Monday, August 31, 2009

Be - Last day of August

Hard to believe - today is last day of August and then tomorrow will be September and everyone wonders where the "summer" was? I love Fall though so it does not bother me too much - at least until the snow falls! We have been busy driving back and forth to Petawawa - this Friday we get Mike again but it will be the last trip as he is finished this tasking and back to North Bay for a bit. So the car will be loaded with all his gear and belongings from the entire summer. We also go to Mothers at least twice a week so with trips away and to Mothers one runs out of days in a week. Not much time for other stuff once you cram general housekeeping and food preparation and cleanup into every minute when one is actually at home.
Good to hear about your golf weekend Cathy and all the loot you took home- congrats! I have not held a golf club for about 15 years when I played a few times with work tournaments. We always find golf balls on our walks with the dog at the arena - I suspect people go there to practice and then cannot find their stray balls. We could stand on the corner and sell used golf balls - maybe make a fortune?
I made another banana cake to take some to Mothers today - quickly made up maple icing this morning to put on it since we did not get into house until 1030 pm last night from our trip to Petawawa. Everytime I make this cake I think of home and family - good therapy for me - but maybe equally good therapy for me when I eat it piece after wonderful piece!
I have not heard from the Violin Instructor yet about classes starting back next week. I paid before the summer break so am already registered. I try to practice but it too tends to get forgotten with lack of time and energy! My goal for over the summer was to memorize most of my tunes - I tried today and apparently have not attained my goal - yet!
Anyway, until next post - Take care

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My active social life

Just got back from the Shop Easy Golf Tournament... It was a fun tournament and the prizes were drawn rather than by score. Everyone on our team won something!!!!! Jim got a phone (2 cordless phones with one base station and one extra) I got a 4 slice toaster with defrost and bagel settings! And everyone got a hoody sweatshirt, a golf umbrella and a shoe bag. And, to top it all off.... I had fun! Of course, on the other hand, I really ache right now, but I guess that is the price that one pays for fun. Tomorrow, of course, I have to clean the office and my house, but the day off was worth it. Love you both... I am ending my day on a high

Thursday, August 27, 2009

House cleaning and yo-yo's

I finished sewing on the last yo-yo yesterday and then tried to stitch a small cross stitch over the hole of each of them. Through that many thicknesses, I just couldn't do it. So today it gets backed and bound. Maybe we could parcel up all of the extra yo-yo's and send them to Cathy. She could put string on them and hang them up in her garden to scare the birds. (ROTFLMAO)

Speaking of arts, Cathy, I think you said that you were still involved-to some extent-with the Viscount Arts Council. I am involved in a fine/craft teaching day in Brandon October 17th. We have been told that there is a poster being sent out to all of the local councils and arts groups, but I'm not sure whether I trust the information. If you see it, could you let me know? I just want to make sure the word is out. If no-one gets the info and no-one signs up, it could turn into quite a disaster. The Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library is working with the Victoria Inn, but even so, is investing quite a bit of money in this. I've also tentatively volunteered to help transport and set up an exhibition that is going to Neepawa for the Manitoba Crafts Council sometime this fall. See how far I'll go to find an excuse to visit?

You can't ignore housework forever. I tried and it didn't work. I found a tiny worm in one of the kitchen drawers, so had to spend yesterday cleaning out and disinfecting all of the drawers and cupboards. I believe I caught it early. I usually manage to keep it surface clean, but the down deep stuff gets, too often, ignored.

David has now put back up the panelling in the studio, and I have the use of my heavy duty shelving unit back. The wardrobe and corner cabinet are not back in position, so most of the smaller stuff is still cluttering up what little free space there is. He left for the lake right after supper yesterday, so now I have two days to myself. I have three hangings to back and bind, and I have to get stuff ready for doing demo's for 5-6 hours on Sunday, out at Cook's Creek. I can sell stuff, but by doing demos, I don't have to pay for a sale table. David tells me that I'll be on my own that day, so I don't think I can take my grids. Although, if I were smart, I would, just so I can practice managing them. The thought of having to lie on the wet soggy ground to hook up the bungee cords is putting me off. I also have to take two baskets of greeting cards for a photographer--I bartered this to get some help with preparing a photo for submission to a jury process--that I didn't pass.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sometimes being the youngest sucks

I have no idea what yo-yos are. Oh well...that's life. You have your art.. I have my theatre

Be - old topic revisited

Hi - I went to North Bay today to do some errands and stopped into the little quilt shop I frequent to see about the order for yo yo makers I placed about two weeks ago. The owner was in the store today ( previously it was just a worker) and when I asked about them, she said the order had not been placed yet BUT.... she had some stashed away that she had intended to use herself. Into the storage room she went and out she came with an extra large,and low and behold much to my delight, a "large" So I am now the proud owner of a size large Clover yo yo maker!!! I have already tried it out and my collection of yoyos is ever growing - now with this new size I can vary colours and sizes as I desire. I still have the size small on order.
Still doing picking and cleaning and freezing of vegetables from the garden - after supper I went out and picked a huge basket of beans and then froze them. It will be nice to have them in winter but what a pain right now...both for ourselves from our garden, and also all I am doing for Mother from her garden. I have some delightful lilies in the front flower garden that are just gorgeous right now and so fragrant that I can smell them in the house. The smell is very strong and could verge on being obnoxious if you let it. Do you know what smell I am talking about?
Tomorrow is a day at home - probably the only one this week and I plan to do "everything" that needs to be done in the house. A lofty goal but just wait for my next message and I will likely tell you all I did was practice violin and sew haha. Anyway, must go...Take care

