what the heck.  I said yes and worried about coverage at the craft sale later.  The sale seemed to go okay.  I read a couple of vendor evaluations and they seemed pleased.  Maybe others will say different.  One regular at our sale said it was the best she had ever done at any sale anywhere!   Today we do our annual Dicken's reading of A Christmas Carol.  I have to supply 100 cups of wassail (hot apple cidar) but I think my reading will have to be transferred to someone else.  I have no voice left.  It has been going all week but I had hoped it would be better by now.  Oh well. If I can't read I can either go home or get the treats in the kitchen ready.  Tim wants Jim to go to Edmonton for a few days.  He wanted both of us but my holidays are committed to after Christmas.  We really can't afford it, but Rodney is driving out for a few days on December 11 and if Jim went with him he could either return with Rodney after a few days or Tim has offered to fly him home later.  I think he should go even for a couple of days.  Of course I don't know if Tim has cleared this with Rodney yet.  They would leave on the 11th which means that I wouldn't see Jim from the time I left for Wpg until he got home from Edmonton, but I still think  he should go.  You never know when things might happen and they would never see each other again. I am counting the sleeps!

What is green, and yellow, and pink.....

........Can you guess what I was up to yesterday?
It includes little trees and bells and stars. And it includes lots of memories and great fun for me.
Your right ! I made Christmas Cookies in shapes of trees and bells and stars and then iced them and sprinkled (decorated) them with coloured sugar. I used a recipe card written out in Pati's printing from many years ago. It is a bit worn but that makes it even better.
Hope your ATC luncheon will be enjoyable Pati. What did you make for the sharing? And what are you up to Cathy?  Will you be watching the Grey Cup? Too bad we don't get it televised here. I would have enjoyed that.
Take care (We have no snow to worry about right now but I'm sure it will come again soon)

Thursday, November 26, 2015


For several days all I did was shovel, and clean off the roof and try to manage the piles of snow accumulating. Last night and today it has rained and now the snow is almost gone (not quite) I had to put back all the drain pipes I had removed when the snow came, and although I have NOT yet set up the sump pump outside again, I have shoveled water a few times at the front. I may have to get the pump out after all. I am already tired of it all and it is only Nov 26. Speaking of which, one month today I shall be on my way. Not that I am counting haha. I walked up to the bank and Foodland and the Lottery Store this afternoon, and the 2pm bus coming into town from the south passed me on the street. I realized that it will be that very bus I shall be taking one month today up to North Bay, to connect with the Greyhound bus coming from Ottawa and travelling west.  And that thought made me smile!!!
We have reserved a seat for ourselves at the annual Legion Christmas Dinner for December 25.  We go for 11 am for fellowship and sing song, and then the meal is served at 12 noon. This will be just fine. We will have a Christmas Dinner without the fuss at home, and we will get back early so I can get myself ready for departure the next day.  It should be fun.  It was started years ago to provide a welcome place for those who might be alone on Christmas Day.  I have heard that it progressed to include any one from Town who wishes to join in, and apparently is quite popular, thus the need to make a reservation.(for a headcount to estimate how much food to make I guess)
Today I finally finished taking the paper off stamps for Harry. A few years ago he bought bags and bags of stamps, and only this summer and fall started to do something with them. At last count he has over 40,000 already sorted and put in envelopes. Today, I sat and emptied the last box full of them. Tedious work to soak in water and then carefully remove the stamp from the paper, and lay each stamp out on tea towels to dry. 
So time for bed and reading. How are things with you folks. Similar weather ?

Monday, November 23, 2015


We usually make it in October.   We're a bit late this year.  David has a couple of large biscuit tins he stores it in.  A layer of paper towel on the bottom and another on top.  Then he hides it in the basement.  I could find it if I really tried, but I seem able to control myself. If the tin was in the pantry, they would be eaten ( and not just by me!) Once in awhile he may bring a 1/2 dozen out for supper, but not often.  We now have about 10 dozen put away, and this is the only Christmas baking we have planned. Sometimes he buys very small tins at the dollar store and gives them away a half dozen at a time.

David's Shortbread

Just wondering as I muse about baking and other things.....
Pati you mentioned awhile back that David made shortbread ( he made it, you baked it) and he put it away to age.  So how does he put it away - wrap in what and store in what? I also want to make some, and also put away to age a bit...and how do you not sneak any....does he seal it with Tuck tape?