Be - I found a Hornets Nest

Good to hear about your weekend - there are always the little "funnies" tha become memorable and you seem to have been a part of it all. It would be a nice treat to sleep in the Chalet - would feel special as a wedding guest - although I still like the tent thing it was probably more elegant for you to be in the Chalet this time.
Patty you were the unofficial holder of ladders and collector of muck -I've been in that position frequently but I did it on my own yesterday at the back of our house. There are many trees and it always fills up the eavestroughs. So while Harry was busy in the house, out I went to do a bit of yard work. I cleaned out the troughs with my hands while maddly holding onto the less than stable wooden ladder. All was well up to that point. The muck was just thrown onto the ground which then needed to be picked up and swept away. As I was cleaning I moved the pile of tires stored ( you know the summer tire / winter tire switch needed in the great white North) and stirred up a swirl of frantic action from hornets. I did not realize what was happening until my head felt swarmed. I ran from the spot with arms flapping. Once they settled down a bit I was able to go back and clean up. But not without having been bitten at back of my head. I assume I was bitten because it was itchy and sore. All I could think of was to put some calamine directly onto my scalp - this looked really good all over my hair but it worked.
Anyway, must go.... Take care

Monday, August 24, 2009

So you two are gallivanting all over the country while I serve my time as an unofficial ladder spotter, "gofer", and target for water and mud. Torrential rain this morning, so our eaves trough strategy will be tested. The family didn't come for supper last night, so after the eaves troughs were done, we spent the rest of the day puttering. Then I realized that I was working hard trying to tidy up the basement and studio--which is impossible because the walls are still torn up and my boxes etc are still scattered all over everywhere. ( I had to shift three big Rubbermaid tubs last night just so that I could see the TV.)

Next week the meetings etc. start again. Back into the frey. Summer is over--wait a minute--when did it start? Did I miss it? It is just so "Winnipeg" to see people on the streets and in malls in their shorts, but wearing jackets. The weather forecast has changed to rain all week, so it looks like David will not be going to the lake with his sister. I was quite loooking forward to it. But I still haven't started the spring cleaning ( if summer never comes, I guess I'm not overdue with this task??), and really should get down to it. We had planned to paint the kitchen this year, but the trips to the lake wrote that off. I won't mention it again as I think I would rather have the basement back in shape. I think maybe I'm just having my own private Pity Party.

WIndy, Weekend Weddings

It was a bit "breezy" but sunny and warm for a change, which is good for an outdoor wedding. The wedding went off without any noticable glitches. The corsages for the parents of the groom and the usher ended up at our chalet, so we went down early to find them. Fortunately Rodneys parents were standing in front of the hotel when we got there. The usher we found "stealing" hydro for the music. Isn't life fun. While standing around we realized that there was no table for signing the papers. I ran up to the hotel and they were on it right away. I was just leaving when I saw them loading a table on a golf cart to haul it down. I barely beat them back. We, and all the others there, had to get a picture of these two young men roaring down the road with a table balanced over their heads. The even brought the table cloth and the trim for the edge! The reception started at 5, but dinner wasn't til 7. At about 6:45 the groom arrived and informed Laura (for the first time) that she was supposed to have been playing background music for the reception. Back to the chalet, loaded the stereo (couldn't find the music they wanted so we just brought the cd from the wedding) We had music while we ate. It was fun. Rodney & Kristy had a bed for us at one of the chalets for both Friday & Saturday night. We didn't cancel our camp spot, since someone wanted it, but they never showed up. We forfeited that $40 but got to sleep in a real bed both nights. It was interesting to see the chalets finally, since they are in our land titles district and we record the ownership of the time shares there. At least now I can picture what people are getting ( eg a 2/5 share in an 1/50th share of a building) We came home early on Sunday. No one else was awake in our chalet when we left, and we were home by 10:30. We went down and checked on Rodney & Kristy"s cats, did the office, and sat around for the rest of the day. The house is very dirty (read dusty from the wind) but maybe Jim will see that today. IF not it will still be here when I get around to it. I had fun

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Be - An "untrip" today

Well, life is funny. We did not need to go on Friday to Petawawa to pick up Mike as he called to say he had a ride back to North Bay so we figured only a return trip on Sunday would be needed. Friday evening we received another call from Mike - that afternoon some friends came up from Ottawa to visit with him, he missed his ride, so was spending the evening with his friends, and by the way could we come Saturday morning to pick him up??? So off we were early at 7 am Saturday - he was ready by 11 am when we arrived, and so back to North Bay and onto Sundridge by 4 pm. We were off to North Bay again this morning to take him back, but once there, we found him arranging a ride with someone who was going back tonight. So as it turned out, we did not need to go all the way today and were back home by 3 pm. So all is well on the "Mike" front until next weekend!
There is one thing that I hate to manage and that is water problems of any kind. And we have had many over the years from hot water heaters, to leaky pipes, to water in basement etc. So I feel for you as you trouble shoot your leaks but if you can handle with these changes of switching location of downspouts etc, good for you - would save a bundle $$$ instead of contractors being called in. Keep us informed of your success.
Was thinking of you Cathy all weekend and hoping the weather cooperated with the wedding plans and that the celebrations were wonderful. It was a bit of a "vacation" for you and Jim too as I read into your message? I could not think of the name of the Park you were at over the weekend - could only bring up Clear Lake but as I started to write this message, suddenly "Riding Mountain" came into my brain. So many little things elude me lately - I can't even blame it on a stressful working situation anymore. I often struggle to remember names, or sequences that once were second nature for me and so frequently wonder if I'm losing it.
We will go to Mothers tomorrow. At home, I have so much undone here that I wonder if I'll ever catch up. And now, all the garden produce is piling up and needing to be done. What I would really like to do instead is to sew, and to read. Finished another novel last night - had to read until it was finished because I was so close to the end so it was about 10:30 pm before the lights went out.
Well, time to sign off for now....Take care

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pati here
When I have a really bad day, I end up thinking of family becasue that's where my support and strength comes from. So if you think of us after a really bad day, maybe it's becasue we help you cope.
We have decided to take the low road in terms of basement repairs. We have been taking a look at our eavestroughs and downspouts. Lots of work needed there, so that is being done , and evaluated, before we call in the foundation people. So changed the downspout that drained into the front flower bed, and no water inthe basement last time it rained. But when we looked out, water was running over the eavestrough. So today we went up to clean it out and discovered that there was a lot of grit in the channel from the shingles, as well as dirt ( ugh-h-h) So now now it's running a little better. We found another downspout that was draining against the foundation of the house, so we've moved that a bit. We'll see if it helps.
I bought a little plastic apron to use when I'm painting or dyeing. I used it for two sessions of making fabric paper, and loved it, but it was in shreds, so now I'm going to make an apron. this is very different sewing than what I'm used to--wish me luck. I found some very strange fabric that is flannette on both sides, but waterproof in a middle layer. It's pink on one side and blue on the other. I'll let you know how it goes.
And on the home front, I had to throw away a calculator. I've had this calulator for over 20 years. I remember having it when we lived on McMeans. How long are these things supposed to last, anyway? I have another one that I used for the last 10years before I left Deer Lodge, and it still works, although I'm not sure where it is at the moment--it usually lives in the studio, and I'm not even sure where the studio is right now. There is another one that we've had for a long time--can't remember how long, and I thought it had died too, but I left it inthe sunlight for awhile and it's fine. so Ihave to think about buying a new one. Scary!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ups and Downs

Sometimes when I have had a really bad day I am reluctant to say anything on our blog. I don't know if that is because I don't want to bring you down, or just because I don't want to expose my weaknesses in writing. I guess that is something I will have to work through. I am trying to get everything ready to go to Clear Lake tomorrow. The wedding is on Saturday, but we are making a bit of a weekend of it. Jim is supposed to call Rodney and find out what we are bringing, but he isn't home yet, so I am not sure what to take. I have finished the laundry and I have a load of dishes on, but that uses all the hot water and I am really in the mood for a soaky bath tonight. Maybe later. I'm not sure if I should thank you for the pictures Beth, or curse you. That one of me in the bathing suit was just plain cruel!! Oh, to see ourselves as others see us! I really liked the one of the 3 of us with our "wine" mugs. It would be nice to get together more often. Maybe when none of us have anything to do and we can just visit. I spoke to Keri today. She is still unemployed but she is viewing it as an opportunity to really discover what she wants to do with her life. I envy her that chance while she is still young. Work was insane today... I am glad that I have tomorrow off. Patty is off all next week, so this will be my only chance to relax. You's think it was a full moon. Unfortunately it seems that the crazies are active all the time now. Or at least it seems that way. I had a 3 calls from the same people today, arguing with me about the information I was giving them. I had their title and the plan in front of me, but they were still arguing that that wasn't really what they owned, Sometimes you just have to give up and let them think what they want. I guess I should find a suitcase and pack my stuff. I don't know what Jim wants, so I will just have to leave his. At least we can take our time tomorrow. We can show up when we get there. Have a great weekend. I will let you know how the weekend goes for me