Sunday, November 22, 2015

You are so fortunate

How did he hear that it was on sale? What a great deal for you and I expect you are thrilled to be able to fill your freezer.  We don't have Safeway Stores here, but we have gone into the Metro Store (new name for the old A&P Stores) in Huntsville a few times and have found some good deals on occasion. Most times we just look at the roasts on the shelf and shake our heads. We actually have not been eating too much meat anyway. I still have some pickerel fillets in freezer - I had some for supper Friday night, with fresh broccoli and really enjoyed the fish. Soon I shall have consumed all I have and not likely to get more - we bought it right from the First Nations Reserve on Lake Nipissing but they are not gill net fishing anymore since a ban was imposed. Someone (?) was abusing the process and many fish were found dead in the nets and just left to rot. Since they are trying to renew the walleye fishery in the lake, it was thought best to ban for awhile.
I have been eating choc chip cookies all weekend but I didn't want to mention it because I feel a little guilty - I shouldn't. I should be loud and proud to bake and eat Edna's cookies. Maybe we should start a new trend! Besides there is nothing better to boost one's mood than eating Edna's cookies!
I powered up my KOBO Ereader this afternoon - hasn't been used for ages since I started to go back to library books, but thought the reader would be nice for the bus.  Took awhile to charge, and then download the updates etc. but it is now up and running again. I thought of buying the new Louise Penny book you mentioned Pati, on line from KOBO, although I still have a few others unread in the reader still. 
Well, this poor old body is suffering from all that shoveling, so it's off to bed and read.  Here's to another good week for all of us - the last week in November and then it is December. I think I am travelling somewhere in December? I must check my social calendar to find out where.....haha!
Take care

Buying beef

David heard that beef was on sale at Safeway this weekend.  We went over, and sure enough, it was on sale for less than $5/lb.  We bought a couple of roasts and a large package of sirloin steak, as well as a couple of packages of rouladen.  I was almost tempted to go back in for more as we were driving out.  Then I checked the bill. On one roast, alone, we saved over $47.  We spent $95, in total, ( we bought a couple of other things, as well as the meat)and according to the bill our total savings were over $118. I don't imagine we will ever be able to buy beef for those prices again, but we now have enough to last for a couple of months.

So, to celibrate, we came home and made chocolate chip cookies!


But how can the snow be with you already--it's still coming down here!?!

Eggs are neither here nor there, but sometimes I think I would kill for bacon.  Yesterday I attended a "sort-of" workshop with my art group.  On such days I treat myself to a BLT from Tim's, hold the tomato, and extra bacon, to take for lunch.  I balance it with a large tea rather than my special treat of a Cafe Mocha with whipped cream. As we left the drive thru, I realized I had forgotten the extra bacon.  A-r-g-h-h-h-h!


As you stated before "Nuff said" about the snow. It is just after 11 now and I've been outside since 7:30 trying to make a dint. And it is wet so you throw a shovel of snow and half of it stays in the shovel! The plough just came by and filled in the driveway nicely so I cleaned it up and as I did I thought of a reward. Every task needs a reward dangling at the end to enjoy. So I have come in for now ( still lots to do but the car and driveway are clear so a quick get away is possible if necessary) Here's the reward: I am making some bacon and eggs for myself. Oooooh!  The Dr said my cholesterol was OK so who cares about bacon and fat and cancer and whatever else I'll get from it and the eggs.
Cathy by now you will be on your way or maybe even there in Killarney already. Have a wonderful visit and celebration for Chloe. Happy Birthday little girl!
Now for my treat ......yum yum.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Don't worry too much.  Depending on how many of us there are, we may end up playing "31".  Young Samantha can just about play on her own now, so this has become "flavour of the month", lately.