Here are the 7 pieces I've been working on. The yo-yo's are at the upper right hand corner. It's larger than the draft piece Beth and I played with at the lake, but very similar in design. The two on the left side have needle felting and then arificial Maple leaves sewn on The small one in the very center has orang-y flowers and is the best of the bunch--IMHO. There is a small yo-yo piece at the bottom right, that I'm not happy with. The last two --big one on the upper left and small one, second from the left, are beaded. Doesn't show well in the picture but you can get the idea. I had a lot of problems getting the pictures on here, and will probably play with it again.
Cathy, we never did anything about your quilt. How can we get together?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Be - Food preparation

Almost ready with all the food for tomorrow and visit to Mothers. I will make the coleslaw in the morning before we go. I shall be cutting and doing up Mothers hair first thing so I can comb it out by late morning. Harry's brother should arrive about 1230 pm so we shall have lunch ready for then.
Patty, I'm glad you have been talking with Dianne frequently and hope she is well on the mend. Apparently she attended the Ravenesque meeting Monday night and I was thrilled to read her subsequent email- she seems excited about creating again?
I broke down and bought a quilting magazine today so plan to have a read tonight in bed - I have been trying not to buy extra magazines which had been a treat before when I was working but not now that I am not. One starts to examine spending practices when suddenly the extra income is not forthcoming!
Best go for now.....Take care

Good vibrations--

Maybe someone should write a song good vibrations--h-m-m-m. You may be right Beth. We seem to be having problems with the desk top computer. It isn't responding well to the mouse. New battereies inthe mouse don't seem to help. I'm only mentioning it as some of my words may be "wonky", and since neither "backspace" or "delete" work reliably, corrections are an adventure.
Over the past while, since we got back, I've had a couple of conversations with my friend Dianne about what she should make and why. The gist of it is that she should do what gives her pleasure as that's when her artist's soul becomes involved and the work is "good". Sudden thought--maybe I should follow my own advice.
At my Ravenesque meeting Monday evening, the hostess cautioned us about a downspout over her sidewalk. Told us that she had water in her basement and had re-directed her downspouts. H-m-m-m. Well, the basement is still a disaster, but here's been no more rain. The one guy David spoke to has yet to show up and rain is predicted for today. So the downspout that was directed in to the front flowerbed, is now directed down the driveway. David also says that it was completely plugged with debris. So we'll see.
Otherwise life is quiet. I'm working hard on samples for the class I may be teaching in Brandon in October. Since I had to make a backing for the yo-yo's, all of the samples were made at the same time and are brown. My brown phase. I'm going to try to take a picture today and put it up here.
Beth, the pictures arrived. Thank you. The coffee cups may be a "one-of" I tried some B&B while we were in the states--more than two doubles the first night. David says that the second one was the last of the bottle, so they just up ended it into the glass. No problems, so I had another on the second night. But when we got to the border, the Duty Free was out of B&B! Bummer! So David got TWO bottles of Crown Royal and I got nothing.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Be - Positive vibs coming in all directions

The last few postings here and Patty's messages on Mouse Factory blog have all been so "up" lately - have you noticed? I suspect that the winds have changed and I give some of the credit to our little visit together!! There is nothing better or more uplifting than to be together in person and to see each other - a reality check for sure, but also very gratifying - of course I speak for myself, but hope you also feel a bit of the same?
It continues to be very hot, humid, muggy and generally uncomfortable here for those who are prone to suffer with the heat - Harry and certainly his mother, for sure. Hope it settles down a bit so life can get back to a more normal state whatever that is. Harry's brother and sister in law will be coming to Mothers on Thursday for overnight and then off to Toronto for an anniversary party for someone. So Thursday we go again to Mothers and make both lunch and then supper for them. Mother is unable to manage this anymore so we do it all - takes her worries away. I made the spare bed and vacuumed and cleaned up on Monday so all is ready in that regard. Tomorrow we go to North Bay to check on Mike's house, and so will shop for what is needed in groceries for the meals. Friday we go to pick Mike up in Petawawa so he can come home for the weekend - his time there will soon be up - should be done this tasking just after the Sept long weekend.
I visited our local library again today - to return the one book, and to take out another. I chose another Cussler book - the next book in his Dirk Pitt series. The library does not have his most current books but I could order them if I knew the names. However, I'm happy with the selection that is there and certainly can only read one book at a time anyway. With the increase in my reading, and also with doing more sewing lately, I find my eyes are strained more as well. I really wish the one eye that is bleeding would settle down a bit- it actually "hurts" at times as well as been blurry all the time.
Well, time for bed. Hope all is well with everyone... until next posting, take care.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


The deep fried turkey was absolutely delicious. We heated the oil extra hot before we put the turkey in, so when the temperature dropped it was just down to the right temp for the turkey. We had new potatoes, new green beans, carrots and stuffing. And ice cream for desert. I am so full!! The kids stayed in the pool until about 9:30 pm... no it is not warm here! It is "darn" cold. I think every towel I own is wet. Tyler Drader is here. (ummmm He is 15... they are 14. Interesting combination) He came down this afternoon by quad. I hope he is warm enough going home. His dad and Kristy were here for supper, as well as Tim's mom, Judy. Her husband didn't come. They got a new puppy today and he stayed home to "bond" Anyway, I have had a busy day ands as soon as the dishwasher is done I am off to bed... company or no company


We had the leftover ribs from the long weekend on Friday. I thoroughly enjoyed them, and ate nothig else but ribs for supper that night. Now I have to consciously plan to get back to healthy eating. The back/hip pain I experienced just before seeing you two came back two days ago, so I started an activity analysis to figure out what activity I was heavily involved with prior to the weekend, that I gave up over the long weekend, and had re-started recently. The only thing I can think of was hand stitching on my floor frame. So I didn't do any yesterday--no pain yesterday evening. Damn! I used to be able to work with that thing for 10 hours a day without any problem. Old age is a bitch, but at Mike's age rough weekends are something to strive for.

To add to my discontent, David decided yesterday to find out where, and how bad the leak is in the basement. With all of the rain this summer, we've had water on the floor three times. It usually runs across the floor between the corner cabinet and the ironing board in the studio area, off toward the laundry area and the main drain. So he started with the wall behind the corner cabinet and has had to work his way along the wall behind the big heavy shelving units. He got three panels off yesterday, and still hasn't found the trouble area. But he had no plan for organizing things, and I now have a basement in total chaos. Even if he finds the darn leak we have no money to fix it. Want to trade three teenagers for a wet basement, Cathy? Maybe I have to pray for drought.

Of course, I was in the middle of an assembly line of three wall hangings and four matted collages. So you may not see the yoyo's mounted for quite some time, Beth. They are all under the mess, somewhere.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

family and friends

Tonight we are having steak, new potatoes, garlic bread, mushrooms, onions and caesar salad. Tomorrow is turkey. Tim's mom is joining us for supper tomorrow. She has been really depressed lately, and while she was in Edmonton her dog had to be put down... piled higher and deeper. Mady and her friend are here, and Jim's goddaughter Kellie is here for a couple of days... oh joy! three 14 year old teenagers!!!! I thought I was over that! Things are going good so far. Jim and I sleep in and get up at 7am... the next one got up at 12... then 1 and we went to town before the last one got up... how can people sleep that late. I think it will be interesting with Kellie here with the other 2. Kellie is a farm girl... she has chores, a little brother to take care of, and her mother just had a hysterectomy and Kellie is taking on a lot of the work at home. The other 2 are city girls with no responsibility and nothing to do but shop. Maybe they will learn something (bitch bitch bitch) I will keep you posted on my sanity. I have Monday off work! YEAH!!

Be - Turkey deep fried??

Did you cook a turkey in the deep fryer Cathy? You mentioned that when Tim came you were going to do it! If so, how did it turn out? I was there with you when you first used the fryer - actually Tim and Rodney did it and we all watched in awe. As a backup you had prepared Daddy's ribs in the oven - so in the end we had both.
We had ribs done on the BBQ tonight and I must say very delicious. We went to Petawawa on Friday to pick up Mike for the weekend and we always go into the base Canex store - we have bought ribs there before and the price is excellent so we pick up several packages to have on hand. Tomorrow we will take him back again to Petawawa. He was on his own this weekend for which I was pleased as it will give him a chance to "chill out" although he had a pretty full schedule by the sounds of it but at least not a whole bunch of buddys from the base with him which turns into a pretty rough weekend of it!
Today was the Sunflower Festival in Sundridge - they close the main street and over 40 vendors had booths set up. Live music from a variety of local artists and food etc. Tonight they have a street dance. We went in the morning and then after supper went down again because the printed agenda stated live music from 5 to 7 pm before the street dance. Well it was deserted with only a few people wandering around and the stage empty. We sat at the lake for awhile, and then back to the main street where we were told that they had changed the schedule and there was to be no music until the dance at 7 pm. So you could say that Harry and I spent an hour in downtown Sundridge doing nothing! Consequenlty, I have decided to have a bath and go to bed to - guess what ... read more of the book.
Today I sat outside on the picnic table with my two boxes of 2 1/2 inch fabric squares and pinned together about another 50- 9 square blocks ready to sew up. I had intended to start to sew them tonight but that idea has quickly faded into nothingness. Harry came to the table at one point and started to put together a few pieces as well - I wonder if anyone going by actually could see the two of us playing with little pieces of fabric? Oh, by the way, we were also drinking beer!
Well, my bath awaits me and I just made myself a nice cup to tea to enjoy in the tub. And if I am right, Randy Bachman should be on the radio to entertain me!
Take care