Thanks for the Snow

It was nice of you to send the snow...I just don't know how much you have sent. It is still snowing so I expect I will have a better idea come the morning. I took Scooby down to the lake around 5 pm. I was slow on my feet as I did not want to slip and hurt myself and the sidewalks and roads were really slick. As I approached the highway, three fire trucks and an ambulance went screaming by with lights and sirens ablazing and headed for the four lane highway south of town. I imagine there may have been an accident. With first snow falls often people are not accustomed to taking it easy. Hope all is OK. 
You mentioned Bismarck and now I am worrying about our games night(s) As you know the only time I have played cards is when I have been with you - so I am rusty - somewhere in my "stuff" I have a little book where I wrote down reminders about a few of the games so hoping I can find it and refresh myself before I come. Don't want to appear too stupid!! Like the country bumpkin coming to visit the city folk?  I also want to get out my map and refresh myself. I read the WFP on line - once it mentioned the old Grace Hospital site on Wolsley and I can't for the life of me think where it was, and I can't even picture the old Grace hospital in my mind! I know it doesn't really matter but nevertheless, little things like this bother me a bit.
Well, time for bed. Tonight I am reading the newest LCBO Magazine - published quarterly and are magnificent glossy books full of gorgeous pictures of food and drinks. It's like dream heaven.....Take care

Friday, November 20, 2015


It sure beats sitting in a hotel room.  And thanks to Kik I have a vehicle that will fit in the lot at the radisson (just!!)

Winnipeg trip

Oh Cathy, it really does never rain but pour!  You'll have to plan a few suppers with us while you're here.  Maybe even a couple of games of Bismark.


I got the results of my MRI today.  It seems I have a tear in  my achilles tendon.  I have already spent well over $100 on drugs and braces that  Blue Cross doesn't cover, and now I am supposed to get a brace to immobilise my ankle. Blue cross has never heard of this and so the pharmacy faxed in a pre-authorisation request for coverage but I haven't heard anything yet.  The brace is also well over $100 and I am just out of money.  If blue cross will cover the 80% I could take it from another bill for a while.  I really am getting sick of having one thing after another go wrong.  Okay, enough whining.  My Winnipeg trip is from December 6 to December 11.  They have booked me into the Raddisson.  That is the closest hotel (for walking) but also the most expensive for eating.  Just can't win.  I have no idea of my time table, but I will probably be working 8 to 4 so should have some free time.  We head to Killarney on Sunday for Chloe's birthday.  I couldn't find anything she wanted in Neepawa, but I picked up a couple of things to tide me over.  There will be things at the craft sale next weekend and maybe when I am in Winnipeg (and of course a Missy Mousie!!) for Christmas.  Tim and Cheryl called last night and wanted us to go to Edmonton for Christmas.  They even said they could get a flight back to Winnipeg by the 27th but I can't get anymore time off at Christmas.  Maybe next year with more warning.  Jean is holding a community supper again this year so we will be there for Christmas day.  Anyway, I am counting down the days until we are together.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Winter's here--

"Nuff said" about that, but a hot topic around here lately is "Why are the geese still here?"  Well, maybe now they'll move on.  Stupid Geese! Every area with a bit of grass has been covered with them, as well as more than a few roadways. Stupid Geese!

Since we had the ducts cleaned I have been sleeping much better.  It's wonderful to have energy, but I can't seem to focus on anything, so still end up accomplishing very little out of my agenda, although the house is looking good.

It's blowing and snowing outside, and we are staying home today, so David made a batch of shortbread to put away to age.  He makes it and I bake it.  Fair enough.  The oven is becoming erratic, and anything baking needs to be watched carefully.  I hate the idea of needing a new stove, but it is 10 years old.  Remember when we thought a stove bought for our first house would last as long as we did? Not doing anything about it right now, but we're aware that our toaster oven is going to need replacing as well, in the near future.

We did "bite the bullet" and replace my laptop yesterday.  We have arranged to have the fellow come out and set up the new one in a couple of weeks, but in the mean time, I can still use my new mouse with the picture of a fox on it. ( there was also one with an owl on it and I thought of you Beth, but chose the fox.) I don't think I'll ever learn to use a built in mouse, so plan to continue with my remote one as long as I can.  David's remote is on its last legs, so he will inherit my old one, which is fairly new.  My old laptop was a good one, and has lasted for many years (?10 or more?), so we stuck with the same manufacturer and a similar model.  I did see a couple of neat ones with only a keyboard and everything else built into a separate monitor.  They appeared to require a traditional mouse, as all of them were displayed with one attached. David says that these are the new version of a desk top.

I have wondered if my old one might still have some life in it, or if it could be reconditioned for re-use.  It's a question to ask the guy when he comes out.  It hasn't completely died. so I'll still be able to use it for awhile, and what I'm seeing might just be a symptom of a nasty virus, but either way, replacing it was the less expensive alternative.