Thursday, August 13, 2009

T'is I t'is I

It's sort of strange, because I am quite used to being Cat with my friends, but not my family. I guess change is good. Our family will be arriving between 1 and 2 am. Even if they were comfortable coming in and going to bed, the dogs will get hysterical when they get here, so I will be up. It is supposed to rain for the next week (depending which weather forcast you believe in) but the Saturday of Rodney and Kristy's wedding is supposed to be mid 20s and sunny. That will be nice. It has been hot and humid here (ther is no satisfying us... too cold or too hot... why can't the weather meet in the middle!!) The storms have moved all around us, but nothing here. That would be okay if the humidity would go away! I really hope it is not that bad while we have company. Work has been okay for a change. Everything slowed down, and Patty was able to try to learn registration and titles. That enable me to get to the 9!!! plans in the vault. They have one year to be registered without re-certification. One of them was signed on August 14, 2008. I registered it today! The others are okay for a while. Manitoba introduced a correction policy a few years ago. That allowed lawyers to correct errors on their registrations instead of having them rejected. The quality of work has plummeted since then and our job is harder when we have to request corrections... These people are lawyers... why do we have to do their work!?!? Oh well... I have Monday and next Friday off work. I don't need Monday off, but why not... Patty is learning registrations and Mallorie is there to help her. If there is a lot of work on Tuesday so be it. I will have had a long weekend. I am also taking August 21 off. There is no negotiation on this. The wedding is the 22 and I want some time. I am behind on my beans It was on Jim'sl ist to do today, but oh well. There is always tomorrow!

Be - another day

Well, very busy at Mothers today - much to do with garden and vegetables and freezing etc. Also housework always needs to be done - today it was the front door windows plus all the kitchen stuff. Lunch was good - the salmon loaf was delicious and is always one of MY favourites. Very muggy / humid and Mothers house is always "closed" and holds the heat - at one point I actually opened windows to try to get a cross breeze - it worked but of course had to close it all before leaving.
I did some sewing this afternoon - finally decided I would get into my studio and do something. I have now sewed all the 2 1/2 inch squares that I had coloured coordinated and since my eyes could not see well enough to make up more groups, I started to make yo yos. I need to wait until daylight in the front room in order to lay out all your little squares Patty to get good 9 square blocks in the right colours. But I tried the "extra small" yoyo maker and it went OK but sure is small. I will still wait for my order to come in with the other sizes so don't worry about sending any of your makers - by the way, exactly how many did you buy?
Anyway, must take dog out and then to bed and back to my reading - I am enjoying the book by Cussler - there was a show on CBC this week that examined why people read what and the idea of escapism seemed to be the overlying reason - I think I concur!
Take care

Joyful morning

We were up early, as David was heading for the lake with his sister. (The construction crew are scheduled to arrive at 9:00 to fix the hydro pole.) While he was waiting in the yard David realized that a family of Blue Jays were at the feeeder and in the Nanking cherries. We've had the parents around most of the summer, but this is the first time we've seen the babies. We think there may be four of them--for sure three. They were all flying around--into trees and bushes and on and off the feeder and garage roof. What a joy!!

I use blueberries in my bramble jelly. Don't like the texture in jam.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Be - Blueberries anyone?

Well, we are well supplied with blueberries for another year. Harry returned home today and has many baskets of fresh picked blueberries. Tomorrow we go to Mothers and will take her a basket and if his sister can pick them up at Mothers, we will leave her a few baskets. The rest will have to be dealt with here. I had a big bowl for supper with milk and cinnamon sugar. We have little freezer space here actually so I may have to do some juggling. Have either of you ever made blueberry jam? and if so was it worth the while to make it?
I started to read the Cussler book last night in bed and found myself reading until almost 10 pm. So far he has got my attention so I am hoping he will live up to my expectations and that I will thoroughly enjoy it to the end as there are many more of his books for me to read from the library!
Well, I have to get a few things together to take to Mothers tomorrow - we always take lunch and I decided to make a cold plate. So guess what - devilled eggs are on the menu!! As well as a salmon loaf I baked off tonight, cold meatloaf I made yesterday, coleslaw, and Ill bake some tea biscuits in the morning before we go. Take care

Sweet Peas

Pati here.
David and I were talking about Sweet Peas this morning, on our bike ride. We had seen a big display of them in a yard during our travels and then Beth mentioned them here on the blog. My memory is that Mom loved Sweet Peas. When our cousin Christine Overwater died, Mom made a cross-shaped piece for the funeral--covered in Sweet Peas. I had planned to name my daughter after her, and had told everyone that, if it was a girl, she would be Christine, but when they asked me in the hospital right after she was born, somehow Amber Dawn came out, and it stuck.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

to market, to market to buy a fat hog--

home again, home again jiggetty jog
Yes, we had a great trip and bought everything we wanted and didn't go over budget--even had a couple of bucks left over.

D--n Yo-Yo makers!! I found the small in the nicest little quilt store--Front Porch Quilt Shop--just west of Detroit Lakes. We looked everywhere, and finally found the large one in Michael's in Grand Forks. We just went in there at the last minute on spec( as Mom used to say) So-o-o What the h--l are we going to do with all of these yo-yo makers? You'll have to take the class Beth. I'll could mail you a large one. Can you cancel the order?