In Manitoba, the government provides free mammograms, every two years, to women between the ages of 50 and 75, so I'm covered that way for a few more years.  Nasty procedure, but worthwhile, I think.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Another Annual Health Assessment done....

Always good to get this annual event done and over. And today was my day to do so.  Although a few more dreaded tests are in my near future ie mammogram, and colonoscopy. Yeah!!
We visited the fine old lady today in the Nursing home - I took some baking, and today was music in the big meeting room so we wheeled her down there and had great fun singing and enjoying the music. She appeared to enjoy herself.
Yesterday we went to a new restaurant in town for supper. It opened last Thursday and is called The Northern Roadhouse. We have visited every new restaurant when first opened in town so far, so decided we would give this a try. Lots of town folks there - nice to eat at a busy place. We have been to eat at places and been the only two in the room - lonely haha!  However, the prices are a bit high for our tastes (and purses) We only ordered hamburger plates each, and I had a piece of apple pie, and the bill was just under $40.00. Oh well, at least we can say we have been if anyone asks!
So a trip to Winnipeg, Cathy?  The best part seems to be the recognition of your skills and current work with the promotion and title. Sure hopes it turns out, and your new little Mousie comes home with you.  I have a Mouse and a Doll hand made from The Mouse Factory and very pleased to own them. 
Soon time for bed and I am quite tired tonight......Take care

Monday, November 16, 2015


Nothing is definite but it seems i must go to Winnipeg in the next couple of weeks for training.  It should be before Christmas so i should be able to get "Missy Mousie" before Christmas. This training means a promotion.  The job won't change but I will get the title and pay for what I am doing now.  Keep your fingers crossed. We are going to Killarney on Sunday for Chloe's birthday.  I am skipping out on an ACT board meeting for this not there was any chance that ACT would win over Chloe.  Pati, I will let you know when things are confirmed.  I will have the car that Rrain gave us so I will have transportation. I  hope they don't put me in the Raddison.  I can't even afford to eat breakfast there.  At Place Louis I can cook my own meals.  Even if I eat at the restaurant there it is  cheaper than the Radisson.  I really am not looking forward  to a week in an hotel.  Jim and I have registered at Club regent.  It is good for 90 days so that will take us past Christmas. I am soooooo looking forward to being together.

Today's silliness

Cathy has spoken for the very last mouse that will ever be made in this house.  She is very pretty in her green dress and shawl, and has a lovely complexion, a little paler than some of her sisters, as hers is a soft grey wool flannel rather than velvet. Amber has given her twin a home and is quite taken with her looks.  Yesterday, I introduced her to the owls, and they have been chatting and getting to know each other.  I imagine they are telling her all about Spirit and Jacobus, as well.  We are hopeful that she can hitch a ride up to Neepawa in the next month or so.  

Tea bag flicking is a dangerous pastime.  Last evening, when flicking my teabag, the spoon flew out of my hand and across the room.  I wonder if I should have taped it, and submitted it to that reality show that shows stupid people stunts.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Loved the pictures

Took me awhile to go through them and look at every face, and around the table and room. I shall be so very happy to see you all in person. So many changes since I was last there. (how long ago was that?) Do you think you shall recognize me?  Maybe I should make a sign for the Bus Terminal - BIFFJO  is  HERE - my hair has changed a bit in colour as well, haha!
Thanks for this.  Take care.

birthday Party

Last evening We went to Amber's for  joint birthday party for the two girls.  They have both had a separate party with their friends, but this was for family.  They had asked for a family evening, where we could play games.  It was a short evening, but we managed to open gifts, play part of a game of "31", and eat cake.  Here some pictures, taken at the end of it all.

In the above you may notice that there have been changes in hair colour.  Sheila has refined her natural blond, Judy is now very, very red, and Gillian has gone quite dark. I think Jessica is also darker than last time I posted a picture, and Jeremy is becoming a aficionado of facial hair.

Here you can see the tiara that I found in the computer room and provided for one of the birthday girls.  Jess had one too, but chose not to wear it.

Amber took the pictures with her phone, and we tried to post them from her house, but the blog wouldn't accept her sign in.  So she isn't in any of them, but we did manage to catch Loren.