I bought pre-cut picture matts at Hobby Lobby in Fargo. I paid $1.00 for the smaller size ( $4.00 in Wpg) and $1.50 for the larger size ($8.75 in Wpg) They were on sale for 50% off, but I had been prepared to pay full price and only found out about the discount at the till. I also got scrap booking paper--out of which I make journal covers. It is anywhere from $0.69 to $2.29 a sheet in Wpg. They had it on sale for 3/$1.00, so I picked up 18 sheets. When we checked the bill, she had charged me 5/$1.00! We found that prices in Fargo were cheaper than Wpg but prices in Grand Forks were about the same. Hmmm--strange?

So now I've replenished my supplies and can get to making more stock. But wait, didn't I say that I would take a break and do some creating? YES!!! David will be going to the lake with his sister next week and I get to spend time at home doing whatever I want!

Be - Yard work

Just came in from the yard and poured myself a cold beer. But it is deserved, well deserved. The grass is all cut and trimmed, gardens trimmed and a general cleanup completed. Although you wouldn't notice much difference, at least I know what I accomplished.
This morning I hauled out the slow cooker and put a meatloaf on to cook over the day. I started to smell it this morning, and I can hardly wait to dig into it but apparently I cannot open the lid until the time is up - about three hours from now! I read over the few cookbooks I have on slow cookers looking for some interesting dishes as I have promised myself to try using it more and more. I looked at my cookbooks to see if I had any books from Julia Child but I do not. I heard on the news that Amazon is going crazy trying to fill all the current requests for the Art of French Cooking book obviously as result of the successful new movie about her with Meryl Streep.
Speaking of books I went to the local Sundridge library this morning to scout out selection of books. I was pleasantly surprised so intend to go more frequently for reading materilas. I took out the b0ok by Clive Cussler called Atlantis Found (a Dirk Pitt Novel). I am hoping I will "get into" his writing style as there are many of his books available and all of you seemed to already like his works. There were also many books from Kathy Reichs if I want to read more of her. I finished Devil Bones this morning.
I mailed an envelope to each of you this morning with a few pictures from our weekend together. I said in my note that I have more on the camera that I did not turn into pictures yet so I may be sending more once I go back to Wal Mart to have them developed.
Patty, you have got me hooked on Lists again. I used to make them all the time but fell off a bit. I made my List for yesterday to North Bay and it helped me greatly - and for today, surprising enough, I am almost on track - best part is stroking the item off the list once completed. However, there are still some items not touched. So one problem I have identified is that during the course of the day, when I do "other" things that take up time, and since they are not written down, they don't get credit! Rather, at the end of the day there are those on the List left untouched which could give impression of being unproductive? What a dilema! Perhaps I am focusing on a record of accomplishment rather than an organizational tool?
Well, hope you had a very wonderful trip south Patty and anxious to hear all about it!
Take care

Monday, August 10, 2009

Be - muggy day

I guess we can never get it right with the weather - today was sunny and muggy in North Bay. I was there most of the day doing many odd jobs that needed to be done including checking Mike's place and feeding his animals. Mike never got to Niagara Falls as planned - the company trip fell through so they all went to one of the members family cottage in Pembroke and spent a great weekend with BBQs etc.
When I got back home today the ground showed signs of a rain pour but it must have come and gone in a flash. I had to cut the grass as it was looking pretty bad (long) so after a quick bite, out I went. Man, I was sweating by the time I finished the front. So I will wait until tomorrow to get the rest. The flowers are all watered and all is well for another day. I feel like another nice hot bath and since I am all alone- why not???
I spoke with Harry quick and they went to pick blueberries but got rained out managing to get only about 4 baskets- I guess it is still pouring up there. Many the yield will be slim this year?
Patty, I ordered two yo yo makers ( small and large)- there were none in any of the stores I went to in North Bay , so in the quilt shop I usually frequent, I ordered some - they say they have had them but are a quick seller so will be putting an order in this week for more. They actually have aclass planned for this fall usuing yo yos so I expect others are also looking for this handy little tool. In meantime, I have plenty I can do with the extra large size. Cathy, I wish you were with us when we went crazy making yo yos with this neat little plastic yo yo maker. You would have fun doing this! Now you will have to wait until Patty comes to visit to show you "yo yos"!!
Well, I have a few chapters left in that book I never really got into at the Lake (Devil Bones), so I plan to go to bed early and read! Until next blog... take care.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

while Jim's away the Cat will play

Jim took his friend Carl (his dad's friend) into Winnipeg this afternoon. I had done all my"chores" while he was home, so I was looking forward to some down time while he was gone. I trimmed trees and Picked potatoes and raspberries. (froze the raspberries) and had just settled down with a book when a truck load of Hutterites arrived. Less than 2 minutes later a van arrived with 2 more. They brought their own beer (except for Curtis & Rylan.. the ones in the van) They were here for about 3 hours, so needless to say I didn't read... too bad, cause I was hoping to read the book Jim wants to read before he got back! Jim left the city about 5pm (just before the Hutterites left) His sister had phoned him for some help but he couldn't understand her on his phone( he needs a new one) He called me on the car and I was able to translate. Her sattelite dish had fallen behind her dresser and she couldn't pull it out Jim will stop there before he comes home. We have a pot roast, new potatoes and salad. I am already hungry. Back to work tomorrow. I think I have the house ready for our company, Thank the gods for boxes that can be filled with "crap" while they are here and sorted when they leave. Tim and family arrive this week and the wedding is the 22nd. Busy times for the next few weeks as we have signed up for a golf tournament on the 29th. It will all be fun. If only I didn't have to work. You'd think I would have won the lottery by now. I buy tickets!!