Friday, November 13, 2015


Here are some "critters" I want to get rid of.  Any takers?

Thursday, November 12, 2015

finally--something to talk about

Today we had the ducts cleaned.  Exciting, eh?  My allergies have been bothering me more and more, to the point that, one night last week, I ended up sleeping in the recliner, because I just couldn't breathe lying down.  It took about 3 hours, and wasn't cheap, but probably hasn't ever been done before,in this house.  But they needed to access every vent, both for warm air and cool return.  This meant quite a lot of turmoil.  This made me realize that all of the "paper" we keep in the house was probably as much of a problem as the dirty ducts. (David says that all of the fabric is just as much of a problem, but I prefer to believe that I minimize that by keeping it in plastic tubs.  Talk about denial!!) I decided to start in the computer room, as one of the bookcases had to be moved to access a vent.  Using the Keep, recycle, donate, and garbage system, I filled at least four laundry baskets and totes with"stuff", and only dealt with half the room.  I was brutal.

Here's a picture with the bookcases half done. I haven't started on the computer desk.
And below is a picture of the bookcases.  All of the shelves had been stuffed like the three on the bottom right.  All of that stuff on the bottom right shelf, and the floor in front of it, is family photo albums.  We keep talking about getting together and going through them, but it never seems to happen.  I'm going to go through them and save photos of Mom and Dad, us, and our children.  I don't think I'm going to keep pictures of various people from before we were born, or people I can't identify. ( Although Dad was a good looking guy back then) Does anyone have a problem with this?  

The week so far.....

Yesterday's Remembrance Day service at the Legion was attended by us - we walked over from home which was nice -bright sunny day. The service itself left much to be desired- seems to get more disorganized each year we attend but I look at it as my way of remembering and forget the distractions and focus on my thoughts only. Today the rain has come and told it may turn to snow? How exciting NOT.
We have to go to North Bay Friday to attend visitation for a friend of Harry's who died on Nov 9. He was 92 years old and a veteran. They met working at the Antifraud Centre as SeniorBusters. We went up there a few times to till his garden and plant some of our tomatoes and peppers for him. The last few years he didn't bother having a garden though.
I have brought out the Christmas cards and will get a them soon. Harry is suggesting that we forego the tree and house decorations this year since I shall be away and as I think about it more and more I am tending to agree. We'll see! (I'm the one who actually does it all so may be a serious consideration for me haha)
Well, time to start in with another day. Hope all is well. Take care

Monday, November 9, 2015

That sounds awful!

What a way to spend your weekend. I'm glad to hear that things are getting back to normal. We were spoiled growing up by living in the very first area of the city to ever re-gain power after an outage.  We didn't experience lengthy problems.  When we lived in the apartment in Edmonton, Loren unplugged the fridge, and I didn't find it until the next day.  What a mess--both the fridge and cross top freezer.  I don't envy you having to clean that up.  and the wasted food!!

The art show went well.  Not as many artists showing work, as the last one, but this meant that there was more room,and, with a little more viewing room, it was easier to see some of the items.  I only had three pieces, a small hanging, a small framed embroidered picture, and a large wall hanging, (see other blog). I didn't expect to sell any thing.  People often ask "Exactly what is it that you do?",  and this seemed like a good way to show them.  However, the framed piece sold, which was a pleasant surprise.

Today we did a little more grocery shopping, and turned it into a bit of fun.  I get e-mail from Sobey's and Air Miles, offering coupons for certain items.  You click on the items you may want to buy, and the deductions or whatever are supposed to turn up automatically at the cash register.  So today we tried it out.  Not only do they turn  up but they are printed right on your cash register receipt.  We also bought boneless chicken ( no coupon for that)which is now divided up into meals size portions and in the freezer. With  all of the power cooking we've been doing, our freezer is now stocked for the next few months.  This will be another thing that we won't have to worry about next month.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