Love Ya

Be- the same weather no matter where we are?

Deja vue - rainy, sunny, cloudy, rainy, sunny etc. The only different aspect is that it is warmer and very humid. I had to turn on dehumidifiers upstairs today - always seem to have the one in the basement running constantly.
Harry left for Kirkland Lake this afternoon - his brother really wants him to come up to pick blueberries however Harry was not going with any great enthusiasm. I will be going to North Bay tomorrow as I have a few chores that need my attention - so I will print off from my digital camera a few pictures that I took at the Lake and mail them out to you.
I have managed to catch up with all the laundry but still much housework left to do...but it too will pass if I just ignore it haha
The garden will need my immediate attention so likely I will be outside over next few days if the weather will hold. The grass was not cut while I was away and compared to the neighbours looks very long. The sweet pea flowers are all out in bloom and since they are my favourite I am enjoying seeing them looking so good this year.
I am still trying to get "rested" but I guess that will take some time and patience - and likely not helped by the pace of life as I know it. So I have decided to take it easy tonight, have a nice bath, go to bed, and enjoy reading a bit at my leisure.
Great thought...... anyway, until my next post ....Take care.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

To market, to market---

to buy a fat pig. Home again, home again jiggety-jig!

What a great weekend! I enjoyed being with you. Like Beth, I wish we had more time, but the old saying is true--"always leave 'em wanting more" (P. T. Barnum) I hope we can do it again some time, but maybe with fewer people and more time.

All that time with family was a real high, but yesterday I spent almost all day cleaning the bathroom. (Washed windows, walls etc--today I finish with scrubbing the floor) I vegged out last night and watched re-runs of " 'T'll Debt Do Us Part". I managed to get my stock put away and it became obvious how empty those boxes were. Scarey!

David has a nasty cold, and has been doing very little. We plan to head for the States tomorrow, and I want him to be ready for the drive. I spent a lot of my money in Kenora, on fabric, but I still have a little left for Hobby Lobby in Fargo.

It's still raining off and on. No bike riding ( I was looking forward to that) I was in Zellers yesterday and found oversize nighties in nylon tricot. Almost all underwear is cotton these days, and finding these nighties was a real bonus. I was excited until I got to the till and discovered that they were 50% off! Ecstatic!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Be - Back Home again...

Hi to both - I did not intend to check the blog tonight but found Cathy's message and couldn't resist writing a few words before a nice shower and then to bed. All my stuff is in a pile in the living room and will stay there until tomorrow. Its a very long drive and as the years pass between trips I realize how tiring it is for me but I wouldn't have traded this time for anything. I shall be reliving the week over and over again and fortunately have a few pictures to refresh my memory as well. It was a great visit -not near long enough but wonderful and after all, one does not want to wear out their welcome. You never know when another trip will come but I may have to rethink the "tent" thing. Perhaps a bigger tent that you can walk into and lay on a cot!! haha. Anyway, will write a longer note over the weekend. Apparently Harry is leaving Sunday to go to Kirkland Lake to pick blueberries with his brother so my weekends work is all lined up for me - washing and packing! Take care

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thinking of you

at the lake together. It is Wednesday morning & I am headed off to work soon. Jim & I were both in bed early on Sunday. Monday we picked a bunch of peas and froze them. All those peas and only six bags in the freezer. We cleaned the office and were still back home before noon. Kris stopped in around lunch time. He wasn't hungry since all he did all weekend was eat and drink. He had to watch us eat. (we let his dog lick the plates) The neighbours dropped by to get some potatoes and we had a fire Monday night. Back to work on Tuesday, and I was right. There was lots of work left for me to do. Mallorie helped, though. She made a lot of titles for me. We are back to full staff today, so we may get caught up. I got the month end cheque off to Winnipeg yesterday, but I need to finish up all the paper work. Getting back to reality really isn't much fun after time with my sisters. Yesterday was Jim's birthday. He wanted Chinese for supper, but by the time supper rolled around, he just wasn't hungry. We'll celebrate another evening. I was really nice to him and cleaned the office all by myself. (As long as he doesn't get used to it!) We have no plans this weekend, but Tim, Ursula (girlfriend), Mady & a friend will all be arriving around the 14th. I'm not sure how long they will be at our house. Rodney & Kristy's wedding is the 22nd, & I know everyone will be at Clear Lake before then. Time to get Jim up. He is helping his friend Stef again today. I think they are moving his mother from the care home in Sandy Lake to one closer to her friends. I sure hope the two of you are having the time together that I am imagining! Love Ya