What a weekend

Friday morning around 9 am a wicked storm blew through - not forecast but nevertheless arrived with fierce winds and torrential rains blowing sideways - lasted for about 30 minutes but causing severe damage. Trees falling, hydro poles ripped from the ground, and major power hubs annihilated. We were without power from 0930 am Friday until this morning, Sunday, at 1:30 am. No power, no water (which means no flushing toilet), and no heat. I plugged in a rotary phone that I keep on hand for times like this so I knew communication would be possible. I also charged my cell phone in the running car to have available as well. All around I could hear the generators chugging away. I was so tempted to try to pull our generator out of the shed and see if it would start. But I could not do it myself - far too heavy and awkward to manage - so there it stayed. In the end, the big freezers were OK, and even the above fridge freezer, but I spent the morning cleaning out the fridge.  And all day today catching up with the results of the power outage. The small bar fridge leaked all over the floor, and had to be managed. One good thing was that Harry drove to the next town where hydro was on ( on a different grid) and bought a large pizza for our Saturday night supper. And he had a little microburner that he lite and put a pot of water ( bottled water bought at the grocery store in the next town) on for me, and I had enough hot water to make half a pot of coffee in my french press (before the fluid ran out). I am not a really happy camper right now. 
Anxious to hear how your Art Show was Pati. And glad you got through your Remembrance readings Cathy, even if a few in attendance caused some distraction.  We plan to attend the local Services at the Legion on Wednesday.  Mike has gone out to the bush again for deer hunting this week. Hope he will be successful for the meat he looks forward to,
Time for bed. Hope the week to come will be more favourable to one's morale - even if snow is in the forecast!  Take care

One banquet down

Last night was the Legion Annual banquet. One of the members there got his 70th pin and another his 65th.  I don't think I will match them!  I read some poems from a book called The Barbed Wire.  It was written in a POW camp in Germany.  I was asked for 15 to 20 minutes, but I could tell some members were dosing off so I cut a couple out.  And Ivan Trail kept getting cell phone calls and answering them very loudly.  It really threw me off at first but then I ignored him.   The food was good as always.  The usual roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas and corn and gravy, but they had some really good and unusual salads that I enjoyed.  We spent 3 hours yesterday morning going through the Whitemud Sheds.  We have gathered a lot of "garbage" over the years.  I think there were over 30 doors,  lots of flats for building sets,  tons of wood, old clothes, old shoes.  Our plan is to downsise to one room at the VCC and one small shed.  The back of our truck is full of stuff for VCC and Jim is supposed to pick up a few more things this afternoon.  I really think we need some younger members to do some of this work. :(   Today is supposed to be quite nice so we hope to finish up some of our yard work. It was so miserable the last little while that we seldom ventured outdoors.  It is mostly putting furniture away and taking down the solar lights.  We  should get it done before we have to go to town to do other peoples stuff.  Whitemud is doing the Dicken's reading again this year so there is a run through at 2pm and I still have to meet with Kristy about the craft sale.  She is going to the Grey Cup instead of working all day at the sale.  I think she really should get her priorities right :).  Jim is up.  Time to get going.  Have a good week.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

You said it...

Stupid!! A good word, and you're right on the money! Same thing in my world these days - different situations but still STUPID covers it well!
Anyway, I was going to tell you we bought our first Christmas gifts today, but I guess you got the jump on us! Really late to get going this year but at least it has started, and you are right - now it has started I feel as if I can continue. Took a long time to get enthused about it. Mike and Erin were bragging that they have theirs all done now. Erin has a big family and list to get through although Mike only has us. 
We went to Huntsville to visit the lady Phyllis again. Of course went to the usual haunts before it was time to visit - ie ReStore, Thrift Shop and to the Mall food court for lunch.  I had my Tim's coffee and apple fritter - a real treat for me!! We had to put in some time before going to the Nursing Home, so stopped into Canadian Tire. And it was here that inspiration hit me and I got a few ideas for gifts - yeah.  And I was just thinking last night that I really didn't care if I ever went to shop. But of course, wouldn't the recipients be a little upset if nothing came their way??
Cannot believe this gorgeous weather - hot and sunny - shirtsleeve weather. If only it would last.  I had to go yesterday to renew my library book for a third time. It seems I cannot get into it. I want to read it but come bedtime, I can hardly wait to hit the pillow. I tried to finish off the big greenhouse yesterday which meant chiseling the frame of the door so it would shut. I managed to cut myself on several fingers,and create huge blisters on a few more and the "stupid " door doesn't close properly yet.
Time for bed- tomorrows another day. Have a fun weekend Pati, and let us know how your art piece was received by the viewers. Take care.

Damn clocks!

We had an early doctor's appointment today and needed an alarm. So, just in case---, we set both clocks, and sure enough, we are now in the process of re-booting them. Stupid clocks!  Got my flu shot, though.

It's also that time of year when the streets and roads are covered with geese.  Stupid geese!

We've started a bit of Christmas shopping, putting a bit of a dent in it, but still a ways to go.  Still, it feels good to get a jump on it.  Now I have to think about buying wrapping paper.  I forgot to calculate that cost into the budget.  Stupid, period.

This weekend is the big show and sale with my artists' group.  I have to hang my one piece tomorrow and then work in the refreshment area both Saturday and Sunday.  Other years I have worked selling raffle tickets, as that is a job that can be done sitting down.  But last year, I found myself being given orders by three different women, all of whom seemed to think they were in charge, and all of whom wanted things done a different way. One really annoyed me by  stating quite firmly that we would do the raffle draw later,  after the show was closed, and everyone had left. Then we would arrange to delivery everything. I tried to point out that the lottery license stated that the draw would be done at 4:00 on that day and in that location, and that, legally, that is what we had to do.  Finally, someone on the executive came along and told her the same thing, so she agreed to do it.  Stupid!
I expect that there will be some sort of problem again this year--there always is, but I will know who is in charge of the work I'm doing, and also know that she is an intelligent and organized person.  Unfortunately I also know she is going to be out party-ing Friday night.

Whatever happens, David has greed that we can go out for supper on Sunday, after it's over.  He has won cash on 649 the last two weeks, but I don't really expect him to spend the money on me.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Just a quickie

You never know do you? Just when I was feeling pretty low (one of those days/weeks/months I guess haha!) a few messages came through email again from my Nursing Classmates with updates on the planned get together in Kelowna in May (to celebrate 50 years since we entered Nursing in 1966). Of course I sent my regrets. But the Class Coordinator to whom I wrote a few words with my regrets, responded with a lengthy email just for me (not distribution like the previous ones)  The first paragraph surprised me but thrilled me - so I must share it with you....."It was nice to receive your message. I remember fondly our times together when we shared some great laughs. I have a lovely mental picture of your smile and I can still hear your wonderful laugh"  So I guess I must have smiled and laughed at some point in the past, eh?
Anyway, must go now. How are things there?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Power cooking, you say

I've been doing a bit, but pacing it, as I haven't been sleeping well. 
Still we did 6 batches of Apple Crisp, today, now in the freezer. Checking things out, I see that spaghetti will have to go on my "To Do" list.  I bought and froze a big package of lean hamburger into one meal sizes, so that I can use them one at a time or double them up for things like spaghetti.

David is supposedly watching the football games this afternoon, but judging from the snoring, I guess that getting all those apples ready for me wore him out.  We also spent some time, today, looking for the aquarium bulbs that I use for my light box.  Could not find them anywhere, but did find one project that I put away a few months ago and have been searching for ever since.  Now I have to find the fabric, that I also put away to finish it.

OMG!  It's time to put the potatoes on, and I've forgotten to put dessert in the oven.

Power Cooking

I'm done for today. I made 8 x 8 cakepan casseroles.  I got 4 lasagne,  4 chicken brocolli alfredo, and 4 spagetti casseroles done and in the freeser.  Well, almost all in the freeser.  Lasagne for supper tonight.  I wanted to do some soup and quiche, but my freeser is overloaded right now.  Once these are frosen we can make more.   I hope you are okay Beth.  I saw Brad Gushue fall on the ice at the masters.  They kept playing it over and over and I couldn't stand to watch it.  I hope your fall was not as serious. They say turning the clocks back gives you an extra hour of sleep.  All I got was up an hour earlier!  Hence all the power cooking done before noon.  Now what do I do?  I just finished the fourth batch of dishes.  One downside to power cooking. We also had breakfast when Jim got up.  Right in the middle of everything, of course.  Rrain gave me her old car so that we would have a spare vehicle.  Gives us a bit more of a sense of security since neither one of us wants to leave the other trapped at home, just in case of an emergency.  She got a 2008 Chevy HHR.  Silver.  She went to Winnipeg this weekend to try it out.  I don't think I should have sat down.  I may never get up again.  That'll teach me.  I have the 9th and 10th off work, so that will give me a 5 day stretch.  Of course my Doctors appt is at 9:30 on the 9th :(